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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  December 15, 2019 12:00am-1:01am PST

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>> president cook: peace, peace, and glad you're here. this is the meeting of the san francisco unified school district on december 10, 2019. the meeting is now called to order. roll call, miss casco. [roll call] >> clerk: thank you. >> president cook: thank you. tonight, i'd like to open this meeting in honor of flo kennedy who said don't agonize, organize. section 1, general information, accessibility for the public. number 2 is teleconference information. there is none tonight. section b, opening items. number 1, approval of board
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meeting minutes of november 21, 2019. may i have a motion, please? >> motion. >> second. >> president cook: okay. discussion? seeing none, roll call, miss casco. [roll call] >> clerk: seven ayes. >> president cook: thank you. speaker cards for the regular agenda and for closed session are necessary if you wish to address the board of education. members of the public are reminded that an individual can complete a speaker card prior to the item being called. miss casco, members of the public will have two minutes to address the board and/or time is set by the president. importantly, according to board rules and procedures, the board will not accept a speaker card for items already in front of
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the board. number 2, director's report. superintendent matthews? >> thank you. -- what proved to be a fantastic weekend for high school sports in san francisco. congratulations to lowe. after a thrilling nor-cal final victory over sacred heart prep in which they lost the first two sets before pulling off a come back for the ages, the cardinals, facing south pasadena, who had a record of 37 wins and 8 losses, and they were the number two seed from southern california, lowell won the next two contested sets and took the finale, 25-23, so congratulations to the lowell cardinals for becoming the first aaa program to win a state volleyball championship.
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let's give them a big round of applause. [applause] >> this week, thousands of san francisco unified school district students are celebrating computer science education week by demystifying code and giving it a try. computer science is increasingly important in today's world and it's just one day we're redefining san francisco, preparing students for a rapidly changing world. the san francisco unified school district is the first large urban school district in the united states to develop and implement a comprehensive pre-k to 12 computer science curriculum. the number of students participating in a computer science curriculum has dramatically increased since 13-14, currently reaching about half of our students in the district. i'm excited to attend the upcoming fourth annual qtea
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innovation awards space night. ten kids have spent the fall going through a libertory design process and will pitch the ideas for how they plan to tackle challenges using the qtea innovation awards funding so they will develop the idea. the evening will include a gallery walk, followed by ten-minute pitches to the qtea review committee members, along with the san francisco unified school district community. it promises to be an inspiring evening, along with a delicious light dinner for those present.
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we hope to see you there. the san francisco unified school district and our nonprofit partner, spark, announced a new partnership to help teachers tap into a network of $4 million to support classroom projects and more seamlessly align with district strategies and operations. by giving teachers the ability to design and promote their own initiatives, donors choose helps san francisco teachers improve their students' experiences directly. to date, our teachers have raised over 7.8 million and completed over 120 projects. these projects range from purchasing chrome books to spanish immersion lessons to healthy snacks to funding learning centers to expand learning outside of the classroom. i'm also excited to join access san francisco unified school district students and other guests at the 11th annual holiday sing-along on december
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16. sfusd has hosted the holiday sing along for the past decade to spread cheer as part of learning in inclusive holiday settings. there will be special performances by access balix-class, the access sfusd minute men performing their feature -- their formance was featured at hamilton and the dance debut for change makers award. finally, all of our district schools will be closed from december 23 through january 3 for the winter break, and the district offices will be closed on wednesday, december 25 and wednesday, january 1. offices and schools resume operations december 6, 2020.
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and that -- what did i -- january 6, 2020. that -- yeah, did you just say, we're not closing for the whole year. so we will resume operations january 6, 2020, and that concludes my announcements, president cook. >> president cook: thank you. thank you, dr. matthews. number 3, our student delegates report. >> good evening. fellow student heart shares update. help us support our peers who are needed by supporting our fast campaign. all of our proceeds will go to our tran -- transitional students. can we please have a round of applause for all of our students and all of our --
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[applause] we would like to thank all of our students who have dedicated their time and effort to help this campaign. please don't forget that tomorrow is your last day to purchase a share or make a donation. thank you. >> at our last s.a.c. meeting, we appointed two students from the s.a.c. who will represent student interests when discussing the implementation of ethnic studies at our school on the equity studies task force. we appoint kathy correa from june jordan and her -- from june jordan. before i announce the next item, can i please get a drum roll from my partner? >> from me? i thought from everybody. >> from everybody.
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okay. on behalf of the s.h.d., we would like to announce our youth summit -- our annual youth summit, and this is our poster. everybody has one. this is our 17th -- so it's a long time, actually. our 17th annual youth summit, and our theme is united beyond our leadership, more than just a voice. our goal in these leadership summits is to encourage students to step up and become leaders. we are one of the students who attended these, like, three years ago and they're super fun. food is provided. there will be workshops and inspirational speakers and entertainment. when and where? it will be friday, march 20 at the fort mason center. yeah, okay. >> lastly, can we have kevin
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truitt come up to the front of the room? we would like to give you a thank you. >> no crying. >> okay. i'm going to try my best not to cry. oh, my god. on behalf of s.a.c., we want to thank kevin truitt for dedicating 34 years to the youth in san francisco unified school district. without him, s.a.c. would not be as successful as it is today. we are grateful for all you have done for students and all you have done for student advisory council. we would like to wish you the best in your retirement. please don't forget about us. we want you to know that -- we want you to know that you will always have a place in s.a.c.s
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heart. thank you. >> since this is your last year, and this is your last s.a.c. team you'll work with, we just got our jacket today, and we decided to get you one, as well. [applause] [applause] >> president cook: you want to say a few words, mr. truitt? it is your last meeting, but i do mean a few.
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>> give me a mic and say a few words? how is that even possible? no, i just want to say, coming from the students, a thank you, that's the way i would want it. the students have been the center of everything that i've done here in the district, and i really thank them for enriching my life, teaching them more about myself than i thought i would ever know about myself. my students are the best part of my job, so i thank you. i thank the board, my colleagues, and everyone for a great career. thank you so much. [applause] >> president cook: commissioner norton? >> commissioner norton: don't try to leave. you don't get to leave, sorry. it snuck up on me that this was your last meeting, kevin -- mr. truitt, excuse me, and i just want to thank you, truly, for your long service for the
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school district and to the students of the school district. it's really, truey bely been a incredible career, and you've made incredible contributions to the school district. i wish all the best to you. [applause] >> president cook: thanks. we'll be loving on kevin for the rest of the year, you know, and beyond. number 4, recognitions and resolutions of commendation. there is none tonight. number 5 are recognizing all valuable employees, our rave awards. dr. matthews? >> so this evening, we have two awards. we'll start with the award coming from the mission education center. this is the rave distinguished service award. this is going to be awarded to
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adelina duncan. she is the family liaison at the mission ed center, and this is going to be presented by carla llewelyn vasquez. >> good evening, everyone. thank you so much. i want to thank all of you for being here and for being part of this celebration of adelina duncan who is our family liaison. everyone who knows me knows i love to rave about mission education center, but tonight, i get to rave about adelina and all the amazing work she's done for this community. adelina is not just a liaison, but she is an integral part of
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our community and part of what makes mission special. she supports the families, teachers, and even the community outside of mission education center. she helps to bring services into the school to support our families as they transition into san francisco as new residents into san francisco. one of the focuses of mission education center is to really provide parent education and support parents in supporting their children. and like i said before, adelina is not just a regular parent liaison, she is amazing. she is -- in the time that i have been there, she has got to get trained in a program for families to learn about supporting their children in literacy. she has gotten trained as a triple p, which is positive parenting -- i forget the other
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p, but a positive parenting workshop, and the parents come in, and they learn about different ways to parent their children here in the united states because it's different than in our country. she has also done -- which we started last year, a family latino literacy workshops, which is a series of ten workshops that our families come from, and they get books so they can start libraries with their students -- with their kids at home, and they learn about teaching their kids reading at home and becoming -- and loving books. so it is my absolute pleasure to present this award to adelina. our community, we love you, and we just embrace you every day, and we'd just be lost without you, so thank you for all of your hard work. [applause]
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>> okay. thank you very much. it's an honor to receive this recognition. at the same time, i love to work for this school district. and i want to thank miss vasquez, our current principal, for trusting in my work, for giving me the opportunity to continue working in this school, and for motivating me to do better. i also want to thank my first principal, who is here today. where is davi? he opened the door 11 years ago because before being employed by the district, i was a
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student with my daughter who is here. and i'm thankful for this opportunity also because i have grown not only personally but professionally. thank you for all my co-worker who are here today. thank you for supporting me. this is a team effort. i will not be half able to do it without your support and trust you place in me. thank you so much. and thank you so the people who nominate me. this is important to me because it shows that the work i do is appreciated. finally, to my husband and my daughter who are here today and who always supported me, thank you so much. [applause]
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[applause] >> our second rave special service is ward is from thurgood marshall high school. he is a paraprofessional coach. this is mr. andre williams, who will be receiving this award, and this will be presented by the principal of thurgood marshall, mark herringer. [applause] >> thank you so much. it is very much my honor to
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talk about andre williams. andre williams, when i showed up as the principal at thurgood marshall -- this is my third year -- i showed up, and you get to kind of take a little bit of stock of who's there and who does what. and it became very apparent ho
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our community in our school. so i'm very, very honored because i've learned a ton from him as a principal, and that is invaluable to me and everybody else. our p.t.o. president, we call her jam affectionately, miss magnone, brought this award to the table, and everybody said
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absolutely. this is something we knew he'd be honored for. so andre williams, congratulations. thank you very much. [applause] >> i don't have a long speech. i just want to say thank you for the recognition. to see all these people out here, it's really warming. we do it for the kids. the people that are here, they know why we do this, so for me to stand here and just talk a lot, we do it for our babies. if you ain't doing it for them, then why you doing it? so thank you. [applause]
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>> president cook: let's congratulate again our rave award winners. [applause] >> so i'm going to make a brief quick change to the agenda. i'm going to move up our parent pack presentation. if you are here, could you make your way to the dais? parent advisory council.
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>> hi. good evening, president cook, commissioners, superintendent matthews, the staff, the student delegates, and our community members here tonight. my name is naomi liguana, and i have a sixth grader that attends aptos middle school. >> we just want to give some -- some updates. so the third annual advisory alignment summit will be held on saturday, february 8, 2020, from 9:00 until 1:00 at rosa parks school, and we want to thank the principal, darryl,
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for opening up the school site to this event, so i want to say that. the summit will bring together parents serving on a number of committees. the african american parent advisory council, the community advisory council for special education, the district english language learners advisory council -- committee, excuse me. the early education department, foster youth services, indian education and migrant education, pacific islander families, and the parent advisory council. the theme of the summit this year is sharing our stories. next is the l-cap task force dashboard review. so on thursday, december 12, 2019, the l-cap task force will do a focus review on the latest data available for sfusd students from the california department of education schools dashboard. we will be joined by myong lee,
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deputy superintendent of policy and operations. this meeting will go from 3:30 until 5:30, and we encourage anyone who is interested to attend that meeting. sfusds assessment committee update. the assessment committee will be held -- will hold its first meeting on sunday, december 19 from 12:30 to 2:00 in the irving g. breyer room, here in this building. we will be looking to see what will be prioritized for this school year. >> so the p.a.c. priorities for this year include several items, and we're still building that list. we have a new coordinator,
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michelle, so we are a new team this year. and we are doing student health and nutrition as a focus. in november, p.a.c. members attended two different tasting services provided by the nutrition services. we hope that a diverse array of students are also provided with the opportunity to sample more foods and give meaningful feedback. we are impressed with the comprehensiveness of thought and inclusion of previous outreach findings that we've gone into the student redesign process so far this year and we're excited to have begun meeting with staff and sfusd staffs for early this coming year. the next p.a.c. meeting is tomorrow, wednesday, december 11 in the main conference room at 601 mcallister.
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p.a.c. meetings are open to the public and all are welcome. if you have questions or you're a parent in this room that would like to join the p.a.c. and would like additional information about the p.a.c., parent advisory council always looking for more parents, please contact michelle at thanks. >> thank you for moving us up on the agenda. we appreciate it. >> president cook: you're welcome. any comments or questions by the board? commissioner collins? >> so i'm wondering how we're prioritizing these meetings so
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that families can know about it? >> that's a great question. i'm michelle, the coordinator. in terms of the advisory alignments, all of the groups in the report are reaching out to their own groups and constituents, and we have a goal of bringing 10 to 15 members from these groups to each outreach summits. the goal is parent leaders, whether they be serving on some kind of advisor or capacity, or their school site and trying to bring a group of folks from their groups. again, this is -- in the past, the l-cap task force event has been -- an effort has been made at this event to really try to draw a general public and parents across the district, and that actually hasn't been very successful, and there's
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been a lot of staff effort and time that's put into preparing for it, and so this time, we really rethought it and are focusing on engaging the task force members and communities, and look at that data so that then we can take that back to our groups and use that better. >> thank you. >> no problem. >> president cook: commissioner lam? >> i'm excited for the summit. when will the agenda for the summit be available, and if you have overarching high outcomes for the summit, are there any recommendations or plans that will then come forward to the board for consideration? so the goal of the summit is really to bring the advisory
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members together to connect, like, across difference and to understand that we share connection and that we all have a reason why we come to these groups and we have our own stories. and a big focus for this year is transitions? so we're going to really be talking a lot about how -- the challenges around transitions and maybe sharing strategies for how you can navigate different transitions in your student and family life as a part of the district? and i don't know that necessarily new recommendations may come out of it? we are currently meeting pretty frequently as a team to plan the summit and we have a draft of our agenda, but we're not finalized yet, but we'll be putting out all of that information in the coming weeks. >> president cook: okay. i think we're done. all right. good night. >> thank you very much. >> president cook: section c, public comment on nonagenda items. please note that public comment
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is an opportunity for the board to hear from the community on matters within the board's jurisdiction. we ask that you refrain from using employee names and student names. if you have a complaint about a district employee, you may submit it with the employee's supervisor in accordance with district policy. as a reminder, board rules and california law do not allow us to comment or respond to questions during the public comment time. if appropriate, the superintendent will ask that staff follow up with speakers. so i have a number of speakers. just make your way up to the podium. you have two minutes to speak. i'm going to start with the list that we got before the meeting started. sherry cline, sean huff, gail flynn, meg felts, jad
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jader castino. whenever you're ready. [inaudible] >> -- i don't have any sound here. my name is shane hoff. i've been a san francisco school bus driver 24 years -- >> president cook: miss casco, if you could start the timer? >> oh, start the clock? okay. i want to address the intent to award part of the school bussing contract that san francisco unified school district transportation has just given to zoom. these companies deny their drivers many basic worker protection by designing their worker as independent contractors and not employee,
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they skirt providing worker's compensation, unemployment and disability, insurance, and other costs, and this burden is shifted to the employees, and they're not award to form union to better their conditions. and are you aware that the california supreme court and the california assembly made illegal the ride sharing companies' practice of designating their driver's independent contractors instead of employees. this bill was just signed into law by governor gavin newsom september 18, 2019, and it will go into effect january 1, which is just a month from now. we ask how does this ruling affect the company that transportation has awarded this contract, and is this the kind of company the school district wants to do business with? >> president cook: okay. any other speakers here? if not, i'll move on. if you heard your name, just
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make a line. otherwise, i'm going to continue to call the names. has anyone heard their name already? >> yeah. >> president cook: okay. >> okay. is this -- oh, it's on. okay. good evening, commissioners. >> president cook: i'm sorry. just restart. >> oh, okay. i should start. okay. good evening, commissioners. my name is meg phelps. i've been a san francisco school bus driver for the last 34 years. when i saw transportation's intent to award part of the school bussing contract to zoom, a ride sharing company, i looked at the student awards versus the student awards to zoom. first provider is the current provider of bussing in san francisco. i was rather shocked to see that zoom, a start-up company who only launched four years ago was given 113 points over first student who's been in the
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student bus bussing business for 20 years. even more so because the current workforce of first student in san francisco has decades of experience driving the school children in this city. the average time a school bus driver per student has driven school children in this city is 11 years. that's the average. the top 40 drivers have all been driving over 20 years, with most drivers having 25, 30, even 50 years as a school bus driver. i was surprised to see that under the category personnel that zoom and first student drivers were rated as equal. how can that be when first student drivers are all rated at school bus drivers and zoom drivers are not even close to that level of certification? i think this award needs more scrutiny. thank you for your time.
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[applause] >> good evening. my name is sherry cline. good evening, superintendent matthews and commissioners. i'm a school bus driver here in san francisco. i've been driving a school bus for 16 years. when i first received the news that the transportation department intended to award zoom, i was shocked. when i read the bus value sh e shore -- score details, i was dumbfounded. i felt betrayed by the blatant lies and bounced scores. zoom drivers that scored double in the amount of scoring in professional bus drivers in san francisco. i transport students to fremont, the school for the deaf and the blind, and i take four students from san francisco. it's a double-drop off and pick up. we drop off at the school for the deaf and then we drive over
12:39 am
to a building for the school for the blind. so today, a zoom driver that was parked in front of me in a loading se loading zone, she left a student alone in a car with the engine running. she went into the building where students come out of, she walked out holding the hand of a kindergartener. she walked out in the lane of traffic and put the child behind the driver's seat. she left the car again, now leaving two unattended children in her car with the engine running to go get another student. this is the experience that a zoom driver has, not securing her vehicle and leaving unattended children in her car. school bus drivers are trained to always secure our buses, gear in park -- put the gear in park or neutral, put on our parking brake, and take our keys. we never, ever leave a school
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child unattended, or i get fired. my time is up. thank you. [applause] >> president cook: cassandra coe, nick chandly, debra virden, carolyn gaseneau. >> hi. good evening. my name is gail flynn. i work for first student. i'm one of the state certified instructors. i had two other points that i wanted to address. number one, regarding the zoom vans, who will monitor how many hours zoom van drivers will be driving every day? as school bus drivers, we have
12:41 am
to follow state regulations and we must follow state regulations hours of service, rules which limit all drivers who transport passengers or property to 15 on duty, ten driving, and other hours are sleep. we cannot driving ten hours after 15 hours on duty. this is an important regulation because it keeps tired drivers off the road, so who will monitor the hours that the zoom drivers drive? who will monitor the school vehicles? school rules require the vehicles to be inspected every 15 days. all components must be inspected. interior checks are performed, as well as checking that all seats are secured and all seat belts are in good working order. school buses are -- with any of these defects are put out of service and cannot be driven
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until defects can be repaired. thank you. [applause] >> good evening. my name is cassandra coe, and my organization partners with the school district to provide mental health consultation services, including buena vista horace mann. i'm here to unequivocally say we have the deepest conference in your principal and her decision making process, and we are confused, surprised, and
12:43 am
dismayed that the decisions have led to this point today where termination may be considered. we can appreciate the complexity of decision making and have found in many cases there's a gray area that's best found by not being reactive. and we have found, our experience has been with your principal, that she leads with integrity, a thoroughness and an understanding of the context, both historical and present. additionally, her decisions are formed by her sensitivity. my team at i.f.r. and i have worked with this principal for over a decade, she has consistently and passionately embodied values that show her commitment and trust, empowerment, and cultural
12:44 am
sensitivity. the current situation is no exception. furthermore, under her leadership, she has uniquely created systems to support adult health and wellness, allowing i.f.r. to deepen the work that we do at b.v.-horace mann -- >> president cook: thank you. that was your time. thank you. [applause] >> president cook: turn the mic back on. >> good evening. i'm nick brawn, and today, i'm speaking on behalf of b.v.-horace mann. we all share a passion for this work, and we all believe in our bones that education is a civil right, and the way to interrupt the inequities that we're seeing in our district is
12:45 am
through restorative justice. we find ourselves in a position where we have walked through with families, step by step at every corner, and we have done so with the commitment to make sure that we're protecting the community we serve. we do this in collaboration with you. our leader in this work has been removed, without explanation, without warning. and what that does is it puts doubt in us that we have unity, and we need it. to do this work, we need to know you have our backs every step of the way. [applause] >> and our belief is that she was removed without justification. we're left to our own understanding what the cause is. we don't believe she should have been removed for a day,
12:46 am
let alone facing termination. so we ask you to set the same standards for you that we have for us. when our students or families need us, we don't shun them or isolate them. when we have a problem, we ask questions, and we problem solve. we do not shame and we do not punish. we ask you how we can get through this together, and how we can look at the policies, the practices, and the thinks that got us to the point where our community has suffered harm. and we need to repair it, and we need to use the restoretive practices that we've been committed to to make this right. [applause] >> good evening president cook,
12:47 am
commissioners, and superintendent. i'm here to speak and read a letter on behalf of our united educators of san francisco, who our leader is out of time and cannot be here tonight. this is a letter sent on december 4 to the commissioners. dear honorable commissioners, representing almost 300 dedicated site and central administrator members in the united administrator members of san francisco, i wrote this on behalf of principal of buena vista-horace mann. she has spent her entire administrative career at buena vista horace mann, a school in which she is deeply invested.
12:48 am
miss moran is invested in the quality of our schools, as a parent, and in the employment of our schools. she continued as a safe and supportive schools in 2014 before being selected to serve as the a.p. at buena vista horace mann. miss moran is highly regarded by the school and community stakeholders as well as her colleagues. she is collaborative, creative, and focused on increasing student achievement as well as promoting the social growth and development of our needy students. she approaches challenges with empathy and a sense of purpose based on her strong sense of
12:49 am
self-. -- >> president cook: sorry. that was your time. thank you. [applause]
12:50 am
>> good evening, commissioners and staff. i am caroline and i work as chief of staff for supervisor ronen who represents the mission. we are here, supervisor reason,s in the meeting. we want to support the leader who has done so much. we worked closely with her. we want to express that the situation has been harmful to the community, to staff, and to
12:51 am
students and families. it is truly an extraordinary principal and extraordinary leader. i would like to have everyone here for the horace mann and for the principal to raise their hand. this is someone who is a deeply empathetic and loving and caring and strong leader, and someone who thinks outside the box to do what is best for students, staff and family. we worked so closely with her with the stayover program that i am proud to report you will we seeing a report shortly showing just how successful and meaningful and important this program has been, and the fact that it has addressed the huge gap in the way the city served homeless families. it is because of her leadership
12:52 am
this program happened. it was because of her vision and desire to do what she could to help students that we moved for war and -- forward and were able to start this program. this is a loving and unique leader. thank you so much for all of your work. [applause] >> steve zitler, laurie, tobias cane. any of those people here? >> it has been two months since the principal has been removed.
12:53 am
>> sir, if you can help him out. [ inaudible ]
12:54 am
>> whenever you are ready. >> good evening to commissioners, to educators, and to supporters. imy name is tobias kaine.
12:55 am
the reason i am here is to ask to be restored back at marshall elementary school, where i was placed as a reasonable accommodation employment area. doctor matthews i understand you visited the school. i wish i was there when you came. the back story is in 2012 i was injured by a principal interfering in my duties pulling a child down. when the child fell, i had hold of her and fell to both knees with the full weight of the child. i injured both knees and i had chipped bones in my knees. in 2012 risk management allowed my left knee to be done. after healing in 2013, i began
12:56 am
advocating for the right knee because it was more problematic. fast forward to 2018, they do need it. in 2018 they allowed it to be done. they contacted me to say i opened up a new disability claim and i was taken off work, assuming i couldn't do the duties. through the healing process, i also was vetted by my surgeon and a doctor that i was placed back on full duty. i was called in for no reason. the doctor which did nothing but talk about himself and you can google him. we can't say names. i wish i could have a meeting with you. i was taken off work. i am fully capable and ready to go back to work and would like to be restored back to marshall
12:57 am
elementary. >> i have one here. it says dumont. go ahead. >> i am the parent of a first grader at marshall. i am here to advocate the former security guard be returned. mr. toby is a vital part of the marshall community. he knew the name of every student and could identify each grown up by sight. during recess he circulated on the yard, played with students who might have been alone. my daughter has a close bond with mr. toby. last year she wrote security and pinned it to the back of her t-shirt. when i asked her if there is anything she wanted you to know she said he is my favorite grown up. i have seen mr. toby manage interactions with community
12:58 am
members. his location comes with challenges. on more than one occasion i have seen him negotiate with firmness and respect. our community has suffered staff losses. he helped our community. it made our district more disorienting. i hope you will restore mr. toby to his previous position at our school. thank you. [applause] >> good evening. i am peasley dumont. i am father of a first grader and here on behalf of mr. toby to ask for his reinstatement as security guard at the school.
12:59 am
my grandson arrived at the school at approximately the same time that mr. toby began working there. i wasn't aware really that mr. toby hadn't always been there. i was very aware of the warmth, interaction, sense of community that he manifested. it is that that i want to speak to. this is a person who has been really integral to the community that we are at marshall school. he plays a very significant role. that is not replaced by putting someone else in as a security guard position. the bonding that has been built-up is precious and important. it also happens that i am a retired family physician from 35
1:00 am
years practicing. i have not had anything to do with mr. toby's medical case so i don't speak to that, but i am very familiar with the process by which workers comp issues are handled and the role of a qme or qualified medical examiner. as i hear mr. toby tell his story, i completely understand the situation in which a great deal of weight is given to someone who hardly knows the patient. >> thank you. [applause] >> that concludes public comment. section d. we have a report from any of the education parent advisory council.