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tv   SF GovTV Presents  SFGTV  June 21, 2020 10:45pm-11:01pm PDT

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little graphic. next, i took out my first aid kit and applied a temporary dressing before i drove home. this first aid kit comes from the red cross, and a similar kit is available on their website for around $22. i quickly determined i needed some stitches, so i called the emergency room to see how busy they are. if you have a wound that requires stitches, you can call to see how busy they are, but don't wait too long. after eight hours, they won't see you. i was a little nervous about going to the e.r. during this pandemic, but my fears were completely unfounded. service was fast, efficient, and the staff whether all helpful and cheer -- were all helpful and cheerful. after using hand sanitizer, i went through security, checked in. my name was called, and they took my temperature and blood
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pressure while asking a few basic questions about myself and my injury. next, i was taken to a private space, and a nurse came in and thoroughly cleaned my wounds. then, a doctor came in, numbed my neck, and quickly put in seven stitches. i was released and back home in about an hour. the reason i made this video is there are reports that e.r.s are seeing less patients than usual. don't risk your health. my visit was very reassuring. they have all the appropriate covid-19 protocols in place, great professionals, and they're there to help. if you need to go to the e.r., don't hesitate to get the help you need. in fact, since i started this video, i've been back again to get the stitches removed with the same level of care. well, that's it for this episode. if you need urgent care, go to the emergency room no matter what your financial situation is, and call 911 if you need
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paramedics or can't get there by yourself. the doctors and nurses will get you there and get you the
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with san francisco public works. the guidelines are as