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tv   BOS Full Board of Supervisors  SFGTV  July 5, 2020 12:00am-12:16am PDT

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yes, there we go. okay. that looks clear to me, commissioners. >> okay. thanks. that would be great. >> commissioner dejesus: that's it. otherwise, i thought it was really well done. i thought it was great collaboration. everybody made great changes. it makes it really clear, and it takes out the gray area. you put in the stranglehold part, which we don't have. i think it's job well done for someone in the field. >> you have some of the questions? >> commissioner hamasaki: i move to adopt with changes.
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>> commissioner dejesus: i second it. >> clerk: okay. we just need to take public comment on that before we vote on the motion. >> commissioner dejesus: okay. >> clerk: all right. we have one caller on-line. so for line item 4, for members of the public, dial 408-418-9388, access 1469442932, press pound, and pound again, and hit star-three to raise your hand. commissioner taylor, we have
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two public comments at the moment. >> vice president taylor: thanks. hello, caller. >> clerk: good evening, caller. you have two minutes. good evening, caller. you have two minutes. >> hi. i want to echo the entire commenter's concerns about there being an exigent circumstances exception for chokeholds. i don't hear any concern about revising this exception or taking out this exception for chokeholds. i think we should just not have this as a thing in the police arsenal. thank you. >> clerk: good evening, caller. you have two minutes.
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>> hi. this is gloria berry, again. resident of san francisco, bayview-hunters point. i actually can't see the changes as you're making them. i was hoping that as y, as you the changes, you would read it so the public can comment. i'm watching you on government live t.v., and it's just blurry and too small to read what the changes are. if it still has any type of language that unless there's a circumstance that officers can use any kind of pressure to the neck, head, or what-have-you, that needs to be moved because there is no exigent circumstances to do that, and i'm speaking from 20 years of training and use of force experience. thank you.
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>> vice president taylor: can you play that back so the public can read it? i'll read it. an exigent circumstances arises when an officer has specific and articulable facts that the detainee or arrestee poses a serious risk to the officer, another person, or themselves. as a last resort and when exigent circumstances exist, an officer may place an arrestee or detainee in a prone position. when the officer determines that the dlaet is over, the officer shathe -- threat is over, the officer shall make the person off the ground with dignity and respect. this has to do with, a lot of times, we've all seen it, when
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cops detain someone, they'll just leave them on the ground or laying down forever. this is just a good way to have grown people kind of on the ground, like -- like, you know, not with the dignity and respect that they deserve, so that's what this paragraph is about. >> commissioner dejesus: yeah. and it does not allow chokehold or carotid restraints. >> clerk: all right. that is the end of public comment. >> commissioner elias: i think that's something that the chief had advocated for over a year ago. >> right. >> vice president taylor: is there anymore public comment? >> clerk: no, we have no other
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public comment. >> commissioner dejesus: okay. i think we have a motion and a second. >> clerk: yes. on the motion to accept d.g.o. 5.01, use of force policy, with the changes made by the police commission -- [roll call] >> clerk: you have five yeses, commissioner taylor. >> vice president taylor: great. next line item. >> clerk: next line item is line item 5, general public comment. at this time, the public is now welcome to address the commission for up to two minutes on items that do not appear on tonight's agenda but are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the police commission. speakers shall address their
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remarks to the commission as a whole and not to individual commissioners or department or d.p.a. personnel. under police commission rules of order, during public comment, neither police or d.p.a. personnel nor commissioners are required to respond to questions presented by the public but may provide a brief response. call 408 zsh 418-9388, and access code 1469442932, press pound, and pound again. to enter the queue, press star and three. at this time, president taylor, you have one public comment. hello, caller. you have two minutes. >> i have one question for the chief. why did the police attempt to block the protesters from
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marching up valencia for pride without interference? thank you. >> clerk . >> vice president taylor: thank you. >> clerk: commissioner taylor, there are no more public comments. >> vice president taylor: okay. next line item. >> clerk: line item number 6, public comment on all matters pertaining to item 8 below, closed session, including public comment on item 7, vote whether to hold item 8 in closed session. there are no public comment. item 7, vote on whether to hold item 7 in closed session, san francisco administrative code section 67.10, action. [roll call]
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>> clerk: vice president taylor, you have five yeses. >> vice president taylor: okay. >> how do we go in closed session? >> clerk: yeah. i'll take everybody into closed session. it will take me a second, and then, iwe'll all go out. >> vice president taylor: let's take
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>> commissioner hamasaki: we're in open session now, right? >> vice president taylor: there was a motion not to disclose so we can get a second and move out of here. can i have a second? do i hear a second? >> commissioner dejesus: i keep going on mute. second. >> clerk: okay. so t on the motion not to disclose -- [roll call] >> clerk: you have four yeses.
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line item 10, adjournment. action item. >> vice president taylor: do i have a motion? >> motion. >> vice president taylor: do i have a second? >> second. >> clerk: on the motion to adjourn -- >> commissioner hamasaki: wait. can i ask a procedural question. if the motion fails, do we squlujust have to sit here? >> commissioner elias: you do. >> board member laverde-levine: >> clerk: on the motion -- [roll call] >> clerk: you have five yeses. >> vice president taylor: all right. so are we adjourned? >> yes. light for our city and
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>> madam moderator, what's happening with the public comment? >> operator: you have one question remaining. >> hi. caller, please give us your name or start talking. this is public comment on the meeting from june 26th, 2020. >> question: can you hear me now? >> yes. >> question: it's david philpell. on item 16 last time, there was