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tv   CCII Commission on Community Investment and Infrastructure  SFGTV  July 26, 2020 12:00am-2:01am PDT

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good afternoon, everyone. it is now 1:0s p.m. my name is miguel bustos and this is the regular meeting on community investment and infrastructure. for tuesday, july 21st, 2020. i'd like to welcome members of the public who are streamlining on this. or listening to us live and i want to thank the staff who will be participating in today's meeting. following the sidelines the members of this commission are meeting remotely to ensure that the safety of everyone including members of the public and thank you all for joining us. madam secretary, call the first item. >> clerk: the first order of business is item 1 roll call. commission members, responded when i call your name. [roll call]
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>> clerk: commission scott, you are on mute. commissioner scott is present. [roll call] >> all members of the commission are present. the next order are of business is idea 2, announcements. announce a, public comment procedures. please be advised a member of the public has up to three minutes to make public comments and on each agenda idea unless the commission adopts a shorter period on any items. during each public comment period, viewers will be instructed to dial-1408-418-9388 and they'll enter the access road 146-292-5173.
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press the pound sign twice and enter the call and when prompted, please press star 3 to submit your request to speak. when you dial star 3, you will hear the following message you have raised your hand to ask a question. wait to speak until the host calls on you. when you hear your line has been unmuted shall this is your opportunity to provide your public comment. you will have three minutes. please speak clearly and slowly. and you will be placed back on mute when you are done speaking. you can stay on the line and continue to listen to the meeting or you can also chose to hang up. it's best to call from a quiet location, speak clearly and fluently and turn down your television or radio. the next order of business is item 3, report on actions taken at a previous closed session meeting, if any. there are no reportable actions. the next order of business is
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item 4, matters of unfinished business. there are no matters of unfinished business. the next order of business is 5, consisting of regular a again ga. first the consent agenda. item 5a, approval of minutes, regular meeting of june 16th, 2020. authorization a first amendment to the personal services contract with a liability company contractor and increase the contract amount by $31,000 for a total not to exceed $76,000 and to expend the term by one year through june 30th, 2021 to provide continued real estate advisory services for the negotiation of disposition and development agreement for trancebay block 4, assessor's parcel number 3739, portion of lot 008, trance bay redevelopment project area, action, resolution number 16
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16-2020. >> do we have anyone that wishes to speak on this item? >> trance bay. >> clerk: members of the public who wish to provide public comment on these items should call (408)418-9388. and enter access code 146-292-5173 followed by the pound sign and pound sign again. press star and then throw to be placed in the queue and automated voice will let you know when it's your turn. we'll give the public a few moments to call in.
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are there any members of the public? >> there are no callers on the line. >> clerk: thank you. mr. chair, at this time, there are no members of the public, on the phone, wishing to comment on this item. >> no further questions to speak on this item. commissioners, may i get a motion for these two consent items? >> i move the item. >> thank you. is there a second? >> second. >> commissioner scott seconds it and take roll. >> clerk: please announce your vote for 5a and 5:0 5b. >> commissioner bracket
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commissioner scott. >> rosales. >> yes. >> bustos. the chair is four ayes. >> motion carried. madam secretary, call the next item. >> clerk: the next is the regular agenda number 5c through 5e related to the plan amendment for the mission bay south redevelopment project area will be presented together and acted on separately. 5c approving the report to the board of supervisors on the amendment to the redevelopment plan for the mission bay south and redevelopment project and connection with an increase in hotel rooms on the mission bay south block 1 hotel parcel and authorizing transmittal the report to the board of supervisors and providing notice that this approval is within the scope of the mission bay redevelopment project, approved under the mission bay final subsequent environmental impact report and a program eir and its
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described in for the purchasing of the california environmental quality act. and adopting environmental finding pursuant to the california environmental quality act and commission based south redevelopment project area discussion and action and resolution number 17-2020 and 5d approvalling an amendment to the redevelopment plan for the mission bay south, row development project in connection with an increase in hotel rooms on the mission bay south block 1 hotel parcel, recommending adoption of the redevelopment plan amendment by the board of supervisors and submitting the recommendations including the redevelopment plan amendment to the board of supervisors providing notice that this approval is within the scope of the mission bay row development project approved under the mission bay final subsequent environmental impact report fseir a program eir and adequately described in the fseir for the purposes of the california environmental quality act and adopting environmental findings pursuant to the
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california environmental quality act mission bay south, redevelopment project area discussion and action resolution number 18-2020. conditionally authorization an eighth amendment to the mission bay south owner participation agreement with focil mh370 mb, lla a delaware limited liability company providing notice that this approval is within the scope of the mission bay redevelopment project approved under the mission bay final subsequent environmental impact report, fseir, a program eir and is adequately described in the fseir for the purposes of the california environmental quality act. and adopting environmental findings pursuant to the california environmental quality act. mission bay south redevelopment project area, discussion and action, resolution number 19-2020. madam director. >> good afternoon, thank you madam secretary. through the chair this item is
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amendments to the planned documents that would allow for an increase in the number of hotel rooms on block 1, hotel parcel from 250 to 200 and through a conversion of already designed and under construction suites to individual hotel rooms. also known as the soma hotel. and in addition, we had been before the commission a few times over the years for the major phase application as well as the approval of the project and and we were in front of the commission and given an overview of the mission. we've been working with the developer over the last year in
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preparation for this and due to covid or we're slightly delayed. i want to just share that the remainder of block one has a 350 unit residential project and the groundfloor for the other half which is currently under construction. we're proposing the changing of the city administrators and the envelope stays the same it's riereallocation and one to two g room and a bedroom. i would like the mission bay project team to present on this item. thank you. >> thank you. good afternoon chair bustos, vice-chair rosales and commissioners bracket and scott and as i english inne mentionedr
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of the ncaii. there are throw items before you today regarding the soma hotel project which would increase the number of hotel rooms in an existing building through the conversion of suits to individual hotel rooms. the conversion will not result in an increasing building area it will have an effect on the exterior of the building. the proposed increase to hotel rooms requires an amendment to the mission bay south redevelopment plan and the owner participation agreement as well as to already approve design documents the major phase and basic concept and design or bcsd for the project. as mentioned in this staff memorandum, we'll bring the bcsd to commission for consideration at a later date. next slide, please. here is an overview of today's presentation. first we will cover the three action items before you, and then we will talk about the project currently under
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construction and how the increase in rooms will be achieved through the division of one and two did he d bedroom su. we'll talk about the requirement and we will end with a summary of all of the actions that will happen after the hearing including the schedule for the planning commission and the board of supervisors. resolution 17, 18 and 19 are before you today for approval. next slide. current projects. the project under construction on the block 1 hotel parcel is a 250 room total comprised of 213 individual rooms and 37 suites.
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the hotel will have a pen tease such as meeting room space, a restaurant as well as publicly accessible rooftop space. the project site construction in 2018 and is expected to finish in early 2021. next slide. 2020 and concluded. here is a visual of the hotel under construction. as well as a rendering of what it looks like upon completion. again, the did vision of suites will be completed through interior work and will have no affect on the e exterior. this is us in the mission bay south project area and shows the square of the soma and block one and to the east park to the north which is also under construction and channel street to the south and to the west.
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the project area is well received by neighborhood resale services and transit as shown on this amenities map. next slight proposed project. soma will divide suites into 49 individual rooms. since commission approved in 2014, soma hotel has seen changes in the hotel market and does not expect as high as a demand for suites. this proposed change requires an amendment to the redevelopment plan and opa and in those documents, a requested increase is rounded to 50 rooms versus 49. the increase will need to be reflected through a bcsd and major phase amendment. the last bullet of this slide notes that all the of the agency
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who's review this item for approval, including plan, the board of supervisors, the oversight board and the california department of finance. next slide. proposed changes. the table on the slide shows the change from the current project to the proposed project. the proposed change leaves nine suites remain north the program. and you can see in the second row, the building's over all square footage is the same because the additional rooms will be achieved by moving interior walls and adding doors. next slide. this slide shows the typical flor plan afloor plan at the hoe and two-bedroom suites. they will be divided into individual rooms. each suit has a living room which will be converted into an individual room. next slide, plan document
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amendment. the revalment plan is an increase in the number of hotel rooms on block one. there are also minor language deletions doing with the 2013 redevelopment plan amendment which was also associated with block one. this gave the developer at the time the flexibility to build either 350 units of residential and a 250-room hotel and a larger 500 hotel room on the site. they performed the former option so the hotel parcel to soma hotel and finished the units in late 2017. next slide community outreach. they were presented to the commission citizens advisory and and they have discussed this proposal to divide during a
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construction related community meeting. and there were no questions or comments from the community regarding the suit conversion. next slide. small business enterprise. the project complies with the south opa program and diversity and economic development. which includes ocii's small business enterprise or sbe program. soma hotel participation rates have charge ove changed over thf the project it has made efforts and worked with ocii team to do so. workforce program. so soma hotel has worked with ocii on the local hiring for construction jobs and since it began construction in 2018. in addition it has begun to plan for permit jobs through conversations with the office of economic and workforce development and ocii regarding hospitality industry training
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placement. next slide. finally, as mentioned earlier, there are approval entities with the plan document changes after commission today and it slides out of the planning board of supervisors and oversight board hearings as well as the final mayoral signature department of finance and determination and effective date for the redevelopment plan amendment. this concludes our presentation and we can answer any questions you may have. also on the line for this item and available for questions from ocii are mark, the project manager for mission bay. george bridges, contracts compliance supervisor and jose compose. from the project sponsor soma hotel on the line are amy, project manager and eric smith, district offedirector of operat.
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we have a law firm are also available. >> thank you so much. madam secretary, do we have anyone on the phone who would like to speak on this item? >> at this time, members of the public who wish to provide public comment on this item should call (408)418-9388 and enter access code 146-292-5173 followed by the pound sign and pound sign again. when prompted, please press star 3 to be placed in the queue and automated voice will let you know when it's your turn to withdraw your question. press star 3 again. we'll give the public a few moments to call in.
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bracket. >> we have month members of the public wishing to speak on this item. >> no further questions to speak on this item from the public i will close public comment. my fellow commissioners for any comments or questions.
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commissioner, do you have any comments or questions? >> >> can i go last? >> sure. >> >> commissioner scott. are there any questions or comments you have about this item? >> no questions just the comments that being that there are no changes on the experience and just changes for the interior and i just totally am for this project and this speaks on how it's moving so thank you for your presentation and the work that's being done with this. >> thank you, i have a question about the retail space. i apologize that i'm having
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challenges and i don't have the handout but i believe it was a 4,000 square foot space and i was plans for the activation space. >> if you for that question vice-chair rosales and if it's a 4,000 square foot restaurant space, it's on the mezzanine level of the hotel and eric smith or amy from the hotel might have more information on the plans for that space. >> this is eric commit, good afternoon. for the retail space, we have not identified a tenant or a concept at this time.
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we're or possibly something else. >> it could be any one of those actually. as i said, it's just not been finalized. >> thank you vice-chair rosales. commissioner brackett, back to you. >> i just like to get a handle on, i know that you lightly mentioned the specific width around the local hiring piece and i just was wondering if you have any hard numbers on the previous project in terms of the percentage of local hire and local businesses that were hired on the previously project.
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>> thank you for that question. george bridges is on the line and i believe can address your questions. >> yes, good afternoon commissioner bustos, commissioner scott, commissioner brackett. initially the project came in at 52% sbe participation, the 28.5% minority and 18.5% women-owned business and the project has continued to employ a diverse team of consultants with regards to the hotel itself, they brought on an african american local architect to help them with the restaurant and we're
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really excited about that and daryl and davis with dna communications has been working with the soma hotel from the conception of the project and with regards to construction, they're at 14.5% sbe and bewbe and their tenant improvement work is still available for local small minority owned businesses so we're looking forward to increasing local hire in that regard. the workforce, the construction has been consistent with other oci projects running around 16% local hire. and with regards to the end use, the city's first source hiring programs, is the soma hotel obligation for permanent end-use jobs and we met with the mayor's office of economic and workforce development last week and we met with the soma hotel representatives eric and amy on
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friday. and we are really excited about the opportunity for here entry level and other opportunities at the soma hotel working closely with the mayor's office of economic and workforce development and i believe they have a meeting set up in the next two weeks which is really quite an advance from the opening of the hotel which was spring next year. we hope they'll continue to collaborate and make opportunities for folks that live in the city to work closely to where they live. >> so i guess i have a couple follow-up questions. seeing that we're only at 14.5%, of local hire, are there any other plans that you guys have to increase that number working with (inaudible) have you figured out ways that you will increase that number, especially considering right now we're going through covid and we expect to see an increase in
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unemployment in san francisco and people looking for jobs in the next year or so with this project. have you guys talked with oewd about that? >> yes, commissioner brackett. we met with oewd a couple weeks ago to strategize for the next annual report and we're looking at ways to think about how can we increase local hire, hold contractors and developers for first consideration given to those that live in the city. so as we continue to discuss strategies with city build, and can them, we're hopeful that on our projects we'll deincrease and we're still insid in the mif analyzing that data so we'll be back with you next month and hopefully we'll vaber strategy
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of moving forward and ensuring that folks especially in the southeast have access to our projects. >> last question, just wanted to hear from you. i know you mentioned that there was an area you guys were trying to increase hire tenant improvement. can you give me an idea of what you are looking for or what areas ite encompasses. >> i'd like to ask amy from soma hotel to talk about the availability of the tenant improvement work. >> good afternoon, commissioners, can you hear me?
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>> hi, good afternoon. we have two, the groundfloor and ti project and the retail base and they're still will be going under construction. those two spaces we have, that's what we're speaking of when we say future opportunity for more first source hiring. through our contractor. >> thank you. and one last question, i know you guys might have additional retail space besides the 4,000 square foot restaurant, are you planning on having a amenities within the hotel that may be open to small business contracting like a gift shop and a coffee shop or anything else
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like that within the property itself? >> thaw guys might be or are seeing out to the wider community? >> >> thank you for that question commissioner brackett. this is gretchen with ocii. amy, would you be able to answer that question? >> i'm sorry. i will defer to eric smith on the operational side of the project to answer the question. eric, are you available? >> i am. good afternoon, again. currently, the only items or additional items we have besides the retail on the ground level is the rooftop restaurant and bar. there's a possibility of a small coffee shop, coffee bar that
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we'll put on the ground level and it's a kiosk type. so that at the moment is really the only opportunities that we're presenting to have. >> thank you so much. >> so i want to go back to commissioner brackett's questions regarding local hire. you know, when we look at mission bay and we look at how the fact that this was a former redevelopment area, we look at it as a community resource and we partner obviously with some businesses and some companies to help build it out and at end of the day, it's really just about doing the right thing. hiring san franciscans to build their city. so, amy and i hope you can work
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with george and others. here is an opportunity for the soma hotel to say, you know, we are not only are we interested and building but we're very much interested in lifting up a community. that is one thing that the commissioners, i know, all agree that and beating the drum about this, and see it as an investment. see it as an investment and other projects you want to have in the city. i hope that you take to heart our dough sire that we get people from this area and give them an opportunity to help build the area and i know that you have subcontractors but as
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the main company, you have leverage and you can help influence and i see corporate america, i would utilize that influence to help our subjects do even greater work and most often than not it wasn't a heavy lift on the part of the company, but it was a tremendous help to the local communities. i did work through out the americas so where i went, i tried whether it's mexico city, brazil, i even tried to make sure that i wasn't just there doing something as a transaction, that i was trying to transform and help the community thrive in those areas so, i look forward to the numbers next month that you offered. i hope given we're starting early, soma hotel could really
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stand for that so i would appreciate everyone's efforts and we all would appreciate everyone's everyday in trying to raise up a higher number and really just providing people with opportunity. right. what a time to be able to say, we're doing this. so, thank you for the presentation. so, we're going to be voting on these items individually and we will start with item agenda ite. may i have a motion for this item? >> yes, mr. chair. i move we approve of the items c to record to the board of supervisors from the amendment of the reval plan for the mission bay south redevelopment project in connection with
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increased and hotel rooms on the mission bay south black one resolution 17/2020. is there a second? >> >> i will second. >> vice-chair rosales? great, again, we were going to vote separately on this item starting with item 5c. madam secretary, please take roll. >> clerk: commission members, please respond when i call your name. commissioner brackett. abstain. >> commissioner scott. >> the vote is three ayes, one
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abstain. >> motion carries. >> for item number 5d, may i have a motion? >> i move we approval the 5d approving an amendment to the redevelopment plan for the mission bay south redevelopment project and connection with resolution number 18-2020. >> thank you, commission scott. do i have a second? >> yes, i will second. >> thank you voice chair rosales. madam secretary, take roll for item number 5d. >> clerk: please announce your vote for item 5d when i call
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your name. >> you were on mute. >> abstained. >> commissioner scott. >> yes. >> vice-chair rosales. >> yes. >> chair bustos. >> >> the vote is three ayes one abstained. >> motion carries. may i get a motion for item number 5e? >> mr. chair, i move that we authorization an eighth amendment to the mission bay south, owner participation agreement, resolution number 1 19-2020. >> thank you, may i have a second? >> i will second. >> thank you voice chair rosales. madam secretary, please, take
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roll. >> commissioner members, please announce your vote for 5e, when i call your name, commissioner brackett. >> abstain. >> commissioner scott. >> yes. >> vice-chair rosales. >> yes. >> chair bustos. >> yes. >> clerk: the vote is 3 ayes the ayes, one abstention. please call the next item. >> the next regular item is item 5f, approving an amendment and restated 457, deferred compensation plan and to confirm as needed the plan to applicable law in accordance with its terms. discussion and action resolution number 20-2020. madam director. >> thank you, madam secretary through the chair. it looks like we are ready to present on this item. this is to enhance staff
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benefits to staff and we're excited to move this item forward. with that i'll turn it over for a overview of the program. i know she has representatives from mass mutual who are available to respond to questions as well. >> good morning, commissioners. my name is brie and i'm the deputy director for finance and administration and as a executive director said, we're here today to talk about how to update or updating our deferred plans. i'm waiting for the powerpoint to come on. i'll give it a minute. jamie, can you put it on the
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third slide. commissioners, a deferred compensation plan is a plan that is of benefit to the employee because it allows them to take a part of their earnings, pretaxed, with hold it, send it to their deferred compensation plan, the administrator then invests those money on the employee's behalf and overtime that money grows and contributes to that employee's retirement savings. in the private sector, this is known as a 401k plan in the public sector it's known as a 457 plan. ocii started out with the plan and we were the redevelopment agency and we have continued with that same plan through the dissolution of the current date. our current plan has 120
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participants and that is current and active employees and retirees and the plan is administered by mass mutual and has been essentially since the inception of the plan and the plan is run, according to a document that is very creatively referred to as the plan document, which is essentially a list of all the of the rules by which the program is administered and that primarily has to conform to i.r.s. regulations. because it is a tax deferred retirement plan, the i.r.s. obviously has a strong interest in the way these plans are implemented. ocii last updated its planned document in 2007. so, what we are coming to you odd to discuss is a number of changes to the planned document that would bring the planned
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document up-to-date with current irs regulations and add two new sets of benefits for employees. jamie, if you could move to the next slide. the proposed changes fall into three broad categories. the first category reflects changes made to the plan to reflect i.r.s. regulations that have changed since 2007. and those run the gamut from small administrative changes like allowing employees to have completely paperless administration of their plan and to go fully electronic, to more substantive changes that are in line with i.r.s. regulations, for example, i.r.s. regulations now say that compensation received as an independent contractor is eligible for participation in a 457 plan, compensation received as
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military pay, is allowable as to participate in a 457 plan and employees may now change their deferral amount instead of just a quarter end. so, the general council, the director of administration and hr and i met over a period of six months and talked with mass muse actual the plan administrator and reviewed these changes and confirmed that the changes were administrative in nature or a benefit to the employees. the second bucket of changes is related to allowing employees to borrow from their held earnings, so with that, it means if an employee is with holding a certain amount of money from their paycheck every pay period and contributing that to their retirement account, they could borrow from their own with holdings up to $50,000 or 50% of their vested amount and they would borrow those funds at an interest rate that is equal to prime plus 1% and prime is the
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lowest rate that they charge each other to borrow. a very favorable interest rate and less than they would pay if they were borrowing the funds through some commercial means. the funds would be repaid essentially the employee would be repaying themselves through automatic withdrawal from an employee designated account. the third set of benefits that we would like to now offer to employees are related to benefits that were allowed by the cares act and the cares act was the act passed by congress in march of 2020 in response to covid-19 and looking for ways to alleviate the financial burden of covid on throughout the country t allowed for changes the first would be to allow penalty free withdrawals of up to $100,000 in the calender year
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of 2020 currently you have to pay hefty penalty on that amount and impact could withdraw and and and currently if they can borrow 50er and if we were to make it and allowed to borrow and it would allow for loan repayments to be suspended for a full year and that means
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currently they are required to take them from their retirement with holdings and in order to not enforce retirees to take distributions when the market is down, this would allow so those are the three primary buckets of changes we're proposing. one making changes to update the plan to march current i.r.s. regulation and two allowing employees to borrow from their own withheld funds and allowed by the cares act. if you can go to the next slide. so, ocii staff, myself, the general council, and the director of human resources and administration, met with local 21 and sciu union members and staff representatives on june 30th, 2020 to discuss these
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proposed changes and neither union had any objections. so with that, i am happy to answer any yes. >> there's a time members of the public who wish to provide public comment should call 1-408-418-9388 enter 146-292-5173 and enter the pound sign and pound sign again and when you are in, please press star 3 to be placed in the queue and automated voice will let you know when it's your turn to withdraw your question please press star 3 again. we'll give the public a few moments to call in.
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please put through any callers once they enter their request. thank you. >> please press star 3. >> there are no callers on the line. >> so chair, at this time, there are no more members on the phone wishing to comment on this item. >> hearing no further questions to speak on this item i'll close public comment and i'll turn to my fellow commissioner. commissioner brackett, do you have questions or comments? >> no comments or questions.
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>> we hear a little feedback so whoever that is, please, make sure you mute your line. thank you. >> ok. it appears to be so generous and thoughtful in light of can you still hear me? >> yes. >> in light of covid to consider the families and the emergencies that are popping up without any warnings. i'm pleased to hear and i so i am for this.
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>> we have a motion, may i have a second. >> i second. commissioner brackett has a second. madam secretary, please take roll. >> please announce your vote for item 5f when i call your name, commissioner brackett. >> yes. >> commissioner scott. >> yes. >> [roll call] >> madam secretary, please call the next item. >> the next item is 5g, delegating authorities to the executive director to adopt successor agency policies during
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the public-health emergency, consist ants with the compensation plan for covid-19, as the city and county of san francisco. discussion and action resolution number 21-2020. for the benefit of the employees in light of covid-19, the various agencies from local and this action would allow us to implement and make those benefits available to employees. >> hopefully you all can hear me. i have technical issues. jamie, if you are ready for the
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slide. >> ok. >> good afternoon, chair bustos and commissioners, thank you for your time today. the actions before you today, as executive mentioned that they are paid leave and employment policies that ocii wishes to implement and cod fie emergency and the goal of these policy is to provide income security for staff and should they unfortunately impacted due to the public-health order and it is of note they are consistent with the city and county of san francisco's policies that they implemented and the slide speaks to, the authority under which the agency is proposing to -- the adoption of these policies are as follows.
12:53 am
mayor breed's proclamation and declaring existence of a local emergency and the proclamation authorization the city and county of san francisco hr department to create a paid leave policy. the san francisco public county health office shelter in place order in subsequent shelter in place orders as well as governor newsom's shelter in place orders and the federal family first coronavirus responsibility. these are the provisions in place that grants or agency to implement the policies that are coming forward for discussion. jamie, next slide. so, the first large policy is the federal paid sick leave policy and there are five criteria that staff have for the use of this. there must be a federal state or local shelter in place order.
12:54 am
you must be under self-quarantine and experience you may be caring for an individual under a quarantine supported thaanindividual and ig for a son or daughter or a school or place of care has been closed to covid-19. that also includes childcare providers. next slide, please. so, for the type of leave, there are three primary leaves, the first say federal paid emergency sick leave and it would grant staff 80 hours of paid sick leave. you see the different criteria that could apply. covid-19 diagnosis quarantine order or school closure for child or elder care and in addition, there's additional paid sick leave. all staff will receive 80 hours
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of addition pay sick leave and this may be used for any purpose and we are monitoring the city's policy and we hope to monitoring the same. in addition there's leave advancement and that will provide 80 hours of pay leave and this would be available should staff exhaust the federal sick leave, any additional sick leask and exhaust their own balances. and then, the last benefit there you see is employee furlough due to work side closure and lack of work. so, should an employee who is able to work, may be due to not working available or lack of equipment we will continue to pay them salary and thankfully
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we're providing our critical work to the public. there's an employment policy that we are asking the commission to act on our labor agreements have a provision that says when you reach a certain cap on vacation or floating holidays, you have to use them and they can't carry over and this position of is would allow the agency to wave those caps pas as you cabecause with the sn place and certain travel restrictions, staff can't take kavis so thivacation so they wot crew at their current level and
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they can crew up 80 hours over the maximum during over the duration of the emergency and employees will have until december 31st, 2021 to take vacation or reduce the balance so there's a long time to burn those balances. also, employees can roll-over floating holidays over the limit through a fiscal year 2021 and 2022. also, staff who have legal holidays, they can be carried over as well. next slide, please. in addition, the last employment policy has relayed compensatory time for eligible and non eligible employees for purposes of definition and eligible employees not non exempt, non exempt staff would earn overtime unless they elected to get comp time. so for comp time, employees are
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allowed to earn up another additional 80 hours of comp time over the current cap during the public-health emergency. this is also extended through december 31st, 2021 and for comp time for an eligible employee they may earn up to 80 hours of compensatory time on an hour-for-hour basis during the public-health emergency. of note, co compensatory time is cash out and any time would have to be used by december 31st, 2021. next slide, please. our labor partners, we met with our labor partners, local 21 and seiu local 21 on june 30th, 2020. our labor partners raised no objections to the days for most commission and they are in agreement with moving forward. with that, i am happy to answer
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any questions after public comment. >> thank you, very much. madam secretary, can we have the public who wishes to speak on this item. >> at this time, members of the public, who wish to provide public comment on this item, should call (408)418-9388 and enter 146-292-5173 and pound sign again replace the jew to withdraw your question please press star 3 again for members of the public, who are already listening to us by phone, please press star 3 if you wish to sub my a public comment at this time. we'll give a public again a few moment to call in if they haven't already.
1:00 am
>> there are no members of the public wishing to comment on this item. >> one question is, the changes to the paid leave cap is that only due to it being a thing an emergency and does that go back post covid-19 and is in a permanent change. >> it is.
1:01 am
thank you commissioner. it is related to the public-health emergency should it be extended or once the public-health emergency has been lifted, then it would go back to the regular cap. >> i don't know if there's any long-term financial implications of the non capped paid days. it's shelter in place and you answered my question. thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> commissioner scott. just the comments that i'm just really deeply moved by the sense of integrity and compassion for this time and season that we're all going through. >> vice-chair rosales.
1:02 am
questions or comments? >> i had a question regarding (inaudible). i'm assuming that the additional leave, which i think are all wonderful and hopefully won't necessarily be tapped in the case of someone who falls ill, but if i'm reading this right, these are separate leads, right. you know, some of them the federal leads comes from federal funds i presume and the others that are local leads would be paid by our budget so if i'm understanding that correctly, my question is, basically a confirmation so we have the budget to cover these leaves. >> yes, the larger answer is yes we do have the budget to ash soshnikov througabsorband it isd
1:03 am
and it's a riel occasion and making available the flex time so staff and so the budget is the budget. >> so i am still here and you are 100% correct and i could have left. >> thank you. >> thank you. that makes sense. >> thank you, commissioners, i
1:04 am
just want to say to our staff to ensure you're ok. for you to know you matter to us. and that your work is important not only for us as a commission or as a administrative staff but also to the city and your family and so, we want to make sure that you are ok and we have to let you know you matter to us. i'm happy we're doing this. thanthank you, naddia, under yor leadership for opening us through and the i move we give
1:05 am
authority to adopt the successor agency policy during the public-health emergency. with resolution number 21-2020. >> i second the motion. >> madam secretary, we have a first and a second. please take roll for item number 5g. >> announce your vote when i call your name. [roll call] >> the chair is four ayes. >> motion carries, madam secretary, please call the next item. >> the next order of business is item 6, public comments on non agenda items.
1:06 am
kale (408)418-9388 and interact sis code 146-292-5173 and press pound and pound sign again and please press star 3 and be placed in the cue to speak and automated voice will let you know when it's time. if there are members of the public who are on the line and who wish to submit their request, please press star 3 now. again, we'll give a few months for the public to call in.
1:07 am
>> there are no callers on the line. >> thank you. >> mr. chair, there are no more members of the public on the phone. >> secretary, please call the next item. >> the next order of business is item 7 report of the chair. mr. chair. >> clerk: item 8, 8a informational memorandum on true marketing outcomes report on affordable housing units the avery and first is 450 folsom straight a mixed income rental tower with seven units and second is 250 free mont street, 100% affordable podium with affordable units and transbay
1:08 am
project area discussion, 8b informational memorandum on the marketing outcomes report for 10 kennedy place, 10 ennis court, blocks 56 and 57 and 528 hudson 23 and 33 kirkwood avenue both on block 55, hunters point shipyard phase 1 and inclusionary below market rate units at 80% area median income and hunters point shipyard project area discussion. madam director. >> thank you, madam secretary through the chair. we provided a staff report on this item earlier this year and some of us were at the ribbon cutting of the avery 250 free mont or the 80 affordable housing units. the amenities that is located within the site and cop holders that applied to cop.
1:09 am
for the hill soft and shipyard phase 1 and 70 units as you know but 11 units aggregate and we don't have cop leased up here but we have representatives from condition the city who applied. those are occupied now and staff is on hand to respond to questions. >> great, thank you. it's just the report to the executive director and i'm not sure if there's any questions.
1:10 am
there are no questions of the commission. i think we can go to the next item. are there any questions from the commission? >> there should be public comment. >> clerk: if i can invite the members of the public who wish to provide public comment call (408)418-9388 and enter 146-29 146-292-5173 followed by the pound sign and pound sign again. press star 3 to enter into the cue. press star 3 if there are any members of the public listening on the phone, please press star
1:11 am
3. we'll give the public a few moments. >> do we have any callers on the line? >> there are no callers on the line. mr. are no members of the public wishing to comment on this item. >> >> my fellow commissioners, to see if they have any questions. >> i have a question and a comment, i'll start with the comment. i was able to attend the opening of the avery and it was really beautiful to hear some of the residents talk about their
1:12 am
experience and being able to be in the property it now and some of the rips with their neighbors and so fourth. i did have a question and maybe, i'm not sure if this happens now or later, but, i know there was some discussion around one of the actual persons who moved into the units and there was a discussion regarding the screening process and that she almost got screened out of the opportunity because there were a couple of credit, very minor credit issues and or lack of resources to getting into the units. so, i was just trying to find out if, as we move forward with other properties, if naddia has comments about what may be happening different and the new properties in terms of maybe additional a suttance that the
1:13 am
mohcd may be able to provide or if q foundation the regional funds for that. >> thank you, commissioner brackett for the questions. i'll send it over to (inaudible) to respond to that. we've been prioritizing this issue because you've raised it a number of times so we are trying to be as aggressive as possible to allow for access to housing. would you respond to what we've been doing differently and what we are planning? >> yes. thank you commissioner brackett for that question. and, actually, we have worked with this lease up team on a couple of different properties and the team usually, and i'm surprised to hear that one of our applicants was having such a difficult time, and i'm really sorry for that.
1:14 am
the team, we make sure we start from a place where we're trying to get people in. we're not trying to lease up with excluding people. so, with that said, on the properties moving forward, absolutely we work from the beginning to the end until 100% occupancy to assure that applicants are giving every opportunity to take advantage of these lease up projects. that said, if in fact we do hear of someone having difficulty don't hesitate to reach out from anyone from the most d team or me and i'm happy to talk about
1:15 am
the process. >> commissioner scott. >> no comment on that. just -- are we at comments at the closing or questions and matters? did we reach that. >> we're just discussing madam director's information report. >> no comment. >> ok. >> vice-chair rosales? >> yes, thank you. i had a question and a comment. and again i have to thank the staff for the reports because it's one of my favorite things to do is read these reports and really understand how folks are
1:16 am
receiving housing and entering the housing process and the testimonies are gratifying to read. thank you again. my question is this and i've raised it before in the report, for instance, on the c. o.t. applicants for the avery, there's a mention that a couple of the c.o.p. applicants were over income and in the past, i and other commissioners have expressed the interest in tracking, if you will, or keeping in track with those households that are over income and in the expectations that we have housing in the pipeline that they could qualify for and they would be interested is he i want to ask pam, what are we -- how are we assisting the over income households that may not have qualified for this round? >> can everybody put themselves
1:17 am
on mute. there's someone who has a gentleman speaking behind them or somewhere in the room and it's really rude. please, if you can just put yourselves on mute so that we can hear as well as members of the public can hear the comments that are being made. >> thank you. >> can commissioner, i'm sorry, commissioner rosales, can you repeat your question. so, so the c.o.p. manager and she works with mocd, what we do is we track these individuals and the home ownership opportunities that are coming. what is interesting, though, is that these individuals, yes, they were hired and the 50% but they're falling in the 60, 65%,
1:18 am
not quite 70%, 80% where we have units for sale. so, there's this gap, if you will, of ownership opportunities for individuals who are over income for some of our that said, we have where it goes to up 08% ami so households still interested in renting, up -- you will encourage them to apply at the six west project. in addition to that and i haven't looked at the ami levels for that is the home ownership
1:19 am
project that we have coming up in mission bay at block 9a. hopefully we'll tier those well enough to get some of our c.o.p. holders interested, eligible and first time home buyers and that. >> as a follow-up to that, is there any thinking perhaps and helping these over-income on one side but under income on the other side candidates with workforce developments support in some fashion to allow them a path forward to kind of climb and basically climb the economic ladder so they can meet those 80% just help kind of -- clearly there's an interest. someone who applies and goes through the process of applying and being valu evaluated so i'm
1:20 am
trying to be creative on how to help folks land their dream home, if you will, through other methods. >> i totally appreciate that. the group we're working with are (inaudible) and they're predominantly looking for rental opportunities, which is just kind of where this group happens to be. so what i'm hoping and i know when i talk to maria benjamin yesterday about this is what we're hoping is that when we do our investigate r.f.p. we found those other individuals who were living in-house holds at the time of displacement who are younger and could be more
1:21 am
ambitious than a 60-year-old and we really feel that maybe this population, the younger group is going to be interested in home ownership so that is what we're excite beside this r.f.p. because it's great so we can get additional c.o.p. holders into our program right now. >> to add to that, i know you've raised this issue before and i think what we can can continue to commit is having keeping a list and trying to revisiting our processes and policies how we can work with mayor's office of housing and community development to figure out how to partner other resources so they can have access to housing so we'll put that on our list and we're going to work with all of you individually without creating a committee to work on some solutions and enhancing our
1:22 am
policies to make sure this is one of the things we work on with our partner sister agency. so more to come. >> thank you. thank you for that. and so my question real rewas one of on the one hand, i was happy to see that many of the applicants were coming from, hailing from district 10 and i looked at the demographics, i was frankly request respect to that demographic. you know we're inter fitting the demographics and i know we're in control of which is outreach and
1:23 am
so it depends on timing and our foss to work with folks earlier in the process and get them into housing and at this time, i don't know if anyone on the team can respond but it's not from lack of trying, it's just folks are not ready and some are nonresponse tive based on what i heard from pam in the past and some are not interested where that unit is but we applied and we'll find that process when we do our issue. >> i just want to introduce maria, because actually, when we were talking yesterday, we were talking about and she's going to be in the process of an intern
1:24 am
to make positive changes to our marketing and outreach plans. so, maria, are you there? >> i am. how are you commissioners. this is maria benjamin from ocd and i was just trying to jump in and so i'm happy to have the opportunity. the work of racial equity and making sure we're doing the best we can for our black and brown applicants is the center point of low cds work right now. for the past five years or so, we have been focusing on improving outreach and improving connections to the black community to be able to make sure we are districting
1:25 am
developers to go where they get news and we've made a lot of strides. we do have more black and brown people applying for housing now that we have. our problem is it's a bigger problem more than those programs. the black (inaudible) from major cities across the country. and so we are completely focused on doing everything that we can. within our capacity to do that. what pam is speaking about, the project that we have going with an intern helping us with research, you know, facebook, you guys have mentioned facebook and social media and we've directed developers to go
1:26 am
on facebook and and the type of targeted outreach we need to do is more of a anna let tick and affect and you go on facebook and believe me, the facebook people know exactly who you are. and i if you look for shoes on your google search, you have and so, we are looking to incorporate some of that targeted outreach that our marketing communities have been using to get to where black people hear about their news. or where other targeted groups are getting information.
1:27 am
so, it is exciting and it will be a step ahead, a step beyond what we currently ask the developer to do. right now, we're leaving it up to them to decide and they tell us what they're going to do and we say ok, that's ok. now, we're looking to be more aggressive with it. more telling them, this is what you feed to do. hopefully we'll get even more improved results. >> thank you. >> maria, i have a quick follow-up question to that. i just wondering, since there's been a lot of zoom calls within the black community recently, if c.o.p. has thought about possibly putting out like a community zoom about housing opportunities that are going to be coming up in the next six months so that people can kind
1:28 am
of. >> we look forward to setting it up so we can spread the word about the zoom meeting. anything else? i think madam secretary, since there's not an action item we can go to the next item. >> ok. is the next order of business is item 9, commissioner questions and matters. >> commissioner. >> are there any commissioner questions? >> i do have a question. i know that earlier this year we were supposed to all split off into our different groups.
1:29 am
and covid stopped all of that and i would like for us, before the end of the year, to possibly, if we could, naddia, maybe have a zoom call for the four different areas that we identified earlier and the community to giffi give input oe items to our commission. so, maybe having and our small business contractors or business comand come in on how we can ber help them during covid-19 as well as put them in a motion so we can increase and local business numbers for next year. >> well, in the process of working on that anyway, but to have behind the scenes meeting with the commissioners, so we've
1:30 am
already started reaching out. and we want a road map before we get feedback on whether we want to do it in a public setting or behind the scenes. so that is already in the works. you should be hearing from jamie shortly, we're trying to get the materials ready and we just met this week and so is thank you for the request. you will be hearing from us. >> thank you you are always one step ahead of us. >> yes, she is. with the small business, i had a question where i was reading, with the small business, as they are part of this, and upon three years, they're no longer considered a small business with growth. can you tap into that for me, what happens with a small
1:31 am
business? >> what i would suggest is that we -- i don't have the answer. >> it's an opportunity -- >> you are breaking, sorry, i talked over you. apologies. >> i'll give you a call and pose it. it's something that i would like to have an answer for. i had met with small business owners working with development and doing very well but just wondering what happens after that third year. when they're no longer considered a small business? >> that -- they're out of the range so they graduate and what we expect and well we can talk off line. they're learning and exceeding more than what is required or the thresholds that has been set by the policy and that participating in bigger
1:32 am
contracts. [please stand by]
1:33 am
1:34 am
>> i'm sure miguel may have some quiet time to recognize and acknowledge the loss of these two giants. >> thank you commissioner scott. you're absolutely right. while we'll close our commission meeting in their honor with the moment of silence before we get to that moment, madam secretary, please call the next item. >> the next order of business is item 10, closed session. there are no closed session items. the next order of business is item 11, adjournment. mr. chair? >> chair bustos: i'll ask for a motion and second and we'll take moment of silence. is there a motion? >> i move that we close the meeting. is there a second? >> i second the motion.
1:35 am
>> chair bustos: let's take a moment of silence. >> commissioner ransom-scott: ca n i read a quote from john lewis? if that's all right with you. when i say ocii relate so much to the things that have been done by dr. king and john lewis and so many others, one thing that he said that really to me mirrors who you are is this. he said when you see something that's not right, something that's not fair, not just then do something. sometimes that will bring you into trouble but it's a good trouble and a necessary trouble. thank you ocii.
1:36 am
>> chair bustos: we'll do moment of silence. thank you commissioners. we adjourned at 2:37 p.m. thank you to the listening audience. thank you to staff. >> thank you. >> : thank you all for joiningu.
1:37 am
as of today we have four thousand sixty nine confirmed cases in san francisco and sadly people have lost their lives. we averaged testing three thousand two hundred twelve people each and everyday in san francisco. this exceeds our goal of conducting eighteen hundred tests per day. we also know we need to do more. now especially with people facing longer wait times to get their results and also to get tested in the first place. covid 19 in the bay viewpoints and in the valley and mission demonstrate that we clearly have a real disparity. early on in our responses to covid 19 we created a field care
1:38 am
clinic at the community health crepter to bring testing to people. recently we announced the opening of a testing site of a latino testing hub. i'm excited to announce an expansion that will bring test to go areas of the city that have been especially hit hard. to do this, we're going to make three major expansions. first, we will expand our city tests site by adding four hundred new slots a day where we can continue to on focusing on essential workers who need testing the most. our fire fighters, police officers, health care workers and people who are taking care of san francisco.
1:39 am
we will launch two mobile pop up sites that can test up to two hundred fifty people per day. one will start this week, the other next week. they will rotate to different neighborhoods in the city that are seeing high rates of covid 19 and need more testing options. third, we're creating a third city test sf site at the south east of the city. the location is still being developed with community input. it should launch in august with the ability to begin tests five hundred people per day. in total we'll have an a additional fourteen hundred testing slots per day. that's nearly a 45% increase over what we've been averaging over the last week. this new testing along with the requirement for private partner it do their part will help us
1:40 am
make testing more easily available especially for symptomatic or high risk individuals. resources for people to test positive, right to recover, hotel room it isolate. those are all the things we need to go hand in hand with our testing capacity. to find out more information on how to get tested please go to the website or call 311. i'm really proud of the work we're doing to expand testing in san francisco. we know that we can't test our way out of this pandemic. we need people to be responsible. to keep their distance from others to avoid gathers, and to wash their hands. getting testing is not a passport to do whatever you want. you can still get infected at any moment. when i see people acting
1:41 am
irresponsibly or on some of our busiest commercial corridors, i'm really disappointed. what you're doing when you gather with friend friends and t waring a mask. you're making our recovery longer, you're making it more difficult for kid it go back to school. you're making it more difficult for folks to visit senior homes. more difficult for people to get back to work. our nail salons and barbershops. massage and tattoo parlors and things like that. you are making things more difficult for others not just yourself. i know it's hard. i'm tired of living in this covid 19 world just like you are. the sooner we can act
1:42 am
responsibly, the sooner we can get back together in a more real way. at this time i'd like to introduce dr. grant c olfax. >> : good afternoon, thank you, mayor. i'm dr. grant director of health for the city of san francisco. as the current surge continues our reopening plans must remain on pause. last week, we told you that it took us 38 days to go from 2000 to 3000 cases.
1:43 am
it's taken thirteen days to go from three thousand to four thousand. we are averaging seventy nine new cases everyday diagnosed. we know there are more cases out there as the virus continues to spread. these numbers put us in the red zone of one of our key health indicators. as of tomorrow we'll have been in that red zone for a month. since monday san francisco has been on the state watch list that restricts reopening. the reason for the watch list is our rapid increase in hospitalization. we remain on high alert. our goal is to keep the rate of hospitalizations of covid 19
1:44 am
patients to less than 10%. in san francisco we can slow the spread of covid 19. we have flattened the curve before. we must do it again. lives are at stake. you know what to do. wear face coverings out side of your hous household. stay six feet apart from others and avoid gatherings. while you do your part, the city is doing it's part too. the testing expansion is one of our strategies. it's an important one and especially paired with contact tracing, it can help us contain covid 19. but testing alone will not bring us out of the red zone. i'd like to talk today about the role of testing in our city's pandemic response.
1:45 am
five months ago san francisco had never conducted a single test for covid 19. on an average day this month, we conducted more than three thousand. building our testing infrastructure has been a tremendous effort that involves hiring staff, ordering supplies, deploying testing sites across the city. a severe lack of federal leadership has made testing a significant challenge across the challenge. faced with limited resources san francisco prioritized testing for the people with greatest needs. it's important to understand that the testing universe is much larger than the tests that people are seeking out for themselves. we test all residents and staff in san francisco's skilled
1:46 am
nursing facilities. we test as part of out break response in many studies across the cities. we test all people with symptoms and hospitals and clinics. because of the strategy we have been able to slow down the spread of the virus. and we are doing well compared to other places. san francisco has the lowest rate of covid 19 cases and deaths and the highest rate of testing. i will say that again. san francisco has the lowest rate of covid 19 cases and death and highest rate of testing when compared to other jurisdictions including los angeles, seattle, denver, boston, new york, and other big cities. therefore we have a foundation to build upon and we are doing
1:47 am
exactly that. today demand for testing is growing because we're experiencing a surge for demand for testing and surge in cases. it's getting harder for individuals to book an appointment and taking longer to get test results. as we expand capacity, we must target our effort. we are not going to test our way out of the pandemic. this is an important point, test sg a limited resource and we must use it wisely by focusing on people who are most likely to be exposed, we increase our ability to find cases. through contact tracing, we can further reduce exposure and spread. testing is not prevention. a positive test means that the virus has already spread. and a negative test is not a
1:48 am
passport to take risks or it to do whatever you want. we have a vision of realizing universal access to testing in san francisco. but we cannot get there alone. a surge is making our circumstances more challenging all around. private providers need to do their share. the city is conducting nearly two thirds of all covid 19 test tg right now. we know that many of the people seeking testing from the city have private insurance. that is why we have issued a health order requiring businesses to test people with symptoms and those with contacts and those residents at highest risk of exposure. this order aligns with the state which is requiring that
1:49 am
insurance plans cover testing. -represent only 15% of the city's population. in addition workers must leave their homes to take on more risk are getting sicker in greater numbers. and the neighborhoods in the eastern and southeastern side of the city continue to have a higher rate of cases.
1:50 am
the surge is making all of these disparities worse. in the past two weeks, we have expanded testing in the mission, bay view, tender loin and sunny veil neighborhood. we administered twenty two hundred tests to date. in the weeks to come we will continue to expand test inning the south east and deploy mobile testing in neighborhoods that need it most. and we'll continue to prioritize people with symptoms, people referred to testing by contact tracers and workers that are greatest risk of exposure. such as first responders, disaster workers, and health care workers. while the city is doing all of this, here is what san
1:51 am
franciscans can do. if a contact person reaches out to you to say you might have been exposed to covid 19. please take that call. contract tracers can help you track your symptoms and get tests and get you resources like food and cleaning supplies if you need to isolate. if you have a health care provider, please try to book your testing with them. that will help the people with out insurance, health care workers and people most effected by the pandemic. and of course, if you are feeling sick, please stay at home. if you're not feeling sick and going out, you must cover your face. stay six feet away from people out side your household and please, please avoid gathering.
1:52 am
gatherings are part of what's driving our current surge. if you are gathering with people who don't think they are sick or don't look sick, that doesn't matter. you can still transmit covid 19 without symptoms. even if people have gotten a negative test recently, that doesn't mean they are negative that day. we have seen increases in covid 19 precisely because people are gathering more. this is a critical time for all of us to come together as one community. take the precautions as we have asked for many weeks now. we can all do our part. ask your health care provider for a test. if you have symptoms, have been instructed by a contact tracer or at higher risk for exposure because of your living or working continues.
1:53 am
let's show the world that san francisco can flatten the curve again and resume our ohmings ops together. thank you. >> : thank you madam mayor, and thank you doctor for your time. today we have a few health care and testing related questions for director c olfax. thank you director the first set of questions are from michelle king. is san francisco going to start fining people for not wearing masks. will they set up a test line. >> : we're looking for ways to increase enforcement across the city. we know from public health work
1:54 am
that the best way to get people to comply with doing what's right in this situation including wearing the face coverings, it's really chaifnged the social norm, the messengers are trusted community members who provide the support and information needed and in cases, the actual facial coverings so people can cover their faces and take the right steps. at the same time we are looking at enforcement options not so much at the individual level but looking and ensuring that we're working to increase enforcement across the city of various institutions that may not be complying with health orders. we really need to protect each other so that we protect others. >> : thank you where does the
1:55 am
city stand on hair salons similar to people meeting outdoors such as restaurants. >> : certain outdoor personal services. we're taking a look at that. we're reviewing the criteria and will make a derptio determinatid when those personal services can be opened outdoors and with the state guidelines. >> : thank you. the la times. what lessons are we learning from new york's experience with the pandemic. >> : i think there are two things. certainly we have learned from the new york situation how bad it can get and how rapidly it can get bad. when we look at the mortality rates when the health care
1:56 am
systems got overwhelmed. we can see sophisticated and health care systems, when they get overwhelmed, more people get sick and more people die. it's impossible to take care of people in those situations. when we talk about the surge, i'm very concerned as cases increase, it's plausible we can get in a new york type of situation in the late summer or early fall. that's why everyone need it do their part to flatten the curve. the second part that we've learned from new york is that it's possible to flatten the curve with the facial coverings and social distancing and high general staying at home that we encourage. i hope we can do that before a massive surge. new york has unfortunately had to do that after a surge.
1:57 am
>> : with regards to our private partners doing their part, what are we talking about? what are we asking of them? how are we holding them accountable? >> : when talks about private partners. from the beginning of the pandemic we've been working with health care system as cross the city to ensure a unify response. it's really strengthened our ability for instance, to ensure people with covid 19 are getting the best care possible in the health care facilities across the city. what we need to do with regard to testing is ensure that low barrier testing is provided to people per the health order from the many health care systems across the si city. we know san francisco is fortunate and most people have insurance and a provider that is covered by a health care entity.
1:58 am
per the health order the requirements are there so low barrier testing is provided particularly for people with symptoms, people with a known close exposure, close contact with a covid 19 positive person. for people what have been asked to get a test per the health department. there are a lots of opportunities that we hope will be opened up through this health order. city has done 60% of the covid 19 testing to date. in order to realize this vision of expanded testing, we need all providers to do more. >> : thank you dreghtor. director. do you believe that private testing labs are keeping up with the ever growing need for city wide testing? >> : part of our goal is to encourage providers an providerh
1:59 am
care systems to expand their testing just as the mayor announced today. we're investing in more testing so do other health care systems across the city. there's the meeting demand for testing and prioritizing the neighborhoods for demand for testing. we need to do our part there. there's the situation where labs are getting behind in terms of processing tests. to a large extent that's a national and state issue because the large lab entities that are processing these specimens are getting further and further hand. we all need to work together to ensure that labs are turning tests around as quickly as possible so we can flatten the curve by dpettin getting tests e
2:00 am
quickly. >> : thank you. what are the turn around time for test results in san fran francisco. >> : testing turn around time varies demanding on where people get tested and the capacity of where-the capacity of the lab of where those specimens are going. in some cases the specimens can be turned around within 72 hours but we're seeing back ups especially with our provider labs and some of our own labs within the city. we are backing up seven days, ten days at this point. that's something we're seeing across the state and across the country. >> : thank you director. thank you madam mayor and dr. c olfax for your time. any follow-up questns