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tv   Planning Commission  SFGTV  October 18, 2020 4:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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should focus on the departments where there are racially bad actor acto actors [indiscernible] terminations and medical releases. the inspector general should or could also lead efforts on the following examples. one important one would be to abolish the d.h.r., e.e.o. system -- [indiscernible] --.
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>> clerk: could we have the next caller. >> my name is marco reed, an employee at the san francisco m.c.a. i want to bring us back to some of the points around apprenticeships, pathways, and pipelines. m.c.a. has embarked on an aggressive program to bring to light some of the things that were brought out in the plan and also some of the basic diversity issues that we've been struggling with for years. jeffry tomlin has been trying to
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work out practical ways forward on these issues. i welcome the support and i welcome the mayor's support in making these programs happen. i have been a city worker for over 30 years. there are a number of ways we can move this forward. i can tell you that we are in the forefront in san francisco in the apprenticeships and
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pipelines, but we need to implement these things to all city departments, not just at d.h.r. and m.p.a., but all city departments. if we can get all the city [indiscernible] -- >> clerk: thank you for your comments. >> can you hear me? my name is sheryl taylor and i work for the utilities commission. i would like to thank all of the supervisors as well as the office of racial equity and the human rights commission for bringing and keeping the issue of anti-black racism to the
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fore. i would like to support and align and encourage you to implement some of the requests from the black employee alliance, one of which is to appoint a city-wide inspector general and have this person report to the mayor and be outside of the city process to the extent possible. i would like you to reopen the complaints during the tenure of the previous director due to the mishandling and abuse in the e.e.o. i am a data point, educated at stanford and m.i.t., financial professional with nearly 25 years' experience, and here i am having filed an e.e.o. complaint against the city.
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i thank you for your attention and cede my time back. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. mr. coo, could we have the next caller. >> can you hear me? >> clerk: yes. >> thank you so much for your presentation [indiscernible] -- i am a black employee at the department of homelessness and supportive housing. i am a member of the black employee alliance, also a racial equity officer and someone who currently continues to deal with anti-black racism. i would like to share a quote of the center of what we are dealing with right now.
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"it appears that my worst fears have been realized. we have made progress in everything, yet nothing has changed." i want to acknowledge all of the different presentations from the different departments, but i want to say before i list the demands sent that if we aren't willing to name what this is, anti-black racism and that it permeates through individuals and leads to systemic anti-black racism and that is not going to be something that we can just meet about, that we have a serious problem. we have a lot of work to do and i don't know how many people are prepared to do that. one of the demands that is important to d.e.a. that we examine all the civil service
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list lists [indiscernible] there was a black female who ranked number one for a position last year, yet d.h.r., its employment services director chose a white male who ranked below her -- >> clerk: thank you for your comments. >> i want to say about what the previous caller was saying about nigel being passed over and a white male was selected to fill that position. in another position there was something called adrian kind.
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she had a master's degree and passed over for a promotion. they took a white male who was in the classification of a 1310 who was below her and promoted him over her. in the case of two other black female females, both with the city, they were exempted from the process to go through the competitive process for the h.r. director position. another employee at public health was passed over for director of public health. even when we're qualified, we have capable, competent, well-polished and well-educated people at the city of san francisco, there is still racial bias. it's not that we're doing
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anything wrong, it's that we're not conforming to the anti-black bias. the waif in which we're viewed when walking into those rooms needs to change. it's not that we have to change job qualifications because we're not monolithic. we come in all shades and levels of experience and education. that needs to be validated, recognized, and appreciated. right now it's not -- >> clerk: mr. coo, can you put
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through the next caller. >> hi, i was the only black accountant in my department. i am constantly singled out for discipline i believe because i am black. i have filed two official complaints of racial discrimination and as a result of these complaints i had no confidence my complaints are being taken seriously. as a black employee, i felt my own recourse was to seek outside
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outside of the system, which is why i needed to hire an outside counsel. this has cost me confidence in e.e.o. and h.r. i am in support of hiring an outside investigator. i want to thank you -- >> clerk: next caller. >> can you hear me? >> clerk: yes. >> i'm also a local 21 member. i want to echo the requests of local 21 about what should be done about the e.e.o. situation.
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i think it's horrific. if our black and brown colleagues can't show up to work, then no one can. with my experience [indiscernible] -- we had an ombudsperson who issued a report. the results have not been issued. with the requests today, i hope that you really implement these and take them seriously. the costs of not doing it are greater than the costs of doing it. if we say it would be too hard or expensive, then how can we show up for our communities when we can't do this in our own four
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walls. thank you for your time. >> clerk: thank you very much for your comments. could we have the next caller please. >> good afternoon. i am the president of local 21. i am a construction specialist at p.u.c. i am here because i myself have been a victim of discrimination and bullying and i am aware that many in my chapter will ask and other people of color have experienced the same. we are very discouraged to learn about the loss of faith in the e.e.o. and h.r. due to the bad practices. even more discouraged to learn that the system of justice that we rely on is no justice at all. i am here to support the black
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employ alliance and to call for the following. create and implement clear and transparent e.e.o. investigations, policies, and practices across all departments. an investigation of e.e.o. and h.r., a credible and external investigator that is not part of the system in order to restore our workers' trust and faith. and lastly a temporary freeze on e.e.o.'s activities on making determinations until such time as the investigation of e.e.o. has been concluded. thank you very much. >> clerk: thank you very much for your call and your comments. mr. coo, could you connect us to the next caller, please.
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>> i want to raise an issue that is directly impacting a lot of black and brown workers in the city. the broader of supervisors had approved a cost of living adjustment for city non-profit workers in the shelters and also people who are working in the welfare to work programs and workers covered under the minimum compensation ordinance. that wage raise has not been implemented. this is -- you know, it does a wage raise which is barely keeping up with inflation in the bay area. it's a tragedy that some of the lowest wage workers in the city
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are not seeing an increase that basically helps them keep up with the rate of inflation. thank you, supervisors. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. could we get the next caller, please. is there a caller on the line? if you've just heard from the system that your line has been unmuted, this is your opportunity to make a comment. >> hi, this is -- >> clerk: go ahead. you're connected.
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is there a caller on the line? >> yes. can you hear me? >> clerk: yes. >> this is -- >> clerk: ms. rutherford, you had two minutes and each speaker only enjoys two minutes to speak. we need to keep it equitable for all in the process. thank you for your participation. could we get the next caller, please. >> can you hear me? >> clerk: yes, we can. >> i'm calling on behalf and in support of the black employees' alliance. i want to discuss about the issues that black and brown people face. i used to work in a public utilities commission. there was problems there and in
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all the city-wide agencies, particularly in d.h.r. areas there needs to be some accountability that i want to discuss is pretty much the hiring and promotion inequities, payment and training inequities, pay inequities, and many others. i experienced that and also participated in recruitment of black and brown employees with a previous caller. i think this should be some type of independent investigation outside of the d.h.r. and e.e.o. and some of these department agencies because they're part of the problem and not part of the solution. they need to contact former
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employees who were unlawfully and wrongfully terminated. there needs to be some support with the black employees' alliance to work with them to fix the ongoing issues that hampers the problem in the city-wide system for black employees. there needs to be some accountability and transparency along with the department heads and also some transparency providing public documents to the sunshine ordinance task force. i know the city has been unwilling to provide information so the employees can present their case of discrimination -- >> clerk: thank you very much for your comment. could we have the next caller,
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please. >> hello, can you hear me? >> clerk: yes, we can. >> i want to thank the supervisors to listen to us again. i am jessica brown, a current member serving with d.h.a. and i wanted to continue on what previous callers said our demands are and not only looking at the examination of all the exams, but also detaining a racial audit for the s.f. and d.h.r. practices and policies, ensuring that we do a benefit burden analysis. also doing a roll out of a 360°
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racial survey twice per year with a two-hour feedback to hear from employees to tie into recommendations for the department of racial equity outcomes and a 360° feedback for employees. and also a reinstatement of all employees who have lost their jobs due to these inequities. as a new employee to the city, i witnessed black employees, their testimony of the ill treatment and criminal treatment and experiences that they have been facing from the city. i think it's time to stop asking
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what are the issues and start moving to the action because we have been gracefully transparent and at risk of our own employment to come to you all -- >> clerk: could you connect us to the next caller. >> we recently saw an admission from an employee that implicate the director of equal opportunity saying the director told the employee there would be no finding in a discrimination complaint submitted by a black female employee before the investigation occurred. in addition, several other h.r. professionals from various departments from across the city
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say they have been told repeatedly to change language in harassment and discrimination complaints before they're accepted and yet the e.e.o. director still remains in her position today. how is this possible? ? this is systemic and cultural. new leadership needs to be instituted across the city, particularly at d.h.r. where these problems need to be addressed consistently. this is organized assault against the black employees in the city of san francisco. if nothing is done to resolve these issues, there will be class-action lawsuits taken by employees that they should not have to go through and this is so unfortunate. there needs to be change. please --
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>> clerk: thank you very much for your comments. could we have the next caller, plea please. >> i am a member of e.e.a. and i want to back up what jessica brown said, which was brilliant. i have experienced four years of discrimination in the department and it's been really difficult to see the compromise e.e.o. and d.h.r. have had. so i fully support what is being asked because i want the city to be using its resources to correct discriminatory and damaging practices to employees
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and other people of color. i don't want it prioritizing to protect the liability of the city, but to reconstruct the system to hold everyone to account and be treated with respect and to be able to support your community. i want us to reach our communities of color who are disproportionately impacted by systemic racism. so please, please back up and support the propositions that e.e.a. have. >> clerk: thank you very much for your comments. mr. coo, could we have the next caller, please.
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is there a caller on the line. >> clerk: mr. chair, that completes the queue. >> thank you so much, operations and mr. clerk. public comment is closed. i want to thank all of the callers who spoke out during public comment and also particularly thank the black employs' alliance and local 21 for all of your advocacy on these really urgent issues. i thank you for your leadership in calling for this hearing today and for introducing this
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resolution. supervisor walton, you have some remarks and would you like to make the motion. >> thank you so much, chair mar. if director eisen is here, i have one question before my remarks and the motion. >> yes. >> thank you so much. i do just now have one question. a lot of issues and concerns were raised in the course of the hearing during the course of public comment. something just dawned on me. i don't know how many other department heads are around, but i would be interested if you took the management exam and if the other department heads had to take that exam. >> i'm going to go back and check. i believe that i did. as i recall -- i'm not sure if it was in place at the time i came back to the city, but i'll
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check. i believe that we were experiencing so many complaints about our management ranks and the inconsistencies out there about people being promoted who were perhaps good in their occupation, their professional occupation, but really were failing at managers, that was the point at which h.r. developed the test for anyone who was there to be a manager [indiscernible] supervising others and so on. it's been years and i don't exactly remember. when i was hired back in the city, i was hired in a charter-exempt position defined in the charter. >> it would be good to know how many managers have [indiscernible] -- that would be
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good information to have. >> happy to look at it. >> thank you. i do want to again thank chair mar [indiscernible] for having this hearing today. i know it took us a lot to get here, but this is very important and we see a lot of great information. i also want to thank our departmental leaders and employees who presented and called in as well as labor leadership. [indiscernible] -- this is something that we need to make reforms and take immediate action on. i know we've had several hearings and talked a little bit about a timeline.
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i know everyone is worried about making sure that we have action and i will jump into that because we are here for action. we want to see true changes and true reforms. we have heard so many recommendations from affected employees, other city managers. supervisor peskin and i requested another hearing to receive recommendations and to reform the equal opportunity office here in san francisco. just to note, that's why we didn't have a lot of specific conversations about the e.e.o. office here in san francisco because we will be having this hearing. and a review of the best
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practices with e.e.o. offices, including core functions of the e.e.o. in overall city structures and general oversight. we are also requesting the department of human resource, budget, and legislative analysis and office of controller to present. so we will be digging in and coming with recommended changes for moving forward. i also requested three pieces of legislation from the city's tawrn's office. one to create working groups for african-americans on city employment which will be appointed by the board of supervisors and the mayor, to create legislation to mandate the department of human resources to work with the -- on all cases, create an independent
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investigate to look at the claims. we will see work coming forward in terms of those areas of legislation, keeping in mind what recommendations have been brought forth. our main goal is to ensure that all e.e.o. complaints are properly investigated with adequate support and that all of our employees are treated equitably here in san francisco. this is something that's been long overdue. i want to thank everyone for participating in the hearing. more importantly, i want to thank my colleagues and leadership and folks to work together on tangible solutions. chair mar, i would love it if we could continue this hearing to the call of the chair, i definitely want to keep this open and make sure we do our due diligence to come up with strategies. this is something we need to do
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again. >> i just have one for the director. there are a lot of people called on the need to have outside investigators or in some places an outside analysis of what's happening in the city. is that something that you have done or considered? what role do sort of third party investigators or analysts have in this work? >> are you talking about e.e.o. claims? claims -- formal filed claims of discrimination or are you talking more generally?
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i can certainly do my best to speak to that issue. >> we're going to have a separate hearing about it as i understand it. the city as an employer has a duty to fully and fairly investigate any claim of discrimination, of harassment, and any claim of unlawful activity under our city pail or under law. we're going to continue that duty by charter is vested in the director. the director has to sign off on all findings and cause corrective actions to be taken. we are going to continue that work. i understand based on the comments i heard here and elsewhere there are concerns about the efficacy and how well
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we do it and whether there are some glaring structural and resource problems and the board is continuing with deliberations. we will [indiscernible] fully and fairly and to discharge our duties. we from time to time will use outside investigators. that is based on circumstances of it being quite extensive and is something we could incorporate more outside work. for now we do have an excellent -- in the city and in our delegated e.e.o. units in
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d.h. and at the airport and i agree with the comments from local 21, it's a small group with a big charge. we will consider any options we have to improve our work. >> thank you. and i also want to thank everyone who presented and supervisor walton and chair mar, and especially the black employees' alliance and all the folks who called in and were really a cause of a lot of the conversation here today. we will remain committed and look forward to seeing progress.
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>> clerk: thank you, supervisor haney. moving to close, this is an important hearing. supervisor walton, you made a motion to continue the hearing to the call of the chair. what's your preference for item number 3, the resolution affirming the board of supervisors' commitment to advance the racial equity in city and county programs and policies? >> [indiscernible] -- >> mr. clerk, can you please call roll. >> clerk: we have the roll of the two items separately. the first about the hearing being continued to the call of
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the chair. [ roll call ]. >> clerk: there are three ayes. then we have a motion that agenda item 3 be recommended to the board of supervisors. [ roll call ]. >> thank you, mr. clerk. is there any further business? >> clerk: there is no further business before the committee. >> we are adjourned. thanks, everyone.
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>> all right, welcome, everyone. [applause] today is the day, dr. colfax. today is the day. it's the day that our kids get back to the serious business of play, and so i'm thrilled to be here with our mayor, supervisor safai and our director of public health, and many community
4:40 pm
leaders and wonderful people to celebrate the re-opening of playgrounds all across the city starting right now. we are here at mersed heights, so we're not just opening up the gates to playgrounds but we're also cutting ribbons on five amazing playgrounds that have just been waiting for children that have been renovated through the let's play s.f. initiative, which is is an incredible partnership between the recreation and the park department and the parks alliance, san francisco voters who support park bonds, and through let's play s.f. we're actually transforming 13 playgrounds that have been loved to death across our city and to creative places that spark imagination, connection, and healthy bodies and minds. so without further adieu it is my great pleasure to introduce our parks champion-in-chief who
4:41 pm
has been a great nudge to make this happen. thank you, mayor. >> thank you. and thank you, phil, and thank you to all of the families in san francisco for your understanding and your patience as we deal with a very, very challenging time, one that none of us could have ever predicted. and i'm so excited to be here at mersed heights because i know how hard this community worked to get this park to be a priority. for so many years -- i see mary harris over there shaking her head hard. for so many years, and a lot of the people in this community, they have been fighting to make sure that this part of town receives the support and the attention that it deserves. there are families here and there are generations of kids growing up in this neighborhood and in this community. and they deserved the opportunity to make sure that we
4:42 pm
rebuild the library, which your supervisor is pushing for. that we rebuild the parks and all of the other amenities that make life so great in san francisco. and here we are, because i'll tell you, supervisor, not too long ago i know that we came here, and we cut the ribbon -- or we broke the ground -- and this happened really fast. this is pretty amazing. and, you know, to make a park like this to happen, and it is absolutely beautiful! it is so amazing. and i am so happy that today finally kids will be able to play in playgrounds all over san francisco. this is amazing. and i'll tell you that the reason why i'm so happy, because it is hard for children right now. you know, our private schools have opened and our public schools haven't.
4:43 pm
kids are not in school and they're in front of a screen on a regular basis. and that is not good for them. we know that it's not good for them. it's why i have been putting, of course, as much pressure as i can on the public to do our part to wear our masks and to wash our hands and to socially distance ourselves, and as much as we want to be around each other we have to make sacrifices for our children. so that they can go back to school, so they can play in playgrounds, so they can have a well-rounded life, because just imagine -- this is hard on us as adults. just imagine how much harder it is on kids. how tough it is, and how we are seeing even now -- even though we're providing devices and internet and other resources to kids, the achievement gap is still growing wide. so we have a lot of work to do. and that's why today is so
4:44 pm
amazing. and it's so exciting. because it's not just that we're opening up all of these playgrounds, we have renovated a number of playgrounds in san francisco, and so kids are going to have an opportunity to just enjoy something new and exciting in the city. i am excited and i'm grateful to you, phil, and i'm grateful to the parks alliance and the let's play initiative and all of the friends of mersed heights, you will hear from some community members here today, because this work happened because of this community. this work happened because you had an incredible leader in supervisor safai. so with strong leadership, with strong community support, with collaboration and with years -- wait -- decades of advocacy, you have made something incredible happen for the kids of this
4:45 pm
community, for the kids who are part of this learning hub, who are hoping that this press conference is over as quick as possible so they can come and play in this playground. in fact, it won't bother me if they play on the playground during this conference, just let them have a good time. because that's where we are now. and what this also does is that it gives us hope. it gives us hope that the time that we've spent in isolation, the time that we have spent, you know, doing what we needed to do during this pandemic, we know that there's a light at the end of the tunnel. we know that good things can happen if we all do our part. and so i really, really, really want to thank all of you so much for being here, so much for continuing to support our parks and the bonds that the voters have always voted to support because that's how this happens. and it is amazing, and it's a beautiful day, and, supervisor, you should be so proud of what you have been able to accomplish
4:46 pm
for this community, unlike never before, and we are so grateful for your strong advocacy and leadership. and, ladies and gentlemen, i want to introduce the district 11 supervisor, supervisor safai. [applause] >> thank you, madam mayor. this day is super special. i'll just say that. when i first started working in this community, the mantra was, why are we always treated like the forgotten part of san francisco? why are we not getting our fair share? why are the working people -- why are the hard-working people that get up and make this city run every day treated like this? and if you saw this playground, if you saw this fence, right, phil, it looked like a prison yard fence. it looked like something that you would never want to bring your family to. the same at mersed -- excuse me,
4:47 pm
allis-chalmers that is open today. and they used to ride by that to say look at how awful this park is, will you please give us money, because down the street was daily city and it was shining. but i can say with full confidence that this community fought hard, this community advocated and never gave up. i want to give a special shoutout to renard menro, working here tirelessly on a little island by himself, using every little resource he has, going into his own pockets often, to make sure that this community had something. i want to thank miss wilma gardner, she couldn't join us today and she lives right across the street there and said i want to see this park rebuilt before i die. that's what she told me when i met her years ago. and i'm sorry that she couldn't be here today. there's a lot of people that couldn't actually physically be
4:48 pm
here, but all of their blood, sweat and tears went into this. i want to thank phil ginsburg and his staff. they have made a commitment to ensuring that the neighborhoods that have the most children, like ours, under the age of 18 get their fair share. and all of their hard-working staff. and i want to especially thank miss mayor, madam, london breed, because every single thing -- now don't get jealous of the supervisors -- every single thing that i have brought to her to talk about this community she has said, yes. when we asked her for a new library, she said, yes. when we asked her for a new job center, she funded that and we opened that up a year ago to this day. when we said three years ago -- not recently -- but three years ago when we said that the african american community is hurting she said, asha, you don't need to tell me, i know. and i said we're investing in
4:49 pm
this, and she said, yes. so this is one big step forward and i want to thank all of the people that have been involved in this, and all of the people that have dedicated themselves to this, and to all of the children and families that will enjoy this for many, many years to come. this is a new day in district 11, thank you very much. [applause] >> thank you, supervisor safai. the mayor and the supervisor, you know, eloquently articulated the importance of this moment. playgrounds are happy, they're joyous, but for children and their development and their social and emotional development and their ability to problem solve and the ability to take risks and the ability to share and to collaborate, this is really serious stuff to get kids back on our playgrounds again. i think that the mayor said it, that kids have taken it on the chin a little bit during this pandemic, let's be honest. and i'm grateful to the mayor and to supervisor safai and the community for screaming out on behalf of our children.
4:50 pm
we have to now do the right thing. playgrounds are open. we need to keep our kids safe and our families safe. so, please -- yes, there are rules and there are capacity limits. there are -- we are supposed to continue to social distance and continue to wear a mask, right? do not eat and drink in these spaces. let's all do the right things so that our children and san francisco families can be healthy. so the last point they want to make before bringing up our next speaker -- yes, thank you, mayor. okay, do not -- if you are a parent, when you bring your kid to a playground, do not do this -- pay attention. no cellphone. pay attention to where your kids are and how they're engaging on these spaces. again, the goal here is only to allow our kids to have the freedom to play and to do it in a healthy way. one last point which is that this should be a reminder as
4:51 pm
both the mayor and supervisor safai mentioned about the importance of investing in our parks. san francisco has the best park system in the united states of america. it is 150 years old. but we have to continue to invest in it, continue to nurture in it so we no longer have fences that look like jails and playgrounds that aren't deserving of the children who use them. so i want to thank all san francisco voters for supporting the 2012 clean and safe neighborhoods park fund, without which we would not be here today. our most important partner in all of this are our friends at the department of public health who have as a tough a job as anybody right now in trying to figure out how to allow us to safely resume some sense of normalcy. and i am incredibly grateful to dr. colfax and dr. aragon and their team for working with us and truly understanding the importance and the urgency of opening up playgrounds.
4:52 pm
so dr. colfax, the mic is yours. >> well, thank you, director ginsburg, and really to acknowledge our gratitude to mayor breed, supervisors safai, director su, and mr. robert ellis for their leadership in this work. you know that there's been so many challenging days during this pandemic. and so many sad days. and this is such a day of gratitude and beauty. look out it here, and look at the kids playing. this is a pivotal moment as we work together to slow the spread of covid and realize that our children must go back to doing the things that we know that are important for their health and their family's health and the communities' health. the reopening of the playgrounds is an opportunity to get our kids back something that we haven't done since march, march.
4:53 pm
incredible. we at the health department are so happy to be here as we have worked to get san francisco to this place. to back to where kids can get in an environment where they can thrive, starting with school programs, community hubs, and elementary schools, step-by-step, and now playgrounds. we have made tremendous progress as a city. and we know that the sacrifice and the dedications of our families and our communities have made the contributions that have succeeded in slowing the spread of covid-19 virus. and i thank you. we thank you. and we want all of our children -- all of our children -- to continue to enjoy the reopening of activities. and so parents, we need your help in ensuring that we open playgrounds as safely as possible.
4:54 pm
when visiting playgrounds, please be sure that your family follows the health and safety rules for playground visitors. prepare your family for less children and for socially distanced fun. and i wouldn't be doing my job, you know what comes next, if i wouldn't remind people to, please, wear a face covering. they are required for all playground visitors, aged 2 and over. please limit your stay to 30 minutes when other households are present, so that other people can also enjoy the playground. and, please, practice that good hygiene. and although playgrounds are outdoors, we still want to be cautious. we need everyone's help in sustaining our gain and the progress that we have made. so let's have fun today. let's take advantage of these beautiful seasonal days that we have in san francisco, and, again, thank you mayor breed, supervisor safai and director ginsburg for your partnership
4:55 pm
and work. and everyone, let's continue to play it safe. thank you. [applause] >> thank you, dr. colfax. so we're now going to hear from two important community members that have fought for children and for families in this neighborhood. our first speaker, renard monroe, the executive director of youth first. you've been amazing. thank you for your partnership in our community hub program. i want to acknowledge executive director, dr. mariea su, my partner in crime and all things kids and families. but, ménard, you are running a model program and you're doing it for kids who really need the support. and we're so grateful to you for your help in keeping these spaces safe and clean. please come up and say a few words. [applause] >> good afternoon. this is a bittersweet moment for
4:56 pm
us as a community, because there are some people before ménard who really put in some hard work to make sure that we have this space for the children and our community. and i need to acknowledge a few people who didn't make it to see this day. our neighbor, she lived right there, her name was karen mccoy. [applause] she fought and she fought and she had phil's number on speed dial trying to get this place renovated. she didn't make it to see it, she passed away and i'm thankful for her and her daughter, they both passed away. they fought for this park and i'm appreciative of that. and delores, who is also a resident fought for this park. and mary harris and al harris, okay, a lot of people put in -- wilma gardner, a lot of people
4:57 pm
have been fighting to make sure that this community gets what it needs. i'm just happy to be part of the process and i'm thankful for today and i'm thankful for our mayor to allocate the funds and phil ginsburg, he's been awesome. it's been awesome. and i appreciate you. he comes out the first day they put this together and went down the slide with the kids and impressed the kids. it's just one of those things where san francisco is supposed to be about community. and these type of events are so important, especially in a times that we're living in and the covid-19. i definitely want to thank our supervisor safai. [applause] for all of his hard work and pushing for our district to make sure that we can have spaces like this. also i want to thank our community as a whole, first and foremost. our residents right here, up and down the street. using this park every day, and we're so happy to have it back open, to have our kids back
4:58 pm
playing safely and in an environment, and something to be proud of. i'm proud of our district. i'm proud of where we're going. okay, we have organizations and c.b.o.s who are really making a push for this district to get the resources allocated here. and all of the things that we are doing just to make sure that the community gets what it needs and to make sure that children have a future. so, thank you. [applause] >> thank you, renard. so another community leader that had my phone number on speed dial, my phone number, my email and my twitter and my telegraph handle was edna james. and edna couldn't be here today, but she has asked one of her closest community partners to come up and to say a few words. robert ellis. robert is the vice president of the o.m.i. community action organization and a member of the friends of mersed heights
4:59 pm
playground, and to say a few words about the power of community when it comes to getting things done. robert, the microphone is yours. >> hi, i wish i had been first. all of these accolades have been handed out and it's well deserved. and i want to thank our mayor breed for all of her dedication, all of her dedication to the city. and not only she is smart, but she's pretty. so that's a good thing. like i say, i want to thank phil definitely -- if you stand here and you look around you can see the transformation of this park and the future is still bright. i have been on di dixie street r the last 50 years and i have
5:00 pm
seen the park deteriorate and now it's like a phoenix rising from the sun. so you see that it's bringing a whole new atmosphere to the community. not only for the children, but also for the adults and for everybody in the community and the city. and i'm certainly glad to be a part of it and i want to apologize -- not apologize, but i want to give my regrets to miss james, the well documented partner was unable to be here today. so i want to thank everyone that invited me and phil and just say, phil, you're doing a wonderful job. keep up the good work. and god bless you. thank you. >> just a few quick acknowledgements and then we're going to wrap up and if there are any questions you have a few
5:01 pm
people here who might be able to answer them. just a couple of questions. but i i want to recognize through the san francisco park alliance that without the san francisco park alliance, make no mistake that we would not be renovating or ribbon cutting five new playgrounds. their partnership is invaluable and they lead with their heart and they care about the parks. thank you, san francisco park alliance. [applause] and then last to my own team, lisa brampton, lisa, thank you for all that you have done to bring private resources to help to supplement what the voters have done to allow us to renovate these playgrounds. to our park supervisor, brandon young bright and early here, mayor, making sure that this place looked super clean. so, thank you, brandon, for being here. and to dan mauer, our project manager for this particular project, and to all of the rec and park staff who really had to hustle to make sure that you can
5:02 pm
see these markings on the ground and you can see all of the signs in the last 36 hours we have put out maybe 750 signs and have marked playgrounds and, yeah, my staff always rises to the occasion. so a big shout out to the rec and park staff. let's let them play. thanks, everyone.
5:03 pm
5:04 pm
5:05 pm
>> [roll call] . we have eye -- a quorum. >> commissioner harrington. >> welcome. >> thank you. >> due to the covid
5:06 pm
[indiscernible] being held via teleconference. for those watching the live stream be aware there's a brief time lag between the live meeting and what is being viewed on sf gov tv. i'd like to extend our appreciation to the staff for their assistance during the meet. if you wish to make a public comment dial 1-415-655-001 [audio digitizing] i'll ask asking to keep muted and item 19 has been removed from the agenda and we will not
5:07 pm
hear closed session item 19 the other closed session item will remain on the calendar. the first order of business is the annual election of officers. at the first regular meeting of the commission after the first day of october each year the members shall elect a president and vice president of the commission to serve a one-year term. commissioners you, will first nominate the elected position and elect the position of vice president. public comment will be taken separately on each. [indiscernible] >> members of the public who wish to make two minutes of public comment dial 1-415-655-001 on the election of
5:08 pm
president. meeting i.t. 146 534 1295. to raise your hand to speak press pound pound. mr. rod -- moderator do we have any callers. >> madame secretary, there are callers. caller your line has been unmuted. you have two minutes. >> caller: my name is francisco and the san francisco public utilities commission is at a crossroads and we need some
5:09 pm
stellar leadership. and i have two candidates that i would like one to be the president and one to be the vice president and i will say at this junctu juncture mr. harrington for president and mr. moran for vice president. thank you very much. >> thank you, caller. madame secretary there's no more callers. >> clerk: that closes item 3 the position of president. . [indiscernible] these
5:10 pm
nominations require a second and we'll discuss the nomination. if there's only one nomination i'll call for a motion and if it requires a second we will vote. if there is more than one we'll consider nominations on each in the order made until we elect a president. so with that, the floor is open for nomination for the office of president. >> i nominate sophie maxwell for president. >> thank you. were there any other nominations? seeing none, the nominations are closed. mr. harrington will close and second the item?
5:11 pm
moved and seconded. madame secretary call the roll. >> clerk: [roll call] you have three ayes. >> congratulations, commissioner maxwell. i'll hand you the virtual gavel. >> thank you very much. i appreciate the nomination and i appreciate the vote of confidence. i also would like to just thank all of you but especially anne for her devotion to the city and commission. she was actively committed and i will not say i hope to do the
5:12 pm
same but i really appreciate all she's done and all that she's meant to our city and commission. [audio digitizing] nominations for maybe public comment first and then we'll ask for nominations for vice president. madame secretary. >> clerk: members of the public who wish to make two minutes of comment on the election of vice president dial 1-415-655-001. meeting i.d. 146 534 1295, pound pound. to raise your hand to speak press star 3.
5:13 pm
mr. moderator, do we have any callers. >> we have a hand raised and then it was unraised. let me see if i can reach out and see nay meant to keep their -- they meant to keep their hand up. >> thank you. >> caller, did you intend to lower your hand or want to make public comment? madame secretary there's no other caller for the item. >> clerk: it is now closed. >> commissioner: there'll be a nomination that does not require a second and then a vote.
5:14 pm
nomination for vice president, ed harrington. >> i'd like to nominate mr. moran. >> i'll second the nomination. any further nominations? seeing none the nominations are closed. first and second. thank you. you had a nomination now we need a second. i'll second that. it's been moved and seconded. madame secretary give us a roll call vote, please. >> clerk: [roll call] .
5:15 pm
>> commissioner: thank you for being willing to take this on. madame secretary read the next item, please. >> i'd like to make a comment. this is tim paulson i'd like to thank both of you for stepping up to service and looking forward to working with both of you. i also want to say i don't know if that came in the minutes a few minutes later that really welcoming ed harrington and his experience and our friend over the years to be one of our colleagues as we serve so congratulations to the two of you. >> thank you.
5:16 pm
madame secretary, next item please. >> the next item of business is item 4 approval of the minutes of september 22, 2020. >> are there any correction to the minutes or discussion? seeing none and may i have a motion and second to approve the minutes. >> i'll move the minutes. >> second. >> madame secretary. >> members of the public who wish to make two minutes of public comment on item 4 approval of the minutes of september 22, dial 1-415-655-001 meeting i.d. 146 534 1295, pound
5:17 pm
pound. to raise your hand to speak president star 3. -- press star 3. >> while we're waiting sit appropriate for me to vote on the monts or abstain? what's the right answer? >> commissioner, you may vote on the minutes. >> okay, thanks. >> madame secretary there is one caller in the queue. you have two minutes, caller. >> caller: greetings. i'll have more on the next item but on the minutes first of all, yes, commissioner harrington you may vote on the minutes and can't abstain as you'll recall and second on page 8 of the draft minutes at the bottom the commission entered close session at 4:30 p.m. i believe the minutes are
5:18 pm
supposed to indicate who was present in closed session pursuant to the sunshine ordinance so the minutes can be amended to reflect that. thanks. >> i'll do that. >> madame secretary there's no more caller in the ku. -- queue. >> commissioners i would ask you amend the motion to approve what was on the table to include the amendments on the closed session. >> public comment is closed i assume and madame secretary would you include the amendments? >> yes, i will. >> commissioner: thank you. now may we have a roll call vote. [roll call]
5:19 pm
>> will madame secretary would you read the next item. >> the next item is item 5 general public comment. members of the public may address the commission up to two minutes for matters within the jurisdiction and not on the agenda by dialing 1-415-655-001, meeting i.d. 146 534 1295, ##. to raise your hand to speak press star 3. mr. moderator, do we have any callers. >> madame secretary there are
5:20 pm
multiple callers in the queue wishing to be recognized. >> thank you. >> caller: the commissioners again i hope you start with a new slate. we have a dark cloud over the san francisco public utilities commission and as you all know and the public knows by now people are jumping off the ship. and we need to have some sort of clarity as to how we're going to proceed in the future. the sewer system improvement project start with a $6 billion
5:21 pm
budget. it's now $12 billion and growing. and i hope in that context we have transparency and accountability. it is for that reason and that reason only i selected two you to lead the sinking ship. this ship is sinking. we need somebody with good leadership. a good leader knows the way, shows the way and goes the way. thank you very much. >> thank you, caller. >> caller: david pillhil a
5:22 pm
number of items. number one, welcome to commissioner harrington the fourth general manager to serve. two, congratulations to the new commissioner officers who i anticipate will serve us well. three, i appreciate former members cain and vitor who both served well and should be honored for theirlong-time service on the commission. four, we'd like to pay our outstanding p.u.c. bill and wondering when that can be done in person to get a receipt? perhaps the general can address that? item 5, keep up the good work on infrastructure maintenance including linear asset management. six, in memoriam i note the
5:23 pm
passing of jim salerno. protected public comment in the environment and was a good guy and karen kubick's husband. i'm also not getting closed captions for this meeting if someone can check with sf gov tv that would be great, thanks. finally it's nice to be heard at a public meeting and i've always felt heard at p.u.c. meetings and they anticipate continuing to feel heard and this is really a good place where we can discuss public policy for the benefit of the city and region. thank you all very much. >> we will check with sf gov tv.
5:24 pm
caller can you hear me. >> yes. >> caller: and we don't want to close customers, simple as that. storage is essential while i believe it is important for san
5:25 pm
francisco to be connected it can help us to be able to access inexpensive power when it is plen plentifully available and to help the city get through the more challenging times of the day. we can have storage in the city as well as solar to the other half of the sun set reservoir, let's make it a p.u.c. available in customer service. i'm a heavy user of electricity averaging 30 kilowatt hours a day in my all-electric home running entirely on renewable energy. i'm proud of that. >> 15 seconds, caller. >> caller: thank you very much. i appreciate it.
5:26 pm
>> commissioner: >> thank you, caller. next caller. >> caller: good afternoon, this is peter dreckmyer policy director for the tuolumne river. i want to congratulation commissioner maxwell on being elected to serve as president. i think she'll do a great job and congratulations on commissioner moran on becoming the vice president and welcome to commissioner harrington. i think you'll be a good addition to the board and 11 days ago the federal regulatory commission was add sunday -- asked to waive a process and i want the p.u.c.'s stance first the fishery service released the fish model upon wish the
5:27 pm
tuolumne river agreement is based and state commissioner vitor was not reappointed to the board likely because she asked questions staff wasn't comfortable with and went unanswered now you're partners on the tuolumne are attempting to undermine the state's role of protecting our quality and rivers it doesn't look good and represent the values of your constituents. stand up for what's right and don't just hide behind the irrigation districts. thank you. >> thank you, caller. madame secretary, there are no more callers in the queue. >> thank you, that closes public comment on item 5, general public comment.
5:28 pm
>> thank you, madame secretary. will you read the next item, please. >> next order of business is item 6, communications. >> any comments on communications? yes, mr. harrington. >> i have a comment about [audio digitizing] the first item on there is for the crystal springs reservoir. i thought we talked about restricting access to our watershed and would like to hear a comment about whether we changed our mind about that and
5:29 pm
how that all works and the second thing is with all the fires going on is this going to help or harm our ability to fight fires, build fire breaks and those sort of things and that can be answered here or offline if that's easier. >> this is horlan. we can bring back the summary of the whole project so that you can get caught up. >> that'd be great, thank you. >> any further comments? seeing none, i guess we'll need to have public comment.
5:30 pm
madame secretary, do we need to have that? >> members of the public who wish to make public comment on item 6 dial 1-415-655-001 meeting i.d. 146 534 1295, ##. to raise your hand to speak press star 3. mr. moderator do we have any callers? >> there is one in the queue. caller your line has been unmuted. >> caller: so commissioner ed harrington mentioned, i too
5:31 pm
would like you to address not only our expense but the water in light of the huge fires. i'd like you to do a needs assessment to have data on the adverse impacts of the large fires on our water, our forests and our watershed. >> thank you, caller. madame secretary there are no more callers in the queue. >> thank you. that closes public comment on
5:32 pm
item 6, communications. >> commissioner: thank you. madame secretary read the next item, please. >> clerk: item 7 the citizens' advisory committee annual report. please unmultiyour camera and your mike.your camera and your mike.your camera and your mike.your camera and your mike.tyour camera and your mike.eyour camera and your mike. your camera and your mike. >> caller: thank you so much. that was an amazing pronunciation of my name and a do appreciate that. i know it's not the easiest thing to do. i'm the d10 representative to the s.f. p.u.c. advisory committee and appointed by who is now the california board of equalization and now on the police commission and adviser
5:33 pm
shammon walton. my pronouns are he, his and him. i want to say congratulations to sophie maxwell as well as mr. moran for winning the seat and all the commissioners. mr. harrington thank you for taking up the mantle. have a long and distinguished career and we appreciate that. mr. paul son, we totally look forward to working more deeply with you also. you are the right people to be in this position at this moment in time and i want to thank commissioners cain and vitor. they'd done amiefg work for community and related to the -- amazing work and related to the p.u.c. and other issues across the board. i had an opportunity to speak at
5:34 pm
the last meeting about the importance of the [indiscernible] in san francisco. in a far distant past others might have [audio digitizing] i want to say from our committee to you, we appreciate the stance you took in order to ensure san franciscans were taken care of. it was fun to fight with and not against you this time and making sure san franciscans are taken care of in this unprecedented time and it hasn't gone unnoticed from our position in the middle of this new covid reality. we actually do get to talk to people on the street.
5:35 pm
we like to interact with them in a way that others don't have access to. and i know time and time again people are really encouraged by this. using one of the many tools and i've worked with folks in the faith based coalition throughout san francisco as they're distributing thousands and thousands of meals to people in need across the city not apart of other programs and including information about the things you have done to people who did not know about them. so it's not anecdotal but i want you to know people were surprised and they were impressed by the commission. through the c.a.c. we were able to leverage connections in different ways to leverage the good work you're doing and h
5:36 pm
harwin and d.m.s are doing and i want to share that with you as we consider ourselves partners with you. i hope you feel the same. that's one example of us going i think above and beyond to make sure different segments of the population had not heard about the different programs have access because as we've seen as you know, everyone on this panel's had careers in public service. sometimes different organization within even within the city government have silos and up to folks like us on the c.a.c. to navigate that and do different things to get information to the people who need it. i wanted to thank you for that work and what you've done there. i just wanted to share from our perspective some of the things that we have done in white of
5:37 pm
everything we want to -- in light of position with we need to make sure everything is done correct correct correctly covid-19 hit us in a way and we have done work and continued to meet consistently and in that we highlighted a few things and talked about the bill relief program not only through our own resolutions but also practically going tout different agencies to make sure they know about and apply to it. we have also taken a look at improved ground water by in corm rating different data graphics. we're in a video world. we're in a world where it's not just enough to have prose in
5:38 pm
writing but want to marry the writing and do signify research with data that speak to the story and help different tra trailblazers within the organization do that work. as we go out to communities they cannot only read but see the impact that ground water and ground water safety has. and we're talking about the air quality impacts specifically around the $6 billion waste treatment plant and loving my community the way do i looking at air quality now during covid is crucial. work with staff internally to
5:39 pm
the s.f. p.u.c. to come up with our air quality fact sheet and it outlines not only the great work the p.u.c. is doing and codifying it. it's important to us that people realize when it comes to certain levels of air pollution, etcetera, the positive things the p.u.c.'s doing we codified that by working with staff to highlight that. and that is linked in our annual report. one last thing i want to mention because i think it goes without saying from a full c.a.c. [audio digitizing] it's equity for individuals, for nonprofits and the multi-unit
5:40 pm
department buildings and helping the folks take advantage of the seat p.u.c. programs to make things -- asset p.u.c. programs to make things move more equitably and efficiently through san francisco. we're also wanting to make sure the business of the p.u.c. is there. and for me what's really important is the fact that as we're talking about the cut-offs and water as a right, being able to do that within the context we need to continue construction projects that make the most sense because the s.f. p.u.c. is a driver of local economies. that and of itself and for many this is what we do and i'm
5:41 pm
highlighting it because i don't feel the population doesn't realize how big of a lift it is to not only do good by the citizens of for instance would may or may not have the means to pay their bills right now around water, power and sewer and the real tangible results of the construction projects need to be done not only to ensure our infrastructure but also like' local economy. i want to highlight that because i think it's extremely important and you've risen to the occasion around this in a way that others don't know but you have a before you print for that.bbefore yoloe
5:42 pm
you print for that.e you print for that. you print for that.blueyou prinu print for that.u print for that. print for that. i want to talk about people and progress. we see this cliff happening with senior managers and within the s.f. pushg and p.u.c. and bring in the right people to talk about equity and the business and reflect the people of san francisco in the way that makes the most sense.e reflect the people of san francisco in the way that makes the most sense. que want to work with you around all these positions, equity, increasing business ande want t all these positions, equity, increasing business ae want to all these positions, equity, increasing business andwe want all these positions, equity, increasing business and revenue, talking about people and community and community-centered impact because we're going down that line and we want to work with you specifically on that and i want to work with you and your team and support you in those different assets and facets. lastly in nis upcoming year [audio digitizing] you look at not only the policies coming up but realize we're partners with you on this. we've had a good track record of
5:43 pm
working with the people within the p.u.c. to get the excellent's perspective in a way that's been collaborative and yet sometimes [indiscernible] and truthful and thank you for the work you do and i'm looking forward to continuing our work together. >> i want to thank you all for what you do without people like you that are so committed thank you. >> i want to thank you, too, this is tim paulson. thank you for the nice record and all the good work you are doing. it is appreciated.
5:44 pm
>> madame secretary, please open up public comment. >> members of the public who wish to make public comment on item 7 dial 1-415-655-001. meeting i.d. 146 534 1295, ##. to raise your hand to speak, president star 3. >> there is one caller. >> caller: commissioners, let me make it very clear to you, we
5:45 pm
have a citizens advisory committee that should address empirical data at the treatment plant we've had two huge spills over [audio digitizing] and no violations. i wonder if the citizens advisory committee is aware of that. this is not about others behind. you can nice sweet nothings in some other commission. this commission in large measure has
5:46 pm
[audio digitizing] others are fed up with the corruption. for goodness sake and some of you are maybe [audio digitizing] and the citizens advisory committee should address empirical data and not talk about generalities. the citizens listening to me now know what's happening. why do we have the marina times and observer writing articles about the san francisco public utilities commission. i think they should get a copy of that the citizens advisory committee. what a sellout. >> 10 seconds, caller.
5:47 pm
thank you, caller. madame secretary there are no more callers in the queue. >> thank you. that closes public comment on item number 7. >> commissioner: madame secretary read the next item. >> item 8 is report of the general manager. it's going give his report covering up to three different topics. public comment will be heard at the conclusion of the general manager's report and they can ask any comments at the end of the report both before and after public comment breaks. general manager kelly. >> good afternoon, commissioners. first i'd like to take an
5:48 pm
opportunity to say they really miss seeing on the commission commissioner vitor and cain cane. it's to see them not here and i wish them the best in whatever they choose to do after serving on the commission. i must say given one general is good but to have three work at the agency, i think three is better than one and an appreciate each and every one of you. former general managers and nothing would help the organization move in a great direction. also, sophie, i appreciate you
5:49 pm
being the president. you're sort of the heart and soul of this organization and a look for you're leadership and tim, you're the people's person. you fight for the staff and our employees. so me you're out with the ground troops. i appreciate you and i'm looking forward to the fifth member of the team but right now it look like we have a great commission and i'm looking forward to working with you guys. so as far as item a, we have been given updates on how we're operating but i wanted to point out one thing at this commission meeting we had an opportunity our staff to take sophie out and look at zero street closure and
5:50 pm
we looked at the projects and the star was excited about showing how they're working together and so we did work and it's amazing the transportation happening out there and how they're operating construction during covid-19. a lot of facial masks and it's hard to work with a mask when it's hot outside but they've been doing that and social distancing and we've gone from the bio solids and we saw similar progress. it's amazing and then we talked over to 1550 evans and it was amazing to see the steal beam erected. that was exciting and a wanted to let the commissioner and
5:51 pm
staff stan, stand ready. you'll be on tour with me. that's my update on covid. pretty much the same as i've been reporting every commission meeting. any questions. >> and i'll have steven take it
5:52 pm
from here. >> congratulations. steven robinson director of capital programs. we've had regular updates on these projects we just heard the general manager talk about and a lot of the work has been in the foundations from the ground and going on for a considerable length of time. we have a presentation for information on that and have project managers here to answer questions and representatives from each of the contract teams as well. with that i'll hand it over.
5:53 pm
>> we were asked to provide information on the program. we prepared a presentation for you to dive in to that data. jumping right in to the data i wanted to start by giving you an overview overall on the sewer system improvement program as a program. as you look at the initial data i want you to be thinking about individual workers. human beings, individuals. first i wanted to share with you the standards we saeassessed byd
5:54 pm
the standards are required by law and the requirements are that anywhere between 20% to 30% of the hours on the construction projects have to be performed by local workers. this is codified in law and it depends when the specific construction contract was out to bid whether 2025. and with all the information included around standard including the contracts that include 20 to 25% overall local hire. and i achieved 33% local hire and we look at where the numbers are distributed and you can see as the improvement prament is underway, almost $20 million has been earned by san francisco
5:55 pm
residents. in addition to the local workers it's having impact on local community residents. district residents have worked hours on this and each district represents approximately 9% of the city's population and district 10 alone comprised of 29% so we're proud that the work that's happening is being perform san francisco community residents. out of those dollars, $5 million have gone in wages and benefits to district 10 san francisco residents. though district 10 only constitute 10% it constitutes more than a quarter of the wages and benefits earned.
5:56 pm
and we have significantly exceeded that so we're at 63% overall local hire participation for san francisco residents and i'm proud of district 10 residents apprentice constituting 37% of all san francisco resident apprentice hours. what's important is the data comes from the city's core centralized certified payroll records. [audio digitizing] liked to you tell you about the businesses and contractors that have worked on the system.
5:57 pm
it's equally impressive. as we look at the local businesses in san francisco, 211 local businesses have been awarded 445 different contracts. both as prime contractors and as subcontractors on both profession services and construction contract. again, i feel the responsibility to report how the district 10 contractors have done. though district 10 only constitutes 10%, 88 of the lbes have been from this district and other awards have been to district 10 and the reality is around the dollars and $318 million have been awarded to local businesses and again you'll see district 10 bay view hunter's point have constituted
5:58 pm
more than half the dollars award. this is the sewer project numbers overall and i'd like to walk you through the projects starting with biosolids and thinking of individual workers with the standard around 30%, local hire in biosolid is exceeding it and 40%. and one thing i wanted to share is as we work on the project, our staff and oawd works with each project and where maybe there's a deficiency by a trade or a subcontractor and where there's a deficiency, the office of economic andw. development has sponsored workers for bringing local workers nor community. those are called pipeline and retention compliant mechanisms. when they do those the percentages would go higher. i wanted to share though they're at 40%, if we were able to addin
5:59 pm
additional people the numbers would be higher than the numbers they're exceeding. it's at 40% but it will be higher. then around apprentices the number is remarkable and 70% are local apprentices from san francisco. i'm proud of that. this project is still in its early phases. it will develop and have more complex trades but for the numbers, reported it's a remarkable achievement. and this personally again with our own values we wanted to highlight how san francisco district 10 residents are being given this and they have worked 47% of all the hours by san francisco hours on biosolids.
6:00 pm
again constituting almost half and again around apprentices, 30% of all the hours by san francisco apprentices are by district 10. i'm proud of that. i'll move to the other two projects for you. we'll tell you a good contractor story first. around local businesses on bio solids the can dard established as the didn't -- standard established on the buy owe solids project is 12%. they're doing a phenomenal job exceeding that requirement and at 26% local business participation overall.
6:01 pm
and again the doll oar tell the story, 38 million awarded to district 10 and local businesses and community contractors received almost $30 million. again another proud story of the local impact. and against the 30% requirement they're hitting the 30% against the 50% they're meeting it and at 50% again i want to you focus on the district 10 residents. they worked a third of all the hours worked by san francisco residents. district 10 apprentice have worked more than a third of those. this means entry level workers from bay view hunter's point can get access. i'm proud numbers the project team have been able to achieve.
6:02 pm
and they had a higher requirement which was 15% and they're exceeding that which is at 18% against local business and have been awarded 16lbe45 million has been awarded to -- and $45 million have been awarded to bay view hunter's point and here's another remarkable achievement. and again a different type of project vertical work for the community and facility and again the numbers are impressive. against an auto% requirement for
6:03 pm
apprentices they're at 73%. so three-fourths of everyone working and coming on the project is an apprentice. that's a local resident from the community. and looking at district 10 and where the projects republic performed, 40% of all the hours are being performed by san francisco residents. apprentices, 26% are being by district 10 bay view hunter's point residents and now looking at the contractors and businesses for the facility that project has one of the highest requirements we intentionally established at the beginning a 20% lbe which is one of the highest i've seen on a project and still exceeding it with 31% lde project. almost a third of all the dollars going to local businesses and it's a phenomenal
6:04 pm
achievement. 24 lbes and local businesses received 16 lbe and received almost 20 million awarded and 15 million have been from bay view hunter's point local community contractors and businesses and we're proud of that. that's some of the ir -- empirical data and what we have been able to achieve. it's the work of a large team of folks that goes up on site. it's representative of the staff at office of economic workforce development and partnership with the trade and folks on our team that bryan thomas and some of the folks that put the data together and multiple other folks track, monitor and support folks. we stand here proud to tell you
6:05 pm
the story but i wanted to acknowledge the teams and their on with you the different teams for the achievement and have a responsibility to be transparent and accountable. i wanted to share that empirical certified data and we post it on our website and how to transparently report it and have been accountable more than a decade so the data's available and we make it accessible in communication that are digestible and graphically more sensible and folks can access. i wanted to take a moment to share the stories of the impacts of what happened behind the numbers and stories of what happened and lives touched by the work that happens on the projects. i wanted you to see it yourself and want the community members to be able to speak for yourselves. if you'll indulge us we have a video three minutes live that
6:06 pm
are some of the lives and stories impacted by the project. i'll share the video and i'll come back after that. >> i waited late in the game to get in construction but better late than never. my name is al smith from the bay view community. i'm in local 261 and the company i work for is western water and working as a laborer, first apprentice. >> my name is julia mane and i've been a member of operators local 3 union and put me with a company.
6:07 pm
>> i'm from bay view hunter's point born and raised and was always handy building clubhouses and always liked working with my hands, bikes, motorcycles but there was a point in my life where i had to make a choice. things weren't going right and i came home from prison and was seeing myself back sliding. i was introduced to bryan thomas from the san francisco p.u.c. and let me know about programs i can let in to to get sponsored in to union and took his advice and. it help me a lot. [audio digitizing] .
6:08 pm
they gave me a big step by showing me what it takes to be on a construction site. >> the program played well and now i'm in the union and i'm 50 years old and it's never too late. better late than never. >> i didn't see this in my future and i'm happy i am here and i'm happy and through my brother and people seeing me doing positive and seeing the way i'm moving and the young cats in my neighborhood got
6:09 pm
interested and it's growing great for them too. a lot of them have children. it's been life changing. seeing the choices i made was able to make the same people make the same choices at the end of the day makes me feel good. that's my reward. >> one thing i noticed is you need a support system. what we have at the p.u.c. is a support system to ensure a disadvantaged resident or journeyman whatever they are have the opportunity to work the job. the p.u.c. is one of the greatest entities you can work for in the country because we have a general manage, assistant general and everybody is committed to providing job opportunities to san francisco residents.
6:10 pm
>> we need to hold ourselves accountable to the numbers and heard data and be very transparent with them and i think the transform sif impact on people's lives during this time where we have folks challenged by under employment and housing issues and real struggles. i want those folks to speak for themselves and i get choked up with the impact and that's the privilege we have doing this work. with that i'll tell you there's a large team from the team that southeast community team that
6:11 pm
makes that happen and the managers and construction first on the call. thank you to them because we have the privilege of presenting the data to you but they do the work. with that thank you and turn it back to you, commissioners. >> i've never heard say remarkable or impressive as much as but i have to agree with you because before i was appointed by the mayor ass but i have to because before i was appointed by the mayor asbut i have to ag because before i was appointed by the mayor as a commissioner, i sat on the committee that went over this data and looked at that stuff. i wasn't there very long. the mayor tapped me to be a commissioner. and people are criticizing
6:12 pm
everybody in san francisco. you're not taking care of lbes, you're not doing local hiring, you're not doing all this stuff it's something we struggle with and fight for all the time but it's all done under a project labor agreement which guarantees good wages, good training, good benefits the p.u.c. is almost a model in for instance for the best way infrastructure can be built with public funds. you've been diligent and despite your praise to your programs we're hearing, i want to say i'm proud of the fact that we're doing this stuff. no matter what the criticism are, there are guarantees no
6:13 pm
matter who is working on these jobs people are going to be paid well and contractors are going to make the money they should and it's a joy to see that san franciscans take care of san franciscans and that we continue to work on our infrastructure. thank you for that report. thank you, madame chair. >> i think anyone who hasn't should go out and see. it's remarkable. i wasn't through the same procedures the workers go through with covid and came in, signed up and told hem how i've been feeling and took the
6:14 pm
temperature test then i got a bracelet. when i walked around everybody looked at my arm and knew at least i didn't have a fever. i thought that was great. i don't know whether they planted these people are not but honest to goodness, they ran up to me and it was really great because i helped sponsor city bills and they talked about that and it's wonderful and there was a young woman about six feet tall and with an corporation and now the inspector on the job for gas, power and water. i don't know whether they planted these people but i'm telling you, it was really and
6:15 pm
you can see black and brown lives matter and that's what the p.u.c. has to be about and that's my commitment. i appreciate all of you for having the same commitment. thank you. thank you all of you. it felt like a party. it was great. thank you again. it's amazing how much work gone in to this and it's great and congratulations to staff for work on this. they live here that means they don't have to commute.
6:16 pm
they're an asset to all of us. the honorable mention and we got first prize for award of the future public utilities commission. hopefully you'll mention that and part of the reason is because because of what we've done in this rare. thank you. anyone else, mr. kelly? >> my report is complete and i'll report next time on the reports we received.
6:17 pm
>> commissioner: open public comment, please, madame secretary. >> clerk: members of the comment who wish to make public comment on items 8a and 8b dial 1-415-655-001 and meeting i.d. is 146 534 1295, ##and press star 3 to speak and state your item so we can start the time appropriately. do we have any callers? >> there's one caller in the queue. >> commissioners, first to put
6:18 pm
this in perspective i'd like to you read an audit by harvey rhodes office. it's 117 page audit on workforce and encompasses more workforce training in the city. that will give you a clue. now, i am telling you very clearly that a stew we are system improvement project started with $6 billion. it's now reached $12 billion. i would like to tally up the workforce, the amount and do a needs assessment or have a private consultant do the needs assessment.
6:19 pm
there's corruption going on there. there's a company called amlock i think her name is melanie lock. [audio digitizing] . the general manager knows her very well and maybe he can give some comments after i finish. now, masoud did a wonderful job why is he moved to racial inequality program? i would like the general manager tell me about that. don't be fooling us, please? young people do need jobs but
6:20 pm
they need career jobs. i didn't see any latinos among the youth or the workers or chinese or white. what is happening? who is fooling whom? who are challenging us now to bring this to a very different level. i know about project labor agreements. do you think the jobs we showed today we have those people have the agreement? i'll fully aware drove project agreement and some of the programs that i initiatied and e
6:21 pm
made it happen. we did things at homestead and it's not they didn't know or participate. that's empirical data. don't force us to get angry. a micky mouse type of presentation. please, let's do a real needs assessment and see how many careers have been produced. if we have produced career jobs, all thanks to you, and we have a 54-year-old guy saying whatever and another young man saying [indiscernible] and we want
6:22 pm
career jobs. we have no one in the community to address career jobs city wide. >> have you 15 more seconds. >> caller: i've addressed all the items. i have 15 seconds on what? >> >> commissioner: continue, caller, you have a minute and 30 seconds. >> caller: 15 seconds on what? >> i was keeping your time and you have another minute to go, sir. >> caller: okay, thank you very much. perhaps nobody has followed what is going on in the s.f. p.u.c. as long as i have continuously.
6:23 pm
and i still see there's no transparent and accountability. that's why i said and was hoping ed harrington would lead the p.u.c. with the assistance of others and i feel you are not getting it. i feel like there's a machine placing some individuals within the s.f. p.u.c. to do the devil's work. i know one devil, i won't mention his name. he's very well known but that's
6:24 pm
all i got to say. >> thank you, caller for your comments. madame secretary there are no more callers in the queue. >> thank you. that closes public comment on item 8. >> commissioner: madame secretary will you read the next item, please. >> next item is item 9, new commission business. >> commissioner: on new business? seeing none, madame secretary i see no need to open public comment. >> clerk: all matters are considered to be routine by the
6:25 pm
san francisco public utilities commission and acted upon by a single vote of the commission. there'll be no separate discussion of the items unless a member of the commission or public so request in which event the matter will be removed from calendar and considered as a separate item. >> commissioner: commissioners, does anyone have an item they'd like removed the consent calendar? thank you, please open public comment. >> members of the public who wish to make public comment on the consent calendar dial 1-415-655-001 meeting i.d. 146 534 1295, ##. to raise your hand to speak press star 3. do we have callers? >> none at this time. >> clerk: public comment on item 10 is closed.
6:26 pm
>> commissioner: thank you. colleagues, any further discussion? may we have a motion and second to approve the consent calendar. >> motion to approve. >> commissioner: madame secretary, moved and seconded. can we have a roll call vote. [roll call] you have four ayes. >> commissioner: thank you. the motion carries. monday -- madame secretary read the next item, please. >> clerk: it's item 11 appropriate amendment no.4 to agreement no.cs-200.
6:27 pm
[reading item] >> i'm the deputy general manager. this is an item to extend existing service contract for right of way services. we use this contract quite a bit for pre-construction activities and wanted to extend it with no change in the dollar amount. >> commissioner: thank you. any discussion? i'd like to open it to public comment. >> clerk: members of the public who wish to make public comment on item 11 dial 1-415-655-001. meeting i.d. 146 534 1295. to raise your hand to speak press star 3.
6:28 pm
mr. moderator do we have callers? >> there's no callers in the queue at this time. >> clerk: public comment on item 11 is closed. it's been moved. is there a second? roll call vote, please. >> clerk: [roll call] >> commissioner: motion passes. madame secretary read the next item. >> clerk: the next item of business is item 12, approve the plans and spes fissions and award contract no.hh-1000hr. [reading item]spes fissions and award contract no.hh-1000hr. [reading item]pspes fissions an
6:29 pm
award contract no.hh-1000hr. [reading item]espes fissions an award contract no.hh-1000hr. [reading item]cspes fissions an award contract no.hh-1000hr. [reading item]ispes fissions and award contract no.hh-1000hr. [reading item]fispes fissions and award contract no.hh-1000hr. [reading item]cspes fissions and award contract no.hh-1000hr. [reading item]aspes fissions and award contract no.hh-1000hr. [reading item]tiospes fissions and award contract no.hh-1000hr. [reading item]nspes fissions and award contract no.hh-1000hr. [reading item]spes fissions and award contract no.hh-1000hr. [reading item] fissions and award contract no.hh-1000hr. [reading item]fissions and award contract no.hh-1000hr. [reading item]issions and award contract no.hh-1000hr. [reading item]ssions and award contract no.hh-1000hr. [reading item]ions and award contract no.hh-1000hr. [reading item]ions and award contract no.hh-1000hr. [reading item]ons and award contract no.hh-1000hr. [reading item]ns and award contract no.hh-1000hr. [reading item]s and award contract no.hh-1000hr. [reading item] and award contract no.hh-1000hr. [reading item] this will be presented by agm howe. >> good afternoon and congratulations president maxwell. good afternoon, commissioners and welcome commissioner harrington. i'm cathy howe the assistant general manager for infrastructure. this i'm i'm requesting approval for the lowest bidder, michael's engineering to rehabilitate and make improvements to the existing tunnel. we're looking forward to being able to issue the notice to proceed by january of next year if you'll approve the award today. i'd be happy to answer any questions that you have. >> commissioner: i one question. this is definitely under the
6:30 pm
[indiscernible] correct? >> >> it is not. it is water enterprise capital project that followed the program. >> commissioner: thank you. >> i notice the original bids had [audio digitizing] can you talk how the shrinkage happened? >> it is a complex project. a lot of the internal work inside the tunnel has to happen during a two-month shutdown window. we did start off early with i think the rq advertised september of last year and we added safety pre-qualifications into our contract. with the safety pre-qualifications we ended up
6:31 pm
with six instead of eight that originally were proposed and then we received bids from four firms early in february. what happened with that is that a number did not understand the lbe goal. they thought they were not a hard and fast number we rejected all bids and when we explained the lbe program we were about to rebid but then covid happened and with the uncertainty whether we were moving with construction or not we held off on re-advertising it and we did again and we wound up with two thirmz and the other two maybe didn't understand some of the requirements. michael tunnels has worked with
6:32 pm
us before as part of the venture on the bay tunnel project. >> thank you. >> commissioner: i want to know why such a big discrepancy in pricing. one was 67 and one was 139. can you give us an idea. maybe it's not big. it seems $30 million -- >> it's hard to tell because flat iron has worked before and they were the second bidder and have the higher bid. maybe they put in more in their estimate because they realize how difficult the project is. i'm not certain. they did get a pre-construction walk through. they were we did schedule for them to go to the site. there's a considerable amount of work outside the tunnel as well. it could in flat iron
6:33 pm
anticipated additional work that maybe michael did not. we can't tell. >> commissioner: thank you. colleagues, any further discussion? madame secretary will you open it up for public comment, please. >> members of the public comment who wish to make two minutes of public comment on item 12 dial 1-415-655-001. meeting i.d. 146 534 1295, ##. to raise your hand to speak press star 3.
6:34 pm
>> this is chief executive officer for the water supply and conservation agency. good to see you and congratulations on your election, madame president. i'm excited to see this contract before you today. it's a strong supporter of implementing necessary short term and long-term improvements for mountain tunnel. it's a critical component for water supply reliability for the 1.8 million residents in san mateo and alameda counties. we support the recommended action before you day. thank you. [please stand by]
6:35 pm
6:36 pm
on the boundary maps that we have to have in the department of the interior under the act and we just want to make this correction now that we have discovered it in the field. it shouldn't change anything of our operation. >> commissioner: any discussion on this item, commissioners? seeing none, madam secretary, will you open up for public comment, please? >> clerk: members of the public who make to wish two minutes of public comment on item 13, dial 1-(415)-655-0001, meeting i.d. 146 534 1295 #,#. to raise your hand to speak, press star 3. mr. moderator, do we have any
6:37 pm
callers? >> madam secretary, there are no callers wish to make public comment at this time. >> clerk: thank you. public comment on item 13 is closed. >> commissioner: colleagues, is there any further discussion on this item? seeing none, may i have a motion and a second? >> i'll make a motion to appro approve. >> second. >> been moved and seconded, roll call, please. [roll call] >> clerk: you have four ayes. >> madam president, if i could just say one thing because i hope this is the only time i can say this before you move to get the next item up is that -- and this is mostly for our new commissioner, ed harrington, because, you know, we only have four people on the board, and i have just noticed that all four of us wear glasses.
6:38 pm
i just made that joke, you know, during closed session a couple of sessions ago where, you know, the first time i think i was ever insulted in my life was when people talked about, hey, mr. four eyes. any way, we now have four ayes and i had to make that anecdote again. thank you for indulging committee. >> commissioner: it's been moved and seconded and passed. madam clerk, will you read the next item, please -- madam secretary, will you read the next item, please? >> clerk: item number 14. [reading item] this will be presented by
6:39 pm
mr. rich moralen. >> members of the commissioner, members of the puc, earlier today you heard some really good news about. (distortion) with them item i will hopefully be providing further good news. we're asking the commission to consider approval of a low-cost fund today (distortion). a loan that will partially fund the headworks project, a project of the sewer system. next slide, please. during the presentation i will provide a brief background of the puc's involvement to date with the loan program and also describe the proposed new loan under consideration today and finally i'll summarize the requested action. next slide, please.
6:40 pm
the puc's involvement in the loan program dates back over 20 years when we executed 13 loans for wastewater projects totalling $280 million. however, those loans didn't provide favourable financing terms as now and were somewhat less favourable than using traditional revenue bond funding. still recognizing that this is an issue for the puc, the state revamped the loan program making loans considerably more favourable for borrowers. so, for example, the loans would have a 30-year maturity versus a 20-year maturity. payment on the loans did not have to be secured on a lien basis, similar to other loans, and most importantly the interest rate terms were made more favourable by having the rate set at one half of the rate on the state's most recent general obligation bond. in 2013, the puc paid off the old loans as part of a low-cost
6:41 pm
[indiscernible] refunding. in 2016 we obtained approvals to enter into new loans under the revamped program. since then we've executed six srf loans totalling about $288 million and this includes $8 million in principal forgiveness which is essentially a grant. i will also note that we have also executed [indiscernible] in the amount of $186 million and that included a $15 million grant. so when comparing the six srf loans of the waste water [indiscernible] we saved the rate payers an estimated $252 million over the life of the loans. next slide, please. today you have to consider the approval of a new sfr loan that will again fund the waste water [indiscernible]. it will be an approximate $112 million loan that will fund the headworks project which is
6:42 pm
the second large ssip project behind the biosolids [indiscernible] project. so you may recall this past june this commission approved and puc executed a low cost federal loan. a portion of that loan in the amount of $318 million also partially funded the headworks project. today's proposed srf loan that will bear an interest rate of 1.10% will pair with the [indiscernible] loan which bears a 1.45% rate, provides low-cost funding for approximately two thirds of the total projected $618 million headworks project cost. remaining portion is expected to be funded with revenue bond. the proposed loan will have a 30-year maturity and [indiscernible] interest rate of 1.10. it compares very favourably versus the estimated 3.5% rate for revenue bonds. on the next slide i'll show the
6:43 pm
combined debt savings of the loans versus conventional revenue bond funding. next slide, please. thank you. so with this table you see the three funding sources for the proposed headworks project. the proposed srf loan at an interest rate of 1.10 be executed with the [indiscernible] loan at an interest rate of 1.45 and future revenue funding at an estimated interest rate of 3.5%. the revenue bond funding the proposed srf loan is estimated to save $54 million in costs over the life of the loan and the other loan will save an additional $218 million. on a combined basis, the two low-cost loans would save an estimated $272 million in debt service costs versus higher cost revenue bond funding. again that's two-thirds of the project cost. next slide, please. so the action we're asking the
6:44 pm
commission to take today is to approved an srf loan agreement for the waste water headworks project. if you approve, we expect to execute the loan with the state in late november or early december. next slide, please. so that would be the conclusion of my presentation. i am happy to take questions. >> commissioner: i do have a question, and that is on the reimbursement, maybe i'm not reading this right, but it says it seems that with the srf reimbursement, if something happens they may or may not reimburse you and then you have to go out and get another loan. >> yeah, technically that is possible. it has not happened yet. by reimbursement -- so we provide the interim funding of the project. for example, the headworks project, as you saw when you were at the plant that was under
6:45 pm
construction. so we're providing the interim funding of that with low cost commercial paper. we issue commercial paper. and that's funding. we then at certain stages of the project ask the state for reimbursement or project cost, and then we use what they reimburse as the payoff of the commercial paper. the state could technically have reasons to not reimburse us. it hasn't happened yet. i'm not aware of it ever having happened. i think it would have to represent dire financial reasons on the state's part. >> commissioner: thank you. >> you're welcome. >> that's good. >> commissioner: commissioner harrington? >> thank you. thank you for the wifia loan. it's hard to argue against 1.1% interest rate. this is wonderful. the question i'd like to raise is a larger one that you don't need to answer today but you can
6:46 pm
get an answer over time for me. i have an interest in doing more green distributed infrastructure than some of the traditional gray infrastructure we've done. once you scale those things up, is putting them in senior capital program and start to issue debt for those kinds of activities also. some activities result in assets that are not the traditional owned assets of the organization, the way we traditionally own these things. i noticed in your agreement here with the srf, it talks about the system equating to the enterprise, and the definition of it seems to be possibly a fairly restricted definition. if you will recall a couple of years ago we changed the charter, section ac-124, to be able to issue debt for a more flexible way of describing how we issue debt, the kind of things we can pay for it. if you can do me a favor and bring back a report or send us a report that would indicate whether we've taken advantage of
6:47 pm
that expanded authority within the charter and what would be -- what would be any kind of obstacle to what's going out and scaling up those kind of non-traditional infrastructure activities with this kind of language in these agreements will come back to haunt us and whether it's really just matching old language which already haunts us or how we could go ahead and expand how we pay for these kind of activities. i would appreciate it. >> thank you, commissioner harrington. good to see, you by the way. yes, it is a much broader question. happy to take a look at it. we are always looking at expanded financing methods to finance our cfps. and obviously srf and wifia loan funding is part of that. we can take a look at it and be a little bit more specific in the response. but there are opportunities i think we can take a look at.
6:48 pm
we'll get back to you with a report. >> commissioner: thank you. any further comments or discussions, commissioners? seeing none, then maybe open this up for public comment. >> clerk: members of the public who wish to make public comment, commence the public comment at item 14, dial 1-(415)-655-0001. meeting i.d. 146 534 1295 #,#. to raise your hand to speak, press star 3. >> mr. moderator, do we have any callers? >> madam secretary, there are no callers in the queue at this time. >> clerk: public comment is now closed. >> commissioner: any further discussion on this item? seeing none, may i have a motion
6:49 pm
and a second? >> i'll move. >> commissioner: moved. seconded? >> second. >> commissioner: it's been moved and seconded. roll call vote, please. [roll call] >> clerk: you have four ayes. >> commissioner: motion is passed. madam secretary, may we have the next item, please? >> clerk: next item is item 15. [reading item]
6:50 pm
>> good afternoon again, commissioners. so this has a little bit of a history and you might wonder why we're doing a five-year lease for a retail store on our property at 900 el camino. you have to remember 5,000 el camino is the yard for our system. this was a 40-year lease issued back in the '70s or so. orchard hardware was acquired by lowe's. lowe's actually closed the store. we're in the midst of actually redesigning our corporate yard there. so we don't want to have a long-term tenant but we still want to have a tenant on the property to secure the site and
6:51 pm
to provide sales tax income to the city of millbrae. this is a short-term lease. they understand that. but it has some options. but we think it's a good idea to put a tenant in there for the time being to make the site more accessible for the public. >> commissioner: any discussion or questions on this item? >> so i have a question. i know that -- i think it came up at some previous meetings that folks in millbrae were complaining about, you know, the look of the place and it was abandoned and, you know, trashed up and what have you and we got a little bit of, you know, blow-back because of what's going on there. but is this company -- i don't know what kind of diligence you have because i did look at this but i didn't look at it that deeply. does this company, you know, like not like a wal-mart or whatever else, are they going to
6:52 pm
have an anti-worker representative policy or does the company itself just -- will they pay at least a minimum of minimum living wages or anything along those lines? have you looked into that background with this company? and i know you have to lease the place and things have to get put into place. but has there been any of that background done with this company just to see what their business practices are in terms of taking care of workers? >> yeah. i believe -- with the city and county of san francisco, it's subject to all the terms of the city and county of san francisco, including prevailing wage and things of that nature. they would have to comply with that in order to comply with the lease and we would be monitoring that. >> would it still be -- because it's san mateo county, which is a different county, which actually should be part of san francisco county in many ways, just like our airport, but
6:53 pm
that being said, minimum wage in san francisco is, you know, over $15 an hour now. i don't know if it is in san mateo officially yet. so i don't know if that, you know, that stuff has been discussed. >> i don't know the answer -- francesca, do you know the answer to that one? >> the city has a different ordinance separate from that called the minimum compensation ordinance which applies to all city leases. so unless this was exempt from that for some reason, which i'm not aware of. >> it's not. >> i have not looked at the lease. that should be in there. and the minimum compensation rates i believe are on par or perhaps even a little higher than minimum wage. >> no, mco is higher than minimum wage, and thank you for clarifying that. thank you. that was my question. >> commissioner: any further discussion or comment?
6:54 pm
seeing none, then we will open for public comment. >> clerk: members of the public who wish to make two minutes of public comment on item no. 15, dial 1-(415)-655-0001, meeting id 146 534 1295 #,#. to raise your hand to speak, press star 3. mr. moderator, do we have any callers? >> madam secretary, there are no callers in the queue at this time. >> clerk: thank you. public comment on item no. 151 closed. >> commissioner: thank you. commissioner, may i have a motion and a second to move this item, please. a motion and a second. >> i'll move it. >> commissioner: all right. c'mon! >> second.
6:55 pm
>> commissioner: thank you. it's been moved and seconded. roll call vote, please. [roll call] >> clerk: four ayes. >> commissioner: it's been moved and seconded and passed. madam clerk, will you read the next item, please? >> clerk: yes, i will read the items for closed session. again, item number 19 has been removed from the closed session calendar and will not be heard. item 16 is: [reading item] >> commissioner: open for public comment. >> clerk: members of the public who wish to make two minutes of public comment on item no. 18, dial
6:56 pm
1-(415)-655-0001, meeting id 146 534 1295 #,#. to raise your hand to speak, press star 3. mr. moderator, do we have any callers? >> madam secretary, there are no callers at this time. >> clerk: thank you. public comment on closed section item 18 is closed. >> commissioner: may i have a motion and a second to observe attorney-client privilege regarding the items listed. >> moved. >> seconded. >> commissioner: it's been moved and seconded. roll call vote, please? [roll call]
6:57 pm
>> clerk: you have four ayes. >> commissioner: it's been moved and seconded and passed. we will have closed session. madam secretary, may we start at 3:30? >> clerk: yes. we will move into closed session and then we'll take recess till 3:30. >> moving into closed session. f san francisco is a non-partisan political -- ginsburg. >> no action was taken during our closed session. is there a motion -- i'm getting feedback. may i have a motion and second to whether to disclose discussions during the closed session?
6:58 pm
>> not to disclose. >> second. >> commissioner: seconded. madam secretary, may we have a roll call vote, please? [roll call] >> clerk: you have four ayes. >> commissioner: motion has been moved and seconded and passed. adjournment? we are now adjourned. >> clerk: thank you. >> commissioner: thank you. >> thanks. (proceedings adjourned)
6:59 pm
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>> and the port commission on tuesday, october 13, 2020. commission president brandon
7:05 pm
called the meeting to order at 2:08 p.m. item one is roll call. president kimberly brandon. [roll call] item number 2 is approval of the minutes for the september 22nd port commission meeting. >> so moved.
7:06 pm
>> clerk: it looks like we may have lost the commissioner. let's see if she can rejoin us. [no audio] commissioner, are you able to call in with audio?
7:07 pm
commissioners, are you able to dial in using the phone number on the teams link? we have your video, just not your audio.
7:08 pm
>> hi, i can barely hear you commissioner brandon. >> oh, i'm sorry. can we use (indiscernible) signal? >> yes, if it's visible. so people would need to -- (indiscernible) yes. >> okay. >> so i'll -- so, commissioner wuho is here. >> i got back into the own meeting, doreen. >> right, right. okay. >> trying to give you hand
7:09 pm
signals. >> great. okay. now we have a quorum. can i have a second to approve the minutes? >> second. >> all in favor? oh, no -- roll call vote, please. >> clerk: sure. [roll call] thank you. item number 3 is public comment on executive session. >> we will open up the phone lines to public comment. the members of the public joining us on the phone, jennifer will be our operator, and we will provide -- we'll provide instructions now for anyone on the phone who would like to provide public comment. >> thank you, president brandon. at this time we'll open up the queue for anyone on the phone who would like to make public comments on executive session.
7:10 pm
please dial star, 3, if you wish to make public comment. the system will let you know when your line is open. others will wait on mute until their line is open. comments will be limited to three minutes per person. the queue is now open. please dial star, 3, if you wish to make public comment. >> thank you, jennifer. do we have anyone on the phone? >> president brandon, at this time there are no callers on the phone wishing to make public comment on this item. >> thank you. seeing no callers on the phone, public comment is closed. next item. >> clerk: number 4, executive session. >> can i have a motion for executive session. >> so moved. >> a second? >> second. >> can we have a roll call vote. >> clerk: [roll call]
7:11 pm
>> the motion passes unanimously. we are now in closed >> we only have three commissioners today, so every commissioner counts. am i on the screen?
7:12 pm
>> we can't see you, commissioner, it looks like you are on hold is what it says on my end. >> i'm going -- so i have to go back to open session? >> correct, yes. i can hear you guys. >> can you second the motion to reconvene in open session. >> second. >> roll call. [roll call] >> we are now in open session. commissioner, can i have a
7:13 pm
motion to not dispel what was in closed session. >> second. >> roll call vote, please. [ roll call vote ] item number 6 is the pledge of allegiance. >> i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> clerk: item number 7 is announcements. a member of the public has three
7:14 pm
minutes on each agenda item unless the port commission adopts a shorter amount. the moderator willen instruct die-in participants to use a touch tone phone to register their desire for public comment and ought yo prompts will signal to dial in participants when their audio input has beenen and dial in when the item you wish to comment on is announcement and please note if you are watching that meeting on sfgovptv there's a broadcasting delay. when the item is announce, dial (415)655-0001 and enter access code 146 009 8501 and mute your volume and listen through the telephone which is live. when public comment you want to comment on is announced, dial star 3 to raise your hand to comment and then listen for the audio prompt to signal your turn
7:15 pm
to comment. reminder for our meeting presenters and participants to mute your microphones and turn off your camera when you are not presenting. that brings us to item number 8 which is public comment on items not listed on the agenda. >> thank you, carl. we'll open the phone lines to take public comment on items not listed on the agenda for members the public for joining us on the phone. jennica will be our operator and provide instructions for anyone on the phone who would like to provide public comment. >> thank you, president brandon. at this time, we will open the queue for anyone on the phone who would like to make public comment on items not listed on the agenda. dial star 3 if you wish to make public comment. the system will let you know when your line is open. others will wait on mule until l their line is open. the queue is now open. dial star 3 if you wish to make
7:16 pm
public comment. >> thank you, do we have anyone on the line? >> we have one caller on the line at the moment. >> thank you. opening the first line now. >> caller: hi, my name is alex and i'm a neighbor of the port i live in the india basin neighborhood. for the past 20 years, and i'm sure certainly longer, the rendering plant at the pier has been obnoxious nuisance for the neighborhood, especially during the summertime. especially when the winds start growing off the bay. this past spring and summer the plant has been especially bad and having been stuck here at home, the problem is much more
7:17 pm
noticeable. i used to be -- i was on the southern waterfront advisory committee many years ago when the rendering plant was being expanded and we were promised state of the art odor control, per a community hotline, and a better management from the port and all of that has gone by the wayside. it's really vital that the port get a hold of its -- and if the lessee can't correct their behavior they should shut it down. >> thank you, we appreciate your call. are there any other callers? >> at this time, there are no other callers on the phone wishing to make public comment on this item. >> thank you. seeing no more callers on the phone, public comment is now closed. next item, please. item number 9a is the executive
7:18 pm
director's report. >> good afternoon, president brandon, commissioners, members of the public. and port staff. i'm elaine the executive director and first and foremost port staff will look into the prior caller's comments about the rendering plant in the back lands. thank you for calling in on public comment. my report will begin with an he equity update and the port's recovery in light of covid-19 and new guidance from health experts as well as key project updates, hide street and harbor and i will have clarity along with michael par tin to offer reflexes on waterfront development in light of last week's presentation on piers 30 and pier 32 and sea lot 330. the public is well-informed on waterfront development generally and specifically the process for
7:19 pm
pier 30, 32 and seawall lot 330. we are in the final two weeks of our listening tour for phase 1 of the racial equity action plan. i want to acknowledge staff who have engage and offered ideas on ways the port can be a more equitable workplace. more diverse and inclusive. as on starringization. our racial equity action plan is meant to be reflective of the port's collective voice and we're working to do that. i'm happy to announce the port has replaced board legislative affairs manager as the port's rep ten to the lbe advisory subcommittee and they served on the lbe advisory subcommittee since 2016, he actually replaced me when i became port director and received an award for contribution from the sub commission on departure.
7:20 pm
whether the current lbc program and related contracting processes have had the effect of reducing and reversing discrimination against black indigenous people of color and women-owned businesses will be informing our efforts and advance equity. these finding will be important to the city and the port as we advance equity results across our systems and programs. the ertf released a report and policy recommendations at its final meeting following months of stakeholder convenings. it was task force carmen chiu, jojose, president of the chamber of commerce rodney fong and the
7:21 pm
labor council rudy gonzalez. considerable collaboration and hard work went into this effort and i appreciated having a policy seat as department head on the effort along with other city department heads with missions that touched the economy. this process had thorough and i will press i have stakeholder and engagement and the port wishes to extend our appreciation to accesser 2 and all members of the ertf who took on this very important work. they have 41 policy recommendations that focus on long-term recovery and providing businesses more opportunities and flexibilities to operate and succeed in the short and midterm mayor breed has announced the first steps to support san francisco's recovery including moving forward on a permanent shared streets spaces program and building on the success of the program that has been so helpful in the covid-19 pandemic
7:22 pm
and and waving certain taxes and fees for businesses that remain closed. this is the begin to go get the city moving towards economic recovery and meeting the policies and goals of the task force. the port stands ready to support mayor breed in this important rebuilding effort that she's already gotten started and these first steps will have very positive impact on port tenants and equity. the port reopening. as we continue to settle into the new phase of living with covid-19, the port submitted updates peer health and safety plans to our city and our plans and strategies were 80% back to reassumed duties and our maintenance division and the 20% are committed to delays disaster
7:23 pm
service workforce our main tin group through the end of 2020. i want to congratulate our employees who take care ex taking care of one another with real commitment to the health orders and guidelines. into hide street harder and to continue to remove that petroleum. they have federal port for this incident under national contingency plans to the epa from the coast guard to the epa and they are continuing to work together under an incident command structure and i want to command them for collaboration
7:24 pm
and activity on this effort and i'm going to cuts details of the operation for those in the public and our tenants and commissioners who are interested in those details and petroleum condition along work nine and at this time the area has expanded to 600 shoreline the current containment includes two 300-foot long rings and and contaminate under the bridge to prevent sheen from flowing into the outer lagoon. into the outer lagoon jay 10 area into the inner regime. the work is to rain inner and outer boom configuration. it's using pads and boom and
7:25 pm
recoverable petroleum is removed from the water once or twice a week wednesdays depending on accumulation rates and as needed each weekend. it's used to reduce africa in between weekday cleanings and today over 140 cal owns of oil and 300 personnel hours on hands on and craft and office space professionals to this regulatory support and approve of our plans and to help us in our approach of site management and or over all response strategy and.
7:26 pm
>> they are tzk and hats include and we have a fully executed lease disposition and development agreement and ldda for the projects. current staff is working to finalize the construction plans as well as with the puc and public works to finalize on site and off site utility plans and
7:27 pm
to allowable time extensions not for the control of tzk. they have evoked one of our agreement time extensions and called force because of the profound impact that covid-19 is having on the hospitality industry locally and across the country and it's extreme as we all know and hotel occupancy is currently at record lows and construction financing may not be available in 18 to 24 months, however, there is a bright line here. despite the economic downturn tzk is remained committed to this project and will continue to monitor the market and keep this project moving forward. port staff will keep commission in informed and we're hopeful the project receives. and finally, i'd like toned my director's report by turning it over so my martin and the waterfront development and with
7:28 pm
staff and we felt we could have done did more in communicating with the process and first and foremost, development always on our waterfront and always draws a great deal of attention so the process can be complex or confusing to some and we really do need to have a shared understanding of our approach to development projects and where we are in this moment in time with the development proposals. first, the port commission and the port is absolutely committed to open and transparent development and we cannot develop our property or meet port commission mission without such a process and now to piers 30, 32 and 330. we have several failed developments at this site so the port staff work with community partners to develop a set of
7:29 pm
community values to perform the request for proposals and the development of a open competitive process for the sites. we did this of course with the commission's review approval and direction. we articulated community values and we're put into that request for proposals and it yielded several responses proposals for the port commission consideration. the process that we set up front put the evaluation and review of the project proposals, which includes the project approach, team strength and capacity and all into the hands of an impartial and experienced panel. the panel was advisory to the port commission. port staff served as referees of a fair and competitive process. upon the commissioner selection of a proposal for negotiations, port staff will begin then working with the winner of that process to refine, actually
7:30 pm
develop a project plan to perfect the selected project proposals. in these negotiations the project proposal will naturally evolve to incorporate solutions to concerns raised to the parties and the public. the project that is to be developed will change from the proposal that we all saw as part of the competition and again, these solutions will be crafted and will be consistent with our fee objectives and community values that we screen for and had a competition for in that rfp. we had a similar approach to our solicitation for development partners at pier 70 and this was approach and solicitation and
7:31 pm
and we'll close thank you for allowing lengthy director's report. please take it away, mike. >> michael martin, real estate and development. can i have my first slide. i think director forbes very well summarized this first slide. the basically, the process that we filed for request for proposals on those two recent transactions at piers 38 and 40 being one and 332 and 330 being the other followed the recommendations update and we brought these recommendations back for februar specific guidar the past year as we geared up and issued those rfps and our plan is to continue to do so
7:32 pm
including to continue to follow these steps including with the item on today's agenda regarding to building 49 down at crane cove park. i wanted to walk through these when we wept on the prior rfps and we're hopefully going to go. first, we'll come to you and we are coming to you today for a hearing to initiate the rfp development process. that is a hearing that we had for each of those prior rfps prior to issuing those rfps as well and it's an opportunity to port staff to come thinking about why a project at this location of the coined that we're proposing t would be beneficial to the port and beneficial to the city at large. they give feedback and staff will go off and start with step two which is an engagement
7:33 pm
relevant to that site it's to develop some values and priors that with would bake into the rfp document that we establish this community dialogue that we're saying to proposers, here is what we've established what we value from a project here and what you should prioritize in your project proposal. after that engage. , we come back to the port commission and provide more details on how an rfp would be structure including a scoring structure and a scoring panel process and the port commission would hopefully give feedback and direct staff to develop draft and release the rfp. so, after that process is over, staff develops and releases the rfp. that will go out into the world and we hopefully get a number of responses as we did for the most recent two rfps and port staff
7:34 pm
would convene the scoring panel called for through the dialogue with the port commission and described in great detail in the rfp document. and in this point in time where director forbes describes it, we're the referee. >> reshmi: we're not engaging and we're walking through the process to make sure that these proposals are presented back to you and the port commission and along with the scores from the qualified members of the scoring committee that have been selected both from city staff and public stakeholders with expertise in relative areas to the rfp so after that scoring panel is complete we come back with our report on the scoring and you are able to ask questions including firms that show and they are requested to make a selection and move forward and to say we reject these selections and we're going to go forward in a different direction. that action has been taken for
7:35 pm
two projects very recently. one being pier 38 and 40 so that is a selection process we've been through and we wanted to highlight they get a good project so first step is to adopt an annex conclusive negotiate agreement and it will set fourth a set of milestones and schedule for doing all the things that are needed to get to anna provable project. that's a movement in time that we're negotiating a document that will show a roadmap that looks like the slide with much more detail in terms of specifically how much time that project will take to do these steps and what these steps look
7:36 pm
like from a staff perspective. port staff with work to continue negotiations and refine the financial transaction of the project as well as the project description so hearing some of the comments we've heard from the community, are there ways we can evolve the project to start addressing those comments at this early stage? then there's a point in time where we go back for tort of an i am process approval of first of all the port commission approving the non gaining term sheet to look at the negotiations and the transaction and the financials to make sure this is something we still want to our our way towards and then also going to the board of supervisors for their approval under the city's fiscal feasibility ordinance which requires them to look at a project and say it is feasible and worthy of the typ time and resources it would be to do time and review. when it gets done, we're into the meat of the transaction negotiations, which has, as you
7:37 pm
can see here, many different threads. the basic financial transaction negotiations of those documents. there's environmental review, either on the state level with ceqa or the federal level. there's regulatory review with our usual set of regulators at army score of engineers and the bay conservation and development commission, state lands commission and state historic preservation office and those are all things that will have started the conversation at that initial phase of term sheet and project description but will now continue on with those partners to understand what is needed for this project to be approve able and throughout t. we'll have additional community engagement so that we can do more touch points and see there our proposed solutions and impacts and make sense and they all of which has a goal of bringing a set of approvals documents together and at the bo ready for
7:38 pm
approval at the port commission and the other relevant city agency that's would have approval and in the board of processes for this and refining and the project you've seen from this point forward and part of this is also to orient ourselves on today's agenda which you can ask questions where that is going in terms of the rfp development process. so, that is my summary. hopefully building off of what the executive director describes. i'm happy to answer any questions if you have them here otherwise i'm happy to hand them back to you to continue the meeting. >> thank you, mike. i really appreciate the process.
7:39 pm
we'll open the phone lines and take public comment on the executive director's report for members of the public who are joining us on the phone. jennica will be our operator and will provide instructions now for anyone who would like to provide public comment. >> thank you, president brandon. at this time, we will open the queue for any anyone on the phone who would like on the executive report. please style star 3 if you wish to make and others will wait on mute until their line is open. comments will be limit today three minutes a person. the queue is now open. please dial star 3 if you wish to make public comment. >> thank you. do we have anyone on the phone? >> yes, president brandon, we have two callers on the line at
7:40 pm
the moment. >> thank you. please open the line for the first caller. >> thank you. opening the first line now. >> caller: hello, this is jay wallace. hello commissioners. tck broadway llc. i want to thank port staff for its excellent work, as always, on this project. ricky and rebeca notwithstanding the difficulty they were facing. they've done a great job and moved the project along. i want to reiterate what the executive director said. we are fully committed to the project. we are doing what we should be doing. financing possibilities are bleak at the moment as you know. that is not deterred us and we're continuing to move forward owe. we expect that the markets may
7:41 pm
come back towards the end of next year and we rebound in the market if that's comes forward over the next few years and few months and hopefully not few years. we have one additional caller on the line. >> please, open the line. >> opening that line now. >> caller: commissioners, my name is francisco decosta. i was listening to you all very intently and when we have these
7:42 pm
virtual meetings it is pertinent the presentations shown on the green are clear to the presentation that is in blue, dark blue, couldn't be seen very clearly now it's important that we, especially during this time of the pandemic, now i have to look at my tv screen to gather a very good idea of what is happening. so, one of the things i think that we can the public do not have a very clear idea is about
7:43 pm
the seawall. there was a lot of planning done and we can the public, need to get a very, very clear picture of the seawall. now, the public should also had.
7:44 pm
>> there are no other callers on the line wishing to make public on the line. >> >> commissioner gilman. >> >> thank you for the mark and process and i had one question and s there will be others in the future. if we want to tweak or change the processes or staff would the opportunity be more globally to communicate that to you and staff or would that be on a case-by-case basis. >> we talk about process case by
7:45 pm
case every time we put the rfps together we have long conversations some time about perfecting the process to get it just so because inclusion and equity fairness, transparency, fro dom from bias so important to the commission so we always talk deeply case by case. there's nothing preventing us from having a policy based conversation about what we always do. if you wanted to schedule something like that we would be amenable to talk at a policy level or case by case basis as we do already. >> thank you so much and thank you for the report. that concludes my questions. >> it's good director's report and it's seawall lot 337 and
7:46 pm
essentially the process is you and mark martin does give the public a better selling there are continued avenues and openness to continue discussion and for the city of san francisco in whatever we do end up how this rfp and ena eventually ends up. so i think we are do try to be
7:47 pm
transparent or why it was a key message today. about how we go about doing our business. so, i think that's another point that i just wanted to reiterate in terms of the takeaway that i took from the discussion and i think if there's any changes in the process i think that take those and and the last time it was a little bit maybe if there was more the information was they want to take it in stride and work on it and there are opportunities to go forward on that. i want to thank you for the update on teatro zonni and i appreciate that jay was on the phone giving us an update and i
7:48 pm
do hope that financing will be more favorable. i was a little concerned it's a great project for the waterfront and city of san francisco and for the whole arena of having more cultural and arts entertainment in the city and for the artists that they also have a place to perform and and i think it would be an important cultural addition. i just go back moved off of the property port and america's cup
7:49 pm
and he was very involved with that and a lot of times has passed and is we had an unexpected situation occur with the covid situation and it has put it back further. i hope that we don't see this derail for too long because i think it's an important contribution to the ports, the waterfront and the city that this project gets done. thank you. that's all my comments. >> thank you. elaine, thank you so much. i really appreciate the update and the economic recovery and thank you for being a part of the task forced to bring us back after covid. we've been really busy. i want to follow-up on the
7:50 pm
request with the seawall and the sediment and we do need to see what is going on more often so i think that we should have informational items, at least quarterly because it's such a huge process and also if there's someway we can get a property of the slides or e-mail him a copy of the slides that we show for the process so the rfp process which were great for providing clarity on where we are within that and you may have said this but you may have missed it but regarding how long is the extension and i understand we're
7:51 pm
in covid and financing is hard but what does that really mean? >> i'm going to ask mike martin to step in for me or someone from the development team because they'll have the details close at hand. >> it's rebeca and i can step in. so the lbda term is one year so we find it about a month ago and they can pay for attention alex tensions. the letter they sent is stating this one year term should not start yet because of the event and a pandemic and forced and so we need the respond to that ledder and state more clear about what is the time period the pandemic may be effecting continuing and we're going to have the checking in on that and so it's a little bit of a dance and a discussion about how long
7:52 pm
the event will occur and the typical term is one year to get procedure financing order anproo turnover the property until they'll ready to get going in terms of the construction. we're happy to keep providing updates and we're monitoring sort of the broker reports on homes and looking at how many landings are coming no sfo so we're monitoring this and happy to return as the how long this force event is likely to effect the market. >> so the one year will start when we come up with a date. >> it started in september. but they've asked for us to delay it because of the forced measure event of the pandemic. so now we need to respond back to them in order to state, ok,
7:53 pm
well we'll extend it for i don't know what that answer is yet, three to six months and we'll check in again and see whether or not there's still an absolute freeze on financing. >> ok. >> so i guess -- >> does that help? >> yes it does. my request would be that what we make that decision and when we understand what the schedule or the amount moving forward that you give us an update. >> surely. >> great. thank you. >> next item, please. >> clerk: that would be item 9b, the commissioner's report. >> commissioner report.
7:54 pm
i'm looking to report this time. thank you. >> so we can go to the next item. >> that would be item number 10 the content calender and there's one item, 10a, a 60 day extension of one memorandum of understanding with the san francisco office of economic and workforce development for the use of pier 29 as a central location to accept deliveries of personal protective equipment and subsequent distribution to san francisco non profits and two the deferral of rent for such use as it supports the covid-19 crisis. this is resolution 2046. >> thank you. can i have a motion. >> so moved. >> second. >> let's open it up for public comment. we will open the phone lines to take public comment on the consent calender from members of
7:55 pm
the public for joining us on the phone. jennica will be our operator and will provide instructions now for anyone on the phone who would like to provide public comment. >> thank you, president brandon. at this time, we will open the queue for anyone on the phone who would like to make public comment on the consent calender. please dial star 3 if you wish to make public comment. the system will let you know when your line is open. others will wait on mute until their line is open. comments will be limited to three minutes per person. the queue is now open. please dial star 3 if you wish to make public comment. >> thank you. do we have anyone on the phone. >> there are no members of the public on the phone wishing to make public comment on this item. >> thank you. seeing no callers on the phone, public comment is closed. we have a motion and a second. do we have a roll call vote.
7:56 pm
[ roll call vote ] next item please. >> informational presentation on a competitive solicitation strategy of two historic structures, the nice building and in the pier 70 area generally along illinois between 18th and 19th streets. >> good afternoon, commissioners, rebeca from real estate and development. i am here presenting on behalf of the team. jamie hurley is actually the project manager for this rfp and was unable to be here today. i also want to acknowledge erika peterson, david beaupray, mike
7:57 pm
mark tin, dianne and. >> it's a discussion how to get investments into the two buildings that flank the beach at the park which is very fun to say. the mcneese building and building 49. i want to let you know about the plan tag is done around these buildings and then discuss an rf strategy and this is just informational and it feels apartment with the introduction and discussions that elaine and mike gave about rfps so i feel
7:58 pm
like i'm hitting the ground running with this presentation because you are all really thinking about this right now. next slide, please. the two buildings that we're discussing today from left to right, building 49 is on the left and it is a single-storey building. you will see when i show the square footages and it looks so large and it has fewer on the right and it has both have been untentative and are in various conditions. it was important for me to show this aerial of the park to show how their inner face with the park is a huge asset to the building and how they can serve what we've already delivered with that major investment of that wonderful park.
7:59 pm
a little bit more detail. building 49 is 8,000 square feet and they will include a public rest room to replacement current temporary restrooms that are on site. the building contracts is that we're looking at now does not include a seismic upgrade. they're high occupancy uses with retail or cafes where you have members of the public coming in and out and they would really not be possible for people to go inside the building with that low occupancy. other uses can go in though without that seismic upgrade. it's also listed on historic register until historic places so it's already a listed rye
8:00 pm
source. building 49 and they have not improvements for quite a long time and it's been unoccupied for many years. it's deteriorating. as part of the pier 70 trust realignment and swap that occurred with the brookfield project, it was removed from the public trust as part of that trust exchange so the if it came into invest it would have to get it listed which we believe it could be listed which would then unlock tax credit for the building. next slide, please. just to talk a little bit about the big context of what sort of planning has gone on and what sorts of public expectations have started having for these buildings the major planning goes back to 2010 when