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tv   Citizens Govt Bond Oversight Committee  SFGTV  December 16, 2020 4:00am-8:01am PST

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has actually become in all of our minds a better plan, is not going to be effect until end of march and beginning of april. tell me what the unction is about -- urgency is about voting on this early today. >> president yee: supervisor ronen, go ahead. >> supervisor ronen: because without the legislation, they won't move people in. that's the urgency. >> supervisor peskin: even though i was addressing this question to supervisors haney and mandelman, if folks are moved in, what is the exit plan for moving them out? by the way, that's probably not on you to answer, it's really on h.s.h. to answer and they are probably have their eyes pressed against the window now and maybe they can respond to all of us.
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>> supervisor ronen: i think the compromise that's before us right now is that they're not under the same obligation to move people to permanent supportive housing for anybody that's new that moves in. they could move people back into a shelter, safe suite site or back out on to the streets. they get a reprieve and be safe during the time they are in the hotel and get a break from the cold and the hell that it is to live on the streets. >> supervisor peskin: through the president. supervisor ronen, we totally agree. you and five of my colleagues joined and made videos and 2025
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or 600 people has been accommodated. arguably that law was violated. now we've got to figure out how we're going to continue to keep our lights on. i would pause it to you and my colleagues that we have to figure out and be responsible for an exit strategy. we should be honest with ourselves and the public and the
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individuals who back fill these rooms that there is no exit plan. kind of what you just said, you're on the street. you're in a shelter but you're probably not going to end up in a permanent supportive housing unit. we have to be honest about that. >> president yee: i've heard that answer a couple of times. i believe that -- what i'm hearing is that the commitment to get people into more permanent type of shelter is put folks in the hotel. we can choose nos to replace
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them for anybody not coming in. this is why i'm supporting the amendment because it still gives the opportunity for other people to get -- using supervisor ronen's words, reprieve from what they are facing now even if it's temporary. it's pretty well stated that none of the newer people that are coming in will be promised the same thing that we're promising the current folks that are in the hotels. is that correct? >> supervisor haney: yes. it wouldn't be the same exit requirement for people coming in now. thisupervisor peskin, they are
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exiting people, in the sense they're placing people in permanent supportive housing. there are spots opening up. the difference between closing a room down or moving someone from supportive housing, they are moving people out regularly now. >> president yee: go ahead, finish your sentence. >> supervisor peskin: i think i still do have the floor. we've all been at this since day one. supervisor haney was a d.s.w. worker those hotels. i was one of the individuals who helped procure those hotels and the protocol for the procurement of those hotels what we now call
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covid demand. i think we're all rolling in the same direction. i think that this public policy conversation would benefit from another week and a more robust conversation. we'll eprobably end up in the same place, adopting the amendments that have been set forth between supervisors mandelman and haney. i i think it would be worth our having special meeting a week from now and talking about it little bit more involving the public a little bit more. we'll probably end up in the same place. i don't know what you guys are doing next tuesday. >> supervisor walton: i wanted to move that we end debate and move forward to vote. >> supervisor peskin: second. >> supervisor ronen: second,
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ronen. >> president yee: nobody on the roster to debate. why don't we go ahead and vote. have roll call on the motion to amend. >> clerk: on the motion to amend item 9 stated. [roll call vote] there are 11 ayes.
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>> president yee: the motion to make those amendments pass. the motion to continue to item to next tuesday i guess. roll call please. >> clerk: that is the motion to continue item 9 as amended to tuesday december 22nd. i understand that motion was seconded by supervisor fewer. i'm going to recommend that part of this motion include a committee of the whole sonja sot the public comment can be realized. >> supervisor peskin: so moved. >> clerk: all right, that's the motion. [roll call vote]
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there are 2 ayes and 9 noes. with supervisors preston, ronen, safai, walton, yee, haney and mar in the dissent. >> supervisor peskin: point made. >> president yee: motion to continue fails. i appreciate your insight into trying to to have more discussions publicly on this so it isn't one committee.
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[indiscernible] maybe next year sometime. item itself as amended. roll call please. >> clerk: item 9 although amended. [roll call vote]
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there are 11 ayes. >> president yee: okay. ordinance as amended passes. we have public comment again. >> clerk: no, mr. president. we passed that. >> president yee: okay, committee reference. item 49-64. >> clerk: these measures were introduced for adoption without committee reference. unanimous vote is required for adoption of these resolutions on first reading today. otherwise, any supervisor may require a resolution to go to
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committee. >> supervisor fewer: i like to sever item number 51. >> supervisor mar: 49 and 50. >> supervisor peskin: 53 and 55, please. >> president yee: for the remainder of the items, please have roll call, that will be 52, 54, 56, 57, 58, all the way up to 64. >> clerk: you have the same thing. okay. [roll call vote]
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there are 11 ayes. >> president yee: resolutions are adopted and motions are approved. let's take item 49 and 50 together. >> clerk: item 49 and 50 are two resolutions that commend and honor first 49 supervisor nor man yee for his distinguish to
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the city and county of san francisco and president and member of the san francisco board of supervisors. for item 50, commends and honor supervisor sandra lee few for her service as a member of the san francisco board of supervisors. >> supervisor mar: thank you. i want to move that we continue these two items to the january 5th board meeting. [please stand by].
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>> president yee: let's talk about today and come back and say here i am again. let's see, let's go to item number 51. >> clerk: item 51 to urge the san francisco unified school district to develop a comprehensive plan for the safe return to in-person learning in accordance with public health guidelines. >> president yee: supervisor fewer. >> thank you, president yee. so we have been hearing a lot about the school opening and during public testimony we heard from parents very anxious to have the schools open again. i actually thought that this was pretty straightforward and i thought that it actually was
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just let's urge them to create a plan and to see what resources they need. that's exactly what the resolution says. and apparently there's discrepancies about the resolution and it's an urgent resolution and not binding. i want to say that i am disappointed that i'm going to make a motion today to continue this item so that we can add amendments and have the amendments vetted by our city attorney and make sure that all of the amendments are okay. so i have to continue this item to a future meeting. i feel that it's super urgent. i have have heard exactly what public health has said and what the school district has not done or done, and i think that those of us who attended every committee meeting for hours and hours and hours and tons of input, it would be ridiculous to
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send this back to committee because we have been discussing this at committee for about five or six committee meeting and each meeting lasting about three to four hours. so i think that it's been beaten to death, quite frankly, of let's create a plan. but i understand that people want to add stuff into it, and i just want to say this and this is why it's so urgent -- it is not just urgent because it's having long-lasting emotional and mental health effects on our children and that is documented in many studies. this is really important. it is important that we push this because we are failing our black and brown children. we have children that are already years behind, and with the data showing from sfsud, even that the last meeting, that our african american -- our black students, our latin x students and english learners
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and pacific island students are falling even farther behind. so is it urgent? hell yes, it's urgent but i'm forced to continue this item to another meeting. we at san francisco unified school district have made small incremental gains to closing our racial gaps. pimy colleagues whohave served e school board, this is what we have worked on together but we see this gap widening and we know that there's no catch-up. so as progressive as we are in this city, we once again -- once again we are not putting our black children at the forefront of what we need to do. having said that, i would like to make a motion to continue this meeting. president yee, i know that you didn't want anything else on the agenda on january 5th so i could continue this to the meeting of january 12th where there will be amendments. >> president yee: can i --
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>> i will second it if it's the item and not the meeting. >> supervisor ronen: you want to continue this -- >> you would like to continue this to 5 january, 2021, i would second that. >> president yee: so -- january 20 -- >> supervisor ronen: okay, i could continue it to the fifth. i just had a conversation with the president -- >> supervisor fewer? >> president yee: you have permission -- not permission -- you don't need my permission -- you can continue it to the 5th. >> supervisor ronen: okay. >> president yee: yeah, we have to do a date definite. >> supervisor ronen: okay, let's do january 5th. >> president yee: can i -- i want to have a clarification, supervisor fewer.
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the amendments that you are contemplating, are they ready for us so it doesn't -- like, i saw some amendments that were sent to me. >> supervisor ronen: yes, actually, i think we should have more discussion about the wording with our city attorney. >> president yee: okay. and they'll be ready for -- >> supervisor ronen: on the 5th. >> president yee: for the next meeting. so the motion -- your motion is to -- >> mr. president, i'm happy to continue it to next week. >> president yee: move this item to -- so you're seconding it, supervisor peskin? >> supervisor peskin: well, i'm happy to second it and i already did second it, but i'm also -- if the body would like to deal with this on the 22nd or the 29th, i'm prepared to do that as
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well. >> president yee: and you said january -- >> supervisor peskin: i meant december, sir. >> i second that. >> supervisor peskin: there you go. you got a second. >> president yee: supervisor fewer, you made a motion, what is your motion? >> supervisor ronen: my motion is to stop the world, i want to get off. no, the motion is to continue this item for more discussion until january 5th, 2021. >> supervisor peskin: second. >> supervisor ronen: i will bring amendments then. >> supervisor peskin: i already seconded it. >> supervisor ronen: you did, okay, all right, got it, got it. >> president yee: so -- supervisor ronen -- >> supervisor ronen: i'll take my name off the roster. >> president yee: supervisor mandelman?
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>> i wanted to thank super fewer and supervisor ronen for the leadership they have been providing around this and for -- as you have said, for many months now calling on the district to act and, i mean, i am not a parent but i speak to parents and i represent parents. and i think that the issues that you raised around equity and how this is impacting black and brown students is just right on. and it's infuriating. and the district is not, you know, is not performing in the way that we would expect. and i am proud that the city has stepped forward, and i am proud that the boys and girls clubs have done work and private partners have stepped forward. but i think that your resolution is reasonable and i understand that it may, you know -- you can consider some amendments but i would vote for it as it is and i think that, you know, i -- we will continue this conversation,
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but thank you, thank you supervisor fewer, for bringing this forward. >> president yee: supervisor peskin. >> supervisor peskin: mr. president, i realize that i have a little theme this evening but i am completely serious -- the fact that supervisor ronen, who is the first person to bring this up, the fact that supervisor fewer on her maybe second to last meeting is bringing this forward, the fact that we know that any one member of this board can send this to committee, we really have two options -- we can vote on this right now and see if somebody is for some reason going to send this committee. or a alternatively, and this is actually -- and i'm now being serious -- a reason to not actually move this to 5 january, but to have a meeting next week for one item -- this item.
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>> president yee: well, the motion is for the 5th. so unless -- i'm sorry -- >> supervisor peskin: she would have to withdraw her motion and i would have to withdraw her second but i'm making a proposal to my 10 colleagues, mr. president. >> president yee: so let me give you some time to think about it, supervisor fewer. but i want to thank you for bringing this resolution forward. it's something that i know that the joint committee has been working on and asking for. and, you know, some of you know that i have been working in the background for months and asking for the same thing. and we're asking for a plan. and we're not dictating to say that you have to open it by a certain date, but tell us what
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you need to get it open. and how are you going to open it. and is there a possibility of doing some but not all so that we're targeting just like we've targeted as a city to help those kids to be placed in the pods, is that what it's called? the after-school programs, we're targeting them. and i have said that through the school district and the leadership and i have said that to the school board members and i have said that to the u.s.f., so, you know, i would have voted for it today as it stood, but, you know, i will do whatever you suggest. so right now is for january 5th. supervisor mar?
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>> so i want to thank supervisor fewer for bringing this forward and for being such a strong champion for our schools and especially for students of color really throughout your career as a public servant going back to your p.t.a. days, which i'm well aware of. and as a public school parent myself, and as someone who represents the district with one of the highest proportion of families with children, i absolutely support the intent of this resolution and feel the urgency to reopen our public schools safely for all children as quickly as possible. but i do feel, you know, that it could benefit from more input and strengthening the language of the resolution and these are really complex issues on how to safely reopen our schools. you know, and the school district and the school board have been working and struggling with this, you know, with really
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-- and i think that the advocacy and the voice that particularly supervisor fewer and supervisor ronen have really brought to it have had a big push to have the school board to accelerate their efforts. but we even heard during public comment today, you know, there's a range of perspectives on reopening and reopening safely on our schools from parents. you know, we heard different perspectives tonight and we've also heard i think from educators and in-school workers, you know, about, you know, their perspectives as well. so i have been in -- you know, i really appreciate the opportunity to engage in discussion with supervisor fewer about this over the past days. and there have been some amendments, you know, that were put forward and i appreciate supervisor fewer, you know, considering those and even -- and trying to draft them. but, you know, i do feel that the amendments that, you know,
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that supervisor fewer presented earlier today, you know, do strengthen the resolution and they include the input, you know, from a broader range of stakeholders and a broader range of parents and also from teachers and educators. so that's why i would support -- i think that it would be good to continue this to january 5th. so we could -- we could have the strongest as possible resolution from this board. >> president yee: supervisor safai. >> got to unmute. >> supervisor safai: thank you. i just want to thank supervisor fewer for really sticking her neck out there and just continuing in her pattern of fighting for families. i just want to say that this -- this has been an extremely difficult time for anyone that has a child.
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as a father of two kids in public school, as someone who has had to juggle being in this body, running for office, and dealing with all of the different things that go on in this city, it has created tremendous stress. and i cannot even imagine what it would be like for a family. and i have heard from thousands of my constituents who are single family parents, english learner parents, who have to choose between staying at home with their kids or going to work. there's choices and there's families that cannot work remotely. so i think that all of this resolution says as respectfully as it can is, please, coming up with a plan. we are here to help. we are here to provide resources. we are here to provide our energy and our effort. and i'll tell you one thing -- this is in no way to denigrate
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anybody that is suffering through this in any different way. there aren't levels. but in my mind for children, there's certain aspects of this covid crisis that can never be regained. you can never get a second grader or third grader's educational experience back once that has been lost. that year is over and it will never be repeated. fourth grader or fifth grader or even the resolution that i spoke to today as a high school experience and the experience of what it means to be a senior. educational time in school once it's lost, it is lost forever. and so to me there is such an urgency to this that i think that, yes, i want every voice, i want every voice that's involved in this and i want labor's voices and educators' voices and parents' voices, but when i read this resolution all i saw is
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that we're encouraging a plan to be made in how we can provide resources and move it quickly. so i really don't understand what this is about, i really don't. and, yes, if it takes some more time and we have to have more input, i'm happy to do that, because the difference between now and next week or the difference between now and january 5th, at the end of the day is every minute that we have lost is time lost for those kids. and particularly those kids that have the hardest and the largest gap in terms of achievement. the communities that are suffering the most. and those, as supervisor fewer has stated, our african american and latino and our a.p.i. and our english learners, and those families that don't have the ability to have support at home, and have to make those choices between home and school. but we're not talking about something unique in san
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francisco. the school district has been in school for some time and there are parts of the world -- toronto, new york city, paris, all over the world -- so i know that we can do it. and i want to do it respectfully, and i think that what super supervisor ronen said today and how she's been saying it, let's get our educators in line to be vaccinated. let's absolutely do that. i am 100% behind that. i think that if that's what it takes to move this conversation forward in an expedited manner, i'm all for it. this resolution today is put together by many parents, a lot of families of color, a lot of families in need, and in conjunction with this body and in conjunction with the members of the school district. so if there needs to be amendments and i saw some of the amendments as they were proposed and i thought that they were helpful -- they talk about incorporating plans from the unified -- the labor council and guidelines, i'm all for that.
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but, please, at the end of the day let's not lose the essence what we're trying to do which is to urge the district to come up with an accelerated plan so that we can give families options. thank you. >> president yee: thank you. i just -- it reminds me, this resolution is to call for a plan, so when you actually do plan, that's where the input comes in. i don't quite understand what input is necessary to say that we want a plan. i'm sorry, but, supervisor -- i don't know where we are on the roster. has anybody seen supervisor stefani on this? >> supervisor stefani: did you call on me? >> president yee: yes. >> supervisor stefani: okay, thank you. yeah, i wanted to just add my voice to the praise for
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supervisor fewer for your passion on this. i just -- you know, as a fellow parent and saying to supervisor ronen, what i see people going through in my district, the stories that i hear, the stress, and the mental health toll on our kids, especially, you know, our teenagers are suffering. parents are suffering. it is unconscionable that we don't have a plan and that we aren't putting the pressure on, like, i think that, you know, you have been trying to do -- supervisor fewer. and i just have to say that when i saw you speaking about this earlier i have so much admiration for everything that you've done on this subject. and i just wanted you to know that. >> president yee: supervisor haney. >> supervisor haney: thank you, president yee. i want to thank also supervisor
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fewer for your leadership for the last i think now four months, five months, we've been meeting twice a month at the joint committee. and supervisor fewer, and i, along with most meetings, especially the last few months supervisor ronen, i have really been working very closely together to make sure that a couple things are happening. one is that the city is stepping up. we are providing all of the resources and support that we can offer. and i think that there's a lot more that needs to be done there and i know that was included in this resolution. and then also that there's a plan and a timeline with dates around sharing with families as focused again and again on those who are struggling, who are suffering. and who need clarity and need information. and doing that in a way that is transparent. so we have made a lot of progress on that and it's been
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because we have all worked together. there is a timeline now and a plan that has been released and i do think that it can be improved in a lot of ways. i think that is what this resolution reflects. i do want to say that it is really important and we have done this that we are listening to our educators and working with them and we're partnering with them. obviously, they're the ones who are day in and day out and working with our kids, and so i just -- i think that we have made a lot of progress, and i'm appreciative of your leadership, supervisor fewer, in helping to see that -- to this level. and you have my commitment whether i'm still the chair or not of the committee, and i know that we're all committed to making sure that we continue to push, but we also continue to partner and we continue to deploy those resources and those supports that the school district needs. because these are all -- all of our city's children and we all represent many thousands of families, each of us who are relying on us to be there as
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well, even if we are not ourselves the school board. so we've had a great working relationship and partnership at the joint committee and also i want to just recognize you, president yee, for bringing that joint committee back and thank you for putting supervisor fewer and i on that committee. it has been a huge part of i think the progress that has been made. and i think that we obviously as reflected in this resolution, have a ways to go. so, again, thank you for your leadership, supervisor fewer and definitely we'll see this through in the coming weeks. >> president yee: supervisor preston. >> supervisor preston: thank you, president yee, and i want to echo the thanks to supervisor fewer and the members of the joint committee for all their work in trying to get us toward getting schools
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don't know that there's a lot of policy disagreement with the underlying statements in the resolution. i do think that we here at the board of supervisors have a procedure where when things are not controversial that they can be introduced as resolutions and instead of going through the normal committee process, and having a longer period of time and opportunities for the public to weigh in, they go directly the next week to a vote, that is the section of the agenda that we're in, adoption without committee reference. when things have some controversy or folks feel they need to weigh in and there are differences of opinion, it is
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appropriate to either to continue those items or to serve those to committee. i want to echo what supervisor mar stated. we have heard, and i have heard from a lot of parents adamantly in support of opening up as soon as possible, moving forward, and others who are very concerned about that push. i also want to center the -- some of the folk folks who i hae heard from who we haven't talked a lot about. they have been mentioned. but in the midst of a huge surge nationally, schools that are -- that were opened that are choosing to close, and educators and school staff across the country who have lost their lives, i think that it is absolutely appropriate when requested from educators and folks who work in schools to make sure that they have the time to weigh in and i
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appreciate supervisor fewer's willingness to grant that additional time through a motion to continue. and i just -- i think that the incredible stress right now on our educators and school staff in this process, we are seeing nationally teachers who are -- who are resigning, who are, you know, leaving the profession from the stresses of this. but to me it's very important that we make sure that we're doing this jointly with our educators as partners and making sure they have the time to weigh in and i understand that they've been part of coming together with supervisor fewer around some amendments. so i'm sure that we'll get there. but i do think that the additional time is warranted. thank you. >> president yee: supervisor
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walton. >> supervisor walton: thank you, president yee, and i definitely want to just add my support and thanks to supervisor fewer for bringing forward this resolution as well as our co-sponsors. and as someone who actually has a child in the district right now as we speak, and who has served on the board of education, i 100% understand the negative impacts of the current social distancing education protocol. it is causing major damage to learning loss in our communities and including even in my own home. and i also know that our district educators and family ares arfamiliesare working to ds requested within this resolution. i have personally spoken with school board members, the superintendent, educators and school personnel and families and the district does have a plan in place for opening
4:43 am
schools. but covid-19 is dangerous. and it is highly contagious virus. and if it were up to me, my own child would be in the classroom right now. but i also understand why doctors and nurses and other health professionals don't want our young people in congregate settings without making sure that everyone will be completely safe. and this is not a black and white situation. there are many health and safety risks associated with all decision-making, with everything that we do right now, especially when it comes to providing provisions for our young people. i'm not aware of any other large school districts that are open in the state and i know that from anecdotal conversations and from conversations with health professionals and my wife is a
4:44 am
registered nurse that those who want schools open, there are health professionals and families that are scared for their children to be in the classroom. and those fears are definitely supported by data. i do believe that the district has created a plan and, obviously, they're saying that we all want to work together on to improve the plan and to come up with the best outcomes for our young people and our school personnel. and it comes to the safety of our children and everyone who will be affected. and i believe that the district is working towards that and trying to do that. and, you know, i just want to say that i know that in my heart of hearts where supervisor fewer is coming from, and i have been working extremely closely with her to address the gaps in this district. (please stand by)
4:45 am
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to return children to in-person learning and resolve and urges the to return to in-person learning and further resolve that the san francisco board urges the sfusd and to outline any financial technical staffing operations facilities, or others that could be met through public-private support and finally resolve that the board here by -- our board, districts to transmit this school district and i'm not exactly sure we
4:47 am
spent this much time on a resolution urging. i've never seen this in 20 years. i don't get it. i agree with supervisor ronen and safai and i agree with supervisor fewer, i do not have children or have children in private or public schools and i believe the die anymore dynamid is a surging resolution september to committee and why don't we, and i, by the way spur fewer i will withdraw my second and let it be sent to committee and i will hold that committee meeting in the interim and we can accepted it back to the full
4:48 am
board on january 5th. if someone wants to send it to committee and i would draw my seconsecond why are we having i. >> president yee: i was going to make a similar suggestion that i don't know what your the item came in the joint committee and just send it back to the joint committee to next week and get things done. >> land use is fine. i'm happy to meet on monday.
4:49 am
>> that was my thought anyway. >> i defer to the authors and others about what they would like to see happen. i will make myself available. >> we talked about this at committee and we have hours and hours and hours and if any supervisor has watched these meetings, they will know it's the only thing i've talked about. i had to take myself off of the golden gate bridge authority because the same time as these meetings and nothing was happening at this meetings, it wasn't until we pushed that there's a plan and i want to correct everyone, who doesn't understand this, there's not a plan to open up schools for all children but a plan to open up schools for a few children.
4:50 am
not even second grade. for those who have been public school parents and those of you who are public school parents it's great you have internet access. it's great that you have a home for your children and a place for them to do online learning and distance learning. man, you talked to some of these parents and these children and you go to those committee learning hubs and it would break your heart. this is a disturbance. this is racist and disservice much it's one thing to say black lives matter it's another to say (inaudible). we have an opportunity here, this is -- i am more than aggravate and i'm leaving this board so i don't care about what i say about this. i have to follow around. it's easy for you to sit there and say, i think this is right.
4:51 am
our black kids everyday, they're not in school. ask for the data. ask sfusd, who is achieving during distance learning and who is not. it's almost been a year and i want to make one last point, president yee, my sister is a cafeteria worker in a elementary school and she's not had one day off. she's working all through this time. she's serving lunches, to hundreds of parents who lineup for lunches. she's done this during the summer and at her regular job and done this standing side by side with people of color and making school lunches for families and now she's making their dinners and she's making dinners and meals for them for the weekend. she is working her ass off doing this. she's been exposed from the very beginning feeding this very families that we serve. i can't continue this because i must. or because send it to committee but i just don't understand why
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we just can't have something so simple as a resolution that doesn't say you have to go back. it's just saying can we create a plan to go back. i have some dream that budget chair that i could help advocate for these resources needed. it's gone because we have to continue this. my term is over. so i am hoping whatever budget chair will fight for this money and i have for teachers. i got them raises for two years and you know i passed prop e to build teacher housing. this is about our promise to kids. this is public education and it's so profound because it is so impactful. so you can close the door on these students that we have for decades. and i'm going to help these kids but we're not there so i make a motion to continue this and that's it president yee and i
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see that supervisor ronen is in the queue. >> president yee: supervisor ronen. >> i feel the same way. if you want to sit in five hours committees every other week like supervisor fewer, myself and supervisor haney have done, begging, begging this school district to care two cents about our children, i kid you not, we're going to look back at this time and say we failed as a society for our kids. those of you who are not watching young kids to learn on the computer screen everyday and how they can't possibly learn on a computer screen, those of you that don't realize that black and brown kids are already years behind this peers and are never going to catch up and are out of school for an entire year.
4:54 am
it there's been an interruption to their early childcare education. we have costs until we're blue in the face. we have tried every single thing you can decide to get these kids a quality education during this time and we have been told no, no, we can't we can't, where is the god damn can-do attitude because these are children? and their futures that parents are watching go down the drain. i have talked to countless parts who live their lives if their hope country to cross the border for a chance for their kids to
4:55 am
stay alive and succeed and you know what they tell me. they tell me they're watching everyday the chances for their children to be professionals wash down the drain. there are children that need us and they're wetting their beds in second grade that need to chew on a teething ring to watch the video screen and those of us who are watching this happen day in and day out have done everything in our power on this board. day in and day out. if you wanted to come to one of those meetings and you should have come to the meeting. to delay a resolution as supervisor peskin said, to just say, this is essential for kids to be given an opportunity to come back will give you resources, we'll do whatever you need us to do to make this happen and to delay it even
4:56 am
further is so irresponsible it makes me sick to my stomach. i took my name off of this roster because i knew that i could not talk to you without raising my voice because i have never seen an injustice more grave since i have been on this board of supervisors and to not even be able to stand up today and say this is unacceptable, for the children of the richest city in the country, it's honest to god beyond me. beyond me. and you should be ashamed of yourselves. anymore who wants to send this back to committee, shame on you. >> president yee: supervisor mar. >> you are muted.
4:57 am
>> i just wanted to say supervisor fewer and ronen, again, all of your colleagues are deeply appreciative of your strong advocacy and your passion on these issues and i just wanted to clarify for the record and that i did hear -- i've heard from different parents and who are organizers and working with students of color and they have kids in the districted that wanted resolution from this and we have heard from teachers and the teachers union that wanted to provide input on the resolution and no one is in disagreement with the core message of the resolution that supervisor peskin read and so my
4:58 am
conversations in resent days, there were amendments in language that have been proposed and supervisor fewer even shared that with us today and i just wanted to read it again fort record. one amendment says on further resolve that the san francisco board of supervisors urges that the san francisco unified school district to revise the return to school plan to incorporate the san francisco labor council guidelines for preparing schools for savory opening for in-person learning to ensure educators and school workers have a voice in the implementation of precautions that are necessary to protect public-health and the health -- >> i will introduce my own amendments when i am going to introduce them. i think that if supervisor mar has amendments, then that's different but those are my amendments that i sent and as i
4:59 am
said, i need to vet them before i can bring them to the full board and so i don't know why i have to say that again and i just also want to say like, this is just a plan. this is just saying we're urging the plan to open. that's all i'm saying. look, there are kids that need to graduate. >> i'd like to rise to terminate the base and make that motion and i would like two seconds. >> we all have resources here. your kids will be fine. >> president yee: sorry supervisor fewer. >> i just want to say, that if we can push him to make a plan and in the resolution it says to work with educators in stakeholders it gives direction
5:00 am
to say urging them to do a plan with the stakeholders it doesn't say sfusd do a plan in a silo and the parents don't feel safe coming back. this is why we need a plan. we need to know, what is it going to make for people to be safe. we haven't articulated that to parents. we're giving parents an option. we're saying come back to school we're not going to tell you how beer going to make it safe. otherwise, stay home for work for another nine months so you can monitor your child on a laptop. this is the option. i just don't think it's a big. >> i would like to second mr. president. >> can we just take the roll call. >> i would like to withdraw my -- >> i'll second the motion. >> on the calender and see if
5:01 am
any of our colleagues would like to send it to committee. if any of our colleagues would like to send it to committee, i would like to bring it back to a special meeting of this board. i am fully serious. i was messing with supervisor haney all evening but now i am absolutely serious to bring it back this coming tuesday one week from today and i am fully serious. >> president yee: supervisor -- >> point of clarification. >> president yee: hold on. supervisor safai, hold on a second. your motion, you called to the question are you still calling. >> i first made a motion to terminate the debate which no longer seems to be important. and if that is true, i would like to withdraw my second from the continuance i would like to vote on this in its due course on the adoption without
5:02 am
committee reference calender. if any one member of this board pursuant to our rules would like to send that to committee, i would like to bring that to a committee of the whole of the board of supervisors on this item a week from today. >> i will second since you've withdrawn your second. i don't hear the author suggesting committee referrals and nor has anyone moved for that so i would like to second the motion to continue to january 5th. >> it's a question of whether or not supervisor fewer would like to vote on it tonight or not. >> president yee: supervisor fewer? >> so, it would be my preference to vote on it tonight. and if someone wants to send it to committee, supervisors peskin, if you are willing to hold a committee meeting next week, that would be fine. i think we can pass it tonight,
5:03 am
colleagues. i think we can pass it tonight and be in good conscience. tonight for all of our children. let's make a plan. >> president yee: thank you. so, we're going to vote on it tonight. have you withdrawn your motion, supervisor fewer? >> yes. >> ok. >> can i make a motion? >> i think supervisor peskin had a motion, which is to. >> i think he wants to call the vote on item 51. >> he was suggesting that someone else refer to a potential committee. >> he was saying if someone votes no, that immediately sends it to committee. >> correct.
5:04 am
>> roll call. >> clerk: this has to be unanimous vote. >> correct. >> i would like to make a motion to continue to january 5th. >> second. >> mr. president that months does take precedence. >> president yee: ok, there's been a motion made and seconded. roll call. [roll call vote] >> clerk: on the motion to send item 51 inform the january 5th y supervisor preston, seconded by who mr. president? >> president yee: mar. >> supervisor mar. [roll call vote]
5:05 am
>> there are four ayes and seven nos. >> president yee: so, i made the wrong vote, but i'm not going to recall it. the motion to continue to january 5th fails. >> can i make a motion? >> you can make a motion. >> i would like to move we amend the resolution with the amendments that were shared by
5:06 am
supervisor fewer earlier today. >> president yee. >> president yee: yes. >> i am not proposing those amendments because i have not and yet. >> i don't think they are ready. they are my amendments that i have passed around and i have not introduced and i received them and by text turnin during s meeting. >> i worked on in developing with parents and teachers and i presented them to supervisor fewer with the hopes that we would be able to consider those amendments today and.
5:07 am
>> uesf shared those to be clear. i also have share these with other people who are pushing back now on those amendments so that's why i said i would continue it. i would prefer just to pass it. if you, supervisor mar, supervisor peskin, if you want to do another resolution, you will see but i feel like we have momentum now and if we need to call it to committee we can have a meeting next week. i just think that as a board we should be able to come together and we should be able to pass something like this that is very simple and to just say, let's have a plan and the resolution says that we, sfusd worked with educators and work with parents and to create a plan, that's all it says. and to give us the list of resource that's you need to open. that's all it says.
5:08 am
excuse me, i have to correct supervisors. if you heard the public-health officer, the nurse, i mean the doctor, on friday's meeting it's not what scientists and doctors are saying. what you have said isn't what doctors and scientists are saying. they have done research. that wasn't our presentation on friday. supervisor haney and supervisor ronen they saw the same presentation. that's not true. it's not what our scientists, doctors and industrial hygienists are saying. they're saying something different. >> president yee: i just want to make sure that we know what we're talking about. there's been a motion to introduce amendments and a second i believe by supervisor
5:09 am
preston, is that correct? >> i have -- i would like to address it and then second it, yes. i'm on the roster. >> remind me never to share anything with anyone anymore because those of my amendments. >> president yee, first of all, i just want to state before i second this motion, this discussion is exactly why this causes me concern this is on awok that we are having a one hour discussion about this. i think supervisor mar and my preference it sounds like, was to be able to workout these amendments and continue them. if that's not the preference and we're forced to move forward with something, and i just want to push back on this repeated statement that all this does is
5:10 am
call for a plan, all this does is call for a plan, how can it be controversial. if all this did was call for a plan, our educators in the city and the many parents who have reached out wouldn't be concerned with it. last tuesday, a plan was presented to the school board that same day and this resolution was calling for specifically revision of the return to school plan so we're not just making a general statement, we're taking a policy position with regard to changing that plan and i think it's absolutely fair that parents are reaching out and that educators are reaching out not to oppose but to make what i think are friendly amendments are absolutely worthy of discussion and to my colleague who i agree with on many things, supervisor ronen, i'm not ashamed to create that space for that discussion to happen and my preference was to continue it, if that's not
5:11 am
possible and we need to address it the amendments that were circulated earlier will improve the resolution. i will second supervisor mar's motion. >> president yee: so there's a motion on the floor. supervisor fewer, i'm going to take a roll call and a motion. >> those are my amendments that i sent around. supervisor mar did not give me those amendments. i have september those to other people to have it vetted. i'm getting huge push back from it too. there's an opportunity to treat the language quite frankly. it's irritating because i actually think that we should vet on this today. we should just make a statement today for all the children that we represent. >> president yee: supervisor. thank you. >> yes, so, if they want to vote on the amendments that i feel are not ready to be voted on and
5:12 am
i think it's extremely disrespectful, what else can i expect here. i will say this, yes, i think if they want to have that vote then go ahead. >> president yee: supervisor. peskin. >> this is a procedural matter, it would appear there's not a unanimous vote. the chief sponsor does not want to take amendments. we do not have 11 members. this will not pass. i mean, that is clear and it would appear there's at least two members that won't vote for this. that sends it to committee. i would like to resuggest, colleagues, that this be sent to a committee of the whole which you mr. president can do in your soul and absolute authority and let us have this conversation
5:13 am
with the parents and the children and with everybody next tuesday. i am serious. i'm no longer messing with supervisor haney, i'm totally serious. >> president yee: i second it. this is for the 22nd, whoever can make it. roll call, please. i'm sorry, supervisor safai. >> as always, supervisor peskin, jumped in front of me and says things that i was about to say. i really do believe, given some of the debate that was here tonight, and because we don't have unanimity, i agree with what supervisor fewer and ronen said and i think the right thing to do is, as much as i didn't want to do it and as much as it
5:14 am
is -- it's an inconvenience but it's an inconvenience that is necessary for families and children. and i will have my two kids with me but i am ready to have this meeting next week. let's have this meeting. let's have this debate. and then i ask every single one of you that is ready to vote on this, let's get this done next week. what we're saying is, we're urging and asking for employee to have a plan. and if we need to get everyone in the room and have a real, real live open debate, we'll have parents, we'll have educators and everyone there and i feel for supervisor ronen and fewer and others that have sat through these meetings already. if that's about what it takes to get this resolution passed, i will be there and my kids will be sitting next to me. let's do this. i'm ready to have this special meeting next week. i would rather vote on it tonight with you supervisor
5:15 am
fewer. and i think and i had to say, respectfully, to two of these board members that have only been on this body for two years, you don't do that to a sponsoring supervisor. you don't try to take their amendment and usurp their legislation. it's disrespectful. respect people on this body. >> president yee: roll call. >> clerk: on the motion -- >> president yee: so the motion is to send it to the committee of the whole for next tuesday? >> the motion is to adopt it on the adoption without committee reference calender which requires unanimous vote and that is the first vote. >> point of order, supervisor peskin did you move to send it
5:16 am
to committee next week? >> that was withdrawn, supervisor preston, through the president. >> president yee: restate your motion. >> mr. president, first of all, before supervisor peskin speaks, the motion made by supervisor mar seconded by supervisor preston to make the amendments has been withdrawn. >> president yee: i'm sorry, did you withdrawal or not? >> i did not withdraw it yet. i'm just trying to understand the other motions. >> president yee: go ahead. >> i thought there was a motion to refer this to a committee of the whole next tuesday. >> president yee: let me clarify with you again supervisor peskin. what did i second? >> so, the first vote is to vote
5:17 am
on the adoption without committee reference calender that requires a unanimous vote. i stipulated that why believe there are 11 members of this body who are going to vote in the affirmative. if that -- >> don't speak for other members of the body. all due respect, i think you are speaking for other members of the body. >> through the president to supervisor preston, i do believe that two members of the this body made it clear that this would not be a unanimous vote. >> can that item be amended and still voted on? >> an item can be amended and it can be then voted on. >> you are assuming votes. >> i think i still have the floor respectfully.
5:18 am
listen, i understand the process. you can make an amendment supervisor mar or supervisor preston. the chief author supervisor fewer, has indicated that she's not interested in those amendments but we can go through that process so, ok, why due folks make an amendment and we'll vote on that amendment. if it passes we'll vote on it as amended and if it doesn't pass then we will vote on it which will require a unanimous vote in either event, and then if it does not pass i will make a motion to send it to committee of the whole next tuesday. >> president yee: roll call on the motion to amend. >> clerk: and everyone feels comfortable that supervisor mar has not articulated those amendments into the record? we're just going on the e-mail that was sent?
5:19 am
ok. on the motion to amend as stated by supervisor mar seconded by supervisor preston -- [roll call vote] >> clerk: there are two ayes and nine nos with supervisor peskin, ronen, haney and mandelman in the dissent. >> president yee: so, we'll get two non votes is the motion to
5:20 am
amend fails. now, next vote, i guess. it's on the item. go ahead, roll call, please. >> clerk: i will state of course you know this item has to be unanimous. if it's not it fails. it will be rescinded to bring it back to life. just so everyone knows. >> to a point of information, if it fails, it goes to committee, is that correct? >> clerk: no. you have to rescind the vote, bring it back to life and then make the motion to send it to committee. >> president yee: roll call on the item. >> supervisor walton, i'm sorry. >> out of respect for the
5:21 am
sponsor of the resolution understanding what it's about to happen, i will move to send this to committee. you are not going to win. i will move this to committee. >> i oppose that totally and absolutely. >> that's a single member's privilege to do so. >> it's to make the motion. he can make a motion. >> i believe i can send it to committee just by request. >> clerk: that's correct. >> i will do that. >> i will then make a motion to send it to a committee of the whole on december 22nd, and i would like the president to send that to a committee of the whole
5:22 am
on december 22nd. >> president yee: which i already seconded before and i will send it again. i should have just kept at it. >> clerk: through the president just a point of clarification to supervisor walton, supervisor, you have the privilege to send it to committee. are you -- >> i want the ability to send it to commi committee of the whole. >> you would send it to committee and the members would make the motion to send it to a committee of the whole if your fine with that. >> that works for me. >> can i have a point of information. >> president yee: yes. >> so, president yee, we're sending it to a committee of the whole at a board meeting that hasn't been set yet. you are committing to set it on this particular date?
5:23 am
>> president yee: yes. >> all right. so we'll have a emergency board meeting on december 22nd. >> we're calling it a special board meeting. >> a special board meeting. >> president yee: this one item. and if you would like to stick the other items that you want to talk about on the 29th, that would be fine too. >> ok. >> thank you. >> yeah. >> roll call, please. >> clerk: on the motion to send item 51 to a special board meeting on december 22nd, to a committee of the whole -- [roll call vote]
5:24 am
>> clerk: there are nine ayes and two nos with ronen and fewer in the dissent. >> president yee: the motion to send it to special meeting for this committee of the whole on the 22nd next week rather than, which is good, i'm glad we're going to do this versus the fifth. it will be sooner to get it over with. so, clarifications, madam clerk. in terms of that particular special meeting, for the 22nd, i can set the time?
5:25 am
>> clerk: yes, we with just make it at 2:00 p.m. unless you stated differently. >> president yee: i don't have to state it right now, do i? >> clerk: it's probably better to do so mr. president. as we're likely -- >> president yee: i don't want to have a debate on what time so let's keep it at 2:00 p.m. where are we? beer done with this item for now. thank you. >> clerk: that's correct. >> i just wanted to mention that i will work on those amendments and have them ready for the special committee member of the whole next week. >> president yee: you will have them? >> y. i will work on those amendments and i will have them ready by the committee of the whole next week. >> president yee: thank you, very much, supervisor fewer.
5:26 am
let's see. item 53, please. >> clerk: and mr. president, i will just say since all of that action that you just took just rendered supervisor mar's motion to amend moot. just so that we're clear on that. >> president yee: it doesn't matter. it was lost anyways. go ahead. >> clerk: read item 53 you said? >> president yee: yes. >> clerk: item 53 is a resolution to urge the california democratic party to amend its by-laws to allow participation in assembly district elections by non citizens who are ineligible to register with the california democratic party and have expressed an intent to register upon becoming eligible to do so. >> president yee: supervisor peskin, i believe. >> thank you, mr. president. oh my gosh, i promise this will
5:27 am
be less controversial than the last item but potentially as impactful and as you all know last week i introduced this resolution urging the california democratic party to amend thereba theirby-laws to run to s of the state democratic party and i asked you to join me for support for this resolution and
5:28 am
i support this resolution, thank you, mr. president. >> supervisor fewer. >> please add me as a co-spons co-sponsor. >> president yee: ok. and you can add me also. this is good, this is consistent to what the voters voted on in december for november. to a dow the same type of people non citizens to participate in our local commissions and other potential bodies in the city. so, thank you very much for bringing it forward. supervisor walton. >> thank you, president ye e and as a sponsor of prop c making sure which fought hard to allow everyone to serve on commissions and special committees i would
5:29 am
love to be added as a co-spons co-sponsor. roll call, please [roll call vote]
5:30 am
mar aye there are 11 ayes. >> president yee: this resolution is adopted. let's call item 55. >> clerk: item 55 is a motion to approve final map number 10-120a14 residential unit and one commercial unit mixed use condominium project at 824 hyde street to adopt the appropriate findings. >> president yee: supervisor peskin. >> thank you, mr. president and colleagues i do not want to over stay my welcome and i only wanted to officer this item to tell a very quick story and close the chapter on this
5:31 am
property and thinking i was freaking out there was an eviction history on this property but it was actually an empty lot but five years ago there was a proposal to build a boutique hotel here and the good folks from lower polk and today we are adopting the subdivision map on a 14-unit residential building at 824 hyde and god bless the neighborhood and they are always giving us trouble that we actually don't care enough about residential uses and this is the absolutely example of a neighborhood coming together and not going to have a hotel but 14 units of housing and a friend of my office has
5:32 am
moved into that and in 2017 the board of supervisors upheld an appeal rejecting the proposed non unit hotel and all the rest is history and thank you for your indulgence, colleagues. >> roll call, please. >> clerk: on item 55. [roll call vote]
5:33 am
>> there are 11 ayes. >> president yee: the motion is approved. let's go to imperative agenda. >> clerk: yes. offered by the president yee. we have a resolution urging congress and speaker pelosi to stand firm in supporting a stimulus package with funding for cities, counties and states. >> president yee: ok. >> we have a item with two separate findings before unanimous and they have a
5:34 am
serious injury of finding and failure to approve the motion and meeting the standards of the sunshine ordinance. >> so moved. >> seconded by. >> walter. >> roll call, please. or discussion. >> roll call, please. >> mr. president, do you want to make both motions at the same time. brown act and sunshine findings. >> let's do that. thank you, very much. >> for the brown act finding, is there a motion that finds that the need to take action came to the attention of the board after the agenda is posted and thus the motion meets the standards of the brown act. that could have a motion. by supervisor mandelman. >> second.second by walton. >> ok.
5:35 am
great. >> on the sunshine and brown act findings, supervisor peskin. [roll call vote] >> there are 11 ayes. >> president yee: ok. so, without objection the findings are -- >> yes. >> the findings are unanimous. >> clerk: findings adopted. >> president yee: adopted.
5:36 am
>> clerk: unanimously is fine. >> president yee: before we take a vote on this imperative resolution this will leads us up to public comment. madam clerk, are there any -- anybody from the public that would like to mack a comment? >> operations, do we hav operata caller in the queue to speak to this imperative item. >> we have no callers. >> ok, thank you. mr. president, no callers. >> seeing no speakers, public comment is now closed. now on the substance of the imperative resolution itself. a roll call vote. madam clerk. >> on the imperative. >> it must be unanimous. >> on the imperative resolution, supervisor receipt tin -- [roll
5:37 am
call vote] there are 11 ayes. >> president yee: without objection this resolution is adopted. madam clerk, please read the memoriams. >> clerk: today's meeting will be adjourned in memory of the following beloved individuals on behalf of supervisor peskin, for the late mr. stephen k lee and
5:38 am
mrs. on behalf of supervisor preston and supervisor peskin for the late mr. joe pekora for the late mrs. carla gianni and on behalf of the the entire board of supervisors, for the late ms. dorthy lee. >> that brings us to the end of our agenda. is there any further before us today? >> that concludes our business for today. >> as there is no further business, we are adjourned. and fift a reminder we will hava special meeting next tuesday. to let you know what is on there. there might be more than one thing. ok, thank you. good night.
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>> so how does that money get raised? >> it's raised through -- our partner organizations, through philanthropy, just donations, also the parks alliance through their yearly sort of parties. they raise additional dollars that's contributed towards this fund. >> okay. thank you. >> sure. >> i have to say this is my favorite, favorite bond to listen to, because i have 1-year-old and a 4-year-old who have a lot of energy. so this is really important to me. >> yes. >> and i visit a lot of these playgrounds as a child.
7:36 am
i didn't see the diamond heights construction project on here. but that must be under a different category. but i think that this is a really important bond for the whole city. >> yes, it is. >> yeah. i'd like to learn more about this and i think we should -- where is the diamond heights playground. is that in a different project category? >> so the diamond heights in this list. as you would know, we have just for big picture. we usually have more sort of need than we have resources. >> sure. >> and we'll take you through a community process. to sort of help identify the needs and ensure that we are equitably sort of spend the monies all around the city, as
7:37 am
appropriate. >> great. >> some of the criteria could be if a particular area has, you know, two out of three playground in decent shape, it's important that we also -- we look at areas that do not have any playgrounds that are, you know, functional. so there's a huge sort of thought process that we go through to decide projects that would be eligible for improvements. >> okay. do we want to -- do we have any other questions from any other members? should we move to public comment? >> clerk: chair mchugh, this is peg stephenson. i wanted to augment what folks have said. if people are not aware, the parks alliance serves as fiscal sponsor for many small organizations across the city,
7:38 am
where there is neighborhood fundraising or other philanthropy going on, that's focused on a particular area or a project. so that's one of the ways they work, just to let people know that. thanks. >> yeah. thank you. i know it gets complicated to try and filter what the bond money is going towards paneled what money from other groups like the parks alliance or the poor or other city -- port or other city funds and try and figure out -- where our money is being spent and just to make sure it's being spent how the voters approved. when it's kind of mixed into the same pot of a lot of other funding sources, is that correct? >> yes. yes. that's a good way to say it. >> what happened in that situation when, you know, if our goal today is to monitor the bond funds? are all of those funds kind of mixed together and do we need to look at the whole picture? or are they all kept separate to
7:39 am
supplement what the bond money is being set aside for? >> feel free to opine on this. the way we look at it is your purview is to the funds that's allocated through the bond. but i also think it's a win-win for us. if we're able to sort of leverage those bond monies and raising additional monies to be able to achieve improvements at our parks. we're very sort of prudent in the way we spend these monies. we're accountable to society and other project stakeholders in how we're spending those moneys. antonio, did you want to say anything? >> i do, toks.
7:40 am
so cbog is focused on the 2008 and 2012 parks bond. we present the information part of the those bonds, but supplemented by a variety of sources, general fund, open space, partnerships with the san francisco parks alliance, state grant funding. and also development fees. and so all of those sources go into these projects. so toks has mentioned margaret hayward, which included funding from a variety of sources, specifically for the parks alliance. as part of the $15 million -- the planned $15 million fundraising campaign for the let's play s.f. program and $15.5 million of bond meeting, plus the goal was $15 million of private fundraising, we track all of those sources, both in our accounting system and the parks alliance also has tracking
7:41 am
mechanisms. and we work together to ensure that those pledges, to a specific park, must go to a specific park. so everything is -- everything is tracked as part of our city -- we have a city grant process, where the funds have to go to a specific park. and the parks alliance is tracking that. and i think in general, when you're talking about mixing funds, we do report it on gbox. we have a bond versus actual, as well as other sources. and there's also a revenue page, which shows it's somewhat high-level grants general fees, general fund open space. it doesn't go into how many specific grants went to a specific project. we're happy to provide any information you might need to really examine these projects.
7:42 am
we definitely track things because we're legally required to. >> yeah. and on all of those projects, we have an accept and expand provision, that is approved by the rec and park commission, that allows us to take these funds and spend it accordingly also. >> yeah. that all makes sense. i mean, when we're talking about parks and playgrounds for kids and partners and philanthropy, it's all good. i guess what i just want to have clarity on and make sure that i understand is from the cgoboc perspective, when i take my kids to the park, i know this is the amount of bond money that was set aside, allocated just for this playground. and the voters anticipated sli slides, swings and trees.
7:43 am
and everything else, which is a bonus and great, came from somewhere else. then we don't really need to look at that. but i -- that's what makes these bonds complicated sometimes, as you need to kind of understand all of different parties involved and how they cross over or do not cross over. >> sure. thank you. >> that was my only question. i think you answered it. thank you. love that the playgrounds are open again. [laughter] that was great. >> yes. us, too. in the context of covid, we're realizing the importance that parks play for mental health and keeping families in the city. >> yes. very important. okay. thank you. do we have any other questions
7:44 am
from any other committee members? going once, going twice. should we move to public comment. >> clerk: members of the public who wish to provide public comment on this item, should call (415)655-0001, access code 146 921 9782. then pound and then pound again. if you haven't already done so, please dial star 3 to line up to speak. a system prompt will indicate you have raised your hand. please wait until the system indicates you have been unmuted and you may begin your comment. please note you have three minutes. checking the attend elicit now. just going to give them another few seconds to see if they have any hands raised. there are no hands raised. no public comment. would you like me to move on to
7:45 am
item number 7. >> yes, please. >> clerk: presentation from the city service auditor regarding the whistleblower program, liaison report on the whistleblower program and possible action by the committee in response to such presentation and report. steve, i'm going to go ahead and pass you the presentation role. >> great. good morning, everyone. can you hear me? great. and i'll wait until the team -- i think -- okay. the presentation is up. , go, committee member -- good morning, committee members. i'm mark dela rosa, acting director of city services auditor i'm joined today by daven tsendavejensen.
7:46 am
he'll be presenting on the key whistleblower activities and updates, with a focus on the annual report that we issued back in september for the fiscal year '19-'20. some of you probably also know that we just recently issued this morning our quarter 1 fy2 fy20-21 whistleblower update, which covers july through september. we will be reporting on that on a future session. but today we will focus on the annual report for last fiscal year. before i turn it over to dave for the presentation, just wanted to say thank you to this committee, in particular liaisons chair mchugh and member mills for your continued support and leadership and mother teresa wit--meeting with. without further adieu, i'll turn it over to dave jensen.
7:47 am
>> great. thank you, mark. googoodgood morning, commission. i want to echo mark's thanks to chair mchugh and member mills, who we last met with on the 7th of december. we value your partnership with us very much. right. we'll start with the first slide today. this is just a little bit of background for some of you who may or may not be more familiar with the whistleblower program. the authority for the program investigations is derived from both state and city audits. california government code section 03087. main a whistleblower program regarding it allegations of fraud or waste by local government employees. san francisco campaign and government code article 4 directs the controller to administer the program and investigate whistleblower complaints, which we refer to as
7:48 am
reports. san francisco charter appendix f. that the controller deems necessary to complete the inquiries and reviews by appendix f. it makes confidential our preliminary reports, drafts, studies, audits, investigation with very few exceptions as well. we would want to know note that the campaign was amended in 2008, with the changes going into effect last year. these changes expanded whistleblower protections to include contractors and place new retaliation reporting obligations on city employees. on to the next slide. for the chart, the whistleblower program is charged with investigating or otherwise resolving the misuse of city funds, improper activities by city officers and employees. deficiencies in the quality and delivery of government services, and the waitful and inefficient government practices.
7:49 am
next slide. also per the charter, not all reports received are to be vice president-elected by the program. the charter mandates that whistleblower refer reports back to other city departments as required, by federal, state or local law to adjudicate. complaints that may be resolved through a grief mechanism established by a bargaining unit or a contract. any allegations that involve violations of criminal law. any allegations that are subject to an existing investigation. and allegations suggesting violations of governmental ethics laws. next slide. the whistleblower staff has changed a bit, since we last presented before the committee. yours truly being one of the bigger changes temperature steve has moved on to another role within the city. and i became acting lead audit
7:50 am
manager for the program. tiffany wong is the acting audit manager for the program. so our deputy. also working whistleblower complaints and reports that we receive are eryl karr steve munoz, matthew thomas, william zhou and majeedah wesley. we'll go on to a review of some of our program activities for fiscal year 19-20. the fiscal year year 19-20, they received 599 new reports, which is a 19% increase from the previous fiscal year. whistleblower program has received more reports each fiscal year since year 12-13. there are several factors that can influence the volume of reports we received allege we do not attribute the volume of reports to any one specific factor. some of those factors that affect report volume can include how the whistleblower program is being publicized. the internal organizational culture of an agency or department. there are also some external
7:51 am
factors, up as is the -- such as the economy and the current covid-19 pandemic. there is greater awareness of the hotline, or that city managers are setting the proper tone to staff and reinforcing internal reporting mechanisms, including the whistleblower program. just as a quick aside, we did release our report for fiscal year 20-21 today. just for your among, we received 142 reports in the first quarter of this year. that report is now live on our website for anybody to take a look at. next slide, please. in fiscal year 19-20, we started with 91 open complaint reports. during the year, we received 599 reports, and closed a hundred 85. so we began fiscal year 20-21 is
7:52 am
with 105 open reports and currently 96 open reports. next slide. the majority of the reports we receive are through our online web forum. the program uses multiple intake channels to ensure the program is readily accessible and available to them -- in a manner in which they're comfortable. regarding of the reporting channel used. every report is assigned a unique tracking number and can be resolved as efficiently and effectively as possible. next slide. the whistleblower program closed those 585 reports in fiscal year 19-20 and did so in an average of 64 days. the program closed 464 or 79% of those 585 reports within 90 days of receipt. merely achieving its goal to close at least 80% of all reports within 90 days.
7:53 am
the whistleblower program recognizes that if reports are not resolved in a timely manner, reporters may include their allegations are not being taken seriously. now there are a number of factors that can include a report closure time. some of those factors include the complexity of the report's allegations, the number of allegations made in the report, the availability of corroborating witnesses and/or evidence and also the availability of city employees to work from home during the pandemic, to resolve these complaints. next slide. the 585 reports closed, over half, 318, or 54%, reached closure after an investigation. the investigation includes research for other preliminary information developed in determining whether a full investigation is warranted or possible. whistleblower program staff leads certain investigations, whereas others may be referred to another city department involved in the allegation or with jurisdictional oversight.
7:54 am
coordinating with other departments, leverages the expertise of all involved and utilizes resources efficiently to ensure allegations are resolved in a very timely manner. management associated with the report must respond to the whistleblower program on any actions taken in response to the allegations. each one of these responses is reviewed by a program staff before we consider it case closed. next slide. the chart summarizes the disposition of closed cases, dating back to fiscal year '16-17. not all reports are appropriate for the whistleblower investigation. having the whistleblower program is the city's central end point, -- central point for initial report intake, ensures that risk trends are identified promptly. so that the management can begin to address them. next slide.
7:55 am
of the 318 reports closed, after investigation in fiscal year 19-20, 166 them were 33%, resulted in a department taking a corrective or preventative action. the whistleblower's program to substantiate allegations -- to that end, the whistleblower program increased its efforts to educate employees by issuing bulletins about costly and common occupational frauds. the program has issued bull tips -- bulletins on supply chain fraud, federal activities, overtime abuse, and mischaracterized expenses. next slide. this year we also established a public integrity tip line, in response to the federal criminal charges filed against former director of san francisco public
7:56 am
works nuru. the controller and the city attorney began a joint public corruption investigation and created a public integrity tip line to gather information related to the ongoing investigations. the tip line received information via a dedicated phone number and email address and operated by whistleblower program staff. through the end of the first quarter, the tip line has received 60 tips. these tips are carefully reviewed to determine whether the information could be used for the joint public corruption investigation or if those tips are more appropriately investigated by another governmental agency. next slide. some of our completed initiatives for fiscal year 19-20 included closing out 89% of the 585 reports closed, within 90 days of their receipt. we did issue four quarterly reports on the status of the program activities.
7:57 am
we presented two webinars, well attended by members of the oversight and accountability community all across north america and even beyond. one in november of 2019 on guarding credibility and the second in june of 2020, using root cause analysis to enhance your antifraud and ethics process. we have continued our efforts to ensure best-in-class program by sharing our knowledge rhea these webinars, but also by facilitating some of the group sessions on leadership at the audit forum held in sacramento in october of last year. next slide. wanted to share with you our fiscal year 20-21 initiatives. for investigations, aiming to close out # 5% of whistleblower cases within 90 days. we plan on issuing quarterly reports on the status of the program. and we just issued the q1 report
7:58 am
earlier this morning. some of our ongoing efforts to ensure a best-in-class program, we're currently in the process of updating our 8-year-old case management system. it will refresh our intake system and include input from a web accessibility coordinator to ensure it's available to all who wish to use it. it will streamline and report out data, resulting in more in-depth information to include in our quarterly reportings. we're deep into beta testing for the new system and plan to push it live in early 2021. on november 10th, the whistleblower program staff hosted its annual department liaison training on the topic of conducting investigations roomed row me -- remotely. thank you for attending. whistleblower program maintains a robust staff training program to learn about leading practices
7:59 am
and fraud operations, and investigative procedures. last year -- last week we did three separate hours of training. so it's something that we take very seriously. additionally, program staff was recently asked to present a quarterly reports on the other operational practices at the ethics commission meeting, hold on november 13th. we'll continue our webinars this year. the first one will be held on january 7th on effective investigative report writing. and we have yet to schedule the second one. but if you would be interested in joining us for that session on the 27th, please do get in touch with us. you can find -- next slide. you can find the best way to get in touch with mark and myself on that last slide there. thank you. it's been a pleasure to present this information to you. i look forward to answer any questions that you might have.
8:00 am
>> do you want to take questions report or do the liaison report? >> i have a quick yes, if you don't mind. >> sure. >> so thank you for this. this speaks to the confined -- this is stuff that i'm near and dear to. i was wondering i know it's really hard to do with stuff like this. but in terms of like the dispositions, definitely saw that you had, you know, goals when it comes to close rates. did you have any sort of similar goals with dispositions? or are you, you know, is that kind of still up in the air? i know it's been going on for several years now. it can be hard to set kind of an expected -- we're going to close out "x" with this disposition of, you know, investigated, with this kind of stuff. st