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tv   Mayors Press Availability  SFGTV  December 28, 2020 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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>> with regard to section one zero one findings and that appears to be it. thank you. colleagues i would like to make a motion to set forth the amendments that i just mentioned. on that madam clerk. a roll call please. >> on the mowing a the motion a. >> (roll call). >> i'd like to make a motion to send item as a commit report for hearing tomorrow december 15th on that motion a roll call please. >> (roll call).
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>> before we adjourn i want to thank my colleagues again and thank the clerk of this panel for an incredible service during a tough year and we are adjourned for 2020. >> thank you.
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>> good morning, welcome to the december 14th, 2020 meeting of the rules committee. i'm chair of the committee with me on the video conference are rules' committee vice-chair supervisor catherine stefani and rules committee member supervisor mar. our clerk today is victor young and i'd like to thank sfgov for staffing this committee. >> due to covid-19 health emergency and protect members members to the employees and the public the legislative chamber room are closed however members will be participating in the meeting remotely and they will participate if they were present. public comment will be available on each item on this agenda both channel 26 and sfgovtv are teaminstreaming the numbers acre
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screen. call (415)655-0001. and again that's (415)655-0001. the meeting i.d. 146 961 6060 and press pound and pound again. the item of center comes up, it will be added to the speaker line and best practices to call from a private location and speak slowly and turn down your television or radio. you may submit public comments via e-mail to myself, the rules committee clerk at it will be forwarded and
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included in the file. that completes my public comment. >> thank you so much mr. clerk. can you please read item number one. >> clerk: yes. the california department of public-health to prioritize california public school educators for phase 1 covid-19 vaccine access and i believe there's a request on this item. >> thank you so much, mr. clerk. and this is an item i'm bringing forward. colleagues, this could not come at a more important moment and this resolution urges governor newsome to prioritize public educators for phase 1 vaccine access. in the early stages of the pandemic, san francisco and other counties across the state required the closure of schools to slow the spread of
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coronavirus in the community. school districts and educators across this states stepped up and adapted to the changes of school close your by shifting towards online distance learning at a scale that had never been attempted before. even with innovative distance learning measures in place the covid-19 school disruptions have had an adverse effect on k-12 learning and especially among low income students and students of color. the on going school closures have substantially cut students' learning time, limited the ability of educators to provide their levels of support, and diminished opportunities for students to develop their social and emotional skills, and increased rates of anxiety, depression, obesity and other serious health conditions amongst students. the disproportionate health and economic effects of covid-19 on black, latino and asian and native american families with
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higher rates of job loss and covid-19 infection have only exacerbated the educational challenges and learning gaps that students of color have had to endure during this crisis. while schools have been closed for nine months now, state officials have failed to prioritize enough resources to support schools safely reopening as part of the state's covid-19 recovery efforts and many school districts remain closed with no clear time lines or commitments to reopening in the near future. if we condition act now to resolve these dangerous disruptions to our public education system, the deep learning deficits caused by school closures could have and will have lasting impacts on our students in the form of behavioral and academic challenges, grade repetition and increases rates of school truancy, suspension, expel sun and drop outs overtime. i have spoken to countless public school families in my district and -- they are
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literally seeing their children fall through the cracks right in front of their eyes and they are desperate to have their kids return to school. i have also spoken with many educators who are willing to return as long as there are health and safety protocols put in place at their school sites. california state health officials are developing a phased distribution plan in partnership with the u.s. interest for disease control that will determine which segments of the population and which classes of the essential workers will be prioritized for receiving the vaccine first. it is still unclear where educators will fall in this state's priority ranking which will be decided over the coming weeks. providing vaccines to all school site personnel, including teachers, para educators, nurses, councilors, janitors,
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and other support staff will be critical to our abilities to safely reopen schools as soon as possible and get our students, families and our society back on track. this resolution urges the governor, the california of public-health and all other state health officials to prioritize the school system by providing teachers and school support staff with vaccines immediately so we can safely reopen schools and get students back into the classroom. it also calls on state officials to subsidize the cost of vaccines for educators and school support staff to ensure equitable and timely access to these vaccines. education is the corner stone of our democracy and at a time when our testimon democratic institue under attack we will protect the integrity of public schools ensuring they're well resources and equipped to overcome the current and future challenges
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presented them by the on going public-health crisis. we owe it to our students. it's time for governor newsome to prioritize public education in a real substantial way for the first time during this public-health crisis. i want to thank a couple of individuals who have been instrumental in drafting and working with us to put forward this resolution. including susan solomon, and annabella from uesf, who have worked on this with us this morning and there was an article in the chronicle that shows california teachers association at the state level is pushing for a similar before i turn it
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over to supervisor mar, say that i i will make a motion a few amendment to the resolution and on page one, line 22, and adding whereas, for decades, california public schools have struggled with systemic under-funding by the state and resulting in one of the lowest spending rates relative to 3, lino cross out the word professionals or that's line 10 and replace it with para educators, librarians, councilors and nurses and then online 12, adding the language where proper testing contact tracing and ppp and antation protocols is another important measure for preventing school-based outbreaks and
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protecting students, families and educators alike. there's a couple more on page 5. line 1, we wanted to add that we agree with the governor and initial and public school educators be next in line and add it would go additional clauses page 5 starting line 9 for the result the san francisco board of supervisors urges governor to increase state investments in public schools over the coming years and to support the recovery in resilience of california public education system and be further resolved the san fan will support and resources to the san francisco unified school districts to ensure a layered covid-19 prevention plan own
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site testing, ventilation, filtration and indoor air quality and small and stable student cohorts to prevent the risk of outbreaks and well cordoned vaccination efforts that provide easy access to vaccines if they're available, such as school-based vaccination sites. with that, colleagues, i hope to have your support and next is supervisor mar. >> thank you. i want to thank you and united educators of san francisco and the parents that have been advocating so strongly and as a parent, public school parent myself and someone who represents a district with a very large preportion of families with children, our public schools, i absolutely
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agree about the urgency of this resolution and for us in our city and state to safely reopen our schools since possible and i know stefani, heard continue to hear from parents in my district and families about the great challenges that this distance learning has presented for them and we certainly face that in our family and how it's also really exacerbated inequity in our education system so, i think this resolution and really urging the state to prioritize teachers and other public schools employees for the vaccination is such an important step we can take to support savory openinsafereopening of o.
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i would be like to added as a co-sponsor. >> thank you so much to supervisor mar. i appreciate that. i really wanted give a special thanks to my legislative aide, paul monta. we have been spending our time and days investigating how the city and county can help the school district open up at a safe and faster rate. just watching the kids suffer and our district has been really, really challenging for all of us. so, paul, thank you for your tremendous nonstop work on this issue and i appreciate you. with that if we can open this item up for public comment.
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>> clerk: members should call (415)655-0001 and the meet, i.d. is 146 961 6060 and press pound and pound again. if you haven't done so dial star 3 to lineup to speak and the you have been unmuted and you may begin your comment and do we have any members of the public who are public comment today? >> yes, we have three callers in the queue. >> hello. >> hi,. >> please, proceed. >> my name isn't vet and eye public school parent and the distance and it's a parent
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collected that seeks and advocates for equitable solutions for san francisco public school and i'm commenting in support of the resolution. i want to read a statement for our members who cannot take the time off to all the in this morning. i'm a childcare providers in die view and they have a hard time with distance learning and they're displaying anger and losing interest and showing difficulty learning and sometimes they cannot tell what you they did in class because they've lost interest in learning and cannot focus anymore. they are bored and it could be an i remember stated and -- other childcare providers and mind self have been open since
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june and this is from me and commenting again on behalf of the parents in our district. we urge governor newsom to prioritize and bring students to the class where they learn and thank you. >> a act parent leader and i'm here this morning to share our parent support for the city's educators to be prioritized as essential workers for the covid-19 vaccine so they may feel safe and be safe as they return to the classroom for in-person learning and some will chose distance learning many of our hard-working families in san francisco and across our state are desperate to return to
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school and they're losing income as they stay at home to assist with learning and they're struggling with their own insomnia and they suffer of isolation and our low income students are impacted. many of our english language learner are failing tests that determine their academic future. they feel unprepared because many don't have a quiet space or fluency with technology. equity in our state public school system cannot be optional it's essential and so our our teachers. we must have a commitment to educate our children by prioritizing them for vaccinations so they can return to our schools. providing vaccines to all school-site personnel including
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teachers, parents, janitor and support staff will be key to reopening our schools safely and efficiently. thank you. >> caller: good morning, supervisors and thank you for allowing public comment. my name is seth and i'm a proud parent of a fourth grader in the san francisco unified school district at the amazing glen park school. i am also a member of decreasing the distance. most, although not all of san francisco schoolchildren are suffering through distance learning. despite principals and teachers and parents heroic efforts to try and provide emergency pandemic learning, away from classrooms and school buildings. our kids need to be back in school. with numerous studies describing and documenting the short and long-term hair that prolonged distance learning is bee falling our children.
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teachers and staff and children and families the number of children that would be allowed to go back to classroom are too few and too long delayed. providing early access to vaccines to teachers and staff bo accelerate our professionals and being able to feel safe about returning to inperson teaching and could hasten the return of thousands of schoolchildren back to schools. where they can thrive again in the company of their teachers and peers. providing early access to vaccines to public schoolteachers and staff, is also simply the right thing to do. school is essential. teachers and principles and staff members and para professionals are essential workers. they deserve to be prioritized in a society that values equitable access to education, and values the essential work of educating and taking care of our children. furthermore, providing vaccines
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to our essential school workers as early as possible in the vaccine distribution process. woods sent a powerful signal to children that they themselves are essential and that their needs are being centered and prioritized by our society and by our leaders. we can do no less. send a strong message to governor newsom and california stakeholders. >> do we have additional callers? this is seth, i was just giving comment. >> your two minutes has expired. public comment is two minutes
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long. are there any other members of the public for public comment at this time? >> and i want to first acknowledge and really thank supervisor ronen for her leadership on this issue censuring that all workers that work a -- toget the vaccine andn
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into consideration rather than just saying schools are made up of teachers and students and i really want to acknowledge that schools are made of an echo system and more than just teachers and students and it is so important to ensure that as we get the vaccines that this vaccines are offered to all workers at a school site. more importantly, i want to say yes we need to ensure educators are some of the first workers to get the vaccine for others who are essential to the function of our society and i want to make sure the vaccines is the first steps in keeping our environment school site safe and extra and i want to acknowledge and hilary and acknowledge and essential of
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making sure and -- madam chair, that completes the queue.
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thank you for doing our very best to get us back in our beloved school communities as soon as possible. i would like to make a motion to amend the resolution as i stated earlier and if we can have a roll call. >> clerk: on motion to amend -- >> supervisor stefani. >> aye. >> supervisor mar. >> aye. >> chair ronen. >> aye. >> if i could make a motion to send the amended motion forward with positive recommendations as a committee report. >> the motion to recommend the matter as amended as a committee report, supervisor stefani. >> aye. >> mar. >> aye.
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>> and you can read item number 2. >> a pointing two members, terms ending november 19th, 2022 to the advisory committee and we have two seats two applicants. >> thank you so much. so, we have mark branch that you are and and to say and seat nine and are you here and would you like to present to the committee. >> fantastic, please. let us know your interest and experience relevant to this committee. >> ok. well, i've been bicycle mechanic for, gosh, eight years. not working right now though.
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i used to race bicycles. i was on the national team for four years and late '70s, early '80s pre covid and i'm particularly interested these days in the -- i've been on the committee for a few years. i'm particularly interested in some of the things happening with the ai technology as it pertains to the things that will be happening on the roads because their algorithms being programmed they're going to process the trolley program. when a vehicle cannot avoid a collision, there's programs and it is there was a and the
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bicycles advisory was aware of this stuff. essentially what i'm interested is conversations about equity and so there's a permit that is approved as i understand it for ai technology on the streets of san francisco so it's something i'm working with my supervisor office to understand better and to bring to the committee.
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so, essentially my interest in that is just to make sure that we address issues of equity. just in a nutshell, there's a article that was written and called the moral there are no good options and it turns out that this ai technology in a car can determine age, race and gender of individuals and in the course of this article it describes how there have been conversations about who -- how do you distribute harm? i just want that to be done he can witt plea and it should be done -- whatever those algorisms
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are there should be ways for the public to speak to that. and so i'm vehicle itsed to get thagoing to get thatgoing. if anyone has appreciate being a part of this and thank you. >> thank you so much. it looks like you have your biggest proponent in your house right next to you.