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tv   Mayors Press Availability  SFGTV  March 15, 2021 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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and feel the work we have done paves the way for us to continue to do that. that's going to end my slides and i will turn it over to the office of economic and workforce development. thank you. >> thank you. good afternoon, thank you for having me, supervisor, and safai for attending our careers and tech expo just before the pandemic. my name is orion willis, tech sf. economic and workforce development provides access to free tech training and job placement services for locals. highlighted earlier in the presentation, the local digital divide is highly correlated to economic divides in our community. while tech assess and the entire portfolio workforce program funded by oewd, do not have specific strategies for bridging the digital divide. the programs do specifically provide low income job seekers
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with opportunities to upskill and access a higher standard of living, includes being able to afford high speed internet and tech devices. additionally, a majority of our job centers provide access to computers and internet services, and the resources help level the playing field by breaking down certain digital barriers. the department has work in collaboration with san francisco digital equity initiative, as well as the committee on information technology, to leverage existing city programs as a means to provide additional technology and job training resources for locals. next slide, please. to drill down on one specific workforce program, i will highlight tech sf assessments and how they increase our collective digital capacity. tech sf, from on ramp
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programming to apprenticeship opportunities. our programming incorporates work-based learning, stackable credential, for the competitive industry. a snapshot of some recent investments. in the current program year, invested 1.6 million across nine local tech training programs allows san franciscans to access technology and tech training. from basic digital literacy to apprenticeships. invested $584,000 into programs and outreach and neighborhoods with low internet access rates, including the southeast sector of san francisco. overall, tech sf investment will provide services and resources for more than 600 locals. here a couple of outcomes i
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would like to highlight as well. since 2012, tech sf has supported more than 3,000 local job seekers metriculate to tech jobs, and students placed in employment, earn $28 an hour, $5.8 million in wages going back to the community for every 100 students who attain employment. on average, spend about $3,000 training the students. next slide, please. here a couple highlights of oewd work supporting small businesses. oewd is working with neighborhood economic development partners under existing grants to support small businesses building their online presence, including marketing and the sale of their products. collaboration with facebook career connections program, the h.s.a. jobs now initiative and oewd, a program will train 50 san franciscans in digital
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marketing and employment opportunities at 50 local small businesses. intention of this pilot is to support the businesses recover from the pandemic by boosting their online presence and helping them generate enough revenue to employ the digital marketers when the wage subsidies expire. we have launched to support businesses and job seekers negatively impacted by covid. moving forward, oewd will increase recovery efforts that focus on building the technical capacity of businesses online. existing and future services, provided by oewd invest in neighborhoods division, facilitated through commercial districtses across the city. our neighborhood partners have been providing one-on-one workshops and training online presence in digital literacy, as well as workshops and guidance in navigating grant and loan applications that support
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business sustainability. supported the communities for generations. and with that, that concludes my part of this presentation. thank you very much on behalf of oewd for addressing this challenge. >> this is linda jarel, some summary slides for looking ahead. as we look ahead, this work has been described, the services the departments provide have been clearly outlined and i think it's a wide variety that adds value to the community. and so in summary, the departments have all presented their good work and effort on digital equity with a wide variety of services. this results, the results and outcomes will be new economic opportunities, access and education for unserved residents. the pandemic has highlighted the
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incredible need and importance of internet service and the economic recovery task force included digital equity recommendations and the initiative, ensuring affordable connectivity and internet service, distributing computers and devices to vulnerable populations, building capacity of new users, small business and nonprofits. what is exciting is that many of these, all of these initiatives have current action and work underway. installing fiber now based on priorities set by mohcd, working to feed and understand how we can deploy fiber more efficiently with d.p.w. chinatown, wi-fi project service to the s.r.o.s. looking at federal and state programs to offer grants and
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funding to our efforts. we are drafting standards and a business plan for procurement and distribution of devices, and a very exciting initiative, office of civic innovation is working with oewd on an e-commerce implementation for small businesses, play book will help our small businesses go virtual during the pandemic and after. so the next step looking forward is the history and report on strategy, planning costs and schedule for closing the digital divide, and that is scheduled for june as well as we will continue to explore federal funding opportunities. thank you, supervisor safai, chair mar, and the public safety
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and neighborhood services commission for consideration and help on this essential work. i'm sure all of us will be happy to take questions. >> thank you, linda. i think we are -- for the most part i'm just going to make a few -- i know this was a lot of presenters, however, in order to address the digital divide, we had to see what we are doing as a city to tackle this issue. today i think we have made, a clear picture what each department is doing to address the digital divide, and it's our job, my job as a legislator to find areas to speed up the efforts, working with linda and the team and others in the city that have laid tremendous ground work already today. again, the digital -- we are just really looking to gather information in the first presentation.
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and we are not trying to reinvent the wheel. i plan to work collaboratively with the city department and the director to create buy-in for what i think will be a successful opportunity for our city to achieve really closing the digital divide. now we really have to focus on what that substantial impact will be, so really want to thank linda and her team for working on my request to put together this review of this effort over the past 20 years. so, really want to give you a strong shout out, linda, to you and your team and the different departments that participated today. so, miss chair, if it's ok with you, i would like to make a few amendments to the resolution that i have. >> sure. supervisor safai, i would just maybe like to offer some remarks before you do that. >> sure, absolutely. please do. >> first of all, i want to thank
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you for calling for this very comprehensive and informative hearing and also to thank all the presenters for sharing an overview to your organization and agency's work to close the digital divide, foster digital equity, and respond to the new challenges over the past year during the pandemic. i really appreciate the work, all the work that went into creating the five-year digital equity strategic plan. so thank you to mayor breed and director shaw for your work and leadership on that, and also the recommendations on digital equity from the economic recovery task force, that are now the basis of the resolution to appreciate all that work. and these issues are incredibly important and especially now as the shift to more online work
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and school and life was accelerated by the pandemic, and i think these issues are really evolving, continue to evolve with the technology, evolving and so this is a very long but very important and informative hearing. so, thank you. >> thank you, mr. chair. any other colleagues like to say anything? i don't want to cut anybody off. i have 1 or 2 more words and if we could do the amendments. obviously if there's anyone from the public that wanted to comment. >> yeah. >> supervisor safai, maybe you could introduce your amendments right now. >> great, i'll do that. and before i do that, i wanted to add to my remarks, appreciate the private sector and employers and companies that participated and provided their information and offered up some good constructive criticism, we take
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those to heart, to look at that with linda and her team in the city and facilitate that. we don't want to be the roadblock to the digital divide here, so i take those comments seriously and appreciate the presenters today and what they are doing on behalf of helping the community and we are going to try and push some more to participate in the good partners and continuing to help bridge that divide as well. so, with that said, mr. chair, i have a few amendments that i wanted to read into the record. none of these are substantive changes, just some clerical edits i'm making to insure the language is concise and meeting the objectives of the october 2020 task force set forth in section 5. amend the short title, urging the i am -- implementation, and
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digital divide and we did email these to all of you. also i have an, like to amend the long title to say resolution urging the implementation of three recommendations, october 2020 economic recovery task force report that the city, 1, high quality computers to vulnerable populations, two, bridge the digital divide with affordable connectivity and 3, build the technology capacity of new users, small businesses and nonprofits, and urging the department of technology to review the city's efforts over the past 20 years to close the digital divide and provide the board with the cost for the three recommendations. and page 1, line 14, sfdt, please delete sf and should read dt in parenthesis.
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line 15, office of digital equity, and page 2, lines 7 and 8 as well. page 2, line fives, delete sros and replace, permanent housing sites. and add with moacd serving. and page 2, line 10, after city-wide, including by tell -- telephone. and resolve the board of supervisors at the city and county san francisco, recommend 5.4, 5.5, 5.6 of the october 2020 task force report and the board of supervisors urges the department of technology to provide the board by june 1, 2021, with a written estimate of the cost
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implementing recommendations in sections 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, and further resolve the board of supervisors urges the department of technology to provide by the board by june 1, 2021, with review of the efforts put forth by the city to close the digital divide over the past 20 years. that's it. thank you, mr. chair. >> thank you for that amendment. supervisor safai. duly noted. supervisor haney. >> thank you, chair mar, and thank you supervisor safai and to all the presenters. much appreciated. that was very informative and supporting however i can. one question that i wanted, and i'm not sure who would be the best of the many folks here to help address this, but if there's someone here who might be able to address the questions
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around the digital divide and access on treasure island, we have had a number of folks come to us from the island about sort of irregular, you know, access to high speed internet, lots of outages, if treasure island has been a part of how we are thinking about, you know, really ensuring across our entire city, you know, fast access to the internet and access to technology more broadly. >> chair, through the chair, mr. chair mar, supervisor haney, the specific island, all the residents, residents living in a particular type of housing or just a general? >> just a general question. i don't know if --
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>> i would ask linda to answer that question. >> this is linda with the department of technology. yes, and there are improvements as part of the treasure island development plan to completely ring the island with fiber and provide service. at this point in time, you are correct, it is very difficult to get service on the island, and the service that's delivered via microwave, does not have the bandwidth for full use, but we can bring you some solutions and work with our industry partners to see what's possible in the short-term until the island has been built, and the fiber is installed. >> great. i would really appreciate that, i'll have my staff follow up. actually fairly recently we got a couple folks who came to us from the island saying that they
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were having a lot of challenges with internet access. thank you, appreciate again this presentation and everybody's work. >> thank you, supervisor haney. public comment. mr. clerk, are there any callers on the line? >> thank you, mr. chair. maria from the department of technology is checking out to see if we have callers in the queue. for those, press three, and prompted informing you your line has been unmuted. for those watching on san francisco cable 26 or via streaming link, if you wish to speak on this item, please call in now by following the instructions displaying on the screen. that would be by dialing
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1-415-655-0001, following that, i.d.1874861805. press pound symbol twice, and then star followed by three to enter the queue to speak. i understand there are a half dozen members of the public who wish to speak on this item. first caller, please. >> hello, my name is dell seymour, from the tenderloin, thank all the presenters today with their fantastic presentations and the history. we have been talking about this for about ten years, and equitable way, and we have comcast and at&t have some things in their service area, responsibility to do, but we are not talking about placement.
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how many people have you hired from the tenderloin? how many people have you hired from surge island, how many have you hired from bayview. how many have you hired from lakeview. so, this is a major part of it. we are still looking like ten years ago as far as placement in these organizations. you are giving us access and all of that, but are you giving us places where we can start making our own determinations in life. so i want to make sure the conversation comes back to that topic and not just on access, because to me, that's a distraction from the real barriers that society has placed on communities like the tenderloin, like treasure island, like bayview, like fillmore and like lakeview. thank you for the opportunity to speak to you all this afternoon. and supervisors, thanks for hosting these folks, thank you. >> thank you, dell seymour for
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sharing your comments. miss pena, the next caller please. >> hello, preston ray. i'm a resident of the richmond district and work at monkey brain, a locally based internet service provider here in san francisco, isp partner. the board can elevate strategies the departments are already using to close the digital divide. you've heard about the fiber to housing program, gotten thousands of affordable housing residents online before and during the pandemic lockdown. program is a comprehensive solution that builds permanent public infrastructure, provides the best speeds and reliability in the country to people where they live, no means testing, implemented future-proof telecom wiring standard and innovative instruction, and service interventions. fiber to housing program has eliminated broadband access disparities, a revolutionary
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achievement. and yet the technology plan notes over 100,000 residents do not have access to their home. i encourage the board to take the fiber to housing program early success to heart. expand publicly owned fiber to more types of housing, and part of the building code of building and renovations in san francisco, and organize support in the places where the program is present. city will be in the driver's seat to ensure everyone gets online and not at the mercy from a conglomerate, and being connected in the home is a right, not -- >> next caller, please.
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>> hello. i'm director of i.t. for the neighborhood development corporation. city departments and partners for speaking and your work. owns and manages housing, and 8% of the household, less than $15,000 a year. [please stand by]
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>> thank you foryour comments, could you bring us the next
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caller please . >> this is annacalling on behalf of the bay area council . the private sector including verizon, at&t and comcast are willing to invest significantly and the technology and infrastructure needed to implement robust it citywideand inclusive . we heard san francisco to partner with the private sector to achieve our mutual goals of addressingthis divide and closing this gap in the shortest time possible . thank you. >> could you bring us the next caller please? >> good afternoon, my name is maurice rivers, executive director at omi and i'm a very proud member of omi invest black.
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i like to thank supervisor safai for bringing up this important topic because the pandemic has exposed the digital divide especially in our black and brown communitie as much as cost and access to technology our barriers, the lack of focus on digital literacy is even more of a problem .we must finish the job of bringing affordable broadband to everyone in san franciscoadditionally in omi lakeview, bayview hunters point, fillmore western tradition and the tenderloin . thank you so much . >> thank you very much maurice rivers could you bring up the next caller please ? >>caller: can you hear me now? >> please begin. >>caller: thank you for tackling this vague and timely topic. i'm not going to focus on private providers today except to say there should be a program similar to care or pg&e lifeline for telephone customers to reduce the cost of
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services for low income residents. perhaps that already exists. given the number of city departments i think there's an opportunity to combine some agencies here . i think the smaller offices should be under a single umbrella agency on access diversity and equity. you can expand on that in the future.that idea would consolidate administrative functions allow program staff to work on programs and less on admin and overhead. if thatcan be done through the administrative code great, if it takes a charter amendment ,
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-- to be add as a co-sponsor to the resolution. >> thank you. >> and, supervisor safai is it okay to close the hearing -- >> can i make one last comment in response to the callers? i wanted to thank dell preston and val and morris for calling in and our office will reach out to continue this dialogue. we have heard great things about the work that they are doing and in the community and with different stakeholders. so my office continue to work with the community steak holders and providers to address this
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need and we'll continue that conversation. so, again, just thank you to everyone and i know that this is long and i appreciate the committee's patience but this is an all-encompassing issue, so thank you for the lifeway, chair mar, and thank you for joining me as a co-sponsor. and if and we would like to come back if we have more information. and and i appreciate all of your patience. >> great. so i'll move that we continue the hearing, item number 3, to the call of the chair. >> did you make a motion to accept our amendments already? >> so i'll do that. and i'll accept the amendments as presented by safai and also that we recommend the resolutior
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4 to the full board as amended. yeah. >> so i'm hearing three separate motions. the first being a motion that agenda item number 3, the hearing, to be continued to the call of the chair. and that that motion is offered by chair mar. on that motion [roll call vote] >> aye, and add me as a co-sponsor also. >> clerk: [roll call vote] mr. chair, there are three ayes and continued to the call of the chair, and i'm also hearing now a motion to amend agenda item number 4, the resolution to incorporate the amendments read into the record [roll call vote] mr. chair, there are three ayes
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on the motion to amend. and, finally, i hear a motion that the resolution to be recommended as amended to the board of supervisors. offered by chair mar on that motion [roll call vote] mr. chair, there are three ayes >> thank you. thanks, everyone, for this -- >> thank you, everyone. thank you so much. >> mr. clerk, any further business? >> there is no further business before the committee. >> great, we are adjourned. thanks, everyone.
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