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tv   BOS Rules Committee  SFGTV  March 15, 2021 6:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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>> good morning and welcome to the rules committee to the san francisco board of supervisors today monday, march 15th, 2021. i am the chair of the committee
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aaron peskin joining by supervisor ralph al-mandelman. mr. clerk, do you have any announcements? >> clerk: the board of supervisors slittive chamber room are closed. my apologies. however, members will be participating in the meeting remotely. committee members will attend the meeting through video conference and participate in the meeting to the same extent as if they were physically present. comments will be available on this agenda both on and tv 26. comments are available through the public comment period by calling 415-655-0001.
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meeting i.d. is 18755577823. then press pound and pound again. you will be muted in listening mode only. when your item of interests up dial star 3. best practices are to call from a quiet location. speak clearly and slowly and turn down your tv or radio. you may submit public comment at that concludes my public comment -- my initial comment. >> supervisor peskin: don't worry. i'm the clerk and you just red the public. can you please read the first item. >> clerk: the administrate eve cos. for the composition and sunset date of family violence
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council. >> supervisor peskin: thank you, mr. young. this legislation is brought to us by supervisor catherine stefani. >> supervisor stefani: i am here. can you hear me? >> supervisor peskin: we can hear you and welcome. >> supervisor stefani: i'm very grateful to be joining you on my legislation to renew and expand the san francisco family violence council. since 2007, our family violence council has included community members, representativings of the supreme court, the mayor, the board of supervisors, the public defender, the depend of public health, elder abuse prevention agencies, domestic violence prevention agencies and more. it has worked to achieve three
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primary goals, first, to correlate services between domestic violence, elder abuse, and child abuse in communities. statewide and across the united states. and, third, to advise the board of supervisors, the mayor, and the court about these transand related issues. each of the three objectives as i mentioned is ongoing. so every year the council issues a report on what it sees. between july 1st and june 30th, 2019. key findings were as follows. there are clear racial disparities across all three forms of family violence including child abuse, elder abuse and intimate partner violence. disproportionately impacts blacks. family violence disproportionately affects
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women and girls. the use of weapons, especially firearms in domestic violence incidents is on the rise. there remains a significant need for shelters for family violence victims. this is 80%, way too high. again, this was in the period just before the pandemic struck. sadly, over the course of the past year, calls to crisis lines have spiked and our service providers have been under tremendous strain. it's been my honor to serve as the board of supervisors representative to family violence council. it's been encouraging to see all the work that the member agencies and nonprofit organizations have been doing to combat the crisis of family violence during this difficult time. which brings me to the legislation before you this morning. as of today, the family violence council is set to expire on may 1st, 2021. my legislation would extend the
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sunset date from may 1st of this year to may 1st, 2024. in addition , this proposal would ambiguous specifically call out the disproportionate impact family violence some people of color and detail in last year's family violence council report, two, to aggregate the data it collects and race ethnicity, sex, gender, identity, age, and sexual orientation. required that the family violence council establish a process to collect feedback and recommendations from the community most impacted by family violence and policies intended to assist those communities. add three community members by the community for a total of six community seats, and add representatives in the department of police accountability. the work of the family violence council touches all of our communities especially communities of color in san
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francisco and it is more important than ever that the body is responsive and accountable to our residents' needs. so with that in mind, i would like to extend special thanks to director shakira stimly as well as director kimberly ellis department on the status of women whom you'll hear from shortly for their partnership and putting this legislation together as well as the members of the family violence council for their critical and ongoing work. thank you again for your consideration of this legislation and i'm happy to answer any questions you may have. thank you, chair peskin. >> supervisor peskin: thank you for your service on the council. i was just curious, do we know all whether there are any vacancies that need filling? obviously, these are not subject -- i mean, they have their own appointed authorities. the presiding judge of the
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supreme court, [inaudible] . >> supervisor stefani: my understanding is that it is and we will be filling the three additional seats. >> supervisor peskin: got it. there's a provision that says as to seats or 22 that if the appointing authority declines to designate a member and leaves the seat vacant for 60 days, this falls to the board of supervisors to appoint that. and, we can take this off line. if any of those seats have been empty for 60 days or more, let this chair know and we can do that. that was just a housekeeping matter. and supervisor, i would like to turn it over to director ellis. >> supervisor stefani: yes.
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that would be great. >> supervisor peskin: ms. ellis. >> good morning. i'm pleased to provide an overview of the ordinance and a background on how san francisco addresses family violence. san francisco is unique in having a council that addresses interpersonal violence across the life span. child abuse, domestic abuse, domestic violence, and elder abuse. there's widespread evidence nationally and internationally that the prevalence of domestic violence and family violence has increased throughout the coronavirus pandemic. research indicate that natural disasters can heighten the
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frequency and severity of abuse. in san francisco, beginning in march 2020, a major increase in hot line calls, requests for shelter and legal services. since the ordinance was last renewed in 2018, we continue to see the need for collaboration and have taken the opportunity to improve the composition of the council with this renewal ordinance. these changes include allowing the human rights commission and the department of police accountability to designate representatives as members of the council. we've also expanded and included language to acknowledge the importance of racial equity in this work. the council intends to issue a comprehensive report on violence each year. one of the only countries we know that does this -- counties rather. we will issue our extra report in may of this year and be
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giving our report to the community. we constantly see the benefits of joining together and i would like to briefly highlight some of our recent [inaudible] . the council works to increase awareness of family violence. for example, our work with the mayor's office to create 311 emergency alerts, educational forums, and members of the council adapted a resource for educators finding ways to talk to children. the council worked with sfpd and the department of police accountability to develop general order and a training manual on domestic violence investigations. these policies were approved by the police commission in january. the council looks forward to partnering with community based organizations to assist the police department on trainings. the council has also been
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instrumental in advocating for new initiatives to address system gaps. one example is the sheriff's department firearms surrender program. in fiscal year '20, 23 guns were retrieved from individuals who are restrained parties in domestic violence restraining orders. and, that concludes my report. thank you. >> supervisor peskin: thank you. why don't we go to ms. simly. >> i think i misspoke. i meant to just extend my gratitude to ms. simly. if not, it is my mistake that i just simply meant to thank her for everything she's done for this legislation and it was director ellis that was taking the lead. >> chair peskin, i do believe we have some of the council's
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tri-chairs on the line if that is an option. >> supervisor peskin: absolutely. the steering committee. what you mean is referred to as the legislation in the steering committee. >> that's correct. >> supervisor peskin: absolutely. and, i also think the grant's manager may also be online if he or she would like to add anything. i got a message earlier this morning about that. but, thank you, director ellis. should we go to the so-called tri-steer committee folks? supervisor stefani, just one question, we've had this in the past with very large bodies that sometimes don't get quorums. if your experience, are we getting quorums here? >> supervisor stefani: yes.
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we are. >> supervisor peskin: good. i worried about it years ago. we had a body that was so large that it never got a quorum because everybody figured somebody else was coming so nobody came. but it does not sound like that's a problem here. expansion makes sense. all right. why don't we kick it over to the steering committee members if you have anything to add or subtract or comment. i don't know your names or i would call upon you by name. .net have that in front of me. my apologies. >> chair peskin, i believe the tri-chairs are on the public comment line. >> supervisor peskin: oh, i think we're going to have to wait until public comment then given the way our covid system team works. why don't we, are there any
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comments or questions from committee members? if not, why don't we go to public comment and we can hear from the steering committee members and members of the public, mr. young. >> clerk: my apologies. we currently have two people in line waiting to speak on this matter. and 22 listeners. members of the public comment should call 415-655-0001. meeting i.d. is 1875577823. a system prompt will indicate you have raised your hand. and you may begin your comment.
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first speaker. >> hello, committee. could you guys hear me? >> clerk: we can hear you. please proceed. >> okay. thank you. my name is david and i'm an ice cream truck owner and i would like to talk about the golden gate park. >> clerk: that's item number 6. and so if you can wait if for that item and get back in the queue, we will call upon you when we get to item number 6, sir. >> okay sure. thank you. sorry about that. >> supervisor peskin: next speaker, please. >> good morning, supervisors. can you hear me? >> supervisor peskin: we can hear you. >> great.
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good morning. this is beverly upton from the san francisco violence committee. i just want to thank -- goorn supervisor peskin. i just want to thank supervisor stefani and her staff. and how important the work is and that it gets more vital every day. i want to thank the commission on the status of the department and the status of women and their amazing staff especially elise. and their director kimberly ellis. it always has been a top priority for san francisco, but, of course, covid is finding family violence to be the pandemic inside the pandemic . we're quite concerned about the service capacity of the service
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providers to meet the needs of the community. i want to thank my fellow cochairs from the elder abuse and child abuse arenas. they're just wonderful to work with. really we're here to serve san franciscoans and the community. our crisis line is still 24 hours a day. legal services are still doing restraining orders and everything else people need and our beloved community stands ready to serve. so i'm just so grateful to everyone and this is so important moving forward. i just want to thank you for sustaining the family violence council. thanks so much. >> supervisor peskin: thank you, ms. upton. thank you for your work and service. are there any other members of the public for this item number
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one? >> clerk: i believe we have one additional caller. >> supervisor peskin: next speaker, please. >> good morning everyone. my name is jenny pearlman and i'm from safe and sound representing the child abuse prevention council for san francisco. and, as one of the tri-chairs of the family violence council. as one of my tri-chairs bev upton just said, we are just grateful for the board of supervisors for hearing this today as well as supervisor stefani and her staff for bringing this ordinance today. we're also grateful for the support. the family violence council is more important now than ever. we are definitely seeing an increase.
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child abuse is also interesting because there's been a 50% decrease in reports. kids are not in school. kids are not being seen by other adults. but we do know there's been a significant increase of domestic violence in the home and that is highly connective and correlated in child abuse cases. 60% to 80% of child abuse cases occur. we must account for the overlap amongst the various forms of family violence and the family violence council is one of the very unique organizations that looks at the connection between the different forms of family violence. so we are extremely grateful that this body exists in san francisco and believe that we really can focus on the disproportionate impact of family violence on communities of color.
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in this new report, this aggregated data will allow us to do that. this will allow us to bring in additional community members to we can look at why there's that disproportionate impact on communities of color. so we are grateful if for your support and recommend that this ordinance is approved. thank you very much. >> supervisor peskin: thank you. are there any other members of the public for this item number one? >> clerk: we have two additional callers at this time. >> supervisor peskin: next speaker, please. >> hello supervisors. happy monday. this is kyrie, the director of the san francisco youth commission. on monday, march 1st, the youth commission voted to support this piece of legislation and they also have the following recommendations that are youth specific. and so two of the community seats are recommended to be
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reserved for youth and transitional aged youth. they are recommending that community seats are compensated and that point in time family violence council pursue findings and data specifically to lgbtq plus youth. and the last recommendation is to ensure no barriers in order to have undocumented folks participate. so the youth commission supports this and look forward to hearing more about it. thank you. >> supervisor peskin: thank you. next speaker. >> this is calvin crick. just reiterate what our staff said, i think we got mixed up who was doing that. just reiterate that and we appreciate the work of the family violence council and urge the board -- the committee to pass this ordinance with amendments that director hosman
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lined out. thank you. >> supervisor peskin: does that conclude public comment, mr. young? >> clerk: yes. thal concludes public comment. there are no mr. speakers on the line for public comment. >> supervisor peskin: okay. public comment is closed. supervisor stefani, is there anything you would like to add? >> supervisor stefani: yes. i just want to thank everybody who wrote letters in support. and thank you, bev upton for being on the call and jenny pearlman with safe and sound as well and first five wrote a letter in support of the ordinance. i can't be more thrilled that i get to work with director ellis on this. she is just such a power house and i know that we're going to do even better and more incredible work than we've already been doing on the family violence council and to thank you former president yee for including me on this
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council. it has been a lot to participate. they have been incredible adding to my gun violence restraining order legislation. so i, again, want to thank everybody and especially my staff, sam bennett who is the one who staffs me on this, goes to meetings and helps me with legislation around the family violence council. so, thank you again for your consideration this morning and i hope that i have your support. >> supervisor peskin: i suspect you do and thank you for your work again and thank you for serving on the family violence council and bringing these amendments forward. colleagues, is there a motion? >> supervisor mandelman: mand elman. i'll move the item. >> supervisor peskin: okay. all right. >> chair peskin, i would like
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to -- >> supervisor peskin: i'm sorry. i didn't put the chat box up and it is now up. supervisor chan, i'm sorry. >> supervisor chan: no. i am in support of this and what i wanted to comment is the reason why i am in support also during this pandemic, many families have been in isolation. we know that there could be domestic violence or family violence that has gone unchecked. knowing that seniors are isolated at home and kids are not going to school and in distanced learning. i just really wanted to support this work in light of a pandemic and the isolation that many of our families are experiencing that makes this work even more critical and why i am in support of extending this until 2024 and making sure we continue this work and identify how do we -- i do see that there are possible trauma that we're not seeing right now
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because of the pandemic that will come to light in the coming months and that we really look forward to having this body to help us to examine these issues and identify solutions. so i look forward to supporting this. and thank you, chair peskin, for allowing me to make this comment and thank you, supervisor stefani on this issue. >> supervisor peskin: with that, could you please call the roll on vice chairmandelman's motion. >> clerk: on the motion. [roll call] >> clerk: the motion passes without objection. >> supervisor peskin: thank you. ms. ellis, supervisor stefani, and, with that, mr. clerk. could you read item number 2.
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>> clerk: yes. item number 2 is the mayor reappointment term ending march 2025. >> supervisor peskin: thank you, mr. clerk. colleagues. ms. sharon lai was appointed to a seat that had a limited duration. it was a balance of a previous seat and the mayor has saw fit to renominate her and that is before us. i just want to say without leading either one of you to that, i believe ms. lai has done a remarkable job in her brief time on what is really the most powerful legislative body in san francisco. albeit, it is nonelective, it has elective powers and we scrutinize these closely and carefully. i want to say for one the letters and e-mails of support that we've gotten for ms. lai
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certainly speak to this that she has been an incredible asset to sfmta commission and i for one am very supportive of the mayor's nomination, but want to, of course, hear from my colleagues on this panel and from members of the public. are there any initial comments from supervisors mandelman or chan? >> supervisor mandelman: yeah. i would just like to echo your comments on director lai who is a supervisor of mine and i've had the opportunity to work with her a little bit in her role and i'm looking forward to working with her more. >> supervisor peskin: supervisor chan. >> supervisor chan: thank you, chair peskin. i'm not sure we're going to
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have the opportunity for director lai to speak. but, if we are, i am in support of her reappointment. i think we definitely need her representation on the board of directors. but given the fact that i just came on board and also have some concerns really about the re-opening of our economy and west side transit planning at the moment that we're going to have a hearing on, i just want to allow a space for her to briefly make some reports on just her thoughts and leadership and how to direct sfmta staff and re-opening the economy making sure our transit, especially our public transit can really accommodate the re-opening of the economy especially on the west side given the fact that we have
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great highway closure, some road closure in golden gate park along with share space and low streets. i just wanted to get her understanding, just her viewpoint of how do we move these temporary measures forward while we're re-opening our economy. thank you. >> supervisor peskin: perfect sergeantway into introducing commissioner lai. sharon. >> yes. can you hear me okay or see me okay? >> supervisor peskin: we can hear you and see you. >> great. thank you for considering my reappointment today and the warm support already. i'm very grateful. during my short almost seven months on the mta board, there's been many topics i've had to advocate that has direct
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impact on our community including the adoption of the racial equity plan, vision zero budget, other areas i have consistently asserted attention to is on improving and increasing language access for our community as well as contract management. these topics may not seem exciting but to me are emblemattic around the agency's accountability that i continue to pursue. i am also pleased to join the policy and governance committee. i very much enjoyed applying my urban background with my work on mta which has helped me jump into technical issues and building relationships with the community staff and my diverse set of colleagues. i wanted to take a moment to
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address supervisor chan's question around the re-opening and essentially my guiding principles in helping to support staff's work. i think as i mentioned already, i will certainly be leading, continuing to lead with my various hats on as an urban planner, as a mother of young children struggling to get them to school and myself back to work in person eventually. my family is multi-moto. we rely on public transit, walking, bike, and car. these are aspects that i will carry to the table as i continue to engage on these re-openings discussions. and, of course, as a person of color, this is also something that is a lived experience that i will continue to carry. what this really means is that at the forefront of my mind when i make decisions and put my name behind action, i will
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always be considering the questions of equity, strategic planning and the context of, you know, for example, the great highway jf k re-opening. our closure discussions, to me, that is a city wide and even a regional issue whether it's on the topic of -- imp indications on traffic. aside from just considerations that have real impacts on families. safety as well as real engagement across agencies and with the public. and, lastly, i think in honor of women's history month, i also want to recognize and thank mayor breed and the board of supervisors for having appointed a majority of women thus far which by way amplifies the voices of women, mothers,
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caretakers and the persistent gender gap. i will be honored to serve my community for the next four years in this capacity and thank you for your consideration. >> supervisor peskin: thank you so much, ms. lai. seeing no questions from members. why don't we open this up to public comment, mr. young. >> clerk: members of the public who wish to provide public comment on this item should call (415) 655-0001 . the meeting id is 1875577823. and you may begin your comment. we currenty have thirty listeners with six in line to speak at this time. >> supervisor peskin: okay.
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first speaker, please. >> good morning, chair peskin, and supervisors chan and mandelman. my name is janice lee. i want to say the san francisco vice collision was proud to nominate sharon lai and i serve as the organizations advocacy director. today, the coalition is excited to support sharon's reappointment to the board again. personally, i am particularly excited to support sharon. when i won my seat on the bart board in 2018, i was the first woman ever to serve on the board and i was the first asian american woman to serve on the bart board ever. i'm thrilled to see more asian american women in positions. women make up the majority of public riders in the city. in philadelphia, chicago, dc, new york, and boston, women make up 60% or more of the
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public transit ridership. despite that, public transit isn't often designed with women in mind. you know that shes and inciteful questions. lastly, i have strongly supported sharon because of her ties to the chinese community. since becoming an sfmta board director, she has consistently showed up for the board. i look forward to a positive recommendation from the rules committee today. i thank mayor breed for
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nominated sharon in her reappointment. i look forward to her continuation on the sfmta board. thank you. >> supervisor peskin: thank you. next speaker, please. >> good morning supervisors. my name is carla larell. we've been serving the community for the past 50 years and predominantly the recent filipino and i'd like to speak in support. i truly believe sharon is an important asset also for the community voice that she brings professionally, i've known sharon and she goes above and beyond to really understand what the community needs are especially those that are really underserved and don't have a voice. how things like this how
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transportation really affects our community members. the majority of our families, seniors and kids only use public transportation. they don't have cars and so she's really made an effort to understand what their needs are and to understand that they're always represented. i want to thank her for her work. thank you. >> supervisor peskin: thank you. next speaker please. >> good morning supervisors. my name is rudy corpus. i'm the executive director of the united players for violence and organization. i'm a native of san francisco. i'm here to support sharon. sharon is intelligent. she has integrity and she brings sunshine on a cloudy day. so we would love for you to
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resubmit her and have her be in a position that she is best at. thank you, she gets my full support. >> supervisor peskin: thank you, rudy. next speaker, please. >> supervisors, my name is francisco decosta. and i want to talk on an issue that i'm very concerned about and that is the mta despicable actions linked to taxi drivers. we cannot forget the many taxi drivers that have got strokes, died of a heart attack just because the mta hasn't done due diligence. we just cannot talk about the other issues because mta has
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failed on many other levels. they're happy now because the biden administration is going to send them some money but we cannot. we robbed them and we destroyed families. i will not take this like a joke. wherever these people are that they have to have empathy and compassion. and there must be restitution to the drivers, the taxi drivers. and as long as i'm alive, i'm going to fight for this cause. >> supervisor peskin: thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi, my name is stuart fong
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and i am proud to wholeheartedly support mr. sharon lai to the board of directors. on the sf head where we worked on hepatitis b issues and api community. i think it's important to have sharon on the board of directors for the mta. again, she is fluent in chinese and mandarin. so that bodes well. she understands the issues of sfmta. and as an avid commuter as she said, she used muni. so she understands the issues and i fully support her on the board. >> supervisor peskin: thank you. next speaker. >> hello amazing rules
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committee. this is manny cuteal. small business owner and member of the sfmta board. i am just calling to say how amazing it's been, what a pleasure and honor it's been to serve with director lai on the sfmta board. she's deeply qualified. she takes the rules so seriously. a lot of the folks have said all the qualifications that she comes to the board. not physically sitting next to her but digitally next to this board. she takes the role extremely seriously. we get hundreds and hundreds of pages to read and review and director lai is combing through each of these pages asking incredible questions. she and i are working on a bunch of stuff together and i'm just so impressed with her and she gets my 100% support and enthusiastic support for her reappointment to this board. i really hope to be able to
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continue to serve with her. so thank you, supervisor peskin, and thank you supervisor chan, and thank you supervisor mandelman. >> clerk: i believe that completes -- we do not have additional comments. >> supervisor peskin: already. public comment is closed. i'd like to make a motion by removing the word "rejecting" in the long title and remove the word "reject" in the move clause at line 20 on that motion. mr. clerk, roll call please. >> clerk: on the motion to amended. [roll call]
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>> supervisor peskin: and then i'd like to make a motion on that motion. >> clerk: [roll call] >> clerk: the motion passes without objection. >> supervisor peskin: next item, please. >> clerk: yes. next on the agenda. six members term ending december 13th, 2024. to the housing stability fund oversight board. i would just like to make two notes. i did receive a withdrawal letter from emile and i would just like to note 10 and 11 state in the requirement that they must be a san francisco resident in the code and i do not believe the requirement can be waived for seat 10 and 11. >> supervisor peskin: mr. clerk, you said you received -- did you not also
6:45 pm
receive a withdrawal letter from connie ford? >> clerk: let me double check. >> supervisor peskin: i saw that on friday. >> clerk: i will confirm and get back to you shortly. >> supervisor peskin: yeah. i am in receipt of that and she has withdrawn for the record. thank you. supervisor preston has brought this to the ballot and has brought this to committee. with that, let me turn it over to supervisor preston. >> supervisor preston: thank you, chair peskin and good morning committee members chan and supervisor mandelman. i want to thank you for the opportunity to speak on these appointments. i'm here to share some brief background on the housing stability fund and to offer some context for the group of candidates that my office is
6:46 pm
supporting for this oversight board. this past november as you know, my office put forth proposition i known as the fair recovery act. the package included on the increase tax rate of the real estate transactions on properties sold at over $10 million. a rent relief program to address a covid related hardship and the housing stability fund. dedication of funding for permanently affordable social housing. the concept is to provide a revenue source to pursue a range of affordable
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she does meet the residency requirements. and seat ten to which she applied to seat seven and then similarly appointing alex lanesburg to seat eleven the at large seat rather than seat eight the labor seat and moving
6:53 pm
davita escavado to seat eight rather than seat eleven. all of these individuals are fully eligible for both of those seats but would request that adjustment. so i think this is really thrilled about this collection of individuals and look forward to hearing any questions or comments and hearing from the applicants. thank you, chair peskin. >> supervisor peskin: thank you, supervisor preston. and i completely share which is we have an embarrassment of enrichment here. all of them with experience and qualifications. and, we did even after you and i talked earlier this morning have a wrinkle that you just
6:54 pm
spoke to relative to the non waive ability in seats ten and eleven. and, i very much appreciate and this really is in your wheel house, the ten individuals that you accept out of the 14 that are before us. i am a little red sanity to do this on the fly. i did look at all these relative to the qualifications. so, now, if we're moving one person and i can see how and we'll get to all these individuals how you could make that switch relative to somebody who's with jobs and justice going to labor seat. although that does raise some issues.
6:55 pm
which is what you would need in some of these things. so as i'm a little redisent to do this on the fly. and why don't we go to the applicants in the order that they appear on the agenda and i know that there are some individuals who just because of work are not able to attend. so why don't we start with remhi mennel. if remhi is not here, we do know that bermuta burge is not available this morning. is that true and correct? okay. why don't we go to ann fugioca
6:56 pm
for wage requirement >> am i on? >> you are on mr. fugioca. >> okay. thank you. mr. chair and supervisors, thank you for this opportunity to speak to you today. my name is dan fugioca. we deeply share and embrace the vision embedded. we need to grow and foster viable models of social housing that can push beyond the rigid categories defined by present state and federal programs. as a housing attorney serving mostly low income tenants for more than two decades and for the past eight years as the executive leader of the, in the development ownership and
6:57 pm
operation. >> supervisor peskin: you faded out. >> a decade ago, i represented the tenants of 53 columbus and a long struggle to prevent the demolition of the building in partnership with the san francisco community land trust, we acquired the building and created the first tenant-owned property in china town. and directly engaged in working to make our sousing stock more sustainable and continuing to be more affordable. i'm continue to go work with this board and develop policies which, for the first time made it possible without relying on virtually nonexistent. the passage of prop i, the creation of housing and stabilization fund creates an opportunity opportunity for us to realize the aspirations of social housing rooted in a commitment to social equity and
6:58 pm
justice. i would be honored to be apart of that creative process. thank you. >> supervisor peskin: thank you, mr. fugioka. why don't we go to edward parion . i apologize for miss pronouncing your name. >> that's okay, supervisor. good morning everyone. and thank you for the time for meeting with applicants of this board. i have lived in san francisco for the last 15 years. originally, i'm from trinidad, but i've been in the u.s. my adult life. i have -- i applied for this seat because of my deep experience in affordable housing and specifically in affordable housing development. currently, i work with an organization, a nonprofit called mosaic urban development. we do a lot of work in the bay
6:59 pm
area working with nonprofits developing affordable housing and on affordable housing finance. before that, i worked with bridge housing for a number of years doing affordable housing there including extensive with affordable housing in the city of san francisco with projects like alamaney and mission housing in the mission. so i'm very familiar with the constraints under the current system of financing and the vice that scarce local funding puts us in trying to provide affordable housing and provide housing in general for the population that's adequate and people aren't burdened with their rent. so i'm very excited about prop i and the opportunity to do a few things different with it
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with few of those constraints. including additional rental assistance for people so we can help those far more quickly than the typical affordable housing tax finance. new purchases in social housing including possible mixed income housing which is also difficult. [please stand by]
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7:04 pm
>> a proud supporter of proposition "i" and the housing stabilization fund, and it would be an honor to serve on this committee. we represent 22 affordable housing developers and advocates, most of whom are based & grew out of the struggles of color in san francisco, and particular communities to find stable and dignified housing. collectively, our members are responsible for over 30,000 units of permanently affordable housing here in san francisco. chuchu mission is to support housing under community control, from non-profits to co-ops to other models that might be evolving. i bring skills as a licensed architect, and formerly working for an affordable housing developer. for the last three or five years, chuchu has been
7:05 pm
developing new ways of expanding our affordable housing system. i look forward to working with you to see what is our next step to stopping displacement and housing future generations of san franciscans. thank you very much for the honor to be presented before this committee. >> chairman: thank you, mr. marti, and i understand that remhi menalic is now available. so why don't we go back to remhi.
7:06 pm
remhi, i know you just called in, but we called on you to speak before you logged in. >> hi, my name is remhi. and i'm born and raised in san francisco, in the filmore district, and i'm happy to be here. >> chairman: okay. does that conclude your comments? >> yes. >> chairman: all right. why don't we go on to john borenski for seat six -- five or six. >> good morning, chair peskin and supervisors. i interested on serving on one of the academic seats on the housing stability fund oversights advisory board. if appointed, i would work with others on the board and others in the city to make sure we have a
7:07 pm
sustainable affordable housing, with as many housing units as possible. the ideally, the program is serves as a model for other cities in california and the nation. i believe i am qualified for several reasons, my book documents the history of housing in the city, with an emphasis on public housing, what went right, what didn't go right, from the 1930s through the 21st century. i lived and worked in san francisco in the 1990s, 2000s, and 2010s, moments when housing costs went up dramatically, and i know how housing ability or lack of ability impacted the city. and i've served on numerous city boards and task forces that focused on improving the rights and opportunities of workers, immigrants, tenants, and the poor, and ending gender-based violence and inequality. it would be an honor to serve on this board. thank you for your consideration.
7:08 pm
>> chairman: thank you. seeing no comments or questions from committee members, let's go ton to jon mingho. >> thank you forgiving me the opportunity speak. i'm a gay malaysian immigrant. i was born and raised in malaysia and grew up in public housing. growing up in a country where being gay is illegal, the public housing compound was a safe space, and a place where i could play with neighbors, where low income families such as mine lived. a decade later, when i moved to san francisco, i was living in chinatown and saw the crowded conditions in which my neighbors lived in, and
7:09 pm
wondered why my family in malaysia had more living space than my neighbors. i was trying to answer these questions. in my time in work in affordable housing, i worked on 20 low-income housing projects with local municipalities and developers of color among rural towns and cities struggling with displacement. i committed to using a racial equity lens to projects that support affordable housing developers. i have experience in affordable housing. if appointed, i'm committed to using an economic equity lens to help the board stretch its funds for maximize affordable units with an eye to the lower income bracket, especially below 50% a.m.i., as well as communities that have
7:10 pm
disproportionately felt the brunt of displacement, including communities of color and low-income immigrant communities. i have worked on housing that pushed sus staicialtd susty to green buildings, and if appointed, i hope to optimize the affordability of new housing with new energy retrofits. i'm grateful to the immigrant leaders on prop "c" so citizens like me can apply to serve on the commission. i'm committed to use my expertise in the affordable housing finance and development, and my lived experience for marginalized communities, and use my perspective as a non-citizen for the housing board. it would be an honor for me to be able to serve on this board. thank you. >> chairman: thank you, mr. ho. and with that, why don't we move on to chante zing. >> good morning,
7:11 pm
supervisors. i'm good? all right. my name is chante zing. i'm a district city renter and have been organizing around tenant rights and land use in san francisco for the past fewer to five years. four or five years. i sit on the board of the san francisco community land trust, and i have co-founded past efforts, such as the housing committee for the democratic (indiscernable) among others. as well as ya bay area rest in peace. i've developed an understanding of the critical understanding between tenant organizing. i have been advocating for social and public housing locally, statewide, and nationally for a while now, including brainstorming through recent public land proposals with mr. lance burg and mr. parlon. and i hope to bring my
7:12 pm
experience to bear on the oversight board in order to avoid repeating mistakes of the past and develop groundbreaking social housing programs. i think we need to create tenant power and accountability to marginalized communities from day one. i will prioritize outreach especially to black, latinx community organizers and renters and homeowners in marginalized san francisco communities in order to build an innovative social housing model that centers on their needs and builds on the organizing, the successes, and the failures of the past. as my day job concerns particularly the policy implementation of state and local pandemic rent relief, i think i'm well-poised to handle the just and equity distribution of prop "i" to the san franciscans. thank you for your consideration.
7:13 pm
>> chairman: thank you, ms. zing. our next speaker is alex landsburg. mr. landsburg? >> sorry. am i unmuted now? >> chairman: you are. >> thank you, everybody. my apologies for that. thank you, chair peskin and members of the rules committee and supervisor peskin for supporting my nomination. some brief introduction. my name is alex landsburg, and i'm the research and advocacy for the electrical construction industry. beginning with my work on the proposition "l" back in 2003. since earning my master's in city planning, i've been organizing work at the intersection of land
7:14 pm
use, labor, equity in both san francisco and throughout the bay area and statewide. i moved to the neighborhood while organizing environmental justice compaigns to shut down the hunter's point power plant, the shipyard, and to upgrade the sewage treatment plan. i see firsthand about the importance of stable housing for people, and regardless of their income, as well as the centrality of the programs. during the days, i represent those who not just use affordable housing at times, but those who build it, both the contractors, as well as the workers. because i think it is really important as we move forward in envisioning what a more expansive affordability housing universe looks like, that we keep in mind the men and women who
7:15 pm
actually make this possible. i am absolutely excited to be joining all of these incredible other folks on this committee, and look forward to serving the city and really making this decision come alive. thank you. >> chairman: thank you. seeing no questions from committee members, let's go to the next member. calvin quick. >> good morning. my name is calvin quick. i'm applying for an at-large seat on the oversight board. thank you for the opportunity to speak this morning. i have served the past two and a half years on the san francisco youth commission as district 5 representative tiff and legislative affairs committee, mandated by the charter. prior to my time on the youth commission, i was the legislative director for bay area student activists, an entirely student advocacy. one of the issues i have worked on the most at the
7:16 pm
youth commission has been affordable and supportive housing, specifically for youth exiting homelessness. the city is already years behind on its commitment to build affordable and supportive housing for the people who need stability most, and we need to build on the opportunity we have with the passage of props "i" and "k" to think transformatively to think about how the city can transform to social housing, and the purpose is to stabilize housing from market fluctuations, whether that be the community land trusts or investing in municipal, mixed-income housing. we also need to make sure when we're talking about how to spend prop "i" funding, we're talking to the communities that have been hardest hit by the housing crisis. the oversight board must be that interface and dialogue enabler between communities and
7:17 pm
constituents, youth, low income families, communities of color, that are often ignored at city hall and city departments. this has been my role and goal d deep personal commitment during my three terms, which i believe makes me well-placed to continue that work on the oversight board. one last point: we need more youth on the commission. we're not just the future of the city, as many politicians very rightly say; we also live here, just as much as anyone. so whether on this board or any other boards, i strongly urge the committee to bear that in mind. thank you for your consideration. >> chairman: thank you. why don't we move on to davita escaveda. and mr. marti, if you can turn your camera off. >> good morning,s supervisions. my name is davita escaveda. i work at the camp
7:18 pm
coordinator for jobs for justice. we're a coalition of local unions and local centers, and working between labor and community. when i say "labor," i mean not just unions, but worker centers. i think the full picture is really important here, especially as we're talking about affordable housing for our working families. the work i primarily do is jobs for justice housing work. [inaudible] i would bring that perspective and experience moving forward, from allied unions and workers' centers as fighting for the many working families in san francisco. the workers and laborers that the city relies on, and making sure they continue to have a place in this city, and they have greater control over their futures. on top of the work i do
7:19 pm
with jobs for justice, i also have my own knowledge of housing policy. i do have a master's in community and regional planning, where i primaryly studied genttrification, and i want to make clear the importance of having a diverse worker board, a worker perspective that includes worker centers, and i believe my role at jobs for justice will represent those perspectives on this board for the working families in this city. i would be honored to serve on this board and thank you for your consideration. >> chairman: thank you very much. why don't we go on to lox vosich. >> good morning. for the past four years, i've been advocating for municipal social housing in san francisco.
7:20 pm
i played a significant role in passing props "i" and "k" last year to make municipal housing for al a reality. prior to that, i work on (indiscernable) which spelled out what public housing could look like. supervisors, i think it is important that prop "k," which passed with 73.5% of the vote, does not remain an unfulfilled promise. the vast majority of s.f. voters approved, and i am ready to do everything that i can if i'm appointed to bring together the board of supervisors and the mayor's office around implementing a pilot program for prop "k" municipal housing. and i want to make sure that san francisco's munic municipal housing is the
7:21 pm
best housing we can imagine because i think that is what we should aspire to. given the change in my application seat, i want to highlight some of the work i've done with tenants. i organized with mid-town tenants who were on rent strike. i have volunteered with passing tenant right to council, when we were signature gathering for prop "f," to advocating for it on the ballot. and a lot of that involved meeting with public housing tenants and very clearly hearing about the issues of work orders and the warrant of habit ability not being met adequately. a lot of that was due to the san francisco housing authority being underresourced from the beginning. i think work order requirements for public housing should be codified
7:22 pm
more strongly in statutes. there are other things i've been involved in to ensure rent control at the state level. i'm happy to take any questions, if there are any, especially given there was a last-minute change in the seat. thank you for considering me. i'm also supporting a lot of other folks applying here, some include chante zing, and davita escaveda. thank you. >> chairman: thank you. seeing no questions from members, why don't we go on to the last on the list before us. >> good morning, supervisors. i'm applying for seats 10 and 11 on the mousing housing oversight board. i've been a resident for over 10 years. i, too, helped shaped the november 2020proposition "k" with my one-time
7:23 pm
partner in crime, among others. and subsequently worked on the compaigns of propositions "i" and "k" to fund municipal housing for all people. i worked on pilot measures for mutual housing for all in 2018. and i met with many community groups and advocates throughout the city to incorporate their proposals, and i worked with public housing in the u.s.a. just this past month, sunnydale residents received notice, forcing them to move out to privatized units. the housing crisis here in san francisco is driven in part by the continued privatization of our existing public land and housing, and the lack of housing guarantee. it would start the long process of pushing back against both of those shameful trends. there are many ways of
7:24 pm
providing stable, affordable housing in the long-term, and municipal housing must be one of them. and i've been an active member in my community in the city at large. i ran for the s.f. pride board of supervisors in 2018. i have given my time to various pop-up covid sites, and the vaccination site at 24th street, which is operating rights right now. and i'm a current member of the san francisco civil grand jury 2020/2021term. i believe my experience demonstrates my willingness to spend my time helping to solve san francisco's biggest problems, and helping to make sure that everybody can call san francisco their home. i'm also supporting chante zing and davita escaveda for seats. and i would be thrilled if any of us could serve on this board. thank you. >> chairman: thank you. i just want to make sure
7:25 pm
that we have not missed anybody. if there are any applicants who we have not heard from who would like to speak, this is your opportunity. i think we've gotten everybody, except for the one individual who was not able to attend. bernita burnes, who is unable to attend. are there any members of the public who would like to comment on item three. >> at this time, we have approximately 35 listeners and four people in line to speak. members of the public who wish to provide public comment should call 415-655-0001, the meeting i.d. 1875577823. then press ##. if you haven't already done so, please dial *3 to line up to speak. a system prompt will indicate you have raised your hand. please wait until the
7:26 pm
system indicates you've been unmuted and you may begin your comments. may we have the first speaker, please. >> chairman: first speaker? >> clerk: okay. that speaker was not available. can we move on to the next speaker, please? >> caller: good morning, this is theresa flandrick, and i'm calling about seat number seven. i am concerned with this switch in that i would really like to see someone who has been anchored in the san franciscan community for a long time, anchored well in terms of
7:27 pm
decades of being a long-term tenant, also. and having a depth of knowledge that is more intimate, rather than an outsider looking in. what i'm also noticing is the lack of someone who is a senior on this board, which would also speak well and be a nice balance in terms of also having youth represented on this board. so those are high comments. and i do hope that you'll consider those. thank you. >> chairman: thank you. next speaker, please. >> caller: this is josephine speaking to support hanz. hanz is uniquely qualified
7:28 pm
as an at-risk young man, being an undocumented immigrant, and has been living in chinatown for a couple of years. he understands the hardships and struggles of living in s.r.o.s, and he is probably the only chinese and south asian candidate to run for any of the seats. he would represent a unique experience of the nearly 40% of population in san francisco, and most of them are low income and have lived in s.r.o.s. he will bring a unique experience and perspective to guide how do we make the lives of our s.r.o.s residents, mostly in chinatown, to a better level. he is a proponent to appoint non-citizens to the boards. and i think this is a
7:29 pm
perfect opportunity for him and the representation of the greater chinese, asian, as well as general communities. thank you very much. >> chairman: thank you. next speaker. >> caller: hello. good morning. my name is bayer fong, members, raphael mandelman mand and connie chan. we support the application of hanz ho, the san francisco housing stability fund oversight board for seats six and 11. mr. ho has had over four years of experience in
7:30 pm
affordable housing, non-profit leadership, and civic engagement. he is uniquely qualified in affordable housing financing, and experience in d.m.r., hudd, fair housing law, low income housing tax credit, historical tax credit, renewable construction, renewable energy, and design and l.e.d. he supports ethical investing, sustainability, housing and community development, as well as lgbtq and immigrant rights. mr. ho's appointment would consider to the diversity of the board being of chinese descent, and fluent in mandarin and it gives all san francisco residents, regardless of immigrant status, a voice,
7:31 pm
implementation, and equal rights to serve on local commissions and bodies. we strongly urge the rules committee to select hanz to the housing stability oversight board. thank you very much. >> chairman: thank you. next speaker, please. >> caller: yes. good morning, supervisors. i serve as president of the national lgbtq bar association, and i'm seeking support of the appointment of hanz ho to the oversight board. since its founding in 1989, the bar association has been a legal voice for the lgbtq community, and represents tens of thousands of lgbtq people, attorneys, judges, law students, allies, and other legal professionals across the united states. i have worked with hanz on numerous occasions, both in his role as speaker, and in our national bars and conferences, and in
7:32 pm
his role with the non-profit asylum connect. i'm well-acquainted with his very strong work ethic. as you have heard, as an openly gay immigrant who has a strong personal understanding of the real-world impact of social housing, especially given his work in this area and his experience as an s.r.o. resident, i believe he will bring an important perspective to the board, and i know he would approach issues with the keen focus on equality and fairness and will take his responsibility very seriously. again, i'm pleased to provide this recommendation for mr. ho. >> chairman: thank you. next speaker, please.
7:33 pm
next speaker? >> caller: good morning, supervisors. my name is ocan. and i strongly support hanz's candidacy for his seat. i've known him for over four years, and he is very dedicated and passionate about making the lives of everyone living in san francisco better. and i witnessed it firsthand. i worked with hanz recently on proposition "c," which he co-founded and worked on tirelessly. it passed, and immigrant leaders like hanz hou can be appointed to serve on our city commissions and boards.
7:34 pm
as someone who works with the immigrants, i thank him for his work on this. he has been the vice president on the first resource platform for lgbtq plus asylum-seekers. so they have access to resources, such as affordable housing. he has been doing this on a voluntary basis. he has experience in affordable housing and community developments, but, most importantly, he has the passion to make affordable housing a reality in san francisco. one-third of san francisco's population are immigrants. and i believe hanz hou is the only lgbtq immigrant candidate here, and we need hanz's voice on this board to make sure our lgbtq plus immigrant community is represented. that's why i'm supporting his candidacy for seat six or 11 on this board.
7:35 pm
thank you for listening. >> chairman: thank you. >> clerk: i would just like to note we have approximately two additional public comments in line to speak at this time. if you have not already done so, please dial *3 to be added to the cue to speak. for those already on hold, please continue to wait until the system indicates you have been unmuted. can we have the next caller? >> caller: hi. my name is wilfred chu. i would like to thank supervisor aaron peskin and supervisor raphael mandelman mand and connie chan for the opportunity to speak. i'm also speaking on behalf of hanz hou's candidacy. i think his unique experience as a resident in an s.r.o. is going to be experiences that other candidates will not be able to bring. he has also dedicated his
7:36 pm
career towards affordable housing, which shows that he has a passion -- not only a passion, but he is willing to roll up his sleeves in order to create a situation that is much better than it is today. his activism also extends to other issues, and he is not just a one-issue activist. he cares about the whole community. with that said, i would hope that this body will advance hanz's candidacy, and if there are any questions, i'd be more than happy to answer. thank you. >> chairman: thank you. next speaker please. and if there are anymore speakers after this next speaker, please get in line. >> caller: good morning chair peskin and
7:37 pm
supervisor mandelman. i'm a member of the san francisco displacement coalition, and the san francisco tenants' union. i really like the competition of this oversight board and the choices that supervisor peskin has made. the two tenant advocates seem fine, with lots of experience, with hands-on experience. ben fujioko and fernando -- i worked in the housing advocacy spaces with them and i recommend that. mr. boranski, i'll take your word for it. he seems very qualified, and chante zing as well. i worked with her in the tenant advocacy and for state and federal and all
7:38 pm
kinds of tenant work. and so as an at-large member, with all of her experience, she would be great. also davita escaveda -- i've worked with her and she is quite good. so i approve of your recommendations. thank you. >> chairman: thank you. have there any other members of the public for public comment on item number three? >> clerk: we have at least one more speaker at this time. >> chairman: okay. >> caller: thank you, supervisors, for letting me speak. this is rudy corpus. i'm speaking on behalf and support of john jakoval. this man has a lot of potential. i truly believe he is on the rise. one day he will probably be a supervisor, and might
7:39 pm
be the mayor. but i truly believe in this brother and i support him 100%. thank you. >> chairman: thank you. are there any other speakers? >> clerk: i believe that completes our public comment list. >> chairman: okay. public comment is closed. i want to really thank all of the applicants, those who appeared before us today, and the one individual who was one able to appear, as well as members of the public, for their comments. supervisor preston, do you have any additional comments? i'm ready and subject to comments from committee members to make a suggestion. supervisor preston, anything that you would like to add? >> thank you, chair peskin. i just want to, again, thank everyone. i think we can tell from hearing from all these
7:40 pm
folks what a strong group of applicants we have. and so i just wanted to express my appreciation for all of the folks who have put their foot forward, and i'm looking forward to hearing your suggestions, chair peskin, of how to move forward. i will emphasize, from my office's perspective, that we are eager to move forward a set of applicants today, if possible. i realize there may be some procedural questions, and, again, i'm looking forward to your thoughts and your fellow committee members. >> chairman: thank you. vice chair mandelman? >> thank you, chair peskin. i think, you know, this is an extraordinary set of folks, and i'm also excited to see the work that they do. if i have one concern about the group, as a group, it would be that
7:41 pm
there may be a lack of projects financing and development experience. and i do think hanz hou is actually someone who may have some of that financial investment background expertise on particular projects. that might be useful. i also think it would be a good thing to have diverse representation from all of san francisco's communities on this body. so that might be a thing for us to think about if we're going to take another minute. and i although i have not met him, i think ed perion also does seem to have sort of project development experience that could be useful. that's a thought. in general, i think this is a great group of folks, and i'm looking forward to getting this body working. >> chairman: thank you,
7:42 pm
vice chair mandelman. and earlier i spoke to my constructionism and the way i looked at all of these seats over the weekend. and i do -- because we actually -- since i became chair of the rules committee, i don't think we've really had a conversation about what the charter sets forth as it relates to residency waivers. and i think this is a good time to do it. i think the few that we have granted since this committee was constituted a couple of months ago have been undisputed, which is to say that there was one applicant for one seat where a residency waiver was required. but i want to call attention to really what should govern us, and we should take very seriously in granting residency waivers, which is set for ith 4.101, subsection "b," which ends with the following requirement,
7:43 pm
which is: a residency waiver should only be granted when there isn't a resident who could be located for that seat. so i think that relative to vice chair mandelman's words, together with words from members of the public, relative to mr. hou, who applied to a couple of different seats, one of them is seat 11, where a residency waiver is required. so i think we have to take that quite seriously. having said that, why don't i do my best at making a suggestion to the committee, and, supervisor peskin, feel free to weigh into these discussions. for seat number one, which should be held by a person who is a resident of social housing, and there is only one applicant for that seat, and she,
7:44 pm
indeed, does fit that qualification. i would set forth remhi menalic. for seat number two, which is a person who is also a resident of a social housing development, there is only one applicant for that seat. that is bernita burch. for seat number three, we actually do have something there that we should discuss. we have mr. fujioko, who is imminently qualified, but we have someone there who is a san francisco resident, so i think that is a tough one for us. i have profound respect and history with and for mr. fujioko. i do not know mr. perilon, just from the resume i read over the weekend. seat number five,
7:45 pm
mr. martith, which would leave seat six eligible for mr. boranski, where a residency waiver is required. seat number seven, there is one applicant, ms. zing, who is, indeed, qualified for that seat. and then would suggest for seat number eight, davita escaveda. for seat number 10, mr. landsburg. and for seat number 11, hanz hou. and so that would be where i would begin this conversation at the board. and, colleagues, i will turn it over to you or to supervisor preston for any comments that you may have. i saw your hand go up, supervisor mandelman. >> supervisor: yeah, i think you may have, or may not -- i don't know that you mentioned john
7:46 pm
jakobafo seat four. >> chairman: i missed john for seat four. my bad. >> supervisor: and i would tend to think that although mr. perilon is a constituent of mine, given i do not know him, and given that history of mr. fujioko working on housing issues in san francisco, that, again, would be the right choice for that seat, even with the residency waiver required, in my view. >> chairman: okay. so maybe collectively we can take that as a motion for manalic in one, burch in two, jackkobo in four,
7:47 pm
[inaudible] >> we would be hard-pressed to find anyone in our city and very few with the entire level of experience he will bring to this body. but, yes, that sounds like a very strong board. >> chairman: okay. supervisor chan? >> supervisor: thank you, chair peskin. yes, i think that the way you went through the list. i do want to express my strong support for mr. fujioko, as well as mr. hanz hou in this case. knowing that, you know, mr. fujioko working with
7:48 pm
the chinese-american community, with the chinatown development center, really knows about low income housing residents and s.r.o.s and their needs, as well as just kind of seeing the story of mr. hou and his understanding of both capital investment, as well as just going through, again, public housing and that experience really speaks volumes into the work that needs to be done with this body. and i look forward to having them contribute from their perspective what it means to make sure that low income families, immigrant families can be really well-cared for as we're moving this initiative forward. so i'm in support of their appointment. thank you. >> chairman: all right. clerk young, on that motion, a roll call, please. >> clerk: i would like to re-read it.
7:49 pm
it my apologies for maliki for seat one. mr. burch for seat two. fujioko, seat four. jakobo to seat five. barneski to seat six, with a waiver. seat seven, chante zing. seat eight, davita escaveda, with a residency waiver. .seat 10, landsburg. and seat 11, hanz hou. >> chairman: that is correct. >> clerk: yes. on that motion to recommend this appointments, supervisor mandelman? >> aye.
7:50 pm
>> clerk: supervisor chan? >> aye. >> clerk: chair peskin? >> chairman: aye. >> clerk: the motion passes without objection. >> chairman: thank you. and let me say to the wonderful, qualified individuals who did not get on, you are welcome and encouraged to participate in the deliberations of this body, and i am sure that you will have as much power and input in those deliberations as though you were actually on the body. thank you supervisor preston. this was not an easy one. i really appreciate you're being accommodating. mr. clerk, can you please cua the next item. >> clerk: item four is an ordinance to allow contracting parties that offer multiple health benefit plans at the san francisco international airport to charge covered employees a limited share
7:51 pm
of premium policies, and to clarify who must be covered by health benefits, and to adjust the date by which such health benefit plans must be in affect. >> chairman: supervisor mandelman? >> supervisor: thank you, chair peskin. this ordinance represents the next step in our efforts to ensure affordable, high quality health care for all of our airport employees and their families. this legislation makes three changes to the healthy airport ordinance that was passed by the board back in november 2020. as you may recall, president walton and i had introduced legislation, working with closely with sciu, and teamsters 856, to require that they offer san francisco service employees a
7:52 pm
platinum-level, family health benefit plan at no cost to the employees, or make contributions to the covered employees in the san francisco city auctions program. thank you for your co-sponsorship. and supervisor chan, it was before your time, but i'm thankful for your predecessor's contribution. because the healthy airport ordinance requires an employer to cover 100% of the costs of the plans it offers, it creates an incentive for employers to eliminate alternative higher cost plans they may have been providing where employees bore a share of the costs. in some cases, employees may prefer to keep through current coverage and continue to share the cost rather opt into the platinum level offered by
7:53 pm
the healthy airport ordinance, and we want to allow them to do that. the ordinance before you would allow that, and limit the cost that the employer can charge, with the difference between the premium plan and the alternative more expensive plan. and the ordinance will clarify an ambiguity regarding who clarifies by family health benefit plans, aligning independent coverage with the input from department of public health, based on standard practice, and, third, it would extend it from march 21, to april 1, 2021. the employers' union and this board have asked them to enforce the healthy airport ordinance in accordance with these amendments. i want to thank o.l.c. for all of their help in
7:54 pm
addressing these issues, as well as city attorney lisa powell for quickly drafting this ordinance and for all of her work, and i want to thank those on local 2 and teamster 56, and giving us the opportunity to work with them to resolve them. and i want to thank erin mundy in our office for her ongoing efforts. and director mulligan from o.l.c. is available in committee members have questions. thanks. >> chairman: thank you for bringing this legislation, supervisor mandelman. i have no questions. supervisor chan, any questions for comments? why don't we open this up to public comment. are there any members of the public who would like to speak to item number four? >> clerk: yes. members of the public who wish to provide public comment on this item should call 415-655-0001,
7:55 pm
the meeting i.d. 1875577823. and press ##. if you haven't already done so, please dial *3 to line up to speak. the a system prompt will indicate you have raised your hand. please wait until the system indicates you have been unmuted. we have one member of the public in line to speak. >> caller: good morning. it's still good morning, board of supervisors. my name is peter finn with local 856, and behalf of the teamsters and our labor allies, we support the healthy airport ordinance. i'm speaking in favor of the amendment. the amendment benefits workers buyer encouraging employers to offer additional options, and offers workers a chance to buy up to other plans, such as p.p.o.s that may be more expensive.
7:56 pm
for these reasons, we support the amendment. thank you. >> chairman: thank you, mr. finn. are there any other members of the public for this item? >> clerk: i believe that completes the members of the public who wish to speak on this item at this time. >> chairman: okay. public comment is closed. and supervisor mandelman, do we have a motion? >> i'd like to move to forward this to the full board with positive recommendation. >> chairman: all right. vice chair mandelman, on that motion, a roll call? >> clerk: supervisor mandelman? >> aye. >> clerk: supervisor chan? >> aye. >> clerk: chair peskin. >> aye. >> clerk: the motion passes without objection. >> chairman: thank you. next item, please. >> clerk: next is item five: motion amending the rules of order by amending rule 3.25, 3.26, and 3.21.
7:57 pm
>> chairman: thank you, mr. clerk, we are joined by the chief author of this amendment to our board rules of order, supervisor ronan. supervisor ronan, good morning. it is still good morning for another three minutes. >> thank you, chair peskin. the proposed motion would establish a brand new standing committee in the board of supervisors that would serve as a place for legislative and policy discussions, focusing on addressing the comprehensive needs of children and their families. as it is, san francisco faces a sad reality that it is home to fewer children than any other major city in the united states. with families pleaing the fleeie public school systems, the board of supervisors deserves a permanent legislative committee that can dive deeply and look holistically as to how the
7:58 pm
city can better serve the young people and their families, in partnership with the youth commission, first five commission, and other youth-focused city entities. while we have benefited from the ad hoc over the last year, select committees are a temporary nature and are only authorized to host public hearings, and lack authority to review and vote on city ordinance and fiscal items. this motion will establish a new permanent youth and young families committee, which will be empowered to hear resolutions, ordinances and those items that have a direct impact on children, youth, and their families. for the first time in history, the board of supervisors will have a standing legislative committee that is explicitly focused on addressing the broad and diverse needs of san francisco's children and family. rather than a myriad of discussions taking place at the city board and school board.
7:59 pm
they will focus on leveraging city services to complement the educational mission of sfu.s.d., while addressing the needs that children continue to face, and other essential services that med their basic needs. [inaudible] and we're already in discussion with the commission about hosting joint hearings on shared priorities and other ways to strengthen the partnership between supervisors and the youth commission. we, as a city will be better positioned to lead new initiatives that respond to the most pressing issues facing san francisco's families, and we can rebuild san francisco into a place where children and families can live with dignity and pride. we have made some amendments to the motion to focus the new committee's purview on
8:00 pm
legislative matters, while ballot measures that touch on these issues will continue to be reviewed by the rules committee. your offices should have received a copy of these amendments, which we hope one of you will be willing to introduce today. the amendments are as follows, on page one, line 13, striking the mention of ballot mentions on the clause. on page two, lines 11 through 16, striking language that would have referred youth ballots and charter amendments to the new committee. on page three, line six, striking mention of ballots and charter amendments from the purview of the new youth, young adults, and family committee. i want to thank our clerk, angela calvio, and alyssa samara for really thinking deeply and thinking this through. on further reflection, given the very, very