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tv   BOS Budget and Finance Appropriations Committees  SFGTV  March 17, 2021 9:00pm-12:01am PDT

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pick when we do that, there is a demand or, you know, certain types of services that pertain more to the local community and working-class. >> back in the day, we looked at mission street, and now it does not look and feel anything like mission street. this is the last stand of the latino concentrated arts, culture and cuisine and people. we created a cultural district to do our best to conserve that feeling. that is what makes our city so cosmopolitan and diverse and makes us the envy of the world. we have these unique neighborhoods with so much cultural presence and learnings, that we want to preserve. [♪♪♪]
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>> chairman: this meeting will come to order. this is the march 17th, 2021, budget and finance committee meeting. i'm matt haney. and i joined by ahsha safai and supervisor gordon clark. madam clerk, do you have any announcements? >> clerk: due to covid-19 health emergency, city employees and public, the board of supervisors and legislative chamber and committee room are closed. members will be participating in the meeting remotely. this is precaution is taken to the local state and federal orders and declarations and directives. members will participate
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in the meeting to the same extent as if they're physically present. public comment will be present on channel 26 and comments or opportunity to speak during public comment period will be by calling 415-655-0001, i.d. 1872518978, then ##, and when connected, you will hear the meeting discussion, but you will be muted. when you're item of interest comes up, dial *3 to be added to the speaker line. best practice are to call from a quiet location and turn down your television or radio. you may submit public comment in the following way, e-mail myself. if you submit public comment via e-mail, it will be forwarded to the
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supervisors and included during the official item. mr. chair, this concludes my announcements. >> chairman: thank you so much, madam clerk. we have a full budget and finance committee agenda, so thank you for being brief with your presentations, and thank you in advance for your patience. madam clerk, can you please call item one. >> clerk: yes. item one, resolution approving the amendments for the san francisco auto (indiscernable) for services related to the towing, stor is rage, and disposal of abandoned vehicles, for a total amount not to skeet 88.6 million, to commence on april 1, 2021. members of the public who wish to provide public comment should call
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415-655-0001, i.d. 1872518978, then press pound twice. if you have not already done so, dial *3 to line up to speak. please wait until the system indicates you have been unmuted and you may begin your comments. >> chairman: thank you so much, madam clerk. i believe before we started, i know we do have steven lee from the sfmta to make a presentation. i did want to turn it over to vice chair safai, i know you had a request on this item, and we may be able to -- assuming that that happens, not have a presentation today. vice chair safai? >> thank you, chair haney. just with respect to time and the level of questions that i have, it was brought to my attention in the briefing with the b.l.a., there were a number of questions they could not answer, and, you
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know, with regard to many different aspects of this, particularly as it pertained to some of the real details of the overall contracts and of its history and so on, so i would request a two-week continuance so that we can work with the sfmta to dive deeper into these questions and the b.l.a., and to save some time based on our overall agenda today. so i would make a motion to just continue this for two weeks. >> chairman: thank you. i am good with that. mr. lee, i know you're here and prepared to make a presentation. is there anything that you want to say right now? are you going to be able to survive with two more weeks? >> good morning,
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supervisions, can you hear mow preparing. hearme? >> chairman: yes. >> i'm not familiar with any unanswered questions that they may have, and we've had long discussions about the contract itself and came to an agreed upon sort of recommendation in terms of providing the board with a comprehensive report by march 31st, 2023, reducing the not to exceed amount by 400,000. if there are any questions, i would like t' try to answer them now, if there are any concerns. i think extending the item and sort of -- well, actually approving the item today does not sort of, you know, lessen our desire to address any concerns as it relates to the contract itself. and just in terms of, i would say, anxiety on the
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part of people work on the contract, the union members, an extension doesn't help with that sort of anxiety about what could be their livelihood. so if possible, i would love to address any concerns you have at this time. >> chairman: i appreciate that and i understand why that would be your view. vice chair safai, you don't have to answer this, but is there anything you want to say in terms of clarifying why this is something that shouldn't -- >> i would just add, mr. chair, i speak to the representative groups that represent the employees, and they're fine with a continuance. this has less to do about the company itself, auto return -- i have no issues with how they're operating. it has more to do with the overall decisions and some of the way this program is
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implemented in the city. giving us a little more time to dive in deeper, this is an important contract, it impacts a lot of areas of san francisco. and when the b.l.a. says to me they're not able to answer, or they felt a bit rushed, it just would be better, i think, for all parties involved. i don't think this impacts the contract in any way. no employees will be impacted. it would be better to continue it and come back after the break, because we have a break in two weeks. if we could just come back to the mealing after that, meeting after that,i think thate more sense. >> chairman: okay. i know that b.l.a. has a report on this -- i'm seeing -- sorry, i don't know if somebody is raising their hand there. >> clerk: yes, mr. chair. that is mr. tom mcguire from m.t.a., and he would like to speak on this item. >> chairman: okay.
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mr. mcguire? >> yes. i wanted to clarify that we can continue to provide towing services, so we're not going to have a lack of continuity of operation if we were to continue to the item. i just -- i think what he is reflecting is the fact that we are eager to both talk about the particulars of the contract and also talk to you how there remains greater questions about the tow capacity, and how much it costs to get towed. and we can provide it for a minimum of two years, while we look at labor, equity, and the cost of living in san francisco. we certainly -- he's right, we would like to talk about it as soon as possible, but we can
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certainly operate without hearing the item today. what we will be talking about when we come back after the continuance, in some ways the stop-gap contract so we can continue to operate why while we have a deeper conversation about towing in san francisco. >> chairman: i appreciate that. i'm glad this will not disrupt operations, and i think that will all make sense. i personally am looking forward to the longer conversation, when we have it, and i think it will be a positive thing, and maybe even a less long conversation if mr. safai can have some of his questions answered and dive a bit deeper and i'm sure help get us all to a better place with all of this by then. with that, i'm going to -- i know there is a b.l.a. report, but i'm going to hold off on that. are there any members of the public who want to speak on this item? >> clerk: yes, mr. chair. mr. maria penna is
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checking to see if there are any callers in the cue. members of the public, who wish to provide public comment, please press *3. please continue to wait until the system indicates you have been unmuted. mr. chair, there are no callers in the cue. >> chairman: great. public comment is now closed. so vice chair safai, do you want to make a motion? >> yes, mr. chair. so i move that we continue this item to the meeting of april the 7th. >> chairman: all right. i will second that. madam clerk, this is moved to be continued to april 7th by supervisor safai, seconded by chair haney, and roll call vote. >> clerk: vice chair safai? >> aye. >> clerk: member mar? >> aye.
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>> clerk: chair haney? >> aye. >> clerk: there are three ayes. >> chairman: thank you. we'll see you in two weeks. thank you. >> chairman: madam clerk, can you please call items two and three together? >> clerk: item number two, resolution retroactively authorizing the office of the district attorney to expand a grant in the amount of 316,000 for the department of california insurance body automobile insurance fraud program for july 1st 2020 to june 30, 2021. item three, authorizing the office of district attorney to accept an extended grant (indiscernable) for the insurance fraud program for a period of july 1st, 2020, to june 30, 2021. members of the public who wish to provide public comment, call
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415-655-0001, i.d. 1872518978, then press pound twice. if you have not already done so, please dial *3. please wait until the system indicates you have been unmuted and you may begin your comments. >> chairman: great. thank you. i believe we have -- do we have the district attorney himself here? and a.d.a. perry from the d.a.'s office. >> good morning. this is (indiscernable) from the san francisco district attorney's office. i'm the managing attorney of the economic crimes unit. we, by items two and three, seek authorization to accept and expand funds distributed by the california of insurance for purposes of investigating, deterring, and prosecuting workers compensation insurance
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fraud as well as automobile insurance fraud. >> chairman: great. thank you. is there a b.l.a. report on this item? >> chair haney, no, there is no b.l.a. report on this item. >> chairman: okay. and can you speak to why this is retroactive? >> yes. the california department of insurance, the grant period is from july 1st, 2020, through june 30th of 2021. the department does require us to seek resolution separate from what we did in previous years, which was to incorporate it within the regular budget process of the city. with that change, which occurred i believe two
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years ago, we have had to wait until we get the final signing of the grant funding, and then move forward with the process of seeking the authority. >> chairman: okay. colleagues, do you have any questions or comments? seeing none, are there members of the public who wish to speak on this item. >> clerk: we're checking to see if there are any callers in the cue. members of the public who wish to provide public comment on items two and three, please press *3. please wait until the system indicates you have been unmuted. mr. chair, there are no speakers who wish to comment on two and three.
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>> chairman: great. public comment is now closed. with that, i want to move items two and three to the full board with a positive recommendation. can we have a roll call vote, please. >> clerk: on that motion, vice chair safai? >> aye. >> clerk: mr. mar? >> aye. >> clerk: chair haney? >> aye. >> clerk: there are three ayes. >> chairman: thank you. thank you so much. thank you for your time and your work. and this will go to the full board with a positive recommendation. >> thank you so much. >> chairman: madam clerk, please call item four. >> clerk: resolution authorizing the airport solution to accept or expand grants (indiscernable) that may be offered from the federal aviation administration, including
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up to 40.5 million for certain general airport purposes and up to 5.9 million for the purpose of providing financial relief to eligible airport (indiscernable) on receipt by the airport commission of one or more grant authizations. authorizati. members of the public who wish to provide public comment, please dial 415-655-0001, i.d. i.d. 1872518978, then pound twice, and *3. >> chairman: all right. we have reached the regular airport portion of our committee meeting. welcome back. we should make you an honorary member of the committee. >> good morning. good to see you you all
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again. thank you for hearing this item. the airport is seeking your approval to accept and expand $46,543,901 in federal grants from the federal aviation administration airport coronavirus response grant program. with no local match required. the coronavirus response and relief supplemental appropriation act was enacted in december 2020 to provide the financial relief to eligible u.s. airports and eligible concessions at those airports, affected by the public covid-19 emergency. they established it as a mechanism to distribute these funds. the funding has two components. one portion in the amount of 40.6 million, will reimburse the airport for operating expenses, including cleaning and sanitation, in the prevention of the spread
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of covid. the second portion will are used to provide airport rent relief. the requirement for receiving funds, the airport need todd have employed through february 15th, 2021, at least 90% of its workforce at the airport as of march 27, 2020. the airport is currently in compliance with this requirement. the b.l.a. has requested approval of the proposed revolution, but i'm happy to answer any questions, along with several members of our government affairs and financing. thank you. >> chairman: thank you. is there a b.l.a. report on this item? >> thank you. chair. the proposed resolution would authorize the airport to accept a grant from the federal aviation administration in the amount of 46.5 million on page eight of our report -- excuse me, on
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page nine of our report -- we show the grant funding sources, 40.6 is million millionwould be for general airport operation, and 5.9 million would provide relief for concessions. and we recommend approval. >> chairman: thank you. supervisor safai? >> thank you, mr. chair. i just wanted to make a couple of comments about this. i did talk to some of the representative labor groups. i think this is a real positive. thank you, ms. gizone, for being here and providing information. obviously, we want to do everything we can to help operations. i just want to highlight something. i know supervisor mar cares deeply about this as well. as we have been in the
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pandemic, many employers are in negotiations regarding their employees. and one aspect of that is worker retention and the right for employees to return to their job. i know that two of the airport rental companies have been very resistant to hiring back employees who were laid off, many of whom have seniority, be andmany who have worked for avis and hertz for a long time. we should also make sure that these companies know when we're working with them and helping them in this process, particularly companies on the scale of an avis and hertz, they
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should be very open and willing to have a conversation about rehiring employees that were laid off, and not trying to let go of their most senior employees and bring them back at a starting salary, as though they were resetting their entire career. i think that is wrong. i think that is unjust. i know that we're going to have a larger stimulus package conversation that will come down as part of this 1.9 trillion dollar bailout. and i did have a conversation with director satero and representative laborer, and they committed to sitting down on how that money will go forward. i'm fine with this today. i wouldn't want to hold it up and harm any concessions or businesses in the airport, or the airport itself. i just wanted to say on
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the record that i think it is really important that the companies that are being given additional bailout money need to be really receptive to the conversation about being respectful to their workers. thank you, mr. chair. >> chairman: thank you, supervisor safai, and i absolutely agree with those remarks and sentiment. with that, are there any members of the public who would like to speak on this item? >> clerk: yes. d.t. is checking to see if there are awe callers in the cue. members of the public who wish to provide public comment, please dial 415-655-0001 and then i.d. 1872518978, and press pound twice and then star 3. there is one caller in the
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cue. can you please unmute the caller. >> caller: hello, supervisors. this is joe with teamsters local 665. i hope you all are doing well, and thank you forgiving me the time here to make a few comments. as i think you're aware, we represent about 1500 workers in and around the airport. among those are workers for the rental car companies, specifically avis and hertz. this is a conversation for another day, but there are other non-union companies working there and shouldn't be. back on track here, i understand that as part of this relief package, avis and hertz are going to be receiving over a million in rent relief from the airport, in addition to the three plus million they already received in 2020. everyone, obviously, has been hit really hard by the pandemic at the airport, and everywhere, for that matter. but to be clear, they have not used those funds to
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benefit their workers and our members. in fact -- and this is very important -- avis and hertz both refuse to bargain with us on recall rights. they both have a clause in their contracts that state that if someone is laid off for 12 months, they lose all their seniority. they may call them back, but they want to start them with lower wages, lost vacation weeks, and no medical. all of the other employers were happen to extend the recall rights so that this worldwide pandemic would not impact their employees anymore it already has. with all of that said, we're fine with this item moving forward, but we want to be clear on the record that this wasn't to benefit or members. we were not part of this discussion or previous discussions.
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the become line is we want a seat at the table, and we want to be heard when the biden administration rolls ot the money to s.f.o. to make sure our members are being helped as well. thank you very much for hearing our position. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. mr. chair, this completes the cue. >> chairman: great. thank you. public comment is now closed. i do want to thank the representative who called in and really echo that point, which is that i really hope that the labor partner, the workers are at the table always, particularly when there are funds that are directed to support them and to support the recovery. and that, as we're looking at recall rights and basic worker protections and
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rights that we have extended in many other areas in our city, that that, obviously, is also central and extended to employees at the airport. supervisor mar, did you want to add anything? >> supervisor: yes. thanks, chair haney. briefly i wanted to thank teamsters 665 for raising these important issues around so far the lack of the rental companies at s.f.o. being willing to negotiate over a fair right to return for the hundreds of laidoff workers, and thank you, supervisor safai, for also raising this issue. and i think this is very concerning to all of us as we see so many workers being laid off, not just at s.f.o., but throughout the city, and wanting to ensure they all have a fair process to get their jobs back when their
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employers start rehiring. and we're also, as a board, considering the right to re-employment, coming up in the next weeks, that would provide this right to non-union workers across the city at large employers. i'm glad to hear there is a commitment from s.f.o. to make sure that the rental car agency workers are able to get a fair right to re-employment. this is something we'll continue to monitor very closely, so thank you. >> chairman: thank you. absolutely. i don't know, ms. gizone, if there is anything you wanted to add to any of these points. >> thank you for the comments. we'll definitely take them into account. >> chairman: great. all right. so i want to move this item to the full board with a positive
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recommendation. roll call, please. >> clerk: on that motion, vice chair safai. >> aye. >> clerk: member mar? >> aye. >> clerk: chair haney? >> aye. >> clerk: there are three ayes. >> chairman: great. it will go to the full board on positive recommendations. thank you, again, for your work. madam clerk, can you please call items five and six together. >> clerk: item five, ordinance appropriating 220 million from the issuance of one of more series of refunding obligation bonds. items six, resolution approving the issuance and sale of not to exceed 220 million of the general obligation refunding bonds (indiscernable) to refund certain outstanding general obligation bonds of the city and approving and authorizing various
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documents. members of the public who wish to provide public comment, call 415-655-0001, i.d. 1872518978, then press pound twice. if you have not already done so, please dial *3. please wait until the system indicates you have been unmuted and you may begin your comments. thank you, mr. chair. >> chairman: great. thank you so much, madam clerk. we have luke brewer and anna nandegma from the office of the controller to present. >> thank you, supervisor. my name is luke brewer, and i'm with the controller's office of public finance. i'm here to speak on items five and six. this is for the general obligation refunding bonds, authorizing in two series not to exceed 220 million, as well as the supplemental appropriation ordinance. back in march of last
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year, we approved a master resolution authorizing 1. 4 billion, and another for $225 million, and fulfilled those bonds last spring. we're before you with the next two periods of general refunding bonds, not to exceed 220 million for outstanding series of general obligation bonds, as shown in this table. they are cullable on june 2021, and they can be begin refinancing 90 days before that date. we're looking at approximately 25.2 million over a 12-year period based on estimated industry rates of 1.6%.
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[inaudible] approximately 23million, which is about 11% of the total outstanding principle to be refunded. we are authorizing the master resolution, and requires that we have a minimum of 3%. so that is well in excess of our policy and the resolution. and so our current rate of finance has two different series, not to exceed 220 million, the final maturity being june 2023. the estimated closing date for the first series in april of 2021, and the second in september of 2021. and on the right is the current estimated proceeds for the two separate periods. just for reference, we're currently planning on pricing the first series this upcoming april with the opportunity to price
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the second series in april, with a delivery closing which would be not having the funds delivered between investors and the city until august (indiscernable). and with that i'll answer any questions. >> chairman: thank you so much, mr. brewer. colleagues, any questions for the office of the controller? not seeing any, although i feel like my -- maybe i'm not seeing when people raise their hands. is there a b.l.a. report on this item? >> yes, chair haney and members of the committee. the proposed resolution before you would approved up to 220 million in refunding bonds to refund outstanding obligation bond debt and the proposed ordinance would appropriate prate 220
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million of those refunding refug bonds. we show the bonds to be refunded on page 12 of our report, and the sources and uses of the proceeds in the table on page 13 of our report. as mr. brewer noted, it is consistent with city debt policy, and we recommend approval of the proposal resolution and the ordinance. and i'm available for questions. >> chairman: great. i don't see any questions from colleagues. all right. is there any public comment on this item? >> clerk: t. ischecking to see if there are any callers in the key. cuekey.
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cue. mr. chair, there are no callers in the cue. >> chairman: i want to move items four and six to the full board with a positive recommendation. >> clerk: on that motion, vice chair safai? >> aye. >> clerk: member mar? >> aye. >> clerk: chair haney? >> aye. >> chairman: great. thank you so much. madam clerk, can you please go to item number seven? >> clerk: yes, mr. chair. item seven, resolution retroactively authorizing public works to accept and expand an increased amount of 226,000 for a total grant amount of 3million from the united states department of transportation, federal highway administration, federal emergency relief program to fund the construction of the public works o'shaughnessy
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boulevard for the period of december 23, 2019, through june 3, 2021. members of the politics public whowish to provide public comment, please call 415-655-0001 and then i.d. 1872518978 and then press pound twice, and *3. please wait until the system indicates you have been unmuted and you may begin your comments. >> chairman: great. thank you, madam clerk. we have osta continua, the transportation financial analyst from the department of public works with us today to present. >> good morning, supervisors. the resolution before you today authorizes the board to expand the increased amount of 226,000 in federal emergency relief funds for the construction
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of o'shaughnessy boulevard. [inaudible] to accept and expand it to 1.8 million in the federal emergency relief fund. and the resolution before you today will bring this total to a little over 3 million. the project will install rock anchors along o'shaughnessy boulevard, to prevent future rock slides from blocking the roadway. the resolution does not change the scope of work previously authorized and retracted to allow the additional funds to follow the same eligibility period as the previously authorized funds. due to the nature of the federal emergency relief program, local agencies can increase the project costs up to 10% of the initial estimate because it is completed before the (indiscernable) and this increase is authorized by
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caltrans and shwa, after they reviewed our final design. this will increase the emergency funds to be able to provide 88.5% of the total construction cost of the project. and with that, i'm happy to answer any questions. >> chairman: thank you so much. is there a b.l.a. report on this item? >> no, chair haney, there is no report from our office on this item. >> chairman: any questions or comments from colleagues? seeing none, can we open this up to public comment, please? >> clerk: yes, mr. chair. members of the public who wish to provide public comment on this item, item seven, please press *3 to be added to the cue. for those already on hold, please continue to wait until the system indicates you have been unmuted. mr. chair, there are no callers in the cue. >> chairman: public comment is now closed. i want to make a motion to move item seven to the full board with a positive
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recommendation. roll call vote, please. >> clerk: on that motion, vice chair safai? >> aye. >> clerk: member mar? >> aye. >> clerk: chair haney? >> aye. >> clerk: there are three ayes. >> chairman: great, this will go to the full board with a positive recommendation. madam clerk, please call item eight. >> clerk: resolution approving the agreement between caller health ink inc and the department of public health for covid testing services for an amount for a total agreement term of april 6, 2021, through march 31st 2022. members of the public who wish to provide public comment, please dial 415-655-0001 and then i.d. 1872518978, then press
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pound twice and *3. please wait until the system indicates you have been unmuted and you may begin your comments. >> chairman: thank you so much. we have drew merell from the department of public health to present on this item. >> good morning, supervisions. i'm here and joined by the deputy and health operations testing support. and toby scott, the director of testing for the covid response. the contract in front of you is a continuation of the covid-19 testing services that d.p.h. and the city began in april 2020, under an emergency contract. that contract has been amended three times, most recently in november. the current contract in front of you was actually sourced with a competitive bid process, and as a result lowers the cost of testing for the city while providing more complete end to end testing
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services. i know there is a b.l.a. report, but we agree with the recommendation in the report and appreciate the consideration of the contract. and i'm happy to answer any questions. >> chairman: thank you. i do believe there is a b.l.a. report on this item. >> yes, chair haney and members of the committee. the proposed resolution would approve a new agreement between the department of public health for an proximate one-year period. expenditures under the proposed contract, including the cost per test and the location and number of tests per site are shown in the table of page 19 of our report. projected spending is approximately 52.3 million dollars. we recommend amending the proposed resolution to reduce the not to exceed
9:42 pm
amount of 52.3 million, and we recommend approval as amended. and i'm available for questions. >> chairman: great. i do have a question. this is for the actual funds to cover the testing itself, i'd imagine that there is significant reimbursements for this, and sort of how is -- is all or most of this expected to be fema reimburseable. and can you speak to how that affects the contract and what is included in it? >> yes. current projections are that 75% of the expenditures in the contract would be fema eligible for fema
9:43 pm
reimbursement. these expenditures are after we have successfully reimbursed -- that is a number that is subject to the duration of the emergency declaration and other regulatory changes at the federal and state level. but current projections is expected 75% of the total contract amount would be reimburseable. >> chairman: got it. thank you. colleagues, any questions or comments? supervisor safai? you're muted.
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>> supervisor: thank you. i'm looking at the b.l.a., and it says b.p. h. estimates a little less than 19% of the patients tested through all of these sites have insurance? whose motivation is it? is it colors responsibility and motivation to really ask and ensure people are giving their health insurance and telling them? as i've gone to the site a number of times, it wasn't really made clear why they were asking for the insurance. it wasn't made clear that they said if you provide this insurance, we will go after and ensure that your insurance company pays for this. a lot of times there are co-payments, and people get concerned they're going to get a followup bill or it is not covered in their insurance. so i haven't really seen that explained. and i think sometimes people are motivated to
9:45 pm
just say i don't have insurance, even if they do, and so then the city ends up being on the hook, from what has been laid out here. so 75% of the costs are going to be reimbursed from fema. it looks like you all predict -- how much will you actually get from reimbursement? i know you said a little less than 19% is covered by insurance, but how much have you, over the last year, received -- what percentage have you received from the insurance company? >> year-to-date, in terms of reim. >> buzz: reimbursement has been $10 million. i don't have the percentage of prior expenses. it has been an ongoing project that color has been a contract partner with us to enter into contracts with particular
9:46 pm
insurers for payment. it is an ongoing challenge or balancing act to both incentivize people to provide insurance when they have it, but (indiscernable) with the public health imperative being that anyone who wants testing and needs testing, subject to the public health orders, can come to the site regardless of their insurance status. >> no, no, of course. and i think colors has done a good job. but as somebody who has gone to the testing site, it wasn't really made their to me until i actually read this report. and i don't necessarily think they're incentivized because they get paid one way or the other. so it would be better if there was some emphasis put on that, and it sounds good that you all have been able to recoup about $10 million from insurance
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companies. but i think it would be better as part of the rollout, as you all conveyed to them, to simply say, you don't have anything to worry about, you're not going to get charged in any way, this is part of the agreement, we send your insurance number to the provider and they're responsible for paying it 100%, you don't have to worry. as somebody who has gone and provided my insurance, someone explained that to me. and if that is happening to me, as someone who knows more questions to ask, i would imagine -- i guess what i'm trying to say, i think the city is probably leaving money on the table. >> yeah. so your point about noticing the use of why we're collecting insurance information is both to say this is to help expand and increase the reach of our kind of limited city resources, and we provide testing funding if we can capture an eligible
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reimbursement dollar, we can put it into the community for other services, but also emphasizing that it is no event will a person being tested ever receive a bill -- >> right. pushing that message -- there have been several different efforts. we, as of january, edited the consent language when someone receives testing through the color site, and we push forward to see how we can better communicate it and make it more of a full-page message. to say that the purpose of pressing insurance is to bill insurers wherever they can be billed. in no event will color or the city ever see a balance bill or send a bill back to cover a co-pay expense. this is only to cover from
9:49 pm
insurance wherever possible. we've done several efforts to adjust the information gathered in the registration cue and make insurance response a required field, not a field you can skip over. you always have the option to say, none, i have no insurance, but have you to respond. and then embedded in that is also a consent form, embedded in the religious registration, here is the information and here is what we will do with it. we can push that message more on the forefront, and that's an ongoing effort to optimize. as far as the incentives, i can say candidly that the contract does say that color will be paid for any test that goes through. they have agreed to receive payment for every
9:50 pm
successful reimbursement, and i can say that faithfully for the last year they have been an aggressive partner in kind of securing these insurance repayments and also optimizing the registration collection and message out wherever we find a way to better push the message. so... >> thank you. and i'll just say, just to reiterate, just as someone who has had to use them a number of times, the way they get information back to you, the speed with which they get information back, the way they do their testing, the people on the ground doing the testing, they've been phenomenal. i want to be clear they've been a phenomenal city partner. i think we all would agree to that. my only point was as i saw this and realized more that we might be leaving money on the table. and some of it might
9:51 pm
simply be, do you have insurance? and if you do, don't worry the insurance company be pay 100%. and that was never said to me. and if it is not said to me or others, i think leaving money on the table. i think b.p. h. is obligated. if we're costing us $17 million, that is $17 million we can use in this pandemic. any dollar we can save, it would be good. thank you, mr. chair. >> chairman: thank you. supervisor mar? >> supervisor: thank you, chair haney. i just had a few questions about the competitive r.s.p. process that led to the selection of color for this contract. i would agree with supervisor safai, from my
9:52 pm
experience they have done a really admirable job as our testing contractor through the emergency contract, just from my experience -- my personal experiences with them and observations. given the much greater scrutiny of our contracting practices here in the city right now, you know, with the corruption -- widespread corruption of investigation playing out, so i just had a few questions. first of all, it looks like the controller's office did the competitive r.s.p. process on behalf of b.p.h., and is that a standard practice for d.p.h., to have the controllers' office do the competitive process? >> i wouldn't say standard practice. certainly a big driver here was bandwith
9:53 pm
considerations, at the time we were planning the r.s.p., and then finally publishing it in the fall, we wa number of contracts, and so the office had bandwidth considerations. in this case, the controller stepped in as a tremendous city/family partner, and led us through the r.s.p. process. it has been done, and it is not standard, but bandwidth required it at that point in time. >> thank you. and, again, given the corruption scandal and all of the investigations around our contracting processes, with the city departments playing out over the past year plus, i was wondering if you know in the controller's office took any additional controls or steps on this
9:54 pm
particular r.s.p. process? >> i think joe samusuki is here and can probably best speak to that question. >> good morning. joyce samusuki, controller's office, and my team ran the r.s.p. process. we received 21 proposals, and we had a rigorous panel and a two-part evaluation process. the three highest-ranked proposals went on to the second part of the interview evaluation and scores came in, and color was the highest-ranked proposal. i'm happy to answer any questions that you have. >> chairman: yeah. thank you. and just one last question. so it looks like the -- it was pretty competitive,
9:55 pm
and those top three proposers were pretty close in their average score for their initial proposal. so, yeah, it was -- just from the numbers, it looked like it was pretty competitive. who was on the final -- on that final interview panel that made the final selection, actually interviewing the top three proposers. >> we had subject matter experts, one from the controller's office, one from d.p.h., one from housing and homelessness, and a second one from the controller's office on the operation side as well. so we had a diverse panel of subject matter experts. >> chairman: uh-huh. great, thank you. this is all just helpful and i'm just using this as an example of understanding our contracting and competitive selection process. so thank you.
9:56 pm
i don't have any other questions, chair haney? >> [please stand by]
9:57 pm
to this recommendation. can i first move to make a motion to accept the amendments for this item? have a roll call on that, madam clerk. >> clerk: yes, on that motion [roll call vote] there are three ayes. >> chair haney: can we move this item to the full board as amended with a positive recommendation? roll call vote, please. >> clerk: yes, on that motion [roll call vote] there are three ayes. >> chair haney: great.
9:58 pm
this is obviously a really important program which has protected our residents and saved many lives and i'm glad that we are continuing it and we're finding it and ensuring that we are giving the greatest reimbursement possible for our city and, obviously, it's still very much needed. so this will go to the full board with a positive recommendation. madam clerk, are there any more items? >> clerk: mr. chair, there are no other items to today's agenda. >> chair haney: great. happy st. patrick's day, everyone. and i will see you very soon for the next part of our meeting, budget appropriations. this meeting is adjourned. breakbreakbreak
9:59 pm
10:00 pm
>> chair haney: the meeting willorder. this is the march 1700 21 budget appropriations committee meeting. i am matt haney , joined by committee members president walton, supervisors ronen, safai and mar and our clerk is missed linda wall. i want to thank sfgov tv for
10:01 pm
broadcasting this meeting. do you have any announcements. >>linda wong: due to the health emergency , employees and the board of supervisors legislative chamber and committee will meet but members will beparticipating remotely. this precaution is pursuant to the various local state and federal orders . committee members will attend the meeting through videoconference and participate to the safest extent as if they are physically present. public comments will be available on each item on or streaming of the number across the screen. each speaker will be allowed one minute to speak. comments are available viaphone call by calling 415-655-0001 , meeting id 187 251 8978, then press pound, pound. when connected you will hear the meetingdiscussion but you
10:02 pm
will be muted . when your item of interest. dial star 3 to be added to the speaker line. best practices article from a quiet location, speak clearly and slowly and turn down your television or radio. you may submit comment as an email to myself for the committee clerk at it will be forwarded to the supervisors and included as part of the official file. items acted upon today are expected to appear on the board of supervisors agendaof march 23 unless otherwise in . finally supervisors melgar and preston are participating. >> chair haney: thank you madam clerk. before we call item one i want to thank all of my colleagues for the workthey've done to
10:03 pm
prepare for today's meeting . we are going to hear of incredibly important items that relate to how we are going to spend the projected hundred $25 million surplus in the current year. i again want to thank all the committee members and supervisors floor here. every supervisor had some input into what is in front of us and i wanted to thank the mayors office for their partnership and the mayor for her leadership. i'm proud to say the spending plan will direct resources and support to the people most impacted during this crisis including small businesses, families, tenants, artists and animals local residents and it is a package that will keep small businesses open, like th opioid affidavit, support cartesian family and ensure tenants can stay in their homes . it's crucial because we have an
10:04 pm
unexpected set of money in the current year he put directly into the pockets of our residents and small businesses that are suffering andaddress our most urgent priorities for recovery . our city residents need us to work togethercollaboratively and deliver real solutions and we got here today . thank you to mayorgreene and her staff , president walton and all the supervisors and committee members .i know we are already getting started on our full process which i believe will be one of the most important budget decisions we will make in the history of the city and i think our work together on this service spending plan is a very good sign things to come including our ability to work together and address the most urgent priorities facing rcc for recovery so with that clerk will you please call item 1. >> item 1 approximating 10 million general reserves to the mayors office of community
10:05 pm
development for risks under the resolution and relief funds and approximately 10 million foot acquisition creation and operation of affordable social housing under the housing stabilization, facility in fiscal year 2022 2021. members who wish to provide public comments to call 415-655-0001, meeting id 187 251 8978. then press pound twice and if you have done so please press star agreedto line up to speak. a system can't initiate you are ready to speak and you may begin your comments . >> chair haney: thank you madam clerk and we have supervisor preston here with us on this item. >> you so much care and let me just start by thanking you for your leadership on this committee during what art
10:06 pm
really unprecedented times in so many ways and thank you for your engagement around the whole spending plan and in package committees considering today. a lot of the vice chair safai for our extensive conversations particularly around this item and potential uses of disability fund money and also thank you committee members walton, ronen and mar. i'm here to ask for your support in carrying fourth the will of the voters and the intent previously stated by the board of supervisors to allocate initial funding from proposition i revenue to the resolution and really fun and to the housing ability fun. i was before the budget and finance committee on february 24 where we introduced substantive amendments
10:07 pm
increasing the amount of the supplemental request to reflect updated revenue projections. i spoke extensively at the time of the context of this request and the use of funds and the in the interest of time we will provide a preview today but also duty to provide some context and also recognize that we have the full committee with additional members who were not present for that discussion last time. so the background. october 2020 board of supervisors unanimously 2 ordinances . one establishing the resolution and really and the other establishing the housing ability fun. in addition the board unanimously approved a resolution stating our intent to use funds from the increase in the transfer tax on high-end real estate sales for these programs. divided equally.
10:08 pm
the voters by a considerable margin and the increase in the transfer tax through proposition i. about supplemental beforethe committee is the next step in this process . on february 12, the controller's office issued a six-month status and 14 which projection for prop i was increased to this 16.1 million or $21 million after basedon . the budget and finance committee on december 24 amendments to the ordinance to reflect the increased projections. as mentioned at the committee in february, much has changed in a landscape of rent relief since prop i was originally passed in november. that time our rent resolution of the lease program was the only existing proposal to
10:09 pm
provide such assistance from public funds to small property owners and for the benefit of tenants to address unpaid rent. what remains the case though is that the programs proposed by the state and the funding provided by the federal treasury are orders of magnitude short of protecting all tenants, preventing evictions and addressing all the rent that . on the recently published city website on the rental relief program updated just on march 15, there's a recognition of this dynamic and it means quote, the city is actively working to identify and secure additional funds for covid-19 assistance and assistance is not for all who apply. we need to take advantage of every possible source of funding to prevent covid related displacement, assisting
10:10 pm
small landlords facing hardships. there should be no question that prop i revenueshould be used for its intended purpose . my office has met with the tenant advocates community, with leadership in the san francisco apartment association as well as with an ocd leadership enter seems to be an emerging consensus that the funds for rapidly can and should be used to fill gaps on the state program and our local fully funded program. these funds, the funds will make sure no one including undocumented tenants, working-class tenants whose income may be slightly above any applicable, or others are left behind by covid related hardship and this is in keeping with the city of st. francis as reflected by the this measure.
10:11 pm
this will necessitate a tracking on the existing programs to allow analysis of emerging gaps in real-time and with and requested an ocd report back on an ongoing basis and certainly no later than june on such information as demographic data, on tenants who receive the support and the amount of support theyreceive, demographic data on tenants whose applications were denied , data on landlords including united amounts received from other programs, the number of units they own and the number of tenants households that are in arrears in their san francisco portfolio. this will inform the use of the funds to fill gaps particularly with respect to those whose applications are denied so by improving response we ensure that they will be used promptly
10:12 pm
to address debt relief for tenants in small property owners who might otherwise be left out and i ask for your support of the urgent rent really need. the supplemental also seeks to allocate initial funding for the housingstability . the purpose of which is to provide a dedicated funding stream to scale non-commodified permanentlyaffordable housing . it can be a source to pursue a range of strategies including small site acquisitions, community land trusts, i'm municipal housing and other energies with an emphasis on those strategies that lack access to funding. and oversight board will discuss which strategies are best to pursue and provide recommendations on budget allocations to both the board and mohcd and thank you for moving forward with
10:13 pm
recommendations for the appointees to the membership of the oversight body which will be before the whole board of supervisors next week at our meeting. the full board blessing should that occur, we intend to move to convene the initial meeting so that initial recommendations can be made on allocating this first round of funding and if there are any projects that require funding that fit within the scope of the housing stability fund ordinance , nothing stands in the way of the oversight board recommending that initial funds get out the doorquickly. and that's something i didn't want to say on the record . i've raised in some of my conversations with including my recent conversation with vice chair safai the desirability of looking at ways to immediately activate some or all of the
10:14 pm
initial song. my hope is that this committee recognizes that in order to create systemic change that will fundamentally alter how we house the people of san francisco and to avoid the crisis of displacement persists in our city that we need to find new ways. we need new ways to permanentl , to fund permanently affordable housingand this is a major first step in that direction today. i want to offer one final thought as well as amendment before closing . the figure in the supplemental isbased on revenue projections provided in february . we know that even this number, even after was increased as i've described is well sort of what prop i will bring into city coffers and i want to know in just a single real estate transaction that i know many of you are familiar with, the sale
10:15 pm
of the dropbox headquarters reported on march 8 valued at $1.08 billion. just from that transaction the transfer tax increase from prop i in an additional $32 million to the city which would not have existed voters not approved the measure. as one sale generated 125 percent of the revenue projection in the ordinance before you today. i want to make clear this supplemental should be considered incontext . while not a dedicated tax, prop i was understood by voters to be part of a broader package where we wealthy real estate transactions to fund rent relief and social housing. this is not an unexpected windfall. this is and has always been our plan, our planet as a board of supervisors and electorate working exactly as intended. finally i want to offer an
10:16 pm
amendment or request that the committee moved amendment made at the suggestion of the controller . the ordinance as written seeks to allocate from the general reserve. but given the recent update we believe it makes sense to allocate property tax revenue instead and artifacts to the chair and controller for flagging this issue and making the suggestion. amendment which had been distributed by my office to members of the committee reflect this updated revenue source and i informed that change is substantive in nature. i'm happy to read the amendment if necessary. i will assume you all received but with that i ask for your approval of the amendments and for your support ofthis effort
10:17 pm
going forward . i'm available and happy to answer any questions you might have and thank youvery much . >> chair haney: thank you so much supervisor preston for your leadership and for allowing us to make some changes in terms of how the funding will happen andbringing it in and presenting again to us here at this committee . i am going to before we take the amendments i know there are anumber of members who want to make comments . supervisor safai. >> supervisor safai: thank you chair me. thank you supervisor preston. these are ideas many other localities aretalking about . these are ideas that many other localities are fully rely on federal relief and that will be ephemeral in nature. it will not be a lasting source. we had a lasting source of income will address some pretty
10:18 pm
important things. i know in the immediate, the idea of theneed for rent really is actually . in our last ports that we received prior to this hearing when we first started the conversation, the report from the bla said that the need was estimated to bebetween somewhere between 90 and 180 million . with this 10 and a half million to the pot on top of the additional federal money brings us to around 65 million with a projected 44 million coming in in the third round of stimulus which puts us ataround 100 million . i know you and i have these conversations last year in the beginning of covid and los angeles did 100 million. we are now going to have around 100 million. i think that's a good place to be and let's see how it impacts
10:19 pm
both our small property owners, property owners that have a hard time paying their rent as well as tenants facing possible interactions with mounting debt. one question i wanted to ask to make additional comments about the social housing. i appreciate the point about small gaps. about filling the gaps in an effort to help small landlords one thing that was not 100 percent clear was how this would impact payment. initially you have talked about having landlords agreed to wipe away about 50 percent of the debt they took these funds. have adjusted that or have there been conversations about adjusting and having more in line with the federal to ensure that landlords partake and that was one of thethings that the bla highlighted .
10:20 pm
>> supervisor preston: we have not engaged in discussions about changing those criteria but we have been in very active discussion with mohcd. obviously all this is new in terms of federal and state money . so i think the assumption is that particularly the federal money probably would be the most attractive for those that qualify and would probably be the first money out the door. so we're mindful of that and we're trying to work with mohcd to immediately identify the gaps where folks are not qualifying for that and view these funds as coming in.but this time they would be pursuant to the ordinance that as you referencesupervisor , lays out the 50 to 65 percent reimbursement. i think we will need to see on
10:21 pm
the uses rent and whether in light of additional funds any tweaks need to be made and we're certainly willing to have that, keep an open mind on that but our assumption is that it would befolks who don't qualify for the higher level reimbursement would be using . >> supervisor safai: good to hear you open to further conversations on that because that would be my concern that there is additional money coming down and that would put us kind of in the larger bucket spoke at the state, federal and initial previous monies for this 10 and a half will be i guess last will goin so i'm glad yousay . secondly to talk about the social housing parts . it sounds like in terms of household eligibility has no restrictions as law, just before we get into social
10:22 pm
housing . there's no restrictions on that as well and provide for good flexibility i appreciate that part of the original design . secondary on the social housing, i know we had some conversation about this. in terms of filling the gaps for overall affordable housing. i appreciate you really emphasizing trying to get the oversight committee seated , talking to them aboutimmediate needs . i know that we don't have a consistent sourcefor small sites. i think that high contender for thismoney . i know that there are a lot of projects . for instance in mydistrict we were very beneficial , and fortunate that we allow money to come in a couple years ago and then shifted to propagate but still allow us to be competitive on the state level so for 100 percent affordable housing so having this potentially as money for project shortfall. also the seed money we received
10:23 pm
has decreased dramatically over the years. this could be which are also used to help shortfalls of 100 percent affordable housing so i think that's all good and i also wanted to say i really appreciate you being firm and holding firm bam islands and mirroring what we've done these sites where the average would have to be around 80 percent amr. which allows for more working families and teachers, janitors and others. i think there's somewhat of a shortsighted debate from some people in the city that are really not cognizant of the fact that the janitor can't afford to live in the city both inprivate sectorhousing and affordable housing , we're doing something really wrong in the city .that we, we're not working families. we're forgetting about that missing this social housing in
10:24 pm
the original ordinance placed pays homage to that, is cognizantof that ensures this will be applied in a real positive manner so i appreciate . i will say that it would be really helpful to this committee as soon as the oversight committee is seeking to come back as quickly as possible with those immediate needs. because i think that's the best way to activate this money in an environment where there's so muchdemand there. again, i wanted to say i think this is a wonderful time . as was written about the other day, there are other areas in the bay area, talking about social housing that don't have any money to implement it so this is something that i think has been very beneficial so i appreciate your hard work on this and appreciate your openness. the last thing i'll say we did talk about was her oversight
10:25 pm
committee and the need at least in the future to have a conversation about having someone representative in public housing and i appreciate your openness to that conversation movingforward . i know that's a large part of our affordable housing's . and i know you have a lotof good representation on that body . but it would be good to keep thinking about public housing aswell . >> supervisor preston:thank you . >> chair haney: thank you so much vice chair safai. supervisor melgar. >> supervisor melgar: first i wanted to thank supervisor preston very much. for your leadership. and many more ways than just one. i think you and i have worked on tenant issues before. you and i got on the board i've always appreciated your commitment and your clarity of thought around all of these
10:26 pm
issues. i'm appreciative of the flexibility that you have shown in making sure that we fill in the gaps in between the local and state sources and address the needs of those who just have the most urgent need for rent relief andparticularly folks who are undocumented . i see folks who have lost their livelihood because of covid and are at greater risk of losing everything . their homes, their livelihood. their kids. so i can't thank you enough for yourleadership on . now, the social housing part of this appropriation you and i have spoken about two. i am with you 100 percent about the need for having a place of innovation. i think that we are remarkably
10:27 pm
uncreated as a city in on the affordable housing. we've been very conservative and i want to see a place where we have new tools, new models. we can replicate best practice . we can leverage different types of funding. all those things i think that we need in order to solve the problem of affordable housing in our citywhich is complicated . it's not unidimensional. there's an entire folks who can't afford housing here. i must say i disagree over the by colleaguesupervisor safai . i don't want to see this money replacing decreases in funding or gaps in funding in other places because i think this is the place for new things and innovation.
10:28 pm
however, i think something that's valuable in this pot of money is that we have chosen to fund a lot of our affordable housing in san francisco with the balanced receipts. the problem with that is when there's not a lot of development like is happening right now the fees godown at a time when we need affordable housing the most . so there's thiscounter cyclical event that we have built into the structure from the get-go . but are coming from realistic property taxes and transfer taxes , we find even that because our real estate transfers remainsteady so that's genius . thank you so much. i am appreciative that this is a structural fix to a problem that we have built into the system. that being said in my conversation with you i also raised the issue of the committee and i wanted to see the diversity, the wonderful
10:29 pm
rich diversity of our city reflected in that committee. i appreciate youbrought a lot of young voices to this . i love that. i wish there was more gender balancein the community . that came out of rules and more voices for people who live in public housing and in social housing and, you know, in affordable housing at only by nonprofits . maybe some trans folks as well. i will make a plug for dinner diversey. it is important.women experience the affordable housing shortage, particularly women who are parents on their own . in different ways. i think those are voices we need to represent as well so with that i will just say i am in support of this and i want to thank you and appreciate yourleadership and all of these things . thank you.
10:30 pm
>> chair haney: thank you supervisor melgarand i love the jacket . happy st. patrick's day everyone. did you want to respond to that before i turn it over to ... >> supervisor preston: now, thereare other commenters. i'm happy to answer questions andappreciate all the comments . >> chair haney: supervisor mar . >> supervisor mar: i wanted to express my thanks to supervisor preston for his extremely proactive andstrategic work , including work on prop i that led to, created the basis for this ordinance which i'm proud to cosponsor. thank you. thank you for how comprehensive this approach has been addressing the immediate needs of tenants and small property
10:31 pm
owners through the rent relief program and addressing the longer-term need for us to create new models for affordable housing in our city . so i'm really looking forward to both of thesepieces moving forward . particularly around the social housingand housing innovation fund . i would just an comments from supervisor mar, the importance of us looking at new models. also on how we can create affordable housing that's needed for our low income and working-class folks in our city and for social housing to co-ops. i think especially in a district like mine which is mostly young single family homes andresidential , we really lack opportunities for development under the
10:32 pm
traditional model of 100 percent affordable housing development that we've been focused on . we need to look at new models to create affordable housing on smaller sites all the way down to single-family homes which is something i've been working on with somestakeholders aspart of the discussion of our h1 . i really lookforward to this exciting work moving forward . thank you so much supervisor preston . >> chair haney:thank you, supervisor ronen . >> supervisor ronen: two. i don't have that much to add. just a lot of agreement as a lot of my colleagues spoke before me. i also just want to express my appreciation to supervisor preston 's missionary work on prop i and the position is put us in during a time when we affordable housing options and funds to keep people in their
10:33 pm
homes more than ever. we also have an opportunity now to create visionary ways of purchasing more land and more buildings for affordable housing than at other points in history so the timingreally could not have been better of this initiative . i'm really glad it's your brainchild and your perseverance that made this happen. i just want to recognize and appreciate you so much for the. i also similarly wanted to mention to my colleagues i have signed on to the demands of state in action which is an incredible group mostly made up of latinx women who are the women supervisor melgar ascribed that are often homeowners who need an experience public housing for
10:34 pm
affordable housing in general is very unique. one of their demands is that we have timely access to rental assistance right now as many of them were laid off from their jobs during the pandemic and need that so supervisor safai laid out the different pools of funds that we have is incumbent on all of us in the city to make those funds easily accessible during this time so i think that's the challenge here that we need to work on. then finally i wanted to wish a very happy birthday to supervisor melgar who is one of ournewest colleagues and has been an affordable housing advocate for decades . i think combination of visors
10:35 pm
melgar and preston with tenants rights affordable housing expertise is so powerfuló . it makes me so happy and optimisticabout our future so thank you so much .>> chair haney:ditto, happy birthday supervisor melgar . we will try to buy some time o our agenda to sing you happy birthdaylater in the meeting . president walton . >> supervisor walton: of course i have to start by saying happy birthday to supervisor melgar and i want to reiterate supervisor ronen's comments. your work on prop i and thanking the votersfor the passage of prop i and for your continued commitment to focus
10:36 pm
on the intent of what prop i was put in place for. that's very important . we're able to receive the additional millions of dollars because of prop i and because of your leadership on that so for all of us who fought for prop i we appreciate the voters and our job and i want to work hard with you as well as our colleagues to make sure that the resources go to what they were intended for so thank you very much for that and i'm just excited about this first allotment that will go towards social housing and wherewe are as a city in terms of affordability . >> chair haney: thank you president walton and i want an everything that's been said . of course, your leadership supervisor preston has been extraordinary. early on in the pandemic of us were concerned course first and foremost with people's health and safety and really right below that was the year of an explosion in elections due to an inability for people to be ableto pay their rent .you
10:37 pm
together with the mayor jumped into action right away to make sure that people were protected from elections but that eviction protection is only part of the overall strategy we have to take to make sure that people get through this pandemic, get through this economic crisis able to stay in their homes and we know there is tens of millions of debt that renters, tenants have accumulated in recent months and to be able to have real solutions for them at the scale that's needed, not just around the corner the scale of relief that's needed to action. vision and i want to thank you for that and as president walton said, as long as we are here on this budget committee we will fight to fulfill the vision and commitment and was also one that the voters
10:38 pm
supported as well. that is something that we are staying true to today and we were not willing to on and we will not stray from the commitment and move forward so supervisor preston i saw your name on it if you want to respond to this and we also have the public comment and we want to make these amendments. >> supervisor preston: i just want to thank you colleagues for the kind words and joinin wishing my colleague supervisor melgar a happy birthday . i hope you have a wonderful day and a chance to celebrate also wanted to give credit where it is due. you have given a lot of kind words my way and i just want to emphasize first off that this was a community driven effort . moving forward with prop i.
10:39 pm
and second, at the time we were envisioning this was considered a fairly radical proposal and a question of whether it could pass at the balance. i just want to recognize my colleagues, all of whom are in this committee i realize. my name was not the only one thinks to the signature line on prop i. and in fact while other supervisors were on it as well i want to recognize president walton, supervisor ronen, supervisor mar and our chair on this committee, chair haney for the the 4 other supervisors along with myselfhe signed on to prop i which is why it ended up on about . and i appreciate all of you for the same thing you have to
10:40 pm
spend appreciated of me in terms of your vision on this item and your willingness frankly to go out on a on something that was fought very hard at about area i think we all recognize that and just i think my appreciation for all of you as well as especially to the voters for giving us this tool to address the housing crisis and the rent debt in our city. >> chair haney: thank you. supervisor ronen, did i see your name pop upagain ? >> supervisor ronen: someone keeps texting me sayingput your name on it so can you add me as a cosponsor ? >> chair haney: thank you. all right, so we have a couple ofother things to do . we had a bla report on this, mistercampbell . >>. [inaudible] welcome, men are
10:41 pm
from the front office so is is $20.1 million from the general reserve and transferring 10 million to the relief fund and $10 million to the housing disability fund and on page 5 of our report we know the funding sources and programmers of the various relief efforts in the city and that mohcd is developing rules for its program. because this proposal is consistent with board policy we recommend approval of the proposed ordinance.however we recommend the board request a report back from mohcd regarding the final implementation. >> chair haney: thank you. and before we take that amendment and the other amendment, madam clerk can we check if there's any public
10:42 pm
comment? i want to say for public comment today and all our items because we have a number of them to deal with we're going to keep public comment to one minute each soif you can check for public comment . >> linda wong: checking to see if there are any colors, members of the public who want to provide public comment please press star 3 to be added to the queue and for those on hold wait until thesystem indicatesyou have been on muted . any speakers in the queue ? >> there are 22 callers listening and eight in the queue. >> linda wong:could you please unmute the first caller . >> caller: i was calling to respond to item number two,
10:43 pm
property tax fund. >> linda wong: if you could press star 3 to lower your hand, you can press starthree again to raise your hand. next speaker please . >> caller: sean davis and i want to thank you for doing this. it's really important and i was an enthusiastic supporter for prop i and prop k last year. i thinkthis is really something that we need . we need rent relief we need social housing which is a new paradigm for basically integrating people into a 30 percentstandard. that's what social housing is and even though my focus areas
10:44 pm
of supportive housing , social housing can help abortive housing tenantsmove on so thank you very much for doing this supervisor preston . happy thursday supervisor melgarand i yield the rest of my time . >> linda wong: next speaker please. >> caller: hello, it's anastasia on novelist, i support the amendment to allocate property taxes and i am thrilled that this is coming about right now at this time during covid. we need this relief. as far as renters, no one should beevicted for nonpayment of rent through no fault of their own during the pandemic . it's urgent for asmall property owner to have the money to meet expenses . as faras the social housing programs , that oversight committee i participated in the
10:45 pm
hearing. i like you to know there are three women on it and one trans woman on the committee and a gayperson . so there is some diversity and there are very sharp minds that will do the work that's needed area thank you everyone for your enthusiastic support. >> linda wong: next speaker please. >> caller: i a resident of district 7. i'm calling to support supervisor preston's prop i. gentrification and the climate crisis are causing massive displacement with the greatest impact on poor communities of color we need to build a society where housing is no longer a commodity and everybody lives in a safe affordable sustainable housing
10:46 pm
not fear of election or displacement and that's why reliefand social housing are important . >> linda wong: next speaker please. >> caller: my name is carlo kissinger in district 7 and i'm a member of the essay san francisco and the ego social committee and i'm calling to support supervisor preston's ordinance as well which would allocate prop i funds for social housing. rent relief is sorely needed right now and tenants are struggling to make their rent and other prop i we have no program to fill the gaps in state funding and pay off a huge scale of the rental debt. beyond the immediate rent crisis we need to make sure money is being provided for social housing and middle-class san franciscans. they allocate half the funds,
10:47 pm
we can pursue strategies such as nonprofit affordable housing and municipal social housing. you saw the voters approve prop i and prop k so we have a unique opportunity here to launch a pilot program for municipal social housing it would be under local control and we could censor our values on racial economic equity. >> linda wong: thank you for your comments, next speaker please. >> caller: on director of organizing programs at the lotus street community services . i wanted to continue to voice public support with this appropriation. as part of the displaced, we are seeing up close how the state and other are not going to be enough to address all the outstanding debt unless we also
10:48 pm
expect the funding to run out quickly and appreciate commitment and attention of the voters to ensure that this allocation takes place and also the recommendation with the la to request full review of the landscape so that we do prioritize this funding moving forward. if you. >> linda wong:next speaker please . >> caller: my name is carly gomez, i live in district 6 , chair haney's district and i am a member of the homelessworking group and i'm here to call for support for supervisor preston's ordinance , inclusive of his recent amendment for prop i funds to be allocated to rent relief andsocial housing and for the funds to be utilized in the way that voters
10:49 pm
intended . i'm frankly annoyed at the benefit system of people who live in the city. given the city has no other plan to relieveordinary tenants and many landlords of their rent burden , the prop i funds are our only option and it's the option that will have the most positive impact in our community right now and long-term . you guys have been talking about something that super important as we think of solutions for howyou respond to crises . that's all i have to say and i yield the rest of my time. >> linda wong: thank you for your comments. next speaker please. >> caller: my name is susan marsh and among other things and also a memberof the democratic socialists of america . i also think it's absolutely obvious how desperately needed the rent relief funds are and i think it should be equally apparent from our experiences
10:50 pm
with other alternatives that the solution to this crisis and the ongoing housingcrisis we had long before the pandemic is the commodified and therefore social housing . i want to thank supervisor preston for introducing this and i want to thank all of you or your support thank you and have a good day . >> linda wong: next speaker please. >> caller: i'm gabriel haldeman, also a member of the essay san francisco. i live in district 2. i'm calling alsoto support supervisor preston's ordinance . using funds from prop i for rent relief and social housing, we really need to become a high survival and the private market has jailed a lot of san franciscans and i also under covid believe rent relief is
10:51 pm
needed as tenants face millions in debt and have no way to get this money. up to 33,000 renters may be able to rent due to lost income. all the things in terms of insurance will expire so it's really important to provide that money and not have instability in suffering for working-class san franciscans . >> linda wong: thank you for your comments, next speaker please. >> caller: my name is eric is like and i'm calling from district 4 and i'm really just calling to thank supervisor preston and supervisor mar. it's very excitingand we need it .
10:52 pm
the housing innovation that may come from this is very excitin and i thank you. we have a wonderful board of supervisors . and i want to be sure you knew affordable housing advocates in district 4. quest class as a reminder if you wish to comment on item number one, please press star 3. for those on hold until the system indicatesyou have been muted next color please .>> caller: my name is emily and i member of the essay ego socialist committee calling to support supervisor preston's ordinance. for funds to be split between rent relief and social housing and i wanted to thank everyone forsupporting this . as an ego socialist i believe we need to the commodified basic survival and the private market has failed to house
10:53 pm
thousands of san franciscans, gentrification and the rapidly worsening climate crisis and they're already causing mass displacement and more is on the way with the greatest impact on poor communities of color we must build a society where housing is no longer a commodity and everyone lives in safe affordable stable housing without fear of addiction or displacement and that's why i request a board allocate funds for readily . >> thank you for your comments, next speaker please. >> adair, i don't have many words to say otherthan thank you dean preston . 92 the cosigners. and i'd like to thank also i'm speaking on behalf of the tenants that call me, i counsel on the housing rights committee. it's beautiful. the time is now. and we have stepped up san francisco once again as ever as san francisco. and i can't tell you, i am a
10:54 pm
whole bunch of people who are not on this call. are ecstaticabout this so thank you very much. i yield my time back . >> linda wong:mister chair this completes the queue . see one i did see also president walton on the roster. >> thank you so andi just wanted to make sure i was added as a cosponsor . >> chair haney: supervisor preston i'll turn it back over to you and iknow we have amendments to be made . >> supervisor preston: i know you have many things on your agenda so i will refrain from closing remarks. i did neglect to recognize that chair any and supervisor mar
10:55 pm
previously asked to be cosponsors of this measure and i appreciate that very much and thank you resident walton and supervisor for adding your name is cosponsors.hopefully others will as well. now or later and i just want to hurt support for theamendment and for the item and i really appreciate the time to go through all of this . thank you. >> chair haney: thank you. we have the amendments that you put forward that you circulated. we also have theamendment from the bla which would require some reporting back . if you're okay with that as well. and we want to makesure both of those are reflected . deputy city attorney pearson, are these house amendments ordo you have any other comments for us on these amendments ?
10:56 pm
[inaudible] >> chair haney: great. colleagues, is there a motion to accept the amendments western mark supervisor, seconded by president walton. roll call please not import . >> on that motion device care safai. [roll call vote] five prop i. >> colleagues, is there a motion to continue item number one. to a special board of appropriations committee meeting on tuesday. march 23. as amended. moved by supervisor mar.
10:57 pm
seconded by supervisor ronen roll call please . >>. [roll call vote] thank you, president walton. >> chair haney: notthem, understand the process here. we also need to recommend this with a positive recommendation now or do we do that atthe meeting next week ? >> linda wong: this can be done at the special meeting next week .>> chair haney: we will hear this again next week. then we will vote on it later that same day. supervisor, anything in conclusion or you're all set. >> just my fax.
10:58 pm
>> thank you as well. this will be heard at the special budget and appropriations committee meeting on tuesday, march 23 as amended. thank you. non-clerk can you please call item, were going to take this a bit out of madame, can you please call item 5. >> item number five ordinance extended the deadline for certain businesses to pay the business restoration fee for fiscal years ending june 30, 2022 tonovember 1 2021 rarely defending november 1 2021 . penalties for late payment and measures fees and point-of-sale efficiencies filled by the test collector on or after march 2020 and on or before october 1, 2021 and the funding suspended penalties paid to the city members of the public who wish to provide public comment on this item should call 415655 euros 01 meeting id 187-251-8978, then press count
10:59 pm
twice if you have not already done so plus are 30 tospeak . a system prompt will indicate you haveraised your hand . wait until thesystem indicates you've been muted .>> chair haney: we have amanda freed from the treasurer's office who is here to present on this item. i believe wehave the mayor's office here as well to answer any questions . >> thank you. good afternoon supervisors. this proposed ordinance would extend the deadline for most businesses to pay their business registration feefor fiscal year 2021 , 2022. which is normally due on may 31 2021 and would then be due november 1 2021. any business registration
11:00 pm
certificate was issued for the year would continue to be valid throughnovember 1. 2021. and this ordinance would also temporarily suspended late payment penalties .for certain rates and measures fees and point-of-sale. these are any fees that were built by our office, the treasurer tax collector from march 17, 2020 through october 1 2021. and businesses would have until november 1 2021 under this ordinance to pay those fees withoutany additional penalties . thank you. >> thank you so much mister pre- area and is there a bla report on this item. >> yes here there is. as noted by ms. freed, this proposal would extend the
11:01 pm
deadline for most businesses to pay registration fees for this fiscal year frommay to november . it would also temporarily suspend late payment penalties for certain weights and measurement fees and point-of-sale stations. as we point out on page 23 of our report the controller's office makes a one-time $32 million revenue loss in this fiscal year that would be received in the next fiscal year. we consider approval of this legislation to be a policy matter for the board . >> i do have some amendments that i want to share but before we do that, colleagues is there any questions for ms. freed. i don't see any immediately. madam clerk, can we see if there's any public comment on this item.
11:02 pm
>> he is checking to see if there are any colors in the queue. members of the public to provide: item number five please press star agreed to be added to the queue. forthose on hold continue to wait until the system indicates you've been rooted . miss when he got, arethere any callers in the queue area .>> linda wong: there's one color in the queue. i'm sorry, there is now 2 callers in a few. >> linda wong: please unmute the first caller. >> caller: this is pressed writer, ceo of yellow cab san francisco and i wanted to say hope you approve this because it will have a big impact on the industry . we're incorporated in these weights and measures fees and we're still facing penalties for not being able to pay our fees on time due to the pandemic and this would be a huge boon for us so we
11:03 pm
appreciate you guys attention in this matter. >> linda wong: thank you for your comments, next speaker please. >> caller: thank you supervisors, this is mark hoover on behalf of green and i want to thank you. i echo the remarks of chris twice for thisordinance . the pandemic has hit the taxi industry awfully hard and this is still an in honest hardship as business has not come back and basically we'regoing to have 2 years of fees now .now as of november 1. so i wish there was a way, maybe it's not realistic but i wish there was a way these fees could be waived but if not we appreciate the fact that you are giving us that much leeway to pay. so thank you and that's it.
11:04 pm
>> linda wong:thank you for your comments, i believe we have one additional color . >> caller: my name is barry from hill and i want to endorse the comments of chris twice and mark gruber. a taxi driver i am verymuch concerned that if you make more of hardship on the color scheme or the companies , then you are creating a problem for the cabdrivers to make for the rental of the italians and the vehicles and right now on nearly, i'm not even making half of thecity's minimum wage . the result of the increase of the gas prices, i'm paying $.40-$.50 more per gallon than i did at the beginning of the pandemic and the business is not that good and i can't even
11:05 pm
use the stands because they are occupied by private cars and to get parking initial officer or police officer to show up to tag the vehicle or have it removed as become a huge headache and very difficult and is created conflicts between myself and the people legally using the taxi stand. >> linda wong: thank you for your comments. this completes the queue. >> chair haney: public comment is now closed. i did have an amendment that had been circulated to the committee. the current ordinance extend the deadline to pay the business registration fee for fiscal year 21, 22 from may 1, 2021 november 1 21 for most businesses. these amendments would limit the application of that november 1, 2021 extension two businesses engaged in business in the city in 2020 san
11:06 pm
francisco gross receipts in 20 $25million or less . for businesses that commenced business in 2021. and also for businesses engaged in business in the city in 2020 who had sf gross receipts in 2020 in excess of 25 million will extend the payment deadline only to june 30, 2021 so it is still a bit of an extension for them not an extensionall the way to november . only businesses with 5 million will have their deadline extended to november 1, 2021. is argued the substantive amendments . [inaudible] rate. i want to make a to accept
11:07 pm
these amendments for this item. is there a second? seconded by supervisor safai. can we have a role call on the amendments madam. [roll call vote] >> linda wong: there are 5 aye . >> supervisor safai: i think this is the recommended and having this be targeted towards businesses that are really smaller innature , that could really be additional help during this financial time . kind of making the coffee 25 million is the right amendment
11:08 pm
and it allows it to address many of the other needs or proposals that are on the table today . it frees that money so i appreciate your work on that and your leadership and i think that is the right move for the business community and those that will benefit from it the most so i hope and i wholeheartedly support this. >> chair haney: thank you for your leadership and partnership with don on this as well. i believe that from the numbers that were shared with us that the, close to 99 percent of businesses or people who pay for businesses that adcs will have the extension to november so it really will still be a very small number of just the largest businesses that will be required to pay these fees by the end of june but we're still
11:09 pm
giving them an extension for that which i think is also important area we worked closely with the treasurer's office and i want to thank this free for her support and partnership on this. i don't see any othercolleagues who have any questions or comments about this item . so because these amendments are not substantive we can send them to the full board witha positive recommendation . i want to make a motion to move this item to the full board with a positive recommendation asamended . is therea second ? seconded by supervisor safai. roll call vote please. [roll call vote] >> supervisor mar: >> chair haney: >> supervisor safai: please ad me as a sponsor on this item . >> linda wong: there are 5 aye
11:10 pm
. >> chair haney: great, thank you. this will go to the full board with apositive recommendation . madam clerk, can you please call. [inaudible] >> linda wong: item 2, appropriating of 1.2 million for property tax to the general services agency with the administrative to the arts commission for arts impact endowment. 4000 for the cultural center and 4.4 million forcultural equity endowments for fiscal year 2020, 2021 . item 3 ordinance appropriating 20 million property tax revenue to the office of economic workforce development for fiscal year 2022 2021 to provide relief to 2000 low income businesses, in
11:11 pm
particular those most impacted by shelter in place orders and those that have not accessed state or federal financial programs and loan programs which spend existing local and state initiatives aimed at providing relief for small businesses struggling as a result of covid-19 and item number four is an ordinance operating 15 million from property tax to thedepartment of children and families for number programming , learning and activities for youth for fiscal year 2022 2021. members wish to provide public comment on these items to call 415-655-0001,meeting id 187 251 8978 . press pound, pound. if you have not done so press star 3 to speak. a system prompt will indicate you have lined up to speak, waituntil you have been on muted and you may begin your comments . >> chair haney: thank you and i do want to first say on
11:12 pm
amendments, we are going to make substantive amendments for item 3 and we're going to address those when item 3 is called and in this will capture some of the amendments that will also be discussed for items 2 and 4 so going to go through 2 and 4 first and then to 3and deal with all the amendments altogether . for item 2 i want to ask the mayor's budget director ashley to present on this item. >> ashley groffenberger: i am here today to talk to you about the proposed supplemental to backfill funding for arts and culture programs funded through hotel so i will change here, give me a moment.
11:13 pm
okay. hopefully you all can seethat . so as a reminder, the voters passed proposition e back in 2018 to allocate a portion of the city's hotel taxcollection to various arts and culture programsincluding grants for the arts, cultural districts, cultural centers , the cultural equity endowments and arts impact endowment . of course, given the historic loss in hotel tax revenue in the current year, this has created a significant gap in what was budgeted for these programs and how much revenue has been collected in this current fiscal year so the supplemental that is before you today would backfill commitments that have been made in the current year for these programs.this table here is meant to show you for each of the programs what was originally budgeted and the
11:14 pm
budget the mayor adopted this past october. and how much hotel taxwas actually projecting to collect in the current year . as you can see only $4 million availableto support $26 million worth of expenditures . the supplemental before you today would backfill funding for programs and spending that has already been committed or has already gone out the door such thatwe do not have to hold back any grant awards that have already been made .i have ralph remington and kevin quan from the heart arts commission with me as well as aleah brown and brian hsu from the mayor's office of housing andcommunity development and if there's any specific questions you might have about the programs ported as part of this supplemental .
11:15 pm
>> chair haney: thank you, i appreciate that. colleagues, supervisor ronen. >> supervisor ronen: a cosponsorof this measure so obviously i am supportive of . i have a question of why cultural statistics were left out and i know supervisor haney and i were requesting this, adding it back in through other means but i don't understand why you would have left itout in the first place . >> ashleygroffenberger: thanks for the question supervisor . cultural statistics were not includedas part of this particular supplemental because we had identified other sources of funds to meet the commitments in the current year . so the mayor's office of housing and community
11:16 pm
development was able to utilize other funds intheir budget as well as prior year unspent funding for cultural districts that had been accumulated from prior years and unspent . so while it is not part of thi supplemental we were confident there was sufficient funding to support the commitments made i the current fiscal year using other sources . >> supervisor ronen: ,was it and whatwere the sources ? >> ashley groffenberger: the cultural appropriation in the fiscal year was 2.4 million . 1.1 million that would be supported by prior year unspent cultural district funding and the other 900,000 would come from other sources of funds in thatapartment , in the mayor's office of housing andcommunity development . other non-general fund savings they had available. the final 400,000 is how much hotel tax would be allocated to cultural districtsbased on what was collected in the current
11:17 pm
fiscal year. >> supervisor ronen: so that madethem whole . >>ashley groffenberger: yes, that's correct >> supervisor ronen: yes . , that was not my understanding . maybe i questioned chair. the 1 million that included for cultural districts, we knew that that was in addition to what the cultural districts got in the previous year? i wasn't aware of the mayor's office of housing had found additional funding. or is that to supplement i guess, is that basically the 1.1 unused money from prior years, are the cultural districts saying that they were planning on using that money and so it's therefore this million is meant to replace that ? is that what happened there?
11:18 pm
>> chair haney: miss groffenberger, you seem to be innotting . >> ashley groffenberger: yes, there are some proposed amendments to this item today which would add $1.1 million to the cultural districts so that they do not need to utilize prior year unspent money to backfill them in the current year . >> supervisor ronen: i see. so you have not included that inthe original proposal becaus you didn't realizethey had plans for that money , is that right ? is that the communication ? >> ashley groffenberger: that's right and the mayor's attention in the supplemental is to make sure we were able to backfill encumbered contracts or for spending next already gone out the door. so we have heard from the
11:19 pm
cultural district that there were plans for that money and are supportive of adding back the 1.1 prior year unspent allocation to become available. >> i guess i bring this up and i think the arts are a crucial part of our city and what makes it amazing and why it's a world-class city and believe that all of the supplemental appropriations are completely appropriate. i don't want the cultural districts to become like the stepchild sort of part of our system in san francisco. i believe the cultural districts horse help create and expand theconcept , are as important as any of our other arts infrastructure . in the city county of san francisco so going forward, i will always fight to make sure that in times where we're
11:20 pm
prioritizing parks and keeping artful based on crisis like were having a moment that cultural districts are treated in a similar way to every other piece of our arts infrastructure. and i want to make that point today because that's not what happened in this instance with this budget supplemental in the first place and i'mglad we are able to remedy that and we're all on the same page . but this cultural district concepts is not only about preserving the arts and culture and the labor of our different neighborhoods in san francisco. that makes san francisco chinatown, michigan, japan town. the african-american cultural
11:21 pm
districts, all of those neighbors and their character are what makes our city so he. and part of that is very much the people that we can't , that we displace the people we want to culture that is where the cultural district concepts is broader and more visionary. then just, and just appropriating for taking the amazing cultural products of people and then being okay with displacing them. that we believe that we all benefit from that rich diversity of our culture and we need the people here in order to continue to preserve it so it doesn't, neighborhoods don't become disneyland a different cultural identities that are truly the home and the neighborhood of people. so i just felt that it was important to bring this issue up because i believe cultural
11:22 pm
displacement is part of our vision in san franciscoand contribute accordingly . >> appreciate that supervisor. colleagues, supervisor safai. >>supervisor safai: a quick question to miss groffenberger . i understand grants for the arts and culturalcenters , cultural equity endowments, art impact endowments. those are all normally ended by the hotel tax. our cultural districts also funded by the hotel tax or are those things through mohcd? >> ashley groffenberger: they are funded as part of the hotel tax. >> that was just a point of clarification.
11:23 pm
thank you. what's the final. i know we in our report it was one number and i know we added to that based on some of the final negotiations. thefinal negotiation that were doingthis particular appropriation ? what's the final number . is it 26 point something? >> one moment. and can you put that screen back upif you have for a moment ? please. >> ashley groffenberger: a presentation i showed you reflects the original supplemental that was introduced. is not incorporate the amount today. do you still want me topull that screen up ? >> that was confusing me. go ahead and pull but i want to ask a question because i know the majority of the money was designated for programs in arts that had alreadygone.
11:24 pm
it would be additional funding . those thatallow, what's the final revised number . it's down there, 21 million. wait. >> ashley groffenberger: understanding of the amendments would be an additional 7million . to support these allegations. >> supervisor safai: what the total number we are putting on mark. >> ashley groffenberger:$24.1 million . >> supervisor safai: so will some of that number be going into the upcoming year, some of that number will not necessarily be for grants and programs that have already funded, correct ? >> ashley groffenberger: right. my understanding is there will be money that will be appropriated today to offset the gas we anticipate for next year. so yes, that would support
11:25 pm
those allocations and then future awards. >> supervisor safai: 90 for yourhard work on this .i think that just to end on a positive note i think it's super important to have a cultural center or cultural districts and grant for arts programming usesmusic and entertainment , otherwise and even our cultural centers in our districts, without this funding, withoutadditional support , so many things would be lost so i'm super excited that we have asufficient funding and thank you for the negotiation . madam clerk, can you please add me as a sponsor western art i thought i already was for this i'm looking and if you couldadd me i would appreciate .
11:26 pm
>> chair haney: thank you, president walton . >> supervisorwalton: thank you so much chair haney. a question about the carryover . is the carryover because organizations and cultural districts didn't want to use the resources and didn't request the resources to draw down or is itsomething to do with us , when i say us, the city not getting the resources outdoor ?this is probably more for miss groffenberger. >> the original source of the carryover tarted off because when we got our first allocation of the hotel tax fund it was before most of the district was up and running. we had about a year's worth of
11:27 pm
funding that rolled over each year. this last year we allocated a significant portion of that rollover for a one-time project that were designed to support covid-19 related programming 265,000 per cultural district. after we made that allocation we had about 1.1 million left and that money could be utilized for similar one-time programming in a successive year so that's what that was. >> supervisor walton: for me i think it's important our cultural districts get all the resources they can use and obviously we have to to fight to supervisor ronen's point to make them whole next year and increase revenue but i think that it would have been great if we could try to get as much
11:28 pm
money out the door in the previous fiscal year before this fiscal year and that money could have been spent because there's so many projects i know across the city that are fighting to make happen and they want to utilize those resources. i want to make sure we are allowing them to use their resources because they are available and not trying to hang ontothem and carry them over from year to year or do anything like that . >> brian chen: yes, thank you. >> chair haney: thank you presidentwalton . director groffenberger, do you have any amendments or did you cover all of that in your comments ? you are on you. >> ashley groffenberger: that was all i had formy comments for today . >> chair haney: rate. madam clerk, is there any public comment onthis item ? >> linda wong: would you like
11:29 pm
toopen public comment for items 2, three and four together ? >> chair haney: let's go through the other items and then take public comments altogether. so i think that unless there are any other comments from ... yes. >> if i may i was hoping to have acouple minutes to say a few words about this appropriation . i thought it would be helpful to share some background information about the appropriation with the committee and particularly how it relates to proposition eight which as you heard was passed by the voters in 2018 and transferred to 1.9 percent of the hotel tax into an account for five enumerated purposes. i want to add to the background you heard from miss groffenberger to explain the legal side of this area
11:30 pm
proposition e specifies the dollar amount each of the five purposes receivedout of the account . with the remainder or excesses being transferred to the general fund. and under proposition e the dollar amounts are just up and downbased on changes in the city hotel tax collections up to a maximum adjustment of 10 percent annually . so hotel tax collections if they had remain at or near the amount collected in the pandemic years this would have meant the amount available for programs would have fluctuated by no more than 10 percent in any given year but because the hoteltax collections really collapsed as a result of the pandemic , the 1.5 percent of the hotel tax collection that is transferred into the pond for arts purposes is insufficient to satisfy those specific dollar amount that are listed in the funds even after adjustment. even though opposition he has the specificdollar amounts in
11:31 pm
it , those figures are only binding on the city it 1.5 hotel tax that's collected is sufficient to satisfy those dollar thresholds .this year when the 1.5 percent was smaller than the dollar threshold those thresholds do not apply. and proposition e doesn't mandate more appropriategeneral fund money to make up the differences . the voters can't adopt an ordinance sets minimum baseline funding for thegeneral fund . to do that they would have to adopt hr and proposition e was an initiative ordinance and not proposition amended so without sufficient funds allocated under proposition e and without a specific amount set aside by the charter, the only way to fund these purposes is from operation from the general fund approved by the mayor and board of supervisors as has been proposed here. i just wanted to share that
11:32 pm
background information. >> thank you deputy city attorney thurston, thank you for that clarification and that we are following the rules here appropriately with this operation. so we do have someamendments to this item but as i saidyou're going to take a minute for 2, three and four altogether . we discussed item 3 . as well as public comment on items to bring in for when we discussed item 3 area so with that, we are going to item 4. and i believe we have director maria sue was here to present on this item. but before i call on director sue i didn't want to get an opportunity for some of the other sponsors of this item to also say some words in introduction. it is supervisorchan with us ?
11:33 pm
>> chair. thank you so much for calling on me and allowing me to share the comments today and first and foremost i want to thank your leadership in bringing this item forward today and of course our cosponsors supervisors ronen and melgar, i couldn't have done this without all of you and i'm grateful. the reason for this appropriation is to support and get a much needed relief to our working families free all day summer programs available for every public school students. especially it really is for thosewho are currently enrolled in the san francisco unified school district buteverything that our families have been struggling with , with during this year of pandemic , it's critical that our families have
11:34 pm
low access to sign up for these summer programs and that they get to choosethe types of programs whether one was more academic support for more recreational activities . really they get to really make sure that they can do what really works best for their family. so this funding is not only that it's going to cover, it's not going to cover this entire program it did jumpstart our department collaboration and now if we learn that there is a donation, really hoping kick off this fully funded version of this summer programming so i really want to thank the department of children, youth and families read the cif and our recreation department at the san francisco unified school district and for your work and in serving thechildren and families for the last 10 months and really thank you for your incredible partnership in
11:35 pm
this effort . i just want to say thank you and it's really good to see this like here as anitem and it's amazing that it's all coming together so i'm grateful , thank you. >> thank you, supervisor ronen c6 hi, sorry. sorry. i am so excited about this program. it's an opportunity to offer universal summer programming this summer to every single student at sf usc is what these students and their family. they have been out of school for a year. it has been incredibly trying on both children and their
11:36 pm
families. and we have this summer an opportunity to, and i'm going to say. it is learning loss. when you look at the data on simultaneous testing that took place for fourth and fifth graders, what the data shows is that african americans, solicit pacific islanders and latin students, homeless students, students in foster care and students that are low income students living in public housing . our years behind their grade level in basic reading and math. that could take them off course for the rest of their lives. and the opportunity to use this summer to begin to remediate that is essential.
11:37 pm
and i am so proud of the cys and rec and park andthe mayor's office , of my colleagues supervisors can, melgar and haney for joining together with me to make this a reality. supervisor melgar and i are not something this summer area you are going to take what we do this summer and were going to extend it for the rest of our days at sf usc because we have got to take this moment of better understanding than we've ever had before what is an important role sf usc plays in the life of so many children and so many families in the city really in the city being
11:38 pm
able to function at all. we have to make sure that we appropriately fund this institution . so that we are turning out our students to meet and continue in their fullest potential. that's what is the role of government and its universal right to be quality and education and even though we don't run the school district, we control one of the biggest municipal budgets in the country. and our youth and our public school system should be a major priority to the city and county of san francisco and i am so proud of us for making it that way. i want to share one thing with you that our erector of easy white shared with me and all of us in the meeting the other day. there is a programcalled springboard which is a national program . that has proven results that in
11:39 pm
five-week period, it can take a child one grade level in their reading proficiency. imagine that. it is an extremely expensive program and it's perhaps a bit expensive because it works and it's almost miraculous in how it works. you know what, every single one of our children in sfusc deserve the best and they deserve to take advantage of programs like this that often times only students that are wealthy or who come, who are part of families that have a good income are able to take advantage of the most amazing educational programs out there. that's not going to be the case anymore in san francisco our board of supervisors
11:40 pm
anything to say about it and partnering with sfusc with the department of children and family and with reckoned parks. the idea about this universal program this summer is that families and parents and students to choosefor themselves what do i need this summer ? and i caught up on my academics ? i need to be outside running and playing and jumping and being with my peers and finding some of that social and emotional support i've been lacking for this entire year. if i'm a child behind in academic subjects, i get to choose programs like springboard and like other academic programs that the cys is going to offer and make sure i can use this summer to catch up and to be ready to learn next year without being far behind my tears. this is such an important program and i'm so proud of us for making it a reality and i
11:41 pm
cannot wait to hear from maria assuming about where we are in this process. thank you so much and thank you colleagues in advance for supporting this budget supplemental that is going to join with private foundation funds to make sure that we are able to collect the dream, the best quality summer programming based on the needs of children for free, for every sfusc child. thank you. >> chair haney: thank you supervisor ronen, supervisor melgar. >> supervisor melgar: i'm not going to repeat other stuff that my colleagues have very well said. i want to thank supervisor chen for your amazing foresight and having this be the beginning of our recovery strategy for youth and families in our city and for chair haney for putting
11:42 pm
money into it in this way. thank you so much for your quick action and flexibility and to supervisor ronen for being the fierce advocate for youth and families in our city . i want to point out 2 additional things that haven't been spoken about. this will the programfor everyone , itprovides free summer programming for all youth . and the purpose of that is because there's an ecosystem in terms of the programming that happens. there are ceos that run very high quality programs that have to hire staff and train them starting now actually so the fact that this is for everyone and we're making available for everyone is going to really build the capacity of our community organizations to
11:43 pm
serve and to help in their recovery which is something that wouldn't have happened otherwise if we weren't having this very large, robust number program. the other thing i want to point out is as supervisor ronen alluded to its that for low income families. the summer learning loss is a real phenomenon and it is cumulative so that when you track low income income communities who do not participate in summer programming you compare them to the outcomes of kids who do have high quality programming and the cumulative learning loss year after year of being home for three months without engaging in your mind catches up and by the time you they get to high school they've lost a lot of opportunity because they don't have access to that. i am hoping that this will be the way that we open this opportunity for everyone in our
11:44 pm
city and i'm very excited for the opportunity to get started. i am incredibly grateful to supervisors chan and ronen and haney for their work on this and also to mayor reed for recognizing its importance and to maria sue for being that advocate who's always a couple steps ahead of us and to the folks at sfusc for making it happen and i see supervisor mar is going to talk about his part but i want to make a plug that part of what we do in the summer is higher high schoolers get wonderful workforce training at the same time as they are helping their little brothers and sisters and cousinsin the community have a great number of wonderful experiences , learning and having fun so i want to thank you colleagues for getting
11:45 pm
behind us and for taking the issues of low income and all kids in our city seriously and incorporating them in our recovery strategy with some real action. thank you. >> thank you supervisor melgar, supervisor mar. >> supervisor mar: i want to thank you for this bold and incredibly needed summer youth program proposal. again as i noted yesterday's board meeting i'm proposing along with share any and amendment or really an extension to this and specifically to support high school students to recover from the damage this past year that it had other academic and social development as well as mental health and career readiness. as a parent of a highschooler myself i have experienced
11:46 pm
firsthand how challenging this past year has been and also seeing how little attention or resources have been focused on the needs of our teenagers from the school reopening plans to the community learning hubs. we have an opportunity to nurture the talents of older youth as we emerge from the pandemic. through this program this summer by school students will get to support the development of younger sfusc kids while working in paid internships connected to city college courses and field experience credit. not only are we supporting young people who lack access to these opportunities we're strengthening public institutions as well and today'sinterns are tomorrow's indicators , staff and leaders in theunified school district and other educational settings . so in summary this is a $2.6 million supplemental budget request and its funding to
11:47 pm
bolster sfusc's early college programs during the summer which is an innovative partnership with the college of san francisco so i do want to highlight the internship model has a track record in successfully read reaching students from equity groups including lack and latin communities, immigrants, low income and working-class families and strengthening college readiness and matriculation .i school students will participate in a paid internship combined with enrollment in a career technical education course at city college andreceive college credit . the proposal provides 800 internships in july and august running 35 to 150 hour rising 11th and 12th graders are generally the target age for the internships but this program seeks to conduct early intervention to guide some rising 10th-graders to the secondary success and in addition, the class of 2021 graduating seniors is predicted to under enroll in college due
11:48 pm
to academic social and economic losses from the pandemic when compared to the last pre-pandemic class of 2019 so a group of targeted june and july graduates will be supporting the transition from high school to collegematriculation bios summer course work and a longer internship . sfusc's college and career readiness team will coordinate the program as well asthe internship placements . most students will in turn with you andbe part of a pre-educator pipeline . others will be part of a community health program for general internship placements to learn job readiness skills. interns will be placed at varioussfusc school sites, partner sites and other sites such as businesses and law firms and three quarters of the
11:49 pm
interns will work in educational settings . finally i did want to say this program really adds to the other important effortsto support summer recoveries for children and youth including the proposal from supervisors chan , melgar and haneyfor free summer camps . as well as the summer together initiative signed by mayor reed and superintendent matthews and again opportunities for all in the mayor's youth employment and education program. i just have a few questions because i wanted to ask of the school district just to clarify a few points around this proposal. idon't know if this is a good time to ask this questionor i could wait until after other discussion . >> . [please stand by]
11:50 pm
11:51 pm
11:52 pm
>> supervisor safai: -- really, really elevating the importance of dcyf and how we will
11:53 pm
continue to tackle so many of the shortcomings and so many of the areas that we can help in this city and our public education system, whether it's through foundation support, whether it's through institutional support and staffing support, so much of what has allowed us to get through this year has been about the work that they've done, so i really, really and truly want to appreciate maria. i know she works seven days a week, along with director ginsburg in rec and park. they're working tirelessly to make these things work for us and help our children and help the city and unified school district be as successful as they can with the resources that they have. so wanted to highlight that. would like to be added as a cosponsor, as well, and i think this is just the beginning --
11:54 pm
as supervisor ronen said, this is not the end of the work that we're going to do, this is an on going work that we're going to continue to elevate and strengthen the community, and i'm totally committed to this, as well. >> chair haney: thank you, supervisor safai. i'd like to jump into the presentation, and if there's anything you'd like to add, director su, we'd like to hear how this is going to fit into the larger education of young people over the summer. >> thank you, chair haney. thank you to every member of the board of supervisors. just reflecting on the fact that we are at a one-year -- i'm not sure if we want to call it an anniversary, but the
11:55 pm
one-year mark of shelter in place. it's been a long year, and a long year in particular for our children and families. i just want to thank you for your support of me. supervisor safai, you said that i work seven days. you do, too. every one of you. every single time i've called you, you've answered my calls, you've helped me through this, because, as our mayor stated, in the beginning of this whole pandemic, it will take a village to get our children and families back on track. and a village is what we've created. i'm just so, so honored and proud to be able to partner with my partner in good, phil ginsburg over at the rec and park department, and honestly, it's not just phil. it's his entire department who literally stepped up, stepped in, and rolled up their sleeves and said what can we do.
11:56 pm
also, those at the libraries stepped up and steps in. and every single person who said yes to us -- department of i.t. who went out and helped us wire all of our public facilities. from the department of public health to make sure there are no holes in our community hubs. these are some of the lessons that we have learned during this pandemic. i don't know which supervisor said it, but you're absolutely right. we need to learn how do we do government better, and how do we do partnerships better because we absolutely need to learn to build these coalitions. i wanted to take this time to share with you the latest coalition that we are building in san francisco. we're calling it summer
11:57 pm
together. i do have a slide deck. i know that we're short on time. i wonder if i could just run through the slide deck quickly? can i do that, chair haney? >> chair haney: yes. >> madam clerk, can i -- great. >> so the summer program that we're building is summer together. we are building a free summer learning program in which we will bring in the nonprofits, the business partners, our city departments and pretty much anyone who's willing to pitch in to help, to help with getting sites ready, help with donations, help with supporting
11:58 pm
our families. we're working on building a virtual platform for all of our school children. as you mentioned, it has been a really tough year. all of the presentations you presented, supervisors, have talked about dealing with the severe mental health and stress on our communities, and this here is to help support our children, youth, and families. don't need to go into details. our children have struggled with accessing the remote learning that our school district has been providing. our young people are missing being with their family -- with their friends, seeing their teachers, being with each other, and, of course, hearing with pediatricians, our young people are also experiencing a
11:59 pm
lot of mental health issues as a result of the isolation and the lack of connections that they need. and, of course, we know that all of these things are exacerbated in our marginalized communities, but there is hope. we need to now pivot into creating a summer for recovery, and that's what this is all about. we are going to double down on all of our children. we are going to make sure that we focus our summer programs towards continuity of learning, supplementing the traditional summer camps and summer programs that we always have. we're going to build inside our summer programs curriculums to combat learning loss. we're going to build inside our summer programs comprehensive supports for these young people and their families, and, yes,
12:00 am
we're going to build inside these programs mental health supports for these kids. we're going to ensure that learning happens everywhere, but we're going to make sure that there's fun, as well. we're going to have to work on our school district to ensure that young people, particularly juniors and seniors who need the additional credits to graduate will get them, and we're going to infuse ethnic studies into these programs. we're going to start soon. we need to work with our children