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tv   Mayors Press Availability  SFGTV  April 6, 2021 1:40pm-2:01pm PDT

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anything you want to tell us about the meeting to follow this one. >> i want to announce we are going to reschedule the timma board previously scheduled for right now. we can do that at the chair's call. >> correct. thank you. >> please call item 15. >> item 15. adjournment. >> we are adjourned in memory of ann halstead. >> thank you, commissioners. he.
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with jeff-- thank you you also much for being here today. i even i'm london breed. i'm here with rodney, the director of the san francisco chamber of commerce. dr. grant colfax of the department of health. dr. suzanne phillips. so many people that are
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responsible for the incredible response in the city. more importantly, i'm excited about the fact that we are moving right along with vaccinating people at a rapid pace. 40 % of those over the age of 16 have been vaccinated. 50 % of our seniors have been fully vaccinated. how amazing is that. with the limited sup mri and public health partners like
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kaiser, ucfs and others. we are moving in a face past. i'm excited about the neighborhood that have the highest rates of vaccine, especially for seniors. that includes places like the mission, the hunters point, the western addition and treasure island. thank you for your understanding and patients. i can't wait until the press is vaccinated so we can move these conferences indoors. "see a thumbs up. yes. today we are here to talk about where we are. i'm wearing orange not just because it's opening day for the giants but because we are in the orange tier.
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bowling alleys will be able to reopen. movie theaters you can buy popcornal the theater. i'm so excited about that. i'm more excited that office space will open at 25 % capacity downtown will come alive again. many of the places you have seen will hopefully be able to open aga as a result, what we will see is the downtown community come alive. what we have heard from people is that downtown may change.
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we know it may change. we know there are companies talking specifically about working from home and in various capacity i'm tired of working from home. i believe more and more people will want to return to work. we have a lot of people committed to opening offices, changing work schedules. most people can agree working from home is boring. i'd like to be around people. i'd like to hang out with friends at restaurants and
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bars. the weather in san francisco we go out and get too comfortable we want to precede in caution. museums were at 25 % and now 50 %. dining went from 25 % capacity and now 50. yellow office space will increase. we would like to continue down the road. what that means is we all still have a role to play in getting the vaccine when we qualify and making sure we wear masks and socially distant and do all of those things. now, i'd like to, oh, i forgot one of the most important things is happening is the opening of bars and
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breweries. i'd like to talk about the next speaker jeff lawson. the pandemic saw a lot of inequities in terms of access to people you can create a direct pipeline make sure people understood it and considered a part of it. when the pandemic began they donated $8 million of their
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own money. they help restaurants and provides food and deliveries for those who may not qualify for benefits but struggling financially. it's been active in san francisco this is a result of generosity. he will make it clear it's apart of san francisco we are so grateful for his advocacy and work and support and desire for san francisco values at their best. ladies and gentlemen the ceo. jeff lawson. >> thank you very much mayor. i'd like to start by thanking you mayor and the department of public health and the board
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of supervisors and elected officials that lead san francisco so well through the pandemic. we had the lowest rates of covid-19 in the country of any major city. i moved here 13 jeers ago with my wife. people come all over the world to start anew and build something and find opportunity and feel like they can be themselves in the city that spirit is still alive today it's been a tough year it's an
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opportunity to start rebuilding and coming together. all of our businesses need to flourish. our small businesses, flower shops, restaurants, and bowling alleys we have an opportunity to come together and build san francisco back into an amazing community we have been for 150 years. we have the pioneering spirit guide san francisco to the next decade. i'm looking forward to that. we started our company 3 years ago. we have 5,000 employees. we are a global company with employees all over the world. san francisco is our head quarters and home. thank you, mayor and all our
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elected officials i can't wait to see what happens next thank you. >> thank you so much jeff and thank you for making san francisco your home. it's the best city in the world. all right, next up, we have the director of the department of public health dr. grant cull fax with an update of what's happening in the city's public health department and hopefully more to come fairly soon. >> good morning, everybody. thank you mayor. it's great to be here as we celebrate san francisco moving to the orange tier. i'm proud of how we have come forward and our commitment the community has shown as we dealt with this unprecedented year. i have good news to share with you today our hospital census
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is the lowest it's been in four months. with just 35 patients in the hospital due to covid-19. even more good news we are averaging just 31 cases of covid-19 a day. that compares to 374 cases better day in the last winter surge. as it mayor said we are making great progress and putting 3 highly effective and safe vaccines into arms as quickly as possible. we are currently at a daily average of 8,600 vaccinations per day. as it mayor said we can get up to 25,000 per day. we don't have enough vaccine. we are at the point in this
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marathon with a few more miles to go where i think we can see finish line to victory we are all hired. i'm hired and my team is hired. we are ready to be done. we are not quiet there yet. someone called me a coach during the pandemic. i'm here to tell you this is not the time to throw in the towel. we have to keep moving forward. we are not immune to the surge despite the positive numbers look at what is happening in italy right now and concerning signs in other parts of the country including michigan, new york, and new jersey. these surges are fuelled by the variants we know that are more infectious. without more vaccine and the threat of variance we need to double down on safety measures
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to stop the spread of the disease. social distancing and mask wearing and good hygiene and getting the vaccine. when eligible take the vaccine that's safe and eif we cantive, of course getting tested. if you think you have been exposed if you have symptoms. we have excellent testing. we would like to make sure the tool to help stop the spread of the disease. when we are closer to the finish line we hopefully to go from orange to the next tier yellow if things go in the right direction. i don't want us to slowdown. we are close to the finish line. we need to get the vaccines? arms and hopefully we'll see the color yellow in a few
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weeks. thank you. >> thank you, we could potentially reach yellow if we get more vaccinations distributed. now i'd like to bring up rodney. >> i like the color orange. that's a nice outfit. i'd like to thank the mayors team and the hard work over the last year. it's been difficult of our residents in san francisco. i think what is most apparent now is the relationship between large companies, their employees, and small businesses. we are looking at a sushi
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restaurant that need to get back open. we are excited to see offices start to open back-up. we must remain diligent in our return to the office and ways of doing business. we are looking forward to that. it's been so difficult for so many of the small entrepreneurs in san francisco hopely there is a second renaissance for the businesses. thank you. [ applause ] >> all right, well, there it is, folks. that's the end of our press conference.
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