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tv   Full Board of Supervisors  SFGTV  April 27, 2021 2:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> good afternoon and welcome to the april 27, 2021, regular meeting of the san francisco board of supervisors. madam clerk, will you please call the role.
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[ roll call ] all members are present. >> chair: thank you so much, madam clerk. the san francisco board of supervisors acknowledges we are
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on the unceded land of the ramaytush ohlone land. these people have never ceded the land to those living on this territory. we wish to pay our respects by acknowledging the ancestors, elders, and relatives of the ramaytush ohlone first nation. please place your hand over your hearts and join me in the pledge
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of allegiance. i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america, and to the republic for which it stands one nation under god with liberty and justice for all. i would like to acknowledge the staff on behalf of the board at sfgov. today we have kalina mendoza who records each of our meetings and makes the transcript available online. >> clerk: the minutes will show that the board members participated by video conference. access to city services is essential and public participation is invited. you can send by u.s. mail to the
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san francisco board of supervisor. this meeting is being live upstreamed at our website or on your television. when you are ready to provide public comment, please be sure to turn down your television and listen to your touch tone phone so you will be in sync. the telephone number is streaming on your screen. when you hear the prompt enter the meeting might have d. on
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your screen. there are no special orders at 3:00 p.m. so the only opportunity for the public to comment is in general public comment. wait for item 33 and there you can speak on the items in the subject matter jurisdiction of the board but do not appear in the agenda. items 33 through 41 did not go through committee, but appear on
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this part of the agenda and are available. otherwise [indiscernible] -- today we have two supportive interpreters with us who know to jump in and help speakers with general public comment. can both interpreters interpret themselves. we will start with spanish and then chinese. [speaking spanish]
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>> interpreter: [speaking chinese].
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thank you, madam clerk. >> clerk: thank you both for being here. we appreciate your continued service. finally i'll just say if there is any member of the public experiencing problems connecting call 415-554-1834. we have a live a live person standing by to assist. >> chair: before we get started, just a friendly reminder for all of the supervisors to mute your microphones when you are not supervising so we can avoid audio feedback. today we are approving the
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minutes from the march 23, 2021, regular board meeting and the march 23, 2021, joint special board meeting with the public utilities commission minutes. i don't see anyone changing or wishing to speak on the minutes. could i get a motion to approve the minutes? moved by supervisor mandelman and seconded by supervisor chan. please call the role. [ roll call ]
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>> chair: without objection, the motion passes unanimously. madam clerk, would be call the consent agenda items 1 through 13. >> clerk: items 1 through 13 are on the consent. these items are considered to be routine. however, if a member objects, an item can be removed and considered separately. >> chair: thank you, madam clerk. would you call the roll on the consent agenda. [ roll call ]
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>> clerk: there are 11 ayes. >> chair: without objection these ordinances are passed on the first reading. madam clerk, would you please call item 14. >> clerk: item 14 is an
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original -- emergency ordinance to require property owners of high-rise buildings with 50,000 square feet or more of nonresidential floor area that use mechanical ventilation systems, to certify that such systems are operating in compliance with applicable laws; to require businesses operating within those buildings to post certification within their work spaces; and to require the department of public health and the department of building inspection to post information on their websites about how to file complaints about noncompliance with workplace ventilation standards, and to coordinate to ensure that all such complaints are inspected within five business days. and, mr. president, pursuant to charter, section 2.107, this matter requires the affirmative vote of two-thirds of the board or eight votes for passage today with only one reading. >> chair: thank you, madam clerk. just for the record, the consent items, items 1 through 13, they were passed without objection on the first reading or resolution were adopted unanimously.
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i wanted to make sure that was on record. >> thank you with be -- mr. president. parties have been asked to come back to the table later this evening. i'm going to ask if we can continue this item for one more week to hopefully let the parties resolve these negotiations this evening. >> chair: thank you. is that a motion? >> i motion to continue for one week. >> chair: seconded by supervisor peskin, and i believe you wish to speak. >> no, sir, that was for a second. >> chair: thank you. the motion to move item 14 to next week made by supervisor safai and second by supervisor
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peskin. madam clerk, would be call the roll. [ roll call ] >> chair: without objection, this motion passes unanimously. madam clerk, please call item number 15. >> clerk: item 15 is a
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resolution retroactively authorizing the establishment of a small business emergency financial relief program to be administered by the office of economic and workforce development (oewd), and authorizing the director of oewd to enter into agreements not to exceed $7,300,000, for terms beginning april 1, 2021, through june 30, 2027, including one or more funding/loan agreements with the california rebuilding fund, llc in an expected amount of $4,200,000 to facilitate the origination of loans to certain small businesses in the city but which may vary depending on available program terms and demand; and one or more funding/grant agreements with kiva microfunds in an expected amount of $3,100,000 to provide monies for an interest buydown fund for loans facilitated by the california rebuilding fund to certain small businesses in the city. >> chair: thank you. supervisor peskin. >> thank you, president and colleagues. i want to thank the clerk who, as usual, has sent out e-mails
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requesting information relative to retroactive approvals and this may have been discussed in the budget and finance committee, but this is i believe the only retroactive approval of the last e-mail that i saw. i admit, i'm a little bit behind on my e-mails. yesterday the clerk sent us an e-mail saying there was no justification provided for the retroactivity. >> chair: thank you, supervisor peskin. madam clerk, do we have someone here? >> clerk: yes, we have two individuals. >> chair: do we know if they have made it? >> clerk: we're checking. >> we did provide an e-mail to the board earlier today.
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with respect to this item, the retroactivity is intended only by the date which we have on the grant agreement which was april 1. we do not expect to enter into these grant agreements until after the board made this approval and we will enter into the agreement and there will be no spending that occurs here. >> chair: supervisor peskin. >> commissioner brewer, you represent the controllers office? >> i do. >> this item is not from the controller's office. >> that is correct. the controller's office has been supporting oewd specifically on the loan agreement to help with the more technical aspects.
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>> chair: did the other individual make it for this meeting as well? >> clerk: do you see her logged in? >> i do not, but we did receive a fravt e-mail from the mayor's office which i forwarded to the board this morning. >> [indiscernible] -- >> and 11:15 on a tuesday when the clerk sends these out and the department can't get it together and then the controller's office is speaking for the department is not great, but i'll vote for it. this is not good behavior.
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>> chair: thank you, supervisor peskin. madam clerk, would be call the roll on item 15. >> clerk: on item 15. [ roll call ] >> clerk: there are 11 eyes.
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>> chair: without objection, this resolution is adopted unanimously. madam clerk, please call item 16. >> clerk: item 16 is a resolution designating those agencies qualified to participate in the 2021 annual joint fundraising drive for officers and employees of the city and county of san francisco >> chair: thank you. madam clerk, please call the roll for item 16. >> clerk: on item 16. [ roll call ]
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>> clerk: there are 11 ayes. >> chair: without objection, this resolution is adopted unanimously. madam clerk, please call items 16 and 17 together. >> clerk: item 17 and on are three resolution declaring the intent of the city and county of san francisco (“city”) to reimburse certain expenditures from proceeds of future bonded indebtedness in an aggregate principal amount not to exceed $100,000,000; authorizing the director of the mayor's office of housing and community development (“director”) to submit an application and related documents to the california debt limit allocation committee (“cdlac”) to permit the issuance of residential mortgage revenue bonds in an aggregate principal amount not to exceed $100,000,000 for treasure island parcel c3.1, 6th street at avenue c (san francisco, california 94112); authorizing for item 18 it is $167.5 million
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for 241/6 street knox s.r.o. and for item 19 it is $60 million for 4101 noriega, 363 noe, 200 randolph/409 head, 2206-2268 great highway, 1353-1367 eddy; >> chair: please call the roll. >> clerk: on these three items. [ roll call ]
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>> chair: these resolutions are adopted unanimously. madam clerk, please call items 20 and 21 together. >> clerk: item 20 is a resolution retroactively approving the cares act community development block grant coronavirus round 3 (cdbg-cv3) program; authorizing the mayor, on behalf of the city and county of san francisco, to apply for, accept, and expend the city's cares-cv3 program entitlement from the united states department of housing and urban development in the amount of $9,626,923 for the period beginning december 1, 2020, through june 30, 2023.
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and item 21 a resolution authorizing the mayor's office of housing and community development to accept an in-kind gift of software as a service valued at $1,236,373 from all home and bay area community services, for a period of april 2021 through december 2022. >> chair: thank you. madam clerk, would you please call the roll. >> clerk: on items 20 and 21. [ roll call ]
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>> clerk: there are 11 ayes. >> chair: without objection these resolutions are adopted unanimously. please call the next item. >> clerk: item 22 is a resolution approving modification no. 3 to contract cn 1266-2, design review, software, implementation and testing services for an advanced train control system (atcs) for the central subway project, with thales transport & security inc., to modify atcs software and designs to conform to national fire codes, correct track speed limits, modify installation requirements, accelerate completion of work, and compensate thales for costs and impacts it incurred arising from delay to the project, increasing the contract amount by $12,831,743.60 for a modified contract amount of $27,730,300.40; to extend the substantial completion of the atcs by 670 days for a total contract term of december 3, 2013, through april 29, 2022, and to extend the
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contract warranty period to april 29, 2025, to commence upon approval by the board of supervisors. >> clerk: thank you. madam clerk, please call the roll. >> clerk: on item 22. [ roll call ] >> chair: without objection, this resolution is adopted
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unanimously. madam clerk, please call item 23. >> clerk: item 23 is a resolution approving and authorizing the director of the mayor's office of housing and community development to execute loan documents relating to a loan to provide financing for the acquisition of real property located at 4200 geary boulevard, and predevelopment activities for the construction of a 100% affordable multifamily rental housing project consisting of 98 units for senior households and ancillary commercial space, known as 4200 geary boulevard, in an aggregate amount not to exceed $14,538,982; approving the form of the loan agreement and ancillary documents; ratifying and approving any action heretofore taken in connection with the project, as defined herein; granting general authority to city officials to take actions necessary to implement this resolution, as defined herein; and finding that the loan is consistent the general plan, and the eight priority policies of planning code, section 101.1. >> chair: please call the roll for item 23. >> clerk: on item 23. [ roll call ]
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>> clerk: there are 11 ayes. >> chair: thank you and without objection this resolution is adopted unanimously. madam clerk, please call item 24. >> clerk: item 24 is a resolution adopting the city's five-year financial plan for fiscal years (fy) 2021-2022 through 2025-2026, pursuant to charter, section 9.119.
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>> chair: thank you, madam clerk. would you please call the roll. >> reporter: on item 24. [ roll call ] >> chair: without objection, this resolution is adopted unanimously. madam clerk, please call item 25. >> clerk: item 25 is an ordinance authorizing settlement
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of the lawsuit filed by the city and county of san francisco against recology san francisco, sunset scavenger company, and golden gate disposal and recycling company for payment of at least $94,520,000 in restitution and related interest as well as $7,000,000 in civil penalties; the lawsuit was filed on march 4, 2021, in san francisco superior court, case no. cgc-21-590091; entitled people of the state of california, acting by and through dennis j. herrera as city attorney of san francisco; and city and county of san francisco v. recology san francisco, sunset scavenger company, and golden gate disposal and recycling company; the lawsuit involves defendants' violations of california's unfair competition law and san francisco campaign and governmental conduct code based on improper overcharging of san francisco refuse ratepayers and unlawful gifts and contributions made to city employees and officers or to third-parties at their request; other material terms of the settlement are that defendants agree to be bound to a four-year injunction to be presented and entered by the court after the settlement agreement is approved.
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>> chair: thank you. supervisor peskin. >> i want to start out by thanking the city's attorney's office for their incredible work as well as the controller's office for bringing this to the board of supervisors. i do have some questions. i'm not on the government and audit committee particularly as it relates to releases from future litigation that i think would best be posed in a closed session. mr. president, i will respectfully and i don't think this will cause any harm to rate payers or to the city suggest that this item is continued to a closed session of the board of supervisors as quickly as possible next week if that meets with your, my colleagues, and the clerk's calendar. i believe we would all benefit from a closed session discussion on this item, number 25.
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>> chair: thank you, supervisor peskin. madam clerk, would next week be appropriate? >> clerk: i will tell you, mr. president [indiscernible] -- for may 4, it's available. >> chair: thank you so much. supervisor peskin, can we make that motion for closed session specific to next week's meeting date? >> i would hereby make a motion to continue this to the 4th of may for a closed session. >> chair: thank you so much. do we have a second? >> second safai. >> chair: thank you. motion by supervisor peskin and seconded by supervisor safai. supervisor chan. >> thank you, president. it looks like we have a motion on the floor to continue for a
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week. i will indicate we are going into closed session until we finish. >> chair: supervisor walton. >> i just wanted to note that we took the somewhat unusual step of having a public presentation first out of closed session in which some questions were asked and then a closed session discussion. i'm certainly amenable if supervisor peskin and others would like to have a closed session before the board. i want to see the nature of your inquiries asked around open session. i just wanted to make sure we saw the opportunity through the
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city attorney to respond to questions in open session or if it's not appropriate for open session, then i would fully support your motion. >> chair: thank you, supervisor. do you think that would be beneficial or what are your thoughts? >> president walton, i do want to express my appreciation to chairperson peskin and the open session that you did have which i was aware of. i actually think there may be some new developments since this was heard in committee that are the source of my concerns which would be inappropriate for me to voice, given the litigation and other potential pieces of litigation, but they are new concerns since you heard this in open and closed session in
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committee. >> chair: thank you. with that said, madam clerk, we have a motion on the floor to continue item 25 to be heard at a closed session at our may 4 board of supervisors meeting. would you please call the roll. >> clerk: yes, on the motion to continue item 25 to a closed session to may 4. [ roll call ]
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>> chair: without objection, motion to continue carries unanimously. madam clerk, please call item 26. >> clerk: item 26 is a motion concurring in actions taken by the mayor in the thirty-fifth supplement to the proclamation of emergency to meet the ongoing local emergency related to the novel coronavirus covid-19 pandemic by allowing departments to extend covid-19-related contracts through a streamlined process for an additional twelve months; allowing the civil service commission to approve emergency personal service contracts without requiring advance union notification otherwise required by memoranda of understanding; authorizing the controller to adopt a policy concerning streamlined approval of certain amendments to non-covid-19-related contracts; and authorizing the controller to adopt a policy under which the city may provide expedited payments of funds covering cost-of-doing-business or cost-of-living increases to nonprofit organizations that provide
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services under existing agreements with the city. >> thank you. i really wanted to report back to everyone. this is the first on many supplementals that are you shouldn't on the emergency directives that we referred to committee. i want to thank you for your openness to having this heard in committee. i think it was an important discussion. so we had a presentation from the controller's office about the changes proposed here. i want to reiterate that the purpose of this committee was to ensure we have sufficient controls in place for further contracting under the emergency orders and to make sure we have
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transparency and public dialog about this. as i said at the time moving this committee forward was good oversite. it was not in response to any allegation that the power under the 13th supplemental or this supplemental had been abused. we had an extensive hearing on april 15 in advance of the hearing. there was extensive detail on all of the contracts approved to date under the 13th supplemental which we presented as well as the rationale for various changes in the 35th supplemental. i want to thank our controller for their work in getting us acquainted with the details and
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the rationale and i want to thank vice chair man and mandelman for digging into these issues. one of the things that definitely caught my attention as a source of concern was the elimination of the certain covid-related contracts that are approved under the 35th supplemental. there was a requirement that those be reported to the board, changed, and eliminated. we did discuss that. it's basically a by request system now. we made very clear that we wanted to continue to get the reports. the controllers also clarify
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that this does not change any of the charter requirements regarding approval of contracts that they exceed the amount or duration that they review. they continue to come to the board for review. i think fls a broader issue we need to consider and part of the impetus of having this inthere e we need to consider and part of the impetus of having this in committee. at what point do we transition from some of these emergency procedures, whether it comes to contracting or things the covid command has jurisdiction over. basically at what point does the government operate under the emergency protocols. to be clear, we're not there yet and i don't think anyone would argue.
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this was a conversation we had around what benchmarks and milestones we need to hit in terms of the pandemic and our recovery where we start to phase out of these emergency procedures. we would like for the board to review any emergency orders as we have discussion on how to phase out of these emergency requirements. thank you for your openness and having this heard. i think for the public benefit some transparency on this contract issue and i will be supporting and concurring [indiscernible] -- >> chair: thank you so much, for how we will move forward and putting a path in place.
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there are things in discussion to make sure we have a safe space and we should hear something someone in terms of how to address that. with that said, please call the roll on item 26. [ roll call ]
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>> chair: without objection, this motion is passed unanimously. madam clerk, please call item 27. >> clerk: item 27 is a resolution initiating a landmark designation under article 10 of the planning code for diego rivera's fresco, titled “the allegory of california,” painted in 1931 and located at 155 sansome street. >> chair: thank you, madam clerk. please call the roll on item 27. >> clerk: on item 27. [ roll call ]
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>> chair: without objection, this resolution is adopted unanimously. madam clerk, would you please call item 28. >> clerk: item 28 is a motion appointing ali jamalian, aaron flynn, and jessica cry, terms ending december 3, 2022, to the cannabis oversight committee
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>> chair: madam clerk, please call the roll for item 28. >> clerk: on item 28. [ roll call ] >> clerk: there are 11 ayes. >> chair: without objection,
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this motion is approved unanimously. please call item 29. >> clerk: item 29 is a motion appointing jaya padmanabhan (residency requirement waived) and bruce wolfe, terms expiring april 27, 2023, to the sunshine ordinance task force. >> chair: please call the roll on item 29. >> clerk: on item 29. [ roll call ]
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>> clerk: there are 11 ayes. >> chair: without objection this motion is passed unanimously. please call item 30. >> clerk: item 30 was considered by the rules committee at a regular meeting on monday, april 26, 2021, and was recommended as a committee report bearing a new title. it now reads: motion appointing six members, terms ending december 3, 2022 to the cannabis oversight committee, with the names as amended. >> chair: thank you, madam
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clerk. please call the roll on item 30. >> clerk: on item 30. [ roll call ] >> clerk: there are 11 ayes. >>that is correct without objection this motion is approved unanimously. madam clerk, please call item 31. >> clerk: item 31 was considered
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-- an ordinance amending the housing code to prohibit removal of existing community kitchens in group housing; and affirming the planning department's determination under the california environmental quality act. >> chair: please call the roll on item 31. >> clerk: on item 31. [ roll call ]
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>> clerk: there are 11 ayes. >> chair: without objection, this ordinance was passed on the first unanimously. madam clerk, i believe we are now at roll call for introductions. >> clerk: yes, mr. president. first member up to introduce new business is supervisor marr. >> thank you, madam clerk. colleagues, i have four items today. first time introducing two intertwining resolutions. we're in a historic moment of reckoning on racism and violence on african-americans and pacific islanders. we take action to celebrate our communities. join us in our collective struggle for dignity.
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earlier this month supervisor chan and i held a meeting on this. there has been a demand for action for us to increase culturally relevant and trauma-informed investments in the face of such great hate and discrimination. the hearing revealed that city departments rely heavily on community-based organizations and community leaders to provide victim support and violence prevention work and these groups have also been central to mitigating rising racial tensions, particularly between black and asian communities. these partnerships need to be strengthened and our community-based organizations reinforced. the hearing also revealed a lack of response system for a.p.i. families and the victims. this includes in-language
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outreach and culturally responsive services and to work with the community groups. we are calling on non-law enforcement agencies and law enforcement agencies to come together to create a coordinated victim support man for these communities and especially to strengthen language access. with a proposed draft by june 1, 2021. at the board we are also committing ourselves in our budget process to support violence prevention and victim services anchored in these communities and to address the root causes of violence by investing in these communities and communities of color. investing in this infrastructure filled with intention strengthens our multi-cultural society as a whole and creates
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safety for all in society. as we enter asia pacific month, i welcome you to find this community with an opportunity to promote cross-racial solidarity. thank you, colleagues, to all of you for your co-sponsorship and for standing in solidarity with this critical work and for joining us in witness. second i'm calling on a hearing on a report we commissioned on a critical strategy for reducing greenhouse gases -- greenhouse gas emissions. this report has been worked on for over a year and released on earth day. in recognition of earth day and climate action month, we must recognize that 30% of your
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greenhouse gas emissions come from combustion in buildings. to realize a net-zero future we must look at renewal power and phase out fossil fuel gas. we must do this in a way that prioritizes the just transition for workers in these fields and creates inequities to those who are disproportionately burdened by energy costs. this is not just a threat to our climate, but also public health and safety. this is highlighted by the reporting that unveils the explicit risks of gas pipelines when improperly installed or managed. i will let my colleagues speak to that. electrifying our homes is a
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monumental challenge and necessity. this report highlights this challenge while pointing to strategies me must for reliance on natural gas for a cleaner and greener future. this report builds on our declaration of a climate state of emergency and ordinance we have mandating all electric new construction. i'm grateful to supervisor mandelman for his leadership on both of those efforts. it also has the climate action strategy updating their programs to incentivize conversion to electrical appliances. it will take all of us working together and this hearing is just one part of the broad effort. we must consider the strategies
2:57 pm
so both near and long term we can address it. i would like to thank the coalition of labor leaders we consulted with for their revised leadership, including the san francisco climate emergency coalition, the sierra club and many others. finally, i want to thank those from the b.l.a. office for their work writing this report. colleagues, finally i'm introducing a resolution in support of state senate bill 321, the health and safety for all workers' act to ensure basic protections for work-related injury and domestic workers. domestic workers are essential
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to our economy and they all deserve recognition for their good work. i so submit. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor marr. supervisor melgar. >> today i only have one item, a hearing request. i am asking for a hearing on the oversight and safety of construction conducted on the mandatory retrofit program. i am giving a request to evaluate the life-safety concerns raised by the department of building inspections, structural sub-committee of the code advisor committee back in 2017. this was exposed, as supervisor
2:59 pm
marr alluded to in a couple of articles published by the mission local last week by an investigative journalist. while the city has been appropriately aggressive in meeting deadlines to ensure the retrofits are happening in a timely manner to protect our residents from the next big earthquake, but there is a worry that these retrofits could lead to a potential hazard. at a meeting in 2017 it was quoted that it could become a san bruno, referring to the deadly explosions in 2010 when a
3:00 pm
pg&e line ruptured. it is not entirely clear if the new procedures were enacted. we are alarmed by these allegations and want to bring the department of building expectations, pg&e, the structural engineers' association of california, and other subject matter experts to a public hearing to fully evaluate and understand two things. we want to ensure the safety of our residents in case of an earthquake.
3:01 pm
it is important that the public have confidence in the program, in the department's inspections and practices, and that all top story buildings come into compliance. we need to have transparent vetting of these tools and practices. it is important to provide the department and the public an opportunity to transparently discuss these issues. i submit. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor melgar. supervisor peskin. >> submit. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor. supervisor preston. >> to do as g.a.o. chair i'm submitting a letter of inquiry. this is in response to the announcement that mr. herrera is being appointed to head the public utilities commission and
3:02 pm
his vacating of the elected office of the city attorney of san francisco. let me start by thanking city attorney herrera for his two decades of work. we are recognized as a model for other municipal committee offices with some of the best minds due in no small part to attorney herrera's leadership in office. last year following the indictment of the former public works head, the mayor announced that the city attorney and controller offices would take the lead in "laying out a clear and comprehensive plan to investigate any departments impacted by these federal charges and committed to fully investigating any issues they come across." over the last year the city
3:03 pm
attorney's office has conducted a public integrity investigation of many agencies in the city. the city attorney's office and the controller office have issued numerous reports and made policy recommendations to address corruption in san francisco. meanwhile six heads of major departments have now either been charged or resigned due to alleged misconduct. under our charter, the mayor will appoint someone to head the administration and this raises concerns. to promote transparency and avoid conflict of interest and protect good governance, all principles are shared not just by my office and colleagues on
3:04 pm
this board, but also by the city attorney and requesting responses to the following questions. first, what is the current status of the city attorney's corruption investigation of the mayor's administration and the city agency and departments? second, what plan is in place to protect the integrity of any public integrity investigation of the administration when and if the mayor appoints a successor to the public attorney. third, will the appointment by the mayor of the new city attorney create a conflict or appearance of a conflict requiring that the investigation be transferred to another city, agency, or department?
3:05 pm
on what date does he plan to evacuate his seat and any communications with the mayor on the timing of the evacuation of the seat. fifth, who will be appointed to succeed the city attorney. please provide knowledge of successors or agreements with the mayor. please describe the status of any investigations into the public utility commission. and what steps has the city's attorney's office taken to avoid an appearance of conflict of interest to head an agency that was under investigation. let me reiterate my appreciation for city attorney herrera's leadership over the last two decades and note that these
3:06 pm
requests are made in furtherance of our shared accountability for open government and to maximize transparency in this unusual moment. i look forward to the city attorney's response and i submit. >> clerk: supervisor ronen. >> thank you, colleagues. first, i want to thank supervisor preston for that letter of inquiry. i'm looking forward to the response. today i'm declaring a resolution declaring the board's intent to call a special municipal election this fall. just yesterday it was reported that governor newsome met the threshold to trigger a vote. that date will still yet to be
3:07 pm
set, but expect it to be sometime in november or early december. while the diem is not required to hold a municipal election at the same time as [indiscernible] -- yesterday's announcement of the potential departure of attorney herrera makes it even more critical that we begin the plan now. state law requires that we have 125 to 130 days between the election. this could make an election difficult to plan and prepare. o our city attorney recommended
3:08 pm
that the board recommend an earlier election [indiscernible] recall election and that's what i'm today today. this will allow the department of elections to prepare and to make sure they full these two critically important positions. the new city attorney will investigate the allegations of broad, bribery, that has been revealed. it is critical that san franciscans vote to elect the new city attorney of choice. i want to thank colleagues and i look forward to having the board's support and protect the
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franchise rights of voters. i want to thank you for your co-sponsorship of the creation of petra su day. april 21, 2021, will be petra de jesus day. she deserves an outstanding ovation for 15 years of her leadership on the police commission. her last regular meeting was last wednesday. after earning her law degree in 1982, she dedicated herself to low-income work [indiscernible] -- in 2000 she
3:10 pm
joined her current firm, representing workers and their families who are ill or died from exposure to asbestos. she was first appointed to the commission by the board of supervisors in 2005. from the very beginning, she brought her unapologetically progressive voice and for her deep work she is highly recognized as an effective member of the commission. she worked collaboratively with those on the commission on a
3:11 pm
number of issues. she has pushed for urgency in implementing the 2016 u.s. department of justice reform recommendations and consistently fought to draft and implement policies to support constitutional policing and individual rights. unquestionably she has been a leading voice on these policies, prioritizing the sanctity of life -- the use of knees on a person's body part or neck. she is appreciate for insisting on data and quantifiable data.
3:12 pm
metrics are guiding their tools. [indiscernible] -- and allow the policies to shape commissions. the result of policies -- during her tenure, she participated in the selection of three police chief s she is focused on reform.
3:13 pm
she has been a strong voice unafraid to speak truth to power on the commission when she knows she is right. she deserves to be recognized for her bravery in pushing through this reform. i'm incredibly proud that she is a constituent in my neighborhood. i thank her for fighting for hawm dignity. i think we can honestly say there has never been a more impactful member of the commission. we celebrate you on april 21, 2021. finally, colleagues, i have a resolution today recognizing the one-year anniversary of junitos
3:14 pm
salute. latinx residents saw infection rates far disproportionate to their city. this community accounted for 50% of the cases, but only 15% of the population. in response, the latino task force on covid-19 which has just formed a few weeks earlier partnered with the university of california san francisco to join form this to figure out why the latinx community was so hard hit. owe. from this one study we learned so much about who was getting covid, why, where they were exposed, and what to do to intervene. we began focusing attention on
3:15 pm
the needs of those who test positive. the mission testing site was launched. the vaccination site is getting more than 500,000 shots in arms per day. one year later our numbers are down and every day we get closer to full recovery. in the recognition of the one year of life and service to the people of san francisco, the city is grateful to the founders of this center.
3:16 pm
thank you from the bottom of my heart. your work has been heroic throughout this pandemic. the rest, colleagues, i submit. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor ronen. supervisor safai. >> thank you, madam clerk. last week in honor of george floyd we held on some of the issues we wanted to talk about, one in particular one that is increasing in the last couple of months in the southeast part of san francisco, particularly in my district over the last couple of weeks. we've had a number of side shows and reckless driving. just this past month four people
3:17 pm
were injured as a result of this and last year in my district an individual was killed while attending the side show. under our stunt driving ordinance that i introduced last year, thank you, president walton, for your strong support along with the mayor and others that we passed in 2020. the police are authorized to confiscate vehicles engaged in this activity as well as vehicles that are blocking and aiding and abetting the streets. two saturdays ago 200 cars blocked one intersection. one of the homes was experiencing an emergency. safety vehicles could not get in to help them and this is life or
3:18 pm
death. this is extremely, extremely dangerous for all involved. as a result of that, a stunt driving abatement group was completed in the police department. we would like to have a follow-up hearing. we introduced last week this request. we want to hear how many cars have been confiscated, how effective this unit is, what other ideas are out there. we want to have this follow-up information presented to the public. a lot of people's lives are impacted at 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning. this has to stop. san francisco needs to send a message that this is not
3:19 pm
acceptable. we want the chief to come and give us an update on the number of vehicles confiscated and how they are utilizing this. along with the sfmta, they have some mitigating ideas they're putting in place. other than that, colleagues, i just wanted to highlight one thing. it was an item on the agenda we voted on it and positively. we often go out of our way to be very critical in this body. the departments that we work with to oversee and that is one of the big roles that we have and i take that seriously. we also need to call out the great work happening in the
3:20 pm
city. i was alerted to the rent relief program that supervisor peskin and i have been talking about for the past year. we're fortunate in san francisco that we have a body of non-profit providers in place that can work with the community that is in most need to get the assistance needed to the small property owners. when you look at the reports around the country, many municipalities had to create programs stover night to distribute the millions of dollars of aids to keep people in their homes. community-based organizations working in partnership with the mayor's office on community and
3:21 pm
community development, i wanted to call them out and say how great they're doing. there is more work to be done, but compared to the rest of the country, there is millions left. we want to thank everyone for this work so people can stay in their homes. >> clerk: supervisor stefani. >> a seven-month-old baby was brought to an emergency room in my district where he died. the alleged perpetrator had been arrested by the police department and presented to the district attorney's office for charges in two separate cases related to domestic violence earlier this year, but the d.a. chose not to pursue those cases. it was stated that the woman in the previous cases refused to
3:22 pm
cooperate with prosecutors and may have instigated one of the prior incidents. these are common issues in domestic violence cases where women blame themselves and say they started it, thus perpetuating the cycle of violence in these cases. after hearing from advocates that they believed cases were not being brought and children were suffering, i asked for more data. in the final days of 2020 there were a number of felony cases. the d.a.'s office dismissed 113 of those cases, including 13 of the 19 involving children. san franciscans deserve accountability, not only from those who commit crimes and also
3:23 pm
for us, the government. i am calling on the city attorney to draft legislation that will require the police department and the d.a. to publish information on domestic violence cases each month to make sure we're doing everything we can to prevent incidents like this one from taking place in the future. we need transparency around how many domestic violence cases the police department presents to the d.a.'s office. two, how many of those cases are pursued. three, the type of charges sought in those cases. four, the final outcome of those cases. addressing domestic violence requires meaningful intervention, such as 52-week abuser programs that have been developed by the domestic violence community and advocates over the last decade. treatment for mental health or addiction issues or custody
3:24 pm
changes when necessary. failure to provide this intervention is not in form. this baby who is no longer with us, his mother, and the defendant charged, lives were shattered. i'm looking forward to introducing this legislation as soon as possible and i hope i have your support in demanding accountability for victims of domestic violence in san francisco. thank you. the next i have is a resolution recognizing a truly outstanding city employee mare maribell jardon who will be retiring. she started in 1985. during her seven years at the newcomer school, she supported hundreds in adjusting to a new language and culture.
3:25 pm
in 1991 she began working with the clerk's recorder office. her competence and patience allowed her to take on new responsibilities and larger tasks. she worked in the county clerk's office where she made residents of san francisco her top priority. she hired, trained, managed dozens of volunteer marriage officiants. i feel grateful to have worked alongside maribel for the two years i worked as a county clerk. she is so extremely helpful and positive and when we introduce new things at the office such as things like our pride
3:26 pm
celebration, maribel was there to make sure it was done. maribel's laughter filled the office and is the unofficial soundtrack. thank you for your incredible years of service. they have not gone unnoticed. they will continue to serve as an example for so many city employees. finally, i have an in memorium for maribel's mother. she immigrated in 1976 with her four children. she spent 15 years working for
3:27 pm
the city and county of san francisco, including seven years as a volunteer deputy marriage commissioner with the county clerk's office. she loved music and is an avid pianist. she loved bringing together her faith and love of music. each week she was proud to honor the lord's passion on fridays for members of her parish community. she is survived by her beloved children. she will be remembered for her love of music, her love of family and generosity. i offer my sincere condolences to those who few her.
3:28 pm
the rest i submit. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor stefani. supervisor walton. >> thank you so much, madam clerk and colleagues. today i just have a resolution that i'm introducing that is to proclaim may 17 through may 21, 2021, as public works week in san francisco. to commend and recognize the 1,600 people who work with the san francisco public works department. this aligns with the national public works week to celebrate the accomplishment of public works. public works aims to improve the quality of life in san francisco on designing and maintaining buildings, streets, the public right of way, and public space and through providing outstanding public service and partnering with the community. their services are provided 24
3:29 pm
hours a day and seven days a week. this is diverse including inspectors, architects, community liaisons, engineers, permit checkers, surveyors, administrative analysts, construction, trade people for buildings, plaza, streets and suers, operators and gardiners and i.t. personnel. the city and the world is gripped by this covid-19 pandemic, public works staff not only did their regular work, but became designated essential workers and on the front lines of the city's response, demonstrating their dedication for the public good. [ please stand by ]
3:30 pm
>> the rest i submit.
3:31 pm
>> thank you, mr. president. supervisor chan. >> supervisor chan: thank you, madam clerk. colleagues, today i will be introducing a measure to honor the climate action line and the very exciting news by our governor who will ban fracking in our state. that prohibited the leasing of city owned land for fossil fuel. and the mayor. it was not just a symbolic move as a city at the time owned 800 acres of kern county that we
3:32 pm
for drilling. the entire system. so, today, i would like to take another step to get san francisco ahead, out of the fossil fuel business permanently by requesting the city attorney to draft legislation to strike article 12 from our planning code. for land use activities associated with oil and gas exploration. it also creates overlay districts for oil and gas support and processing facilities. while the general public may not have realized in the planning code and that this section may have set collecting dust for decades. i think it is important in the face of catastrophic impact of climate change, we make this
3:33 pm
long needed commitment to affirmatively prohibit any gas and oil business activities in the city and county of san francisco and on our publicly owned land. so, the rest i would submit. thank you. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor chan. supervisor haney. >> supervisor haney: thank you, madam clerk. i have a few hearings and a resolution. first, i'm introducing a hearing on our city's wild fire preparedness. california's wild fires are becoming more extreme burning bigger and spreading faster. six of the ten worst fires in california history have occurred in the past three years and we all remember last september when the sky turned orange. these are direct impacts of climate change and they're not going away. and as of this week, 85% of california is in a severe or
3:34 pm
exceptional drought which means we will likely have a long, dry summer that will lead to even more extreme fire seasons than the last one. as our city and schools re-open for the fall and summer, we will need to be prepared to protect the health and safety of our residents from fire and smoke. last year, there was terrifying air quality which forced residents to stay inside. reef received this from residents and fire displaced people experiencing homelessness. things will repeat themselves or even be worse and with the continuous health protocols, it's critical that we're planning now to protect all of our residents and their health. at this hearing, i'm requesting to hear from the department of emergency management, department of health, department of aging services and sfusd on how we are
3:35 pm
prepared as a city for this up coming wild fire season especially as we continue to deal with this pandemic. the second hearing i am requesting is on the city's processes and services as it relates to starting a small business in san francisco particularly connected to the implementation of prop h which was passed by the voters in november. i know that many of us saw the recent chronicle article about jason hughes effort to open an ice cream spent. he spent two years and $200,000 to open his business before ultimately giving up. the space is still empty and nothing has changed since the day he signed the lease on the store front. jason's plight is not unique. there are many small business entrepreneurs and existing small business owners who have to deal with bureaucratic that do more to disincentivize a business than it does to encourage it. this year has been incredibly
3:36 pm
detrimental to small businesses. thousands of businesses have closed temporarily. this includes historic staple businesses that have been operating for decades. we all recognize that small businesses are essential to the revitalization to the neighborhood and the city and we should be doing everything we can to make it off the ground and provide flexibility given the new reality we are living in. i will be requesting to hear from the office of small business, the small business commission, dbi, planning department, oewd and epw. i hope we'll be able to drill down into what we're doing to encourage new small businesses and what we're doing to support those in the process starting the small business as well as the implementation on prop h and i want to thank supervisor ronen for cosponsoring on these issues. lastly, i'm supporting the creation and funding of cart,
3:37 pm
the compassionate alternative response team for a safer response to homelessness in san francisco. the primary response to homelessness has relied heavily on police enforcement. the homelessness increased between 2017 and 2019 from 24 to 80. on average, sfpd responds to 100 homelessness calls a day, that's over 1,200 a week. this hasn't solved any of our long standing challenges. it hasn't kept our sidewalks and alleyways clear of tents and it has been extremely expense i. earlier results from the street crisis response team, a pilot program which provides rapid response to calls for service to people experiencing psychiatric crisis. and demonstrated that inner disciplinary teams can more
3:38 pm
effectively address this issue. urges the city to create a compassionate alternative response team. on the street or in temporary shelters by creating a specialized dispatched response to field calls involving unhoused neighbors in crisis toe serve and empower and engage how san franciscans around homelessness. this model would be based in best practices. when it comes to responding to street homelessness and i hope that the board and the mayor will concur with the police commission that this is a very good idea that we should implement. the rest i submit. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor haney. supervisor mandelman. >> supervisor mandelman:
3:39 pm
submit. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor. seeing no names on the roster. mr. president, that concludes the introduction of new business. >> president: thank you, madam clerk. we are now at public comment. >> clerk: thank you, mr. president. at this time, the board of supervisors welcomes your general public comment if you are -- if you've already called in early, you're ready to go. just press star 3. that will get you in line to speak. otherwise, the telephone number is scrolling on your screen. it's (415) 655-0001 and when you hear the prompt, enter the meeting id 187 357 0180 and press pound twice. if you're ready press starly and then you can provide your public comment. we realize you may be multi-tasking and the phone may be unattended by the time your
3:40 pm
line is unmuted. otherwise, each caller will have two minutes to provide their comment. you're at the eligible agenda content. the subject matter jurisdiction items that are not on the agenda and items 34 through 41 on the adoption without reference to committee. all other items are not agenda content eligible today. all right, we do have interpreters on stand by. they know to jump in and to assist the public. and so, operation, let's hear from the first caller, please. i believe we have three in line and seven who are listening. if you're one of the seven, please press star 3 to get in line to speak. welcome, caller. >> linda chapman. i hope that after you've heard some stories that there will be a unanimous vote to support
3:41 pm
supervisor mar's plan for having something like a. if i were there i'd be able to show you what's in my lap. listing the rezonings of knob hill neighbors in one thousand nine hundred eighty-six and there was another one in the 1990s and seeing that and the other things that we had done epitomizes the voices of americans of their neighborhoods. additionally, scott sanchez eventually found the zoning map that shows that everything east of van ness, there's a line in van ness where you can build up to 130' i guess. everything needs to bear 65'.
3:42 pm
some planner has issued different maps, totally different with i.m.a.s it took me a year to get this after i was informed that a building that was was allowing the building at the corner of a huge site, by the way, a historic neighborhood commercial district at the corner of california and all these high-rises are suddenly going up between van ness and polk street. proposed for official designation promoted by a group called lower polk neighbors. before we get into the corruption of two groups, the other having defeated my friends in knob hill association and robert barney and robert passmore and so
3:43 pm
forth -- >> clerk: thank you, ms. chapman. apologies to any speakers this afternoon. we are setting the timer for two minutes. okay. so we have six listeners. excuse me, we have seven listeners and six members of the public in the queue. let's hear from the next speaker, please. welcome, caller. >> blessings everyone. my name is dominique howling. i work at community united against violence as the justice program manager in san francisco. i'm here to support the resolution in the division act as i believe in the transformation of individuals and collective healing in an interest that disrupts families and larger communities. i've worked with criminalized survivors for several years now and the compounded trauma that's created by interpersonal and state violence that continues to dehumanize our community members. it's heart breaking and painful to witness the many ways folks are impacted on a physical,
3:44 pm
emotional, and mental level. instead of detention centers and deportation that creates more harm, punishment, and isolation. i hope that our leadership in california can continue to be rooted in values of compassion, equity and respect for people's rights regardless of their immigration status or individual mistakes. please pass agenda item 41. thank you so much. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. okay. let's hear from the next caller, please. welcome, caller: okay.
3:45 pm
operations, next line. welcome, caller. >> [ speaking foreign language ].
3:46 pm
>> translator: the following is a summary of what the speaker has to say. hi, my name is stephanie and i work for community united against violence. i'm here to support a solution endorsing the solution act ab937. san francisco prides itself as the home for immigrant communities and continues to be at the forefront of ensuring that immigrants can remain united with loved ones and not separated through the help of local government. local law enforcement. immigrants are part of our families, communities, and work places for every san franciscan including our immigrant neighbors should be safe from harm from the government.
3:47 pm
the castration disproportionately targets black and brown communities. the data shows that black and brown communities are disproportionately affected. only 7% of known citizens in the u.s. are black, but black immigrants made up 20% of people facing deportation on criminal grounds in 2016. please vote in support of that agenda item 41 to pass a resolution endorsing the solution act. thank you. >> clerk: [ speaking foreign language ] thank you, mr. castenza. operations, can we have the next caller, please. welcome, caller. okay. that line didn't answer. let's go to the next line, please.
3:48 pm
>> good afternoon. my name is kyle neil and i work at community united against violence and lgbtq anti-violence support of in the nation. i have been supporting currently and formerly incarcerated transand queer people from jails and detention centers in the last seven years. i have heard too many stories of abuse, assaults, sexual assault lack of health care and isolation from our community members who have been locked up. it is demoralizing and dehumanizing and it's not something anyone should ever have to experience. often times, queer and transfolks are also survivors of domestic hate and/or police and state violence and often times are experiencing a
3:49 pm
combination of of both. our communities need to be able to serve and heal from violence and not get sent to another cage upon getting released from prison or jail. san francisco has one of the strongest sanctuary policies in the state and we have many policies on the statewide level that are supposed to serve, that are supposed to serve for our -- for sanctuary for immigrants. however, there are so many loopholes in these policies that still allow police, sheriff, and cdcr to head our community members to ice upon release. the vision act ab937 would ensure any other californians and immigrant community members deemed eligible from state police prison or local jail and, instead would be able to be granted parol, have their charges dropped, or granted release by a judge.
3:50 pm
believe in our community's ability to transform and heal and please vote in support of this agenda item 41 and pass the resolution to endorse the vision act. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. well timed. operations, do we have another caller on the line, please. >> good afternoon, supervisors. it's sue hefter. i would urge you to consider openly how you're going to re-open the board meetings and re-open city hall for the public to attend meetings at city hall on the board of supervisors and the planning commission especially that quality of information and the amount of time that you have to take at the meetings is expanding. the quality i don't think is that high and the amount of
3:51 pm
time that is wasted in all things you made me to do to call people to testify, etc. and vote is enormous. meetings that should take an hour take two hours. have an open discussion as some committee and ask people that attend meetings to give comment as well as commenting yourself we are in need. even officers are coming back in the city and people are spending a lot of time figuring out and board meetings and planning commission meetings. thank you. >> clerk: mrs. hefter, it's good to hear your voice. thank you for joining us this
3:52 pm
afternoon. operations, do we have another caller, please? >> yes. this is david elliott lewis with two agenda items i'd like to make. one is on asking the board to support and to pressure the mayor's office to support the 30 right now program, the subsidized sro rent that's 30% of income. it's probably one of the most cost effective solutions we have to preventing homelessness and it's so much better to prevent it than try to cure it after the fact. i know there's support already in the board for this. it still needs to happen and still needs to be funded. that's agenda item one. the second item is i'm asking for the board support for the cart compassion alternative response team program. i've worked for about a year on
3:53 pm
this plan to get police out of homelessness to take them out of the loop or anything that isn't a serious crime for dealing with pan handling, sidewalk encampments and all the kinds of things that bring police out to try to encounter homeless people. it's a good plan, it's a good solution. go to cart to learn more about it and i really hope the full board will support it and allocate budget for it. it's about $4.8 million for the first year pilot that would cover a citywide program. again, it could save lives and provide a more compassionate response to the community. that's all. david elliott lewis. thank you for your time and attention. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. operations, do we have another caller in the queue, please?
3:54 pm
>> hi, hello. my name is giranomo aguilar. i work with children. on market street. we are now in oakland, we still serve lots of people from the city and county. i'm calling in strong support of the resolution to support ab937, the vision act as a son of an undocumented person from mexico, i understand the, you know, just always looking as far as folks being eligible for deportation, traffic, or even civil. you know, interactions that we
3:55 pm
have with law enforcement and so we work with folks that mostly have been enincarcerated and have been caught up in the criminal justice system. these are people turning their lives around and most of the folks we come across have devoted their lives back to their communities and helping the next generation get involved civically and politically and just for the betterment of the overall society. ab397 will be very important so that migrant communities aren't being punished twice and so when folks are being released from county or state prison, there's no reason why folks
3:56 pm
should be then chipped into another form of incarceration which with testimonials from a lot of folks from experience that have said it's even worse in a lot of cases as far as the humanity or inhumanity of the conditions. >> clerk: thank you for your comments, sir. apologies to cut you off this afternoon. we are setting the timer for two minutes. all right. we have twelve listeners, and six callers in the queue. the if you are one of the twelve and you would like to make a comment this afternoon. star 3 is the right thing to do at this time. operations, let's hear from the next caller, please. >> hi, good afternoon. my name is sarah lee community add so cast here in san francisco. i'm here to support the resolution by supervisor
3:57 pm
walton. i want to highlight since birth, violence has defined his life from being in a cambodian genocide. at 15 years old, a judge sentenced him to life new mexico prison. he grew up in prison and eventually worked full-time as a certified substance abuse counselor helping other people incarcerated that had ensnared him. after he served two decades. instead of letting him use his training to make our community safer, the california prison system called i. c.e. on his release date in december 2019 and turned him over for deportation. his family were inconsolable. he was released from i.c.e. after six months due to underlying health issues. he continues to work as a
3:58 pm
substance abuse counselor here and at a homeless center. many others wouldn't share in the vision act, but ensure the others have an opportunity to unite with loved ones. thank you. thank you for your comments. operations, let's hear from the next caller, please. >> hello, supervisors. my name is austin. i am staff support at the san francisco youth commission and i am speaking on their behalf of the consent calendar for the vision act. the youth commission supports ab197 as it will protect community members who have already been deemed eligible from being relieved by local jails to immigration intention
3:59 pm
for deportation. this bill takes urgent and necessary strides towards ensuring that our local and state tax dollars are not used to funnel inhumane conditions while in immigration detention. finally, they're constitutional protections and separate immigrant families and communities. in san francisco, our policies should be driven by our values in quality of fairness, compassion, and fairness. communities all across the country are organizing to win immigration policies that reflect our values of compassion, equity, and respect for our rights. please vote in support of agenda item 41 to pass the resolution endorsing the vision act. thank you, i yield my time. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. operations, do we have another caller in the queue, please. >> hello, everybody.
4:00 pm
it's jordan davis. we are coming up on budget season and every year it's a constant reminder of how the city is not a functioning democracy in terms of our budget. we have a strong mayor system where the mayor can flat-out refuse to fund things that are commanded by the community. not only now which was fully passed by the board of supervisors, but also the whole pop eye thing and also with supplementals, like you could pass legislation like literally unanimously, pass supplementals unanimously, but the mayor can just refuse to fund this and it's just so dysfunctional that the u.s. constitution which there's a lot to be critical of actually provides the power to be with the legislative branch. so what i'm really asking for you is not only to hold out for
4:01 pm
a budget that reflects our values, but also to put out a chart or amendment as soon as possible shifting power of the person away from the mayor into the board of supervisors because even though we have a great budget committee, it still doesn't mean much if the mayor has all the power. please, get some fucking courage. thank you, i yield my time. >> clerk: okay. caller, thank you. let's hear from the next caller, please. >> hello, my name is claire courtney and i am an organizer at u.s.c.w. local 5 and i'm calling in regards to item 39, a resolution in support of imperfect and their right to union representation and their ability to negotiate a fair contract. for the last six plus months
4:02 pm
i've had the privilege to work alongside about 80 drivers as they organize to successfully win a union election and imperfect foods. these drivers are essential workers delivering food across the bay area during the pandemic from wage increases to greater workplace safety and just generally avoid at work. these drivers want and have earned the ability to negotiate a contract with their employer. thank you for bringing this resolution forward and acknowledging the right of workers to organize their work place. these drivers in the uscw deserve to improve the results of the election and negotiate a fair contract that properly acknowledges the crucial and essential work these drivers do across the bay. thank you for bringing this resolution forward and we're so looking forward to having the support of the board of
4:03 pm
supervisors of san francisco. i yield my comments. >> clerk: okay. i think we have eleven listeners, and five callers in the queue. if you're one of the eleven, you must press star 3 to get in line to speak. let's hear from the next caller, please. >> hi, good afternoon members of the board of supervisors. my name is louise alvarez. i'm here to speak in support of item 41 and the voices act. communities have always faced fear knowing that any involvement with law enforcement. and, when someone is incarcerated i cannot begin to explain how arduous the experience can be and once someone is released and has paid their debts, they should
4:04 pm
not be given another incarceration experience. they should not be put in another cage. to name some statistics, 7% of noncitizens are black and unfortunately in 2016, they made up 20% of people in the deportation proceedings and let me just say that the alarming numbers of black and brown people who are incarcerated are not just a statistic on a page, but these are real situations. that immigrant communities belong together. they deserve the same equal treatment and so please continue to shed light on all the different cruelty that immigrants experience and please continue to make this a just society because frankly working with i.c.e doesn't help public safety, it makes it worse. so let's help them get to a
4:05 pm
better place. thank you. >> thank you for your comments. next caller, please. >> i'm a staff attorney at the asian law caucus here in san francisco. i represented a number of community members deeply harmed by i.c.e. transfers as a result faced a long attempt for transfers. these transfers have lasting, devastating impacts on not only the person transferred after completing their sentence but on young generations within the
4:06 pm
community. who face perpetwul punishment. i.c.e. deportation and family separation. please vote in support of agenda item 41. thank you, i yield my time. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. operations, let's hear from the next caller, please. no answer. let's go to the next caller, please. >> hello, my name is [inaudible]
4:07 pm
hello? >> clerk: yes. welcome. sorry. >> hi. i'm with the staff and youth commission. i'm here on behalf of the youth commissioners who aren't here to be able to be here today i am here in support of the resolution endorsing the vision act. san francisco prides itself for immigrant communities. and not separated through the help of local law enforcement. immigrants are part of our families, communities and workplaces. please vote in support of agenda item 41. >> clerk: thank you for your comment. okay. we have four callers in the queue. let's welcome the next caller.
4:08 pm
>> hello, this is gabriel medina. i'm calling to urge the board of supervisors to support the vision act resolution for with the board ab937 so the rest of california can follow suit. we know that we can't live our lives only in san francisco, we have friends, family, loved ones all across the state. we should be able to move freely no matter what our status is. so please vote yes to support agenda item 41 to pass the resolution endorsing the vision act. and, thank you so much. we have 5 million immigrants in
4:09 pm
california and this really impacts a lot of lives. so let san francisco stand with those 5 million. thank you. >> clerk: thank you mr. medina for your comments. operations, let's hear from the next caller, please. >> good afternoon. thank you i didn't get to call in yesterday about the martin lion house i'm calling to suggest that when you take this as a landmark, you will landmark the entire two parcels, the house and the adjacent parcel but it's san francisco natural land and i think that it's part of their
4:10 pm
lives there. so i urge you when you take this up at the full board that you consider that and that you also look at what former president highland said and he voted no because he wanted to include the second parcel the 649 parcel as well as the 651. i live just down the hill on duncan. thank you and please consider this. thank you, bye. >> clerk: okay. we know we have some callers in the queue. otherwise, operations, let's welcome the next caller. >> madam clerk, that completes the queue. >> clerk: thank you very much
4:11 pm
operations. mr. president. >> president walton: thank you so much, madam clerk. i believe we're at items 34 through 41. >> clerk: items 34 through 41 were introduced for adoption without reference to committee. a unanimous vote is required for resolutions today. alternatively any member may require a resolution to go to committee. >> president walton: thank you, madam clerk: colleagues in the items. anybody would like to start. supervisor preston. >> supervisor preston: item 34. >> president walton: thank you, supervisor preston. supervisor safai.
4:12 pm
>> supervisor safai: sorry about that. item number 38, please. >> president walton: thank you. and, madam clerk, will you please call the role on the remaining items. >> clerk: on items 36, 37, 39, 40, and 41. [roll call]
4:13 pm
there are eleven ayes. >> president walton: . thank you, without objection these items are adopted. >> clerk: item 34 is a motion to approve final map number 1067 -- i'm sorry. 10674. comprised of lots one, two, and 3, located at 2150 through 2166 hayes street and to adopt the appropriate findings. >> president walton: thank you, madam clerk. supervisor preston. >> supervisor preston: thank you, mr. president. i just wanted to call the roll separately on this one. >> president walton: sounds good. please call the roll for item
4:14 pm
34. >> clerk: on item 34 [roll call] there are eight ayes and three noes. >> president walton: thank you, madam clerk. would you please call item 38.
4:15 pm
>> clerk: item 38 is supporting california state assembly bill number 666. by david chiu and would require the state that evaluates the current state of the substance abuse work force. >> president walton: thank you, supervisor safai. >> supervisor safai: thank you, mr. clerk -- madam clerk, mr. president. sorry. it's been a long day. just want to reiterate some of the points that i made briefly last week. some of that was cut short due to the circumstances. i want to thank my colleagues supervisor mandelman and supervisor stefani.
4:16 pm
this bill would require the department of health care services to do a workforce needs assessment report that evaluates the current state of substance abuse disorder workforce. currently, there are fewer than 20,000 substance abuse counselors statewide to 700 doctors with licenses with an addiction specialty and, however, there's over estimated to be over 2.7 million californians identified as having a substance abuse problem. moreover out of the nearly three million people identified with substance abuse disorder were able to receive services. a lot of that we see play out on the street everyday here in san francisco. this bill would not only seek to evaluate the work force, but it also looking to incentivize individuals and seek higher education to become substance abuse counselors. this i think would be something
4:17 pm
wonderful to find out, to encourage and as a way to seek substance abuse disorders here in san francisco. thank you, colleagues, for your support and that's it. thank you, mr. president. >> president walton: thank you so much, supervisor safai. madam clerk, please call the roll on item number 38. >> clerk: on item 38, [roll call] .
4:18 pm
there are eleven ayes. >> president walton: thank you, and without objection this resolution is adopted unanimously. madam clerk, i believe there are no imperative items today. would you please read the mmrs. >> clerk: yes. today's meeting will be adjourned in the memory of the following. for the late mrs. gloria rye lander. >> president walton: thank you, madam clerk, do we have anymore business today. >> clerk: that concludes the business for today. >> president walton: and, as we continue to have conversations about public safety and investment, i want us all to remember the following quote by vice president kamala harris. there is a direct correlation between education and public safety. thank you so much, this meeting is adjourned.
4:19 pm
>> clerk: thank you. brandon:u so much. we really appreciate your support in all the work you're doing. thank you. vice president adams? >> vice president adams: stephan ie and tiffany, it goes without saying, once again, just another great presentation. very flawless, right to the point. very well thought out. you answered all my questions. i want to thank you both for the work that you're doing.
4:20 pm
appreciate it. >> president brandon: thank you. stephanie and tiffany, thank you so much for this report. this is one ever the comprehensive reports we've seen on this subject in a long time. even the staff report was much more detailed than your presentation. you goys put a -- you guys put a lot of thought and focus in this report. i want to tell you how much i appreciate it. i have one question. that's regarding the -- [indiscernible] can you explain where we're not meeting the numbers there? >> i may need rod's help. let me explain my understanding of it. there was going to be a scope of work for how the material was going to be disposed. that was scope done by the o.b.e.
4:21 pm
after the contract had been executed, it turns out that there was actually another way that was approved to dispose of the materials which hadn't been approved earlier. as a result of this new change, there were many benefits. it was going to be disposed in a deep ocean site which involves moving the materials much further distance. it's leaving it in the ocean. whereas the new site is both safer as well as more environmentally friendly as well as cheaper way of doing it. it is not a scope of work that this l.b.e. could do as well as was interested in doing. i'm not sure they were capable of doing it for not. there are many conversations around this specific l.b.e. gauged in this. there are other l.b.e.s that are on this contract. their utilization is higher than what the initial goal had been. while the l.b.e. utilization for
4:22 pm
the one l.b.e. is down, it is better for the other l.b.e.s. >> president brandon: i know that a huge project. i want to make sure that going forward, that we are honoring our l.b.e. commitment. you guys are doing an incredible job on l.b.e. outreach and on contracting with l.b.e. we still as noted have work to do when it comes to m.b.e. i really appreciate all that you put in place to expand the opportunity going forward. this was a great report. i really appreciate all the work you and tiffany put in it.
4:23 pm
>> commissioner woo ho: i wanted to echo what previous speakers said. this is a tremendous report and wow, to improve what we have. i want to commend all of you on the staff side and executive director forbes and also -- this has been the passion of our president here. president brandon. she has been pounding the pavement ever since i been on this commission. one of the things that strikes me with l.b.e. and m.b.e.s as you just mentioned on the mission rock project, sometimes people don't have the qualifications.
4:24 pm
i'm wondering, we make our big scale developers in the city put aside funds for affordable housing, etcetera. i'm wondering whether there's going to be a day we not just men date -- mandate we will have l.b.e.s. it's giving them a leg up to get qualified to have the skills and the capability to do the work. we sort of ask the developers to put aside funds for affordable housing. if there's something we can be more -- you can mandate saying you should put aside x percent of the project. if you don't have enough people qualified to do it, we want to make sure that the outcome of the projects are quality standards than we expect so we don't have to rework and spend more money. there's got to be a way to teach
4:25 pm
them how to do work. that burden isn't on the port. it's on everything that is doing this work. i will give that as an idea to think about. i don't know if other people in the city thought about it. i know that the city made lot progress on affordable housing in that regard. we pushed the idea. we're pushing l.b.e. is there anything more we can get other people to share in technical assistance? >> i do believe there's a way in which the developers contribute. which is one of the main training arms. i don't have lot of details here. it's something we can come back to you with as it relates to
4:26 pm
that fund. >> commissioner woo ho: that would be helpful. if there's anything we can do, maybe to compliment or maybe in part of the program, let's see how walk make one plus one equal three. >> president brandon: i give my apologies. that's a great point. quarterly, we do meet with your development partners. we meet with the resilience team to make sure that our development partners, we're all working together to make sure
4:27 pm
that we are increasing our l.b.e. opportunities and input. we do that. we started this about two years ago. it's working extremely well and stephanie and tiffany are doing great job on following up with them and working with them and being part of the team. thank you so much. that's definitely something we would like to continue to do. >> clerk: 9a, request approval for resolution for authorizing the executive director to execute a first amendment to the transit shelter advertising agreement with the san francisco municipal transportation agency and clear channel outdoor.
4:28 pm
this is resolution 21-22. >> good afternoon commissioners. good afternoon president brandon and the rest of the commissioners here. i need the next slide please. talk about the clear channel agreement and the resolution in front of you. i was presenting at our last commission meeting earlier in april. very briefly, what this contract covers in 2007, the port entered into an agreement with the sfmta of san francisco, municipal transportation agency to maintain transit shelters. clear channel as the right to display advertising panels. sfmta and the port share revenue from the advertising with clear channel. clear channel is in compliance with the agreement.
4:29 pm
the term is for 15 years with a city option to extend five years. about 20 months remaining within this 15-year contract. regarding the covid-19 pandemic and its impact on transit, transit ridership is down 60% to 70%, ad revenues 60% to 80%. creating a significant hardship for clear channel and also impacting the revenues to the city and the port. port revenue under the agreement -- of the advertising panel's, 44 of the 1706 are on port property. that's about 2.58%, about one in 40 of the panels that are spread throughout the city. the revenues have increased annually over the past 12 years.
4:30 pm
pre-covid they were about 440,000 annually. the port received by $3.6 million in total. there was some questions about the revenue how it's being dispersed and when it's being dispersed. under the proposed amendment. it affects the -- the propose amendments affects the payments to the city and port from january 2020 to december 2022. in different periods it affects it differently. prior to the pandemic in this period the port expected to receive about $1.34 million total. with the amendment, the port would receive $702,000 total, decrease of $638,000. payments would be guaranteed.
4:31 pm
the period from january to april of 2020, we have received back payment. $146,000. that is the full amount under the existing agreement. the proposed amendment states that for the last two months of that first six months from may to june of 2020, there would be no payment made. from july 2020 to june 2021, that's a 12-month period instead of receiving the approximately $440,000, we will be receiving $152,000. from july 2021 to june 2022, another 12-month period instead of 440, we'll be getting $162,000. in the last six months of this three-year period, we will be anticipate receiving the full
4:32 pm
payment which comes to at that time about $240,000. there are some changes to the agreement that don't impact the port but they do m.t.a. such as the management pieces. there are some givebacks from clear channel to allow public messaging and some of the advertising panels. regarding the amendment approval process, the agreement requires all parties to approve any amendment and three parties on the agreement are clear channel, sfmta and the port commission. the sfmta approved it on march 2nd. it's the resolution is in front of you today. the next stop will be the board of supervisors and the agreement is also acceptable to clear channel. gale stein of sfmta is here to
4:33 pm
assist if there are questions. thank you for your attention. >> president brandon: thank you very much for your presentation. commissionerrings, -- commissioners may i have a motion? >> so moved. >> second. >> i have a question. >> president brandon: let's open up to public comment. we'll open the fine lines to take public comment on item 9a for members of the public to join in on the phone. >> clerk: at this time, we will open the queue for anyone on the phone who would like to make public comment on item 9a. please dial star 3 if you wish to make public comment. the system will let you know when your line is open. others will wait on mute until their line is open. comments will be limited to three minutes per person. the queue is now open. please dial star 3 if you wish to make public comment.
4:34 pm
>> president brandon: do we have anyone on the phone? >> clerk: at this time, there are no callers on the phone wishing to make public comment. >> president brandon: seeing no callers on the phone. public comment is closed. commissioner burton? >> commissioner burton: clear channel, they also have television right? >> they have many different business lines. our agreement is solely with the transit shelters. >> commissioner burton: that wasn't my question. they also have television right? >> i'm not much expert on television. >> commissioner burton: that either have television or they don't. i think they do. all of the money when it's all
4:35 pm
over, goes into the same pot. >> our agreement -- >> commissioner burton: i understand that. thank you. i appreciate it. our agreement is solely dealing with the billboards or the shelters on portland which the revenue that comes from that, then goes into clear channel and clear channel i don't believe that the money is divided necessarily. i guess do we have in case things bounce back, do we have
4:36 pm
any kind of meaningful -- [indiscernible]. is it just statutory limited to what contract you people have agreed to? >> if i may address that. what i just displayed is a minimum annual guarantee that the port will be receiving. it is not subject to the condition of the economy. the economy and the advertising revenue decrease. the port will still receive that. if it increase, it will still receive that. >> commissioner burton: if they increase we will not get more than that. >> if a revenue -- there's a revenue sharing clause in the agreement if it exceeds a certain threshold and the port and the city will benefit from
4:37 pm
the revenue sharing. i would have to refer to gale stein with sfmta if she's available to answer that. i don't have that number. >> commissioner burton: okay. the >> revenue sharing existed throughout the first 12 years of the agreement. >> commissioner burton: unfortun ately, the only thing i have some knowledge on is the transit advertising in the city having been involved in it 30 years ago. i kind of understand it. the question i have is simple. is there a code built into it that would provide more money to the city and the port if revenues to clear channel exceed the guarantee?
4:38 pm
>> yes, there is through a revenue sharing agreement and gale stein, just popped up here. i like her to address that threshold for you. >> hi commissioners. this is gale stein from the m.t.a. thank you for hearing and considering this item. the contract does have a revenue share of 50%. that means that if clear channel during the fiscal year that ends june 30th earns more than $11.8 million in revenue, then the m.t.a. would receive more than the $5 million. the port would receive a higher percentage through its part, which is 2.58%. yes, there's way for they're to be more. >> commissioner burton: [indisce rnible]
4:39 pm
what will be the percentage of the increase in a certain level? how is it determined by the revenue by clear channel on port property which i assume is a just a percentage of revenue that clear channel gets throughout the whole city, right? >> it's the whole city. for example, if m.t.a. receive $200,000 over the $5.9 million from the first year, the port would then receive 2.58% of that extra $200,000. >> commissioner burton: how about the next year? >> same thing. >> commissioner burton: it's ongoing? >> yes. there's revenue sharing for the entire contract. that's not going away as a result of this amendment.
4:40 pm
>> commissioner burton: so the contract, if the city has with clear channel -- it's an ongoing -- it's a flat fee with an ongoing cola through the term of the contract? >> yes. >> commissioner burton: thank you very much. i appreciate it. >> president brandon: commission er woo ho? >> commissioner woo ho: i have no further questions. >> president brandon: commission er gilman? >> commissioner gilman: i have no further questions. i support the item. >> vice president adams: i have no questions. i support the item. >> president brandon: thank you so much. great report. thank you very much. we have a motion and a second. can i have a roll call vote.
4:41 pm
[roll call vote]. >> president brandon: motion passes unanimously. resolution 21-22 is adopted. call the next item please. >> clerk: request approval for the extension of the terminal management agreement between the port of san francisco and pacific cruise trip terminal l.l.c. for one month. this is resolution 21-23. >> good afternoon president brandon, vice president adams, commissioners my name is andre coleman, dent director of maritime. is at the port meeting on april 13th, staff provided the
4:42 pm
port commission with the state of the cruise. staff lightly touched on the impact the pause in cruises had on the port's cruise terminal operator, terminals are commonly referred to as metro cruise. today's presentation will focus on the impacts to metro cruise and metro's request for extension of management agreement. this timeline was presented during the april 13th meeting. in short in march 2020, the industry announced a pause in operation of its members in order to assess and address the risk posed by the pandemic. in that same month, the c.d.c. director issued no sail order.
4:43 pm
there was recent update that occurred on april 2nd. however, at this time, it is unknown when cruise will resume from u.s. ports. impacts through the port of san francisco, the port was scheduled to host cruise calls which only 12 calls materialized. to quantify revenue impacts, the combined calendar year for 2020 and 2021 to date direct impacts to the port of san francisco include 198 canceled cruise calls. equating to approximately $15 million in loss of passenger revenues alone. extending it in the local economy, it is estimated -- generates approximately $500,000 in direct spending by passengers
4:44 pm
and crew. i'll touch on the last two budget points little later in the presentation. with regards to the -- our impacts to the cruise terminal operator, they are experience significant economic stepbacks. similarly to the port inability to generate passenger tariff revenue, the inactivity cruise have effectively ham strung metro's ability to generate revenue from ground operations and management all of which is required under management agreement. despite having no idea of the timing for the return of cruise, metro has continue to keep the terminal for the past year plus at a cost of approximately $90,000 per month. in august of 2020, the port
4:45 pm
commission approved the resolution 20-41. given the uniqueness of the port's terminal management agreements the relief program excluded the port's terminal operators. however, as noted at the time, it could be negotiated on a as needed basis. metro has approached the port and requested relief in the form of extending the terminal management agreement. just a little bit of background on the current terminal management agreement. it's been in place since september 2014. with the opening of pier 27. jimmy hermann cruz terminal. it's a term one 5-year option.
4:46 pm
included in the pier 29 license agreement that the port has with metro, metro is required to host four events per year at free of charge to the public. an example of that, the facility has been activated during fleet week which includes metro live music, games and entertainment for family. additionally, there's a discounted rate for nonprofit events. since 2015, there have been 35
4:47 pm
nonprofit events have occurred at the cruise terminals. the proposed amendment is metro terminal management agreement is to extend the initial term by one month for each month with no cruise activity beginning in march 2020 for maximum of 24 months. basically, once everything is put on pause in 2020 for each month that we have not had a cruise operation that month would count. the first cruise call would activate the additional month and lock in the new expiration date. the extension would be added to their 10-year term. the 5-year option will be remain and will be added on from the new expiration date. benefits to the port, an extension of the terminal management agreement will
4:48 pm
provide considerable value to both parties and improve the financial feasibility of the terminal management agreement and preserve metro's ability don't operations at the port. metro has continued to pay the monthly fee without the pause in operations. in the proposed amendment will continue to do so for each month of extension. as we rebound from the pause in cruise, this amendment will provide stability in our cruise operations as we continue to work with our trusted partner, metro to adapt and enhance our terminal for the safe resumption of cruise and events and the amendment provides confidence to the various cruise lines and industry stakeholders. for an outlook, again, regards
4:49 pm
to port of san francisco for 2020, forecast for cruise at the port is extremely bright. we are projecting -- request for 118 cruise calls. that number -- for passenger counts we're estimating around 300,000. that number does factor in sailing at reduced capacity. driving increase in calls is the interest of the carnival cruiseline into san francisco. as mentioned in the previous presentation, we have carnival miracle that will be home ported in san francisco 2022. there's still lot of questions on the table. industry wide collaboration is crucial for the state resumption of cruise. staff continues to engage in dialogue with the american association of port authorities.
4:50 pm
the california association of port authority and the american sea port cruise committees towards safe resumption of cruise. in conclusion, staff recommends that you approve metro's request for an extension to the terminal management agreement. that concludes my presentation and i'm happy to answer any questions that you may have. >> president brandon: thank you for your presentation. now i like to open up to public comment. we'll open the phone lines to take public comment on item 10a. >> clerk: at this time, we will open the queue for anyone on the phone who would like to make public comment on item 10a. please dial star 3 if you wish to make public comment. others will wait on mute until their line is open.
4:51 pm
comments will be limit to three minutes per person. the queue is now open. please dial star 3 if you wish to make public comment. >> president brandon: do we have anyone on the line? >> clerk: there are no members of the public on the phone wishing to make public comment on this item. >> president brandon: thank you. seeing no callers on the phone, public comment is closed. commissioner woo ho? >> commissioner woo ho: thank you for this presentation. i appreciate what you gave us in terms of the background. we do have a good sense of what the background going on in the cruise industry. i guess my understanding, let me make sure that i understand this report correctly, we're extending the terminal management agreement for the period of time that the cruise ship terminal has been inactive from the standpoint of cruising.
4:52 pm
you did mention the benefit at the end. there is no financial -- we're not giving up any financial terms as result of that, which is extending the terminal management agreement. is that my understanding that correctly? >> that is correct. just extending the management agreement and doing so for each month of extension, metro will continue to pay the management fee to the port. >> commissioner woo ho: they are just trying to sort of make up for the period of time that they didn't have -- we didn't have the cruise ship terminal either for cruising or special events. they thought this is a good time to execute this agreement? it sounds like they also obviously positive about the future in terms of when we do see the cruise industry come back. i think from i can read, once
4:53 pm
c.c.d. goes, the industry can take off quickly. everybody wants to go somewhere. at least that's what hear. younger people and older people. cruise industry made a great point to say they are safe as airplanes. i want to be sure there's no financial negotiation that we're making, which is extending and that's really to help us, which is good. that we have a partner for the longer term as well. that gives us the stability. i want to make sure my understanding was correct. >> that is correct. >> commissioner woo ho: i'm supportive of the item. i hope the c.d.c. will move forward to release the cruise ships to do that. we have the issue that canada
4:54 pm
does not accept cruises, and mexico does. that's one the things cruise lines are thinking since they have to comply with the jones act. >> yes. canada prohibition on cruises is still in effect through februar. i know there are ongoing discussions potentially address many technical stops. >> commissioner woo ho: i think there are some longer around the world cruises that started in los angeles. i'm hoping that one day that we can also pitch -- we can be the starting point for some longer
4:55 pm
cruises. i have friend who are going on these cruises. they're getting on in los angeles. why not san francisco? hopefully we can keep that on as we keep talking to our partners in the cruise industry. will be great to have as commissioner adams said, he wants to see million cruise passengers. we have to come up with the routes to increase the traffic more than the traditional ones that we have. alaska, or hawaii will not create million cruise ship passengers. you have to have more exciting itineraries to attract that many people. thank you. >> thank you for your comments. >> president brandon: thank you. commissioner burton?
4:56 pm
>> commissioner burton: no comment. >> president brandon: vice president adams? >> vice president adams: great work. my only problem is that the port -- nobody from the union got on board say they supported this. it's labor that does this. i know it's a business thing. sometimes business forget about their partner labor. you guys left labor out. you and metro both. i will rind the union of that. you guys left them out. w that being said, i'm going to support that because it's good. when we talk about partnerships, sometimes we forget about those that make it happen. besides those economically that make it happen. i will leave it at that. thank you. >> thank you for your comments commissioner adams. i'll note that in the
4:57 pm
april 13th presentation, i did highlight that our growth in cruise is attributed to the work that iowe performed throughout the years. they had significant jump from 85 vessels on average for their prior five years to now being roughly 117 is a testament to the turnout of the workforce. i think i noted that in the april 13th presentation as well. there has been significant amount of lost workers. we're both aware of that. i think as we move forward towards resumption, we appreciate the reminder. we will have to engage labor ahead of resumption to ensure that the work environment is
4:58 pm
adequate and it's safe for the workforce. we have everything in place to get back to the level of productivity that we worked pre-pandemic. >> president brandon: thank you. commissioner gilman had to leave early. she wanted to me to thank you for addressing the community. andre, thank you so much for this report. i'm in full support of it. i think it's fair and maritime -- [indiscernible]. thank you again for working up this agreement. commissioners, can i have a motion to approve the item? >> so moved. >> second. >> president brandon: roll call vote? [roll call vote]
4:59 pm
>> president brandon: motion passes, resolution 21-23 is adopted. next item. >> clerk: item 10b is an informational presentation on pier 45 shed c post-fire interim improvements and a long-term replacement strategy to benefit the fishing industry. >> good afternoon commissioners. mike martin, assistant port director. i'm going to make few remarks and hand over presentation to dominic of the maritime division. i wanted to frame this item today by looking back over the little over 11 months we've had since the fire ripped through shed c of pier 45 last may. the fire, i think, put the port
5:00 pm
in position of having a number of sort of urgent short and long-term tasks ahead of it in order to get back on to its footing. there were the immediate needs to sort of make the site safe to allow -- salvage to sort of reactivating the site in support of the fishing industry and operations of pier 45. we had to initiate a claim with our insurer. we had to start alongside all of these sort of tasks to put the building blocks together what it mean to do that in a smart way that will enhance what is there and hopefully this will put us in better fogs deal with the resilience challenges faced by port property. the backdrop to all of us, we were about two months into shelter-in-place and the pandemic and all of the
5:01 pm
destabilizing aspects of working remotely, having to sort of coordinate among different people who are on site versus the home and all the things that made it hard to develop a strategy. we put together a working group that was exemplary and stepping to up that challenge. because the interest in the divisions at the port really had to have representation and sort of one place we can have a single discussion about all of these different things from the experience we had with the fire. today a s an opportunity to share our status and look at preview the next step we're seeing in rebuild of shed c. one thing about that conversation something i said a number of meetings which is, typically, when facilities are
5:02 pm
being built or rehabilitated on port property, we're looking to harness the skills and opportunities of private developers who are able to step in and sort of bring their expertise to the task. in this instance, the port is the developer. we'll be putting together the strategy and the thinking behind what it is to be built there. we need to have a really thoughtful effort at putting together what it is we think the facility needs to be and sort of how we can get there with the resources we have available in our current challenge situation, budget wise. i want to give a thank you to the rest of the working group as
5:03 pm
well that includes planning and environment division, real estate development and nate cruz from finance administration. >> thank you, mike. i'm with the maritime division. we'll be providing informational presentation on the pier 45 shed c post-fire interim improvements and long-term replacement strategy to benefit the fishing industry. our informational presentation will show the post-fire cleanup efforts. our tenant and license see relocation strategy eases, improvements and our study to identify long-term improvements and shed c replacement strategy.
5:04 pm
on saturday morning may 23, 2020 a four alarm fire started on pier 45 in shed c lighting up the early morning sky. pier 45 at the port of san francisco, suffered losses and operations were disrupted. the loss of shed c and contents must appear without fish processors and destroyed personal property for many fishers. since the fire, the port has removed the remains of the shed and coordinated cleanup. huge thank you to the san francisco fire department for the response. the port immediately began multidivision, all hands on deck
5:05 pm
for hazardous material removal, demolition, tenant communications and salvage management. the port contract with the fire restoration company to remove debris from impacted facilities in sheds a, b and d. restoration work, the port granted reentry of tenants to sheds a, b and d within two weeks. port staff worked with 35 licensees to relocate to shed a and pier 35. port staff focused on demolition of the shed c structure and removal of debris from the footprint. the port conducted two-week salvage period including implementation that allowed tenants licensees to access the site.
5:06 pm
i like to highlight engineering and maintenances effort and dedication to this project all done within the height of the global covid-19 pandemic. i like to thank our demolition contractor for their safe and efficient operations to clear this site. by late june, the plan to provide temporary space to pier 45 stakeholders was coming together. by july through the incredible resourcefulness of the real estate team, relocation plan for those directly affected by the fire was ready for implementation. the primary groups that needed space included the fishing community. the fishers and processors, and
5:07 pm
maintenance area and the jeremiah o'brien. staff identified the fleet would need to remain approximately 20,000 square feet including space for crab pots. the port initially provided open storage space to 15 dislocated from shed c. red and white fleet in san francisco icon relocated their headquarters and administration to the boats. the red and white fleets maritime maintenance was relocated to approximately 1500 square feet in shed a. the historic liberty ship which survived the may 23rd fire was relocated within days on may 26, 2020 to pier 35 for emergency
5:08 pm
labor. jeremiah o'brien returned from 10 months from the day of the fire. she sits at pier 45 urgently. simultaneous with relocation efforts, port staff prepared three-phase interim improvement plan to address the needs of the fishing industry and generate revenue at the site. phase one improvements identified here in the blue box were completed in april 2021 and include adding surface treatments to facilitate the area. establishing 8700 square foot maritime storage area, secure with 4 and 8-foot high -- high
5:09 pm
fences and laying out 32 space parking area. i'm happy to report that beginning may 1st, the first of these parking permits will be issued. phase 2 improvements, identified here in the yellow box, scheduled to be completed june 30, 2021 and will include installing additional light holes and electrical service connection to the jeremiah o'brien, installing 1200 feet of additional fences and provide physical security and relocating ports maintenance department, operations and maintenance trailer from shed a to the shed c site. phase 3 a.m.i.s remainder of the pier shown here in the green box are scheduled to be completed
5:10 pm
july 31, 2021. it will include the footprint of approximately 40,000 square feet for general storage to support future construction projects including the upcoming san francisco police department dock installation, jefferson street projects and potential additional storage area for commercial fishing. i like to hand it over to my colleague to discuss additional work of this ongoing project >> again, president brandon and members of the commission. it's my pleasure to be here and jump in and talk about the insurance recovery on the pier and then go through the pier 45 long-term improvements and shed c replacement strategy. regarding the insurance recovery, the port and the city risk manager have engaged with
5:11 pm
the insurer and the port was advanced $25 million to stabilize the site and made interim improvements on it. the work being done now is to prepare basis of design which will help us understand how much it will cost to rebuild what was there including with the required code upgrades. it does not include a study to evaluate other rebuild options. completion of the bases of design is expected by the end of this summer. on to the long-term improvements for the pier and the shed c replacement strategy this was put together by an interdivision team. dominique and i --
5:12 pm
[indiscernible] i'm beginning to cover the survey of the fishing industry. which was completed in december of last year. talk about our facilitate summary, next steps going forward. highlight one in particular which will be a resilient charette planned for next month. the survey conduct the by port staff reached the industry businesses that operate on pier 45 which bring in and process great variety of fish. of the fish processors most have been pier 45 for 25 years. things that came out of the survey was desire for storage
5:13 pm
space and improved support services include ice making and bake sales, additional office space for fishing industry and more parking for the fishing industry and the findings. the industry of desire for maintaining shed c for those industry uses. the continued use of pier 45 for the commercial fishing industry. the economic value of the fishing industry, the port's role on pier 45 is one of being the facilitator of the industry allowing pier 45 businesses to interact and bring fish to market. the fishing industry is the primary source of pier 45 revenue where the port participates and receives revenue each step in the process. as fish move from the boat to processors, then distributors and restaurant and market, the
5:14 pm
product increases in value with each step as does the value of the port participation. the arrangement of uses on the pier aids in this exchange and efficiency of the operation. part of our current role is to work with the industry to identify improvements to make the industry more efficient and profitable. this diagram illustrates the fishers and the processors and distributors and restaurants point out that the fishers are buying grocery and bait and ice. there's a variety of other businesses and uses associated on the pier. the port prepared a facility summary that looked at the history of the pier, how it's
5:15 pm
being used and the condition. looked at what we feel coming -- what can come up. i will give you a few take aways. as part of -- i won't go into great detail, few findings, the shed buildings are in good useable condition with a few exceptions. fishing industry occupies most of the pier and generates most of the revenue on pier 45. shed a and c are not fully used generate less revenue that sheds b and d. public access area are not arranged in a united way that is understandable to the public and not well used.
5:16 pm
sea level rise is going to play a role. on this diagram at the bottom, the blue line indicates depicting anticipated sea level rise and the shed title b is wrong. ignore that or insert sheds a and c. if you look on the right side of the draw, the blue line extends, just below that blue line outside of a shed is the elevation of the central valley of pier 45 which is where vehicle circulation occurs.
5:17 pm
it sits below because it's being built to allow truck dock access into the pier sheds. the central valley little also impactedly by -- impacted early by rising seas. this condition depicted probably less dramatic way, could occur in extreme conditions today. it's anticipated to occur with greater regularity. to look at the resilience and sea level rise, we will be conducting a resilience charette with port staff and waterfront -- water team consultants.
5:18 pm
the purpose of that is to look at short an long-term options for this. what we will be doing in coming years and how this will affect pier 45 long-term uses. the intent of the charette is to add in decision-making. we look forward to providing update of the findings of that for you. it inform future studies and could feed into other development decisions going forward. we also plan to seek stakeholder engagement, reaching out to the fishing industry to review and get their input on preliminary uses and improvements being developed for pier 45. our finance team would further negotiations with the insurance
5:19 pm
provider. with that, i and others of the team are here to address any questions you may have. thank you for your time. >> president brandon: thank you, dan, might and dominic. great presentation. now let's open up for public comment. >> clerk: at this time, we will open the queue for anyone on the phone who would like to make public comment on item 10b. please dial star 3 if you wish to make public comment. the system will let you know when your line is open. others will wait on mute until their line is open. comments will be limited to three minutes per person. it queue is now open. please dial star 3 if you wish
5:20 pm
to make public comment. >> president brandon: thank you. do we have anyone on the phone? >> clerk: at this time, we have no callers on the line wishing to make public comment on this item. >> president brandon: thank you. no callers on the phone. public comment is closed. commissioner woo ho? >> commissioner woo ho: thank you dominic and dan for this comprehensive report. i want to say, i think you guys done a tremendous job in terms of speaking about it thoroughly in terms of what needs to be done and sea level rise in the next steps. i'm not sure that i have many more questions to ask. only question that i had is looking at the insurance. i know that some of the fishing
5:21 pm
tenants obviously had problems when the fire destroyed all their equipment. are we insuring that the insurance coverage they're looking at what we're looking at, we don't repeat any lessons that we should have learned from that incident. is there anything -- i know we're looking at -- discussing it. is there anything that was learned about the fire that we should do differently about insurance coverage for the port and for other partners and stakeholders? >> the good thing about this team, we have experts on every topic. i'm going to highlight nate cruz to address this question. >> thank you, nate cruz from the finance division. it's still pretty early in the process. i think we will keep an eye out for lessons learn the and
5:22 pm
reshape our coverage and be prepared for a claim in the future. i can't think of any particular lessons that we could apply to any future disasters or coverage applications. from the finance side, i invite anyone from the real estate team about interim uses or moving tenants around to add to that. hearing none, we'll be keeping our eyes open and learning along the way. right now it seems too early to say anything definitive. >> commissioner woo ho: thank you. >> president brandon: commission er burton?
5:23 pm
>> commissioner burton: no comment. >> president brandon: thank you. vice president adams? >> vice president adams: thank you dominic and dan. thank you. >> president brandon: thank you so much for the report. lot of good information. really happy that we're bringing so many different stakeholders together to assess the long-term uses for this property. we haved -- we received $25 million from the insurance. that was to stabilize it. has those funds been used? >> no, that total has not been used. if you need a general amount on that, i will highlight nate for that one. some of it was used for cleanup and demolition and relocation efforts that have occurred.
5:24 pm
>> president brandon: thank you. >> commissioner nate cruz men. we can get you a more specific number. we only used a portion of that. i'll follow-up with a more precise answer. >> president brandon: as far as the long-term strategy with our insurance agency, what are we with that? >> that's a timely question. we're in the middle of renegotiating our coverage for the next fiscal year. the city and county along with the port. we renew our coverage on an annual basis. the property insurance market is under quite bit of turmoil because of covid and climate change issues like wildfires. we've seen substantial increases in costs, reductions in coverage. we're exhausting all the possibilities to maintain adequate coverage and economical level. we're working with the city
5:25 pm
manager on a weekly basis. >> president brandon: thank you. danker thank you so much for this report. really appreciate it. call the next item please. >> clerk: that would be item 11, new business. >> president brandon: commission ers, is there any new business? i don't think i heard anything. >> no. >> i don't have anything. >> president brandon: next item please. >> clerk: item 12 adjournment. >> president brandon: may i have a motion to adjourn? >> so moved. >> second. >> president brandon: roll call vote please. [roll call vote] >> president brandon: meeting is adjourned at 5:25 p.m. thank you everyone. great meeting. .
5:26 pm
5:27 pm
>> my name is angela wilson and i'm an owner of the market i worked at a butcher for about 10 years and became a butcher you i was a restaurant cook started in sxos and went to uc; isn't that so and opened a cafe we have produce from small farms without small butcher shops hard for small farms to survive we have a been a butcher shop since 1901 in the heights floor and the case are about from 1955 and it is only been a butcher shot not a lot of businesses if san francisco that have only been one thing. >> i'm all for vegetarians if
5:28 pm
you eat meat eat meat for quality and if we care of we're in a losing battle we need to support butcher shops eat less we sell the chickens with the head and feet open somebody has to make money when you pay $25 for a chicken i guarantee if you go to save way half of the chicken goes in the enlarge but we started affordable housing depends on it occurred to us this is a male field people said good job even for a girl the interesting thing it is a women's field in most of world just here in united states it is that pay a man's job i'm an encountered woman and raise a son and teach i am who respect
5:29 pm
woman i consider all women's who work here to be impoverished and strong in san francisco labor is high our cost of good ideas we seal the best good ideas the profit margin that low but everything that is a laboring and that's a challenge in the town so many people chasing money and not i can guarantee everybody this is their passion. >> i'm the - i've been cooking mile whole life this is a really, really strong presence of women heading up kitchens in the bay area it is really why i moved out here i think that we are really strong in the destroy and really off the pages kind of thing i feel like women befrp helps us to get back up i'm definitely the only female
5:30 pm
here i fell in love i love setting up and love knowing were any food comes from i do the lamb and that's how i got here today something special to have a female here a male dominated field so i think that it is very special to have women and especially like it is going at it you know i'm a tiny girl but makes me feel good for sure. >> the sad thing the building is sold i'm renegotiating my lease the neighborhood wants us to be here with that said, this
5:31 pm
is a very difficult business it is a constant struggle to maintain freshness and deal with what we have to everyday it is a very high labor of business but something i'm proud of if you want to get a job at affordable housing done nasal you need a good attitude and the jobs on the bottom you take care of all the produce and the fish and computer ferry terminal and work your way up employing people with a passion for this and empowering them to learn
5:32 pm
5:33 pm
. >> the hon. london breed: we came back from that. you all remember how dark is used to be at the embarcadero, and we took what was a tragedy for our city, and we created something amazing and something beautiful, light and hope, as a result of the darkness, and that's the same thing that we're going to do as a result of this pandemic. you know, we are here in this community, opening yet another site because the people of this community, and in particular, the latino community, they have been the hardest hit by this pandemic not just in san francisco by in the state. so when you look at equity, and you talk about who is most impacted, the latino community, representing over 12% of the population, yet over 40% of those who were diagnosed with covid and over 20% of those who passed away because of covid, these latino task force and a
5:34 pm
number of organizations in this community, they met with me, and the stories that i heard were very heartbreaking because we as a city thought with some of our programs, our recovery and resources we were providing to workers and rent relief, we thought it was enough. we thought what we were doing was enough, and we were wrong. we were wrong because the community was on the ground, doing the work, helping and serving people, and they were dealing with serious challenges, and the numbers did not lie. the numbers demonstrated clearly we weren't investing enough. so with the help of our department of public health and h.s.h. and other agencies and the city and supervisor ronen, the supervisor for this district, we came together, and
5:35 pm
we found the resources to invest an additional $29 million in this community in particular. [cheers and applause] >> the hon. london breed: and this community stepped up and did even more work than they were doing before. the food hub, and i see roberto here, hernandez, thank you so much for your help with the mission food hub. the latino task force with john and valerie and so many volunteers who were opening up not just testing sites but also these new vaccination sites. this was possible because of this community. this site is possibly because this community came together and made it possible. so when i think about the early dark days of this pandemic, i
5:36 pm
can't help but be excited about the future of our city because of the people of our city and how we have looked out and up lifted one another during one of the most challenging times. so we are in a good place, and i know i'm here today because we're kicking off another vaccination center. i know we have to meet people where they are and make it easier to get an appointment necessary, because i know my family. they do not make appointments. they say, where are they supposed to go? no one is going to ask you questions about your immigration status or anything else, and it's easy for you to do it, you're going to do it. and let me tell you, i am so proud of this city. we are still pleading the effort. not only since the beginning of this pandemic have we had some
5:37 pm
of the lowest rates of any other country, the lowest infection rates and the lowest death rates, even though we are one of the densest cities in the country, we have been able to vaccinate over 60% of san franciscans who are eligible to be vaccinated. almost 60% of those over the age of 65. think about it. [applause] >> the hon. london breed: even with the challenges, and one of our goals was to do 10,000 vaccinations each day, and we have been meeting and exceeding that even with limited supply. and we are doing that because the latino task force and other organizations have been providing these pop ups to make it easier to get access to this vaccine. the state doesn't even come close to our numbers, and the
5:38 pm
national average is even lower. san francisco, we have something to be very, very proud of. we have one of the lowest hospital rates that we've had since the beginning of this pandemic, and we are finally seeing lower numbers since last april in the latino community for the first time since this pandemic began. [applause] >> the hon. london breed: but that means we don't let up. we go harder, we go stronger. we keep moving forward because i want to be able to show up at a press conference and see people without masks eventually. i want to be able to show up to an event and have a good time. i want to hear singing and performances. i want our kids back in school. i want our places of business open and thriving. [applause] >> the hon. london breed: and there is no question that all of you want that, too. so the last thing i want to say
5:39 pm
is make sure that you have the hard conversations with your family members because it's so important that they get vaccinated. let me tell you, and let me just be honest, for african americans, for my family members, it's been some hard conversations. i ain't going to get that. i don't know what's in that virus, whatever, whatever, and what i say to them is, what i'm most concerned about, because a lot of the conversations are with a lot of my elderly family members. what i say to them, the chances that you will die if you get the vaccine are slim to none. but if you get covid, the likelihood that you will not be here could seriously be likely because many of my family members have underlying health conditions who are older, and i don't want to lose them. that's why i got the vaccine to
5:40 pm
show them, that if i can get it, you can get it, too. so let's have those hard conversations with our family members. i'm not a doctor or medical expert, although, as soon as they ask me a question, i'm texting dr. colfax, asking him, my mama said this, my mama said that. but the point is you can talk to them about the vaccine and convince them about this because what this means is less people dying in our city. that's what this means to me, and that's why we have an obligation to do everything we can to get everyone vaccinated as soon as possible, and we are doing our part to open these local sites to make sure it happens and that it's more efficient than ever. so thank you so much for your work, and thank you all so much for being here today.
5:41 pm
[applause] >> the hon. london breed: and at this time, i'd like to introduce the supervisor for this district, supervisor hillary ronen. [applause] >> supervisor ronen: oh, thank you so much, madam mayor, for leading us through the hardest year of our lives. thank you. i -- i -- i don't know about you all, but looking at all of your faces, and the weight of what we've been through together has hit me quite hard. everyone here, from the latino task force, valerie, tracey, john, roberto, so many of you have worked nonstop since day one. i look at mary ellen carroll, the head of our department of emergency management -- can we
5:42 pm
please give her a hand? this woman, you have to drag her on a one-day vacation, and if we're lucky, she'll go. we have to take her phone away. dr. colfax, you have been a hero in keeping us safe as much as you can from day one. i look at deon jones, and a nurse who helped created response to the first plague that san francisco survived, the hiv/aids plague and was here from day one to get us through the next plague, and deon, thank you. thank you. the press, you guys have been out here from day one, keeping us informed, putting your lives on the line. i look at all of you, and we all have been doing this from day one, and i have just
5:43 pm
profound gratitude for getting us to the way we are today, and where we are today is we're on the way to beating this. dr. colfax and madam mayor, thank you. two in the mission, two in the mission. it's because of places like this -- [applause] >> supervisor ronen: -- that we are on the way to beating this disease. i got my second shop at the capp and 22 location on monday, and this was similar to what the mayor was telling us. i was the only white person there, and i was never so happy to be the only white person anywhere. everyone around me was speaking spanish. they were from the community. in many cases and instances, they were dragged to the site to get vaccine from members of their own community, and i
5:44 pm
thought to myself, this is the reason that we are leading the nation in terms of numbers and beating this viert, and so so -- virus, and so thank you from the bottom of my heart. my colleague, supervisor matt haney, who has been informing people how to get the vaccine. thank you for your incredible work doing that. and i just want to say, like the mayor, we are this close to beating it, but it'll only work if we get every single one of us to get this vaccine and do it as soon as we can. thank you. and -- thank you. [applause] >> supervisor ronen: and with that, i want to introduce a hero of mine, the director of the department of public
5:45 pm
health, dr. grant colfax. [applause] >> well, good morning. is it still morning? good afternoon, whatever. it is a beautiful day. yes, thank you, and thank you for the kind words. it's wonderful and inspiring to be at this site, and i just want to say, first of all, thank you to the latino task force for showing us and others how to lead the way, for teaching us to do what's right. thank you very much for helping us do this right, for helping us learn how to be humble, respond to community, invest in community, and make the partnership and community leading the way. thank you, mayor breed, for your leadership, and thank you,
5:46 pm
supervisor ronen, for your leadership. and i'm going to express my gratitude, again, to the latino task force, and your help in having us develop comprehensive, culturally appropriate outreach, testing, contact tracing. what you determined and helped us establish, the low barrier, the low barrier that every door needs to be the right door. bureaucracy wasn't always the right door at the beginning of this pandemic. i admit that, but we adjusted, and we evolved, and that's why we are here today, having 60% of san franciscans eligible to
5:47 pm
get the vaccine, with numbers lower than they've ever been. we are doing relatively well there, especially when compared to other vaccines across the city, where latinos represent only 12% of recipients, again, emphasizing the need for these neighborhood access sites low barrier drop-ins. the city's dashboard shows that for d.p.h. vaccines, the neighborhoods with the largest number of vaccines received are the bayview, the mission, and the excelsior. so on behalf of the whole department, i want to thank you all for your work and the incredible effort of this accessible network that we've
5:48 pm
developed, this ecosystem. it hasn't been effort. it's taken some work, some zoom calls, zoom calls, but we were there. i want to thank local 261, supervisor ronen, supervisor haney, our newest assessor, assessor torres. so as you know, vaccine supply remains limited in san francisco, and with the expansion of people being
5:49 pm
eligible to 16 and above citywide, it will be challenging, but i'm excited to see people walking in here. this is the right way to do this. 12,000 a day going into arms, a capacity of 20,000. we're ready to go here. we just need more, and we need to stay vigilant. these variants continue to remain a concern. we're watching areas of the country like michigan, where case numbers are going up. be socially distant, wear a mask, and encourage your family to get vaccinated as soon as possible. we will be in this longer, so the sooner we get vaccine into arms, the better we will do and the sooner we can get back to normal, and we can have this press conference with all the masks off. thank you so much. [applause] >> the hon. london breed: thank
5:50 pm
you, dr. colfax, and i want to introduce valerie coulier. she really is the mother of this community and just has been doing an incredible job in getting all of these great places set up in the community, so come on up, valerie. >> thank you, mayor, so much. i want to thank the red lightning women power group for singing and opening up for the mayor this morning, and also for sherea for the land acknowledgement. i want to thank our mayor for being with us today. i'm very, very possessive here, territorial, and every single city official. you tell us that you see us and that you see the community's hard work and dedication, and
5:51 pm
for that, i appreciate your leadership. i don't think it could have happened under any other mayor, mayor london breed. now, i think i'm going to go into an academy award speech, but i want to thank the latino task for being that, a force. all the organizations involved, all the indigenous haves, and all the committees, what you see here is just a glimpse of all the hard work that the health committee puts in. what you don't see here today is the hard work of 14 other committees, actually 15, if you executive committee, tracey, angela, and gloria. also, absolutely local 21, the laborers union, the latino task force resource hub, on 19 and
5:52 pm
alabama, was their home, and now, they've moved here, and guess what? we followed them. in the latino culture, we have a saying, mi casa es su casa, my home is your home. this has not been easy. we stepped on each other's toes a lot in the beginning. today's community vaccine hub, like the one in excelsior, shoutout to excelsior back there in the back, patty. i see you. you can trust us to take care of them with dignity and compassion. thank you to the media for
5:53 pm
being here. you are not fake, you are real. you do not always get recognized for being here to tell our story, so thank you for being here. in closing, there was olga from another union. we want to make sure that every single union member is vaccinated. just know that i love you and appreciate you, the latino task force loves you and appreciates you. thank you so much. thank you. [applause] >> the hon. london breed: thank you, valerie, and thank you for recognizing local 87 seiu. olga, thank you for all you do and your members do to take care of this city. all right. that is our press conference. i know that most people who showed up today, when they showed up to get their vaccine, that they might be on camera,
5:54 pm
so we apologize for getting all in your business because you know how folks are about their medical business. i know how i am about people in my medical business. thank you, everyone, for all you do today. let's continue to take care of one another and let's continue to do what we have to do so we can takeoff our masks and wave them in the air like we just don't care eventually. >> ♪♪ ♪♪
5:55 pm
we are definitely pioneers in airport concession world a world of nationally if not entirely or internationally >> everybody is cop us right now. >> the people that were in charge of the retail this is where that began. >> i didn't think we would have a location at the airport. >> we've set the bar higher with the customer commerce. >> telling me about the operator and how you go about finding them and they get from being in the city to being in the airport. >> so first, we actually find a table and once we know what we want a sit-down we go to the neighborhoods in san francisco and other people seminary of the retail let us know about the
5:56 pm
rain water and are excited to have the local operators in the airport. >> we have to go going through the conceive selective process and they award a lease to the restaurant. >> they are planning on extending. >> we that you could out the china and the length evens and the travel serve and fourth your minds and it's all good. >> how long for a vendor to move through the process. >> i would say it could take 80 up to a year from the time we go out to bid until they actually open a restaurant. >> i don't know what we signed up for but the airport is happy to have us here. and, you know, even taking out the track simple things there's
5:57 pm
a learning curve >> with once we're here they are helpful. >> it's an award-winning program. >> we're prude of your awards we have won 11 awards the latest for the best overall food address beverage program and . >> like the oscars (laughter). >> the professional world. >> tell me about the future food. >> all the sb national leases are xooirz and we're hoping to bring newer concepts out in san francisco and what your passengers want. >> well, i look forward to the future (laughter) air are we look fo i'm nicole and lindsey, i like the fresh air. when we
5:58 pm
sign up, it's always so gratifying. we want to be here. so i'm very excite ied to be here today. >> your volunteerism is appreciated most definitely. >> last year we were able to do 6,000 hours volunteering. without that we can't survive. volunteering is really important because we can't do this. it's important to understand and a concept of
5:59 pm
learning how to take care of this park. we have almost a 160 acres in the district 10 area. >> it's fun to come out here. >> we have a park. it's better to take some of the stuff off the fences so people can look at the park. >> the street, every time, our friends. >> i think everybody should give back. we are very fortunate. we are successful with the company and it's time to give back. it's a great place for us. the weather is nice. no rain. beautiful san
6:00 pm
francisco. >> it's a great way to be able to have fun and give back and walk away with a great feeling. for more opportunities we have volunteering every single day of the week. get in touch with the parks and recreation center so come >> good afternoon and welcome to the april 27, 2021, regular meeting of the san francisco board of supervisors. madam clerk, will you please call the role. [ roll call ]