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tv   Entertainment Commission  SFGTV  June 5, 2021 12:00pm-1:31pm PDT

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business are general public comment. members of the public may address the commission on items of interest to the public that are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the commission. with respect to agenda items, members of the public may address the commission for up to three minutes at the time such item is called. are there any callers in the queue? i am checking, and there are no callers in the queue. >> thank you. the next item on the agenda is item 2, approval of meeting minutes, discussion and possible action to approve the minutes of the may 14, 2021 commission retreat and may 18, 2021 commission meeting. discussion and possible action item. >> so moved. >> second. >> okay.
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is there any public comment on the minutes? >> checking, and there is no comment. >> okay. crystal, will you call the commission for a vote, please? >> clerk: sure. [roll call] >> okay. the meeting minutes have been approved. the next item on the agenda is agenda item 3 from the executive director. >> thank you, vice president caminong. it's nice to have you running a meeting, instead of president bleiman for a change. i did want to flag for you all
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that you will be hearing from crystal in the next couple of days as she's working to schedule smaller meetings for our working group that's not already scheduled. our executive meeting group is going to meet operating room -- tomorrow. beyond that, there are two communications from dylan that you should have received in the last week. please do respond to those as soon as you can. one is a doodle poll, asking for your availability for a happy hour for all of us in july, and the other is around a publication for a public records request. many of you have responded to that, and we thank you for your
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speedy responses, and for the others, we just ask you to reply when you can. that's all we have. >> executive director weiland, i've got a question for you. >> go for it. >> i don't know if you know it, but i read city hall is slated to open on the 7. is it full blown reopening? >> i don't believe it's full blown reopening, but i'll have to get back to you on that. >> thank you. >> we will keep you all posted on our return to work schedule. we have not quite figured that out yet, but we are intending to staff the permit center as we had planned previously, which means we're going to have hours for drop-ins in the permit center, so we'll keep you posted. >> excellent.
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thank you. >> yeah. >> fedori, you're muted. >> it always takes a second. are there any other commissioner comments, questions on the executive director's report? okay. well, i just wanted to, again, thank the commission staff for organizing a wonderful retreat. i think we touched on it in the last commission hearing, but again, this is a really exciting year, all the work that we're looking forward to, and again, just taking time to reflect on all that we've been doing since the shelter in place. okay. dylan, is there any public comment on the report from the executive director? >> operator: i am checking, and there is none.
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>> okay. public comment is closed. the next item on the agenda is item 4, report from senior inspector savino. >> good evening, commissioners. just a heads up, this report is sort of unusual due to the three-day holiday weekend. please note that any response that inspector fiorentino made will be reported on june 15. the health department is allowing businesses to open up with less restrictions, and the weather has been nice, so the violations are starting to roll in. the first business i want to talk about is amato's on
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valencia street in the mission. i was able to visit the business on may 27 and conduct a sound test. i was able to test their outdoor parkwood set up. this new outdoor configuration will only be set up for [inaudible] i'm happy to report that we were able to find appropriate sound levels for both the indoor and the outdoor. we'll be updating their permits and hope this understanding between the e.c. and the business will help mitigate future sound complaints. next up is cafe envy, located on yosemite avenue in the bayview. last weekend, they received five complaints, with one
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coming in saturday night, and i was able to visit. upon arrival, i found a crowd of people gathered outside with the sound seemingly appropriate. i took a measurement outside with only a decibel or two above the maximum, but then, a security member started yelling into the microphone and it spiked the sound limit. the last business that i have flagged for you is bellcora on green street in north beat. this street has become very loud over the past couple of months, and bellcora has one particular neighbor that was unhappy. i was able to talk to him
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through the various levels of the sound test, but i called me the very next day, and i went over and did a sound test, and in fact, the levels over there were -- [inaudible] >> uh-oh, we lost you, tony. can you hear me? >> yeah, you're back. >> okay. are we here? all right. i was saying that i visited bellcora, and i was able to meet with the owner, and then i took a spot sound test upon my arrival, and the levels were, in fact, over their recently approved sound limit, and i spoke to the owner and he said he needed to take a stronger stance against the bands that perform in the parklet as a
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rock band will be work in the parklet. [inaudible] we hope the combination of everything will not only mitigation future complaints but help bellcora's staff control the future sound levels, as well. that's it for now. please let me know if you have any questions. yes? >> i have a question. hello, inspector savino. so as of now, outdoor events are being held more commonly now, and i know that the carnivale san francisco was last weekend. i wonder if you saw or have any comments or feedback about that event in regards to sound and/or crowd, adhesion to public events, social gathering
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protocols? >> i am not 100% familiar with that particular event. i don't believe i reviewed all the sound complaints that came -- i don't believe -- i reviewed all the sound complaints that came in, and i don't believe that event was listed. as most events are starting up outdoors, i will say it is, and with, you know, less restrictions on the health order lifting a bit, it's hard to -- you know, the patrons are starting to be closer together, and they're not so much 6 feet apart all the time. do you know, by chance, the location of this event? there was location this weekend that had a couple of complaints
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with a food truck, but i don't believe it was for the carnivale. >> we permitted it, so dylan would have that information, so yeah, andy, we can talk about that more offline. inspector fiorentino was not able to get to that particular event, but we're hoping to have staff to get to some of these events on sundays? it'll be interesting to see, how events come back on-line, how we handle enforcement. i do know that the planning department is planning to scale back their response and enforcement efforts due to restrictions lifting? so i think we're going to be focused on what we can be focused on, which is going to be sound complaints [inaudible]. >> thank you. i'm just happy to see that
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carnivale is back on-line and that all the events are coming back, and that's a signal that things are going back to normal, so thank you. >> no, yeah. >> are there any other commissioner comments or questions for the senior inspector? all right. senior analyst rice, is there any public comment on this report? >> operator: there's none. >> public comment is closed. the next item on the agenda is item number 5, update on night life business assistance in response to covid-19. can we let ben van houten into the room? >> operator: yes, i am letting him in right now. >> okay. thank you.
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>> good evening, vice president caminong and commissioners. ben van houten, and i have a short slide deck for all of you. okay. tonight's just a handful of updates mostly on some on going programs, some federal, state, and local activity. at the federal level, the latest numbers on the shuttered venue operators grant program and the restaurant program, svog, that's the entertainment venue based program. to date, they've received 1300
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applications totaling $11 billion in funding, so it looks like everybody asking for it, it looks like they're going to be getting it, including second rounds for businesses, which is going to be great for promoters who have not filed their applications yet. s.b.a. has been a little slow to issue award notices and get money out the door than a lot of venue operators had hoped, but noticed did start going out last week to the first set of program awardees and we're hoping it picks up in the next few weeks so we can start getting money out the door.
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in terms of the restaurant revitalization fund, there's only $28.6 billion available, to a lot of applicants are not going to get -- not going to get funded in the funding that's available right now, and the application window has closed. initial grants, priority applicants are already being distributed by s.b.a., and advocates are being called for replenishing the fund so that those applicants who submitted qualified applications during the window can hopefully see more additional relief. on the state level, about 1.5 weeks ago, the state announced its reopening framework for what reopening means on june 15.
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as a reminder, you all know in terms of what reopening looks like on june 15, you know, even though there have been some early indications from the state, that it was going to be a pretty expansive reopening of industries, there was still a good number of questions on what it meant on a nuts and bolts level. this snapshot is from the california department of public health's website, and this spells out very clearly that this is a very robust reopening at the state level on june 15. for indoor and outdoor businesses, capacity limitations would not be restricted. there would be no physical distancing restrictions for attendees. masking would follow the guidance, and then vaccine verification or prove of negative testing would be required for indoor megaevents and recommended for outdoor megaevents. so a few notes on that table. the state has indicated they will align with the c.d.c. mask
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guidelines on june 15, the synching up the state and federal rules around mask wearing, and we talk about megaevents for purposes of vaccination, proof of vaccination or testing requirement, megaevents are defined as 5,000 people or more indoors and 10,000 people or more outdoors. and for the vaccine and testing verification, businesses or venue operators that are in that megaevent category can use self-attestation by the purchaser of a ticket or by the event attendee as sufficient proof of that vaccination or negative testing, so again, as a reminder, just to jump back to that previous slide, that vaccine verification or negative testing will be required for indoor megaevents, so again, 5,000 or more people indoors, but recommended for outdoor megaevents. not required, but recommended
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for outdoor megaevents of 10,000 or more people. to help understand where the state is coming from, san francisco's health officer and san francisco health department is studying that alliance. it's my understanding that the health officer is trying to align the city rules with the state rules as much as possible, so we still do need additional local guidance to really understand what the lay of the land in terms of reopening june 15 looks like in san francisco and certainly getting that clarity from the state of what reopening means from them, not just important but what a threshold first step there. finally, a handful of local updates on the venue fund. there was an announcement last week about the first set of eligibility venues being -- eligible venues being awarded
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through the applicant programs. there were 84 applicants, and 37 eligible venues so far, eligible to receive funds through the program. really, some great progress, and the office of small business is starting distribution of that first round awards, and that first round of awards through that venue fund will be over $35,000 in that first distribution, which is just excellent. it's really something i think for all of us, the city, to be really proud of, all the time. applications for those businesses that do have applications that are currently in process, those applications must be finalized by june 30. i know the office of small
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business has been in contact with every equity fund applicant to make sure if there are additional documents or questions that need to be resolved, they're in touch, so just a shoutout for the great work by the small business office. shared spaces and small business recovery were both heard in land use committee and continued for further discussion. the port has an open request for qualifications seeking potential waterfront activation or events. there's a lot of activity for event producers, cultural event producers, performance groups to explore potential partnerships with the port to do really creative projects on the waterfront. got the link there on the slide. that closes on june 17, so really encouraging any business
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owner who is interested in working on that to check it out now if they're interested in submitting a statement of interest to the port, and all the documents are on that website. and finally, the mayor announced a couple of investments to support recovery. as tourism and the return of the downtown workforce and all of these pieces are connected to the recovery of night life, that the announcements of downtown recovery investments and investments in supporting the return of conventions and supportive conventions, really important pieces of the big puzzle that can help us help nightlife support the economic recovery, and with that, that's my report, but happy to answer any questions. >> a question quick, ben. so on -- after june 15, until
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we get, i guess, the local health orders and things, do you think they're going to be requiring venues to have proof of vaccination? you know, they ask for i.d. if they're 21 and over. now they're going to ask for vaccine cards? do you think that might be a situation? >> well, i mean, certainly, you know, the -- i guess what i would say is, again, consistent with the idea that the health officer really wants to align with the state as much as possible without offering any kind of concrete prediction, i think i'll say just the way the state has set that threshold for the negative testing requirement, if it's an indoor business, it's only 5,000 or more people for that indoor testing requirement.
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and the state has said you can set up a self-attestation system. so certainly, the health officer could adopt additional rules or additional conditions that are more stringent than that, but i think those are at least as a starting place of understanding kind of where the state is as a jumping off the -- point. so i know we won't know until we know locally, but especially that numerical figure of 5,000 people indoors and 10,000 people outdoors, i think it's very striking how large those numbers really are. >> well, i guess if they do decide to do that, for whatever reason, you know, they should really make some kind of a media -- inform all the patrons that they better have their vaccine cards with them. otherwise, it's going to be a nightmare.
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>> commissioner, you raise a very valid point to get it out to the public and the business community, which is something that director weiland and i have been talking about. given the potential of such a shift for everyone, i was really struck at the southern station meeting with some of the clubs recently, but, you know, there will be venues that have not been in real full operation for 15 months and patrons who have not been fully going out for 15 months. and for some patrons who turned 21 during the pandemic, you could have 22-year-olds that have never been to a nightclub. thinking about all of those different directions and how we support everybody being able to navigate the systems moving forward, that's absolutely one of the big questions and challenges to confront from
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every direction over the next several months, yeah. >> yeah. i tell the patrons that even though the state might say one thing, the city might say something. we'll just have to wait and see. i just hope there's a mass media communication so people know what to do.
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>> -- if anybody -- or in a few seconds. i'm checking, and there are no comments. >> okay. public comment is closed. the next item on the agenda is item 6, hearing and possible
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action regarding applications for permits under the jurisdiction of the entertainment commission. before director weiland proceeds, i would like to make a motion to continue i'd 6-b to the june 15 hearing at the recommendation of the director due to the delay in receiving the required departmental approvals. is there a second? >> second. >> okay. dylan, could we take public comment on this item -- >> oh, vice president caminong, let's have a roll call on the continuance. >> do we have to conduct public comment on that? >> yeah, so if you could do roll call, that would be awesome. >> okay. [roll call]
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>> great, thank you. commissioner weiland, why don't you take it from here? >> dylan, did you want to flash the call-in just one more time? >> operator: i'll do that real quick here. >> motion -- sorry. this was unexpected, so... >> operator: all right. i'm going to remove the slide, and i'll check again, and there are no hands raised and no comments in the chat. >> okay. great. public comment is closed. all right. let's try again. director weiland.
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>> great. well, i'll take you to the regular agenda, the two items remaining for permits. so the first permit on the agenda for this evening is a limited live performance permit for the italian homemade company at 1919 union street. they are seeking to add some ambient music and live performances. we received a letter of support from the marina merchants association regarding this application, and officer walsh from northern station approved the permit application with the added condition that they shall not disturb neighbors. here to speak with you tonight and tell you a little bit more is alison russell on behalf of mattia cosmi from the italian homemade company. dylan, if you could bring in alison, that would be great? >> operator: she is in right now.
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alison, are you there? alison, are you joining us right now? >> yes. sorry, i didn't have my camera on. hi. my name's alison. good evening, commissioners. i'm the controller at the italian homemade company. i'm here to speak specifically about our 1919 union location. this is the second location that we opened in san francisco. this location open index 2015. since then, we've opened one more location on franklin street, one in berkeley, and one in southern california, in long beach. our recipes are authentic, made from scratch italian food, and we kind of like to set the whole italian dining experience. we're asking for the limited live performance permit to help create that energy and to help set the ambiance? we have reached out to our
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media neighbors who are the same neighbors who helped support us with our patio, outdoor parklet and everything, and they're giving us their support, as well? we also reached out to the mission merchant association and marina merchant association for letters of support that the entertainment commission has on file? our audio system will have two monitors. both will be indoors. one will be about six, 7 feet into the entrance, and the other will be toward the back. the idea is to keep the low-key vibe of the restaurant? we have people eating and enjoying the conversations that they're having and taking in the setting. this is not something that's going to be overblasted? on rare occasions, we might have a deejay for a birthday or
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special event, but all of this will be indoors and set up. we do have a park let, so we do have a table and chairs and a parklet permit, but none of this is going to be outdoors. all of this is going to be indoors at all times. to be respectful and to put neighbors at ease, we're not going to have any of it outdoors. we want to be respectful of our residential neighbors and our other businesses around us. thank you, commissioners. please approve this request, and i'm available for any questions at all, too. >> i don't really have a question. i've been to the restaurant on
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union street. it's so good. it's so fresh, and i think you make the noodles. >> yes. >> i think this is june 1, and this was supposed to be union street fair on the first week of june, i think. that was the kick off. have you heard anything about -- i mean, your permit would have been permit if you had the union street thing going on, but i guess not. >> yeah. >> i don't really have any questions. i think everyone in the neighbor knows where it is, and when you do have -- when you run any events now, when you have a deejay or something -- your place is not very big, but do you plan to have any security or anything in place in case it gets a little noisy, do you have anything like the same protocols like we have in the good neighborhood policy?
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>> i mean, it wouldn't be more like a deejay, it would be more like a special event. we would have them set up, like, near the back wall where, like, the bathrooms are. it would be just to make the event just a little more special, more, like, a, like, a loud party or anything like that. >> but in general, if anything gets tough, you do have an assigned kind of manager [inaudible] can't be cramming a lot of people inside. >> yeah, yeah. so yeah, i'll definitely be more low key, but we do have a manager that knows all the rules and everything and would be kind of in charge of that, as well. >> okay. all right. thanks. good luck. >> thank you. >> question? >> go ahead, commissioner. >> okay. hello.
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thanks for coming in. my question is about your experience with doing live entertainment at your venue -- other venues. can you speak about your experience with other venues that you now have or do you have any other active permits at your current location? >> we don't have any live performance at all. we are still a relatively new restaurant, and this is the first one that we're testing it out with, but as i said before, a lot of our neighbors are sensitive, and we want to make sure that everybody is happy and respected and we're being considerate, so this is more of our test location, but by all means, we need to be respectful for everybody. >> okay. thank you very much for coming in. >> thank you. >> okay. is there any other commissioner comments or questions for -- for our guest?
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okay. senior analyst franks, why don't we go to public comment. >> operator: we have one hand raised. i'm going to unmute this person? all right. alexander, you are unmuted. you have two minutes, if you can hear us. >> i can. can you hear me? >> operator: yes. >> okay. great. my name is alexander molder. i am a lifelong neighbor, i would say. lived in the marina in cow hollow forever, and i am in full support of the italian homemade company. i love going there, and i think it would be a great addition to the neighborhood. so i'll just keep it short and sweet and say i'm very much in support as a neighbor, and i'm very much in support. that's it.
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>> operator: thank you. okay. >> okay. >> all right. and -- okay. so i'm checking, and there's no other hands raised, so that is it. >> all right. thank you. >> thank you. >> public comments is now closed. okay. commissioners, would someone like to make a motion? >> i'd like to make a motion that we approve the limited live performance permit for the italian homemade company with the staff recommendation and the sfpd northern station's recommended conditions that they shall not disturb the neighbors. >> can i make one friendly amount or comment? i'm a little concerned that northern's recommendation is not an enforceable statement. the statement, shall not disturb the neighbors, i just don't know how the commission could enforce that, so i think unless we're going to apply
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some kind of analytics to it or something, and i think it's somewhat covered by the good neighbor policy any way, my suggestion, my colleagues willing, i would just make a friendly amendment that we just go with the staff recommendation of good neighbor only. >> i would very happily accept that. i agree with you wholeheartedly, but as long as you're willing to explain to the nice people at northern station. >> i know officer walsh very well. i'll be happy to talk to him. >> commissioner falzon, i would recommend that you have that conversation with officer matthias, as well. >> i was just going to say, a lot of this seems to come from steve, as well, so yes, i will talk to him. >> okay. thank you. >> thank you for that. >> okay. do we have a second?
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>> i'll second it. >> thank you. okay. crystal, could you take the vote, please. [roll call] >> okay. excellent. your permit application is conditionally granted. please follow up with director weiland for any next steps. >> thank you. >> congratulations. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> all right. so the second and last permit application on the agenda tonight is for a place of entertainment permit for cadillac bar and grill, located at 1355 market street, in suite 160, and i mention that because we have another permit application coming to hearing on june 15, i believe, that's
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also in the same building in a different suite. so cadillac bar and grill wants to add performances, like salsa music and have deejays perform in their space, but they've been maintaining for several years. we received a letter of support from a neighbor. it's handwritten and two pages, and it's lovely, as well as a facebook post that they did. we did not receive any opposition, and officer gay from northern station has no conditioned. here to speak to you more about the premises is the owner, michael rodriguez. >> operator: i just pulled in michael to join us, so michael, if you're there, let us know.
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michael, are you there? if you are, please unmute yourself. [inaudible]. >> operator: there you are. we can hear you. maybe make yourself a little louder or move closer to the microphone. >> all right. can you hear me a little bit better now? >> operator: that's a little bit better. >> okay. my name is michael rodriguez. i've been involved with the cadillac bar since the previous location, which opened up in the early 80s. it was around for 17 years back then. we closed it back down in 99 because of the moscone expansion. i came back around about eight years ago and reopened the
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cadillac bar in a different spot on 9 and market just about on 2015, and we've been primarily functioning as a restaurant and bar and kind ofs
12:43 pm
where i want to put the live music on special occasions. i do want to provide live music, some kind of jazz music during the dinner hour. i think that creates more of an attraction to the restaurant. we've had successes with our cinco de mayo permits that we've done here, and it's always become very popular and we receive requests to do it more often. i think we have enough of a space, we're in a spot where we're not surrounded by a lot of residential, and being enclosed in the restaurant, i think people would find it nice
12:44 pm
to come in and do some salsa dancing. my rental contract does go for five years with an additional five years after that. i do plan on having security at least minimum of two, one at our front door and one at our patio door, which is our back door, and if it does look like we're getting more and more of a crowd, then i would increase it by one security for every 100. i look forward to being able to do salsa music and salsa dancing. that's been very, very popular with our customers when we do do it.
12:45 pm
i hope that you guys will appreciate it if we get approved for this, and i appreciate you listening to my story, commissioners and director weiland. thank you. >> okay. thank you. are there any commissioner comments or questions for the applicant? >> industry question. so -- so you were at the original one behind the moscone center before they built it. i remember going there quite often. it was quite large, and i've driven by the one in the twitter building many a times, but i haven't had a chance to go in. parking's always an issue. can you explain the space? i'm trying to look at some of the data here. i want to explain -- you want to explain to me and to the public your space and do you
12:46 pm
actually have the room to do the salsa dancing? and, you know, i know that the cadillac bar, the original one, just basically the music from the speakers and things like that, in-house sound system, and i guess now maybe you're big enough to have full bands and a myriad of a set ups with a house system or is it the musicians are going to bring their own equipment, and how do you kind of control the noise? >> yeah. the layout, it's a little bit bigger. this restaurant is a little bit bigger than the previous cadillac bar. the previous one was about 6,000 square feet, and we're right about 8,000 square feet. the dining room can sit probably 150 without any stage,
12:47 pm
and then, there's a back banquet room which is behind that which can seat another 50 people, so i'm taking about a quarter of that dining area and putting up a stage -- or actually about a third to a half of the entire dining room and putting up a stage and a dance floor. the bands will provide their own sound equipment. i will be monitoring it myself. i am here. i will be here for all live performances. i will be monitoring it to take sure we stay within the right decimals. >> wow. 8,000 square feet, wow. >> and commissioner lee, if i could add, it has an occupancy of 414, just so you know, so it has a pretty good footprint.
12:48 pm
>> 8,000? let me see -- i think the glass cat on the grand is only 6100 footprint, so i can imagine it's quite a good size. so you're saying that the bands are going to bring in their own sound. so you don't have any in-house sound system right now? are you planning to bring in one, a professional board and a sound guy to let them manage the bands or do you plan on letting them run their own sound? >> i plan on eventually getting that. i've done my own sound and boards in a restaurant that i had in los angeles, so i am familiar with how to set it up and how to manage it. for the time being, yes, they will have their own, and it's the very -- it'll be a strict
12:49 pm
rule before hiring the band, and i've made it clear to the salsa bands before i hire them, that it's a strict rule that i have. >> yeah. my place on tuesday nights, we used to run salsa bands, and they're quite large. the good ones, they're really big and they're quite loud, and if you don't have an in-house sound system where you're kind of miccing everything, it's kind of difficult to maintain the musician's amplifiers because all you can do is turn the amps up and down, and you have no control over the music itself. i'm concerned about even though
12:50 pm
there are no neighbors, there are office space. i don't know if they're occupied now. can you tell me the times you're going to be doing a lot of this live music? is it going to be during happy hours? >> it's going to be from 10:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. or 2:00. >> wow, so a full fledged event. >> that's the full fledged salsa bands. i would like to have permit to have some ambiance during dinner. >> yeah, i don't think we worry too much about that, and the local bands -- i'll let the other commissioners speak.
12:51 pm
i'm kind of concerned, but that area does need a boost. if it does get popular, you're going to need more security. i guess we'll caution since you're letting the bands kind of control, and you read the good neighborhood policies and everything, right, and you have an accessible phone for any neighbors to call you in case the sound is a little bit too loud? >> i do. >> okay. well, i'll let the rest of the commissioners talk. i've got to think about -- i mean, in general, it's fine. you know, you're not really a club promoter. you're a restaurant operator, so i get it, and we need entertainment to boost our sales, so i'm definitely supportive of it. i'm just concerned about the size and being able to control
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your sound. the hardest thing is during operations when your neighbors are bothering you all the time because you just can't control the sound. instead of hosting your neighbors, you're worried about the outside noise. is there any sound proofing because again, i haven't been inside, so i can't really say, but is it one of those kind of open -- open ceiling, all the air conditioning vents and whatnot? is it open or is it encased with sheet rock? >> no. it is open ceiling, it is concrete building. initially, when we built the restaurant, we did put in insulation in the bays of the concrete? it's, like, a six-inch deep
12:53 pm
insulation that fits in the bays? i did that because i remember the old cadillac was all concrete, just like this one, and i wanted to muffle the sound, and this definitely helps, so this is insulation throughout the main dining rooms. >> okay. well, i guess when you do your sound check, which is going to be challenging -- do you have a deejay system there now? >> no. >> so everything is just going through an amplifier, studio amplifier kind of thing, c.d. player? >> that's correct. >> okay. that's all i have right now. i'll let other commissioners speak. thank you. >> do any of the other commissioners have any other
12:54 pm
questions? >> okay. hello, michael, and thank you for coming in. actually, what the commissioner said about your ability to control the sound as a performing artist? i understand you want to kind of just check this out before you invest in equipment, want to create, like, a proof of concept and see if this is going to work out, and let the artist kind of bring their own sound system before you commit could investing? is that your plan to get your own sound system if it works out? is that your plan or are you just going to delegate the sound equipment to the performing artist? >> no, i plan on getting my own equipment. that would save me in the long run from hiring bands that would bring in their own sound and charge me extra for doing that. yeah, that is my plan and setting it up on a permanent basis. >> okay. excellent. >> i've got to see how this
12:55 pm
works and make some money. >> yeah, i totally agree. my question is, have you talked it through your mind, like, if there's a live event going on with a band performing, and you happen to have a couple of complaints from neighbors saying it's too loud, how do you foresee how you're going to be able to manage that sound if it's happening live? are you going to just kind of walk up to the performing artist and just kind of, like, ask them to turn it down? like, what are you planning doing? >> well, the way i've done it in the past, the way i plan on doing it, go up to the leader of the band, even if it's in the middle of a song and have them turn it down immediately, and if they don't, i threaten to unplug them, so that's just the way it works.
12:56 pm
>> okay. >> and they do react to it. >> okay. thank you, michael. >> thank you. >> hi, michael. good evening. how's it going? >> great. >> hey, you may just not have answered the question correctly, but i'm looking at line 16 on your application. i know you have a type 47, and it says if you have an a.b.c. license that allows all ages, will you be doing all ages or 18 and over events, and you answered no, so it's an "or" question. maybe you didn't understand it, but either way, i'm assuming in operating a 47, you're not going to be excluding people, i gather? >> well, we'll be open for regular dinner business up until 10:00, and after 10:00, it'll be 21 and over. >> got it. okay. that works. it's not uncommon. thank you.
12:57 pm
good luck. >> thank you. >> i've got a follow-up to that. so let's say there are people in there eating, family members, and it's past 10:00 and the kids are still in there. i mean, you don't plan to kick them out. is there a time where you kind of, you know, clear out the room a little bit or they make an announcement that we're turning into 21 and you have to set up a door -- a door security team? >> i would never kick them out. the dining room would probably be set less towards the end of the evening. if we have any family with kids under 21, we'd probably sit
12:58 pm
them towards the front. they would be welcome to sit there until they're done with dinner. at 10:00 p.m., the doorman knows to check i.d.s and to not let anybody else in after 10:00 p.m., not let anybody else in under 21 after 10:00 p.m. so we will have some lingering business. we will, of course, and they're going to be allowed to finish their dinner and -- until everything is done, and they move on. they're not going to be allowed to dance and hangout in the bar area. they know to finish dinner, and they have to leave. >> okay. so yeah. yeah, my only concern is that, like, people that are just in there, and it gets really busy, especially when the night club crowd or the night life crowd comes in, and it starts getting hectic. things kind of slip through,
12:59 pm
and people might stay, and your staff just might have forgot about them or whatever, so i just wanted to know if you have a protocol for that. i'm just curious. >> we don't get a lot of families there. it's more of a business crowd. i would say tourists that probably comprises some of the business that we have here, but i don't see a lot of families coming into this area. >> okay. it's just something to think about. >> i will. >> my job is to sort of give you a heads up so you can run your business. >> commissioner thomas, did you want to make a comment or ask questions? >> yeah. i have been in here, for lunch, at least, and it is a large space. it's in the ground floor of the nima building. to what extent did you do outreach to the residents of
1:00 pm
the building upstairs? >> we're in the ground floor, the twitter building, and i'm facing 9 street. nima is between 10 and 11. >> yeah, you're right. i'm sorry. you're on the other side of the -- >> other building. >> yeah, yes. you don't actually have that many residential buildings right around you. >> correct. >> yeah. sorry. >> correct. it's been so long since i've been down to the center, i've forgot. any way, it's a great proposal, and i'm willing to make a motion if there aren't any other questions from commissioners? >> i did want to make a comment before we go into making a motion and also before public comment. so i miss market dearly. i worked in my offices in fox plaza, so i went to a lot of restaurants and bars in the
1:01 pm
area, and a lot of them have closed, even prepandemic just because of affordability issues in the city, and i just wanted to flag that during shelter in place, this is probably the second place of entertainment permit that has come in front of us, and i think that it makes me feel really hopeful in terms of just, you know, just watching our businesses invest in creating a new venue of entertainment, so with that said, i think that, you know, the mid market is dealing with, noise, is relatively small in comparison to a lot of public health and safety issues in the area, so i think that your addition will be lovely, and, you know, i'm actually really excited to go back, so thank you for stepping up and applying for a p.o.e.
1:02 pm
>> all right. so dylan, could we move to public comment, please? >> operator: yes. i am checking right now, and there are no hands raised and no comments in the chat. >> thank you. public comment is closed. okay. okay. commissioner thomas, would you like to make that motion? >> making a motion to approve the place of entertainment permit with the staff conditions which are the good neighbor policy. >> okay. is there a second? >> second. [roll call]
1:03 pm
>> okay. michael, your permit application is conditionally granted. please follow up with director weiland for next steps. congratulations. >> thank you so much. i appreciate all your help. >> good luck. >> thank you. >> okay. the next item on the agenda is item number 7, discussion and possibly action to adopt written comments and/or recommendations to be submitted by the executive director to the planning department and/or department of building inspection regarding noise issues for proposed residential and/or hotel-motel projects per chapter 116 of the administrative code. >> okay. yeah, this site goes to senior
1:04 pm
inspector savino. >> yes. one moment. just pulling it up here. good evening, commissioners. the proposed project would construct a nine-story building with 58 total units, 57 residential and one commercial. representatives and the project sponsor have conducted outreach on two places of entertainment, luck's and monarch and received no opposition that we are aware of. an environmental study has been conducted but will be supplemented with an additional sound story and p.o.v. once businesses are back open for business. commission staff reviewed the project and is recommending the following: approval with standard conditions for chapter 116 residential projects and the following additional conditions: adopt and implement
1:05 pm
project window specifications, f.c.c. ratings, and acoustical windows, and number two, in addition to including required language from administrative code chapter 116.8, disclosure requirements for transfer real property for residential use, disclosure shall also include the disclosure of potential noise exposure to low frequency at base noise levels that will be noticeable inside some of the residences. here tonight to present on behalf of the project sponsor and answer any questions you might have is the development
1:06 pm
director with vanguard property. >> operator: i'm bringing in jonathan right now. is there anybody else, tony, that should be brought in? >> i believe his associate, amir. >> okay. i'm going to bring in amir right now. both are in here. please unmute yourself if you're here. >> yes, hi. good evening, commissioners. john that be here. >> good evening, commissioners. amir afifi with design team here. >> so you have the option to do screen sharing on your end if you have anything you want to present. >> we would probably suggest just a quick explanation of what we're proposing. i think tony did a pretty good job of presenting the project,
1:07 pm
which saves me some time, but i would just say that the existing site is a paved parking lot, and we are, of course, hoping to replace it with a much better use, which would be in this case housing. we did reach out personally in writing and spoke with the two p.o.e.s identified, luck's and monarch, which of course are open within 300 feet. there were not any objections. in fact, both seemed supportive. we also reached out to central market community benefit district, since they are active in the area to inform them of the project. they are also supportive and indicated they would like to support the project at planning commission. as tony mentioned, we will be adjusting the e.n.r., the environmental noise report. we've spoken to the consultant
1:08 pm
who conducted the report and will be consulting the study once the places of business are reopened, and we'll be able to install the acoustic windows and the hvac listed in the report to achieve the 45 decibell recommendation that was mentioned. we have amir standing by if anyone wants to have a walk-through of the plans, as well. >> okay. commissioners, would you guys like the architect to walk-through the plans or would you just like to launch into
1:09 pm
questions with our two guests? >> i'm kind of looking at the plans right now, so i'm just kind of thinking. the entry is on 6 street, am i correct? >> well, it's actually a through lot because there would be an entry -- it's on mission street and jessie street skprks that would be the 500 block of jessie street. you would have united -- units -- i think the point of your question, you would have units on mission street and jessie street. >> but the entrance, would it actually be more on mission street or jessie street? >> on mission. >> on mission. >> it's interesting with the buildings with code
1:10 pm
requirements, [inaudible] either could be used. >> okay. are the bedrooms more, you know, in the middle of the room or are they more on the edge? >> so the interesting thing is they're group housing, but they essentially function more like the common studio. there is an area that would be used for sleeping and living, and there is a kitchen and bathroom, and there is a central courtyard that some of the units face onto. >> so initially, if there is
1:11 pm
[inaudible] -- sorry, it would be luck's, which is on 6 -- corner of 6 and jessie. that would probably be closer. monarch is, i think, 200 some-odd feet away, if i'm not mistaken. monarch, to they are -- you
1:12 pm
know, what they're getting themselves into. >> sure, sure. we actually manage a building at the end of jessie street, and the residents that live there, the ones that i've spoken to, they're airrelevant airrelevant -- aware of what they're in for if they live for.
1:13 pm
and the system, there's going to be an hvac and air conditioning so there won't be that concern. i actually spoke with one of the proprietors of monarch, and he was interested in collaborating when the neighbors would move in, cross collaboration. but yeah, i get your point, and that's something that will be probably conveyed from business owners to leasing tenants in the building. there are at least two really big buildings, one that fronts jessie and mission on that same block, and then one across on jessie exclusively, so there are existing residents, as well. >> okay. yeah, those are really my concerns. it's that -- you know, there's a hotel project on jessie that was approved, and the club across was, you know, even
1:14 pm
though they passed the sound and everything else, windows, they're still getting complaints, so people don't want to go back there. >> sure, understood. >> but the people on monarch are pretty conscious, and they're very good to work with, so i don't think you'll have a problem with them. >> yeah. >> okay. that's all i have. appreciate it. >> okay. are there any other questions from commissioners? >> i have a question? with regards to just kind of disclosure to your possible tenants, so would that be part of your marketing campaign or your brochures that explicitly
1:15 pm
says that there are -- will be living in the vicinity of an entertainment zone? >> yes. i believe, and tony was very helpful with facilitating all of this thus far, but i believe one of the disclosures will be a potential noise disclosure for the lower levels. knowing that is a requirement for the commission, and of course, the intent there, just to make sure that people are aware of the risk, we will definitely circulate that to prospective tenants or owners, whoever they may be, and make sure that's understood. >> and will that language be part of the lease language or contract? >> we'll leave that up to the property manager, how they want to structure it, but it will probably end up being an addendum to the contract or one of the standard lease agreements.
1:16 pm
that's probably what i would envision on that. >> okay. thank you, jonathan. >> sure. my pleasure. >> okay. why don't we go ahead and move to public comment? >> operator: all right. i'm just going to flash the slide real quick as a courtesy just for a few seconds. all right. i am checking, and there is no public comment. >> okay. thank you. okay. public comment is closed. commissioners, would anyone like to make a motion? >> i make a motion to forward the recommendation to planning. you know, they're experienced enough in the neighborhood. the neighborhood needs a little -- some uplift, so i
1:17 pm
support the project. i -- i read the staff recommendations. that's what i approve. motion -- that's what i motion, sorry. >> okay. maddie, do we need to readout the staff recommendations in the motion? >> just bringing it up to make sure. there's just two, so it's approval with the standard conditions and then two additional conditions? so i think as long as commissioner lee presses that recommendation, that's fine. >> okay. i was just double-checking. is there a second? >> i'll second. >> okay. thank you, commissioner perez. crystal, a vote.
1:18 pm
>> okay. [roll call] >> okay. thank you. >> did everybody get called? just checking. >> okay. so the motion is granted, so you'll be following up with director weiland, and your item will be moving forward into planning. >> sounds good. thank you so much, everybody, for your time.
1:19 pm
>> take care. stay safe. >> thank you so much. >> thank you so much, commissioners. have a good evening. >> thank you. the final item on the agenda is item number 8, commissioner comments and questions and new business requests for future agenda items. commissioners? oh, we are a quiet bunch without mr. bleiman. >> no, you're just so thorough. >> i don't know. i think it's a three-day weekend. >> that's a good answer. >> nope, i got nothing. >> i got nothing. >> no here. >> well, it is june 1, and as we -- i do have to say, listening to ben van houten's report, it's becoming real that
1:20 pm
we are moving through this pandemic, and we are really moving to a place of reopening, so we all are going to get the summer, i guess, that we were promised, so -- okay. >> i'll second that. >> great. okay. okay. is there any public comment on this item? >> operator: there is none. >> okay. public comment is closed, and this meeting is adjourned at 6:53 p.m. everyone, thank you so much. >> thanks, dori. >> thanks, so much. >> have a great night. >> thanks, dori. >> thanks. bye.
1:21 pm
>> roughly five years, i was working as a high school teacher, and i decided to take my students on a surfing field trip. the light bulb went off in my head, and i realized i could do much more for my students taking them surfing than i could as their classroom teacher, and that is when the idea for the city surf project was born. >> working with kids in the ocean that aren't familiar with this space is really special because you're dealing with a lot of fear and apprehension but at the same time, a lot of
1:22 pm
excitement. >> when i first did it, i was, like, really scared, but then, i did it again, and i liked it. >> we'll get a group of kids who have just never been to the beach, are terrified of the idea, who don't like the beach. it's too cold out, and it's those kid that are impossible to get back out of the water at the end of the day. >> over the last few years, i think we've had at least 40 of our students participate in the city surf project. >> surfing helped me with, like, how to swim. >> we've start off with about two to four sessions in the pool before actually going out and surfing. >> swimming at the pool just helps us with, like, being, like, comfortable in the water and being calm and not being
1:23 pm
all -- not being anxious. >> so when we started the city surf project, one of the things we did was to say hey, this is the way to earn your p.e. credits. just getting kids to go try it was one of our initial challenges for the first year or two. but now that we've been doing it three or four years, we have a group of kids that's consistent, and the word has spread, that it's super fun, that you learn about the ocean. >> starting in the morning, you know, i get the vehicles ready, and then, i get all the gear together, and then, i drive and go get the kids, and we take them to a local beach. >> we usually go to linda mar, and then occasionally ocean beach. we once did a special trip. we were in capitola last year, and it was really fun. >> we get in a circle and group
1:24 pm
stretch, and we talk about specific safety for the day, and then, we go down to the water. >> once we go to the beach, i don't want to go home. i can't change my circumstances at home, but i can change the way i approach them. >> our program has definitely been a way for our students to find community and build friends. >> i don't really talk to friends, so i guess when i started doing city surf, i started to, like, get to know people more than i did before, and people that i didn't think i'd like, like, ended up being my best friends. >> it's a group sport the way we do it, and with, like, close camaraderie, but everybody's doing it for themselves. >> it's great, surfing around, finding new people and making new friendships with people throughout surfing. >> it can be highly developmental for students to
1:25 pm
have this time where they can learn a lot about themselves while negotiating the waves. >> i feel significantly, like, calmer. it definitely helps if i'm, like, feeling really stressed or, like, feeling really anxious about surfing, and i go surfing, and then, i just feel, like, i'm going to be okay. >> it gives them resiliency skills and helps them build self-confidence. and with that, they can use that in other parts of their lives. >> i went to bring my family to the beach and tell them what i did. >> i saw kids open up in the ocean, and i got to see them connect with other students, and i got to see them fail, you know, and get up and get back on the board and experience success, and really enjoy themselves and make a
1:26 pm
connection to nature at the same time. >> for some kids that are, like, resistant to, like, being in a mentorship program like this, it's they want to surf, and then later, they'll find out that they've, like, made this community connection. >> i think they provided level playing fields for kids to be themselves in an open environment. >> for kids to feel like i can go for it and take a chance that i might not have been willing to do on my own is really special. >> we go on 150 surf outings a year. that's year-round programming. we've seen a tremendous amount of youth face their fears through surfing, and that has translated to growth in other facets of their lives. >> i just think the biggest thing is, like, that they feel like that they have something that is really cool, that they're engaged in, and that
1:27 pm
we, like, care about them and how they're doing, like, in general. >> what i like best is they really care about me, like, i'm not alone, and i have a group of people that i can go to, and, also, surfing is fun. >> we're creating surfers, and we're changing the face of surfing. >> the feeling is definitely akin to being on a roller coaster. it's definitely faster than i think you expect it to be, but it's definitely fun. >> it leaves you feeling really, really positive about what that kid's going to go out and do. >> i think it's really magical almost. at least it was for me. >> it was really exciting when i caught my first wave. >> i felt like i was, like -- it was, like, magical, really. >> when they catch that first wave, and their first lights
1:28 pm
up, you know -- their face lights up, you know you have them hooked. >> i was on top of the world. it's amazing. i felt like i was on top of the world even though i was probably going two miles an hour. it was, like, the scariest thing i'd ever done, and i think it was when i got hooked on surfing after >> good morning, this meeting will come to order. welcome to the june 3rd, 2021 regular meeting of the government audit and oversight committee. i am supervisor dean preston, chair of the committee, joined by vice chair supervisor connie chan and raphael mandelman mand.
1:29 pm
the committee clerk is john carroll. mr. clerk, do you have any announcements? >> clerk: yes. in order to protect the public, board members and city employees during the covid-19 health emergency, the board of supervisors, legislative chamber and city room are closed. committee members will attend the meeting through video conference, and participate in this meeting to the same extent as if they are physically present. public comment will be available for each item on this agenda. both channel 26and are screening the number across the screen. you can dial 415-655-0001, once you're connected to that phone number and prompted, enter the meeting i.d. for today's meeting.
1:30 pm
the meeting i.d. 1873174941. following that, press pound twice to be connected to the meeting. you will be muted and in listening mote only. when your item of interest comes up, dial *3. the system prompt will indicate you have raised your hand. please wait until the system indicates you have been unmuted and you can begin your comments. the best practices are to call from a quiet location and turn down your radio, tv, or streaming device. alternatively, you may submit your public comment and writing. you may e-mail me, the clerk of the government audit and oversight committee. i will inde