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tv   BOS Rules Committee  SFGTV  August 5, 2021 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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mental health, our ability to care for ourselves and our families, and in addition to getting the vaccine, please make sure that you're taking care of yourself and your families in the ways that are so important for yourself to be resilient during what is a very challenging time. sorry to cut in, katy, but i wanted to say that, and thanks, everyone. >> oh, no, thank you to you, dr. colfax, and thank you to everyone who participated and thank you to sfgovtv, as well. if you want to view this again, it'll be available on sfgovtvs youtube channel. so thanks, everyone, and have a wonderful day.
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>> good morning welcome to the rules committee of the san francisco board of supervisors for today, monday july 26, 2021 i'm it chair of the committee aaron peskin joined by vice chair raphael mandelman. our clerk is victor young. do you have any announcements? >> clerk: i do. for our other guest, if you don't mind, if you're not -- if you can turn off your camera until we call on you to speak, it would be appreciated. due to covid-19 emergency to protect board member, city employees and the public, board of supervisors legislative chamber and committee room are closed. members will be participating in the meeting remotely. committee members who attend the committee through video conference will may participate
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in the meeting as if they were present. public comment will be available for each item on the agenda. comments are opportunities to speak during public comment period are available by phone by calling 415-655-0001. meeting i.d. is 146 989 7413 and then pound and pound again. when connected, you will hear the meeting discussion and you will be muted and listen mode only. when your item of interest comes up, please dial star 3 to be added to the speaker line.
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>> supervisor peskin: thank you victor. please call the first item. >> clerk: are you taking anything out of order today? >> supervisor peskin: i think we can do item one quickly. realized that we have some time constraints for certain individuals on item 2. i think given the nature of item one, seven seats and seven applicants, we can do it quickly. please read the first item. >> clerk: item one is the hearing appointing several members to the san francisco reinvestment working group. >> supervisor peskin: thank you. colleagues, as i stated, pursuant to the enabling legislation of the board president, supervisor shamann walton nominated these seven
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individuals for the term of the reinvestment working group all of their bon fides are in the file. colleagues, i would suggest that if anybody has questions as to individual applicants that you ask them now given the nature of this item. i will be inclined to forward all of the president's nominees to the full board of supervisors as committee report. are there any objections? are there any questions for any of the nominees? ms. pierce, we appointed you to the redistricting task force. i know you're on the p.u.c. you have a real job in realtime in real life. i wanted to ask you the question, i know you've been
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asked this by supervisor preston's office, do you have the bandwidth and time given your approval as a member of the redistricting task force last week? >> absolutely. i have committed to not sleeping. i do recall you asking this question last week as well. yes, we have reassigned everything. in the organization, all of my other organizations and civic commitments are aware of my time. in particular, mirroring economics with social justice is my passion. this community bank is a high priority. recognizing that the redistricting task force is actually a high priority to all of us. i'm aware. i'm working on it.
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we have resigned lots of stuff. thank you for that question. >> supervisor peskin: thank you. you said everything we wanted to hear. thank you for agreeing to serve and not be asleep. [laughter] okay. i want to thank rafael morales, jennifer finger and fernando marti. is there any public comment on item number one? >> clerk: yes. members of the public wish to provide public comment on it item should call 415-655-0001. meeting i.d. is 146 989 7413. press pound and pound again.
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please dial star three to line up to speak. please wait until the system indicate you have been unmuted. at this time, we have nobody in line for public comment. >> supervisor peskin: okay. public comment is closed. colleagues, why don't we vote on sending the eight mentioned applicants to the full board with recommendation as a committee report for consideration for tomorrow july 27th. on that motion, a roll call please. >> clerk: [roll call vote] motion is adopted out objection. the matter will be recommended to the board as a committee report for tomorrow's meeting.
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>> supervisor peskin: thank you. next item please. >> clerk: next is item 2. hearing to consider appointing four members terms ending april 22, 2022 to our city our home oversight committee. >> supervisor peskin: thank you mr. clerk. colleagues, this body has done really remarkable work in this year's budget, which we are poise to approve on its second reading tomorrow at the full board of supervisors. i want to thank jennifer friedenbach as well as shanell williams, julie leadbetter and julia d'antonio for their service on the our city our home oversight committee. i want to thank all of them for reapplying as well as randall sloan for his application for seat 6. why don't we briefly hear from
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the applicants and i will start with ms. friedenbach if she is available. i know she's on a compressed time frame this morning. ms. friedenbach? if you are available? okay, ms. friedenbach is not available yet. we'll go to shanell williams. the floor is yours. trustee williams, i don't know what the right -- i never figured that out. >> that's fine. good morning chair peskin and supervisors mandelman and khan. chan. i have been so delighted to served as a our chair. we've done some remarkable work to move the needle on
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homelessness here in san francisco. $800 million is allocated in this budget year. it's a phenomenal investment that we're making this issue, unlike anywhere else in the country. we did this with advisement from 800 stakeholders. our committee broke out the work -- they've been appointed as liaison. it was a herculean effort to bring in the voices of those who experienced it and look at the landscape that exist in san francisco. i think we've done a phenomenal job providing recommendation here in the city and if someone representing minor children and s.r.o., it's been great to see the investment in pregnant people and families and young children. i hope to have your support for my term on this body. we just began the work. the moneys were not moved how
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the court until later into our appointment. we would like to have our full term and really happen to continue to servinged as a chair. >> supervisor peskin: thank you for your service and as chair. we'll go to julie leadbetter. >> clerk: i believe we had a call-in. you want to check to see if it was ms. friedenbach? >> supervisor peskin: let's check on ms. friedenbach. i hear she is available. >> clerk: ms. friedenbach, if you're there, you would need to hit star 6 to unmute your line.
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>> supervisor peskin: can you unmute her, victor? >> clerk: we are unable to unmute her. >> supervisor peskin: all right, we'll come back. ms. leadbetter? ms. d'antonio? >> good morning. i'm piggy backing off what shanell said. we would like to finish out our term. we were kind of like rushing through a lot of things due to covid and making a lot minute decisions. i did participate in the design
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of prop c and setting more things in stone as far as processes and community engagement. that's really one of the roles that we've taken a piece of. just like the opportunity to continue figuring out that piece of really how to engage the community, how to use some of the administrative dollars to get folks paid for their participation. just continue the work that we've doing. i'm currently vice chair. >> supervisor peskin: thank you ms. leadbetter. sorry, ms. d'antonio. my apologies. i was looking at julia. my bad. i think you're summing up the theme which is that the work
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that you supposed do got truncated because of the prop c lawsuit and because of covid. point taken. if ms. friedenbach is available, now is her opportunity. if not, if ms. leadbetter is better. if not if mr. sloan available. let's give ms. friedenbach another second. >> clerk: we do see her trying so speak but her microphone is still muted. she needs to press star 6 to unmute herself. we do not have control over her microphone on her side. >> supervisor peskin: okay. i did speak to her yesterday and she was appropriately so willing to serve another term and did recommend that we stick with the incumbents.
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i don't want to put words in her mouth. if she is able to speak later after we hear from mr. sloan, why don't we go to randall sloan for seat 6. >> thank you supervisor peskin. i appreciate being here today. supervisor mandelman, supervisor chan. i believe that fiscal prudence is the progressive value. i believe that unsustainable support the homeless and intervention that may or may not result in the formally homeless thriving in less supportive setting. after suffering two adult psychotic breaks, i have lived experience healing within the
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san francisco supportive housing nonprofit. my healing journey inspires me to contribute to a sustainable long-term solution to healing the traumatized homeless and care. i'm committed to understanding and applying supportive housing impact data, not short-term mayoral press releases. i look forward to your support. thank you. >> supervisor peskin: thank you, mr. sloan. are any of the other two applicants available? i see julie leadbetter. go ahead. >> good morning everybody. thank you. i just joined. i want to thank the board for the appointment to the prop c committee. the work that we've done under
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the leadership of chair williams and vice chair d'antonio has been transformative over the course of a very short period of time under really amazing conditions of the pandemic. this committee took an active role bringing together almost 800 people across the community to really help us determine what is the best way to allocate the resources. really seek partnership with mocd and the city department. it's been one of the greatest honors to serve on this and see these dollars coming into the community at a time where it really helped support through survival through the pandemic and the future. i look forward to the next period of time as the community turns its attention to working
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in partnership with the departments -- [lost audio] >> supervisor peskin: we lost you. you muted yourself there, julie. >> can can you hear me now? >> supervisor peskin: yes. >> okay. we're really excite to turn our attention to with partnering with the departments as well as building up the capacity of leadership of people with lived experience. really fundamentally transformative ways. very excited to work with the board, work with the mayor's office and work with our fellow committee members. i want to thank all the committee members who served. we were very active committee and dedicated a ton of time to this. i think it really paid off.
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i think it's going to make an impact on our city. thank you very much. >> supervisor peskin: thank you ms. leadbetter for your service and your work on the inaugural effort. with that, going once going twice, ms. friedenbach. wow. right there on time. [laughter] >> yeah, can you guys hear me? >> supervisor peskin: yes, we can hear you. i want to thank you for proposition c while we have the chance. >> that was the really complicated entry on to this. for some reason, it wasn't letting me unmute myself. my apologies. i've been really humbled and honored to be part of this process from the beginning in terms of prop c.
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this journey has been a long one. it's been around a lot of years. it has really been about from the very beginning trying to make sure that the most impoverished san franciscan who are disproportionately black and brown have access to housing and have the ability to thrive and we can end this immoral tragedy that folks have been forced experience. it's been a whirlwind on the oversight committee. i've been very honored to be part of that and to watch the leadership within that body and really embrace this idea being people initiative. we got input from over 800 people, mostly unhoused to help us guide our decision-making. it was fast-moving. i think that everyone rose to the occasion and work hard and diligently and comprehensively as possible to make sure that the investment package was the
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very best use of money. we have a lot of work ahead of us, making sure that the promise of prop c is realized. that the pressure is kept on to face this. to make sure that families with kids, youth, adults, seniors, and community have that opportunity to thrive in san francisco. really appreciate to be reappointed. thank you so much supervisors, chan and chair peskin and supervisor mandelman. >> supervisor peskin: thank you ms. friedenbach. all right, why don't we open this up to public comment. are there any members of the public who like to testify on this item number 2? >> clerk: yes, members of public who wish to provide public comment, call 415-655-0001. meeting i.d., 146 989 7413.
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press pound and pound again. please dial star 3 to line up to speak. we have two people listening and one person in line to speak. >> supervisor peskin: first speaker please. >> caller: good morning rules committee. my name is jordan davis. i support all the bars and bars. should not to this for me. this is about the homeless and people who will be benefiting from prop c funds. the current committee is a cohesive unit. as someone who served on a
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committee in the past, i know how it work for those who are low income and marginalized to be ham strung pay to play politics and lack of cohesion. lastly, i want to say, i've been disillusions with the machination of the city hall. i no in terms of appointments, the competitive appointments, there can be perfect relationship can trump what's good for the city. we need to make sure that we don't mess this up. we reappoint shanell williams, julie leadbetter, julie d'antonio, randall sloan and jennifer friedenbach.
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these incumbents are good. it's imperative that you reappoint them. thank you, i yield my time. >> supervisor peskin: thank you. are there any other members of the public who like to speak? >> clerk: there are no other speakers. >> supervisor peskin: public comment is closed. let me concur with the one and only speaker, ms. davis. it is not broke. it doesn't need any fixing. i say that with all due respect to mr. sloan who i know and admire and appreciate and do want to encourage you mr. sloan to actually -- it is come to my attention that there is a vacant mayoral seat for somebody with lived experience. i will endeavor to have my staff reach out to you to make that
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connection. perhaps, there may be a way for you to serve through mayoral appointment on the our cities, our home oversight committee and colleagues, do you have any questions or comments? if not, maybe we can forward the four incumbent members, ms. williams, ms. leadbetter, ms. d'antonio and ms. friedenbach to the full board for recommendations. supervisors mandelman and chan. i see two thumbs up on that motion mr. clerk, a roll call please. >> clerk: yes, on that motion. [roll call vote] the motion passes without objection. >> supervisor peskin: next item please. >> clerk: next is item number
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three, ordinance amending the municipal elections code to require the department of of elections to expand use of vote-by-mail ballots at exclusively municipal elections and encourage further use of vote-by-mail ballots in all elections. >> supervisor safai: good morning supervisor chan, supervisor mandelman. i know we're joined by director john arts from our department o elections. i want to make some opening comments and then we can go to quick questions. i really appreciate the opportunity to get this on as quickly as possible. for me, the timing of this has a lot to do with america's democracy being challenged on a daily basis. more and more restrictive laws all over the country and the idea of remaining neutral and unbiased in an environment, a democratic environment is so
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important. but in fact, the laws have had such a chilling effect and will have a chilling effect on voter turnout, especially in communities of color and rural areas and hard to reach places. i had someone that extremely important and influential in some of the aspects of my career that put his life on the line back in the '60s, passed away just yesterday. mr. bob moses. just reflecting on that over the weekend, going down in rural mississippi and trying to get people to vote. registering people at the courthouse, being bludgeoned in the head and shot at. that is not so far away, even though that was over 60 years ago. that work that he did in the early part of his career. with the student nonviolent coordinating committee.
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here we are and according to cnn today, 20 states have enacted 25 new laws making it harder for people to vote. i feel like states like california can be a beacon of hope. san francisco can be a beacon of hope to continue to encourage people to participate in the democratic process. during the last 16 months, our state has had to rapidly change and modernize our systems in the economy during this global pandemic to protect our democracy. with most of the state being shut down in 2020, our local environment, our state legislators had to adapt around the health order. as part of that, for the first time without request, we mailed a ballot to every single registered voter here in san francisco and throughout the state. as a result, i think by less than a tenth point, it was
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almost the highest voter turnout that the city has seen. definitely the highest voter turnout since the 1930s. we had over 86% of voter turnout. absolutely unbelievable. with nearly 9 out of 10 registered voters casting their ballot. my ordinance today will build on that momentum and success and would expand the vote-by-mail for exclusively municipal elections. i introduced this to be in line with our values here, our value about access and equity and inclusion of all san franciscans in the democratic process and hopefully to inspire places around the country and around the state to continue that. i know we have a state bill that's trying to move in the exact same direction. >> supervisor peskin: i noticed there was along instead of that
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state bill passes n will be removed from our election code. >> yes, in 2016 our presidential election we mailed over 300,000 ballots, we got about 200,000 back. in 2020, we have almost 400,000 out of 500,000 back. as i said, extremely wonderful turnout. this legislation seeks to take advantage of that energy and that practice run. so many now, including myself, i never voted by mail from home. i found that process to be a little bit more educational in the sense that had a little more time to sit, review, go over things. i heard that over and over again. a state bill ab37 as chair
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peskin said, there's measure at the state level, we believe that will hopefully pass. in fact, may be make this a two-step process. i'm asking for this to be approved today. the message that san francisco firmly believes in democracy and access to increase voter turnout. i'm excited to move this forward and hopefully this will be a trend locally and at the state level and other parts of the united states. we will continue to fight back against voter suppression. i have director art is here to share some of his thoughts and lessons from past election. if it's okay with you, i will go to mr. art. >> supervisor peskin: go ahead. >> thank you supervisor safai. out of a matter of cost, the
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cost remain rather consistent on the vote-by-mail assembly side. in 2016, we would have extrapolated -- the cost would have been around $1.2 million. in 2020, the cost was $1.4 million for sending ballots to every voter. through time, the printing of the ballots, assembly of the ballots and the information and envelopes has been rather consistent. supervisor safai indicated, we had really the biggest election last november in history. we were four 100 percent. we had more cars, we had more
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polling places. we had the biggest election in history just a few months ago. that was a vote-by-mail election. there's also supported with having polling places. even though we're going increasingly towards vote-by-mail model in san francisco, the base for in-person voting remains in polling places. last novel, we had 588 polling places. which mean every voter had a polling place within no more than a few blocks from where they reside. that will also be the case with the upcoming september recall election. even though we are providing the service of having the ballots delivered to people residents, we still provide this in-person service within various -- [indiscernible], reachable locations throughout the city. at this point, we'll have each point placed at the ballot drop box location.
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it's actually the second most commonly used method for returning ballots. people dropping their ballots off at polling places. it still retains that neighborhood feel to voting, which i think is in san francisco, it's still strongly held activity in relation to other communities. we'll have 580 polling places and dropoff locations in september. we'll have 11 additional ballot dropoff locations starting the weekend before election day. i can take any questions you may have. >> supervisor peskin: are there any questions? >> supervisor safai: i wanted you to emphasize that before i did. that's an important part of the legislation. we had a lot of conversations, -- lot of people take a lot of pride. they look for the additional small amount of income. but it's important to them to
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wait for them to connect to the democratic process with their neighbors. in in way we want to undermine that or discourage that. the idea, appreciate you emphasizing that director art, the additional dropoff locations in each supervisorial district is important part. thank you mr. chair. >> supervisor peskin: any questions from committee members? any public comment? sorry, supervisor chan? >> supervisor chan: thank you chair peskin. just a comment. i want to thank supervisor safai for bringing this forward and it's really good to hear from director art to letting us know that it is an extension to access. i think that is critical. vote-by-mail, i do see that as just automatically sent to voters. it's bringing the convenience
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and encouragement for voters to vote and actively engage. i do actually agree that polling places the day of or even leading to like the weekend before is critical. it's true, someone like me -- i end upholding on to my ballot. because i'm thinking about it. i end up always miss the last day of mailing in and it's always make me feel better to dropping it off and seeing it in there if i'm not voting in in-person and dropping off my ballot at the polling place. i appreciate that. this is an extension of access and not in a place of. i do have one quick question just from my clarification and education, when is going to be the next municipal only
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election? >> supervisor safai: the next scheduled election is in 2023. however, we'll have a special local election, this ordinance would apply. depending on the timing. >> supervisor chan: i'm asking in the case that the state legislation does not pass. i hope that it does. it should really by now. for us, if we were to do this and passes, the next one is without special local election, will be november 2023? >> right. >> supervisor chan: i hope the state legislation does pass and we'll do on full scale for san franciscan. thank you so much. >> supervisor peskin: thank you. are there anybody from the public who like to testify on this item? >> clerk: member of the public who wish to provide public comment should call 415-655-0001. meeting i.d., 146 989 7413.
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please wait for the system indicate you have been unmuted. at this time we have one person in line to speak. >> caller: supervisors, my name is francisco. i've known the director of elections from day one. you can attest to that. all this time, san franciscans is done due diligence. let me say one thing. very clearly. politicians in san francisco today are corrupt. we can see it when they choose
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candidates and participate in the adjudications they make. you can also see it with the recalls. i been here for a long time. 40 years. we have had ballots that we have fought because of corruption within san francisco and our city attorney. while we may think that we can expand vote-by-mail for exclusively municipal elections, that is just fluff. really? if you want it to work, you have to have people that represent who are morally and ethically sound. we have to have standards. we cannot get -- you have a dark cloud hovering over the san francisco public utilities
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commission and you supervisors have no transparency. we want good people to represent by voting. can we get a good representation from the politicians? let's -- that's the million dollar question. thank you very much. >> supervisor peskin: are there any other members of the public for this item? >> clerk: there are no more people in the queue for public comment at this time. >> supervisor peskin: okay. public comment is closed. colleagues, are we all in agreement we should send this to the full board. roll call please. >> clerk: on that motion. [roll call vote]. the motion passes without
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objection. >> supervisor peskin: thank you. please read the fourth and final item. >> clerk: ordinance amending the administrative code to add clerk of the board of supervisors and the executive director of the human rights commission as permanent members of the committee on information technology. >> supervisor peskin: that's exactly what this legislation that president walton brought to us would do. the floor is yours. >> president walton: this legislation will expand coit. it's managed by city administer and has five permanent seats. a chair is selected based on the permanent seats to serve for two
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years. five additional department heads are recommended by the chair and approved for two years. one representing each of the major service areas, public protection, human welfare and neighborhood development, community health, culture and recreation and general administration and finance. three additional members are appointed representing the major service areas of public works, transportation and commerce. the board of supervisors we currently have one seat on coit specifically for the president or a designee. i want to make sure we add a seat for the clerk of the board. while the president represents the board members, our office is only focused on the policy aspects of coit. the clerk of the board as the department head, our department and her team provides the day-to-day assessment and management of our technology needs as well as technology for
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members of the public to engage in government affairs. additionally, there's currently no codified committee on equity or overall equity lens within coit. although there's a digital equity strategy through mocd that coit adopts, they do not confer with office of -- this legislation proposes to add a permanent seat for the director of the human rights commission or their designee in order to meet our technology needs and achieve the equity we seek in the area of technology. these two positions are needed. i like to thank deputy city attorney ann pierson for helping us draft this legislation. and our co-sponsors, supervisor
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preston, haney, mar, chan, ronen and preston. thank you, mr. chair. >> supervisor peskin: thank you. any comments or questions from committee members? any comments from the clerk? >> good morning, chair peskin. we do appreciate that you are willing to consider this legislation. i believe it would be very helpful to the department for two separate reasons. the first is often times the office of the clerk of the board is included in legislation whether or not the departments are required to send reports or other items to the board of supervisors through our office. there is a better way to submit that information than often times the departments end up just sending it to the president. we like to be involved in assisting the departments in their submittals to us. also, because our office often
1:46 pm
times impacted by legislation, we do not have the opportunity to weigh in one way or the other how it would impact the department as a whole. number two, take into consideration the elected members of the board. city wide policy is applicable, there are other considerations that a particular department may not consider as they are considering policy and for the last before president walton, i did have the wonderful opportunity to represent president yee for two years on the coit. i thought we made a contribution that we would love to continue to provide to the coit. thank you for your consideration and mr. president for moving this legislation. i'm available for any questions. >> supervisor peskin: thank you, madam clerk. supervisor mandelman?
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>> supervisor mandelman: i like to be added as a co-sponsor. >> supervisor peskin: are there any members of the public who like to testify on this item? >> clerk: members of the public who wish to provide public comment on this item should call 415-655-0001. meeting i.d., 146 989 7413. press pound and pound again .a system prompt will indicate you raised your hand. i'm waiting for one more update. it's coming momentarily. there are no members of the public in line to speak at this time. >> supervisor peskin: okay. public comment is closed. colleagues on a motion to send this item to the full board with recommendation. a roll call please.
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>> clerk: on that motion. [roll call vote] the motion passes without objection. >> supervisor peskin: okay, we are adjourned. it's our pleasure president walton and colleagues we are adjourned until september.
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>> in 201,755.7 million passengers traveled through san francisco international airport. we have on average 150,000 people traveling through the airport every day. flying can be stressful so we have introduced therapy dogs to make flying more enjoyable. the wag brigade is a partnership between the airport and the san
1:50 pm
francisco therapy animal assistant program to bring therapy animals into the airport, into the terminals to make passenger travel more enjoyable. i amgen fer casarian and i work here at san francisco international airport. the idea for therapy dogs got started the day after 9/11. an employee brought his therapy dog to work after 9/11 and he was able to see how his dog was able to relieve passenger's jitter. when we first launched the program back in 2013, our main goal was to destress our passengers however what we quickly found is that our animals were helping us find a way to connect with our pang. passengers. we find there are a lot of people traveling through the airport who are missing their pets and who are on their road a
1:51 pm
lot and can't have pets and we have come in contact with a lot of people recently who have lost pet. >> i love the wag brigade. >> one of my favorite parts is walking into the terminals and seeing everybody look up from their device, today everybody is interacting on their cell phone or laptop and we can walk into the terminal with a dog or a pig and people start to interact with each other again and it's on a different level. more of an emotional level. >> i just got off an 11.5 hour flight and nice to have this distraction in the middle of it. >> we look for wag brigade handlers who are comfortable in
1:52 pm
stressful situations. >> i like coming to airport it's a lot of fun and the people you talk to are generally people who are missing their dogs. >> they are required to compete a certification process. and they are also required to complete a k9 good citizen test and we look for animals who have experienced working with other organizations such as hospitals and pediatric units and we want to be sure that the animals we are bringing into the airport are good with children and also good with some of our senior travelers. i think toby really likes meeting kids. that is his favorite thing. he likes to have them pet him and come up to him and he really loves the kids. >> our wag brigade animals can be spotted wearing custom vets
1:53 pm
and they have custom patches. >> there is never a day that repeats itself and there is never and encounter that repeats itself. we get to do maximum good in a small stretch of time and i have met amazing people who have been thrilled to have the interaction. >> the dogs are here seven days a week, we have 20 dogs and they each come for a two hour shift. >> there is a lot of stress when people have traveling so to from these animals around to ease the stress and help people relax a little bit. i think it's great. >> one of our dogs has special need and that is tristine.
1:54 pm
he wears a wheel around. >> he has special shoes and a harness and we get it together in the parking lot and then we get on the air train. he loves it. little kids love him because he is a little lower to the ground so easy to reach and he has this big furry head they get to pet and he loves that. >> he doesn't seem to mind at all. probably one of the happiest dogs in the world. >> many people are nervous when they travel but seeing the dogs is just a wonderful relief. >> what i absolutely love most about it is the look on people's faces, so whenever they are stressed and flying is stressful these days you get these wonderful smile. >> i am the mom of lilo the pig and she is san francisco's first therapy pig. >> lilo joined the wag brigade
1:55 pm
as our first pig. >> wag brigade invited us to join the program here and we have done it about a year-and-a-half ago. our visits last 1.5 to 2 hours and it does take a little bit longer to get out of the terminal because we still get a lot of attention and a lot of people that want to interact with lilo. >> i feel honored to be part of the wag brigade. it's very special to meet so many people and make so many feel happy and people that work here. it's been a great experience for me and a great experience for to toby. >> it's been an extremely
1:56 pm
successful program, so the next time you are here, stop by and say hi.
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>> clerk: during the coronavirus disease emergency, this committee will convene remotely until the committee will be authorized to meet in person. public comments will be available on each agenda item. each speaker will be allowed three minutes to speak. public comment opportunities to speak are available by calling 415-655-0001, access code 187-596-3686, then pound, and pound again. when connected, you will hear the meeting discussion but will be muted