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tv   Treasure Island Development Authority  SFGTV  August 18, 2021 9:00pm-10:31pm PDT

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>> this is the august 11, 2021, treasure island development board meeting. board members are participating in this meeting remotely via video conference participating in the same extent as if physically present. public comment is available for each item on the agenda.
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members who wish to comment the phone number is 415-655-0001. access code (146)448-1577. pound and pound again. when your item of interest is called dial star 3 to speak. you may address the board once per agenda item up potwo minutes. item 1. call to order. director tsen. >> here. >> dunlop. >> here. >> richardson. >> here. >> kwon. >> present. >> prochnik. director beck. >> present. >> supervisor haney. we do have a quorum. >> thank you. good afternoon to the board and to the public who are joining
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us. it is a great afternoon in san francisco. there are no action items today except for the consent calendar, but there are some important informational items. i will ask the board and staff to move to decision through the agenda. i want the board members to be present for the informational items. a few have to leave at a certain time. thank you for joining us today. next item, please. >> 2. general public comment. there is no public comment. >> next item. >> 3. report by treasure island director. >> go ahead, bob. >> members of the board, i wanted to start my comments today by addressing police reports that some of our
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audience may have heard or board members may have heard this morning of police activity on treasure island. the sfpd did respond to a call within the job core campus. the latest reports we have from pd and the department of emergency management is that there is no continuing threat, but the police department sfpd does continue the investigation. there were interruptions to muni treasure island route 25 service during the incident, but we expect that service to resume shortly, although there may be ongoing delays. with that i would like to turn it over to sherry williams to comment on the activities of one treasure island. >> good afternoon, commissioners. thank you, bob. you all have a written report
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that was compiled by our deputy director. i will briefly highlight the treasure island program that we rolled out in june. we are making tweaks of it whenever any new program there are new things to learn. it is providing food five days per week through food truck or with island restaurants as well as the food pantry and feel kits. it -- meal kits. it is wonderful to work with the island residents who have involved with helping with registration and making sure things go well and people are picking up food. it is an awesome job and career builder kind of thing for youth on the island. multiple touch points this program has and so we are
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excited. we are thankful for the support we have gotten. there was a highlight on nbc this week on the program. people can google and find out about the nearest treasure island program featured. other than that we have a report in your packet and in the public availability. i will conclude my remarks. >> thank you. bob. >> on july 21st, the city sold its second issuance of bonds under the community facilities district. these bonds are secured by the special taxes leveed on
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improvement area 1 on yerba buena island where the bristol is the project currently under development paying the special taxes. the sale attracted more than $500 million in total orders from 22 unique institutional and individual investors. the strong demand allowed the city to lock in a true interest rate of only 3.18%, which was half a percent lower than what we had estimated prior to the sale. we expect to close the transaction on august 12th. this should result in almost $40 million proceeds for reimbursement of tidc of eligible expenses. on the housing front.
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they are anticipating the continued delivery of additional modular units this week and expects the stacking of the modular units completed by the end of the month. mercy catholic charities is pursuing funding through hcd's multi-family development acsellerration fund program or in depth as an alternative to tax credit financing. the objective is to close financing in february and begin construction in early march. we work with mohcd on procedures for ranking the order in which the tdda households will be offered replacement units. we will do outreach to residents later this year or late this year and bringing updates to the board on that as we move
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forward. the right-of-way services treasure island advisers will update the regular agenda regarding the bristol free marketing and outreach to encourage residents to pursue these below market rate for sale units. we have had no electrical outages, unplanned, since collecting the residential neighborhoods on july 1st. last week they identified across arm on a poll on hutchins court and performed an emergency replacement overnight. another on-island program, dph's health network nurse clinic at the gymnasium is continuing to
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offer. [ inaudible ] from may through july. more than 80% of the clinic visits for public vaccinations. others included educational and information and medical general medical needs. on island covid testing is continuing through the end of august. as with all covid-related programs, potentially subject to extension and continuation as it appears the city is well into a second surge at this point. you may have also seen reports of a hit-and-run fatality on the island on july 29th. we are awaiting the final police department investigative report to assess fully that situation.
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on august 3rd, we held our annual national night out event on the island. sponsors include one treasure island, housing providers, residents, community, police department, fire department, treasure island advisers and job core was in attendance. backs were given to residents going back to school. roughly 200 residents participated. there is a music festival planned for fields on saturday september 15th. on the second week in october the navy will host events in san
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francisco. staff is planning activities in expectation the blue angels show will draw visitors to the island. we had an intern through the mayor's opportunities for all program this summer. she was a remote internship. our intern was a graphic design student at vassar college. she focused on studying our arts master plan and history of on-island art programs and provided updated content that we will put on our website regarding the arts master plan and the art in action program from the golden gate international exposition. we are working with the city department of technology on planning for revising our website over the next several
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months. the landscape and subcontractor habitat potential continue to work on ybi natural areas management. the august work was focused primarily on invasive removals and reduction of potential fire fuel loads on ybi. dead branches and brush that could not be up slope for removal will be barged to treasure island for chipping. we have new swings that have been delivered to replace those on the play structures at 13 and e. we are working to schedule replace or repair of the playground later this month. for tida offers, the staff
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continue to participate in the city-wide weekly covid-19 inter agency coordination calls. we are working with the city administrator's office on remote work policies. the expectation is that our office and most city offices will return to what will be new normal september 13th. we anticipate that in person board and committee meetings may resume in october, although as i mentioned with the delta surge, some of these schedules are subject to extension. we are working on an moa with the transportation authority to perform some work on the torpedo
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building as part of the south gate project that the ta is currently under construction. they were required to demolish coast guard orders 8. they committed to ship out to replace the roof and windows of thetor be do building -- torpedo building. we are working on that. update on our lawsuit. the city attorney's office and other dependents submitted motions to dismiss third amended complaint on july 12th. plaintiff responses to the motions to dismiss were filed on july 27th and the city attorney filed response to the plaintiff response on july 30th. the hearing on the motions to
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dismiss the third amended complaint is scheduled for september 30th. that concludes my report. >> thank you, bob. i see that director julieia prochnik joined us. could you tell us the covid tests are continuing on the island. are they held at the nurses clinic or what is the site that the tests are being done? >> the testing is continuing on tuesdays at the ship shape in the parking lot outside the ship hip. also, on tuesday afternoon in the nurse clinic in the gymnasium there are covid vaccinations. testing at shipshape, i believe from 9:00.
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clinic 2:00 to 6:00 at the gymnasium. >> vaccinations are available for residents. i hope they take advantage of that. i understand city employees and board members have to also provide the vaccination information and i hope everybody has done that to give that to kate if you haven't done so already. are there any questions by board members? >> yes, go ahead. >> thank you, mr. beck.
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glad there are no electrical outages. great to know. any update from cal trans and any interagency meeting? >> no updates from california f. fcta filed application for grant program called rays. i am not sure what it stands for to try to close the funding gap on the west side bridges project. the notices of work for the rays applications are to come out in november. on the west side bridges, funding is in a holing pattern for the next three months. >> what is the engineral take on the lb -- general take on the lb
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general? >> we did have a presentation to the lb advisory committee this past month. we expect to -- they invited us to have a ongoing dialogue with them going forward on small business and local business participation underneath the small business program. >> thank you. lastly, on the covid testing. that is ongoing, right? not testing, vaccination. >> yes, the dph anticipates being able to offer the covid vaccinations through the clinic at the gymnasium for the foreseeable future. when the covid vaccination is approved for children under the age of 12, we expect to do the
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-- from conversations with dph we expect to bring back the day long covid vaccination exercises to get the young people on the island vaccinated. >> thank you. >> first, i would like to thank sherry for the great work they are doing. thank you, sherry and the the food program. i would like to do a shout out for barklay sanders very helpful today when there was the alleged perhaps done man on the island as has been mentioned. that does not seem to be an issue right now and the island was opened up. it was helpful to have a
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community member participating and sending out information. i just want to put that out there. what type of covid shots are they giving, do you know, bob? >> i believe it was moderna. i will need to check. if someone has a question on that they can contact the offices or the nurses clinic to make sure you are getting the accurate information. i believe it was moderna. >> thank you. i know what they were giving out earlier but just wanted to make sure if there is anybody from the public that needs a second vaccination.
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about the bonds. it seems like you have done a great job on that. do we have bonds out there that are a lot higher and costing us more that you could actually refund? >> this is only the second offering of debt. the last one was last october. it is not very different in time or different in interest rate on the current offering. we don't have anything to refinance at this point. >> thank you very much. bob, you are very helpful, also, on what seems potential crisis earlier. thank you. that is all. thanks. julia.
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i need to move to the agenda. we are going to lose board members. >> i want to thank you for sending out information earlier. two quick questions. one of the updates and thank you to kate and bob for the action items. it is great to see what we are doing. thank you so much for that. there were comments by residents and others in the 301 calls about the barricade and dangerous safety issues. was that brought up or addressed at all? >> that was -- i would have to look at which one you are asking. i think there was one on the west side bridge where there was a accident last year that hasn't been addressed yet. that area is to be reconstructed as part of the west side bridges project.
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>> i also notice there were many, many comments about sewer and water issues. i know we will hear more about that. i want to flag that. there is a lot asked for and i hope in the presentation we will learn more and can follow up on that, too. i want to applaud one treasure island for success of national outreach day. it is fun to see the pictures on instagram. i appreciate the work you are doing. thank you. >> next item, please. >> i want to comment. director is having issues with her microphone. >> what was that. >> if rapid covid testing is available? >> i don't know what the turnaround time is on the
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testing at the ship shape. i will try to get that answer before the meeting is over. i believe it is 24 hours or less, but i will confirm if it is shorter than that. >> hello shanty. i know the y is re-opened and you have regular hours for the facility. i am glad to see that. okay. can we move on, please. >> item 4. communications from and received by tida? >> any questions about communications? >> next item, please. >> 5. ongoing business by board of
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directors. >> julia mentioned some and we have a standing list of items we would like to have reports on. >> 6. consent agenda. approving the minutes of the july 14, 2021 meeting. b, resolution authorizing the 46th amendment to the treasure island and structures master lease between the authority and the united states navy to extend. >> i move to approve. >> i have a question. i can't vote on the minutes. >> how is it that you cannot vote on the minutes? >> i wasn't at the meeting. i read them and they were good. >> a technical issue.
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>> i don't know what the procedure is if you were not there whether you can approve the minutes. i don't know. i think that should be okay. if you want to abstain from that particular item. >> can i ask something? >> bob or charles, do you have a statement on that? can she vote on the minutes? >> typically she would abstain. we could have roll call vote and she could abstain. >> anything else? >> i think mark had something to ask. >> mark, are you seconding the motion? >> i second the motion. i would also like to point out
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that another commission was told we are not allowed to abstain. we are put here to vote, not to abstain. even if you didn't participate -- this was two years ago. there is no abstention for not being there. you can't abstain. >> i think that we can research this issue. basically, it is a procedure issue. we can come back. if you feel more comfortable abstaining today, that is fine. i will have a roll call of the vote. >> director tsen. >> yes. >> dunlop. >> yes. >> richardson.
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>> yes. >> kwon. >> yes. >> prochnik. >> abstain because i wasn't there. >> director buckston. >> yes. >> there are five ayes. >> i see charles on the line. this is a matter to take up at a later time? we will go on to the next item, please. >> item 7. bristol below market rate unit premarketing. >> karened el man will present this item. >> go ahead, karen. >> good afternoon. thank you for allowing me to be part of this today.
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[ inaudible ] >> your audio is fading out. >> thank you very much for the time today. i will try to make it brief. i am happy to answer follow-up questions. i am karen edelman the manager of ti advisers. our group who you will hear about and see a lot. i don't know who is instrumental in working with the spanish speaking community. we also have a team doing great service to us helping us reach out to the community and with
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translation interpretation and our consulting helped us create what we have today. we wanted to give you a summary and all of the information is in your board report. we have 97 households and 81 mixed. that is 188 households total much preda legacy households the terminology. 157 host invested households. the occupants in those households are confusing. 367 adults. 581. [ inaudible ] members. we begin a lot to reach out to the community. we wanted to be looking at how we reach out now even despite
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restrictions. great 6-foot banners to talk about below market rate housing what education courses are available. these are at island coffee market and community center -- community center in english and spanish. the partners have taken the home buyer workshops virtual. that is great and efficient and helpful to our community so they can participate. we have worked as a team to create flyers to engage people so they understand the pathway to home ownership. one of the primary ways to reach people is through the information that we have. they know how to contact their adviser. we use these pieces of material to forward to them and walk them through things. we appreciate communicating with people and help them understand
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the complicated process. this flyer is in english, spanish and the korean. the door hanger we delivered at the end of june to just make sure everybody knows how to get hold of us. talk to your advisor. this is the information. the dda legacy and invested households. we sent out this great letter. it was engagement. it was his way to communicate to say we are here, moving forward, we want to talk to you. talk to your advisor. we outlined what was coming up. this flier we delivered to each household eligible for assistance which is a good way to get it. we also have the same thing but in an e-mail format that is
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really clean and readable. we sent it electronically to all individuals. it is giving their e-mail information. that is great to have that flyer in english and spanish. we have a lot of people contacting us as a result. that is good. these touch points are helpful this. is a close up of the letter in your board report. some of the things outlined of what is happening and we will go to the details. it was just our way to get to communicate with the communities about what is going on. we have in person activities. what has been happening we want people to be ready to purchase the below market rate housing on ybi. we have 12 households who have
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completed home buyer education. one additional household completed education and get certificate soon, that is a total of 13. 13 7:00 you pants who -- occupants who engaged their adviser. we delivered 335 letters. we had a table at the celebration and that was on jun. the directors were there and our ti finder. i don't like to be in pictures. thank you for being part of that with us. we had a lot of participation. national night out august 3. we had 200 people from the community. you will recognize melody williams. we were able to pass out flyers we referenced earlier about home
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buyer education and just wanted to engage people to answer their questions. it was amazing about putting that together. they were great events. the below market rate on ybi. we are ready to launch and are excited. the premarket is august 20 through september 19. it is sponsored on september 1st. application september 21 to november 10. our job is to help people get education done, understand what is happening, help apply to the lottery system. we want to get people into the 14 units. the lottery will be held on december 1st. one of the things that we have
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been working on behind-the-scenes is working with our team and the mayor's office of housing regarding the treasure island preference so that when the lottery is run we have everything in the background to make sure it runs smoothly. very short summary. we have 367 community legacy members qualifying for tier 1. that is fantastic. we have 581 adults that are going to qualify for the second preference. we are excited. we believe that any of you interested in buying a house on ybi in the condo minimums will have an opportunity. this is exciting. that is where our energy has
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been the last few months. that is exciting. just wanted to make sure everybody understood the summary. the legacy households and eligibility. we can run through this quickly. if you have any questions i am happy to answer them. they have an opportunity for a transition unit in the future or affordable unit. opportunity to purchase a unit on ybi. they are eligible for notices if they sign up, the down payment assistance which is a great opportunity. also, they can say it is time for the island. 86 residents applied for the in lieu of cash payment. if they are no longer being part
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of the community. tier 1 for the treasure island resident preference for both mental and housing. 367 that will be occupants. 581 post vested residents. they have an opportunity to rent new affordable residents on ti as income qualify. they can rent or purchase the units as residents become qualifying. they are eligible for premarketing if they sign up. they can have the resident preference. we are excited to offer that to the community. lastly, i want to give you an understand of what is coming up and that we are working behind-the-scenes on. premarketing notice to all people on the premarketing
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notice list and everybody that we have an e-mail address for. premarket will be august 20 to september 19. information sessions for the bristol on september 1st. treasure island resident certificate number notices september 16th in time so people will get those applications which is good times for that. the bristol application period september 21 to november 10. the information on outreach for transition unit ranking in october. moc will run the lottery for those that applied on december 1st. that concludes my report. i am happy to answer any questions.
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i want to note home ownership is not for everybody. there is the training that is mandatory to get into the lottery. it is a 30-day training session. for anybody interested in britain opportunities, they need to do this -- bristol opportunities. they need to do this quickly. >> it takes about 30-days to take the orientation class and the class that we are asking them to take. we do want people engaged now so this don't miss this opportunity. you are right.
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>> there are 14 units available. it is a tremendous opportunity to be able to get these units at basically below construction cost. home ownership is not for everybody, only those willing to take on the home ownership responsibility. i just wanted to bring that up. i will open it up to the board for questions. again, i want you to know we are limited in time. we need to get on with the ferry service report. i will open it to the board. linda, yes. go ahead. >> yes, karen. i saw the. [ inaudible ] i did make a note of that
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earlier commenting on the success of that event. i want to acknowledge that. just a quick question, also, is everyone on treasure island including the preand post tda taking advantage of the island housing opportunities? i want to accentuate that. the residents know that they are part of san francisco. every opportunity, i don't care where they are, mission bay and all of the wonderful places that the city is developing, they are also they should know about that and be eligible. it is going to take a while for all units to treasure island to be completed. we want to be upfront on that education piece. some of them take 15 years or
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more. just to create opportunities for them. thank you. >> thank you. >> any other questions? hearing none. any public comment? >> did you want to say something? >> no. >> i can't see everybody all at once. let me know and let kate know you want to speak. any public comment, kate? >> no public comment. >> thank you for that report. we look forward to the success of this process. i am glad the outreach efforts continue. next item, please. >> item 8. treasure island mobility agency ferry study update.
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>> hi everyone. transportation planner. let me share. today i am here to give the treasure island ferry study update. overview of the transportation program and then we center m.o.u. i want to provide the highlights from the the m.o.u. and the ferry study, the scope, schedule and when you can expect to hear a final recommendation.
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the treasure island plan was adopted in 2011 to provide a comprehensive program to minimize and improve the transportation, mobility. the plan calls for new transporters such as the treasure island ferry and east bay service. in the map we are showing the different transit modes that will access treasure island including 25 and bus service and the ferry service connecting treasure island to downtown san francisco. >> excuse me. i am wondering if you can change the display settings so we see the slide that you are talking about. so that we can see it. thank you.
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you need to unmute yourself. >> sorry about that. keep going because we are limited on time. >> i will try this one more time.
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we have established framework. weta will have a framework for efforts to operate the ferry service, treasure island ferry service. the goal is to reserve the funding for zero emission ferry by 2025. the board has adopted this board m.o.u. the ferry study scope has five tasks. it looks at the ferry service plan that would address such as operational timing and the cost as well as operating analysis which we understand are thereunder lying options, what are the operation cost difference between electrical and desell fuel.
9:48 pm
we have a stakeholder committee. we will prepare a final report and recommendation about the study. the key deliverable to be coming out of task one is updated demand and service plan which we are including catering the demand to the ferry mode. that meaning that the demand we have for treasure island we are estimating more recreational use because that has specific to ferry as well as additional seasonal demand such as more ridership in summer versus winter. we are going to look at different frequencies of what the run time could be. currently it is looking between a round trip of 30 to 35 minutes. we will narrow that down. also, what should be the vessel
9:49 pm
size starting 2025 until full build out. the operating cost for different years with different ferry services and different vessel sizes. we are looking at pier service reviews the bay area initially as well -- nationally as well as internationally to understand the electrical ferry services and what can we learn from that? the second operation analysis is to understand are there any options with existing routes such as a longer route or new routes that would becoming on into the bay area so we can have more ferry networks in the system and what are those benefits that would look like and will there be cost reduction due to that?
9:50 pm
the final deliverable will be a operating schedule for the ferry service plan starting in 2025. this study will also recommend a ferry fare structure. this study is looking at one way fare that would be associated with treasure island route. we will be working with weta to understand how they have done it previously and look at operating cost and ridership to understand what fare would make sense for this route. it brings into our final recommendation. we will do stakeholder outreach with the transit operators that have ferry services to understand how they have done
9:51 pm
that operation and what we can learn from it as well as the port of san francisco. the final recommendation is to be made toward the end of this year around october which we will have that service plan, the operating costs and the fare recommendation. apologies for screen sharing. >> are you finished? >> yes, i am done. >> thank you very much for that report. i would like to know whether you can send the draft report before the final report. i think the tida board would like to see it. secondly, i mentioned many times before about the ferry service. the importance of making sure that we include the analysis on
9:52 pm
bicycle loadings and unloadings. people will be coming with bikes. we just established the wonderful bike routes throughout treasure island. i am concerned that we take that into account. it was not taken into account for the sausalito ferry and they had long lines and delays. we want to look at that carefully. >> we are very interested to make sure the san francisco treasure island connection is robust. that is something we are definitely aware of. >> thank you. i will open it up to the other board members. if you can close your window so we can see the other board members. go ahead. >> thank you so much.
9:53 pm
my questions have to do with your task. the operation analysis. i want to know precisely what inter-modal specific mode, dimension, regional wide. i want to make sure they are performance within san francisco on the waterfront all the way to the ship yard. there are ferry transportation planning. they need to be captured during the analysis. make sure in your report that those modes are well, i haded oakland or whatever, san francisco, those things are what i am looking for in those analyses. >> yes, definitely. we will specify where are those
9:54 pm
stops. what i was mentioning in terms of inner lining we look at two different options. one is the alameda. as well as longer routes such as vallejo. they can be made on another stop to treasure island between the two long running routes. for a long term plan we will look at different waterfront developments such as mission bay, hunters point, along the new developments happening. due to covid all of that has different status. it is hard to capture what the ridership would be. treasure island is very today and in the next couple of years
9:55 pm
where the other developments are a little further out. we are definitely thinking about mission bay in our mind and hunters viewpoint and/or even go beyond up to south san francisco. we will be looking at those options as part of this effort. >> absolutely. i want to say right now that treasure island or whatever is going to be extremely very important in the transportation overall plan for the bay area and to mitigate transportation to traffic on the bay bridge. that is one of the purpose of the ferry to treasure island. thank you again.
9:56 pm
with regards to documentation. i have not seen the m.o.u. signed by weta. i think tida board would like to see that. if you can make those documents available beforehand that would be great as well. >> i will get that to you, linda. i have a copy be of it. we will get that to all board members. >> thank you, everyone. >> any public comment? >> yes, we have public comment. >> julie, i am sorry. >> thank you very much for your presentation. has it been addressed about equity and cost for using clipper? will clipper be available?
9:57 pm
are there subsidies? are there charging stations? >> your first question about the ferry fare we are planning to have it on clipper. the transit will about on clipper for one stop. fare subsidy that is part of the study. the first point is to come up with one way fare and then follow what other transit operators have done to look at subsidies or user groups. charging the infrastructure is something that we are very interested in learning more about what that means to have the charging station on treasure island what is the cost, what do you need to have the boat charge? weta is doing system-wide analysis to look at all of their
9:58 pm
infrastructure to identify that. we are working with them to really understand the treasure island specific need and cost to have electric infrastructure. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. seeing no other questions. let's go to the next item. >> item 9. potential interim ferry service. >> kevin griffiths will give an update. given the tima schedule for ferry service, what ticd plans are. >> good afternoon, directors. i am going to show my screen here. it looks like that is working.
9:59 pm
what i am going to talk about today dovetails nicely with the presentation you just heard. i am going to talk about the work ticd has undertaken to jump start ferry service hopefully as early as january of 2022. something we have been working on for a while. i think the board members have heard about it in the director's report. the details are being looked at. we can give an update here to describe our intentions where things are headed. starting here on the slide with just basic context. transportation program was covered so i think folks are up to speed on what the overall program is including ferry service to the san francisco
10:00 pm
ferry building provided by weta. the key linchpin of the plan is auto tolling revenue to subsidize that service and the other transportation programs that will not be online for a couple of years. we are very interested in having some ferry option available for the very first new residents moving to the bristol onier banena island next year. we are looking at interim ferry service that we would subsidize not just for residents of bristol. they want it available to the public and it is to establish water transportation from day one of the new development program back and forth to the city side. this will be in place until the
10:01 pm
tima program can be sustainable and support the service that will be permanent service going forward. we reached out to several potential operators over the last couple years. several works working in the space and ultimately settled on a group called prop sf. it is best to fit the needs that we see. they have been around for a few years providing service on the bay and most widely known for shuttle service they have been providing down to south san francisco from the san francisco waterfront. we are looking to get into an agreement with prop sf to begin the service the beginning of the year. some of the features that we are looking at to make sure to incorporate in our program would be that the service would be
10:02 pm
provided through prop sf. they are a full shop. i know that is of interest to many folks. they do have an agreement with the labor unions for water transportation. we will again operate the service for a couple year period until the full timma program is operational and transition then to the service under the timma program. we are looking to provide a robust service. we are looking at two ships of operation. 16 hour per day schedule running back and forth. we know the demand will probably be far less than that at the very beginning. we want to establish that the water transportation is available on a regular schedule and get people used to using
10:03 pm
water transportation back and forth. one feature we have been working out and we think it is solved is, as i think the directors know, our transportation program including mandatory purchase ofr transit pass for residents of treasure island and yerba buena island. we are looking for the bristol to collect fees through homeowners association for the interim to use until the transit program is set up through timma. the new residents of bristol will pay for and receive a ferry pass to use on a monthly basis. we agree to extend to the public
10:04 pm
so that regular riders who have the need to come back and forth to the island on regular basis can purchase a monthly pass at the same rate as the bristol will purchase the passes. just a little bit more on the schedule. two shifts per day. we are looking to look at 30 minutes during the peak times for commutes morning and afternoon. one be to two hours in the afternoons. we want to extend to the evening so folks can stay longer on the city side and know they can use the ferry to come back to the island after dinner. that sort of thing. we want to have reagan we are -- regular on weekends as well. we think weekend will exceed weekday demand, especially at first.
10:05 pm
on timing and what is coming next. folks may have seen the boat coming back and forth in recent days and weeks. we have been doing test runs to ensure the new terminal we are putting the finishing touches on fits well with the boat. we have been doing marketing tours. there was one yesterday. we are getting used to running the boat back and forth, and this board will, we believe, in october look at landing rights agreement that we have been working with bob and charles sullivan on negotiating to establish the landing rights for the vessels at the treasure island terminal. they have landing rights secured on the ferry building side. that is established. in the fall once all of the
10:06 pm
details we are talking about and service have been worked out we look to have a big announcement and event which would definitely be communicated to the board members. we would love to have participation when we are ready to rollout the announcement of the start of service. aiming for january of 2022. i was going to finish with a description of the permanent service program. i think that has been addressed already. just to restate. the permanent operator when the program is ready and sustainable the main operator will be weta. we are in the interim to plug the gap to establish the water transportation service from day one. i am glad this came up in the questions about alternative fuel
10:07 pm
vessels and electric charges. we are working with weta to investigate the issue and we are putting conduits in the ground and establishing places for transformers to support that are on treasure island side so we don't have to tear anything up after it is built. we do anticipate that the ultimate service will be an alternative fuel, most likely electric vessel. we want to plan for that now. i guess the other point to make is that studies being conducted. we really like the idea that our interim service gives everybody real data on how people access the transit, what the demand is going to be, what travel patterns are going to be.
10:08 pm
that is added to the process that the study is supporting and really understanding how best to provide water transportation for the island going forward. i will conclude there. happy to take questions that board members have. >> thank you. that was really helpful. if you would turnoff your screen. >> the start of the ferry service is something we have been waiting for for a long, long time. making that water connection from the island to the mainlands to san francisco is so important. i applaud you for stepping forward to provide the entire rum service until the weta and main service is established. the fact you are working with
10:09 pm
the ferries that are renewable with using the renewable resources is really quite wonderful. more questions. you talk about the headways. only one every hour? >> right, yes. the trip on the water actually only takes 7 minutes per the test runs. it is a fast ride. we can turn the boat around loading and off-loading and what the crew needs to do to prepare the boat. it is 30 minutes by the tame you take all of -- time you take all of those steps. we are looking at going to 30
10:10 pm
minute turnarounds during speak commute and one hour in the off-peak hours and weekends. >> how many people do the boats carry at one time? >> the vessel we are looking at is a 49 passenger vessel. it is a smaller boat. the weta vessels to oakland are in the 300 or 400 range. >> with 49 passengers, i think you will have a lot of demand. you are right. it is a way to test the waters and the demand apwhat things to look for when we establish the current service. how will the public be able to
10:11 pm
buy tickets for the ferry service? >> that is a detail we are working out. most likely an app-based system. we haven't concluded that. we are still looking at options at this point. >> will this vessel be able to take on board bicycles as well? >> they will. there is not a lot of room compared to the larger weta. we know there will be bicycles for sure. we are trying to accommodate that as much as possible and not have bicycles in the way of people moving about the boat and loading and unloading. >> it will be interesting from the operational standpoint to see what the results are and the legal take note and certainly hope the data will help us for
10:12 pm
the permanent ferry. i will open it up to board members. >> go ahead. >> thank you so much, kevin, for this presentation. i want to make a note that cstd should be commended and to second the statement. what is going to be very essential. this is a huge event for treasure island. i am going to make sure that tida, the board of directors are involved. we need to look at pr for treasure island and take advantage of all of the implementation. the bristol housing to the ferry or tell the story, to let the public know we are reaching
10:13 pm
these critical milestones. it is extremely important that we work together. any major event, any small, medium on treasure island would like to be partners. second question that i have is that everything that goes on on treasure island. we look at opportunities to create opportunities no matter how small. letting the passengers in and greeting. if there are those opportunities even at the interim, let us know and let our director know so that we can activate treasure island to see how we can make sure we get the residents to be
10:14 pm
trusted. where we get to the permanent. we will make sure everything we are excited about that and we are doing that. every activity on treasure island and we need to let people know. a lot of times the commissioner gets questions. because we don't let people know enough out there. yes, if we look at every detail and provide opportunities, more opportunities for development and some of the mainlands projects in san francisco. i want to put that in there, kevin, thank you. >> anybody else have questions? hearing none. lets open to the public. any comments from the public? >> there is one public comment.
10:15 pm
>> thank you, kevin for the presentation. we are looking forward to when that service begins. next item, please. >> item 10. discussion and future agenda items by directors. >> directors, any future agenda items not discussed? okay. hearing none. >> 11. meeting adjourned. >> thank you all for being here today. >> thank you. see you soon. >> thank you, directors.
10:16 pm
10:17 pm
>> everything is done in-house. i think it is done.
10:18 pm
i have always been passionate about gelato. every single slaver has its own recipe. we have our own -- we move on from there. so you have every time a unique experience because that slaver is the flavored we want to make. union street is unique because of the neighbors and the location itself. the people that live around here i love to see when the street is full of people. it is a little bit of italy that is happening around you can walk around and enjoy shopping with gelato in your hand. this is the move we are happy to provide to the people. i always love union street because it's not like another commercial street where you have big chains. here you have the neighbors. there is a lot of stories and the neighborhoods are essential.
10:19 pm
people have -- they enjoy having their daily or weekly gelato. i love this street itself. >> we created a move of an area where we will be visiting. we want to make sure that the area has the gelato that you like. what we give back as a shop owner is creating an ambient lifestyle. if you do it in your area and if you like it, then you can do it on the streets you like. ?oo hi, i'm holly lee. i love cooking and you are watching quick bites. san francisco is a foodie
10:20 pm
town. we san franciscoans love our food and desserts are no exceptions. there are places that specialize in any and every dessert your heart desires, from hand made ice cream to organic cakes, artisan chocolate and cupcakes galore, the options are endless. anyone out there with a sweet tooth? then i have a great stop for you. i've been searching high and low for some great cookies and the buzz around town that anthony's are those cookies. with rave reviews like this i have to experience these cookies for myself and see what the fuss was all about. so let's see. while attending san francisco state university as an accountinging major, anthony's
10:21 pm
friend jokingly suggested he make cookies to make ends make. with no formal culinary training he opened his own bakery and is now the no. 1 producer of gourmet cookies in the biarea and thank you for joining us on quick bites. how do you feel? >> i feel great. >> so i want to get to the bottom of some very burning questions. why cookies? >> it was a recommendation from a friend. hard to believe that's how it all started. >> why not pies and cakes? what do you have against pies and cakes, anthony. >> i have nothing against pies and cakes. however, that was the recommendation. >> you were on the road to be an account apblt. >> actually, an engineer. >> even better. and it led to making cookies.
10:22 pm
>> in delicious ways. >> delicious ways. >> this is where the magic goes down and we're going to be getting to the truth behind cookies and cream. >> this is what is behind cookies and cream. >> where were you when the idea came to your mind. >> i was in my apartment eating ice cream, cookies and cream ice cream. how much fun, cookies and cream cookies. their cookies and cream is not even -- it took a lot of time, a lot of fun.
10:23 pm
>> a lot of butter. >> a lot, a lot, a lot. but it was one of those things. all right, now behold. you know what that is? >> what is that? >> cookies and cream. >> oh, they are beautiful. >> yes, so we got to get --. >> all right, all right. we treat the cookies like wine tasting. i don't ever want anybody to bite into a cookie and not get what they want to get. we're training staff because they can look at the cookie and tell if it's wrong. >> oh, here we go. >> you smell it and then you taste it, clean the plat palate with the milk.
10:24 pm
>> i could be a professional painter because i know how to do this. >> i can tell that it's a really nice shell, that nice crunch. >> but inside. >> oh, my god. so you are going to -- cheat a little bit. i had to give you a heads up on that. >> what's happening tomorrow? these cookies, there's a lot of love in these cookies. i don't know how else to say it. it really just makes me so happy. man, you bake a mean cookie, anthony. >> i know. people really know if they are getting something made with love. >> aww >> you know, you can't fool people. they know if you are taking shortcuts here and there. they can eat something and tell the care that went
10:25 pm
into it. they get what they expect. >> uh-huh. >> system development and things like that. >> sounds so technical. >> i'm an engineer. >> that's right, that's right. cookies are so good, drove all other thoughts out of my head. thank you for taking time out it talk to us about what you do and the love with which you do it. we appreciate your time here on quick bites. i hope you've enjoyed our delicious tale of defendant 93 and dessert. as for me, my search is over. those reviews did not lie. in fact, i'm thinking of one of my very own. some things you just have it
10:26 pm
experience for yourself. to learn more about anthony's cookies, visit him on the web at if you want to watch some of our other episodes at sfquickbites/ see sustainable future . >> san francisco streets and puffs make up 25 percent of cities e city's land area more than all the parks combined they're far two wide and have large flight area the pavement to parks is to test the variants by ininexpensive changing did new open spaces
10:27 pm
the city made up of streets in you think about the potential of having this space for a purpose it is demands for the best for bikes and families to gather. >> through a collaborative effort with the department we the public works and the municipal transportation agency pavement to parks is bringing initiative ideas to our streets. >> so the face of the street is the core of our program we have in the public right-of-way meaning streets that can have areas perpetrated for something else. >> i'm here with john francis pavement to parks manager and this parklet on van ness street first of all, what is a parklet and part of pavement to parks program basically an expense of the walk in a public realm for people to
10:28 pm
hang anti nor a urban acceptable space for people to use. >> parklets sponsors have to apply to be considered for the program but they come to us you know saying we want to do this and create a new space on our street it is a community driven program. >> the program goes beyond just parklets vacant lots and other spaces are converted we're here at playland on 43 this is place is cool with loots things to do and plenty of space to play so we came up with that idea to revitalizations this underutilized yard by going to the community and what they said want to see here we saw that everybody wants to see
10:29 pm
everything to we want this to be a space for everyone. >> yeah. >> we partnered with the pavement to parks program and so we had the contract for building 236 blot community garden it start with a lot of jacuzzi hammers and bulldozer and now the point we're planting trees and flowers we have basketball courts there is so much to do here. >> there's a very full program that they simply joy that and meet the community and friends and about be about the lighter side of city people are more engaged not just the customers. >> with the help of community pavement to parks is reimagining the potential of our student streets if you want more
10:30 pm
information visit them as the pavement to parks or contact pavement to parks at >> i'm kate new director of the office of economic and workforce development. i want to welcome our mayor to make some opening comments. >> thank y