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tv   BOS Government Audits and Oversight Committee  SFGTV  September 15, 2021 8:00pm-2:01am PDT

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a case where i.a. investigates because theoretically, d.p.a. is not investigating them, they're just reviewing d.p.a.s report, so i think it would be helpful for the public to know which cases are i.a., and which ones are d.p.a. and i.a. is just reviewing, so i think that might be helpful in the future. the other thing i forgot to say, and i apologize, is i want to thank the chief because, you know, he gets a lot of something like that, but i think he gets a lot slake -- he gets a lot of slack, and i think he gets a lot of slack from the commissioners, as
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well. when i say hey, we need to you do this, he tried to consider that. i really do think that it really not only helps the public but it helps the officers, as well, because how when i go and speak with officers, i'm amazed that they are not aware of how discipline happens. thank you, chief, thank you, commander o'sullivan, and thank you, president cohen, for allowing me to speak. >> president cohen: absolutely. >> what you were just talking about, i'm sorry to jump in, i think the timeline is super important because another
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suggestion that would be helpful is when that timeline comes up when decisions are made or reviewed for the d.p.a. cases to come over, it would be great if we tracked the timeline how long those cases took because our cases get suspended after we presented them, and it's really inconsistent and across the board in terms of how long we wait for decisions to be made in terms of who's even making when the cases are presented with and to internal affairs. and then, the second part of that is the 3304 reporting which is mandated by the commission because now that you have all of the cases already there, it should not be a difficult issue to look at the timeline to have 3304 reporting, as well, for internal affairs like there is for d.p.a. affairs in cases. sorry. okay. now, i'll stop talking. >> president cohen: no, no, no apologies needed, but let's let
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some other people state their thoughts. commissioner byrne? the data that i'm reading on page 5, line 5, this came to the department's attention five years ago? >> that's correct, because the juvenile is a bit older now. >> commissioner byrne: okay.
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thank you. >> president cohen: anyone else? none? all right. thank you. thank you for the presentation. sergeant youngblood, could we go to public comment? >> clerk: yes, ma'am. >> president cohen: thank you. >> clerk: for members of the public who would like to make public comment regarding line item 8, please press star, three now. president cohen, it appears there's no public comment. >> president cohen: all right. that sounds good. all right. so let's continue moving forward. next agenda item, please. >> clerk: agenda item 9 has been removed. agenda item 10 has been removed. line item 11, public comment on all matters pertaining to item 13 below, closed session, including public comment on item 12, vote whether to hold item 13 in closed session. if you would like to make public comment, please press
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star, three now. and president cohen, it appears there is no public comment. >> president cohen: all right. great. let's keep moving. >> clerk: excuse me. line item 12, vote on whether to hold item 11 in closed session, san francisco administrative code 67.10, action. [inaudible] >> vice president elias: second. >> president cohen: okay. motion made by commissioner
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byrne. seconded by commissioner elias. let's do a roll call vote. >> clerk: on the motion to hold closed session -- [roll call] >> clerk: you have five yeses. >> president cohen: great. thank you very much. that's unanimous. please, let's call the next item. >> clerk: i will take us into closed session.
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>> i'll make a motion not to disclose. is there a second? second by commissioner elias. i saw her hand first. please call the roll. >> clerk: public comment. >> president cohen: that's correct. we'll take public comment before we call the roll.
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>> clerk: members of the public that would like to make public comment, please press star, three now. and president cohen, there's no public comment. >> president cohen: all right. thank you. a motion's been made and a second. let's do a roll call. >> clerk: on the motion not to disclose -- [roll call] >> clerk: you have five yeses. >> president cohen: great. thank you very much. thank you, everyone. have a wonderful week. we're adjourned.
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>> we love our parks, but we love... >> and the community who is really the core of it all, came together and said what we need is a place for our teenager to play, not just play grounds for the kids and soccer fields but we need a skate park that will keep the kids home in the neighborhood so they can play where they live. >> the children in the neighborhood and it will be a major boone. and we have generations, the youth generations that will be able to use this park in different places. >> the best park in san francisco right here.
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>> creating place where people can be active and lead, active, healthy life styles that are going to just stay with them for life. ♪♪ >> right before the game starts, if i'm still on the field, i look around, and i just take a deep breath because it is so exciting and magical, not knowing what the season holds is very, very exciting.
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it was fast-paced, stressful, but the good kind of stressful, high energy. there was a crowd to entertain, it was overwhelming in a good way, and i really, really enjoyed it. i continued working for the grizzlies for the 2012-2013 season, and out of happenstance, the same job opened up for the san francisco giants. i applied, not knowing if i would get it, but i would kick myself if i didn't apply. i was so nervous, i never lived anywhere outside of fridays fridays -- fresno, and i got an interview. and then, i got a second interview, and i got more nervous because know the thought of leaving fresno and
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my family and friends was scary, but this opportunity was on the other side. but i had to try, and lo and behold, i got the job, and my first day was january 14, 2014. every game day was a puzzle, and i have to figure out how to put the pieces together. i have two features that are 30 seconds long or a minute and a 30 feature. it's fun to put that al together and then lay that out in a way that is entertaining for the fans. a lucky seat there and there, and then, some lucky games that include players. and then i'll talk to lucille, can you take the shirt gun to the bleachers. i just organize it from top to bottom, and it's just fun for me. something, we don't know how it's going to go, and it can be
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a huge hit, but you've got to try it. or if it fails, you just won't do it again. or you tweak it. when that all pans out, you go oh, we did that. we did that as a team. i have a great team. we all gel well together. it keeps the show going. the fans are here to see the teams, but also to be entertained, and that's our job. i have wonderful female role models that i look up to here at the giants, and they've been great mentors for me, so i aspire to be like them one day. renelle is the best. she's all about women in the workforce, she's always in our corner. [applause] >> i enjoy how progressive the giants are. we have had the longer running
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until they secure day. we've been doing lgbt night longer than most teams. i enjoy that i work for an organization who supports that and is all inclusive. that means a lot to me, and i wouldn't have it any other way. i wasn't sure i was going to get this job, but i went for it, and i got it, and my first season, we won a world series even if we hadn't have won or gone all the way, i still would have learned. i've grown more in the past four years professionally than i think i've grown in my entire adult life, so it's been eye opening and a wonderful learning
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>> roughly five years, i was working as a high school teacher, and i decided to take my students on a surfing field trip. the light bulb went off in my head, and i realized i could do much more for my students taking them surfing than i could as their classroom teacher, and that is when the idea for the city surf project was born. >> working with kids in the ocean that aren't familiar with this space is really special because you're dealing with a lot of fear and apprehension but at the same time, a lot of
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excitement. >> when i first did it, i was, like, really scared, but then, i did it again, and i liked it. >> we'll get a group of kids who have just never been to the beach, are terrified of the idea, who don't like the beach. it's too cold out, and it's those kid that are impossible to get back out of the water at the end of the day. >> over the last few years, i think we've had at least 40 of our students participate in the city surf project. >> surfing helped me with, like, how to swim. >> we've start off with about two to four sessions in the pool before actually going out and surfing. >> swimming at the pool just helps us with, like, being, like, comfortable in the water and being calm and not being all -- not being anxious. >> so when we started the city surf project, one of the things
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we did was to say hey, this is the way to earn your p.e. credits. just getting kids to go try it was one of our initial challenges for the first year or two. but now that we've been doing it three or four years, we have a group of kids that's consistent, and the word has spread, that it's super fun, that you learn about the ocean. >> starting in the morning, you know, i get the vehicles ready, and then, i get all the gear together, and then, i drive and go get the kids, and we take them to a local beach. >> we usually go to linda mar, and then occasionally ocean beach. we once did a special trip. we were in capitola last year, and it was really fun. >> we get in a circle and group stretch, and we talk about
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specific safety for the day, and then, we go down to the water. >> once we go to the beach, i don't want to go home. i can't change my circumstances at home, but i can change the way i approach them. >> our program has definitely been a way for our students to find community and build friends. >> i don't really talk to friends, so i guess when i started doing city surf, i started to, like, get to know people more than i did before, and people that i didn't think i'd like, like, ended up being my best friends. >> it's a group sport the way we do it, and with, like, close camaraderie, but everybody's doing it for themselves. >> it's great, surfing around, finding new people and making new friendships with people throughout surfing. >> it can be highly developmental for students to have this time where they can learn a lot about themselves while negotiating the waves.
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>> i feel significantly, like, calmer. it definitely helps if i'm, like, feeling really stressed or, like, feeling really anxious about surfing, and i go surfing, and then, i just feel, like, i'm going to be okay. >> it gives them resiliency skills and helps them build self-confidence. and with that, they can use that in other parts of their lives. >> i went to bring my family to the beach and tell them what i did. >> i saw kids open up in the ocean, and i got to see them connect with other students, and i got to see them fail, you know, and get up and get back on the board and experience success, and really enjoy themselves and make a connection to nature at the same time. >> for some kids that are,
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like, resistant to, like, being in a mentorship program like this, it's they want to surf, and then later, they'll find out that they've, like, made this community connection. >> i think they provided level playing fields for kids to be themselves in an open environment. >> for kids to feel like i can go for it and take a chance that i might not have been willing to do on my own is really special. >> we go on 150 surf outings a year. that's year-round programming. we've seen a tremendous amount of youth face their fears through surfing, and that has translated to growth in other facets of their lives. >> i just think the biggest thing is, like, that they feel like that they have something that is really cool, that they're engaged in, and that we, like, care about them and how they're doing, like, in
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general. >> what i like best is they really care about me, like, i'm not alone, and i have a group of people that i can go to, and, also, surfing is fun. >> we're creating surfers, and we're changing the face of surfing. >> the feeling is definitely akin to being on a roller coaster. it's definitely faster than i think you expect it to be, but it's definitely fun. >> it leaves you feeling really, really positive about what that kid's going to go out and do. >> i think it's really magical almost. at least it was for me. >> it was really exciting when i caught my first wave. >> i felt like i was, like -- it was, like, magical, really. >> when they catch that first wave, and their first lights up, you know -- their face lights up, you know you have
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them hooked. >> i was on top of the world. it's amazing. i felt like i was on top of the world even though i was probably going two miles an hour. it was, like, the scariest thing i'd ever done, and i think it was when i got hooked on surfing after >> usf donates 100-120 pounds of food a night. for the four semesters we have been running here, usf has donated about 18,000 pounds of food to the food recovery network. ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪
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>> i'm maggie. >> i'm nick. >> we're coe-chairs of the national led organization. what food recovery does is recover and redistribute food that would go wasted and redistributing to people in the community. >> the moment that i became really engaged in the cause of fighting food waste was when i had just taken the food from the usf cafeteria and i saw four pans full size full of food perfectly fine to be eaten and made the day before and that would have gone into the trash that night if we didn't recover it the next day.
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i want to fight food waste because it hurts the economy, it's one of the largest emitters of greenhouse gases in the world. if it was a nation, it would be the third largest nation behind china and the united states. america wastes about 40% of the food we create every year, $160 billion worth and that's made up in the higher cost of food for consumers. no matter where you view the line, you should be engaged with the issue of food waste. ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ >> access edible food that we have throughout our lunch program in our center, i go ahead and collect it and i'll
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cool it down and every night i prep it up and the next day i'll heat it and ready for delivery. it's really natural for me, i love it, i'm passionate about it and it's just been great. i believe it's such a blessing to have the opportunity to actually feed people every day. no food should go wasted. there's someone who wants to eat, we have food, it's definitely hand in hand and it shouldn't be looked at as work or a task, we're feeding people and it really means so much to me. i come to work and they're like nora do you want this, do you want that? and it's so great and everyone is truly involved. every day, every night after
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every period of food, breakfast, lunch, dinner, i mean, people just throw it away. they don't even think twice about it and i think as a whole, as a community, as any community, if people just put a little effort, we could really help each other out. that's how it should be. that's what food is about basically. >> an organization that meets is the san francisco knight ministry we work with tuesday and thursday's. ♪♪♪ ♪ by the power ♪ ♪ of your name ♪
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>> i have faith to move mountains because i believe in jesus. >> i believe it's helpful to offer food to people because as you know, there's so much homelessness in san francisco and california and the united states. i really believe that food is important as well as our faith. >> the san francisco knight ministry has been around for 54 years. the core of the ministry, a group of ordain ministers, we go out in the middle of the night every single night of the year, so for 54 years we have never missed a night. i know it's difficult to believe maybe in the united states but a lot of our people will say this is the first meal they've had in two days. i really believe it is a time
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between life or death because i mean, we could be here and have church, but, you know, i don't know how much we could feed or how many we could feed and this way over 100 people get fed every single thursday out here. it's not solely the food, i tell you, believe me. they're extremely grateful. >> it's super awesome how welcoming they are. after one or two times they're like i recognize you. how are you doing, how is school? i have never been in the city, it's overwhelming. you get to know people and through the music and the food, you get to know people. >> we never know what impact we're going to have on folks. if you just practice love and kindness, it's a labor of love
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and that's what the food recovery network is and this is a huge -- i believe they salvage our mission. >> to me the most important part is it's about food waste and feeding people. the food recovery network national slogan is finding ways to feed people. it's property to bring the scientific and human element into the situation. . >> supervisor haney: all right. this meeting will come to
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order. i'm matt haney chair of the budget and finance committee. i'm joined by committee member supervisor ahsha safai. our clerk is linda wong. i want to thank lena mendosa from sfgov tv. do you have any announcements to make, madam clerk. >> clerk: the board recognizes that public access to services is essential and invite public participation in the following ways. public comment will be available on each of the items on the agenda. streaming the public call number across the screen. each speaker will be allowed two minutes to speak. comments or opportunities to speak during public comment period are available via phone call by calling (415) 655-0001. meeting i.d. 24896907105 and
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then press pound twice. you will hear the meeting discussions but you will be in listen mode only. when your item of interest comes up, please dial star three to be entered into the speaker line. speak clearly and slowly and turn down your television or radio. alternatively, you may submit public comment in either of the following ways. or e-mail mist is it will be forwarded to the supervisors and will be included as part of the official client. written comment may be sent to city hall number 1 dr. goodman b. carlton place san francisco california 94102. finally, items act upon today are expected to appear on the board of supervisors agenda on september 21st unless otherwise stated.
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mr. chair, that's my announcements. >> chairman: thank you so much, madam clerk. i want to make a motion to excuse supervisor mar from today's meeting and have a roll call vote. >> clerk: yes. on that motion, [roll call] you have two ayes. >> chairman: great. madam clerk, please call item one. >> clerk: item number one a resolution approving amendment number 2 to the boarding area f. ef for an extension of the term no later than june 30, 2023, with a condition that the airport director at his sole absolute discretion may terminate earlier by providing six months' advance written notice with no change to the current minimum annual guarantee subject to adjustment in accordance with the terms and conditions of the lease effective upon the approval by the board of supervisors.
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members of the public call (415) 655-0001 and meeting i.d. 24896907105 then press pound and pound again. a system prompt will indicate you have joined the line then press 3 and the system will indicate you have been unmuted. >> chairman: okay. >> the airport modification for existing amendment number two with the provision that the airport commission can terminate earlier with six months' notice. airport and revenue staff has developed six new leases that are about to expire. on whether to seek extension or continuing request for new process. given the current economic challenges due to the covid-19 pandemic, staff has determined it would not make economic sense to initiate an r.s.p.
8:52 pm
process at this time. at which time the court anticipates a normalization of passenger level and will proceed with a new r.f.p. process. seller partners inc. occupies 900 square feet of space. we're available and happy to answer any questions dhrm thank you. can we please hear the b.l.o. report on this item. >> good morning, chair haney. good morning committee members. the proposed resolution would approve the second amendment to the lease agreement between the airport and stellar partners and boarding area for terminal three extending that lease until june 2023. the airport expects that the minimum rent will continue to be suspended through 2023 due to decreased air travel during which the tenant only pays percentage rent. as we show on page three of our report, stellar has paid about
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$21,000 in rent between january and may of 2020. this lease extension is consistent with other similar concession lease extensions that have been approved by the board recently and we recommend approval. i'm happy to answer any questions. >> chairman: great. thank you. i do not see any questions. can we please go to public comment. >> clerk: yes, mr. chair. members of the public who wish to provide comment on this item please press star three now to be added to the queue. this is on item number one. >> yes. i have callers in the queue. >> clerk: please unmute them. welcome, caller. >> [inaudible]
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>> mr. chair, that caller has dropped. we have no more callers in the queue. >> chairman: thank you. public comment is now closed. i want to make a recommendation to move this item to the full board. can i have a roll call please. >> clerk: on that motion, [roll call] there are two ayes. >> chairman: great. this will go to the full board for positive recommendation. madam clerk, item two. >> clerk: item number two a resolution approving lease modification to 2011 lease and use agreement number 10-0096 between the city and the county of san francisco acting by the through its airport commission and t.a.c.a. international airlines. members of the public who wish to call public comment on this item should call (415) 655-0001
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and meeting i.d. 24896907105 then press pound twice. please wait until the system indicates you have been unmuted and you may begin your comments. mr. chair. >> chairman: great. thank you. >> good morning, again. that item before you seeks approval for the modification of the 2011 lease agreement between the san francisco international airport and taca international airlines, s.a. in 2020 the board of supervisors aprofed a lease extension. taca's execution of the lease modification was delayed because it required the approval of the bankruptcy courts which has since granted that approval. extending the term of the lease provides short term financial certainty for all parties or to restart negotiations on a new
8:56 pm
term lease has gun and will require both airport commission and board of supervisors approval. other than the extension of the term, the proposed modification would not change any material terms of the 2011 lease including the resid was rate methodology for terminal rates. the modification would update the 2011 lease to comply with all federal, state, and local laws including city contracting provision. b.l.a. has recommended approval and i am happy to answer any questions. >> chairman: great. can i hear the b.l.a. item on this. >> chairman: somebody needs to mute. >> i think patrick hahn needs to mute. >> good morning. as ms. folick said, the proposed resolution would
8:57 pm
approve the proposed modification extending the lease two years to 2023. as we show on page seven of our report, the lease extension would provide the airport $4.3 million in rent not including landing fees which are difficult to predict. the lease extension is consistent with other airline lease extensions that were approved by the board earlier this year and we recommend approval. i'm happy to answer any questions. >> chairman: great. can we go to public comment on this item? >> clerk: yes. mr. chair. members of the public who wish to provide public comment on this item press star three now to be added to the queue. for those on hold please continue to wait until the system indicates you have been unmuted. please let us know if there are any callers who wish to comment on item number two. >> mr. chair, we have no callers in the queue. >> chairman: great.
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public comment is now closed. i don't see any questions or comments from my colleagues. can i make a motion to move this to the full board with a positive recommendation. can i have a roll call vote, please. >> clerk: yes. on that motion, [roll call] there's two ayes. >> chairman: great. so to the full board with positive recommendation. thank you so much. >> thank you both. >> chairman: madam clerk, can you please call item three. >> clerk: yes. item number three resolution to retroactively authorize public health enter into a contract with the department of health care services incorporating the mental health services act and lanterman program. members of this public to comment on this item call (415) 655-0001 and meeting i.d.
8:59 pm
24896907105. press pound and pound again. please wait until the system indicates you have been unmuted and you may begin your comments. mr. chair. >> chairman: thank you. welcome ms. simmons. >> good morning, supervisors. i will be very brief. this is annual contract that d.p.h. has with the department of health care services. it doesn't actually include any money, but it outlines all the regulatory requirements that come with a large collection of the programs that we administer. the retroactive request is because we got the contract from the state in july which is sooner than they usually give it to us that we're improving and, yeah. i'm happy to answer questions. >> chairman: great. thank you. is there a b.l.a. report on
9:00 pm
this item? >> no. chair haney, we do not have a report on this item. >> chairman: great. can we go to public comment. >> clerk: yes, mr. chair. operation is checking. members of the public who wish to provide public comment on this item please press star three to be added to the queue. for those on hold please wait until the system indicates you have been unmuted. please let us know if there are any callers to comment on item three. >> yes. i have one caller in the queue. >> clerk: thank you. please unmute that caller. >> this shut is boring. get to the good stuff. >> clerk: thank you. are there any other callers in the queue? >> mr. chair. that completes the queue. >> chairman: great. public comment is now closed and, for the record, this is a very important mental health
9:01 pm
services contract that is not boring, but we will do our best to get to the fun stuff as soon as possible. i want to make a motion to move item three to the full board with a positive recommendation. can we have a roll call vote, please. >> clerk: yes, on that motion, [roll call] you have two ayes. >> chairman: great. this will go to the full board with a positive recommendation. thank you so much ms. simmons for your work. >> thank you. >> chairman: madam clerk, can you please call item four. >> clerk: yes. item number four a resolution retroactively authorizing the director of health to sign an amended agreement with the california department of health care services for the whole person care pilot program to fund coordination of health with the goal of improved beneficiary health and well being through more efficient
9:02 pm
and effective use of resources extending the program by one year from january 1, 2021, through december 31, 2021, for a total agreement term of january 1, 2016, through december 31, 2021, for increasing the agreement amount by 35, 839, $948 for a total amount of 197, 589, $948. please wait until the system indicates you have been unmuted. >> chairman: great. thank you. and welcome ms. robertson. >> thank you. good morning, supervisors. the proposed resolution is a one-time extension of the original five-year $165 million contract awarded to the
9:03 pm
department of health care services and this is to continue the funding for the whole person care pilot for a sixth and final year for the san francisco department of public health as well as the department of homelessness and supportive housing. in san francisco, whole person care as is mentioned by ms. wong aims to improve the coordination of health, behavioral health and social services in a patient center manner for people experiencing homelessness. with an overarching goal to improve their health and well being and also to more effectively use public resources to do so. the state requires approval by the board of supervisors and a stand alone resolution and this is what's before you today and it should be noted that the expenditure and revenue budget for the whole person care funds
9:04 pm
for the department was included in the city's fiscal year '21 to '23 appropriation ordinance which was adopted this year and signed by the board of supervisors and the mayor. if you have any questions, i'm happy to answer those for you. >> chairman: great. thank you. appreciate it. i don't see any questions. i'm definitely familiar with this work and i believe we will extend it. do we have a b.l.a. report on this item? >> no. chair haney, we don't have a report on this item. >> chairman: great. can we go to public comment on this item, please. >> clerk: yes, mr. chair. for those already on hold, please continue to wait until the system indicates you have been unmuted. please let us know if there are
9:05 pm
any callers who wish to comment on item four. >> yes. i have one caller in the queue. >> clerk: okay. please unmute the caller. >> hello there, board of supervisors. ya'll need to be fiscally conservative. now, i just don't believe in this because all these homeless people are pooping on the streets. i'm sick and tired of it. i'm sick and tired of all these coddling of services. we need to give these homeless people [inaudible] out of town. yee haw. >> clerk: are there any other callers in the queue? >> mr. chair, that completes the queue. >> chairman: again. a lot of fun callers today. [ laughter ] public comment is
9:06 pm
now closed. we don't have supervisor mar with us today, but it sounds like we have somebody else who's going to comment on every item. [ laughter ] i don't see any other questions. supervisor safai. >> supervisor safai: yeah. mr. chair, just real quick, ms. robertson, are we clear? i was going to ask a question about the retroactive nature. i think you explained it. can you say it one more time or at least say it for the record. >> well, this is retroactive because the state didn't actually approve the extension of whole person care until the spring of this year and at the point it was approved by the state, we were unable to actually get on to your schedule until today because it was the budget season and there was other more pressing things that needed to be heard.
9:07 pm
thank you. >> supervisor safai: thank you so much. i'm full aware of this contract and in full support. thank you. >> thank you. >> chairman: i want to make a motion to move this item to the full board. can we have a roll call, please. >> clerk: yes. on that motion, [roll call] there are two ayes. >> chairman: we'll go to the full board with a positive recommendation and thank you so much ms. robertson. >> thank you. >> chairman: madam clerk, will you please call item five. >> clerk: yes, item five resolution acknowledging notice from the public utilities commission pursuant to resolution number 580-20 of the potential need to seek retroactive board approval under charter section 9.118 for the cost of $10 million or more revenues of $1 million or more or terms in excess of ten years or contracts requiring binding arbitration for the purchase
9:08 pm
and sales of energy related products necessary to meet regulatory compliance obligation in 2021. members of the public call (415) 655-0001 meeting i.d. 24896907105. press pound twice. please wait until the system indicates you have been unmuted and you may begin your comment. >> chairman: thank you. mr. hiemz from the p.u.c. is here. >> good morning, chair haney and supervisor safai. my name is mike hiemz. i direct the clean power s.f. problem for the public utilities commission's power enterprise. as you just heard i have before you today a resolution that acknowledges advanced notice p.u.c. to the board that the sfp.u.c. may need to execute power contracts by the board of supervisors later this year. the anticipated power supply
9:09 pm
contracts if the agreements are required to meet regulatory dead likes with this resolution, we are responding to direction provided by the board of supervisors and resolution 580-20 when the sfp.u.c. was faced with similar circumstances last year. last year to meet state deadlines and due to market decrease, staff brought two resource adequacy contracts through the execution and then to the admission, the sfpuc commission. researches have seen the state requirement applicable to all entities that provide electric service to customers including clean power sf and the city's municipal power utility.
9:10 pm
the requirement is intended to ensure efficient electric generation resources are available to meet unusual high levels of customer demand. and providing this notice to the board, sfpuc staff is anticipating that the market conditions and regulatory conditions that led to retroactive approval requests last year are present this year as well. several factors are creating uncertainty regarding compliance obligations, availability of capacity supplies to satisfy compliance and the timing of contracting. including the outcome of regulatory proceedings under way at the california public utilities commission and the california independent system operator that manages the statewide grid that will determine future requirements for both buyers and sellers in this market. the potential for extreme weather event that is could drive up heat demand and the need for more capacity to be available to the california
9:11 pm
independent system operator. the persistence of severe drought conditions in the state of california that reduce the availability of hydro electric generation in california and throughout the western united states and the potential for increases in california p.u.c. mandated procurement that may further reduce available resource adequacy and capacity. to address these circumstances, the sfpuc tried to get an early start for compliance issuing earlier this year. seven solicitations for research adequacy capacity and bids to six solicitations conducted by third parties. to date, we have not obtained efficient supplies to meet clean power sf's expected 2022 resource adequacy requirements. so we submitted three to four more solicitations by the end
9:12 pm
of october. we also anticipate five additional solicitations held by third parties coming over the six weeks or so. some of these third party solicitations may be issued into late september or early october. to be clear, the vast majority of power supply contracts executed by the sfpuc followed normal sfpuc and normal city contractors. [please stand by]
9:13 pm
9:14 pm
9:15 pm
class madam clerk, can i have my slides? >> would you assistwith sharing the slides for us on item number 2 . >> yes please, giveme one second .
9:16 pm
>> thank you. my name is dylan, i'm with the water resources division at the public utilities commission here to provide an overview today. next as you may know we've been working hard to diversify those water portfolios. wehave a number of programs that are helping us achieve this goal . ourconservation program , groundwater program, recycled water programs, on-site water use program and a new innovations program that only
9:17 pm
our one water sf approach. next slide. i think as you may know, the city has an ordinance on the books called the non-potable water ordinance and its article 12 c of the san francisco health code and this applies to new building development projects, 260,000 gross or greater citywide and it requires these buildings to treat and reuse gray water, rainwater and drainage to meet toilet flushing andirrigation demands on site . next slide. some examples of non-potable ordinance project required to comply with ordinance include mission rock which is a new neighborhood development in san francisco that's going to be installing district block water treatment systems, 1550
9:18 pm
mission, a new high-rise residential tower that will be installing a gray water treatment distant in the trade center which is also a gray water treatment system serving the toilet flushing demands of the arena and thetwo accompanying office towers . next slide. to further incentivize buildings to install on-site water reuse systems we established a grant program in 2012 that incentivizes our customers to reduce water consumption by reusing alternate water sources on-site ornon-potable uses . the types of projects eligible include the voluntary systems so projects that are not required to install an on-site system to comply with the ordinance. as well as projects that are installing on-site systems on a mandatory basis but are going above and beyond the baseline
9:19 pm
compliance and can demonstrate watersavings above and beyond what they are required to do . the last eligible project is a projectinstalling an on-site treatmentsystem to use brewery process water on-site . next slide . to be eligible for a grant program you'll have to demonstrate being able to achieve water savings at these three thresholds. so i'll just read them out. 450,000 gallons a year offset for 10 years, you canget $200,000 . for a 1 million gallon offset over 10 years you can get up to $500,000 and 3 million gallons per year portable water offsets you can get up to $1 billion. to date our grants program, we executed five grand for the projects for a total of $2.25 million to beawarded . and we estimate the water savings released by this project to the equivalentto
9:20 pm
roughly 3400 san francisco residents daily water use . next slide. some examples of non-mandatory grant projects are the convention center. they went through a recent renovation and part of our project was to install a foundation drainage reuse system so they're pulling up groundwater, reading and reusing it for toilet flushing in the system. the plaza foundation drainage project which completed construction earlier this year is taking foundation drainage from underneath you and plaza and reusing that for a truck still station and makeup water in the un plaza fountain and bac ff park foundation project was a great project between ecs after formerly known as energy and bart to take usage groundwater from the bart station and use itor steam generation .
9:21 pm
next slide. getting through the project we're here to talk about today, 181 fremont, they are a grant project not mandatorily required by the non-potable ordinance and received a grant from the puc to install a water treatment system to use rainwater, for flushing and irrigation and construction of their on-sitesystem was completed last year in february and the project is estimated to save 1.3 million gallons per year of water .next slide . and so this is my conclusion slide. to summarize what our request is, we are requesting to authorize the sf puc manager to authorize an amendment which would extend the agreement by seven years to january 2032 and the reason why we're asking for this extension request is to make sure, there have been
9:22 pm
delays for the project related to upgrading the treatment system to meet and it was also further delay causing minimal occupancy. the top third is residential with maintaining occupancy and continuinguncertainty about further occupancy as the pandemic continues . i look forward totaking any questions . >> thank you so much miss track team, this is fantastic. this must be the exciting stuff this caller wasreferring to. i appreciate the overview of the program . this is a wonderful thing you do at the puc and i'm excited to see the grant go to this particular project which will have such a huge impact on over
9:23 pm
1 million gallons of water . is there a bla report on this item? >> yes chair haney. the resolution would approve the amendment for the grant agreement with 181 fremont llc to extend the term of the grant by seven years january 2032. the purpose of this is offset the cost of the water reuse system and building require 10 years of demonstrated use . due to construction delays the puc does not expect the water reuse system to be in full use until 2022 so the purpose of the extension is to extend the grant requirements for the 10 year period during which the water system will be in use from 2022 to 2032. the grant agreement is consistent with ordinance is adopted by the board with the citywide water reuse. wetherefore recommend approval
9:24 pm
. we can answer any questions. >> chair: great, thank you. can wego to public comment on this item ? >> clerk: seeing if there are any members in the queue who wish to provide comments, press star 3. wait until the system indicates you have been un-muted. this is related to item 6, 181 fremontstreet . any callers who wish to comment on item 6. >> we have one caller in the queue. >> clerk: thank you, go ahead caller . >> caller: i'm a concerned republican livingin san francisco . i opposed this because you dummycrats don't know how to do
9:25 pm
water management. stop this deal. he hall. >> clerk: any other comments in the queue. >> that concludes the queue. >> chair: public comment is closed. not seeing any other questions are comments. i'mgoing to make a motion to move this to a recommendation . >> clerk: feist chair safai. [roll call vote] 2 aye's. >> chair: thank you so much. madam clerk, can you call item number seven . >> clerk: retroactively
9:26 pm
authorizing the department of health to accept and extend a grant in the amount of 315,000 for the centers of disease control and prevention for participation in a program entitled ps 21 2103 , hepatitis surveillance and prevention funding for the period of may 1, 2021 through april 3, 2022. members who wish to provide public comment should call 415-655-0001 , meeting id then press pound, pound.please dial áthree and the system prompt will indicate you have raised your hand. wait until thesystem indicates you have been un-muted . >> chair: thank you. and we have with us miss burke from the department ofpublic health . >> that morning, i'm katie
9:27 pm
burke with the population division of the department of public health. we are seeking retroactive approval to accept and extend the grant that cec 21 2103 grant for our hepatitis prevention andsurveillance intervention . dph received a revised letter june 25 of 2021 for a project start date of may 1 which iswhy we're askingfor retroactive approval . how give a brief description of thegrant . next slide please . this is a $315,000 grant from divided into 2 components, one is prevention focused on these $115,000 around the tightest c elevation planning or the direction of the cdc. with these funds we are supporting a strategic director position for our committee-based elimination initiative here insan francisco
9:28 pm
. for component 2 are surveillance components we are funding at $200,000. we focused on regular tightest data reporting,negative rna results and the higher epidemiologists next slide please .so general activity for this grant will include tightest c elevation planningand program implementation , outbreak response planning and core surveillance report and recording including the integration of negative appetite is the rna results that are reportingprotocols . as well as to focus on. it'll tightest c and what we call micro-elimination where the elimination of the tightest c among people living with hiv. these are the priorities outlined by the cdc and shared by the department of public health. next slide. this will be beneficial to dph,
9:29 pm
the first time we received federal funding for tightest prevention work and in doing so we're joining a cohort of 49 states and eight large city awardees. it will be supporting our commercial work around the tightest b and c elimination with staffing for these activities and we will have to measure and address some of the racial disparities in san francisco. as well as improving our surveillance capacity which understands the true disease burden in san francisco, help us understand our progress on the tightest c elimination specifically by accounting for the numbers of people who have been treated and cured in san francisco and help us align our best practices on hepatitis surveillance that are already practiced in other health departments particularly in philadelphia and new york and massachusetts . next slide. that's just for me, your information and i'mhappy to answer any questions . >> chair: you so much.
9:30 pm
any questions or comments? is there a report on this item? >> we don't have a report on this item. >> chair: is there public comment. >> operation is checking to see if there is public comment in the queue. press star 3 to be added to the queue. please continue to wait until thesystem indicates you have been on muted . this is public commentregarding item # . are there any callers who wish tocomment on item number seven ? >> we have onecaller in the queue . welcome caller. >> caller: this is a concerned republican again . i opposed this bill grant. it's notfiscally responsible .
9:31 pm
epiglottis is a poor people's disease and spread along mormons and we need to give them a busticket out of town . from one, stop the steel. yeehaw. >> that completes the queue. >> chair: public comment is now closed. thank you miss clerk for your work area move item 7 to the full board. can we have a roll call vote . >> clerk: [roll call vote] >> chair: thank you so much. madam clerk, can you please call item 8. >> clerk: item 8, resolution authorizing the sale of one or more series of special text for
9:32 pm
city and county of san francisco facility district number 2014 one, transit center not to exceed 35 million approving related documents as defined herein including an official statement, third supplement tofiscal agent agreement on bondpurchase agreement and continuing disclosure undertaking and determining other matters in connection therewith as defined herein . members who wish to provide public comment should call 415-655-0001 , meeting id 2489 6907105 and then press pound, pound. if you have not done so press star 3 tospeak. you may begin comments mister chair . >> chair: welcome , the controller's office. [inaudible] for this item we
9:33 pm
have ms. rodriguez from the joint powers authority and i will be speaking andmembers will be speaking on the next item . >> chair: that works too. welcome, who is here? >> clerk: we have alphonso rodriguez who is the project manager for dpxfrom the joint powers authority . >> chair: are you here? >> clerk: he shouldbe . perhaps linda could you assist with pulling up the powerpoint presentation ? >> assist with the slides sharing. >> you should have permission
9:34 pm
to shareslides now . >> is it okay to proceed? >> chair: please. >> my name is alphonso rodriguez, leader of the project authority downtown rail extension project joined by anna from the controller's office of public finance . this item seeks for approval of a bondissuance to advance the dcf project . created in 2001 the transit joint powers authority is responsible for delivering and operating a multimodal transit center in downtown san francisco connecting 11 transit systemsserving the entire bay area region . the transit a program included replacing the former terminal with a new sales force center and will deliver nearly4000 housing units and a newly created transit oriented neighborhood . also extend contract and
9:35 pm
california high-speed rail underground from transcript terminus at fourth and k street into the salesforce transit center as approved by the voters in1999 through proposition eight .dps has since received transit administration approval through the issuance of a record decision forits final environmentalimpact study in 2019 . dd , excuse me. entirely constructed in san francisco the benefits of a project will extendwell beyond the area . the combined system will accommodate an estimated 90,000 per day offering a one seat trial opportunity to san francisco from the peninsula and eventually the central valley and beyond taking vehicles off the road which will be providing a sustainable and equitable connection across the region linkinghousing, open-space and employment destinations . the gps project will be by a variety of multi-regional and state funding sources, a
9:36 pm
significant source of funding will be through the federal transit administration capital investmentsgrant new start program . in october of this year we submitted our request to fda for project entry to the development age of this program. the key jpa board provided authorization of this action at its september 9 meeting contingent upon the board of supervisors approval of this bond issuance . fda requires demonstration of a poll on the availability for project development which is estimated at $30 million . and would be funded through this request upon the authorization. in august 2023 we intend to submit our grant application. this date is important as fda only accepts grant applications annually in august . the $30 million cft bond proceeds will be used for fta project developed that's supposed to be originally planned regional measures refunds currently delayed in
9:37 pm
litigation . the $20 million federal engineering work in this fiscal years 2324 come from local regional contributions as well as grants we will pursue. fran and california high-speed rail authority have already provided letters to approve their commitment and mtc has calendared an item to authorizedmillion dollars for the engineering space . we plan to use 11.6 million of tft funds for other dcf costs over the next two years. we ask that cft bond authorization before you today be forwarded to the whole board of supervisors on september 21 . and currently further discussions are ongoing with project agencypartners to demonstrate financial commitment including additional grants .your support will ensure that we meet the program's objectives to meet
9:38 pm
the fda program development space that we expect toenter in october. i'll come over to anna to discuss the terms of the bond issuance . >> not to exceed bond of $30 million will fund $30 million in project costs, about $1 million of issuance costsand a debt service reserve fund . with an estimated cost of 3.12 percent total debt service is projected to be $56 million through thefinal maturity in the bond since september 2050 . in addition to the jca are also representatives here dca and we arehappy to answer any questions you may have . >> chair: great,thank you. do we have a report on this item ? >> clerk: no charity, we do not have a report. >> chair: thank you. i have of course. excited to see this happening and additional funding being made available for this project which runs in part through my
9:39 pm
district will obviously have to use benefits to the entire region and our state and so this bond financing that allows us to move forward with the next phases of the project are usually necessary and excited. with that i want to open this up to public comment. >> clerk: operation is checking to see ifthere are any colors in the queue . please press star 3 to be adde to the queue . continue to wait until the systemindicates you have been on muted . this is public comment relating to item 8. are thereany colors on item number eight ? >> we currently have 16 callers in the queue. >> clerk: pleaseunmute the first caller . >> caller: good morning
9:40 pm
supervisors. this is john doherty with idw local 6 president of the building construction trades council and i want to voice our support for this item and ask that it be passed through the committee. thankyou very much . >> clerk: next speaker please . >> caller: good morning supervisors, my name is john corso taking on behalf ofthe members and staff of local 38 . the city. we support the proposed bond resolution and encourage you to approve it . the time is now to not escalate costs that could top over $200 million per year. we need rail service downtown. local 38 supports the bond and we hope you pass the law. >> clerk: thank you, next speaker please . >> caller: my name is charlie,
9:41 pm
operating engineer for local three heavy equipment operator . i've been involved in the transfer a project since 2007 and this project. any delay will cost money. these are expensive projects and it's evident all around that as we see climate change impacting usand i urge you to move this forward to the board . >> clerk: next speaker please. >> caller: good morning honorable chair and members of the committee. my name is rudy gonzalez with san francisco building and construction trades council and i have the pleasure of representingthousands of hard-working union members and families in the city . we think this is a procedural
9:42 pm
or perfunctory measure has to move over but it's critically important not just to the trans-bay project itself the role it plays as an iconic piece of infrastructure it really will help stir economic recovery and development in the city and keep people on good family sustaining jobs and career paths. just as a side note, the federal transportationauthority is what's requiring you to move this forward .the t gpa has done their part and we need the board of supervisors to support this important ease of infrastructure and keep us on track to issuing bonds. the cft is good i think because it really generates revenue through those entities already received zoning bonuses if your healthy ecosystem issuing these bonds, coupling them finally with the federal administration was willing to invest not only on infrastructure but in our city of san francisco it's an
9:43 pm
exciting opportunity and we respectfully ask that you advance this with a positive recommendation to the board. >> clerk: next speaker please. >> caller: good morning members of the board. thank you for giving me an opportunity to speak. my name is pedro mendes, a field representative for local 22 and the ap jca a member. i represent approximately 4000 carpenters in san francisco and 40,000 carpenters in northern california . our organization is part of a larger coalition of divers working-class women and men vacated to the construction industry. all these trades play an important part in our economy and will be integral to the success of the project as well as training high-speed rail to the bay area . i encourage you to support and
9:44 pm
approve the trans-bay transit center cft series 2021 bond resolution is needed to provide the necessary funding for the downtown extension project that the federal administration requires to enter the process . the t jca has been a proven partner to labor and continues to create good jobs in the construction industry. approving this item will bring this project one step closer to extending rail service to downtown san francisco and in doing so creates an integrated regionaltransportationsystem . thank you for your kind of service . >> next speakerplease . >> caller: high-speed rail? [inaudible] >>clerk: next speaker please. armida callers , please keep your comments on-topic.
9:45 pm
>> caller: committee members, thank you for giving me the opportunity to call in . i'm the executive director of the east bay community benefit district providing some of the stewardship and community building services in the neighborhood around the transit center.i encourage you to support and approve the trans-bay transit center bond resolution before you look forward to the full board approval. your approval is critical on the funding available through this administration and extending rail service to the transit center is critical to the city and region's future . iq. >> clerk: thank you, next speakerplease . >> caller: hello. i'm the business representative forthe allied trade in san francisco surrounding bay area . also aresident of this beautiful city of san francisco
9:46 pm
. i'm calling in tosupport , ask your support on this bond issuance. this is the type of infrastructurewe need to continue the investment and working people and the fan the flames of our economy here . basically local work puts the money into local families, working families pockets which they spend locally though don't miss this timely opportunity as was mentioned,we waste it will cost us more . along with the building trades, the painters and allied trade support this bond issuance and urgeyou to support this at board of supervisors . >> clerk: thank you, next speaker please. >> caller: my name is casey townsend, chief communications officer for caltran and where supportive of this project
9:47 pm
which would extend into the transit center providing better regional connections for people adding them to where they need to go and in the future we want to keep an eye out for more options forfolks to get to key destinations in san francisco all the way down to tampa . you for your time and we look forward to you passing this us getting one step closer to thi project getting tofruition . >> clerk: next speaker please . >> caller: good morning supervisors, my name is woodward with the nonprofit organizations for .for a long time supporter of the extension of caltran service from its terminus at fourth and king street to the new salesforce transit center. we encourage the board of supervisors to issue 30 million and translate transit center bonds to advance downtown rail extension project .federal funding for this project can
9:48 pm
never be as favorable as it is today and we encourage the board of supervisors to support this bond issuance process to take advantage of this opportunity and bring this important projectto life both for the city and state . >> clerk: next speaker please . >> caller: i'm the chair of the cac or the tj pa area members of the tj pa believe it's important we approve this item. the approval will bring this project one step closer to extending rail service into downtown san francisco and creating anintegrated transportation system . this system helps not only those in the san francisco area but also those traveling to san francisco areas like incremental, central valley and beyond. please approve this bond resolution needed to provide funding that the federal transit administration also required for thisproject to enterthe new start process .
9:49 pm
thank you supervisors . >> clerk: nextspeaker please . >> good morning, sheet metal workers 104 wouldlike to ask for your support this morning . i'm standing with catherine in downtown creating a world-clas regional transit system . thank you very much. >> clerk: nextspeaker please . >> good morning supervisor, my name is dan ford, i'm a business representative with you a local 43. i encourage you to support through the trans-bay transit center cft . 2021 bond resolution. construction ofthe trans-bay transit center created 5 million hours from bay area workers .
9:50 pm
these continue to support loca workers and movethis forward to the full board with a positive recommendation . thank you for your time . >> thank you, next speaker please . >> morning chair 80 and a supervisor. my name is dan as a managing director with san francisco. through our ownership and development of real estate in downtown we are large supporters of the trans-bay cft and salesforce enter and the private sector partner in investing in downtown since our earliest work together on the transit center and what is now salesforce our over 15 years ago. it's amazing to see the progress made on the transit center and the critical promise of its impact for san francisco is incompleting the dpx and bringing caltrans to downtown . accordingly i hope you will vote in favor of this bond issuance andcontinue your support for this critical project .
9:51 pm
thank you very much for your time. >> clerk: eight other colors in that you can mark. >> that completes the queue. >> public comment is now close . thank you so much to everyone who called in the neighborhood and also especially to the representativesfrom the building trades . this is a hugely critical project for the overall economic development and well-being of our region and will create many many thousands of jobs so this is very much welcome for a variety of reasons including jobs so thank you to the members of the trades who called in for your support and we agree with you and we hear you. with that i want to make a motion, supervisor safai. >> it's just you and me. i couldn't. i jump in, just trying tobe
9:52 pm
respectful . just want to reiterate a couple of, this is extremely important to our region for environmental purposes. this is something that's long overdue and unfortunately it's been caught in the morass of back-and-forth and underfunding and undermining by previous administrations and the federal government. i'm excited for thismoney to go forward . secondarily an equally important, this will be a tremendous job creator and job development tool and i really want to appreciate the building trade or calling in and discussing their support for this. their encouragement ofthis and what it means to the region in general . just excited to support this today,thank you mister chair . >> chair: thank you vice chairman safai. i want to make a motion to move
9:53 pm
this to the full board with a positive
9:54 pm
offsets commercial paper. [inaudible] commercial paper is a short-term utilized for capital projects and vehicles, commercial paper the first and costs via the issuance of long-term fees for a larger capital project or on the commercial paper over a shorter term based on the life of the equipment being leased. the board for approved commercial paper increasing the program in 2013 which now allows the state to issue 250 million in bonds. a technical adjustment to the mayor's proposed budget was
9:55 pm
implemented to allow paper to fund approximately 2 million of replacement budget. this commercial paper is expected to be received over five fiscal years from the general fund beginning next fiscal year budgeted at $9000 with the average annual estimated to range between 500,000 and about 555,000 based on available interest rates and program costs that are expected to range between two and five percent during this period. the total debt service is between 2.5 million and 2.8 million which includes $2.4 million of vehicles and the remainder being trips. any questions on the financing i'm available to answer and representatives are available toanswer any questions . >> chair: is there a bla report onthis item ? >> clerk: yes chair haney there
9:56 pm
is. the resolution would authorize $2.4 million of commercial paper as shown on page 15 of proceeds will finance the acquisition of 60 replacement police vehicles marked and unmarked, the office of public finance projected the debt service will range between 2.5 and $2.8 million including between 140,300 55,000 antitrust costs. the proposed spending authority for the purchase is included in the budget already approved by the board. and the additional debt service associated with the finances within the city's policy limit of 2.25 percent of discretionary fund revenues. we thereforerecommend approval and i'm happy to answer any questions . >> chair: with that we can open this up to public comment.
9:57 pm
>> operation ischecking to see if there are membersin the queue. please press star 3 to be added to thequeue. those on hold wait until the system indicates you have been on muted . see if there are any callers who wish to comment on item 9 . >> we have one color in the queue . >> caller: this is a concerned republican. i don't want tax and spending but i certainly love thisitem. i think we need more replacement police vehicles . in fact we need a lot more police officers now but your stop that.i think we need to get more police on the streets so we can take care of criminals. we need more police to beat criminals up and stop stealing from walgreens so they don't shut down. i think we need to get rid of all this crime in the city just
9:58 pm
this crime makes me boils my blood and we need more cops out there putting their knees on the next of thieves. trump one, stop the steal. yeehaw. >> that completes the queue. >> with that i want to move this itemto the full board with a positive recommendation . [roll call vote]. >> chair: this willgo to the full board with a positive recommendation . madam clerk, can you please call item 10. >> the commercial rent relief fund, for landlords of certain commercial tenants for tenants unable to pay rent due to the
9:59 pm
pandemic and update of 24 months on the effective date of the legislation. members wish to provide public comment should call 415-655-0001, meeting id 2489 690 7105. press pound twice and if you've not done so press star 3 to speak. please wait untilthe system indicates you have been on muted and you may begin your comments . >> chair: supervisor safai the floor is yours. >> this is something we have been talking about since the budget process and even further back into the spring of last year. supervisor ronan and others on the committee as well as the members of the board of supervisors were extremely concernedabout commercial rent relief . and in the state withwhich our much , how many businesseshave accrued debt .from since that
10:00 pm
time i just want to provide a little context, we've been working on through the economic recovery task force report that's been provided to us as a tool of the foundation on how we are approaching what's small businesses need in terms of support to alleviate some of the economic pressure in the global downturn. we've had meetings about tourism and occupancies and buildings, we've worked with the city administrator on our controller on the city's economists, office of small business, director of office of economic and workforce development, all-around economic recovery . we work with supervisor peskin and members of the board on revising conviction protection withbusinesses that have employeesbetween 50 and 99 employees . and essentially , then working
10:01 pm
on the grant and loanprogram , supporting the mayor and what she's put forward. but for all these reasons, we still are aware that the city is still dealing with about $100-$400 million based on the report that i referenced that supervisor ronen asked for somewhere between $100-$400 at that time. we know nine months has passed. businesses have continued to be impacted and commercial rent has continued to increase and our commercial interaction moratorium is coming to a head at the end of this month. this is dumping that is we believe an eminent crisis so the proposal that is in front of us today would ask that both landlords and businesses come
10:02 pm
to the table at a certain percentage of money if there is money put into this fundwith would be set aside to support third-party negotiators that leases would be extended . some amount of commercial back grant would beforgiven and potentially grant up to between 25 and $35,000 . we believe the right number is $25 million to put into this fund. impact of a minimum of 4000 businesses and thousands and thousands of employees as many of you know on this committee as well as people that are participating in the calls today that our small businesses are the driver of our local economy and they are a major employer by far. so the purpose of why we were trying to create this bond and do it outside the budget process was because we wanted more time to see how landlords
10:03 pm
businesses would to interact. we also knew the commercial interaction moratorium was coming and had been extended . sowe've had and i know colleagues , chair haney and others have had their own conversations with many many small businesses that are deeply struggling to pay their back rent. that's not to negate what we have done as a city . as i said the mayor has put in 20 to 25 million in loans and converted to grants but with the scale of back rent exceeding the hundreds of millions , this is something that we are very veryconcerned about . and this issue does not just affect one part of town. it affects every single district in every single commercial corridor.
10:04 pm
we've engaged with various merchant associations, san francisco bar owners alliance, commissioners and the commission itself will present support and debated through unanimous support for this fund the san francisco council of the golden gate restaurant association, we've reached out to and francisco chamber,the chinese chamberof commerce . in the san francisco bay area hispanic chamber , latino task force and the excelsior action group and every district supervisor's office and more to gather feedback on how much grants orunpaid rent would help their businesses and their commercial corridors . lastly this ordinance builds on the policy analysts report. the budget analyst report provided by the board of supervisors recommended that we create a relief fund to support san francisco's small businesses continue to face hurdles that we are not recipients of ppp loans that
10:05 pm
did not access the restaurant relief money so this is really exclusively dedicated to renegotiating leases and 100 percent of the money has to go towards paying unpaid rent if money is successful in getting money into this fund. we've been advocating for greater funding to go directly for grants since the spring and essentially what we've heard overand over again from businesses in this process is they cannot take on one more penny of debt . that this point , we are really pushing to ensure that this program would be a grant program. so chair, i know you'll have some comments but we also have today minis from the mayor's economic workforce development and also gina dick and gracie executive director of theoffice of small business and of course
10:06 pm
the bla to answer any questions . wanted to give if you'd like to say something jeremy these and then after you, miss dick and gracie to share a statement and then if many have any input fromthe office of economic board force workforce development before we go to public comment . >> first of all thank you supervisor for yourleadership and i'd like to be added as a cosponsor for this . i know you've been along on this issue and really meeting us on the urgency around this for a number of months and so i think the build it and they will come to this makes a lot of sense because we need to create aprogram . we need to create a framework for this and make sure weput the fund in two provide the support . as we recover, one of the huge looming threats that when the
10:07 pm
election moratorium for commercial tenants expires, that we will see a huge rash of small businesses in particular who will be pushed out and i think one of the most critical things we need for our recovery is to keep our small businesses who have survived through this pandemic, many of whom have had to cut power,many have seen huge reductions in our revenue . and you know, make sure they continue to be able to stay open and to stay in our city and if not we're going to have a lot of loss of these critical businesses and also ultimately it will cost more of our city and workers over the long run so i want to appreciate your leadership and you have my support on this and doing whatever we can to make sure the support is for our small
10:08 pm
businesses so i'll turn it back over to you for whatever our first speaker should be thank you chair and today we're creating the fund so that's step one area and then we are in discussions with the mayor's office and we're hopeful that we will be able to get money into the fund ultimately to help and i think we've taken the right approach. we've waited to the point where we wanted to see how much further some landlords were willing and many have absolved some of the back rent. and may businesses have picked back up but many have not. and mounting debt is a looming crisis and we've heard from many businesses thatsaid there waiting until the moratorium kicks in and they might just have to close shop . on my way into the city hall today just as an examplewalked from the heart of the mission through hayes valley , encountered over 20 businesses
10:09 pm
that i use to frequent network in business and it said nothin but for lease in the window and these are mainly mom-and-pop shops , mainly employing between 6 to 10 people and it adds to the lack of vibrancy. it removes vibrancy from our corridors, and to otherproblems in terms of cleanliness and no more eyes on the streets . it's job losses and in many cases, these are the small businesses that people look for that make san francisco unique, that make people want to come to san francisco to seethe unique style of stores that we have and businesses that we have . that make the fabric of our cities special. so as we lose those we lose part of the core and vibrancy of our city. thank youfor that support, thank you for your cosponsorship . i'm going to hand over now to miss tracy to share a statement from the small business
10:10 pm
commission and their support for this legislation. >> thank you supervisor safai. good to see you chair haney. thank you supervisor safai for introducing this legislation that will establish a commercial rent relief fund. this past monday, september 13 the small business commission heard this item. and during its deliberation the commission identified that rent and debt are the top issues that businesses are facing at this time. and with the commercial election moratorium, expiring in just 15 days, this is an important item to be given consideration. the commission also identified
10:11 pm
that every tool that we had provided to assist businesses in dealing with their rent and debt is important. you should have received the official notice of the commissions recommendation yesterday. which is as supervisor safai they voted unanimously in support 5 to 0 for recusal. therefore i am affirming the small business commission recommend the board of supervisors approved the commercial rent relief on legislation to establish the framework for this fund program. thank you and i'm happy to take any questions if you have them . >> chair: thank you for underscoring that we have 15 days until this moratorium and and we're not hopeful that it
10:12 pm
will be extended . it was before but we are not hopeful given the fact that tenant protections were not extended past the end of this month. this comes even more urgent. please be there for any specific questions. you pretty much said it from what you havegotten from the majority of businesses that you've to talk to , it sounds like rent debt is one of the highest impending items on everyone'smind . you've pretty much said. i don't know what else there is to say but this is something that is truly urgent so maybe you can bethere and will follow up . manisha, are you there? >> good afternoon supervisor. thank you for letting me join this meeting and say a few
10:13 pm
words on behalf of the office of economicand workforce development . i want to thank you supervisor safai for introducing this item and i don't have a presentation but i wanted to make myself available for any questions either for you or chair haney for this item. i didn't want to just go to your point and chair haney's point about the board of supervisors and your leadership and stewardship and helping are struggling businesses during this time to provide a meaningful tool to these businesses to address rent without the fear of an evictio . keep this brief but i'm here to answer any questions you might have.
10:14 pm
>> vice chair: we will come back and essentially we described what thiswould do . if funds were put into this and i did speak to your director miss kate the day before yesterday. it's clear you already have existing third-party negotiators that would be part of the process. but one question before we go to public comment and i did ask for this but the question was do you think if funds are put into this you will be prepared to administer and move a program of this sort in an expeditious manner?>>. [please stand by]
10:15 pm
10:16 pm
>> hello, i am helen bean on behalf of tl cbd, tenderloin community benefit district 6. since the beginning of the pandemic, they have supported more than 200 small businesses in the tenderloin with support and information to survive during lockdown's significant impacts on businesses and employees. our businesses especially restaurants made little or no income to pay rent. this was not their fault. they shouldn't have to bear the burden of paying rent due during this period. we feel it is unfair and inequitable. we support commercial rent relief plan that is necessary to survive. the conviction moratorium is set to end on september 30th. we need the board of supervisors and mayor to help save the local
10:17 pm
businesses through this grant. thank you for your time. >> next speaker, please. >> good morning, supervisors haney and safai. this is laurie thomas, eckexecutive director of the golden gate restaurant. i am calling to strongly support this legislation. it is extremely well thought out and we know so many restaurants bars and retail businesses have suffered so greatly over the past 16 months. many are still at risk of not surviving. we know the federal relief ppp loans or restaurant revitalization fund fell short of our need with over 177,000 applications including those from people of color, veterans, women and others did not receive this relief because the funds
10:18 pm
ran out at the federal level. for the department of public health licenses june 1st there were 440 closures and 249 openings which is a ratio of 1.8 closures over openings, which is very concerning given the deadline for eviction moratorium soon. the downtown and moscone centers are hurting. only 19% of office workers are back at work in downtown. many service businesses and colleagues and friends have multiple cafes and restaurants closed. this is scary for the city. we need to do everything to help small businesses and restaurant and retail communities and bars survive. this was well crafted legislation. thank you for the supervisor. we gave input and we think it is amazing it is grant based to be
10:19 pm
administered out of the office of workforce development to go directly to back rent. if there are unused funds in the future it would be returned to the general fund. this is a great smart government move with a lot of stakeholders consulted. thank you for working as a team. please vote to support this. thank you. >> next speaker, please. hello, supervisors. thank you for taking my call. i am the owner of lama trine nay on fillmore street in particular. this is my family's business. we have been in business since 1979 at that location. that is 42 years. this pandemic has been very challenging. i am calling to voice my support
10:20 pm
for this rent relief legislation. with our landlords desspite efforts over the months we have not been able to come to agreement on some support from their part to acknowledge the difficulties we went through. we have back rent due and recently are at impasse where we are unable to come to any agreement. a measure like this would greatly help us move the process of resolving the back rent forward. i very much welcome the idea of rent relief and negotiation. thank you. >> next speaker, please.
10:21 pm
>> hello. thank you. are you hearing me? >> yes, sir, please proceed. >> this i'm thanking you for allowing me to speak. i have a cafe for that spot. i am calling to fully support this. we need this to happen and to have such support from the government. thank you. i hope that will go for the sake
10:22 pm
of everybody in small business. >> thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> hello, chair haney and supervisor safai. i want to -- i am the president of the san francisco small business commission speaking on my own behalf and as an individual and small business owner myself. i want to speak strongly in support of this legislation. what we hear over and over and over again from small businesses in the community is that they are overwhelmed with debt, backed up in rent, and there is just no money left in the till to get them out of it. there is particularly a small cohort of folks who were not able to get ppp, not able to get
10:23 pm
other government aid, and they are hanging on by their fingernails. we hear from them all of the time in tears, crying, worried for families, homes. legislation like this is critical to help them get on their feet. it is something the city can do to help keep the small businesses alive, help keep employees employed. we have to get the small business back in action because it is so critical to our city economy and our future. i want to thank supervisor safai for putting this forward, and i want to thank the callers for taking time to call in. thank you. >> hello, i am andrewia.
10:24 pm
with the merchants association. owned and operated the inn and restaurant the in district 11. we have unpaid rent in addition to increased costs of running the restaurant in pandemic. we have applied for dozens of grants and loans who put the paperwork on the business owners not landlords. what we received is not enough to sustain us going forward if we are to pay back rent on top of regular rent in a market that has not returned to prepandemic level. we support rent relief. the moratorium is to end leaving us to tend for ourselves. we need grants and not more
10:25 pm
debt. thank you for your time. >> next speaker, please. >> this is eddy in district 7. we have a hair salon in the community for 33 years. we have been serving the community international clients. we are a black business. our clients are from around the world and as far away as antioch. we serve people inening el side and excelsior. we always paid taxes. we have a co-op. everybody is private contractor so we never tried to get a ppp loan. nobody was on salary or commission. we managed to make it through and we started getting reduced
10:26 pm
rent. we still owe tremendous amount of back rent for the pandemic. we have some people who couldn't afford to pay the subcontractor rent. this could be a lifesaver. i am calling to say i support what you are trying to do. i think that if we can get the landlord to continue with reduced represent and use whatever we can use to make a deal with the landlord for back rent, this would be great. i am the manager speaking on behalf of the owner of salon mohaggany. this will be great if this can be expedited as soon as possible. i appreciate what you are trying to do and support it 100%. >> thank you. next speaker, please.
10:27 pm
>> afternoon. i am here on behalf of trademark district 6. we have been in business four years. our business has incurred $56,000 in unpaid rent. i mentioned about businesses we cannot take on any more debt. we support commercial rent relief grant that is necessary for community businesses to survive. commercial eviction moratorium is to end on september 30th. we need the board of supervisors and mayor to save the local businesses. we need grants, not loans. thank you very much. >> next speaker, please. >> thank you everybody. i am michael burns.
10:28 pm
the pawnshop restaurant and catering. we support this grant program. this is the first step to keep small businesses alive. hopefully this will come with other changes before the pandemic more restaurants and bars were closing than opening. >> thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> hello, thank you for your support. i am sterling and i am one of the owners of the restaurant in the financial district. rent is one of the highest in the country. we have accrued hundreds of thousands of dollars of back rent over the past 18 months ago. ppp covers a few months of
10:29 pm
payroll. payroll and rent and it works out to one month of covered rent. we did not receive revitalization funds which we were to use for rent owed. we have re-opened. sales are not even 10% of pre-covid sales. as a restaurant people do not eat twice a day to make up for what they have lost. it is impossible for us to make up 18 months of lost sales to pay the back rent. only way is to extend our current lease which we discussed legislation. with the term expiring septembe. we cannot afford to pay rent come due october 1st. please approve this as soon as possible. it is essential for our survival. >> next speaker, please.
10:30 pm
>> i oppose this. supervisor safai. inappropriate pictures to a subordinate. [ inaudible ] >> next caller, please. good afternoon. david quinbe. i own the riptide and motos. we employ 40 people. we are struggling hundreds of thousands in debt. i want to say that, first of all, thank you for considering this and proposing this. i hope everybody votes on it and puts it through. all small businesses are hanging
10:31 pm
by a thread at the moment. thank you so much. >> next speaker, please. >> i am reagan capone ne. i own a couple bars in san francisco. i do support the legislation that you are proposing. we got to keep our merchant corridors alive apwell. bars have been hit the hardest. a lot of restaurants depending on the area have been hit just as hard. bars and restaurants please support them. thank you very much. >> thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. david harrison calling on behalf of the building owners and managers association of san francisco in support of this legislation. we recognize that our small
10:32 pm
businesses play a vibrant part in san francisco. we are trying to keep as many existing tenants in buildings as possible. aftermath of the pandemic vast majority of membership has entered into agreements restructuring rent under leases. we believe this will be critical to provide additional support to help tenants recover and landlords able to meet debt obligations, too. thank you for your consideration. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. david tylie. seventh and brannon south of market. $40,000 behind in rent. afraid to close doors. then we lose the staff and never get them back and they support
10:33 pm
families. they vacated three buildings. air b and b working from home and we are struggling badly. any help from the city will be grateful. thank you so much. >> next speaker, please. >> i am a small business owner at the corner of 16th and valencia. speaking of the corridor merchants. it is true some of the work comes at the end of a war. that is where we are. i know small business owners twisted and turned themselves just to survive and get to this point. now we are dealing with an obstacle to pay back rent and don't know what to do.
10:34 pm
unfortunately, re-opening of the city and country is not the explosion we needed. tourist and economic energy we needed in san francisco. it is coming. we were expecting more at this point. rent is back. we have hired. overhead is high. most relief has run out. i am very, very nervous about my neighborhood and valencia losing businesses. this is a do or die moment for many small businesses trying to get through the final hurdle of the terrible year and a half. i urge you to vote for this fund and legislation to have it fully funded to have the commercial rent relief withdrew. thank you, supervisor safai. this is super-helpful. thank you for helping our community to keep our city
10:35 pm
vibrant and thriving. thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> hello. i am tiffany. i am here on behalf of. [ inaudible ] in the tenderloin inside of the marketplace of women of color and immigrant women entrepreneurs. the commercial rent relief grant as new business owner with brick and mortar it is necessary to survive and thrive in san francisco. as a restaurant with residents in sros. we depend on the board of supervisors and mayor to help save our local businesses. we need grants, not loans.
10:36 pm
thank you. >> there are eight callers in the call and 3 listening. -- 31 listening. next speaker, please. >> i am shal la from new balance on behalf of the san francisco independent fitness studios. they have been hit hard. a lot of our landlords since we were able to operate online are forgiving rent. working online wesent profitable for fitness studios open gyms. our landlords want money. we haven't received any help from the city yet. ppp ran out within two and a half months. we need help. i would like to echo the grants
10:37 pm
not loans. >> thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> this is cash here on market street between sixth and seventh. can you hear me? >> yes. >> yeah, we are still open but one of the few shops on this stretch of market street that is. more closed shops than open. it is what it is. my landlord is a sweetheart doing what he can to keep me going. we lost all of our commuter business when the pandemic came down and it hasn't come back. i don't want to say anything else. yeah, if we can get him some help to continue to help me out that would be wonderful. i support this. thank you.
10:38 pm
>> next speaker, please. good afternoon, supervisors haney and safai. steven lee. i own two businesses in chinatown. legacy business. it has been struggling over a year. we have been paying 50% rent. they have been generously reminding us how much we owe. we are only takeout. we don't have room to do indoor dining right now with the limiting capacity and also no room on the street to do park let. we are at the point where 40 years is thinking every tiring. we might have to sell. because of cash flow issue. i also have another business we
10:39 pm
opened during the pandemic in the entertainment industry. we are paying 50% rent. we need more time. a little more time. chinatown is 70% tourists. until tourists is open again. thank you for this consideration we support the rent support. thank you. >> thank you. if you wish to comment on this item 10 press star 3 now to be added to the queue. if you are on hold wait until the system indicates you are unmuted. next caller, please. >> good afternoon, board of supervisors. i am calling on behalf of small businesses throughout the city working with the specific issue
10:40 pm
of the landlord relations back rent and trying to figure out ways to help businesses during the pandemic. i fully support this legislation. however, i would like for possibly the supervisors to review it to see if there are any ways to make it more expansive and less barriers as possible. as we know, our city has been in different types of businesses. this may not be enough money to help all businesses we would like to be as many opportunities for people to access this money as possible. i fully support this. our businesses need this money to pay back rent. if there is an opportunity for businesses who may not have great relationships with landlords to access this money as well as deposit towards future working relations, that
10:41 pm
would be appreciated. thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> i am ben bleiman president of the entertainment commission. i am calling as civilian today. i support this measure. i think a lot of people have spoken about their struggles and why it is important. i have heard a lot that they are concerned. they can't help all businesses. i kind everyject that way of thinking. this has the ability to help a lot of businesses. maybe 1500 small businesses might be saved or more. that is a huge, huge amount of people. huge amount of staff, neighborhood lively hoods and beautification of neighborhoods and commercial activity. we are in a desperate situation.
10:42 pm
helping those businesses and many, many more. i hope that would not stand in our way of passing this. thank you for your time. i know you have done so much for small businesses. we appreciate it. i thank supervisor safai and the whole small business community for helping out. thank you. >> next speaker, please. i am tiffany chung on the black bird in district 8. we have been closed for the pandemic. it has been a year and a half. we are back to business with hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt incurred during the closure. any assist in back rent is tremendous. we are facing long road to
10:43 pm
recovery and we need to ride out the next couple years until the city rebounds. please help. thank you for putting together this legislation and consideration. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> i am summer. i am representing my market on sixth street. i fully support this. this will give us new hope to continue our business. i support this. thank you very much. >> thank you for your comments. there are two callers in the queue and 20 listening. if you wish to comment on item 10, press star 3 to be added to the queue. next caller, please.
10:44 pm
>> welcome, caller. >> hi, supervisors, i am abdulrama. i own a small business in the tenderloin. i signed a lease the end of 2019 in the tenderloin to serve the community affordable menu in 2019 we signed the contract with a contractor. the city closed. cannot get the permit for five or six months. until now we feel responsible for the lease of back rent and trying to negotiate with the landlord. we didn't get to agreement.
10:45 pm
we spent more than $144,000 from our pocket. contractor left. we cannot afford to continue. the building is empty. we support commercial rent relief grant. necessary for our business to survive to the end of this month. thank you very much for the chance to speak. have a good day. >> next speaker, please. >> i am shawn from the black bird and detour. we have gone into hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt. any relief would be tremendously helpful. we are still down 30 to 40%,
10:46 pm
work from omahas had a huge -- from home then has had huge impact on our business. this would help us through the recovery which could take years until people work in the offices come back. we are hanging on by a thread. this legislation could really help us and i am right with all other callers. this would be a lifeline to save us. we are the ones that may being the city vibrant and colorful and what drives the economy here and the neat life and -- night life and tourism. i appreciate your supporting this legislation and helping save all of our small businesses. thank you very much.
10:47 pm
>> thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> this is amy morris, general manager of makeout room in latin-american club in san francisco. i support commercial rent relief. we have just in the makeout room alone we owe $150,000 in back rent. our landlord is not willing to reduce anything. month-to-month right now after being in business for 25 years at this location and trying to workout a lease arrangement as well as some kind of relief for ourselves in paying this back rent. anything the city could do. tax breaks for landlords that give represent relief. anything. this is the biggest chung of debt we have. business has not fully
10:48 pm
recovered. it will be a few years. anything you could put forward to help us out would be appreciated. thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> hello. i am here on behalf of angel cafe and deli in district 6. we have been in business for 15 years. it is hard. we have occurred $30,000 in unpaid rent. i applied for a couple loans and got zero. [ inaudible ] the commercial moratorium as we know we need to board of
10:49 pm
supervisors and mayor to help us. we support the grants and loans. thank you very much. >> next speaker, please. >> i am john matheney in support of this item. very happy to hear the city is trying to enact something to help small businesses. it is a horrible year. hearing the stories of fellow restaurant bar owners staggers me. it is the worst year ever. to pay back rent is possible. more businesses would fail. this would bring back the life we all need. i want to thank you all for considering it.
10:50 pm
>> are there any other callers in the queue? >> that competes the queue. >> thank you, chair. i am really glad that supervisor mar was able to make it for the public comment. colleagues, i have spoken to you individually over time about this on a manning crolevel, not -- m acro level the problem of commercial back rent. hearing directly from the business owners today really hits this home. chair haney, if we reround the clock back the before christmas we had a conversation about supporting small businesses. you led that conversation.
10:51 pm
we had a special meeting to have that conversation. we have been doing everything we can collectively to try to fight to keep these businesses open. i think that because we have been caught up in the day-to-day of health orders and ensuring the basics of the city tenant rent relief, food on people's tables, schools open, testing, vaccinations, some of the other issues as businesses start to open up or remain open get pushed to the back burner and we don't see it as an impending crisis. i know that i personally have had conversations with hundreds of owners over the last year who said this is something that is coming down the pike. not to mention i have done calls
10:52 pm
from small landlords who want and need this help because the businesses have not been able to pay their rent. this is not a silver bullet by any means. we believe that if this fund is funded we think that we can save thousands of businesses and thousands of jobs a vibrancy of the city. i will not be labor that point. thank you for your cosponsorship. supervisor haney we would love your support. supervisor mar, we will go to other supervisors to gather support for this and keep the theconversations with the mayors office to get money put into the fund. thank you to all the small business owners and individual groups i maimed before, emergency associations and
10:53 pm
others that helped to talk and get the stories out. this was about hearing directly from small businesses. you saw this from every neighborhood of the city they took time out of their busy schedule to call in to voice support for this. be will continue to fight and hopefully be successful in the end. >> thank you, supervisor mar. >> i want to thank supervisor safai for his work and staff team on this really important issue. the new program to provide commercial rent relief to small businesses. we are well aware of the challenges our small businesses face in recovering from the pandemic. the city has created many important programs to provide
10:54 pm
relief and support and fill the gap from federal and state relief. this morning i joined mayor breed to announce the new relief grant program that provides relief to businesses that are victims of property crime. commercial rent relief is an important issue that has been discussed. in the small business community and board and mayor's office. i appreciate supervisor safai your work. advocating for this and creating this program. thank you. i would like to be added as cosponsor. i look forward to working with you and chair haney to ensure that we can fund this program. >> thank you, supervisor mar. thank you to everyone who called
10:55 pm
in. that underscored the critical urgency of getting this program in place and fully funding it. i heard many of them who talked about the very position. we need to make sure we have a long-term solution to help them with rent. thank you, supervisor safai. would somebody please mute their microphone. supervisor safai the motion. >> motion to send to the full board with positive recommendation. thank you both for your cosponsorship. >> roll call vote. >> vice chair safai. >> aye. >> member mar. >> aye. >> chair haney. >> aye. >> three ayes. >> great.
10:56 pm
this will go to the full board with positive recommendation. thank you so much everyone. we will go to the last item which is item 11. can you please call item 11. resolution authorizing the director of transportation to execute contract s.f.m.t.a. 2020-46 for procurement of single and multi space parking meters to replace existing hardware not to exceed $70.5 million for a term of five years to commence following board approval, with the option to extend for five additional years. call 415-655-0001 to comment. dial star 3 to week. wait until ushunmuted to comment.
10:57 pm
>> thank you. we have lexie and the director tumlin here. >> good morning. i would like to start the presentation and answer any questions you may have.
10:58 pm
we are here for the parking meter agreement for 12,000 single space and multi space meters to cover 26,000 spaces for s.f.m.t.a. and port of san francisco. the contract term is five base year and five extension to match the expected life of the purchase hardware. this comes with five year warranty with option to extend for five additional years to cover the entire term of contract and save on the maintenance expenses and operating costs. hardware will have rechargeable batteries with at least three years recharging. no hardware updates necessary.
10:59 pm
software change on the back end to allow us to utilize 5g networks. the contract costs not to exceed $70 million over 10 years. hardware cost is $22 million. operating fees of 48.5. $3.5 million contingency. it includes s.f.m.t.a. that portion is $3 million. they will reimburse for the expenses through the m.o.u., memorandum of understanding. operating system will offer operating fee savings for 15% compared to the current system and ways to make the savings at $6 million over 10 years. we are confident about the
11:00 pm
saving. anything saving in our operating costs will help support muni and transit. we were hoping to do more we are confident with the 15% saving compared to the current system. deployment strategy concentrated on the 3g areas. support for modems will terminate december of 2022. we will move to the other area in the city. we anticipate to complete replacement in three years sometime in summer of 2025. multi pay station will have benefits. customers will pay at any meter on the block. they may come back with in the pay time.
11:01 pm
we will about synergies between the parking permit enforcement and meter enforcement overall improve enforcement capabilities. this is important. why now? 3g must be replaced or meters will go dark. current system is approaching end of useful life. current meters about seven years. it will take three years to replace current system. when we complete replacement they will be 10 years old and out of useful life. delays will necessitate modem updates. we don't want to use throw away batteries. we use 10 to 12,000 batteries
11:02 pm
now that go in the garbage can. we have a high maintenance cost and future of future failures if we don't replace. the short of it, we need to spend money to make money. good hardware out there to last for the next 10 years. these are the major contract benefits. five year warranty with option to extend five years for a total year total. 15% cheaper to operate. it is environmentally friendly. climate change is forefront of everyone's mind. if s.f.m.t.a. is doing this. these batteries should last at least three years. when we recharge we take it out.
11:03 pm
nothing will know to the garbage can. much improved user interface and improves equity in parking by offering multi language screens in english and spanish and simplified chinese. last slide on the left side you have the old hard wear and on the right side you have new hardware. the screen position of the new hardware at the angle we have been getting a lot of complaints when the sun shines the screen is hard to read. buttons are small and not easy to understand what they are. when you look at the new hardware, the screens are perpendicular to the ground. nice bright buttons. important for folks that don't
11:04 pm
want to touch it. that concludes my presentation and i am happy to answer any questions. >> thank you, chair haney. this proposed resolution would approve the contract between m.t.a. and mckay with initial drive year term through september 2026. one optional five year extension through 2031. m.t.a. would purchase 12,100 single space and 200 multi space meters over the next three years. we detail the cost on page 20 of the report. page 23 we show the cash flow analysis of proceeding with the proposed meter replacement versus maintaining existing
11:05 pm
meters. as shown on exhibit three we believe replacing existing meters saved estimated $19.7 million over the next 10 years compared to maintaining the existing meters. i am happy to answer questions about that analysis. we recommend approval of this proposed resolution. >> thank you. supervisor safai. >> thank you, chair. i read through the bla report. i think the report is well laid out. i understand the need for and we have had a lot of discussion about the efficiencies to be provided by investing in that meters, understand that upgrading technology is important to be forward thinking. we have had the conversation about the debt we floated back in the spring that provided for the ability to purchase these meters. it looks like three to five years. three years plus to install the
11:06 pm
new meters. at that time we will have a better idea on the revenue generation and efficiencies created. we have an amendment i discussed with director tumlin and he is in agreement with that amendment. we are going to propose that amendment today. couple questions i had that came to light very recently. when you originally bid this contract was there a conversation about the length of the contract having five year and five year option. that is the first question if you can answer that. >> yes. i am happy to answer that. yes, it was extremely clear it was a five year base term plus
11:07 pm
five extension years. >> did you require as part of the r.f.p. both 4g and 5g capability? was that something? one of the things we talked about originally is why we needed to do this upgrade in general, as i understood it, it was presented to us you needed to upgrade the system to 5g. now it is my attention 5g was not part of the original contract and service offered on a tree base -- free basis or throw in not required for the r.f.p. can you clarify that? >> sure. when we put together the r.f.p. and specification. the 5g modead was not available.
11:08 pm
this specified 4glte harm wear. they were rated and evaluated based upon 4g lte hardware. when they were selected they came up and said s.f.m.t.a. we are developing 5g we are ready we can offer as part of this contract at no cost whatsoever. we have taken that option. there was a fee for the 4g. all of the proposers were rated. 5g came out during the negotiations and offed at no charge so we took it. >> is that a normal practice? >> does that happen often somebody will say we are
11:09 pm
prepared to offer a service for free that hasn't been asked for? >> steven lee who leads contracting procurement and "tedgraph" who run runs our parking division. >> my question is did the r.f.p. expressly state that you wouldn't be requiring that? it seems as though the r.f.p. said one thing. i am not for additional service. i am interested to know how we got here when it was originally presented that 5g was necessary. this is why we had to upgrade decknology it is out-of-date. now it is saying this was not in
11:10 pm
the original r.f.p. >> could you speak to the question. >> sure. to restate. 4g was required. 5g was not yet available. during our terms and negotiate the contractor let us know they have been developing this technology up grade. we asked for it for free because it would be five year plus five years. in your industry it is typical. contractors will cement themselves in relationship with partners. now the 5g network their product will be more relevant for a longer period of time.
11:11 pm
it is to your mutual benefit. >> what about dual bacon figure raise? -- configuration. >> it was not asked for in the r.f.p. now sfmta you told bidders you would not require dual bay parking meter hardware and you published specific guidance to that effect? now your decision to contract for dual bay hardware configuration after telling bidders it would not be required, how does that mesh with your r.f.p. process. asking for something outside the scope.
11:12 pm
is that factual did you say you did not want the hardware configuration now you are asking for it in the final contract? >> r.f.p. was for single space and multi space pay stations. we did not ask for dual bay. proposers submitted single bay. they were evaluated based upon what they submitted. as part of the negotiations when we discussed the proposal, they said that they have a dual bacon figuration if we want that as an option. it was included. it is not our intention to put out there.
11:13 pm
it is another tool in the tool toolbox. they were evaluated fairly and equally on single space hardware and multi space pay station. >> what about the 10 year contract in front of us versus five year? what was the term of the contract put forward in the r.f.p.? >> in r.f.p. was 10 year potential. five year base plus five year extension. it is the same in front of you now five year base term with five extension years. >> chair, haney, i don't have further questions. i want to read into the record
11:14 pm
the -- give me one second. hold on. i want to read the agreed upon amendment that director tumlin and i discussed on page 3 of the resolution line 12. insert language whereas the sfmta agreed written report on the installation progress and financial impact including revenue and savings from single and multi space parking meters within three years of the agreements fully executed. then to line 15. the way this has been presented to us is that this is being done as an efficiency. it will have significant
11:15 pm
financial impact on the agency. that is why we agreed for additional $20 million in debt to be floated for this purpose. we believe in that and believe it will generate additional revenue and cost savings. we would like also verbal agreement from the director to come back to the body to produce the written report and to have a conversation where things are as part of the installation process. >> we lost jeff tumlin. the director of parking does a very fair request. we will agree to come back to that and report back. >> thank you. >> thank you, chair. >> supervisor mar. >> thank you, chair haney. i had a few questions.
11:16 pm
more around the impact of this on the sfmta operating budget, but i appreciate all of the work the m.t.a. staff has done on the meter replacement proposal. i appreciate that strong case you make on the need to consider moving ahead with just a full replacement of all parking meters given that the current meters are at the end of their useful life. repairs are going to be increasing and revenue declining due to broken or nonfunctioning meetters and the modemissue. i think the questions i have and i think some of our colleagues on the board as well as reflected in the discussion at
11:17 pm
the full board meeting is around how this impacts the operating budget fortetay. i think we are all aware it is in a dire situation right now. it is going to be that way in the coming years. i have a question. i appreciate the bla analysis which i think also reinforces the m.t.a.'s figures that the replacement of the meters with new ones is going to save in operating costs and m.t.a. budget over 10 years. i think you mentioned m.t.a. estimates it would be 15% savings over the current meters and safe $6 million over the 10 year contract. the bla analysis and report presented said it would save
11:18 pm
over $19 million over 10 years. i am trying to understand that discrepancy. >> thank you, supervisor mar. the difference is that i am estimating savings assuming successful approval of the agreement and going forward with replacement as planned. budget analyst says $19 million should we wait. then replace the system much later that it would cost the city an additional $19 million. i see budget analysts online so they can comment as well. thank you. >> that's correct. we looked at meter replacement just maintaining the existing meters. the reason for the savings is
11:19 pm
driven by a couple factors. one, we assume the meters are less available over time. far beyond useful life to generate less revenue than new meters and that maintenance costs would escalate over time. we looked at historical operating costs of existing meters and compare to operating costs locked in by the contract. to get those numbers. >> thanks. i am trying to understand this difference between m.t.a. projection of $6 million savings and the bla projection $19.7 million savings. you are saying the difference is on the assumption of the
11:20 pm
alternative to full replacement? >> supervisor mar, maybe i can clarify. there are several component goes to the differential doing it now or defer and doing it later. the $48 million in operating costs. those are operating costs currently part of our operating budget and do not go away. as a matter of fact, it will increase to the tune of $54 million because of escalating operating costs. other variables related to differential. if we sort of now not go forward and replace everything. we have to band-aid the system. we would have to buy new modems and replace only modems but not satisfy the end of useful life issue or out of warranty or
11:21 pm
maintenance issues. going forward the additional cost that is included in the $19 million is escalating maintenance costs. in addition to the escalating maintenance cost is ongoing expenditures every placing batteries in the existing system. we spend half a million dollars annually replacing batteries in the current system. if we wait we will continue to incur those costs not realize the savings of the these new proposed meters with rechargeable batteries. we don't have to touch for at least three year periods. going forward if we were to do r.f.p. in the future if we went with band-aid approach, it is likely that the capital costs will increase as well. if we buy something three or four years from now. all of that is part of the analysis that comes to the
11:22 pm
$19 million. >> thank you. that helps. >> is that correct, nicholas? >> that's correct. >> thank you for explaining that. my question is how does that impact operating costs in the short term like the coming three years? full replacement versus modems? >> exactly. first things first. cost of the modems themselves t replace. replacing the modems may be satisfies the industry support of 3g going forward. the current system is out of warranty. we are paying more to repair.
11:23 pm
if we do it in three years we are touching it twice. going out there, rushing to replace all of the modems and meters. that is labor and cost of the modemand then touch it again in three years. a lot of labor costs in that process. in addition just having to replace batteries over the next three years. the cost of the batteries at least $1.5 million. the annual effort in deployment every placing those batteries. that is what we are talking about in terms of escalating costs. >> i am looking at the bla analysis right now. with scenario one and two on the capital costs. it is showing all meters replaced, capital cost
11:24 pm
$30 million. scenario two modems replaced $4.8 million. there is $25 million in capital costs between full replacing of the meters versus just replacing modems. the $30 million in capital costs for all meters replaced. $22 million of that is already budgeted through the bond? >> the base is on the bond and total debt service used to pay for the $22 million replacement. the $30 million accounts for the
11:25 pm
total debt service over time. discounted to present value. >> i don't have any other questions, chair haney. >> thank you, supervisor mar. open up to public comment, please. >> operations is checking for callers of the queue. members of the public press star 3 to be added. if you are on hold continue to wait until the system indicates you are muted. please let us know if callers wish to comment on item 11. >> we have two caller in the queue. >> please unmute the first
11:26 pm
caller. >> hi. thank you for the hard work you put in every week. i am calling to question is need for such a large contract for these new meters. the meters we have seem to be working fine. if i remember correctly they were only installed a few years ago. they should have plenty of lifespan left. it feels that spending this much money on something that works fine is a waste of resources especially with so many people in san francisco feeling like the m.t.a. prioritizing other big projects. i really hope this committee sees little waste of expenses. thank you. >> next speaker, please.
11:27 pm
>> david pill pal. good afternoon. i have commented on this matter when it was before the m.t.a. board and when it was at the board when it was over at gio at the end of july. i appreciate you are taking more time to go into this. it is complicated. i learned a few things with the discussion just now. i am still on the fence about this. i think once again you could send this out of committee without recommendation. i think it is arguable. the budget analyst recommendations in support. i might have said policy matter for the board. it could go either way. one hand maintenance cost that argue replacement. on the other hand it is a
11:28 pm
significant expense and hardware should have been procured the last time to last longer than this. we shouldn't be replacing hardware so quickly. finally, when staff said and i hadn't heard this before. there are a lot of batteries used and tossed away. i think tossed in the trash. i hope we are not tossing batteries in the trash. they need recycled properly. if this new arrangement would minimize or eliminate use of one-time batteries and go to rechargeables that is a good benefit. i think that broader issue of the accident of waste and materials we generate and use in contracts like this and other city endeavors. i leave it to you to dispose of this. i hope the m.t.a. is working on
11:29 pm
the response to supervisor preston's resolution urging that all transit service be retired. >> next speaker, please. >> this is nicole lee. i am voicing opposition to this contract. i understand that the city has started to upgrade meters. why do we need to replace them all? why is m.t.a. spending so much money as we start to recover? the m.t.a. should focus on getting the city back to work. this started at $20 million, 40, now $70 million. this seems like we were misled how big waste this is. i encourage the committee to reconsider. thank you. >> next speaker, please.
11:30 pm
how de there. i appose this. you are spending money. [ inaudible ] >> any other callers in the queue? >> that completes the queue. >> public comment is closed. thank you for answering the questions and colleagues for great analysis of it all. i am good with it. can we take the amendment first. it was read into the record by supervisor safai. do you want to move the amendment? >> so moved as presented. >> roll call vote on amendment, please.
11:31 pm
>> safai. >> aye. >> mar. >> aye. >> cheney. >> aye. >> three ayes. >> we will send to the full board with positive recommendation. can we have a roll call on the item as amended. >> motion. safai. >> aye. >> mar. >> aye. >> haney. >> aye. >> three ayes. >> grateful board with positive recommendation. thank you for your work sfmta. there are going to be questions at the full board, as you have probably heard. we would like to have a further conversation about this then. thank you so much with your time. >> thank you very much. >> madam clerk do we have any other items before us today?
11:32 pm
>> no further business. >> meeting is adjourned. >> thank you, colleagues.
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madame clerk, will you read the roll call, please. [roll call] you have four commissioners president. you have a quorum. >> thank you. due to the covid-19 health emergency, given public health recommendation issued by the san francisco department of public health, this meeting is being held via teleconference and it is being televised by sfgov-tv. for those watching on live stream, please be aware that there is a brief time lag between what is happening and what is being viewed on sfgov tv. i'd like to extend our thanks to staff and i.t. staff for their assistance during this meeting. if you'd wish to