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tv   Mayors Press Availability  SFGTV  November 10, 2021 9:30pm-1:01am PST

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we're here in fisherman's wharf, a very popular destination for tourists in san francisco, not too far from the high school that i went to galleleio high school. and this is frequently visited by tourists for people to enjoy the businesses, a lot of the restaurants, to ride the cable car which i'm so happy that all of these things are continuing
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to open. and they're opening because we're fortunate in san francisco that we are seeing a change as it relates to covid. at least 83% of san franciscans are fully vaccinated, so we should be very proud of what we've done from the very beginning of this pandemic to where we are now. so thank you all so much for getting vaccinated. and it's not too late. we always make it easy for folks to get vaccinated so please do your part to continue to keep everyone safe. but san francisco is a beautiful city and the golden gate bridge, this is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and people come to visit from all over the world because it's magical, but we do have challenges. like any other major city we
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have serious challenges around car break-ins like fisherman's wharf, like the palace of fine arts, like alamo square. just imagine going to visit the most beautiful city in the world and coming back to your car and actually witness someone breaking into your car and sadly as we just saw holding you hostage to gun point, how terrifying that would be tragic. it is tragic. it's really embarrassing for our city. it's frustrating and it gives people the impression that it's not safe to come here. now, we have been implementing a lot of great policies
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including our tourism, deployment plan which since july when we announced it who may be able to replace all of the valuables which may not cost much in the resell market, but it means everything to them. this is what we're dealing with. yes, we've seen a reduction, but there's more, of course, that needs to be done. so while we have deployed our police officers and some of our community ambassadors and many of those high traffic barriers. and today, we're announcing
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that more. what we're announcing today because of the leadership of people like commissioner laguana and others are partners with enterprise rent a car is a program that will allow $100,000 rewart for information that leads to the arrest and prosecution of those who are stealing the items, but also those who are reselling the items, we're here to target everyone involved in those crimes because we have to get to the root of what is causing the issue. because the items are stolen, but where are they going. they're going on to platforms like amazon and other places, there's a market for reselling these items that need to be targeted as well. so we want people who are
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perpetrating these crimes to know we're watching, we're aware. we will per sue with every tool we have within our criminal justice system. those who commit these crimes, we will hold them accountable and make sure we do what we can to make these large rings which chief scott will talk about a little bit, but they are dealt with because this is not just an individual. this is about a whole group of people who were targeting san francisco for this purpose. in order to get these items that belong to others and resell them to make money, to make a profit off of someone el's tragedy and that's the thing that we have to address. with that, i want to appreciate
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sharky and the work he's been doing and he'll talk a little bit later, but in the meantime, talk about where we are and what we'll continue to do around vehicle break-ins is our police chief bill scott. >> thank you. thank you, mayor breed. so, first, let me that our mayor for pulling us together and her leadership and making things better for our city, but i'll start where she ended. we have a whole lot more things to do. when we announced this in july, one of the things that we talked about was sustaining this effort and we have sustained this effort and we will continue to sustain this effort because we're not going away. we are committed to making our city safer and better and we're
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not going away. i also want to say thanks to sharky laguana and you'll hear from our partnership with enterprise rent-a-car on this. really exciting adding this car break-in issue in our city. this is a privately funded cash reward as the mayor said for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those involved and organized criminal fencing operations. and the word i want you to remember is organize. we have seen through our investigations that much of this is organized, not all of it, but a significant part of it and the most damaging part is organized. we know this organized effort and this area that we're standing in has been one of the most heavily impacted. when we rolled out our tourism deployment plan that the mayor
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talked about, we introduced that with the addition of 26 additional officers. the majority of those officers are working in this area and this is where we've seen a significant amount of reduction and burglaries, car burglaries since we rolled this out in july. so today's announcement adds a new tool to our arsenal. we know the profit motivates what's happening in our city, and we know that fencing is the infrastructure that fuels all this work that these folks do when they come into our city or in our city and they break in cars so this enables us to benefit from a financial incentive. an incentive to do the right thing and the right thing is put a stop to this madness. the right thing is let's focus on the people that are doing this and these incentives will help get them in custody and
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prosecutor them to the fullest extent of the law. and this buildses on mayor breed's recent expansion of our community based ambassador's program and this includes upward take of our community ambassadors, and these are retired police officers who walk these streets and work in concert with our on duty uniformed officers and their job is solely to observe and report what they're seeing and if they believe that something's amiss, they call us, we come, we investigate and we've been able to prevent crimes from happening by doing what i just described. lastly, i will just talk a little bit about the bigger picture. what's more amazing and this is a piece of good news is we've experienced this 37% reduction while our city is re-opening
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and one of the things that the mayors committed and really directed the police department and me and all of the city departments is we want to re-open the city the right way. as you saw just last week, we had fleet week. we had the giants playoff game. we had chase center. we had a lot of people in the city again for the first time in two years and it was great. it was outstanding. it got national coverage. our city was on the national spotlight and people came here and enjoyed themselves. that's what we want. that's dwr we're doing this work. so this work will continue. we will sustain it and i would like to say also, again, you know, we don't want to make ourselves easy targets and as you walk around this area, particularly this area, you will see on the parking meters, you'll see signs that say 'park
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smart' and what that means is don't make yourself an easy target. these are the folks that are being victimized the most. it's a shame we have to say this, but we do, and we also know that this works. when people are resilient and vigilant about not making themselves easy targets, we've seen these crimes go down because there's nothing to steal. so word to the people that are doing this, we're not done yet. we will keep pursuing justice to keep our city safe and, again, i want to thank our mayor, i want to thank sharky and all of you for being here to support this work. thank you. with that, i would like to introduce sharky laguana. >> president laguana: hey guys. first i want to thank the mayor, it's always a pleasure and honor to work with you on
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stuff. i've heard from the mayor while we were working on auto burglary issues, i've never -- it's hard to stick to my nose here without them. i first met the mayor when we were working together on auto burglary issues and i'll never forget, she said to me, we're going to throw everything and the kitchen sink at this. here comes the kitchen sink. chief scott, thank you for creating space in your department and innovation and trying new ideas and it's been an honor and pleasure working with your team. eric street from enterprise has been an incredible partner and i also want to thank all of the community organizations and business leaders throughout the city who also made commitments to fund this reward program so that we can finally make a serious dent in this vexing auto burglary issue.
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you know, i first started working on this problem when i had to chase a stolen van all over the city and i was shocked to discover that this is just a small number of people that are responsible for most of the auto burglaries that we see in the city. it is sensing rings and their business model is they pay people to break into cars and steal from businesses and then they sell these goods overseas and online. the last major ring we busted in the bay area had $8 million of stolen goods in multiple warehouses, so this is a big business and there's folks making a lot of money. now, i appreciate what the mayor said about focusing on what's important here. i think it's important to remember that drug stores aren't the biggest victims. the biggest victims are working families who don't have the time and money to repair windows, replace phones, go
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find new bicycles. the biggest victims aren't the big businesses, but the small businesses. they're not the ones that have to close a couple stores, they're the ones with no stores left to close. bikes had to shut down their operation. it took them weeks to get back online. finally, the biggest victims if we're being honest are the people that are injured and the familieses that have lost loved ones dealing with these crimes. we've made incredible progress lately. i think it's fantastic. as both the mayor and the chief said, we have a lot more work to do and, you know, i personally am sick of what anesthesia fencing rings are doing and i know the people that live here are sick of it as well and so what i like about this program is that it is a cruise missile aimed at the leadership of these fencing rings. these are the guys making lots of money fencing these stolen
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goods and right now they are acting with impunity and they believe they aren't vulnerable. the people that know what they are and know what they do, that's a weak spot and this reward helps provide motivation for people to stand up and do the right thing and let us know who they are so we can shut them down. i'm excited about this program because finally i feel a sense of optimism we're going to start to tear these rings apart. i'm looking forward to it. thank you mayor, thank you chief. >> i just want to acknowledge, thank you, eric for being here from rent-a-car for providing support for this reward program. and i just want to say two things that i know the chief mentioned park smart, you know, i know there are people who
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come here to san francisco from places and you come from places where you are probably used to leaving things in your car and not worrying about someone stealing from you and i'm sorry that you have to experience that in san francisco, but i do think it's important that our rental car companies and some of our hotels that we support and work with the visitors in san francisco to make sure that they are aware of what happens in many of these cases and in some of these cases, they're people who are watching people, they are following them, they know what they might be loading in their car. so when we park, for example, here, and when we put things in the trunk, i've been a victim myself when i've parked some place and put something in the trunk and i come back and my car's broken into and sadly,
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that is something that happens. ultimately, we know it's not an easy solution, but part of it is, yes, we need to make arrests. we need to go after those who commit these crimes, but i also want to make sure we're doing a better job as a city of trying to protect the people who are visiting our city and providing ways in which they can protect whatever it is that they have, the valuables that they have so that they are not a victim. so park smart is a part of our program as well and i want to say also to those committing these crimes. number one, we will not rest until we are holding you accountable for these crimes, but also i want to say, you don't have to do this. the city has so many incredible employment opportunities. we're hiring muni drivers and other city employees, restaurants and places throughout san francisco, they're looking for people to
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hire. we're here to give people a chance. if you've never worked in tech sf. we provide stipens as you go through city build and other training programs. so there's no reason to risk your life, or freedom or someone else's life committing a crime that just makes things worse for all of us and so i would say that think about that and take us up on an opportunity to do something different with your life because san francisco has afforded so many people an extraordinary opportunity to make a decent and honest living. once you cross that line, we have a responsibility. we have a responsibility to the public to make sure that people feel safe and so when those lines are crossed, we have no choice but to hold you accountable and that's what we will do. this reward is just another step in trying to get
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cooperation from the public so that we can make those arrests and we can not only hold the person who feels the items and breaks the windows and damages the property. we could also hold those who use this as a way to make a living. those who take those items and resell them on various platforms. we can hold them accountable and we're not just going to stop here locally. we are working with our state and federal partners in order to introduce legislation that will hold people who are involved in these criminal rinks accountable for what they have created in these environments especially in major cities like san francisco. so i want to thank you all so much for being here. ultimately, there are challenges in any major city, but san francisco as i said at the beginning, it's a beautiful city and i want people to have
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beautiful experiences from start to finish from the time they drive here, from the time they land here on their planes to the museums, to the locations, i want them to go home with a smile on their face and be happy that they chose san francisco as their destination. so thank you all for being here today and we will answer any questions from the press if you have any about this program. >> reporter: [inaudible] >> from the rental car standpoint, rental cars are being targeted, but yes from the residents, they're being targeted as well. from our conversations with the city as well, residents are
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also being impacted. that has really kind of created a bunch of businesses come together to try to privately help fund a reward. erick street, controller. you're welcome. >> reporter: can you address the car thieves in regards to this reward program. don't you think people will say i can do better turning in my own boss rather than stealing things from cars? >> we want it to be that way. people who commit more crime, it's a lot more complicated. it's like hmm maybe, but they might think too, i'm the one who committed the act so i'm probably going to be held accountable, so the likelihood that will happen is probably not likely. it's a hope. but it's not likely.
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>> reporter: [inaudible] >> and i think a big part of that is making sure that the punishment fits the crime to the point where someone feels like, you know what, i don't want to go through that again. so when i get out, as long as there's an opportunity and as you know, san francisco supports giving people a second chance and providing that opportunity, then the likelihood that someone will go back to that if there's an opportunity for them to succeed in something elsewhere they can generate income for their livelihood, the likelihood we can see them go back to committing these crimes is less likely. but people need to also be held accountable. and i think that's what's missing here in many cases because they believe they can come to san francisco, commit a
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crime. get arrested which our officers do a great job at investigating and making the arrest, but where's the accountability. that's the piece that needs to stick. yes. >> reporter: i just want to clarify, you also mentioned certified retailers and stuff like that. >> well, i think it's meant to incentivize everyone. you know, sometimes like i'll be honest, one of my car break-ins, i didn't even bother to report it. it was like okay. let me get my window fixed. wasn't anything in my car. i'm not saying that should happen. we should report any crime and this is before a long time ago and part of one of the reasons of what's important to me is making sure that these crimes are reported so that we know that they're happening and also
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hopefully people are looking at license plates as people pull off, but then we know some of these cars may be stolen or may be connected to other people. but we're able to, if we're able to identify the car, there's fingerprints, there's a whole investigation. so if there are people we don't want you to put yourself in harm's way, but if they're paying attention and you see a license plate or make or model or any information and you're able to share that information with us, that's important and people who are merchants as well as folks who are out here may be more willing to provide information, because the criminals are committing these acts in broad daylight in the city and the goal is to make sure that know eyes and ears are on the streets and we're not going to get them get away with it. >> reporter: when it comes to getting [inaudible] on somebody, isn't that where
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the d.a.'s office comes in? >> well, i can't speak for the d.a. he's an e independent elected district attorney. i do try to work with his office on these cases. i can't force him to do something that i believe he should be doing, but we try our best to work together. i can tell you from my perspective, our police officers and our investigators, they are doing a really good job with these investigations and with these arrests and we, of course, need a layer with our district attorney, the courts and others which we don't necessarily have complete control of and this is not to make an excuse, but we need to be working together as one unit to address these problems and to hold people accountable and accountability could be a number of forms. you know, it's not just about
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locking someone up and throwing away the key. it can involve a number of layers of things. so my hope is that we'll get to that point. i'm hopeful. thank you.
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>> chair: this meeting will come to order. this is the november 10, 2021, budget and finance meeting. i am joined by the committee members. i want to thank our clerk and those from sfgov tv for broadcasting these announcements. >> the minutes will reflect that committee members participated in this meeting through video conference to the same extent as physically present. the city services are essential.
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public comment will be available on each item on this agenda on the channels and on the tv station. we are streaming the public call-in number across the screen. each person will be allowed two minutes to speak. you can call 415-655-0001 and meeting id 2496 316 6172 then press the symbol pound twice. when connected, you will hear the discussions, but you will be muted. please dial star 3 to be added to the speaker line. the best practices are to call from a quiet place and turn down your device. you may submit public comment by e-mailing myself, the clerk.
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if you submit public comment by e-mail, it will be forwarded to the supervisors. written comment may be sent to the city hall by mail. items acted upon today are expected on the agenda of today unless otherwise dated. >> chair: thank you, mr. clerk. can you please -- i don't know if we have somebody from d3 yet. >> clerk: i'm not seeing them, mr. chair. >> chair: can you please call item 2. >> clerk: that is a resolution approving amendment 3 between the san francisco aids foundation and the department of
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public health to provide city aids prevention services through city-wide syringe access and disposal services to increase the contract amount by $6,507,312 for a total amount not to exceed $42,115,471 with no change to the contract term of july 1, 2016, through june 30, 2026, to commence upon board approval. ( members of the public who wish to comment should call 415-655-0001 meeting id 2416 316 6412. please dial star 3 to line up to speak. please wait until the system indicates you have been unmuted and you may begin your comments. chnchts we have tracy packer to
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comment on this. >> i am tracy packer, the director of health equity in the health department and we are here to request your approval for this resolution of amending this contract between the department of san francisco public health and the san francisco aids association. i have my two colleagues here. the first is nicole trainer, the contract manager and the second colleague is ilene mocklem who is an expert on the program. nicole, i'll turn it over to you. >> thank you so much, tracy. good morning, board of supervisors. my name is nicole trainer, contract manager with the community equity and promotion branch. as tracy mentioned to you today, efforts to meet the needs through covid and the expansion of services throughout the city,
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we are expecting an approval of a resolution and approving amendment 3 between the san francisco aids foundation and the department of public health. the purpose of this contract is to provide expanded syringe access and disposal which includes wrap-around services, including counseling, substance use treatment, and h.i.v. # testing. this is approved services. the board of supervisors has approved this in the past. the san francisco aids foundation is an agency with four partner agencies which includes home use alliance,
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[indiscernible] to provide these services. the program funded under this contract has been a strategy to reduce h.i.v. and hep-c. i would also like to note that we agree that the budget and legislative analysts and the report recommendation. if you have any further programmatic questions, my colleague is also here as a representative. thank you for your time and consideration. >> chair: thank you. can we hear the budget -- the bla report, please. >> thank you, chair. nick bernard from the budget analysts office. this proposed resolution would approve the third amendment to the public health contract with the aids foundation. as we show on page 6, the
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amendment adds spending to the current contract, exceeding the contract to not more than $42.1 million. as we show on page 5 of our report, the contractor was generally providing the services required by the contract, but the data available for our review was from fiscal year 2020. we request that the board request a written report that includes the monitoring data from fiscal year 2021, the most recent fiscal year once the evaluation for that period is available, but otherwise we recommend approval for this proposed resolution. i'm happy to answer any questions. >> chair: great. thank you. colleagues, questions or comments on this item? supervisor safaie. >> thank you, chair.
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i think this is an important piece of work that the city is doing, but i do have a few questions. my office reached out to the department of public health. i just want a couple of questions answered on the record. so my understanding is that as well as doing needle distribution, is this contract or the individuals on the street handing out fentanyl strips and can you talk about that for a moment? >> i work with nicole and tracy. distribution of the fentanyl test trips is part of every interaction. along with that is training on how to use the sfent nil test strips properly. i often say that syringe access
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and disposal is not the proper name for it because it is comprehensive and it is an opportunity to connect people that are often not connected to services. so we often offer this as a gateway for those who use drugs. >> what are the priority neighborhoods you have identified in this contract or the work that you're doing? >> the syringe sites are at set locations. your office did reach out to me about hot spots and they are determined for either syringe disposal or for enhanced outreach efforts. the way that they are identified is either through calls with supervisors or calls brought to
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the attention with district owners. the collaborative meets monthly. i attend meetings and it is an opportunity for us to discuss trends that we're seeing in the community as well as transitions as far as trends. i mean, we are well aware of hot spots in the downtown area, but in your district we would be more inclined to hear through phone calls or connections with residents and neighbors. >> can you describe a little bit about the outreach teams? i understand or i believe there are potentially doctors or nurses or medically trained professionals that are part of this work. and is it simply about getting people the necessary -- either the needles or, as you said, holistic in terms of if there
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are other needs that are there. is there any discussion of utilizing contingency management and trying to veer people away from their addiction as part of this process? >> absolutely. we have low-barrier medical services at six of our syringe sites. and what i mean by that is that's when a medical doctor and/or nurse are part of the regular shifts at the syringe sites. that creates opportunities to connect people to medically assisted treatment. we just recently added -- i'm sorry? >> that's more harm reduction. did you add contingency management? >> we recently added contingency
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management outreach and the doctor to our bayview site which meets every monday and the outreach for that is real specific because we're calling it fentanyl outreach because we have seen such a rise in the use of fentanyl. every access, although syringe access is part of the services that range from harm reduction to abstinence based treatment and the programs are there to assist someone anywhere along this continuum where they are ready to go. a lot of times people may be ready for low-barrier and then get to a point later where they want to transition to in-house treatment and abstinence. that is the goal of the program. a lot of the people accessing
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the syringe program have very fractured relationships with the healthcare system. so we're just trying to think of more ways to have those multiple touch points to engage people and services. >> do you track how many individuals partake in abstinence versus harm reduction versus coming and getting a needle and not taking any services at all? >> they do not track abstinence, but i mean they do track the number of people who get connected to buthormorphine and want to make that level of change. we're thinking how best to foster these engagements.
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yeah, so i mean the tracking of the abstinence piece, that would be more challenging because the conversations come up and it is often more of a handoff. >> i was referring more to any type of tracking all the different ways. i mean contingency management is pretty low barrier. it is a reward-based system. we're giving you this for a small reward. we're able to track. for stimulant-based addiction, it has a pretty high success rate. fentanyl and some of these others don't fall into that category, but it would be my desire to see some more of that data tracked because these are the individuals -- you're a street team and a contract that's out there, interacting with people on the street on a daily basis.
10:15 pm
they have the best opportunity to gather that information. i think we're missing a big opportunity here. i understand the tracking of the saboxin and the other harm-rediction -- reduction dugs. there is a significant cost associated with that. i'm very interested to see whole-person tracking of data. that tells us how many interactions you are having related to recovery. >> we just started this piece at the bayview site. and we just met nicole, myself, and the behavioral health about the importance of tracking and
10:16 pm
what that's looking like. i think as we have more time in the field, it will be a great opportunity for us to review the data and see, okay, is this working, what can we do better? and the people we are engaging into services and what that looks like. >> i mean, because at the end of the day -- i mean, do you have an idea of how many individuals you all unduplicated you are giving out needles with fentanyl help? do you track the number of people you interact with that are unduplicated? >> our community partners do track those numbers. >> do they then track the number of individuals who then move on and who are no longer coming back for the services? >> well, they don't collect
10:17 pm
names so that's where it gets a little complicated. though they have a good relationship in the community, oftentimes someone will utilize the syringe site of their first contact, highway, i'm done, i want to get into treatment and the syringe program does the handoff or it's the situation of not seeing someone at the site and asking, hey, what's going on? and the person transitioned to an abstinence-based program. i can say from a community services perspective, there is nothing more rewarding than when someone comes to you from the community that you've worked with saying, i'm done and ready to get into treatment. we're ready to make that transition to our partners and the behavioral health treatment
10:18 pm
program. >> can you explain to me why we don't track individual names? >> yeah, for syringe programs, the reason we do not track names is because the service has to be low barrier. i mean, there's a lot of, as i mentioned, distrust in the community and for people accessing supplies for drug use, if we were to ask for names, then we would have a low utilization rated and we don't want that. our goal is to prevent the spread of h.i.v. and hep-c. >> is that proven by data. if you ask people's names, will they walk away and not participate? >> it's evidence-based, a standard practice. >> i just -- i don't doubt what
10:19 pm
you're saying. my only question is how do you know and track and measure success. how do you say -- i mean, i guess that's a question of how you measure success. success may be we're getting many people on the street so people are not passing needles and disease. that might be one measure of success. another measure might be that we're interacting with people who are addicted and then we're helping them get into treatment and then recover. so i guess it would be hard even if you would just say matt, what's the first letter of your last name. that's all we need to know. we have some way of knowing. otherwise, how do you know? how are you even able to track? >> i mean, for our measure of success, san francisco has done
10:20 pm
such a great job in preventing the spread of h.i.v. and hep-c and as a program that has -- we've been funded as an h.i.v. program since strategy, i would say that's our measure of success. nationally we are a leader and that's because we were supported as a program to -- by the government, by the health department out of the gate compared to other jurisdictions who did not have syringe programs whose h.i.v. looks differently than it does here, so as a strategy. >> no, i respect that. i don't doubt that in any way. we as elected officials are asked what are you doing measurably to deal with the crisis of addiction.
10:21 pm
and supervisor haney has done and pushed for a declaration of crisis with the fentanyl overdose. we're trying to put additional resources into that. it feels in naflt ways that we're holding the linea lot of we're holding the line. and the fentanyl overdoses exceeded over 700 individuals last year and we're on pace this year. i think we need to adjust what we measure as success. i think absolutely what you all have said in terms of being a national model in terms of the spread of disease, i think that is unquestioned, but we also have a major addiction crisis. i'm not saying anything you don't all know. there is some shifting happening in the bayview for contingency management. you will be able to measure the
10:22 pm
success rate of that. and that may be transitioned to other parts of san francisco. i've been a big advocate for contingency management. we've put in to the budget last year and we're going to be checking in as the year proceeds an abstinence based model for people asking for that model. it is a therapeutic community. it is not a licensed drug treatment facility. it is very different, but very similar and part of the continuum. as i said, as an elected official in the city, we need to keep asking these questions and how we can then adjust because something we're doing needs to change to begin to get more success and i think you're right. my last question would be i know as part of this contract there is needle gathering or getting the needles. does the city also do that and
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is this done in partnership with the city or is this a duplication with existing services or can you talk about what that does? that's another thing we hear in the city, there were needles here or there and what that entails. >> thank you. i really appreciate your last comments about the meetings to kind of tie everything together. i just wanted to touch on that, that we are having those conversations with our colleagues in behavioral health how we can more closely link our abstinence based and harm reduction programs to demonstrate that continuum. now to address syringe disposal. yes, the city does syringe disposal through 311. there was three years ago the need of community members was not being met.
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so we started -- it was then-mayor farrell who encouraged us to started with the pick-up crew. the pick-up crew worked seven days a week from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. to clean up syringes. they are more of an immediate response as compared to 311. people can call or text the number and they will respond within an hour or two. if you send them a picture, they will send you a picture back when the area is cleared and they work on building relationships with community members. for example, if there was an
10:25 pm
area on a street that was having some problems, they would develop a relationship with the members on that street and start to proactively go to that area. it's been a great community service. they also attend some of the local police community meetings just to make sure they are known as a service in the community. additionally, in response to the overdose crisis, they have all been trained to carry naloxone. not only are they responding to syringe litter, but also the overdose crisis. >> supervisor safai?
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supervisor? well, i'll jump in. i know that we had worked together on some new approaches related to fentanyl, a new program, and we added that to the funding that was in the budget, actually part of the conversation about the budget surplus in the last budget year. is that included here? it sounded like you were talking about that program, but what is the status of that program specifically? i know it was with the sf aids foundation. is it being fully implemented? what's the status of that specific -- i think it was maybe about $1 million or so that we
10:27 pm
added last year. what's the status of that? >> nicole, can you speak on that? >> sure. i right now don't have -- supervisor haney, could you describe the program on fentanyl implementation? you kind of cut out on my end. >> ilene, could you describe this? >> it's part of the fentanyl outreach. part of it is what is happening in the bayview. there are so many pieces, that that's just a small component of this work. the reason we're starting it in the bayview is that we really want to address the disparities in overdoses and overdose
10:28 pm
deaths. that's why it's starting at the bayview site. in addition, it wasn't approved under that funding, but we were able to have additional funding [indiscernible] -- also included and while that has not been implemented yet and that is because there is a comprehensive training program that goes alongside that, but that is exciting because they can be able to go to different areas of the city and do the drug checkin. the fentanyl outreach is a tiered level of counseling and engagement with fentanyl users. i mentioned earlier that a lot of the population that we work with are very disconnected to
10:29 pm
the community and fentanyl users as another barrier to it. it's a low-barrier approach to engage people into the service in a few counseling sessions with the goal of being able to connect them with the harm reduction center or other options. very exciting. >> thank you. i'm familiar with the drug advice -- device. >> how many times has it been used, what is the status of it? i think supervisor safai spoke to this. the scale of the crisis, everywhere i look, people are dying. i know you're on the front lines, but i continue to feel that whatever it is we are doing
10:30 pm
is never near enough. how are we reaching people using fentanyl on the streets of the tenderloin with this device and getting them into coaching and counseling and how many since we approved that funding have been supported by that program? >> that funding was just approved this year in 2021. we're in the process of implementing that device with our partners. >> and just to clarify. the spectrometer has expensive training before that can be implemented. the san francisco foundation has met numerous times with new york city who is also in the process
10:31 pm
of rolling out this system. i believe new york city was able to roll this out with their device. there's not only the process, but when it rolls out, you need confirmatory testing. so hopefully that lines up. we're hoping to have that as the training is lining up or the san francisco aids foundation staff, hopefully by the end of this month we hope to have that implemented and on the ground earlier in the year. until that we are distributing hots of fentanyl test strips and engaging with people about safe use and reiterating that with the unregulated drug supply, whether someone is actively choosing fentanyl or their drug is tainted with fentanyl, that you just don't know what you're getting and to be prepared and
10:32 pm
don't use alone and to have naloxone. >> okay. we did approve something in march of this year specifically on fentanyl. i think it was the around a million dollars. sorry, there is destruction in my building. i don't know what the status of that is specifically and how many people have been served. i know it was november so it was 2021, about eight months ago. i would like to know more what the status of that funding is and what it is used for and what the results were. that was part of our contract.
10:33 pm
>> the syringe access is big. adding money to this contract has been problematic. that's why we're working closely with our partners in behavioral health who do a lot of the contingency management work and trying to shift money into their existing contracts which would not fit into the syringe access contracts. the san francisco aids foundation, we always think about syringe access and disposal, but they also have their contingency management stonewall that has a lot of their street-based protocols to get this out to the community as soon as possible. >> i appreciate that. we approved $1 millimetre for very specific purposes, a
10:34 pm
million plus, earlier this year. i've yet to hear whether those specific positions and services have been deployed and who has been certified. that was something that came to me in a proposal that we included in the surplus, over the $125 million surplus. there was a specific program that we funded related to fentanyl in march and is that included in this? i'm frustrated that i'm not hearing anything specific on that allegation and what happened to that? can i have a report on that. if we don't have any indication on that. that was something that we worked on as part of the crisis that is killing multiple people a day mostly in my district and
10:35 pm
i also have not heard anything about that. >> yes. tracy, were you going to say something? >> yes, supervisor, we are working on implementing all of those pieces that came from the surplus funding. i will just say that funding is not part of this contract, this particular contract that's coming before you today and we are putting it in other contracts or this one i think there are a number of things being found.
10:36 pm
[indiscernible] -- >> great, thank you. can we go to public comment, please. >> clerk: operations, let's check if there are callers in the 14-day quarantin queue. there are no callers in the queue. >> i would be inclined to have
10:37 pm
this continued and come back and have a conversation about that. i know that some of the things are part of this contract, but some are not. we definitely have huge respect for the aids foundation and the work they do, but with a contract of this size, further conversation is important can we have a vote on this item. >> on the motion to continue this item to next week on the november 17 budget and finance committee meeting. [ roll call ]
10:38 pm
>> we know that you are out there in favor of the sf aids foundation. we want to make sure we have a full understanding of what we're doing and giving them the support and working with them to get it done and save lives. thank you. mr. clerk, can we go back to item 1? i believe that supervisor peskin is here.
10:39 pm
>> clerk: that is the ordinance authorizing the municipal transportation agency (sfmta) to set parking rates at the kezar stadium parking lot, and golden gate park underground parking facility in accordance with park code provisions that authorize sfmta rate-setting on park property and subject to board of supervisors approval, and making conforming edits to the park code; increasing parking rates for berth-holders at the marina small craft harbor; clarifying that the fines for certain violations of the transportation code apply to similar violations occuring on park property; clarifying the authority of park patrol to enforce the park code and issue parking citations; and affirming the planning department's determination under the california environmental quality act. members of the public who wish to provide public comment on this item should call 415-655-0001 and meeting id 2496 396 6172. please wait until the system indicates you have been unmuted and you may begin your comments. mr. chair. >> chair: thank you, appreciate
10:40 pm
it. we have supervisor peskin to present on this item. >> thank you, budget committee chair and members of the cheat. thank you for hearing this item and taking the amendments suggested by the city attorney last week. i have no additional changes because the changes were deemed to be substantive by the city attorney. this obviously was duplicated in committee some time ago back in the budget process, it went to the full board where the file was tabled to allow for the amendments allowed. i have no additional comments and recommend it for forwarding to the full board for our consideration. >> chair: great. thank you. is there a bla report on this item? >> no. >> chair: all right. colleagues, any questions or comments?
10:41 pm
i do not have any either. can we open this up to public comment? >> clerk: operations are checking if there are people in the queue. members of the many public wishing to enter the queue, press star 3. do we have any callers in the queue? >> hello, good morning, everyone. i just want to thank everyone for their work on this. originally this was chilled and kicked back to the budget and finance committee. i appreciate the work that's been put into it. it stood for a week and it's back up. i think this will help access in particular the golden gate park concourse garage. i support the work and hope it's approved and move it to the full
10:42 pm
board. >> thank you very much for your comments. next speaker, please. >> can you hear me now? >> i just had two minor edits. i noticed on page 5, line 7 in violation, that should be 6.01. and on page 8, line 1, the rates to be charged for parking in the golden gate park i would senator "concourse" underground parking facility.
10:43 pm
that would conform with the section title elsewhere. i didn't want to weigh in on the policy underlying this. i saw the letter from ilene boken and i just wanted to get the language correct. so those are my suggested edits. i believe they are non-substantive and would not require a continuance. >> i can agree that the changes proposed would not be substantive and as they don't change the actual proposal would not require consent by the mayor's office. they're non-substantive corrections. >> clerk: as a reminder to the public, when the system indicates that you have been
10:44 pm
unmuted, that is your queue to begin your comments. next speaker, please. >> [indiscernible] -- just urging this to be passed to the full board. urging everyone. as many of you know, golden gate park and jfk in particular has been a widely used area and any concerns about access to the museums can and should be addressed using the museum concourse garage and this will allow for new and better pricing for that garage so it can be better utilized on weekdays and offer better pricing, ideally subsidized or free parking for people with disabilities as well as people from the southeast
10:45 pm
part of the city as well as low-income individuals in the city who need to access the park using a car. thanks for your work and encourage you all to it happen the good work to increase access while keeping the kids safe in the car-free space of jfk intact. >> clerk: are there any more speakers in the queue? >> operator: mr. clerk, there are no further callers in the queue. >> clerk: thank you. mr. chair. >> chair: thank you. public comment is closed. any other comments or questions? >> if you, chair. relative to the two suggestions made by a member of the public on page 5, line 7, that is original language that was not amended that was already in existing code, but i do agree
10:46 pm
that inserting a period between 6 and 0 so it reads as was submitted makes sense and would respectfully suggest that you make that non-substantive amendment and on page 8 at concourse, insert that word. i do not particularly care about that one. if manu likes it, i recommend it to you. if he doesn't care, i don't recommend it to you. >> i think the intent of the section is clear without concourse. you could add that word. >> insomuch as he doesn't care i
10:47 pm
don't care. i think adding the dot between the 6 and the 0 would be a good thing. >> i agree on that. >> can we have a vote on that amendment, please. [ roll call ]. >> we have three ayes. >> now i want to make a motion to move the item as amended to the full board with a positive recommendation. can we have a roll call vote. [ roll call ]
10:48 pm
>> chair: can we call item 3. >> clerk: item 3 is a resolution approving an emergency declaration of the san francisco public utilities commission pursuant to administrative code, section 6.60, to contract resources for tree removal, slope repair and debris removal in stern grove, which was damaged by flooding caused by a failed air valve on a water transmission pipeline, with a total estimated cost not to exceed $4,000,000.
10:49 pm
>> thank you for welcoming me here today. this item is to approve a declaration that was declared and it impacted stern grove. i will walk you through this declaration. as of august 23, 2021, puc crews were working on a leaking air valve on a transmission water pipeline. this type of pipeline is not the type of pipeline that serves a home or a hotel or a school. these are our transmission mains, so they are very large
10:50 pm
and they are moving water through reservoirs. they are quite large. as we were tightening a bolt, the air valve failed, sending pressurized water into the air and flooding stern grove. approximately 700,000 gallons of water was released due to this failure. the damage made it heavily eroded making it unstable. there was water and soil intrusion which occurred into three buildings. the creeks and culverts in the water which usually carry stormwater had debris. over 60 trees were damaged and had to be removed and there was flooding of the tennis court and undermining of pathway and slope adjacent to the tennis. there was concerts that had to be rescheduled.
10:51 pm
unfortunately that was another impact as well. here's some photos for folks if they get the scale of the damage that's here. first on the top-right corner, you can see just how big the water release was. for scale, our streetlights obviously that are there and our staff significantly higher and again, this is a transmission main. if you go to the left of the water, you can see the stage and the meadow completely flooded with debris and water. the top-left photos in one of the back stage buildings. significant water and debris in there. the bottom left is the slope and shows the water damage and the damage to the historical stone walls. the middle bottom, erosion and debris on the pathways. finally on the bottom right
10:52 pm
shows how much soil and debris came down and surrounded trees and just throughout the park. quite a bit of damage due to this break of the water transmission line. there was an immediate emergency declared from our manager. we jumped into action working with two vendors with engineering and the builders who employ union labor. we have an existing contract that hernandez was working on. we were able to deploy them to secure the site, remove debris, and secure the back buildings. we are bringing in builders to perform the remainder of the work, completing slope repair, restoring the tennis courts, replanting the impacted slope with trees, replanting and feeding the meadows, and
10:53 pm
refurbishing any damaged structures, including the back stage structures. the estimated cost is $3 to $4 million. the soil removal was $1 million and the concert restoration was $500,000. these cost estimates are based on similar projects in size and scope in our past. the estimated completion of spring 2022 and we will be ready, stern grove will be ready for the summer 2022 concert series. we know how important that is to the district and the entire city. we will be ready for that summer 2022 concert series. just a quick update on the status. we've installed fencing to
10:54 pm
secure the site to make sure the general public will make sure this is safe. we've removed approximately 1500 cubic yards of soil. we've started the remediation. dehumidifying the building. removing damaged building materials, disinfecting. we're doing all this testing under the supervision of a specialist to make sure as we rehab these buildings, they are safe for use by staff, performers, et cetera. we are reducing the damaged trees i discussed, eucalyptus trees. we cleaned the storm drains and established slope stabilization materials. we are doing surveys to make sure these slopes are done in a safe way and they hold up based
10:55 pm
on public use and storms. what are our next steps? we need to complete the slope design and the clearing of the slopes. we need to do regrading. we need to haul in place and recompact the slopes. we are installing key terraces to prevent future soil erosions. we want to make sure we put the slopes back better than they were. we are removing but reinstalling historical rock walls. obviously restoring the tennis court for future use. again, i talked about replanting the meadow and replanting the trees, installing irrigation facilities for the planting. and finally, obviously, restoring the buildings that were damaged on the interior and exterior of the buildings. the question for the committee
10:56 pm
today is to please support the approval of the emergency declaration by our commission and again reiterating that this work will be completed by spring 2022 in time for the summer 2022 concert series. [ please stand by ]
10:57 pm
on repairing and restoring the damage and i just had a few questions. actually the first one is more broader for the -- given the extensive damage that was caused. i guess fortunately was only to stern grove and didn't impact homes or businesses and other things. is this something that we should be concerned about possibly happening with a transmission pipe or other parts of the city or what steps is the p.c. taking to prevent such a disasterous impact on what seems like a
10:58 pm
fairly routine work that was being done. >> my colleague is on the line. i think she is. there she is. katie, do you mind taking this one? >> sure. hi, i'm catie miller, director of capital water programs for p.u.c. and i was the division manager of the city distribution division for five years prior to this. the city distribution division is taking a close look at the maintenance that they were doing. mind you that this is on the portion of the pipeline that san andreas pipeline number two that was installed in 1928 and this air valve is very old and that is the reason that it was leaking. so, that contributed to the failure. but they are doing a lessons learned and looking at if they could depressurize the
10:59 pm
pipe before doing this kind of maintenance work and how they can better schedule that work in the future so it won't cause such catastrophic failure. this pipe will eventually need to be replaced or refurbished, but the pipe just on the other side of this air valve that was leaking was completely re placed through stern groveful you may remember that about five years ago and was -- we have a new seismickly reliable pipe going through stern grove and this is just on the other side and our geo tech engineer found that that pipe was in relatively good condition although it was old so probably won't be replaced in the nearfuture.
11:00 pm
near lot of it was because the water wasn't shut off for many hours and that's why there was 700 thousand,000 gallons. so i was wondering if you could address that. yeah. if there are steps that can be taken to -- hopefully it is not the case. but if these happen in the future, that the water could be shut off sooner. >> i do not know the very specific response of that, but i do know that these large transmission mains, they're not something that you can turn off instantly. and it does take some time and we're well aware of that. for example, living with earth quaix, we're well aware that this is something that
11:01 pm
we'll need to address to get these pipelines back in service within 24 hours with the understanding that you don't just turn off a pipe like this in a very short amount of time. it really does take depressurizing and stoping the water that is coming up the line. it's going to have some place to go so it really means backing off to the treatment plant and also looking at customers that would be impacted along the line to assure that our wholesale customers, in addition to the other pipelines that this pipe serves, that we are aware of where those shutoffs are going to occur and we can manage that opt mali. -- optimally. so unfortunately it is not something that happens quickly but we have something that is called a shutdown outage request anschutzdown plan and aless lesson learned from this is it takes a harder look at how we mitigate when there is a
11:02 pm
failure so that we're -- we have thaougt through ahead of time. so that will go back into the lessons learned process. >> mm-hmm. great. thank you. and just glad to hear that there is -- yeah, a process in place to learn from this catastrophic disaster and to prevent it. i had a question around the actual emergency declaration and the contracts with the two vendors. so i know it looks like there is a waiver of quite a few of our provisions of our contracting, important provisions in our contracting guidelines and, for example, provision that requires if there is found to be
11:03 pm
collusion between the contractor and city officials that, you know,, that the contract be suspend and, you know, there is a provision that's being waived that provides a more detailed cost estimate. as part of the contract. and also the provisions around local hire and prevailing wage requirements so i was wondering if you could explain why these important contracting policies are being waived. >> i can give it a go. i do want to verify that our resolution doesn't ask for additionals, but just goes with chapter 6.60 which then waives those. so, maybe the city attorney can chime in. when we file the declaration, we just file it under 6.60.
11:04 pm
6.60 is what waives all of those kinds of things above and beyond a 6.60. do i want to point out maybe before the city attorney can chime in on all the various co-sections of 6.60, that the two contractors that the p.u.c. contracted with, they're union labor shops so we're not waving any prevailing wages or anything like that. we have gone with the two contractors that already have those. so, we're not asking for them not pay their folks but maybe the city attorney can chime in on all the various waiving of 6.60. we weren't asking for in additional about that. >> greg lyman is here as well from our contracts group. >> this is deputy city attorney.
11:05 pm
would somebody at sfcuc-1 address that first? i heard the name greg. >> good morning, supervisors. greg lieyman, construction contract manager for the san francisco public utilities economy.sing as john has indicated, both are union shops so we're not asking for that specific waive easier and we are just asking for the standard waivers to enter into the contract as quickly as possible so we can get work done as quickly as possible. >> thank you so the section 6.60, the emergency public works contracting includes a waiver of the waiver of all of those contracting provisions.
11:06 pm
is that correct? [background noise] >> this is the deputy city attorney. i'm happy to jump in to be helpful and you are correct that section 6.60 is a prostlaition authorizes emergency contracts. and because they are entered into in an emergency, there is a recognition through the passage of that at leasting certain things need to be waived to expedite them. that section specifically waives the requirements of chapters 6, 12-a, 12-b and 14-b. >> section 8.1 of the administrative code is regarding when the contractor is found to have covid with city officials, then the board can nullify the
11:07 pm
contract so this is being waived and why -- i'm trying to understand why, for example, that one would be waived because this is an emergency contract. it doesn't seem like that would somehow impact the ability to implement the contract quickly. >> i can't speak to the policy choice that was made in section 6.60 which authorizes a broad waiver. and i don't know the terms of this specific contact and whether a choice was made to include that provision not with standing the authorizations to waive it. i would defer to mr. lyman to represent whether that particular provision is convenient. >> we'll be using our standard contract languages so that provision will be in the contract.
11:08 pm
>> ok. thank you. yeah. it just see that the proposed ordinance waives its requirements but you're saying that it will -- section 6.81 will be in the contract. >> yes. >> ok. >> i don't know, and maybe we can work with anne off-line next time this comes down. but like about a lot of these emergency declarations over the years and it's just like a sort of template resolution, you know what i mean? and then use this to move forward. so maybe in the future we can be more specific in referencing what parts really and this is just for expediting and getting the contracts as quick will i as possible. >> thank you. nick from the b.l.a.'s
11:09 pm
office, do you have anything to add to this? >> yeah, thank you. the contract is not final yet so we did not -- there was no contract for us to review. it is not required for us to be final by the time it comes to the board in this kind of emergency authorization. i just want to make clear that there is no contract here for us to review. thank you. >> great. well, thank you for all of your work on this. john and. the p.u.c. this is really important for my district and for the west side so i would love to be added as a sponsor to this item. thank you, chair. >> thank you.
11:10 pm
>> thank you. is there a b.l.a. report on this item? >> yes, chair haney, i'm having camera difficulties. nick menards. this proposed resolution would approve the public utilities commission declaration of emergency and related emergency work to repair stern grove for a total not to exceed amount of $4 million. as stated by the department earlier in the hearing that the department expects to use two contractors to resort to stern grove which was flooded by a burst pipeline. the contract of the main contractor and builders still being finalized. we showed the budget for our emergency work on page 11 of our report and based on the information that was available to us, we do
11:11 pm
recommend approval of this resolution. >> great. supervisor safai, anything to add there? could we open this to public comment, please? >> thank you, chair haney. operations checking to see if there are any callers in the queue. members of the public who wish to comment on this item, please press star 3 now to be added. for those who are already on hold, please continue to wait until the system indicates you have been unmuted and that is your cue to begin your comments. do we have any callers? >> caller: i appreciate michael, steve, katie, john and others at p.u.c. and unnamed people at rec park for their work on this. i do note, i'm not sure if it was in the b.l.a. report that
11:12 pm
it's not just the water enterprise that will pay but ultimately it is the rate payers of the city that will pay, unfortunately. these things happen and, yes, it's somewhere in the budget. but we're all paying for this. i do smourts the proposed resolution to get the repair work as quickly as possible. it does waive various contracting provisions, that was a good discussion on that point. i would just respectfully suggest, i don't know that you need to add it to the legislation, but i would suggest that you ask p.u.c. and rec park to jointly send a report to the board of supervisors upon completion of the work in the spring, perhaps with photos and a little description about how the work being done, how many trees got replaced, the tennis court -- you know, that everything is good and that there is some final report that can go on the pages and be included in this
11:13 pm
file. ultimately. to close that out. i think that makes sense. to close the loop on this kind of emergency declaration. those are my thoughts on this item. thanks. >> thank you, david, for your comments. do we have anymore callers? >> there are no further callers in the queue. >> thank you bunch. mr. chair? >> great, thank you. public comment is closed. appreciate that. questions and comments from colleagues? >> yeah, chair haney. i just wanted to actually -- i like the suggestion from david of adding in amending the resolution, just requiring p.u.c. to provide a report when the project completed, just so we -- yeah. we have that. and if the report can also
11:14 pm
include the lessons learned and preventive measures that are being taken to -- yeah, will be taken to prevent these in the future, that would be good. i would like the move that we amend the resolution to add that and then i would also move that we recommend the resolution as amended to the full board with positive recommendation. >> ok. great. first, on the amendment, for city attorney, is that clear? we're asking for there? >> i think that is clear. unless anybody thinks it's not. [laughter] >> ok. all right. we'll add that and add that to the resolution. could we have a roll call on the amendment, please.
11:15 pm
>> on the -- to accept the amendments offered by supervisor as stated. [roll call] >> we have three ayes. >> thank you. can we now take that motion to move this to the full board with a positive recommendation as amended? >> on that motion i believe also offered by member mark to forward the item to the full board with a positive recommendation. [roll call] >> we have three ayes. >> all right. this will go to the full board a positive recommendation as amended. i want to take an item out of order, mr. clerk.
11:16 pm
can you please call item 6. >> yes, chair haney. item number 6 is a resolution authorizing the office of contract administration to enter into a second amendment to the agreement between the city and the county of san francisco and sunset scavenger company, d.b.a. recolding sunset scavenger, golden gate
11:17 pm
sunset scavenger, golden gate disposal and recycling company, d.b.a. reckology golden gate and reckology san francisco at city services facilities, increasing the contract amount by $7 million for a total not to exceed amount of approximately $16.9 million and extending the term by seven months from december 1, 2021 for a total contract duration of one year and seven months of december 1, 2020 through june 30, 2022. members of the public who wish to provide public
11:18 pm
comment, call the number on your screen. the system will prompt that you have raised your hand. please indicate until the system has indicated that you are unmuted and may begin your comments. mr. chair? >> thank you. welcome. the presentation on this item. >> thank you very much. and i believe that city administrator chiu is here to introduce this item. city administrator? >> great. thank you. thank you to chair haney and supervisor safai and marr. woe are putting this item before you today as a seven-month contract extension for waste services, for municipal facilities. just to note that this does not include residential or commercial accounts. this is strictly for city facilities. our offices -- our office buildings, etc. i would note that the budget analysts recommend approval of this contract with modifications to the contingency which we do agree with. i want to make sure that i'm here to answer questions and wanted to let the committee know that i'll be in transit in a car so we'll be getting on to this meeting by phone in just a little bit. but our acting purchaser for the city and county of san francisco is actually just steped into this role relatively recently and i want to take a moment to thank her for filling in in this important role and her six months of deployment to the covid command center where she was pretty critical in terms of the logistics response there. with that, i'll turn it over to her to provide a quick overview and presentation to you and i'll reconnect by phone. >> thank you very much, city
11:19 pm
administrator chiu and thank you for the introduction. good morning. i am here today to request your approval to amend the city's contract with reckology for city-wide refuse collection services. forgive me. i'm having trouble forwarding my presentation. ok. so, justs a brief history of our city contracts with -- for refuse collection services. since 2004, we have collected our refuse collection services through city-wide contracts. mostly issued by office of contract administration. these contracts have been with reckology. the last full-source contract was approved in 2014. this was for six years and
11:20 pm
was the final not to exceed contract value of $48 million. in november of 2020, o.c.a. brought a new negotiated refuse collection contract to the board. however, no action was taken at that time. so, to ensure continuety of refuse collection services, o.c.a. did enter into an interim contract covering december 2020 to november of 2021. the contract is now at $9.9 million and it is expiring on november 30 of this year. as such, we're seeking your review and approval for an extension of this contract. with an increase of the not-to-exceed value commensurate with expected usage. so the major provisions of this amendment, we will -- we are requesting an increase of the contract value to
11:21 pm
essentially to $15.62 million. it is an increase of 5.72 million and to extend the contract by seven months to the end of the current fiscal year. the contract includes favorable terms for the city. including a 20% compost credit, which is a discount off the monthly buildings to account for materials, the city reuses on site. this discount is essentially a clear and transparent discount, often the base rate charged to the city and does align the contract with the city's environmental goals as it incentivizes greater diversion of the city waste facilities. additionally, the city is not charged for new accounts as we were with the past contract. s so this amendment essentially allows the continuety of the trash collection services for every departments across the city while we coordinate with the department of environment to development an issue for a new contract.
11:22 pm
i do want to make clear that seven months will not be enough time to complete the process. of a solicitation and entering into a new agreements and i will cover this timeline later in the presentation. but the shorter extension makes sense at this time essentially so we can come back to the board to you to update you on our progress. it also recognizes that there are a couple of other parallel efforts that the board may want some more information on, including the work of the refuse working group and any continued work from the controller's audits. so, this is heavily used contract by our city departments. we see generally a monthly spend of anywhere between $750,000 to nearly $900,000. the expected spend for the seven-month extension is about $6 million and so with
11:23 pm
contingency of the final m.t.e. for this country, if extended, will be $15.62 million. we are in alignment with the budget legislative analyst on this amount. i do want to point out the calculations do include an increase to the monthly spend as we're expecting increased usage with the return to the office of city employees as of november 1. and the contingency essentially accounts for any new locations that are added and any other potential charge such as the addition of the green boxes at certain sites, contamination charges and other ancillary services that are allowed under the contract. so here i'm just providing an example of the monthly charges to the city by department. essentially, again, as note they are roughly -- the use of how this contract can reach about $900,000 per month as you see here.
11:24 pm
there are roughly 30 departments that utilize this contract, about 300 city sites, the i'm not mistaken. so, again, just reiterating that this is a very heavily utilized contract and it is essential for all of our city departments. so in terms of next steps, we are coming to you now for this contract extension that takes the contract out to june 30, 2022, end of this fiscal year. but we are expecting to come to you for an additional contract extension in roughly may or june in 2022. that said during this time of the extension, we will be initiating a concurrent competitive solicitation process. i've outlined some of the steps here. first we rel will be working closely with the department of the environment to develop the scope of work and minimum qualification requirements.
11:25 pm
we are planning to issue the solicitation subsequent to that and that will take, we expect, roughly four to six months contract. there is always contract negotiation and contract execution that could take a few months and there are additional variables here that will impact the timeline, which is somewhat unusual, i think, in terms of the o.c.a. or city contracts. the contracts that o.c.a. issues and vendor compliance is generally -- generally always happens with every city contract that you see here and there are additional items that will be required, including b.p.h. permitting, the potential for a ceqa analysis and then finally there may be some implementation that are involved. that could take some time. and i indicated t.b.d. here and i'm happy to discuss a
11:26 pm
little bit further what this might involve. that's the end of my presentation. thank you very much for your consideration and i'm happy to take any questions. >> thank you. do you want to jump in? >> no, that's fine. b.l.a. >> let's hear the b.l.a. report first. >> thank you, chair. this proposed resolution would approve the second amendment to the city's contract with reckology, including the not to exceed amount by $7 million to $16.9 million and extending the term through the rest of the fiscal year through june 2022. as we show on page 19 of our report, o. c. a.'s projecting $8.7 million five many total expenditures through that extension period. and the -- but the proposed not to exceed amount currently includes a 15% contingency for unexpected
11:27 pm
needs. however, that amount is calculated on the total spending of the contract, rather than the expenditures and the extension term. so we believe a contingency for new expenditures appropriate and, therefore, recommended a amendment to reduce the not-to-exceed amount to $15.6 million. in may of this year t board of supervisors approved a settlement agreement that required recology to repay $7 million related to refuse rate increases and in 2017 that were based oin inaccurate information provided by reckology during the rate-setting process and also related to unlawful gift of city officials. the settlement required a reduction in residential and commercial rates as well going forward.
11:28 pm
so this proposed contract extension provides refuse collection services for city facilities while options for alternative providers for refuse collection are identified through that solicitation process that was just discussed and changes to the refuse service mod are evaluated by the working group. we therefore recommend approval of this proposed resolution as amended. >> thank you, appreciate it. supervisor safai? >> thank you, chair haney. just a couple of questions on the presentation. i understand that this work has been done as a soul source contract for a really long time. i'm trying to understand why it takes five months to put together a scope of work when you all are pretty familiar with the work that is being performed.
11:29 pm
so can you explain that to me? >> certainly. solicitation development generally does take some time for contracts. you know, we generally work with city departments when o.c. is issuing contracts. this contract in particular is fairly complex. while we do know what the general scope of services is, we are undertaking essentially a very significant assessment to determine what the minimum qualification might be for any vendor. that might be for facilities, any equipment they need, financial capacity. >> i'm sorry. i guess what i'm asking is don't you have an existing contract with them? >> we do and we do have an existing skoem of services. that is correct. as i'm mentioning. we do need to assess what requirements we might need to put in place for any new potential vendors that we might see working with this
11:30 pm
contract including a financial capacity to do the work, facilities and equipment. i think those requirements have not been well-defined in the past. and doi have my colleague here from the departments of the environment who might be able to respond additionally to that question. >> good afternoon. i'm with the department of the environmental waste team. and as the acting director has mentioned, this is the first time we've gone out for solicitation. so, we with -- this gives us an opportunity to get a better understanding of the other jurisdictions and other companies that might have equipment and facilities. we haven't had the opportunity to do that before so this might let us look at
11:31 pm
it and see what they provide for city and being in alignment with our goal of zero waste. >> if i can actually add to that, supervisor safai. the contract currently, essentially, wrather than to raise structure that's been in place generally since we start these contracts and the rates are built upon the commercial rates that are charged by reckology with some additional contract terms and charges that we allow additional discount as i mentioned. if we are potentially to work with any new vendor, we would need to also consider if there are other types of fee structures or fee models that we might instead want to consider and sole thats assessment will take a little bit of time. so, we're take our time to do our due diligence, to put together the best
11:32 pm
solicitation, the most thoughtful solicitation that will provide the most detailed information requirements to any potential vendor that might propose so they can put together a very thoughtful proposal for us. >> if i may add, supervisor safai, thank yous for the question. i wanted to just add to it that the tentative timeline that we laid out, which includes the five-month period of time to develop a skoem of work is just that. it is an estimated timeframe based on our conversation and discussions with the department of environment. they are part of the benefit of going forward with this proposal at a seven-month exsentencing that we know that it is not enough time to complete fully a solicitation but gives us the opportunity to share with you how things are going and if we find that we did not need the five-month period of time and we're able to do in its a quicker fashion, we advance
11:33 pm
the schedule and we would be able to share that information with you. we don't haves to wait until the end of the seven-months extension to provide those updates with you. we're happy to share along the way our progress on that and just so folks know, our intention is to already have initiated the conversation so we'ves already been in conversation with the department of the environment on how to begin that work and will be doing that throughout this period of time. >> thank you for the clarification. that was my concern. if this were something that we're starting from scratch, if there were not an existing contract, i would probably make more sense. i also know that there is not many vendors in the bay area that can actually meet our zero waste requirements and what we require in terms of how we deal with waste,
11:34 pm
recycling, composting in general waste and so i know that it's not that many different facilities and companies to look at. so it just seems as though, since we're dealing with something that you identified as being sole-sourced, given the environment that we're working under, it seems as though that was an extensive amount of time. one of the criticisms we hear that the pace at which government moves too slow so that is what i'm responding to. i appreciate you telling us that that is an estimate, that you have the ability to come back sooner and it is why you asked for the seven-month extension and hopefully we'll see a quicker progress than what was laid out in the tentative timeline. thank you, mr. chair. >> thank you, vice chair.
11:35 pm
>> i just had a few questions around the rate structure. and also for this new contract amendment and the relationship that this has with the legal settlement with recology that is not around the rates for residential -- well, for commercial service. and actually just starting
11:36 pm
with that, so obviously that -- you know, the issue of -- or the scandal, i guess, of reckology, overcharging our residential and commercial customers ands the collusion and pay-to-play practices, that helps support that. it is a very important part of the context for this item. even though, you know, that is -- that was really -- those issues were around the residential and commercial rates. i understand that with the city contract with recology, it is based on the commercial rates s. that correct? >> that's right. >> so, when the city reached the settlement agreement with recology where they repaid customers, including commercial customers, $94 million and then civil penalties back in april and the commercial rates were reduced by 6.8%. as a result of that, was there any similar kind of
11:37 pm
compensation made by recology to the city for the city contract with recology given that the rate structure was based on the commercial rate? >> thank you, supervisor mar for the question. we will defer to the controller's office to speak to whether there is any remission of payment to the city. i think the controller's office has more information potentially on that information. i think on the settlement, though, just one thing to note, i think there are two questions or two issues embedded in the question that you raised. the first is how the rate structure is proposed and to qualify, this would assume basically the commercial rates that are negotiated through the regular contracts for general, uniform commercial accounts. on top of that, there is a 20% discount that is provided to the city through negotiation. my understanding is that from the previous settlement that you referred to, supervisor,
11:38 pm
is that the settlement really did not include any kind of funding or payment and basically did not account for any negotiated contracts which this contract would be. i wanted to clarify that. i don't believe that the settlement related to any negotiated contracts, which is what we had before us as a city contract and the controller's office can speak to any other financial considerations from that settlement. >> good afternoon.
11:39 pm
11:40 pm
penalties back in april and the commercial rates were reduced by 6.8%. as a result of that, was there any similar kind of compensation made by recology to the city for the city contract with recology given that the rate structure was based on the commercial rate? >> thank you, supervisor mar for the question. we will defer to the controller's office to speak to whether there is any remission of payment to the city. i think the controller's office has more information potentially on that information. i think on the settlement, though, just one thing to note, i think there are two questions or two issues embedded in the question that you raised. the first is how the rate structure is proposed and to qualify, this would assume basically the commercial rates that are negotiated through the regular contracts for general, uniform commercial accounts. on top of that, there is a 20% discount that is provided to the city through negotiation. my understanding is that from the previous settlement that you referred to, supervisor, is that the settlement really did not include any kind of funding or payment and basically did not account for any negotiated contracts which this contract would be. i wanted to clarify that. i don't believe that the settlement related to any negotiated contracts, which is what we had before us as a city contract and the controller's office can speak to any other financial considerations from that settlement. >> good afternoon. my unctioning is that it considered only the rates that were charged to residential and commercial customers and not to the city so i'm not aware that there is a [inaudible] of that
11:41 pm
settlement that requires repayment to the city. if the controller has additional information, i would absolutely welcome them to weigh in. >> good afternoon. i do not and i'm happy to confirm that and i can get back to the committee. >> ok. thank you for just confirming. that was comparable to the settlement agreement that was reached back in april. even though our -- the rate structure for our city contract with recology is based on the commercial rates. so i don't know if that is something that we hadn't looked into, whether how much we would -- the city was being overcharged. given that the commercial rates were, you know, recology was overcharging commercial customers. any idea how much that might be worth? >> we're happy to work with any overages on this contract. >> i was going to say that we would work with o.c.a. >> ok. great. thank you. would appreciate that work and would love to see what you come up with. thank you. thank you, chair haney. >> thank you for the question. let's go to public comment, please. >> that, chair haney. operations checking to see if we have callers in the queue. for those already -- for those already in line, please press star 3 to be added. for those already on hold, please continue to hold until the system indicates that you have been unmuted. do we have any callers? >> good afternoon. dave pillpel again. several points here. the controller's refuse working group has only met once in may of this year. i've been eagerly awaiting more meetings so i seriously doubt they will issue a report this month. they've only met one. -- once. i'm still not clear why this proposes a seven-month extension when staff says that 20 months are needed. why not package this as a 20-month extension at this time. i don't understand that. the 2020 proposal that's in board of supervisors file
11:42 pm
21213 had a new and different cost structure. i'm not sure that that different rate structure is in this particular proposal. i believe that an r.f.p. will likely result in one responsive bidder and that would be recology. i note that there is a letter in the file from services but i'm not sure they would have the facilities and equipment and wherewithal to perform the work so i don't understand why not just negotiate a soul source agreement as with recology as has occurred in the past. i believe the effort on the new r.f.p., ceqa review may be more costly than any time savings here. i'm sorry to say, this is only a million dollars a month. it is not and even if the
11:43 pm
cost savings are 10%, that's only 100,000 a month. it could cost a lot more than that to go through all of that effort. i don't understand. why postser? and there is no guarantee that there will be cost savings with the proposed r.f.p. process. in the end, i still have serious questions about the recommended path forward. i would recommend updates and the next extension from seven months to 20, long before june so the board has omtions. >> thank you for your comments. anymore callers? >> there are no further callers in the queue. >> thank you very much, mrs. chair. >> thank you. i think that the points that my colleagues make are ones that i agree with.
11:44 pm
we want to make sure that this happens and doesn't get dragged out. too lodge. and that we actually do the due diligence and how we do it in an expeditiously as possible. i know there was a question from supervisor marr. i don't know if you wanted to give an answer on that today before we move forward. or was that something that we wanted to wait for? >> i think we can wait. it sounds like the controller's office and o.c.a. are going to look into how much we were overcharged for contract. since it was based on the commercial rate structure and commercial rate payers were overcharged and do you get a refund? and we don't need that today.
11:45 pm
but i look forward to their work on this and their updates. >> great. supervisor safai? >> yes. i appreciate the -- oops. hold on. sorry. i appreciated the public from the comment. that is part of what my point was about. i think it's pretty apparent what the result will be, given the size and scope and need of the city in terms of our requirements and so that was what my hope was, that this could be expedited in terms of the analysis and the response. i'm absolutely fine with it going out for a competitive process. even if the city might know and predicts what the result of that might be. because i think that is in the realm of good government. and i don't necessarily believe that we should be soul sourcing contracts of this size, scale and nature.
11:46 pm
given the bad history of some of the things that have happened with regard to soul-source contracting and, in particular, with this company. i do want to say that the amount of time it should take should be condensed dramatically. given the fact that there is an existing contract, given the fact that we know what we need on the sides of our diversion, both requirements and needs. so, i don't think that the analysis will take that long and i appreciate city administrator chiu saying that she intends and believes that it will be done in a much more expedited fashion. and the result will be good government and more scaout knit for these types of contracts and that is also important given what was said, the recent year of corruption and overcharging
11:47 pm
and rate payers impacked by the behavior. so i appreciate that. thank you, mr. chair. >> great. thank you. agreed. i always think this is an unusual dlat we have in relationship and unique relationship that we have with recology and on many things they have done a great job for us without a doubt. and i know that we all here have tremendous respect for their workers and a lot of appreciation for the structure of their company and the way that it shares their revenue with their workers, there's also, as you said, supervisor safai, also no doubt that recology management at the top, or particularly over the last year or so did some things that were unethical and in
11:48 pm
some cases were criminal. at least allegations of criminal behavior. so we have to be very intentional about how we move forward and ensthaur we have a process that are contracting that reachs the highest levels of integrity and accountability and our rate payers, our residences, our small businesses gate fair deal and there is nothing that takes advantage of them at the same time. we have tremendous represent for workers themselves and we have to deliver for our folks. so for our residents. and there were some things that need to happen and picking up the trash is one of them. i know we set big goal around
11:49 pm
doing it, zero waste and the requirements of our contract are special as well when it relates to recycling and trash and waste. so, with that i think we expressed our views on this here. i am going to, unless there are any further questions or comments here, i want to make a motion foister accept the b.l.a.'s recommendation to amend this item. could we have a roll call vote on that, plea. >> on the motion to amend the resolution to accept the b.l.a.'s recommendations -- [roll call] we have three ayes. >> could we please want to make a motion to move item 6
11:50 pm
to the full board for the positive recommendation as amended. >> to the full board as amended with positive recommendation. [roll call] we have three ayes. >> great. thank you so much, everyone, for your work on this and we will undoubtedly see you all soon to continue this conversation and the next steps. thank you. >> thank you. >> mr. clerk, can you please call item 4? >> yes. item number 4 is a resolution authorizing the human services agency to apply for and accept a county child welfare agency allocation for an amount of approximately $459,000 from the california department of housing and
11:51 pm
community development under the transitional housing program to help young adults secure and maintain housing. members of the public who wish to provide public comments on this item should call 415-655-0001. meeting i.d. 249963166172 and then press pound twice. if you have not already done so, please press star 3 to line up to speak. the prompt will indicate that you have raised your hand. mr. chair? >> thank you. welcome suzy smith from h.s.a. >> thank you, thank you. my name is suzy smith. i'm deply director for policy and planning from the san francisco human services agency. i'll note that agenda item four and agenda item five are closely related around the same source of funds so i don't know if you want to call and get with them together or separately.
11:52 pm
>> can you call item 5 as well with this item? >> yes. item 5 is a resolution authorizing the human services agency to apply for and accept a county child welfare agency allocation for an amount up to $147,000 from the california departments of housing and community development under the housing navigator program to help young adults secure and maintain housing. and members of the public who wish to speak on item number five can also call 415-655-0001 and meeting i.d. 24963166172 and then press pound twice and dial star 3 to line up to speak. mr. chair? >> thank you. ms. smith? >> thank you. as mentioned, the state of
11:53 pm
california departments of housing and community development recently issued two related funding opportunitis to help young adults in the child welfare system secure and maintain housing. the first grant opportunity is an $8 million statewide allocation to support the transitional housing program and that provides direct subsidies for current or former foster youth agency teen to 25. the second is a $5 million statewide allocation to fund housing navigation services to help young adults aged 18 to 21 to apply for suitable housing. in other words for san francisco to access these two related housing funds, the board of supervisors required to approve resolutions which gives health and human services toosing apply for and accept the funding.
11:54 pm
upon the receipt of our application, they will determine how much money san francisco will be awarded based on the number of youth in our child welfare system as well as the number of other countis that applied for this funding. the maximum we could be awarded for transitional housing program is up to $573,950 and the maximum we could be awarded for the housing navigation program is up to $183, 775. you'll note there is an -- there are two amendments to these resolutions to increase the amounts that we originally requested. and this simply gives us flexibility to accept a greater amount of the state funding in the event that other counties fail to draw down their allocated funds. so t the state initially issued one form with one amount and then they requested greater flexibility for us to accept additional funding
11:55 pm
should other counties underspend. so the goal overall of this program is to reduce homelessness for foster youth. servicess will include applying for housing, prehousing drex services, housing subsidies and stabilization and [inaudible] services. we have until at least the end of the school year '23 to spend these funds should we be awarded them. and briefly on the issue in terms of homelessness at the inner child welfare system and why this is so important for your young adults, young adults currently were formerly in child welfare faced challenges with homelessness and housing stability in our high-cost market, data from the latest noinlts time.
11:56 pm
29% of youth respondents in the survey reported history of foster care involvement. over one-third of youth reported a history of foster care. living in foster care, sorry, immediately before becoming homeless. and 17% reported aging out of foster care is the primary cause of the homelessness. that is really what these grants time address. how do we help people who provide housing support as they exit our system. so these two resolutions would authorize to accept the allocation for both of these programs and help them secure and maintain housing and avoid homelessness. i'm happy to answer any questions that you or others may have.
11:57 pm
>> thank you. much appreciated and thank you for noting to call these together. obviously both connected and appreciated. is there a b.l.a. report on these items? >> chair haney, we do not report on these items. >> great. thank you. not seeing anythinging from colleagues. can we open this up to public comment, please? >> yes, chair haney. operations is checking to see if there are any caller in the queue. members of the publics who wish to provide comment on items 4 and 5, please press star 3 to be added.
11:58 pm
for those already on hold, please continue to wait until the system indicates you have been unmuted and that is your cue to begin your comments. mr. adkins? >> mr. clerk, there are no callers in the queue. >> thank you much. mr. chair? >> great. public comment is now closed. i know there are amendments that are being made. did you want to offer those ms. smith? >> yes. the amendments are around the flexibility to receive additional funding, should the state want to add to our allocation. so, originally we had applied for and accept up to $459 *shs 200 for transitional housing program. we have amended that to allow us to apply for and accept up to $573,950 for the transitional housing program. so we can see on the red lines the second page under further resolve, it allows the san francisco human services agency, it says that if the departments of housing and community development advises sfhsa that they are available for the remaining
11:59 pm
funds, they hereby authorized and directed to accept this additional allocation of funds. that is what these two amendments are just giving the state flexibility to say if other counties underspend, we can add to the grant without having to come back for another resolution to the board. and there is the resolution for the second program, the housing navigator program we originally had an allocation amount up to $147,020 and we amended that to receive up to $183,000 on page two of the amendment. >> got it.
12:00 am
are these substantive amendments to our city attorney? >> yes, i believe these are substantive amendments and, therefore, i'll threat city attorney weigh in. >> good afternoon. this is deputy city attorney. we're actually not subsidizing. >> oh, great. [laughter] >> all right. well first of all i want to make a motion to move these amendments. could we have a role call vote? >> on the notion accept the amendment on both items, number four and five as stated -- [roll call] >> i am sorry. let's see. sorry.
12:01 am
oh, wait. we did take public comment. there were no speakers. ok. i am -- ok. so safai, aye. so sorry. we have three ayes, mr. chair. >> great. and now i want to make a motion to move this item as amended to the full board with a positive recommendation. sorry. i want to make a notion move items 4 and 5 to the full board as amended with a positive recommendation. >> thank you, chair haney. on the motion to recommend both items 4 and 5 to the full board as amended. [roll call]
12:02 am
>> we have three ayes. >> thank you. thank you again for your work. much appreciated. mr. clerk, can you please call item 7. >> yes. item number 7 is an ordinance, retroactively authorizing the office of the mayor to accept and expend a grant in the amount of approximately $3.4 million from bloomberg philanthrophies, ordinance number 109-21. the annual salary ordinance for fiscal years 2021 to 2022 and 2022 to 2023. to provide for addition of one grant funded class. 0904, mayoral staff. 16 position. at the office of the mayor and two grant-funded class 1043 engineer positions at the office of the city
12:03 am
administrator and two grant funded class 253 senior business analyst positions. the office of the city administrator for the period of october 1, 2020 through august 21, 2024. members of the public who want to speak about this item, should call the number on your screen and meeting i.d. 2496-316-6172. and then press pound twice. if you have not already done so, please press star 3 to line up to speak. please wait until the system indicates you haves been unmuted and that is your cue to begin your comments. mr. chair? >> thank you. and welcome the mayor's office. >> thank you, chair haney. thank you members of the committee. i will share a brief less than three-minute presentation, hopefully.
12:04 am
is that working? >> confirming it's visible. >> wonderful. thank you. so this is the -- the item before you is an expension worth $3.4 million over three years so that is approximately 12k4rr million a year, not $3 million per year. the majority of which will be spent on salaries and this ordinance creates a new position of authority for five positions, one in fact mayor's office and four at the city administrator's office which will be the basis of a new team coordinated through the mayor's office, but with a number of people across the city and you'll see that the majority of these positions are technical in nature so i'll get to the overall structure of this grant and then how he intends to use this office. so, first, this is a
12:05 am
competitive grant program so apply for this grant and was awarded along with five other cities in this cohort is part of a general group of about 40 cities that received the innovation grant over the last several years and bloomberg really looks for a few key things in their innovation offices. the sf*irs that they look for direct axe sayses to either the mayor ors city manager and that is really so that they can have assurances that there is a certain amount of political clout that is really focusing on the key issues that the city is facing and not kind of like working around the edges, so to speak. they want -- they look for somebody who can -- who is willing to use data, human-centered design and digital technology to address those big media issues that are facing the city. and they operate in a strike team model where you are able to take on a single project for six to nine months and then move on to another item.
12:06 am
for san francisco and our only case ining particular, we have some really great infrastructure already that i will get into between digittal services, data s.f., our office of civic innovation and city performance team at the controller's office. so, we were really not trying to reinvent the wheel here, but leverage all of that really great expertise, uplift the work that has already been done and direct those resources such as they are where fobl more strategic issues. and beyond the digital innovation, building of websites and making things more technologically savvy and really creating a culture of innovation and pulling up what i think we call the sensible solutions that frequently exist at a staff level but have trouble breaking through up to, you know, a higher level. things that don't always make it to the mayor's office but there is a lot of really great, you know, information
12:07 am
and talent and creative solutions that happen as a line staff level and we're trying to infuse a culture of being able to bring those ideas up and give them more direct access to leadership in the city. and is this came up earlier with item number two. we are hopeful that this office will be able to allow us to use a better define and measure success across a number of our priorities and then where we have those indicators then not just have that data and exist in open data s.f. as it currently is, but have that drive policy decision through the mayor and board of supervisors. so this is really an existing structure and has digittal services that work at a.d.m. and are work-order funded and intend to be hired by the departments to work on a specific project. there is not a lot of opportunities for them to identify a new program.
12:08 am
data s.f. helps departments dig through and understand what data they they have and what they might be missing. the office of civic innovation a partnership-focused program as it intends to work primarily on a program called civic bridge which brings in pro bono help from for profit companies to work on projects that are pitched by individual departments and then city performance in the controller's office is, you know, they go through and adit our services and make sure that the public has access to information about whether we're doing things well. what we sfienld that all of these intend to work a little bit in silo. there is not a great opportunity to take the learning and the needs across these individual groups and elevate issues up to say, you know what? really we have a citywide permitting problem. it is not d.b.i. permitting problem a fire permitting problem. it is a general cross
12:09 am
departmentstal issue and needs to be dealt with in a cross departmentstal way. we're proposing an office of innovation that would be eight people, five of which are the positions created here funded by this grant and then drawing in the office of civic innovation. they would still be d.t.e. employees and pulling their expertise in to create a policy-focused office that can look across all of these different groups, particularly digital services, data s.f. and o.c.i., understand what needs to happen and more of a policy level and create that strike team that is not based on work order dollars, that is generally grant funded. and then have that reinforced by the city performance team. we are going to work very closely with them as we pull out what would n theory, be a
12:10 am
successful [inaudible]. and that is the end of my presentation. i'm happy to take any questions. i hope i got through that quickly. >> i think somebody has me on repeat there. you're really speaking my language here in this presentation. i don't know if you're aware of this, but i held a hearing in this committee a few months ago on this very topic and had all of those offices come and present. and we spent hours on this. my rel daysing to them was essentially what you proposed here, which is coordinated across the whole city and that their respective roles are that are built for collaboration and that they actually address their own
12:11 am
kind of challenges around a collaboration before we are in position to fix those for the rest of the city. and looks like that is what you're building here, which is really great. this is something that we did when i was at the school -- the school district, actually. something to look at and not many examples to look at with the school district. unfortunately. but that is something that we [inaudible] there and they have an office innovation that co-ordinates the professional developments and has potentially strike teams on individual challenges across the district. a ever that structure works
12:12 am
well. is this part of the mayor's budget proposal or basically announced right now entirely anew? >> it was not part of the budget proposal and that is why we had to come to you with this ordinance. we had, in mid june, late june, we received word that we would be receiving this. but we had to go through the details of what the grant agreement would look like and a lot of those negotiations. so, you know, at the time of introduction on june 1, we had not been awarded this yet and decided not tot go through an amendment process in june. we would rather goat our ducks in a row. >> has it already started in what is the timeline for in -- for this? >> no, it is technically retroactive. because the draft agreement that they sent us starts october 1. that said, we have not yet received or accepted any dollars.
12:13 am
we have not posted any positions. it is technically retroactive, but awaiting your approval before moving forward. >> great. and the eight positions will be additive and then they will help to coordinate the work of -- >> five of them are added in. it is the director, the four positions which are -- i can bring them back up -- a project manager, a technical promise manager a data analyst, a u.s. or systems designer. we'll try to figure out based on what our first project looks like, which is more appropriate and then a software evening naoer who can focus on websites and the like. and then the three other positions are the people who already work in the office of civic innovation and we'll pull that partnership team in and see how we can lift that work up and make them a little bit -- they are very
12:14 am
siloed right now and i think, you know, we're really wasting their talents so we'll pull them in and have a universal eight-person team. but it is mostly technically focused and the current innovation director being like the -- i don't know. the strategic vision, if you will. >> i think it is very exciting and i'm sure there will be a lot more conversation about where their focus will be and how they're going to measure the impacts and, you know, just -- there are so many challenges that they can focus on and ways that they can have an exponential impacts on creative and human-centered responses to the challenges we're facing here in government.
12:15 am
great job and very exciting especially in light of the long hearing that we had where basically the outcome of that was we need something like this. i'm happy to see this happening. colleagues, any questions or comments? i'm guessing there is no b.l.a. report on this item, is there? >> actually, there is a b.l.a. report. this ordinance retroactively authorizes the mayor to accept and expend the $3.4 million grant from bloomberg philanthrophies for three years. the legislation also amends the salary ordinance to create five new permanent positions shown on page 23 of our report. which expand the existing teams for innovation, digital service and data policy. this grant does not fully fund those positions. it requires a $1.1 million match. the mayor's office reported
12:16 am
to us that they intend to do fund raising to meet that match. but the positions are permanent and need to be funded through new revenues at the end of the grant term and will likely require general fund moneys to be funded at the end of the grant term. because this grant could result in new general fund costs, if the fund raising is insufficient and at tend of the grant term, we consider approval to be a policy matter for the board of supervisors. >> great. >> thank you, chair and thank you for the presentation on this really exciting kind of new opportunity for the city and, yeah, i think this sounds -- yeah. really positive. and i appreciated the digittal innovation that we had. that really opened my eyes
12:17 am
and started my thinking about how technology -- how we could better use technology to improve our city functioning. city government functioning. so this opportunity to access the bloomberg foundation funding sounds like it is connected to a cohort of other cities so that is exciting, too. it sounds really positive. i think my only concern is that this is sort of really new. you know, it's sort of moving -- it's really trying to -- it's like new tools and strategies for the city government to improve how we function so that is all positive. but it is a business fuzzy. in the b.l.a. report, i mentioned three potential priority projects. that this new team would focus on. small business navigation,
12:18 am
mental and behavioral treatment coordination and government accountability for city-funded programming. is that -- is that pretty set? >> no, our original application went in of november of 2020 and they asked for some sample projects that the mayor might prioritize. at that time, that is kind of what we came up with. i think we have since done a little bit of delving. certainly at least for the first project. and it is a media problem and a priority for the mayor and i know for you all is probably not the best project for a brand-new team. so we're going to kind of, like, hold off on that. i think certain examples of things that we were thinking about, nothing is set yet. you know, after this is approved, we're supposed to send in our priorities letter and, again, those are high policy levels. i think that the mayor is
12:19 am
interested in focus in on that last item looking at how we can look at a lot of our contracts and existing programming and services across the city and understand better what we're doing and what we're doing well. communicating that. but what we are doing well in communicating that to the public and making sure that everyone has access to it and we're not doing well holding ourselves accountability. supervisor peskin has been interested in the office of small business and how those grants work. workforce development would be a big priority. you know, obviously homeless >>s always top of mind. again, would be a big chunk of something to chew on for a first project.
12:20 am
12:21 am
better use technology to improve our city functioning. city government functioning. so this opportunity to access the bloomberg foundation funding sounds like it is connected to a cohort of other cities so that is exciting, too. it sounds really positive. i think my only concern is that this is sort of really new. you know, it's sort of moving -- it's really trying to -- it's like new tools and strategies for the city government to improve how we function so that is all positive. but it is a business fuzzy. in the b.l.a. report, i mentioned three potential priority projects. that this new team would focus on.
12:22 am
small business navigation, mental and behavioral treatment coordination and government accountability for city-funded programming. is that -- is that pretty set? >> no, our original application went in of november of 2020 and they asked for some sample projects that the mayor might prioritize. at that time, that is kind of what we came up with. i think we have since done a little bit of delving. certainly at least for the first project. and it is a media problem and a priority for the mayor and i know for you all is probably not the best project for a brand-new team. so we're going to kind of, like, hold off on that. i think certain examples of things that we were thinking about, nothing is set yet. you know, after this is approved, we're supposed to send in our priorities letter and, again, those are high policy levels. i think that the mayor is interested in focus in on that last item looking at how we can look at a lot of our contracts and existing programming and services across the city and understand better what we're doing and what we're doing well. communicating that. but what we are doing well in communicating that to the public and making sure that everyone has access to it and we're not doing well holding ourselves accountability. supervisor peskin has been interested in the office of small business and how those grants work. workforce development would be a big priority. you know, obviously homeless >>s always top of mind. again, would be a big chunk of something to chew on for a first project. but, you know, theres a lot of just within that individual item there is a lot to work on but nothing is set in stone yet. and that will drive a lot of our hiring, i think. >> thanks. it makes sense to have the mayor's office and city administrator being the lead on this and -- but i'm just thinking for the board and our role in terms of oversight and policies, it would be good to have some reporting and sharing of what the plans are with the board and throughout to the public. i don't know if that is an ordinance or amendment. >> and we would be happy to both do individual readings or hearing about what we're working on and what we're finding.
12:23 am
i imagine there is a first phase of what this primary project will be and that, you know, think would probably be better done however you like and then certainly in six to nine months when we have our first deliverable, we would lom to come back and tell you about it. >> great. thank you. >> thank you. this is exciting. that is a similar question to what i was going to ask. since this money is going to come in and you will have staff dedicated to doing research. it would make sense to have a well-defined target and project as quickly as possible. i'm sure you intend to do that. i don't know. i'm not as excited about the contract part but it is not my call. i think something more exciting for the work and for the money. i know that this will carry, as i understand it, this will carry funding for three years and then the hope is that additional funding will be sought after, grant based and that will be part of the job as a director of this office. and the grant funding will be driven by the work that is being done. obviously even going back to item number one today with our needle exchange, our addiction problem and fentanyl overdose. there is a lot of different things that this office could take on and the strike team fashion to really kind of delve into and then really inform on a policy basis that would be exciting for all of us. given the speed that this office can work and interface with all the different departments. excited and very support *ift of this. would love to add my name as a sponsor to this. >> thank you, mr. chair. >> when one person does it, i don't want to be left out. so i should be added as well. we didn't call public comment yet. can we call it, please? >> yes. operations is checking to see if there are any callers in the queue.
12:24 am
members of public that wish to provide comment, please press star 3. mr. adkins, can you confirm if we have any speakers? operator: mr. clerk, there are no callers in the queue. >> thank you very much. >> public comment is closed. i want to make a motion to move item seven to the full board with a positive recommendation. could we have a role call vote, please? >> on the notion move the item to the full board with a positive recommendation -- [roll call] >> we have three ayes. >> thank you so much. appreciate it. >> mr. clerk, will you call item 8? >> yes. item 18 an ordinance appropriating approximately 71,000 previously appropriated to the departments of public works. and approximately 69.2 of previously appropriated to the city planning department.
12:25 am
and reappropriating approximately $140,000 to the departments of public works for a safety needs assessment with k through 8 community school in fiscal year 2021 to 2022. members of the public who wish to provide public comment should call 415-655-0001, meeting i.d. 2496-316-6172 and then press pound twice. if you have not already done so, please dial star three to line up to speak. a system prompt will indicate that you have raised your hand. mr. chair? >> great. thank you. and we have jennifer lee from supervisor ronie's office. welcome. >> hello. good afternoon. thank you for allowing me to speak today.
12:26 am
unfortunately supervisor ronen is at a meeting and could not leave. chair haneys and community members, thank you for hearing this item today to reappropriate $140574 for infrastructure spending last month, supervisor ronen held a hearing on the dangerous conditions of the [inaudible] facility. for years, faculties and parents have logged countless complaints about exposed radiators and temperatures reaching 90° in december, falling ceiling tiles, faulty wiring and more. last year in 2020n two separate reports, the san francisco unified school district rated facilities as in good repair status and clean, safe and functional. yet three major life-threatening incidents took place this year alone,
12:27 am
including a dangerous gas leak that went unchecked for a week and a half [inaudible] and dismissed it as the smell of dead birds. it was only caution after pg&e was called and the company evacuated the premises. one of the demands is to have the school facilities assessed by an inspector. therefore, supervisor ronen has asked to do a third party assessment of the school. this will have unspent money from 2019 to 2020 city-wide with spending plan that was originally slated for the planning and outreach for land use and transportation of business. that went on pause in the pandemic and with the larger p.u.c., some water projects and those funs will not be needed. public works has submitted the cost of facilities in the range of $145574. the original ordinance that
12:28 am
was introduced last month would appropriate $121365 but our office has worked with the controller and planning departments to unem cumber the remaining $18210 and substituted the legislation to reflect reappropriatation of the full $145574 to public works. since that hearing they have unanimously passed board member [inaudible] to allocate $40 million in 2016 bond money [inaudible]. however, because of the design process is much longer and could take months if not years, we would have public work dos an immediate assessment of urgent work that knees to be done. [slightly muffled] i want to thank you for being early co-sponsors to this legislation and look forward
12:29 am
to occurring this resource for our beloved community schools. on behalf of supervisor ronen, i would like the ask for approval. thank you for hearing this item today. >> thank you so much and supervisor ronen for their leadership. as a former school board member, i'm definitely familiar with this school and the shameful condition that it is in and i'm greatful for the leadership of supervisor ronen and supervisor safai and alexander and others who have stepped in and provided support for the city on this. it is unacceptable for these conditions for our kids to be learning in so i'm glad we're steping in and doing this and would love to have my name added as a co-sponsor as well. do we have a b.l.a. report on this item? >> we do not report on this item. >> great.
12:30 am
could i open this to public comments, please? >> thank you, mr. chair. operations is checking to see if there are any callers in the queue. members of the public who wish to provide public comment on this item, please press star 3. for those already on hold, please continue to wait until the system indicates you have been unmuted. can you confirm we have no callers? operator: mr. clerk, there are no callers in the queue. >> thank you very much. mr. chair? >> public comment is closed. colleagues, any questions or comments? i'm sure there is nothing but support for this. [laughter] with that, i want to make a motion to move this to the full board with a positive recommendation. >> on the motion to forward this item to the full board with a positive recommendation, vice chair safai? >> [roll call] >> please add me as a co-sponsor as well. thank you. >> noted.
12:31 am
>> we have three ayes. >> great. thank you so much. this will go to the full board with a positive recommendation. thank you, ms. lee. >> thank you. mr. clerk, are there any other items in front of us today? >> mr. chair, that concludes your business. >> great. thank you, closing arguments. see you soon. meeting is adjourned.
12:32 am
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12:36 am
>> after my fire in my apartment and losing everything, the red cross gave us a list of agencies in the city to reach out to and i signed up for the below-market rate program. i got my certificate and started applying and won the housing lottery. [♪♪♪] >> the current lottery program began in 2016. but there have been lot rows that have happened for affordable housing in the city for much longer than that.
12:37 am
it was -- there was no standard practice. for non-profit organizations that were providing affordable housing with low in the city, they all did their lotteries on their own. private developers that include in their buildings affordable units, those are the city we've been monitoring for some time since 1992. we did it with something like this. where people were given circus tickets. we game into 291st century in 2016 and started doing electronic lotteries. at the same time, we started electronic applications systems. called dalia. the lottery is completely free. you can apply two ways. you can submit a paper application, which you can download from the listing itself. if you apply online, it will
12:38 am
take five minutes. you can make it easier creating an account. to get to dalia, you log on to >> i have lived in san francisco for almost 42 years. i was born here in the hayes valley. >> i applied for the san francisco affordable housing lottery three times. >> since 2016, we've had about 265 electronic lotteries and almost 2,000 people have got their home through the lottery system. if you go into the listing, you can actually just press lottery results and you put in your lottery number and it will tell you exactly how you ranked. >> for some people, signing up for it was going to be a challenge. there is a digital divide here
12:39 am
and especially when you are trying to help low and very low income people. so we began providing digital assistance for folks to go in and get help. >> along with the income and the residency requirements, we also required someone who is trying to buy the home to be a first time home buyer and there's also an educational component that consists of an orientation that they need to attend, a first-time home buyer workshop and a one-on-one counseling session with the housing councilor. >> sometimes we have to go through 10 applicants before they shouldn't be discouraged if they have a low lottery number. they still might get a value for an available, affordable housing unit. >> we have a variety of lottery programs. the four that you will most
12:40 am
often see are what we call c.o.p., the certificate of preference program, the dthp which is the displaced penance housing preference program. the neighborhood resident housing program and the live worth preference. >> i moved in my new home february 25th and 2019. the neighborhood preference program really helped me achieve that goal and that dream was with eventually wind up staying in san francisco. >> the next steps, after finding out how well you did in the lottery and especially if you ranked really well you will be contacted by the leasing agent. you have to submit those document and income and asset qualify and you have to pass the credit and rental screening and the background and when you qualify for the unit, you can chose the unit and hopefully
12:41 am
sign that lease. all city sponsored affordable housing comes through the system and has an electronic lottery. every week there's a listing on dalia. something that people can apply for. >> it's a bit hard to predict how long it will take for someone to be able to move into a unit. let's say the lottery has happened. several factors go into that and mainly how many units are in the project, right. and how well you ranked and what preference bucket you were in. >> this particular building was brand new and really this is the one that i wanted out of everything i applied for. in my mind, i was like how am i going to win this? i did and when you get that notice that you won, it's like at first, it's surreal and you don't believe it and it sinks in, yeah, it happened. >> some of our buildings are pretty spectacular.
12:42 am
they have key less entry now. they have a court yard where they play movies during the weekends, they have another master kitchen and space where people can throw parties. >> mayor breed has a plan for over 10,000 new units between now and 2025. we will start construction on about 2,000 new units just in 2020. >> we also have a very big portfolio like over 25,000 units across the city. and life happens to people. people move. so we have a very large number of rerentals and resales of units every year. >> best thing about working for the affordable housing program is that we know that we're making a difference and we actually see that difference on a day-to-day basis. >> being back in the
12:43 am
neighborhood i grew up in, it's a wonderful experience. >> it's a long process to get through. well worth it when you get to the other side. i could not be happier. [♪♪♪] >> my background is in engineering. i am a civil engineer by training. my career has really been around government service. when the opportunity came up to serve the city of san francisco, that was just an opportunity i really needed to explore. [♪♪♪] [♪♪♪]
12:44 am
i think it was in junior high and really started to do well in math but i faced some really interesting challenges. many young ladies were not in math and i was the only one in some of these classes. it was tough, it was difficult to succeed when a teacher didn't have confidence in you, but i was determined and i realized that engineering really is what i was interested in. as i moved into college and took engineering, preengineering classes, once again i hit some of those same stereotypes that women are not in this field. that just challenged me more. because i was enjoying it, i was determined to be successful. now i took that drive that i have and a couple it with public service. often we are the unsung heroes of technology in the city whether it is delivering network
12:45 am
services internally, or for our broadband services to low income housing. >> free wi-fi for all of the residents here so that folks have access to do job searches, housing searches, or anything else that anyone else could do in our great city. >> we are putting the plant in the ground to make all of the city services available to our residents. it is difficult work, but it is also very exciting and rewarding our team is exceptional. they are very talented engineers and analysts who work to deliver the data and the services and the technology every day. >> i love working with linda because she is fun. you can tell her anything under the sun and she will listen and give you solutions or advice. she is very generous and thoughtful and remembers all the special days that you are celebrating. >> i have seen recent employee
12:46 am
safety and cyber security. it is always a top priority. i am always feeling proud working with her. >> what is interesting about my work and my family is my experience is not unique, but it is different. i am a single parent. so having a career that is demanding and also having a child to raise has been a challenge. i think for parents that are working and trying to balance a career that takes a lot of time, we may have some interruptions. if there is an emergency or that sort of thing then you have to be able to still take care of your family and then also do your service to your job. that is probably my take away and a lot of lessons learned. a lot of parents have the concern of how to do the balance i like to think i did a good job
12:47 am
for me, watching my son go through school and now enter the job market, and he is in the medical field and starting his career, he was always an intern. one of the things that we try to do here and one of my takeaways from raising him is how important internships are. and here in the department of technology, we pride ourselves on our interns. we have 20 to 25 each year. they do a terrific job contributing to our outside plant five or work or our network engineering or our finance team. this last time they took to programming our reception robot, pepper, and they added videos to it and all of these sort of things. it was fun to see their creativity and their innovation come out.
12:48 am
>> amazing. >> intriguing. >> the way i unwind is with my photography and taking pictures around the city. when i drive around california, i enjoy taking a lot of landscapes. the weather here changes very often, so you get a beautiful sunset or you get a big bunch of clouds. especially along the waterfront. it is spectacular. i just took some photos of big server and had a wonderful time, not only with the water photos, but also the rocks and the bushes and the landscapes. they are phenomenal. [♪♪♪] my advice to young ladies and women who would like to move into stem fields is to really look at why you are there. if you are -- if you are a problem solver, if you like to analyse information, if you like to discover new things, if you like to come up with alternatives and invent new
12:49 am
practice, it is such a fabulous opportunity. whether it is computer science or engineering or biology or medicine, oh, my goodness, there are so many opportunities. if you have that kind of mindset i have enjoyed working in san francisco so much because of the diversity. the diversity of the people, of this city, of the values, of the talent that is here in the city. it is stimulating and motivating and inspiring and i cannot imagine working anywhere else but in san all right. on 5, 5, 2, 1 you innovation on or was on
12:50 am
over 200 years they went through extensive innovations to the existing green new metal gates were installed our the perimeter 9 project is funded inform there are no 9 community opportunity and our capital improvement plan to the 2008 clean and safe neighborhood it allows the residents and park advocates like san franciscans to make the matching of the few minutes through the philanthropic dungeons and finished and finally able to pull on play on the number one green a celebration on october 7, 1901, a skoovlt for the st. anthony's formed a club and john then the superintendent the golden gate park laid out the bowling green
12:51 am
are here sharing meditates a permanent green now and then was opened in 1902 during the course the 1906 san francisco earthquake that citywide much the city the greens were left that with an ellen surface and not readers necessarily 1911 it had the blowing e bowling that was formed in 1912 the parks commission paid laying down down green number 2 the san francisco lawn club was the first opened in the united states and the oldest on the west their registered as san francisco lark one 101 and ti it is not all fierce competition food and good ole friend of mine drive it members les lecturely
12:52 am
challenge the stories some may be true some not memories of past winners is reversed presbyterian on the wall of champions. >> make sure you see the one in to the corner that's me and. >> no? not bingo or scrabble but the pare of today's competition two doreen and christen and beginninger against robert and others easing our opponents for the stair down is a pregame strategy even in lawn bowling. >> play ball. >> yes. >> almost.
12:53 am
>> (clapping). >> the size of tennis ball the object of the game our control to so when the players on both sides are bold at any rate the complete ends you do do scoring it is you'll get within point lead for this bonus first of all, a jack can be moved and a or picked up to some other point or move the jack with i have a goal behind the just a second a lot of elements to the game. >> we're about a yard long. >> aim a were not player i'll play any weighed see on the inside in the goal is a minimum the latter side will make that arc in i'm right-hand side i play my
12:54 am
for hand and to my left if i wanted to acre my respect i extend so it is arced to the right have to be able to pray both hands. >> (clapping.) who one. >> nice try and hi, i'm been play lawn bowling affair 10 years after he retired i needed something to do so i picked up this paper and in this paper i see in there play lawn bowling in san francisco golden gate park ever since then i've been trying to bowl i enjoy bowling a very good support and good experience most of you have of of all love the people's and have a lot of
12:55 am
have a lot of few minutes in mr. mayor the san francisco play lawn bowling is in golden gate park we're sharing meadow for more information about the club including free lessons log
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12:59 am
1:00 am
>> thank you. at this time i like to call the november 1 meeting of the redistricting task force to order. by way of introduction, i am the committee chair arnold townsend. madam clerk, are there any announcements? >> clerk: the minutes will reflect that task force members participated in this meeting remotely through video conference. the task force recognizes that public access the city services is essential and advise public participation in the following ways. first public comment will be available on each item on this agenda. each speaker will be allowed two minutes to speak. your opportunity to speak are available via phone by calling