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tv   Mayors Press Availability  SFGTV  November 11, 2021 8:20pm-1:01am PST

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in buildings thought the city and we have goodwill a grant for them to design a textile box especially for families. >> goodwill the well-known store has been making great strides. >> we grateful to give the items to goodwill it comes from us selling those items in our stores with you that process helps to divert things it from local landfills if the san francisco area. >> and the textile box will take it one step further helping 1230 get to zero waste. >> it brings the donation opportunity to the donor making that as convenient as possible it is one of the solutions to make sure we're capturing all the value in the textiles.
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>> with the help of good will and other businesses san francisco will eliminate 39 millions tons of landfill next year and 70 is confident our acts can and will make a great difference. >> we believe that government matters and cities matter what we side in san francisco, california serve as a model phenomenal in our the rest of the country by the world. >> whether you do not to goodwill those unwanted text told us or are sufficient value and the greater community will benefit. >> thanks to sf environment san francisco has over one hundred drop off locations visit recycle damn and thanks for watching
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join us we're here in fisherman's wharf, a very popular destination for tourists in san francisco, not too far from the high school that i went to galleleio high school. and this is frequently visited by tourists for people to enjoy the businesses, a lot of the restaurants, to ride the cable car which i'm so happy that all of these things are continuing to open. and they're opening because
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we're fortunate in san francisco that we are seeing a change as it relates to covid. at least 83% of san franciscans are fully vaccinated, so we should be very proud of what we've done from the very beginning of this pandemic to where we are now. so thank you all so much for getting vaccinated. and it's not too late. we always make it easy for folks to get vaccinated so please do your part to continue to keep everyone safe. but san francisco is a beautiful city and the golden gate bridge, this is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and people come to visit from all over the world because it's magical, but we do have challenges. like any other major city we have serious challenges around
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car break-ins like fisherman's wharf, like the palace of fine arts, like alamo square. just imagine going to visit the most beautiful city in the world and coming back to your car and actually witness someone breaking into your car and sadly as we just saw holding you hostage to gun point, how terrifying that would be tragic. it is tragic. it's really embarrassing for our city. it's frustrating and it gives people the impression that it's not safe to come here. now, we have been implementing a lot of great policies including our tourism,
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deployment plan which since july when we announced it who may be able to replace all of the valuables which may not cost much in the resell market, but it means everything to them. this is what we're dealing with. yes, we've seen a reduction, but there's more, of course, that needs to be done. so while we have deployed our police officers and some of our community ambassadors and many of those high traffic barriers. and today, we're announcing that more. what we're announcing today
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because of the leadership of people like commissioner laguana and others are partners with enterprise rent a car is a program that will allow $100,000 rewart for information that leads to the arrest and prosecution of those who are stealing the items, but also those who are reselling the items, we're here to target everyone involved in those crimes because we have to get to the root of what is causing the issue. because the items are stolen, but where are they going. they're going on to platforms like amazon and other places, there's a market for reselling these items that need to be targeted as well. so we want people who are
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perpetrating these crimes to know we're watching, we're aware. we will per sue with every tool we have within our criminal justice system. those who commit these crimes, we will hold them accountable and make sure we do what we can to make these large rings which chief scott will talk about a little bit, but they are dealt with because this is not just an individual. this is about a whole group of people who were targeting san francisco for this purpose. in order to get these items that belong to others and resell them to make money, to make a profit off of someone el's tragedy and that's the thing that we have to address. with that, i want to appreciate sharky and the work he's been
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doing and he'll talk a little bit later, but in the meantime, talk about where we are and what we'll continue to do around vehicle break-ins is our police chief bill scott. >> thank you. thank you, mayor breed. so, first, let me that our mayor for pulling us together and her leadership and making things better for our city, but i'll start where she ended. we have a whole lot more things to do. when we announced this in july, one of the things that we talked about was sustaining this effort and we have sustained this effort and we will continue to sustain this effort because we're not going away. we are committed to making our city safer and better and we're
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not going away. i also want to say thanks to sharky laguana and you'll hear from our partnership with enterprise rent-a-car on this. really exciting adding this car break-in issue in our city. this is a privately funded cash reward as the mayor said for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those involved and organized criminal fencing operations. and the word i want you to remember is organize. we have seen through our investigations that much of this is organized, not all of it, but a significant part of it and the most damaging part is organized. we know this organized effort and this area that we're standing in has been one of the most heavily impacted. when we rolled out our tourism deployment plan that the mayor talked about, we introduced that with the addition of 26
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additional officers. the majority of those officers are working in this area and this is where we've seen a significant amount of reduction and burglaries, car burglaries since we rolled this out in july. so today's announcement adds a new tool to our arsenal. we know the profit motivates what's happening in our city, and we know that fencing is the infrastructure that fuels all this work that these folks do when they come into our city or in our city and they break in cars so this enables us to benefit from a financial incentive. an incentive to do the right thing and the right thing is put a stop to this madness. the right thing is let's focus on the people that are doing this and these incentives will help get them in custody and prosecutor them to the fullest
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extent of the law. and this buildses on mayor breed's recent expansion of our community based ambassador's program and this includes upward take of our community ambassadors, and these are retired police officers who walk these streets and work in concert with our on duty uniformed officers and their job is solely to observe and report what they're seeing and if they believe that something's amiss, they call us, we come, we investigate and we've been able to prevent crimes from happening by doing what i just described. lastly, i will just talk a little bit about the bigger picture. what's more amazing and this is a piece of good news is we've experienced this 37% reduction while our city is re-opening and one of the things that the
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mayors committed and really directed the police department and me and all of the city departments is we want to re-open the city the right way. as you saw just last week, we had fleet week. we had the giants playoff game. we had chase center. we had a lot of people in the city again for the first time in two years and it was great. it was outstanding. it got national coverage. our city was on the national spotlight and people came here and enjoyed themselves. that's what we want. that's dwr we're doing this work. so this work will continue. we will sustain it and i would like to say also, again, you know, we don't want to make ourselves easy targets and as you walk around this area, particularly this area, you will see on the parking meters, you'll see signs that say 'park smart' and what that means is
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don't make yourself an easy target. these are the folks that are being victimized the most. it's a shame we have to say this, but we do, and we also know that this works. when people are resilient and vigilant about not making themselves easy targets, we've seen these crimes go down because there's nothing to steal. so word to the people that are doing this, we're not done yet. we will keep pursuing justice to keep our city safe and, again, i want to thank our mayor, i want to thank sharky and all of you for being here to support this work. thank you. with that, i would like to introduce sharky laguana. >> president laguana: hey guys. first i want to thank the mayor, it's always a pleasure and honor to work with you on stuff. i've heard from the mayor while
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we were working on auto burglary issues, i've never -- it's hard to stick to my nose here without them. i first met the mayor when we were working together on auto burglary issues and i'll never forget, she said to me, we're going to throw everything and the kitchen sink at this. here comes the kitchen sink. chief scott, thank you for creating space in your department and innovation and trying new ideas and it's been an honor and pleasure working with your team. eric street from enterprise has been an incredible partner and i also want to thank all of the community organizations and business leaders throughout the city who also made commitments to fund this reward program so that we can finally make a serious dent in this vexing auto burglary issue. you know, i first started
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working on this problem when i had to chase a stolen van all over the city and i was shocked to discover that this is just a small number of people that are responsible for most of the auto burglaries that we see in the city. it is sensing rings and their business model is they pay people to break into cars and steal from businesses and then they sell these goods overseas and online. the last major ring we busted in the bay area had $8 million of stolen goods in multiple warehouses, so this is a big business and there's folks making a lot of money. now, i appreciate what the mayor said about focusing on what's important here. i think it's important to remember that drug stores aren't the biggest victims. the biggest victims are working families who don't have the time and money to repair windows, replace phones, go find new bicycles.
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the biggest victims aren't the big businesses, but the small businesses. they're not the ones that have to close a couple stores, they're the ones with no stores left to close. bikes had to shut down their operation. it took them weeks to get back online. finally, the biggest victims if we're being honest are the people that are injured and the familieses that have lost loved ones dealing with these crimes. we've made incredible progress lately. i think it's fantastic. as both the mayor and the chief said, we have a lot more work to do and, you know, i personally am sick of what anesthesia fencing rings are doing and i know the people that live here are sick of it as well and so what i like about this program is that it is a cruise missile aimed at the leadership of these fencing rings. these are the guys making lots of money fencing these stolen
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goods and right now they are acting with impunity and they believe they aren't vulnerable. the people that know what they are and know what they do, that's a weak spot and this reward helps provide motivation for people to stand up and do the right thing and let us know who they are so we can shut them down. i'm excited about this program because finally i feel a sense of optimism we're going to start to tear these rings apart. i'm looking forward to it. thank you mayor, thank you chief. >> i just want to acknowledge, thank you, eric for being here from rent-a-car for providing support for this reward program. and i just want to say two things that i know the chief mentioned park smart, you know, i know there are people who come here to san francisco from
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places and you come from places where you are probably used to leaving things in your car and not worrying about someone stealing from you and i'm sorry that you have to experience that in san francisco, but i do think it's important that our rental car companies and some of our hotels that we support and work with the visitors in san francisco to make sure that they are aware of what happens in many of these cases and in some of these cases, they're people who are watching people, they are following them, they know what they might be loading in their car. so when we park, for example, here, and when we put things in the trunk, i've been a victim myself when i've parked some place and put something in the trunk and i come back and my car's broken into and sadly, that is something that happens.
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ultimately, we know it's not an easy solution, but part of it is, yes, we need to make arrests. we need to go after those who commit these crimes, but i also want to make sure we're doing a better job as a city of trying to protect the people who are visiting our city and providing ways in which they can protect whatever it is that they have, the valuables that they have so that they are not a victim. so park smart is a part of our program as well and i want to say also to those committing these crimes. number one, we will not rest until we are holding you accountable for these crimes, but also i want to say, you don't have to do this. the city has so many incredible employment opportunities. we're hiring muni drivers and other city employees, restaurants and places throughout san francisco, they're looking for people to hire. we're here to give people a
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chance. if you've never worked in tech sf. we provide stipens as you go through city build and other training programs. so there's no reason to risk your life, or freedom or someone else's life committing a crime that just makes things worse for all of us and so i would say that think about that and take us up on an opportunity to do something different with your life because san francisco has afforded so many people an extraordinary opportunity to make a decent and honest living. once you cross that line, we have a responsibility. we have a responsibility to the public to make sure that people feel safe and so when those lines are crossed, we have no choice but to hold you accountable and that's what we will do. this reward is just another step in trying to get cooperation from the public so
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that we can make those arrests and we can not only hold the person who feels the items and breaks the windows and damages the property. we could also hold those who use this as a way to make a living. those who take those items and resell them on various platforms. we can hold them accountable and we're not just going to stop here locally. we are working with our state and federal partners in order to introduce legislation that will hold people who are involved in these criminal rinks accountable for what they have created in these environments especially in major cities like san francisco. so i want to thank you all so much for being here. ultimately, there are challenges in any major city, but san francisco as i said at the beginning, it's a beautiful city and i want people to have beautiful experiences from
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start to finish from the time they drive here, from the time they land here on their planes to the museums, to the locations, i want them to go home with a smile on their face and be happy that they chose san francisco as their destination. so thank you all for being here today and we will answer any questions from the press if you have any about this program. >> reporter: [inaudible] >> from the rental car standpoint, rental cars are being targeted, but yes from the residents, they're being targeted as well. from our conversations with the city as well, residents are also being impacted.
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that has really kind of created a bunch of businesses come together to try to privately help fund a reward. erick street, controller. you're welcome. >> reporter: can you address the car thieves in regards to this reward program. don't you think people will say i can do better turning in my own boss rather than stealing things from cars? >> we want it to be that way. people who commit more crime, it's a lot more complicated. it's like hmm maybe, but they might think too, i'm the one who committed the act so i'm probably going to be held accountable, so the likelihood that will happen is probably not likely. it's a hope. but it's not likely.
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>> reporter: [inaudible] >> and i think a big part of that is making sure that the punishment fits the crime to the point where someone feels like, you know what, i don't want to go through that again. so when i get out, as long as there's an opportunity and as you know, san francisco supports giving people a second chance and providing that opportunity, then the likelihood that someone will go back to that if there's an opportunity for them to succeed in something elsewhere they can generate income for their livelihood, the likelihood we can see them go back to committing these crimes is less likely. but people need to also be held accountable. and i think that's what's missing here in many cases because they believe they can come to san francisco, commit a crime. get arrested which our officers
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do a great job at investigating and making the arrest, but where's the accountability. that's the piece that needs to stick. yes. >> reporter: i just want to clarify, you also mentioned certified retailers and stuff like that. >> well, i think it's meant to incentivize everyone. you know, sometimes like i'll be honest, one of my car break-ins, i didn't even bother to report it. it was like okay. let me get my window fixed. wasn't anything in my car. i'm not saying that should happen. we should report any crime and this is before a long time ago and part of one of the reasons of what's important to me is making sure that these crimes are reported so that we know that they're happening and also hopefully people are looking at license plates as people pull
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off, but then we know some of these cars may be stolen or may be connected to other people. but we're able to, if we're able to identify the car, there's fingerprints, there's a whole investigation. so if there are people we don't want you to put yourself in harm's way, but if they're paying attention and you see a license plate or make or model or any information and you're able to share that information with us, that's important and people who are merchants as well as folks who are out here may be more willing to provide information, because the criminals are committing these acts in broad daylight in the city and the goal is to make sure that know eyes and ears are on the streets and we're not going to get them get away with it. >> reporter: when it comes to getting [inaudible] on somebody, isn't that where
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the d.a.'s office comes in? >> well, i can't speak for the d.a. he's an e independent elected district attorney. i do try to work with his office on these cases. i can't force him to do something that i believe he should be doing, but we try our best to work together. i can tell you from my perspective, our police officers and our investigators, they are doing a really good job with these investigations and with these arrests and we, of course, need a layer with our district attorney, the courts and others which we don't necessarily have complete control of and this is not to make an excuse, but we need to be working together as one unit to address these problems and to hold people accountable and accountability could be a number of forms. you know, it's not just about locking someone up and throwing away the key.
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it can involve a number of layers of things. so my hope is that we'll get to that point. i'm hopeful. thank you. >> manufacturing in cities creates this perfect platform for people to earn livelihoods and for people to create more economic prosperity. i'm kate sosa. i'm cofounder and ceo of sf made. sf made is a public private partnership in the city of san francisco to help manufacturers start, grow, and stay right here in san
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francisco. sf made really provides wraparound resources for manufacturers that sets us apart from other small business support organizations who provide more generalized support. everything we do has really been developed over time by listening and thinking about what manufacturer needs grow. for example, it would be traditional things like helping them find capital, provide assistance loans, help to provide small business owners with education. we have had some great experience doing what you might call pop ups or temporary selling events, and maybe the most recent example was one that we did as part of sf made week in partnership with the city seas partnership with small business, creating a 100 company selling day right here
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at city hall, in partnership with mayor lee and the board of supervisors, and it was just a wonderful opportunity for many of our smaller manufacturers who may be one or two-person shop, and who don't have the wherewithal to have their own dedicated retail store to show their products and it comes back to how do we help companies set more money into arthur businesses and develop more customers and their relationships, so that they can continue to grow and continue to stay here in san francisco. i'm amy kascel, and i'm the owner of amy kaschel san francisco. we started our line with wedding gowns, and about a year ago, we launched a ready to wear collection. san francisco's a great place to do business in terms of
8:51 pm
clientele. we have wonderful brides from all walks of life and doing really interesting things: architects, doctors, lawyers, teachers, artists, other like minded entrepreneurs, so really fantastic women to work with. i think it's important for them to know where their clothes are made and how they're made. >> my name is jefferson mccarly, and i'm the general manager of the mission bicycle company. we sell bikes made here for people that ride here. essentially, we sell city bikes made for riding in urban environments. our core business really is to build bikes specifically for each individual. we care a lot about craftsmanship, we care a lot about quality, we care about good design, and people like that. when people come in, we spend a
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lot of time going to the design wall, and we can talk about handle bars, we can see the riding position, and we take notes all over the wall. it's a pretty fun shopping experience. paragraph. >> for me as a designer, i love the control. i can see what's going on, talk to my cutter, my pattern maker, looking at the designs. going through the suing room, i'm looking at it, everyone on the team is kind of getting involved, is this what that drape look? is this what she's expecting, maybe if we've made a customization to a dress, which we can do because we're making everything here locally. over the last few years, we've been more technical. it's a great place to be, but you
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know, you have to concentrate and focus on where things are going and what the right decisions are as a small business owner. >> sometimes it's appropriate to bring in an expert to offer suggestions and guidance in coaching and counseling, and other times, we just need to talk to each other. we need to talk to other manufacturers that are facing similar problems, other people that are in the trenches, just like us, so that i can share with them a solution that we came up with to manage our inventory, and they can share with me an idea that they had about how to overcome another problem. >> moving forward, where we see ourselves down the road, maybe five and ten years, is really looking at a business from a little bit more of a ready to wear perspective and making things that are really thoughtful and mindful, mindful of the end user, how they're going to use it, whether it's
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the end piece or a wedding gown, are they going to use it again, and incorporating that into the end collection, and so that's the direction i hear at this point. >> the reason we are so enamored with the work we do is we really do see it as a platform for changing and making the city something that it has always been and making sure that we're sharing the opportunities that we've been blessed with economically and socially as possible, broadening that
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>> right before the game starts, if i'm still on the field, i look around, and i just take a deep breath because it is so exciting and magical, not knowing what the season holds is very, very exciting. it was fast-paced, stressful, but the good kind of stressful, high energy. there was a crowd to entertain, it was overwhelming in a good way, and i really, really enjoyed it. i continued working for the grizzlies for the 2012-2013 season, and out of happenstance, the same job opened up for the san francisco giants. i applied, not knowing if i
8:56 pm
would get it, but i would kick myself if i didn't apply. i was so nervous, i never lived anywhere outside of fridays fridays -- fresno, and i got an interview. and then, i got a second interview, and i got more nervous because know the thought of leaving fresno and my family and friends was scary, but this opportunity was on the other side. but i had to try, and lo and behold, i got the job, and my first day was january 14, 2014. every game day was a puzzle, and i have to figure out how to put the pieces together. i have two features that are 30 seconds long or a minute and a 30 feature. it's fun to put that al together and then lay that out in a way that is entertaining for the fans. a lucky seat there and there,
8:57 pm
and then, some lucky games that include players. and then i'll talk to lucille, can you take the shirt gun to the bleachers. i just organize it from top to bottom, and it's just fun for me. something, we don't know how it's going to go, and it can be a huge hit, but you've got to try it. or if it fails, you just won't do it again. or you tweak it. when that all pans out, you go oh, we did that. we did that as a team. i have a great team. we all gel well together. it keeps the show going. the fans are here to see the teams, but also to be entertained, and that's our job. i have wonderful female role models that i look up to here at the giants, and they've been great mentors for me, so i
8:58 pm
aspire to be like them one day. renelle is the best. she's all about women in the workforce, she's always in our corner. [applause] >> i enjoy how progressive the giants are. we have had the longer running until they secure day. we've been doing lgbt night longer than most teams. i enjoy that i work for an organization who supports that and is all inclusive. that means a lot to me, and i wouldn't have it any other way. i wasn't sure i was going to get this job, but i went for it, and i got it, and my first season, we won a world series even if we hadn't have won or gone all the way, i still would
8:59 pm
have learned. i've grown more in the past four years professionally than i think i've grown in my entire adult life, so it's been eye opening and a wonderful learning
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>> president cohen: sergeant mitchell, would you please call the roll. >> clerk: would you like to call the pledge of allegiance? >> president cohen: i would love to call the pledge of allegiance. [pledge of allegiance] >> president cohen: all right. this meeting is called to order. please call the roll. >> clerk: absolutely. [roll call]
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>> clerk: president cohen, you have a quorum. >> president cohen: wonderful. let's go ahead and start the first item. >> clerk: line item 1, general public comment. the public is now welcome to address the commission regarding items that do not appear on tonight's agenda but that are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the commission. speakers shall address their remarks to the commission as a whole and not to individual commissioners or department or d.p.a. personnel. under police commission rules of order, during public comment, neither police or d.p.a. personnel, nor commissioners are required to respond to questions presented by the public but may provide a brief response.
9:02 pm
members of the public who wish to enter public comment should dial 415-655-0001, then enter meeting i.d. 2481-778-3710, then press pound and pound again. press star, three to lineup to speak. best practices are to speak slowly and clearly and turn down any speakers in the background. alternatively, you may e-mail the clerk of the commission or written comments may be sent to the public safety building located at 1245 third street, san francisco, california, 94158, so at this time, we have two public comments. good evening, caller.
9:03 pm
you have two minutes. >> i'm francisco dacosta, and from time to time, i pay attention to this commission meeting. if we are a first-class city, and if we represent a first-class city, then we must talk about climate change, food security, and the mess that we have on our streets in san francisco. stop bringing people like senators from sacramento to tell us what to do. when you commissioners have failed us miserably, i say miserably. today, the people in san francisco are suffering more so because of covid-19, and you all are talking in circles by
9:04 pm
bringing people from sacramento who are not doing their job over there. you do your job over here. represent the people. enough of your b.s. we want real solutions with timelines and goals, and thank you for the measly two minutes. >> clerk: thank you, caller. good evening, caller. you have two minutes. >> good evening. my name is kit [indiscernible] and i'm with wealth and disparities in minority communities. i'm going to going to call this what it is: antiblackness when it comes to the use of force
9:05 pm
and racial profiling. i've grown tired of talking to the police commission, to sfpd, and to the board of supervisors. where is the urgency? i agree with first lady michelle obama when she stated, [indiscernible] that happens to us, end quote. [indiscernible] i'm tired. tired not to quit
9:06 pm
[indiscernible] is still under investigation by the d.a. tonight's agenda does include [indiscernible] the same level of antiblack racism in s.f. policing continues from 2016 to the present. will the police commission take action regarding antiblack racism policing? thank you. >> president cohen: thank you. >> clerk: thank you. good evening, caller. welcome, caller. you have two minutes. >> there is an urgency to address the injustices of black san franciscans. i'm going to call it what it is, antiblackness when it comes to the use of force, arrest,
9:07 pm
and racial profiling and traffic stops of black san franciscans by sfpd. i have grown tired of talking to the police commission, to sfpd, and to the board of supervisors. where's the urgency? if the tables were turned and these statistics represented white folks, i know there would be an urgency. i agree with first lady michelle obama when she started [indiscernible] when are you going to take responsibility and address the harsh and unjust statistics for love of all san franciscans, not just black san franciscans, which is truly your responsibility as you took an oath to uphold the law and safety of all san franciscans. i'm tired. not tired enough to quit, but tired of beating a dead horse. tired of arguments that fall on deaf ears, and therefore, we've
9:08 pm
sought help from attorney general [indiscernible]. meanwhile, a black san franciscan is six times as likely to be subject to a traffic stop, more than nine times as likely to be subject to the use of force, and more than 12 times as likely to be arrested. we and other community groups have provided recommendations to eradicate violence and racism in san francisco. what happened to those recommendations? we have heard nothing about next steps or whether those recommendations will be implemented. thank you. >> clerk: thank you, caller. good evening, caller. you have two minutes. >> hi. my name is victoria juarez, and i live in district 1.
9:09 pm
there is an urgency to address the injustices of black san franciscans. i'm going to call it what it is: antiblackness when it comes to the matters of racial profiling, arrests, and racism by the sfpd. i agree with first lady michelle obama when she stated [indiscernible] it happens to us. when are you going to take responsibility when you address the harsh and biased statistics that happen to san franciscans, not just black san franciscans as you took an oath to uphold the law and seek the good for all san franciscans. as i said, i am tired, but not tired enough to quit. tired of beating a dead horse, to look to new sources to find
9:10 pm
this antiblackness inside of your chambers and offices and urgency, and therefore, we've sought help from attorney general banza. a black san franciscan is six times as likely to be subject to a san franciscan, more than nine times as likely to be subject to the use of force, and more than 12 times as likely to be arrested. we are not just going to drop oversight of sfpd when d.o.j. cops concludes. will the police commission act to stop sfpds antiblack racism? >> clerk: thank you, caller. good evening, caller. you have two minutes. >> i firstly wanted to echo the words of the previous three callers and say that sfpds long
9:11 pm
history of racism makes it a special problem needing special reform, but tonight, the section that i wanted to highlight was the drug war. we continue to [indiscernible] continues to increase, and this is well predicted by the theory called iron wall prohibition. it was discussed by an economist called thornton who showed that the potency of marijuana was disproportionate to the punishment provided. he studied the 1920s through 1933 period. the basic approach is based on the [indiscernible] theorem.
9:12 pm
if drugs are legalized, then consumers will begin to wean themselves off of higher potency forms. these promised switches off of the higher potency forms are essential today, where we see opium users having transitioned to heroin and now having transitioned to fentanyl. we see the process transitioning to carfentanyl on our streets. these dangers are real, and our choice cannot be to continue the failed policies of the
9:13 pm
past. thank you. >> clerk: thank you, caller. hello, caller. you have two minutes. hello? good evening, caller. you have two minutes. >> no, i'm sorry. i already spoke. >> clerk: okay. thank you. good evening, caller. you have two minutes. >> hello. can you hear me? >> clerk: yeah, i can hear you.
9:14 pm
>> yes. this is miss brown. i'm calling concerning my son, aubrey abrakasa, who is case is still an unsolved case. each week, i'm calling in each week. it's something that i'll be doing for the rest of my life. another christmas and thanksgiving are rolling around, and i'll have an empty seat at the table again. last week, i just left the hospital with a mother that had to pull the plug on her son, and it just shifts the discussion back to unsolved homicides. i call in concerning my son,
9:15 pm
yes, but i also help other mothers and fathers that are going through the same thing that i'm going through, and i was just wondering how -- what can we do, officials, for us besides just -- i don't know, just letting the homicides happen? and i'm not saying you do it, it's just that they're not getting solved fast enough, and the perpetrators are killing again, especially with guns that are not labelled now, the ghost guns, and these kids are killing more now. and i'm just speaking for my son that i'm waiting for the day to stand in court and confront the killers of my son. again, i say thanksgiving and christmas is coming up. my son loved both of those days, and this is all i have to do for him, every wednesday, is
9:16 pm
to keep his memory alive. what else do i do? what else is there to do? i just pray that, one day, that i get justice for my child. okay. thank you. >> president cohen: thank you, miss abrakasa. >> clerk: we also have a written public comment that i'll read now. the public comment reads, elias needs to resign. i read your website and what hamasaki tweeted using the n-word and other racist sexist tweets. if you had an officer that used that word, you failed in your
9:17 pm
job. resign, hypocrite, yet hamasaki sits up there. you made the standards, now abide by them, and that concludes the written public comments as well as the public comment. if there's anyone with an anonymous tip, please call the anonymous tip line at 415-575-4444, and that concludes public comment, president cohen. >> president cohen: all right. thank you very much. let's go ahead and call the next item. >> clerk: line item 2 has been removed from the agenda and has been rescheduled for december 8, so we will move onto, next,
9:18 pm
item 3, consent calendar. the items under consent calendar are considered routine and for information purposes only. if any commissioner would like to discuss any item under the consent calendar, please advise president cohen that you would like to place the item on a future agenda and discussion. tonight, there will be no discussion or presentations on these items, and we have on consent calendar to receive and file action, family code 6228, incident report release quarterly report, third quarter 2021, so we need to have an action regarding line item 3. >> president cohen: i'm sorry.
9:19 pm
i didn't hear you. >> clerk: we need to have an action regarding line item 3. >> president cohen: all right. let's go to public comment since we don't have any comments? >> l. simon-weisberg: lie i ? >> vice president elias: i just wanted to say i thank everyone for all of their hard work and i don't have any other comment. >> president cohen: let's go ahead and go to public comment and then we'll take action. >> clerk: if you would like to make public comment, please dial star, three at this time, and there's no public comment, president cohen. >> president cohen: all right. thank you. is there a motion to accept? >> vice president elias: motion. >> president cohen: motion made by commission elias.
9:20 pm
is there a second? second. >> president cohen: okay. thank you. >> clerk: i'm sorry, president cohen. there's one public comment that did come in. >> president cohen: okay. let's take it. >> clerk: good evening, caller. you have two minutes. >> what i want to say is when it comes to incident reports, not once have i -- have you asked, commissioners, how are the incident reports addressed? what type of software do they use? in the year 2021, we have very sophisticated software that addressed incident reports in a very logical manner, but if you
9:21 pm
all are not educated on issues, meaning you have never once asked the director to state on an incident report in the last ten years how incident reports have been addressed, i know several years ago, you all were doing the incident -- several years ago, before chief scott came on board, you were all doing the incident reports manually. in the presidio in 1999, we had a better system. we also had a better communication system. any way, it's wonderful,
9:22 pm
commissioners, to hear you talking in circles about these incident reports and how they're working very hard, but are they using the latest technology? are they using a technology where our incident command center can communicate with the f.b.i. and address types of crimes, type one, two, three, in a very efficacious manner. >> president cohen: all right. thank you, speaker. someone needs to mute their speaker because i can hear them in a back conversation. all right. we had a motion and a second to that motion. >> clerk: on the motion to accept and file the cobb sent
9:23 pm
calendar item -- [roll call] -- the consent calendar item -- [roll call] >> clerk: commissioner cohen, you have five yes votes. >> president cohen: excellent. let's call the next item. >> clerk: line item 4, chief's report. just one moment, please. >> okay. good evening, president cohen, commissioners, director henderson, and the public --
9:24 pm
>> president cohen: okay. that sounds like public comment. >> okay. sad news, we lost an officer, jack nice, who passed away unexpectedly over the weekend. he worked a number of assignments, last assigned to park station. definitely, we're supporting his family and please keep officer nice's family and friends in your prayers. more to follow on that as we get the information and services following that. the information this week, starting off with violent crimes, homicides are up to 46.
9:25 pm
we had one from october where the victim died, so we'll be up to 47. sexual assaults were down 15%. 167 year to today. robberies 1917 compared to 2011. human trafficking were up 32%, 29 compared to 22 last year. total violent crimes, there's a 1% increase. as far as property crimes, our burglaries are down 2%. that's good news because we were up significantly several months ago. we had 6163 burglaries year-to-date compared to 6300 this time last year.
9:26 pm
motor vehicle thefts were down about .6%, 5,019 compared to 5,050. overall, larceny, we're up 13% 24,890 compared to 28,984. included in our larceny numbers are auto burglaries. we're up 37% year-to-date. when we compare to 2018, we are down 25%. aggravated assaults, i mentioned that we are up
9:27 pm
year-to-date. just a breakdown of the types of assaults. firearm related assaults were up 15%, which is -- the good news is that is decreasing from where it was earlier in the summer, so we're up 15%, 1580 to where we were last summer. assaults using a knife or cutting instrument were down 11%, 243 compared to 274 this year, and assaults possessed by others, we were up 9%, 915 compared to 840.
9:28 pm
our total homicides with firearms is 35 compared to 27 year-to-date last year, and that is a 30% increase over this time last year. in terms of our individual stations, our shootings by station, tenderloin is leading in terms of the increase, 32, compared to 22 shooting incidents year-to-date. mission, 29 compared to 15, bayview, 49 compared to 46 year-to-date. central, we have a decrease over last year of one, southern, an increase in one w. northern, an increase of two, richmond, an increase of one,
9:29 pm
and taraval, an increase of two. the biggest decrease year-to-date is ingleside. they had eight this time last year, two year-to-date this year. other significant trends, gun seizures, 869 guns seized year-to-date. as we have done every year for several years now, we will participate in a gun buy back toward the end of the year with united playas and others and we are excited to get a number of guns off the streets, and i
9:30 pm
want to thank in advance united playas for all they do year in and year out. as far as our ghost guns and manufactured guns year-to-date, we're at 169 recoveries, and this time last year, we are at 127 compared to this time last year. ghost guns continue to be a problem for the city, but we have a very good relationship with our federal partners on our gun violence and gun
9:31 pm
reduction. in terms of hate crimes, we have had 56 antiasian hate crimes, which lead all categories combined. i will note that 30 of the incidents against our asian community members were committed by one individual, and -- >> president cohen: i'm sorry.
9:32 pm
did you say 30? >> yes, 30, madam president. >> president cohen: 30. wow. >> so that person was arrested and charged were filed against that -- charges were filed against that person. significant incidents, a couple here to report.
9:33 pm
the victim is expected to survive his injuries. one of the individuals who committed this crime [indiscernible]. our investigation is on going, so if anyone has any information on this shooting or any of the shootings that i'll talk about today, you can call 415-575-4444 and remain anonymous. we also had a homicide on november 3 at 12:51 p.m. our victim was located near a b.a.r.t. station walkway. he had been shot.
9:34 pm
we recovered shell casings from the scene and information is being developed. please call 415-575-4444 if you have any information on this case. november 5, 12:12. tenderloin residents observed a shooting in progress. they were directed to a vehicle, and they said the person in the vehicle had the weapon. our officers located the person and took the person in custody without incident, and we located the victim a couple blocks away.
9:35 pm
we transported the victim, and the victim is expected to survive their injuries, and a second suspect has been identified, was tied to this incident by evidence, and was also arrested. on november 6 at 2:30 p.m., a person walked into san francisco general hospital and -- with a gunshot wound. the patient was not cooperative about who shot him or where this happened. while conducting an investigation, the officers discovered a vehicle nearby with bullet holes. the registration came back to a shooting earlier in the day on the friday. the person who walked in the hospital was arrested for an
9:36 pm
outstanding warrant, but that shooting is still under investigation. on november 7 at 1:12 p.m., there was a shooting in the bayview. our victim was a 14-year-old male. he and the subject had an on going dispute. subject pulled out a gun and shot the victim, grazing him in the lower extremities. our victim refused to be transported but was treated at the scene and is expected to sur viesk. no information is available at this point. information is being followed up on, and hopefully, we'll make an arrest in this case. on november 8, in the ingleside district, a person was walking home when a person shot him. our strict was shot in the lower extremities but was taken
9:37 pm
to the hospital and is expected to survive. we have not located a suspect as of yet and are continuing that investigation, as well. we had a bank robbery on the 1500 block of van ness in the northern district. we have developed information and believe it to be part of a series of several bank robberies with several m.o.s, and our investigation is on going in this case. i think hopefully, we will hopefully resolve this case and take this person into custody. also. we had a significant marijuana [indiscernible] oak dale. i reported several of these in the last few months in the bayview district. this is yet another one. approximately $200,000 of marijuana was taken in this
9:38 pm
burglary. no information is known as of yet. if anyone has any information on this, please call 415-575-4444. two traffic incidents i would like to report, both of them involved bicycles. we have seen several incidents this year involving bicycles, so i want to ask the public to please, please be careful when you're riding a bicycle. wear a helmet. we had a bicycle collision at lombard and divisadero at northern. this was on november 5 at 5:57 p.m. the bicyclist had severe injuries and was reported to be in critical condition. we had another on november 7 at
9:39 pm
3:50 p.m. in the mission district. bicyclist was struck by a vehicle. the vehicle remained thornton thomasetti scene. the bicyclist received injuries, and neither one of these, fortunately, is life threatening -- or neither of these is life threatening. we want people to ride safely, carefully, and enjoy what the city has to offer, but please slow down. speed is one of the factors involved in many of these collisions. we will be having a report next week on traffic safety, including on what i'm about to talk on now, stunt driving. we've had some success in following up after the fact, locating vehicles involved in
9:40 pm
these incidents, and taking action through investigation, so that's going fairly successfully, and hopefully people are really understanding that when they do these dangerous events in a city that we will follow up, and when the evidence is there, we will impound vehicles for 30-days, and where we can identify a person, we will try to get that case prosecuted. this district station strategy, i'll report on what's going on in the mission and ingleside, as well. southern district has several operations to reduce break ins, and they involve plain clothes officers and uniformed officers, as well. they had some successful arrests in that regard.
9:41 pm
we put a lot of officers in the area, and we just have to try to continue to disrupt this activity and continue to try to make a difference there. in the mission district, high visibility in the mission district and the 24 street corridor as we've reopened.
9:42 pm
our tourist department continues to focus in the castro street, market street areas and particularly in the area of 18 and market, we've had some challenges there, so that deployment has helped relieve some of the challenges in that area. high visibility patrols and foot patrols will continue in that area with the purpose of deterring robbery and thefts so people can enjoy that area.
9:43 pm
we're working with our service providers and we are leading with trying to get service providers connected with individuals who need help to get them resources, and there's been a lot of collaboration with our city partners in that regard. we remain focus on residential garage burglaries, and we've seen a big drop in the gun related homicides in the district this year. our community violence response team and our crime intelligence unit is also working on [indiscernible] in ingleside which we had involving some of our local networks, group related networks, and we've
9:44 pm
made some headway there. we are reaching out to individuals at risk through our sbit collaborative and really trying to offer services, live coaching, to try to address this from a different angle. we have a number of people that have accepted that offer for help. not enough, but we're making progress there. also s.f. safe, materials being shared in the community and via social media to provide safety tips for residents of our city. we've had an uptick in homes under construction being burglarized, so we're focusing on those areas with extra patrols and hopefully some of those will pan out and we can get some people in custody with those. we had events at kezar stadium
9:45 pm
this week. also, the mayan art music festival will happen this week, we'll have the timber wolves this week, and the bulls going on on the 12. officers are working with chase to make sure that's a safe event, and also, we have a university of san francisco basketball game on 13 november, mens and womens basketball will be hosting games. also, last week, the dave chappelle event at chase drew some attention. no incidents were reported. later, protests occurred during and prior to this event, and no incidents there. chase has the golden shell
9:46 pm
concerts on the 13 and a 5-k for melanoma on the 14. no significant domestic events to report. and the last thing, just to follow up on, a question asked by commissioner byrne, how many officers remain unvaccinated, and the total number of officers that remain unvaccinated is 38. thank you. >> president cohen: so let me run through this. there's been some good news this week and some alarming news when it comes to the numbers. the officer that was on administrative leave, i think the p.o.a. indicated he was unvaccinated, the officer that unfortunately died due to
9:47 pm
covid. just want to, again, underscore that it's important that we get vaccinated and, at this point, receive a booster, and i also want to acknowledge that sfpd have a 97% vaccination rate. we've made some progress since the health mandate was published from the mayor. i want to talk about the p.d. sergeant that was arrested in south san francisco for attempted robbery. i'm wondering, did e.i.s. detect any indication that he was troubled? >> no, not at all, commissioner, and definitely a very unfortunate situation. can't go too far into the situation, but the main thing is we want our officer or sergeant to make sure that he's okay health wise and get the
9:48 pm
help that he needs, and we will deal with the rest, as we always do. >> president cohen: okay. i'm sorry to hear this. very painful for many of your officers who worked side by side with him. >> yes. >> president cohen: also, kudos to our officers for working with vallejo officers in the arresting of a robbery suspect. also, a grant for increasing
9:49 pm
quality of life? >> yeah. it's what we can do to drive down alcohol related injuries and deaths, and it is a big deal. thank you for that. >> president cohen: yeah. i think that's all i have in my notes. thank you very much. colleagues, anyone else? i don't see any hands up. let's see...hand? okay. commissioner hamasaki, go ahead. i see your hand. >> commissioner hamasaki: thank you, president cohen. i want to follow up on a few points that president cohen just made. i think it was really sad and devastating to hear news that an sfpd officer had died from covid, and especially since that's something that we as the commission have really been
9:50 pm
encouraging everybody to obtain. the only question i had was i know the individual was placed on leave. was that, do we know, after he was infected, and was there a contact tracing program put in place to ensure that anyone that's been exposed is being tested? >> yeah. as far as we know, commissioner, there's no exposure in the workplace with officer nice, and so we don't know, really, his -- because it did not occur in the workplace, so we don't really know, in terms of the contact tracing, what that is really going to lead to. but in the timing of all of
9:51 pm
this, it did not occur in the workplace. >> commissioner hamasaki: it occurred after he was already at home? >> yes, i believe so. >> commissioner hamasaki: okay. the other point that president cohen raised about another, i think, tragedy involving one of our officers is that it sounds like one of our officers was suffering from addiction and made some obvious pretty bad choices while suffering from addiction. [please stand by]
9:52 pm
>> sound like you're seeing how portion of the tenderloin drug sale moved over to seventh and mission? >> correct. >> you -- what was the term you used? president cohen, we didn't have
9:53 pm
a calendar, the meeting on strategy? >> president cohen: yes. commissioner barnes made that request. we are still negotiating on a date. >> commissioner byrne: we're www.--we're waiting on certain statistics. >> i put thatten out -- i don't put that on the department. i don't think there's going to be a policing solution to it.
9:54 pm
i look forward to the discussion. >> commissioner hamasaki what about to that big microphone in l.a.? now it's hard. you sound muffle and far away? >> commissioner hamasaki: i didn't have a chance to pick it up. >> president cohen: let's keep moving forward. anyone else want to comment on the chief's presentation? chief, we appreciate your patience again on behalf of the commission, i want to extend our sympathy to the family of the officer who died of covid-19. i'm very sorry to hear that. >> sergeant youngblood: thank
9:55 pm
you commissioners for that. >> president cohen: who's next up? i believe it's paul henderson, executive director of department of police accountability. >> clerk: actually, president cohen we have public comment on the chief report. if you like to make public comment, please dial star 3 now. we have one public comment. good evening caller, you have two minutes. >> caller: chief, when you give your report, i listen to you very intently. i think what you should do, this is just a suggestion, there are many gram -- many groups all over the city where you can invite yourself so that you know really what's happening at ground zero. remember not too long ago, we
9:56 pm
had a little meeting with you. i want to thank you for accommodating that meeting. we got a real good feel of what happens in our community and people are hurting more so in this covid. we used to be at the bayview because of covid we cannot. now it's opening up little bit. people like to talk to you, you can take that talent and bring
9:57 pm
it to this commission which at times is so boring. you will be amazed to hear what really is happening at ground zero. thank you very much. >> clerk: good evening caller, you have two minutes. >> caller: hi, again. this is ms. brown again. i want to thank the chief for his presentation. i wanted to put a plug out for my son. i know we've said for anonymous. i want to say if anyone knows who murdered my son in district 5 on august 14, 2006, the case number is 060-86-2038.
9:58 pm
i appreciate anyone that is listening that was there on that day, or know of anything what happened to my son, 17-year-old murdered in district 5 for saving someone's life, his case number again is 060862038. thank you again. >> clerk: thank you caller. good evening caller. >> caller: thank you commissioners. particularly president cohen. i appreciate the opportunity to talk. i want to tell you a brief little story and then give you suggestion. i worked in the tenderloin for a
9:59 pm
while. there was a time where we had in the tenderloin these yellow bricks painted on to the ground. it demarcated a safe passage for kids to get from one place to the next -- school, after school programs and the like. it has been up for a while. people gotten used to it. not really paid much attention, may be. i got to see a kid skipping down the yellow brick road, careful to get from brick to brick and there was that joy that you see when kids are around. that pathway goes directly through -- it's on the path of that corridor. that's the epicenter for the
10:00 pm
tenderloin drug market. i agree what the chief said. i gone to the police meetings i heard about it moving to seventh. your daily experience is not bad. the daily experience walking through there is that it actually is not reduced. i believe there may be connections. of course, it doesn't feel reduced. not four weeks ago a young boy was walking with his young sister and their youngest on the way to the tenderloin community school on that same passage. they were attacked. everyone was aghast and shocked. but it is our daily experience there in the tenderloin. let me tell you where the police got it right.
10:01 pm
>> clerk: thank you caller. president cohen, that is the end of public comment. >> president cohen: to the last caller, i will be interested hearing what the police got it right. perhaps you could e-mail us the rest of your public comment. we can get it read in the record. very interesting commentary. >> clerk: there's another public comment that just came in now. >> president cohen: let's see what this person has to say. >> clerk: good evening caller, you have two minutes. >> caller: thank you. i'm long-winded. >> president cohen: you are. >> caller: i'm going to keep it tight. when we were dealing with a heavy part of this right out of covid. what the captain did is deploy
10:02 pm
more officers during the time kids were walking to school in the morning and coming back at night and watch the dealers scatter was amazing. that clear path created. with the community officer on foot patroller day -- every day and every night. things are changing and there's an opportunity. when you have this conversation about open drug dealing in the tenderloin, please take a look at the street level drug dealing task force recommendations. we paid $200,000 for it. it should be considered as you all are thinking about it. i'll reach out to others about the community meeting you guys talked about last week. i got some opportunities for you. i will send that e-mail. thank you chief for doing what
10:03 pm
you can. thank you commissioners. >> president cohen: thank you. time is up. thank you. >> clerk: that is the end of public comment. >> president cohen: let's go to the executive director. thank you. >> good evening. let me start with our statistics here. we are currently at 678 cases that have been open so far this year. this time last year we were at 699. we closed 765 cases so far this year and currently our docket is 71 cases. be-- we sustained 41 cases which is up from the amount last year which was 37.
10:04 pm
we have 20 cases who's investigations have gone beyond the nine month period. that's down from this time last year. we have mediated 36 cases so far this year. of the cases, of the 20 cases that have investigations that have exceeded nine months, 18 cases are toll cases. we currently have nine cases that are pending with the police commission. we are awaiting six case decisions for chief decisions. in terms of what has gone on this week and the cases that have come in the office are 11 cases which is a total of 14 different allegations, 36% of those allegations involve issuing a citation without cause, 36% of those cases were
10:05 pm
for officer behaving or speaking inappropriately, allegedly. nine% of the allegations were for officer displaying threatening, intimidating and harassing behavior. the types of cases were for involved traffic stops, parking citations and one of the cases was for an allegation of an officer making racist comments. by breakdown for the districts, these cases came from three of those cases were from northern station. all of those cases involve allegations of an officer behaving or speaking inappropriately to a civilian. in the tenderloin, two cases came in and those were for the citation without cause and one for harassing behavior. there was a case out of southern station as well.
10:06 pm
in terms of the audit this week, we had our exit conference for the dgo8.10 audit. that was today. the goal is for d.p.a. to provide their final draft to the police department next week for response to the reports recommendation. the draft was submitted today to sfpd and next week is the response based on the recommendations within the report. as a reminder this report is on first amendment activity. the previous report was for use of force. this week, we had our quarterly meeting with the coalition. the coalition is an organization that we put together at d.p.a. for all of the oversight, agencies that exist in the state of california. we meet quarterly.
10:07 pm
this meeting was attended by the president of an organization. also co-presenting at this week's meeting was executive director oakland community police report. the other presentation was for local officials and their staff on sheriff and oversight. many of the agencies in the state also do oversight with the sheriff as well. conversation for upcoming meetings are 1421 strategy and management. also we have for the monthly report, a heavy august statistics. that i will present. in august the d.p.a. received 67 complaints which was an increase 29% from the same period last year but a decrease of 5% today.
10:08 pm
total cases received at that time was 529 and of those 67 cases they involve a total of 169 allegations. i won't break them down. they are filed and available on our website. also in the september statistics, we received 63 complaints which in that month was an increase of 24% from the same period last year. a decrease of 5% year to date from the previous year. total cases in september cumulatively were 595. of the 63 cases that were collected in september, they involved total of 119 allegations which are also broken down on our website and available as well. i think we last month, i wanted
10:09 pm
to mention this for october. i think we brought this issue out at the last police commission. in october, we disclosed over 2000 pages of documents for 1421. that's the largest disclosure that we ever had in a particular month. i wanted to articulate that and point it out. we were talking about it last month. the issue came up i believe in public comment that the disclosures had slowed down. if they have, it is not at d.p.a. currently, we released over 32,000 pages for 1421 records to the public. since the law has gone into effect. there are no cases in closed session with d.p.a. currently on the call with me in case there are issues to be followed up upon one of our
10:10 pm
senior investigators steve ball. if anyone has any further questions or like to get into contact with d.p.a. directly, website i believe that concludes my presentation. i'm available if anyone has questions. >> president cohen: thank you.
10:11 pm
>> clerk: commissioner hamasaki? if you like to make public comment regarding d.p.a. report please dial star 3 at this time. vice president elias, there's no public comment. line item 6 is commission report. commission reports will be limited to a brief description of activities and announcements. commission discussion will be limited to determining whether to calendar any of the issues raised for a future commission meeting. commission president's report, commissioner's reports and commission announcements and
10:12 pm
scheduling of items identified for consideration at future commission meetings. >> vice president elias: we had a productive meeting with the chief and staff. we hope to have ready for the full commission the first or second week of december for approval. that's what i have to report this week. any other commissioners have anything to report. we'll start with commissioner hamasaki? >> commissioner hamasaki: i look forward to seeing the report. as folks know, i've been working with the coalition been pretty much everybody involved.
10:13 pm
pedestrian, bike, traffic safety around trying to figure out how to reduce racial disparities in traffic stops and searches. i believe the coalition will be reaching out to the chief and president cohen to set up a next steps meeting. i think that's going to be taking off and how we're going to format that will be part of the next we had a meeting this morning. that's what's on my plate right now. thank you. >> vice president elias: thank you. commissioner byrne? >> commissioner byrne: two things to report.
10:14 pm
commissioner yee and i are meeting with chief scott on friday. concerning the upcoming discussion on the open drug dealing in the tenderloin. last saturday i had an opportunity -- the captain met with me 1:00. earlier there was a small demonstration over to city hall in demonstrating their concern of the open drug dealing that is going on in the tenderloin. i spent four hours down in the tenderloin. i walked the beat with two wonderful officers. we stayed in the middle of the
10:15 pm
street in front of the apartment building, which is the real epicenter. enough time was spent there they moved around the corner. police got a call for service to go there. we went there and then they scattered again. during the week the captain put a command van at the corner of turk and hyde as a result, that corner was actually clear and walked. it's the best i've seen it. it is indeed a cat and mouse type of thing. the officers need to be commended. lot of the time we stopped to see people clearly addicted to drugs. make sure they were awake and
10:16 pm
talking so that emergency services needed to be called. it's safety with respect in san francisco. they were trying to keep residents in san francisco city safe. it was a thoroughly -- i must say, enjoyable because i saw the difference those officers were making and how much more things were done. we can take that part of the city for its residents. >> vice president elias: commiss ioner byrne do you attribute the improvement to the actual officers out there on the street patrolling? >> commissioner byrne: yes, it's
10:17 pm
clear. you have ex-felons that are no longer addicted to drugs. coming up and complimenting the officers. it is amazing the welcome. when i walked around, not the first time i done this -- the idea of taking this area back, which has a huge amount of children. of course, you see two lovely parks with swings and slides with no children, it's absolutely devastating. because of what's going on. a child we saw, a saw a mother holding her hand, she had to put her arm around her. for fear even holding her hand, the child would not be safe.
10:18 pm
there is life in the tenderloin despite what goes on, it's a vibrant community. it's full of life. people need to be able -- at least during the day -- to walk the street without the fear of somebody coming up. the idea that they scatter as the chief pointed out when you show up, that's fine. many of them not from the city. they come in peddle this fentanyl to the people. it was enough lifting experience for me once again. >> vice president elias: i look forward to the presentations
10:19 pm
that you requested to be agendized. >> commissioner byrne: we're going to talk about statistics and deployment. niese are -- these are important things. this area has seen the greatest rise in gun violence this year. it's a much smaller condensed area. i think that the police commission, police department need to make a statement so most people who come and peddle this poison, that we are here. we don't want you here. we want to do it in a respectful manner to the local residents. what what i have seen so far, down there, i been going down there, i usually driver there three times a week and sometimes four. seeing it, i'm seeing greater police presence.
10:20 pm
i commend the captain placing that van there. it makes a statement to the neighbors that we do care. that corner was the best i've seen so far. there's still dealing going on leavenworth street between golden gate and church. it's unbelievable. >> vice president elias: i look forward to hearing the solutions. >> commissioner byrne: the presence alone, uniformed officers on their feet, definitely makes a difference. i have noticed it now, definitely does make a difference. again, people -- the idea that the officers check to see their
10:21 pm
well-being. it's to be commended. they are -- you don't know when you go up to them because they are asleep. are they o.d. the officer has to approach them. look, are you awake. if they do not respond, they may be their last breath on this planet. that's what they do. they go up and do that, it's very important. these people hopefully will be able to deal better with their addiction. everybody in life deserves a second chance. so do those poor people. >> vice president elias: commiss ioner yee?
10:22 pm
>> commissioner yee: i want to echo the commissioner. in chinatown area, -- i'm looking forward going down there to the tenderloin. i used to work out in that area. i know what it's like out there. it's a challenge. now it's ten fold with the rise of the fentanyl and the drug dealing. may be we can have other solutions than this buy bust. i'm looking forward to talking to the chief on that. i wanted to tell vice president cindy elias, you missed our marine -- [ indiscernible ] it's a beautiful day. it's nice and clear. i know you probably had other pressing things to do.
10:23 pm
went on a tour with sergeant keith matthews. he explained that the obligation that the city and county is for. looking at technologies they do use is very eye opening. it's similar to like air traffic controller. it's on the seas. it's been great investment for us and the city. may be we should have 24-hour and around the clock. they do manage it very well. since you don't hear too much from them. they are doing a job. excellent job keeping us safe. i won't go too far in that.
10:24 pm
i ask that if anybody interested in going on a ride there, it will be nice to make sure that the way -- make sure there's no white caps out there when you do go. i'm looking forward to meeting with the chief on this coming friday. that ends my report. by the way, we also was invited
10:25 pm
to meet our new city attorney, david chu. we wish him the best and looking forward to working with him and the police commission. thank you. >> vice president elias: thank you commissioner yee taking it for the team. i appreciate your effort to go there. >> commissioner yee: let's give them a call and probably book a time and date when they can come by. >> that's a fantastic idea. sergeant youngblood and sergeant reynolds make a note please.
10:26 pm
>> president cohen: i want to make a brief statement. we will be sending an invitation to supervisor stefan to discuss with us piece of legislation that is going to be heard and voted on in the board of supervisors' coming the first of the year in january 2022. that's all i have at this time. sergeant reynolds, we can take public comment. >> good evening caller, you have two minutes. >> caller: i wanted to specific to mr. byrne's report.
10:27 pm
i wanted to highlight another portion of the findings of the iron law prohibition. specifically, i wanted to talk about popular -- hard liquor. it has a parallel -- marijuana, also found too troublesome to smuggle across borders, much higher potency.
10:28 pm
as we suggest, we might have an easy solution of more policing or more police officers in these specific sections, that might make us safer. i ask the police commission to consider whether or not their actions are causing this crises on our streets and whether as you can demonstrate, those actions are causing our society to be more dangerous and causing these substances to be in use rather than the less potent substances that will be safer. as we consider mr. byrne's suggestion that it might be easy with the simple reallocation of police personnel, i ask to consider whether or not it might be impossible and doing so might be dangerous. thank you.
10:29 pm
>> thank you. that concludes public comment. >> president cohen: thank you very much. next item. >> clerk: item 7, presentation of the firearm discharge review board and incustody death review board findings and recommendations, third quarter, 2021 report, discussion. >> good evening.
10:30 pm
in the 3rd quarter of 2021, there were no cases presented. 3rd quarter 2021, following cases were reviewed -- [ indiscernible ]
10:31 pm
officers responded to neiman marcus. officers recorded the suspect to place his hands behind his back. he refused. officers went to handcuff the suspect. when he went down on his left side, flex cuffs were placed. the suspect was immediately placed in position of recovery, and then walks to their patrol car. officers requested -- while walking to their patrol car, the suspect was placed on the ground. officers began cpr. medics arrive the and took over cpr. the suspect was transported to
10:32 pm
spmc where he was pronounced dead five days later by the staff. the recommendations to the chief of police is in policy. in summary on july 30, 2015, officers were dispatched to san francisco and richardson street when the parties involved fighting as one chased the other. officers met with one party confirming the suspects. officers drove eastbound. the suspect attacked her, thrown her to the ground and began punching her in the face. the passenger officer came for assistance and also thrown to the ground. both officers got to their feet, fought with the suspect and
10:33 pm
repeatedly commanded him to stop. the suspect ordered officers to shoot him. the suspect walked eastbound as officers reported him to stop. the suspect walked to the international house of pancakes where he banged his fist on the glass door. the suspect was ordered to the ground but did not comply. the suspect placed both his hand in his pocket as if he was reaching for something. the officer commanded him to the ground. the suspect ignored all demands and continued eastbound lombard.
10:34 pm
he place the his left arm under his torso. due to the suspect's size, flex cuffs were used. the suspect continued to resist by rocking his body and flailing his leg. the suspect was monitored with no indication of a medical emergency. the suspect was placed into a position of recovery and the hobble was removed. officers could perform chest compressions and the suspect was pronounced deceased at the scene. last case, on january 5, 2019. an individual came to the
10:35 pm
tenderloin police station requesting -- at 8:00 p.m., officers were at cpmc on an unrelated matter. officers believe he was going to be influenced of a narcotic stimulus. officers observed the suspect to become ring aand paced the hallway. the suspect approached an officer telling him you have to fight me. the suspect grabbed the officer's shirt and vest.
10:36 pm
the suspect was taken to the ground in handcuffs. the e.r. doctor asked doctors to escort him off the premise. the suspect was based on an -- the suspect was placed in position of recovery but no pulse was found. recommendation to chief of
10:37 pm
police is in policy. this grid identifies the status of the current open investigations. the one that i would bring your attention to will be third, fifth and sixth lines. those will be presented a they fall under the fourth. as it stands now, there are no open in custody death investigations. i believe that concludes the presentation. >> president cohen: thank you very much for that presentation. very informative. do you have any questions? commissioner hamasaki and then
10:38 pm
commissioner byrne. >> commissioner hamasaki: thank you president cohen. i feel like i know this, i can't recall, is there any independent agency that review these deaths? do d.p.a. review them or is there any way where the public can have can haves there's a mutual party reviewing these. >> is there an external entity that's assisting in the investigation? not that i'm aair of. >> in respond to that, we had the same comments for a child while. we have been raising the issue of transitioning serious and
10:39 pm
into review. we goes beyond to look at all uses of force including weapons used and we think is best practices. we talked about it in the past. i wanted to -- >> the expanded version includes the captain of the treasury division. that is at training piece within the organization that will be part of that discussion is that they were trained.
10:40 pm
i thought that was the presentation that myself and the chief mentioned the expansion of the report. that is in process. >> we do still have work to do. i don't think we're that far off. i want to ask you as well as far as the information. of course the medical examiner's office investigate the cause of death and there are depending on
10:41 pm
where that goes. if the call is a factor and it's a political political. if it's a medical by cause of death, the medical examiner would determine that as well. we have to wait for on the medical examiner before we can arrive at what the cause of death is. if it involve -- that can trigger another serious of events and get the turn -- >> i wanted to make sure that everything --
10:42 pm
[ indiscernible ] >> with these cases in particular, d.p.a. doesn't have jurisdiction in the current charter for custody -- just to clarify for everyone knows what we're talking about. >> something to think about. >> president cohen: commissioner byrne? >> commissioner byrne: commander ford. do you know the cause of death
10:43 pm
for these three individuals? >> it's interesting that you mention that. i can say that laws some -- i i can say that at least all three were methamphetamine use i won't paint it a -- methamphetamine was determining cause p.p.p. >> president cohen: anyone else like to ask a question? does the record not indicate exactly what the cause of death was? >> it does.
10:44 pm
first case it says manner of accident. same with the third one where you have coit. there are some other ones. -- there was a lot on board.
10:45 pm
>> president cohen: okay. i want to talk about -- there doesn't seem to be lot of detail when the subject was subdued when he was discovered not to have a pulse. this is filed with 15-003. he had just been very active. with details like this would this be necessary to determine if an incustody death was in policy? >> every aspect falls in that category. >> president cohen: in 19-001
10:46 pm
more clear what caused the suspect to come. open investigations? >> just a side note, on lombard and pierce. he was about 5'8", they interest -- his weight played a huge role. he was a huge guy. he had huge risk. i remember this case personally. i knew people who were involved. i remember the commentary that it was met pretty -- he was a
10:47 pm
big guy. >> president cohen: i think it will be helpful if you guys include the cause of death in the summary? >> i will make note of that. >> president cohen: i think it will make more sense knowing the cause of death. >> president cohen: all right, i'm seeing nothing in the chat. >> clerk: if you like to make public comment. please dial tar 3 now. there is no public comment. >> president cohen: great, thank
10:48 pm
you. thank you, commander. we appreciate you. >> line item 8. adjournment. action item. >> president cohen: motion to adjourn? >> motion. >> second. >> president cohen: all right. thank you very much for your service today. we are adjourned.
10:49 pm
>> chair bustos: good afternoon. this is regular meeting on community investment and infrastructure for tuesday november 2, 2021. i like to welcome the members of the public who are streaming or listening to us live as well as the commissioners and staff participating in today's meeting. following the guideline set forth by local efficient -- officials at this time, the members are meeting remotely to ensuring safety of everybody and the public. thank you all for joining us this afternoon. please call the first item. >> clerk: first order of business is item one, roll call. please respond when i call your name. [ roll call ] commissioner brackett is absent.
10:50 pm
commissioner bycer is absent. commissioners brackett and bycer are both absent. we have a quorum. next order of business is item two, announcements. the next regularly scheduled meeting will be held remotely on tuesday november 16, 2021 at 1:00 p.m. the announcement of public comment procedures. please be advised a member of the public has up to three minutes to make public comment on each agenda item unless the commissioner adapt a shorter period. during the public comment period, you will be instructed to dial (415)655-0001, access
10:51 pm
code, 2484 068 2515 press the pound sign and pound sign again to enter the call. please press star three to submit your request to speak. when you dial star 3, you will hear the following message. you have raised your hand to ask a question, please wait to speak until the host calls on you. when you hear your line has been unmuted, this is your opportunity to provide public comment and you will have three minutes. please speak clearly and slowly. you can stay on the line and continue to listen to the meeting or you can choose to hang up. if you are planning to provide a public comment on any item on today's agenda, it is recommended that you call the public comment line ahead of time to allow you to listen to the meeting live and present you from experiencing delays, caused by live streaming. the materials are available on our website at
10:52 pm
next order of business is item 3, report on action taken at closed session meeting. there are no reportable actions. of next order of business is item 4, matters ever unfinished business. there are no matters ever unfinished business. next order of business is item 5, matters of new business consisting of consent and regular agenda. >> chair bustos: to comply with the recent state legislation and allow us to continue to hold teleconference meeting. i like to call items 5c out of order and make it the first item on the agenda. please call 5c first.
10:53 pm
>> clerk: we are starting with regular agenda item number 5c. authorizing the continuation of teleconference meeting and making findings and support there of under california government code section 54953e. discussion and action resolution number 38-2021. madam interim director? >> thank you commissioners. as you heard our meeting last month, in order to continue to have meetings held via teleconference, we need to adopt these findings every 30 days so we are back before you again. i am happy to turn it over to general counsel morales. if you feel like it's information the same, feel free to move forward.
10:54 pm
>> the key point to remember here you're reconsidering your findings you made a month ago and state of emergency still exist. there's still local health orders that recommend social distancing and certain contacts. resolution cites those health order and recently animal -- amended in october. i recommend that you adopt the resolution. >> chair bustos: do we have anyone from the public who wish to provide comment? >> clerk: at this time, is there any members of the public who wish to provide public comment on this item, should call
10:55 pm
(415)655-0001. meeting i.d. 2484 068 2515 we'll allow few moments for the public to call in. if you like to provide public comment you can press star 3 to raise your hand. it does not appear there are any members of the public wishing to comment on this item. >> chair bustos: thank you. chair will request to speak on this item on closed public comment. i will ask my fellow commissioners if they have questions. i like to get a motion if there are no comments or questions. >> commissioner ransom-scott: i would like to move in compliance
10:56 pm
with our city government that we adopt the covid-19 vaccination policy -- >> chair bustos: we're on item number 5c. >> commissioner ransom-scott: so rry. i move that we authorize the continuation of teleconference meeting and making findings in support under california government code section 54953e discussion and action with resolution number 38-2021. >> chair bustos: thank you. may i get a second? please take roll. >> clerk: please announce your vote for item 5c when i call your name. [roll call vote].
10:57 pm
mr. chair, the vote is 3 ayes and two absent. >> chair bustos: motion carries. please call the next item. >> clerk: next is the consent agenda. approval of minutes regular meeting of october 5, 2021. 5d is authorizing first amendment personal services contract with hollins inc. to extend from december 31, 2021 to earlier december 31, 2024. or extend contract amount for the provision of infrastructure coordination services in
10:58 pm
connection with implementation of the disposition and development agreement hunters point shipyard phase one. action resolution number 37-2021. >> chair bustos: do we have anyone from the public who wishes to provide comment on this item? >> clerk: at this time, if there are any members of the public who wishes to provide public comment on the consent agenda item, please call (415)655-0001. enter the access code, 2484 068 2515 press pound and pound sign again. then press star 3 to submit your request to speak. any memberships -- any members like to provide comment, please press star 3.
10:59 pm
it does not appear there are any members of the public wishing to comment. >> chair bustos: i will close public comment. commissioners, may i get a motion for these consent items? >> commissioner ransom-scott: i move that the consent item be approved with any necessary corrections. >> chair bustos: may i have a second? >> vice chair rosales: i will second. >> chair bustos: please take roll. >> clerk: please announce your vote for the consent item when i call your name. [roll call vote]
11:00 pm
the vote is 3 ayes two absent. >> chair bustos: motion carries. please call the next item. >> clerk: next is regular agenda item number 5d. adopting a covid-19 vaccination policy and delegating authority to the executive director to implement the covid-19 vaccination policy consistent with policies of the city and county of san francisco and applicable law. discussion and action resolution number 39-2021. >> thank you. commissioners, as you're aware, the city and county of san francisco has implemented a number of measures in response to the covid-19 pandemic to ensure the safety of the public and its employees including a requirement that city employees be vaccinated against covid-19. from the city, ocii needs to
11:01 pm
take staff to adopt its own policies. they are here to present a covid-19 vaccination policy for ocii employees. monica? >> good afternoon, thank you interim chair oerth and commissioners thank you for your time. the item for your consideration is ocii covid-19 vaccination policy. as background, incident to point -- i want to point to two authorizations. on october 4, 2012 authorized the commission to hire an executive director with the responsibility for the day-to-day management of all affairs and activities of the agency. in july 2020, resolution 21-2020 authorized the executive director to adopt certain compensations and lead policies
11:02 pm
based on the city policy during public health emergency due to the covid-19 pandemic. for background, for public health orders, in february 2020, mayor breed proclaimed local health emergency in connection with the covid-19 pandemic. the county health officer issued a shelter-in-place effective march 16, 2020. also in march of 2020, governor newsom pro claimed state of emergency in california in connection with the pandemic and the state of emergency remains in effect. it's also of note that since march 17, 2020, ocii offices have been closed and ocii employees have worked remotely. the current safer return
11:03 pm
together health order amended september 2021, removed some of the health and safety restrictions that have previously limited the opening of businesses and government offices due to the city's vaccination rate that have been successful due to vaccination of the city and employees. the order also acknowledges that covid-19 does continue to pose a risk especially to individuals who are not fully vaccinated. certain safety measures continue to be necessary. among the safety measures, is the emphasis on vaccination. city and county city of san francisco requiring vaccination status. department of human resources amended the policy to clarify that the deadline for all city
11:04 pm
employees to be fully vaccinated by december 1, 2021. at that time, the amended policy include a standards for medical and sincerely held religious exemptions. as of october 27, 2021, the city policy has been amended to allow city agencies to allow partially vaccinated employees to be able to work remotely upon approval. they must be vaccinated by 2021. this is some of the actions we have have taken. the hr department issued a requirement that all employees submit their vaccination status by september 17, 2021. i am to report that all employees have complied.
11:05 pm
38 staff are fully vaccinated, two staff persons are partially vaccinated, one staff person is unvaccinated. that one staff person has indicated through our conversations that they plan to be vaccinated upon our return to the office at a future date. we want to introduce and adopt ocii covid-19 vaccination policy that conforms to the city policy in regards to vaccination requirements for employees. upon adoption of the policy on approval, the covid vaccination policy will require all be vaccinated by december 21, 2021.
11:06 pm
ocii management may conferred with our local representatives. ocii labor partners raised no objection to the proposed commission actions. our request today upon the commission approval of questions and comments, ocii management request that the commissioner adopt the covid-19 vaccination policy and delegating authority to executive director to implement the covid-19 vaccination policy consistent with the policy of the city and county of san francisco and any applicable law. that is my presentation. i'm happy to answer any question or comments of public and the commission. thank you for your time. >> chair bustos: thank you, monica. do we have anybody from the
11:07 pm
public who wishes to provide comment? >> clerk: if there are any members of the public who wishes to provide a comment for this item, please call (415)655-0001. enter access code 2484 068 2515 press pound and pound again and star 3 to speak. you are on the phone with us, please press star 3 to get in the queue. there are no members of public who wish to comment.
11:08 pm
>> chair bustos: i'll close public comment. i will turn to my fellow commissioners to questions or comment. i like to start with commissioner scott. >> commissioner ransom-scott: no questions or comments? >> vice chair rosales: i don't have any questions or comments. >> chair bustos: i want to thank the staff who has been working so hard on this. thank the entirety of ocii staff who have already been vaccinated or will be getting fully vaccinated. we care about each other. we want to make assure that everyone is healthy. we're putting aside political stuff. this is about how much we care about each other.
11:09 pm
i got my booster. i'm doing well. i'm excited. most importantly, i know that i'm not infecting people who i love that are around me. i'm protecting myself and the people we care about. everyone get vaccinated and thank you in advance. i think we're going to get through this together. i appreciate that. may i get a second? >> commissioner ransom-scott: i second it. >> chair bustos: please take roll. >> clerk: i like to acknowledge commissioner brackett has joined us by phone. >> chair bustos: okay. >> clerk: commissioner members please announce your vote when i call your name for item 5b, the
11:10 pm
vaccination policy. [roll call vote] the vote is 4 e ayes and one absent. >> chair bustos: before we move to the next item, it's my understanding that the city of san francisco implementing a vaccination requirement for all boards and commissions. however, our commission has not been covered by that policy. unless i have any objections from our commissioners i like to direct staff to prepare a policy for commission vaccination requirement.
11:11 pm
please call the next item. >> clerk: next is 5e, a workshop on 2022 community facility district for c.f.d. budget discussion. >> thank you. commissioners in your past you received high level information about our community facilities or c.f.d. budget through our annual budget process as an appendix. ocii has separate authority under the law and increase budget transparency, staff is proposing we have a separate process. today is the kickoff of that effort and we like to do a workshop to give you background on the c.f.d. and walk through the proposed budget for calendar year 2022. melissa whitehouse is here to
11:12 pm
present that. i will turn it over to melissa. >> thank you. i want to say thank you to all the commissioners for having me today. i'm going to give you some quick background on our ocii c.f.d. i will walk you through the budget for upcoming year and the work plan. then we'll talk about the next steps. our main goal today is to increase your awareness of the c.f.d. i know lot of time spent on them. we want to make sure all the commissioners understand that you are the administrator of our
11:13 pm
c.f.d. i did come to you a few months ago. i will go pretty quickly through the background and then i will be happy to take any questions. majority of my time i will talk about the detailed budget for each c.f.d. and highlighting upcoming work plans. as we discussed when i came in the spring, c.f.d. is a tool for local government that was passed in the '80s in california large in response to passage of proposition 13.
11:14 pm
the rate of the taxes is voted on by the commission. of course, ocii has seven in the following project areas. south beach, mission bay, hunters point shipyard and hunters point shipyard phase two. the commission is the legislative body for the c.f.d.s. but staff administer them. c.f.d.s are separate from redevelopment law. they are not subject to review by the board of supervisors, oversight board or the department of finance. that's why we're bringing you this -- [ indiscernible ] we wanted to make it clear it's not as if the commission could establish new c.f.d.s. they are related to obligations even though technically the jurisdiction is outside of them. we have two types of c.f.d.s. we have infrastructure and
11:15 pm
maintenance c.f.d.s. infrastructure c.f.d.s are about creating the infrastructure, building the park, the sewer, street lights and the maintenance c.f.d.s about maintaining the assets once they are built. here are the geographic areas. you can see the purple at the top is the south beach location. the big pink area is mission bay, the blue in the lower right-hand corner is hunters point shipyard phase one. at the very bottom there are small green boxes which is the candlestick point. we have outstanding debt still
11:16 pm
for c.f.d. 4, 6 and 7. then potential to issue new debt for c.f.d. 6, 7 and 9. as interim director mentioned, we historically you seen the c.f.d.s as kind of a smaller appendix. now we're going into a lot more detail. every spring from now on we will actually be bringing you this level of detail along with the rest of the ocii budget. this is the first we were doing this. we wanted to make sure that it's a standalone item the first time around. here's a high level table, this is all the c.f.d.s combined. the expenditures, which is the left side column and then the revenue sources which are the remaining column. i am going to show you shortly individual budget for each
11:17 pm
individual c.f.d. this is all of them combined together. as you can see for fiscal year 2/1/22 you have about $18.7 million. about $100,000 in mission bay property tax. for total budget $18.8 million for the year. c.f.d.s are a little bit different in that technically the revenue is on the fiscal year. the july 1 to june 30. but expenditure is actually on the calendar year. expenditures start january 1, 2022 and goes through december 31st. as i mentioning next year, the commission will approve both revenue and expenditure prior to the start of the 2023 calendar year additionally there's
11:18 pm
$37.4 million unappropriated fund balance across all seven c.d.c.s. i will show those numbers by each individual c.f.d. i want to know for you that by work plan for each of the c.f.d.s is to do a long range projection of expenditures and revenues and appropriate fund balance level for each c.f.d. that is something that i will bring to you or staff will bring to you in the spring when we back for the full ocii budget. we wanted to show all the existing numbers even prior to some long range analysis. another point about the total budget about $18.7 million, it's little under $1 million of the 2021 budget. not surprisingly, the majority of the funds are about 60ers. 60% is spent for debt service
11:19 pm
that's largely infrastructure c.f.d.s another large portion is spent on maintenance services. that's taking up most of the maintenance c.f.d. each c.f.d. is different. the first one is c.f.d. 1 in south beach. this is a maintenance c.f.d. for now. infrastructure portion has been completed. here is the budget for c.f.d. one. it's a little under $200,000. the majority of that is spent on maintenance and operation for the open space as well as some administrative expenses and some contingency and reserve to be ready for unexpected
11:20 pm
expenditures throughout the fiscal year. next up is mission bay north and south we have c.f.d. 4 and 6. which are funded ongoing through c.f.d. 5 which is the maintenance c.f.d.s. first c.f.d. 4. this is a little bit different. c.f.d. 4 is the only c.f.d. that
11:21 pm
does not require a special tax levy. for the upcoming year, we have $70,000 to paying off the remaining debt. last on the c.f.d. and also to cover the final year some administrative expenses. we just as of october 1st, called $6.18 million of the remaining $6.4 million in outstanding bonds for this c.f.d. we'll be calling the remaining $70,000 in the upcoming year and then the agency could evaluate whether or not the spend the
11:22 pm
c.f.d. prior to plan date of 2022. we will no longer have any expenses related to c.f.d. 4. c.f.d. 6 is a very active infrastructure c.f.d. over 80% of the expenditures are on debt service. as well as some administrative expenses. the infrastructure reimbursement fund available to reimburse developer for construction cost that they have incurred. this c.f.d. has an $18.2 million fund balance as of june of this year. the work plan for c.f.d. 6 is to work with the developer, to understand past and current work that's being done that will need to be reimbursed. once we have those numbers
11:23 pm
figured out, it will help us what is an appropriate level of your remaining fund balance. if there's fund balance that isn't needed we can analyze the impact on the special tax levy or refunding some of the bonds. c.f.d. 5, the maintenance c.f.d. related to mission bay north and south. this almost $8 million budget, vast majority of it is for maintenance and operation of all the park as well as similarly some administrative and expenses and some reserve fund for unexpected expenditures. c.f.d. 5 has about an $8.1 million fund balance as of right now. c.f.d. 5 is the one c.f.d. where started doing the long range projection. by participating in the next two years, this c.f.d. will start to
11:24 pm
see expenditures exceeding revenues. because we're bringing on a lot more. the total build out will have about 41 acres. in the upcoming year will be maintaining 24.3 acres. that includes an additional 1.7 acres coming on this upcoming year. as we add more acres, the expenses to upkeep will go up. we're anticipating to start using some that fund balance on annual maintenance for this c.f.d. we do plan on doing some additional capital reserve analysis. now i will moving on to hunter point shipyard. we have c.f.d. 7, 8 and 9. for c.f.d. 7, another infrastructure c.f.d. are not surprising a large portion of the fund for debt service almost
11:25 pm
$2 million of the $2.8 million annual budget as well as administrative expenses and infrastructure reimbursement. this c.f.d. has $4.2 million currently in outstanding fund balance. very similar picture to other c.f.d.s. need to do long range projection of revenues and expenditures to understand how many infrastructure reimbursements are out there and what is the appropriate level of fund balance for the c.f.d. of course, how that would impact our debt payment and outstanding debt. c.f.d. 8 is the corresponding maintenance c.f.d.s to c.f.d. 7. about $575,000 of this budget is going toward maintenance and operation. we have the administrative expenses as well as contingency and maintenance reserve. this is actually c.f.d. 8, the first year where ocii will be
11:26 pm
taking on the open space. we're going to have that land transferred us to. we're in the process of bringing on a vendor to help manage that. there's a $5.2 million fund balance as of june of this year. a key priority is bringing on that new contractor and maintaining about 18 acres of open space as well as the site office building. last, c.f.d. 9, hunters point shipyard phase two. although this is an infrastructure and service c.f.d., currently it is the infrastructure portion not as bad as levies.
11:27 pm
as you can see, the vast majority of that is going into maintenance reserve and operation expenditures. they are the $1.1 million fund balance generated for this c.f.d. at the moment. we need to work on long range projection for this c.f.d. we need to see what is the appropriate level of maintenance reserve on this level. with that, i am hoping to return to you next meeting on november 16th. we will update the budget that you received and any other powerpoint information based on your fadeback today. we'll be asking for your approval at the next meeting.
11:28 pm
thank you so much and i'm happy to take any questions. >> chair bustos: thank you for very comprehensive overview. thank you so much. madam secretary, do we have anyone from the public who wishes to provide comment? >> clerk: at this time if anyone wishing to provide public comment, should call (415)655-0001. enter access code 2484 068 2515 press the pound sign and pound again. press star 3 to submit your request to speak. if you like to provide public comment, please press star 3 to raise your hand. we'll allow few moments for the public to call in.
11:29 pm
it does not appear any members of the public wishing to comment. >> chair bustos: i will close public comment. i will turn to my fellow commissioners for questions or comments. i like to start with commissioner scott. >> commissioner ransom-scott: no questions. melissa thank you so much for this comprehensive report that you gave with due diligence. i just appreciating, you just hit so much. i appreciate hearing and seeing your work on this. thank you so much. >> chair bustos: commissioner
11:30 pm
brackett? >> commissioner brackett: i don't have any questions at this time. thank you for the report. >> chair bustos: vice chair rosales. >> vice chair rosales: i don't have questions. i'm kind of remembering, i know we gone through this, perhaps you can explain again to us the process for contacting the property owners. i see in the memo two thirds approval of the property owners within the district boundary have to participate. i just remembering, if you don't mind -- >> sure. >> i can wait until we know she can hear if you like.
11:31 pm
>> i think what you're asking about is formation of a c.f.d. at the time of formation, two thirds of the property owners need to vote to task themselves to form the c.f.d. generally, actually in the case of our c.f.d.s, there was only one taxpayer when the c.f.d.s were formed. it's usually the developer. c.f.d.s are often used as a first step on financing before there's any property tax that exist.
11:32 pm
>> vice chair rosales: okay, now it's clear. thank you. my next question was what will be, you just answered. how does this process interface with the development agreement. you just answered the question. >> chair bustos: thank you so much for putting this together. i walk a lot around our division area. awesome to see our city grow in such a beautiful way. i want to appreciate you for putting this together. this is a workshop. we won't be taking any actions today. this item will come back to us to seek our approval at a later date. thank you so much. plea call the next item.
11:33 pm
>> clerk: next order of business is item 6, public comment on non-agenda items. >> chair bustos: is there anyone from the public who wishes provide a comment? >> clerk: at this time members of the public who wish to provide public comment should call (415)655-0001. enter access code 2484 068 2515 if you like to provide public comment, please star 3 to raise your hand. it does not appear there are any members of the public wishing to comment. >> chair bustos: i will close public comment. please call the next item.
11:34 pm
>> clerk: the next order of business is item 7, report of the chair. >> chair bustos: i have nothing to report. next item. >> clerk: next order of business is item 8, report of the executive director. >> i have no report today. >> chair bustos: next item. >> clerk: next order of business is item 9, commissioners questions and matters. >> chair bustos: commissioners, any questions? or matters that you want to bring up? >> commissioner ransom-scott: no questions mr. chair. >> chair bustos: hearing none. next item. >> clerk: next order of business is item 10, closed session. there are no closed session items. next order of business is item 11, adjournment. >> chair bustos: i would need a motion to adjourn our meeting for today. >> commissioner ransom-scott: i move that we adjourn the meeting for today.
11:35 pm
>> chair bustos: thank you commissioner scott. may i have a second? >> commissioner brackett: i second. >> chair bustos: we will adjourn our commission meeting at 1:46 p.m. thank you all.
11:36 pm
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11:53 pm
watching. >> ever wonder about programs the city is working on to make san francisco the best place to live and work we bring shine won
11:54 pm
our city department and the people making them happy what happened next sf oh, san francisco known for it's looks at and history and beauty this place arts has it all but it's city government is pretty unique in fact, san francisco city departments are filled with truly initiative programming that turns this way our goal is to create programs that are easily digestable and easy to follow so that our resident can participate in healing the planet with the new take dial initiative they're getting close to zero waste we 2020 and today
11:55 pm
san francisco is diverting land filled and while those numbers are imperfect not enough. >> we're sending over 4 hundred thousand tons of waste to the landfill and over the 4 hundred tons 10 thousands are textile and unwanted listen ones doesn't have to be find in the trash. >> i could has are the ones creating the partnerships with the rail kwloth stores putting an in store collection box near the checks stand so customers can bring their used clothes to the store and deposit off. >> textile will be accessible in buildings thought the city
11:56 pm
and we have goodwill a grant for them to design a textile box especially for families. >> goodwill the well-known store has been making great strides. >> we grateful to give the items to goodwill it comes from us selling those items in our stores with you that process helps to divert things it from local landfills if the san francisco area. >> and the textile box will take it one step further helping 1230 get to zero waste. >> it brings the donation opportunity to the donor making that as convenient as possible it is one of the solutions to make sure we're capturing all the value in the textiles. >> with the help of good will
11:57 pm
and other businesses san francisco will eliminate 39 millions tons of landfill next year and 70 is confident our acts can and will make a great difference. >> we believe that government matters and cities matter what we side in san francisco, california serve as a model phenomenal in our the rest of the country by the world. >> whether you do not to goodwill those unwanted text told us or are sufficient value and the greater community will benefit. >> thanks to sf environment san francisco has over one hundred drop off locations visit recycle damn and thanks for watching join us>> hi, my name is jamie .
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in this episode, we are featuring the romantic park locations in your very own backyard. this is your chance to find
12:53 am
your heart in san francisco with someone special. our first look out is here at buena vista park, a favorite with couples and dog lovers. it is as old as its neighbor and both have a significant forest, a refreshing retreat from urban life. the pass that meander we do under a canopy of 0, redwood, pine, and eucalyptus. chill out and this environment and you might see butterflies and dandelions. blue jays fly between the eucalyptus. it is ada accessible.
12:54 am
public transit is plentiful. six, 24, or 71 bus. we have conquered the steps, we walked the dogs, and we have enjoyed a beautiful view the park has to offer. this is the place to take someone special and enjoyed a beautiful look out. " come to corona heights, located in the heart of this district. it offers a spectacular view of the downtown skyline, the bay bridge, and the east bay. the park is one of the best kept secrets. unlike twin peaks, it is hardly ever crowded. on any given day, you will run into a few locals. hop on a 37 bus to get there with that any parking worries. locals can bring their dogs to run with other dogs. there is also grass for small dogs. >> it is a great place.
12:55 am
it is a wonderful place for the city to provide these kind of parks. the dog owners appreciate it. >> take time to notice the wildflowers on the grassland. and keep your head on the lookout for hawks and other bird life. take your camera and be prepared to review the city in a way you will not forget. it is prominent with beautiful formations that are perfect to watch the sunrise from the east over the bay. this is another one of our great look out. we are at mount davidson. it has the highest point of elevation in san francisco, 928 feet. this is the place for you to bring someone special. enjoy all of the pathways, trails, and greenery that
12:56 am
surrounds you. it provides a peaceful oasis of public open space and great hiking trails. the spectacular view offers a perfect place to watch the sunrise, or, sunset, with someone you love. >> it is a good place to get away from the hectic life of the city. get some fresh air. the view is fantastic. >> wear sturdy shoes to conquer the trail, you have the feeling of being in a rain forest. mount davidson is also a great place to escape the noise and the apostle of the city with your partner. -- bustle of the city with your partner. it is quite a hike to the top at mount davidson but the view is worth every step. this is the place to bring that someone special.
12:57 am
for more information about reserving one of these romantic locations, or any other location, 831-5500. this number is best for special ovens, weddings, picnics, and the county for building. for any athletic field and neighborhood parks, call 831- 5510. you can also write us at permits and reservations. or walking in and say hello at old log cabin, golden gate park. and of course you can find more information at
12:58 am
12:59 am
1:00 am
is called to order at 4:32 p.m. and the small business commission thanks media services and sfgov-tv for televising the media on sfgov2. or live streamed. the members of the public who will call in, the number is 1-(415)-655-0001. the access code is 2496 304 4629. press pound and then pound again to be added to the line. when connected you will hear the meeting discussions and muted and in listening mode only. when your item comes up, dial star 3. if you dial star 3 before public comment is called, you will be added to the queue. when you are called for public comment, mute the device that you're listening to the meeting on and when it's your time to speak you will be prompted to do so.