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tv   Transbay Joint Powers Authority  SFGTV  November 28, 2021 4:30pm-6:01pm PST

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>> chair gee: i'm jeff gee the board chair. this board meeting is conducted pursuant to the brown act. the brown act has certain rules for teleconferencing. this meeting is being held during state of emergency and state and local officials have imposed recommended measures to promote social distancing. as noted on the agenda, members of the public may observe this teleconference meeting via sfgov tv and they may offer public comment by calling the published public comment phone number.
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mr. secretary, please call the roll. >> clerk: director chang will be sitting at chair and director john-baptist will not be at the meet. [ roll call ] both el-tawansy and director fishes -- forbes will arrive. >> chair gee: before we proceed,
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i like to share with the board and the public, due to personal commitment, i will be leaving the meeting in an half hour and handing the reigns over to director chan. i like to wish everybody happy thanksgiving and best wishes and enjoy family and we'll see you at our december meeting. continue please. >> clerk: directors, item 3 is communications. we like to remind the public that the public comment process is streaming on the screen. i'm not aware of communications from the board besides chair gee. i will continue to the next item. directors, item 4 is board of directors new and old business.
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i'm not aware of any. i will continue to next item. item 5 is executive director's report. >> we're all thrilled that the congress approved and >> president breed: signed the long awaited $1.2 trillion infrastructure investment and jobs act. which provides a historic level of funding for infrastructure including transportation. with many of them available on annual basis for the next five years.
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these include capital investment grants, under the u.s. department of transportation. our federal advocates will join us in december to provide an update to funding opportunities that will be available to us. passage of this couldn't come at a better time. the package provides $23 billion for new start. which is double the amount provided in the program. lots of great stuff coming ahead.
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with funding split between federal and local shares of $10 million will be requesting the grant will advance certain design and programmatic management documents including right-of-way paths. we're encouraged by the support from elected officials.
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we know that speaking with one voice resonates with decision makers in d.c. we doing everything we can to put our best forward in a highly competitive environment. in preparation for the state legislative session in january, we continue to collaborate with our regional partners to advocate for additional project funding. this includes close coordination with m.p.c. to develop our transportation budget strategy. i touched on this. i'm happy to report officially that we closed on the $30 million in community facility district bond earlier this month. this fund advances the project forward.
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m.p.c. approved our funding. which will help improve our operational cost. we continue to provide tours of the center. last month, it included board members of the sacramento local government commission which consist of mayors and councilmembers located throughout the date. we gave a tour to the san francisco building and construction council. it was great for the members to see their work after it was completed.
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we also hosted a tour for evan reed. he was impressed with the center. the presentation was done in the month of october. as we continue to raise awareness and visibility and tjpa, those presentations as well as others continue in the near future.
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in regards to the center, things have continue to improve. we get back to what we look at our new normal. we're asking visitors to stay vigil with masking in the center. we continue to increase program activity within the park. it's great to see there are more visitors at the park. we brought back the recess park. it's filled with books and other and menties for visitors to enjoy. we going to offer holiday activities which includes holiday lighting event.
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staffing, we've been working to bring staff to the agency as we grow to meet the demands of the transit center. as such, i along with staff have been working to recruit new personnel to join us.
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happy to report that some of are bitter sweet. john is retiring and it's a loss for us, however, happy to report that we have hired a new facility director who will be coming into to fill john's role. i'm sure she'll do a great job. he retires end of this year, may be early part of january. jim norris will allow for work alongside john and ensure a smooth transition as they have about several weeks to train and transition. jen will come to us from -- she's currently with the city and county of san francisco. another great find through one
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of our sister agencies. we're glad she's going to be joining us. she'll be here at the center. we'll introduce her to you all. that concludes my report. i'll be happy to take any questions. >> chair gee: thank you. directors, any questions at this time? would you like to wait until the very end for the other two to report? not seeing any hands raised. why don't we continue? >> thank you, chair gee. good morning members. you are going to love jen. enjoyed working with her city and county for the last decade and a half. terrific addition to the team
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here. facilities update. lots to report on over the last month since we last talked. seeing list of the events we had. we have attendance numbers and context. 450 property. we had over 100 here for a day-long furniture promotion by the hayward company. another 70 for the silence disco halloween party. wayfinding efforts. they continue, it will always continue to make improvements. as we find areas that are bit lacking or confusing for patrons. we're adding few signs here and there. interim step and we continue to move forward.
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we had a record post-pandemic. we had 241 in the park on thursday, veterans day. beautiful day. as mentioned, nila noted the holiday event coming up. we have a lighting event coming up on november 30th. we ask our neighbor to stay open late to serve customers. we'll have some carolers and lots of fun and family. december 17-19, we'll have weekend for family festivities, part of our winter fest. that will come in a double feature movie sunday night.
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findings in the area, we had a few rare birds show up. they all jumped in action to protect. one has been replaced as of this morning. it was installed. we're back to normal. and recovered from that event.
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update on ridership. you can see, it's trending in the right direction. that's the good news. bad news is the contacts, which is business is about 12% of pre-pandemic numbers. i love the trend. we're on the right path.
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all we have is six weeks. about 8800 square feet. out of nearly 10 million square- 10 million square feet. it's under construction. it's committed to tenants.
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our owner has chosen to exit from that space. numbers just don't work. we did extraordinary effort working with them to try to see if there was a work out that could be had.
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now we move to the complex system control operation. that is going well. discussions with a number of contractors and subcontractors, we have to make sure the system operates as intended. that is moving along nicely. we're on course for completion for the rest of the building. ongoing improvements are listed here. you can see them. i would say that it will probably be the next to open in q1 of 2022. several others will follow. on the next slide, we show little bit of update as we understand it from our retailers as to when they anticipate
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opening. movements, kaiser permanente will be ready to open. there's a lot of coordination that has to go on relatively to vaccines, boosters and staffing requirements and while trying to open up a new prototypical clinic.
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acqolina moved a bit. some of the locations and the same with per diem. some of this is due to material, supply chain, staffing issues, they all have similar concerns about staffing up and having adequate staff. when they open, patrons are satisfied and happy with the experience. nothing you're not curious about that's affecting us as well to some extent. lastly, quick visual look at the work going on site. you can see the list of contractors for tjpa or working on approvals directly for our tenants. happy to answer any questions that you might have.
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>> chair gee: john, thank you for your report. glad you're still with us. appreciate it. directors, any questions? not seeing any. [ indiscernible ] >> great, report, john. i have a question. it's really exciting to see the number of events that are going on up there. i didn't know if there's any correlation. did those events have food, did they work with the vendors within the sales force center to have the vendors to take advantage of the events going on? is there coordination there to help to support the vendors as well as the parties? >> we're doing everything we can to connect up promoters with our
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tenants or prospective tenants. some of them are not capable providing popup service. i have been meeting number of caterer groups to tour them through the facility. so they're familiar with our facility. that provides an opportunity for little bit of revenue share of those events. we're definitely like mind on that issue. >> director shaw: thank you. >> chair gee: thank you for sharing the ridership information. it's going in the right direction. thank you. i believe any other directors at this time? i believe we have a security report. is that correct? >> we do. we also have a glitch.
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technical glitch that occurred at the beginning of our meeting. donald will mention it to the public. >> we will learned of a temporary glitch in live streaming. i like to confirm for the privileges of the public watching live stream we took roll call and have quorum and chair gee will leave at 10:00 a.m. and director chang is leading the meeting. apologies to members of the public who had tech kay -- technical difficulties. >> we can go into the security update. >> good morning chair gee and detectors. before i begin, i like to thank director shaw for this opportunity to highlight our security metrics.
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we're tracking three performance metrics for contract security. personnel, turnover, staffing. personnel turnover. it's important that retain security of personnel for continuity operations. when security offices separates from the training center, we make every effort to determine what cause the separation, while identifying areas of improvement for attention. post-staffing. requires continuous staffing. a.u.s. resulted in score of 93%. it's a monthly test given randomly to eight security officers. other the court, one is to
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ensure understanding of their a signed post. there are 24% administered during this period. let's talk about quality of life issues. as you can see on the chart, we got it broken down by different sections of the transit center. it gives us when we do have trouble issues, we know which areas which we need to concentrate on. quality of life issues, -- [ indiscernible ]
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these issues are related to substance abuse, mental health and bad behavior. let's talk about crimes. part one crimes are your serious crimings, part two crimes are less crimes. as you can see in the dark blue, we have non-bicycle deaths that occurred. we instituted security measures
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combined with sfpd support. we conducted outreach with our tenants and operators to raise their situation related to bike deaths. part two, we had three graffiti incidents which requires extensive cleaning from janitorial staff. four attempt assault cases. let's talk about reports and arrests. part one crimes and part two, quality of life issues for key drivers of incident reports and arrests. there are different variables to different crimes that took place. let's talk about the comparison from the same time period from july had september 2022.
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as you note, part one crimes are up about 267%. part two crimes are up about 56%. quality of life issues are down about 16% and that quality of life issues, that number will be high based off the foot traffic that we get and some of the things that occur within the transit center. arrests down 26%. for the most part, in 2020, as we all know, the trends was inactive due to the pandemic. since vaccines have been produced, local municipalities have reopened. those are some of the factors that contribute to part one and part two crimes.
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as we get more people coming back to the transit center, we'll make those adjustments, definitely we'll have impact from part one and part two crimes. i want to recognize sfpd for what they do. very invaluable to our operations. lot of other organizations are in awe. we never have to dial 911. we never have to dial non-emergency. they are able to dial up additional resources from some stations within the city. they have that connectivity to highway patrol. i want to thank the personnel for what they do. with that, said, this concludes my presentation. be glad to answer any questions.
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>> chair gee: thank you mr. harris. any questions from directors? >> director lipkin: thank you very much for the report. i appreciate director shaw request to have this presented to the board. i wanted to better understand the metrics that you showed on slide one in terms of the various rankings across the three criteria that you evaluate. how does that get used and what it does mean scoring two, or three or one on that metric? >> as it relates to the personnel and staffing and testing? >> director lipkin: yes. >> it's industry standard. what the industry is scoring on contract security for those particular areas of personnel turnover, post-staffing.
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we know contract security historically has a high turnover rate. generally it run about 20% per month with turnover rate. we do the best we can to partner with contractors to retain individuals and work with them as far as from a professional development standpoint. post-staffing, those are critical posts. we're measuring x number of hours per quarter that they must be. >> director lipkin: i understand the three metrics, my question is more when the contractors scores a two one month and one next month. what does it mean? is there any implications for the contract? is this internal tracking for our own how we're doing? >> there's no ramifications for
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the contractor. we do sit down and talk about areas to ensure they are improving. we want them to maintain a certain level. it helps guide our decision-making and to see what areas in which we have gaps. >> director lipkin: only thought i had in reaction to that, what i noticed for the highest score where the turnover rate is zero and that never will be achieved. just seeing that one jumped out to me, the reason we'll get a four on that, maybe that doesn't matter. that's a comment on what you shared. >> thank you.
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>> director shaw: thank you for the report. just to go back to that same page. the competency one is interesting. i think that shows that even if the turnover is high and competency still good and testing it still good, that shows they are doing good training even with new people. i think it's really important that they have that background of who's at the transit center and to help people. that's a really interesting metric. i'm glad to see it. i don't remember the other pages, i'm glad to see we have no human trafficking. i'm glad to see that you highlighted that. that's really important and sometimes gets lost in all of this. especially in city like san francisco and some ways i'm surprised it's low. i'm just really glad we're watching for that. then in regards to the bicycle thefts. are these thefts at a bike rack,
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are these thefts where we didn't have something available for them to keep their bikes and they disappeared? >> thank you. these ethefts occurred in bike racks. we've had cases where individuals brought a bike to the bike rack, secured it and then stole another bike from the bike rack. we've seen it -- it only takes about 30 seconds. they have this nice team that they use to cut the lock and they're in and out. the way they can camouflage themselves and get to the bike rack, they are there and secure their bike but actuality, they're scoping out a bike that they can easily grab. we went back, we've create oh -- educated the operators in
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attendance. we ran some operations with sfpd and keeping the areas under surveillance and looking for some of the habits of individuals so we can get people to roll over. that's how sfpd was able to make those arrests. the word is out there, those particular areas in which those thefts occurred, we're now more -- we bolster our efforts. >> director shaw: thank you very much for the report. gay i.d. director forbes has -- >> clerk: director forbes has joined us >> commissioner chang: i wanted
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to follow-up on director shaws line of questioning. is there a need for bike cages or secures bicycle parking in terms of additional strategy. >> we doing everything within our power of what's going on as it relates to the bike thefts. >> director chang: thank you very much. >> clerk: there's public comment. moderator? hello caller, please state your name. two minutes begin now.
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>> caller: good morning. i raised my hand four items ago to bring your attention to this meeting was not being broadcast on sfgov tv. which means this meeting should not have been allowed to start in the first place. point number two, government code section 5495.3.3 requires that you allow a member of the public to address you when they so indicate. been trying to do this for the last four items. i've been ignored. i like to remind you that the
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tjpa is the future of the legislature. [ indiscernible ] >> clerk: that concludes public comment. i will proceed to quality next item. item 6 is c.a.c. update. >> good morning. can everyone hear me okay? thanks again for having me this morning. i will give all quick rundown of our meeting last week. i want to welcome two new c.a.c. members. we're starting to get some
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perspectives from them. it's great to welcome gabriel hunter. we want to welcome our excitement about the past infrastructure bill. we know some requests have been submitted to get understanding of how these bills operate and how the tjpa can work with them and how we can benefit from those being passed. we're thrilled to see more events happening at the center as well. the addition of foosball table is a lot of fun. also to see life returning to the center. also i want to echo the importance of some efforts. we appreciate getting updates there.
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just more and more the better. there were some questions from c.a.c. members around training personnel making stops, taking actions that they are used to taking. some of the methods and judgments on a day-to-day basis.
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we also received update from d.t.x. on mining perspective. some might be faster and some might be cost effective. we've been reasonable about cost. we are at the end of the day using taxpayer money. last but not least, we want to wish everyone happy thanksgiving. >> director chang: thank you so much. great report and thank to you and your c.a.c. members. any questions or comments from other directors? >> clerk: seeing none. i will proceed to call the next
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item. item 7 is public comment. an opportunity for members of the public to address the authority on matters that are not on today's calendar. [ indiscernible ] >> clerk: seeing no directors and also seeing no public comment at this time. i will proceed to call the next item. next item is consent agenda. all matters listed constituent a consent calendar, are considered to be routine. i have not received indication from the board or the public. i'm checking for public comment. there's none. is there a first and second?
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>> i like to move the consent calendar. >> i'll second. >> clerk: i will take a roll call vote. [roll call vote] item 8 is approved. >> director chang: i will note, you didn't see any request for public comment on that item correct? >> clerk: that is correct. there was no member of the public indicated they wish to make a comment. >> director chang: next item. >> clerk: item 9 is authorize interim executive director to execute a professional services
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agreement for construction management and engineering with local bench of firms consist of dabri inc. and zoon engineering evening to provide services on an as needed basis. >> good morning directors. that's a very long agenda item. do do seek a bench for this. i wanted to provide a background to why we will be seeking these professional service agreements. the warranty expires which includes the bus ramp and the facility itself.
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there's warranties that are have. facility improvements are aging. they are still looked at a new. they are starting to get some age. capital repairs replacement efforts will begin to accelerate over the coming years. some of these capital works do rare certain expertise, or oversight that beyond really the scope of the engineers team and performing day-to-day maintenance. it's as-needed. i do want to note some of the capital note we are referencing is non-dtx. it's not anything related to the upcoming d.t.x. one of the background elements is there are neighboring projects that have construction that will be close to us or involve us. that require compliance.
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we want to have oversight and expertise structural engineers to other elements that would be at our disposal. if we need certain protections to ensure that trained box and bus ramps are taken care of. some of these projects from a capital standpoint, capital projects that we started to put together a list. if we were at city hall, i would never show you slide like this. i wanted to hit on the elements such as on howard street. there's eight improvements or upgrades also a need for such a headache bar. which is a vertical clearance bar. fencing, that will be added. various elements that are starting to be created on a
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capital list as we start going through. it's been operational. there are certain elements that do require some improvements. this bench would be an assist or augmentation to the current existing step. what we've identified because of these type of capital projects that we see over time, coming up, there will be a need for construction management services. that would augment us to advise, and manage in areas for pre-construction. if there's certain level of projects that we need them to essentially administer, such as resident engineer to help manage the on site work and ultimately a claims process. we would see as typical
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construction management services that we saw to support these capital projects. also an engineering service element for highly skilled and experienced structural engineers that can be at our fingertips as needed. to ensure that our facilities are covered appropriately. knowing that we had this scope of service, we took this, we packaged scope of services and put them in an r.f.p. that was issued back in june. we received eight proposals and had a selection committee evaluate these eight proposals to get it down where three firms met all the requirements in the proposal. then that brought us on to the contract negotiations. of those eight, the three that moved on to interviews, they had a successful interview that
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brought us on to the three in bold and the double star went through the contract negotiations. two of the three are executed by the consultants. they felt they could not use our boilerplate contract that had been used for years on other contracts that we had. we couldn't come to terms on negotiations and they chose to not execute. therefore, we advanced with two. with dabri incorporated. they are 91% s.b.e. projected participation with an expertise that we identified with this neighboring structural engineers, as-needed and zoon
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engineering, which is 100% s.b.e. participation. due to the nature of both companies, there will be some overlap. we do have redundancy on these as well. hence the construction management bench element, it gives us flexibility. it has access to what we would need on basis. contract award will not exceed $2 million. it does not guarantee that strictly on call. it would be via notices to proceed based on available funding. which i will be looking to franklin for those. we've identified the contract duration. we kept it at five years with potential for two-year extensions. as a wrap-up, we do request the
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board authorization to execute these two professional service agreements to create this construction bench with the five years, with two years extension, not to exceed $2 million with dabri and zoon engineering. that completes my presentation. if there's any questions, definitely be able to field them now. thank you very much. >> director chang: thank you. director shaw? >> director shaw: i think this slide answered it. i didn't know some of the information there happened. i'm glad to see the s.b.e. participation. i think you said that there's some overlapping. i'm used to doing these bench contracts, lot of time you get many of them because one can only do certain work and other can do certain work. only two of them -- i see kind of them split apart, focused on areas. you're saying there's things that they can both do so that
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there's some kind of competition within these contracts. usually they have more than two when they do a bench contract. >> the nature of both dabri and zoon they do have overlap. we'll have redundancy from competition element. this gives us -- if one can't provide something, we can to the other one. they can provide the services that we need. we feel very confident that the two can provide what we need. >> director shaw: thank you. >> director chang: thank you. any other questions? any public comment? >> clerk: first caller? your two minutes begin now. >> caller: my name is ken olson. it's been some years since i
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served on tjpa retiring as chair. i'm glad to see that the c.a.c. update is still regular item on the board's agenda. happy to see chairman gee still there, rafael mandelman my supervisor. the civicway, describes your board and deliberations over the years and decades to come. i suggest labeling the path in four places on the ends and that the middle where the escalator arrives and you can move to the roadside. you're managing the tjpa serves as an example for link 21.
5:25 pm
specifically, i ask that you name the path the civic way. i think it's very important to the entire story of tjpa and now link 21, which includes transit and equity in this purpose. thank you so much. >> director chang: thank you for your past service and continued input. thank you. other callers? >> clerk: that concludes public comment. on this item. is there a first and second? >> motion to approve. >> second, tumlin. >> clerk: i will take roll call vote. [roll call vote]
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there are five ayes. item 9 is approved. >> director chang: next item please. >> clerk: item 10 is the san francisco peninsula design configuration program. >> thank you. good morning directors. i will provide a brief powerpoint. only two slides including the covered slide here. we continue to make good progress on advancing, the d.t.x. project. mentioned by interim executive director gonzalez, we are making great progress going through the
5:27 pm
federal programs that are geared towards ensuring funding for this program. we submitted our letter to request entry into the project. the project continues to advance the application. over the last month, ipmt worked on the following path which is in line with the master schedule. these includes discussing in the progress benefits and studies and discussing the project delivery method and contracting study. the last item is a particularly important task among many and all of the tasks in the plan. the project staff has been advancing this one. i want to quickly preview some of the important work that's happening on this particular task. the project in contracting study is m.o.u. task with purpose of
5:28 pm
evaluating contracts and packages and alternative methods for design and constructing d. because the importance of the decision that need to be made around the evaluation of these pros and cons and the fact that d.t.x. takes very seriously its
5:29 pm
role in advising the tjpa, the e.f.c. will consider the study results over the course of the november and december meetings. in november, we'll have a staff presentation and discussion around the study. that's happening tomorrow. in december, we'll continue the discussion and at that, we anticipate forwarding a recommendation to the tjpa board in time for the january meeting of this board. here you have the three months look ahead that as you see, reflects january presentation of the project delivery method. in today meeting, the board will receive an update on design configuration changes which reflect further refinement of d.t.x. design while reducing the
5:30 pm
overall construction costs. next month, the d.t.x. project director will present a recap of project accomplishments meeting the expectations of the accelerated work plan that was approved by the board in april of this year. it's important to note that the look ahead schedule has been modified to reflect updated progression of the project delivery method and contracting study to include a more thorough discussion. with that, that will conclude my report. >> director chang: thank you very much. any other questions or comments from directors? certainly been a busy period. i want to thank you you and the whole team for all the progress.
5:31 pm
thank you. >> clerk: seeing no public comment. we got a hand raised at a last minute. your two minutest begin now. >> caller: as you can see now, i've been saying for the last 10 years, there never a need for a contract. [ indiscernible ] at this point in time, there's nothing --
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[ indiscernible ] >> director chang: any over public comment? >> clerk: that concludes public
5:33 pm
comment. i will proceed to the next item. item 11 is a presentation on design configuration changes on the downtown rail extension. >> thank you. item 11 is a presentation of certain design configuration changes for d.t.x. i mentioned that the project team continues to develop and refine design from time to time would bring resulting configuration changes to the board. this item includes two such instances. first is a reduction of the third track from the fourth and townsend station. the second is a modification of the track and platforms that the fourth and townsend station. let's bring up page 4 which is the schematics. the baseline concept at the
5:34 pm
fourth and townsend station includes a configuration through the station supported by a center platform for caltrain service stop. third passing track for california high speed rail. at the time this baseline was developed, california high speed rail has not planned a service stop at this location. with the proposed reconfiguration of the fourth and townsend station, areas track configuration from this location to the transit center -- you know what, i'm sorry, jason, could you bring up page 4, which is the schematics. what i wanted to point out with the station layout that you saw, that enabled a different configuration that i got on the screen. the operation analysis shows the new configuration supports the
5:35 pm
operator service plan of eight peak hour caltrain in each direction and four peak hour high speed rail train in peak direction. in scenario in those cases, performance met the operator service standard including perturb situation. the reduction allows reduced diameter size. compared with the configuration, this change results in cost reduction of about $200 million. these are $2027 representing the mid-point construction. in the illustration you see the top schematic shows the center platform at fourth and townsend and free tracks, the top track being through-running track. bottom scenario represents that adjusted proposed design configuration that i talked about. because of that new
5:36 pm
configuration, we can reduce a substantial amount of third track represented in red. that's that testing that i mentioned that was conducted under the study. the baseline fourth and townsend concept is shown at the top with a track towards the right of accommodating nonstop service that i mentioned. with two tracks to the left providing service stops at this location and it's supported by a center platform. this configuration was developed reflecting california high speed rails earlier operating plan. the cross section below is that revised station concept with the two track configuration supported by that statement platform for caltrain service stop. in addition to two side platforms to support high speed rail service stop. while this results in wider
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station, it accommodate service stops for both operators and eliminates inbound and outbound movement to and from the transit center. in addition the station box with adds about 17 feet of substantial encroachment into the caltrain property along the southside of townsend street. this measures about .16 acres. let's go to the page 8 table. this table shows a comparison between the two station configurations. there are greater number of stairs ineslator -- escalators. the station is about 17 feet
5:38 pm
wider below ground and about 4 feet wider at the surface. encroachment is about half an acre or about .16 acres more than the baseline figure -- configuration. this property is privately owned. caltrain occupies the site. let's go to the aerial map, page 6. i wanted to point out the project team has been working with the property other than of the rail yard, caltrain and city planning on proposed configuration. as they examined redevelopment of the site. the role for all of us is to have the fourth and townsend station and the surface entrance and exit on the south side of townsend street work as integrated fashion to whatever proposed development occurs. the larger station box at this location does add costs. which is estimated to be an
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additional $150 million in $2027. however, i wanted to point out that net impact of these two configurations, which are linked, resulted in overall $50 million reduction to the project. as project team further develop these two configuration changes, we'll prepare to require ceqa documentation during the m.t.a. project development phase. we'll bring these back and other proposed changes that results from the study that was approved couple of months back by the board and any other design development changes for the board environmental, consideration and formal adoption into the project baseline. this concludes my presentation. thank you board members. i'm available to answer any questions.
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>> director chang: thank you. great work by you and your team along with the operators and the caltrain team as well. any comments or questions? >> clerk: seeing none. >> director chang: public comment? >> clerk: moderator? hello caller, your two minutes begin now. >> caller: i already mentioned earlier -- [ indiscernible ] that alignment does not go
5:41 pm
anywhere near howard. moving on to fourth and townsend -- [ indiscernible ] train operator never had intention stopping at fourth and townsend for whatever reason. what's required at fourth and townsend is actually four platforms.
5:42 pm
you need a passing tracks, which by the way, now that you know about the warehouse, the southbound passing track could be shut down and used to get in and out of the warehouse. if you look at the platforms at fourth and townsend -- [ indiscernible ] thank you very much. >> director chang: any other comment? >> clerk: that concludes public comment. i will proceed next item. at this time the board is scheduled to go into closed session pursuant to government
5:43 pm
code section 5449 -- 54956.8. just for the purposes of the public, deborah, do you expect there to be any actions following closed session? >> i'm not anticipating there will be any reportable action out of closed session. >> clerk: thank you. directors please bear with me while we take it fro
5:44 pm
5:45 pm
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5:47 pm
valencia has been a constantly evolving roadway. the first bike lanes were striped in 1999, and today is the major north and south bike route from the mission neighborhood extending from market to mission street. >> it is difficult to navigate lindsay on a daily basis, and more specifically, during the morning and evening commute
5:48 pm
hours. >> from 2012 to 2016, there were 260 collisions on valencia and 46 of those were between vehicles and bikes. the mayor shows great leadership and she knew of the long history of collisions and the real necessity for safety improvements on the streets, so she actually directed m.t.a. to put a pilot of protected bike lanes from market to 15th on valencia street within four months time. [♪♪♪] >> valencia is one of the most used north south bike routes in san francisco. it has over 2100 cyclists on an average weekday. we promote bicycles for everyday transportation of the coalition. valencia is our mission -- fits our mission perfectly. our members fall 20 years ago to get the first bike lane stripes.
5:49 pm
whether you are going there for restaurants, nightlife, you know , people are commuting up and down every single day. >> i have been biking down the valencia street corridor for about a decade. during that time, i have seen the emergence of ridesharing companies. >> we have people on bikes, we have people on bike share, scooters, we have people delivering food and we have uber taking folks to concerts at night. one of the main goals of the project was to improve the overall safety of the corridor, will also looking for opportunities to upgrade the bikeway. >> the most common collision that happens on valencia is actually due to double parking in the bike lane, specifically during, which is where a driver opens the door unexpectedly. >> we kept all the passengers -- the passenger levels out, which is the white crib that we see, we double the amount of commercial curbs that you see
5:50 pm
out here. >> most people aren't actually perking on valencia, they just need to get dropped off or pick something up. >> half of the commercial loading zones are actually after 6:00 p.m., so could be used for five-minute loading later into the evening to provide more opportunities or passenger and commercial loading. >> the five minute loading zone may help in this situation, but they are not along the corridor where we need them to be. >> one of the most unique aspects of the valencia pilot is on the block between 14th street. >> we worked with a pretty big mix of people on valencia. >> on this lot, there are a few schools. all these different groups had concerns about the safety of students crossing the protected bikeway whether they are being dropped off or picked up in the morning or afternoon. to address those concerns, we installed concrete loading islands with railings -- railings that channel -- channeled a designated crossing
5:51 pm
plane. >> we had a lot of conversations around how do you load and unload kids in the mornings and the afternoons? >> i do like the visibility of some of the design, the safety aspects of the boarding pilot for the school. >> we have painted continental crosswalks, as well as a yield piece which indicates a cyclist to give the right-of-way so they can cross the roadway. this is probably one of the most unique features. >> during the planning phase, the m.t.a. came out with three alternatives for the long term project. one is parking protected, which we see with the pilot, they also imagined a valencia street where we have two bike lanes next to one another against one side of the street. a two-way bikeway. the third option is a center running two-way bikeway, c. would have the two bike lanes running down the center with
5:52 pm
protection on either side. >> earlier, there weren't any enter lane designs in san francisco, but i think it will be a great opportunity for san francisco to take the lead on that do so the innovative and different, something that doesn't exist already. >> with all three concepts for valencia's long-term improvement , there's a number of trade-offs ranging from parking, or what needs to be done at the intersection for signal infrastructure. when he think about extending this pilot or this still -- this design, there's a lot of different design challenges, as well as challenges when it comes to doing outreach and making sure that you are reaching out to everyone in the community. >> the pilot is great. it is a no-brainer. it is also a teaser for us. once a pilot ends, we have thrown back into the chaos of valencia street. >> what we're trying to do is incremental improvement along the corridor door. the pilot project is one of our first major improvements. we will do an initial valuation in the spring just to get a glimpse of what is happening out
5:53 pm
here on the roadway, and to make any adjustments to the pilot as needed. this fall, we will do a more robust evaluation. by spring of 2020, we will have recommendations about long-term improvements. >> i appreciate the pilot and how quickly it went in and was built, especially with the community workshops associated with it, i really appreciated that opportunity to give input. >> we want to see valencia become a really welcoming and comfortable neighborhood street for everyone, all ages and abilities. there's a lot of benefits to protected bike lanes on valencia , it is not just for cyclists. we will see way more people biking, more people walking, we are just going to create a really friendly neighborhood street. [♪♪♪.
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
6:00 pm
>> the meeting welcome to order. to the friday, november 19 meeting of the public safety and neighborhood services committee.i am supervisor gordon mar joined by matt haney and erin peskin. i'd like to thank jim smith and corwin cooley forstabbing this meeting. we are in receipt of a presidential action memo according supervisor peskin as a temporary member of this committee . just for today's meeting. on the appointment of chair stefani and i like to make a motion to excusevice chair stefani . >> clerk: on the motion to excusecommissioner stefani for today's meeting commissioner haney. >> aye . >>


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