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tv   BOS Land Use and Transportation Committee  SFGTV  December 2, 2021 4:00am-5:06am PST

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its state laws. as far as our small merchants need more support than just their own organizations that they're running. so the department is trying to take up like a structured outreach around this, we need to talk about how we're going to support that in doing that outreach because it doesn't seem like the city is providing any new supplements to that except just the department of outreach so yes. they're not on our radar. >> president: thank you. any other commissioners? okay. is there any public comment on the line ? >> there is no other line for
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public comment. >> president: next item please. >> sfgov tv, show the office of smallbusiness slide. item 10,adjournments . this is an action item . >> president: hold on. show the slide and then i did the piece of the slide and then we do that action item. i feel like commissioner adams now. okay. there's the slide up. i have no way of seeing. >> i believe it is. >> we will go with that it is. we end with a reminder the small business commission is the official public forum to voice your opinions about policies that affect the economic vitality of small businesses in san francisco and that during the office of small business and the office of small business isthe best place
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to get answers about doing business in san franciscoduring the local emergency . if you need assistance continue to reachout to the office of small business .and now we can call adjournments .>> moved by commissioner ortiz-cartagena. second by commissioner adams. i will call the role. [roll call vote] motion passes by six commissionersvoting in favor, one absent . the meeting is adjourned at 6:14 p.m. >> good night everybody.
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>> this meeting will come to order. welcome to the november 29, 2021 regular committee of land use and transportation of is san francisco board of supervisors. i am supervisor melgar joined by
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supervisor preston and peskin. erica major is our clerk. i would acknowledge sfgovtv for staffing this meeting. do you have any announcements? >> committee members participated through video conference to the same extent as if present. the board recognizes that public access is essential and invites public participation in the following ways. public comment will be available on each item on the agenda channel 26, 78 or 99 and sfgovtv are streaming the call-in number on the screen. each speaker is allowed two minutes. comments or opportunities to speak are available by calling the number on the screen. 415-655-0001 id today
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24944111140. press pound and pound again. you will hear the discussions and be muted and in listening mode only. when your item comes up dial star 3 to be added to the speaker line. call from quiet location, speak clearly and slowly. turn down your television or radio. you may submit public comment to myself land use and transportation clerk. if you submit public comment via e-mail it will be made part of the official file. written comments may be sent through the u.s. postal service through city hall room 244.
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finally items acted today will appear on december 7th agenda unless otherwise stated. madam chair. >> thank you very much, madam clerk. call item 1, please. item one ordinance submitting the planning code to add seoul tracktitioner massage establishments to the definition of health services in article 7. regulate massage establishments consistent with health services. dial 415-655-0001 to speak. madam chair.
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>> supervisor melgar: i understand that the sponsor has amendments to introduce. the city attorney has not quite had time to get through the amendments. colleagues, i want to alert us after we hear this before we make a motion we may have to go on to item 2 and then come back to this item if the city attorney has not quite gotten to where he needs to be. with that, we have three presenters for this item. first is amy with supervisor ronen's office. then veronica flores from planning and regina the outgoing director for the office of small business. thank you. the floor is yours. >> thank you so much, chair
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melgar and committee members preston and peskin. thank you for making time to hear this item today. legislative aid to supervisor hillary ronen. a brief overview before planning presents the details. i was unaware of the notification from the city attorney. hopefully we can clear this tup. in april supervisor ronan introduced this legislation to make it easier for small business owners to operate massage establishes to permit where other health services operate. they face zoning controls that may being it impossible to open and survive in san francisco. this is based on outdated
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thoughts about the small businesses associate with human trafficking. compared with other health services actupuncture and choir practer there are insurmountable oktacles to work outside the city or leave the industry. they were hard-hit and are now struggling to reestablish themselves the changes in this legislation serve law full business owners to prevent human trafficking. this would amend the planning code to allow the businesses to satisfy all other permitting and public health requirements to open in a zoning district where health services are permitted to
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operate. importantly, this proposes a new legislation to prohibit health spa, salons and grooming services for three years for anyplace where massage was closed due to violation of health codings. then if they re-open with different branding with personal service and ensure continued abatement of illicit human trafficking. i am requesting the following actions on supervisor ronan. first, we are asking for a motion to accept the amendments proposed by the planning commission. those were distributed to you and the clerk. e-mail this morning. essentially, those provide an exception to permit massage
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establishments as accessory to personal service. replaces within in the tables with accessory more standard terminology. clerical amendment to copy the footnote reference to aplycable within the file there. are further amendments we would like to follow-through with on trailing legislation and those would require to december 6th land-use committee. we hope to move it at that point. grateful to supervisor mandelman as the cosponsor on this and partner thinking through the details. outgoing office of small business director has been supportive. my understanding she is not able to be here today.
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she sept a letter of -- sent a letter of support. veronica flores will present the details. jennifer from dph provided guidance as well. grateful to candace and christine from the san francisco massage council. veronica is next. >> thank you. welcome. the floor is yours. >> thank you, chair melgar. good afternoon, supervisors. planning department staff. i want to reiterate this item appeared in front of the planning commission on june 3rd at which time they unanimously recommended approval with modification. these have all been incorporated in the version in front of you today. i will provide a general
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overview of the ordinance and really this will regulate massage establishments with health services. unless they are on the second floor and above in which case massage establishments would be permitted on the second floor. the only exception includes massage establishments on any floor in a hotel. the resulting effect is that massage establishments would be in more zoning districts city-wide and in locations not currently allowed. the code would classify sole practitioner and health services. extend the conditional use to all hotels regardless of the number of rooms. just briefly, the planning commission had the three recommended modifications.
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i will go over them. first related to extending an exception for personal services like hotels. second recommended modification related to ensuring zoning controls stay the same or more permissive than today. last is a clerical amendment to ensure appropriate footnotes were there as needed. these have been incorporated. this concludes the commission report. we are available for any questions. thank you. >> i appreciate that very much. next we have ms. andresey. are you here.
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>> she is unavailable for this meeting. she sent a statement if you would like me to read it. >> no, we got it. >> supervisor melgar: do we have any questions for ms. flores or fineart. >> i thank supervisor ronen for leadership on this. i know folks have been patiently waiting. that is quite a bit of history on this and a lot of unintended consequences from some well intended legislation that put these business owners and practitioners in an extremely difficult situation for a long time. i would like to be added as a cosponsor to the item. i express my appreciation to all of the advocates working on this and to supervisor ronan for
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leading the effort to get it changed. thank you. >> thank you so much. i have heard from the city attorney that they need more time. why don't be we go ahead and take public comment on this item. then hold off on voting the amended version forward and the duplicated version to december 6 until after we hear from the city attorney, if that is okay. madam clerk. public comment on this item, please. >> thank you. we are checking to see if there are caller in the queue. press star 3 to be added to the queue. press it once. if you are on hold continue to weight. the system will indicate you are unmuted to begin your comments. we have nine listeners today for this item. three in the queue.
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we have matthew assisting us. unmute the first caller, please. >> hello. i am eric stein with investment properties. we own 450 sutter in union square a medical professional building. i thank you for considering my input back in june, i believe. we have had many massage businesses legitimate in the business in the original proposal would have precluded them from being hosted in our facility. i appreciate the current changes allowing personal service is the accommodation that we would be able to fall under. that would be my input. thank you so much. >> thank you. next speaker.
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>> i am christine do. i am a board certified stricttural integratetor. regulated under massage therapy. 2500 of training. i practice in the medical building. it is time to change the zoning law impacting those regulated under massage therapy. we are women and minorities making only $40,000 per year. the intent to curb human traffic is admirable. the dph regulations already control bad actors. at the state level it is a division ii. the easing of the zoning laws in the appropriate health service zoning. support the growth of as a
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of smallbusinesses as we rebuilr economy. >> next speaker. >> linda chapman. speaking for what happened in the neighborhood commercial district of nob hill when they turnid into entertainment district this. is a terrible mistake. 450 sutter is a medical building. i would expect anything in there is controlled and at 5:00 or 6:00 it closes and there are guards. in my neighborhood when the bars took over and the chief shut down some of that operation. we were flooded with massage parlors. they call themselves foot massage that didn't require conditional use. at 2:00 in the morning when i heard the loud music around the corner and not a bar, what was
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it? massage parlor, right? big van full of men to get inside. i have no objection to women selling their bodies on their own terms. i worked in welfare rights. friends in the legal secretaries were in the export business. that is different. when you say hotels, you are talking about a commercial hotel. what about residential hotels. on van ness there was a brothel in the residential hotel there. all of these women one night when it rained were coming out in flower pants. that is all they were rain with rain gear on their heads going in there on my corner as well. these foot massage places. how many foot massages do you think the people of nob hill or other people need.
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there are blocks and blocks of them. when i walk around trying to find the locations that i do see advertised. there is less advertising. they are still there. >> your time is elapsed. next speaker this. is the last caller in the queue. >> thank you very much, madam clerk. i have no word from the city attorney. >> madam chair there is one more speaker. >> next caller, please. >> greetings. i am for number 2. i apologize. >> no worries. that completes the queue.
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>> supervisor melgar: supervisor peskin. >> supervisor peskin: thank you to the last speaker. i did actually and didn't have a chance to speak to ms. fine art this weekend. i want to ask a question of the project sponsor. let me concur with supervisor preston. i will adopt his words. i did have the question about the delition of the word tourist from hotel on page 10 at line 11. there is a difference between a residential hotel and a tourist hotel. i think what the industry wants. i have not spoken to the industry. to be able to have massage in visitor serving hotels. maybe the right thing to do. i understand the difference and there is a proposal to deletes
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that contains 100 rooms. if we replace tourists with visitor serving. we would not implicate residential hotels. those words should be run by the city attorney. i am seeing ms. fine art nodding in affirmative that will take care of it and be good public policy. i support this whole heartedly. >> ms. fine art did you want to respond. >> only that i understand the intent and agree with the intent. i am sure supervisor ronan would as well. i would defer then to see if veronica flores from her knowledge of the planning code and the city attorney who is staffing today.
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>> ms. flores. >> thank you. just to elaborate on that change removing the word tourist from section 303. tourist hotel is not officially listed under our definition section. that was part of the clarification associated with containing 100 rooms or more. there is a separate land use definition for residential hotel. that would be a residential use. that would not be impacted by the changes in this ordinance. again two separate definitions. does that clarify for you a little bit, supervisor peskin? >> i am quickly going to definitions in section 102,
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which is not in what is before us. i will pull it up as we are continuing this conversation. i don't know if it makes sense to just say hotel as defined in section 102 or to say on page 10 excluding capital rh residential hotels. so it is abundantly clear and there is no confusion. i will defer to the city attorney. i hear you that hotel is defined as a tourist defined in 102 and residential hotel is defined. that might not be clear to the reader in these sections. let me look it up real quick. >> while we do that. i am waiting for the city attorney. why don't we pause on this item. there she is.
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>> hello. >> i believe we just got confirmation the committee is looking at the current be draft. the amendments we are looking at are substantive. since we know we have substantive amendments before us that gives us time to work out the right language for the concept that supervisor peskin proposed so we are not stepping on defined terms in the planning code. it does sound like we have a proposal from planning staff that would probably work. we want to make sure we are not usurping terms that have other meanings in the planning code. >> supervisor preston: i assume that would not be a substantive thing for next week? >> it is not different from the language in there. using different words to mean the same thing. my sense is that is correct.
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if we come up with different words than we are proposing now that might change the picture. i do not think it would be substantive. >> supervisor preston: i am looking at the code. hotel is residential as chapter 41 definition as set forth in the admin code. i just don't be want anybody to get the sense that hotel encompasses hotel, residential as further define understand the code. if there is a way to make that abundantly clear, that is what everybody is cool with. >> i can work with my colleague who drafted these amendments to work on that language between now and next week. >> supervisor melgar: we will go ahead. would you please move the
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amendment. >> so moved. >> so moved. >> madam clerk. >> on the motion to amend item 1. supervisor peskin. >> aye. >> supervisor preston. >> aye. >> supervisor melgar. >> aye. >> you have three ayes. >> motion to duplicate the file and continue the file to the call of the chair and schedule the original file as amended for hearing next week, december 6th. is that right, ms. fine art? >> yes, although we would be happy to have the duplicated file also heard next week because the substantive amendments that rerequire to
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planning. >> let's make our decision next week and duplicate the file next week. i withdraw the motion and make a motion to continue the item as amended for one week. >> thank you so much. madam clerk. call the roll, please. >> on the motion to continue as amended made by supervisor peskin. supervisor peskin. >> aye. >> supervisor preston. >> aye. >> supervisor melgar. >> aye. >> you have three ayes. >> thank you so much. thank you, ms. fine art. please call item 2. >> ordinance directing the mayor's office of housing and community development to conduct an impact analysis on granting a priority for veterans who
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qualify for an affordable housing preference under administrative code, chapter 47. call the number on the screen. 415-655-0001. meeting id24944111140. pound twice. if you have not done so, press star 3 to speak. the system will indicate you have raised your hand. madam chair. >> supervisor melgar: we have the sponsor of the legislation here today. supervisor mar. >> welcome, supervisor mar. >> thank you, chair melgar and supervisors preston and peskin for the opportunity to consider the legislation to take an important step to extending access to affordable housing for veterans in our city.
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as we conclude veterans month this is a time to give thanks to veterans for service and sacrifice to our country. for me this includes my father who served in the army and veterans in the family and friends. i would like to thank and acknowledge the veteran organizations who worked with my office on this legislation. there are approximately 24,000 veterans in our city, all of whom have made significant personal and professional sacrifices to serve our country. that makes veterans deserving of consideration of public support and preferences. this is especially true for affordable housing. affordable rental housing and homeless housing.
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veterans face challenges when they come home. along with employment and mental health services. affordable housing is key to successful society reintegration. really it is necessary to support a long term success of veterans. many have slipped into poverty and homelessness when affordable housing and support is not available. in 2019 the count was 600 chronically homeless. 9% of the total count. in 2017 study by university of southern california. over 40% post-911 veterans were homeless in the previous year. not just struggling with homelessness but i have heard
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from vets with stable jobs who are low to middle income who face barriers accessing the city's programs. the city's existing rental housing programs for veterans through the housing authority are only be available to veterans up to 50% a.m.i. many with income but 50% a.m.i. are not eligible for the programs are at risk of housing insecurity. over the past year i have been working with veteran organizations and leader to develop this proposal to increase access to affordable housing for veterans to prevent homelessness and support self-sufficient efficiency and reintegration in the community. the legislative proposal will grant priority for veterans that
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qualify for one of the four programs in the affordable housing programs. we have a number of preferences applicants for affordable housing can qualify for to increase chances of being selected in the lottery. under the code section 47.3. applicant receives preference to occupy affordable housing if they are eligible assertive cat of preference holder, displaced tenant or neighborhood resident or household who lives or works in the city. the legislative proposal working with the veteran community on would give veterans who meet the qualifications for these existing preferences priority within that category. for example, a veteran would like to apfor a unit in
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affordable housing at 2550 serving who meets income guidelines would be given priority over eligible nonveteran applicant this is that category. the ordinance today is not the actual legislative proposal but ordinance directing ocd to complete analysis of district impact and discriminatory effect of granting the priority for veterans to occupy avoiderrable housing over other applicant in the same preference. it requires such analysis to be submitted to the board of supervisors by no later than february 28, 2022. the need for this first step ordinance requiring ocd to conduct the analysis came through our work with ocd and
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the city attorney on the legislative proposal. they made it clear that we needed to conduct the analysis to assess any potential discriminator reeffect of the proposal on the housing laws. i want to ask the deputy city attorney to explain better about the need for impact analysis for the first step. >> i would welcome that, supervisor mar. i wholeheartedly support what you are trying to do. i did not add my name as cosponsor because i think it is wacky we require the analysis when hud recognizes veterans as a class of folks. they would be the ones to come
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after us. if you could explain your thinking i would appreciate it. supervisor mar, somebody from a family of folks who served in the military and continue to serve. i thank you for providing these opportunities to folks who are at high risk of homelessness and all kinds of other things in our city. it is great that you are doing this. thank you. thanks for being here. i would love to hear the explanation. >> i will clarify. i am not the city attorney given the background advice leading to this legislation. i will provide a couple high level comments. our office is available to give one-on-one confidential legal advice if there are more in the weeds questions anybody on the committee or board would like to go into. as supervisor melgar as you and the committee knows the fair
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housing act prohibits housing policies with members of the protected class. atic race -- a particular race or ethnicity. if it might have the impact as you might know the department will prepare such an analysis as the one described here. there is no legal requirement that one be prepared on a certain timeframe or that one be prepared generally separate from the piece of legislation or adoption of policy that could have such an impact. my understanding and supervisor mar can correct me if i am wrong. the point of the legislation is to prioritize the preparation of analysis so that the policy considered can move forward on a schedule that everybody can
4:40 am
agree to. much more that i can't add because i wasn't the city attorney who did provide the advice. if you have questions i can access the lawyer and get details from him. >> supervisor melgar: we can do it one-on-one. i will go forward because i want to go forward. in fact having the analysis of the impact may be helpful for our areas. we know that veterans tend to suffer from mental health issues, substance abuse. we want to make sure that we help them in those ways as well. i would be happy to vote for it. it seems wacky and over the top to me to do something that hud already recognizes is a class of
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folks with the impact already. maybe supervisor preston wants to weigh in. >> i want to make sure i understand this. my understanding was not that this is calling for ocd to study whether veterans are impacted. i would agree with the point you are making, chair melgar. i would love to know. you are right. if federal government said there are impacts on veterans. my understanding of the legislation, supervisor mar's legislation, doing what we agree on prioritizing veterans and recognizing the impacts the federal government has on veterans. we need to make sure that does
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not affect our groups and that is what this legislation would make sure that ocd prioritizes moving forward to flail that down. -- to nail that down. making sure we are not doing harm when we are trying to do good. not that we are asking them to revisit the issue. that is my understanding of it. >> is that right? they want to look at the broader impact. any potential impact not on folks we are trying to protect through legislation but broadly on any protected categories of folks. >> i assume that is directed to me. i will take a stab at it. supervisor mar, you may have
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something to add. an example if we had a preference for a neighborhood preference. the neighborhood in which the project is being built is the neighborhood already populated by a protected class. atic racial or ethnic group. you want to make sure by applying a preference you are north going to then disproportionately affect that or some other protected class. same concept here. we recognize that veterans are disproportionately impacted we want to make sure by prioritizing veterans you are not then disproportionately impacting other groups that are also protected. >> thank you. >> supervisor melgar: thank you. vice chair preston. do we have any other comments or
4:44 am
questions for supervisor mar? >> i just want to thank supervisor mar for his leadership. we discussed this one-on-one when you were introducing this. i know my last comment was fairly in the weeds. just to back out of those weeds and as we discussed in our one-on-one conversation as someone who for 20 years was represents folks struggling with evictions and trying to prevent homelessness. i just represented so many. i know we have so many constituents. so many veterans are struggling in the city with housing. it is overdue to be having this conversation and i appreciate your leadership.
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thank you, supervisor mar. >> thank you for the comments, supervisor preston. >> supervisor mar. >> final remark. thank you, supervisor preston for cosponsorship. i want to acknowledge supervisor stefani. thank you for the policy proposal. it was frustrating running into this issue around the need for the disparate impact analysis. we have the legislative proposal drafted ready to produce. we were advised we couldn't introduce it until the analysis was conducted. never the less this will be important analysis to have. thanks, supervisor preston for clarifying what the analysis is going to look at and the impact of the protected classes,
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particularly people of color. that will be important information. thanks to all of the veteran leaders and some of them might be here to speak during public comment. i want to acknowledge ellen wong, my legislative aid. she is a veteran herself and only elected official in san francisco that is a veteran. this is important to him. thank you, chair melgar. >> supervisor melgar: with that, madam clerk, please go to public comment. >> we are checking for callers. press star 3 to be added the queue to speak. for those on hold continue to wait until the system indicates you are unmuted. we have 12 listeners with seven
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in the queue. first caller, please. >> greetings. don mcgrain. i would like to express how i wanted to live in the san francisco bay area. i was sworn in the marine corps. after the pandemic i lost housing. i lost security deposit on our house. we have a couch surf sleep anything the car. i turned to va for help. i didn't have much options. i had to resort to non-profit to get housed in mission inn which wasn't a great place for my family. if you were a veteran and maybe
4:48 am
that would be a good place but not for young kids. through jenna at 401 third street on the va she came through after staying three months at the mission inn which was not appropriate we got down to some housing in men io park. we had to get out of san francisco to get housing. too much police activity and drugs and crime. we are waiting to get housed. we had to relinquish our voucher in the city because we were only approved for two bedroom for a limited amount of money and it wouldn't get us close to school. i have to pull my family out of san francisco to search for housing further south. i am having an operation right now on a military service
4:49 am
disability. it is tough finding housing. really appreciate everyone's time listening to me and everyone's concern on veteran housing in san francisco. thank you very much. >> next speaker, please. hello. jenny perez. call inning support of impact analysis. prioritizing a veteran in the lottery will not impact the program. it is helping other groups and they have not impacted the program f.the supervisors vote for this to pass in months coming it will help the vet dranwith -- veteran with mental barriers. as caregiver i have seen negative impact this process has on the veteran. it took a long time to recover.
4:50 am
i wish not to see another veteran going through a public housing program. i want to clarify that the phase of the lottery is a preliminary process. they are not given a home this. is for people to provide documentation and be approved by the city to be chosen for a home. we are requesting priority within the four preferences so they have more time. we know the housing program is an incredible tool for the community. we need it to be veteran friendly. thank you for taking time to listen to me. have a great weekend. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon. i am alfred simms, county veteran services officer for san francisco. i enthusiastically support impact analysis as combat
4:51 am
veteran myself and former va employee working with homeless veteran population in the bay area. i am aware of the adverse impact the housing crisis and situation in san francisco and the bay area has on the veteran population. many people don't know. back in 2014, with the two categories you were more likely to be homeless people with mental health and drug addiction. that shouldn't be the case. please, please help get housing for our veterans. >> next speaker. >> hello. i am nicholas veterans affairs commissioner. i would like to say i absolutely am grateful for the supervisors for supporting veterans during veterans month. supervisor mar is outstanding in
4:52 am
spearheading the veterans rights in san francisco. i would like to echo some of the things that have been said earlier. this proposal is a tool directly related to helping homelessness in the veteran population and general population. we as community shouldn't be homeless veterans on the streets. they have served the country. their children will serve our city. their children's children will contribute to the country. these are people who want to work and live and provide in san francisco. we as a group have been trying to work withmostd and have hit roadblocks this. is the final chance to make a change. the majority of veterans serviced at the county veterans service office are children. they are 20.
4:53 am
below 30. young kids. the wars are over. they are coming home. if you support this and get veterans off the streets you are taking the veteran often tennal and substance use and making them feel like they belong in this community. i am grateful recipient to this program. it has gotten me a home, off the couch, off the streets, off the garage and given me a chance to help other vets and other people in our community. i ask for your continued support in this matter. i am very grateful to the city and to your leadership. i hope you adopt this legislative proposal. thank you very much for your time. >> thank you so much. next speaker. 11 listening with four in queue.
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next speaker. >> linda chapman. i am part of the anti closure hotel coalition. the fact anybody is sleeping on the street is a disgrace to the city. now speaking as one who worked for army reserve as civilian for the sixth army which was the reserve army i was thesive vit l rights commander. veterans are sleeping on the streets. in the federal service there is a program for veterans for disabled. there are two classes disabled get higher preference and that is something to consider, too, whether or not the disability is one that just happened. they are a veteran and disabled
4:55 am
or mentality disabled as opposed to the discharge as disabled. it does have an impact on women because there aren't so much in the federal. it doesn't apply to everything but it applies to getting into the service in the first place. as to racial impacts, well, being the civil rights adviser i happen to know that the -- who is disproportionately represented in the service, military is guess what? indians, hispanics, black people and in the enlisted service a lot of people not minorities are people who come from parts of the country where it is an advantage for young white people who can't afford to go to college and don't have a job.
4:56 am
i wouldn't be too concerned that you are going to have racial impacts or whatever in that respect. i am grateful you are considering this. these people make tremendous sacrifices. i am from the anti-war generation. >> your time has elapsed. next speaker. if you would like to be added the queue press star 3. >> good afternoon. deputy sheriff's association. as you probably know, within our department our deputy sheriffs are veterans. we are very supportive of this. we support the analysis and housing for veterans. if there are veterans impacted and homeless, we should be taking care of them.
4:57 am
i feel we have a responsibility to do that. we are very supportive of this. we want to take care of our veterans. i would like to thank supervisor mar for all of his work on this. allen wong, co-chair, supervisor melgar for sponsoring, supervisor preston, stefani and walton for also sponsoring this as well. >> next speaker, please. >> disabled american veteran. i am one of the lot to -- i didn't get it. i was part of 2019, i applied for the lot to system. i haven't gotten it yet.
4:58 am
i support it. it is a good thing for san francisco to support the veterans community. i hope you guys pass it and fully support our veterans, especially disabled veterans. thank you. >> next speaker. three are in the queue. >> hello. i am james mcconkey. i am a volunteer educator for the legion of honor. this action is important to bringing equity antiking housing and mental health together for the veterans community. this is one of the big
4:59 am
separations that exist when veterans like the speakers you have heard on the call already are having. i support the idea of creating equal access, especially to a group like veterans community who has put forth the services. i commend the supervisors. i am resident of district 5. i thank you all for putting this on the table and helping resolve the issue of housing crisis in our great city. >> thank you so much for your comments. next speaker, please. >> i am charles baker. i am a veteran, native of san francisco, born and raised here. i wanted to say that i am grateful for the programs that are available for veterans. more housing and support is
5:00 am
needed. it has made a huge difference in my life where i was able to stay in a hotel for a while until i was able to find a place of my observe. i have been able to live there for a year now. i am trying to figure out now what to do and where to go. that support is up. it is a difficult thing, but, you know, i am very grateful for the time i have had that support. at a point now what to do next, you know. support in that field is huge. it gives folks a foundation to get on their feet. i am doing that and working with veterans and helping and giving back. that is huge. that is where i want to be. building that foundation and allowing people to have a place to stay and some stability. it makes a big difference. thank you for the organizing out there doing such things and
5:01 am
speaking up for veterans such as myself and making change in our lives. it is very important. i am very grateful for that. thank you. i appreciate your time. >> thank you so much, mr. baker. one caller left in queue. if you would like to speak press star 3. last caller. >> hello. i am courtney ellington. executive director of veterans success center in war memorial building and c.e.o. of. [indiscernable] we help veterans get employed and get jobs. these are hard working citizens. let me correct myself. we are hardworking citizens who have served our country and we
5:02 am
deserve affordable housing. here is the best think about this. veterans love to serve and protect the community. imagine if you made the housing affordable for the veterans how they cannot only be in these neighborhoods but protect our community as well. i support it. i think it is a great thing. to all of the board of supervisors, we really need this bill. lately i have been listening to some of the speeches. i feel as if the veterans are forgotten about. this is a great way to rebuild that community and veterans relationship by making it affordable so veterans can continue to live in this great city of san francisco. this organization is definitely in support of the bill.
5:03 am
thank you. >> we have one more caller in the queue. take the last caller. >> good afternoon, supervisors. bill. commissioner for veterans affairs for the city and county of san francisco. retired 29 years. we have never had any major legislation approved for veterans. never in 30 years. now we have the opportunity to pass legislation for below market rates. that is fantastic. we need to do this. it is as the previous caller said the vets have not been really recognize the. i want to thank supervisor mar. my district four supervisor for taking the lead on this.
5:04 am
i know it is difficult. you have been working on this a year and a half. supervisor melgar foreign dorceing this and all supervisors for this. this means a lot to me. i spent 29 years. i have the passion and drive to help my veterans. thank you so much. move on and help our veterans out. thank you so much. >> we have one other caller. >> hello. i am veterans affair commissioner in san francisco and coordinatetor for veterans for justice. working with students and veterans where veterans returning home have major challenges in high cost living of san francisco. it is unfortunate that when veterans return home they do not
5:05 am
have economic ability to afford living space. this analysis will help put the veterans with an opportunity to ease the transition and to offer to alleviate the homeless struggles struggling to transition with the support and service programs. veterans have fallen back to the homeless shelter because of high cost of living in san francisco. i want to thank you and supervisor mar for helping the veteran community. thank you. >> that was the last caller in the queue, madam chair. >> thank you very much, madam clerk. thank you, supervisor mar for all of your efforts. i want to thank allen wong, your staff and


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