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tv   TIDA Infrastructure Transportation Committee  SFGTV  December 2, 2021 5:30am-7:01am PST

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things like that can be allowed. as i've said before, planning commissioners asking developers to give to nonprofits before they would make their decision and then they would make their decision on that. >> clerk: time has elapsed. >> chairman: thank you, ms. chapman. next speaker, please. >> caller: can you hear me now? >> chairman: please proceed. >> caller: good morning. david pilpel. several comments on this. i think it's important to make this workable. i think ethics is absolutely critical here with regulations, forms, and examples. whether you write it into the legislation or not, you may want to think about notice to various actors such as a notice to members of a nonprofit board
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if there's -- if they're prohibited from conduct for six months or whatever so that they are on notice that their certain conduct is prohibited, perhaps requiring training for those actors. certainly, you could require training or enhanced training for city department heads, members of boards and commission, city employees, on specific suggestions on page one, line 16, i believe 'and' should come back in before the deleting portion. let's see what else. on page 3, line 15, i think that should be indented on the reference to interested party. on page 6, line 7, you just had a brief discussion about public appeal. i'm not sure if public appeal
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is defined in here. you may want to add that on page 4 starting online 19. when i think of the term public appeal, i think of ceqa appeals and c.u. appeals to the board of supervisors. it's not intuitive to me that public appeal is an appeal to the public by the member of supervisors. do these amendments also apply to the san francisco community college district. >> clerk: your time has elapsed. >> caller: thanks. >> chairman: are there any other members of the public for this item number one. >> clerk: i believe that was our last public commenter. >> chairman: okay. public comment is closed and i would like to formally move the aforementioned amendments and
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continue this item as amended one week on that two-part motion, a roll call, please. >> clerk: yes, on the motion to amend the ordinance and continue the matter to december the 6th, [roll call] the motion passes without objection. >> chairman: we are adjourned. .
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>> 21 meeting of the san franciscoboard of appeals.
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president honda will hopefully be joining us shortly.also present is vice president swig, commissioner lazarus and commissioner lopez . commissionerchang is absent. we will provide the board with any immediate legal advice today . i'm julie rosenberg for the secretary. we will be joined by representatives from the planning department, the zonin administrator and commissioner janet deputies zoning administrator . board guidelines are as follows. silence all phonesand other electronic devices so they will not disturb the proceedings . the rules of the presentation are as follows. parties are given three minutes each in remodel and members of the public not affiliated with the parties of up to three minutes to address the board and no remodel. mister longley will give you a verbal warning 30 seconds before your time is up and four votes are required to plan a rehearing request. if youhave questions about the
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board rules or hearing schedules please email board staff .public access and for dissipation are of paramount importance to the board and every effort has been made to replicate in person process. to enable public participation sfgov tv is streaming this life and we will have the ability t receive public comment for eac item on today's agenda . we are also providing close captioning for this meeting . to watch the hearing go to cable channel 78. please note it will be rebroadcast on a friday on channel 26 a link to the live stream is found on the homepage of our website . public comments can beprovided in 2 ways . one you can join the meeting by computer again go to our website and click on the zoom link or call in by telephone . call 166-99-6833 and her webinar id 865-1160 1310 and again isbroadcasting
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and streaming the phone number and access instructions across the bottom of the stream . to blockyour phone number dialá67 and the phone number . this is for the public comment portion dialánine which is the equivalent of raising your hand so we know you wantto speak . you will be brought into the hearing when it is your turn. you may have to dialá6. you will have three minutes and our legal assistant will provide you with a verbal warning 30 seconds before your time is up. note there is a delay between the live proceedings and when it's live stream on tv therefore it's important people calling in produceor turn off the volume on their tvs otherwise there is interference with the meeting . if any participants or attendees need disability accommodation you can make a request to alice conway divorce legal assistant or send an
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email to boardof appeals at the chat function cannot be used to provide public comments or opinions . now we will swear and affirm all those who plan to testify. any member may see without taking an old pursuant to their rights under the sunshine ordinance.if you intend to testify at tonight proceedings and wish to have the board give yourtestimony evidentiary weight raise your hand and say i do afteryou've been sworn in . do you swear or affirm the testimony you are about to get willbe the truth, wholetruth and nothing but the truth ? you . if you are participating andnot speaking but your resume speakeron mute . item number one . >> julie , president honda is now in themeeting . >> welcome president honda. perfect timing. >> president: i had technical issues but alex is always amazing. >> commissioner: this is an
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opportunity for any member to speak onthe matter in the board's jurisdiction but is not on tonight'scalendar . anyonehere for general public comment ? i see mister murtaugh, go ahead . >> caller: thank you for continuing the taxi appeals. your board relies heavily on city codes to make the decisions but these taxes represent a one in 100 scenario where some code rules contradict actual laws thereby creating a condition of mutual exclusivity between the two. you must adhere to the law while ignoring the code advice. medallion applicants based on requirements in 1978 charter amendmentproposition k to square the intention to drive taxi full-time. it must comply by driving for 30 years . conflicting code language added in 1988 mandates revocation fo
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premises who sees driving for any reason. i personally prop case intention standard allows for mitigation circumstances . even more glaring is an agency's unsubstantiated claim in this code resolution that adalaw applies to temporary disabilities only, not to permit ones . the 1990 americans with disability act supersedes any conflicting city code provisions and ada law does include permanent disabilities. the 2010 now a federal judge acted as a city signatory in a civil agreement made from the ninth circuit court mediator and the ada lawsuitappeal filed on behalf of disabled medallion holders .the city continues elected to abandon rather than defend district judge jeffrey white's decision renting the city's motion or summary judgment. the settlement agreement calls for disabled medallion holder compensation under the surrender for consideration
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component of the medallion sales program. the agency erroneously asserts the ruling by judge white still has the force of law. i think that's confusing you. isuggest all taxi appeals be continued until medallion holders begin receiving surrendered program compensation . this week i sent you two documents. one shows how the agency removes surrender program eligibility permanently disabled medallion holders on september 7 thereby violating both ada and the sloan agreement. the other is an agency memo to resume enforcement of a full-time driving requirements against the elderly and frail population. this inhumanemalfeasance policy creates a threat . a major threat to public safety. it the city does not need any more $15 million accidents with elderly people being pressured behind the wheel. during the credit union trial,
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agency expert witness doctor dan rascher estimated current medallion value at $130,000. accordingly we regard the agency's desire to enrich itself at our expense has purpose or the current president to say to revoke our medallions. thank you very much. >> commissioners as a reminder because the appeals referenced by the commentator are not before the board atthis meeting statements aboutthe appeals should not be considered by the board . members of the public will hav the opportunity to provide commentsabout those matterswhen they are on a future agenda . we have some more general public comment . marcelo fonseca , please go ahead . welcome. >> caller: i'm marcelo fonseca, a career cabdriver and a
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medallion holder and just so you know our medallion is required before the medallion tales program was adoptedin 2010 . when medallion salescrashed , the mta hired consultants bruce scheller to study the taxis and in his final report from may 2018 mister schaller said the short supply of taxis led to over and lift taking over much of the taxi business but he later recommends taxi supply should be reduced somedallion buyers could earn more money . the report says quote, the recommendation is for the city to recall 3k corporate and unused prop k earned medallions ". since then, the mta's actions clearly show they are on a crusade to drive those
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medallions out of service and take them back. they have excluded pre- cases andlimited cases from picking up at the airport . it seems clear that their motivation is by financial. during the credit union trial a witness or the mta and an accountant estimated the medallion value of 100 and $80,000. on september 7,2021 , the mta board currently removed disabled medallion holders from participating in some italian sales surrender program. we wouldn't be here after all these years if it were not for the investments we made in the medallion system. although i take a lot of pride in being a careercabdriver, there's no glamour todriving a taxi . it's a tough ,really tough way to make a living . you have to have a thick skin. so as the mta and the city of
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san francisco preying on us is immoral, unethical and. there is no skin thick enough for that. disabled muni drivers are allowed to leavethe industry with dignity . why can't the same be applied medallion holders who drove for three or four decades? twisted municipal codes should not overrideada loss . i urge you to look into what the nda. >> 30 seconds. >> urge you to look into how the mta is doing verycarefully and i thank you very much for your time . >> clerk: we will now from charles rothfuss, please go ahead. >> caller: my name is charles rathbone, i'm ataxi medallion
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holder . thank you for hearing us this evening . i willspeak briefly to the question of medallion value . why are medallion holders so concerned to keep their medallions if they are worthless as has been widely reported? i'm supposedly that hasn't been a single buyer in six years. first, it is not quite accurate to say that there are no buyers. according to court documents and a recent trial of the credit union sold 90 percent of the $36 million package of medallion loans to other credit unions. so clearly there are buyers. but at what price? during the court case mtas expert witness placed the current value of a san francisco taxi medallion $130,000. another witness the ceo of yellow cab estimated the current value and closer to 30,000. it is a safe bet sale prices
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will be somewhere in that range once market pricing is adopted. mta has recently signaled its intention to move to market pricing. and is awaiting agreement from thecredit union . meanwhile, over uber and lyft have raised prices to the point where taxis are again competitive. so the permit holders who are away your decisions have good reason to believe that their battalions have substantial volume and that aresumption of sales may be imminent . thank you for listening and that concludes my comments. >> we will now from the caller whose phone number endsin 1405 . please go ahead. >> i've received a medallion in 1989 and started driving a cab
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in 1970. the sf mta has confiscated my medallion and so i wanted this is the easy myself with them and expertise with the previous speakers who have spoken my mind and that's all. >> we will now you're from robert cassano. please go ahead. welcome. >> good evening. >> do you have a tv on and your computer or phone?
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>> we turned off the second ipad >> we can hear you more clearly, please go ahead . >> i want to explain the history of proposition k. pre-proposition k the city sold medallions on the open markets. the buyer had no requirement to drive a taxi and was free to sell it at any time. in 1978, k came in and after k came in, free medallion holders could no longer sell what they had one time right to transfer to another person for a fee. came italians were given out from a list of so-called full-time drivers and from the start, there were manyproblems . many were cold or at least
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middle age before theyreceived the medallions . over the next 30 years, it became obvious we needed an exit plan to reform k or substitute it.the medallion transfer program was started by the mta after the ninth circuit court of appeals ruling. in 2010, the mta created a pilot program to sell 50 medallions by k drivers over the age of 60 ordisabled . this was the end of three medallions for k. a permanent sales program was
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startedin 2012 . demand was high and the sf mta wanted money to pay for buffers at the same time. uber was starting to cut down on taxi rides so the mta started a waiting list for k drivers who wish to sell their medallions. but the agency limit them from moving forward to be on the list i selling hundreds of the newly created fee medallions. in 2015, most of the medallions sold were resale or key medallions owners who had cold
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feet. in the past six years our names have not advanced at all on the list most of the cave permit holders are too old to drive. >> thank you, your time is up. any other general public comment, please raise your hand . if you call in and you want to provide general publiccomment you can press start 9 it's the balance of raising your hand .okay, i don't see any further general public comment so we will move on to itemnumber two , commissioner comments and questions. >> none here. >> just like towish everybody a happy hanukkah and a great holiday season . >> clerk: any public comment o this item, please raise your hand .
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i don't see any public comment sowe will move on to item number three .before you for discussion possible adoption of the minutes of the november 17, 2021 meeting. >> president: unless there changes or corrections that i have a motion to those minutes into the record. >> clerk: any comments on vice president swig's motion to approve the minutes? i don't see any public comment so on that motion commissioner lopez. [roll call vote] that motion carries 420. we are now moving on to item number four which is a rehearing request for appeal 21 050 subject property at 408 february 4, 2012 cortland avenue, maher memarzadeh
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appellate is requesting a rehearing of the appeal number 20 050 decided on october 27. at that time on a motion filed by vice president swig the board voted to deny that appeal and pulled the revised variant decision which denied a rear yard variant on the basis of the findings requiredby any code section 305c . this project proposed construction of one-story vertical addition to the rear building that would include a roof deck and increase the height as measured above the basement story from 16 feet two inches at the ruth peak to over 32 feet. the new story is proposed to be used as a neighborhood serving commercial use. the project also proposes a fairway and firelock wall along the eastern property line to provide access to the roof deck
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on the rear building . planning code section 134 requires the subject property to maintain a rear yard equal to 25 percent of the lot depth of the second story above the first story if it contains a dwelling unit . the building at the rear occupies theentirety of the required the rear yard and the proposed addition would require a rear yard therefore a rear yard variant is needed and the zoning administrator denied that variant . president honda did you have an opportunity toreview the materials which took place on october 27 ? >> president: i have read the brace and am prepared to hear the case . >> clerk: we will your first from mister havel. you have three minutes. just let us knowwhen you are ready.we can't hear you .
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you are on mute. >> sorry, let meshare my screen . >> can you hear me?i'm going to play just a three-minute hold on. okay. it's all right. >> clerk: no problem. we don't hear any sounds. >> let me start this again. >> you have your headphones on possibly ?
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>> peter will testify in the event of an earthquake the project will be successfully impacted by any demolition of the base of the seaport side such as the removal of existing foundation elements that presently serves to stabilize the hillside and in the event of a storm they were more likely to develop in accordance with the recommendations bythe planning staff, city and county of san francisco . any demolition as a removal from existing foundations in which the rear subject property like would negatively impact the state ability of the embankment. public advocates surveyed related to 32 percent slope at the 28 inch slope of his own protection act that imperils the subject properties unique conditions and previous seismic upgrades and structural equipment from 1996are connected to the building's sale . this means rafters, studs,
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controlled construction materials , wall plates and sheerwalls of the basement level . how these improvements protect the value against lateral movements. the va's assertion that only the rearwalls would be impacted are false. both buildings would be put at risk . the plan does not need to restructure the zoning laws for environmental concerns of planning recommendation . as such risk of demolition and potential result of building damage would result in a dangerous comparable hazards. the graphic shows municipal space with releasable space of 2015.5 making the total surplus value significantly lower. this is sick you one square feet of the building, but 025 only has 27 square feet. these privileges enjoyed by the property are identical zoning
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classifications . the shading studies indicate minimalimpacts fully during the early hours of the winter. the other months of the year show no change . change is supported by the design plans and elevations . the variance will not be injurious to properties. the addition with the adjacent buildings at 026027, the veritable extension of the public right-of-way research is the front property line with the adjacent rear property line 27 having a effect on rear yar access . the other impacts on the medlock, i want to clarify the clarifications before the vote. please note the typographical errorof 32 percent of the appellants recent request .
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>> epstein, thank you. >> we have a question from president honda. >> my question is for mister swig. the matter of the variant has been heard. this was strictly on the merits whetherthere was a rehearing and benefit and after reading through your brief , is this manifest that you're talking about? >> it's a combination. our understanding of the rehearing request is that there is a addressing a manifest injustice and there's also evidence that was not present in the original meeting that may not have changed the outcome so there's several points of evidence that were part of the initial meeting but in terms of manifest injustice, we feel that the va's interpretation of the planning
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code in regards to section 131 34 is understanding as amatter of law . >> president: the thing is you arenot rehearing the case . regarding so in your brief, on page 11 you said that there was missing information for 55 and 56 but yet an hour and 14 minutes into your oral comments, to explain the missingexhibit . is that correct? >> but there was no exhibit shown. we discussed what there would be butthe experts hadn't been able to prepare the meeting . >> president: but that's the thing is you haven't been able to prepare for the meeting . you had opportunity time to speak during the meeting, correct you had an opening and role model . >> but we're presenting the evidence now as part of the
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hearing as an opportunity to get a chance fora rehearing . >>president: thank you . >> clerk: thank you and we will now hear from the planning department . >> good evening commissioners, zoning administrator for the planning department. i will be brief . we respectfully request that you deny the rehearing request because we do not feel it meets the minimum bar to justify a rehearing. the only additional information that has been provided are some of thetechnical reports . however the original appeal was filed on may 27th and the appeal hearing was held october 27, that's five months. additionally the actual case itself before the various decision was made was ongoing for several years and definitely adequate time to provide those materialsbefore the october hearing .
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besides that, those materials aren't particularlyrelevant to the decision that was made to deny the variant . the denial was not predicated on the fact that they should do development in other parts of the lot or they should demolish the rear portion of the lot. the variance is primarily based on the fact that what exists is already a reasonable amount of development including a substantial noncomplying portion of the rear and the proposal would exacerbate that noncomplying portion to the extent that would not be compatible and would be harmful to the surroundingproperties and therefore do not meet the findingsthat were required in the variant . so again just to be brief , we don't feel like the proposal meets the minimum requirements forrehearing but i am
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definitely available for any questions that any of the commissioners may have . >> thank you. we will now move on to public comment. anyone here toprovide public comment west and mark please raiseyour hand . we do have a person who would like to speak . please go ahead and an unidentified caller. you might need to press start6 to unmute yourself . okay. you've just commuted yourself. please go ahead. >> caller: this is sue hester. i agree with the zoning administrator . there was a lot of time for the developer to put on a case about this hearing and they didn't do it and they are trying to reach out to you to do another round. one of the things that is very
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strange on this case is the planning department hasnever received anapplication for a building permit . this is not normal . when people are trying to do development in the city they file an application for building permit and if their request for a variance at the same time. and this is just strange because the evaluation of the project with the full set of plans has never been done, just variance. i can't understand how it can come back another time. so it's really ridiculous because no application for itself. they can't build anything without a permit. so i ask you to listen to the zoning administrator, the decision that you made and go forward. we are going to have this
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forever going through the process that the rate they're going. you heard when arethey going to go . thank you very much. >> and other publiccomment, please raise your hand. if you called and you can press star nine . i don't see any further public comment so commissioners, this matter is submitted . >> the board is simply a rehearing request. the bar for that is extremely high. if there's some place that would causemanifest injustice i'd like the commissioner to start first . i see commissioner lazarus have. >> to me it fails the test. i've heard nothing new or nothing that could not have been submitted earlierand i simply don't feel this meets
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the standards for rehearing . >> any other commissioner and ifnot , i read the original brief. the second brief as well as watched the video. i had lots of questions but that time has passed for me so what's before us now is if manifest injustice has been caused. i don't believeso either. i think the permit holder and lots of opportunity bridget to present information . for this body and and use it and get every shot at it just because youdecided to so if you would like to make a motion . >> will go ahead. moved to deny the rehearing request on the basis there is neither new information or manifest injustice. >> clerk: thank you so on commissioner lazarus motion, commissioner lopez . [roll call vote] that motion
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carries420 and the hearing request is denied .that will conclude the hearing. >> thank you very much. >> clerk: president honda would you like to join the meeting. >> president: i would, do we haveanother meeting prior to the holidays ? nevermind then i will be wishing everyone a happy holidays . >> thanks a lot, we have to wait. >> president: thank you, such long evening . >> goodbye. >> goodbye.
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>> in august 2019 construction began on the new facility at 1995 evans avenue in bayview. it will house motorcycle police and department of forensic services division. both sfpd groups are in two buildings that need to be vacated. they will join the new $183 million facility in late 2021. >> elements of the cfi and the traffic company are housed at the hall of justice, which has been determined to be seismically unfit. it is slated for demolition. in addition to that the forensic
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services crime lab is also slated for demolition. it was time and made sense to put these elements currently spread in different parts of the city together into a new facility. >> the project is located in the bayview area, in the area near estes creek. when san francisco was first formed and the streetcars were built back it was part of the bay. we had to move the building as close to the edge as possible on bedrock and solid elements piles down to make sure it was secure. >> it will be approximately 100,000 square feet, that includes 8,000 square feet for traffic company parking garage. >> the reason we needed too new building, this is inadequate for the current staffing needs and also our motor department. the officers need more room,
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secured parking. so the csi unit location is at the hall of justice, and the crime laboratory is located at building 60 sixty old hunters point shipyard. >> not co-located doesn't allow for easy exchange of information to occur. >> traffic division was started in 1909. they were motor officers. they used sidecars. officers who road by themselves without the sidecar were called solo. that is a common term for the motorcycle officers. we have 45 officers assigned to the motorcycles. all parking at the new facility will be in one location. the current locker room with shared with other officers. it is not assigned to just traffic companies. there are two showers downstairs
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and up. both are gym and shop weres are old. it needs constant maintenance. >> forensic services provides five major types of testing. we develop fingerprints on substances and comparisons. there are firearms identification to deal with projectiles, bullets or cartridge casings from shootings. dna is looking at a whole an rare of evidence from -- array of evidence from dna to sexual assault to homicide. we are also in the business of doing breath allyzer analysis for dui cases. we are resurrecting the gunshot
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residue testing to look for the presence of gunshot residue. lifespan is 50 years. >> it has been raised up high enough that if the bay starts to rise that building will operate. the facility is versus sustainable. if the lead gold highest. the lighting is led. gives them good lights and reduces energy use way down. water throughout the project we have low water use facilities. gardens outside, same thing, low water use for that. other things we have are green roofs on the project. we have studies to make sure we have maximum daylight to bring it into the building. >> the new facility will not be open to the public. there will be a lobby. there will be a deconstruction motorcycle and have parts around. >> the dna labs will have a
6:14 am
vestibule before you go to the space you are making sure the air is clean, people are coming in and you are not contaminating anything in the labs. >> test firing in the building you are generating lead and chemicals. we want to quickly remove that from the individuals who are working in that environment and ensure what we put in the air is not toxic. there are scrubbers in the air to ensure any air coming out is also at the cleanest standards. >> you will see that kind of at the site. it has three buildings on the site. one is for the motorcycle parking, main building and back behind is a smaller building for evidence vehicles. there is a crime, crime scene. they are put into the secure facility that locks the cars down while they are examined. >> they could be vehicles involved in the shooting.
6:15 am
there might be projectiles lodged in the vehicle, cartridge casings inside the vehicle, it could be a vehicle where a aggravated sexual occurred and there might be biological evidence, fingerprints, recovered merchandise from a potential robbery or other things. >> the greatest challenge on the project is meeting the scope requirements of the project given the superheated construction market we have been facing. i am proud to say we are delivering a project where we are on budget. >> the front plaza on the corner will be inviting to the public. something that gives back to the public. the building sits off the edge. it helps it be protected. >> what we are looking for is an updated building, with
6:16 am
facilities to meet our unit's needs. >> working with the san francisco police department is an honor and privilege. i am looking forward to seeing their faces as the police officers move to the new facility. >> it is a welcome change, a new surrounding that is free from all of the challenges that we face with being remote, and then the ability to offer new expanded services to the city and police department investigations unit. i can't wait until fall of 2021 when the building is finally ready to go and be occupied and the people can get into the facility to serve them and serve the community.
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as latinos we are unified in some ways and incredibly diverse in others and this exhibit really is an exploration of nuance in how we present those ideas. ♪♪ our debts are not for sale. >> a piece about sanctuary and how his whole family served in the army and it's a long family tradition and these people that look at us as foreigners, we have been here and we are part of america, you know, and we had
6:18 am
to reinforce that. i have been cure rating here for about 18 year. we started with a table top, candle, flowers, and a picture and people reacted to that like it was the monna lisa. >> the most important tradition as it relates to the show is idea of making offering. in traditional mexican alters, you see food, candy, drinks, cigarettes, the things that the person that the offerings where being made to can take with them into the next word, the next life. >> keeps us connects to the people who have passed and because family is so important to us, that community dynamic
6:19 am
makes it stick and makes it visible and it humanizes it and makes it present again. ♪♪ >> when i first started doing it back in '71, i wanted to do something with ritual, ceremony and history and you know i talked to my partner ross about the research and we opened and it hit a cord and people loved it. >> i think the line between engaging everyone with our culture and appropriating it. i think it goes back to asking people to bring their visions of what it means to honor the dead, and so for us it's not asking us to make mexican altars if they are not mexican, it's really to share and expand our vision of what it means to honor the dead. >> people are very respectful.
6:20 am
i can show you this year alone of people who call tol ask is it okay if we come, we are hawaii or asian or we are this. what should we wear? what do you recommend that we do? >> they say oh, you know, we want a four day of the dead and it's all hybrid in this country. what has happened are paper cuts, it's so hybrid. it has spread to mexico from the bay area. we have influence on a lot of people, and i'm proud of it. >> a lot of times they don't represent we represent a lot of cultures with a lot of different perspectives and beliefs.
6:21 am
>> i can see the city changes and it's scary. >> when we first started a lot of people freaked out thinking we were a cult and things like that, but we went out of our way to also make it educational through outreach and that is why we started doing the prosession in 1979. >> as someone who grew up attending the yearly processions and who has seen them change incrementally every year into kind of what they are now, i feel in many ways that the cat is out of the bag and there is no putting the genie back into the bottle in how the wider public accesses the day of the dead. >> i have been through three different generations of children who were brought to the procession when they were very young that are now bringing
6:22 am
their children or grandchildren. >> in the '80s, the processions were just kind of electric. families with their homemade visuals walking down the street in san francisco. service so much more intimate and personal and so much more rooted in kind of a family practice of a very strong cultural practice. it kind of is what it is now and it has gone off in many different directions but i will always love the early days in the '80s where it was so intimate and sofa millial. >> our goal is to rescue a part of the culture that was a part that we could invite others to join in there there by where we
6:23 am
invite the person to come help us rescue it also. that's what makes it unique. >> you have to know how to approach this changing situation, it's exhausting and i have seen how it has affected everybody. >> what's happening in mission and the relationship with the police, well it's relevant and it's relevant that people think about it that day of the dead is not just sugar skulls and paper flowers and candles, but it's become a nondenominational tradition that people celebrate. >> our culture is about color and family and if that is not present in your life, there is just no meaning to it you know? >> we have artists as black and brown people that are in direct danger of the direct policies of the trump administration and i
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think how each of the artists has responded so that call is interesting. the common
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>> welcome to our december 1 meeting of the san francisco police commission. i am calling this meeting to order. sergeant youngblood, can you please take roll. >> clerk: yes. [roll call]
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>> vice president elias: can you -- thank you, and welcome. if everyone can join me in the pledge of allegiance. ["pledge of allegiance"] >> vice president elias: thank you all so much. before we get started, i would like to recognize that kevin dashita was killed in an attempted robbery of a news crew in oakland last wednesday while he was on assignment as their security guard. our hearts go out to his time.
6:32 am
at this time, i'm going to turn it over to our newest commissioner, commissioner carter overstone. commissioner carter overstone? >> thank you. i am pleased to be a part of this commission in police reform, and i really look forward to working with my colleagues and building on the commission to continue to build upon the cause of police reform and our shared values and democratic values and equality
6:33 am
and shared justice under the law. >> vice president elias: thank you very much. we are excited to have you, and hopefully we will soon have a full
6:34 am
>> there is a urgency to address the situation of black san franciscans. i'm going to call it what it is: racial profiling of black americans when it come [indiscernible] when she
6:35 am
stated, own that. that happens to us. when are you going to take responsibility and address the harsh bias and unjust statistics for the love of all blacks, all san franciscans, not just black san franciscans, which is truly your responsibility as you took an oath to speak the good and uphold the liability of all san franciscans. i'm tired enough to look for new sources and find this antiblack sources inside your chambers. a black san franciscan is six times as likely as a white person to be subject to a traffic stop in san francisco. we have repeatedly recommended to san francisco the cessation of routine traffic stops in san
6:36 am
francisco. we met this week with special assistant attorney general damon brown of the california d.o.j. and discussed this with him. we need to hear the commission's position on this and enacting this. thank you. >> clerk: thank you, caller. good evening. caller. you have two minutes. >> yes, good evening. this is magic altman, and i've been here in the haight working since the police shootings. sirens going up and down, police everywhere. all we need is regular policing, and it's interesting to note that no one can get a policeman coming to their
6:37 am
house -- it's all over next door, and everybody's blaming chesa. chesa can't prosecute if the police don't do anything, so chief scott, i think it's time you stop this strategy and do your job. >> clerk: thank you, caller.
6:38 am
good evening. caller, you have two minutes. >> hi. my name is [indiscernible], and i volunteer with [indiscernible] i've grown tired of talking to s.f. police commission. where is the urgency? if the tables were turned and this represented white folks, there would be an urgency. i agree with former first lady michelle obama, and say own that when it comes to us. when are you going to all the lives of all san franciscans? as i said, i'm tired. not tired enough to quit, however. tired enough to [indiscernible]
6:39 am
unquote, a black person in san francisco is six times to be as arrested as a white person [indiscernible] due to [indiscernible] we have met with week with state of california special prosecutor david brown of the cal d.o.j. >> clerk: thank you, caller. good evening, caller, you have two minutes. >> my name is karen [indiscernible], and i volunteer with wealth and disparities in the black
6:40 am
community. the following is a quote from our founder, felicia jones. this is an urgency to address the injustices of black san franciscans. i'm going to call it what it is, antiblackness. when it comes to the use of force, racial profilings, and traffic stops of black people by sfpd. i have grown tired of talking to the police commission, the sfpd, and the board of supervisors. where is the urgency? if the tables were turned and these statistics represented white folks, there would be an urgency. i agree with first lady michelle obama when she says own this, it belongs to us. when are you going to address the lives of all san franciscans, not just black san franciscans as you took an oath
6:41 am
to uphold the law for all san franciscans. i am tired. not tired enough to quit, but tired of beating a dead horse, tired of seeing antiblackness inside your offices and chambers, and therefore, we've sought help from attorney general banta. we are pleased to know that the cal d.o.j. will continue oversight of sfpd, however, we are disappointed that we didn't hear this directly from the police commission. thank you. >> clerk: thank you, caller. good evening, caller. you have two minutes. >> hello. can you hear me? this is miss brown, calling concerning my son, aubrey.
6:42 am
my son was shot defending someone else's life, shot 30 times for saving someone else's life. i just recently left a funeral yesterday with leonard, who died in the hospital after being shot in the head. prior to that, the other young
6:43 am
man -- i feel like i'm in prison. no one has the right to take a gun and shoot someone because they're saving someone else's life. what do we do? that's why i keep coming to the police commission when you guys were in session, and now that you're on the web. this is something i'm tired of doing, but i will continue to do it. if an animal can take care of my cub, what more could i do as a mother? i'm an african american mother, out here fighting for my children that i have left. there's ghost guns. you can't even trace them now. >> clerk: thank you, miss brown. members of the public who have information regarding aubrey,
6:44 am
you can call the tip line at 415-554-4444. that concludes public comment. >> vice president elias: thank you, sergeant. can you call the next item? >> clerk: item 2, chief's report. weekly crime trends. provide an overview of offenses occurring in san francisco. major significant incidents, provide a summary of planned activities and events. this will include a brief overview of any unplanned events or activities occurring in san francisco having an impact on public safety. commission discussion on unplanned events and activities the chief describes will be limited to determining whether to calendar for a future hearing. >> vice president elias: thank you. hello, chief scott. >> thank you. i will start this week's report
6:45 am
with crime trends, and i will talk about some of the significant incidents that have happened, has happened since we last met, and our strategies to address those incidents, along with other strategies. crime trends overall, we are up seven homicides from this time last year. we had 52 compared to 45 year-to-date in 2020. sexual assaults or rapes are down 15%. robberies are down 10%. assaults are up 9%, 2171 compared to 1998, and our human trafficking cases are up. that's 30 year-to-date compared to 24 this time last year. in total, our violent time, part one series violent crime
6:46 am
is up, 4475 from 4424 last year, so that's 51 more crimes from this time last year. our burglary crimes continue to decrease at a negative rate. 6,574 compared to 6,740. our motor vehicle thefts is virtually even. it's actually a slight decrease, 5,396, compared to 5,452, so that's a difference of 56 crimes less than last year. our arsons are up 8%, 307 compared to 284, and larceny theft is our biggest percentage and increase in crimes, 27,170 this year compared to 23,512 this time last year, so our total property crimes, we are
6:47 am
at a 10% increase, and that is a difference of roughly just under 4,000 crimes more than we had this time last year in property crime. our total crime, we are up 9%, 40,142 compared to -- 44,142
6:48 am
compared to 40,114. we are continuing to develop strategies to turn that trend around. in terms of violent crimes, our assaults are up 9 %, and firearm related assaults are up 9%. assaults with hands, fists, are at 637 compared to 523. that's a 22% increase, and assaults involving knives or cutting instruments, 261 compared to 274, and assaults with other types of weapons are up, 972 compared to 911.
6:49 am
homicides are up by 11, which is a 38% increase. in terms of our stations and where these crimes are occurring, bayview is one homicide above where they were this time last year, 14 compared to 13. tenderloin is even where they were this last time year, ten
6:50 am
homicides year-to-date compared to -- one year-to-date, compared to one in 2020. when we look at our gun violence, with the breakdowns by station, it's a pretty similar trend, with bayview having the largest percentage of gun violence year-to-date, with 54 incidents, followed by
6:51 am
the tenderloin with 41, and that follows the trends that i just mentioned in homicide. mission has the highest followed by ingleside, although ingleside is down significantly in murders and also down in shootings. speaking of gun violence, looking at the five-year trend of ghost guns, we are up
6:52 am
exponentially from 2016, when we first started tracking these privately made firearms. were two homicides for this reporting period, one on november 23 at 11:15 a.m. officers responded to the area of larkin and golden gate. they attempted to render first aid and life saving measures, however, the victim unfortunately succumbed to his
6:53 am
injuries. witnesses had video footage of the. -- of the incident, so we followed up on that. [indiscernible] an unknown person approached on foot and demanded their wallet and cell phone. our surviving victim relinquished his property, but the victim exited his car and engaged with the suspect. that case is not solved at this point. we are asking for the public's
6:54 am
help on any of these cases or any cases that you have information on. please call our tip line at 415-575-4444. there are also several shootings to report. on november 22, in the overnight hours, a 30-year-old subject was shot in the back and arm, he ran to a neighboring establishment where he collapsed and was transported to a local hospital. he is expected to survive. our investigators have some good follow up leads on that case and are working to arrest the person or persons who is responsible. the 300 block of [indiscernible] and bayview november 28 at 1:43 in the morning, the relative of the male victim was found with a
6:55 am
gunshot wound to his head. the officers found a vehicle in the neighborhood with a bullet hole in the windshield. the victim was transported to the hospital in serious but stable condition but is expected to survive. not a whole lot of clues on this incident but we'll continue to work with what we have. on november 28, turk and hyde,
6:56 am
officers found a victim suffering from a gunshot wound. victim was transported to the hospital and is expected to survive at this time. the investigation has revealed this was more than likely a failed robbery attempt involving narcotics, and we continue to try to identify the victim in this case. [indiscernible] and the victim was subsequently stabbed. the victim was transported in critical condition. suspect has been identified but has not been arrested. the investigators are still trying to locate the suspect in this incident.
6:57 am
officers responded to 19 and capp after a reported carjacking where suspects ordered two individuals out of their car. the suspect vehicle, a green dodge charger, was eventually used in another carjacking and was eventually recovered in the city of oakland. we are still following up on evidence and clues from that incident, and hopefully we'll resolve that with an arrest from that particular case. on november 26, at 6:55 a.m. at bay and kearney, in the central
6:58 am
district, officers were conducting a burglary from vehicle abatement detail when they witnessed a vehicle that had been known to be involved in car burglaries recently enter the parking lot at bay street and kearney. occupants were also known to have brandished firearms at witnesses. officers were able to deploy spike strips. the suspects car crashed into another car, resulting in no injuries. the suspects fled from the vehicle with you were apprehended by responding officers, who located two handguns on two of the three individuals who arrived, so this was a really good job by our police officers who were in
6:59 am
the area. officers were recognizing burglaries and everybody was taken into custody safely. so thank you to the officers who put that operation together and were able to do a really nice job making that arrest. we had stunt driving events over this past weekend. there were stunt driving events on saturday, november 27, and our student driving responsibility team was activated to respond to various locations in the city, including at 13 and duboce -- i'm sorry, 24 and folsom and 19
7:00 am
and folsom. also in the west portal, we had stunt driving events, as well. our student driving event was able to quickly disrupt the side shows, and some of them, they prevented them before they actually occurred because they were able to communicate with neighboring jurisdictions and get information where we normally had these incidents. there was a fatal collision