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tv   Board of Appeals  SFGTV  December 3, 2021 4:00pm-8:06pm PST

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>> 21 meeting of the san franciscoboard of appeals. president honda will hopefully be joining us shortly.also present is vice president swig, commissioner lazarus and commissioner lopez . commissionerchang is absent. we will provide the board with any immediate legal advice today . i'm julie rosenberg for the secretary. we will be joined by representatives from the planning department, the zonin administrator and commissioner janet deputies zoning administrator . board guidelines are as follows. silence all phonesand other
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electronic devices so they will not disturb the proceedings . the rules of the presentation are as follows. parties are given three minutes each in remodel and members of the public not affiliated with the parties of up to three minutes to address the board and no remodel. mister longley will give you a verbal warning 30 seconds before your time is up and four votes are required to plan a rehearing request. if youhave questions about the board rules or hearing schedules please email board staff .public access and for dissipation are of paramount importance to the board and every effort has been made to replicate in person process. to enable public participation sfgov tv is streaming this life and we will have the ability t receive public comment for eac item on today's agenda . we are also providing close captioning for this meeting . to watch the hearing go to cable channel 78. please note it will be
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rebroadcast on a friday on channel 26 a link to the live stream is found on the homepage of our website . public comments can beprovided in 2 ways . one you can join the meeting by computer again go to our website and click on the zoom link or call in by telephone . call 166-99-6833 and her webinar id 865-1160 1310 and again isbroadcasting and streaming the phone number and access instructions across the bottom of the stream . to blockyour phone number dialá67 and the phone number . this is for the public comment portion dialánine which is the equivalent of raising your hand so we know you wantto speak . you will be brought into the hearing when it is your turn. you may have to dialá6. you will have three minutes and
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our legal assistant will provide you with a verbal warning 30 seconds before your time is up. note there is a delay between the live proceedings and when it's live stream on tv therefore it's important people calling in produceor turn off the volume on their tvs otherwise there is interference with the meeting . if any participants or attendees need disability accommodation you can make a request to alice conway divorce legal assistant or send an email to boardof appeals at the chat function cannot be used to provide public comments or opinions . now we will swear and affirm all those who plan to testify. any member may see without taking an old pursuant to their rights under the sunshine ordinance.if you intend to testify at tonight proceedings and wish to have the board give yourtestimony evidentiary weight raise your hand and say i do afteryou've been sworn in . do you swear or affirm the testimony you are about to get
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willbe the truth, wholetruth and nothing but the truth ? you . if you are participating andnot speaking but your resume speakeron mute . item number one . >> julie , president honda is now in themeeting . >> welcome president honda. perfect timing. >> president: i had technical issues but alex is always amazing. >> commissioner: this is an opportunity for any member to speak onthe matter in the board's jurisdiction but is not on tonight'scalendar . anyonehere for general public comment ? i see mister murtaugh, go ahead . >> caller: thank you for continuing the taxi appeals. your board relies heavily on city codes to make the decisions but these taxes represent a one in 100 scenario where some code rules contradict actual laws thereby creating a condition of mutual exclusivity between the two.
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you must adhere to the law while ignoring the code advice. medallion applicants based on requirements in 1978 charter amendmentproposition k to square the intention to drive taxi full-time. it must comply by driving for 30 years . conflicting code language added in 1988 mandates revocation fo premises who sees driving for any reason. i personally prop case intention standard allows for mitigation circumstances . even more glaring is an agency's unsubstantiated claim in this code resolution that adalaw applies to temporary disabilities only, not to permit ones . the 1990 americans with disability act supersedes any conflicting city code provisions and ada law does include permanent disabilities. the 2010 now a federal judge acted as a city signatory in a civil agreement made from the ninth circuit court mediator
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and the ada lawsuitappeal filed on behalf of disabled medallion holders .the city continues elected to abandon rather than defend district judge jeffrey white's decision renting the city's motion or summary judgment. the settlement agreement calls for disabled medallion holder compensation under the surrender for consideration component of the medallion sales program. the agency erroneously asserts the ruling by judge white still has the force of law. i think that's confusing you. isuggest all taxi appeals be continued until medallion holders begin receiving surrendered program compensation . this week i sent you two documents. one shows how the agency removes surrender program eligibility permanently disabled medallion holders on
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september 7 thereby violating both ada and the sloan agreement. the other is an agency memo to resume enforcement of a full-time driving requirements against the elderly and frail population. this inhumanemalfeasance policy creates a threat . a major threat to public safety. it the city does not need any more $15 million accidents with elderly people being pressured behind the wheel. during the credit union trial, agency expert witness doctor dan rascher estimated current medallion value at $130,000. accordingly we regard the agency's desire to enrich itself at our expense has purpose or the current president to say to revoke our medallions. thank you very much. >> commissioners as a reminder because the appeals referenced by the commentator are not
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before the board atthis meeting statements aboutthe appeals should not be considered by the board . members of the public will hav the opportunity to provide commentsabout those matterswhen they are on a future agenda . we have some more general public comment . marcelo fonseca , please go ahead . welcome. >> caller: i'm marcelo fonseca, a career cabdriver and a medallion holder and just so you know our medallion is required before the medallion tales program was adoptedin 2010 . when medallion salescrashed , the mta hired consultants bruce scheller to study the taxis and in his final report from may 2018 mister schaller said the short supply of taxis led to over and lift taking over much of the taxi business but he later recommends taxi supply
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should be reduced somedallion buyers could earn more money . the report says quote, the recommendation is for the city to recall 3k corporate and unused prop k earned medallions ". since then, the mta's actions clearly show they are on a crusade to drive those medallions out of service and take them back. they have excluded pre- cases andlimited cases from picking up at the airport . it seems clear that their motivation is by financial. during the credit union trial a witness or the mta and an accountant estimated the medallion value of 100 and $80,000. on september 7,2021 , the mta board currently removed disabled medallion holders from
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participating in some italian sales surrender program. we wouldn't be here after all these years if it were not for the investments we made in the medallion system. although i take a lot of pride in being a careercabdriver, there's no glamour todriving a taxi . it's a tough ,really tough way to make a living . you have to have a thick skin. so as the mta and the city of san francisco preying on us is immoral, unethical and. there is no skin thick enough for that. disabled muni drivers are allowed to leavethe industry with dignity . why can't the same be applied medallion holders who drove for three or four decades? twisted municipal codes should not overrideada loss . i urge you to look into what
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the nda. >> 30 seconds. >> urge you to look into how the mta is doing verycarefully and i thank you very much for your time . >> clerk: we will now from charles rothfuss, please go ahead. >> caller: my name is charles rathbone, i'm ataxi medallion holder . thank you for hearing us this evening . i willspeak briefly to the question of medallion value . why are medallion holders so concerned to keep their medallions if they are worthless as has been widely reported? i'm supposedly that hasn't been a single buyer in six years. first, it is not quite accurate to say that there are no buyers. according to court documents and a recent trial of the credit union sold 90 percent of the $36 million package of
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medallion loans to other credit unions. so clearly there are buyers. but at what price? during the court case mtas expert witness placed the current value of a san francisco taxi medallion $130,000. another witness the ceo of yellow cab estimated the current value and closer to 30,000. it is a safe bet sale prices will be somewhere in that range once market pricing is adopted. mta has recently signaled its intention to move to market pricing. and is awaiting agreement from thecredit union . meanwhile, over uber and lyft have raised prices to the point where taxis are again competitive. so the permit holders who are
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away your decisions have good reason to believe that their battalions have substantial volume and that aresumption of sales may be imminent . thank you for listening and that concludes my comments. >> we will now from the caller whose phone number endsin 1405 . please go ahead. >> i've received a medallion in 1989 and started driving a cab in 1970. the sf mta has confiscated my medallion and so i wanted this is the easy myself with them and expertise with the previous speakers who have spoken my mind and that's all.
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>> we will now you're from robert cassano. please go ahead. welcome. >> good evening. >> do you have a tv on and your computer or phone? >> we turned off the second ipad >> we can hear you more clearly, please go ahead . >> i want to explain the history of proposition k. pre-proposition k the city sold medallions on the open markets. the buyer had no requirement to drive a taxi and was free to sell it at any time. in 1978, k came in and after k came in, free medallion holders
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could no longer sell what they had one time right to transfer to another person for a fee. came italians were given out from a list of so-called full-time drivers and from the start, there were manyproblems . many were cold or at least middle age before theyreceived the medallions . over the next 30 years, it became obvious we needed an exit plan to reform k or substitute it.the medallion transfer program was started by the mta after the ninth circuit court of appeals ruling. in 2010, the mta created a
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pilot program to sell 50 medallions by k drivers over the age of 60 ordisabled . this was the end of three medallions for k. a permanent sales program was startedin 2012 . demand was high and the sf mta wanted money to pay for buffers at the same time. uber was starting to cut down on taxi rides so the mta started a waiting list for k drivers who wish to sell their medallions.
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but the agency limit them from moving forward to be on the list i selling hundreds of the newly created fee medallions. in 2015, most of the medallions sold were resale or key medallions owners who had cold feet. in the past six years our names have not advanced at all on the list most of the cave permit holders are too old to drive. >> thank you, your time is up. any other general public comment, please raise your hand . if you call in and you want to provide general publiccomment you can press start 9 it's the balance of raising
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your hand .okay, i don't see any further general public comment so we will move on to itemnumber two , commissioner comments and questions. >> none here. >> just like towish everybody a happy hanukkah and a great holiday season . >> clerk: any public comment o this item, please raise your hand . i don't see any public comment sowe will move on to item number three .before you for discussion possible adoption of the minutes of the november 17, 2021 meeting. >> president: unless there changes or corrections that i have a motion to those minutes into the record. >> clerk: any comments on vice president swig's motion to
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approve the minutes? i don't see any public comment so on that motion commissioner lopez. [roll call vote] that motion carries 420. we are now moving on to item number four which is a rehearing request for appeal 21 050 subject property at 408 february 4, 2012 cortland avenue, maher memarzadeh appellate is requesting a rehearing of the appeal number 20 050 decided on october 27. at that time on a motion filed by vice president swig the board voted to deny that appeal and pulled the revised variant decision which denied a rear yard variant on the basis of the findings requiredby any code section 305c . this project proposed construction of one-story vertical addition to the rear
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building that would include a roof deck and increase the height as measured above the basement story from 16 feet two inches at the ruth peak to over 32 feet. the new story is proposed to be used as a neighborhood serving commercial use. the project also proposes a fairway and firelock wall along the eastern property line to provide access to the roof deck on the rear building . planning code section 134 requires the subject property to maintain a rear yard equal to 25 percent of the lot depth of the second story above the first story if it contains a dwelling unit . the building at the rear occupies theentirety of the required the rear yard and the proposed addition would require a rear yard therefore a rear yard variant is needed and the zoning administrator denied that variant . president honda did you have an opportunity toreview the materials which took place on
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october 27 ? >> president: i have read the brace and am prepared to hear the case . >> clerk: we will your first from mister havel. you have three minutes. just let us knowwhen you are ready.we can't hear you . you are on mute. >> sorry, let meshare my screen . >> can you hear me?i'm going to play just a three-minute hold on. okay. it's all right. >> clerk: no problem. we don't hear any sounds.
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>> let me start this again. >> you have your headphones on possibly ? >> peter will testify in the event of an earthquake the project will be successfully impacted by any demolition of the base of the seaport side such as the removal of existing foundation elements that presently serves to stabilize the hillside and in the event of a storm they were more likely to develop in accordance with the recommendations bythe planning staff, city and county of san francisco . any demolition as a removal from existing foundations in which the rear subject property like would negatively impact
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the state ability of the embankment. public advocates surveyed related to 32 percent slope at the 28 inch slope of his own protection act that imperils the subject properties unique conditions and previous seismic upgrades and structural equipment from 1996are connected to the building's sale . this means rafters, studs, controlled construction materials , wall plates and sheerwalls of the basement level . how these improvements protect the value against lateral movements. the va's assertion that only the rearwalls would be impacted are false. both buildings would be put at risk . the plan does not need to restructure the zoning laws for environmental concerns of planning recommendation . as such risk of demolition and potential result of building damage would result in a
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dangerous comparable hazards. the graphic shows municipal space with releasable space of 2015.5 making the total surplus value significantly lower. this is sick you one square feet of the building, but 025 only has 27 square feet. these privileges enjoyed by the property are identical zoning classifications . the shading studies indicate minimalimpacts fully during the early hours of the winter. the other months of the year show no change . change is supported by the design plans and elevations . the variance will not be injurious to properties. the addition with the adjacent buildings at 026027, the veritable extension of the public right-of-way research is
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the front property line with the adjacent rear property line 27 having a effect on rear yar access . the other impacts on the medlock, i want to clarify the clarifications before the vote. please note the typographical errorof 32 percent of the appellants recent request . >> epstein, thank you. >> we have a question from president honda. >> my question is for mister swig. the matter of the variant has been heard. this was strictly on the merits whetherthere was a rehearing and benefit and after reading through your brief , is this manifest that you're talking about? >> it's a combination. our understanding of the rehearing request is that there
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is a addressing a manifest injustice and there's also evidence that was not present in the original meeting that may not have changed the outcome so there's several points of evidence that were part of the initial meeting but in terms of manifest injustice, we feel that the va's interpretation of the planning code in regards to section 131 34 is understanding as amatter of law . >> president: the thing is you arenot rehearing the case . regarding so in your brief, on page 11 you said that there was missing information for 55 and 56 but yet an hour and 14 minutes into your oral comments, to explain the missingexhibit . is that correct?
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>> but there was no exhibit shown. we discussed what there would be butthe experts hadn't been able to prepare the meeting . >> president: but that's the thing is you haven't been able to prepare for the meeting . you had opportunity time to speak during the meeting, correct you had an opening and role model . >> but we're presenting the evidence now as part of the hearing as an opportunity to get a chance fora rehearing . >>president: thank you . >> clerk: thank you and we will now hear from the planning department . >> good evening commissioners, zoning administrator for the planning department. i will be brief . we respectfully request that you deny the rehearing request because we do not feel it meets the minimum bar to justify a rehearing. the only additional information that has been provided are some
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of thetechnical reports . however the original appeal was filed on may 27th and the appeal hearing was held october 27, that's five months. additionally the actual case itself before the various decision was made was ongoing for several years and definitely adequate time to provide those materialsbefore the october hearing . besides that, those materials aren't particularlyrelevant to the decision that was made to deny the variant . the denial was not predicated on the fact that they should do development in other parts of the lot or they should demolish the rear portion of the lot. the variance is primarily based on the fact that what exists is
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already a reasonable amount of development including a substantial noncomplying portion of the rear and the proposal would exacerbate that noncomplying portion to the extent that would not be compatible and would be harmful to the surroundingproperties and therefore do not meet the findingsthat were required in the variant . so again just to be brief , we don't feel like the proposal meets the minimum requirements forrehearing but i am definitely available for any questions that any of the commissioners may have . >> thank you. we will now move on to public comment. anyone here toprovide public comment west and mark please raiseyour hand . we do have a person who would like to speak . please go ahead and an unidentified caller. you might need to press start6 to unmute yourself .
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okay. you've just commuted yourself. please go ahead. >> caller: this is sue hester. i agree with the zoning administrator . there was a lot of time for the developer to put on a case about this hearing and they didn't do it and they are trying to reach out to you to do another round. one of the things that is very strange on this case is the planning department hasnever received anapplication for a building permit . this is not normal . when people are trying to do development in the city they file an application for building permit and if their request for a variance at the same time. and this is just strange because the evaluation of the project with the full set of plans has never been done, just variance. i can't understand how it can
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come back another time. so it's really ridiculous because no application for itself. they can't build anything without a permit. so i ask you to listen to the zoning administrator, the decision that you made and go forward. we are going to have this forever going through the process that the rate they're going. you heard when arethey going to go . thank you very much. >> and other publiccomment, please raise your hand. if you called and you can press star nine . i don't see any further public comment so commissioners, this matter is submitted . >> the board is simply a
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rehearing request. the bar for that is extremely high. if there's some place that would causemanifest injustice i'd like the commissioner to start first . i see commissioner lazarus have. >> to me it fails the test. i've heard nothing new or nothing that could not have been submitted earlierand i simply don't feel this meets the standards for rehearing . >> any other commissioner and ifnot , i read the original brief. the second brief as well as watched the video. i had lots of questions but that time has passed for me so what's before us now is if manifest injustice has been caused. i don't believeso either. i think the permit holder and lots of opportunity bridget to present information . for this body and and use it and get every shot at it just
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because youdecided to so if you would like to make a motion . >> will go ahead. moved to deny the rehearing request on the basis there is neither new information or manifest injustice. >> clerk: thank you so on commissioner lazarus motion, commissioner lopez . [roll call vote] that motion carries420 and the hearing request is denied .that will conclude the hearing. >> thank you very much. >> clerk: president honda would you like to join the meeting. >> president: i would, do we haveanother meeting prior to the holidays ? nevermind then i will be wishing everyone a happy holidays . >> thanks a lot, we have to wait. >> president: thank you, such long evening . >> goodbye.
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>> this is a huge catalyst for change. >> it will be over 530,000 gross square feet plus two levels of basement. >> now the departments are across so many locations it is hard for them to work together and collaborate and hard for the customers to figure out the
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different locations and hours of operation. >> one of the main drivers is a one stopper mitt center for -- permit center. >> special events. we are a one stop shop for those three things. >> this has many different uses throughout if years. >> in 1940s it was coca-cola and the flagship as part of the construction project we are retaining the clock tower. the permit center is little working closely with the digital services team on how can we modernize and move away from the paper we use right now to move to a more digital world. >> the digital services team was created in 2017. it is 2.5 years. our job is to make it possible to get things done with the city online. >> one of the reasons permitting is so difficult in this city and
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county is really about the scale. we have 58 different department in the city and 18 of them involve permitting. >> we are expecting the residents to understand how the departments are structured to navigate through the permitting processes. it is difficult and we have heard that from many people we interviewed. our goal is you don't have to know the department. you are dealing with the city. >> now if you are trying to get construction or special events permit you might go to 13 locations to get the permit. here we are taking 13 locations into one floor of one location which is a huge improvement for the customer and staff trying to work together to make it easy to comply with the rules. >> there are more than 300 permitting processes in the city. there is a huge to do list that we are possessing digital.
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the first project is allowing people to apply online for the a.d.u. it is an accessory dwelling unit, away for people to add extra living space to their home, to convert a garage or add something to the back of the house. it is a very complicated permit. you have to speak to different departments to get it approved. we are trying to consolidate to one easy to due process. some of the next ones are windows and roofing. those are high volume permits. they are simple to issue. another one is restaurant permitting. while the overall volume is lower it is long and complicated business process. people struggle to open restaurants because the permitting process is hard to navigate. >> the city is going to roll out a digital curing system one that is being tested. >> when people arrive they
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canshay what they are here to. it helps them workout which cue they neat to be in. if they rant to run anker rapid she can do that. we say you are next in line make sure you are back ready for your appointment. >> we want it all-in-one location across the many departments involved. it is clear where customers go to play. >> on june 5, 2019 the ceremony was held to celebrate the placement of the last beam on top of the structures. six months later construction is complete. >> we will be moving next summer. >> the flu building -- the new building will be building. it was designed with light in mind. employees will appreciate these amenities. >> solar panels on the roof, electric vehicle chargers in the basement levels, benefiting from
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gray watery use and secured bicycle parking for 300 bicycles. when you are on the higher floors of the building you might catch the tip of the golden gate bridge on a clear day and good view of soma. >> it is so exciting for the team. it is a fiscal manifestation what we are trying to do. it is allowing the different departments to come together to issue permits to the residents. we hope people can digitally come to one website for permits. we are trying to make it digital so when they come into the center they have a high-quality interaction with experts to guide then rather than filling
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in forms. they will have good they will have good >> we are right now in outer richmond in the last business area of this city. this area of merchants is in the most western part of san francisco, continue blocks down the street they're going to fall into the pacific ocean. two blocks over you're going to
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have golden gate park. there is japanese, chinese, hamburgers, italian, you don't have to cook. you can just walk up and down the street and you can get your cheese. i love it. but the a very multicultural place with people from everywhere. it's just a wonderful environment. i love the richmond district. >> and my wife and i own a café we have specialty coffee drinks, your typical lattes and mochas and cappuccinos, and for lunches, sandwiches and soup and salad. made fresh to order. we have something for everybody >> my shop is in a very cool part of the city but that's one of the reasons why we provide such warm and generous treats, both physically and emotionally
4:43 pm
(♪♪) >> it's an old-fashioned general store. they have coffee. other than that what we sell is fishing equipment. go out and have a good time. >> one of my customers that has been coming here for years has always said this is my favorite store. when i get married i'm coming in your store. and then he in his wedding outfit and she in a beautiful dress came in here in between getting married at lands end and to the reception, unbelievable. (♪♪) >> the new public health order that we're announcing will require san franciscans to
4:44 pm
remain at home with exceptions only for essential outings. >> when the pandemic first hit we kind of saw the writing on the walls that potentially the city is going to shut all businesses down. >> it was scary because it was such an unknown of how things were going to pan out. i honestly thought that this might be the end of our business. we're just a small business and we still need daily customers. >> i think that everybody was on edge. nobody was untouched. it was very silent. >> as a business owner, you know, things don't just stop, right? you've still got your rent, and all of the overhead, it's still there. >> there's this underlying
4:45 pm
constant sense of dread and anxiety. it doesn't prevent you from going to work and doing your job, it doesn't stop you from doing your normal routine. what it does is just make you feel extra exhausted. >> so we began to reopen one year later, and we will emerge stronger, we will emerge better as a city, because we are still here and we stand in solidarity with one another. >> this place has definitely been an anchor for us, it's home for us, and, again, we are part of this community and the community is part of us. >> one of the things that we strived for is making everyone in the community feel welcome and we have a sign that says "you're welcome." no matter who you are, no matter what your political views are, you're welcome here. and it's sort of the classic san francisco thing is that you work
4:46 pm
with folks. >> it is your duty to help everybody in san francisco. [♪♪♪] >> i just don't know that you can find a neighborhood in the city where you can hear music stands and take a ride on the low rider down the street. it is an experience that you can't have anywhere else in san francisco. [♪♪♪]
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[♪♪♪] >> district nine is a in the southeast portion of the city. we have four neighborhoods that i represent. st. mary's park has a completely unique architecture. very distinct feel, and it is a very close to holly park which is another beautiful park in san francisco. the bernal heights district is unique in that we have the hell which has one of the best views in all of san francisco. there is a swinging hanging from a tree at the top. it is as if you are swinging over the entire city. there are two unique aspects. it is considered the fourth chinatown in san francisco. sixty% of the residents are of chinese ancestry. the second unique, and fun aspect about this area is it is the garden district. there is a lot of urban agriculture and it was where the city grew the majority of the flowers. not only for san francisco but for the region. and of course, it is the location in mclaren park which
4:48 pm
is the city's second biggest park after golden gate. many people don't know the neighborhood in the first place if they haven't been there. we call it the best neighborhood nobody has ever heard our. every neighborhood in district nine has a very special aspect. where we are right now is the mission district. the mission district is a very special part of our city. you smell the tacos at the [speaking spanish] and they have the best latin pastries. they have these shortbread cookies with caramel in the middle. and then you walk further down and you have sunrise café. it is a place that you come for the incredible food, but also to learn about what is happening in the neighborhood and how you can help and support your community. >> twenty-fourth street is the birthplace of the movement. we have over 620 murals. it is the largest outdoor public
4:49 pm
gallery in the country and possibly the world. >> you can find so much political engagement park next to so much incredible art. it's another reason why we think this is a cultural district that we must preserve. [♪♪♪] >> it was formed in 2014. we had been an organization that had been around for over 20 years. we worked a lot in the neighborhood around life issues. most recently, in 2012, there were issues around gentrification in the neighborhood. so the idea of forming the cultural district was to help preserve the history and the culture that is in this neighborhood for the future of families and generations. >> in the past decade, 8,000 latino residents in the mission district have been displaced from their community. we all know that the rising cost of living in san francisco has led to many people being
4:50 pm
displaced. lower and middle income all over the city. because it there is richness in this neighborhood that i also mentioned the fact it is flat and so accessible by trip public transportation, has, has made it very popular. >> it's a struggle for us right now, you know, when you get a lot of development coming to an area, a lot of new people coming to the area with different sets of values and different culture. there is a lot of struggle between the existing community and the newness coming in. there are some things that we do to try to slow it down so it doesn't completely erase the communities. we try to have developments that is more in tune with the community and more equitable development in the area. >> you need to meet with and gain the support and find out the needs of the neighborhoods. the people on the businesses that came before you. you need to dialogue and show respect. and then figure out how to bring in the new, without displacing
4:51 pm
the old. [♪♪♪] >> i hope we can reset a lot of the mission that we have lost in the last 20 years. so we will be bringing in a lot of folks into the neighborhoods pick when we do that, there is a demand or, you know, certain types of services that pertain more to the local community and working-class. >> back in the day, we looked at mission street, and now it does not look and feel anything like mission street. this is the last stand of the latino concentrated arts, culture and cuisine and people. we created a cultural district to do our best to conserve that feeling. that is what makes our city so cosmopolitan and diverse and makes us the envy of the world. we have these unique neighborhoods with so much cultural presence and learnings, that we want to preserve. [♪♪♪] it.
4:52 pm
>> shop & dine in the 49 promotes local businesses and challenges resident to do their shop & dine in the 49 within the 49 square miles of san francisco by supporting local services in the neighborhood we help san francisco remain unique successful and vibrant so we're will you shop & dine in the 49 chinatown has to be one the best unique shopping areas in san francisco that is color fulfill and safe each vegetation and seafood and find everything in chinatown the walk shop in chinatown
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welcome to jason dessert i'm the fifth generation of candy in san francisco still that serves 2000 district in the chinatown in the past it was the tradition and my family was the royal chef in the pot pals that's why we learned this stuff and moved from here to have dragon candy i want people to know that is art we will explain a walk and they can't walk in and out it is different techniques from stir frying to smoking to steaming and they do show of. >> beer a royalty for the age berry up to now not people know that especially the toughest they think this is - i really appreciate they love this art. >> from the cantonese to the
4:54 pm
hypomania and we have hot pots we have all of the cuisines of china in our chinatown you don't have to go far. >> small business is important to our neighborhood because if we really make a lot of people lives better more people get a job here not just a big firm. >> you don't have to go anywhere else we have pocketed of great neighborhoods haul have all have their own uniqueness. >> san francisco has to all.
4:55 pm
>> my name is angela wilson and i'm an owner of the market i worked at a butcher for about 10 years and became a butcher you i was a restaurant cook started in sxos and went to uc; isn't that so and opened a cafe we have produce from small farms without small butcher shops hard for small farms to survive we have a been a butcher shop since 1901 in the heights floor and the case are about from 1955 and it is only been a butcher shot not a lot of businesses if san francisco that have only been one thing.
4:56 pm
>> i'm all for vegetarians if you eat meat eat meat for quality and if we care of we're in a losing battle we need to support butcher shops eat less we sell the chickens with the head and feet open somebody has to make money when you pay $25 for a chicken i guarantee if you go to save way half of the chicken goes in the enlarge but we started affordable housing depends on it occurred to us this is a male field people said good job even for a girl the interesting thing it is a women's field in most of world just here in united states it is that pay a man's job i'm an encountered woman and raise a son and teach i am who respect
4:57 pm
woman i consider all women's who work here to be impoverished and strong in san francisco labor is high our cost of good ideas we seal the best good ideas the profit margin that low but everything that is a laboring and that's a challenge in the town so many people chasing money and not i can guarantee everybody this is their passion. >> i'm the - i've been cooking mile whole life this is a really, really strong presence of women heading up kitchens in the bay area it is really why i moved out here i think that we are really strong in the destroy and really off the pages kind of thing i feel like women befrp helps us to get back up
4:58 pm
i'm definitely the only female here i fell in love i love setting up and love knowing were any food comes from i do the lamb and that's how i got here today something special to have a female here a male dominated field so i think that it is very special to have women and especially like it is going at it you know i'm a tiny girl but makes me feel good for sure. >> the sad thing the building is sold i'm renegotiating my lease the neighborhood wants us
4:59 pm
to be here with that said, this is a very difficult business it is a constant struggle to maintain freshness and deal with what we have to everyday it is a very high labor of business but something i'm proud of if you want to get a job at affordable housing done nasal you need a good attitude and the jobs on the bottom you take care of all the produce and the fish and computer ferry terminal and work your way up employing people with a passion for this and empowering them to learn
5:00 pm
>> all right. [gavel] good afternoon and welcome to the november 30, regular meeting of the san francisco board of supervisors. madame clerk would you please call the roll. [roll call] >> clerk: chan not present.
5:01 pm
[roll call] mr. president you have a quorum. >> supervisor: thank you so much madame clerk. i do want to say as we start this meeting to supervisor ronin we're so sorry about the loss of your father and here as a board to support you during this time of bereavement. thank you to the san francisco board of supervisors acknowledge s commission acknowledges that we are on the unceded ancestral homeland of the ramaytush (rah-my-toosh) ohlone) who are the original inhabitants of the san francisco peninsula. as the indigenous stewards of this land, and in accordance with their traditions, the ramaytush ohlone have never ceded, lost, nor forgotten their responsibilities as the caretakers of
5:02 pm
this place, as well as for all peoples who reside in their traditional territory. as guests, we recognize that we benefit from living and working on their traditional homeland. we wish to pay our respects by acknowledging the ancestors, elders, and relatives of the ramaytush ohlone community and by affirming their sovereign rights as first peoples. colleagues please stand with me to recite the pledge of allegiance. i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america. and to the republic for which it stands one nation, under god, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. >> on behalf of the board of supervisors i would add like to acknowledge the staff of sf gov
5:03 pm
tv and we have the transcripts available to the public online. madame clerk, do we have any communications >> clerk: this meeting is accessible on channel 26 or by viewing the live stream at the most information way up to provide up to two minutes of public comment is to listen from your touch phone connected to the remote call in system where you can provide your comment. throughout the meeting the telephone number is streaming on your screen, 1-415-655-0001. and when you hear the prompt enter the meeting i.d. 2483 154 1056 press pound twice. you'll have joined as a listener. you'll hear the discussion once
5:04 pm
you're ready to make public comment press star 3 and listen for the prompt you have been unmuted and begin speaking your comment. the opportunity for comment this afternoon on this agenda is specific to item 30 that is general public comment. there are three areas you will be permitted to speak to once item 30 has been called. the approval of the minutes as presented for october 19, 2021. the latter section of the agenda which hosts items not heard in committee, items 31 through 33 and the matters not on the agenda but within the subject matter of the board of supervisors all the other will have been fulfilled you use u.s. mail send it to the san francisco board of supervisors number 1 carlton b. good place city hall room 244 in san
5:05 pm
francisco, california, 91402 or using the e-mail address bos at and interpretation will be invited to assist speakers with their language needs and we'll have the interpreters introduce themselves and the services they will provide to the public. this afternoon we have agnes li assisting in chinese and arturo casanza if your having trouble with the meeting call the clerk's office. we have a live person standing by to assist you to access this meeting. thank you, mr. president. that concludes my communication. >> supervisor: thank you, madame clerk. before we get started a friendly reminder, colleagues, please
5:06 pm
mute your microphones when you're not speaking. madame clerk let's go to our approval of the meeting minutes from the october 19, 2021 regular board meeting. i don't see anyone wishing to make changes so we'll entertain a motion to approve the minutes made by supervisor stefani seconded by supervisor preston. >> clerk: on the minutes as presented for october 19, supervisor mar. supervisor melgar. >> aye. >> clerk: supervisor peskin, aye. supervisor ronin. supervisor safai. aye. supervisor walton.
5:07 pm
aye. supervisor chan. aye. supervisor mandelman. aye. >> supervisor: the minutes are approved as presented. madame clerk let's go to content items 1 through 7. >> clerk: they're on consent these items are considered to be routine. if a member objects, an item may be removed and considered separately. >> supervisor: thank you. seeing no one on the roster we can take the items, same house, same call and without objection the ordinances are passed and resolutions adopted unanimously. [gavel] madame clerk call item 8. >> clerk: sponsor: mayor
5:08 pm
ordinance authorizing the municipal transportation agency (sfmta) to set parking rates at the kezar stadium parking lot, and golden gate park underground parking facility in accordance with park code provisions that authorize sfmta rate-setting on park property and subject to board of supervisors approval, and making conforming edits to the park code; increasing parking rates for berth-holders at the marina small craft harbor; clarifying that the fines for certain violations of the transportation code apply to similar violations occurring on park property; clarifying the authority of park patrol to enforce the park code and issue parking citations; and affirming the planning department's determination under the california environmental quality act. >> thank you, we can take item, same house, same call. without objection this ordinance is passed unanimously. madame clerk call item number 9. >> clerk: de-appropriation - department of public works and city planning department - department of public works - buena vista horace mann k-8 community school - $140,574 - fy2021-2022] sponsors: ronen; melgar, safai,
5:09 pm
walton, haney and mar ordinance de-appropriating $71,365 previously appropriated to the department of public works (dpw) and $69,209 previously appropriated to the city planning department (cpc), and re-appropriating $140,574 to the department of public works for a safety needs assessment at buena vista horace mann k-8 community school in fiscal year >> the board excuse me from voting because i live 500 feet within the property and request to be excused. >> supervisor: thank you. motion made by supervisor peskin to excuse supervisor mandell. . madame clerk. >> clerk: on the motion to excuse supervisor mandelman from item 9. supervisor mar. aye. supervisor melgar, aye. supervisor preston, aye. supervisor ronin, aye. supervisor safai, aye. supervisor stefani, aye.
5:10 pm
supervisor walton. aye. supervisor chan, aye. supervisor haney, aye. there are 10 ayes. >> supervisor: supervisor mandelman is excused from item number 9. supervisor ronin. >> we're voting to re-appropriate to perform a third-party inspection of the horace mann facility and i'm sorry i wasn't hear for the first reading. thank you to supervisor melgar for presenting on the first reading and thank you to my colleagues for voting to approve this. last month i held a hearing on the dangerous conditions of the horace mann and the community demanded to have a school facility assessed by a non-usfd
5:11 pm
assessor and the ordinance redirects unspent money from the city wide spending plan originally slated for improvements and that project went on pause during the pandemic and with the storm resiliency project going forward the funds lil -- will no longer be need. the proposal to allocate bond money to fully renovate horace mann's fast because of the design phase it could take months if not years we're having public works do an immediate assessment of any immediate work that needs to be done and started the assessment. i'd like to thank my co-sponsors, supervisor melgar, president walton and supervisor
5:12 pm
haney, safai and mar and look forward to add much needed resources to our beloved community school. i ask for your support in voting to improve the much needed funding. thank you. >> supervisor: thank you, supervisor ronin. >> thank you, supervisor ronen for your leadership i would like to add myself but only if that does not -- i know it's a second reading so i don't want to do anything that would delay anything but i assume sponsorship would not affect anything. >> clerk: that's correct. >> supervisor: i would like to thank supervisor ronen her work though this appropriation is not directly related to helps with the redirection of funding from the bond that was approved. i want to thank supervisor ronen for your advocacy because not only is this going to support
5:13 pm
changes at buena vista, horace mann and i appreciate you for that. madame clerk please call the roll. >> clerk: supervisor mar. aye. supervisor melgar. aye. supervisor peskin aye, supervisor stefani, aye. supervisor walton, aye. supervisor chan, aye. supervisor haney, aye. there are 10 ayes. >> supervisor: thank you, without objection the motion is approved with supervisor mandelman excused. supervisor mandelman we are looking forward to seeing your return. madame clerk please call item number 10.
5:14 pm
an ordinance to spend an approximately $3.4 million grant to pay for the following five positions and to amend the annual salary ordinance for physical years '21 to '23 to provide for the addition of the following full-time position in the mayor's office. mayoral staff category 16 position, and at the office of the city administrator for 10-43 engineer positions and two grant-funded class 10-53 business analyst position through august 31, 2024. >> supervisor: thank you, madame clerk, seeing no one on the roster please call the roll. >> clerk: mar aye. supervisor melgar, aye. supervisor peskin, aye. supervisor preston, no.
5:15 pm
supervisor ronen, aye. supervisor safai, aye. supervisor stefani, aye. supervisor walton, aye. supervisor chan, aye. supervisor haney, aye, supervisor mandelman, aye. there are 10 ayes and one no with supervisor preston in the dissent. >> supervisor: without objection the ordinance is passed 10-1 with supervisor preston in the dissent. madame clerk, please call item 11. >> clerk: an ordinance revealing he code associated with oil and gas and amend the definitions of heavy manufacturing 2 and 3 and
5:16 pm
fuel purposes to affirm the see qua determine fage and make the appropriate findings. >> supervisor: thank you, supervisor ronen. >> i'd like to request to be add adds co-sponsor. >> supervisor: call the roll for item 11. >> clerk: supervisor mar, aye. supervisor melgar, aye. supervisor preston, aye. supervisor ronen, aye. supervisor safai, aye. supervisor stefani, aye. supervisor walton, aye. supervisor chan, aye. supervisor haney, aye. supervisor mandelman, aye. there are 11 ayes. >> supervisor: the ordinance is
5:17 pm
passed unanimously. madame clerk please call item 1. an ordinance to accept the irrevocable offer of a 12-kilovolt pour line mixed use project bounded by third street and mission rock street subject to public power purposes and accept the line for maintenance and affirm the ceqa determine nage and make the appropriate findings. >> supervisor: thank you. seeing no one on the roster we'll take the item, same house, same call without objection the ordinance is passed unanimously. madame clerk, mreel call item 13. >> clerk: to authorize the sheriff to provide supplemental law enforcement services.
5:18 pm
>> supervisor: thank you. seeing no one on the roster -- >> sorry. >> supervisor: supervisor safai. >> we're requesting one more week continuance and we're close and the police chief personally reached out to request this continuance. i would appreciate that. >> supervisor: thank you, professor safai. motion to continue made by supervisor safai seconded by supervisor peskin. madame clerk on the motion. >> clerk: on the motion to continue item 13 to december 7, 2021, supervisor mar, aye. supervisor melgar, aye. supervisor peskin, aye. supervisor preston, aye. supervisor ronen, aye. supervisor safai, aye.
5:19 pm
supervisor stefani, aye. supervisor walton, aye. supervisor chan, aye. supervisor haney, aye. supervisor mandelman, aye. there are 11 ayes. >> supervisor: thank you and the motion to continue item 13 to the december 7, 2021 meeting passes unanimously. madame clerk, please call item number 14. >> clerk: an ordinance to aappropriate of $64.1 million from the fiscal cliff reserve for the acquisition, creation and operation of affordable social housing under the housing stability fund in fiscal year 2021-2022. >> supervisor: thank you, supervisor preston. >> thank you.
5:20 pm
colleagues, this is an emergency found for housing appropriation to make a significant investment in our city's ability to take at risk housing and prevent pandemic-fueled displacement. i'd like to thank supervisors peskin and ronen and chan. this is predicated on prop i which passed last november win the support of 58% of san francisco voters. the voters overwhelmingly approved prop i with the understanding the money would be split evenly between rent relief and social housing the first two years and thereafter social housing and this reflects the
5:21 pm
understanding august 11, 2020. the first year the housing stability fund oversight board unanimously the board allocate funding for the purposes of acquisition and preservation of existing multi-family buildings to prevent displacement. i want to thank the body for offering clarity how the funds should be deployed. the oversight board's recommendation respond to prevailing trend in the real estate market which show increasing numbers of rental properties going on the market at rising prices and with growing participation and interest by real estate speculators. they warned we would be seeing a repeat of the market consolidation that happened after the great recession of 2008-2009. where institutional investors pounced on at-risk players and veritas went from a local player
5:22 pm
to a real estate boheme -- giant and there was 117 buildings between 3 and 50 up its 99 have no connections to big real estate in contrast to the folks lining up to buy these buildings. we're aware of 13 of those buildings already be sold a quarter of which have been bought by veritas investment. it's clear if we don't act now we'll witness the -- we'll bear witness to the displacement that for years have ravaged our city and cleared out our long-term residents. the time to act is now. i want to express appreciation to many of the non-profit housing providers working with the mayor's office and some
5:23 pm
colleagues here on the board over this last week to advance broadly shared goals of updating and addressing some of the challenges of the small sites program in particular and while the funding proposal is not limited strictly to the small site program per se we know it's a critical part of the city's acquisition toolbox. to ensure the program is working as intended is necessary and having the funding it needs to succeed. scarce resources have held up the program to date and let's solve that problem. i deeply appreciate the widespread support this effort has received from more than 40 groups and organizations city wide with no organizations to my knowledge lining up in opposition. i want to note in particular,
5:24 pm
the support has received and it's important so many of our allies are on board for the plan and a want to specific and speak to the work with jobs with justice and the labor council and supervisor mar here at the board to highlight the housing system in the city has not worked for working class san franciscans and it goes into detail on what it would take to change that and one of the key recommendations was the very type of acquisitions that could be funded if we approve this appropriation. colleagues, we have before us a significant appropriation to honor the will of voters, to honor our word to prevent
5:25 pm
displacement and create permanent affordable housing by jumping our acquisition work. i'd like to thank my co-sponsors, president walton, chair haney, supervisors peskin, mar, ronen and chan and recognize the hard work of my staff. i ask we stand together and fund this critical priority. thank you. >> supervisor: thank you so much, supervisor peskin. supervisor preston. >> i want to thank supervisor preston for his leadership and join him in thanking the vast array of supporters of the legislation and repeat a few of the things i said on the steps of city hall the week before last with regard to the import of this legislation coming from
5:26 pm
a supervisor who doesn't generally support mid-year supplemental appropriations and has, i think, i a reputation of being physically cautious. if there was ever a time to pass this this is the opportunity that will stabilize people for a long time in the future. and in may and june a handful were board of supervisors and
5:27 pm
they wanted to devote this type of money to this program and the board voted man -- unanimously. the promises of the fund have not been fully met and a need to improve and make more efficient the mayor's of housing small site program. i think that's the imperative we can fix it and as i said on the steps of city hall i can't reconcile how we can be pro housing and not vote for this i beseech you all colleagues to vote in the affirmative.
5:28 pm
thank you, president and supervisor preston. >> supervisor: supervisor ronen. >> i got tricks going on. >> for the broader anti-displacement measures for advocating for the urgently needed funding. as a said in the budget committee hearing, the small sites program strategy i believe is one of our most important anti-displacement and housing preservation measures in the city and the lack of stable and adequate funding for the program has been the biggest impediment
5:29 pm
to the success of the program and the area 2050 update that was just adopted and housing preservation and acquisition is one of the core strategies we did not plan so i also wanted to acknowledge the constructive work and discussions that have happened over the past weeks with the mayor's office and supervisor melgar and safai very much involved and the non-profit housing organization that are central to the small sites program and this discussion took in constructive in identifying some of the challenges to the program that the non-profit housing organizations have been identifying and highlighting for a while now and so i appreciate the commitment from the mayor's office to updating and
5:30 pm
restructuring the small sites program so it would be even more effective in the future and i think it's important we work collaboratively with the mayor's office now with the new funding allocation the board's approving in identifying actual acquisitions and threats to anti-displacement threats and stabilization that exists in our communities so the money's put to good use. thank you everyone and i'm happy to co-sponsor and support this. >> supervisor: thank you, supervisor mar. supervisor ronen. >> thank you, colleagues. i want to first start off by thanking supervisor preston for your relentless fight on housing i came in today as my father passed away last night and i'm barely moving so i could vote on
5:31 pm
this and the reason that it is so important to me is because i grew up in a rent-controlled apartment in los angeles and my parents have lived there 64 years and if they didn't have that they'd literally be homeless. that's how important it is and that's the difference it makes in people's lives luckily in los angeles where they live this rent-control building is so old and decrepit no one would want to kick them out and move into it. which is sad for people who don't want a lot of money and want the conditions to be shitty so they can have somewhere to
5:32 pm
live and would rather have a house than nothing and all and because we live in an imperfect system that relies on market rate housing development in order to survive we have no federal housing program to speak of that is new today that is building more housing. we only have the very few programs that this city offers. nobody in the federal government building has housing. we don't have public housing in this country. we have to the small sites program and get to work with non-profit developers to get 100% affordable for people like my parents, my father, that's all me have. every building last year it was still over 70 buildings all the people might not have a home if they're kicked out of their
5:33 pm
rent-control apartments. that's how important rent control is. so we don't have time to just wait. we have $64 million we can put towards this purpose. why would we not do that. yes, the small sites program needs fixing. in fact, supervisor preston, supervisor chan and i have been working on that for some time. it's wonderful, supervisor mar and mayor breed you're joining us in the effort. we've been working on it for some time, our staffs especially but we need to fix the program as we save families that are being pushed out of their homes, possibly into homelessness on the street. no senior citizen should be homeless. senior citizens often live in rent control housing. it's the only way they're still living in expensive california. we must save every one of those
5:34 pm
buildings we can save and it's so important we pass this and the mayor spends this money and don't play stupid political's name with people's lives andth my father's name i'll be proud to vote yes on this ordinance. thank you, supervisor preston. >> supervisor: thank you, supervisor ronen. supervisor melgar. >> thank you, president walton. we agree on a lot, colleagues. we agree on the goals of this program and on the need to spend prop i funds for social housing as we have defined it by ordinance. housing that is affordable and owned by the city or non-profit not including public housing but that's a different conversation.
5:35 pm
and a lot of the messaging and in your speech by the sponsor of the legislation talked about emergency acquisition of buildings and i watched the committee meeting where a lot of folks came to talk about the need for emergency acquisition. and i fully support that. i think where we disagree is putting the cart before the horse. so promising folks that we're going to save them from eviction because we're putting money into this program that is not currently viable to me is an empty promise it's like putting gas in a car with two flat tires and promising people a ride. most the acquisitions for this program have been made actually
5:36 pm
bin an organization in the mission. there's several buildings under forbearance. i am not willing to keep continuing putting people at risk with restrictive requirements we can't just waive away. you all know it's a process we must go through to change any program requirement. we are just a few weeks out from negotiating next year's budget. i would rather work with the administration to make sure we do this quickly and easily to get folks on a good financial
5:37 pm
footing before we can start investing again and do it in a way to protect people not people more at risk. let me add that i think the problems with the small site program have been around for a while. before this administration started, we started talking about a small sites program in 2006. supervisor chris daly first proposed putting funds into the program from the affordable housing fund. it took almost 10 years before the mayor's office of housing put together a program and started making loans and the loans we've learned about those. the market in our collective capacity to make it happen. but fortunately it has not resulted in changes to the program which has put people at risk. the organizations doing it at risk and i am hoping we will be
5:38 pm
able to quickly re-pivot and put together a program that makes sense. most importantly for me, a program that can be used in district 7 and district 2 and district 8 and districts where right now the per unit cap and restrictions do not allow for acquisitions to take place and i'm hoping we will do that in time for next fiscal year so we can put the prop i monies into the fund and other promising social housing programs that we can still make up. that's the way i'll be voting. thank you, colleagues. >> supervisor: thank you, supervisor melgar. supervisor safai. >> thank you, mr. president. thank you first to supervisor preston for pushing the conversation. i think you and i have had good conversations over the last couple weeks. i think without bringing this
5:39 pm
issue to the forefront, to supervisor ronen's point there's been work to try to get momentum behind fixing this program. this program is broken currently. there was one small sites acquisition done last year. it happened to be in my district. often times it's us picking up the phone, calling the mayor's office and calling any interested party that might be non-profit that might be able to do this work. so i think my position is we are creating -- at this juncture, at this day, false hope we would be able to go out and do acquisitions. to supervisor melgar's point, it's not just about buying the building, it's about being able to collect the rent. it's about being able to work with the tenants existing in the property. it's about being able to manage the property effectively.
5:40 pm
and as she said, metahas been the main driver of the program and did a phenomenal job and that'd largest small sites acquisition of 24 units with five commercial space. without that many of those tenants would have had to have compete with open private developer raising their rents because it was not a rent-controlled protected building. so i have and have always been as former deputy director of community development very strong supporter of this program for years and fundamentally believe in it. and back to the original point of supervisor preston, thank you for pushing this issue. thank you for the ability to have a conversation about consistent funding streams for a program that is much needed for displacement and stabilization. fundamentally believe in that.
5:41 pm
i will say as vice chair of the budget committee, we are a few weeks away from our midyear budget instructions. we are one month from our six-month report. our economy, folks, as you all know, has not recovered fully. our sales tax revenue has not recovered. our hotel occupancy rate has not recovered. our gross receipts tax from office occupancy has not recovered. and for me, the issue also boils down to being able to make a fully informed decision of where we are economically. this is not about economic austerity. we have money en our account, thank goodness for the ability to have fiscal reserves. but we need to have the entire picture. last year we have a room full of firefighters and first responders here that will be honored. we have grossly under funded our
5:42 pm
paramedics for years and we had to make a mid-year budget request. first responders are essential to the services in the city. we were able to use with the ballot measure passed we were able to increase salaries for city employees. we have given cost of living adjustments to non-profit workers. we have a whole social service safety net that relies on our budget. and we need to rededicate to the small sites program. i'm 100% committed to that and thank you supervisor melgar for using your experience having been one of the original drafters of the work in the office of community development, office of housing going back a number of years pulling on that
5:43 pm
experience. i think that's important to acknowledge. re-organizing this program and making sure it works and fully funded is the right conversation to have going into the budget process because we will make a firm commitment and i appreciate the mayor and the administration making that commitment that they will fund this program moving forward. when you look at the amount of work it takes to acquire the amount of work it takes to manage and to operate successfully, i think we need have a fully fledged operating program and what i think the reset is about and looking also parallel about our economy and where we are, i think we need to make a fully informed decision where our economy is before we can start using our reserves two months after we finalize the budget for the previous year. so i will not be supporting this supplemental request today and hope that we can continue these
5:44 pm
conversations. that's one of the things i urge supervisor preston. i think he's shown leadership on putting this at the forefront of the conversation. i would hope he and the mayor and the board will continue the conversations to get to a fully realized program. thank you, mr. president. >> supervisor: thank you, supervisor safai. supervisor mandelman. >> thank you, supervisor walton. there's a few things before the appropriation i do not love. i do not love it's a midyear supplemental and supervisor preston was trying to get the board to do this way back when but the mayor and board made a decision not to fund the acquisition program this year. and in general i feel like when a matter is foreseeable we should be negotiating that and doing that through the budget
5:45 pm
and really we should only be using supplements for things that are unforeseeable. the other thing i don't love about this appropriation is it is putting $64 million toward a program we know is broken. supervisor melgar has spok en eloquently on the problems and trying to fix them and a want to thank her and for the mayor coming to the table and work on the issue and we've been aware of the small sites program in district 8 because we experienced as a say often the second highest rate of no-fault evictions in san francisco. we have very expensive properties with long-term tenants who have landlords and
5:46 pm
new owners can make money by getting the rent-controlled tenants out of the buildings and using those buildings to make a whole lot of money and that is exactly why the buildings are so hard for the small sites program to accommodate because the per unit value is so great. it's an awful paradox for district 8 the program has not been able to address at least in the three years i've been on the board of supervisors. so i've had reservations and expressed those as well and lastly i feel like this vote today and the way it's going to go down is a bit of a missed opportunity because i would have hoped that the board and the mayor could have come together around a shared vision for the prop i dollars and a plan to spend ongoing money coming from proposition i on a vision of affordable housing that would
5:47 pm
not have been funded but for the passage of prop i. that is why i'm voting yes today because i think there remains a fundamental disagreement between most of the folks on the board of supervisors and mayor's office about how to think about proposition i and what it did and what it meant. here's where everybody's athletics supervisor preston whether they're voting aye for getting it on the ballot but i think the voters intended it to be for housing that would not have otherwise been acquired or preserved for at-risk tenants or others that were going struggle in the market. so that is why i cannot vote no on this today. i have to vote yes. and i share the concerns like i said about a midyear
5:48 pm
supplemental for a program that i do not believe can accommodate that $64 million or spend it over the next six months but i do believe it is important at some point we come together and agree as a government we'll use this money for what i think was the crin intention of the voters which was to fund an ongoing acquisition program to protect vulnerable tenants and others who need that help. again, thanks to supervisor melgar for doing great work over the last couple weeks and thanks to the mayor's office and the mayor herself for hearing that call and committing to the work around small sites but i hope at some point we can come to agreement the prop i money is housing money and needs to be treated that way going forward. >> supervisor: thank you,
5:49 pm
supervisor mandelman. supervisor chan. >> thank you. i don't think if they didn't push the issue we wouldn't be here trying to fix the problem with small sites program and a want to thank supervisor mandelman about his remarks on why we're doing this today though, yes, i think some of us do share those concerns with midyear allocations and challenges that face the small sites program for the richmond we have acquired thank to leadership we have acquired about three sites and i think with the programs with the small sites acquired in the richmond it stabilized our community in a profound way that helps our community sustains especially during the pandemic and it's a
5:50 pm
meaningful effort though it's not perfect and we can continue to improve on the small site program and make it better but the voters have committed to fix the small site and stabilize rents to make sure people stay in their homes. that's a promise we all made when we proposed prop i and voters agreed this is how we should spend their dollars. let me be clear, this is not our money, this is san franciscans money and said this is how we want you to spend it and when we start to think it's our money or have to leverage over each other, that's the problem.
5:51 pm
i think it's important when we start to think like that and approach taxpayer dollars like that and so i am in strong support of this supplemental and i really urge for your support, colleagues. i do understand that there's concerns about budget. i for one agree. i think about forecasts and constantly try to better information the projection of our economy and where our money is coming from but again, i think this is the approach to what recovery really means for san francisco. if the working families are displaced in san francisco, then what is san francisco about? who gets to live here? what are we recovering -- who are we recovering the economy for? it's no longer the people that
5:52 pm
actually live and work here, the working families that we say we want to protect and serve and support. again, i urge you to support this and i want to share a statistic with you today that is pretty specific with the community opportunity purchase act to the body has voted to support. there were in july 1 through november 15 there were 21 properties listed and in october there were 38. that's an 81% increase. so we know properies are being put up on sale and families are at risk of being displaced. we need the money now and need to fix the problem now. thank you. >> supervisor: thank you, supervisor chan. supervisor ronen. >> i wanted to talk a little bit about meta since it's been
5:53 pm
mentioned and an organization i work with on a weekly if not daily basis that has been the non-profit that purchased the vast majority of the small sites program and this gets into the problems with the small-site program we need to fix and are fixable. it's not rocket science. these are fixable problems. number one, meta has a style and it's helped us have a chance of saving the latino community in the mission. their style is you go bold, you fight life and death issues with everything you got and then you figure out how to fix it if you get in a little bit of trouble. that's meta's style. it puts me in the position of
5:54 pm
strong save them but they're always 100% right of the risks they take because it's based on a love of community and on passion and fire to save that community. meta has a particular style. they don't buy small sites we had to beg them to buy the small sites. they don't have that style they're more as you said not the conservative but cautious side and they'll be picky and choosey and knowing the small sites program has financial risk in place. so let's not decide every decision based on a current financial situation that meta is in which have been working intimately on and intimately linked with covid. the reason the small sites program isn't working now is
5:55 pm
because of the mass unexpected, unemployment related to a global pandemic. it's not because of an inherent problem with the program. it's because a ton of people lost their jobs and can't pay rent and at more of risk than ever of losing housing. that's why we have to stand up for the small sites program right now and double down on the small sites program right now. that's why the program is more important now than it ever was before. meta is working this out and used fiscal reserves to pay for some rents of the units where the residents have lost their jobs and can't pay rent. it's not it's a temporary problem based on job loss due to covid. secondly, the second reason the can't put people into those vacant units is because there's ridiculous processes in place
5:56 pm
that make it a delay of at least six to nine months to get into an a unit and six months go by with a vacant unit without rent. that we can fix. that's what me and supervisor chan and others are working to fix during this debate and there's something fundamentally problematic high cost. to live in san francisco is so expensive. to buy these buildings it's very expensive. to sustain them you have to have an income that's not easy to get. that's not something we can change. that's a reality that's going to be with us so we can decide to give up on the small sites program and say it doesn't work and have a policy agreement from
5:57 pm
this today looks like we're in agreement and we have to recognize it's expensive, recognize we live in an expensive city, recognize not only do we want a diverse population but we are dependent on a diverse population in order to have the workforce to keep our city a functioning place. this is not an option. this is a necessity. if it's a necessity and if housing costs this much, why are we not having the discussion today. that's what you're saying, these are not rocket science problems. in fact, i've been workday in and day out with meta to fix it in this particular case. is the small sites program perfect? no. does it need a lot of fixing? yes. are the fixable? to a degree. those that are not fixable we have to make a policy choice today and say we will spend a lot of this because seniors should not be homeless or we
5:58 pm
want economic diversity in our city or spend eight of -- a lot of people can't afford to live here. do we want firefighters living in our city so when there's the next earthquake and disaster they're here at home? yes. if we're saying yes to the small site program there's no reason we should not be saying yes to the supplemental today. >> supervisor: thank you, supervisor ronen. supervisor melgar. >> thank you, president walton. i agree with a lot of the things you said, supervisor ronen. i think where we disagree is the problems with the small site problems are due to covid. this program has had many issues and the covid and the loss of income due to folks not being able to pay rent just put people
5:59 pm
over the edge of the financial situation that was already thin on the margins. i think the issue for me in terms of tactics is do we get into a protective war with the administration or work collaboratively to fix the problems now? it's not just this one agency we're talking about. other agencies that have used this program have lost millions because of the compliance requirements. [please stand by] . .
6:00 pm
6:01 pm
>> supervisor stefani: we do know, too, that the speculative market has undoubtedly played a
6:02 pm
role in exacerbating the housing crisis and have pushed vulnerable san francisco who are barely hanging on outside of your city limits -- our city limits. i voted in support of establishing the housing stability fund. that's why i also pushed for united stephenson street that would have pushed for more housing than this item was required to preserve. but this portion of the budget requires both the mayor and the board to agree. we know we cannot prevent the mayor from appropriating these funds and she cannot stop us
6:03 pm
from -- i also want to state for the record that the small sites program is not simply suffering because it is underfunded, it is in desperate need, as we know, of meaningful reforms, and it is desperately understaffed. before we refund this program, we need to know why it hasn't worked for acquisition citywide, and i need to work on that, and it sounds like many
6:04 pm
supervisors have been working on that. since 2001, we have not been abled to rehab a small site for permanent affordable housing. it is not for lack of will, it is because for the reasons that have been mentioned in this chamber today. in the past seven years, since the program was preserved, we've only been able to preserve 33 units a year. so the fact of the matter is this program has not worked, it will not work to the level of the scale that the funding will demand, and it's not fiscally conservative to appropriate funds to a program that has
6:05 pm
skibtly underperformed. i think that we recyst this. for me, that is -- that has consistently underperformed, and i think that we revisit this. for me, that is my perspective on a program that has underdelivered. >> president walton: thank you, supervisor stefani. supervisor preston? >> supervisor preston: thank you, president walton. i have he agreed with some of
6:06 pm
what my colleagues have said. is this a perfect program? no. does it need some tweaks? yes, but i also get concerned what a program that has done a lot in our city is per -- portrayed as a broken program and that it's not capable of being fixed or functioning. many of us, as supervisor ronen pointed out, have been working on tweaks to this. we submitted a document to the mayor's office. i do want to highlight the small sites program has saved 47 buildings in san francisco,
6:07 pm
386 homes, and this is for people that nothing available under federal law, nothing available under state law, and no other program under city law that would have protect does these folks from displacement and either homelessness or leaving san francisco. is it a perfect program? no, and i want to say and maybe just end on a positive note. i mean, there's been a talk about one provider, and i'm more interested in looking forward than backward, and i think that is a very positive
6:08 pm
step forward. to be clear, none of these things need to be changed to the board. the mayor's office of housing and community development could, in a day, an hour, a week, maybe at most, a month, work with the stakeholders and make these relatively small changes to the program to make sure that it is set up for success. and i, for one, in the spirit of looking forward and not back, i look forward to working with the mayor's office of housing and stakeholders to use this money to get it in the best shape it can be, and to
6:09 pm
also looking at prop i packaging, recognizing those funds as housing funds, and get more into a discussion of how we want to use them rather than this contentious fight every so often. i look forward to working with you all to -- to get these funds out the door in a meaningful way with the mayor's office in the event that you should see fit to pass this. thank you. >> president walton: thank you, supervisor preston. i want to say, i still believe that affordability remains at
6:10 pm
the top of the list, and i believe that one of the ways we can tackle this issue in san francisco is to provide residents with affordable housing. so i want to thank you, supervisor preston, for prop i, and working with us, specifically and more importantly, for working with our residents to acquire more housing. i will say the small sites acquisition should not be this difficult. this is something that should be bureaucratically fixed, and i'm excited about the mayor's announcement now, because once
6:11 pm
we fix those bureaucratic issues, we can move forward on this. with that being said, madam clerk, please call the roll. >> clerk: on item 14 -- [roll call]
6:12 pm
>> clerk: there are eight ayes and three noes, with supervisor melgar, stefani, and peskin in the dissent. >> president walton: thank you. and madam clerk, let's go to our 2:30 order. today, we have supervisors mar, peskin, and safai presenting, and we will go in row by that order, so supervisor mar, you may proceed. >> supervisor mar: thank you so much, president walton. colleagues, today, i'm extremely excited to commend
6:13 pm
the tremendous work and district leadership of district 4's bishop war. in taking this mantle, he expanded to northern california and northern nevada, becoming the first transgender bishop of any christian denomination, and i think bishop megan deeply for their willingness to serve. bishops are elected a little bit like supervisors, so i also want to thank the lutheran communities of northern california and nevada for choosing thoughtfully and historically and choosing bishop megan for this role.
6:14 pm
it is well deserved. we know bishop megan well, where they served on 33rd and ulloa, and where they lived with their wife and family. bishop megan again and again has put forth their faith into action, teaching us to always lead with love and compassion and to meet fear and division with being our best selves. so in recognition to the service you've made to our neighborhood and city, i wanted to take this opportunity to
6:15 pm
lift up your tremendous leadership and the power of your example. thank you, bishop megan, for being louder than other people's fear. our city, our country, and our world are made better for it. [applause] >> president walton: thank you, supervisor mar, and we do have bishop rohrer here via teams. >> thank you. it's great, and it's always great to be honored in this way. a special shoutout to the san francisco fire department,
6:16 pm
whose members i saw earlier on the screen. as i take on this new role, especially in a way that is kind of historic across the globe, i am able to do this work because i have a safe and caring city that i can come back home to, and to know that i might have to look up whether or not i can go to the bathroom in other places where i have meetings or i can be safe in other places, but when i come home, i can come home and do this historic work.
6:17 pm
i'm grateful for all the lutherans who are also doing all this work here in san francisco, doing the same work. another thing that i'm super proud of is to be able to take that step in caring for the community, but i've learned from my day-to-day work in san francisco, and to bring it to the congregations that i serve throughout this robust region. we go from visalia, up to
6:18 pm
oregon, and out to elko, nevada. and if you haven't heard yet, chief nicholson, pacific lutheran seminary, which is housed in berkeley, is going to be working to create a certification program and internship program so that all of us can serve first responders. i'm incredibly proud to be a part of this fair city, and for all of the work that you all do to lift up the homeless and hungry and people who live on the lowest streets to the highest street, and so i hope that you will reach out to me if there are other ways that members of our lutheran faith can help the city, and there might be days that we'll be knocking on your doors to do
6:19 pm
more to remember the lutheran community and remember that faith really does change the world. thank you for this recognition. i'm extremely honored to be amongst those being honored today. >> president walton: thank you so much for your work, bishop rohrer. [applause] >> president walton: and thank you so much, supervisor mar, for recognizing the work of bishop rohrer. supervisor peskin? >> supervisor peskin: thank you, president walton. i want to thank the san francisco fire department for your patience of one year, one month, and the last hour.
6:20 pm
with that said, it is my honor to have members present here in these chambers to recognize something that many of us may have seen a year ago, which was extraordinary, filled with valor and team work, and the daring team 41 rescue. it was amazing because the original 911 calls came in from multiple parties, so it wasn't clear what was going on and how many people were stranded. but the video, which we're about to see, speaks for itself. i know we all have collective admiration for firefighters,
6:21 pm
particularly supervisor chan, who's married to one. but we associate firefighters with running into buildings, not some of the less known work that's done. everybody knows that supervisor stefani and i like to have an early morning bracing swim at aquatic park, but the waters were different when firefighters jump in on october 21, last year, not in the bay, but in the pacific ocean, which, for me, as a 27-year bay swimmer, looked truly terrifying. and i want to picture what they are up against.
6:22 pm
first trying to find the party in the pitch-black freezing water, with waves crashing all-around them, temperatures in the mid 40s, hypothermic conditions. maybe the best thing to do is to cue up the video, madam clerk. and i want to thank everyone who coordinated this rescue mission just flawlessly, and you will see jonathan baxter does a great play by play, so with that, madam clerk, if you would cue it up. >> clerk: through the president to the teams, let's play the video, please. [video]
6:23 pm
>> this is lieutenant jonathan baxter reporting to you from the presidio. this is a surf and club rescue that we have for one individual trapped on the rocks, as you can see there. this came in at 1:30 this morning. we had four individuals lost. we have found that we have one individual that we are attempting to rescue right now. you can see right now, we have -- our rescue swimmers have just gotten the subject. the rescue swimmers have just gotten the individual onto a rescue board. as you can see there, we're going to be able to get this person rescued.
6:24 pm
you just saw the actual rescue live here. thank you, san francisco fire department. thank you, captain frank shea. because of your quick thinking, that individual's life was saved. i'd like to welcome to the podium chief nicholson. [applause] >> president walton: thank you. and before you go, chief nicholson, i want to say our appreciation for all you do here and out in your city.
6:25 pm
thank you. >> greetings, president walton, supervisor, and clerk. chief jeanine nicholson. we are silvservants. this is what we do, but i would like -- civil servants. this is what we do, but i would like two individuals to come up with me, as well as captain shea. everything we do is team work. what we do every day is team work. >> thank you, supervisor walton, and supervisor peskin, and the fellow board members.
6:26 pm
that call came in at 1:30 a.m. we initially were responding to four individuals that were off of marshall's beach which is on the golden gate cliff area just west of the golden gate bridge. the four victims were found in about an hour, down along marshall's beach, and at that time, what supervisor peskin relayed to, we didn't actually
6:27 pm
know there was a fifth victim. and after the primary search and rescue of these four victims, they were brought up to the command center of rescue 7, which is [indiscernible] and myself and captain arnold choi, we actually had to reconvene after the initial rescue to debrief with these four young teenagers that they were actually trying to reach the male victim that evening when he was stuck on a rock, screaming. after getting this secondary information from these four individuals, we launched another search which lasted approximately 2.5 hours by members on the ground. engine 14, led by lieutenant
6:28 pm
harry higgins, my station led by myself, and station 15 led by batallion chief [indiscernible]. this area is so rugged and dangerous during the day. imagine doing it with flashlights and small rope bags. at this point, we had three units scrambling around rocks around the water's edge, trying to locate this victim, who was out of site. eventually, we vectored in with captain arnold choi, got close to him, but we still couldn't identify him. at that time, we special called
6:29 pm
rescue boat 1 to get eyes have a different perspective. the rescue boat has different technology, fleer technology, and he was flicking on and off his lighter. he didn't even have a phone, and that fleer technology was able to pick up that brief light before his lighter ran out of fuel. at that point, the cliff rescue transitioned to a surf rescue, and firefighters kelly and firefighter o'donnell suited up as two back up swimmers, and we reconvened and had a game plan
6:30 pm
with a back up plan in case things went south. he actually had injuries, and the surf was rough, and, of course, the night time rescue added to the whole dynamic situation at the time. i just wanted to say without the fleer technology, we'd probably be out there still looking for the guy. but i have to say, even with all the technology in the world, we still have to send our men and women out there to rescue them. so i want to applaud firefighter kelly and firefighter o'donnell because they suited up and made the rescue without any hiccups.
6:31 pm
firefighter kelly had that flashlight, and they had to make that swim all the way out to the rescue boat without a flashlight in complete darkness, so imagine what that must feel like with all the little fishies and sharks in the water. so kudos to team, and if you guys want to come up. [applause]
6:32 pm
>> president walton: and again, we just want to say congratulations and thank you for your service. as you know, we are doing the commendations for the first time during the pandemic, and so it's a little bit different. >> thank you so much. >> president walton: supervisor peskin, you are up for your second commendation. >> supervisor peskin: thank you, president walton, for your indulgence, and i am so delighted to call up our next team of city staff who recently achieved i thought the impossible, the highest wage theft settlement in san francisco history from doordash, from the office of labor standards and enforcement. i'd like to call up director
6:33 pm
pat mulligan, and compliance officers, administrative analysts, and deputy city attorney. come on up, patton crew, and this commendation has its origins in early 2019 when my office started hearing that doordash was taking drivers' tips and using it to supplement their income.
6:34 pm
the behavior was frankly shocking and caused me to publicly call on l.o.s.e. to investigate and take action. quite frankly, i forgot about the complaint until last week, when i had received a call that olse had solved the case and arrived at the largest settlement in san francisco's history, $5.83 million, and all but $187,000 is being returned
6:35 pm
to the folks who deserve that money. i was delighted to be saying it then, and i'm delighted to be saying it now, and it actually brought tears to my eyes. the credit goes to olsc, to pat and his team, to the city attorney, and i just can't tell you how delighted i am, and i would like to acknowledge my
6:36 pm
staff. thank you to my staff, and director mulligan, i want to particularly commend you on your leadership of olsc. i know you're not one to seek credit, and in every investigation, you graciously credit your staff, and five years ago, since taking the post on, you've kept your head down and done the work, and with that, thank you for your dedication and selflessness, and the floor is yours. >> president walton: and before you go on, supervisor ronen. >> supervisor ronen: thank you, president walton.
6:37 pm
thank you, for this historic settlement and for making this complaint. gig workers are finally getting a little bit of justice, but the fact that the settlement goes to the workers is something to be so proud of. i know that the office of labor standards enforcement is without a doubt to me the local enforcement worker rights agency because i used to go to
6:38 pm
many of those events. thank you so much for your leadership and work. when i saw supervisor peskin announce this settlement, i literally screamed out loud. we're so grateful for your work. >> president walton: thank you, supervisor ronen. supervisor melgar? >> supervisor melgar: thank you. i wanted to add my thank to your team, director mulligan, and your team. of course, i wanted to give a shout out to lin chow tin. very, very grateful for your team's efforts, mr. mulligan. this is a workforce that, you
6:39 pm
know, is a force to be reckoned with. i'm so proud of this city and to be a part of the work that you're doing now. >> president walton: thank you, supervisor melgar. supervisor safai? >> supervisor safai: thank you, director mulligan, and to your staff, who does tremendous work. this issue of wage theft is umm umm -- is coming up over and over again. i think it's really important to hit it from both angles.
6:40 pm
i just want to commend you and your staff. thank you, sonny, thank you, lee, for your hard work, and i know, supervisor peskin, you really appreciate everyone's diligence on this. thank you. >> president walton: thank you, supervisor safai, and again, congratulations and thank you so much to your team, director mulligan, and i have to say, you are one of the most humble and effective leaders that i know. you have the floor. >> thank you. just wanted to thank the board for their unwavering support of the office of labor standards and enforcement for their 20 years of support.
6:41 pm
[applause] >> president walton: supervisor safai, you have the floor. >> supervisor safai: thank you. colleagues, today i have the great honor of honoring one of the long time serving
6:42 pm
nonprofits child care providers which started in the mission. that's why it has the name mission child care consortium, but they had to search for a permanent location. that location has been in the excelsior since the late 90s. they were established in the 1970s to provide comprehensive daycare mostly to immigrant families. they have a diverse set of
6:43 pm
clients that represent san francisco. many are monolingual families, many of whom pay as little as $25 a month, which is so important to our immigrant families. mission child care also provides a high quality work and educational environment for their staff that are interested in understanding and facilitating appropriate child
6:44 pm
care education. their numbers shrunk from 224 child care spots to as low as the 30s during the pandemic, but they remained open, and they worked diligently to remain a provider. i'm proud to say one of the things that we did with mayor lee was work with mission child care and enable them to buy their building, which was one of the things that enabled them to survive this pandemic. we're thankful for mission child care and the number of families that they've served over the years. they are the largest non-san francisco unified school district child care facility in the entire city, and we hope they grow back to the numbers
6:45 pm
prior to covid, so all that sod -- said, i'd like to turn it over to mission child care for a few remarks. [applause] >> president walton: thank you, supervisor safai, and i do see we have melody on teams. >> hi. thank you, supervisor. can you hear me? >> president walton: yes. >> i want to thank supervisor safai [indiscernible] of the
6:46 pm
inner mission and excelsior districts [indiscernible] as broad collaborations and unity among other wraparound agencies in the district. i am privileged to have worked with the dedicated staff [indiscernible] we are appreciative of all the mayors of san francisco that have partaken in the development of mission child care consortium. most of all, our biggest thank you goes to supervisor ahsha safai for his support and always having mission child care's best interests and reminding everyone [indiscernible] of our committed district 11. thank you. i will hand it over to mr. joseph santiago, who would like to say a few words.
6:47 pm
>> clerk: mrs. santana, your camera is closed. i just wanted to let you know that. >> yeah, i'm having problems with the camera. okay. [indiscernible] my apology. >> my name is joe santiago. i've been working with mission child care since it started back in the mission district. i am so grateful. i want everybody to know that if it wasn't for mayor ed lee and ahsha safai, mission child
6:48 pm
care would probably have had to close its doors in 2017 because the owners were raising our rent, and we were not going to be able to pay that kind of rent. we were able to obtain a building, and that was the biggest thing that could have ever happened to mission child care, the consortium with supervisor ahsha safai, and our families are so grateful we have child care in the excelsior. our goal is to reach 224 again so we can keep providing child care services to all the families in san francisco. thank you for this honor. [applause] >> president walton: thank you so much for your continued work
6:49 pm
for our families here in san francisco. thank you so much, supervisor safai, and i believe you have one more commendation. >> supervisor safai: yes. i just wanted to double-check with the clerk. is mr. sergio pena -- >> clerk: we just checked a moment ago. they're not there. pardon me, supervisor safai. they are on the phone. they are having trouble signing in, and we are working with them signing in. >> president walton: okay. supervisor safai? >> supervisor safai: thank you. the furniture store has partnered with countless nonprofits over the years and provided many, many discounts
6:50 pm
and free goods to the community members in the district in need in districts 9, 10, and 11. during the pandemic, home delivery, as all of us know, became such a huge part of the ways families received their food services, and so many families were in their home environments on a more daily and consistent basis. as service providers would make deliveries, they would notice that many children were without furniture or beds, and these were things that they heard. sergio and his team would ensure furniture items and beds for the children to ensure that the family was comfortable at their home. sergio thanks and credits his team for the location and assembly of those items for those families who never would have been able to have those
6:51 pm
items without those services. sergio believes that this strengthens the community, so i just want to thank him for his tremendous work and giving back to the community when so many others didn't and helping make lives easier and more comfortable both literally and figuratively during one of the worst times in our country's history over the last 100 years, so i want to thank him and el corazon gallery. if he's available, i'd like him to say a few words. [applause] >> president walton: and i believe we have sergio now. >> supervisor safai: sergio?
6:52 pm
>> yes. >> supervisor safai: the floor is yours. >> first of all, i want to say thank you to the mission, and i believe a healthy community is a healthy business, and we are here to help the families and support every single family in the city, and together, we can come out of this one. >> supervisor safai: thank you so much. [applause] >> president walton: thank you so much, sergio, and we know that a lot of people have had to step up and focus and pivot and provide services for community outside of their typical role, and so we just want to say thank you so much for your work during this
6:53 pm
period. >> thank you. thank you so much, and we hope to be here another 100 years together and help more families and make the community stronger. >> president walton: thank you, and this concludes our 2:30 p.m. special order. madam clerk, let's go back to item 15. >> clerk: thank you. item 15 is an ordinance waiving the banner fees under public works code section for the placement of up to 300 banners per year, for three years starting on november 20, 2021, by the office of economic and workforce development to publicize the city's shop and dine in the 49 campaign, and affirming the findings under ceqa. >> president walton: thank you, madam clerk.
6:54 pm
seeing no names on the roster, please call the roll. >> clerk: on item 15 -- [roll call] >> clerk: there are 11 ayes. >> president walton: without objection, this ordinance is passed on first reading unanimously. madam clerk, please call item 16. >> clerk: item 16 is a resolution to approve the amendment to the graemt between the san francisco aids foundation and the department of public health to provide hiv prevention services through citywide syringe access and disposal services, to increase the contract contact by 6.5 million, for a total amount not to exceed 42.1 million, with no change to the contract
6:55 pm
term of july 1, 2016, through june 30, 2026. >> president walton: thank you, madam clerk. seeing no names on the roster, we can call this same house, same call, and the resolution is approved. madam clerk, please call item 17. >> clerk: item 17 is a resolution approving an agreement between the city and county and pacific gas and electric company establishes requirements for certain affordable housing projects to connect to the electric grid for a term of ten or more years. >> president walton: thank you. seeing no names on the roster, we can take this item same house, same call. the resolution is passed. madam clerk, please call item 18. >> clerk: thank you. item 18 is a resolution ratifying the conditional property exchange agreement and related transaction documents
6:56 pm
with eqx jackson sq holdco, l.l.c., for a transfer of city real property at 530 sansome street and making the appropriate findings. >> president walton: thank you. seeing no names on the roster, we can take this item same house, same call. madam clerk, please call item 19. >> clerk: item 19 is a resolution authorizing the department of public health to submit a one-year application for calendar year 2022 to continue to receive funding for the integrated hiv surveillance and prevention programs for health departments from the centers of disease control and prevention, requesting 5 million in hiv prevention funding for san francisco from january 1, 2022 through december 31, 2022. >> president walton: thank you.
6:57 pm
seeing no names on the roster, we can take this same house, same call. madam clerk, please call item 20. >> clerk: item 20 is a resolution authorizing the issuance and sale of bonds of the san francisco unified school district, prescribing the terms of sail of not to exceed 284.25 million of said g.o. bonds, approving the forms of one or more paying agent agreements, and authorizing the execution of necessary documents and certificates relating to such bonds. >> president walton: thank you. seeing no names on the roster, we can take this same house, same call. madam clerk, please call item 21. >> clerk: item 21 # is a resolution approving and authorizing an agreement for the conveyance and acceptance by the director of property on
6:58 pm
behalf of the mayor's office of housing and community development and c.h. acquisitions 2, l.l.c., of a parcel of real estate and to adopt the appropriate findings. >> president walton: thank you. supervisor ronen? >> supervisor ronen: thank you, president walton. colleagues, as most of you know, the parcel that wraps around the b.a.r.t. plaza at mission and 16 streets was the subject of a long and hard fought effort by community housing advocates to replace the community housing project with one that would respond to the community's most urgent need, which is affordable
6:59 pm
housing. i want to thank supervisors haney and preston for your strong support in this entire effort. the marvel will be the kind of development that the whole city is proud of. tall, dense, green, architecturally beautiful, sitting right on top of a local and regional transit hub, and 100% affordable, a true response to our climate and affordable crises. this is one step with several more milestones to reach before we get to the end of this road, and i can't wait to celebrate them and to congratulate the plaza 16 coalition and all those who played a part in making this happen.
7:00 pm
thank you. >> president walton: thank you, supervisor ronen. supervisor melgar? >> supervisor melgar: thank you, president walton. i just wanted to say congratulations to supervisor ronen. i remember having long conversations with you about this. i was the president of the planning commission when we looked at the plans and saw hundreds and hundreds of community members mobilizing for a dream that now is becoming true because of your leadership in ushering this project to where it is, so i just wanted to say, from the bottom of my heart, a heartfelt congratulations, and thank you for your leadership and working with community to make this a reality. >> president walton: thank you, supervisor melgar. seeing no one else on the roster, we will take this item same house, same call. without objection, this resolution is adopted unanimously. madam clerk, please call item
7:01 pm
22. >> clerk: item 22 is an ordinance to amend the business and tax regulation code to suspend the imposition of the cannabis business tax through december 31, 2022. >> president walton: thank you. supervisor melgar? >> supervisor melgar: i'm sorry. that was a mistake. >> president walton: thank you, supervisor melgar. seeing no one on the roster -- >> supervisor peskin: mr. president? >> president walton: yes, sir? >> supervisor peskin: i was informed tangentially, but i may not know what i'm talking about, which wouldn't be the first time, that the united food and commercial workers -- oh, no, wrong item. that's the next item. my bad. >> president walton: thank you so much, supervisor peskin. seeing no one on the roster, we will take this item same house, same call, and without objection, this ordinance is passed on first reading
7:02 pm
unanimously. madam clerk, please call item 23. >> clerk: item 23 is an ordinance to amend the planning code to exempt grandfathered medical cannabis dispensaries that convert to cannabis retail uses from neighborhood notification and review requirements and affirming the appropriate findings. >> president walton: i think this is the item for my colleagues. supervisor melgar? >> supervisor melgar: thank you, president walton. i would respectfully ask that we continue this item to make sure that individuals are appropriately recognized in this legislation, and i think supervisor chan -- >> president walton: so we have a motion to continue this item to next week's meeting,
7:03 pm
seconded by supervisor chan. madam clerk, on the motion to continue. >> clerk: on the motion to continue the item to december 27 -- [roll call] -- to december 7 -- [roll call] >> clerk: there are 11 ayes. >> president walton: thank you. and on the motion to continue item 23 to the december 7, 2021 board of supervisors meeting passes unanimously. madam clerk, please call item 24. >> clerk: item 24 is an ordinance amending the planning code to allow business signs on awnings or marquees in addition
7:04 pm
to projecting signs in various neighborhood commercial and residential commercial districts and in certain chinatown mixed use districts, and making the appropriate findings. >> president walton: thank you. seeing no names on the roster -- supervisor melgar? >> supervisor melgar: thank you. i just wanted to be added as a cosponsor. >> president walton: thank you, supervisor melgar. >> supervisor ronen: thank you. can i be -- >> president walton: thank you, supervisor ronen. we can take this item same house, same call, and the item is passed on first reading
7:05 pm
unanimously. >> supervisor safai: colleagues, i'd like to make a motion on page 3, line 16. >> president walton: thank you. do we have a second on the motion to amend? seconded by supervisor melgar. thank you. madam clerk? >> clerk: thank you. on the motion to approve the
7:06 pm
amendment -- [roll call] >> clerk: there are 11 ayes. >> president walton: thank you. the motion to amend item 25 passes. we can take this item same house, same call, and the item passes on first reading unanimously. madam clerk, please call items 25 and 26 together.
7:07 pm
>> clerk: they will both serve the public necessarily and convenience of the city, and requesting that the california department of alcoholic beverage control impose conditions on the issuance of the license contained in item 27. >> president walton: thank you. madam clerk, please call
7:08 pm
item -- i believe we are now at roll call for introduction. >> clerk: yes. first up to introduce new business is supervisor mar. submit? thank you, supervisor. supervisor melgar? >> supervisor melgar: thank you, madam clerk. i have two items today, colleagues. the first is an ordinance to establish the housing innovation fund. you will remember in last budget year we set aside $10 million for housing innovation, and we have spent considerable time and effort putting together an ordinance to provide the framework for how to spend it. i am happy to introduce this in
7:09 pm
collaboration with my colleague, supervisor gordon mar, as we have worked together quite a bit and spoken a lot about specific housing, affordable housing programs that would work on the west side of down as district 7 and 4 share a lot of similarities in terms of zoning and composition. so while we are making some progress on other affordable housing efforts, and our stock in san francisco, i want to acknowledge that the city managed mayor's office of housing and community development are doing things on the west side. we have a certain way of doing things, and that is what this
7:10 pm
legislation is meant to do. i want to thank my colleagues for considering this idea and also to mayor breed for doing smings a little bit differently. so we are making these programs be able to [indiscernible] so we want to make sure that folks that are house and cash poor, seniors like those who live in my district that have limited assets, that they can get services. the programs that we have in place have not targeted these communities, nor do they
7:11 pm
support building generational wealth, which is the greatest gap right now in america for black and communities that are the most affected. the legislation that i'm introducing today will provide the parameters to introduce the $10 million that's in the budget to help invest in our housing in different ways. the money is meant to invest in assistance for homeowners for small scale multigenerational housing. number three, for funding
7:12 pm
licensed child care providers so they can operate home based daycare in their homes, and i look forward to your support. the second thing i'm introducing today is a resolution honoring reeta semul on her 100 birthday. rita turned 100 on november 15, which we're declaring rita semul day. a native of new york, she first came to san francisco when her parents moved here in 1939. after married her husband, they travelled when he was in the service and shipped overseas.
7:13 pm
when she returned to san francisco, reeta worked as a copy girl and then up to a reporter for the san francisco chronicle. when she went to work for the chronicle, she had to sign a document, as many women did, that she would give up her job after the war. when her husband came back from war, she became the editor of the newly formed san francisco jewish bulletin. rita spent a lifetime, after she had her daughter, elizabeth, working for lots of organizations in our city. rita served on the conference
7:14 pm
that founded the san francisco institute on immigration and race, and became staff at the jewish community relations council, and she worked overturning proposition 14, a successful ballot initiative that had nullified the rumsford act of fair housing. for more than five decades, rita has mobilized broad coalitions to enhance areas of common concern, worked for those most in need and built lasting relationships among the way area's diverse community. reeta was also appointed by mayor lee to the human services commission. i want to wish her a very belated 100 birthday on behalf of this board of supervisors, and the rest i submit.
7:15 pm
>> clerk: thank you, supervisor melgar. supervisor peskin? >> supervisor peskin: thank you, madam clerk. i would like to offer my deepest condolences to supervisor ronen on the loss of her father, and the rest i submit. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor peskin. supervisor preston? >> supervisor preston: thank you, madam clerk. i, too, join supervisor peskin in offering my condolences to supervisor ronen, and the rest
7:16 pm
i submit. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor preston. supervisor ronen? >> supervisor ronen: thank you. my father, neal ronen, passed away last night. i have to imagine that so much of the man that he was has to do with the complex nature of how his country came to life. on one hand, he accepted family members into his home and lived in a society that was built by those who miraculously survived the holocaust. he told me a story many times of his cousin who hid during
7:17 pm
the war in the french country side, and after the war, who came to live with him. one day, when he was eating dinner with my dad, he asked my dad if he had butter on his bread, did that mean he could have marmalade later? that stuck with him. in the army, his dream was to be a pilot, but because his eye sight wasn't perfect, he wasn't allowed, so he did the next best thing, backing a paratrooper -- becoming a paratrooper, so he could be in the planes. after the war, he farmed land, driving tractors and horses and
7:18 pm
playing the accordion while fellow friends danced the night away. my dad loved playing basketball and broke his ankle once. when walking with crutches, he ran into [indiscernible] who told him he should be reading instead of playing sports. my dad also loved telling that story. everything changed when he fell in love with an american jewish woman from new york when she spent the summer there. my dad didn't have any money, but he nonetheless got himself steerage money to get across the sea to be with her. lucky for me, that relationship didn't work out. he started off in new york as
7:19 pm
an undocumented immigrant who stayed with an old aunt in the bronx until he could get enough money to get his own apartment. he worked as taxi car driver, super shuttle driver, and retired several years ago as an h&r block tax adviser. he fought the conditions he and his fellow workers experienced in his low wage jobs. he suffered from depression when i was growing up and felt shame never knowing success.
7:20 pm
my first experience with xenophobia was when i was very little. we were at mcdonalds once, and i remember a cashier once telling him to go back to where he came from. watching his reaction has stuck with me forever. it might even be one of my first memories, but in preschool, i felt protected of him. my dad was a complicated man. he loved my mother, sister, and i fiercely. he was always there for us and on our side. he would fight for anything we
7:21 pm
needed and had no trouble loudly making people feel uncomfortable advocating what he wanted for us. he was the first engaged dad i could ever imagine. he took me to school every morning and stayed with me until i stopped crying. i was so attached to him. every weekend, we did something fun. he was my tutor in school, taught me to write and got me through calculus. he counseled me through melt downs and when i didn't think i could get through colleges. he was truly my best friend growing up which didn't mean
7:22 pm
that i didn't rebel growing up. a few years ago, my dad started showing symptoms of alzheimer's. he didn't want to die. he loved life. he loved me and my sister and my mom, even when we fought. he loved his grandchildren, his son-in-laws. he loved his sister and nephews and will live in me until the day that i day. amir ronen is survived by myself, his sisters, his son-in-laws, his grandchildren,
7:23 pm
his great grandchildren, his sister, his nephews, and his great nephew. thank you so much, colleagues. the rest i submit. >> president walton: thank you so much, supervisor ronen, and of course, we will submit this in memoriam on behalf of the entire board of supervisors. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor ronen. supervisor safai? >> supervisor safai: thank you, madam clerk. can you rerefer me? >> clerk: thank you. supervisor stefani? >> supervisor stefani: thank you. i just want to extend my deepest condolences to
7:24 pm
supervisor ronen. since march of 2020, the police have reported that their staffing is down even further. the chief has shared that we now need to hire nearly 500 officers to meet the current demand for service. the fact is that crime is up, including specifically homicide, assault, human trafficking, larceny, and arson, but the problem is even worse than that in that it appears because daytime
7:25 pm
population still has not returned to normal. tourism and commuter traffic remain down, which means that it's even more likely that our residents are likely to experience it. retail theft has escalated to new extremes, and shootings have become a daily occurrence, all across the city, including a shooting in cow hollow that remains unsolved. we can see the increased need in the rapid rise for calls in service, as well. in particular, i'm very concerned about priority a calls, which are the most dangerous incidents and include live gunshot incidents, which have increased by 120%, and response times that have slowed by 17%. it's no secret that the san francisco police department has
7:26 pm
struggled to recruit and maintain experienced officers. a generation of officers have or are about to retire. the purpose of this hearing is to establish what the demand for service is, how has it changed since that last independent study, and to understand what efforts the police department has made to both recruit and retain officers, and i want to thank supervisor safai for cosponsoring today's meeting with me. also, i want to close this meeting in honor of a special person [indiscernible] at st. ignatius academy. father tony first arrived at st. ignatius in 1965 and would go onto serve as the school's
7:27 pm
president for 27 years, from 1979 to 1996. in 1974, father tony temporarily left s.i. as he was reassigned as rector and president of brophy college preparatory in phoenix. after five years, he returned and was overjoyed to be the president at st. ignatius. father tony was known for his charismatic personality. from his years as an english class teacher to attending
7:28 pm
sporting events, weddings, and baptisms, to serving for decades as president, he was a fixture of the st. ignatius community. he will be missed by the entire st. ignatius community, and the rest i submit. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor stefani. supervisor walton? >> president walton: thank you. today, i have a proposal for legislation [indiscernible] from entering into contracts or renewing their contracts with the city. i'm requesting to include an option for the city to terminate a contract if the contractor does not correct their violations with the olsc
7:29 pm
within a certain time period. city contractors should not be able to get away with skirting laws that protect laws or violate labor laws. we have laws in place for a reason, and if a business does not want to adhere to the law, they should not be able to do business with the city and county of san francisco. i also have an in memoriam for coach gerald rankin, sr. he joined his ancestors on november 14, 2021 after 69 years. he is a city ball legend, representing the green and gold of the old woodrow wilson high school, winning the all city champion boys 150-yard dash and
7:30 pm
at the city [indiscernible] coach earned his degree from the san francisco state university and enjoyed a 40-plus year career as a baseball, basketball and football official. most recently, the coach founded the bayview baseball academy at gilman park next to the old candlestick park. he loved his family and all of his children, and he is survived by his siblings, his son, his daughter, and will be greatly missed by all of our community. the rest i submit. >> clerk: thank you, mr. president. supervisor chan? submit. thank you. supervisor haney?
7:31 pm
>> supervisor haney: i do want to share my condolences with supervisor ronen and her family, and the rest i submit. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor haney. and supervisor mandelman? >> supervisor mandelman: thank you, madam clerk, and thank you to president walton for your introduction of the drafting request related to our airport. colleagues, today, i'm introducing a resolution urging congress to immediately pass h.r. 550202 without any future amendments. a few weeks ago, i met with safeway, who informed me that the market street safeway had the worst six month loss of
7:32 pm
inventory of any location in the history of the company. to better understand the issue and to try to understand the city's response, i convened a meeting with chief scott and d.a., and i was encouraged to see our police department leadership take the initiative in scheduling follow-up meetings with safeway's team to focus on safety trainings. i thank supervisor safai for introducing legislation to allow sheriffs to serve as additional security for businesses like safeway and was glad to cosponsor this important step to ensuring that our retailers have the support from the city that they need. the more that i've learned about retail theft, the more that i've learned that large
7:33 pm
marketplaces play about the theft of goods. organized retail theft is a $45 billion nationwide industry. cvs expects to close cases with amazon this year, totaling $100 million of goods sold on the marketplace. it is one thing for brick and mortar retailers to face fair competition from business models. it's another thing entirely when another business profits from selling another business'
7:34 pm
merchandise. unsurprisingly, e-commerce companies lobbied against the inform act, delaying the bill and resulting in a compromised bill. that bill nonetheless preserves the intention of the original legislation and would represent an important step toward holding e-commerce companies accountable. san francisco works to take responsibility for our share of
7:35 pm
the problem by improving coordination among law enforcement, retailers, and prosecutors. we need e-commerce companies to take responsibility for the program. i want to thank supervisor safai, and i want to thank jackie in my office for her work on it, and i also want to express my condolences, as well, for supervisor ronen, and my appreciation for the truly beautiful in memoriam that she had the presence of mind to compose just shortly after his passing. may his memory be a blessing, and the rest i submit. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor mandelman. supervisor safai? >> supervisor safai: thank you, madam clerk.
7:36 pm
i first want to start off by adding my voice to the condolences for supervisor ronen. i know we will honor her in the meeting of the entire board, but i just wanted to offer my condolences. second, i want to say thank you for supervisor mandelman for highlighting the on going retail legislation in the congress. i think that's extremely important. it cannot be understated how important a role amazon and other retail marketplaces play in reselling stolen goods. until they're forced through legislation or policy, they
7:37 pm
don't act, so this is an important piece of legislation, supervisor mandelman, and i'm happy to cosponsor that. next, colleagues, i want to inform you that i have asked the city attorney to begin drafting an important piece of work that supervisor peskin did with regard to street vendors and the work that he did there to limit that to protect existing businesses. we see, again, in the same vein as this on-line marketplace, we see a tremendous amount of goods that are sold on our streets without a license in san francisco. very often, it's very often that they're stolen, but there's no formal permitting in place. i think this is an important piece of legislation that would seek to disrupt these on street
7:38 pm
selling of goods. as we've seen and heard from many colleagues today, this is a scene we see all over the city that's reached its pinnacle one week before black friday in union square, where we all saw the tremendously horrific scene of businesses in san francisco. our district attorney recently charged nine individuals that were involved, but there were many, many more involved. those goods are then sold on the internet or they're sold on the streets. question put together an organized retail crime working group with chief scott which includes our district attorney, which includes our sheriff, which includes many of the retailers big and small around
7:39 pm
the city, which includes our organized labor, including sheriffs being surprised for security. it's the need to stop the street peddling. we've gotten tremendous feedback from our community benefit districts about this and the need for a permitting process to stop this behavior, so we look forward to stopping that behavior, and it will be a complement to the legislation that hopefully will be ready to vote on next week, the 10-a legislation. and finally, colleagues, just to add my name to the chorus of
7:40 pm
fourplex legislation. supervisor mandelman and i have spoken, supervisor mar and i have spoken. the fourplex legislation that i've designed will do a few things. it will enhance the missing middle workforce housing in exchange for some additional density. so in rh-1, rh-2, this piece of legislation that i'm putting forward today would allow the ability to build up to three or four units on these lots in exchange for a streamlined process that would include affordability, and we think that's an important thing. we look forward to having that conversation that the land use
7:41 pm
and transportation commit -- conversation at the land use and transportation committee, and we will have all of those pieces together. very concerned about not just having density, that supervisor walton and i have spoken about, but also balancing that out with ensuring that we're not going to encourage displacement or gentrification, so our purpose is to ensure that we are [indiscernible] one thing that i have talked about on this board since i've been elected, extremely high end housing and extremely low end housing, where there's nothing for that missing middle. we don't have a tremendous amount of that. we have expanded that definition of affordability. thank you, supervisor mandelman, for the work that we
7:42 pm
have done on the rules to expand that definition, and the work, supervisor melgar, that you did when you were on the planning committee. but now, this would be another tool on the toolkit to potentially expand density and housing but also to add some affordability partly for that missing middle. so i look forward to that debate, look forward to furthering those conversations at the land use and transportation committee with chair melgar's leadership, and then going to the planning commission and hammering this out and getting something important for our city that will allow for more density, and ensuring that we balance that, not to promote gentrification or displacement.
7:43 pm
and with that, i submit. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor safai. and supervisor ronen, you asked to be rereferred. >> supervisor ronen: thank you. colleagues, today i'm excited to introduce an ordinance to designate the sanchez building at 2774 mission street. the fourth generation of the sanchez family is now leading the operation with the expectation that the fifth will be joining soon.
7:44 pm
in 2014, former district 9 supervisor david campos [indiscernible] since i took office, we've formalized the structure for creating cultural districts and a number of new cultural districts have formed across the city, including the american indian cultural district that spans portions of my district and neighboring district 8. the identification and production of specific sites that carry the history and legacy of these districts is crucial. because of the leadership of the calle 24, it's continued to be a high traffic corridor with a high number of latin-owned
7:45 pm
businesses. the building now hosts a new latinx business and the iconic sanchez building sign still remains. i look forward to hearing this at committee and look forward to returning to the board with your full support, and the rest i submit. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor ronen. mr. president, seeing no other names on the roster, that concludes the introduction of new business. >> president walton: thank you, madam clerk. let's go to public comment. >> clerk: thank you, mr. president. the best practice is to use your touch phone. you will be in live time.
7:46 pm
throughout the proceedings, the number is streaming on your screen. it is 415-655-0001, and when you hear the prompt, enter the meeting i.d. 2483-154-1056. press pound twice, and you will know you have joined the meeting as a listener once you hear the discussion, but your line will be muted. once you hear the item that you want to enter public comment, press star, three. listen for the prompt that your line has been unmuted, and you may begin your comment. items 31 through 33, and matters that are not on the agenda but are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the board. as i stated earlier, the
7:47 pm
interpreters are on stand by and ready to jump in for today. today, we do have chinese and spanish interpreters, and i invite you to introduce yourselves and the services that you are providing the public. welcome. [speaking cantonese language]
7:48 pm
[speaking spanish language] >> interpreter: thank you. >> clerk: thank you both for being with us this afternoon. all right. so operations, we are setting the timer for two minutes. we want to -- let's hear from our first caller, please.
7:49 pm
welcome, caller. >> this is sue hester. i'm talking to item 32. i'm asking members of the board, to one of you please send it to committee to have a real discussion, not today, but before your next extension. there should be a discussion about how we can conduct hearings intelligently that are not remote. remote hearings have all kinds of deficiencies for the public participation and for audibility, and they take more time. so i'm pleading with you to get 32 passed. pass 32, but also set a hearing that is a hearing at committee that has a noticed agenda where we can have a discussion about the problems at city hall and the problems of participation the best way we have.
7:50 pm
no more remote hearings, please. thank you very much. >> clerk: thank you, miss hester, and nice to hear your voice. all right. so we have 15 callers in the queue, and there are five who are ready to make your comment. if you're one of the 15 and would like to make your comment, now is the time to press star, three, otherwise, the next five callers could go pretty quick. operations, let's hear from the next caller, please. >> good afternoon. as a native and resident of san francisco, i formally propose that a permanent monument be created and enacted memorializing the number of homeless and unhoused in san
7:51 pm
francisco. every social worker and outreach professional that i meet is incredulous, alarmed, and appalled due to withheld funds. a committee was explain and account for the exact number of lives lost in between when funds were afforded san francisco and when finally made it to the intended recipients. make the findings public so those benefiting from withheld funds are, if not penalized, are allowed the court of public opinion so that democracy can
7:52 pm
once again enact its process in san francisco. >> clerk: thank you. let's hear from our next caller, please. >> good afternoon, board of
7:53 pm
supervisors. this is matt sutter, purchaser of 771 taxi medallion. first, i want to, on behalf of all the cab drivers, give our condolences to supervisor ronen. your father will be in all of our prayers. the problem that we are facing is if the m.t.a. is not going to admit the failure of the medallion program, and the bank does not agree to bring down the medallion prices, we have a
7:54 pm
problem. [indiscernible] and when that happens, we're looking at another year or two. we cannot sustain another year or two, you guys. we are in a state of just absolute just give -- i mean, i'm about ready to have a heart attack, and i -- you know, same things being said and nothing
7:55 pm
being done. the m.t.a. has way too much control -- >> clerk: thank you for your comments. all right. operations, let's hear from our next caller. we have six callers in the queue. >> hi. good afternoon. good evening now. this is barry toronto. my heartfelt condolences to supervisor ronen. now i know where she her spunk and her energy. what an amazing man your father was. may his memory be a blessing. also, happy hanukkah and [speaking native language]
7:56 pm
. i beg you to put this off for a hearing. also, mentioning the new york taxi workers alliance, they got involved in the regulations. how it was phrased was false, misleading, and doesn't represent the drivers' participation in negotiations. i ask you to at least amend it to make sure -- please, i know that supervisor peskin did the best he can with his staff to write this resolution, but we ask that it go to a committee hearing. thank you very much for your time. >> clerk: thank you, mr. toronto, for your comments. all right. operations, let's hear from our next commenter, please.
7:57 pm
>> thank you, supervisors. this is mark gruberg. also a member of the san francisco taxi workers alliance, and i also send my condolences to supervisor ronen. this really needs to go to committee. the resolution does not -- the only parties in this that have a personal stake in the matter, and it's a huge stake
7:58 pm
[indiscernible] and it's happened to too many purchasers [indiscernible] they held a day and night vigil at city hall. they went on a hunger strike and only confirms the credit union and the m.t.a. and
7:59 pm
leaving out the people who are most at stake is wrong. medallion purchasers need a day in any agreement reached. >> clerk: all right. mr. atkins, let's hear from our next caller, please. we have six callers in the queue. >> hello? >> clerk: hello, caller. >> hello. my name is benjamin [indiscernible] i'm a long time taxi driver. i just thank you for showing up today, supervisor ronen. i know it wasn't an easy day for you. hats off to the firefighters for the rescue on the rocks and transgender bishop. it's been one heck of a meeting. i am calling on behalf of the
8:00 pm
taxi drivers, and i want to talk about taxi drivers and medallion reform. they got it done in new york, and we need to get it done here. they bought them for $250,000. they don't need to refund all of it, but they need to find a way to get them part of it because they've been totally hosed, and they just need input in the process. when it comes to medallion reform, sales is a failure, and i think we need to go back to a seniority based system. part of the reason of the failure is these drivers have lost all the income when they can't rent out their car, and they can't driver 24 hours. how do we attract drivers to the industry?
8:01 pm
i think if you pass a resolution, if we go back to the seniority system, if you have ten years in the industry, you'll get a medallion from the city for a nominal fee. if you're a driver for uber or lyft, you can say hey, i'll keep putting 90,000 miles a year on my car or i can drive for san francisco taxi and have something at the end -- >> clerk: okay. that is the end of your time. we have four callers who wish
8:02 pm
to provide public comment and 13 listening. >> hello. my name is emma [indiscernible] and i'm calling with the taxi workers alliance, and i'd also like to acknowledge that i know what it's like to lose a parent, and i offer supervisor ronen my condolences. this resolution just leaves me conflicted. the lack of transparency on sfmta's part leaves me conflicted. we have a meeting scheduled with them, but that isn't until december 9, and furthermore, we don't want the new york deal to
8:03 pm
be held up as a positive model for a deal here that might exclude the medallion purchasers. these are the ones with the most at take and the most to lose. i'm sure you heard what happened in new york. they never -- when all else failed, they embarked on a hunger strike, but they never imagined it would take 15 days. these weren't young people, these were mostly older men in their 50s and 60s. please acknowledge that those most respected, the taxi drivers, should not be excluded. our model may not be the exact
8:04 pm
one in new york, but it must provide meaningful relief to those who bought medallions in san francisco. thank you. >> clerk: thank you. >> hello, supervisors. my name is jonathan mead. i'm not speaking on 31, 32, and 33, i'm speaking on something that is relevant to your business. it is #30rightnow, which as you know, is a program that would cap rent for tenants in supportive housing at 30% income. mayor breed publicly announced that this was going to be funded, and although -- what i
8:05 pm
want to bring to your attention is i worked in public health and i worked at d.p.h. for 18 years. i saw day in and day out what the effects of not having adequate housing or not having adequate income to live in your housing does to people from a quality of life standpoint, from a public health standpoint. so i want you guys to get our department to do what's right. we don't have that many, you know, buildings where d.p.h. is in charge of supportive housing, but we do have some, and so i'm asking you guys to get on the phone with grant co


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