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tv   Citizens General Obligation Bond Oversight Committee  SFGTV  December 11, 2021 7:30pm-12:16am PST

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>> by webex pursuant to the governor's and the bond oversight committee will convene remotely until the committee is authorized to meet in person. public comment will be available on each item on the agenda. comments or opportunities to speak during the public comment period are available by a phone call by calling 415-655-0001, and again, 415-655-0001, access code (187) 863-2180.
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187 863 2180 and then pound and pound then. when connected, you hear the meeting discussion, but you will be muted and in listening mode only. when your item of interest comes up, dial star three to be added to the speaker line and speak slowly and clearly and turn down the television and radio. you may submit public comment via email to and it will be forwarded to the committee and included as part of the official file. please note this meeting is recorded and will be available at vice chair matthews, may i take role? >> may i take roll?
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>> yes, thank you. >> clerk: member larkin. >> present. >> vice chair matthews. >> present. >> clerk: chair mchugh is absent. member pantoja? >> a here. >> a member post? >> present. >> member sanderlin? >> present. >> it is 9:35 a.m. for the record. before we go to agenda item 2, i will read the land acknowledgment for the ramaytush ohlone. the citizen's general obligation bond oversight committee acknowledges that we are on the unceded ancestral homeland of the ramaytush ohlone who are the original inhabitants of the san
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francisco peninsula. as the indigenous stewards of this land and in accordance with their traditions, the ramaytush ohlone have never ceded, lost, nor forgotten their responsibilities as the care takeers of this place, as well as for all people who is reside in their traditional territory. as guest, we recognize that we benefit from living and working on their traditional homeland. we wish to pay our respects by acknowledging the ancestors, elleders and relatives of the ramaytush ohlone community and by affirming their sovereign rights as first peoples. vice chair matthews, maw i go to agenda item 2? >> yes, thank you. >> clerk: opportunity for the public to comment on any matters within the committee's jurisdiction that are not on the agenda.
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members of the public who wish to provide public comment should call 415-655-0001, access code 187 863 2180 and press pound and pound again. if you haven't already done so, dial star 3 to line up to speak. a system prompt will indicate you have raised your hand. please wait until the system indicates you have been unmute and you may begin your comments. please note you will have 3 minutes. force i am checking the attendee list. i don't see any hands raised. may i close public comment? force >> yes. >> a public comment is closed for this item.
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>> great. take up item three please. >> sure, thank you. approval with possible modification of the minutes of the october 25, 2021 meeting. we have a motion to accept? fellow members? >> an i so move. >> second. >> thanks. is there any discussion on the minutes? >> nope. >> shall i go to public comment? >> yes. >> we vote affirmative and public comment. >> we have to do public comment first. members of the public should call 415-655-0001, access code
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187 863-2180. tlesz 3 and pound and pound again. dial star 3 to line up to speak. the system prompt will indicate you have raised your hand. please wait until the system indicates that you have been unmuted and you may begin your comments. please note you will have three minutes. i don't see any hands raised from the attendees. so we can close public comment for this item. i will take a roll call vote for approval of the minutes. member larkin? >> an approve. >> vice chair matthews? >> aye. >> chair mchugh is absent. >> member pantoja? >> approve. >> member post? >> i am abstaining since i was not at the meeting.
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>> member sanderlin? >> aye. so we have four approvals. do we need five for a quorum? >> yes, we need five for a quorum, according to the bylaws. >> do i continue this to the next meeting? >> yes, if we don't have four votes -- if we don't have five votes, we can't include it. >> okay. this item will be continued to the next meeting. >> thank you. okay. vice chair matthews, may i go to agenda item four? >> yes, please. >> discussion and possible action regarding adoption of ab361 resolution for policy bodies such as citizens' general obligation bond oversight
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committee to meet during the covid-19 emergency via tele conference. this is the resolution making findings to allow tele conference meetings under california government code section 549.53-e. i will read the the resolution that was included in the agenda. resolved, that the citizens general obligation bond oversite committee find as follows. the state of california and the city remain in a state of emergency due to the covid-19 pandemic. at this meeting t citizens' general obligation bond oversight committee has considered the circumstances of the state of emergency. state and city officials continue to recommend measures to promote physical distancing and other social distancing measures in some settings. because of the covid-19 pandemic, conducting meetings of this body in person would present imminent risks to the safety of attendees, and the state of emergency continues to
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directly impact the ability of members to meet safely in person. further resolved, that for at least the next 30 days, meetings of the citizens' general obligation bond oversight committee will continue to occur exclusively by tele conferencing technology, and not by any in-person meetings or any other meetings with public access to the place where is any policy body member is present for the meeting. such meetings of the citizens' general obligation bond oversight committee that occur by tele conferencing technology will provide an opportunity for members of the public to address this body and will otherwise occur in a manner that protects the statutory and constitutional rights of parties and the members of the public attending the meeting via tele conferencing. further resolved, that the secretary and staff of the the citizens' general obligation bond oversight committee is directed to place a resolution substantially similar to this resolution on the agenda of a future meeting of the citizens' general obligation bond oversight committee within the
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next 30 days. if the citizens general obligation bond oversite committee does not meet within the next 30 days t staff is directed to place a such resolution on the agenda of the next meeting of the citizens' general obligation bond oversight committee. >> thank you. can i jump in real quick? >> just to provide a quick 30,000 foot view of the background, so our open meetings requirements are governed under state law by the brown act and under local law by the sunshine ordinance. and both of those prohibit tele
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conferencing for meetings. both of those, however, have been amended during the covid pandemic by the mayor and the governor respectively. the governor amended his amendments to the brown act -- i don't remember when. maybe a month or two ago. i don't recall. anyway, he's required all public bodies within the state to adopt this language so that we have to make every 30 days a finding that is in the public safety to continue to do teleconferencing. and that is why this committee is doing it and that is why all the other public bodies in the state are doing that. i just wanted to throw that out there. >> thank you. >> thanks. is there any public comment on this item? >> members of the public who wish to provide public comment
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on this item should call 415-655-0001, access code 187 863 2180 and then press pound and pound again. if you haven't already done so, dial star three to line up to speak. a system prompt will indicate you have raised your hand. please wait until the system indicates you have been unmuted. there are no hands raised to close public comment for this item. is there a motion to approve to adopt this resolution? >> an i will approve.
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>> second. >> i have a question. >> i have a question, if i may, through the chair. to simplify, it sounds like in 30 days, we would be looking at meeting in person? >> no, no, no. in 30 days if we are deciding to tele commute or teleconference, we will have to adopt that again. that is a completely separate question. if the mayor and board of supervisors decide us us meet in person, we won't need to do this, but if we don't meet in 30 days, we will have to adopt this resolution continue. >> this is a continuation. >> we will have to continue -- we will have to do this every 30 days as long as we're still tele jfrnsing. >> all right.
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thank you. >> member larkin? >> aye. >> vice chair matthews? >> aye. chair mchugh, is absent. member pantoja? >> aye. member post? >> an aye. >> member sanderlin? >> aye. the resolution is adopted and approved. vice chair matthews, may i go to agenda item 5 >> yes, please. >> a discussion and possible action regarding adoption of the ramaytush ohlone land acknowledgment resolution.
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this resolution was in your packet in the excerpt i read at the beginning of the meeting. >> we will take public comment on this item. >> do we go to committee comments first? >> sure. thanks >> i just have a couple of questions. is the group who wrote it representative of the community? i understand the resolution is noted, but who authored it? i just wanted to know if that group is representative of the communities, of the native communities that were here, that we are acknowledging in the resolution and in the statement. do you understand what my question?
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>> yes. i am not sure who is here that can answer that. i will look towards you, peg, maybe. >> i believe all public meeting bodies have been asked to pass this resolution by a resolution of the board of supervisors. i don't know from any personal knowledge about who participating in the drafting of it, but i think that is the process it went through. >> i see. so we're instructed to adopt it by the board of supervisors. it's not up to us whether or not we want to. >> yes, that's right. >> i just would like to say for the record that while i think it's important to make the acknowledgment that is stated in the resolution in the opening statement, i would rather see san francisco to do something materially to help the members and whereas we in this committee
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don't have jurisdiction over services funding and such, we can perhaps have a bit of fliens in park naming or something where we do work on projects. bart, i don't know how often you interact with the parks department, but i would rather see san francisco take the material steps to acknowledge what we're acknowledging the resolution which to me is simply window dressing and then perhaps name well kept open spaces in honor of the native tribe that were here and/or of course the departments we don't interact with would provide enhanced education and housing and health and work place opportunities for the descendants of the native peoples who were here. thank you very much. >> thank you, member post, for those comments.
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i want to echo and signalling is one thing, but actually doing something to follow up your words is something completely different, so thank you. any other comments before public comments? >> and member of the public who wish to provide public comment should call 415-655-0001, access code 187 863 2180 and then pound and pound again. and if you haven't already done so, star 3 to line up to speak. the system prompt will indicate you have raised your hand. please wait until the system indicates you have been unmuted. and you may begin your comments. please note that you will have three minutes. i don't see any hands raised.
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>> let's close public comment and look for a motion and a second. >> i'll make the motion to accept this item. >> an i'll second. >> thank you. the resolution is approved and adopted. excuse me. >> take roll call. >> oh, right. sorry about that. roll call. member larkin. >> aye. >> vice chair matthews. >> aye.
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>> chair mchugh is absent. member pantoja. >> aye. >> member post. >> aye. >> member sanderlin? >> aye. >> now the resolution is approved and adopted. >> to go to item 6 please. >> presentation from various departments regarding the 2008 san francisco general hospital bond and the two 16 public health and safety bond and possible action by the committee in response to such presentation. our presenter is joe chin. let me make him a presenter.
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>> this is peg. your committee is a little short-handed including not having a liaison to the bond, so joe did contact us about that, and i asked him to go ahead and present anyway. and we will work with now and hopefully get some new members seated before your next meeting and you will want to reshuffle the deck on of the liaison responsibility, and he did raise that and is conscious of the his responsibility to reach out to a liaison. >> can you see the power point and hear me? >> yes. >> all right. go ahead and start. >> thank you. good morning, vice chair
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matthews and members of the committee. i am joe chin, public works program manager for the 2016 public health and safety bond program. i am here to give you an update on the phs bond program and also joined by members of the public works project management team and client department representatives in support of the program and to answer any project specific questions. the last formal presentation was december 2020, exactly a year ago. force the first slide provides the funding obligation and as a reminder t total approved bond authorization amount for the public health and safety bond is $350 million which provides funding for three client departments allocated across six components. department of public health, san francisco fire department, and department of homelessness and
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supportive housing. of the $350 million, $272 million is allocated toley d.p.h. components including the building g5, southeast health center and south community center five components. this is a former acute care project and they are intended to focus on clinical improvements, and seismic upgrades and infrastructure improvement projects to allow the 1970s building to be seismically retrofit and converted into the ambulatory center which are the ambulance deployment facility and the neighborhood fire station. $20 million to the homeless oversite with the bond sales.
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and the team continues to make projects from design phase to construction phase and construction completion and near the with the health projects and september 7 and the ambulance components received the successful completion in may received maturation in november. under the gs5 component, we have five projects in construction as of the end of november. we also issued the infrastructure project by january 2022. on the southeast health center
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and community health center components, i am happy to report that based on the current construction project t southeast center and i am expecting to complete all projects under the two components by the end of next year. the program has completed three bond sales to date and that fully funds the bond component. and however, i do want to spend a few minutes talking about numerous item that are added at the last presentation which is covid-19 related cost and timing packs. and since early 2020, the contract has had numerous adjustments in the field to implement protocols, masks, social distancing requirements
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and safety and oversight for the contract and safety officer to name a few. the actual cost and time impacts on the actual projects and based on what we have seen to date is not as impactful as one would have expected. and as the economy starts to recover, our projects building five have been seeing substantial cost impacts and increases on the bid prices on the trade packages that we are currently bidding out. costs were driven by material cost increases, supply chain shortages that led to volatile price increases as well as material delivery delays as i am sure everyone is hearing on the news and we have been strugging to solicit more interest to bid on our projects. in the discussions, more than
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one contractor has decided to go longer pursue because of the high risk complexity and rigorous inspection requirements. the fact that building five is an active hospital and 50-year-old building containing significant amounts of hazardous material and beams make construction of the building challenging. and many preferences is to aword what is less risky such as non-hospital emergency or residential housing projects. for those that are willing to work on hospital projects, they are submitting prices where premium pricing that range from 16 to 40% higher in some cases. the 5.2 million which reflects $17 million to the southeast
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health sent arenaed the comment health center and is approximately $110 million. i am happy to report we achieved completion which is a critical milestone at what is contingent and the single method with the next eight construction projects and with the public health center and building 80s and 90s specialties and the clinical laboratory projects. with the complex tis of the project for building five and to coordinate eight sprath
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separately permitted projects. and to commemorate into the construction phase which makes the sixth total phase and in the next couple of years. and $37.8 million that reflects the reallocation of $37.8 million from the sfg component and combine and is approximately 34.4 million. the southeast health senter is located in district 10 of the bayview neighborhood. and flagship project of this component is the construction of the new 22,000 square feet health center adjacent to the existing health center. construction progress is going well and the target building with the complooegs and reallocate the existing health center and once d.p.h. occupied
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the new building, they will complete the side work and front of the existing health center and the target overall project completion by the end of the year 2022. i am happy to report that the project received permanent power last week and which will allow the contractor and delayed the previous projects that is the issue. this reflects the allocation of approximately $5.8 million from the component and is approximately 24.6 million. to track that seismically retrofit and are the maxine hall
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and located in district 5 and this district 8. the successful completion on october 7 with clinical services with the new is 75% of the complete. and second quarter of 2022. the 80th component with the ems division. with the parking for ambulance and fleet and restocking conference rooms and training rooms and other administrative functions. with the substantial completion. and this project is targeting completion of the work by the end of 2021.
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the neighborhood fire station component consists of the host tower removal at six fire stations. 6, 11, 15, 21, and 38. to mitigate them. and which will remove and complete as of march of 2821. and by 2022 and the separate stand alone project with the removal and rebuilding of a new replacement host tower. on the projects at fire station 37 and 44. there are three general scopes that are being tracked on the homeless side.
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and with the quiet access point at three city owned adult shelters and 525 fifty street and 216 building eight. and third, design and construction at 106468 mission which will become the new office and service space homeless outreach teen. and was completed in 2019 and with the to resume in july of 2020 and focus on critical building repair. earl yer this year hsh also received approval for both of the facilities that will supplement the bond funds. and this is a project that is
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managed directly by hsh staff and started in march of 2020 and the target completion of second quarter 2022. this final slide is a detailed summary table that shows the program and revisional budget and all bond components. and i won't dugo and at this point that concludes my presentation. and i am available for any questions you may have. >> great, thank you, joe. >> and focus on the board and i don't have any questions at this time, but any other board
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members. >> i do. >> go ahead. brian, first, i heard. >> and this may be kind of long. and it's a problem. >> member larkin. >> i will jump in, brian. >> okay. >> joe, can we go back -- >> okay. >> can we go to the summary slide at the beginning and maybe page two, i believe -- yeah. >> in the lower right, i had a couple of questions. on the first one t extensive planner view cycle and you may know this and maybe someone on peg and mark's team and is our cycle here in the city sort of par for the course in other cities in the country?
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or does ours take longer? does it take longer to get that through the plan review? do you know? just trying to figure out is this something that san francisco needs to sort of get its act together on and speed up or no, we actually, our cycle is sort of normal. >> good question. >> during the design process for the new permit center, at 49 south glenn ave, we have a lot of analyticals going on to test and see if the permitting processes were better or worse than some peers. and what some of the process issues were. to be frank, my knowledge of that is now two years old. and you have to drill down pretty tightly to the project type to get useful information about benchmarking. we are hoping to start up work again in early 2022 now it that's operating and be able to
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look at issues like that, but for now honestly, i would be only gesing. >> joe, what do you hear from contractors and other staff who worked in other cities perhaps before coming to san francisco? ours is one of the best or ours is a joke or something in between? >> that is a very good question. i don't have much of a timeline to other jurisdictions in the area. i can speak to just that the permit process which is only affects hospital types project under the state jurisdiction. and those are just very extensive. for any project we start in permitting, we basically allocate eight to 12 months for the plan review process. and obviously this is a state, so this is -- and is also
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notorious or well known for the detailedness of the review and drilling down on every single issue. it is very extensive and even after we get a permit, just during the construction phase, every time there is any change on the drawings, obviously in construction, we do encounter unforeseen conditions and construction feasible issues and those issues, they require the issue to be brought back to them for review and approval by the board and that process alone tends to impact the progress in the field. >> okay. in your view, is this taken in consideration when budgets and time lines are put forward for the projects? are there an a lot surprises.
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and the nature of hospital and construction and other construction and doing with health in particular is more complicated than slapping up an office building, let's say. so i appreciate why it would be more complex. i was trying to get a feel for not a lot of extra cost added to the taxpayer funded projects because of the overly onerous permitting or something like that. that is all i was trying to get at. >> if you were to compare the project controls of a typical commercial building or non-hospital building, there is a lot more project team members involved just with inspection alone and we not only have the team team, but it required a dedicated, what they call inspector record, that are the act as the eyes and ears of the
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field staff to inspect everything. that itself will cause an extension of the construction phase and contractor when they plan to work, nay need to include that as part of the sequencing of the work. >> and sort of related, the second bullet about added size and retrofit scopes. is this seismic fit when they were initially planned and budgeted and new seismic regulations and that i wanted to ensure that thanks are being planned for ahead of time that is my question. with the retrofit and the law changes which you have to deal with or don't get grandfathered in. >> and that is a very good question. that is, unfortunately, one of the issues on the health center
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components because the provisional scope were meant to be interior renovation, but the niez to seismically retrofit the building and we had to proceed with the size evaluation of the haul and that is the low seismic rating which included that into the scope of what was originally a renovation project. >> so kind of lesson learned, i presume, and know that seismic should be focused on more or something. >> good point. one thing we did as part of this program on just the public health center which is one of
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the upcoming project, one thing we did as part of the current scope was to proceed with a seismic valuation. we kind of did homework ahead of time and way ahead of the bar and we did complete the seismic assessment and understand the building conditions and done geotechnical investigation to inform design as we get into design of that project. >> that makes tons of sense. that is god. great, thank you. if you would slip to the next slide, i have a couple of questions on a couple. not that one. keep going. >> is the existing building staying up or being raised? so is the facility going to be used and servicing both buildings or what is happening to the existing older building?
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>> very observant question. the existing build willing remain. as part of the phase one, we renovated the dental building and d.p.h. is going through the reprogramming phrase to figure out the best use or reuse of that building once the new building is occupied by the staff. so there is more to come in terms of clinical needs and services being provided in the existing facility, but at the minimum, the dental clinic will remain in the existing health center. >> you are saying it is in decent shape? it is not junk? >> it is an old building and a single story building. we did a quick seismic evaluation and because it is single story, and cinder block
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type wall, and probably won't need -- not an extensive seismic requirement. i think the majority of it will be more interior renovation and truly get it into maximize the clinical work flow for whatever purpose that building will be repurposed for in the future. >> great. thank you. and maybe the next slide. i have one more question. i did have a question here. ambulance services in san francisco are provided by the fire department, but are they also provided by private companies? people are nodding yes. this facility is just for sffd, right, our public services. what kind of coordination exists between private facilities and the public ambulance service?
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how do we know that how services are coordinated? i don't as a citizen understand how that work. >> i see chief dewit is on the call. why don't i defer that operational question to chief dewit. >> good morning, everyone. i am assistant deputy chief and the head of the support services division. i don't really know a lot of information about the privates. they do have their own facilities elsewhere. they are private facilities and the way the calls are coordinated between the privates and the public is we generally -- san francisco fire department fields the 911 calls. when we have run out of ambulances or do not have the staffing to assign to a call, they are available on the radio system and they listen to our raid owes. we are able to dispatch them directly and they generally deal be inner facility transfers and other kinds of non-911 types of
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calls. but they are equipped to field them as we need them. >> thank you. that is interesting. i didn't know that. >> thank you. and joe, just one more. thank you for indulging me, fellow committee member. >> one more xhe on another slide. it was the fire hose slide. this one and that the towers will be rebuilt at each station? what is happening at the big training facility we learned about a couple of meetings ago that is moved from treasure island? how are hose towers and neighborhood fire stations complementary to that? >> the host towers were built in the 50s when we used to use a cotton jacketed hose that had to
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be hung dry. with the advent of the plastic material, we don't have to dry our hose, an and the hose towers are necessary and they are removed because they will fall down in an earthquake on top of the fire house. this is the only hose tower that will be rebuilt and it was going to be a mock hose tower. it won't really have a hose drying purpose anymore. it was more for historic nod to the to rebuild that. if it were up to me, i would say it is unnecessary. but we don't have a lot of money for fluff and i consider it to be fluff. that is why that has gone last with moving funding back and forth. >> and why that is being rebuilt. i see. >> great. thank you very much. those are my questions. thank you, committee members, for indulging me in them.
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>> thank you. member larkin, the floor is yours. >> in retrospect, i don't think i will take longer with my questions. first of all, i understand we don't have a liaison currently for this bond. i had previously been the liaison for i think a 2004 and 2008 and i can take over in the interim as the liaison until we get somebody else because, especially as joe mentioned, you are starting to see some, i'll say, delay related claims for both time and for money because of the covid delays and i recall that the city attorney's office sent out a memo to all contractors in march of last year outlining what the city was willing to pay for and weren't willing to pay for and how they would be -- and what relief they
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would be willing to grant the contractors. as i recall what it said was that they would be giving them time, but no monetary compensation. they will consider like a noncomppensable delay. i want to follow that and i have been following that kind of thing with all the bond programs since the covid delay began. this would be an opportunity for me to get into something at the requests for compensation and that could turn into claims. i will do that until at least we get another member to fill the spot. joe, i am in the way of a question, in talking about the homeless facilities that you were building, you mention that you are getting additional funding from an outside source, and i'm going to ask, was that money from the 2018 proposition
8:20 pm
c homeless bond? that was supposed to be a substantial amount of money, and like tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars a year. i am seeing that you are deferring what sound like pretty substantial rebuilds, for instance, on the china town community health center where you labelled the problem there or the seismic risk as being r4 and one of the fire departments had the same thing to defer until the next bond and if there is that much from prop c, we should go to that first to take care of -- because that money is available and use whatever money you don't have to use an homeless service sites or the other facilities that are with
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the money coming from the 2018 prop c? >> member larkin, thank you for the question. i will try my best to answer the question based oen what i am aware of. i see joann park from hsh is also on the call as a panelist, so i may be defer to her if i am not nully answering -- not fully answering the question. and recently they approved general funds, and i am on the screen for 1001 polk street, and additional funds from cpc to supplement bond funds for that project, for critical repair. and for 525 fifth street, about $8.5 million allocated from cpc general funds to supplement the bond fund. i am not familiar with the prop c proposition that you mentioned earlier, member larkin.
8:22 pm
>> well, you said you had someone from department of homeless services here who maybe can answer that question? >> yeah. joann, do you think that is something you can respond to? >> all right. joann park here with department of homelessness and supportive housing. i am the principle real estate analyst. prop c is the business tax proposition that got approved a couple of years ago, and it is managed by the hour, community hour, home committee and those funds and those prioritizing of the funds is overseen by the committee. so right now the priority for the committee is new housing, and also emergency services. unfortunately t focus right now is not on existing facilities, particularly congregate facilities, as we are finding a lot of clients are declining
8:23 pm
placement into our congregate shelters and that is understandable and going from and we are looking at longer term improvements to these buildings and we are doing some pre-bond and solution and is for these buildings considering that we're trending against use of congregate shelter. and whether it makes the seismic retrofit and possibly reprogram them or finding a new facility that doesn't require as much investment. >> the reason i am concerned about that is it sound like
8:24 pm
there is some real immediate danger, for instance, the people who are working in the fire stations and in the community health centers if they are at this risk level four, and i understand if i were a person who was in a hotel, i would rather be there in what you call the congregate facility. >> that is the better word. >> congregate. >> i can see that for sure. especially during the covid time where being thrown together, you are at greater risk. nonetheless, there is the greater risk to the people using the community health centers and if we could get money to them more quickly through reprogramming some of your money from prop c, which is substantial, that might make more sense. but i mean, i think i caught you
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a little bit at a disadvantage asking that question. maybe that is something you could report to us at a later date. >> sure. i think we are actively looking at these seismic retrofit projects that could potentially be at the shelters right now. as potential inclusion in the next housing bond, and so i don't think if we were to put in the request with the prop c committee if this would actually move things faster. we are doing the due diligence right now. and certainly i can move forward orred a vance your request to see what the answers are. >> and i had some technical questions that i think can wait if, in fact, the committee
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agrees that i could be, should be the liaison t interim liaison, for this bond. i will ask you then. i don't think most of them are going to be real general interest to the rest of the committee members. like the energy t building management system, and i want to ask something about that and boiler replacement. some of us are fascinating by that, but i think we are in the minority and let me quickly look and i think that pretty much covers it, but that was the whole question able to do that work at the homeless service sights was the think that i will follow up on that. that is all right.
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>> i have staff that are working on making decisions on programming the prop t fund and to get current information on what the forecasted plans are. >> it is not up to me, but you are fshl officially appointed as liaison. >> great. and is there any public comment? [please stand by] .
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>> great. may we move on to item 7, please? >> yes, thank you. liaison report 2008 and 2012 parks bonds. liaison is member pantoja. >> yes. saw on the -- good morning, commissioners, everybody. welcome to december. so, as you saw in my report with
8:29 pm
the park and liaisons, i reviewed mine and others, that's pretty much where we are at. although the parks recreation contacts have changed, i've just recently discovered, i reached out to a.j. tokes and antonio, and they are no longer a part of the planning on that. tokes is retired and antonio moved to a different department so i have made contact with the new planning department members so i'll be meeting with them soon and i will be able to, i believe in my report the 2008 bond is pretty much wrapped up, if i remember right. 2013 was also kind of, they moved some money around and those projects are looking to close out 2022-2023.
8:30 pm
so, ultimately i've been visiting parks and enjoying, took my grandson to mccaron park, i look forward to the new contacts, the new planning contacts and getting the plans for the upcoming bond, which i believe, i could not tell you right now, actually so i'm not going to say it. that's pretty much my report. basically i'll have more report once i meet with the new contacts. thank you. >> great. thanks. do we have any public comment? or other committee questions, sorry. ok. >> i would like to, matthew, commissioner, yes i will look into the comments earlier on the
8:31 pm
native first peoples, i think that is key, i've made note of that. maybe i'll have something to report on that as well. >> good, thanks. just things have, you know, area is sort of fitting in terms of open space preservation and stewardship of the land. thanks. >> i think it makes great sense. public space is a great place to start. great. >> thank you. any public comment on this item? >> members of the public who wish to provide public comment on this item should call 1-415-655-0001, and access code 1878632180, then press pound and pound again. if you have not already done so, please dial star 3 to line up to speak. a prompt will indicate you have raised your hand. wait until the system indicates you have been unmuted and you
8:32 pm
may begin your comments. please notice you are allowed three minutes. i'm looking at the caller queue and don't see any hands raised. >> thanks. so, maybe we move to the next item, number 8, please. >> sure. review of the draft citizens' general obligation bond oversight committee report fiscal year 2019-2020 and 2020-2021. presenter is peg stevenson. >> good morning, everyone. this is good news. thank you all of you who wrote text on your liaison sections for the report. it feels quite complete to me. we compiled them and just filled in a couple of blanks where you guys had a member resign or some other missing piece of
8:33 pm
information. i circulated the draft ahead of time to chair and the vice chair. vice chair mathews proof read it and gave me a couple things as needed, and my own staff for consistency and references so i feel it's in very good shape and would you like me to pull it up on the screen and step through it or did people have a chance to page through it in their packet? what would be helpful? >> i have a real easy correction to make, peg. capitalization of the first bullet point under my liaison report. there were two bullet points, two-thirds of the way down my report and one of them, first letter was an i, a lower case, and the previous bullet point it
8:34 pm
was an upper case. easily fixed. >> i see it. got you. >> good. i can point it out to you. >> no, i see it. >> all right. >> thanks peg for your staff's work on this. i don't know we need to scroll through it with everybody unless someone feels strongly otherwise. i think we have it in our packets. i have taken a look, yeah, we are -- i agree with peg's assessment that we are right there. and for the record, my correction were the spelling of my last name because, whatever. >> who would know better than you. >> i spell it right and they spell it wrong. but anyway -- >> when i had cut and paste your text into the whole, i left off a sentence and i would not have known that if you had not reread it. so thank you. >> i think we are ok to move on
8:35 pm
to this, and am i correct we'll have the final for our next meeting? >> no, if we are satisfied with it, you can approve it today and just give it a publication date and go ahead and post it on the committee website and circulate it to our usual suspects. by way of context, so people notice that there's two tables at the back, there's a summary chart showing status of the bond programs and then a detailed chart showing finances by programs. in the first quarter of next fiscal year my office will publish our detailed obligation bond report which in pastimes have been attached to yours. ours is lagging yours and it will have more detailed
8:36 pm
schedules. it won't have exactly the same sort of dial graphics that were in the last one, but it will have high point narrative on each of the bond programs, some of the same summary of financials and a little bit more detailed financials on each program. so like we talked about before, this -- that report is lagging yours. i think it's very smart for you to publish yours and not wait for ours but the two will be posted together eventually in the web section, so any readers could look at yours and then look at the city's own publication on this. if you are ready to approve it today, we'll get it ready for publication and put it out hopefully later this week. >> i would move we approve the draft annual report in our packet. >> i'll second that.
8:37 pm
>> great. we'll take a roll to accept the motion and second. >> ok. [roll call vote taken] >> i'm sorry. public comment first? >> ok. >> sorry, my bad. >> get away from a clean get-away. >> yeah, may we take public comment please. >> members of the public who wish to provide public comment on this item call 1-415-655-0001, access code 1878632180, then pound and pound again. if you have not already done so, please dial star 3 to line up to speak. a system prompt will indicate
8:38 pm
you have raised your hand. please wait until the system indicates you have been unmuted and you may begin your comments. you will have three minutes. i don't see any hands raised. >> thanks. now for roll then. >> sure. [roll call vote taken] quorum. >> thank you. may we move to item 9, please. >> yes. item 9, opportunity for committee members to comment to take action on any matters within the committee's
8:39 pm
jurisdiction. 9-1, fiscal year 2021 to 2022, cgoboc work initiative. a, public perception survey, b, independent review of the whistleblower program. 9-2, other committee business, 2a, public finance upcoming bond issuances, b, expenditure audits, c, public integrity review, d, year 2021-2022 workplan updates, and e, cgoboc members' terms updates. >> good morning again, folks. peg stevenson here from the controller's office. i'll run down all of these items and call on other staff as they come up. public perception survey, so to refresh people's memory, this
8:40 pm
is, would be the next in a series of ongoing public perception surveys on bond funds the committee has desired to do. we worked with you to do 12 years ago where we tested public perception on a street project and a park project, intercept surveys and follow-up interviews. we had talked about the next one, which would have focussed possibly on housing, jane was interested in that and between her resignation and the logistical challenges of surveying on housing we talked last time about not going for housing and going instead for other bond programs which are more discreet and easier to design surveys for. i pulled a list of project completions in the last two years and looked through it, so that's one set of information.
8:41 pm
the other is we are in a little bit of a squeeze with the survey providers, expires in the spring and we need to be under contract by mid march in order to get this done. which i think is very much doable. i've had a staff person working on a draft, but it becomes more doable if you can narrow your selection to again discreet project, simply to design the survey for. my recommendation is going to be you do it for a park project. there have been a lot of completions and the design in the survey will be very straightforward. all the other completions that i've looked at are less straightforward, so what i would like to do is work with member pantoja to review the parks completions and give him the cost and some other criteria which you might want to use to make a choice on this and ask him to work with the liaison to
8:42 pm
select a project and finalize the scope of work and then i think we could get into contract during january. my goal would be to have this survey in the field in the late winter/early spring. the reporting should be pretty straightforward and to finish it before the end of the fiscal year. so that's my proposal at this point. and i see the vice chair owed nodding and mr. pantoja as well. >> through the chair mathews, so you said fiscal year is looking -- we would have the surveys done or a list of projects to be surveyed? >> i have a list of projects to send you right now, and we can work together on the choice, and i have a draft scope of work and outreach, which has already been done to the qualified providers who can do this type of
8:43 pm
surveying. so, i am hoping to get a contract negotiated and done during january, and they could be in the field during the late winter/early spring, and again, i don't think this is a large project so i think the reporting can be pretty quick. so my goal would be to get it done and have the reporting available to you for, towards the end of this fiscal year and put it out before the end of the fiscal year. >> outstanding. so that, would that be more than one project that would be surveyed, or are we talking one out of the list? >> i think we should just pick one for simplicity and execution sake. >> okay. i'll be looking for your communication to meet or discuss that. >> great. >> and again, i think i mentioned this last time, but we also, we have a more generalized interest in surveying the public
8:44 pm
on housing matters, which is bound up both with, you know, publicly-funded bond programs, other sources of funding on housing, the city's programmatic on housing we think would be smart for a couple different program areas and policy bodies and stakeholders to get more public feedback on the city's housing program and investment, but it's a bigger project and we are hoping to get that underway next calendar year. so i'll go to the independent review of the whistleblower program. similarly we have a pool of vendors that are qualified to work on this, and a draft scope of work. sent them both to chair mchugh and was not aware until late last week that she is having to really not work much, if at all, due to her, she's expecting a baby in january, she had said
8:45 pm
she was willing to continue to serve through the end of the fiscal year but sounds like working is less possible for her. so i don't want to burden her with follow-up work with us on choosing this vendor and finalizing the scope of work. so i think i'll go to vice chair mathews for that task if he's willing and i think we should be able to get into contract and scope of work finalized and a couple of decisions that need one of your support rather than go back to chair mchugh, i'll go to vice chair mathews for that support and we can move it forward that way. >> yeah, absolutely. >> ok. other committee business. public finance. i will pause and ask if others can comment on this item. >> yes, hello.
8:46 pm
can you hear me? good morning, members of the committee, office of public finance. it's not very -- we are currently making preparations to allow for a possible refunding issuance in 2022 of the maturity, outstanding maturities in june should market conditions continue to be favorable. we also have place holders on the calendar for follow-up issuance of recovery bonds that was approved in the fall. also an issuance, but certain projects were not ready yet and we have a place holder to follow up on that and fund those. and then also one for seawall as well. i think based on the last conversations with the project department, we don't have a firm timeline for those, we'll have more information about those in early 2022. happy to take any questions if there are any.
8:47 pm
>> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> next item are two from the audit unit. again, whenever there is an expenditure audit there is hearing at your committee, and same on the public integrity reviews. i don't see anybody on the roster there the audits group. i have the email from mark delarosa about this subject. his report is on the expenditure audit, no new update since the last meeting, a total of ten, seawall bond safety program and public integrity reviews, no new updates since the last meeting. our last issuance was the seventh public integrity report on the department of building
8:48 pm
inspection, issued september 16, 2021. c.s.a. audits planned for the next, on the community benefit social impact program later this week, or next week, and in addition, c.s.a. audits is working on three additional assessments in this area, the department of the environment compliance with ethics rules which they anticipate issuing in january 2022, contract and procurement in march of 2022, and city-wide ethics reporting requirements anticipated issuance in april 2022. so i apologize, i would not be able to take questions on that, but looking at the unit schedule, make sure we queue them up for the hearing items the next year, and make sure
8:49 pm
there are times issued as the next meetings occur. and workplan updates. the only item here is that in the prior draft of your workplan, mid year update from the units that have gone over everything that occurred during the first half of the fiscal year. we asked to postpone that, so just moving that item from this meeting to your next meeting, the only change in the workplan. and item e, members terms updates. so there are a number of vacancies as i'm sure you are aware. i have met with both the mayor's office liaison, appointments liaison and with the staff person at supervisor peskin's office in charge of recruitment and approval at the rules
8:50 pm
committee. they are aware, myself and ben have promised to work with them and help them provide them with candidate names and suggestions fulfilling the vacancies, and i have made them both aware of their urgency of doing so, just because of a quorum risk if nothing else and need to have the vacancies filled so you can more fully complement your work among you. i'm reasonably hopeful about the mayor's office being able to act quickly, once we have helped them identify appropriate candidates. board processes take longer, a committee hearing and board approval. i've asked them to cue it up after the start of the new year and if we could have people approved in order to seat them at the february 28th meeting that would be ideal. but it's hard to tell with the board. depends on the r -- recruitment
8:51 pm
effort. i have to reach out to chair mchugh and how she is feeling and what she might be able to do. she said she could serve through the end of the fiscal year, even though her baby comes in january, but it would be smarter to replace her sooner if possible, so i'll just touch base with her and take her temperature and then bring that information back to the appointing authority. >> ok. >> on behalf of all of us, thank you for your service and we'll work to bring it up to full speed. >> peg, if we have candidates that we would like to have considered, should we send their information to you? >> yes, please. absolutely. >> ok. i mean, i saw on the list there were two people that need to work with community organizations, or two openings, and then i can't remember --
8:52 pm
business organization. right, right. so we have an opening, someone with a business organization and two, with people who have been involved or are involved with community organizations. i think that helps us then recruit people who we think would be good. ok. i do have someone in mind, i'll send that contact information to you. >> great. thank you very much appreciated, and as you know, sometimes a little bit tricky filling these seats for a couple of reasons, but ben and i will take any suggestions and do a little vetting and see if we can help figure out like who might be best appointing authority and follow up with them. so that's my report and concludes item 9. >> thank you, peg.
8:53 pm
any public comments on this item? >> members of the public who wish to provide public comment on this item call 1-415-655-0001, access code 1878632180, then pound and pound again. if you have not already done so, star 3 to line up to speak. the system prompt will indicate you have raised your hand. please wait until the system indicates you have been unmuted and you may begin your comments. please note you have three minutes. i don't see any hands raised. >> thanks, roseanne. and any other committee comments on this item? otherwise i'll entertain a motion to adjourn. >> so moved. >> moved. >> second. >> for the record, it's 10:56 a.m.
8:54 pm
>> thanks, everybody. >> thanks again for all your work. enjoy your holidays. >> thank you, you, too. >> yes, everybody, enjoy your holidays. is --
8:55 pm
>> our united states constitution requires every ten years that america counts every human being in the united states, which is incredibly important for many reasons. it's important for preliminary representation because if -- political representation because if we under count california, we get less representatives in congress. it's important for san francisco because if we don't have all of the people in our city, if we don't have all of the folks in california, california and san francisco stand to lose billions of dollars in funding. >> it's really important to the city of san francisco that the federal government gets the count right, so we've created
8:56 pm
count sf to motivate all -- sf count to motivate all citizens to participate in the census. >> for the immigrant community, a lot of people aren't sure whether they should take part, whether this is something for u.s. citizens or whether it's something for anybody who's in the united states, and it is something for everybody. census counts the entire population. >> we've given out $2 million to over 30 community-based organizations to help people do the census in the communities where they live and work. we've also partnered with the public libraries here in the city and also the public
8:57 pm
schools to make sure there are informational materials to make sure the folks do the census at those sites, as well, and we've initiated a campaign to motivate the citizens and make sure they participate in census 2020. because of the language issues that many chinese community and families experience, there is a lot of mistrust in the federal government and whether their private information will be kept private and confidential. >> so it's really important that communities like bayview-hunters point participate because in the past, they've been under counted, so what that means is that funding that should have gone to these communities, it
8:58 pm
wasn't enough. >> we're going to help educate people in the tenderloin, the multicultural residents of the tenderloin. you know, any one of our given blocks, there's 35 different languages spoken, so we are the original u.n. of san francisco. so it's -- our job is to educate people and be able to familiarize themselves on doing this census. >> you go on-line and do the census. it's available in 13 languages, and you don't need anything. it's based on household. you put in your address and answer nine simple questions. how many people are in your household, do you rent, and your information. your name, your age, your race, your gender. >> everybody is $2,000 in funding for our child care, housing, food stamps, and medical care.
8:59 pm
>> all of the residents in the city and county of san francisco need to be counted in census 2020. if you're not counted, then your community is underrepresented and will be underserved.
9:00 pm
>> mr. chair, we are now in open session for tonight's redistricting task force meeting. mr. chair, your microphone is not muted so we are not hearing you now.
9:01 pm
>> chair townsend: i want to call tonight's meeting of the redistricting task force of city and county of san francisco to order at 5:42. will you call the roll. >> clerk: when you hear your name, please indicate that you are present. [roll call]
9:02 pm
>> clerk: all task members are present. >> chair townsend: thank you so much. i believe the next order of business is, the next item of business is agenda item number 1, roll call, we just finished agenda item number 2. could you read the minutes, please. >> clerk: i'm happy to call us into agenda item number two but for housekeeping purposes it would be useful to do a short about how they can proceed. the minutes will reflect the task force members are participating through video conference to the same extent as they're present in the committee room or in the city and the
9:03 pm
public access to city services is essential and invites it in the following ways, first, public comment will be available on each item on today's agenda and each speaker will be allowed three minutes to speak your opportunity to speak during any of today's public comment periods will be available by calling 415-655-0001. the meeting i.d. for today's meeting is 248 67747 8128. when you are connected, you will hear the meeting discussions and your telephone line will be in listening mode. and then, when you are item of of interest comes up dial star and followed by 3 to be added to the speaker line to speak for that item. best practices -- you may submit
9:04 pm
by e-mailing the task force. or you can submit your written comments by u.s. postal service to our office in the clerk's office that is the redistricting task force care of the office of the clerk of the board of supervisors and room 244 and city hall's address is 1 dr. carlton b goodlet place, san francisco, california, 91042 and all of this information is available for your review on the front page of any agenda that we publish and mr. chair, that concludes my announcements. >> chair townsend: now we can proceed with the next item, please. >> clerk: approval of the minutes from the november 17th, 2021 regular meeting of the redistricting task force and this is a discussion and action item and
9:05 pm
we will take public comment. members of the public wish to have public comment on the form of the november 172,021st minutes and i will repeat it now as i will numerous times throughout the proceedings tonight. 415-655-0001. the meeting i.d. is on the screen. after you entered that press the pound symbol twice and press star followed by three to enter the queue to speak and await a system prompt that indicates your line sun muted and you may then begin your comments. >> chair townsend: thank you. i believe at this time, we are need a motion to approve the minutes.
9:06 pm
>> clerk: i'm not waiting members of the task force awaiting recognition which they would raise their hand. or mr. chair, we can take public comment? >> chair townsend: is there public comment on the minutes? >> clerk: let's see if we have any public comment in the form of the minutes. we're working with matthew from department of technology check to go see if we have any public callers in the form of the minutes could you please connect us to our first call fer there are any otherwise let us know when we reached the end of the queue. there are no callers for this item. >> chair townsend: can we have a motion to approve the minutes or is everybody with us? >> clerk: everyone is here with us tonight, mr. chair. my first request would be you close public comment on this
9:07 pm
item even though we didn't hear from anyone. >> chair townsend: public comment is closed. anybody can make the motion it's ok. >> clerk: i'm seeing member hernandez-gill and member michelle pierce and member cooper are all awaiting recognition, any of them can jump up and offer a motion. >> chair townsend: please road. >> i will make that motion, this is hernandez gill. >> chair townsend: thank you. >> pierce i second. >> chair townsend: thank you member pierce. can we have a roll call, please. >> clerk: on the motion offered first by member hernandez gill and seconded by member pierce to approve the minutes as presented for november 17th, 2021 regular meeting -- [roll call vote]
9:08 pm
i jumped over member pierce. [roll call vote] there are nine ayes. >> chair townsend: thank you so much. before we go into the next item, i did want to make just a few comments concerning our last meeting when we voted to move the time up. i was a bit disturbed and it has hasn't set well with me, since the meeting, when the comments were made both on the board and especially by the public saying, well most people are working from home now and we're no
9:09 pm
longer 9:00-5:00 and it bothered me greatly because the reality of so many of the people we've been asked to serve, just cannot work from home. the essential workers who carried us through the pandemic whether they were at the grocery store or the hospital, or at the gas station, or where we at the coffee shop, where we have to go to get things done and people doing things for us. those people cannot work from home and we have to remember they are part of the fabric of this city as well as many of our friends or many of us like myself, who do the work that i do do i can do from home and of us on this committee can't but there are so many people that keep this city running that cannot and they have a right to participate. we want them to participate and we're anxious to get them to participate and i want to go on
9:10 pm
record as saying none of what was set said at our last meeting was meant to slight you in anyway. we recognize the constraints that are put on your time, the difficulties you have, because you cannot work from home and we don't need to treat that cavalierly at all and i would just remind all of us that we have to consider all the people in this city, those people who were orderlies at the hospital and keep them clean, those people that keep public spaces clean and safe for us are all just as important as someone who can work from home. thank you for indulging me but i wasn't going to be right until i said that because i shutter to people that heard those comments last week. some of them would love to be able to work from home and they
9:11 pm
con. could you proceed to the next item, please. >> the next item is number 3 resolution making findings to law teleconference meetings under california government code. this is a discussion and action item and we will be taking public comment on this resolution. and they should call the call in number 415-655-001 and the meeting id is 2487 747 8128 and press star to enter the queue to speak. assistant the prom to indicate you have raised your hand and wait until the system indicates that you are unmuted and you may again your comments, mr. chair. >> thank you so much, members. i think that you are aware that we have to pass a resolution that we would meet remotely for the next 30 days and that is
9:12 pm
mandated because the state and the city remain in a state of emergency due to covid-19 pandemic and the circumstances that we're still under require this are there any comments from our members first? >> i don't see that any members have placed their names into the chat roster waiting to be recognized. >> thank you, so then can we move public comment?
9:13 pm
we're working with still with and call the public comment number enter the meeting id and press the pound symbol twice to connect and press star followed by 3 to enter the queue to speak and then also, for those members of the public who are participating in our meetings, through the webex client if you wish to be recognized to speak for three minutes of public comment and the form of this resolution, please join the line by raising your hand inside the web ex client and hang on just a moment while we check to see if we have any callers. do we have any callers? or folks inside webex who want to talk on this item? >> we have one colors.
9:14 pm
>> thank you as we wait to hear from members of the public who wish to speak on this form of this resolution. >> thank you for sharing your comments and i haven't finished writing your name yet. it was so quick. do we have any further call ner
9:15 pm
the queue for this agenda item? >> no further callers. >> mr. chair there are no further callers. >> thank you. public comment is closed. could i have a motion from the members to approve the resolution to continue our meetings remotely? i see member piers awaiting recognition. >> chair townsend: please, member pierce. >> i make a motion that we meet remotely for the next 30 days and we meet the item at the beginning of the new year. >> thank you. >> mr. chasel. >> chair townsend: could you call the roll, please.
9:16 pm
>> mr. chair, members on the motion offered by member pierce and seconds by member chasel to approve item agenda number 3. [roll call vote] >> clerk: there are nine ayes. >> chair townsend: thank you so much. we'll proceed to item number 4. >> a mapping update. this is a discussion and potential leanne action item and we'll take public comment on this item as well. members of the public wish to have public comment call the call in number which is still
9:17 pm
415-655-0001 and enter today's meeting i.d. which is 2487 747 8128 and press star to enter the queue to speak and a waste -- on thismr. chair. >> chair townsend: item number 4, we are joined by caroline macdonald and seth neil, jane hood and james clark. the redistricting consultants 22 data and research. would you, i guess someone has the floor, one of you? >> i'm looking at the list and i don't see any of those folks in the group. although we have received invitations and we anticipate having them here. give me just a moment to see if
9:18 pm
they've wound up elsewhere as attendees. no, mr. chair. perhaps we should come back to this agenda item. so we can wear from them. >> chair townsend: let's go to item 5, while we wait. >> clerk: we'll come back to agenda item number 4 for now and agenda item 5 will be called an update on the plan and we'll take public comment on it. members of the public wish to provide public comment should call the public comment call in number and today's meeting i.d. is on the screen. press the pound symbol twice to connect to the meeting and press star followed by 3 to enter the queue to speak. >> chair townsend: thank you, sir. all right. today we're joined by elizabeth sunshine and abraham vallen and
9:19 pm
evelyn torez from civic edge consulting to talk about the outreach plan. proceed at this time, please. ms. sunshine. >> thank you, very much, chair townshend and board members task force members. i'm elizabeth sunshine i'm president of the civic edge consulting and as you know, civic edge was selected by the board of supervisors clerk's office to provide communications support for this once in a decade effort. at previous task force meetings, we heard that your number one priority is to drive people and other goals providing information about the mapping process. now they have published through april we're ready to get to work. our plan is to communicate
9:20 pm
information regarding the task force meetings, and the expected timeline and big milestones and general information about the redistricting processes and citizens and residents of san francisco can learn more and get engage and tonight i'm going to briefly review our scope, share a timeline for implementation and explain how we will use our resources to target communities for the newspaper and on-line and that would be accessible for other organizations. >> clerk: i don't want to be too disruptive and i want to make
9:21 pm
sure that we're seeing the slide content. for those watching this as well on-line, you can also access your own copy of the presentation materials and victor calls it up. we're seeing the slide. can you go to the next slide, please. there we are. thank you, sorry about the interruption. >> thank you. so this material is all translated by the department of elections into spanish, chinese and filipino and to get us there we'll use a combination of print and digital outreach and in addition to the city of like the sun reporter our experiences
9:22 pm
show that the most effective way to reach people to partner directly with communities who must be impacted in the voices and agency or not prioritized we'll get the information to organizations and groups with direct connections and relationships to stakeholders especially targeting those groups who are active in the 2020 census. for example, to reach the aapi communities, we work with 57 communities and led the outreach efforts for the 2020 census in the communities. we'll also use our list of over 600 organizations in individuals in coordination with ocia, other city agencies, the mayor office and the board of supervisors. and use the uncertainties at the omicron variant it will be through e-mail and follow-up phone calls for the next 30
9:23 pm
days. now that we have a sense of the action items, let's talk about the timeline of events over the next few months. this timeline being coordinated with the task force meetings and the development of the directing maps so we're in phase one working on fact sheets, tool kits, the presentations and other materials. next from january to february 20th of next year, we'll send outreach e-mails that will outline the task force meeting and explain how people get involved and we'll coordinate with city wide and newspapers and create public service announcements that can be played on tv and radio and after that from february to march, we'll be in phase 3 for post mapping outreach e-mails follow ups and so this is when the maps have been create and we want to get public feedback and public service announcements and we're also planning on
9:24 pm
developing an insert that will be sent along with the department of elections malars malarsand along with the deadlir certifications, we'll produce a final report outline what is we did, what worked well, what can we improve in the future and how our recommendation to the next effort 10 years from now and now i'll turn this over to my colleague, abraham the senior project manager at civic edge and our outreach lead to walk you through the targeted approach to many communities. >> hi, everybody. eye name is abraham and it's a pleasure to be speaking with you today. i've lived in san francisco for over 20 years, as a senior project manager. i am responsible for developing and implements strategy through management of a team of eight wonderful people who work on the
9:25 pm
field as ploy and the cam trans and many more public agencies. ensuring that the work they do is meaningful and equitable as my highest priority being certain that we hear and influence the voices of people that live in neighborhoods impacted by our clients' projects. over the past six years of work in the civic sector and the public agencies, we have maintained a list of stakeholders, communities groups and organizations city wide. the core of our business and the values we hold are based in our relationships and history with stakeholders and communities across the city. directing neighborhood community organizations and service
9:26 pm
providers faith-based institutions and multi lingual communities we understand what it means to work with historically marginalized communities. first we draft our main informational e-mail since it's the primary mode of outreach and it will include the flyer for the task force and community meetings. a toolkit of all there is to know about san francisco 2022 redistricting process and fact sheet. the process of e-mailing identified subgroups from the stakeholder list will take twice two to three weeks prior to each task force community meeting and we hope this allows groups to circulate information on their own schedule of outgoing materials. for instance, if annie blast is sent twice a month, the redistricting information should be able to be included. following our e-mails, i
9:27 pm
appreciate your time and i will open it up for questions. >> mr. chair, i believe that's the end of their -- >> chair townsend: that's the end. very good. let's go to the members. >> clerk: i don't see any members have requested to be recognized. >> chair townsend: if that is the case, we can proceed to public comment. i was hesitating to give a little time. >> clerk: it seems to have been fruitful, member cooper is waiting for recognition from the chair. >> i we all have a lot of questions and we're just trying to get them out and i thought would jump and let folks get their questions out. so, it sounds like the focus now
9:28 pm
is going to be moving away from going to the community meetings and just working through community groups, is that my understanding? is that correct or is there still a component of going to these community association members and. >> we will working flew the organization and what we heard for the last two meetings and they're way the having people attend and participate through these meetings. so, the scope that we have right now currently with clerk's office is digital and those communications with these organizations. >> do you have faith through your experience and work that that will still provide us with robust experience not just to
9:29 pm
the grass tops and throughout the memberships. >> we're working through community based organizations that the best and that we have an opportunity to partner with them and have them provide the resources back to us to let us know what the best way to communicate with those communities are. so we feel confident that this plan as we're stoked to do right now and we'll reach a very broad and abraham mentioned a deep reach into the community. >> hearing no more questions from member cooper member hernandez gill has his hand raised and i don't know if that indicates a request to be recognized or from a previous item. >> it's to be recognized for
9:30 pm
this item and i'm happy just to put in my name if that's easier. >> go right ahead, mr. hernandez, please. >> my first comment is in regards to something that ivory iterated in previous times and that is the desire that we find a way to reach out to the unorganized san franciscans that might not be affiliated with community groups and as the chair mentioned we are dealing with a lot of people in the city who are essential workers, they do not have the time or luxury torah tending meeting or be part of community groups and therefore, if we're exclusively targeting these grass tops, which i do acknowledge is incredibly important, right, i do suspect and fear that we will be missing out on a lot of
9:31 pm
people and the very same people that are excluded from these processes, right, so i definitely think that it needs to be rounded out with the strategy and the second was a question and did i understand it correctly that this isn't the first time you will lead a city-wide project? >> this is not my first instance. i've been on multiple projects for the mta, cal train, bart and port of san francisco. >> i meant as a manager, as a lead in a project like this? no, this is not the first time. >> thank you. is there anyone else? >> yes, member pierce is awaiting recognition. >> thank you. it's nice to meet you.
9:32 pm
i see that now we are on track to produce the actual initial outreach materials and we're hoping to have a draft by next quarter. can i get a commitment to you guys we'll have something ready by our january 11 or january 19th regular meeting can we have drafts by then that we can possibly check out and maybe vote on by those two meetings? >> so your meeting schedule is the rest of the year we are very much going to make sure that our materials are in alignment with that schedule and for your january meeting we want the
9:33 pm
public to know well in advance that have so we could have materials available prior to that and we will provide them to the clerk of the board and the clerk office to make sure that they're distributed to the task force. excellent. one final question and i will defer to the rest of my fellow task force members that are if we have particular community groups that we want to make sure you guys get to, do we shoot those to you or the clerk's office? how would you like us to start assembling our internal database since most of us as task force were nominated because we have debreached into communities as well. >> we would love that. we would appreciate all of everyone's input and knowledge
9:34 pm
of communities that you represent and have worked in and i don't think we've worked out with the clerk's office the most efficient way to handle that would be but i have an opportunity to speak with the clerk and mr. carole and have a communication that goes out to the task force. >> hi, everyone to the members. it would be john carole would be the appropriate contact for back and fourth with anything having to do with the task force. thank you very much and i am turning it back over to you, chair townshend. >> chair townsend: thank you, is there anyone else? >> yes, caseel is waiting. >> thank you. this is the very refreshing start to this project.
9:35 pm
i do want to bring us back to what member hernandez-gill said about unorganized and the grass tops. i want to take it slightly different direction though because i want to reiterate comments that i made. i want to say three weeks ago but the first time i have i cane consulting was there and this renewed focus on, i guess, emphasis on community groups sounds a bit -- it's useful but it sounds a bit disheartening in certain ways because it ignores unorganized groups as member hernandez gill has reminded us about and so what is the strategy to facilitate outreach
9:36 pm
cities unorganized groups? that are around the city. not just due to employment as chair townshend mentioned but unorganized because of the certain socioeconomic demographics particularly as member piers reminded pacific islanders has i have discussed asian communities and particularly in the southern tier of the city as member hernandez-gill reminds me non spanish-speaking people from mexico and other parts of latin america. what is your strategy for us to facilitate that kind of outreach? >> thank you for that question. two-pronged strategy. one is through our digital and
9:37 pm
e-mail communications and newspaper advertisements. digital adds and the various outreach lists that the board of supervisors has and other city agencies. we would hope to be able to reach people through a variety of different, the multi-pronged approach and as i mentioned before, i think most of our communications are going to be digital and that's what we're scoped to do and so, the plan would be that our work with cbos to then provide that additional level of -- when i say cbos it could be neighborhood health organizations and they could be churches and synagogues, they
9:38 pm
can be social service agencies and i'm not so they are entities that deal with those who may not be part of an organized neighborhood group or community-based organization. and then you know, our inlanguage outreach through the department of elections will also be able to reach into those communities that are not part of an organized group. >> so, i guess i appreciate the answer. my follow-up question would be, it sounds like the first i was cbos with outreach and now it sounds like it's outreach with cbos with a bonus, which is it? >> could you ask that question
9:39 pm
again? >> yeah, so, originally in the presentation, it sounded like it was a bit of cbos and then with the digital and other outreach attached, now it sounds like it's digital outreach with cbo outreach as a bonus and the reason why i'm asking that is the emphasis has shifted and that was shifting the strategy. >> just because i want to answer, your question is, in today's presentation, it sounded like our outreach, a lot of our outreach will be through community based organizations. >> ok. >> so for instance, i used as an example, the api council which is an umbrella organization that works with 57 community-based
9:40 pm
organizations so through our communications, not just with them but with their 57 healthcare organizational and social service organizations, senior organizations, for the disability community we would be able to reach a broad swath of folks from those communities. >> and the other prong is the digital/non cbo outreach if i'm understanding correctly? >> well, part of our scope as defined right now is really primarily going to be through working with those community-based organizations on the half of doing the outreach and i think with the omicron variant, we're really limited in what kind of in-person outreach we could do if we were scoped to do that. >> so your scope to -- repeat
9:41 pm
that part, please? >> you are scoped to do? >> so as i outlined in our presentation, our scope is to create these materials and informational materials, facilitate them being translated and disseminated. they will be disseminated in many, many ways including through neighborhood newspapers, on-line, on-line advertising, digital media, radio, we're doing psas that will play ok public access radio and working through these community based organizations which we hope you will also help us help inform those organizations that we're
9:42 pm
working with. >> ok. i'll give my time back for other members. thank you for your answer. >> clerk: jeremy lee is in the roster. >> chair townsend: mr. jeremy lee. >> thank you, chair. i first want to say thank you ms. sunshine for providing us with this presentation and a timeline of when pacific edge plans to do these outreach and the different phases. i first wanted to ask what is the civic edge's process going to be around running particular items by us for approval? you know, without trying to get too micro managing with your work. can you speak a little bit on that? >> sure, well, in this case i will defer to the clerk's office on how they would like to facilitate that? i do want to also say timing is
9:43 pm
of the essence here so whatever the most efficient way to facilitate that, i would appreciate your thoughts on madam clerk. >> thank you. >> i think now would be a good opportunity or at least when the questions have been cleared, for you to mention the plan that you have been working on, which would essentially, as the task force is working towards having their meetings, and there is a
9:44 pm
member who is assigned to that particular meeting or that particular project. i know vice-chair ditka has done work with the members on this and perhaps i should let the vice-chair our mr. chair, talk about your plans. >> chair townsend: thank you, madam clerk. i was going to get to that. i wanted to get to the questions first. we really do need to talk about it because the idea of coming back to us for approval, could get a bit cumbersome and since we're under a pretty strict timeline, but i wanted to just get through all of the questions first from members and then vice-chair will lead.
9:45 pm
are there any other member questions? >> clerk: mr. chair, i'm seeing member cooper in the roster. >> i have a couple more questions. >> go ahead. >> thank you. so, you know, my first question is going to be discussed later on, i'm fine with waiting until then. i also wanted to ask if it would be possible to kind of see a list of the community organizations you intend to reach out to just to see if it is, like, comprehensive or to see if we personally know of groups that don't appear on the list and that can provide you with contacts for the specific groups? >> thank you. through the chair, so, we do have of a proprietary list that's been built up over the last 14 years. we would -- it's not something we can share with the group, but i think working with the
9:46 pm
designated member of the task force we can certainly make sure that all of the community organizations and groups that you would like to see include in the outreach are included there. >> my last question, it's more of a comment but i just want to kind of touch upon just the non digital communications are quite imperative and like for example, i work in affordable housing and to apply for rent relief with the state of california, every tenant had to provide an e-mail address and highway it was to provide e-mail for rent relief and it was just like, extremely difficult. there were several tenants that
9:47 pm
said basically they just don't do e-mails. never use an e-mail in their life. or we have tenants who literally have never left the boundaries of chinatown for several decades. so, i think i caution against just over relying on digital communication. that's just my comment there. thank you. >> clerk: member cooper is next on the roster, mr. chair. >> chair townsend: mr. cooper, please. >> thank you. and yes, thank you for the opportunity to circle back as more ideas have come through. thank you for the great discussions. my first question builds well off of the last comment. i was curious about the presentation mentioned mostly a digital presence but i also notice one of the deliverables that we'll work on in december
9:48 pm
is a poster or fire so is there an intention to have something like that? ok, great. because it's something that community groups want to put up and maybe task force members can go around and we can make sure those go up in stores and communities we need to reach. my other question or another question is about the specific types of interactions you are having with the community groups and thinking through this, i have two competing concerns. one is, the idea that we want to not just let people know, not just let them know these meetings are happening -- [please stand by] .
9:49 pm
9:50 pm
>> member: to send an e-mail out to their list or have a plier on their -- at their window or in their offices or put a poster up, you know, we would provide all of that information. it's our jobs as consultants is to make that piece as easy for them as possible. i mean, we've done this on a variety of projects that abraham has led where there are
9:51 pm
multiple touch points. everything from delivering flyers to offices and stores to putting up posters to ambiguous providing content for other forms of communication. >> great. thank you. i think that's all the questions i have. thanks for that response. >> chair townsend: thank you. is there anyone else? >> clerk: mr. chair, i don't see anyone else on the roster. >> chair townsend: thank you, mr. cooper and jeremy lee, and member hernandez gil. i want to thank the people who are not online. i'm around a whole lot of
9:52 pm
people as hard as it may be to believe that just don't do computers at all. but as much as possible, we would like to have them in the process, aware of the process and involved and i know right now i wonder how did we ever do this redistricting before we had computers, because there's certainly an important part of the mapping and all that, but we still, you know, the people who are not there are still citizens and still have the same rights and we hope concern and responsibility that others have and that does require some creativity on you all's part and i'm sympathetic to that but it's still something that had to be considered and i just
9:53 pm
want to put it on your minds and your hearts as we go forward to creatively think about how we get information to those people. i would think we're at a place now for public comment unless i am out of step. >> clerk: mr. chair, i don't believe you're out of step. we can call public comment if you wish. >> chair townsend: please. >> clerk: we are checking with the department of technology who is bringing our department of public comment callers. for those interested in giving public comment on agenda item number five, outreach plan, if you're able to call us via phone, the phone number you would call is (415) 655-0001. the meeting id for today's meeting is 24877478128. press the pound symbol twice to connect to the meeting and then
9:54 pm
press star followed by three to enter the queue to speak. we have earl people already on hold. those folks already on hold should continue to wait. there will be a prompt that will inform them their line is unmuted. and also for those interested members of the public who are connected through the meetings through the webex client, if you wish to be recognized to speak during the public comment item, raise your hand on webex. can you please connect us to the first of our right now seven listeners who wish to provide public comment. >> caller: yes. this is david elliottlewis. so your outreach plan really leaves out a lot of individuals who are unorganized and not
9:55 pm
necessarily online and i want to suggest some ways to reach them. one of the ways is by notices and ads and any of our ten san francisco local newspapers and they include, these are print newspapers that are still printed. a bay area reporter which is the lgbtq community and excuse me if i miss pronounce their names. i can e-mail the list as well. there's a russian language newspaper. there's the san francisco bay times which is a lot clear focus. and san francisco bayview. there's the wind newspaper which is chinese language and the world journal which is
9:56 pm
chinese language plus ads in the san francisco chronicle edition and the san francisco examiner. furthermore, there are san francisco planning department has lists of community groups and ways to reach out to the community. i would talk to them. also, san francisco planning has been really good about posting physical print notices on power posts and utility posts to announce land use issues and this is essentially a land use issue. so i would speak with colleagues and sf planning and refer to one in particular andrea nelson who is the planner attached to the tenderloin and she has certainly a lot of ways to connect to these various lists and sources. furthermore, there are churches and faith based groups that talk to their parishioners and these are people that may not
9:57 pm
be connected online but through announcements and church meetings and faith-based group meetings. you can reach a lot of these unorganized people, but people might be connected to those groups and finally consider radio. radio ads. there are still people who listen to the radio. i'm not talking about spotify. i'm talking about real, old-fashioned a.m. and f.m. radio. please find a way to reach our nonorganized and nondigital residents. >> clerk: thank you for sharing your comments. can we have the next caller, please. >> caller: hello. this is patrick carol from the diamond heights community association. i wanted to put our association at your disposal to get out the message about redistricting. we have an e-mail list that we
9:58 pm
can send an e-mail out to and also facilitate in-person meetings at various locations here in diamond heights. so i will send the information to the committee and i want to thank you for the work that you're doing. thank you very much. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. can we have the next caller, please. >> caller: hi. my name is tina aguire and i'm the manager of the castro lgbtq cultural district. i'd like to offer that the cultural districts, eight cultural districts of the city might be an important input in terms of reaching people who are often left out of these discussions. we have a liaison at the mayor's office of housing and
9:59 pm
community development julia sabori. julia can deseminate information to all of the cultural districts at once and so i would encourage the civic edge consulting group to@juliasodory to the list to ensure that the eight cultural districts receive this information. and i'll share that we can for the castro lgbtq cultural district we can offer sharing out information through our land use committee that meets once a month or through our social media outlets. i do want to share that planning is helpful in many ways as previous speakers and callers have shared and that even all city departments are challenged on this front and
10:00 pm
are in some ways relying on cultural districts and other inputs to make sure that people who are so i want to share my emil. i welcome receiving information in the redistricting proceedings. i do want to share that our cultural districts are legislated where in part to ensure that racial equity is centered in many of these conversations and because this is really important in terms of representation and in many ways keeping san francisco special. i really urge this group and
10:01 pm
civic edge consulting to ensure that the cultural districts are part of this conversation. thank you very much. >> clerk: thank you very much for sharing your comments. can we have the next caller, please. >> caller: hi, this is lauren girarden can you hear me. >> clerk: if you can speak up a bit. >> caller: okay. thank you. i thought i might be having that problem. thank you for having webex. that's very exciting. so i wanted to just thank everyone who talked about reaching people who are are so often left out of these dugs discussions and one of the things that i wanted to recommend is just the concept of layers. for every group that you reach out to, think of the layers of people that you're missing kind of surrounding that group. so i live in bernal heights for example and we also have a very
10:02 pm
active and not too toxic facebook group filled with neighbors who are themselves digital, but also do a lot of work to reach their not so digital neighbors. we've gotten together and printed out information so people could vote. we do a lot of in-person outreach that starts with some digital organizing amongst neighbors and some of these are not formal groups. they're just informal networks that may not be on the list that don't often appear. the one in bernal heights is called bernalwood. it's a facebook group that is very active and there's a couple of neighbor groups related to that. so i think you can find a lot of those and a lot of the different neighborhoods and a lot of the different groups that are out there. and i encourage you to look a little bit more beyond the organized 501c3 organizations
10:03 pm
that exist and look for more informal ways that people share information and resources and help with each other. those have become very powerful. so also looking for mutual aid groups in the city is another way of getting the word out. mutual groups have come together during the pandemic and have a lot of ways of reaching folks especially folks who are often not reached by these kinds of efforts. so thank you. >> clerk: thank you for sharing your comments. can we have the next caller, please. >> caller: hi. this is r.j. sloan. i'm an s.r.o. tenant advocate. first, i want to say that i'm really impressed and grateful with your commitment to community outreach. it's just really obvious during this meeting so far.
10:04 pm
number two, i think the commitment should remain to outreach, but we should focus on receiving information back from difficult to reach communities. i think we need to look at our response rate when we do receive feedback from communities after the e-mail blast so that we can get this even more right in ten years time. and number three, i just -- this is pretty basic, but a facebook group might be helpful and i think any messaging on flyers etc. needs to help people understand why it's so important that they become part of this process now. so the messaging may be a bit educational about why is this
10:05 pm
so important to participate in. so thank you so much. i appreciate the time. thank you. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. can we have the next caller, please. >> caller: can you hear me now? >> clerk: please begin. >> caller: great. so i need a 30-second warning on public comment. i think that all presentations should have page numbers even the short ones like tonight from the outreach consultant and should be put full screen. i agree with chair townsend's earlier comments about essential workers and 9:00 to 5:00 people and non9:00 to 5:00 people without digital access and all of the above but i do disagree in part not with chair townsend but with the idea of increasing success in participation in these meetings
10:06 pm
which may include attending but is not exclusively attending if you get 300 different letters with different ideas, but only 30 people attend the meeting, i think that's success, but that's just me. i think that some outreach materials will be static and others will change over time as the work evolves for example in the monthly or twice a month updates. i would include some summary of what we've heard so far, whatever that means and what we still want to hear about from you as a member of the public. so, for example, we've got an outreach plan and a budget, but we haven't decided whoever we are what's with the tenderloin? is that going to end up in three, five, six, all or part? very much an open question and you want to hear from the public about that. and, again, when you're trying to get attendance or participation, please include
10:07 pm
the current controversy not the federal matters, but really focused people on where they can be useful and as part of the outreach consultant report, either the final report or maybe an initial thing at a future meeting in these organizations contacted. i heard a little pushback on that. perhaps we don't need to get the exactly address or the current officers, but a list of the organizations that people are suggesting and the type of organization whether it's a neighborhood group, a citywide group, some other kind of interest group so we know where there may be gaps to fill in and maybe has been consulted. i think that's not hard and really shouldn't be pro priortary. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. can we have the next caller, please. >> caller: good evening.
10:08 pm
i'm with the legal voters in san francisco. thank you, chair townsend, member lee and member cooper on bringing up nondigital communications outreach around communities of interest testimony outreach or how the public can physically give back communities of interest testimony such as like creating a communities of interest form. i know there was a mention of a flyer that would be created, but are these flyers going to be [inaudible] community interest for the whole paragraph. i know that there was a form attached in the final report of such coy form indeed 2011 redistricting task force.
10:09 pm
i think as the outreach warrior, i hope there's a consideration about creating a form, especially a form that would eliminate as many barriers as possible to give folks testimony when they can plus what they plan to do there might also be some discussion about distribution or whether, you know, doing a mailer like a tri-fold mailer or thinking about doing paid postage for people sending back in coy because there might be a barrier to that. i think success is having scanned p.d.f. versions of coy testimony by having hard to reach folks. hopefully from a coy form. i really want to echo chair townsend's comments earlier not everyone can join the meeting and give public comment in real
10:10 pm
time and i hope the taskforce will have more communication in order to meet people where they're at. thank you. >> clerk: thank you for sharing your comments. can we have the next caller, please. >> caller: hi. good evening. my name is steven courier. i'm a resident of district 11. so this is some of you know i've spoken in the last couple of meetings, but my third redistricting taskforce affiliation especially with district 11 and i agree with the last caller. i thought that was quite well said that there are some people that just cannot come to meetings or go to meetings or participate in meetings and i think that's why some of us are here to represent not only our neighbors, but our fellow district members and i wanted to say one thing about district
10:11 pm
11 in the outreach and i'm so happy about agenda number 5 in the outreach plan update. probably district 11 is one of the most diverse neighborhoods in san francisco where we have the a.p.i. community, the tagola community, the white community and, you know, the asian community which we're getting more and more into in. and i think some of those communities like my neighbor doesn't even know that this is happening. so i think in order to keep our neighborhood in tact, we need to reach out to as many people as we can and ms. sunshine, i hope with the outreach that you and your firm are providing, we can reach out to those who cannot attend. and i also have john caroll's
10:12 pm
e-mail address on the agenda and i most definitely would like to send him some information regarding some of the community organizations and members who would be interested in this and i think probably you do have a lot of that information, but i just wanted to weigh in and say thank you so much for this discussion. thank you. >> clerk: thank you very much for your comments. yes, i will acknowledge that any materials that i receive as commentary for redistricting taskforce business will of course be forwarded to all the members of the taskforce as well as the consultants for their consultations and use. can we have the next caller, please. >> caller: hello, my name is mary harris and i'm from district 11 also like steve courier, but i'm in the oceanview merced heights
10:13 pm
angleside part of the district and we have an o.m.i. community collaborative. so that is an additional two large groups to outreach to. i am late getting on this because of another zoom meeting. so i'm not -- i'm hoping i'm not being repetitive in suggesting that supervisors newsletters each police station also does a newsletter and these -- both these groups have different lists of people that they outreach to and i would also be very happy to if i got any information to put it on next door if that is helpful. and i thank you very much for your commitment. this is the best outreach plan i've heard because i've also
10:14 pm
been involved in the other two redistricting meetings and so you're doing a great job and i thank you for your commitment. >> clerk: thank you, mary harris for sharing your comments. could you connect us to the next caller, please. just a reminder to any callers who may still be in the queue, if you hear a prompt from the system indicating your line has been unmuted, that is your opportunity to provide your comments. is there a caller there? mr. chair, i'm receiving word that we've reached the end of the queue of callers. >> chair townsend: thank you, mr. clerk. am i muted?
10:15 pm
>> clerk: no. we can hear you. >> sorry. there's another caller. i'm still waiting for them to say. >> chair townsend: are there any other member comments. >> clerk: mr. chair. i'm sorry to put everyone and interrupt. apparently we have one other caller that's just come through. caller, please go ahead. >> caller: hi. good evening redistricting taskforce. i'm a resident of district 10 and i'm here tonight. i've seen some presentations about the redistricting and i know that the southeast section of san francisco is going to have the at most disproportionate amount of change i believe and so i really -- the timeline, i mean public comment is coming up soon so the one thing i want to say is i don't feel there's enough money that's been appropriated for the outreach,
10:16 pm
but i don't know if anything can be done about that. we need to be reaching out to all of our youth because they have been impacted the most. the public housing and all throughout the southeast part of san francisco. so i would like to see if there's a way that we can do some intensive outreach to the youth and secondly, i agree with that caller, the lady, i don't have her name, but everything she said that was very well said. i would like to also add that we would if video recording for the stories for public testimony, if that could be apart of something that we could send in and especially in these marginalized communities if there could be some funding for a video, somebody who can document these stories. not everybody has the same
10:17 pm
literacy rate and then there's language barriers as well. i want to make sure that the marginalized youth, the black and brown of san francisco are definitely part of this conversation because they live here. they're not leaving here and they need to be represented. thank you. >> clerk: thank you very much for sharing your comments. mr. chair, we've reached the end of the queue. >> chair townsend: thank you. i think at this time are there any other member comments? >> clerk: first, mr. chair. if we can close public comment. >> chair townsend: i'm sorry. public comment is now closed. forgive me. now, are there any final comments from members? >> clerk: i'm delaying for a moment, mr. chair because i do not see any further members of the taskforce awaiting recognition. >> chair townsend: beg your pardon? >> clerk: i'm not seeing any names on the roster, mr. chair.
10:18 pm
>> chair townsend: very good. members, there's no action to be taken on this item. and, mr. clerk, could you file it and then can we move to item number six. >> clerk: yes. i can file this, mr. chair. i should acknowledge when we previously called agenda item number four and members of the q2 team were not present, we do now have seth neil from q2 who is here to represent the q2 team if you want to go back to that item? >> chair townsend: i think we should go back. >> clerk: i will call it again. agenda item number four is a mapping update. this is a cushion and possibly an action item and we will be taking public comment on this item as well. members of the public should call the public comment call in number (415) 655-0001. today's meeting id is 24877478128 press the pound symbol twice followed by star three to be entered into the
10:19 pm
queue to speak. and then also then await the system prompt indicates your line has been unmuted. and members on the webex can raise their hands internally from the computer system and they will also join the crew of folks that are lining up to provide public comment, mr. chair. >> chair townsend: thank you, mr. caroll. members, as you just heard mr. seth neil from q2 at data and research is with us. mr. neil, the floor is yours. >> good evening mr. townsend. thank you for returning to my item. i want to give some updates on the redistricting tool and some other materials that have been posted since the last meeting. first of all, the san francisco redistricting tool is currently
10:20 pm
live at and it is available linked from the redistricting website. there are four plans that have been submitted for members of the public for using that tool and we have yet to get feedback from customers. so hearing if people have any questions or suggestions that will help either for training materials or anything, we can integrate into the tool itself and in the tool, the support e-mail address is available at . the tool is available in spanish and english and the user guide is now available
10:21 pm
translated. it's available in english and spanish and also now chinese and filipino versions are also posted and available. and for the community of interest which was reviewed last time as well using the draw my community tool to create maps to go along with the written comment. so we're working with the san francisco staff to set up a community of interest input forum that can handle the uploads that would go along with the text input for those. in addition to that, we heard some requests for more informational maps including information about san francisco that can be seen visually on a map and we've posted a number of those to the redistricting
10:22 pm
taskforce website. that includes educational attainment, language spoken at home, median age and median household income. those are available as pdfs. and we are also continuing to work on other training materials including videos to get fuller demos of making district plans using the tools and we would also be available to provide more trainings in redistricting task force meetings if you would like us to do so to cover the tool in making a districting plan. those are the updates that i wanted to report since the last meeting and if there are any questions, i'd be happy to answer them. >> chair townsend: thank you. are there any member questions. >> clerk: mr. chair, i see member pierce in the roster. >> chair townsend: member pierce. >> member: thank you, mr. chair. mr. neil, thank you very much.
10:23 pm
we were begging you guys for this tool for a couple of months and i am so happy that you got it here in time. as we heard from the city attorney's office, usually we start receiving from the public their suggested maps in january, so it sounds like we've already received four. i'm very happy about that. just really briefly and i will let member cooper get into it because he has the technical understanding and i'm not going to get into programming or g.i.s. layering specifically, but we did hear quite a bit of feedback from the general public on this tool about the ability to as they draw a map actually have a reflection of how their newly created maps
10:24 pm
will change the numbers in the neighboring districts so that we can really -- the public can really see how these things will affect the whole city and with a knock on s.x.r. and so i'd really like to encourage -- i know this is a statewide tool and you guys did not personally do the programming, but i'd really like to encourage that up state. it sounded like it was critical and also we heard almost every single public written submission that we got on this mapping tool included the fact that members of the public really would like to be able to save their work without submitting it to us directly and coming back and even though you have to register in order to access the tool, there is no ability to do that. i would really like to elevate
10:25 pm
that if at all possible especially since you have to log in anyway. i really want to make sure that this early in the game we are including as many members as are interested and don't turn them off because of the limitations of the technology itself and i give my time back to you, mr. chair, in hopes that member cooper can articulate my questions better. so thank you guys. >> chair townsend: mr. caroll. >> clerk: member cooper is next on the roster. >> member: thank you. thank you, guys, for the introductions there. member pierce, i don't think i'm as technical as you think. i do think that i first of all appreciate the tool and actually i did end up submitting a few questions to q2 about the tool.
10:26 pm
mostly minor things, and thank you for the quick response on answering this, but i think because it's a question that ms. girardin also had, so i think it would be worth kind of bringing up in this space is the question of being able to toggle on and off the track layers and the block layers. they sort of kind of, to me, they take away from getting it all and once you have all the districts together is kind of seeing how they fit together. can you talk a little bit about why they -- why you chose not to have those toggle on and off. >> certainly. so this is when you're drawing or having the track lines and the block lines, those -- having those not be visible on
10:27 pm
the tool in earlier user testing found to be confusing for different reasons when you're interacting with it, those are what the user interacts with in order to make selections and to build up the districts and so in order to prioritize being able to interact with it as easily as possible, we did not think it was an option to remove those layers which would seem to complicate the interface and also take emphasis or make it harder to know how to interact with the map. >> member: that makes sense to me and i'm wondering -- and i haven't submitted a map yet. as a member, i don't think i will at least not until we've heard a lot more from the public, but i have been playing around with the tool quite a bit. maybe there's a way -- is there a way to add an initial phase
10:28 pm
where you can kind of export it into some sort of way without actually submitting it? is that something that would be possible to look into? >> to export it in order to see a version of it that is only with your layers and not with block lines or track lines? is that what you're saying? >> member: yeah. >> yeah. in fact, that was one piece of comment that we also received was asking for that kind of overview map and that is something that we are working on adding which would be a way to be able to see your full plan without having those lines visible. in the form of the pdf map. >> member: great. thanks. and i guess my next question is regarding the maps that we've received, we'll continue to see from the public thank you. thank you to the members of the
10:29 pm
public who've already been hard at work with that. is sort of the pdf within the district map. is that kind of the final format or are we going to be able to get those in the digital interacting format going forward? >> that is something if the task force would like us to create some other way of interacting with the districts, then we can look into that creating some other form, or another way to digitally view them. those exports contain all the information for that kind of usage or they have both the pdf and geographic files. so you can load them into software like that and if having a plan viewer is something that the task force would like us to do to create that, then we can find some way
10:30 pm
to make them digitally viewable. >> member: i think that functionality will certainly be necessary as we have we get closer to having final draft maps that will kind of be addressed to be able to have those and kind of be able to play around with them. and, yeah. just i want to also touch on what board member pierce. i've personally had issues, but it's just me timing out things. never had issues with folks being able to save maps and come back to them. >> i think that the issue that we are aware of and are working on trying to resolve is not specifically well, it's more so
10:31 pm
with performance and sometimes it may be misleading and you may navigate away and so that is something that we are -- want to resolve maybe both through some more information so people know what to expect so it might take awhile to just save all the geographic data associated with your plan and also working on removing that issue. >> member: great. thank you so much. thanks for all your work on that. that's all my questions. >> chair townsend: thank you. mr. caroll. >> clerk: mr. jeremy lee is next on the roster. >> chair townsend: mr. lee. >> member: thank you, mr. neil, for being with us today. i want to say i'm happy to see that the user guides are available in all four of the
10:32 pm
languages, english, spanish, chinese, and filipino. i wanted to ask about the kind of in-language ability to add chinese or filipino to the mapping website. i know ms. mcdonald had mentioned at the last meeting that she was speaking with the department of elections and trying to see the feasibility of that. do you know the status of that at all? >> i don't have an update on the status. i think that it is still mainly a question of time and funding for just implementing, you know, other translations for the tool as a whole and turn around time for that kind of thing which tends to be slower for us than these documents. >> member: got it. and, my next question is does
10:33 pm
q2 have the ability -- let's say, you know, adding chinese and filipino ends up being cost prohibitive or it's just too much work or too expensive, does q2 have the ability to do tutorials for how to use the mapping website in language? so in chinese or in filipino? >> i think that we will be. we have video tutorials that will be able to create translations for them -- for a full walk through of the application. >> member: thank you. i think that answers my questions. >> clerk: mr. chair. i see member chasel lee in the
10:34 pm
roster. >> member: thank you, mr. chair. this looks great. i've been having a bit too much fun with it. but i did notice something, is there a way to have a full city wide map with all the districts as people have proposed together because while having individual maps is great, people often also like to see how it all fits together to see how it all fits together. >> one piece we have received feedback on this kind of for an overview map and we are working on adding that as well so you
10:35 pm
can see them all together. not just individually broken down. >> member: all right. another comment i wanted the public another piece of public comment where it was the ability to choose colors. i remember when i was playing around with the tool or very similar to an adjacent industry. so i would want to reiterate that comment. >> yeah. this is also received that and the random selection of colors does create that issue where you can't control which ones will be chosen, of course, and so these random sort of
10:36 pm
combinations ends up not having enough contrast. i don't think we would be able to have a color picker, but we may be able to choose reduced number of colors it's choosing from to guarantee there will be better contrast. >> member: i mean, we only need eleven colors unless someone changes in the next two months. i think that's -- i hope we can accommodate that thank you. >> clerk: mr. chair, i'm not seeing any further names in the roster at this time. >> chair townsend: thank you, mr. caroll. and i believe that completes this item now. it is possible to take action. we don't have to but there may be some requests and i've heard some and mr. caroll, if i'm not mistaken, we can make a motion to ask them for things like
10:37 pm
draft maps and other items or we can just leave it at the requests that we've already made. >> clerk: mr. chair, to address your question, i wouldn't want to say that something was possible without knowing from the q2 team that it was possible. but at a similar point it was an option that i heard the redistricting task force members request for instance can we get a digitalization that had the following parameters and direct those questions at the q2 team to see if they were able to prepare maps ahead certain types of shapes at your direction and if you wish to do that, i would direct you to communicate those to mr. neil and see if mr. neil can address them. >> chair townsend: why don't
10:38 pm
we do that. members, if you have some specific request that you would like to have back at the next meeting or which ever meeting, why don't we try that. >> clerk: i'm just pausing for a moment, mr. chair while the taskforce members may add their names to the roster if they wish to speak on that issue. we do have about a half dozen members who wish to provide public comment on the mapping update. >> chair townsend: i thought we've had public comment. i'm sorry. >> clerk: would you like to go to public comment? >> chair townsend: why don't we do that. members, think about any specific requests you want to make in the meantime. >> clerk: no apologies are necessary, mr. chair. we are working with jim smith from the department of technology who is moderating our public call-in line. the mapping update should call the public comment call-in number which is (41) 565-5001.
10:39 pm
today's meeting id is 24877478128. press the pound symbol twice to connect to the meeting. and then for those members of the public who have joined us through the webex computer system. if you wish to speak on this item, you need simply to indicate by raising your hand and you'll be entered into the queue to speak as well. we have seven people who wish to provide public comment. can you connect us to our first public comment caller please. >> caller: eileen vogan with s.p.e.a. k. s.p.e.a.k.'s boundaries covers all of district four. the outside land south of
10:40 pm
golden gate park. the preliminary visualization for d4 moving the boundaries inward with the outer sunset this close to s.p.e.a.k.'s draft proposal. there are four large opportunity sites for new housing. they are all currently in district seven. balboa reservoir, sf state and in draft proposal would move these four boundaries south. brook field properties will develop 2,900 new office buildings. s.p.e.a.k. also includes merced manor reservoir. these are all under the sfpuc joint management. the puc commission was advised for the speak plan at its
10:41 pm
november 23rd meeting. the sunset -- excuse me, the ocean side waste water treatment facility and lake merced are all components of the seismically resilient piping hydrants and pumps used solely for fighting catastrophic fires. it's a high pressure high volume system that uses salt water. in the northeast area of the city. s.p.e.a.k. has been an advocate for expanding to the w-west south of golden gate park. thank you. >> clerk: thank you for sharing your comments. can we have the next caller, please. >> caller: hello, members of the task force. we were talking about the sort of the mapping tool and the mapping update, i just wanted to reiterate again.
10:42 pm
by the way, i'm curtis bradford and i'm the chair of the tenderloin group and a community organizer in the central neighborhood. i just wanted to emphasize that this redistricting mapping tool is great and ibeen playing with it and although i haven't submitted a map yet, i most certainly will. this by definition is a bit privileged and that it certainly most folks are not going to have access to that. most of the folks that i work with in the central city neighborhood won't have the ability or the access to actually use the tool. you know, digital divide is really a serious concern in my neighborhood and so i just wanted to do two things. one is to say that i think that we need to keep that in mind when we're waiting how much emphasis we put on the maps
10:43 pm
versus public comment and secondly, i think -- what was i going to say. that's what i'm trying to -- the other piece i'm going to get at is just finding other ways to get input from the community and just not waiting that. and, i wonder how are these submitted maps going to be reviewed by the members of the task force and how are they used? maybe somebody could just at some point in the future explain a little bit better to us how you're going to use it for the mission. thank you. >> clerk: thank you very much for sharing your comments can we have the next caller, please. >> caller: hello. this is patrick carol with the diamond heights community association. i just wanted to mention i can't get the guide.
10:44 pm
when i click the link to get a guide, i get a privacy message and error message. can someone take a look that the? >> clerk: i'm pausing your time mr. patrick carol. the public comment period is in one direction only. it's not a question and answer period. although after public comment is closed, if any individual members of the task force want to address the question, they may do so. but you do still have two minutes and 41 seconds remaining on the clock. >> caller: thank you for explaining that to me. i just wanted to bring that error to the attention of the taskforce and to the mapping people so that they can get that fixed. >> clerk: thank you very much for sharing your comments. can we have the next caller, please. >> caller: hi. this is lauren girarden with the league of women voters with san francisco. you're shocked i have public comment on this item.
10:45 pm
just shocked. well, thank you for those of you who did read the comments that i sent in earlier today i have to say maybe i'm a redistricting nerd. i'm finding myself drawn to it and clicking around and moving little pieces of the city from here to there and so i'm really reassured to hear how active q2 is in receiving and acting on this feedback. i think that's wonderful and from my experience it's not always the way these things go and i will be sure to raise any other issues that i find. one of the things that i would hope we would hear about today or wednesday or friday. i know we're spending a lot of time together this week is the timeline for some of the items that q2 said that would be provided especially the
10:46 pm
training. i know that a lot of community groups, the user guides are helpful, but it is really great to see someone else use the tool and when there might be an opportunity for members of the public to have a video to watch or a training to attend and ask questions. maybe during one of your meetings, the tool can be demonstrated for the public even if it's not interactive, seeing it in action can make a big difference. i know it took me awhile to figure out how things work. so i would love to hear a specific time line for that especially because community groups are making plans to inform the public and we don't want to duplicate what you are already planning to do to bet your use our resources and not duplicate things. so thank you very much. >> clerk: thank you for sharing your comments. can we have the next caller,
10:47 pm
please. >> caller: good evening. i'm with the legal voters san francisco. my feedback to q2 is that, you know, as the public is submitting maps and, you know, hopefully wants the community interest tool and the user guide is released on the website once the public starts submitting communities of interest testimony, i think there needs to be a better way to organize the maps omitted from the public page as you currently only have four submissions, so it's p.d.f.s but hopefully the taskforce gets hundreds of these and i think if there can be p.d.f.s it would not be fun to click back and forth to look at maps. i know that q2 has mentioned there might be a plan to overlay or a plan viewer of the
10:48 pm
maps, but then what about the communities of interest testimony since not all of them will be mapped and some of them might even be video submissions. i would recommend looking at the california redistricting commission's public input page where they've used an air table, you know, which contains not only their online testimony, but also mailed in testimony which, again, p.d.f.s of letters that were submitted to the commission. unfortunately, their image-only p.d.f.s which i hope if the taskforce ever does get mailed letters from the public on communities of interest testimony, they would be, you know, o.c.r.ed and they would be readable and searchable online. so those are my recommendations. thank you. >> clerk: thank you for sharing your comments. can we have the next caller,
10:49 pm
please. [please stand by]
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11:00 pm
looks like and at the draft maps i think we'll want to use the mapping tool will be very important. obviously for the folks and for the members listening because a lot of interest in the city wide and whatnot but i also think the
11:01 pm
testimony we're going to want to get are what community interests are and i think we want to have that in the process but down the line we can have the discussion about how we're actually going to get from various drafts out to the draft maps we're going to push forward publicly. thank you. >> i see member pierce awaiting recognition. >> member pierce. >> thank you, i had two points. i think my first point was addressed by member cooper's first point. again i want to stress that folks in the public want to see knock-on effects so the sooner you can get that city wide live
11:02 pm
effect opposed to the layers you're proposing to put on the maps are critical so people can see if i change this piece,
11:03 pm
11:04 pm
>> thank you and we'll take comments.
11:05 pm
>> with q2. >> that is a model that has been used in other redistrictings. that would take coordination with the library system and i don't believe that there's any coordination currently happening. that may have been more of a suggestion of models used in other inclusions. >> hello, beverly through the chair clerk of the board of supervisors. i will check in with the library to see if there's sites around the city where the library is open, where their computers could host the system or you could log into the internet to log into the system for the tool.
11:06 pm
additionally, we can definitely offer in the clerk's office we also have as some regulars know a computer that's forward facing the public can come into our office and we will set it up so they can access it there as well. >> great. thank you so much madame clerk. is there a way to remove the feralon island from san francisco because when looking at district maps of district 4 it's entirely illegible because it's miles from the coastline. >> just to respond to that question, that would be technically possible. we would need to be directed to
11:07 pm
do so to have part of the geography the county. if that is requested, that we would be able to modify the map. great, i'm not sure if it's a question for mr. carol but would a motion need to be made for that directive to go into place? >> could you repeat what your directive would be? >> removing the feralon island part of san francisco removed from the map of san francisco because when viewing district 4 it makes it very illegible. >> through the chair, i don't know i understand how to answer that question if it was the case the feralon island the mapping
11:08 pm
tool would need to be constructed in a way to accommodate that, for instance, if you wanted to add it to another district. myself as an operator in the office of the clerk and board don't have any other jurisdiction over the way the mapping tool is functioning so i defer to mr. neil on that particular question if they're able to make the change or not. as far as if you needed to make a motion or direct them, you could do so if it was a contentious question we could take a roll call vote. it's not an issue like that but right now it does not appear to be the case and i defer to the chair on the rest of that. >> basically i would like to make a motion to remove the
11:09 pm
feralon island from the mapping tool with the understanding it will be a part of district 4. >> i would like to ask some questions, if i could. >> mr. chair. >> does anyone live on the feralon islands and if not why are we discussing it? >> mr. chair, i do not have access to that information. perhaps mr. neil who has access to the tool can call up district information related to the jurisdiction of the ferialon islands. >> it's a toxic site there's no residents. nobody lives there and it's 200 miles off the coast of the city. >> that's what i thought so why are we discussing feralon
11:10 pm
islands. >> there's other portions of the bay that are part of san francisco they rendered the maps when they came out and rendered them difficult to read so instead of seeing them zoomed in just in district four you see district four and the farallons and the bridge basically. i'm curious if the clerk or someone is able to talk about whether or not before wanting to
11:11 pm
exclude all these from the mapping tool whether or not having whether certain portion of the bay is in a certain portion of the district is something that comes up in a day to day basis and work on the board. >> through the chair to member cooper if i can understand your question more clearly, the question is do the district lines that extend out into the bay itself have an impact on the operations of the board of supervisors departmental business? >> like if there was an oil spill in district 10 would the district 10 supervisor be able to use the funds and should we be considering which this is to
11:12 pm
move them. >> it maybe helpful and i see it now that ann flores from the office of the city attorney is here. perhaps she has helpful input in response to this question. >> correct. >> i don't necessarily have information on that. we would have to do more research on that but to clarify what it is we are interesting to do, member jeremy lee, you made a motion just to have a map drawn without the farallon islands or would want to change the mapping tool to basically exclude the farallon islands? >> that's correct. when images of district 4 are shown to us or whatever map is
11:13 pm
made it includes district 4 plus the farallon island and it's zoomed out so it includes the farallon island which makes the practical use difficult. you couldn't bring a magnifying glass up to it and i request to remove them from the mapping software to use the maps practically. >> ms. flores can you continue? >> for the purpose of what is being requested, member jeremy lee is simply asking for the mapping tool to cut out geographic land areas that don't
11:14 pm
have any residents living on them and not specifically to cut out the farallon island from the redistricting process but to basically have it easily read. i do believe that would be something that q2 could indulge the board because we're not cutting the farallon islands from the geographic map of san francisco, we're just saying for this specific purpose of mapping the boundaries that we need where residents live it's helpful to cut it out for that purpose that would be fine and like mr. carol said you would make a motion but the request
11:15 pm
doesn't need to be carried by a motion just requested by the group for q2. >> the parts of the shoreline of almeida island that is under water as well. on the places on this map not populated by humans, can we just not have those be part of the tools so those areas look like real areas to us. a modification to your request member jeremy. >> is that acceptable to the more? >> that motion is accepted. thank you, member pierce for
11:16 pm
that friendly amendment. >> i believe you want it read for roll call unless there's other hands. >> there are other hands, members of the task force awaiting recognition. i'm not sure if member pierce completed her comment she did enter her name after jeremy lee. >> i was done. >> and after member pierce awaiting recognition is member cooper. >> thank you. >> let's say what parts of the city they should be in now we just should ask to have them removed from the tool. there's no humans on the farallon island but i want to leave it open for environmental group or historical groups.
11:17 pm
i the outlines islands and other unpopulated outline census track for the readability of the report. >> if i'm not mistaken we added these others. >> are there any other hands? >> there are. >> why is this a motion? >> you're hard to hear. >> can you hear me now?
11:18 pm
>> much better. >> can someone refresh my memory why this say -- is a motion and not a request. >> a motion was made. >> can we just withdraw the motion? i think this doesn't need to be that hard. i got the vibe it was a motion but if it can just be a request i'm happy to just do that. >> i'll ask for the motion to be withdrawn. >> the request is duly noted. next.
11:19 pm
>> i'm not seeing further names and we have taken on public comment on this agenda item number 4. >> i believe we can file it with the request that has been made. >> yes, we can, mr. chair. i should also acknowledge for the interested members of the public that we do have later agenda on wednesday the 8th and friday the 10th. both meeting this week and mapping updates will be included and have been already included and the task force will be returning to the topic but we can file the session. it's filed and we can move to agenda item 6. >> consideration of the time line and calendar of tasks and duties to be completed by the task force. it's a discussion and possible action item and will take public comment on this discussion.
11:20 pm
members of the public wishing to provide public comment on agenda item 6 call be 1-415-655-0001. the meeting i.d. is 2487 747 8128. press the pound symbol twice to connect to the meeting and press star followed by 3 to enter the queue to speak the system will indicate you have been put in the queue and wait until you have been unmute and members here through webex they need to raise their hand to be acknowledged when we get to that part. mr. chair. >> we are joined by city attorney andrew shen and anna flores. >> it's just me tonight my other
11:21 pm
members are busy and may be joining later. we do not have anything further to add. i didn't get any requests there any of you to add anything there is an indication that in-person meetings may resume in january. we have not been told that that is not going to to be the case. if you'd like to schedule an in person meeting or you may hold off until there's further indication if we're going move forward with in person meetings you may withhold. you can do both and schedule in person meetings and meetings generally and if we can't meet
11:22 pm
that would be a virtual meeting date for those specific items you would like to hear on that date. i'm sorry i don't have anything more concrete to offer but as far as we know the expectation is that in person meetings for bodies for the city will start in january until we're told otherwise. >> thank you. i think that's ready to be filed. oh, public comment. >> mr. clair, we should acknowledge member cooper just added his name to the roster. >> sorry a quick question. the next 30 days i assume it's a binding thing and the january 3 meeting will be a remote meeting and beyond that we'll be able to
11:23 pm
schedule things. >> thank you. about the resolution earlier it doesn't prohibit you from holding in person meetings it just allows you to hold remote meetings at this point if january 1 is when we can meet in person we can meet in person then. unfortunately we don't have anything more concrete and we need to hear about amending of emergency orders and that may be forthcoming but the expectation is we may be meeting in person in january.
11:24 pm
we can look for sites for the meetings or make the decision when the time comes. >> great. we want to have a lot of meetings in the community but i'm curious if city hall meeting space will be available if we choose that for the first committee meeting. >> through the chair and members of the task force, regarding meeting in person, we are looking at rooms in city hall for sure awe mentioned we'd like to start there with public meetings. the additional concern is going to be with the sheriff's office we're determining how sheriff miamoto approaches members of the public and issues like
11:25 pm
vaccination or distance or mask wearing because i would want the public to know what it is they'd be walking into before we say hey, come on down, everyone, if there's going to be any assistance for mask wearing or vaccination as well so you're not exposed to a bunch of non-mask wearing members of the public. there's a couple other issues i'll mention. we talked about these before but briefly i understand the unions are also in conversation around with their members and the safety of the members to be placed into the public square under the scenario where we don't have any control and so i just want to to have you aware those conversations are occurring as well. we're make every effort once mayor and the public health and city administrator allow the
11:26 pm
public into city hall we'll be ready for you. we're working our way through a lot of these issues. thank you. >> i'm a public employee and i understand for sure. >> we're working with the department of technology to bring us our public comment callers. members of the public who wish to provide public comment on the calendar of tasks and duties to be completed by the task force call in to 1-415-655-0001.
11:27 pm
the meeting i.d. is 2487 747 8128 following that you'll want to press the pound symbol twice to connect to the meeting and press star followed by 3 to enter the queue to speak and if those members in the webex meeting raise your hand inside webex. we have two callers in the queue. could you please connect us to the first caller? >> i totally agree with her and one thing myself and mary harris the district 11 resident on the other side of my neighborhood
11:28 pm
i'll we had redistricting meetings we had them in the neighborhood so people that we were talking about before who could not come out it's important we have a public meeting i appreciate the department mandate and if we could do some type of public meeting after january, hopefully when this whole thing calms down and i pray to got that this
11:29 pm
pandemic finally lessens and people will come out and have their views and opinions heard by you. >> thank you for sharing your comments. >> this is lauren with the league of veteran voters of san francisco. it's skitting that we may be able to meet in person soon and just as safely but it's not a privilege that is afforded to all people. as things open there's people with issues and disabilities and care giving problems for
11:30 pm
children or elders or family members they care for and for people who don't have access to transit it's important to remember that our public transit system has not returned to the pre-pandemic system and especially meeting in city hall outside of the neighborhoods encourage you to consider strongly to continuing a hybrid system of meeting and the meetings are available also online for people who are not privileged enough to be able to make it to city hall in person. and for the transition to in-person should we get there,
11:31 pm
let's continue to make the transition with those folks in mind. it's the kind of thing that can exclude folks from a process like this. in person is great and online has it drawbacks so let's go for a mix and try to offer as many options to people as we can. >> thank you for the comments. mr. chairman being i'm receiving word we received all comments -- oh, someone just jumped in. connect the next caller. >> i want to agree with the comments by lauren jordan. it's one thing if to drop by city hall for 10 minutes but the last thing i want to do and suggest others do is have to go down to a meeting at 5:30 at city hall that may not end until
11:32 pm
10:00, 10:30, whenever and have to drive or take transit or walk or bike, member cooper. so i think there's so many risks and issues that at a minimum you should allow a hybrid and more likely it will just be online for the foreseeable future. the risk serious and for all i know next week there may be more variants and problems. let's thank you for listening. >> we have no further callers. >> thank you public comment is closed. members, are there further comments? >> mr. chair i'm not seeing further comments from the members of the task force.
11:33 pm
>> thank you, mr. carol could you file this and call the next item, please? >> just a moment. agenda item 7 is discussion of task force work plans and discussion and possible action item and we'll take public comment on this discussion. members of the public who wish to provide the call in number 1-415-655-0001 and enter the meeting i.d. of 2487 747 8128 and press the pound symbol twice to connect to the meeting and press star followed by 3 to enter the queue to speak or if you're within webex just raise your hand if you wish to be a member to provide public comment hen when we go to public comment for this item. mr. chair.
11:34 pm
>> when the task force met in 2011, one of the things they suggested and one of the things they did was take a look at the expertise of the task force members and help the outreach consultants to further and clarify some of the items within the task force and help them in their duties. we have many talents and expertise on the task force. and we would like to recommend specific members of the task force work on particular matters. when asked who we should contact with this assignments and
11:35 pm
they're include but not limited to outreach and communications and data mapping, budgeting, communication with the board of supervisors community input tracking and communities of interest and communities and various cultural district communications. the list we have complied is outreach and members who have expressed a number of times concerns about outreach to the aapi community she would be the first contact to coordinate outreach with the consultants for the task force and to oversee engagement with neighborhood groups which include communities of interest
11:36 pm
and cultural districts with a special emphasis on the api community. member hernandez would be coordinating outreach and overseeing engagement with neighborhood groups and community interest with special emphasis on the latino and hispanic community. is the expertise would coordinate the social media outreach with twitter, facebook and the website. and budgeting and outreach, member jeremy lee has volunteered to work with the
11:37 pm
clerk's office and the department of elections as needed, if needed, to help coordinate budget items or any issues with hissese expert -- his expertise and outreach and these are the expertise of individuals we're going to call upon to help move things along and to be more effective as a task force. and working with member cooper through the website and work with outreach to the african american and black community and member lee will have communications and skill set to present to the outreach meetings and the board of supervisors.
11:38 pm
and there's a representative of the rtf. it's important we have a message that's consistent and clear to the public about what we're doing and how we're doing that and he would be a wonderful person to do that. chair townsend will take the lead as the ambassador and representative of the task force and may requests outside the meeting and we'll support the members in the various assignments as will be needed. and thank you. >> thank you for your collegiality to responding to these requests. i appreciate it and i think it will make us more efficient with
11:39 pm
your leadership and understanding that there are times you may want to be in these areas but it's to help move more efficiently as a body. and hopefully this may end up with more quickness in our meetings. i'm always praying for that. and we're understanding there's no way to do this work quickly. and if there were we would have figured it out. mr. carol are there any members who want to comment at this stage? >> yes, mr. chair.
11:40 pm
>> thank you, mr. clerk. thank you, mr. chair. i know you put a lot of work in and called and you called several times about this and i'm grateful to see we now have structure to work off of. that's being jack of all trades and master of none and that's for the past few months. we get to drill down on specific tasks that we all have experience in and specialize in and we could work on. we now have marching orders.
11:41 pm
this proposal looks great and i look forward to working with everyone. thank you, vice chair. >> member jeremy lee is awaiting recognition. >> tremendous thank you to chair riner and her work putting together the list. i've been fortunate to meet with all of you outside the task force and seeing everyone and how they work in the task force
11:42 pm
and huge kudos and vice chair reiner and where we deal with issues we handle and make decisions over and when we bring larger issues to the task force as a whole to decide on. something to think about. >> chair member cooper is on the roster. >> mr. cooper. >> thank you. i want to echo the thoughts of vice chair for the greater leadership. i mention this in the confines of the task force meetings and
11:43 pm
they end up being very long and we've been limited in what we were able to do outside the meeting and this will allow us to be more nimble and doing something outside the meeting and we mentioned in my role and i'm excited to be tackling the website. and thinking about how for now the website does its job but we'll have more information and it will have to be organized and it's something to think about and start working with the clerk's office and working with everyone and helping for our current use cases and future use cases and it's an opportunity. >> mr. chair i'm not seeing further names on the roster. >> mr. chair could you speak more directly in the microphone.
11:44 pm
>> i'm sorry. >> that's much better. >> are we at public comment on this item if i'm not mistaken. >> we can begin public comment if you wish. members who wish to provide public comment on the task force work plan should call the number 1-415-655-0001 enter meeting i.d. 2487 747 8128 and press star 3 to enter the queue to speak and member connected to webex just raise your hand inside the system and await recognition. i am noting we have two callers in the queue. could you please connect us to the first of the callers.
11:45 pm
>> david philpowe for perhaps the last time tonight. i may have been in charge of the outreach to the farallon islands which would explain the discussion earlier. i often made the jokes there aren't enough organizations in the city and we need a west of the farallon democratic club, all right, never mind. stop laughing this is very serious. i like the proposed distribution of task to the members with everyone supporting and filling in as needed. i think it makes perfect sense and does play to all of your strengths. it's to late for the rest of this week but starting with your meetings in january i would merge item 6 and 7 into one item because i think it's all about time line work and work plan. and fewer items sounds good to all of us, i think. finally, while it's still fairly
11:46 pm
early in the process i would encourage you all to keep notes about the experience to include in the final reports to go with the map just as you found the report from 10 years ago i think the future without benefit from your thoughts and notes. >> thank you. can we have the next caller, please. >> hi, this i'm with the willing voters of san francisco. thank you for outlining the work plan. i hope ryan having the agenda item in the november 6 agenda page, i hope there's something that can be done to make the duty explicit on the main task force page especially under the
11:47 pm
people section where it lists out all the members. i could be as simple as including a common next to the member's name and indicating the duties they're doing. member cooper will have to think about how to include that but yeah i think not everyone has attended the december 6 meeting so they're not going to be aware of the duties each task force member will be doing unless they watch the meeting back or look at the agenda page. thank you. i'm receiving word that was the >last caller on this agenda item.>last caller on this agend item. last caller on this agend item. >> i should acknowledge mr. lee
11:48 pm
entered his name in the roster. >> do we these to [indiscernible] this plan by motion or by any other means? >> the answer is yes. if you would prefer a motion we can do that as well . >> i defer to vice chair
11:49 pm
. >> clerk: following that, press the pound symbol twice
11:50 pm
followed by three to enter the queue to speak. a system prompt indicates you have raised your hand and then continue to as the line members of the public here through the webex if you wish to be recognized, they need to only be recognized. could you please connect us to our first caller. >> caller: yes. this is david elliott lewis. elliott and lewis. it was mentioned by the facilitators that all the future meetings have been posted on the website. when i go to the website, i only see meetings through december 10th and i thought you had meetings going through april of next year. you said that they were posted
11:51 pm
but they were not visible on the website we need to look somewhere else, please advise. also, urgently, we need access to a more professional or powerful tool the one that led to boundaries on both sides of the boundaries of both the districts being increased and decreased. the current tools that we have access to is like a shiny object that's kind of fun to play with, but it doesn't get the job done in terms of what we really need to do to produce a new set of function lal maps. so as soon as we can get the more professional tools, that would really help the public and the taskforce members too more importantly. so also again for your outreach plan, please try to go beyond
11:52 pm
just e-mail lists to reaching all different methods and modalities. print, newspapers, radio. a physical billboard, actual billboards or street signs, so you could reach people that aren't necessarily online, but certainly know how to read and can respond to a sign. you need to do a better job of outreach to the disconnected unorganized, but interested members of the public that would like to contribute but are not sitting on some e-mail list and are not e-mail connected, please consider them and consider multi-modes of outreach. those are my comments for now. david elliott lewis, tenderloin peoples' congress. >> clerk: thank you again. could we have the next caller,
11:53 pm
please. >> caller: hello again. this is curtis bradford, cochair of the tender loin peoples' congress. thank you, david for your comments. you're going to get annoyed of me saying this, but i just wanted to comment and i heard one person tonight even say it and when we chop up district 6 moving the tenderloin, i believe i'm really clear when i say this, the tenderloin and central soma are one community. two neighborhoods, one community. it's a central city neighborhood and the lgbtq community sits across both boundaries, the filipino community sits square over both boundaries. they have actions together.
11:54 pm
our black community is spread over those two. low income central city neighborhood. i know it looks pretty if you just want to run your straight lines down market street, but the problem is that line goes right through the middle of what is actually a very interlocked neighborhood and community. you know, we shop in the same places, dine in the same places, get our hair cuts in the same places, go to the same parks. we have similar incomes. share similar values and if you separate the tenderloin, you are splitting up a potentially marginalized community and i would say community of concern, not community of interest and in real violation of what sort of was said for the state law, but also just kind of a violation of our values as san franciscos. you know, and our redistricting
11:55 pm
process. so and i would also say the eastern soma with all of the actual increase in parks in the tenderloin you know, it's an idea of chopping the tenderloin off and district three because we moved all these new people in. it's a big difference in gentrification. and now you're going to move people out of the district to make room for these new people moving in and it's just inappropriate. i'm not even sure it's possible to redistrict the neighborhood out of the district when the supervisor representing that district lives in that neighborhood. can you redistrict him out of his district? i don't know. that's a question you'll have to answer. but i hope that as we move forward, we should totally be serious about finding ways, there are a lot of alternatives about the district. i've talked with a lot of folks in the community. i've spent the last couple of weeks reaching out to my
11:56 pm
community partners on both sides of market street and reuniformly everybody believes we belong together as one neighborhood and there's only one voice. >> clerk: speaker's time has concluded. thank you, mr. bradford for sharing your comments. i'm sorry to shut you off. there is a three-minute time limit for the public comment callers. could we have the next caller, please. >> caller: good evening. this is cheryl thornton and i'm a resident of district 10 and what i want to rise issue is about revenue. when these maps come up and businesses are moved from district to district, is revenue going to be depleted in some districts versus others? and my other question is about public services for instance public clinics. i work in the health department
11:57 pm
the people that advocate in the new district, the demographics are different and so what happens to those marginalized people on the south side or let's say it's just i don't know the map cuts off southeast health center or also the schools in that district. some schools are better than others in district 10. i just want to know what is the revenue impact and the loss of different schools or institutions. i don't know if that's been covered, but i don't know if we can get information about that. thank you. >> clerk: thank you for your comments, cheryl thornton. mr. chair, i'm receiving word now from the department of technology that we have no further callers in the queue. >> chair townsend: public comment is closed. are there any other final member comments? >> clerk: mr. chair, could you speak up.
11:58 pm
i might be missing. >> chair townsend: i let it drop. >> clerk: much better. >> chair townsend: are there any further member comments on this item? i don't think so. we can move to item 9. >> mr. chair, i'm not a member of the task force but a point of information since mr. elliott lewis has brought it up twice now, i might save him a third time. if i could respond quickly. the outreach plan does include publications in the newspapers many of which he mentioned public service announcements, in addition to a city wide mailer. so just wanted to make sure mr. elliott lewis had that information. >> chair townsend: thank you so much. i wanted to respond to that myself. thank you so much. now, could we move to the next item. future agenda items. >> clerk: yes, we can, mr. chair.
11:59 pm
agenda item number 9 is future agenda items. members of the public who wish to provide public comment on the future agenda items should call the public comment number which is still (415) 655-0001. meeting id 248781728. press the pound symbol twice followed by queue to enter the queue to speak or raise your hand if you're a webex client. mr. chair, i see member pierce has entered the roster and is awaiting recognition. >> chair townsend: member pierce, please. >> member: not necessarily a future agenda item but future resource for us as taskforce members and members of the public. we are still awaiting instruction on how to verify vaccination status.
12:00 am
i would really with the blossoming of the omicron variant would like information to consistently be given out about how we engage in particular if we're coming back in january with the public. masking, distancing, limit on numbers of the general public who can actually come into any space that we're meeting in public and how both we and members of the public would verify vaccination status. we do not want this taskforce to become a super spreader event or a continuous super spreader event. so my personal request since that communication was promised to us three months ago and we still have received it. thank you. >> chair townsend: thank you. >> clerk: mr. chair, i see next in the roster waiting
12:01 am
recognition is mr. cooper. >> chair townsend: mr. cooper. >> member: thank you. picking on ms. thornton's public comment that could be something we discuss in january as this idea of exactly kind of what the impacts of, you know, we know a lot about everything coming into this and it's kind of understood the impacts of communities of interest and i think that's really important, but i think there's a lot of other kind of weird under the hood nuts and bolts, that's allocated and how the day-to-day business of the board of supervisors affects this and i don't know, maybe this is something that the clerk's office would be able to provide us later on or if there's some other experts, obviously i would like to have some nonpolitical to be able to discuss this, but who has the expertise and background of working with supervisors to tell us and be able to talk to us specifically about that stuff to keep that in mind.
12:02 am
>> chair townsend: very good, would you like that first meeting in january or any time in january? >> member: any time in january probably before we get too far into the community meetings. but yeah. >> chair townsend: thank you. mr. caroll, you all can take that into consideration and act appropriately, right. >> clerk: that's correct. and we can work with you in the crafting of the future agenda for the several meetings we have in january to find the right spot for it. >> chair townsend: very good. thank you. are there any other members? >> clerk: mr. chair, i'm not seeing any other members of the task force. requesting recognition. >> chair townsend: thank you. and i believe if there's nothing else that commands our attention, we can move to adjournment. >> clerk: we have one more opportunity to take public comment. >> chair townsend: oh, i'm sorry. >> clerk: and that would be the on the future agenda items and we can open that up right
12:03 am
now if you'd like. >> chair townsend: please, forgive me. >> clerk: i'm receiving word we have one member of the public who has stood up and wishes to provide public comment on future agenda items. i'm just going to now for the last time i believe in today's agenda for the last time i'm going to go over instructions. you would do so by calling (415) 655-0001. following that, you would enter the meeting i.d. of 24877128 then press the pound symbol twice to connect to the meeting and to indicate that you wish to enter the queue to speak, dial star three or from within the webex client, you can just raise your hand and i will add you to the queue. i understand now that we have two callers who wish to provide public comment on future agenda items. could you connect us to the first of those two. >> caller: greetings. david elliott lewis here again.
12:04 am
given the importance that this mapping tool at least the one we currently have access to, i think it would be great to do at the future agenda items to have part of the meeting as a demonstration showing how to actually use the tool. this would involve screen share. sharing the screen of somebody using the tool, clicking on the various icons, drawing a map, discussing the implications of the map. showing as you add or delete logs, how that affects the statistics. explaining the statistics of residents, registered voters, citizen voters, the meanings of all those different things and i think that would be a worthy agenda item to do just a tutorial that will help the public, it will help the task force members and help us all to know how to use this very complicated, but important piece of software which is going to be determining the future boundaries of our city.
12:05 am
i hope maybe this could be a special meeting on the tutorial on the mapping tool, but i'd like to submit that as a future agenda item. and one more thing. i think there needs to be more discussion and future agenda items on the meanings of shared, you know, communities of interests and examples and impacts that, you know, there's already been issues made about let's say the tender loin and it's overlapped with south and market and other people argue it's overlapped with, you know, district three which i disagree with, but still there's arguments to be made on both sides. how do you weigh those arguments. where do you put a neighborhood that has shared involvements with multiple different parts of the city. how do you define communities of interest and how do you rank order them when there's competing communities of
12:06 am
interest. just tough decisions will have to be made. again, i hope the tenderloin will stay in district 6, but the issues surrounding that need discussion. i think that's worthy of a future agenda item. how do you define communities of interest. that's all. thank you very much. >> clerk: thank you for sharing your comments, david elliott lewis. could we have the next caller, please. >> caller: hi. this is steven courier from district 11. i so totally agree with the first point that david brought, the last speaker brought. and i think it'd be great for not only the community, but people who are not familiar with the dedistricting process to sort of have a tutorial to go by. the other matter is i share the concerns with the task force members about having, you know,
12:07 am
community meetings and i've said this in the past, you know, in today's meeting. mary harris has always said it that we really need to have community involvement and i think it's really important especially in district 11 and a little history about the first redistricting back in 2001 when the redistricting committee wanted to tear up district 11 and we don't want to go there again. so i think the tutorial part is great and i think community meetings are also a fundamental part of this tool that you have that we can come to a great solution in april when this is
12:08 am
finalized. thank you again. >> clerk: thank you for sharing your comments. i understand there's one more caller. could we be connected to the next caller, please. >> caller: hi. this is cheryl thornton again. i was on hold for so long i forgot actually. what i do want to make a comment that i'm not sure if it involves all the faith-based churches because that is the opportunity where maybe some of this messaging could get out to and maybe they can actually even hold remote meetings at these churches. that would be the first thing, but the second thing is i wonder if this mapping tool shows voter blocks in the district where the strong holds are, where people don't vote because that too should matter for this remapping because the, you know, voter turn-out makes
12:09 am
all the difference in the world when you're trying to pass something and so i think that kind of information needs to be made available to us. i don't know if that's legal, but it should be through a gps map so we can see businesses and all the things we're going to lose when you remap and how you remap. so thank you. >> clerk: thank you very much for providing your comments. mr. chair, i'm receiving word we have no further callers. i'm going to delay for just a moment to see if that's the case. and i will acknowledge for the interested members of the public because everyone did mention mapping. both wednesday and friday agenda for the redistricting task force for this week the meetings of december 8th and december 10th. there are also mapping agenda items on each of those agenda and we will be reconvening the task force to have discussions
12:10 am
with q2 where things can be further demonstrated and flushed out and discussed. mr. chair, there are no further callers in the queue. >> chair townsend: and if there's nothing else that commands our attention. we are adjourned. >> clerk: real quick, mr. chair. first, we should officially close public comment on this item. >> chair townsend: okay. public comment is now closed. >> clerk: public comment is closed on future agenda items and i see that vice chair reiner has entered the queue and is awaiting recognition. >> chair townsend: vice chair reiner. >> vice chair: thank you so much. i wanted to make a comment to the public commentors. we are in the process of trying to determine exactly how we're going to continue to do some outreach to the community to do some community training. we're in the process of talking about how that might happen and if we do that, we've captured
12:11 am
that training and posted on the website so that someone can log on and walk through the training themselves. so we are aware of the fact that training is really an important thing and people are very concerned about it and just know that we heard that and that we are working on it. thank you so much. >> clerk: mr. chair, i'm not see further names in the roster awaiting your recognition. >> chair townsend: okay. i will try again. i believe that we are adjourned. >> clerk: i will file this item and the meeting can be adjourned as item number 10 is adjournment. >> chair townsend: thank you everyone for all of your efforts tonight and very good meeting and we will see you in two days. good night.
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>> this meeting is held being tele conference pursuant to the governor's order and crash supplement and with the assistance of the local emergency from february 25 and before we proceed, i will ask today's moderator to go over the procedures for today's meeting. and due to the covid-19 the meeting in the city hall are closed. however, commission members will be