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tv   Transbay Joint Powers Authority  SFGTV  December 13, 2021 6:30pm-8:31pm PST

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we are good to go. >> chairman: i'd like to call the tjpa board of directors meeting of december 9th, 2021, to order. i'm the board chair jeff gee. this meeting is in compliance with the california state assembly bill ab61 to reduce the risk of covid-19 transmission at public meetings. . ordinarily, the brown act sets strict rules for teleconferencing. ab361 has suspended those rules. this meeting is being held during a proclaimed state of emergency and state and local
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officials are recommending measures to promote social distancing. as noted on the agenda, members of the public may observe this teleconference meeting via sfgov tv and they may offer public comment by calling the public comment phone number. i'd like to welcome the members of the public and staff who are watching us live on sfgov tv and i'd like to thank sfgov tv staff for their ongoing support and services. mr. secretary, could you please call the roll. >> secretary: thank you, chair gee. i would like to note that director el-tawansy will not be present in today's meeting. [roll call]
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directors, we have a quorum. directors, item three is communications. i'm not aware of any other communications. i'll proceed to call your next item. directors, item four is board of director's new and old business. i'm also not aware of any new business. i'll proceed to call your next item. directors, item five is executive director's report. >> director: good morning, directors. by announcing that the federal transit administration has accepted d.t.x. into the project development phase. this is a key project milestone and we look forward to working
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with the f.p.a. to meet the rigorous requirements of the program. as you're aware, this is a crucial funding stream for the d.t.x. project. a crucial phase of the c.i.g. program is the first step of the three-part process with entry into the engineering phase expected in 2023 and signing of a full funding grant agreement targeted for 2025. this is a very exciting time for d.t.x. especially with the signing of the infrastructure package and that provides 23 building for the program for the next five years. thank you, director tumlin for the virtual applause. i think it's been a long time coming for someone that's been in this project for nearly two decades and a project that's been in the works for more than that, now is the time. and so i'm really grateful to
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be able to bring that news to you. also related to d.t.x. funding and followup to my report last month, we completed our application to the federal roseanne archibald administration just before the thanksgiving holiday with federal funding split between the local shares. the grant should it be funded and program attic management documents including right of way gas. we've received over 35 letters of support from bay area mayors, labor groups, key stake holders and partners which exemplifies the support of the project. also at last month's meeting, we had announced we would host a holiday lighting event on november 3rd. we were honored to have mayor breed with us and flip the switch with the kids from the neighborhood. it was great to see so many families. i was surprised at how many
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kids there were and i was pleasantly surprised. it was great. and a special thank you to directors shaw and lipkin who made it out and the directors who helped us kick off the holiday season at the park. more on the holiday festivities, we're offering a winter fest weekend of the holidays from december 17th through the 19th and john will discuss this more in his facility operations report. later on today's agenda, we'll be providing our audit annual financial report and i'm pleased to report that the auditors have issued a modified opinion for fiscal year 2021, financial statements with no internal control efficiencies and no management recommendations. i want to recognize our finance and in particular, our accountants for their hard work over the last few months and working with the auditors. their performance was
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outstanding. speaking of great staff, please join me and welcoming our newest t.j.p. member. john updeck will be retiring soon, so jenn has joined us early to help facilitate transition. jenn is with us this morning. would you like to introduce yourself and say a few words? >> certainly. thank you so much. it's my pleasure to join the t.j.p.a. team and to get to come to work at this beautiful state of the art transit center park. and it will be my privilege to help manage this wonderful public asset. i started on december 1st and hit the ground running with john updike. those are big shoes to fill. i'm glad we have a month of overlap together. we've been working well and hope to ensure a smooth
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transition. to just tell you a little bit about my background, i'm a long-time san francisco resident and transit user. i began my career in technical theater and production design at the san francisco opera company, and when the opera house closed for seismic renovation, i moved over to the war memorial which is a city department which manages the city's performing arts spaces. i worked there as the booking director, booking the opera house, the symphony home, the hertz theater and about a dozen years ago i was promoted to the deputy director of the department which gave me oversight of all the facility operations and event production and got a $6 million renovation from 2013 to 2016. and i look forward to working with you and expanding our tenants, getting them up and
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running and continuing to expand these types and kind of events that happen in the park. thank you so much. that concludes it. >> director: can i just say it's really nice to have you. you do have big shoes to hear. but i'm always excited to hear someone's a transit rider and they come to work for the t.j.p. so that's good to hear. >> director: welcome. it's great to have you. >> and, with that, our facilities director. john has been instrumental by working closely with our transit operators, neighbors, and i ask that manager lincoln
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property company. he's also worked to ensure we keep our retail tenants on board so that they're with us when we get to the other side of this pandemic and that's been really important ensuring that they can last through and be with us as we get back to some normalcy. he's also helped us secure new tenants resulting in the retail space. john will be missed. however, we are extremely grateful for what he has accomplished and that he has set us up for success. of course, not -- unknown to all of us with coming out of the pandemic, still dealing with covid-19 so we continue to track the city's response to covid-19 along with the recent emergence of the omicron variant. we're encouraging all to get vaccinated and/or get the booster shot to reduce the spread of the virus.
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and we're continuing to ask our visits to remain vigilant. the transportation security just announced they're extending the last week and the current date of january. so in closing and as we near the end of 2021 and it being my last meeting as your director. i want to take this moment and acknowledge and thank the dedicated and hardworking staff. i also want to extend my gratitude sincerely to you, director for your support that i received since you appointed me in september 2020. but at the beginning of this year, i shared with you three main priorities that i would focus our efforts on and i believe we've delivered on
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these three goals. first, we focused on continuing operations at the transcenter in a world class cost effective manner and neighborhood stakeholders. and we fought to leave the remaining vacant retail spaces along with planning a collaborative programming schedule. operations return to normal with the help here and my point to acknowledge, we were able to accomplish that. second, we advanced the d.t.x. project and the technical planning and project development continues, we'll be working on our plans to conduct outreach and engagement to the diverse communities of the bay area in the state. and lastly, with the steadfast support, t.j.p.a. communications and legislative affairs manager. we've been creating new ones
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and as we've moved forward with bringing an integrated transit and rail system not only to the regional bay area, but the state it's going to be important for us to continue to keep close contact with those relationships that we've established. so we continue to highlight t.j.p.a.'s important role serving as a catalyst bringing housing, open spaces, and economic revitalization to the area. and sales force transit center all while building momentum to vansz d.t.x.. i couldn't be more proud of the work we've done over the past year to get us here. later on your agenda, you'll
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consider appointments of our new permanent executive director and i'm pleased to have and i look forward to continuing our work together and the transbay program. with that, directors, we have a legislative update and facility update. next up. so if it's okay with you, we can go to that. i see a hand. >> director: chair gee, is this an appropriate time to make comments? >> chairman: i think it's a good time to ask about her report, but for her service, we have an item later in the agenda where we will be able to invite all the directors to share thoughts and comments. >> director: thank you, chair
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gee. >> chairman: thank you for your comments and we will share comments later. >> secretary: during her report, there were a couple hands that were raised from the public. >> chairman: let's do the -- we want to thank milah for her service, we can do that under item 10. if there are questions about the e.d. report, let's save them until we go through all of the reports. thank you for that. appreciate it, donald. >> secretary: yes. >> and you've all got these phone numbers now. >> chairman: scripts. >> director: all right. so next up we have the
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legislative update. we have julie menerva of our federal team located in dc. there she is. julie. >> great. thank you. is there a slide deck that's going to come up. ? >> secretary: jason will bring that up. >> thank you for the opportunity to provide you with an update on the infrastructure opportunities at the federal level. my name is julie menerva. so we have a lot of new and
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exciting information to share since our update to you in april. today, my remarks will cover president biden's build back better agenda. next slide, please. on november 15th, president biden signed into law the infrastructure investment and jobs act. this is also known as the infrastructure package or the bipartisan insfra structure law. this historic agreement represents the first piece of president biden's two-part build back better agenda. overall, the bipartisan insfra structure law provides $1.2 million and traditional infrastructure law. the bipartisan infrastructure
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law. it focuses on the the care giver economy and efforts to combat climate change. the house passed their version and it is now up to the senate to act. we expect that the senate will make numerous changes and the timing of the senate package remains an open question. senate minority leader chuck schumer is working to pass the shags before christmas. however, they've indicated that a vote may not be likely until sometime in 2022. next slide, please. while the senate continues to advance the second piece of the president's agenda, there was more than enough to do as it relates to the transportation infrastructure included in the
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bipartisan infrastructure law. it's important to note that there are no earmarks in the bipartisan infrastructure and the phasing of these requests. i'd like to spend a moment to walk you through the immediate opportunities for the t.j.p.a. most notiable for phase two is
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a record setting funding provided by the capital investment grant program. c.i.g. will receive $23 billion over the next five years which will give the f.t.a. to move through the pipeline. for reference, the c.i.g. program typically gets about $2 billion annually. the bipartisan infrastructure law more than doubles the amount on an annual basis for the program. in addition the bipartisan infrastructure law provides robust funding for the railroad program and popular rates program. in addition, the bipartisan infrastructure law supports two important federal loan
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programs. as we have shared in previous updates, these federal loans represents an important component of advancing phase two. the new loan extends barring terms and provides new funding in the amount of $250 million for a subsidy program. and this can really reduce the application and credit risk premium asked of borrowers. finally, the bipartisan infrastructure law creates a new program this program was created to make a program and acronym for this opportunity. but so far within the halls of d.o.t., it's going by one word.
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for all of these opportunities, it will be critical for the t.j.p.a.'s and a strong financial commitment is required. for these opportunities. second, the project should be fully and environmentally cleared. as you know, this hurdle has been cleared for the d.t.x. which will be and finally, the project should meet the president's priorities of equity, resiliency. projects that can better
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quantify and articulate equity benefits will have the competitive edge. as you can imagine, behind the scenes at d.o.t. and administrations like the f.t.a. and f.r.a., they are working at a feverish pace to try to make funding available as soon as possible. we expect that d.o.t. will be able to roll out funding opportunities in a matter of months for existing programs like crisi. switching gears now to the build back better act, i'd like to highlight some potential opportunities that have been advanced by the house. should the infrastructure provisions in the house passed bill provide senate negotiations. the t.j.p.a. made benefit from funding from high-speed rail,
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land acquisition to create urban parks. cyber security grants and numerous provisions. it's unclear when the senate will produce their reconciliation bill and for the moment t.j.p.a.'s time and political efforts should be spent focusing on opportunities in the bipartisan infrastructure law. next slide, please. most of the oxygen in dc has been taken up by the bipartisan infrastructure law, there are still many existing opportunities for the t.j.p.a. to pursue and we're decided that two funding opportunities have moved forward. first and foremost is the crisi application that acting executive director mentioned. scope of the d.t.x.
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>> the board meeting is back in session. item 17. announcement of closed session. >> 16 conference regarding price of payment for easement regarding to the development site of the property address on the agenda. no action to report. >> directors, that does conclude your business before you today. >> directors and staff, thank you for everything you have done in 2021. we have made it through. what a nice gift to be accepted into the new starts program. be safe, be well, enjoy holidays with friends and family. i look forward to working together in the new year. congratulations. be well, be safe. meeting adjourned. see you next year. >> thank you.
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>> right before the game starts, if i'm still on the field, i look around, and i just take a deep breath because it is so exciting and magical, not knowing what the season
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holds is very, very exciting. it was fast-paced, stressful, but the good kind of stressful, high energy. there was a crowd to entertain, it was overwhelming in a good way, and i really, really enjoyed it. i continued working for the grizzlies for the 2012-2013 season, and out of happenstance, the same job opened up for the san francisco giants. i applied, not knowing if i would get it, but i would kick myself if i didn't apply. i was so nervous, i never lived anywhere outside of fridays fridays -- fresno, and i got an interview. and then, i got a second interview, and i got more nervous because know the
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thought of leaving fresno and my family and friends was scary, but this opportunity was on the other side. but i had to try, and lo and behold, i got the job, and my first day was january 14, 2014. every game day was a puzzle, and i have to figure out how to put the pieces together. i have two features that are 30 seconds long or a minute and a 30 feature. it's fun to put that al together and then lay that out in a way that is entertaining for the fans. a lucky seat there and there, and then, some lucky games that include players. and then i'll talk to lucille, can you take the shirt gun to the bleachers. i just organize it from top to bottom, and it's just fun for me. something, we don't know how
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it's going to go, and it can be a huge hit, but you've got to try it. or if it fails, you just won't do it again. or you tweak it. when that all pans out, you go oh, we did that. we did that as a team. i have a great team. we all gel well together. it keeps the show going. the fans are here to see the teams, but also to be entertained, and that's our job. i have wonderful female role models that i look up to here at the giants, and they've been great mentors for me, so i aspire to be like them one day. renelle is the best. she's all about women in the workforce, she's always in our corner. [applause] >> i enjoy how progressive the
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giants are. we have had the longer running until they secure day. we've been doing lgbt night longer than most teams. i enjoy that i work for an organization who supports that and is all inclusive. that means a lot to me, and i wouldn't have it any other way. i wasn't sure i was going to get this job, but i went for it, and i got it, and my first season, we won a world series even if we hadn't have won or gone all the way, i still would have learned. i've grown more in the past four years professionally than i think i've grown in my entire adult life, so it's been eye opening and a wonderful learning
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check one two. it's that time. first, let me introduce phil ginsburg, the general manager of park and rec is going to introduce the mayor. let's welcome phil ginsburg. >> happy holidays everybody. >> welcome back after a really difficult couple of years. welcome back to golden gate park. it's crazy out here. first thing i want to do is let's hear it for our incredible mc.
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unique. all right. so my job is to welcome you all to the annual lighting of our beloved uncle john tree and the kickoff of the lights. brought to you by the recreation and parks department. the san francisco parks alliance, illuminating the conservatory of flowers and the national memorial grow. all right. i only have about 20 more minutes. it will be good. so let's talk about how important this celebration is. this special v.i.p. i'm going to bring up in a second has been lighting holiday trees and and menoras all over the city for a week.
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there's only one city holiday tree and it's right behind you. let me tell you a little bit about this tree because to understand this tree, to understand our city and to understand golden gate park. this tree, uncle john's tree named after john mclaren who was the longest serving parks director in city history, 56 years. madam mayor, do you know the second? uncle john's tree is a cyprus and it was planted in 1986. of the that's 125 years ago. this ceremony tonight this ceremony tonight has been going on since 1930 which is the first time this tree was lit. so we are here on its 91st year
7:04 pm
which is pretty mazing. and madam mayor has been coming to this tree lighting since 1970 started by mayor liota. for 51 years. that's longer than the mayor's been alive. so with that history in mind, golden gate park is always magical during the holiday season and this year, madam mayor, it's bigger and better than ever. so let me tell you, let me walk you all we're going to light the tree. afterward, we're going to walk down to that music concourse for part two to see the magic. one of the most popular
7:05 pm
installations of all timeses, this is an illuminated meadow of interchanging lights. it's fantastic. right across from intwined and a little closer to us is the circle of light and it did it just two nights ago and you see the conservatory of flowers. and then you keep walking past how many people went on the sled tonight. let's give it up for the recreation and parks department. and then we keep going and all the trees around jfk, they're all lit up and then we work our way into the music concourse and there's doing to be free music on that big old 150' ferris wheel is lit up. that's how we celebrate the holidays in san francisco. all right.
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so a few thank yous and i'm going to bring up the woman who's in charge of lighting this tree, but i want to thank all of our wonderful artists and performers, charles is here. of the joshua hubert has lit up all the trees. oliver did the circle of lights. dana king who did the incredible exhibit monumental reckoning and the music concord, ben davis who's here. i want to thank you to all our partners and then behind me, we had some amazing people the incredible department heads.
7:07 pm
our entire recreation and park commission. our staff who worked so hard to put this on and then a special thank you to our parks program. in our san francisco police department and offer safe spaces. that's what parks are. safe spaces. healthy recreations for park visitors of all ages, for building jobs and leadership skills boosting college readiness and giving kids a good time. over the last four years, rec and park has hired 100 kids from our park program in just four years. we have 100 kids working for us, but tonight, they're only job is to help us with the count down. our park champion and chief.
7:08 pm
she's everywhere. she's keeping people working. she's keeping people happy because she loves the fun and she loves her parks and she's been all over the last couple of weeks lighting trees. but tonight, madam mayor is the night. so give it up for our mayor. the honorable london breed. >> first of all, i don't think i've ever seen this many people at this tree lighting and it just makes me so happy because as you know last year, we couldn't come together in the same way, but we're here to celebrate the holidays and it just takes me back to when i was a kid and i used to beg my grandma, please, mom, i want this doll for christmas and please, mom, can we go downtown to woolworth where we can get
7:09 pm
toys and have fun and my grandmother would say only if you did good. only if you did your homework, only if you listen. and i tried my best. i did the best i could. but during the holiday season, i can't help but think of the memories when i was a kid and what the time that i spent in san francisco and looking at the kids here now and thinking about the memories that they're creating. they're going to remember the days that they came here with mom and dad and grandma and uncles and just a different program to light this tree. so just remember this moment, remember where you are and remember who you were with because today, we're creating memories. and i want to take this opportunity to really thank the rec and parks department for all the work in this pandemic. let me tell you. this pandemic has been hard on so many of us and because our parks were still open and available to us, it was really
7:10 pm
the only sanity i'm sure many of us had especially the parents and i want to thank them for their work and all the commissioners that are here. thank you to the families and all the people in san francisco. last but not least, before we light this tree i know we're tired of hearing talk, i just want to say we're at 70% of san franciscans vaccinated. so i am really excited about continuing to re-open our city. continuing to enjoy the holidays. so at this time, it is time to light the largest tree in san francisco to celebrate the holidays. happy holidays, mayor christmas, happy hanukkah and all the holidays in between. phil, can we get this thing
7:11 pm
starting? count it down. you can help me count it down. okay. are we ready? we're going to start at 10 and count backwards. are we ready? all right. ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one! turn the switch! happy holidays everyone. all r
7:12 pm
2, 1 you innovation on or was on over 200 years they went through extensive innovations to the existing green new metal gates were installed our the perimeter 9 project is funded inform there are no 9 community opportunity and our capital improvement plan to the 2008 clean and safe neighborhood it allows the residents and park advocates
7:13 pm
like san franciscans to make the matching of the few minutes through the philanthropic dungeons and finished and finally able to pull on play on the number one green a celebration on october 7, 1901, a skoovlt for the st. anthony's formed a club and john then the superintendent the golden gate park laid out the bowling green are here sharing meditates a permanent green now and then was opened in 1902 during the course the 1906 san francisco earthquake that citywide much the city the greens were left that with an ellen surface and not readers necessarily 1911 it had the blowing e bowling that was formed in 1912 the parks
7:14 pm
commission paid laying down down green number 2 the san francisco lawn club was the first opened in the united states and the oldest on the west their registered as san francisco lark one 101 and ti it is not all fierce competition food and good ole friend of mine drive it members les lecturely challenge the stories some may be true some not memories of past winners is reversed presbyterian on the wall of champions. >> make sure you see the one in to the corner that's me and. >> no? not bingo or scrabble but the pare of today's competition two doreen and christen and
7:15 pm
beginninger against robert and others easing our opponents for the stair down is a pregame strategy even in lawn bowling. >> play ball. >> yes. >> almost. >> (clapping). >> the size of tennis ball the object of the game our control to so when the players on both sides are bold at any rate the complete ends you do do scoring it is you'll get within point
7:16 pm
lead for this bonus first of all, a jack can be moved and a or picked up to some other point or move the jack with i have a goal behind the just a second a lot of elements to the game. >> we're about a yard long. >> aim a were not player i'll play any weighed see on the inside in the goal is a minimum the latter side will make that arc in i'm right-hand side i play my for hand and to my left if i wanted to acre my respect i extend so it is arced to the right have to be able to pray both hands. >> (clapping.) who one. >> nice try and hi, i'm been play lawn bowling affair 10
7:17 pm
years after he retired i needed something to do so i picked up this paper and in this paper i see in there play lawn bowling in san francisco golden gate park ever since then i've been trying to bowl i enjoy bowling a very good support and good experience most of you have of of all love the people's and have a lot of have a lot of few minutes in mr. mayor the san francisco play lawn bowling is in golden gate park we're sharing meadow for more information about the club including free lessons log [♪♪♪]
7:18 pm
>> i just wanted to say a few words. one is to the parents and to all of the kids. thank you for supporting this program and for trusting us to create a soccer program in the bayview. >> soccer is the world's game, and everybody plays, but in the united states, this is a sport that struggles with access for certain communities. >> i coached basketball in a coached football for years, it is the same thing. it is about motivating kids and keeping them together, and giving them new opportunities. >> when the kids came out, they had no idea really what the game was. only one or two of them had played soccer before. we gave the kids very simple lessons every day and made sure that they had fun while they were doing it, and you really could see them evolve into a team over the course of the season. >> i think this is a great opportunity to be part of the community and be part of programs like this. >> i get to run around with my other teammates and pass the ball. >> this is new to me. i've always played basketball or
7:19 pm
football. i am adjusting to be a soccer mom. >> the bayview is like my favorite team. even though we lose it is still fine. >> right on. >> i have lots of favorite memories, but i think one of them is just watching the kids enjoy themselves. >> my favorite memory was just having fun and playing. >> bayview united will be in soccer camp all summer long. they are going to be at civic centre for two different weeklong sessions with america scores, then they will will have their own soccer camp later in the summer right here, and then they will be back on the pitch next fall. >> now we know a little bit more about soccer, we are learning more, and the kids are really enjoying the program. >> we want to be united in the bayview. that is why this was appropriate >> this guy is the limit. the kids are already athletic, you know, they just need to learn the game. we have some potential
7:20 pm
college-bound kids, definitely. >> today was the last practice of the season, and the sweetest moment was coming out here while , you know, we were setting up the barbecue and folding their uniforms, and looking out onto the field, and seven or eight of the kids were playing. >> this year we have first and second grade. we are going to expand to third, forth, and fifth grade next year bring them out and if you have middle school kids, we are starting a team for middle school. >> you know why? >> why? because we are? >> bayview united. >> that's right.
7:21 pm
7:22 pm
>> i try to start every day not looking at my phone by doing something that is grounding. that is usually meditation. i have a gym set up in my garage, and that is usually breathing and movement and putting my mind towards something else. surfing is my absolute favorite thing to do. it is the most cleansing thing that i'm able to do. i live near the beach, so whenever i can get out, i do. unfortunately, surfing isn't a daily practice for me, but i've been able to get out weekly, and it's something that i've been incredibly grateful for. [♪♪♪]
7:23 pm
>> i started working for the city in 2005. at the time, my kids were pretty young but i think had started school. i was offered a temporarily position as an analyst to work on some of the programs that were funded through homeland security. i ultimately spent almost five years at the health department coordinating emergency programs. it was something that i really enjoyed and turned out i was pretty good at. thinking about glass ceiling, some of that is really related to being a mother and self-supposed in some ways that i did not feel that i could allow myself to pursue responsibility; that i accepted treading water in my career when my kids were young. and as they got older, i felt
7:24 pm
more comfortable, i suppose, moving forward. in my career, i have been asked to step forward. i wish that i had earlier stepped forward myself, and i feel really strongly, like i am 100% the right person for this job. i cannot imagine a harder time to be in this role. i'm humbled and privileged but also very confident. so here at moscone center, this is the covid command center, or the c.c.c. here is what we calledun -- call unified command. this is where we have physically been since march, and then, in july, we developed this unified structure. so it's the department of emergency management, the department of public health, and our human services hughesing partners, so primarily the department of
7:25 pm
homelessness and supportive housing and human services agency. so it's sort of a three-headed command in which we are coordinating and operating everything related to covid response. and now, of course, in this final phase, it's mass vaccination. the first year was before the pandemic was extremely busy. the fires, obviously, that both we were able to provide mutual support but also the impact of air quality. we had, in 2018, the worst air quality ten or 11 days here in the city. i'm sure you all remember it, and then, finally, the day the sun didn't come out in san francisco, which was in october. the orange skies, it felt apocalyptic, super scary for people.
7:26 pm
you know, all of those things, people depend on government to say what's happening. are we safe? what do i do? and that's a lot of what department of emergency management's role is. public service is truly that. it is such an incredible and effective way that we can make change for the most vulnerable. i spend a lot of my day in problem solving mode, so there's a lot of conversations with people making connections, identifying gaps in resources or whatever it might be, and trying to adjust that. the pace of the pandemic has been nonstop for 11 months. it is unrelenting, long days, more than what we're used to, most of us. honestly, i'm not sure how we're getting through it. this is beyond what any of us
7:27 pm
ever expected to experience in our lifetime. what we discover is how strong we are, and really, the depth of our resilience, and i say that for every single city employee that has been working around the clock for the last 11 months, and i also speak about myself. every day, i have to sort of have that moment of, like, okay, i'm really tired, i'm weary, but we've got to keep going. it is, i would say, the biggest challenge that i have had personally and professionally to be the best mom that i can be but also the best public certify chant in whatever role i'm in. i just wish that i, as my younger self, could have had someone tell me you can give it and to give a little more nudge. so indirectly, people have helped me because they have
7:28 pm
seen something in me that i did not see in myself. there's clear data that women have lost their jobs and their income because they had to take care of their safety nets. all of those things that we depend on, schools and daycare and sharing, you know, being together with other kids isn't available. i've often thought oh, if my kids were younger, i couldn't do this job, but that's unacceptable. a person that's younger than me that has three children, we want them in leadership positions, so it shouldn't be limiting. women need to assume that they're more capable than they think they are. men will go for a job whether they're qualified or not. we tend to want to be 110% qualified before we tend to step forward. i think we need to be a little more brave, a little more
7:29 pm
exploratory in stepping up for positions. the other thing is, when given an opportunity, really think twice before you put in front of you the reasons why you should not take that leadership position. we all need to step up so that we can show the person behind us that it's doable and so that we have the power to make the changes for other women that is going to make the possibility for their paths easier than ours. other women see me in it, and i hope that they see me, and they understand, like, if i can do it, they can do it because the higher you get, the more leadership you have, and power. the more power and leadership we have that we can put out
7:30 pm
>> by webex pursuant to the
7:31 pm
governor's and the bond oversight committee will convene remotely until the committee is authorized to meet in person. public comment will be available on each item on the agenda. comments or opportunities to speak during the public comment period are available by a phone call by calling 415-655-0001, and again, 415-655-0001, access code (187) 863-2180. 187 863 2180 and then pound and pound then. when connected, you hear the meeting discussion, but you will be muted and in listening mode only. when your item of interest comes up, dial star three to be added to the speaker line and speak
7:32 pm
slowly and clearly and turn down the television and radio. you may submit public comment via email to and it will be forwarded to the committee and included as part of the official file. please note this meeting is recorded and will be available at vice chair matthews, may i take role? >> may i take roll? >> yes, thank you. >> clerk: member larkin. >> present. >> vice chair matthews. >> present. >> clerk: chair mchugh is absent. member pantoja? >> a here. >> a member post?
7:33 pm
>> present. >> member sanderlin? >> present. >> it is 9:35 a.m. for the record. before we go to agenda item 2, i will read the land acknowledgment for the ramaytush ohlone. the citizen's general obligation bond oversight committee acknowledges that we are on the unceded ancestral homeland of the ramaytush ohlone who are the original inhabitants of the san francisco peninsula. as the indigenous stewards of this land and in accordance with their traditions, the ramaytush ohlone have never ceded, lost, nor forgotten their responsibilities as the care takeers of this place, as well as for all people who is reside in their traditional territory. as guest, we recognize that we benefit from living and working on their traditional homeland. we wish to pay our respects by acknowledging the ancestors, elleders and relatives of the
7:34 pm
ramaytush ohlone community and by affirming their sovereign rights as first peoples. vice chair matthews, maw i go to agenda item 2? >> yes, thank you. >> clerk: opportunity for the public to comment on any matters within the committee's jurisdiction that are not on the agenda. members of the public who wish to provide public comment should call 415-655-0001, access code 187 863 2180 and press pound and pound again. if you haven't already done so, dial star 3 to line up to speak. a system prompt will indicate you have raised your hand.
7:35 pm
please wait until the system indicates you have been unmute and you may begin your comments. please note you will have 3 minutes. force i am checking the attendee list. i don't see any hands raised. may i close public comment? force >> yes. >> a public comment is closed for this item. >> great. take up item three please. >> sure, thank you. approval with possible modification of the minutes of the october 25, 2021 meeting. we have a motion to accept? fellow members? >> an i so move. >> second.
7:36 pm
>> thanks. is there any discussion on the minutes? >> nope. >> shall i go to public comment? >> yes. >> we vote affirmative and public comment. >> we have to do public comment first. members of the public should call 415-655-0001, access code 187 863-2180. tlesz 3 and pound and pound again. dial star 3 to line up to speak. the system prompt will indicate you have raised your hand. please wait until the system indicates that you have been unmuted and you may begin your comments. please note you will have three minutes. i don't see any hands raised from the attendees.
7:37 pm
so we can close public comment for this item. i will take a roll call vote for approval of the minutes. member larkin? >> an approve. >> vice chair matthews? >> aye. >> chair mchugh is absent. >> member pantoja? >> approve. >> member post? >> i am abstaining since i was not at the meeting. >> member sanderlin? >> aye. so we have four approvals. do we need five for a quorum? >> yes, we need five for a quorum, according to the bylaws. >> do i continue this to the next meeting? >> yes, if we don't have four votes -- if we don't have five votes, we can't include it.
7:38 pm
>> okay. this item will be continued to the next meeting. >> thank you. okay. vice chair matthews, may i go to agenda item four? >> yes, please. >> discussion and possible action regarding adoption of ab361 resolution for policy bodies such as citizens' general obligation bond oversight committee to meet during the covid-19 emergency via tele conference. this is the resolution making findings to allow tele conference meetings under california government code section 549.53-e. i will read the the resolution that was included in the agenda. resolved, that the citizens general obligation bond oversite
7:39 pm
committee find as follows. the state of california and the city remain in a state of emergency due to the covid-19 pandemic. at this meeting t citizens' general obligation bond oversight committee has considered the circumstances of the state of emergency. state and city officials continue to recommend measures to promote physical distancing and other social distancing measures in some settings. because of the covid-19 pandemic, conducting meetings of this body in person would present imminent risks to the safety of attendees, and the state of emergency continues to directly impact the ability of members to meet safely in person. further resolved, that for at least the next 30 days, meetings of the citizens' general obligation bond oversight committee will continue to occur exclusively by tele conferencing technology, and not by any in-person meetings or any other meetings with public access to the place where is any policy body member is present for the meeting. such meetings of the citizens' general obligation bond oversight committee that occur
7:40 pm
by tele conferencing technology will provide an opportunity for members of the public to address this body and will otherwise occur in a manner that protects the statutory and constitutional rights of parties and the members of the public attending the meeting via tele conferencing. further resolved, that the secretary and staff of the the citizens' general obligation bond oversight committee is directed to place a resolution substantially similar to this resolution on the agenda of a future meeting of the citizens' general obligation bond oversight committee within the next 30 days. if the citizens general obligation bond oversite committee does not meet within the next 30 days t staff is directed to place a such resolution on the agenda of the next meeting of the citizens' general obligation bond oversight committee.
7:41 pm
>> thank you. can i jump in real quick? >> just to provide a quick 30,000 foot view of the background, so our open meetings requirements are governed under state law by the brown act and under local law by the sunshine ordinance. and both of those prohibit tele conferencing for meetings. both of those, however, have been amended during the covid pandemic by the mayor and the governor respectively. the governor amended his amendments to the brown act -- i don't remember when. maybe a month or two ago. i don't recall. anyway, he's required all public bodies within the state to adopt this language so that we have to
7:42 pm
make every 30 days a finding that is in the public safety to continue to do teleconferencing. and that is why this committee is doing it and that is why all the other public bodies in the state are doing that. i just wanted to throw that out there. >> thank you. >> thanks. is there any public comment on this item? >> members of the public who wish to provide public comment on this item should call 415-655-0001, access code 187 863 2180 and then press pound and pound again. if you haven't already done so, dial star three to line up to speak. a system prompt will indicate you have raised your hand. please wait until the system
7:43 pm
indicates you have been unmuted. there are no hands raised to close public comment for this item. is there a motion to approve to adopt this resolution? >> an i will approve. >> second. >> i have a question. >> i have a question, if i may, through the chair. to simplify, it sounds like in 30 days, we would be looking at meeting in person? >> no, no, no. in 30 days if we are deciding to
7:44 pm
tele commute or teleconference, we will have to adopt that again. that is a completely separate question. if the mayor and board of supervisors decide us us meet in person, we won't need to do this, but if we don't meet in 30 days, we will have to adopt this resolution continue. >> this is a continuation. >> we will have to continue -- we will have to do this every 30 days as long as we're still tele jfrnsing. >> all right. thank you. >> member larkin? >> aye. >> vice chair matthews? >> aye. chair mchugh, is absent. member pantoja? >> aye.
7:45 pm
member post? >> an aye. >> member sanderlin? >> aye. the resolution is adopted and approved. vice chair matthews, may i go to agenda item 5 >> yes, please. >> a discussion and possible action regarding adoption of the ramaytush ohlone land acknowledgment resolution. this resolution was in your packet in the excerpt i read at the beginning of the meeting. >> we will take public comment on this item. >> do we go to committee comments first? >> sure. thanks >> i just have a couple of questions.
7:46 pm
is the group who wrote it representative of the community? i understand the resolution is noted, but who authored it? i just wanted to know if that group is representative of the communities, of the native communities that were here, that we are acknowledging in the resolution and in the statement. do you understand what my question? >> yes. i am not sure who is here that can answer that. i will look towards you, peg, maybe. >> i believe all public meeting bodies have been asked to pass this resolution by a resolution of the board of supervisors. i don't know from any personal knowledge about who participating in the drafting of it, but i think that is the process it went through. >> i see. so we're instructed to adopt it
7:47 pm
by the board of supervisors. it's not up to us whether or not we want to. >> yes, that's right. >> i just would like to say for the record that while i think it's important to make the acknowledgment that is stated in the resolution in the opening statement, i would rather see san francisco to do something materially to help the members and whereas we in this committee don't have jurisdiction over services funding and such, we can perhaps have a bit of fliens in park naming or something where we do work on projects. bart, i don't know how often you interact with the parks department, but i would rather see san francisco take the material steps to acknowledge what we're acknowledging the resolution which to me is simply
7:48 pm
window dressing and then perhaps name well kept open spaces in honor of the native tribe that were here and/or of course the departments we don't interact with would provide enhanced education and housing and health and work place opportunities for the descendants of the native peoples who were here. thank you very much. >> thank you, member post, for those comments. i want to echo and signalling is one thing, but actually doing something to follow up your words is something completely different, so thank you. any other comments before public comments? >> and member of the public who wish to provide public comment
7:49 pm
should call 415-655-0001, access code 187 863 2180 and then pound and pound again. and if you haven't already done so, star 3 to line up to speak. the system prompt will indicate you have raised your hand. please wait until the system indicates you have been unmuted. and you may begin your comments. please note that you will have three minutes. i don't see any hands raised. >> let's close public comment and look for a motion and a second. >> i'll make the motion to
7:50 pm
accept this item. >> an i'll second. >> thank you. the resolution is approved and adopted. excuse me. >> take roll call. >> oh, right. sorry about that. roll call. member larkin. >> aye. >> vice chair matthews. >> aye. >> chair mchugh is absent. member pantoja. >> aye. >> member post. >> aye. >> member sanderlin? >> aye. >> now the resolution is approved and adopted. >> to go to item 6 please.
7:51 pm
>> presentation from various departments regarding the 2008 san francisco general hospital bond and the two 16 public health and safety bond and possible action by the committee in response to such presentation. our presenter is joe chin. let me make him a presenter. >> this is peg. your committee is a little short-handed including not having a liaison to the bond, so joe did contact us about that, and i asked him to go ahead and present anyway. and we will work with now and hopefully get some new members
7:52 pm
seated before your next meeting and you will want to reshuffle the deck on of the liaison responsibility, and he did raise that and is conscious of the his responsibility to reach out to a liaison. >> can you see the power point and hear me? >> yes. >> all right. go ahead and start. >> thank you. good morning, vice chair matthews and members of the committee. i am joe chin, public works program manager for the 2016 public health and safety bond program. i am here to give you an update on the phs bond program and also joined by members of the public works project management team and client department representatives in support of the program and to answer any project specific questions.
7:53 pm
the last formal presentation was december 2020, exactly a year ago. force the first slide provides the funding obligation and as a reminder t total approved bond authorization amount for the public health and safety bond is $350 million which provides funding for three client departments allocated across six components. department of public health, san francisco fire department, and department of homelessness and supportive housing. of the $350 million, $272 million is allocated toley d.p.h. components including the building g5, southeast health center and south community center five components. this is a former acute care project and they are intended to focus on clinical improvements,
7:54 pm
and seismic upgrades and infrastructure improvement projects to allow the 1970s building to be seismically retrofit and converted into the ambulatory center which are the ambulance deployment facility and the neighborhood fire station. $20 million to the homeless oversite with the bond sales. and the team continues to make projects from design phase to construction phase and construction completion and near the with the health projects and september 7 and the ambulance components received the successful completion in may
7:55 pm
received maturation in november. under the gs5 component, we have five projects in construction as of the end of november. we also issued the infrastructure project by january 2022. on the southeast health center and community health center components, i am happy to report that based on the current construction project t southeast center and i am expecting to complete all projects under the two components by the end of next year. the program has completed three bond sales to date and that fully funds the bond component.
7:56 pm
and however, i do want to spend a few minutes talking about numerous item that are added at the last presentation which is covid-19 related cost and timing packs. and since early 2020, the contract has had numerous adjustments in the field to implement protocols, masks, social distancing requirements and safety and oversight for the contract and safety officer to name a few. the actual cost and time impacts on the actual projects and based on what we have seen to date is not as impactful as one would have expected. and as the economy starts to recover, our projects building five have been seeing substantial cost impacts and increases on the bid prices on the trade packages that we are currently bidding out.
7:57 pm
costs were driven by material cost increases, supply chain shortages that led to volatile price increases as well as material delivery delays as i am sure everyone is hearing on the news and we have been strugging to solicit more interest to bid on our projects. in the discussions, more than one contractor has decided to go longer pursue because of the high risk complexity and rigorous inspection requirements. the fact that building five is an active hospital and 50-year-old building containing significant amounts of hazardous material and beams make construction of the building challenging. and many preferences is to aword
7:58 pm
what is less risky such as non-hospital emergency or residential housing projects. for those that are willing to work on hospital projects, they are submitting prices where premium pricing that range from 16 to 40% higher in some cases. the 5.2 million which reflects $17 million to the southeast health sent arenaed the comment health center and is approximately $110 million. i am happy to report we achieved completion which is a critical milestone at what is contingent
7:59 pm
and the single method with the next eight construction projects and with the public health center and building 80s and 90s specialties and the clinical laboratory projects. with the complex tis of the project for building five and to coordinate eight sprath separately permitted projects. and to commemorate into the construction phase which makes the sixth total phase and in the next couple of years. and $37.8 million that reflects the reallocation of $37.8 million from the sfg component and combine and is approximately
8:00 pm
34.4 million. the southeast health senter is located in district 10 of the bayview neighborhood. and flagship project of this component is the construction of the new 22,000 square feet health center adjacent to the existing health center. construction progress is going well and the target building with the complooegs and reallocate the existing health center and once d.p.h. occupied the new building, they will complete the side work and front of the existing health center and the target overall project completion by the end of the year 2022. i am happy to report that the project received permanent power last week and which will allow the contractor and delayed the
8:01 pm
previous projects that is the issue. this reflects the allocation of approximately $5.8 million from the component and is approximately 24.6 million. to track that seismically retrofit and are the maxine hall and located in district 5 and this district 8. the successful completion on october 7 with clinical services with the new is 75% of the complete. and second quarter of 2022.
8:02 pm
the 80th component with the ems division. with the parking for ambulance and fleet and restocking conference rooms and training rooms and other administrative functions. with the substantial completion. and this project is targeting completion of the work by the end of 2021. the neighborhood fire station component consists of the host tower removal at six fire stations. 6, 11, 15, 21, and 38. to mitigate them. and which will remove and complete as of march of 2821.
8:03 pm
and by 2022 and the separate stand alone project with the removal and rebuilding of a new replacement host tower. on the projects at fire station 37 and 44. there are three general scopes that are being tracked on the homeless side. and with the quiet access point at three city owned adult shelters and 525 fifty street and 216 building eight. and third, design and construction at 106468 mission which will become the new office and service space homeless outreach teen. and was completed in 2019 and
8:04 pm
with the to resume in july of 2020 and focus on critical building repair. earl yer this year hsh also received approval for both of the facilities that will supplement the bond funds. and this is a project that is managed directly by hsh staff and started in march of 2020 and the target completion of second quarter 2022. this final slide is a detailed summary table that shows the program and revisional budget and all bond components. and i won't dugo and at this
8:05 pm
point that concludes my presentation. and i am available for any questions you may have. >> great, thank you, joe. >> and focus on the board and i don't have any questions at this time, but any other board members. >> i do. >> go ahead. brian, first, i heard. >> and this may be kind of long. and it's a problem. >> member larkin. >> i will jump in, brian. >> okay. >> joe, can we go back -- >> okay. >> can we go to the summary slide at the beginning and maybe
8:06 pm
page two, i believe -- yeah. >> in the lower right, i had a couple of questions. on the first one t extensive planner view cycle and you may know this and maybe someone on peg and mark's team and is our cycle here in the city sort of par for the course in other cities in the country? or does ours take longer? does it take longer to get that through the plan review? do you know? just trying to figure out is this something that san francisco needs to sort of get its act together on and speed up or no, we actually, our cycle is sort of normal. >> good question. >> during the design process for the new permit center, at 49
8:07 pm
south glenn ave, we have a lot of analyticals going on to test and see if the permitting processes were better or worse than some peers. and what some of the process issues were. to be frank, my knowledge of that is now two years old. and you have to drill down pretty tightly to the project type to get useful information about benchmarking. we are hoping to start up work again in early 2022 now it that's operating and be able to look at issues like that, but for now honestly, i would be only gesing. >> joe, what do you hear from contractors and other staff who worked in other cities perhaps before coming to san francisco? ours is one of the best or ours is a joke or something in between? >> that is a very good question.
8:08 pm
i don't have much of a timeline to other jurisdictions in the area. i can speak to just that the permit process which is only affects hospital types project under the state jurisdiction. and those are just very extensive. for any project we start in permitting, we basically allocate eight to 12 months for the plan review process. and obviously this is a state, so this is -- and is also notorious or well known for the detailedness of the review and drilling down on every single issue. it is very extensive and even after we get a permit, just during the construction phase, every time there is any change on the drawings, obviously in construction, we do encounter unforeseen conditions and construction feasible issues and
8:09 pm
those issues, they require the issue to be brought back to them for review and approval by the board and that process alone tends to impact the progress in the field. >> okay. in your view, is this taken in consideration when budgets and time lines are put forward for the projects? are there an a lot surprises. and the nature of hospital and construction and other construction and doing with health in particular is more complicated than slapping up an office building, let's say. so i appreciate why it would be more complex. i was trying to get a feel for not a lot of extra cost added to the taxpayer funded projects because of the overly onerous permitting or something like that. that is all i was trying to get
8:10 pm
at. >> if you were to compare the project controls of a typical commercial building or non-hospital building, there is a lot more project team members involved just with inspection alone and we not only have the team team, but it required a dedicated, what they call inspector record, that are the act as the eyes and ears of the field staff to inspect everything. that itself will cause an extension of the construction phase and contractor when they plan to work, nay need to include that as part of the sequencing of the work. >> and sort of related, the second bullet about added size and retrofit scopes. is this seismic fit when they
8:11 pm
were initially planned and budgeted and new seismic regulations and that i wanted to ensure that thanks are being planned for ahead of time that is my question. with the retrofit and the law changes which you have to deal with or don't get grandfathered in. >> and that is a very good question. that is, unfortunately, one of the issues on the health center components because the provisional scope were meant to be interior renovation, but the niez to seismically retrofit the building and we had to proceed with the size evaluation of the
8:12 pm
haul and that is the low seismic rating which included that into the scope of what was originally a renovation project. >> so kind of lesson learned, i presume, and know that seismic should be focused on more or something. >> good point. one thing we did as part of this program on just the public health center which is one of the upcoming project, one thing we did as part of the current scope was to proceed with a seismic valuation. we kind of did homework ahead of time and way ahead of the bar and we did complete the seismic assessment and understand the building conditions and done geotechnical investigation to inform design as we get into design of that project. >> that makes tons of sense.
8:13 pm
that is god. great, thank you. if you would slip to the next slide, i have a couple of questions on a couple. not that one. keep going. >> is the existing building staying up or being raised? so is the facility going to be used and servicing both buildings or what is happening to the existing older building? >> very observant question. the existing build willing remain. as part of the phase one, we renovated the dental building and d.p.h. is going through the reprogramming phrase to figure out the best use or reuse of that building once the new building is occupied by the staff.
8:14 pm
so there is more to come in terms of clinical needs and services being provided in the existing facility, but at the minimum, the dental clinic will remain in the existing health center. >> you are saying it is in decent shape? it is not junk? >> it is an old building and a single story building. we did a quick seismic evaluation and because it is single story, and cinder block type wall, and probably won't need -- not an extensive seismic requirement. i think the majority of it will be more interior renovation and truly get it into maximize the clinical work flow for whatever purpose that building will be repurposed for in the future. >> great. thank you. and maybe the next slide. i have one more question.
8:15 pm
i did have a question here. ambulance services in san francisco are provided by the fire department, but are they also provided by private companies? people are nodding yes. this facility is just for sffd, right, our public services. what kind of coordination exists between private facilities and the public ambulance service? how do we know that how services are coordinated? i don't as a citizen understand how that work. >> i see chief dewit is on the call. why don't i defer that operational question to chief dewit. >> good morning, everyone. i am assistant deputy chief and the head of the support services division. i don't really know a lot of information about the privates. they do have their own
8:16 pm
facilities elsewhere. they are private facilities and the way the calls are coordinated between the privates and the public is we generally -- san francisco fire department fields the 911 calls. when we have run out of ambulances or do not have the staffing to assign to a call, they are available on the radio system and they listen to our raid owes. we are able to dispatch them directly and they generally deal be inner facility transfers and other kinds of non-911 types of calls. but they are equipped to field them as we need them. >> thank you. that is interesting. i didn't know that. >> thank you. and joe, just one more. thank you for indulging me, fellow committee member. >> one more xhe on another slide. it was the fire hose slide.
8:17 pm
this one and that the towers will be rebuilt at each station? what is happening at the big training facility we learned about a couple of meetings ago that is moved from treasure island? how are hose towers and neighborhood fire stations complementary to that? >> the host towers were built in the 50s when we used to use a cotton jacketed hose that had to be hung dry. with the advent of the plastic material, we don't have to dry our hose, an and the hose towers are necessary and they are removed because they will fall down in an earthquake on top of the fire house. this is the only hose tower that will be rebuilt and it was going to be a mock hose tower. it won't really have a hose drying purpose anymore. it was more for historic nod to
8:18 pm
the to rebuild that. if it were up to me, i would say it is unnecessary. but we don't have a lot of money for fluff and i consider it to be fluff. that is why that has gone last with moving funding back and forth. >> and why that is being rebuilt. i see. >> great. thank you very much. those are my questions. thank you, committee members, for indulging me in them. >> thank you. member larkin, the floor is yours. >> in retrospect, i don't think i will take longer with my questions. first of all, i understand we don't have a liaison currently for this bond. i had previously been the liaison for i think a 2004 and 2008 and i can take over in the
8:19 pm
interim as the liaison until we get somebody else because, especially as joe mentioned, you are starting to see some, i'll say, delay related claims for both time and for money because of the covid delays and i recall that the city attorney's office sent out a memo to all contractors in march of last year outlining what the city was willing to pay for and weren't willing to pay for and how they would be -- and what relief they would be willing to grant the contractors. as i recall what it said was that they would be giving them time, but no monetary compensation. they will consider like a noncomppensable delay. i want to follow that and i have been following that kind of thing with all the bond programs since the covid delay began. this would be an opportunity for
8:20 pm
me to get into something at the requests for compensation and that could turn into claims. i will do that until at least we get another member to fill the spot. joe, i am in the way of a question, in talking about the homeless facilities that you were building, you mention that you are getting additional funding from an outside source, and i'm going to ask, was that money from the 2018 proposition c homeless bond? that was supposed to be a substantial amount of money, and like tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars a year. i am seeing that you are deferring what sound like pretty substantial rebuilds, for instance, on the china town community health center where you labelled the problem there or the seismic risk as being r4
8:21 pm
and one of the fire departments had the same thing to defer until the next bond and if there is that much from prop c, we should go to that first to take care of -- because that money is available and use whatever money you don't have to use an homeless service sites or the other facilities that are with the money coming from the 2018 prop c? >> member larkin, thank you for the question. i will try my best to answer the question based oen what i am aware of. i see joann park from hsh is also on the call as a panelist, so i may be defer to her if i am not nully answering -- not fully answering the question.
8:22 pm
and recently they approved general funds, and i am on the screen for 1001 polk street, and additional funds from cpc to supplement bond funds for that project, for critical repair. and for 525 fifth street, about $8.5 million allocated from cpc general funds to supplement the bond fund. i am not familiar with the prop c proposition that you mentioned earlier, member larkin. >> well, you said you had someone from department of homeless services here who maybe can answer that question? >> yeah. joann, do you think that is something you can respond to? >> all right. joann park here with department of homelessness and supportive housing. i am the principle real estate analyst. prop c is the business tax
8:23 pm
proposition that got approved a couple of years ago, and it is managed by the hour, community hour, home committee and those funds and those prioritizing of the funds is overseen by the committee. so right now the priority for the committee is new housing, and also emergency services. unfortunately t focus right now is not on existing facilities, particularly congregate facilities, as we are finding a lot of clients are declining placement into our congregate shelters and that is understandable and going from and we are looking at longer term improvements to these buildings and we are doing some
8:24 pm
pre-bond and solution and is for these buildings considering that we're trending against use of congregate shelter. and whether it makes the seismic retrofit and possibly reprogram them or finding a new facility that doesn't require as much investment. >> the reason i am concerned about that is it sound like there is some real immediate danger, for instance, the people who are working in the fire stations and in the community health centers if they are at this risk level four, and i understand if i were a person who was in a hotel, i would rather be there in what you call the congregate facility. >> that is the better word.
8:25 pm
>> congregate. >> i can see that for sure. especially during the covid time where being thrown together, you are at greater risk. nonetheless, there is the greater risk to the people using the community health centers and if we could get money to them more quickly through reprogramming some of your money from prop c, which is substantial, that might make more sense. but i mean, i think i caught you a little bit at a disadvantage asking that question. maybe that is something you could report to us at a later date. >> sure. i think we are actively looking at these seismic retrofit projects that could potentially be at the shelters right now. as potential inclusion in the next housing bond, and so i don't think if we were to put in the request with the prop c committee if this would actually
8:26 pm
move things faster. we are doing the due diligence right now. and certainly i can move forward orred a vance your request to see what the answers are. >> and i had some technical questions that i think can wait if, in fact, the committee agrees that i could be, should be the liaison t interim liaison, for this bond. i will ask you then. i don't think most of them are going to be real general interest to the rest of the committee members. like the energy t building management system, and i want to ask something about that and boiler replacement. some of us are fascinating by that, but i think we are in the minority and let me quickly look
8:27 pm
and i think that pretty much covers it, but that was the whole question able to do that work at the homeless service sights was the think that i will follow up on that. that is all right. >> i have staff that are working on making decisions on programming the prop t fund and to get current information on what the forecasted plans are. >> it is not up to me, but you
8:28 pm
are fshl officially appointed as liaison. >> great. and is there any public comment? [please stand by] . >> great. may we move on to item 7,
8:29 pm
please? >> yes, thank you. liaison report 2008 and 2012 parks bonds. liaison is member pantoja. >> yes. saw on the -- good morning, commissioners, everybody. welcome to december. so, as you saw in my report with the park and liaisons, i reviewed mine and others, that's pretty much where we are at. although the parks recreation contacts have changed, i've just recently discovered, i reached out to a.j. tokes and antonio, and they are no longer a part of the planning on that.
8:30 pm
tokes is retired and antonio moved to a different department so i have made contact with the new planning department members so i'll be meeting with them soon and i will be able to, i believe in my report the 2008 bond is pretty much wrapped up, if i remember right. 2013 was also kind of, they moved some money around and those projects are looking to close out 2022-2023. so, ultimately i've been visiting parks and enjoying, took my grandson to mccaron park, i look forward to the new contacts, the new planning contacts and getting the plans for the upcoming bond, which i believe, i could not tell you right now, actually so i'm not going to say it.