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tv   Treasure Island Development Authority  SFGTV  December 16, 2021 3:30pm-6:01pm PST

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>> clerk: public comment will be available for each item on the agenda. for members of the public, the phone number to use is 415-655-0001. the access code is 2489-178-4619. when your item of interest is called, press star, three, to speak, and listen for the prompt that your line has been unmuted. roll call. [roll call]
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>> we do have a quorum. before we get started, i would like to open the meeting in memory of [indiscernible] chan, a supervisor in santa clara county. she served on the state assembly and was assembly majority leader, the first asian american woman to hold that position. she was killed by a vehicle as she was walking her dog in her neighborhood, and she had much, much more to offer, and she was a fighter for affordable housing in the bay area.
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>> president chen, could we please close the meeting in honor of wilma chan? >> yes. et -- let's go onto public comment. >> clerk: general public comment. this item is to allow members of the public to address the remark -- treasure island
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development authority board on matters that are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the authorized board and that do not appear on the agenda. >> good afternoon. my name is dave guenther, and i'm here today representing the treasure island sailing center. as all of you know, our mission is to provide access to the bay and sailing, and we provide low-cost and educational opportunities to children and youth in our communities. i would like to say that the sailing center supports
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increasing access to individuals across the bay area. at the time, we believe that the implementation of a rise in the toll deserves discussion. we have filed an application that -- to stop the filing of the toll, including proposing a number of solutions.
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i thank you for your time today, and i will now stop talking. >> thank you. thank you very much for your comment. we did receive the letter, and we will take your letter under consideration, and that item will be coming up. is there any other member of the public wishing to address the board? >> clerk: there is no other public comment. >> okay. let's go onto the next item. >> clerk: item 3, resolution making findings to allow teleconferenced meetings under california government code section 54953. >> can i have a motion, please? >> so moved. >> second. >> we have a motion and a
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second. roll call. [roll call] >> clerk: there are four ayes. >> okay. so the ayes have it. next item, please. >> clerk: item number 4, report by treasure island director. >> thank you, chair tsen and members of the board. i'd like to start my report by inviting shauntay lewis to say a few words about programs at the ymca. >> oh, shauntay, can you please unmute? >> can you hear me now? >> okay. [indiscernible] things have
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been going pretty smoothly over at the facility. in november, we did our [indiscernible] thanks giving, [indiscernible] and unfortunately, we didn't do our give out that we do or thanksgiving, but we will be doing it for christmas. that information is going to be coming out next week. we're going to be hosting winter break camp, and the y is closing the first three days in the budget week, and then, we'll be open one day before december 31. we are in a positive, collecting toys and coats for a coat drive to potentially have that handed out to families, similar to what we did last year, and then, we have been working with sfusd to take over
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the meal kit, the grab-and-go meal kit program, and lastly, the after-school program, in the beginning, we were having some issues with transportation dropping the school bus off at the facilities, so now, we have three buses that officially stop in the program, so now, we have 28 instead of 24. and in january, we're prepping for youth programs to start on the weekends. we've already confirmed swimming program to start, and a bike knowledge and information program, and we're starting to support more
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workforce development programs. on the facility side, it's improving, but it's still a little show as you have to show proof of vaccination to come into the facility. it has been better since the mask mandate has been lifted, but it's still slow, and we are ready to start our outdoor programs, like the yoga and line dancing class, so if you like yoga, we have the program outlined, but we just kind of need the instructor. we thought we were going ahead with one person, but then, at the last minute, they bowed out, so that's what we're doing over at the y. >> okay. thank you very much. >> and then, i'd like to ask
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cherie williams to give an update of programs. can you -- are you there? >> can you hear me? >> yes. >> i'm filling in for nell, who's out because of illness. we are providing meal kit mondays as well as two meals from restaurants. we started sandwich saturday, which is being developed by the island [indiscernible] market, so we have served over 8,000 meals since starting our first treasure island program, and for the holidays, we will also
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be handing out hams and turkeys at s.f. pantry. all residents who are in need can also call our resource line, where we will give them food gift cards, and if there are residents that are calling and need that. we have residents calling quite a bit, but just in case, it's 415-800-5937. later on in the agenda, there is a presentation being done on our training program, so i will let alex and jamie present that. we have ordered the batteries for residents with oxygen
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[indiscernible], and next week, we will start to distribute them. i'm sorry for the video, but that concludes my report. >> thank you, jen, and thank you for all that treasure island y does with the island. >> thank you. >> next? >> in terms of the january board meeting, we spoke a little bit earlier. we expect that our january 12 meeting will be virtual and expecting additional guidance from the city on return to in-person meetings. we will have a recap of programs in 2021 as well as what to expect ahead.
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we will also be transitioning to the new website,, and we will be reviewing our content as we transition to the new format. this past month, the transportation authority received notice that they had received $18 million through the federal infrastructure funding to help close the gap on the west side bridges project, and they are working to fully fund that project so they can begin construction next year. we also received our standard agreement for a grant awarded last year for the state's in-fill infrastructure grant
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program. this past month, we fortunately did not have any power outages since our last meeting, and the sfpuc will be here on our regular agenda to provide an update on recently held activities. fourth and n will be impacted next year by geotechnical work in advance of the construction of the permanent pg&e gas regulator station, and tida staff have been working on an alternate location that could be built before the existing field is location. the proposed location is adjacent to the other san francisco little league field, at 8 and m, so it should
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provide improved access for having the facilities colocated. the s.f. glenns soccer team has begun the process of demolishing 261-a and b. these are locations across the street from the gymnasium. the purpose is to make way for a soccer field. these buildings were in very poor condition, and it's a great enhancement to have them come down. d.p.h. will be [indiscernible] on saturday, the 18 at the gaelic athletic association clubhouse in the school building, and also, staff are working with public works to address potholes around the
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island and repainting key crosswalks. also, we're expecting delivery of replacement parts for each e.v. chargers near marseille to arrive and the installation of both parts by this weekend or the end of this week. we continue planning for ferry service to begin in january, although we don't have a specific start date yet. we're preparing an information blitz as soon as the start date and operating schedule are finalized. the timma held a meeting on
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october 17 to consider adoption the toll policies. on the housing front, the bristol is continuing to be on schedule for occupancy in january. the premarketing window for the 14 affordable for sale units in the bristol has been extended to january 18 to register far the dahlia lottery, and the lottery will be held on january 8. based on the number of residents, we're hoping that the number of these inclusionary units will be purchased by residents on the island. we also filed for funding from the housing accelerator fund from the catholic charities building and continued to target closing of finance in february and the start of
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construction in march or april of this year. this evening, the navy will be hosting its restoration advisory board meeting. they meet quarterly, as i believe you're aware, and they'll be doing an overview of build activities completed in 2021 and anticipated for the year ahead. they'll also be providing a forum for the public for questions around the flyer that they distributed last year. also, they will be hosting a meeting with the mayor present being their 2021 climt action plan. they presented to our sustainability committee, and when that link is provided, we will provide it to the board members, but that concludes my
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report. >> are there any questions from board members? yes. go with julia first and then linda. >> thank you very much. thank you very much, bob and jerry, and i really appreciate all the information. a couple quick questions. so when i was looking through the documentation, and is you again for sending it out, once i noticed that a couple of the residents have taken the payments, i was wondering, do they have to move out directly or can they stay until they can find a place to live? i was unclear in the literature. >> yeah. generally, parties are expected to take the in-lieu payment when they leave the island, and what we do is accept 50% of the in-lieu funding value up front,
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in case they need to put first month's rent and deposit on a new place, so that's typically the way we do it, and then, the second half of the payment is issued when they turn in their keys. >> okay. great. thank you. and then, i noticed that there was some really good information that might be helpful to a lot of the residents now if -- while they're still considering whether they want to be part of the bristol or other groups. can we put it in paper form and giving it out to the residents of treasure island? i know that i've seen a lot of pamphlets and lots of things that went down, but the elements of these things were different than what went out on the flyers, so think for people taking different positions, that would be helpful and beneficial. >> no, we'll take a look and see if that would be beneficial
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to push that out before the year end, and certainly before the application period closes. we're also, as i mentioned, a couple of weeks ago, i know nine groups of residents had applied for the opportunity to participate in lotteries for those units. when that lottery and move takes place, i think that serves as a great opportunity to publicize that some of your neighbors have taken advantage of this opportunity, so it kind of builds momentum for the inclusionary units. >> okay. great point. thank you. and again, i just want to say thank you for the behind the scenes work to get the batteries on the island. i know this is a learning experience for all of us, but thrilled and looking forward to
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continuing this and continuing to push forward because it's frustrating that we still have rolling blackouts, so the more we can do, the better. two things in a lot of the reports that's going on on the islands there. the e.v. station, not being able to charge and the missed muni buses, and the lights on, i think it was 9 and avenue of the palms. so just want to reiterate this and how important this is. i know we've asked muni for an update, but these are safety components, and i'd like to get updates. >> yeah, and a lot of it is a lag between things being addressed and the reports being updated. a lot of things are being closed out in the 311 database,
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but we did review that with staff this week, and we are following up on those items. the parts for the [indiscernible] are supposed to be arriving today, and we'll be looking to get those installed by the -- by the end of the week. >> thank you. and one last thing, i've heard that we're trying to access additional funds from the infrastructure bill, but they have certain requirements. the governor and certain agencies have to ask for the funds, even though it's been allocated to us. i would just double-check with our colleagues there because if we miss certain deadlines of asking the state to ask for these funds, we would lose them, so i just want to push on that moving forward, because that would be really helpful
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for the transportation and the bridges. >> thank you. >> okay. yes, linda, you had your hand up. >> yes, please. thank you. thank you, director beck, for your [indiscernible]. i think everyone on this commission is happy for this reporting. there's no outage. it is something that each and every one of us are concerned about, and we continue to alleviate and mitigate the hardship, and thank you, one treasure island. we just wanted to reiterate, all of the successes that we're having, the batteries, these are things going on behind the scenes in trying to alleviate hardships on the island, and to cherie williams and your team, thank you very much, and i know you will keep us posted. i want to give out a shoutout
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to tilly chan, the san francisco county transportation authority. i think, with them, some infrastructure, there was a month [indiscernible] agencies in northern california. i think that san francisco transportation authority is very revered, and i know that tilly chan gets involved in the state level and the federal level in trying to get funds. the director just mentioned, that 89 million that we just got, that took a lot of pulling and shuffling, and i want to give a shoutout to senator wiener, supervisor chu, supervisor haney, and the team that were successfully able
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will to acquire these funds. i know they're working on this area, and the transportation committee, it's important for us to put this on the record, and for my committee, i would wait for that, so thank you. they know what they are doing. >> and just to piggyback on that, i agree that the [indiscernible] have been very on top of funding by the state and federal government, but i think it would be good, bob, if we can get a report on what is being done as far as programs eligible, treasure island being one of the biggest projects being done in the city of san francisco and the county, as we have so many of these
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construction projects. but to get a report on what is happening at the [indiscernible] level, what kind of programs are coming down the pike, and what we might be eligible for. so if we can get an update at the appropriate time, i think it would be good. >> as we prepare that project for [indiscernible], the c.t.a. was preparing to bring it back, so we'll definitely bring it back for a look at the progress and funding picture, as well.
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>> thank you. if there's no further comment, let's go to public comment. okay. hearing no other board members, is there public comment? >> clerk: there is no public comment. >> okay. hearing no public comment, let's go to the next item. >> and mark dunlop is on the phone. >> hello. >> okay. glad you can join us. next item. >> clerk: communications from and received by tida. are there any questions and comments by the board? any questions or comments by the public? >> clerk: there's none. >> i have a comment. >> okay. la'shawndra and then julia >> okay. so we're onto communications. give me one second. i wanted to ask -- or maybe we
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should wait until the presentation from the navy because i have some questions about that area. also [indiscernible], are we providing some [indiscernible]. >> la'shawndra, we're having difficulty hearing you. i think you have to speak more directly into your microphone. >> okay. i'm sorry. is this better? >> yeah, that's better. go ahead and ask your questions again. >> so as far as the [indiscernible], are we providing or they providing vaccines or testing as far as covid? >> the nurses' clinic provids both vaccines by appointment and by testing, and i mentioned
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in my report, there's going to be a special report on next saturday, the 18, at the gaelic clubhouse in the school, near araceli on 13 street. everyone -- all residents five and up to be vaccinated, and they'll have pfizer and moderna. >> okay. they can get testing and vaccinations at this event. >> yeah. the clinic is open on tuesday afternoons, and they can get vaccinations by appointment at the clinic, and they can drop by to get a test with and without an appointment.
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>> okay. as far as the ship shape policy, does the vaccination policy -- i don't know. should i be directing this to cherie? does everybody in the group have to be vaccinated upon entering -- or is that more for cherie? >> yes. i think the answer is yes, but i think if you have any specific questions, why don't you direct it to cherie and one treasure? >> okay. and as far as the road, there is no stop sign coming off the building. was one going to be installed? >> yes, one is going to be
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installed. i repeated that request this morning. >> and will there be any extra lighting on the road? i noticed during construction how it will really be lit up, and that's a good thing, and if that's taken away [indiscernible] so will we be getting more lighting along the road as we are going to be having more traffic? >> i'll have to review the current status of lighting. traffic was shifted this past month from the west side to the east side of the causeway. on the east side of the causeway, the permanent lights are installed, and -- but they're -- i'll have to review
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what the status of road lighting is when they transition to treasure island. >> okay. and i think that was it as far as communications. is the navy presenting today? >> no, they are not on the agenda today. they are making a presentation today, the restoration advisory board today. >> okay. i previously seen that. my question, though, i think pertains to -- well, let me know if this does pertain to you. it seems like the west side area has been enlarged and they found more of the ending [indiscernible], but they're not specifying where they found them at and where the actual problems start. my question is, were any of
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those things found before the building was demolished? where were those things found? [indiscernible] where were they found out specifically? >> all of the m.a.c.s that were -- m.e.c.s that were found -- for the public, m.e.c. is navy vernacular for material of explosive concern. if they find anything that they think could be an explosive hazard, they follow specific protocols for evaluating and inspecting that and eventually disposing it. but my understanding is all of
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those materials of explosive concern that the navy has found has been within the solid materials disposal area, so it's all within the area that's been in their fenced perimeter, well, the last eight years, since i joined tida. >> well, looking at the map, since the information that i've been in the area and since i joined, that information is differing, and i'm sure that residents of the areas that were demolished, so i just want to be clear on what they found after they demolished the building. not just for my particular area because the whole area has been enlarged and extended. >> i would encourage any
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residents who have questions about that to participate in the navy's restoration advisory board meeting this evening. i cannot provide you with that information. >> and you wouldn't be able -- so no agency on the island would be able to help translate this for the residents to understand? >> the navy is the appropriate party to translate the document for you. >> okay. thank you. thank you? >> you're welcome. >> let's see. julia. >> thank you. i don't have any questions. i just look forward to the update tonight, and i noticed in the director's report, there was a c.a.b., a citizens advisory board update, but i didn't know if there was any specific update or if there was any agenda item we needed to be
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aware of? >> no, our agenda was very similar to today's agenda. it was the marina board presentation and the p.u.c. presentation and the discussion of the role of the c.a.b. and future agenda items. >> were there anything the board needs to be aware of just to make sure of things -- be aware? >> i think, as i mentioned, we had a discussion of the role of the c.a.b., and that's a potential future public discussion with the tida board, as well, because the c.a.b. is meant to be an advisory body to the board on matters relating to redevelopment, and so, you know, that's a potential future
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topic of development for the board, as well. >> okay. hearing no further questions from the board, are there any others, what about the public? are there any public comments to this director's report? >> clerk: seeing no public comment. >> okay. >> clerk: item number 6, on going business by board of directors. >> okay. any on going business by the board of directors? is there any public comment? >> clerk: there's no public comment. >> okay. let's go onto the next item. >> clerk: item 7, consent agenda. item 7-a, approving the minutes of the november 10, 2021 meeting, and b, resolution approving and adopting the
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treasure island development authority collection management policy. >> so moved. >> second, but if i can make a small correction to the minutes. on page 7, it says directors did, but there's no director's name associated with it. i don't know if we need to do that or call out the director that made the motions. >> clerk: yeah, i'll go back and make those revisions. >> okay. thanks, kate. >> clerk: i'll take a roll call vote. [roll call] >> clerk: there are five ayes. >> okay. the ayes have it. >> clerk: item number 8, resolution approving the election of officers of the treasure island development authority, and the appointment of officers to the
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infrastructure and transportation committee and the sustainability committee, as nominated by the ad hoc nomination committee, to serve a 12-month term of office commencing january 1, 2022, and ending december 31, 2022. >> okay. so the nominations committee met earlier, and it was recommending approval of the same slate of officers that they currently have forward to 2022, except for ike kwon, who's stepping down as vice president, and then linda richardson will become vice president. so i don't know, linda, who's on the nomination committee, would you like to make any comments? >> yes. before i make these comments, i
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wish that all the board members -- everyone was invited. i just want to take this opportunity to commend president fei tsen, about her knowledge, not only in the city of san francisco but across the nation. i think it is a testament, people often who is the member of this board of director tida. why? because the treasure island yerba buena island development is one of the most iconic watched worldwide. everybody by mail knows that we are one [indiscernible], and so when you look at our development in all this coast,
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whatever you're talking about, infrastructure, whatever you're talking about, intraspace, parks, whatever you're going to be utilizing, water, wastewater, climate change, sea level rise, our development, and we need to reiterate and say this as much as possible, it's a model for the world, and that's why we have these partnerships with all of these world class partners [indiscernible]. and the reason i'm saying this is every year, we have the opportunities to get the challenges and the milestone. this project is works in progress. on treasure island, we will
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have partnerships and affiliation with our treasure island museum. there are so many partners that are government agencies, so director fei tsen, again, great honor to retain you as the president of treasure island, and you can mentioned before, i'm honor to serve, you know, your vice president, for the c.f.o., commissioner dunlop, who, for decades of respected development in san francisco. we're so glad to have you, commissioner dunlop. we know that, over the years, you've been just having, you know, some medical issues, but you always strive to do your best on this commission. and so for the infrastructure transportation, of course, i [indiscernible] the chair, and i'm so glad that all of this committee, commissioner julia
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prochnik will be joining us. >> yeah. let's just do the officers. i believe we have to have a resolution for the officers, and then, we can do the -- >> okay. so that will be my [indiscernible] i'm just reporting on transpired on what happened [indiscernible] earlier this year. thank you. >> thank you, and thank you for those comments. [indiscernible]. >> thank you so much for those comments, linda, and i would just like to say that i appreciate all the comments of the board members. it's so great to have people that serve deeply and compassionately about treasure island. i appreciate that. so people take a -- we have a resolution to approve the officers of treasure island
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development development authority that have been nominated, and can we have a second -- >> clerk: this item, we actually have all of the committees together, so we'll take one vote. >> so then, the i.t.c. committee will be chaired by linda richardson. the members will be julia prochnik and fei tsen, and for the sustainability committee, it will be chaired by ike kwon and the members will be [indiscernible], so the slate of officers and the committee members and chairs. so we can take a vote, but first, if there's any comments, i'll take that first, and then, any public comment. okay. hearing no comments from the board, are there comments from the public?
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>> clerk: there is no public comment. >> okay. so we will take a roll call. [roll call] >> clerk: there are five ayes. >> okay. so the ayes have it. next item. >> clerk: item number 9, one treasure island construction training program update. >> thank you, and is it alex that's going to be making this report? >> yes, i believe so. >> hello, alex. welcome. >> yes. so good to be here. good to see you guys. it's been a while. thank you to the tida board and directors. yeah, it's been a [indiscernible] doing things virtually as our fundamental lifeline. let me share something with
4:17 pm
you. it'll be myself and jamie brewster, our newest addition to the team, copresenting here. can you guys see this powerpoint? >> i do. >> all right. great. so definitely excited to talk about the new partnerships that we've been establishing for workforce development training and employment, but there'll be three parts to this presentation. i'm going to go start with an overview of what we're doing, our recent successes, and then jamie will take over around the 22 slide to talk about the future delivery of the program. this picture here, i hope you can see my [indiscernible] up here, you can see part of the employers and the union reps. you have to take a physical
4:18 pm
test for entrance into the union. they want to make sure you are physically fit to participate in the work and do it on an eight-hour day, so we usually do this, we subjugate one of the providers on the island doing infrastructure. they usually come up and observe -- these are our grads that recently graduated -- graduated that recently graduated, and they observe them doing the tests. we're testing, checking for temperatures and vaccination cards, and so on and so forth. down here on the left, we have graduation. same exact day, we run back to get graduation for students. it's really important, but it usually takes about five to ten days to finalize gainful
4:19 pm
employment with the participants. they're putting them through the drug testing process, union enrollment and application process sometimes takes about five to ten days. so sometimes you have folks running back from the testing to the graduation, or vice versa. and by entering our program, they're making a commitment to change for the best. it's a commitment to get into union construction, so we try to limit exactly what happens in the process of application and work on a day-to-day basis in the trades into our program. as you know, our goal is to
4:20 pm
provide stability to low-income san franciscans by providing a career in the trades, and our priority is always to low-income residents. again, the overview of our program, we do a weekly outreach program and orientations, maybe because we have less traffic than a business in the middle of the san francisco woods. we provide a physical test prep on the island, the same exact test that they do at the labors and we provide that here on the island so people can see what they need to work on as far as getting physically in shape. we're talking to the ymca about future workout programs that we can partner with them on. we do direct placement services
4:21 pm
because there are individuals who have graduated from various programs throughout the city or maybe there are already existing union members, and they come looking for work from our office, so they do provide direct placement services. we also do apprenticeship research workshops, so the jobs, they're aware, the requirements, the dates to apply. some of the jobs out there take applications for a short period of the year, maybe for one week per year. as an example, the technicians are testing in january, and we have our class starting in february. they'll have to wait another year before they apply to the electrical unit, so we just believe it's important to keep an on going process, kind of an open-door policy, when people come in, we can make them aware of those opportunities.
4:22 pm
it's an eight-week training program, but we conduct these activities designed so that the clients can interact with employers and union reps as much as possible. we also have 17 certifications and like these union reps and employers to come down virtually and make presentations to the class. oftentimes, you know, there is communication for our employers afterwards. they take a keen liking to a group of people. so we'll set up the informational interviews for the clients, we'll facilitate sponsorship requirements during the training program, and also, as always, provide financial services such as credit repair, banking support, financial support, child support, any kind of things like that, but there is always a desire of success and retention for
4:23 pm
individuals that do take part in the financial literacy programs that we have. the last class [indiscernible] each cohort, we give it a numerical grouping. we've had ten classes graduate, so c.t.p. 10, 100% graduation rate. 60% hired by san francisco employers, 40% female, 60% san francisco residents. those bottom statistics, we work hard to achieve that same kind of statistical representation in each class. the average wage is $25 an hour. here's a picture of the recent class that graduated. this young lady is working for valdez painting on the island,
4:24 pm
and this young man working on the warehouse, on the docks, with the treasure island sailing center. this gentleman working with the p.u.c. the p.u.c. does partner with us. they love our workers, our graduates. this is a veteran. he's getting into the opportunity engineers union. this is a residence on the island who volunteers with us on the island and were able to obtain gainful employment. prior to the pandemic, we definitely took a lot of pride in community involvement and being involved in the community, but the pandemic slowed it down, but this is a project that we got to volunteer on the island to do some beautification work, and the point of construction was the truth. pointer construction was the
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employer that participated. ten successful classes. the average is about 15 per cohort. our first-class graduated november 2017, most recent class graduated september 2021. our first three classes focused on abatement and demolition because that was our major focus on the island, so our flagship employer was echo bay. they hired 100% of the first three classes, so 45 people went to work with echo bay, and they still -- we still meet with them. we just met with them last
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week. they are very diligent to hire residents of san francisco, treasure island, our workers. we are always meeting with them and the new projects they have. so these are the services that we still provide. in addition, jamie will talk about some of the new certs, but the industrial [indiscernible], one of the employers, dunn edwards, that's one of the largest providers of painting supplies, and they're willing to teach our class. they teach about 24 hours of painting, architectural permit, and then, 25 or 30 hours, so people access their commercial a and b permits to drive trucks and join the operating engineers union. as i said, echo bay hired 45
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graduates into the abatement unit, local 67, and they made an immediate impact on the island. since 2017, they have abated over 700,000 square feet of space on the island and 37 buildings. 10% of the crowd actually journeys out and ventures into the union and stays in the union. this is, like, a national statistic that we're aware of, that, you know, if you need a crew of ten people, sometimes the unions go through a bunch of people before they have a solid number, so this just shows the number of people that actually came and showed up for orientation, number of people that we assessed, number of people that actually went through the training program and graduated and went to work. so some of the national
4:28 pm
statistics of women in the industry, it hovers around 8%, so we're really proud of the fact that we're staying close to, you know, 23, 25% female participation in our program. we've had -- i'm sorry? did somebody want to -- >> alex, we have about five minutes left for your item, so i just wanted to give you that -- >> thank you so much. appreciate that. almost done. i think we're close there, so yeah, on this [indiscernible] $25 an hour, average wage. this is just a racial demographic and gender demographic for the classes. 80 grads were formerly incarcerated, [indiscernible] were veterans.
4:29 pm
six veterans, two veterans, three veterans that we're working with swords to plowshares to try to increase that veteran numbers. we do have a contact program, 30, 60, 90 days, and after 90 days, it's usually about 100% staying or retained. now i'll turn it over to jamie, and jamie, i'll turn through the pages as you go through. >> hi, jamie. >> hi. go ahead, just go straight to 22, alex. very good. so as alex mentioned earlier, what we are doing now, we are on the vertical aspect of the island, as you all know, and based on the forecast of labor, we're going to be targeting
4:30 pm
d.c. 16 [indiscernible] trends. those are some of the low hanging fruits, which means that it's not going to be hard for our folks to get into these unions. so one of the things that we're going to be doing in those forecasts that we're getting is to get into alignment with what's going on on the island so we can be prepared. we just had a really good meeting with charles this mornings so we can be ready. next slide. very good. thank you so much. so some of the forecast finish trades, dunn edwards, we're making sure that a lot of our graduates have hands-on training, so this is going to be really, really good for our folks to be ready to go. next slide. we're partnering with a gentleman on island, his name is brian young, and he's going to be teaching commercial a and b. he's going to be bringing us
4:31 pm
around a bus on the island, so as opposed to just a ferry, we're going to have a bus on the island, which is really exciting. next slide. we're also going to be partnering with another business, [indiscernible] lumber. those students are going to walk a whopping three minutes over to their building, building 360, where a gentleman is going to be teaching them hands on with how to read a tape measure, construction related math, and things of that nature. this is just a slide reiterating some of the things that they'll be teaching them there. next slide, perfect, and i think that keeps us within our five-minute window. any questions for alex or i? >> thank you. thank you so much. i'm going to open it up to the board for questions, but i just
4:32 pm
want to say how important it is what you're doing to us, and i'll open it up for comments. >> yes. >> yes, linda. >> thank you, [indiscernible] the best thing that we do in treasure island for me, personally, is physically this presentation. i've always told people that we
4:33 pm
have the skill to develop this island. our record, what are we going to show for that? this training, for people to better their lives? what you just [indiscernible] the history of treasure island,
4:34 pm
the commissioner, but more importantly, i would like to hope this training continues. my question is why don't you have more training during the year? this is a passion of yours of everything that you do for treasure island. bob beck has the training of island residents, of at-risk youth on his agenda. he always makes sure that this program is funded, and we really want to share that with
4:35 pm
everyone that's invested in the treasure island development board. >> anyone else? >> i just want to say thank you to jamie and alex, and the work that they're doing is so important. i work in other states, and this kind of work is so critical. thank you for being creative, and not just in the classroom. you're doing a lot of great things, so thank you. this is just the beginning of so much more. >> thank you for your support. >> thank you. thank you. comes from the top down, so it's a passionate project for all of you guys, and we're honored to be here to help make it a reality. >> thank you. is there any public comment? >> clerk: there is no public comment. >> okay. hearing none, thank you very much, alex and jamie, for what you do, and for one treasure
4:36 pm
island. okay. so we will go onto the next item, please. >> clerk: item number 10, marina update. >> all right. and are you presenting, bob, on this? >> no, jay wallace from treasure island development enterprises will be presenting, although i will be controlling his slides for him, if you can give me -- thanks. >> hello, jay. >> hello, madam president and commissioners old and new. nice to see the long time members and meet the new members. welcome aboard. for those of you who have been with us on the board for a long time, most of this is not new, but bob, if you'd like to go to the next slide, that would be great. just by way of background, on
4:37 pm
june 5, 2018, after long discussion with the treasure island development authority and the board of supervisors, the board of supervisors voted 11-0 to give treasure island enterprises the rights to develop a new marina within a very designated footprint that we're going to talk about in a minute, and that vote was unanimous on june 5, 2018, and that vote was a historic event. we worked long and hard to get that far, and we were very pleased that the board supported the project. this is the plan that the board supported. at the eastern edge -- bob, i don't know, if you can grab the hand and go up to the eastern edge. right there, where bob's hand is showing, is the depth that the board of supervisors gave us from the north to the south
4:38 pm
access point. so we're allowed to build within 718 feet and a few inches, and long the east-west axis, i believe that says 941 feet and a few inches, so that's the footprint that the board said it's okay to build a new marina, approximately 170, 180 slips, and we'll talk about that in a minute. for those of you that have been on the board for a long time, you may remember, bob, if you can go back one second, the original marina that came before the board, and the reason why there was numerous iterations before the board, the original marina was 400 slips, and it extended much further out into the cove. during the course of the entitlement, there was discussion about reducing the size of the marina, that is what was approved.
4:39 pm
it allows for greater access into the clipper cove for the sailing center, other boaters, multiple users, everybody who was a participant in the active use of the clipper cove, marina users, sailing center, the kayakers, sailing association -- i wouldn't say that everybody agreed 100%, but we came to a nice compromise, and progress was made, and i think that everybody at this point is relatively satisfied with the outcome of this report. if you go to the next slide, bob, what this is showing is that, again, here is a slightly modified footprint. instead of six docks, it's five
4:40 pm
docks. this slide is showing what the board saw back in 2018 regarding the dredging of the marina. the marina has not been dredged in many years and has silted up, requiring boaters to skirt the northern edge of the clipper cove, where bob's cursor is right now, but when we build the new marina, we're going to do some dredging, and there'll be an appropriate ten-foot dredge channel with appropriate markers so that everybody using clipper cove or using the marina for day use or whatever will have a clearly designated dredge channel which to access clipper cove. the next slide, if we can go there, is just a blow up of
4:41 pm
what the marina will look like -- that we proposed to build will be. you can see here the 718-foot depth and the 940-foot length that we're allowed to build in. that's what the marina is fitting in. we have been true to everything that the board of supervisors required us to do, and we will continue to do that. the next slide tells you a little bit about the project development costs. as you can see, we're proposing about a $24.5, $25 million marina. we'll be building 168, 172 new slips within is that designated area. it'll be new sewers, new electrical through the area, new security, and we hope it'll be a centerpiece of the treasure island. i didn't add into this slide, and i might the next time i do a presentation, we would fully
4:42 pm
integrate with the master development in all of our dock waterside connection points, everything has been fully vetted with tida, and we can thank bob for all of that, his guidance, but we have been working with ticd to make sure we're aligned with the clipper cove promenade and the other developments. and the next slide. covid set us back 1.5 years, but we are now back on target, and you can see here that we've been working with finalizing the marina layout. last couple of months, we have put together or development team, which is primarily, a lot of the same people -- or the
4:43 pm
people who built the ferry within our partner, anchor q.e.a., which is a respected group that does a lot of the permitting in the bay will be working with us, as well. we are on target to get our bcdc permit later in 2022. we expect it will take a year or so to get through the bcdc process, and we will get in the water in june 2023, and the state regulations are that you can only build in the water between june and november every year to protect the fish and other natural resources that need protection, so we are on target to commence construction in june of 2024, and we believe
4:44 pm
that we'll be able to build 168, 170 slips, within the 6.5-month window that the regulators give us. we will start at the eastern a-dock and move ourselves to the west, so that by the time we would be required to demolish any of the existing slips, there would be new slips to transition, and those who want to move to the new marina, there will be slips for them. we have continued to work diligently with ticd, with tida. we are prepared to getting our marina started and look forward to work with all of the stakeholders as we have over the last 25 years, and it's a great pleasure to work with so many new folks as well as old friends, as well.
4:45 pm
>> thank you -- thank you for that report and the progress. we're both getting gray, but we're working through the process. i will move to questions. >> yeah, i had a question. will there be any opportunities for employment, as well? will it be union? >> yeah, it'll be with the carpenters union, so one of the things that we'll be doing is working with one treasure island on workforce -- on a workforce plan. it's a relatively designated small project, the development
4:46 pm
of four docks. i don't know if you guys got involved at all with the ferry terminal, but it's the same general contractor, signatory, that built the ferry on treasure island, so we'll be looking forward to the new year. >> okay. that sounds like. >> you got it. >> okay. and anybody else from the board? >> nice to see you, mr. [indiscernible]. >> nice to see you, too. >> you mentioned when you started this project, your hair was dark, and now it's blondish. >> julia, did you have a comment? >> nice to meet you. if you could just go into a little bit more details, how does this marina work with clipper cove right now? >> no, it's two separate
4:47 pm
projects. it's always been that way. we're going to work together by not coordinating, but allowing everybody to use the cove in a manner that's appropriate for their uses. our marina uses will primarily use the channel -- dredge channel come in, replenish their boats, and when they're ready, to go back out. in the final negotiation for this plan, we agreed that the sailing center can continue to access the area and for the marina to go as planned. >> thank you. hearing no other comments, are there any public comments? >> can you hear me? >> i didn't hear you.
4:48 pm
la'shawndra, did you want to ask a question? >> not necessarily on this segment, but i did try to comment earlier, but my speaker wasn't working. can you hear me now? i just want to make sure i can be heard. >> yes, we can hear you now. so we don't have public comment, so should we go onto the next item? >> clerk: we do have two public commenters. >> okay. go ahead. >> hi. good afternoon, directors. this is hunter cutting, and today, i'm speaking on behalf of the sierra club. we appreciate this opportunity to see thesup dated drawings. it would be helpful if we could get electronic copies of
4:49 pm
architectural drawings of the redesign we all came together around. at first blush, it looks like we're going to need to work on this some more before it can go forward. i [indiscernible] a couple of things where this appears not to be the marina that we were all in alignment and approved the resolution. there's a brand-new alignment, there's a seawall of the west side of this marina design, that the brand-new element was part of the picture before, so that's a concern. >> may i respond, just to the item? >> you know, let me -- [indiscernible]. >> no worries, no worries. all good. that seawall appears to extend well beyond the envelope that the board set out for the marina, so that's two things i
4:50 pm
think we're going to have to work on. also, i think the marina drawing, it runs right along the old grass habitat. that was not how the channel was studied in the e.i.r. i know that tida maintains they did not find any eel grass in the old habitat. i don't know how you're going to get this past bcdc. in addition, there is a fuel seep that naval process has identified that is right near that dredge channel. so i think we've got two things. this design issue that we've got to get resolved, and the other long-standing item is you can't run a dredge channel right next to an eel grass habitat. >> my name is pat -- >> clerk: we do have one more
4:51 pm
public comment. >> i'd be happy to wait. >> okay. i'll open the lines for the second caller. you have two minutes. >> hello? >> good afternoon. this is dave ginther. can you hear me? >> yes, we can hear you. go ahead. >> thank you. well, i'm with the treasure island development center, and i came to the same conclusion that hunter did. i noticed there were basically two questions that i had, but on the slide labelled dredge plan, there appears to be what appears to be a large seawall on the western side of the marina, which extends quite a
4:52 pm
distance to the south, and if that is a seawall, then i guess we would be concerned that that would prevent access, one of the key elements of our program, which is having kids sail to the beach, and the beach isn't really shown on here. i'm not sure where the stairs come down from the causeway, but again, this is -- two comments. i'll just make them brief. this seawall goes way, way, way past what we agreed to, and this goes way beyond clipper cove and the beach. i also think it would be great to have the dimensions put back on the drawing, and that that would make looking at these drawings much simpler.
4:53 pm
so that's it. i'm sure these are all things that we can work out, and i will end my comments unless someone has questions of me. >> so this is my suggestion, and let me know if you think otherwise, bob or jay, is that there are some comments -- i think they should be directly addressed to you, jay, and for you to respond to, and then, if there are any issue that we need to address as a board, that they can come back to you. bob, is that an amenable suggestion? >> yeah. generally, you know, public comment is comment. it's not ann engagement in an exchange, but -- an engagement in an exchange, but if there are any questions that were raised that you would like jay to address, he'd be more than happy to do so. >> yeah, and i would suggest because we have other matters
4:54 pm
on this meeting that you do that offline. >> madam president, may i just -- i just want to make it clear that there is no new break water on the western side. we all know that once a rumor gets out, it tends to spread quickly. that line on the western side is not a break water, it's a boundary line that somebody drew on this drawing. it never even dawned on me that it would cause a problem, but i want dave and hunter who have been involved with the project and looking at it for a long time to know that that dark line is an internal boundary line, and what that's showing is just a boundary. there's no break water there
4:55 pm
whatsoever, so i don't want the rumor to go out that t.i.e. has somehow created a new plan. the marina is the only break water existed is at adot, which has always been the case, and that will not be a break water, it has not been built as a break water, and you will not see a break water or anything along what is the eastern edge of the causeway or the eastern edge of the marina. hunter, if we can have a conversation [indiscernible] was that we would let the regulators decide that, not the public on any side, my side or any other side, and so we've raised this with bcdc. it'll go through the appropriate channels, no pun intended, and the [indiscernible] maintenance office, bcdc, regional water
4:56 pm
quality control board, and army corps of engineers will have to decide this project, and i hope we will let them decide what's an appropriate response for the important habitat that's in clipper cove and not predetermine without the input from those agencies what is a correct or incorrect response. >> yeah, they are the [indiscernible]. >> i named all of those that will have a look at this before the project is finalized. >> so i think we can go to the next item, please. thank you very much, jay. >> great to see you all, and nice to meet the new folks. bye-bye. >> clerk: item number 11, existing electrical system repair and rehabilitation projects. >> before we go to that, i thought i heard linda say that she wanted to ask a question that we wouldn't hear before. before we move onto something new, can we ask her what she wanted to ask us?
4:57 pm
>> la'shawndra? >> we're not hearing you, la'shawndra, if you have anything that you wanted to ask. [indiscernible]. >> okay. >> clerk: if you'd like to put it in the chat, we can read it aloud. >> let's go ahead. i'm mindful of the time that we have, and we do want to hear the information items. >> ramon [indiscernible] from the p.u.c. will present this item.
4:58 pm
>> -- my screen? >> no, we cannot see it. >> hello, can you hear me? >> yes, we can hear you. >> -- some technical issues earlier. yeah, i don't have any video on because my [indiscernible] tends to fall out, so -- >> we can see your screen. >> good afternoon. >> yes. >> oh, we can see your video [indiscernible]. it shows your video, so if you'd like to go to your display settings or just leave as is -- there you go. >> okay. there you go. sorry. things are getting [indiscernible] mixed up, too.
4:59 pm
so thank you for having me here today. good afternoon. my name is ramon [indiscernible]. i'm the -- one of the deputy assistant general managers for the [indiscernible] of the p.u.c. >> we're having a hard time hearing, ramon. >> ramon, i'm sorry. you're coming in and out. >> i'm going to talk about -- >> ramon -- yeah. >> -- talking about the [indiscernible] system. >> ramon, can [indiscernible] for some reason, so can you hear me better now? >> yes. >> hello? >> yes, so would you continue speaking directly into your microphone? >> yeah. >> go ahead.
5:00 pm
>> -- for an update on the electrical system improvement that we have recently completed and also provide you some background on electrical system and additional steps that we're planning to take to address the electrical system issues on the island. sorry. my system is really slow. now that i'm sure you're already familiar with, so the u.s. navy [indiscernible] with tida back in 97, so the system is several years old, and it has exceeded -- as you know, it's been reported several times, it has exceeded the expected life expectancy for an electrical system.
5:01 pm
because of its age of the current electrical system, we are experiencing current reliability issues on the island. and what [indiscernible] is p.u.c.s goal? so as we contracted the contractor to tida, we oversee the electrical system, we oversee the operation, we provide maintenance and repairs, and we provide the update that you get monthly from mr. beck, giving the reasons that they [indiscernible] and any communications that we can do or have done regarding the
5:02 pm
outage. we also [indiscernible] the energy on the island [indiscernible] to all the residents and the businesses. what have we done so far? prior to that, what we're trying to do is make the necessary improvements needed to increase the system reliability of the island. by that, we want to minimize the outages, and, to some extent possible, is to mitigate or prevent outages that we consider are preventible. we want to be able to reduce the frequency and duration of outages, and if we can, isolate the outage to just a small section of the island.
5:03 pm
and we are going to install some equipment that will allow us to find the source of the outage quicker so we can reduce the outage time on the island. so what have we done so far is that [indiscernible] is now operating on the island. what this did is, in the old system, there used to be six circuits serving the island, but [indiscernible] for a long
5:04 pm
time, the island was serviced off of one circuit coming off of [indiscernible] however it separates into six different circuits or six different sources. and [indiscernible] we've also [indiscernible] this was reported before. we've installed some more [indiscernible] so we can see where the source of the outage is originating from.
5:05 pm
[indiscernible] we've also installed a new overheadline. the bandwidth looks like i'm falling out -- overhead line are you hearing me? >> this is an important item that we have been asking for for sometime, and because we cannot hear you, i think that we should probably have this report on another day, and to make sure that you can be vetted and we can hear clearly because i don't think it's a service to us nor the public if we can't hear your presentation, so bob, my suggestion is that perhaps we can schedule the p.u.c. to make
5:06 pm
the report at the next meeting, but i don't believe it's working right now. >> yeah, my apologies. >> no, it's webex, you know, the broadband, so i think it makes sense to schedule this to another time. >> yes, and i would suggest before you present to the commission, to the tida board, that perhaps you do a run-through with kate so that we can make sure that there are no issues. >> yeah. the presentation worked well last night with the c.a.b. we didn't experience this last night. apologies, directors, that we weren't able to have it today. >> okay. thank you. let's have this postponed until next meeting, whenever you can schedule it. thank you. i think we'll just go other to the next item.
5:07 pm
>> okay. before we move on, we should confirm that there was no public comment on this item. >> yeah, i think that we should have the public comment when we have the full report. >> well -- >> -- but i will open it up to any comment that there may be at this point in time, yes. >> clerk: yes, and there is no public comment. >> okay. all right. >> clerk: item number 12, fiscal year 2022-2023 budget planning. >> okay. budget planning, and is this jamie that's going to present this? >> yes, jamie will present. thank you. >> hello. welcome. >> hi. good afternoon, board members. can you hear me? >> yeah. can you give me the ability to share the powerpoint, though? thank you. >> thank you, bob. bob is also going to be running my slides.
5:08 pm
i've also had some technical difficulties, so please let me know if you cannot hear me or if there's issues with the presentation. but good afternoon, everyone. jamie [indiscernible], finance manager with tida. it's nice to see you all? so today, we have our presentation on the fiscal year 22-23 budget introduction, so this is the budget cycle for the fiscal year -- the upcoming fiscal year, and this will be the first of, i believe, three planned presentations we have for the tida board. you want to go to the next slide, bob? thank you. so today, we have an introduction, sort of high level snapshot of where we are in the budget process. this is in anticipation of the mayor's office releasing the mayor's budget instructions on december 15. once we receive those budget
5:09 pm
instructions, we will work internally on the draft proposed budget, and the goal is to bring it back to the tida board in the january meeting for the first review of the proposed fiscal year 23-24 two-year budget, and then similar to last year, the goal is to adopt the proposed budget at the february board meeting, and that would be an approval of the proposed budget to the mayor's office. we will be working with the city administrator's office, central budget and financing office. so first, there's sort of a half step where we submit it to them in mid-february, and they turnaround and submit it to the entire mayor's office as part
5:10 pm
of the budget proposal in mid-february. then in march, the city publishes all proposed departmental budgets so they're available on-line, and the controller, in that same time frame, will provide an update to the financial plan, sometimes referred to as the joint report, and that shows the five-year outlook of the first two years of the budget, but it really presents anything that would show a budgetary shortfall within that five-year frame, and that really sets the tone for how the mayor will then reprioritize what she would like to include in her overall budget proposal to the board of supervisors. the mayor's budget office works to publish that budget by june 1. the budget and finance committee meetings are then convened over the month of june, and the mayor's proposed
5:11 pm
budget is loaded into the financial system by the controller's office by july 1, with anticipation of the board of supervisors adopting the budget prior to july 30. next slide. before we kind of jump into the fiscal year 22-23 outlook, we wanted to give you a kind of closed loop on how fiscal year 21 year closed and how it looks. on the revenue side, commercial leasing revenues were approximately $730,000 below the adopted budget, and this was largely due to lower rent collection, the result of covid-19. so there was, through various straight regulations, back rent
5:12 pm
provisions, in which tenants were not required to pay rent as they typically would given the covid state of emergency, so we expected lower than budget collections, and some of these were also as a result, in some minor cases, a commercial lease termination. on the expend side, tida expenditures resulted in approximately $5.3 million below the adopted budget, and these savings were largely due to delays in our commission program, so things not moving as quickly as we anticipated they would. similarly, on the professional contracts, they were not entered into in accordance with the schedules, and that would be related to service contracts as well as tida contracts.
5:13 pm
tida had a few positions that were not filled. there was a delay in the technology budget, and then, we did receive -- we did see some savings on the building and maintenance slide, as well. i'll talk a little bit more about this on the next slide, but the tidc was invoiced what we refer to as a short ball payment in 2021, so they were invoiced about $7.9 million. about 6.8 million was city costs, and the other $2.1 million balance was tied directly to the shortfall that tida was experienced on its operating budget, and that resulted in being about
5:14 pm
$2.7 million below budget. sorry. go ahead, bob. kind of carrying forward to that last point that i made, just a reminder to this board, as a reminder, prior to 2015, tida was experiencing more revenues will than it exceeded, so it was experiencing a surplus, but per the d.d.a., when this reserve or this fund balance is exhausted, tida is then to invoice tidc for the amount to balance both its revenues with its expenses, and in fiscal year 2020, that was
5:15 pm
the first time that occurred, and so tida invoiced ticd about $5.3 million in fiscal year 20 to balance our revenues with our expenses. in fiscal year 2021, which was the prior fiscal year, t.i.c. was invoiced a little bit under $8 million, 7.965 million, to recover expenses, and approximately 2.7 of that i had mentioned was under budget. next slide. looking at where we are in this current fiscal year, 21-22, midyear, commercial revenues are looking very strong. we're tracking at or near our budget. a lot of this is collections from prior periods and making sure our tenants are current. residential revenues are
5:16 pm
tracking at or near budget, but i did want to note that we did reduce the financial projections $5 million in 2022, given the amounts that we were seeing on the residential rent side in fiscal year 20-21, but given that, we are expected to meet the tracking year at or near budget. on the commercial rent side, tenants became current or signed commitments to become current by november 30, 2022, so the goal is to make all tenants current by the end of their current lease cycle. a small number of the tenants, as i mentioned, were terminated. the property management group at tida has done a great job in
5:17 pm
terms of backfilling those vacancies, so getting that revenue that would have otherwise been lost had we not filled these spaces, and there's on going lease negotiations with a small handful of tenants, trying to make sure that they can become current by 2022. for fiscal year 2022, we expect that tidas expenditures will be within our budget, but there is an expectation that ticd will be receiving an invoice from tida in order to balance our revenues and our expensed. we budgeted 13.6 of that revenue coming from ticd for fiscal year 2022. if we exceed our revenue projections or don't fully
5:18 pm
expend our budgeted expenditures, it'll obviously be above that number, and on a quarterly basis, tida is now invoicing ticd on a quarterly business for direct development costs that are directly incurred by city departments as a result of development activities. and then, by fiscal year end, the -- we anticipate to invoice t.i.c. for a single shortfall payment depending on if there's a subsidy that's needed. next slide. in terms of fiscal year 22-23 budget planning for the future year, as i mentioned, the mayor's budget office will release mayor breed's budget instructions next week, so we will react to whatever those
5:19 pm
instructions are. at this phase of the department budgeting process, our starting point is looking at what we adopted as the second year of the two year budget that we adopted last year. so fiscal year 22-23, some of the questions that we're going to be asking is to what degree is there revenue certainty, is there revenue uncertainty, and on the expense projections, we'll be looking at whether we anticipate any possible budget growth or increases, and likewise, we'll be looking if there's any areas of cost savings. once we have a proposed budget
5:20 pm
put together, we'll be reviewing that budget with ticd, and that's per a d.d.a. provision, and then, we will present the proposed budget to the entire board in january for approval in february, and then, we will submit our departmental budget to the city administrator's office to include in their overall budget to the mayor's budget office. so that sort of book ends what we call the department phase of the budget process. once we turn it over to the mayor's budget staff in late february, that starts what is called the mayor phase of the budget process, and there's typically minor changes that the mayor's budget office makes, and they very, very rarely allow departments, in approximate our experience, to change or alter our budget after that february submission, which is why we wanted to have this conversation starting in december.
5:21 pm
and then, the mayor's budget proposal will be published and presented to the board of supervisors in june and july. next slide. in terms of where we anticipate budget growth in terms of conversations with departments, [indiscernible] as well as looking if he department pipeline and schedule of scope of works, we foresee there being an increase with the public works construction oversight budget, as well as public works services to the development progress. similarly, the p.u.c. and field services support for the development will likely support some increases, and to the extent that there's any consultant or professional services contracts that support the development, we will likely see some increases there. next slide. in terms of tida operating contracts that are currently underway, so we are looking at
5:22 pm
putting out an r.f.p. for the trasignificanceal housing advisory services -- transitional housing advisory services. we are planning to put on you an r.f.p. for task force program and management support, and that's largely to support the development. similarly, we've already posted an on call engineering consultant and studies r.f.p., and we intend to also post an environmental assessment and planning r.f.p.
5:23 pm
and i believe that concludes my presentation. if you have any questions or have items to discuss, please let me know. >> thank you. that was really helpful for you to lay out the process for us again, and it seems like january and february are fairly critical months for the budget, and i would suggest that maybe, if it is requested by the director -- individual directors, was to maybe set up
5:24 pm
some times with maybe one or two directors at a time. i don't think we can have three as per public rules, but one or two directors at the time for any individual questions, detailed questions that comes up. if that would be okay with you, i think that would be helpful. the -- i'm going to open it up to any questions. director fadeke richardson, go ahead. >> yes. thank you for that presentation. like last year, i think you presentationed a shortfall, and going -- you presented a shortfall, and going to 22-23, what i would like to have,
5:25 pm
again, is a take on this suggestion. i think i have lots of questions, but i can't discuss them right now, but i will strive to make an appointment. it will be great to have a copy of all the r.f.p.s that you are anticipating in all the different categories, e.i.r., in those categories, any way, and have them at least for all the commissioners. i would like to know about the infrastructure and the expectations of where we are. [indiscernible] and i don't know if you have kind of excel. you did a great job in the preamble of the summary of the
5:26 pm
2021-22 in outlining of some of the areas of the shortfall or wherever. i would like to outside that template in reviewing the expenditures for the next fiscal year. i think that would be informative because it would help us see where we fall and where the traditions are, and if we are going to meet those dozen conditions, so let's adjust some of the things that we have [indiscernible] so i assume that this is the first one, the second one in january, what time is that for the approval by tida, so that means we need to get busy sometime in
5:27 pm
december to make the appointment. is that correct, jen? >> yes. the final approval of the budget will be in the february meeting. so the january meeting, i don't believe it's an action item, but it's to give an overview of what the budget will look like, allow questions and take the final budget to the board in february, so there will be kind of a proposal and review in february. in terms of briefings, bob and i can work and schedule with the various board members. december might be tough, but if we can do it in december or early january, that would be my
5:28 pm
goal. >> okay. [indiscernible] i think i heard that in your presentation to ticd. >> so we typically make the shortfall payment by the end of the fiscal year. so by july, we spend really the month of july reconciling year-end expenses, and we invoice them in early august, which is my experience in the past two fiscal years, and that's -- so we did invoice them in august, and that invoice payment has been submitted and paid, and we anticipate to do that in the july time frame of 2022. >> thank you so much. >> julia, did you have
5:29 pm
questions? >> i wanted to say to jamie thank you for giving us the lay of the land before we go into the budget season and giving us the details. thank you so much. >> jamie, let me just say, as we go forward, it would be helpful to have what does those payments -- what the d.d.a. [indiscernible] but if you would give that framework so that we all understand [indiscernible] specific things
5:30 pm
related to [indiscernible]. >> i will happily do that, and i'll add it to our agendas when we have individual briefings, but i will add that as a note for the january presentation, as well. >> all right. and is there any other -- i can't see la'shawndra or mark or any other members of the board. >> no. >> okay. thank you. kate, is there any public comment? >> clerk: there is no public comment. >> okay. so we look forward to this budget process. we have to do it every year, but it's always an exercise that enlightens me, so thank
5:31 pm
you, jamie. >> clerk: item number 13, review of issues log and discussion of future agenda items by directors. >> okay. so this is a log, and actually, i can see some things on the items log, things which may or may not still be needed, and i do think that we should, you know, go through and to the best extent possible, to maybe, before each [indiscernible] meeting, if there's items that have been reported on or items that are which no longer relevant that can be [indiscernible] so are there any questions about this on the
5:32 pm
items that you would like to -- >> so -- >> i have a question, but i just saw that la'shawndra posted that her mic are not working. so do you -- >> no, i would like to know, people really cannot hear me? >> we can hear you. >> can you hear me now? >> yes, we can hear you now. >> okay. so i've been doing for the last 20 minutes, so maybe i need to log back in to make sure all my stuff is okay. >> no, you're okay now, and i'm seeing the chat now. we hear you now, so if you'd like to make any comments. we're not hearing you again.
5:33 pm
>> can we put up the log on the screen. is mark still on, too? >> i'm not sure. what would you like me to do? [indiscernible] . >> can people see the log on the screen right now? >> yeah. >> can you make it bigger?
5:34 pm
>> yeah. i appreciate this also being on the agenda, and i think it's helpful because i think there are some items that we should add onto this for the follow up from the marina and some of the data presentations that we had, too, and the sfpuc again. but i think one thing that has been helpful in other log data sets is that we just moved down everything that's been accomplished and just keep it on the log so we can check in, really, just to have a good metrics of what we were able to do and what we weren't. does that sound okay, commissioner tsen? >> let's see...i think that --
5:35 pm
i think that i'd like to discuss this with bob and you directly as to how we can make this more useful if we're going to do board action item. there's so many -- there's no many elements of what [indiscernible] that come up all the time, and so many issues, so i want to make sure that these board action items are -- really add up. and i can see some informational requests, but i would suggest if there's items on this list that in particular need attention, this is the
5:36 pm
time. >> i think one item that we've brought up for months is muni. we really need to get them to the next meeting. >> [indiscernible] and hopefully that will be in the spring, in march or april, that we have that presentation. >> yeah. we have had muni come to treasure island development meetings, and as director tsen mentioned, that's a good forum for them to hear directly from the community, and, i mean, but we could -- so that would be a recommendation. i mean, if there's an urgency
5:37 pm
to have them come earlier, i would suggest an i.t.c. meeting. >> okay. >> and if i can -- >> yes, linda. >> this doesn't preclude the internal working with the director and, again, meeting with the president to really look at the items. for instance, looking at this log there is certain items that yes, we already talk about. i think it would be much helpful also if the internal dialogue with the director so we can, at the request, say this particular item, like muni, when can we get that on the agenda, why can we have that, and all these
5:38 pm
intricacies. what happens is agencies, agencies in san francisco, they have their open calendar, where even trying to get the sfpuc here, i'm sure, given that everything that's going on. but when i have questions, i call the director or whatever. i think having this log is a guide, it's extremely important to we can go through and actually look at the log, and then, you can see the log and say okay, this is done, this is done. we need explanation for this, because even for items that we've talked about, we can say to director, you know what? maybe certain situation have changed. you can bring this back, so that's going to be my suggestion because we cannot go through, again, the log, and i just want to use this log as a guidance. it's necessary, and we need to use this as a measuring
5:39 pm
criteria, and in the discussions it needs to be internal so we can get an in-depth as to what the situation is before we bring it out to the public and then we can have the robust t.i.c.s. so much of this needs to be on the regular calendar, and commissioner tsen will make sure, and we need to put this before the other committees. that's all i have. >> so i would ask the board members, if there's some pressing issue that you think we have not covered that needs to be covered, please talk with me, and we can set up a time with bob beck, as well, if necessary, so that we can get it on. and i think that this particular list needs some
5:40 pm
editing because i just see things on there which are not -- have been addressed, that are not pertinent, so i think we need to look at this more carefully, and maybe bob and i and julia, if you're interested, see what we need to do to organize -- >> that's a great idea. >> yeah, but i think the key is that if there's something pressing that needs to be addressed, take it up with me so that we can [indiscernible]. okay. so are there any other comments on -- on this matter? okay. is there any public comment?
5:41 pm
>> clerk: there is no public comment. >> so my apologies to la'shawndra. she seems to have had a great deal of problems with webex, and so -- but could you reach out to her before the next board meeting so that she seems to be -- >> clerk: yes, of course. it's likely a reception issue, but we can work on that. >> okay. so next item is adjournment. is there a -- >> yes. >> correct. >> i would like to, earlier, please, can we [indiscernible] the tida meeting started with a tribute to the late wilma chan, leader, not just in the east bay, but in the region, and for
5:42 pm
the sad passing away and to let her family know that everyone, everyone is really, you know, very sad, and we remember her life and accomplishment, so tidas meeting was a tribute, and i would like to propose that we adjourn this meeting in the memory of the late wilma chan, and may she rest in peace and for her family to know we took this action. thank you. >> thank you so much, linda. so very well said, and she really was a political leader, a fighter for so many issues, and she's a leader not just for the east bay, she's a leader in the [indiscernible] so we will
5:43 pm
definitely send our condolences [indiscernible] and thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> we are adjourned. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> thank you, commissioners.
5:44 pm
>> we have a wonderful adult ceramic class. we offer over 10 adult classes in morning and evening. it accommodates people who work in the day, people who work in the evening, people who are day people and night people. we try to cater to the whole group. it's beyond just a
5:45 pm
clay lesson. it's really a lifeless on. when you meet people you never know what's underneath. sometimes they show you what they want to. and you kind of expect that it's just going to be that. but it's never really what's on the surface. it's really what's underneath the surface . that's what i try to get at when i do my clay. the camaraderie that we have here. we have students that have been for for many many years. we have students here for the first time. we share our skills, our formulas. this is how we learn. how did you do that? let me show you. that's the attitude that the students and the teachers have here. it's a really wonderful nurturing place.
5:46 pm
5:47 pm
>> my family's starts in mexico in a small town. my parents are from a very, very small town. so small, that my dad's brother is married to one of my mom's sisters. it's that small. a lot of folks from that town are here in the city.
5:48 pm
like most immigrant families, my parents wanted a better life for us. my dad came out here first. i think i was almost two-years-old when he sent for us. my mom and myself came out here. we moved to san francisco early on. in the mission district and moved out to daily city and bounced back to san francisco. we lived across the street from the ups building. for me, when my earliest memories were the big brown trucks driving up and down the street keeping us awake at night. when i was seven-years-old and i'm in charge of making sure we get on the bus on time to get to school. i have to make sure that we do our homework. it's a lot of responsibility for a kid. the weekends were always for family. we used to get together and whether we used to go watch a movie at the new mission theater and then afterwards going to kentucky fried chicken. that was big for us. we get kentucky fried chicken on sunday. whoa! go crazy! so for me, home is having
5:49 pm
something where you are all together. whether it's just together for dinner or whether it's together for breakfast or sharing a special moment at the holidays. whether it's thanksgiving or christmas or birthdays. that is home. being so close to berkley and oakland and san francisco, there's a line. here you don't see a line. even though you see someone that's different from you, they're equal. you've always seen that. a rainbow of colors, a ryan bow of personalities. when you think about it you are supposed to be protecting the kids. they have dreams. they have aspirations. they have goals. and you are take that away from them. right now, the price is a hard fight. they're determined. i mean, these kids, you have to
5:50 pm
applaud them. their heart is in the right place. there's hope. i mean, out here with the things changing everyday, you just hope the next administration makes a change that makes things right. right now there's a lot of changes on a lot of different levels. the only thing you hope for is for the future of these young kids and young folks that are getting into politics to make the right move and for the folks who can't speak. >> dy mind motion. >> even though we have a lot of fighters, there's a lot of voice less folks and their voiceless because they're scared. a city like no other, san francisco has been a beacon of hope, and an ally towards lgbtq equal rights. [♪♪]
5:51 pm
>> known as the gay capital of america, san francisco has been at the forefront fighting gay civil rights for decades becoming a bedrock for the historical firsts. the first city with the first openly gay bar. the first pride parade. the first city to legalize gay marriage. the first place of the iconic gay pride flag. established to help cancel policy, programses, and initiatives to support trans
5:52 pm
and lgbtq communities in san francisco. >> we've created an opportunity to have a seat at the table. where trans can be part of city government and create more civic engagement through our trans advisory committee which advises our office and the mayor's office. we've also worked to really address where there's gaps across services to see where we can address things like housing and homelessness, low income, access to small businesses and employment and education. so we really worked across the board as well as meeting overall policies. >> among the priorities, the office of transgender initiatives also works locally to track lgbtq across the country. >> especially our young trans kids and students.
5:53 pm
so we do a lot of work to make sure we're addressing and naming those anti-trans policies and doing what we can to combat them. >> trans communities often have not been included at the policy levels at really any level whether that's local government, state government. we've always had to fend for ourselves and figure out how to care for our own communities. so an office like this can really show and become a model for the country on how to really help make sure that our entire community is served by the city and that we all get opportunities to participate because, in the end, our entire community is stronger. >> the pandemic underscored many of the inequities they experienced on a daily basis. nonetheless, this health crisis also highlighted the strength in the lgbtq and trans community. >> several of our team members
5:54 pm
were deployed as part of the work at the covid command center and they did incredit able work there both in terms of navigation and shelter-in-place hotels to other team members who led equity and lgbtq inclusion work to make sure we had pop-up testing and information sites across the city as well as making sure that data collection was happening. we had statewide legislation that required that we collected information on sexual orientation and our team worked so closely with d.p.h. to make sure those questions were included at testing site but also throughout the whole network of care. part of the work i've had a privilege to be apart of was to work with o.t.i. and a community organization to work together to create a coalition that met monthly to make sure we worked together and coordinated as much as we could to lgbtq communities in the city. >> partnering with community
5:55 pm
organizations is key to the success of this office ensuring lgbtq and gender nonconforming people have access to a wide range of services and places to go where they will be respected. o.t.i.'s trans advisory committee is committed to being that voice. >> the transgender advisory counsel is a group of amazing community leaders here in san francisco. i think we all come from all walks of life, very diverse, different backgrounds, different expertises, and i think it's just an amazing group of people that have a vision to make san francisco a true liberated city for transgender folks. >> being apart of the grou allows us to provide more
5:56 pm
information on the ground. we're allowed to get. and prior to the pandemic, there's always been an issue around language barriers and education access and workforce development. now, of course, the city has been more invested in to make sure our community is thriving and making sure we are mobilizing. >> all of the supervisors along with mayor london breed know that there's still a lot to be done and like i said before, i'm just so happy to live in a city where they see trans folks and recognize us of human beings and know that we deserve to live with dignity and respect just like everybody else. >> being part of the trans initiative has been just a great privilege for me and i feel so lucky to have been able to serve for it for so far over
5:57 pm
three years. it's the only office of its kind and i think it's a big opportunity for us to show the country or the world about things we can do when we really put a focus on transgender issues and transgender communities. and when you put transgender people in leadership positions. >> thank you, claire. and i just want to say to claire farly who is the leader of the office of transgender initiatives, she has really taken that role to a whole other level and is currently a grand marshal for this year's s.f. prize. so congratulations, claire. >> my dream is to really look at where we want san francisco to be in the future. how can we have a place where we have transliberation, quality, and inclusion, and equity across san francisco? and so when i look five years from now, ten years from now, i want us to make sure that we're continuing to lead the country in being the best that we can
5:58 pm
be. not only are we working to make sure we have jobs and equal opportunity and pathways to education, employment, and advancement, but we're making sure we're taking care of our most impacted communities, our trans communities of color, trans women of color, and black trans women. and we're making sure we're addressing the barriers of the access to health care and mental health services and we're supporting our seniors who've done the work and really be able to age in place and have access to the services and resources they deserve. so there's so much more work to do, but we're really proud of the work that we've done so far. [♪♪]
5:59 pm
6:00 pm
the meeting will come to order. welcome to the thursday, december 9, 2021 meeting of the public safety and neighborhood services committee. i'


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