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tv   Municipal Transportation Agency  SFGTV  December 23, 2021 6:00pm-10:01pm PST

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to be treated? is there a difference in the prioritization that you're going to give to people from the tenderloin versus other neighborhoods? and i wonder, if that is the case, as other people have suggested, that we have a lot of people that are experiencing overdoses or addiction on our streets or in our neighborhoods that aren't in the tenderloin, that we're going to focus our efforts strictly in the tenderloin? >> okay. thank you for the question. if it turns out that we are --
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were able to make a huge difference in the tenderloin -- and, i mean, that will be a huge success -- we are -- we are -- we're talking about this and about how to expand this through the rest of the city as needed. i think this particular linkage site is intended to serve the tenderloin. and i do want to say, if we do not have this declaration, we cannot -- we cannot do this for months to a year. it will take a very long time, so we will have to -- we're just not going to have this particular resource, and it really will impact our ability to make a difference in the neighborhood.
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before i go, i just want to tell supervisor chan that there's 8,000 people that lost power in the richmond, but pg&e is on the way, so i just wanted to give you an [indiscernible] as we speak. sorry. i'm distracted by pg&e. so to answer your question, we, of course, again, we're going to be assessing on a daily basis what the accessibility, what our census is on the site, if we have room, then we would certainly start within the impact area of what we're doing in the tenderloin. i also want to say that we still have the -- while this skirt and all of the citywide teams are all citywide, so we have not said we're taking all the city resources that exist
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and all they're going to do is the tenderloin. we are looking at how is the best way to maintain it in the tenderloin while serving other areas of the city. >> supervisor haney: well, you're going to standup a linkage site, but i wouldn't even -- the location that i heard, i wouldn't even necessarily describe as the tenderloin, so if you have a linkage site to serve the tenderloin, how do you define the site that's going to serve the tenderloin over and above other neighborhoods? if people show up from the mission or soma in the tenderloin, are you going to prioritize where they come from or is it just that the outreach is going to be overwhelmingly
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focused in the tenderloin or they'll be served equally no matter where they're from? >> so we are somewhat constrained by the emergency declaration, that these resources are meant to be targeted for the tenderloin. that said, self-preservation is not something we're going to be interrogating people around. i mean, that doesn't make any sense. if we are -- if we're experiencing, you know, outflow, and we're going to focus there. if our outreach is there, we
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believe the most people we're going to get is from the tenderloin. we're kind of refining how the referrals will come from, for example, community-based organizations or others -- or advocates who may bring someone in. we're asking if those are from the neighborhood. and for this, we're mostly constrained by our objective, which is to make a difference in this particular community, but also by the definition of the declaration. my hope, and i think that supervisor ronen spoke to this a few hours ago, is we see this really work. so once we're past the emergency time frame, we can expand and/or duplicate the model. >> supervisor haney: thank you. thank you for that. i have a few questions about
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the linkages, and when we're talking about, of course, a link -- linkage site or a linkage center, you know, some of the questions, and i think that they're very fair questions and concerns, is linkages to what? are you going to be able to ensure that, for people who are brought to the center or who were referred -- and i want to talk about the role of community organizations in this. i don't want to grapple with people and take them to a site without having worked with them before. i don't think that's going to work. what's going to work is working with organizations that have already connected to people, and we're making streamlined access to those places in a really urgent and effective way. so are we making more placements available or are we
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just connecting people to placements more effectively or both -- >> both. >> supervisor haney: okay. >> both. so we are -- i think the first, we definitely want to be more effective with the placements we have. we want to be very transparent and very sort of -- we want this to be a menu, essentially, for this group of folks that we hope are going -- that we're going to have come here so that we can, you know, be sharing information about what is actually available. the other thing, i believe, that is so important, is the assessment and coordination. this is the first time that we have a place where everyone will be. when i say everyone, i mean all of representatives of all of the resources that exist within
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our -- the resources now. to supervisor stefani's point, there are beds available as we speak right now. the other thing we want to do is work closely with h.s.h. to make sure people that have coordinated entry or their documents, if there's a problem getting them in. to be honest with you, we already do this at a much lower level through hsoc and some of the other outreach efforts. we problem solve all the time for people in that way, but it's at a much smaller scale,
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to be honest with you, and this feels like this is going to be something very different in which we're going to be tracking, really, what the resources are on a daily basis and be able to problem solve for people. and like i said, somebody has an appointment, for instance, if someone decided they were ready for treatment and couldn't get there for a few days, we don't want to turn them back out on the street. and so we'll have everything there, right? and it's just going to be much more efficient and a way that we can actually effect change and serve these fellow residents of san francisco better. >> supervisor haney: so one of the things that i'm hopeful that we're using this time and
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effort to jump start some of the inefficiencies and lack of access and hurdles that exist for people to get care that you you -- care, that you, during this time, can break them down and be transparent about them to bring about longer term systems change and can be built into how we do things normally. i'll point out a couple things, and i would just love your commitment to work on these things. one is we know that sometimes it's hard for people to get enrolled immediately in medication. they're told to come back in a few days and it's not immediately identifiable. we know we have over 700 vacancies in supportive housing where we've been trying to get people placed, and all of the
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hoops and barriers, and how to identify getting people into a bed or a treatment bed and all the vacancies there, or a permanent treatment plan, to identify what's holding us back there and breaking through on that. and lastly, the role of community organizations. like, we know a hospitality house that's working with a set of folks with overdose, that they know they can get into care, but because of all the layers and krurcrates and layers of this and that, that they're not able to refer someone directly. i hope that you can not only have the linkage site but freeing up placements and rapidly ensuring access to
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organizations and knowing that we can help them effectively. >> yes. yes, yes, yes to all of that. and to beg the obviously question, could we do this -- could we do this without, you know, having a linkage physical site? we do it, and we could continue to improve it. the difference is that we have a physical place where we can engage and not me, we, but that providers can engage with people, that they can get safe off the streets, and that they're welcome to come in the door and walk out the door and come back, you know, when -- and that's just -- that's just the -- the fact of the matter, so, you know, i -- and the other thing is, like, having a higher level. so i intervene all the time
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when i can, when there's issues with these kinds of sort of systematic issues that we have. we had a client -- i don't want to give too much information. we had a client who was homeless who was ready to go, who had supportive housing, but we had problem with the housing authority or something. the housing outreach workers can't deal with that sort of thing, and this is something that we were able to figure out. this is crazy. we have a vacant unit. we have an assignment. we have a human being who's ready to go inside, but it's not happening because of crazy things happening. we were able to resolve this, and i think this will helpful not only to resolve but help us identify why those problems exist, and again, that's the longer term, the issues here that we want to pursue. >> supervisor haney: i think as
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an example, and i mentioned this just a few weeks ago in my comments, we had a hearing about prop c amounts, allocations that we had in the budget, and there are dollars that i think could help us prevent overdoses, and we haven't put out the money, we haven't funded the beds directly. those kinds of things, and i know as part of this, we're putting a lot on you in 90 days, but one of the things you can do is start getting all of that out. it's about doing the things that we've already committed to. and i think that's a big part of it. the very last question that i have is i think accountability here is going to be very important, and you talked about, you know, whether we might have -- there might be some sort of hearing at the board or -- but i want to get clarity, and i want to get some
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statements about how are we going to measure success? what are the metrics that we're going to be accountable about? we don't have to have a whole list here, but i think one of the things about covid and why i want folks to be brought to the overdose epidemic is that level of transparency, how many folks are being placed in the treatment beds? what's the wait time to get a bed? how many people are we reaching on the streets? and then doing that, you know, in deep partnership with the people who are out there right now in the community and making sure they are a part of all of those efforts. can you speak to what your vision of that is now, and i certainly will, you know, in my role as supervisor, you know, want to, you know, make sure that's a huge part of this, not just for the board but for the public? >> absolutely, and it's very
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important to me that we measure the metrics. the controller's office was the team behind the dashboard and a lot of data collection and sharing and crunchtion that we did during covid. and so that's the other thing. we're -- we know how to -- we have the infrastructure to share, and so the kind of things that we are looking at very -- so i don't have all of the metrics, but what i do have, it'll be part of this document that you're going to get sent as part of this plan.
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less open drug dealing, less open drug use, and we have ways to measure that. let open tents, less waste on the sidewalk. we're going to measure 911 calls. we're going to look at all the different types of calls that come into the area. we are going to use surveys and ceilings to determine types of public safety. we, number one, need to be tracking overdose deaths as this is the impetus for us having this calling for this emergency declaration, so we'll be working with medical examiner and -- and all of that. so most of the things, we already have tools to collect that data, and -- and, you know, that will -- and then, we'll also be adjusting those metrics as -- if it turns out that we need to -- we missed
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something that we need to add. we also have the existing teams, like i've mentioned any times, sword and skirt that are in the tenderloin, so we'll be pulling data from their systems, also. so absolutely, this has to be a huge part of what we're doing to determine whether we are successful or not. >> supervisor haney: and you, and i appreciate that, and i do think there should also be -- one of the things that i think is critical to success, and we saw this during the process of bringing people inside during the -- when we're bringing people in place in the shelter in place hotels, doing it in close partnership with outreach organizations and people that have connections in the neighborhood is critical, so the idea that we can have city staff do this on their own and bring people to a centralized
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site, that's not going to be effective, so i hope that the deep collaboration is there, and i will definitely be engaged in that. for data, for history here, when i came in in 2019, we had a situation where we weren't reporting overdose deaths until nearly a near after the prior year when we were reporting. so for overdose deaths, we didn't know until the end of 2019, and we require it to be reported at least more regularly, so i think that helped to spur the emergency and being able to respond in real-time. obviously, having the data is one thing, but using it to save lives and to respond in real-time is critical, and so i hope that we can do that on many more indicators than -- than overdose deaths, and use
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it to help people. and, you know, i think generally, you know, i do want to say that i appreciate the commitments that were made tonight and the clarity. you know, i know we are going to be working closely together and also holding everyone accountable to these commitments. and even thoi i think i've made it clear that i will be supportive of this. there's a lot of work left to do to get it right, and if these commitments are not upheld, that we would bring this back and revoke this authority. i think it's important that that was underscored, as well, and i take that very seriously, but i also take seriously the commitment that we have to residents of this neighborhood to respond with urgency, coordination, to confront this epidemic, to ensure that this
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neighborhood is safe and healthy and to save lives. so thank you, again, director carroll, and thank you again, colleagues, for all of your questions and comments, and i will turn it back over to you, president walton. >> president walton: thank you so much, supervisor haney. supervisor chan? thank you. supervisor preston? >> supervisor preston: thank you, president walton, and just some -- a few question additional questions to director carroll. i just -- you made a comment earlier in the beginning of your presentation that nothing like this has ever been done before, and i wonder if you can explain how the -- how the linkage center as you general vision it is different than the center at 1380 howard? the 2019 announcement by the mayor of that facility and the
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plans there to help those suffering from substance use and mental health disorders sounds to me to be nearly identical to what you're describing. i'm just wondering if it's the location of the linkage center or something about it that will make it different than what's being offered at 1380 howard? >> thank you, supervisor preston. first, it's a neighborhood response, which is nothing we've ever done before. also, this is mental health. although we focus on health, h.s.a. is committing resources. we are going to bring in the components of homeless connect. so in addition to seeking health services, folks may have a pet that they need to help
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with. they may not have an i.d. or other issues, basic problem solving issues that can prevent a person from seeking care that we want to be able to kind of have these wraparound. we also have h.s.h., so we want to coordinate access to health, what is needed on the side of the housing for the person, are there other basic needs that need to be met? and then, in addition, i've mentioned a few times that we're going to be working with adult probation. i think next week, if we're talking next week or providing you more information, that there's going to be partners at the table. so from that perspective, i think it's different.
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it's a combination of linkage, but also a respite site. it is a drop-in center. it's a place where people can come rest. it's safe. they can get food, it's hygiene, and we're really trying to have this be a way that we can -- because the other thing that we've been told from our public health partners is life on the street is about moving from one place to another, so we're following the advice of the public health folks that we create an environment that people will be able to come into and feel okay and even provide some stabilization for them during the day or at night or when it's needed, so i think it's much expanded from the 1380
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site. >> clerk: i'm sorry. pardon me. we will lose our interpreters. we have 146 people who are listening and 88 in the queue. i just wanted to make sure you had all the information needed for the public. >> president walton: thank you, madam clerk. >> supervisor preston: thank you, madam clerk. real quick, just to follow up, is this intended to be indoors or outdoors? is this intended to be, like, a tend model somewhere? >> we don't have the -- we're
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still providing services indoor, we're still providing shelter and drop-in, and we are moving forward. obviously, we will be taking all the precautions we can. we will be offering testing and vaccination at the site, but no, we are not -- indoor or outdoor, we are planning on moving forward. >> supervisor preston: and when do you expect to complete your written plan? >> we'll have something to you on monday. >> supervisor preston: thank you. and last questions, what are you planning to do in the next two weeks that you couldn't do if this was taken up at the january 4 meeting? you said, if we don't do this declaration, it'll take many months or a year. i would submit that's only
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accurate if we don't pass a new declaration in a couple weeks [indiscernible] that you couldn't do if a revised declaration of this type was passed in our january 4 meeting, when the plan was before us? >> supervisor, we're doing this -- the mayor has asked for this because there's two deaths a day. if we were losing two people from covid a day, we would be taking action. there would be no hesitancy. two people a day are dying of overdoses, and most of them are dying in the tenderloin. surely, we can't wait two weeks. that's the only thing i can tell you. >> supervisor preston: my question is what will you do differently in the next two weeks if you don't have this
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approved today or another version of it on january 4. what will be different for your work between now and then? >> we're going to continue -- well, we won't be able to sign a lease or moving forward with any of the materials or things that we will need, so those are things that we can't do. but obviously, we are going to continue to work to open the site. we'll continue to work with our community partners. we'll continue to work with all the other things that we can do, but, you know, we're not really going to make the difference that we need to make specifically to address this specific crisis, and so it's just two more -- it's two more or four more or however long it goes of not addressing this particular crisis. >> supervisor preston: thank you. i'm done. i would just comment that it's basically two weeks, you will not be able to sign a lease
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when you can't do this, and we could hear this on january 4 when we actually have a plan before us. >> if i might, supervisor, through the chair, we are prepared to sign a lease. we can do so as soon as we have a declaration. there are other parts of it that we are determining whether we need some adjacent sites, but we're ready to go. we have a site, that the -- what i was referring to is the overall design and whether or not we need some additional space outside that would require a tent is still to be determined, but we have a site identified and we are ready to go. we could have signed it today. >> supervisor preston: thank you. >> president walton: thank you. supervisor preston, if you want to follow up with director carroll after public comment, you may do so, but we should go onto public comment now because, one, folks have been
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waiting for hours, and two, we will lose interpretation in 30 minutes. [please stand by]
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press pound twice and you'll know joined as a listener because you will hear the discussion but your line will be muted. once you're ready to get into the queue when you should pressá3 listen carefully to the prompt that you have been unmutedand begin speaking . as we stated earlier we have interpreters on standby. they areready to jump in and assist the public with their interpretation . i would love if they can introduce themselves . we will start with agnes live for chinese. arturo christensen for spanish, raymonds for filipino, sonya atkins for arabic and keon
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trang for vietnamese. >>. [speaking chinese] thank you. >>. [speaking spanish]
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>> mister boris. let's go on tosonya atkins . in arabic. okay. keon, are you available? >>. [speaking arabic]
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>> thank you. keon, are youavailable ? >>. [speaking vietnamese] and
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raymond, were you able to join us? >>. [speaking filipino] thank you. >> thank you to all of you for being with us and for your patience andstaying on as long as possible . we also think you have very beautiful voices. we welcome the community when you are able to assist.
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the timer will be set for one minute for each speaker . i'm going to ask something is typically not done.however, so that we can hear from all of the communities of interest who are limited in english proficiency if there is any wa you can get into the queue now thatwe can take your comment . if you are an english speaker , you wouldn't mind pressingá3 that will get you backinto the queue . going to take all the calls this evening as we want to hear fromeveryone so we will be here as long as possible . there are approximately 147 are listening and about just as many are in the queue now to speak. if you would like to speak pressá3 unless you are willing to wait to get back into the queue. operations, do we have our first caller in the queue at the interpreters are going to jump in and assist with
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whatever language they can assistwith . let's hearfrom our first caller . see a good evening supervisors. my name is kevin and i'm president of the hotel san francisco and also a lifelong resident of san francisco in my will on the council and as an individual . i'm calling to express our support for the emergency declaration thatyou're holding on here tonight . there is a public health drug crisis in the tenderloin and it's time it should be treated as a crisis that is. the majority of our hotel workers live in san francisco and many live in the tenderloi . our employees, residents and visitors are all impacted by this emergency. this declaration will allow those addicted to get the help they need and also protect those that live and workin the
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tenderloin as well . again, i urge you to do the humane thing, the right thing and approve this emergency declaration that has been proposed by the mayor thathas been needed for way too long . >> clerk: thank you for comments and lastly i apologize for interruptinganyone tonight we are setting thetimer for one minute each . next speaker . ca my name is jeremy miller and i oppose theemergency ordinance under consideration . i align withcomments by supervisor preston . it's not a question of whether an emergency exists, it's a question of whether granting emergency powers to the mayor effectively address this emergency and the answer is no. there's no need to theorize aboutwhat this ordinance might or might not do . mayor said house you would use emergency powers and as maya angelou says when someone shows
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you who theyare believed them the first time. there's the question of enforcement . this declaration says deaths occurred outside the tenderloin how do you square this with defined geography . addressing the concept of tough love, it's a fascist profile to talk love withparamilitary treatment . the safety of the tenderloin has been london pre-explore the pain of attics to give them more power would be atravesty . >> clerk: thank you to the caller thank you for yourcomments . next: please . ca this is lesliedreier calling on behalf of housing rights committee of san francisco . we oppose the emergency orders and really hope all of you supervisors would back this
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plan. what's happening in the tenderloin is the result of policy failures , putting profits over people needing homes and services for decades. this power grab will not remedy the situation or does the causes and it will only make matters worse. if the city want to address steps they must look at dpw city workers stealing residents and survival gear every day. we urge you to address problems by keeping an expanding hotel programs and implementing evidence-based solutions like heart. in this season of cold, rain and covid searches reject this emergency ordinance. trust the mayor when she says she will enforce it bytapping." no, keep your authority . >> clerk: thank you for your comments let's hear from our next caller please .
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welcome, caller. >> caller: kenny perry okay? >> welcome ca i'm with the mental health association of san francisco and i'm a native san franciscan and longtime resident of the tenderloin and our agency opposes the proposed legislation that would be an acted and voted on today. appreciate all the dialogue i heard today it feels like in my experience and identify as an attic and an alcoholic and the only thing that's worse for me is the voluntary treatment. we're all about voluntary services first. it feels like we talk about cards which is great proposal
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and i don't feel like, our agency feels like we haven't committed ourselves to these alternatives . this is not the time to repeat the mistakes of the past through the overreach of the over policing of the tenderloin seems to be guaranteed by what's being proposed. this could be an opportunity to commit ourselves and implement alternatives. >> clerk: thank the caller for their comments. let's go to our next caller please . >> caller: jennifer greeted mark, several years of community outreach or response to the tenderloin due to the pandemic has increased homelessness and behavioral healthchallengesalongside massive increases in policing . people are suffering . when this emergency declaration was introduced by mayor marie we needed a her. we need the mayor to implement money and instead we got some
6:43 pm
kind of sick joke absolutely nothing and a lot of threats. we got pathetic offsets of the lincoln center for 100 people, calling it a containment tank two days ago mary and carol said yesto threats and arrests . did you even talk to any homeless people ? get something real in writing. vote no on mayor giuliani's war ondrugs . >> clerk: do we have another callerin the queue ? >> this is paulina and i support mayor breeds emergency declaration of the tenderloin. we can help people selling drugs and are addicted without sacrificing publichealth and safety .we need to reignin the chaos and disregard for
6:44 pm
life in the tenderloin is urgent . we can't allow these streets to be afree for all. that's not functional . we don't deal with that level of turmoil. we must talk more about the impact on the greater tenderloin and the city and not apologize for it. we need to use city resources more effectively and cut through the redtape now . i don'tcare who proposes what when . i'm fed up with the bashing of mayo agreed the police to the detriment of common sense and healthmeasures . i'm disillusioned by the special interest groups profiting from the worsening of this complex. the emergency plan is clear enough this is a low barrier approach . better long-term treatment ... >> clerk: thank you for the caller. we are setting the timer for one minute. if possible could you please provide comments to a minute.
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let's hear from our next caller please. >> caller: my name is william jake, i've lived in san francisco for 28 years . please ratify the emergency declaration. people mostly homeless are dying every day because of the situation with drugs and the situation with people living on the streets and five blocks is completely out of control. alarming number of people living on the streets are seriously disrupting our communities whilethey are killing themselves with drugs . we certainly have an emergency on our hands, don't we ? the mayor finallydeclared a state of emergency in the tenderloin . ithink it's clear and she needs what she said . the current situation is absolutely horrible. it's bad for everybody, especially homeless people who are addicted to drugsso it's time for a change now . the successful response for all
6:46 pm
those mental health resources as and law enforcement are clearly what'sneeded to address the urgent emergency so mayor breeds, i trust you and i thank you . >> clerk: thanks for your comments. next speaker please. >> caller: my name is kelly powell and i'm representing the hotel council of san francisco and i'm a member of the bay area women's and children's center advisory board in the tenderloin for about 20 years andi volunteer there .i'm calling to support the emergency proclamation mayor breeds as declaredurge you to vote yes . the reason, people are dying on our streets in unprecedented
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... the proposed plan should change every day and this is not good governance. i don't understand why we're not self starting with services and before we give the mayor
6:52 pm
emergency powers let's see a publicplan the whole community can get behind and start implementing cards and come together with real solutions . >> clerk: let'shear from our next caller please . >> caller: my name is stephen, i'm vice president of central council and also a firefighter in the city. a few days ago i went on a detail to station 36 in san francisco . we were all like forwarding calls after calls, overdoses, stabbings, somebody grew up here the situation is downtown is untenable. it's a dystopian nightmare. if your tourist would you think of our city and what do you think your experience would be like if you lived there
6:53 pm
you're undoubtedly hearing people saythis is a return to a police state and a failed war on drugs but i can tell you as someone used to work atstation 36 these drug dealers are preying on people .they threatenresidents and even us the first responders . this must be stopped . the villains are clear, it's thedrug dealers and they must be stopped right now. i support this declaration by the mayor and i thank you for your time .>> clerk: let's hear from our nextcaller please . >> caller: my name is jack and i work in san francisco . i opposed the emergency ordinance and i grew up going to the tenderloin and have long been in need of services and have never needed more policing. people face discrimination and they are taught to respond to any type of weapon's arrest. clearly not well-equipped to support people . the mayor should move forward with spending 100 million of unspent funding and address the 10 percent rate in housing and
6:54 pm
get people on the streets to go. many supervisors have made it clear it is that you don't have relationships with people that aredoing the work topermanently house people and that's what we need . we need permanent housing for people . >> clerk: let's hear from our nextcaller please . >> my name is lidia branson and i have spent 14 years of my life working in the tenderloin on the corner of goldengate and jones and i'm now working at a project in the mission. i've gone through a lot of changes myself while working in the population of the tenderloin with the idea that people need to hit rock bottom in order to be, to go through recovery with drugs. i know thisnow not to be true. that now rock-bottom is in fact sometimes death .
6:55 pm
adding in morebarriers for service for people and forcing them into treatment is not the way we're going to solve this problem . i do not support this measure. thank you . >> you for your comments, we have 171 people listening at 112 are actually in thequeue ready to make comments . let's hear from our next caller. welcome, caller. >> caller: i am a community minister workingwith on the house to focus in the tenderloin and other areas of the city . i am urging the board to vote no tonight. because this is an extremely urgent problem and it does need to be dealt with quickly but it needs to be dealt with well and we don't know that this plan will deal with it well because nobody has seen an actual plan. i urge you to delay your vote
6:56 pm
until january 4 when we had a chance to look at the plan, see the details and have a strong assurance that nobody will be threatened with arrest for declining services and i believe that we will lose people to overdoses in that time but a poorly executed plan will probably risk us more lives than alienating peopleand re-traumatizing people that waiting another 12 days will so i urge you to vote no tonight . >> clerk: thank you for your comments. let's hear from our next speaker please . >> caller: this is marty regan. this plan must address and alleviate the root causes of poverty for long-term sustainable success . we call the city to open the shelters waitlist. relief for hundreds of millions for low barrier easy access mental health and reduce the
6:57 pm
bureaucratic barriers that providers can quickly get people who are on the streets safely housed into themany units . providers know what works. mobile case management, compassionate evidence-based and effective intervention that are critical to meet the needs ofthe tenderloin for all residents . >> clerk: thank you for your comments,let's hear from our next caller please . >> my name is sandra dressler, a resident of district to defeat an action at st. james this couple church of richmond. we oppose the emergency ordinance under consideration. i am a public health professional and volunteer worker with needed services. the criminal justice response does is not a solution.
6:58 pm
systemic change is needed. the mayor is sitting on over $100 million of proxy funding for behavioral health treatment programs that will be much more effective than dealing with th crisis of addiction and overdose on our streets . the solutions that at the root causes for these problemsshould be implemented and are intervening with police response is not appropriate or effective . this is not a political challenge, it is a human rights issue . vote no. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. operations, let's hear from our next caller. >> caller: this is charles had, president of the coalition for san francisconeighborhoods . not just for some but for all. we have joined in the past with rescue sf in supporting supportive housing legislation and a place for all and we join
6:59 pm
together with him tonight in supporting the mayor's legacy proclamation for drug overdoses in the tenderloin and for all of our neighborhoods begin to look like that further. we support the emergency proclamation because it will enable the city to have more effective emergency response to public health, behavioral health, social and housing services . now, stop talking. it'stime to act . thank you very much and seasons greetings to all of you. see you next year. >> thank you for your comments. let's hear from our next caller. >> of public concern is that substance abusers are in a system involving advocacy,
7:00 pm
fundraising so that people may be addicted to the present system as a whole and some of these people on the street just need a pound. some are homeless and they become involved with other people that want them to use drugs because they don't want to use drugs alone and they wind up doing dying in twos and threes and some people are safer in jail than off the street and fentanylare medically indicated . they suffer from ptsd and deaths. people can take drugs in jail even if they refuse to be on the street,jail can be a preventative measure . there are worse alternatives to jail for having a hard time. >> thank you for your comments
7:01 pm
operations, another caller in the queue . >> caller: this is matthew, i'm a district resident and i agree the situation in the tenderloin is dire oppose the resolution becauseit would eliminate important safeguards against corruption . san francisco is in the midst of a major public corruption crisis. several high ranking officials have been arrested or resigned due to corruption allegations and meanwhile this public proclamation would remove contracting requirements and civil service rules that exist to prevent corruption.this enables the crooked backroom deals that would erode public trust in government and iurge the board of supervisors to reject this resolution and work within the boundaries to
7:02 pm
address the crisis in the tenderloin >> clerk: thank you for your comments, do we have another caller in the queue ? >> caller: this is david elliott lewis, 15 year tenderloin resident, member of people's congress i have concerns about how public comments will be waived by the emergency board as well as other safeguards. it's way too vague at this time pleasevote no instead do this . provide housing forall who need it. there should be no one sleeping on our streets . provide counseling services at the safe injection sites, safe use of sites. get rid of coordinated entry please and stop closing hotels, shelter in place hotels when the government is still willing topay for it . stop the law enforcement or move along policing that don't have any housing to move along to. david elliottlewis, a longtime
7:03 pm
resident , thank you very much . >> clerk: thank you for your comments do we have another caller in the queue ? >> caller: i work in downtown san francisco and i oppose the mayor's emergency declaration which is just an expansion of already existing strategies that have been tried and don't work and its decision pointing to hear peopleusing drugs but not once did i hear anyone mention perdue pharma or speculative real estate or any of the actual causes of the opioid crisis and homelessness crisis in the tenderloin .the city is trying to do militarize and defund law enforcement and build up empowered working-class and neighborhood organizations independent from
7:04 pm
business and realestate interest groups. something that would help the tenderloin community is making san francisco a true sanctuary city giving rewrites for all immigrants. do not vote to letlondon read it give more money to the police . >> clerk:thank you for your comments. mister tang may i ask you turn your camera off. thank you sir for being here . operations, do we have another caller in the queue ? >> caller: [inaudible] >> caller: i am someone who grew up in the elves and network for the elves and today i speak on behalf of of the citizens that have been neglected and unheard for decades. just because the dl is filled with many lower-class first generationimmigrant families does not give anyone the right to take advantage of us . if we and open air drug market isn't permissible than it
7:05 pm
shouldn't be permissible in ours. the dr has the highest population of children in the bay area but we must invest in and we all knowit takes a village to raise a child and you cannot raise a child in the middle of an open-air drug market . we are asking you to and on the side of justice, on theside of truth andwe are not a containment zone and i'll leave you all with this . god almighty is watching . iq. >> clerk: operations, another caller in the queue ? >> caller: this is ross from the richmond. raised ships in the day. it's pretty disheartening to hear people not support the measure that would hopefully get people off the streets. i think even if you don't support this measure, at least propose something. it's too long, too little and i
7:06 pm
really think that there at least needs to be something done. >> thank you for your comments. operations, another caller in the queue? >> caller: board of supervisors, canyou all hear me ? my name is justice and i think you should oppose the declaration as it stands. the board of supervisors in there got have to have questions and concerns for what would happen and i think you all should follow that and work with dean preston to come back to this on january 4 when there is more of a plan and we know that the police cannot be involved. maybe restrict funding to police and an emergency declaration seems to be of the utmost importance so i oppose thiscall and i urge you all to do the same .
7:07 pm
until we can adequately support the housing vote and long-term solutions that we desperately need . >> clerk: do wehave another caller in the queue ? >> caller: i'm speaking on behalf of the wheat league of women voters and we have heard the emergency ordinances and are concerned with the lack of transparency and clarity about the public interest and the folks who will be impacted by the ordinance and prioritize the well-being of immigrant communities and implement a compassionate response . >> clerk: thank youfor your comments. let's hear from our next caller . >> caller: my name is harold
7:08 pm
and i walk through the tenderloin all the time. i see it as a strong community. people are simply trying to live their lives with all of society stacked against them and here we also see people having them and struggle . not because peopleare suffering but because their personal biases have given them fears. they're frightened by people on the fringes of society . you call yourself a caring city but in thispandemic we can't call ourselves a city of science. there's a science of behavioral health . we also know pollution has nothing to do with that and i stress this isn't about police presence, forgive us for not trusting that. we know police go to solutions and we know there is a need for police. we know the entire structure o policing is about asserting privilege , punishing the
7:09 pm
vulnerable. and enforcing an unjust status quo. we know if we open this up to this emergency measure the police are ready to come in. the mayor is pushing to vote no on this emergency measure and come up with a better plan that's more encouraging. >> clerk: thank you for your comments we have 166 for listening at 105 individuals who are ready to make comment in the comment you. operations, let's hear from our next caller . >> caller: my name is keegan townsend. i have been a resident of the city and i just want to say after looking to through the call for almost 5 hours at this point i am deeply, deeply ashamed with some of the supervisors here. as someone who works in harm reduction in the height of the
7:10 pm
pandemic, and acted as a facilitator for coordinated issue entry that the issue here is lack of services. we do not need more policing. and we know that breeds approach is directly in the way of c money for the will of the people and that's something that'sbeen voted for by the people over $110 million . and that's just one example. anyone who engages in the on house knows that a criminal approach has always failed. we need things like supervised consumption sites and we need betterservices . and i cannot, i am deeply ashamed of every supervisor. >> clerk: thank you for your
7:11 pm
comments. apologies for interrupting . we are setting the timer for oneminute this evening . let's hear from our next fall in place. >> caller: davidgrace and i appreciate the option of giving props to the people of the tenderloin .we will be having a nice potluck in our apartment. 50 years ago the united kingdom decided it was a smart idea to deal with the heroin problem in asensible way and not continue with the policing aspect of it . i would wonder if i saw a speech once with the haight-ashbury elders talking about the early difference between drug use in the haight-ashbury where the early people who manufactured and used it and they wanted quality but at later when it got into profit sharing they didn't care about quality and that's where
7:12 pm
we are now. i think if emergency management wants to do something serious, check the super systems for whose manufacturing. they don't need to lease some land, they just need to find out who the manufacturers are of these strange new chemicals that are getting dangerous conditions to the people of america. >> clerk: thank youfor your comments, let's hear from our next caller please . >> caller: my name is john mccormick and i would like to put this boat in some context. only a year and a half out of a awakening that led to a greater understanding of the chemically racist system that is deeply supremacist yet today we have a vote on the table that potentially gives money to fund
7:13 pm
these police officers and we don't have a know that that's not going to happen. i'd like to urge and press for the application of cart and proposition c as solutions that will not continue to fund the police which we know does not work in the city. >> clerk: thank youfor your comments. do we have another caller in the queue ? >> caller: i'm also sympathetic with the unhoused and addicted and i heard supervisors ronen and preston expressed similar feelings today and 99 percent of san franciscans are not unhoused and addicted and many of us feel unsafe and
7:14 pm
uncomfortable walking in the tenderloin . i'm guessing that the supervisors here thought that every day but neither visors ronan or preston mentioned us in their comments. they only spoke about the rights of the annex. and that omission reflects the priorities of supervisors ronan and does not represent their constituents opinions. please listen to your constituents to their emails. you have received and vote to support this emergency declaration. i'm sean donovan from the tenderloin district and this is my testimony . >> clerk: thank you for your comments. we have another caller in the queue. >>. >> caller: thank you very much, my name is in district 6, san francisco's impacted daily by
7:15 pm
this crisis . letting the status quo remain is insane. both from those suffering from addiction and those living in appealed.i strongly support the emergency proclamation and i hope you do as well. >> clerk: thank you for your comments,do we have another caller in the queue ? >> caller: this is taxpayer for public safety. we are not against emergency orders for prices and deaths of drugs and unhoused people. we have supported these four years it's very unclear in the mayor's declaration. it does not spell out in writing, in writing the strategy, the plan,the budget investments for implementation .
7:16 pm
for taxpayers today this is unacceptable. we can trust, hope and have faith that we need to verify in writing and find the accountability and ask our questions. therewere lots of good questions today . but we also need to make sure and in writing with transparent accountability as needed from hsa, dph, criminal justice especially the police before you reach a vote. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. all right,operations , do we have another caller in the queue ? >> caller: [inaudible]
7:17 pm
>> we own the building in un plaza and we need you to support the declaration . as the experience on the ground is untenable. this is beyond mental health or opioid crisis. to those in doubt come to us plaza. stand there. i will be with you the whole day with no police presence. see what we see.we have a public safety problem and those supervisors that do not represent this area that sit in their ivory tower have no idea what you are talking about people do not want to come or reside in the tenderloin . employees are harassed, shot at. residents are most at gunpoint. doors are closing leavingthose living in the area isolated . companies areactively looking to relocate out of the area due to lack of safety . this isbeyond an issue of addiction and mental health . the reason we are here is due to large-scale dealing and crying in the tenderloin market
7:18 pm
and we are also here discussing ... >> clerk: thank you for your comments. we are setting the timerfor one minute this evening . operations, can we hear from our next caller? >> i am a native san francisca . i work in the bayview and tenderloin. i have seen the city turn worse my whole life and it's really upsetting howsupervisors have sat on their hands . i am upset with all of you except for supervisor stefani. i appreciate your comments earlier. i wish you would stop making thisabout your virtue signaling . stop trying to do too much. after thecriminals,prosecute the dealers. the port than if you have to .
7:19 pm
i am done . >> clerk: thank you for your comments. do we have anothercaller in the queue ? >> caller: my name is amelia and i'm an educator in the city and came to a one-year anniversary by misscall . cost do not solve mental health crisis. they do not curb addiction and only provide homelessness so the only way to avoid open air consumption is consistent and safe housing. address the 10 percent vacancy insupport of public housing . addiction and homelessness are not crimes and must be solved in 90 days especially with cops. be brave. thank you. >> thank you for your comments. do we have another caller in the queue? welcome caller.
7:20 pm
>> good afternoon president walton, i am the advocacy representative each day we see the challenges and realities of the tenderloin . we've seen it for almost a century. we seen this impact of affordable housing, poverty and lack of opportunities. this is the result of the widespread effect of being excludedfrom participating in san francisco's prosperity . this proclamation wipes any discussion of affordable housing. let the proclamation attempts to implement his funding for ineffective policing that will excuse violence against our community. surveillance continues to be the norm and this must be
7:21 pm
anchored in community resources. we support community driven efforts to establish ... >> clerk: thankyou for your comments. may we have the next caller please ? >> clerk: >> caller: this is test wellborn and of all these departments that are under the mayor so the mayor has a choice of what will happen in the future. she has chosen not to put people into the shelter in place hotels but to in fact ge people out. she has chosen not to use money that has been allocated by the board . and what's the good of having a plan developed and theninvolve the community who knew that you are going to want to have an active plan ? get them into the process of making the plan, community
7:22 pm
groups and residents. finally, it seems like this is a lot of political posturing for a national exposure. i want who in the administration is seeking an appointment forwill run for office. we didn't need to do this during thechristmas reason . the mayor had all of this under hercontrol for many years . and you >> clerk: thank you for your comments .next caller please . >> caller: hello, caller? >> caller: linda chapman from nobhill. first i have to say that i agree with supervisor stefani and what i heard of supervisor haney. i am concerned though that just arresting people because they are using drugs out on the street is a bit odd whenthey are denied housing by h sh . h sh and hsa and some of the
7:23 pm
nonprofits are the ones who causedall this in the first place to a large extent . i worked for social security and we had a system with public guardians where people who had or were drug addicts and there were few or people who have mental illness such as they would be vulnerable to drug addiction didn't get their checks. went to a city official at the city officials got them housing and make sure they had a small allowance and they did not have money to use drugs . drug dealers are not a charitable institution. these people are not making money by the currency exchange. ... >> clerk: next caller please. >> caller: i am a black and latino residents ofthe tenderloin and i oppose the emergency declaration .
7:24 pm
the san francisco police department does not need more money than their one point two $6 billion budget to allow them to over police black and brown bodies in my neighborhood . what i would mention is most of those living on our streets were home residents of the bay area for more than a decade. the problem is wealth inequality. the problem is lack of housing. these are human beings that need help and we have the resources to make this happen without thisemergency declaration . london breed tried to do a cameo inthe matrix without enough time to show up tonight . use the money we already have to help people make change . >> clerk: thank you for being here withus today. operations, can we have the next caller ? >> caller: my name is mimi and i livedin san francisco since 1985 .
7:25 pm
there's something here i don't get mayor bree has suggested implementing policies the board of supervisors approved or funded including mental health sf , and the covid hotel and thank you to supervisor melgar for advocating moving cars out of the health department and i hope all the supervisors use whatever influence you have two pressure mayor bree to implement these programs and might i suggest you offer hotel rooms to people sleeping on the sidewalk if you don't want them dropping away. it doesn't get more simple than that. mayor bree never fully implemented using hotel rooms related to covid now she's trying to wind down the progra . she helped create a problem and i just don't get it. >> clerk: thank you for your comment next caller please.we have 159 listening and 98 left in
7:26 pm
the queue .>> caller: i'm daleseymour from the tenderloin. in all fairness i wouldsupport this ordinance if it was a citywide ordinance . you have no right to demonize my neighborhood . we were trying to make this a better neighborhood by making a state of emergency willnever get tours, never get anyone in the tenderloin. i'm a good friend of keith scott. i respect him . i respect london breed but we don't need anymorestinking badges in the tenderloin. i'm not paying a police officer $120,000 a year . it's not appropriate but what we need to do is make it a citywide mandate and yes, you shouldhave venues tonight . >> thank you for your comments, could we have the next caller
7:27 pm
please ? >> first and foremost, you all have not done a needs assessment.and if you want to have anything to do with the emergency, why don't you ask ourselves why don't we have a commander who understands emergency rather than an officer? why don't your officers wait so long for you to get somebody who would be incharge of behavioral health ?this emergency is a joke. and you have agreed to go with the flow the cause you have a hidden agenda. the controller's office, they were in charge. they had the empirical data about corruption in the city
7:28 pm
and they let us down. shameon you, supervisors . stop this. >> next caller. >> good evening supervisors, and my name is carol kennedy, a community leader of a citywide coalition ofneighbors and business owners this crisis affectsus all and especially the tenderloin . we need this emergency measure . trust the team accountable for this plan and vote yes. many community residents in today's q&a confirmed it's on services not police action. everyone knows the current efforts are working so please vote yes to remove the structural and organizational obstacles to deliver resources. yes to accelerate more shelters and services. yes for more accountability and better reporting so we know how this works. respond to this emergency with
7:29 pm
the emergency measure like our city did. please vote for the proclamation. thank you. >> thank you for your comments. maybe have the next caller west and mark. >> my name is max malloy and i'm an sf resident providing access for street based behavioral health services to thetenderloin and i who is the emergency ordinance under consideration today . this ordinance isunclear and is not apparent what providers were organizations are actually in collaboration . police should not function as first responders or be recognized as alternative police. please allow healthcare workers to do our job. this needs implementation of decoud services. vote number. >> thank you for being here
7:30 pm
with us today. next caller. >> my name is kenny and i'm calling as a san francisco native . someone who is currently on house but also as someonewho has lost multiple family members to the devastation of drug addiction . i'm calling with one message please support the mayor's call to action and help put a stop to the tragedy going on in the tenderloin . this is an opportunity with no consequences for murderers and don'tlet the civic ruin continue unchecked . people are getting killed. we canchange that . the status quo has failed and that's why we're here. weknow it doesn't work and things need to change . we support the mayor's plan and by all means silence this stuff going on.
7:31 pm
>> clerk: thank you for your comments. may we have the next caller? >> caller: good evening, my name is terry lewis and i'm a general manager of the hilton union square in the park55 hotel and i'm also a resident of san francisco . of all the safety of my 1200 team members and all of our visitors is of utmost importance. accordingly i'masking the board to formally support the emergency proclamation that mayor bree declared to the tenderloin neighborhood . addressing theissues present on our streets is critical to the future of our city and the people suffering from the present health emergency . your support will enable these departments to address the ongoing crisis at hand allowing for the better angelsof our nature to persevere . the impacts from street safety have remained a concern .
7:32 pm
for the benefits of residence we must do all we can to address this head on. support the mayor's proclamation of theemergency. this request will finally benefit ourteam members , the neighborhood and our visitors . thank you for your time and happy holidays . >>clerk: next caller . hello, caller. please proceed. >> caller: sorry, i'm just ... sorry. didn't expect to getcalled on so soon .i have to say that you know, having lived in the tenderloin and moving in in 1989 and moving out in 92, i was there during the aloma
7:33 pm
earthquake when the people in the tenderloin hold together to help each other out. cops were all guarding the bank and city hall. when the tenderloin station opened in 1991, it was an immediate increase. very obviousincrease in violence in the tenderloin . so but to get to my point, i am from the partyfor socialism and liberation . and the exploitation and alienation and poverty and competition that's fueling violence. people must have real power. >> clerk: thankyou for your comments. can we have the next caller ? >> this is michaellyman .
7:34 pm
there calling for big police. the police occupation of the tenderloin. it's a constant counter attack against us just as in the 1980s with the attack against the 1960s and suddenly there were antiracist rebellions. now it's in the 60s and there is a growing agreement that capitalism is ultimately responsible for poverty, racism, inequality, epidemics and climate change andthat's why there's this national counterattack . [inaudible]'s for the benefit of the whole working-class. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. can we have the next caller?
7:35 pm
>> caller: i'm judy and i live in district 5. i'm an educator and i also work with funds helping mar to be unhoused people in the tenderloin. this isn't a debate whether there is an emergency, this is about that there's no plan , we don't know what it leads to and we don't know if it's inside or outside and how are we comfortable with people voting on an ordinance with no understanding of the plan and number two is unlimited power to the doesn't make sense that this proclamation would allow the mayor tomove money wherever she likes because the mayor has advocated for police violence . don't trust a mayor who has continued to take a health approach to drugs whether in pouringrain. she will continue to make health and number three there are alternatives . there are plans inplace and have been ignored . there'senough money in thecity to take care of our most vulnerable residents .
7:36 pm
there's a card on hotels . please put your money where your mouth is if you care about ... >> clerk: we have 153 listening and91 left in thequeue . next caller . >> caller: hello >> clerk: please proceed . >> caller: i actually grew up as a latino kid in the excelsior when there was more gang activity there nowi live in the tenderloin and walk through here every day . this plan does not feel safe. the mayor's order andrhetoric isshameful . i hope the board opposes it . when you ask what anyone is having to resort to crime in the first place, the mayor's plan is just to give sfp the more power and not give money go or people only out.we all deservessafety including neighbors who are struggling
7:37 pm
outside . we need job training not being assaulted by police which i've witnessed more than once. cops are not social workers and are not the answer to sf failure. our fears and frustrations shouldnot be used aanti-poor agenda so please vote no . >> clerk: thank you for your comments. can i have the next caller ? >> caller: sf optedout of surveillance cameras on streetlamps . donot create a big cast system . where collecting invasive data is the price of admission for consideration for housing. if police have money now to interrogate disabled women with no criminal record and not using drugs just for using payphones send those guys at 3 am.urban alchemy already harasses for disablednon-drug using women . our cost is what you mean by.
7:38 pm
advocates? are they peers to domestic violence victims? what's the difference between a victim crying? the homeless are called mentally ill and then denied pain meds. is a hospital with no addiction as ascapegoat for the homeless stigma . hello? >> clerk: your time has expired, may wehave the next caller ? >> my name is allison and i live in district 9 and i previously lived in the tenderloin for five years . i'm asking the board tovote no . the police commissioner said they will address those using drugs on the street. i don't understand why the mayor has decided to increase policing in our communities.
7:39 pm
she recently deployed a slew of officers to protectproperty and now she wants more officers in the tenderloin to terrorize people and to lower be on house . this is not does not address the root causes and instead subjecting our community to the police which create significant harm one month ago they killed a man who was having a ptsd crisis . police should not be dealing with mentalhealth or substance issues . it's a crisis but it's not new. we should move fast and move with care. what does the community need and why does that not is that not being prioritize ? >> we have the next caller ? >> i live in thetenderloin and i'm a member of the party for socialism and liberation . i think the terrible conditions of people on the street along with the impact of addiction and i like to see say that the mayor's plan as spoken in her own words falsely. >> community safety with
7:40 pm
criminalization and police crackdowns and is responsible for further spreading reactionary and dehumanizing attitudes towards the poorest membersof the community . instead of a progressive program that stresses the causes of poverty and crime the mayor's plan is for the tenderloin to stay safe for her real constituents, the developers and rich to come in andmake money that never reaches the people to fundamentally address the urgent needs for guaranteed and dignified housing and healthcare and other social support that offers a real way out of underground . money should be taken out of themassive budget to fund social work and community led violence interruption toprevent killings like that are small on money by police last month in soma . stop the racist war on the poor and rejects the mayor's plan . >> clerk: may we have thenext caller? >> caller: i live in district 3 . i just wonder i want to lend m
7:41 pm
support to the emergency proclamation . i just feel like somebody has to speak for the families in the tenderloin. theimmigrant families . they are justliving in richard conditions . they're the mostvulnerable . i just don't hear enough comments about the children and elderly people and their lack ofsafety . the people who are doing drugs and overdosing in unprecedented numbers need help and i believe in finding the root causes but it is inhumanenot to intervene right now. they are dying . it's beyond me and i think lastly many of the people who go into treatment for substance
7:42 pm
abuse disorder often ... >> clerk: may wehave the next caller . >> caller: jennifer rabin, racialjustice advocates .i know your heartis in the right place rafael but i align with supervisor preston's comments and oppose this emergency ordinance . there is no plan . it's incredibly they gives to the powers with no accountability and there's every reason to expect the mayor can andwill use this ordinance to blanket the tl and police who have none of the skills that this crisis demands . they are not cops are not crisis intervention experts, social workers or even emts and instead cops will increase policepresence and harass and incarcerate people because that's what they're incentivized to do . it's also not incidental share of plans to expand jail capacity. this is a blueprint for disappearing our members.
7:43 pm
the city deserves a plan that has public health solutions including the mayor should move forward with funding the hundredmillion spent proxyfunds and implementing carts and other solutions . thank you . >> may we have the next caller? hello, caller? can we have thenext caller please ? that line is unattended. >> my name is amy farrell white founder and director of the st. francis homelessness challenge and we spent thousands of hours providing stewardship and services in the tl so i know firsthand there's a crisis and because this emergency declaration and expedite hiring
7:44 pm
services and coordination for that crisis it could have been seen as a christmas miracle by all but it seems the mayor went out of the way to turn this into aconfusing and divisive mess with her rhetoric . despite the mayors stumble what's best for the tl? let's go for a continuance that makes sense so the mayor can present an actual plan with metrics but because the provider amy assured me this power can only be used for public services and not for funding and because there is an overdose emergency it alsomakes sense to voteyes while holding the mayor breathe accountable to working with tl providers following recommendations , using proxy funds and not overstepping . >> thank you for your comments. can we have the next caller? >> caller: good evening board of supervisors. gilbert criswell.
7:45 pm
i align myself with supervisor deanpreston's comments and questions and concerns . i also am align myself with supervisor ronen and her comments and questions and board president walton onhis comments and questions . please don't leave the mayor unchecked. add transparency. this is no plan.wait until there is a plan. vote for a plan you can understand and that is transparent and that the taxpayers you know where the money is going. thank you. >> clerk: thank you for your comments,can we have the next caller ? >> caller: my name is cassandra costello calling on behalf of the san francisco travel association . we market san francisco as a destination for leisure travel
7:46 pm
as well as 1300 members. please move swiftly to approve this declaration to help support those who are dying on ourstreets daily due to the overdose crisis . this declaration will help provide support for those families, small businesses and employees in the tenderloin living and working in unacceptable conditions. the time to act is now and we encourage you to use the resources at yourdisposal to provide the latest urgent health attention that is long overdue to the communities that are suffering each day . >> clerk: thank you, let's hear from our next caller . >> caller: my name is judy elkins and this is the first board of supervisors meeting that i attended and i really appreciate hearing from the
7:47 pm
community and board of supervisors. this is such a complex issue and i want to say to those who have families and children who do have to live in the tenderloin, i would like to say to them that i would take this as an opportunity to sit down with our family members and children and explain why we come to this and that it is systemic racism and classism and being poor is a crime. the truth is i don't believe most of these people don't move to the tenderloin because they have opportunities and may be part of the plan needs to be to help people move out of the tenderloin and get them into other neighborhoods because housing is the crisis and everything seems toreally overlap . i'm just impressed by all of the minds coming together and everything.
7:48 pm
>> clerk: i apologize, we are setting the timer for one minute but please come back to a regular boardmeeting . all right, i'd like tohear from our next caller please . >> caller: i'm general manager of the system to open onehotel san francisco and i'm calling in support of our emergency proclamation to address the crisis in the tenderloinand ask you to vote yes . the "use and drug dealing and these encampments imposes imminent risk . our employees are also residents are regularly harassed and routinely shared to feel unsafe. the travel industry to rebound it is in harris that the crisis inour streets is addressed.
7:49 pm
please vote yes to support the emergency declaration for the tenderloin to protect our residents . thank you. >> we have 149 listeners and 85 who are in the queue to make theircall to provide their comments. operations let's hear from next caller . all right, perhaps that's in a unattended line let's go to our next caller . >> caller: my name is kelly cutler, human rights organizer with the coalition on homelessness and i'm out there every day during summer 2020 . when we got the hotels together to get folks safe inside. peoplejumped at theopportunity for safe and adequate options . the communities came together and it worked . so why have things changed. what isthe community group mentioned actually business improvement district .
7:50 pm
that's not the community . this is hvac on steroids. hvac is a failed model especially one that have few options these days. same old story, i am so sick of this service resistant narrative and the truth is that currently there is no public access to shelters through 311 because the waitlist was shut down due to lack of resources and it's still shut down. there are already arresting people. they threatened to arrest me when i was talking to a pregnant unhoused woman that i've been working with. this is happening right before chinatown. >> thank you foryour comments, apologies. we are setting the timer for one minute. operations we have another color in the queue . >> can you meet? >> yes we can.
7:51 pm
>> after six hours, oh my god. thank you so much. i am out of breath.i've been running uphill. i'm the outreach director at st. james infirmary and am also a parent and of a beautiful wonderful nonresident child. i run an outreach program in the mission and on the tenderloin. where we provide resources . surprise resources and services to affect others. and we also have a twinge access program where we serve hundreds of other people every month. i do believe that we need an urgent response with humanity where all the people that are
7:52 pm
helpless and i let you know where those funds that were supposed to going to be going to people housing people closing the shelter in place. >> thank you for your comments. i apologize, we are setting the timerfor one minute butthank you for your comments . operations, do we have another color in the queue ? >> caller: good evening supervisors. i'm a small business owner and a resident. i'm speaking in support of the mayors proposal to address overdoses in the tenderloin. overdose deaths have taken more lives than ronen. respond to this emergency with emergency measures like our city did .vote for the emergency proclamation.
7:53 pm
thank you for yourtime and happy holidays . >> thank you for your comments operations we have another color in the queue . >> the evening board of supervisors. it's privileged to address you this evening and i call on mayor breeds declaration and the same that supervisor stefani's cameras are not on because i want to thank her for the beautiful speech . it was a genius speech and yet we do need to lock up the drug dealers and frankly put an drug dealers because the drugs are bad. drugs are evil. drugs kill people and we need to treat with the maximum amount of compassion to support people who have need to help off of addiction. that's why we need treatment centers. supervisor stefani is awesome but you need to reopen alcatraz for the drug dealers and that would be a good start. andi'm not , i really think
7:54 pm
most drug dealers are white, please don't consider me racis . i'm a big fan ofstopping anti-asian hate in anyway so thank you for taking my comments, i'm done . you did great. >> do we haveanother caller in the queue ? welcome caller. all right, it's possible that color is listening to their television let's go to our next caller . >> my name is tuesday martin and i waltzed law studentin the tenderloin and i hope the emergency ordinance under consideration. there is a state of emergency
7:55 pm
in the tenderloin . that we have lost over 1700 community members to overdose the last year is an emergency but thousands of people forced to live in our streets every night pandemic is an emergency . as a city we need to act with urgency and passion to address these emergencies and bring real relief to those most impacted. not waste money on failed drug war efforts the mayor is sitting on $110 million in unspent funding for behavioral health treatment services that would be moreeffective in dealing with the crisis then overdoses in our city . >> clerk:thank you for your comments . i wantto make an announcement that we were able to maintain interpreters this evening . connie just some he was able to maintain spanish interpreters, so in addition to the arabic and vietnamese i believe we willhave someone speaking spanish , signing on shortly. so we just wanted to make sure we encourage those communities
7:56 pm
limp with limitedenglish proficiency but they are welcome here to the board of supervisors if they want to hear from them . so operations, let's hear from our next caller please. >> caller: my name is simonson and i'm a resident of san francisco for 30 years and i represent the hotel in the tenderloin. i'm calling to support the gc proclamation that made it clear in the tenderloin ask you to vote yes. we all know the real issue in thetenderloin and the situation . drug dealers in the sidewalk t conduct open-air drug dealing . trading and selling stolen goods on the sidewalk. along the retail store. assault, gun violence and drug overdose and using needles in
7:57 pm
public, homeless issues etc. these must be stopped to protect all the bad people. vote yes. supervisors. these activities take place in your homeor outside your home , backyard or neighborhood, i'm sure you would have support for the proclamation. 50 percent of the hotel guests are visitors and when they come to san francisco it's their shock to see the public health and drug prices in the tenderloin . and some are evenafraid to stop at hotels to check in . as these hotels in the tenderloin my clientele and employees have been impacted by thatthese unsafe and illegal conditions . please vote yes to support the emergency proclamation for the tenderloin and protect my guests and employees. thank you. >> thank you foryour comments. operations do we have another caller please .
7:58 pm
>> evening. my name is bobby jones, i'm a native of san franciscoand i support mayor london breeds ordinance . the tenderloin is all of theses, crime, just a disgusting trashcan. and we need to clean it up. the issue i have is do we have officers talk enough to clean it up? because if so, take their guns and let them walk through and clean it up because the police station has been there three years and the agents are suffering. to see this addiction and problems and infront of their house. if you care about the children , you will vote yes on this cleanup and let's get sometough tops cleaning that up . and let's get back to rehabbing our streets and our beautiful city of san francisco . thank you.
7:59 pm
>> clerk: thank you for your comments. we have another caller in the queueplease ? >> caller: my name is mary mcgee, anda registered nurse . i'm asking you to hold off on voting yes on this planbecause i do not think it is a detailed, transparent plan yet . i do appreciate that emergency declarations do come through the tape and getting things done but i do not think this plan is ready and i'm very concerned about the tone the mayor used when she discussed this plan and i am wondering in terms of linkage to services
8:00 pm
what services do we know that they have the capacity to take care of all thepeople that would need those services? people need services in a sustained way. people want a room with a door and a lock. a shelter will not do. so many people would rather die on the street then go to a shelter . until we have things like the center and safe consumption and true housing to all the people in the same day treatment, please do an itinerary of what treatment programs are out there and house ... >> clerk: thank youfor your comments. we are setting thetimer for one minute this evening . can we hear from our next caller this evening ? >> members of the board of supervisors my name is michelle domingo, atenderloin resident . i urge the board to support the mayor's emergency proclamation on drug overdoses. it doesn't matter that some think mayer breed did a political stunt but what
8:01 pm
matters is supervisors have worked hard for years on the root causes that we are still in this failed situation that only seems to get worse year after year for the last 20+ years. isupport the emergency proclamation because our city can have a more effective emergency response for public health, behavioral health or housing services . thisisn't about convincing the vulnerable. it's about funding emergency treatment that all these services are going to help and they're not going to arrest the drug dealers . the world is watching our district attorney cherry picked meaningless charging staff. this is your opportunity to do the right thing andsupport director carol in fleshing out the plan and fleshing out effectively the emergency drug overdose deaths a year, thisis a crisis . please bookyesterday and don't waste another day. i am . >> thank you for your comments. i apologize for interrupting anyone, we are setting the
8:02 pm
timer for one minute . let's hear from our next caller . >> can you hear me? >> we can, welcome.>> my name is directed doctorteresa palmer and i grew up in sanfrancisco . i spent a lot of time in the tenderloin .i heard two providers to delay approving this plan. there is no evidence that this will actually be an effective plan. the mayor who proposed it in a splash of publicity is the same mayor who has been obstructing funding of proposition c money and has been trying to empty city hotels even though the feds are paying for it. i think it's very dangerous to approve a plan when you don't know what's in it. linkage centers are linkages to what? there are inadequate services in the city now. you don't need an emergency plan to speed up hiring and get these positions still.
8:03 pm
the mayor has been obstructing them and please listen to dean preston. delay this until you know what you're voting on. >> clerk: thank you for your comments do we have another comment in the queue please ? >> caller: [inaudible] hello? >> i've been watching this situation unfold and it is sickeningthis board has not do more at this point to save people in our community . there's been a lot of work word
8:04 pm
salad tonight. you could do the entire state of california witha word salad comingout of the supervisors . we listen to you for four hours. it was a lot of garbage . what i want to say to you now, is very simple. we either stand with criminals and you double down on deaths or you support the mayor's plan. that's it. that's the choice you have. what you're doing is not working. you need to do something different. you cansupport the mayor's plan for you can let all of us all of your constituents know that you support criminals and more overdose deaths . thank you. >> clerk: thank you for your comments , do we have another caller in the queue please? let's go to our next caller. hello, caller. are you there? welcome.
8:05 pm
>> caller: i am running back, twenty-year director of the tenderloin community benefit district. i would urge you to listen to the people who live and experienceconditions in the tenderloin every day . we are families, we are immigrants, we are seniors, we are merchants and we demand the city take action now toaddress the crisis we are experiencing every day . 200 people including my wife and my nine-year-old son went to city hall and asked and demanded the mayor take some action. i'm in strong support of the mayor's actions here. iwant an emergency declaration in my neighborhood . please stop listening to the nonprofits who think this is some kindof war on drugs . please help us.
8:06 pm
>> clerk: thank you for your comments. we have a listening queue, there's 150 people lined up to listen and a speakers queue and there's about 78 people in the speakers queue. operations, let's hear from ou next caller . all right, that might be an unintended line let's go to our next line. we will try to circle back to the silent line and make sure we catch everyone . local caller . >> caller: can you hear me? great,good evening everyone . especially our honorable supervisors. this is tracer tracy calling on behalf of thecommunity benefit district in support of this item . i want to thank the mayor, her
8:07 pm
administration, director carol and her team for addressing this humanitarian crisis on our streets . tenderloin area especially those suffering and dying on our streets need emergency help's temporary emergency proclamation before you today with its focus on saving lives and creating safer public spaces is a critical step towards helping people in desperate need and towards overall downtown recovery. last lives must be saved and stakeholders must be given the ability to thrive. in closing i want to thank our city agency first responders and our private sector first responders of whom there are so many who have been grappling with the downtown drug epidemic thus far. it's our sincerest hope more heroesand more resourceswill be joining you and supporting you soon . thank you for supporting this proclamation . >> thank you for your comments.
8:08 pm
operations, let's hear from our next caller. welcome, caller. it might be there television. let'sgo to our next caller. we can return to that line . welcome, caller. >> caller: i am a district 5 resident, parent of a san francisco public school educator going to oppose this emergency declaration. an acknowledgment there is an emergency and this is not the declaration to meet the moment. first and foremost i would ask the supervisors todisperse this
8:09 pm
very important comments of supervisor walton and the two weeks . and collaborate on solutions. we know it's a certainty that the police contact from this emergencies we will further racialized trauma that created the situation. as an educator i know that students worry about their fathersand grandparents on the streets what is needed is housing community centers, healthcare and specific solutions or crystallized displacement . so many of our solutions treat individuals while breaking up communities that this emergency declaration is no different. vote no, don't beastswayed by media tactics. thank you. >> operations, do we have another caller ? >> i live on the market and seventh street and based on the mayor's press conference i oppose this emergency ordinance. it is an expansion of mayoral power without even a plan to present and can be used in more to morally target the most vulnerable people. the mayor is an adult and knows
8:10 pm
how to communicate effectively and the communication has been disgusting and you all can't make promises on behalf of the mayor when more vulnerable peopledo start getting arrested . before giving more power to the mayor use the shelters to the full extent. substance addiction treatment centers and all the local ordinances and have been doing the work. these are people, not crimes. >> thank you for your comments operations, we have another caller please . >> i'm a longtime resident in district 1 and i strongly oppose this order . >> i'm a supporter and i urge you to make what might be a hard choice.
8:11 pm
this emergencyorder in no way increases oversight and accountability . police are notappropriate first responders for drug use . it's disrespectful the mayor isn't here but this conversation is happening but we are here because we care. we know thenational chains have an emotional locally and not because there's a spotlight on us . please prioritize residence and tourists. local families in crisis, wealth inequality as the addiction and solutions to homelessness are homes and treatment. thank you. >> thank you for your comments. do we have another caller in the queue. >>. >> caller: i'm a resident of the tenderloin. and also the director of the tenderloin property owners association. i was homeless in san francisco for a while. i want to say and the result of this emergency declaration comes directly from the request
8:12 pm
of immigrant families, most of whom can't speak english. they are speaking to the mayor through a translator and the mayor instead of listening to what the families children wer telling her , she made an announcement. i want to say thatthe residents are proud of her . they support her especially with allthe pressure she's getting . some comments, you know don't sit well with me . you want to 2 weeks to declare an emergency declaration where when 2 people are dying a day ? i heard thesupervisors to vote yes i'm support this emergency declaration . >> clerk: thank youfor your comments. let's hear from our next caller . >> caller: hello? >> we can hear you.>> i want to say please board thank you
8:13 pm
forhearing my comments. consider this failure to take action will be a failure of democrats . to address the problem under democrat leadership. an entire country is watching to see if we as democrats run city are capable of solving this problem. a glaring pressing social problems. it's hardly we can claimto care for themselves. please don't prove the haters right. set aside your egos and political motivation answer the people who are suffering on the streets of the tenderloin and the mayor allow themayor to respond to this emergency . >> thank you for your comments. operations do we have another caller in the queue ? all right, that might be an unattended line. let's go to our next caller .
8:14 pm
>> caller: are you really about to advocate advocate your oversight powers? order what gets issued on the same time for newbie contracts. you should be demanding answer . people need a leaseholder. is it the salvation armywhich helps care professionals with the lincoln center or the urban alchemy walls? whyis it mayor breed here to explain the need of this order ? what is and that being provided before this boat ? you know perfectly well she has the power in place to place people in hotels and spend proxy funds for behavioral health you advocated in july with disorders are being asked to abdicate your power. we require checks and balances here that are limited to city resources appropriately allocated, that's what we elected you to do. this is a public health
8:15 pm
emergency so why is the department of emergency management taking the lead . it's very concerning ms. carol doesn't even know what hotel is even though it's been several response teams she mentioned. she just admitted to you from the model is going to be similar to eachbroad and we know the goal is torefuse visible homelessness tents.>> clerk: apologies , if i interrupt anyone this evening. where setting the timer for one minute . we have 142 individuals in the listening queue and we have 75 who are lined up in the speakers queue. if you'reone of the 142 and you think you'd like to make comments you should pressáthree. alright operations, can we hear from our next caller . >> my name is simona maggie valley and youshould vote no . let me be clear, mayor ronald reagan is a liar . when the board approved an emergency ordinance to acquire 1007 hotels what did the mayor do to mark nothing.
8:16 pm
when the government made funds available for seven hotels she tried to shut them down even though there were through 2022. why do you believe this mayor and that she won't perform? she said she was going to decrease funding in 2020 but herbudget has increased and she wants a supplemental to . the mayor and chief of staff swear not to use money from police funding for emergency declarations. they are all liars. stop believing them when they keep passing the ball. the head is also a goddamn liar. she knows what is going to happen. she knows we don't have enough housing for safe sleeping sites for anyone and she knows it will fall to the police who will come and criminalize people.why are you believing her? we're not confused. we knowwhat is going to happen. the declaration of emergency is a cover to criminalize people and will do nothingto help the
8:17 pm
residents . these oppose this declaration . >> clerk: operations, do we have another caller in the queue ? >> my name is elliot hellman and i live in district 6. i asked the board to figure out a better solution for this emergencyproclamation . we're all concerned for the safety and quality of life were people livingin the tenderloin .people with outhouses and living on the streets using an selling drugs , violence and crime are issues we allsee every day . but the root cause of these problems is poverty and tremendous wealth disparity. we see in our city. the police can arrest a homeless person off the streets but they can't find them a home. arrest a person for using or selling drugs but they can't help them get out get out. we need rehab programs, not more guns on the streets. investing in more militarizing
8:18 pm
of our streets will only continue the status quo which protects the wealthy from facing the consequences of their greed. >> clerk: let'shear from our next caller please . >> caller: can you hear me okay? >> clerk: yes we can. >> caller: i am fourth-generation san francisco native born, grew up between san francisco and marion county and lived in the tenderloin in the 90s. i want to say that i totally understand the people who are urging you know, approval of this. i just don't think they understand howpolicing works . i don't think they understand how addiction works andi don't
8:19 pm
think they understand how homelessness works . that's kind of the problem here. i would urge peopleto take a look at the research of margo consul ucf . she's done the largest involvement study of homelessness and she's done it right here. it's a remarkable study. but i think that people are looking at these issues as they independent of lack of healthcare, lack of housing. and you can't do that. we have ways of dealing with this they don't involve the police and the police just make things worse and if policing and incarceration were would have been a tremendous success and in fact it was anything but. we started the war on drugs in richard nixon and. >> thank you for your comments and i apologize for the interruption . we are setting the timer for one minute piece thisevening . operations, can wehear from our next caller please .
8:20 pm
>>. >> caller: can you hear me? i am the director of harm reduction at st. james infirmary. i work in the tenderloin and i'm writing to urge you to reject the mayor's plan, regroup and come back together and do an emergency declaration when you've got all laid out and said carefully i've been listening since 2:00 and i understand the plan isn't really a plan . i know you all are saying it's late but i want to say that the plan as its outline will not work to prevent overdose. so what we haven't really heard about tonight for today is anything about the real people whose lives have been lost in the overdose crisis.
8:21 pm
we haven't heard about their real complex livedexperiences, the people who use fentanyl and other hard drugs . their losses and sustained traumas. as you all know addiction is rooted in trauma. it actually continues the lifecycleespecially of people living in poverty . thoseare the root causes that have to be addressed before going to address overdose . i want to make a specificpoint. we have a specific period >> i apologize for interrupting. we are setting the timer for one minute . we do appreciate your comments if you have more to say you're welcome to submit it via email to the os at let's hear from our nextcaller please . welcome. >>.
8:22 pm
>> caller: thereis no plan. i don't actually accept that 10 days is not enough time to write something down . so that you supervisors have something tangible to vote for. and the staff and the mayor is not even here even though she is so responsible for the distance between her very aggressive criminalizing violence words and what we further proposed tonight. it's negligence. just like how this crisis is due to negligence. administrations failure to implement very carefully crafted actually written plans for mental health sf, $100 million from proxy is just really about behavioral health approach? because it's so plans have already been there. do those plans. vote no on this plan that is not evenplanned out and reconvene . >> clerk: we appreciate your comments . we are setting the timer for
8:23 pm
one minute. operations, let'shear from our next caller please . >> caller: my name is jeremy and i'm calling to oppose the emergency declaration because the two people. [inaudible] the city has done nothing and i see this as a positive experience because the mayor is finally standing upto this . i think with this declaration it may also push our district attorney to do his job which is not doing right now. and i just think it's our time to stand up and demand change because it's not what we want to see so i support this.
8:24 pm
>> clerk: do wehave another caller in the cube please ? >> caller: my name is martin mccarroll. this whole thing has been completely disingenuous . there is this disconnect between what mayor breed has said in public and what she has said in forums andwhat they're saying now . if you want to against all experience give herthe benefit of the doubt i urge you to continue . if we meet in january and hopefully have even a draft plan published and have mayor breed come inand answer questions and get her on the record .>> clerk: thank you for your comments operations do we have another caller in the queue ?
8:25 pm
>> caller: thank you president walton and supervisors for this important conversation. my name is simon bertran and i am executive director of the community district and sfu as the parents and asan francisco resident. it seems you are all in agreement . we have a public health crisis in the city created by drug overdose . an emergency that sees its most intense manifestation on the sidewalks of the tenderloin. current conditions are unacceptable. this declaration will give the mayor and city the same tools they use to addressthe pandemic . this coordinated response under the department of emergency management has worked to guide us through the pandemic and can bring relief to the people suffering in the tenderloin. please listen to the people who live in the midst of the crisis every dayand every night . tenderloin families, refugees,
8:26 pm
seniors, merchants and workers who have demanded thecity take action to address the crisis and, they are experiencing on the sidewalks of their neighborhood . please ratify the declaration of emergency . >> clerk: thank you we have 139 who are listening and 75 people in the queue . if you'd like to make comments make sure youpressá3. let's hear from our next caller please . >> caller: my name is lark and i live and work indistrict 9. i'm a believer that people tell you who they are and they will act accordingly . london breed is going to give help to the people ofthe tenderloin . obviously a police response and the police are a blunt instrument and it's going to have collateral damage and bring worse living conditionsto the people of the tenderloin . this is nothing but a farce and
8:27 pm
a performative move by the mayor. it's not here to help the people of thetenderloin so i implore the supervisors to vote no . >> clerk: thank you for your comments operations, do we have another caller in the cube please ? >> caller: greetings supervisor. this is effie joining you from district 8. the mayor though is not sitting here with us today yet. the mayor is sitting on almost $110 million in unspent proxy funding for behavioral health treatment programs that would be much more effective than an incarceration approach in dealing with these crises of addiction and overdose . i was startled to hear several of you on the staff seeming to
8:28 pm
stutter at the mention of prox and appearing not even to know what proxy is . not to mention cards. successful placement of support health stopped in june 21 even though the city was offered all girl reimbursement through april 22. i've witnessed these successes in process and howthey slipped away. on house people are already being heavily policed . police are aregular occurrence taking place . i've worked with a unhoused population. no one was there when they tried to rush back into his tent to grab the amulets which contains the ashes of his brother who died of aids. as his belongings were being swept away but the police barred him from doing this. we absolutely must continue this conversation after january
8:29 pm
3. thank you very very much. >> thank you for your comments thisevening. operations, let's hear from our next caller . let's go to ournext caller please . >> caller: carlos watkins here coalition on homelessness . i urge you to vote no on this ordinance. i'm a bit exhausted for diplomacy to be frank. along with supervisors walton everybody watching today and everybody listening to the mayor speak understands what the intention of this ordinance and larger plan is regardless of what they say today and then the questions and caveats and the supervisors who plan to be with us, the mayor has made it
8:30 pm
clear what she intends to do with this plan and who she intends to harm. he's made it clear what they will do at the convention center and the department of emergency management as shown how they are about resources. to steal from unhoused people and you can ask questions for as many hours as you want. that's what this is about. [please stand by]
8:31 pm
8:32 pm
8:33 pm
8:34 pm
. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. operations, let's hear from our next caller, please. >> hello, supervisors. i'm larry ackerman. i joined -- join my supervisor, dean preston, in opposing this measure. my husband died on a sidewalk
8:35 pm
from a fentanyl overdose in soma. we are in a long-standing crisis, and this didn't start two weeks ago, which -- and this crisis must be addressed. as many of our programs have done. first, hsoc is an utter failure and should not be emulated in this program. i personally have witnessed police threatening people with citations and arrests, and the police ran away when i tried to document this with my phone. they intimidate people. two, how could this linkage site or tent handle 500 to 1,000 people per day? can that happen in 90 days? three, all of these programs --
8:36 pm
>> clerk: sir, please accept our apologies for interrupting you. we are setting the timer for one minute, but also accept our condolences for the loss of your husband. operations, do we have another caller in the queue, please? >> good evening, supervisors. tonight, i call, as i have the last several weeks, to have a conversation about the iron law of prohibition. tonight, as we discuss drug laws, it's most appropriate, for i want to explain, and i want to help you understand how our police's actions have created the fentanyl crisis on our streets. now, as long as two years ago, we saw heroin as the dominant substance. now, it's fentanyl, and on the horizon is carfentanyl.
8:37 pm
tonight, i'm asking you, supervisors, do your jobs. continue to moderate. continue to oversight andfluence. as you can see tonight, we have hundreds of people interested in these progresses, interested in the situation. advocate your authority. continue to be involved in this process. thank you. this process is -- >> clerk: thank you, sir, for your comments this evening. please accept my apologies for interrupting you. we're setting the timer for one minute each. operations, we have another caller in the queue, please. >> hello. my name is david moore, and i'm a resident with two daughters who freely travel the city. our comments align with
8:38 pm
taxpayer public safety. we're an agency that's embedded in the criminal justice system, and we work with individuals that have been released from jail and have not been any part of this [indiscernible] process of discussion as the plan has been an issue. we urge the supervisors to take some more time to discussion and give some more thought to this discussion and make sure this plan is comprehensive and make sure it's meeting the needs of the tenderloin and our city. thank you. >> clerk: thank you, mr. moroff. all right. operations, do we have another caller in the queue, please? >> my name is leif, born and raised here. the decisions that london breed have made regarding the tenderloin are appalling and do not regard the care for people living in the tenderloin.
8:39 pm
did we forget what was happening to black and brown people in the 60s? we're still getting our asses beat by the sfpd, and unhoused people are going to end up dead at the hands of the historically violent sfpd if you don't oppose this at all costs. again, there are going to be people killed by london breed's actions if you don't speak up. thank you. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. operations, may we have the next caller, please. >> hi. good evening. my name is sarah lee, and i am an advocate with asian law caucus, and i urge the supervisors to vote no. it's blatantly obvious that
8:40 pm
this is [indiscernible] and loved ones who have been impacted by the war on drugs from decades ago, families who continue to be torn apart by incarceration and crimes. the emergency action we need that has been locked and sold by greed is [indiscernible] thank you. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. may we have the next caller. perhaps that's an unattended line. we can circle back to them. hello. is there a caller on the line?
8:41 pm
>> yes, hello. my name is christy sharila. i was a tenderloin resident until about two months ago. you haven't heard from many residents tonight because many of them, who are still my join, are raising kids and unable to join. many of them were unable to comment because of lack of interpretation services. thank you. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. could we have the next caller. >> hello. i work as a clinical social worker with folks in the tenderloin with severe mental and drug use illness and mental health disorders.
8:42 pm
this is a 90-day declaration, we have to recognize our current realities to prevent more people from dying. thank you. >> clerk: thank you for your comment. can we have the next caller? do we have another line? perhaps that line is unintended. can you circle back to them? >> hi. i'm lisa church. i'm a d-3 resident. my daughter is a bartender in san francisco who often gets home to the tenderloin at 3:00 a.m. to be in fear on the
8:43 pm
streets. i also don't want police harassing our unhoused neighbors or people with drug addiction. there's no situation where aggressive police presence in san francisco has ever helped. the tenderloin is an amazing neighborhood, interesting one of the best in san francisco. i support an emergency response, but it's a waste of time to pass now and possibly revoke. i hope you will defer this until after the first of the year, review an actual plan, and give an emergency plan the seriousness it deserves. thank you, and thank you for hanging out with us eight hours here today. >> clerk: thank you for being here with us today. can we have the next caller? >> the dealers must be held
8:44 pm
accountable, and the children and families of the t.l. need your support. the bar is pretty low, and these are all examples that i have witnessed. children should be able to get to school without going to the i.c.u. the elderly and immigrants should be able to walk outside their homes without fear to their lives, and tourists and international visitors should not have to see a young man's face being blown off by a gun, and people that empty their bowels on the sidewalk need support. anyone who questions this emergency, come stay with us for a week. supervisors, do more, or more blood will be on your hands. arrest dealers, support the community, support science and experts like director carroll. vote yes.
8:45 pm
>> clerk: thank you for your comments. could we have the next caller? >> hello. can you hear me? >> clerk: yes, we can. please proceed. >> okay. my name is paul soto. i'm a chicago, sixth generation, and it's really -- like, number one, it's a public health situation, and i take offense at anglos taking the line. where were you when there was school deficits, when we needed funding during the schools? where were you during covid? you were sitting comfortably in your pad. you only care about the immigrants. all of a sudden they're important because they give you the moral authority to come here and give us your bull on
8:46 pm
how it is -- we are the good people, and they are the bad people. my saludos to the mission boys. let me tell you, i've got 30 years of experience inside those prisons. believe me, they are far more dangerous than these streets, i'll tell you that. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. can we have the next caller? we have 133 still listening and 65 left in the queue. next caller, please. >> regina yslais, district 2. absolutely no on this mayoral directive. there is nowhere near enough transparency, accountability, and detail. i appreciate very much supervisor preston's questions, and i do wish that supervisor stefani would take note. she and all of us know that law enforcement officers are not trained to deal with root causes and conditions.
8:47 pm
[indiscernible] the $100 billion left to fund s.f. cart, and let's get people housed. thank you. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. the rest of the callers in the queue, don't direct your comments to any individual supervisor. please keep your comments to the board. can we have the next caller, please. >> yes, hello. is this me? >> clerk: yes, please proceed. >> okay. yeah, my name is [indiscernible] from poverty scholar. i'm formerly houseless. we work with children from the
8:48 pm
t.l. nobody -- no children in poverty are afraid of poor people, what they're afraid of is police. we put a proposal forward to the mayor, and it's a proposal to housing, something that we're doing in oakland right now. the mayor wants to police when it's politically good for her career. board of supervisors, it's on you to actually do the right thing, and thank you, shamann walton, and thank you, dean preston. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. we're giving everybody one minute today. can we have the next caller, please. >> hi. my name is anna, and i live in
8:49 pm
district 1. we all care about public safety and agree that something needs to be done, but increasing police and forcing people into involuntary treatment will not help. this crisis is not new, and there has been a state of emergency in the t.l. for a long time without this ordinance, so why has the mayor been sitting on $100 million in unspent funding for behavioral health proms that would be far more effective in dealing with addiction and overdose? not more cops on the street and what will essentially be a detention center. also, i'm deeply disturbed by the comments by supervisors recommending that we use more 5150 measures when studies show those measures are cruel and ineffective. >> clerk: thank you for your
8:50 pm
comments. i want to make two statements. at no time was this meeting without interpreters, and additionally, we do have someone at the office if people want to be able to call to gain assistance in gaining access to this meeting. the last speaker was perfect the way she addressed the board. she made her comments to the board as a whole, not to individual members of the board, so just to give you a little assistance in how to make your comments. all right. operations, can we hear from the next caller, please. >> good evening, supervisors. my name is susan marsh. i'm a resident of d-6. most of you have commented that you do not wish to see the
8:51 pm
addicts and homeless criminalized. make no mistake about it, london breed has made it very clear that that's her intent. policing is very much a part of the program, however much it's been insisted that services are part of a program, that is the case. and if you -- and in fact there's every reason to doubt that these are part of the services at all. it appears they're cobbling services together at the last moment, and this is an administration that has dragged its feet on spending -- >> clerk: thank you very much for your comments, and i appreciate your comments. we are setting the timer for
8:52 pm
one minute this evening. operations, can we hear from the next caller, please. >> thank you. my name is art persico. i am with the s.f. gray panthers. we demand the sfgov board of supervisors reject the mayor's proposal'. this emergency declaration is not about public safety and overdose deaths if it reflects the mayor's public statements, relies on police discretion, and results in strict enforcement of laws related to homelessness. this plan appears to be an
8:53 pm
attempt to maintain property values. this allows the mayor to shift without accountability huge amounts of money to police overtime. >> clerk: thank you, sir, for your comments. we have 128 listeners, and we have 70 individuals who are currently in the queue. if you're one of the 28, and you would like to make comment this evening, make sure you press star, three at the right time. all right. next caller, please. >> my name is erica clarke, and i'm a long time resident of san francisco in d-4. i'm a recess of over 50 years. i align myself with the prior speakers opposing this
8:54 pm
emergency measure of mayor breed's. i also align myself with the supervisors who question this issue. i stayed on the line all this long to make sure that you know that the word on the street is the san bruno jail is expanding and -- >> clerk: thank you to the caller for your comments. we do apologize for interrupting you. we are setting the timer for one minute this evening so that we can hear from everyone. let's hear from our next caller, please. >> hi.
8:55 pm
my name is michelle. i'm a san francisco paraeducator, and i'm a resident of south of market, a city that many of us -- or a district in my community that has a lot of the same issues that the tenderloin does, and before that, i lived in the tenderloin. i do not support this proclamation at all. i was disgusted to hear people insinuate that, like, increased police will help mental health situations and deescalate situations. we saw the sfpd and other agencies not help a young man having a mental health episode.
8:56 pm
they gunned him down, and giving them more money with no over sight is not going to protect our community. i have many students who are black and latino who do not want to see more police. they are afraid of them. >> clerk: thank you for your comments, and please accept my apologies. we are setting the timer for one minute. operations, can we have the next caller, please. >> [indiscernible] i cannot believe that we've been waiting over six hours to make this public comment because at this point, i see no improvement to what supervisors were doing decades ago.
8:57 pm
[indiscernible] we should not be protecting [indiscernible] over people's lives. we are a leading city in access to treatment while folks struggling with mental health and substance use disorders. [indiscernible]. >> clerk: that's a different timer. we thank you for that. we do apologize for interrupting the speaker. we're setting the timer for one minute. all right. let's hear from our next caller, please. >> hi. my name is raul maldonado.
8:58 pm
i'm from modesto, california. what [indiscernible] the plan tonight does not help with overdose and i'd ask the board of supervisors to oppose it, and as for [indiscernible] c.a.r.t., and last resort, things like sfpd. i'm actually calling for
8:59 pm
self-reflection [indiscernible]. >> clerk: madam chair, you are muted. >> clerk: oh, i just wanted to say my apologies for the interruption. we are setting the timer for one minute, so operations, let's hear from the next speaker, please. >> good evening, board of supervisors. my name is [indiscernible] 30-year-old resident of the tenderloin. i am [indiscernible] and to listen to the people who actually experience the conditions in the tenderloin every day. i am disappointed that the initial response of the emergency response [indiscernible] is only focused in policy. it is not so black and white [indiscernible] if anything it will allow the city to add tax
9:00 pm
to provide emergency services for the population while also making the streets safe and inviting for everyone else who resides in the t.l. [indiscernible]. >> clerk: thank you for your comments, and our apologies for interruption. we are setting the timer for one minute this evening. operations, can we have another caller, please. all right. that line was unattended.
9:01 pm
let's go to our next line. >> this is lareen with united to save the mission. this mayor has shown you who she is time and time again, when she had an unprecedented opportunity to get these same folks in crisis and into shelter and into healing via s.i.p. hotels, she hesitated until she was sued. this mayor has been sitting on $100 million in prop c funding. this resolution is about the expansion of power to operate without oversight and transparency, the ability to pull funding from other allocations to funnel it to provide sector groups like urban alchemy, and the unhindered ability to inflict further trauma on those that are suffering on the streets of the tenderloin.
9:02 pm
this is a crisis of poverty and disparity, and the city has hundreds of vacant units that should be used to house people in comments. >> clerk: i want to thank the caller for her comments. i believe that was the timer, madam deputy? >> operator: yes, madam clerk. >> clerk: ma'am, i apologize for the interruption. we are setting the timer for one minute so we can hear from everyone tonight before midnight. all right. let's hear from our next caller. welcome, caller. >> good evening. my name is clint kristofferson. i'm a defense attorney, and the false premise underlying the mayor's proposal is that police
9:03 pm
make people safer. they do not. they do not care about us, and they make us all less safe. the fact is police are a part of an american criminal justice system that is largely for the oppression of minorities and the poor. it will only perpetuate long-standing actions. i urge you to vote now. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. operations, do we have another caller in the queue? >> hi. clare beekman here. it seems that oakland, san jose, and san francisco are being asked to amp up law enforcement and more data technology and data collection
9:04 pm
practices. [indiscernible] that can help define good local community autonomy at this time. thank you for your time, and if this item can be brought back on january 4, this needs to be bifurcated in to two components. part one can be the idea of simple police investigative work, to ask the drug dealers to sell their drugs with such a strong fentanyl cut, and then, with part two, let's hope we are all on the way to learn for simple public acts for people of the tenderloin. >> clerk: thank you, sir, for your comments. i apologize to interrupt you. we are setting the timer for one minute this evening. all right. operations, do we have another
9:05 pm
caller in the queue?
9:06 pm
9:07 pm
>> hello? >> clerk: hello, we can hear you. >> hello? >> clerk: please make your comment. >> okay. great [indiscernible] i think this issue is bigger -- it's bigger than what we're actually
9:08 pm
tackling. i've only heard a couple of times people talk about drug dealers. we can't tackle this [indiscernible]. >> clerk: thank you for your comments to the speaker, and we apologize for interrupting you this evening. we're setting the timer for one
9:09 pm
minute. operations, do we have another caller in the queue, please? >> good evening, supervisors. this is anastasia iovannopoulos, urging you to reject the mayor's proclamation. i didn't hear a plan. all i heard was there was going to be a linkage center and wanting to fund the police. but what about the plan? until there's a plan and it's written down and you can see it, why are you going to support a 90-day pop up? thank you. >> clerk: thank you, miss iovannopoulos. all right. operations, do we have another caller in the queue, please? >> hi.
9:10 pm
my name is carin adams. thank you, supervisors, for hanging in there for such a long meeting. i work with homeless youth alliance, and i am here to strongly oppose the proposal made. i work with youth and young adults experiencing homelessness for the past decade, who my staff and i have saved from overdose, who they have saved each other from overdose. it's so interesting that the tenderloin is our center of mind just a few days before a major holidays. while some may feel the tender line makes suffering more visible, what's visible is the true suffering of people in our
9:11 pm
system. please reject the proposal -- >> clerk: thank you for your comments this evening, and i apologize for the interruption. >> [indiscernible] i'm urging you tonight to vote no on this proclamation of local emergency. there are not real evidence based public solutions that have been proposed to solve this problem. safe injection sites, safe supply, and scale up of intensive mental health care have not been cited as components of this plan. please consider these facts.
9:12 pm
vote no and work swiftly towards real public health solutions. thank you, and i yield my time. >> clerk: thank you. there are 146 listening and 46 in the queue. operations, can we hear from our next caller, please?
9:13 pm
9:14 pm
>> hi. my name is jane lyle, and i live at 7 and mission at the edge of the tenderloin, and we've been begging to declare a state of emergency for a long time. thank goodness our mayor has finally declared one. please support her and our supervisor and vote yes on this. this is not only about police. this is a 90 day response to an
9:15 pm
emergency. of course, we have long-term problems, but supervisors who want to keep discussing and talking and making proposals until january 4 don't want to be part of the problem. many of the speakers are service providers who only want to keep the status quo. please help support director carroll to cut through the red tape and finally get something done. we are terrorized, we're not safe. please help all of us, and thank you for helping all of us for eight hours. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. all right. operations, let's hear from our next caller, please. >> hello. my name is jan, and i work in the tenderloin with people who
9:16 pm
are homeless and [indiscernible] and accessible housing using the 100 million prop c funds [indiscernible] and our lack of thorough consultation with community stakeholders is deeply concerning to me and feels like a massive power grab to the mayor's tough on crime propolice agenda. please oppose this ordinance tonight. thank you. >> clerk: thank you for your comments this evening. operations, let's hear from our next caller this evening. >> hi. my name is camilla, and i've lived in d-8 in san francisco
9:17 pm
my whole life. this is an expansion of mayoral power with no pen in place. this will give breed extended powers. this is the check and the balance right here. this vote is the check. vote no and pressure the mayor to actually use the resources and money actually available to her. mayor breed is sitting on almost $110 million in unspent prop c funding for behavioral health treatments that would be much more effective in dealing with the overdoses on our streets, and until we have people in housing and treatment centers, this will do nothing to address the problem at hand -- >> clerk: apologies to you.
9:18 pm
we have 116 listeners and 43 callers who are in the queue. if you're one of the 116 who would like to make public comment, press star, three now. all right. operations, let's hear from our next caller, please. >> hello, supervisors. this is [indiscernible] at the corner of golden gate and hyde in the tenderloin.
9:19 pm
seven-plus hour of political theater is quite enough. i oppose this emergency declaration. you should, too. i know you don't care about my comments, about anybody else's comments here. you've already made up your minds. you made up your minds before you came into this hearing with
9:20 pm
your talking points already. i can forgive the public and callers who support breed's declaration. a lot of people who want something done think that an emergency declaration, oh, that would be good who don't understand service providers. you're going to ignore them and listen to this political stunt to grant additional powers to this mayor in the context that you've been fighting with the mayor about spending money on things that now are going to be rolled out. how? under department of emergency management. part of this crisis that we're talking about has happened during covid. shame on you. all of you are going to vote
9:21 pm
yes, you should know better. this is your job. this is not the job of public to be keeping tabs on this. >> clerk: thank you, sir, for your comments. operations, do we have another caller in the queue, please. >> hi. my name is abbie. i work in affordable housing. to address the root causes of homelessness and addiction, house people. housing first works, and currently, our jail is the largest public and mental health housing in the state. any declaration with any ambiguity about increased policing prioritizes public space overall the lives of the public. during covid, incarceration as a discussion is deadly. house people, use prop c money immediately. do not close a single s.i.p.
9:22 pm
hotel. authorize c.a.r.t. and spend the money. thank you. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. all right. operations, let's hear from our next caller, please. >> hi. this is jessica layman with senior and disability actions. senior and disability actions strongly opposes the mayor's declaration. we think it's absolutely the wrong way to go. i'm going to read from a statement that we wrote. we, too, want everyone in the tenderloin to be safe and feel safe, but more police is not the answer. we know the answer. it means more 5150s, where
9:23 pm
people bear more trauma. rather than a flooding of police into the tenderloin, we need a flooding of service providers. people that are trained in deescalation should be responding to crises, not police. we oppose the proclamation and urge the board of supervisors to reject it. >> clerk: thank you for your comments and apologize the interruptions to your comments. operations, do we have another caller in the queue, please? >> hello. my name is shayna. i am here to urge the board of
9:24 pm
supervisors to vote no on this meeting. >> good evening. my name is amallia, and i'm a
9:25 pm
resident of district 11. if this is a closed service first approach, then we would not be investing in spd. we know from the murder of mario woods that sfpd only serves itself. who is protected when our victim moratorium is over, and s.i.p. hotels are closed? we should focus on services that are sustainable, evidence-based solutions that keep people healthy and out of the health system by investing
9:26 pm
in counciling and training. -- counseling and training. >> good evening, supervisors. chris shulman. i am a 20-year resident of district 3, living one block west of district 6.
9:27 pm
the status quo is absolutely unacceptable. an emergency response will save lives. please support those suffering addiction as well as the tenderloin families, immigrants, seniors, merchants, and workers in supporting this proclamation. we need the same kind of focus, urgent efforts, and other areas of community concern in the tenderloin that work for the pandemic. thank you. >> clerk: thank you for your comment. operations, let's hear from our next caller, please. >> hi. i'm leilani from district 1, and i oppose this proclamation. really sad that the mayor didn't show up today and talk about her statement. the fact that she said she wanted to bring hell on the
9:28 pm
t.l. is frightening. i don't think any of you should vote for this simply because she said it. she says these types of things to deflect from talking about housing. we all are in our warm homes tonight, and everybody who's struggling is on the street. that's where our focus should be. she needs to be more mindful of what she said because she's pitting us all against each other. we all care about the t.l., we all care about the children, and we want everyone who's struggling to get proper resources and help. >> clerk: thank you to the caller for your comments. we are setting the timer for one minute, so please accept my apologies for the interruption. all right. operations, let's hear from the next caller, please.
9:29 pm
>> yes, hello. my name is ann, and i'm a resident of district 7, and i want to add my voice to those urging you, board of supervisors, to at least pause and actually see a plan. this does not appear to be a good faith declaration because the mayor has failed to use her approved prop c money, three, has spoken so very violently about the people involved in this crisis, and four, has presented a plan. vote no tonight. >> clerk: thank you for your comment. may we have the next caller, please. [please stand by]
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