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tv   Entertainment Commission  SFGTV  January 4, 2022 10:30am-1:16pm PST

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>> the 2021 virtual meeting of the entertainment commission. i am the commission's president. due to the covid-19 health emergency to protect members, and members of the public, all meeting rooms are close, but members and employees will be participating remotely. this precaution is taking -- sorry, orders, declarations, and directives, employees will attend the meeting by videoconference and it participates in the meeting to the same extent as if they were present.
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>> both trental 26 and san francisco government tvr streaming the number across the screen. each speaker will be allowed to minutes to speak. opportunities to speak are available via the zoom pot form. using meeting id 8-521-267-4379 or by calling 1-669-900-6833 and using them meeting id. if using the zoom platform to speak, select the raise and option when it is time to comment. 's dial star nine to be added to the speaker lineup. you will be un- muted when it is your turn to speak. call from a quiet location, speak clearly and clothe -- slowly. alternatively, while we recommend you use zoom audio or telephone for public comment, you may submit a written public comment through the chat function on zoom. the commissioners and staff are not allowed to respond to the comments or questions during public comment.
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thank you for media services for sharing this meeting with the public. we will start with a roll call. >> all right. [ roll call ] >> is vice president camino not making it this evening? >> i thought we were two down, sorry,. >> okay, i will --, cool. all right. [ roll call ] welcome back. [ roll call ] on note for the record that there is also an excused absence. >> okay. thank you very much. moving along. the first order of business is general public comment. for items not listed on the agenda. i will ask senior inspector bryce if there are any items for any people who want to speak in general public comment.
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>> if anyone is here who can hear us right now in the public, if you want to speak for general public comment, please raise your hand in zoom. just to make sure people know. let's wait for a second. there are no hands raised and no comments in the chat. >> we will close general public comment. >> i just got -- someone just raised their hand that i can't tell if they are doing it. >> they got it in in time. >> okay. i will allow them to talk. >> hello, my name is lisa. i can't see myself on the platform so i'm just saying hi. i'm not sure if i am the only resident that has joined in, but i wanted to know, will there be an opportunity to have a comment
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afterwards as well or is this it? >> this is for items not on the agenda tonight. >> that are not? >> yes. there's public comment on every single item, but this is for anything that isn't on the agenda. if you want to call in for one of the agenda items, that is later. >> i will do that later. >> thank you. i believe commissioner camino is waiting to be let in. >> okay. >> general public comment is now closed. the next agenda items number 2, which is approval of meeting minutes from december 7th, 2021 commission meeting. do we have a motion to approve these minutes? >> so moved. >> is there a second? >> i will take the second. [ laughter ]
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>> is there any public comment on the meeting minutes? >> i will check right now. there is none. >> all right. we will close public comment and we can have a vote on the agenda items. [ roll call ] >> am i able to vote on this item? >> i think you can because we just say to make sure they get entered in the record. >> all right. [ roll call ] >> great news. the minutes are approved. the next agenda item is
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number 3, which is the word from the executive director. >> all right. good evening, commissioners. i just have a brief update this evening. i wanted to wish you all happy holidays, happy new year, and just say, you know, we had a great time, for all of those who were able to make it last week to our holiday gathering. we had a decent turnout. we had probably five elected officials that came, which was really nice. we had permit holders who came, but it was just really great to see everybody again and be in the same space and be able to celebrate all the hard work that everyone has done over the last couple of years during the pandemic response especially. beyond that, i just wanted to complement the recent newsletter that we scent out. it was full of some really helpful updates around the small business recovery act and how we are implementing that in realtime for our permit holders
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to better understand impacts to their business, what they need to do, if anything, and what those rules mean for them in terms of coming into compliance without even having to change anything. a reminder that it is just essentially limited live performance holders across the board for indoor spaces can now stand until 11:00 pm, for example. that was something that we helped explain and break down. all of that information is on our website. we will continue to take any questions that come in to the main e-mail address or to our phones relative to implementation for that. and beyond that, we have issued yet another reminder about holiday gatherings and making sure that you apply for any one time permits with us. we are trying to be as flexible as we can in issuing last-minute permits for new year's eve, especially given that d.g.o.
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variant is probably -- given that the omicron variant is coming to san francisco soon. it sounds like a lot of folks are wanting to take their events outside, which is very understandable. we will do it as best as we can and process things in a very short period of time. i just wanted to keep you updated on all of that. we do have an existing list right now for all new year's eve events. i'm happy to share that with you all as a fun fyi for what is going on in the city, but we will be using that information for situational awareness and sharing that with other agencies, and we will be having two inspectors out in the field all evening on new year's eve, as well as new year's day to make sure that we are responding to any complaints in realtime and checking on compliance as -- of any last-minute permitted events. if you have any questions for me, please let me know. happy holidays.
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>> questions? none from me. is there any public comment on this agenda item? >> i am checking and there is none. >> we will close public comment on this item. thank you very much, director. i hope you get a much deserved break here soon, very soon. the next agenda item is number 4, which is the report from the deputy director. >> thank you, president. good evening, commissioners. in the folder you will find a copy of the enforcement report and an important memo if you like to follow along here. since the last hearing we have received 25 sound complaints. the first business i would like to discuss is edinburgh castle pop. in october you will remember we discussed this location and you instructed us to prioritize
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responding complaints to this location, however, we did respond to a complaint on halloween and the business is in violation of their sound limit and we issued a citation. we have received 17 complaints and have revisited the business five times. they were found in full compliance each time. we have received complaints that they are playing prerecorded music 24/7. i have notified northern station of the issue and the permit officer has requested that they go by between 2:00 am and 6:00 am. however,, my understanding is the request has not been fulfilled due to superseding cases that the police department is responding to. i want to note with that the neighbor, who i have been corresponding with since september, he milked me on friday, december 17th two complaint of the after-hours music. i informed them that the complaint needs to be called in to the nonemergency as it falls outside of our inspector's field hours and because the complaint is about prerecorded music, which is not entertainment.
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they didn't know how the police department we determined that the noise is coming from the bar when the doors are locked between 2:00 am and 6:00 am and they have two air walls at the front entrance so you can't see -- hear the noise from the sidewalk. and they would need some kind of electronic sound device to hear what is going on inside. for the record, this neighbor claims they can hear music inside of their home, however, they would not let the owner of edinburgh into their residents to pinpoint which was -- which speaker would pinpoint the sound of leak. they are not willing to explore other solutions including letting someone into the residence, i don't see how this complaint will be resolved. i mentioned this to be put on the record that we have exhausted our efforts responding to complaints at this location in the business has demonstrated ongoing compliance. we are recommending to de- prioritize complaint response at this location. i also want to recognize that the director and i are working
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on putting together incentive criteria to establish protocols for de- prioritizing responses and to help us determine the length of time to do prioritize and then the reasons for reopening response after you have directed us to de- prioritize. we will share this criteria with all of you for review and discussion in the new year. next business is white rabbit. the inspector responded to a 311 complaint here on december 12th at 12:30 am. when he respond, the dj music was very audible outside of the business even with the front door closed. the inspector took a sound reading and it showed the business operating above their proved sound limit. the manager was not there and neither the dj nor the security knew the sound limit. the inspector was able to work with the dj to bring the volume down to their approved limit and i issued a notice of violation for exceeding their sound limit and not having someone on-site who is aware of the permit conditions, which is the first condition on our policy. next business to discuss is
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soda, located at 1548 californian street. inspector responded to a 311 complaint on december 11th at 6:30 pm and when he arrived he noticed there was a single speaker in operation just outside the front door and the volume was well above the ambient noise level at a distance of 50 feet from the property. the inspector met with the bartender to explain the complaint and the work was done to bring the volume down. they were operating in compliance with their permit conditions. i all showed -- also issued this business in notice of violation for exceeding the sound limit. the next businesses on the list are sparks social and park lab gardens. these locations are adjacent to one another and they are owned and operated by the same person. however, sparks social holds an outer llp and they are allowed to have amplified sound and entertainment daily from 9:00 am until 10:00 pm because it was approved in accordance with a
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code in 2018. park lab gardens holds a jam comment and can only have outdoor amplified sound and entertainment six hours a day, which are 9:00 am to 10:00 am and 5:00 pm until 10:00 pm daily. we received toussaint complaints about the food trucks one of these locations that were playing music loudly. upon investigation on december 5th at 2:00 pm, the inspector observed a dj at sparks social. that is the one that holds the outdoor llp and program music playing at park lab gardens, the one that holds the permit. they were in compliance with their sound limit, however park lab gardens was playing amplified sound outside of their permissible hours. the following day i followed up with a -- with the permit holder to clarify their details of the permit and then again on the past sunday, december 19th the inspector responded to another complaint at 1:00 pm and when he arrived, the speakers were turned on, which is outside of
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their permissible hours. today i issued a notice of violation for operating outside of their allowable hours in his book with the permit holder he now understands the differentiation between the two permits and will be requesting to amend their permit hours to meet their programming needs. the last business to discuss tonight is pop clubhouse. we received three complaints about the business in the last month and we responded three different times. upon each visit, the business has been in compliance with their poe and jan permit conditions. most recently, the inspector responded to a complaint on december 18th at 10:47 pm, which is just 30 minutes after the original complaint came in. the complainant claims that there were 40 people hanging out at the intersection's corner, all with open containers, amplified music and that there were cars doing sideshows and that the community -- the inspector was able to verify that during his visit there was no sideshow or people loitering
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in front of the bar. he stayed for an additional 45 minutes just to observe the business operations. during that time, the business was compliant with all their conditions. we are recommending we de- prioritize responding to complaints at this location and go ahead and forward them to sfpd nonemergency for the activity that might be taking place in the area but is not related to the business. those are my updates. i'm happy to answer any class that you might have. >> i feel that i must address the notice of violation received because that is a place that i own. i deserved it. we had an outer speaker that was making noise and it shouldn't have been, just so you all know, they outer speaker will no longer be outdoors ever again. you won't hear of any issues surrounding that speaker anymore. i know you were all wondering with bated breath if this problem will solve itself, but
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it will be totally solved. thank you. >> thank you to the staff for managing all of the edinburgh castle back and. i know that has been an ongoing issue. i thought that i understood that the neighbor lived across the street. do they live on the same block as edinburgh castle? on the same side of the street? >> commissioner thomas, i would have to go back to the september correspondence to revisit the actual location. there was a moment in time where we heard from a couple of neighbors in various locations, and since then -- i can't confirm if this neighbor who i have been in correspondence with critique consistently since september if they are adjacent to or cross the street from. i know that they are the only one that i am hearing from at this point. the complaint succumbing of the 17, the vast majority are all
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anonymous, if not all. i can confirm that if you'd like. >> got it. i agree with the prioritizing. it seems like, you know, our primary responsibility is measured at the sidewalk level and if there's no other cooperation from the neighbor, is nothing we can do. it seems unlikely that they are actually playing prerecorded music in a closed, unoccupied bar. it seems like that could be coming from somewhere else that is not a permitted and tee of hours -- entity of hours. >> noted. think you. >> thank you for continuing to engage on this. >> the last comment, for them to
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say they can't hear it outside, but they can hear through the walls, it sounds like they live in the building. it just contradicts the whole thing, so it is weird. we will do what we can. >> anymore questions? >> all right. i don't have anymore. is there any public comment on this agenda item? >> i thought i was doing the right one. sorry. please forgive me, i will have to not flash the slide. i don't know why it is not showing, but let me just double check. there are no hands raised and no comments in the chat. >> we will close public comment on this item. thank you, deputy director for
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your continuing work on these matters and happy holidays to you as well. next agenda item is number 5, which is updates on the nightlife business response to covid-19. we have himself, the barren of nightlife, the sultan of sound, mr. ben van helton is here tonight to give us an update. you have the four. >> i am bringing ben into join us as a panelist. >> thank you. good evening, commissioners. i am from the office of economic and workforce development, let me share this slide i am hoping you can all see that. wonderful. thank you. just a short update tonight for all of you.
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there we go. first on the state front, the california venues grant program, it is a reminder that is the 100 for calling dollar relief program offering grants of up to $250,000 to venues and promoters. that program, the application window closed on december 7th. i have been talking about this for a few months now and the application window kept getting expanded and extended outward. the application is now closed and the state is currently reviewing applications in that program. as a reminder, the requirements for these grants were similar to the shattered venue operator's grant. i would hope and expect that businesses that qualify for this also would qualify for this, but we will be monitoring outcomes once we hear about them. and with the end of the year upon us, the state legislature
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will reconvene in january and build -- and the bill that we are falling is sb 793 which would create a music venue liquor license specifically for music venues and would also empower local jurisdictions to create is called entertainment zones which could have oaken -- open consumption. that is a bill that was introduced last year. we made it part way through the process and i believe it is still on the seventh floor for a full senate vote and it will be picked back up in january. on the local front last month, we were excited for the mayor to announce s.f. live support a 2022 campaign to ensure funding is secured by the city attorney when he was in the assembly.
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s.f. live will include outdoor concerts and parks and plazas that are curated by the indoor entertainment venues, as well as a couple of initiative to launch a music brand and support the marketing available for music week. we are excited about all these different components. there's still a lot of work to be done to get this off the ground next year. at this point, i am comfortable seeing more information and early 2022. we have some work to do through the board of supervisors to formally accept the money in order to be able to expanded. and i would also expect that we will be issuing our office request for proposals at some point to identify a partner to work with to implement this campaign. really excited about this as part of an effort to link our live music and entertainment sector to the economic recovery that we hope to continue next year. additionally, a graduate student
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from harvard reached out to me couple months ago with his interest in doing a capstone research project on san francisco nightlife policy and planning. you will be doing research on best practices in terms of global nightlife, regulation, support efforts and he will be conducting interviews and he will be doing some surveying to inform a set of recommendations which he will submit to our office and also that will serve as the basis for his capstone. excited about that work. more information for you as that work continues. final update on the music and entertainment venue recovery fund, i updated this slide a little bit earlier today with the news from the office of small business that the second round of venue fund grants is open. there were roughly $500,000 in remaining funds for this second round of grants from the initial
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three million-dollar allocation. the criteria for this around are the same and the venues that are already in the fund, those that have qualified for the fund, they don't need to reapply for the second round, there is an open application window if any additional venue that would have qualified in the first round, that would have met the same criteria, they can apply to be part of the venue fund as well. for businesses that are already in the venue fund, they don't have to do anything in order to participate. they are already qualified. if there are any other venues to meet those criteria, they can apply. that is at s.f. i am sure we will be working to promote that. that is hot off the presses. i am sure we will be working to get that information out there. additionally, it is still accepting online donations. there is the link for people interested in donating to the
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fund. click donate now and select yes under the music and entertainment venue recovery fund. it is a great way to get a -- give tax-deductible contributions to support our san francisco music venues. with that, that is the end of my presentation. i'm happy to answer any questions, and otherwise it is happy holidays to all of you commissioners and commission staff. i'm looking forward to continuing to work together in 2022. >> questions? >> i think i know the answer to this, but there is any talk about d.g.o. surging with any additional relief for businesses on top of these things? are there any murmurings that you are hearing?
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it seems like it will put a damper on the next 60-90 days at minimum for businesses. >> yeah, i haven't heard anything, but that's a great question. i haven't heard anything specific. you know, the federal shattered venue grant fund was able to give out grants to all of these qualified applicants in the first round and had money left over to do a supplemental round last year. obviously the restaurant revitalization fund was oversubscribed by leaps and bounds. my understanding is there have been efforts in congress to replenish that fund since it was learned that it was so oversubscribed. beyond that, i don't know of any additional new programs in response to trumpet -- to
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omicron, but with all the developments and everything happening so recently, and so much still to learn about the science of it, this is me speaking off the cuff on this, i think -- i'm sure those conversations are going to continue to happen in parallel with monitoring the situation on the ground. i totally hear you that this is a real challenge. another real challenge, the latest challenge for an industry that has faced plenty of them over the past years. [please standby for captioner switch]
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>> next agenda item 6. hearing and possible action regarding applications for permits under the jurisdiction of the entertainment commission. i will ask the deputy director to address the permit application. first for the regular agenda. >> the first permit on tonight's
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agenda is for the dorian at 2001 chestnut street they applied in 2019. they completed the 311 process with the planning department. this was completed and received approval to add nighttime permit. in january of this year. in the interim it was issued jmpermit in november 2020 to allow outdoor sound and permissible entertainment. after the dorian received approval from planning about the indoor nighttime entertainment they thought that meant they could activate entertainment. it was brought to my attention they were having a dj with no permit. i reached out to explain they received approval from planning they needed to apply for the permit from the ec. they are rectifying the
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situation by applying for the poe now. they are applying for bands and djs during hours of operation. it includes outdoor speakers which they currently hold a jam permit for. they would like that to be permanent and have them in operation for pre-recorded music monday through friday 4:00 to 10:00 p.m. they passed outletters. they held a community meeting where 40 people came to learn about the permit and ask questions of the applicant. in the file you will see we received 13 letters of opposition and 12 from support. five was when the applicant went before the planning commission. i want to highlight someone in opposition offered a letter that shared with neighbors. it had incorrect information.
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i responded to the opposing neighbors to clarify the points that were inaccurate. the copy is in your file tonight. it was shared with supervisor stefani. the author of the letter i provided responses to and those are in your file. i have been in close contact with operations manager to explain the importance of the good neighbor policy and sound limits should they be approved. northern station approved with no. [indiscernable] here tonight is operations manager jeff davis. stand by. there is a delay with zoom.
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>> should i bring in mr. benson wang as well? >> that is appropriate. >> okay. >> hello. can you hear me? >> yes, we can hear you. thank you. >> thanks for doing this. i am going to have benson speak on my behalf. >> unmute yourself and you will be seen and heard.
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we can't hear you. your image is freezing a little bit, too. >> i will have vincent speak.
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>> can you hear me? >> before we start. one of our commissioners may want to recuseser self. commissioner lang. if that is the case it is best to do that now. >> great. benson is a family member of mine. i will recuse myself from this particular item on the agenda. thanks.
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>> am i supposed to take out commissioner wang and put her back into the attending area? it is the best thing to do. in real life she would walk into the room behind us and not be in attendance. we promise to bring her back. >> did we lose vincent? >> he is trying to reconnect here.
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>> there he is. bringing in benson wang. he will be a panel list. if you could unmute yourself and turn on your camera.
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>> we still can't hear him. >> is jeffrey there. >> so sorry, guys. i am not great with the zoom. i missed the last thing you said. am i clear to speak? great. sorry. good evening, president and commissioners, i am benson wang, operating partner of the dorian restaurant. excited to finalize the permit after two long years. we are well aware of many concerns among the neighbors with poor past experiences. our past performance is who we
11:09 am
are. we are willing to do what it takes to operate within the law. as fourth generation restaurant owner i take this job seriously. i learned the only way to succeed is to serve the needs of the community around you. to apply we have been responsive to the community. three outreach events with 100 attendees. december 7th, 40 people attended. we shared personal contact information and developed. [indiscernable] health and safety. these include developing the front for removal, establishing sound decibel readings, auto volume voled by the management
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team. added mandatory lead certification. we have been operating for over seven years including the global pandemic. we will put our best foot forward to make the community a better place. we serve 50,000 meals to the homeless and organized the charity event be with over $100,000 in proceeds for underprivileged use. member of the tourism council i am one call away to answer any concerns in the future. thank you for your time. >> i think that we to do this is do public comment early on in this so that we hear if there are comment the public we hear the concerns and ask the permit applicants how they plan to
11:11 am
address these concerns before we make any decisions. does that make sense to everybody? >> yes. >> let's do public comment now. just for the listeners you have two minutes. time yourselves. we will cut you off at two minutes. it is the law. don't think we are doing it to be personal if you exceed two minutes. >> please raise your hand if you would like to speak. we have one hand raised. i will bring them in.
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>> hello, caller, please state your name. you have two minutes. >> we lost him. please unmute yourself. you have two minutes, caller. >> that caller is still on mute. >> you should hit star 9.
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>> try a different caller and we will bring this caller back in. you have to hit star 9 to speak. try somebody else and then that will determine if this is a eyer -- a user error. >> i am going to try the next person on the list. >> i am aliha. i live on chestnut street. i made my concerns known. [indiscernable]
11:14 am
i wanted to speak directly to the question. there were 47 people that really didn't want this to be approved. [indiscernable] [indiscernable] i don't want this approved. thank you. >> thank you. i am going to do the next caller.
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hello, caller, can you hear us? can you unmute them? >> it is not possible. they have to unmute themselves. >> can you bring them in as presenter? you did. >> yes, they are right now. >> star 9 for them to unmute themselves. >> they have to hit star 9. they are not doing that. that might be the issue. you had one person successfully speak now and two who have
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difficulty. >> there is the original person we tried. i could try them again. >> we can do it in chat or they could call in the main line. >> i could try to put them in myself and hopefully without feedback. >> try the original person. >> we are going to do everything we can to hear these comments. >> somebody put something on chat. catherine. >> i will read it. kathleen. i live across the street from
11:17 am
dorian. my concerns two fold. one, noise from outdoor speakers. bands playing inside the restaurant. i will try this person again. there must be an error. i don't know what is going on with the people who are calling in. this is back to the same person. let me try to call them in on my
11:18 am
phone. >> make sure you mute yourself. it will go to another universe. >> i am using air pods. let me figure out how to do this.
11:19 am
>> anyone calling in, i will call you.
11:20 am
all right. speak up. >> that is good. >> continue, rachel. you have two minutes. >> i am concerned. i did write a letter. they did respond kindly. the first i got.
11:21 am
[indiscernable] there is plenty of loitering or whatever in the doorways. i just feel unfortunately what it will bring with it with those different hours. those are my concerns. >> thank you very much, rachel. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> all right. i will call the next person. >> thank you, dillon. this is really helpful.
11:22 am
>> i left a message and told them to give me a call.
11:23 am
please check your voicemail and give me a call back. i am looking for any other hands raised. there are none. there is no other chat in the comments. >> i am going to close public comment. if that one person who still has been unable to connect can connect with you, dillon, before we finish, we give that person a chance to speak. it doesn't seem to be their fault. there is something technical going on here. commissioners questions for benson or jeff. who wants to begin? >> i will begin. did you guys tell us -- i know the location has been a long time location. i can understand probably where
11:24 am
the neighbors are coming from. can you tell me your programming. explain what you want be to do. you are serving food. i am hearing you have bands, djs. is it something that you are trying to establish? obviously live music, eating, drinking. can you tell me the format? jazz trios, top 40? i am interested in hearing what you are going to do a lot different than what was done before from the previous owners. >> the previous owners it was a nightclub. the dorian is a restaurant.
11:25 am
maybe jazz bands on thursday nights, djs friday and saturdays different levels. we are not turning to a dance club. we are not going to have the rolling stones play there. adding some next level of experience. maybe thursday night jazz band and friday and saturday night djs. close at 2:00 a.m. close at 1:30 a.m. we are not doing ticketed events or stuff like that, not bringing in -- we are not a night club. we are a food driven restaurant. we want more level for our guests. >> to add that we are a neighborhood restauranting. it is hard to control the tempo
11:26 am
in there with an ipad. our goal is to make sure that we are evolving the experience for our guests as more ambient versus a nightclub you are going to see a dj play. that will hurt our business more than help it. goal is not top 40. more concept-driven music. >> what kind of sound system do you have there? did you basically inherit the previous owner's sound system or put in a new one or less powerful one if you are doing ambient? >> unfortunately we didn't get stuff from the former owner. we added a few speakers upstairs. nothing crazy.
11:27 am
our av guy really capped the limit. if the djs will try to turn the music up more than you want them to. we want to limit that exposure. i doesn't help us. there is not too much added power. we have added a few speakers outside to produce music during brunch. nothing too crazy. >> you don't know how many watts or anything like that, right? >> no, i don't have that information. i think they are pioneers, but i am not positive. >> it is all your equipment or do the dj's bring in their own? >> it is our equipment. >> you can control it? >> there is dj input and it goes
11:28 am
through our receiver and we control that. >> you will have a housemanger or one of you guys will be there during the time the music is on that you can control that? >> you, we always have a manager on staff, whether it be the director of operations, jeff, who you just heard with the background in nightlife and music. then we have three other managers that will run that. bar manager or general manager or assistant general manager will be on. [please stand by]
11:29 am
work with our management team so i think a large piece of what we've learned through this is you know, the biggest disturbance comes from the crowd mitigation so scanning people in and moving people along on the street has just been in general even without music, it really reduces the sound. so that's something we are on top of
11:30 am
>> but you're not going to hire an actual guard to help you, right ? >> we do. we have hired contracted guards and have established sop's with them. >> how many you have, just one? >> we usually work with one an sometimes we work with two . the guard does a security check andthe manager will watch the door for ids . >> okay. how bigare the speakers ? you're only working off a small little speakers on the ceilings or do you have a sub workeron the floor ? >> they are the same speakers weuse for dinnerservices . the speakers don't change . >> how long haveyou been running the place now ? >> we been open for seven years now. we had our seventh anniversary. we won best restaurant in san
11:31 am
francisco, best cocktail bar. we pride ourselves on being a restaurant first and music is just a part ofthe experience . >> so it's only until now you've decided to address the moment?>> the good thing was we need to try to preserve capital and we do a lot of corporate events. we just got through corporate events season which was a very neededthis year obviously . but a lot of our corporate clients looking for either a microphone orsome sort of amplified sound . we have requested jazz in our venue so it's a great holiday venue and for each one of those in its you have to ask them to pay for a permit which many times would result in us losing the business or we would have to take that fee.
11:32 am
so it just made sense for us to have more option value here. >> okay. okay. i'm done for now. thank you. >> thanks. >> commissioner perez. >> thankyou president. hello benson and jeff, thank you for coming in today . i appreciate thatyou guys posted a couple of neighborhood happy hours . and then need it was proposed to your parents, did they show up and express concerns to you? >> they actually quite a few came to all three of our meetings and they expressed their concerns and we responded with our sop for security procedures and mitigation and
11:33 am
whatnot. that was in 2019 when we first went into the planning department and then again when this came back we realized we had a permit and we hosted another function of weeksago . and it's some of the same people that host thepermit the first time showed back up . we accepted many questions and told them what was going on and that our number one priority is to be good neighbors and make sure we follow the good neighbor policies and procedures along with our own stuff that we put in place with security guards andrender checks . we have our own sound meter now and managers are trained on making sure that we willbe within the sound limits . so i thought we answered all of their concerns as much as
11:34 am
possible. there was some concern where they brought up things that it was not physically possible to do with the buildingand whatnot whether it was building a brand-new door . there were things we could do financially obviously with covid and what we could do but for the most part we answered all their questions the best that we could and i think that we've done a good job doing it. we had a lot of people show up that i don't know, supporting some people the last couple of weeks a week or so ago was of them were supporting us andthey were excited about it . it's unfortunate that we hear more from the nonsupported thingsthat we hear from the supportive right now . >> i'm curious that they're hearing always fromyour venue across the street . doyou think , what do you attribute that to? is it because the doors and windows are open while you have the casino?
11:35 am
>> we don't have entertainment yet. when we figured out we were goingto have entertainment, that building across the street , there's literally a bar underneath the horseshoe tavern. there's that. dorian is a busy restaurant, don't get me wrong but we've turned the speakers down at night. we keep the doors shut as much as possible and the only sound coming out of the doors at night would be people entering or leaving theproperty . there might, we also trained security guards to make sure the doors are shot at 10:00 . there could be human error where a security guard forgets to shut the doors and management needs to let them know make sure you keep the doors shot most of the neighbors have my cell phone number and they've been given the general manager's cell phone number and ihaven't had a
11:36 am
complaint since before covid from anybody over there . and obviously, when we do get a complaint we take it seriously and whether or not on-site there's a phone call and we reach out to the management team immediately making sure we are following our good neighbor policy, checking the sound, making sure that's good and the night that we did when we thought we had a permit on halloween when the inspector did come out we were in side of our decibel level as well. so again, we do the best we can and make sure that we are followingthis good neighbor policy . >> i'm glad that youhave this sop manual . can you kind of tell us a little bit more about how the process is when you receive a complaint from a neighbor, how does that go?
11:37 am
>> as soon as we get in, say i get the tax i reach out immediately. i respond immediately to whatever neighbor came in on it and let me figure out what's going onand then i will contact the manager on site immediately . their job is tofigure out whetherit's music too loud or if there's people outside , whatever the issue is . then we contactsecurity and whatnot and they will go over to people outside we will have them dispersed even if it's not our guest . that corner is obviously a very busy corner of the marina anyways. not all of ourguests in there but we try to maintain and mitigate any traffic around that . if it's sound, we stop immediatelyor we actually do the sound check immediately . make sure we are within our limits and eye contact and reach back out to the neighbor who ever had the issue like
11:38 am
check back in with them how is the sound now or is the disturbance gone, etc. and based on what their response is whether we continue on, okay, we need todo more okay, good . thank you very much, all set. i guess the biggestthing is urgency that we have . we are a neighborhood bar that we want to be neighborhood friendly. and the sense of urgency in responding as soon as we possibly canand just get the problems all . >> and your phone number, is that phone number available by your website? >> any neighbor that was at one of our meetings the past three meetings or whatnot i gave up my phone number to anyone of those and those seem to be the ones that actually wanted and have theissues or whatnot that
11:39 am
reached out . also they can call the doorman's mainline and we have a host on duty and the managers answer the phones at all hours of operation at if they can't get a hold of me which they always have they can call the dorian and the manager answers thephone or post answers the phone and they can get in touch with the neighbors and see what the issue is .>> as the noise coming from your guests exiting, are you guys able to give a reminder to folks that be quiet and respect the neighborhood so that you can havethe door , kind of reminds people to respect the neighbor at your bar? >> absolutely. we've had a sign posted next to the frontdoor as people walk out . please respect our neighbors and be quiet as your exiting and when we first started that process was 2019 . >> the added benefit is we've
11:40 am
been working with the security company for some time so across the industry in general they prioritize us so we make sure that they understand what the expectations are. prior to coming to work and we also have the same guards of the entire time.we had similar guards since its inception. they know a lot of our guests and they know how to manage that as well. >> thank you, that's all i have. >> thank you. >> other commissioners? all right. i just want to check with dylan one more time and make sure that person trying to speak was
11:41 am
able to do so. have we had any luck? >> i'll try again. they did not respond. >> i think just for that person who ever it is, just because you were unable tospeak here doesn't mean we don't wantto hear from you . we're open . you can send an email to our general email. you can call the office and communicate with the cashiers. i don't have any further questions about this agenda item so i think we will officially close public comment just to be official about it again and we can have a conversation aboutit . this is not necessarily a back-and-forth. we will ask questions if we have them but don't feel the need to respond to things that we say so you can you
11:42 am
yourselves and just sit back while we talked for a bit. >> i wanted to mention there was one more comment inthe chat if we want to get back on the record . >> i saw that one but ibelieve it was fromsomeone who already spoke . >> there were three total >> let me look . sorry. okay, yes. there's one from harvey that should be in the record. thank you, i missed that. >> also, please turn down outdoor radio offafter loud hours . >> chair: i want to reiterate this is an important part for any neighbor listening in on this or somebody that has concerns. our experience actually when permits are granted to
11:43 am
permittees in the city actually drastically increases the options for neighbors to bring businesses into compliance. when a business doesn't have a permit it's almost never a body like ours that has enforcement and inspectors and a incredibly competent staff that answers phonesand answers complaints . so a lot of permits that we've had in the past that have had a lot of skeptical people in the onset actually a lot of those people have learned that actually we are a great resource for them to help maintain peace and good neighborly policies between everyone. i just want to reiterate that because it's important. sometimes peopleforget a permit and that means a free for all
11:44 am
and in fact it's quite the opposite . it's a regulating body and they have to answer to it and pretty much it they come to us regularly so that's an important distinction . any other comments they want to say before we entertain motion? >> basically, that street has been known to be busy. fillmore and chestnut, there's so many people going through their now with sharedstreets and everybody on the sidewalk , it's got to be very important that they have their outdoor whatever you call them, concierge or security to make plane and mitigate some of the activity. i can see there are probably patrons, not even patrons walking by. the outside has to be maintained .
11:45 am
the comments from the neighbors, obviously there's a couple of things that the neighbors have to realize that there is a freedom of speech when you're outside . but it's up to the restaurant to try to keep the noise down . and also when they get up, if they get an issue permitthere is a sound when it . there has to be abided by. whatever your hearing now is not going to be the same or we won't knowuntil the inspectors go out there what the actual sound limit is going to be outside . so alsokeep that in mind as what presidentlyman , president bleiman was saying . this has been a big spot for happy hours and things. it's great for business. it's obviouslythe marina and chestnut street . i guess i caution about how
11:46 am
muchactivity or how loud they will be outside . i guess that will be determined based on inspectors reportbut when they go out , other than i think just walking by their, they seem to be more of a restaurant than the previous owners from what i see. i still get my haircut down there . but i mean, i'm willingto support them and give them a shot . i just want to make clear their outside security is right on i . and again, the hardest thing in operation is to have your neighbors call you all the time and then your sound goes up and down, up and down and it's really stressful. so if you can try to mitigate all those issues now and work with your neighbors, work with the sound you get your door
11:47 am
people and make sure they're doing a good job and whoever's answering the phone answers the phone . that will help your business because we are here to kind of promote businessesin the neighborhood but not cause more issues . it's kind of a tough spot it's a great location but being on that corner , you probably have hundreds of people that are not your people walking by. so i'm in supportof the permit but these are my comments . >> are there comments from commissioners? commissioner are on mute, sir. >> it's been a wild. >> i have a question for staff. the doe for endorsements, it sounds like theyalso have a speaker outdoors . is the poe for both locations ? >> i can answer that commissioner. they are applying for the poe
11:48 am
which would be allowed to have till 2 am daily. that outside permit is for the civichours . you will see the staff recommendation so it's a shorter amount of time. six hours a day just as they arehaving currentlyfor the jm permit .so it would not be after 10 pm . >> thank you very much. >> all right, other commissionerscomments , questions. anyone like toentertain a motion ? >> i'll move acceptance of this with staff recommendation. do we need a staff recommendation ? >> i think it wouldbe good to get on record commissioner . >> this would be staff recommendation for the permit or approval with the good neighbor policy and permit
11:49 am
holder is allowed to close prerecorded side amplified sound from 4 to 10 pm monday through friday and 12 noon until 6 pm saturday and sunday. an outdoor amplified sound at the event must be stationary and in a specific location and for all outdoor amplified sound activity permit holders control volume of outdoor amplified sound so that it does not exceed ambient levels at a distance of 50 feet measured from the property playing and sound abatement internal limit approves 95 dba, 105 bc maximum measured from the rightfront corner . >> i second. >> all right, we can have a vote. director, when you are ready.
11:50 am
>> sorry, i'm having my dinner. [roll call vote] >> president: congratulations benson and jeff. we appreciate you coming in and please follow up with our staf at your earliest convenience . thank you. >> thank you very much. >> president: all right, deput director . ournext permit . >> i'd like to bring in commissioner wang again . >> clerk: the next permit is
11:51 am
from for a limited live performance permit for the brixtonlocated at union street applying for this permit to come into compliance . they wish to have life in door entertainment until 11 pm. the brixton distributive outreach letters to certain neighboring businesses eight neighboring residences and a copy of the letter is provided in your file this evening . you did receive three letters of opposition for the permit which are also included in your file. staff is permitted by the green street community members outlined neighbors concerns with the brixton permit. i spoke with the committee group person and after a discussion their concerns would qualify the brixton following the good neighbor warranty. they request their business and their entertainment by 10 pm and said they would be fined and by 11 pm so long as windows and doors remain closed which is a standard condition. the other opposition packet submitted by a neighboring ho a
11:52 am
outlines all of the hoa concerns and includes a number of the pictures of the brixton trash receptacles. the hoa hired associates to conduct sound studies from both property claims ofthe business and inside a neighboring residential unit . the purpose of this report was to demonstrate the business is not operating in compliance with the safe sound ordinance. further the hoa's opposition dictatesthe business has not been following the good neighbor policy . it is important to note our office has been made aware of this business isoperating without a permit in late october . since then we have worked with the business to bring them into compliance which they agreed to do come immediately abc's entertainment activities and client applied for a one time use permit . we understand that prior to the recent one-time events they had not been in compliance with the ordinance or the good neighbor
11:53 am
policy as they didn't have a permit from our office acquiring these rules be followed and i want to note that inspector sabino has gone out to set an internal sound limit this evening. i spoke with the brixton operations manager at lake about how critical it is to follow the tnt's even on nights when there is no entertainment. interim patronsexit the business in a quiet and respectful manner .the station approved the permit with no added conditions. here to tell you more as operations manager rachel barrett and owners adam snyder andhugo gamboa . >>. [inaudible] all three should be
11:54 am
joining right now. >> can you hear me?>> president: yes. >> good evening. >> adam snyder here. >> hugo gamboa here. >> thank you forhearing us tonight . president and commissioners, a little background on the brixton. we've been open for 11 years coming up next week. we have been a stable part of the marina for those 11 years operating as a full-scale restaurant. brunch, lunch dinner until pre-áuntran4á. we adjusted our hoursdue to the pandemic .
11:55 am
we are not operating thursday friday afternoon, saturday sunday morning and evenings on those nights. we close early on sundays. to address the security we had a full-scale security team in place sinceday one . as far as our security is concerned, we ramp up our staff for private events or santacon, fleet week or when we believe the business will bring more than we are used to. we tried to be a goodneighbor at every turn . we have managers and ownerson premise daily . we have not adjusted our sound system 's day one. we have recently tried to modify it to harbor the
11:56 am
complaints thatwe've gotten from our new neighbors next door . speakers outside on no later than 10 pm. again, no complaint those by without being addressed. all managers give up their numbers to any person that has a concern or is aneighbor . rachel, do you wantto add anything at this point ? >> i just want to discuss a part of the good neighbor policy that has been an sop for all managers and ownerson site . shared also with the approved internal and ambient levels for outside so that everybody is aware of what is allowed and as well as the security protocols for outdoor loitering to try
11:57 am
and meet guests away from the front doors. get them to where they need to be going, getting them to the next block which is a little hard to manage, for our security staff does a good job at it as well like looking and drinking, hanging out in the park after hours. >> one thing to understand about the brixton is we are away from the union street bars that are much rowdy or than ours. we try and stick to the fillmore coroner, chestnut corridor . we feel like we've done a good job over these last 11 years of leaving the street when it's not our clientele,our crowd going into the street . it is a concern for us because we have to deal with it. it's a situation where we try to adapt every single weekend
11:58 am
when it happens. and it's just reality at the marina across the week. we feel we've done our best over these last 11 years to try to police it as best we can. >> i think one of the things on a more personallevel that i'm passionate about is the union street corridor or in general . generally i've beenin san francisco since 2006 . we continually see businesses on that court are taken on lease due to whatever goes on with the owners andbuildings . one thing is when i'm doing the neighborhood outreach i really like talking to the people in our neighborhood about trying to get that corridor re-aspirated which tends to bring money into restaurants and in those later hours a lot
11:59 am
of these businesses are recovering from covid losses and this is something to complement forour food and beverage program . it will also drive not only our business the other businesses in the neighborhood and kind of looks what's good for thegoose is good for the gander . let's let sf thrive within compliance. >> president: thank you for thatpresentation commissioners, questions ? thomas, yes. >> it sounded like a number of the neighbor concerns were related to thewindows on the front being open . but the good neighbor policy is to have windows closed.
12:00 pm
and i can see you've got really lovely niceglass windows in the front . what's your plan in terms of having the windows on the building open. >> we've also done it since covid when we reopened in marc , post covid that was something that gave our guests a lot of flexibility having that open fresh air. so again with the staff, that's kind of one of the unique things about the brixton is those french doors but we've been able to get a high comfort having the fresh air and even when it's outside raining we've always kind of kept that open for guests so they can feel
12:01 pm
comfortable. i feel morecomfortable when it . it's to and protect so it's kind of been a battle between the two. but per the good neighbor policy, in the evening and when this came about we've always been in compliance. >> since day one our doors have closed towards the end of this season. between 8:39:30 p.m. we've been open. >> thank you. this is one of those areas that what makes the most sense from a covid's perspective around ventilation and so on doesn't always work with our good neighbor policies and neighbors expectations aroundsound so i appreciate your trying to bounce that . >> anytime the doors are open
12:02 pm
there's no loud music spilling out into the streets. it's all the music that everyone can hear to enjoy the rush, prerecorded music. >> i think it's important to note just to remind the commission this is definitely a wonky one that we ran into the goodneighbor policy conflicting with the help orders recommendations forventilation . however, the help order does make clear that instead of having windows and doors open , you can either use an eight track system which we know a lot of offices do not have or you can use personal purifiers. but that's something that i even have two of in my own home. looking to potentially look into entertainmentto ensure that you can close all of your windows and doors . >> we have a fully functional hvac system. >> there you go.
12:03 pm
>> i noticed you run into a high density area and i notice ho a had a particularconcern to your application here and maybe even conducted a sound study . it looks like there is a lot line boundary with you and those kind of concerns around the noise i know concerning the windows and everything. can you tell us what kind of sound system you're usingand what kind of noise mitigation plan you're going to be putting in place to give us an overview ? >> the sound system that we've had in place was installed on 11 years ago when wefirst opened. like adam said we've had no modification to it . over the years, it's been the same system. we've had several speakers in the front part of the restaurant,service speakers in
12:04 pm
the back part . it's powered by different amps. it plays music as well as sports on certain days. and there's also two speakers in the hallway, one in the boy bathroom, one in the men's bathroom . it is not your typical pa system that you have asked all lounge or anightclub . it's actually specifically engineered by someone that we ask to make sure that we gave it a good experience for customers. during daytime hours as well as evening hours so that way they can have a good time without being annoyed by any sort of white noise or noise that you can understand, not being able
12:05 pm
to listen to the words and so on or to determine what kind of instruments areplaying . as far as us making changes, since the residents moved in and the building was remodeled, just to make note there were tenantsin that building prior to it being remodeled . there have been from about seven years +8 years several tenants as well as a retail tenant on the bottom floor and we've never had one complaint from any of those so we only started getting complaints when the new residents came in and i have been talking to or exchanging emails with hok as well as one of the residents there and i have some questions as far as to the recommendations of the sound engineer that was made their
12:06 pm
recommendations for the building because when they don't the building we told them to make sure to understand that we have a business. >> i don't want you off but in terms of your being able to monitor that you're staying within certain sound limits and the decibels and going over th limit, what kind of controls do you have in place ? >>volume . >> the control system controls that. it doesn't allow it togo above a certain level . and every time we've been tested we've passed every single time. including a couple of weeks ago when we got 311 call they came out and they tested. they saw what we were doing and saw operations, our security team and there was nothing that could be said abouthow we were operating . >> all the managers installed readers and in my conversations
12:07 pm
with caitlin, she saidyou know, they're not may be calibrated correctly . so she was going to have caitlin, if you can remind me of his name . >> inspectors sabino. >> one of our tenant sectors. >> next time he comes out, he will just check everyline and let us know where our level is . and whether it's a plus or minus that we need to know. so i pay for it monthly. it's all the complaints every time that we schedule it, that's the first protocol that i go throughwith them is that these are what the sound limits are based on showing native readers . and that it's not going to exceed that level. >> it's very reassuring to hear.>> commissioner perez.
12:08 pm
>> hello, thank you again. i was just wondering can you give us an update on your existing outreach, is that taking place yet? >> neighborhoodoutreach ? yes. i can't remember the exact number i believe 13 to 15. i went between it was between the 2100 and all the way to 2160 the entire block of between fillmore and webster. >> did you get a chance to those in opposition of your permit? >> i did not. i did a lot of theoutreach on weekends . so i knocked on doors, tried to
12:09 pm
put themin mailbox slots . so i kind of if i did see somebody in the restaurant i let them know and passed it on to them if they wanted to leave it in their court. so the residential was a little trying as far as doorknocking goes. >> the residents and management team has been in dialogue for the last seven or so months be it email. theyhave all of our cell phone numbers that they have complaints, they text us directly . >> you're also required to post a big notice on your door that you are applying for a permit so neighborscan type contact you . >> yes we do. but we've been trying to work with them directly like i said for thelast several months having dialogue . this is the point where we are
12:10 pm
at this point. >> hopefully youcontinue the dialogue even after this . >> we're always happy to. >> it's hard to keep in touch connecting with your neighbors and hear them out ifthey have to concern about your noise level . the other question i have for you is that is part of your good neighbor policy you're required tomaintain cleanliness of yoursurrounding areas .are you guys aware of that ? >> 100 percent. >> i think with regards to the garbage , we're sort of limited bythe amount of space we have . in front of our building again, the last 11 years we've been putting our garbage can if you're facing our building from the industry on the left-hand side of the building adjacent to the exit and emergency
12:11 pm
hallway we have been doing that for 11 years. as soon as the buildingopened up , they started putting those right next to ours and when retail stores opened up just recently they put their cans there. so when we had our cans which are expensive and the building cans and also we have the restaurant cans . in order to separate to move their cans to the other sideof their building , on the sidewalk i also requested from ecology to do a change of service because we aren't actually open on monday and our cans have been outside, dropped down sunday night from monday morning pick up and i'm waiting to hear back from the
12:12 pm
supervisor to see if we can get a pickup on sunday morning along with recycled on sunday mornings to open on sundays and then we would just hold our garbage until the next business day we are open whichwould be thursday .of that week. i'm working on the encroachment. that should change everything. and if there's any there, i've also seen the cansof your blocking the sidewalks as well as the restaurant itself .>> any litter or small garbage that might spill out, that's also part of your responsibility. >> we have expertise in place to come and clean every single morning . after it closed between sunday and thursday, there's trash again out there.
12:13 pm
once again on our corridor where a main throwaway people drop stuff off in doorways and whatnot up and down that stree . so it's kind oftough . >> to be in compliance with a good neighborpolicy that is still your responsibility . >> we also just advocates to our parkway. the parkway was becoming a home for a few people thatlive on the street . so we added gates to that but i think that that will really mitigate the trash issue because those people individuals were sleeping in the parkway at all hours of the night and there's really no way tocontrol that . obviously we're cleaning it up every day but now that the gates are on i thinkthere will be less of an issue of debris
12:14 pm
on the streets . >> how about the issue of intoxicated pay patrons spilling out onto the street. are you guys able to manage that and mitigate the noise level or reminding patrons to respectthe neighbors as the exit ? >> our security team is trained to move people along as fast as possible when somebody is inebriated, you don't want to escalate thesituation , you want to de-escalatethe situation so we do it as quickly as possible . we area bar, we are a restaurant . just like the other fellow businesses in the neighborhood. and on weekends, people tend to him by a lot more than a normal weekday. but they are trained to move them along. we don't allowcongregation in front of the building . if there waiting to get in we
12:15 pm
must be in line otherwise you got to move on. our tables and chairs are removed from the front of the buildings after 10:00 so there is no congregation of people around sitting in the park as well afterclose. that is our sop . >> hopefully if your bartenders see that patronsare ready they're not going to beserved again . >> 100 percent . >> thank you. >> my turn to go and andy. or adam, sorry. i haven't seen youguys in 15 years . you guys know the drill. it's almost like a repeat of 2 years ago . i think you guys know what you should and should not do. obviously things have changed. since i lived onunion street , we've got it all during covid
12:16 pm
it's comingback i think . you guys are the only district compared to a lot of other ones thatwe covered. and they just keep coming . so i see you haven't changed your sound system in 11 years. these speakers, the pioneers becauseyou have to are not the powered ones . >> they're just the 6.9 jbl. >> allrun by an app . do they have a better? >> it's split into two zones so we can take the frontlower than the rear . >> outside it's aseparate zone as well so that's how we are able to turn it off . >> obviously you know with the new protocols unfortunately the windows have to be open or see
12:17 pm
people close. i know your place gets a little warm in the summertime but i mean, you've gone through this before. and you know how nerve-racking it is when you have neighbors disrupting your business but i think in my opinionbecause you guys have been around so long , should know exactly how to take care of this. i think commissioner perez already brought up a couple of items that you probably didn't have to dealwith too much before but now that things are picking up and you do have new neighbors ,good luck to you . and you know, i hope that obviously with the sound test and everything and everything starting fresh, you're working up with your neighbors and hopefully everything will be okay. i don't really have anything else. it's just one of those existing businesses that have got new
12:18 pm
neighbors so good luck to you guys . >> thank you for your time. >> any otherquestions or comments ? all right. just a reminder that now not only will dbh be watching over your trash situation but we will as well and people are sending us pictures but wehave to be compelled to act. i know it's solvable, it's probably annoying now . you're going to have to increase service and do everything you don't want to do right now but now there's multiple bodies that wouldbe if we issue yourpermit when we oversee that traffic . that's something you definitely wanted it in the blood stat . that's the only thing i have to say. anybody else with the questions or comments? let'sopen this up for public comment .
12:19 pm
>> let's share the screen for a second. >> we have one person with their hands raised. sorry. >> can you hear me okay? >> can you state your name in 2 minutes? >> caller: gabe lamont, i'm a neighbor and i've gone to voice my opposition . in my mind what we're talking about is the pattern of behavior and it feels like just
12:20 pm
treating the neighborhood like their actions don't have consequence. the average that happened didn't come to us. the reason we went out and conducted a sound study was because we were making enough address in our conversations by email, my phone and my text . brixtonis open until 1:45 on thursdays,fridays and saturdays . on those nights i want to go to sleep before that time i sleep on my couch .i'm just seeing this pattern that's been established in terms of the good neighbor policy being reallychallenging and we don't need to be parenting them along the way saying this is what's needed for the neighborhood . we have past consumed drinks on the streets in the morning and there in our hall. i don't think we need to go into thetrash anymore and has already been said but it's starting to operate more and more like a nightclub . we're seeing ads posted online onsocial media and having third-party djs bringing in
12:21 pm
their own equipment . so absolutely the most difficult part for me is the noise particularly late-night but i don't think it's the single issue here. so i just want to say that you to the commission forhearing us out and that's my opposition . thank you. >> commissioner rice, you are onmute . >> gavin parsons, i wanted to let gavinparsons in . >> my name is gavin parsons, can youhear me all right ?i am a neighbor in opposition of this permit for the reasons that were justdescribed . find the neighbor gave.
12:22 pm
the good neighbor policy to me not to me but reads pretty clearly. the trash within the front of the building and for the side of the building should beswept every morning . this has a tendency not until the afternoon and then after the sunday service and their given until the following thursday. classes from the restaurant, rocks glasses and be found in many of the instances of the building along the same of the street. and one thing of concern i believe it was rachel barrette mentioned that the crowd of patrons at timesare a little hard to manage . i don't see how adding more to the mix to make it easier to manage. thank you for your time commissioners and thank you everybody else .
12:23 pm
>> president: tank you very much.>> tanks for your patience everyone. we have a phone call in commen we're going to try again . and call her, this time if you are trying to unmute yourself.á6. follow what thezoom instructions say on the page . we will do it theoriginal way we did it tonight . all right. caller whose phone number ends in 992. >> are you able to hear me now?
12:24 pm
>> clerk: thankyou, you have 2 minutes . >> caller: i think listening to everything in regards to the dorian that they highlighted, the institutions that do attempt to be good neighbors and those that don't i think the prior members on this call are also pretty clearly said there are manydifferent infringements from the health policy , with the hundredfoot walk around rules specifically . the noise which is an across the street problem,down the street problem . i do want to refute a couple of the comments that weremade earlier in this call . specifically in terms of targeting the building next door. i want to highlight the building was purchased 2015 2017for remodel but prior to that it was an office building . it was not residential the comments in terms of the tenants never previously claimed areirrelevant in this case . i did rent an office in that building so obviously they're
12:25 pm
not there after hours or have any reason to infringe or comment on some of the noise . i would also say that the music spewing into the street is a significant concern given the building is operating to meet the business until 1:45 in the morning when the permits say it's only to 11. there's a pretty clear between and action that's going onhere . as one of the deputies said we've seen this before. it's been 10 years this business has been in operation and the fact that they actually have not had a permit over the entire 10 year period i think is has been in their willingness to operate. so while it's great that they're finally trying to come into reconciliation on this i think there's a lot that needs to be adjusted and as one of the commissioners saidthey now
12:26 pm
have to operate within the new framework and that's clearly not happening . also make one last comment in terms of the garbage understandably you don't want the public in front of your business anymore and you don't want to after all this. thank you. >> any further public comment? >> let me check again and then there is none. >> i want to reiterate that a business that is not permitted by us does not fall under the jurisdiction of this organization but once the permit is permitted by us than they do fall under the jurisdiction and currently the brixton are not permitted by u . i just think it's an important distinction. i don't expect the average person to understand the nuances and entertainment code in the city but it is important
12:27 pm
for anybody who's reticent about granting a permit often times it turns out to be better or the people because of course the business owner has to answer to somebody outside the police are busy with lots of other public safety things so i want to reiterate that point. the, sorry. it'sgetting late here on the east coast .the so, with that i would like to see if anybody wants to entertain a motion on this item unless there's any further questions orrequired for clarification . >> i do want to make one clarification. when i was referring to the experience it's because they had other club experience prior to owning the restaurant. i just want to make it clear.
12:28 pm
obviously they were a restaurant and there was an office space next door. that's probably why they didn't have to get a permit untilnow. i want to make it clear . >> you go, unfortunately it's not back and forth but we appreciate it. are going to communicate your . does anybody want to entertain a motion here west and mark i'm happy to, i'd like to recommend that this license is approved. with staff conditions and obviously the good neighbor policy which is redundant because this is part of an approval and we'd like to reiterate that. executive director weiland, should i be reading out the
12:29 pm
staffrecommendations onthis point as well . or they are fairly straightforward . >> i think it's only good practice to do that onpublic comment . >> you have them open in front ofyou. i think it's going to take me a second . >> president lyman. >> can you readthem aloud ? >> i'm happy to do that. staff recommendationsapproval with the good neighbor policy and sound abatement internal limit approval 89 dba , maximum measured from just inside the front door . >> thank you for that. okay, so ihave made that motion . >> i second. >> we are ready for a vote. [roll call vote]
12:30 pm
>> congratulations, you guys. it doesn't sound like there's going to be work required from your team to kind of make things right with the neighbors and i would encourage for you before you meet them with opposition that maybe you can find time to sit down together and actually meet face-to-face and connect and it's been my experience that's alot better thanhaving us try to mitigate issues . it's 100 times better . we end up mitigating issues when people want mitigate with each other. so i justencourage you to take all the steps necessary to do that . and if it is required for us to come in and help out , that's
12:31 pm
what we're here for. thank you very much and please follow up with staff for future steps. >> thank you. all right, i believe we've got a couple more here. deputy director. >> next on the agenda place of entertainment and billiard parlor application for two 38 scott street. this location was previously green us and held the same permit. the new owner intends to change up the venue to be a upscale cocktail lounge. for private events and special occasions they most may host other types ofentertainment such as djs and comedy shows. business sent out letters to the seven neighboring businesses and residences . they've also done more outreach
12:32 pm
thatcame in since this memo has been written so i'll let the applicants tell you more about their outreach . the applicant also met with multiple business owners in the neighborhood and they have a meeting schedulearound the merchants group in the new year. the station approved the application with no added conditions . and please note we will set a sound limit based on our applicant is to tell you more tonight's owner ollie resolve the and represented by mark rennie. >> i'm going to bring them in right now. you should have ali and mark coming in right now. >> can you hear me?i don't see videoon my end .
12:33 pm
do you see video? it just has my name. >> unmute andstart video . let me try that. here we go. mark, you want to get started. >> i'll getgoing. sorry, they turned me sideways so i want to try and fix it . i'll just put it down. anyway, commissioner or president lyman, mark rennie with my client. ali razavi. i'll get into neighborhood outreach and i'll leave it to ollie to explain his idea here but we have previously sent in to the commission some printed documents related to our
12:34 pm
outreach. i'll touch on it briefly. basically we talked to everybody who is has been listed by the san francisco planning department as a neighborhood group to specifically marina civic improvement property owners, marina community associations andmost importantly i believe the most active in the neighborhood , the marina hollow neighborhoods and merchants this is run by patricia who's held her position for about 20 years. i know this going back 25 years in the divisadero corridor but anyway we had a meeting set up with that particular group in mid-december. that was kicked over at miss bahi's request and we have a couple neighbor buildings that she's going to be doing outreach to and we're going to probably hopefully around 10
12:35 pm
january have thatmeeting . there was a comment. between mister razavi and i we talked to miss bonnie for four hours and she's had concerns about previous incarnations of this place which go back to or three generations ago it was a fairly upscale lounge that doesn't seem to have many problems with the neighbors . there was one issue we heard from a neighbor that he had posted, we never gave them notice or posted but clearly this was sent as an email to the commission on friday, november 19. i took some pictures today. we also posted, we have a letter that went out to various neighbors and neighborhood groups which was based on
12:36 pm
something the deputy director had come up with but we sent that letter out to approximately 20 people and we also posted it on the front of the building. i'll represent that i shot tha picture today . and you'll notice that the entertainment and abc notice are still up in the same position they were in. on the seventh or 19 november. we have not received any negative comments. i had my office out today one more time on scott and chestnut street. she spoke to everybody at the comments she got were that we love that guy ali, he's great. so she personally spoke to three or four more people adding them copies of the letter. we intend to keep doing
12:37 pm
outreach. i've been there a few times and neighborshave come by asking what the plan was for the space . they were very positive about our intended entertainment which is jazz and dinner, jazz after dinner. i'll turn it over to ali and i think he can give you a better understanding of what his plans arefor the space . >> thank you mark. commissioners, thank you for this. of the bit of background on the place and whatnot. i myself grew up here for those of youthat remember the marina from eons ago . i've seen different iterations of the exchanged and what. i sent 20 some odd years in a industry. also: 500 club in morris park which is been there 60 years now and we spent a lot of time and effort to do what i called
12:38 pm
do the transformation from an old dirty dive bar to a classi . and i'm telling you that because there's some nuance to that that i want to carry on over goal is firstof all there is no food . it is strictly a bar. our goal is to go in the direction of a lounge. nowadays i think allowance has more of a nightclubconnotation . weare more of a cocktail lounge . they had an entertainment license and a piano player but it was more about people in kind of thing because i believe from my experience they only ran five days a week from 5pm to 7 pm . . we're actually like to lose ryan from approximately seven until midnight withbreaks in
12:39 pm
between .my favorite all-time favorite restaurant in san francisco where i experienced san francisco hasalways been days i don't know you are familiar with decks . their musical director is actually going to be okay taking care of the music for our new space over here as well. when mark talks about free dinner was dinner is because of all the changes on chestnut street being that original joe's is going indirectly next door to me. wall-to-wall, we're going to share a wall with mj's . a16 and there's so many, crystal bar .many great restaurants on that side of chestnut street and there are very many places for just a great drink to the top speaking to one of the building next door she immediately said you
12:40 pm
know, i'm in my 30s i have a around here. lots i'm still up to some leak to find this place where i can sit down and enjoy being out and being social rather than being party. so that's the kind of mode that were going for. i can remember back when there was live music live just across the city from the savoy building northeast to rosales unit. now it's kind of gone away. there are some places bringing it back more a little bit but more as an attraction that a focus. and i think music will be a focus for us. that's why we on the steps of bringing on george. he has been at biggs since biggs opened and he will be handling the bookings. as far as the interior goes we are going for a little bit
12:41 pm
different clientele. by that i mean age wise there's plenty of options for the 20 early 30, 21 to early 30s people in that very many options for people from various ages for pre-dinner, after dinner who want to go have a drink . you want to sit down and talk. if you want to meet whether it's a colleague or a spouse or a date or anything, just have a great meeting space. and that's kind of whatwe're going for . my wife happens to be design director for one of the top design firms in sanfrancisco . there handling all the interiors. we are redoingeverything inside .we're going all natural fibers and leather and brass. brass and copper and bronze
12:42 pm
throughout theplace . going for a little bit something with more weight to it. are not looking for, there's plenty ofoptions for the party crowd out there . so that's kind of where we are with you. any thoughts so far? >> your screen is frozen, not justsitting here like this . good shot of me know. >>. >> will let me bring video
12:43 pm
back. anyway. >> as i was saying, final point is just like i was saying i think going to be able to anchor between us, original joe's going to be able to enter the office and of chestnut street and offer something a little different to all the residents in the area on top of that i think we have the potential to become a first stop at the last stop to and from marion. for people coming out for a night out foran afternoon out or whatnot . in san francisco on their way to dinner or on theway home from dinner . so with that, >> questions, comments commissioners . >> you first. >> thank you for coming in ali. i'm a little bit fuzzy on your neighborhood outreach.
12:44 pm
on your form says mark, you mentioned you talk to acouple of neighbors . you have been with us for a long time mark and you know how this has neighborhood outreach. i'm surprised that it says no on the permit application. is there more updates you can share with us or perhaps more tangible assets you can give with your neighbors. >>. >> i don't knowwhere it says number i'm looking at my questionnaire here . the neighborhood contacts. and anyone ever, it's the context of our hollow neighbors andmerchants . for the maria community association, joan dear go marina civic improvements in may. if no, please describe.
12:45 pm
we have also contacted all the businesses on our block and reached out to our neighbors and i think the deputy commissioner has documentation as we sent out i believe to the commissioners. so we did do outreach and we continue to do average. >> also may i add that mark. >> and we went to have a meeting. we were trying to be. wasn't canceled by us. itwas canceled by patricia and we will do that injanuary . that time . >> i was going to say mark did you some reach out himself this past week or two. i howeverhave been doing it since day one . i've met most of the owners in gems of all the bars and restaurants in the area . i the neighbors when i say as an example the neighbor i was mentioning her name was maddie and she said the building next
12:46 pm
door above the cake shop. probably 20, 25 of the neighbors whobeen there every day . today people stop by and ask questions. they're curious to see what's happening there. what went on. some have comments about the previous ownership and management, some have comments about all the way going back to when it was also living in the 80s and it was a bluegrass bar. so when i have been actively i'm very open, very almost overlytalkative person . but i've been very actively a with everyone in the neighborhood. everyone i can from the staff at marina market with átimes- on three or four of their stuff people and their checkers and what not. people especially in other outlying businesses as soon as
12:47 pm
i meet and talk to one of them what i've noticed is in the next day or two or three of the other staff members will wander over. once they realize that okay, the guy is open to showing off what's going on and talking about it, then your and more o them come over as well . there is nothing i held back and i've been very very open to everyone i think the neighborhood needs a place for them, the people that are actually calling my i think a lot more of the bars and restaurants in marina is not necessarily a bad thing marina tracks, i live in the marina for most of my adult life. on magnolia street.but i think for the most part, the marina gets a lot of patrons from all around with the you get the bridge and tunnel, on
12:48 pm
theweekends but then you also get peoplefrom all around the city as well . there isn't so much , there's my hands and maybe during the week if you just want to catch a casual cocktail you go to balboa but on the weekends even that's become a very intensive kind of a place. there isn't very many places for locals just to meet up with colleagues and as i said, friends and family members and whatnot. and just have an elevated experience. my final thing being that one of the things i began to notice over the past four or five years site from russell bars think of a bars that do cable service anymore . that's another one of those thingsthat we're looking to do . at least now on that side of town is to have a host and even though there's no food have a host to do table service. you go in and sit down.
12:49 pm
we're rearranging the seating and multiple small communities eating kind of arrangements where little segments, couches and seating for anywhere between two people to four or six people and then somebigger ones, some smaller ones . as a gathering place with live music and the cocktail bar. >> i just go back to neighborhood outreach. because there are options to people within the central radius. compulsive liar, invite to have a happy hour asked questions. are any of those done? >> yes, we have posted. we have actually handed out flyers. we given flyers to everyone from neighboring restaurants and bars and business owners to neighbors that we have met. that ihave met . and also when mark said he went out and did some further
12:50 pm
outreach, he actually took the extra step of going even the people that i have met and personally handed something to or spoken to myself you wanted to get this paper to as many people even if it's a close you know, lobby or a close business or whatnot and just wanted to get out there and make sure whether or not somebody sees it he still want them to have it. so he was fortifying my efforts. >> did you encounter anyone who is in opposition to your application? >> luckily, no not as of yet. it seems like everyone i've spoken to has been very positive.some of the businesses haveknown me for many years . marina deli on the corner of first and tommy and john and whatnot. john has known me for 30 some odd years he still there once in a while. some of the local people have
12:51 pm
known me but aside from that , i think they also help spread the good word about the changes are going to be positive. so we have knock on wood again not have any opposition at leastnot that's been spoken to me personally . >> i have one last question if i may. you mentioned that your goal is to have this venue so you can have a conversation but having live music on top of that seems to me to be in opposition to that or theopposite of that goal to have conversation . >> to address that there is a difference between at least from my standpoint of how i approach this business to me, i look at it as there is a difference in being a background and that's why i noted decks. this is my aspirational goal. go down the band is playing all along you can still not only
12:52 pm
drink and see anyone around yo . so to me there's a difference between that and being a music thenyou . we're not looking to do amplified sound for the instruments. the only hookup for instance that we do have over where the musicians will be his own. there is no living in microphones okay or plugging in whatnot. i think the places just large. approximately 2000 square feet so it's a good midsizedspace. we areindependent . we don't share any walls . there is nobody of us. the back yard behind us belongs to the cupcake shop. and the walls that we do share is a hallway that runs, it's
12:53 pm
the that service always that runs through the building next door around what's going to be original euros to the sushi restaurant. so we are actuallyputting the man dead center of the room . faraway from basically almost evenly about 60 percent back towards the back of the room but well beyond the bar for multiple reasons. one is to keep the sound back there. two is to spread out the people andthree is because we're not going to have amplifiers . we do have a sound system in. i didn't inherit the old sound system. the only thing i'm thinking is the speakers . mainly because it's in between when we don't have live music we want to continue with jazz and blues so we're switching to bose ds 100 speakers. they don't have base lovers in
12:54 pm
them. they're driven by ms. speakers and tweeters. >> i appreciate all the detail and it's fantastic you can let other commissioners answer questionsabout . >> it was coming up with other . >> we all along.i want to make sure we get to the supervisors questions specifically and then we can go on that the same supervisors, commissioners . commissioner fristyou have a questions you'reokay with ? other commissioners , do you have a questions. >> backspace is really nice. the question is where is everybody parking? are you expecting everybody to do huber and obviously there's no cover, justpeople can come in. reservations , your new speaker system is going to be more ambient which is great.
12:55 pm
i mean, yes there is a need for that middle-of-the-road crowd that doesn't have a place to go.i think that's those are popping up here and there. >> i could address a little bit luckily less than a block away, sorting around the corner on pierce street whichis the next street over on the city lot . it's pretty much the biggest lot in the neighborhood but as you know parking isan issue so it's going to be left to overly assume or a lot of neighbors . >> is a great neighborhood. it's just very busy and i live down there for 20 someyears . i guess it's weird that all these permits are in that area. i get a haircut right across. so i don't see any issue with this kind of place. so good luck to you. >> thank you very much.
12:56 pm
>> other commissioners. >> i don't have any specific questions. sounds like a good concept. i want to open this up to public comment. >> any other comments before w entertain a motion ? all right, does anybody have a motion ? >> make a motion to approve this permit the staff
12:57 pm
recommendation which insists of the good neighbor policy. >> is there a second? >> seconded. >> president: we can have a vote. [roll call vote] >> congratulations, thanks for coming in. just follow up with staff at your earliest convenience. >> thank you. goodbye. >>. >> he is santa claus for some
12:58 pm
people that's true.i believe we have another permit . >> last but not least, the final permit applications are for a place of entertainment and billiard parlor permit for persona at center street. the business is a whole bar and lounge and they wish to obtain a doe permit for live bands and djs. additionally they like to apply for an outdoor speaker to play recorded music for potential patrons walking by sunday through thursday 9:56 pm friday and saturday 6 pm tomidnight . however staff recommends that they are limited to 4 pm to 10 pm daily based on the residential neighborhoods in the city. they are located in the nation's level of building that occupy something was installed inthe ceiling . they conducted robust outreach canvassing with their canvassing their neighborhood and 150 letters to businesses.
12:59 pm
there was no opposition for this permit central location approvedthe permit with noadded conditions . you're to speak with you is one long ago is represented by javier sanchez . >> i'm going to let them in here. >> hello. is theresound coming through ? thank you deputy director. my name is javier sanchez and i'm here representing persona . i am joined by two of the three owners. one laredo as well as mosaic not god. and additions that we have cameron lawrence who will manage programming among other responsibilities.
1:00 pm
the persona is located at 65 sutter street in the basement level. the idea or vision behind it is alive, high-end cocktail lounge. we are applying for a place of entertainment permit for flexibility . a lot of holiday parties that come in need djs and things like that and it's not a nightclub. it's not necessarily holding regular meetings or something like that, it's morelow-key and casual. as far as the billiards table , there is no billiards table currently . it was just kind of something as we were going through the process of applying we wanted to it again to have flexibility ofchoice . even without it is fine. we too have sounds like a smal
1:01 pm
speaker . it's just that, a little bit more ambient but there is no funds on the street. there's a single doorway is class so you can't see in and there's neon light but other than that nondescript so we're hoping to draw in curious people. this has been a little slow giventhe circumstances . outreach was conducted 2 different ways. by email with businesses within a two block proximity. so those were just the ones i can findonline and in addition to that , outside of the door i canvassed the nearby neighbors. for who are residential, definitely just because i
1:02 pm
couldn't find the email addresses so i covered street, sutter and post between leavenworth and powell. so that's the east-west direction and then north-south idleavenworth , jones, taylor, mason and powell between bush andfirst . i didn't hear back fortunately or unfortunately. i didn't hear back from anybod , just one from abridal shop but that was positive .just kind of curious and askingmore questions . we don't have any programming other than i did apply for a one-time soundpermit for new year's eve . i just want to point that out i don't know when this permit will be approved so other than that i don't have plans immediately.
1:03 pm
so unless there's aquestions , that's all i have. >> commissioners. >> i'll go. >> so your place was a club before, right after mark it was sellers. so are you connected to the upstairs as well west and mark. >> know, located directly above us is matador. the matador. and that's aseparate entity . there's no link. >> really the only way people can know you're there is like a big double doors that go down with the awning. that's still there. >> it's a single door on the frontentrance and then i think it's a simple door for the emergency exit as well . >> so obviously to distract
1:04 pm
from what the seller was was kind of an ongoing club and it sounds to me you're more of what to be more of a special event kind of venue. as you serve food there? >> is not a special event venue so right now, the application is for seven days a week between 4 pm and 2 am and again that's for flex ability currently. we operate from 4 pm to 2 am tuesday through saturday. so it's regularly allowed. it's on the bottom. correct. >> like a bar. so the idea, there's been a lot of requests coming in from like the two holiday parties we had. like everybody wants to dj so just kind of giving us more options. >> are using the same equipment thatwas there before or have
1:05 pm
you purchase new equipment ? >> i would have to ask one to speak onthat because i'm not sure the sound equipment was new i believe it is . >> we've updated that permit is all mostly for background musi . and we did i guess the commission came in and did reasoning already and told us whatwas allowed and what wasn't . so yes, it's just mostly for background music, the dj will just plug-in themusicians will plug in for house systems . that's not like mega club system or anything like that >> you have full control . >> we have others down to the peninsula and we have full control because as you know djs always want to turn it up and we don't want to operate as a
1:06 pm
nightclub. if we did we would put in a mega sound system. we want to get them to come in and enjoy a $20 cocktail and talk to their group of friends for their date. but we're not planning on being anightclub . >> do you serve food there? >> we do not. >> so it's a nice space if it's done right. and you know, just it has some bad history before i think with covid all the students are not even there anymore.>> it's been a little sleepy in the neighborhood. that's one of the reasons we're applying for the permit because we get a lot of requests from companies to do djs and to do a permit each time would be just
1:07 pm
a pain in the butt. we just decidedto apply for the entertainment permit . >> do you havesecurity when you run these events ? >> we haven't done too many events with entertainment because we don't have a permit but we have to security presence. >> these are carded security. >> they have their guard card. >> okay, well goodluck . >> sounds like you guys have done yourdue diligence . you're in a central area and you have in the basement. it doesn't seemlike a lot of concerns here for me . i'm ready to is this moving forward .
1:08 pm
>> president: is there any public comment on thisagenda item ? >> let me switchthe screen real quick . there are no hands raised or comments in the chat. >> let's go aheadand close it then. anybody want to entertain a motion here . >> i removed the place of entertainment with outdoor amplifiedsound billiards parlor permit . with the staff recommendation which is approvalof the good neighbor policy . and permit holders allowed to be recorded outdoor and applied sound from 9:56 pm. outdoor amplified permit stationary six specific locations. and for all outdoor amplified sound permit holder shall
1:09 pm
control the volume of outdoor amplified sound that does not exceed and the levels to 50 feet measured from the property plan and sound abatement internal limit at 93 dba 108 dvd max measured from the lower maximum sales. >> second. >>president: let's have a vote . >> clerk: [roll call vote] >> president: congratulations to you, you've beenapproved . follow-up with our staff at a later date and it's my understanding there was talk that maybe you would at one point at a later outdoor and there's nothing stopping you at a later date from coming back inand applying for that .
1:10 pm
think it's always helpful ifyou have a track record of success ahead of that . something going forward . >> thankyou commissioners >> president: number seven , it's done. that agenda item is number seven which is consideration of possible action to adopt a resolution making findings to allow teleconference meetings under the california code section 54953e . do we have a motionto have a remote meeting again this month ? >> so moved. >> president: we have a second. any public comment on this agenda item? >> clerk: checking and there is none. >> president: then we can vote. >> clerk: [roll call vote]
1:11 pm
>> president: it's cast anyway, incredible. just by a hair. the final agenda item is number eight which is commissioner comments andquestions and new business to review for future agenda items . what have we got ? it is for solstice.>> merry christmas everybody. that'smy comment . >> happy holidays everybody. >> you in advance to the staff for monitoring new year's eve and christmas eve especially around the island.
1:12 pm
>> christmas eve just fyi is not on ourschedule . we have given our inspectors the christmas a day off. for new year's eve,yes. >> thank you for all your work during the holiday season . >> all i'd say is that of course starting to seem like a product is going to be causing disruptions . i don't think it will really be our help but i hope city commission agrees to helpthings that are already scheduled in the next month or two. it's harder for the holidays . just toget them outdoors whatever it takes .now i think we allmight be able to play a role in that. obviously not everything can be done outdoors . and this is just another unforeseen kick and thenothers for us all .>> i think this is going to be bad so wear a mask.
1:13 pm
>> definitely bad, i already know 30 people have it in san francisco and their numbersare not reflecting . this always happens to us and the varbusiness we are seeing things that we can do half before thedepartment of public health announces it . so anyway, good thing i'm in new york where there is no omicron at all in the east coast. >> take care of yourself. >> at least it's not as fatal as they say. >> it may disrupt our halflife and our businesses again . >> that's all it is. >> things outside might be helpful is there any public comment on this agenda item ? >> there is none. >> commissioner, i'd like to keep to come back in. >> i think it will be all right. >> just to give her a chance to say something.
1:14 pm
>> she's good. >> commissioner caminong do you have any questions or comments now that you're back. >> sorry, myview has closed like eight times during this meeting . >> i have good news, there's no public comment on this agenda item so we are adjourning the meeting at 11:15 my time which is 8:15 my time. >> that's for all of our watchers out there, president bleiman does live in san franciscowith family . >> president bleiman is in the future . >> i've been rolling by closely.>> thank you. >> have a good holidays everybody.
1:15 pm
good afternoon everyone. thank you for joining us here today. i'm san francisco mayor london breed and i'm joined today by supervisor matt haney as well as the director of the department of emergency management mary ellen carol. the department of public health behavioral health director dr. hillary kunis and we are also joined by our police chief bill scott. i am here with