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tv   BOS Full Board of Supervisors  SFGTV  January 11, 2022 6:00pm-9:01pm PST

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touch around looking at a project and bringing it to its fullest fruition. sometimes her ideas to me might seem a little whacky. i might be like that is a little crazy. but if you just let her do her thing, she is going to do something incredible, something amazing and that will have a lot of pop in it. and she's really talented at that. >> ultimately it depends on what the customer wants. sometimes they just want to be understated or blend in and other times they let me decide and then all the doors are open and they want me to create. they hire me to do something beautiful and i do. and that's when work is really fun. i get to be creative and express what i want. paint a really happy house or something elegant or dignified. >> it's really cool to watch
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what she does. not only that, coming up as a woman, you know what i mean, and we're going back to the 80s with it. where the world wasn't so liberal. it was tough, especially being lgbtq, right, she had a lot of friction amongst trades and a lot of people weren't nice to her, a lot of people didn't give her her due respect. and one of the things amazing about nita, she would never quit. >> after you prove yourself, which i have done, i don't face that obstacle as much anymore. i'd like to be a mentor to other women also. i have always wanted to do that. they may not want to go to school but there's other options. there's trades. i encourage women to apply for my company, i'd be willing to train and happy to do that. there's a shortage of other women painters.
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for any women who want to get into a trade or painting career, just start with an apprenticeship or if you want to do your own business, you have to get involved and find a mentor and surround yourself with other people that are going to encourage you to move forward and inspire you and support you and you can't give up. >> we've had a lot of history, nita and i. we've been friends and we have been enemies and we've had conflicts and we always gravitate towards each other with a sense of loyalty that maybe family would have. we just care about each other. >> many of the street corners in all the districts in san francisco, there will be a painting job i have completed and it will be a beautiful paint job. it will be smooth and gold leaf and just wow. and you can't put it down. when i first started, it was hard to get employees to listen
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to me and go along -- but now, i have a lot of respect.
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>> everything is done in-house. i think it is done. i have always been passionate about gelato. every single slaver has its own recipe. we have our own -- we move on from there. so you have every time a unique experience because that slaver is the flavored we want to make. union street is unique because of the neighbors and the location itself. the people that live around here i love to see when the street is full of people. it is a little bit of italy that is happening around you can walk around and enjoy shopping with gelato in your hand. this is the move we are happy to provide to the people.
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i always love union street because it's not like another commercial street where you have big chains. here you have the neighbors. there is a lot of stories and the neighborhoods are essential. people have -- they enjoy having their daily or weekly gelato. i love this street itself. >> we created a move of an area where we will be visiting. we want to make sure that the area has the gelato that you like. what we give back as a shop owner is creating an ambient lifestyle. if you do it in your area and if you like it, then you can do it on the streets you like.
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you're watching san francisco rising with chris manors. today's special guest is dr. steven zutnick. >> hello. the show is focused on restarting, rebuilding, and reimagining our city. the director of the therapy center of san francisco and he's a professor in counseling psychology at usf. he's here today to talk to us about resocializing, and returning to the office. welcome to the show. >>. >> thanks, chris. good to be back. >> as we re-open, people are having different reactions. some are embracing the recent shifts while others are having a hard time readjusting.
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>> yes. i think it's an excellent question. my basic bias on this i think to give you a general overview is we ought to be following cdc suggestions and requirements, what they say, because that's where a lot of the things come. should i wear a mask. should i not wear a mask. my answer is, yes, absolutely. i think we should wear a mask. i think we should social distance. it not only makes an impact on covid, it makes an impact on other diseases as well. as you and i were chatting, the deaths from flu usually average 30,000 a year. we've had 2,500 deaths from the flu so far this year, but at the very least, you need to be vaccinated. >> going back to the office is
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also an issue. there are some people are thrilled returning to work, others are nervous about it and there's a group of people who've been working onsite all along. let's start with those who are worried about returning to the office. what can be done to relieve their concerns? >> i think identifying a cohort of colleagues, fellow workers who you can just talk to and share experiences with. you know, when you look at the advantages of groups, the major one is when we sit and talk to other people, we suddenly discover, oh, this isn't just me, i'm not some strange guy here. so everybody else i'm talking to is worried about the same thing. i think that will raise awareness among people. to say, oh, i don't know, what are we going to do? do we have fresh air in here? can we open some windows? does the boss care if i wear a mask? >> how about those who've been going to work all along.
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possibly the most traumatized. how would you talk to them about managing the possible stress and resentment they may have been feeling. >> the most at-risk population is the essential worker who because they are also one of the lowest paid populations, have taken the biggest hits and the most risks. they're still at high risk. so they're dealing with a lot. they're dealing with depression, anxiety, insomnia quite a bit. and you've got a lot of ptsd by the way one last point on the health care workers. that's the tip of the iceberg. these are also the people who often have the least access to therapy. so we've got all these people out of there who've been in the
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trenches the entire time, never had a break, suffering a lot of trauma, and there are no services available for them. >> lastly, let's talk about management. with varying attitudes towards the lifting of restrictions, there may be some struggles in the work place. how would you advise management to ease the transition? >> management can encourage vaccination or require it. they can keep masks, physical distance, hand washing, all of these things. and hopefully management will be responsive. i think, you know, given the title that the series, this is all new. we're all just moving in to a whole new phase. we haven't begun to see the research that's going to come out of what we've just been through. we've been through a terrible pandemic. there's been a huge toll and i don't think we've seen the tip of the iceberg on the impact. >> do you have any final thoughts to share? >> yeah.
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i think this pandemic has highlighted a lot of things. for me, certainly, is mental health professional and a behavioral scientist. it's clear to me, we need to educate people about science. this is not unknowable to people. the basic of science is constant questioning. when you ask a question in research, you get one answer and about five new questions. things evolve continuously. so, yeah, when the cdc first came out a year and a half ago, they said, no, we don't need masks and then they said oh, we do and then everybody went crazy. oh, look how bad the sciencetists are. that's exactly what science does. we thought we didn't need it. then we discovered it was air
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born. i think we're seeing we have huge holes in the health care system and conversely, i think we're finding with the vaccination, what it means for everyone to have access to health care without worrying about how am i going to pay for it. so i think this is really forcing us to look at everything. it's been a very difficult time. it's going to continue to be a difficult time for people, but i think that's also getting us to look at some really critical issues in health care. >> well, thank you so much for coming on the show dr. zlotnick. well, thanks again. we'll be back with another episode of san francisco rising shortly. for sfgov tv i'm chris manors. thanks for watching.
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>> good morning everyone. here we are. some of you have been with us. this is our fifth building the infrastructure of america event for our country. democrats delivered today safe streets and roads for all. some of you were with us when we began this series of just a few weeks ago at the joe mazola training center where we saw
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apprenticeships in action, kids learning how to weld so they could repair and build water systems which were very much apart of the infrastructure legislation, the bipartisan ininfrastructure frame work. following that, some of us were together at the transbay terminal where we all came together to solute what was happening in that legislation for transportation in the bay area. $5 billion to come right here for transit whether it's e electricfication. next, we had a town hall which was participated in by thousands of people in the bay area to talk about with garrett hoffman what was happening in the legislation to save our planet as we improve the quality of life, created jobs, lowered costs in the legislation. and, today, we have our fifth event.
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this one is a matter of life and death. this one is so important to us and this one takes place on a day where across america will probably add up to about 500 events including the ones that i mentioned to come to the community, thank people for their ideas, to share with them opportunities that will be there as we build back better. this is an initiative of president joe biden. president biden has said i want to do everything i can in a bipartisan way to build the infrastructure of our country, but i will not confine my vision for the country to that and so we're working on the b.b.b., the build back better legislation as we go forward to save the planet to lower cost for health care, to prescription drugs, lower cost for child care, lower costs in every way, lower taxes for the
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middle class again doing so paid for by making people who are wealthy and corporate america to pay for fair share. that's what's taking place today. so it's an honor to be in san francisco. we'll be joined by the mayor shortly. i want to thank her for all of her initiatives. oh, we are. thank you, mayor, for honoring us with your presence. and thank you for the leadership and the priority you have placed on the safety of the people of san francisco which is a very major responsibility for us. your vision 0 bold plan to end traffic fatalities by 2024 as well as your leadership just last week with the proposal to invest $400 million in muni reliability and street safety. i solute you for that and i
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know you join me in saluting our bay area colleagues who are here who are going to be making their fregss. janice lee, the san francisco bicycle coalition and i know you will agree our v.i.p. today is julie nicholson who survived a terrible traffic injury on our streets here in san francisco and extraordinary courage and resilience inspires us all and she will be speaking and representing the voices of so many of those who are here, families for safe streets. thank you all for being here. for sharing your tragedies, but also giving us your courage to turn your pain into progress and help to prevent other families from suffering the agony that you have. and we even have some other
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survivors of crashes as well. so we'll be hearing from them; but first as i put in context, this is a drum beat across america to make sure this happens, i'll talk to you know just a little bit before i have the privilege of yielding not only yielding, but praising our mayor once again. here's what it's about. the bay area has long seen more of its fair share of heart breaking traffic deaths. you all are here as eloquent testimony to that. while we saw 462 traffic fatalities nationally last year marked the most traffic deaths and fatalities have been
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shortly on the rise for a decade. they are families shattered by the tragedy, community safe streets and roads for all. we secured $14 billion nationally for roadway safety which will help make california streets safer and friendlier. $260 million from the highway improvement program to help reduce fatalities and injuries on our roads. this will help design complete streets to design safe and accessible. but the new $5 billion safe streets for all initiatives, our city can compete for funding for vision 0
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particularly for our high injury network just 13% of roads account for 75% of severe and fatal accidents. with new funding to modernize our data collection, we'll get a clearer picture of where and how our crashes occur. and with $7.2 billion for transportation alternatives nationally, we'll improve safety of sidewalks, bike lanes, just got a tour in terms of what it means for bike lanes and trails. so i just want to for the bay area workers, rebuilding middle class as we rebuild communities. it will be transformative safe system approach and i know that's what's happening right here on folsom and second with this historic achievement,
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democrats are delivering for the bay area and beyond. i was now at this point supposed to be introducing julie nicholson. instead, we're just going to hear first from our distinguished mayor and we thank her for the priority of the people of san francisco. whether it's safety on the streets. safety in terms of their health care. safety in terms of diminishing drug use. more people have died of drug use and covid here. and the mayor is taking the bull by the horns. with that fighting retail crimes and all. safety is the first responsibility of government. it's the oath we take to protect and defend whether it's the constitution or the people, our mayor has been a champion in living up to that important priority for the community, for the people, for the children, our mayor, london breed. [ applause ]
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. . . . it was really about a demand from the people of san francisco to see change to see see change in the particular areas. so many collisions to build for access from the east side to the west side. homes were bulldozed in my community to make what i for gary boulevard which is in essence a freeway in the middle of our city. and we have had to make some significant change and as speaker pelosi has said, 13% of the location that are the high injury network represent 75% of the collisions that occurred in the street causing major injury and death. this infrastructure bill is so
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important because here in san francisco we are fortunate that the people of the city care about making improvements to our city. and last week i introduced a transportation and safety bond that will help with high injury corridors and we will aggressively continue the work. but local dollars alone are not enough, and we need help. this infrastructure bill will not only help san francisco. it will help this entire country. so that we can improve safety on the streets especially in major densities like san francisco where you have seen a significant increase in the number of people who are walking and biking and i am really proud that this city has taken steps since i have been mayor to produce 20 new miles of
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protected bike lanes as well as daylighting and changes. and we prioritize safety over speed. so that we change how people move around the city. so people know exactly where they belong on the streets to get from point a to point b. madam speaker said our responsibility as leaders to keep people safe. and part of keeping people safe is making investments and sometimes the changes and removal of parking and other things make people upset or uncomfortable. at the end of the day, if it's going to save someone's life, this is a small sacrifice to make. i am grateful to be here with the extraordinary leader with walk sf and the bicycle coalition and so many advocates
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who have been impact by tragedy. tragedy where they lost loved ones and where sadly they have experienced it personally hems. and my hope is that we don't continue to go down this path. that is why these investments and that work in san francisco is so important. at this time and i would like to yield the floor back to our special guest julie. thank you so much. >> thank you so much, mayor breed. and madam speaker. what an incredible honor it is to be here today. i am julie nicholson. i am a member for safe streets community and see behind me a professor of early childhood and a mother of three wonderful girls. almost two years ago january 4, 2020 i was out doing my favorite
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form of self-care jogging in the panhandle and kel a britting getting to the -- celebrating getting to the end of my husband's final chemo treatment and a driver ricochetted off a car and making an illegal left turn and came into the park to hit me throwing me 20 feet and leaving me with a broken back and broken neck. took me eight months of therapy and healing. but here i am. i'm fortunate. going through that experience opened my eyes to the preventible health crisis of traffic violence. this is a preventible health crisis that is getting worse not better. it is a preventible health crisis that impacts not just me but everything with the preventible health crisis with
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proven solutions. i am standing up feeling so thankful, so grateful and overwhelmeded as a traffic violence survivor and i also feel so grateful to our federal leaders for the infrastructure bill that is going to bring attention and action to bring safer streets. we have trauma all across this country from those who are being hurt by traffic violence, but i'm here to say thank you to madam speaker. and on behalf of families for safe streets and our community, i want to say thank you for the infrastructure bill, for the action you are taking to make our streets safer. it means so much to me. it means so much to all of us. >> thank you. >> and it says so much when we
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talk about what julie describes. and the eloquence of your statement and speaking for families for safe streets and the tragedy they underwent and one of them said this isn't about an accident. some of this is the decision to run a red light and we have to be prepared in every possible way. and the person who knows that very well is jeffrey tumlint director of san francisco municipal transportation area. thank you so much. >> let's hear it for jeffrey for keeping san francisco moving in a way that is safe for bicycle, pedestrians, people in cars and the rest. and during the q&a he will take all the hard questions because he tells us a beautiful story
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about what is happening at second and fulsom with the and as a local member of the state legislature -- so in any case, >> i hope he is not one of my constituents. >> i just really want to thank all of you for being here. i want to thank the speaker for the tenacity and vision at the last that i was able to attend. i want to thank the mayor for her vision and tenacity in a very difficult position. she is inspiring as a speaker.
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thank you so much for your career and vocation and your heartfelt story about your experience and to all of you as the speaker said through experiencing and helping you save lives. and i want to thank somebody as a staff person and appreciate -- she is shaking her head. we used to serve together when i was an mtc commissioner and she was a wonderful staff person and now she is working with san francisco to make sure the projects are done. and so this is really a kwigs vigs and it is time as the mayor said and the speaker has done so with her usual tenacity and for the federal government to reengage in the trfk. and when i started in
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transportation and the federal government and the model was almost 75% from the federal government, 25% local and state. and here in san francisco and the region with the eastern bay and contra costa county where we have passed super majority self-help sales tax to invest and where the state has done that and the mayor mentioned she is doing it again. now the federal government is back thanks to our leadership. this whole systems management not only will save lives but help everyone's quality of life. for every single occupancy vehicle you take off the road and put somebody on a bike or walking, it saves the environment. it is a multiplier of 10 on climate and traditional pollutants. it creates safety and reduces congestion. my constituents in the suburbs say every time we take one of us out of a car and put them on transit and bikes like comben
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hagan and amsterdam and mus any where 50% of the peak trips are by bike, we start to reduce congestion along with tele commuting and this is how readdress our transportation challenges hoer in the bay area. and what happens in the bay area and what happens in california, as jimmy carter said, happens in the rest of the united states. what we're doing here today not just saves lives here, not just in the region, not just in california, but will save lives all over the united states. so thank you so much for your vision, your tenacity and heartfelt advocacy. >> thank you. they are a health issue. clean air for our children. they are a safety issue in terms of what we are talking about here today. they are a jobs issue and the jobs created to do all of this. and they are, again, ea quality of life issue by getting more
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cars off the roads and more people safety making their own choices about walking and biking and here is jody who i referenced in my remarks. and from pedestrian. >> i want to take a moment to remember the people who have lost this year in san francisco to violence with a moment of sigh tense. in the past month we lost aram who moved to san francisco to be closer to his grand kids and
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made the city his home. he loved walking. he was walking home after working the night shift as a security guard and was hit and killed in the bayview neighborhood. we also lost andrew zieman. andrew was a paraprofessional who works at the elementary school he attended as a child. the school kids used to call him mr. andrew. he was hit and killed outside of the school on november 10. i was only 30 years old. only one block from here where we stand, antonio was hit and killed while, like so many others, simply trying to cross the street. standing with me today as you have heard from julie and members of the san francisco bay areas for safe streets. these are people who suffered incomprehensible loss.
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steve, gina and joe, we are here for you today. other survivors survived being severely injured with traffic crashes. the brave people are here to demand that the changes to the streets and mayor breed is standing with us as well as a true visionary for safe streets. it is deeply meaningful for us no n pedestrian with madam speaker as well as representative. thank you for being here. for so long they have been focused around making it easy
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for cars to get around. and the speed of vehicles has been the priority. but this bill does change that. the thing that i think about is every day what if a mid sight airport fell from the sky? that is the equivalent of what we are counting in our country from countless towns and cities and people in communities are suffering from unsafe streets for facing the crisis we have in our cities. we are sending a clear message that the country's approach to traffic safety must change because crashes are preventible. it is packing it up with funding
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to change this and doing this right here in san francisco. walk san francisco along with our advocates together with our city's mayor london breed and our city's agencies are pushing hard to make san francisco the beacon for other cities. we are trying to show what we can do when safety is the number one priority. and trying to cross the street is no longer a life or death situation. this infrastructure bill is focused on safety. that is incredible. this might be the first time in our city's history that federal agency is thinking about safety first. and as secretary of transportation pete buttigieg said, we cannot and should not accept these fatalities as part of walk fran and representatives
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for standing with us today. thank you for taking action to fundamentally change this country's approach to traffic safety. thank you so much. >> thank you for being with us. >> i want to extend my deep gratitude to madam speaker and representative for your tireless leadership in d.c., fighting for equity for bay area residents. the infrastructure and jobs act means equity for san franciscans right here in the south of market and means equity because this infrastructure bill is
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going to bring much-needed investments to streets historically design to be dangerous. just take a look at where we are right here standing. they were never designed with people biking, walking or taking transit and these were defactor highways to ket through one of the densest neighborhoods and the results were deadly. the names of bicyclists hit and killed while biking on these two treat streets won't stop until investments are made and of course, i cannot forget antonio, the 78-year-old senior who was crossing a block away from here this past april. he was hit and killed by a speeding driver just around the corner from the senior affordable housing he lived in. he was a well phone and beloved member in the filipino community. it is people like this whose lives are cut short when we
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don't have our funds to update our infrastructure to the modern day. this needs to stop and we need to fund shovel ready projects now to bring equitable investments to save lives on our streets thanks to state and federal funding, we are seeing the fruits of early implementation but they will soon be overhauled with transit priority traffic signals, better lighting and safe intersections for pedestrians and a protected two-way bike lane. lastly, thank you to you, mayor breed. you mentioned we are celebrating protected bike lanes ere and to build 20 miles of protected bike lanes in two years and thanks to jeffrey tumlin and the leadership at smif smif we want
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to thank you for prioritizing street safety because truly our lives depend on it. thank you. >> thank you for being with us. thank you for being with us. one of the many fine points is highways through the areas and to divide communities is equity ir, fairness, justice and is so so much a part of what he is doing to undue some past injustices of dividing neighborhoods so that this just
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piece of it and within the initiatives of building back better. and with that, any questions you may have? we like to start on this subject. on this subject. >> we never give up. wrote a letter to my colleagues yesterday. saying first and foremost we will continue to pass to fight the legislation. the democratic leader wrote a similar letter to his colleagues yesterday. this will happen, must happen and we will do it as soon as we can. there are conversations that are ongoing but we cannot walk away
6:51 pm
from this commitment and build back better and transforming the society. build back bet we are women in the work place and with work force development for younger people and newer people who are reaching in with the diversity that is there. this will not pass and i have confident that senator manchin cares about our country. we will not be deterred. anybody want to add to that? >> amen. >> but back to here, i think it will be very interesting just to hear jeffrey tell us this year some of what you told us on the tour because he made one point that was very interesting and i never thought of every day.
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and when you are building these kinds of changes for safety in neighborhoods, it is much more worker centric than big machinery. >> thank you, speaker. >> as the speaker said when we work for safe streets like building protected bike ways and upgrading traffic signals and other vision zero work t creation of jobs factor is so much greater than big machinery and concrete and steel. every single dollar spent on vision zero projects goes to creating skill labor jobs and hundreds up here at the sfmta. a lot of this work we do in-house and a lot more we spend on local contractors and
6:53 pm
disadvantaged enterprises to have the money spend in a way that develops community and created more skilled jobs. >> thank you for that enlightenment and also for your leadership. any other questions on what we are doing here today? >> thank you, all, for coming and salute the mayor because what happens in pedestrian serves as a model aross loed and what they thought would work very well, so your voices, the mayor's intercession and turn into public policy benefit not just san francisco but the entire country so thank you for being here. to all of you who suffers
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through any of this, thank you for your generosity of spirit to share your stories so el quantity so that other people will not have to offer. with that, again, congratulations, mayor, on your successes here. thank you, all, very much for coming. let's build back better for the people. thank you very much.
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>> providing excellent customer service to each other so that
6:56 pm
we can succeed together. because we're a small division out here, and we're separated from the rest of the p.u.c., a lot of people wear a lot of different hats. everyone is really adept not just at their own job assigned to them, but really understanding how their job relates to the other functions, and then, how they can work together with other functions in the organization to solve those problems and meet our core mission. >> we procure, track, and store materials and supplies for the project here. our real goal is to provide the best materials, services and supplies to the 250 people that work here at hetch hetchy, and turn, that supports everyone here in the city. i have a very small, but very efficient and effective team. we really focus hard on doing things right, and then focus on doing the right thing, that benefits everyone.
6:57 pm
>> the accounting team has several different functions. what happens is because we're so remote out here, we have small groups of people that have to do what the equivalent are of many people in the city. out here, our accounting team handles everything. they love it, they know it inside out, they cherish it, they do their best to make the system work at its most efficient. they work for ways to improve it all the time, and that's really an amazing thing. this is really unique because it's everybody across the board. they're invested it, and they do their best for it. >> they're a pretty dynamic team, actually. the warehouse team guys, and the gals over in accounting work very well together. i'm typically in engineering, so i don't work with them all day on an every day basis. so when i do, they've included me in their team and treated me
6:58 pm
as part of the family. it's pretty amazing. >> this team really understanding the mission of the organization and our responsibilities to deliver water and power, and the team also understands that in order to do that, we have a commitment to each other, so we're all committed to the success of the organization, and that means providing excellent customer service to each other so that we can succeed
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>> good afternoon and welcome to the january 11, 2022, regular meeting of the san francisco board of supervisors. madam clerk, will you please call the roll. [ roll call ].
7:01 pm
>> clerk: mr. president, all members are present. >> chair: thank you. the san francisco board of supervisors acknowledges that we are on the unceded ancestral homeland of the ramaytush ohlone who are the original inhabitants of the san francisco peninsula. in accordance with their traditions, the ramaytush ohlone have never ceded, lost, nor forgotten their responsibilities as the caretakers of this place as well as for all peoples who reside on their traditional territory. as guests, we recognize that we
7:02 pm
benefit from living and working on their traditional homeland. we wish to pay our respects by acknowledging the ancestors and elders of the ramaytush ohlone community and by affirming their solemn rights. please stand with me and recite the pledge of allegiance. i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america, and to the republic for which it stands one nation under god indivisible with liberty and justice for all. >> chair: on behalf of the board i would like to acknowledge the staff at sfgov tv. today we have kalina who records
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and makes the transcript available online. let's go to our 2:00 special order. i believe the mayor is present . >> clerk:pursuant to charter, sections 2.103 and 3.100(7), and administrative code, section. 2.11, the mayor shall discuss the following eligible topic submitted from the supervisor representing district 1. the mayor may address the board initially for up to five minutes. discussion shall not exceed two minutes per question or answer. >> today i want to provide a few developments in our covid response as we face omicron cases. first, on the matter of testing, as you know, we have a significant need for more
7:04 pm
testing in the city. this is not just a san francisco problem, but an issue across the country. san francisco has doubled its effort and is averaging 10,000 tests per day. we will keep pushing to add more tests where we can. but the truth is we need more support from our private providers. in august 2021, the department of public health issued an order to require all healthcare facilities to provide a test in 24 hours of their staff who are symptomatic or who have been in close contact with someone with covid. this is an important responsibility to provide basic healthcare services like testing for their members. in order to ensure this is being followed today, i announced a mayoral order for all healthcare
7:05 pm
providers to submit weekly proof to the san francisco department of public health that they are meeting this requirement. if they don't, they could be subjected to fines. my goal is not punishment. i want to see more testing for residents from healthcare providers. we still will have a need for testing moving forward. living about covid means having the testing infrastructure both publicly and privately in place. the other area we have a real need is in supporting our schools. i know a number of you have reached out to learn how we can do more including some of our supervisors who have been working hard. know that we are work closely with the school districts. the deputy of public health and others have collaborated with the district to identify what their needs are.
7:06 pm
scurenlt the department of public health sent an initial thousand rapid tests to the districts to help educators and students return to the classrooms more clibleg. this is a part of 150,000 raptq. this is a part of 150,000 rapt rapid tests we are distributing to the schools and the skilled nursing facilities with our others having another shipment arriving next week. we're providing 500,000 surgical masks for students which will help get them through the rest of the school year and we're providing 150,000 kn95 masks for staff. after such an extended period of distance learning, we've seen the effect it has on our students and it is critical that we continue to safely operate in
7:07 pm
person. i want to thank you for your support of our residents. these times are time and the city and people are resilient. just like we've been getting through this pandemic all along, we will continue to get through this. >> chair: thank you so much, madam mayor. madam clerk, would you call the first topic. >> clerk: the first topic submitted by supervisor chan is the future of road measures put in place during the pandemic, including in golden gate park, the great highway, and slow streets. >> chair: thank you, madam clerk. supervisor chan. >> thank you, president. thank you, madam mayor, for being here with us today. as you know, there has been a lot of attention on the future measures put in place in the pandemic, specifically great highway and various slow streets throughout the city. my question today is very straightforward, but i would like to put things in context. these measures have changed the
7:08 pm
way people recreate and move around the city. we know we can do better for safety infrastructure for cyclists and pedestrians. others are frustrated by reduced public transit options and having to rely on cars to get around. i appreciate it and we expect your leadership on a great highway compromise in august and directing the great highway to be reopened on weekdays. this would allow the residents of my district who do not have many north-south public transit options to access the highway, while providing residents a car-free promenade on the weekends. the debate over making j.f.k. drive has been going on for decades. many solutions address long-standing issues that have
7:09 pm
been identified. thanks to my colleagues, this board of supervisors unanimously passed my resolution based off the working group's report calling for a car-free connection from golden gate park through j.f.k. drive so along as we address the access needs at 8th avenue and the parking garage for those with disabilities and those living in neighborhoods that lack public transit. there has been outreach on whether to open j.f.k. to cars when the emergency order is lifted. unfortunately the departments chose not to pursue to include in their survey -- >> chair: you're -- still have time. >> we know that over 10,000 people responded to the survey
7:10 pm
and the vast majority supported keeping j.f.q. closed to cars, but there is additional outreach because demographics like seniors and communities of color and non-english speakers were not served by the survey. as you know, madam mayor, we represent all of our constituents and after spending almost entire 2021 discussing and listening to them, there is a notable divide where both sides say they represent san franciscans. i want to take an opportunity what you envision for these roads. thank you. >> is there a question? >> i just want to take the opportunity to learn what you envision for the future of j.f.k. drive, great highway, and slow streets. >> okay, thank you. i think i understand what you're asking. at the start of this pandemic
7:11 pm
our decisions were about prioritizing the health and safety of our citizens. on streets it meant giving more safe to be outside to physically distance while they socialize and move around san francisco. as we look beyond the pandemic, we need to think about what we should continue and what we should reconsider. right now the city staff is engaging in an analysis that will support us as policy makers as we make those decisions. rec and park and sfmta are collecting data on the e-cigarette highway which will inform the future use of that street. in golden gate park, there is feedback sought on a border range of proposals to increase mobility and accessibility. sfmta is considering the slow streets by looking at what a
7:12 pm
formal program could include and they hope to formalize a process by many summer. none of these processes have been completed and i want to wait and see what the data says before we make a decision. ultimately there will be some who are happy with what we decide and some disappointed. that is what we experience. ultimately i'm hopeful that from community data from all san franciscans that we will then have the best data, the best input for how we make a decision on what is in the best interest of the city as a whole. >> chair: thank you, madam mayor. supervisor chan, you may ask a follow-up question directly related to the opening question. >> i want to make sure how much time i have. >> chair: you're not timed on these questions. >> great.
7:13 pm
thank you, madam mayor, for sharing your vision -- >> chair: real quick, supervisor chan, my apologies. actually two minutes. >> no problem p i think i can finish in two minutes. i laid out my vision for golden gate park which would allow a portion of that park to remain car free. that's where i stand. and for great highway i had a proposal in august, but i would support a wider promenade on one side and two directional lanes on the other side. and slow streets should be decided on a case-by-case basis. that is where i stand. the question i have, madam mayor, if i may say, you know, i agree we should gather data. we should see what san franciscans want and then make the policy decisions.
7:14 pm
but regardless of that, though, at the end of the day all these measures will serve as transparent and inclusive public processes led by city departments which should encourage compromises by all stakeholders rather than a winner-takes-all approach. this is a transparent process [indiscernible] -- >> unfortunately, you seem to have a problem with the process. ultimately, as i said, you know, we are doing everything we can. these meetings are public. the process is transparent. a lot of stakeholders, various
7:15 pm
groups on both sides of the issues have provided their feedback to this particular matter. no decisions have been made. as far as i'm concerned, these departments are doing everything they can to get the data they need to solicit feedback and to help to make the best decision. to imply that this process is not transparent, that this process has not been open and fair and not a responsible way to try and gather what we need to make the best decision for san francisco as a whole. it seems as though -- i know there are a number of people not happy and they want to hear a decision one way or the other. it's not a winner takes all or one size fits all. it doesn't work that way. this is a major city and it requires when we make significant decisions like this that people have a place at the
7:16 pm
table to provide input. i have complete disagreement about some of the comments you made about this not being an open process and feedback from bilingual groups and others. that is far from the information i have. i would be happy to make sure the various department head in this process provide you with that information so you know that we are taking the feedback seriously. >> chair: thank you, mayor breed. you may ask a question to supervisor chan or any other supervisor in attendance on the same topic but not necessarily related to the same topic. >> thank you so much, supervisor, for the opportunity to appear before the board. >> chair: thank you so much, mayor. we appreciate you. madam clerk, that concludes our mayoral discussion. we are now at communications.
7:17 pm
>> clerk: thank you, mr. president. >> clerk: the: public may view this meeting on tv or on the live stream. the most efficient way to provide public inclement is to listen from your touch phone connected to the call-in system where you will be allowed to provide comments. the telephone number is streaming, it's 415-655-0001. when you hear the prompt, enter the meeting i.d. 2489 498 7430 and presses # #. you'll know you have joined the meeting when you hear the discussion, however, your line will be muted. when you want to provide your comment, press *3 to get into the speakers' queue.
7:18 pm
wait for the prompt that you have been unmuted and begin speaking your comment. the board of supervisors will request your public testimony to be taken on the special orders not to begin before 3:00 p.m. there are two noticed on the agenda today, each with its exclusive opportunity for public testimony. items 11 through 14 is a public hearing within appeal of conditional use authorization approval for 832-38 street and items 15 through 19. that is a public hearing. the board will sit as a committee of the whole. once item 24 is called, the board will request your general public comment. there are four areas you can speak to, the policy discussion
7:19 pm
in the mayoral appearance, the board meetings of december 14 and 19. the matters on the agenda listed for adoption without reference to committee items 25 through 31 and the matters not on the agenda but are in the subject matter jurisdiction of the board of supervisors. all other agenda content will be reported to an appropriate committee where public comment was previously fulfilled. the board will accept your correspondence if you use the address 1 dr. carlton b. goodlett place, room 244. interpretation will be provided to assist speakers for the public testimony provided during
7:20 pm
both the special order and general public comment. at this time, i will welcome the interpreters to please introduce themselves and the important service they are providing to the public. for chinese, we'll start with vivian lou, filipino and spanish. i will have themself introduce themselves during general public comment or during the special order at 3:00 p.m. finally, if anyone is experiencing trouble connecting remotely, call in. that concludes my communication. that concludes my communication.
7:21 pm
>> chair: just a friendly reminder to mute your microphones when not speaking. we are at approval of meeting minutes and we are approving the meeting minutes from the december 7, 2021, and december 14, 2021, regular board meetings. are there any changes to the minutes? i don't see anyone on the roster. seeing none, i'll entertain a motion to approve those minutes, made and seconded. madam clerk, on the motion to approve. [ roll call ].
7:22 pm
>> clerk: there are 11 ayes. >> chair: without objection, the minutes will be approved after public comment as presented. madam clerk, let's go to our regular agenda, unfinished business. please call item 2. >> clerk: item 2 is -- >> i would like to make a motion -- the caption said approval of minutes. >> chair: it was. >> then you called item 2 -- my apologies. >> chair: no worries. >> clerk: the reason there is an item 1 on the agenda because when there is a question for the mayor, we then call it item 1, whereas when there are no questions for the mayor, we do
7:23 pm
not. item 2ordinance appropriating scoipt $3,244,846 from the general reserve to the department of elections to support additional costs from unforeseen elections for the san francisco school board of education; this ordinance requires a two-thirds approval vote of all members of the board of supervisors pursuant to charter, section 9.113(c). this requires eight votes for approval. >> chair: thank you, madam clerk. i don't see anyone on the roster. please call the roll. [ roll call ]
7:24 pm
>> clerk: there are 10 ayes and one no with supervisor peskin in the h not in agreement. >> chair: this ordinance is passed by a 10-1 vote. madam clerk, please call item 3 to 5 together. >> clerk: items 3 to 5 are three resolutions that approve amendment on a distinct agreement with the san francisco department of public health. item 3 is no. 2 to the agreement between the san francisco public health foundation and the department of public health (dph) to provide program administration and support services to the community health engagement program, to increase the contract amount by $10,668,262 for a total amount not to exceed $20,027,567 for a total agreement term of january 1, 2020, through december 2024.
7:25 pm
item 4 is approving amendment no. 2 to the agreement between helios healthcare, llc and the department of public health (dph), for behavioral health services, to increase the agreement by $18,239,925 for an amount not to exceed $27,904,325; to extend the term by six years and six months from december 31, 2021, through june 30, 2028, and item 5 is a approving amendment no. 2 to the agreement between health advocates, llc and the department of public health (dph) for uncompensated care reimbursement recovery services, to increase the agreement amount by $2,085,454 for an amount not to exceed $20,100,000; and to extend the term by two years from december 31, 2021, through december 31, 2023, for a total agreement term of january 1, 2014, through december 31, 2023; and to authorize dph to enter
7:26 pm
into amendments or modifications to the contract prior to its final execution by all parties that do not materially increase the obligations or liabilities to the city and are necessary to effectuate the purposes of the contract >> i just wanted to note what i have previously what is a pattern coming from many departments which is the entry into contracts just below the $10 million threshold which does not trigger a board review, particularly items 3 and 4. i do want to thank d.p.h. and michelle rodoz in particular for taking some time with our office and walking through the office with these so we don't have to do it on the record. for item 4 there is an amendment that was sufficiently done because there was time to get board review specifically done from the $8.4 million up to $9.664 million and now this amendment which bumps it up to
7:27 pm
$27 million and crosses the threshold. this is not exclusive to the department of public health. i appreciate the engagement from the city administrator and others around trying to address this going forward, but i didn't want to flag the latest example which sing it is problematic. there are problems in the process where it takes too long to come before the board, but we shouldn't be contracting around those. >> chair: thank you, supervisor. madam clerk, call the roll for items 3 through 5. [ roll call ].
7:28 pm
>> clerk: there are 11 ayes. >> chair: these are adopted unanimously. please call item 6. 2022. 2022. >> chair: i don't see anyone on the roster.
7:29 pm
please call the roll. [ roll call ]. >> clerk: there are 11 ayes. >> chair: without objection this resolution is adopted unanimously. madam clerk, please call item 7. >> clerk: item 7 is authorizing the recreation and park department to accept and expend grant funding from the state coastal conservancy priority conservation area grant program in the amount of $500,000 to support the twin peaks improvement project retroactively approving the grant agreement and to
7:30 pm
retroactively requires the recreation and park department to maintain the project for a 20-year period commencing upon project completion, pursuant to charter, section 9.118(b); and to retroactively authorize the recreation and park department to enter into amendments or modifications to the grant agreement and to execute further agreements that do not materially increase the obligations or liabilities of the city and are necessary to effectuate the purposes of this resolution. >> chair: thank you so much, madam clerk. i don't see anyone on the roster. please call the roll for item 7. [ roll call ]. >> clerk: there are 11 ayes. >> chair: without objection, this resolution is adopted
7:31 pm
unanimously. madam clerk, please call items 8 and 9 together. >> clerk: items 8 and 9 called together are two 2023. authorizing the department of public health to accept and expend a grant in the amount of $3,000,000 from the substance abuse and mental health services administration for participation in a program, entitled “the care coordination and transitions management project,” for the period of september 30, 2021, through september 29, 2023. resolution authorizing the department of public health to submit an application to continue to receive funding for the ryan white act hiv/aids emergency relief grant program from the health resources services administration; and requesting $15,590,728 in hiv emergency relief program funding for the san francisco eligible metropolitan area for the period of march 1, 2022, through february 28, 2023.
7:32 pm
>> chair: thank you, madam clerk. seeing no one on the roster, please call the roll for items 8 and 9. [ roll call ]. >> clerk: there are 11 ayes. >> chair: thank you. without objection, these resolutions are adopted unanimously. madam clerk, please call item number 10. >> clerk: item 10 is a resolution retroactively authorizing the department of emergency management to accept and expend a gift of new air filtration units with an estimated market value of $100,000 from the bay area air
7:33 pm
quality management district to support implementation of the wildfire air quality response program for the project term through july 31, 2024. ( >> chair: thank you, madam clerk. seeing no one on the roster, would you please call the roll for item 10. [ roll call ]. >> clerk: there are 11 ayes. >> chair: thank you.
7:34 pm
without objection, this resolution is adopted unanimously. madam clerk, would you please call our 2:30 p.m. special commendations. >> clerk: yes. the special order at 2:30 p.m. is the recognition of commendations for meritous service to the city and county of san francisco. i have four supervisors signed up, supervisor safai, supervisor stefani, supervisor mandleman and. >> chair: we will go in order of special commendations, starting with you, supervisor safai. >> thank you, mr. president. so today, colleagues, it is my honor to honor an entire service provider institution within district 11 that's been part of the latino task force l.t.f.
7:35 pm
covid response in san francisco here that we call [speaking spanish] and it is our excelsior hub located in district 11 for their tremendous work particularly around rent relief. we're joined live by the housing lead for the latino task force. the hub is viewing the live-streaming services today. since may of 2020, the excelsior hub has helped over 3,000 families with rent relief and the organization has got over $2.4 million into the hands of families at risk of being displaced. many times i see them out in the community actually hand delivering to and meeting
7:36 pm
personally as so many have. the funds go through the catholic rent relief known as housing is key and key programs. as many of you know and have participated in, our district has one of the highest if not the highest access of this program and the need for it. this is all possible through collaborative work through the latino task force. excelsior works, meta mission centers and [indiscernible]. the excelsior hub provides room for people coming in for their appointments and in so many ways and they believe that each community member should be treated with respect.
7:37 pm
i've seen that and people i've talked to that have personally benefitted from this. their team started a tracking system to record every applicant for rent relief. that system became a follow-up tool with clients and ultimately for other needs. currently the hub is embarking on a mapping program which creates an interactive map showing vacancies for the team. so far data from this project has shown that district 11 is one of the most densely populated areas of the city and they are working on a long-time priority for my office. on behalf of the board, i would like to thank this organization for their hard work, keeping families housed during the pandemic. i would like to allow sharon to say a few words.
7:38 pm
>> chair: thank you so much, supervisor safai. sharon. >> dear community members, i want to first thank the office of district 11 supervisor safai and his legislative aide for opening the space for us. to share with you a fraction of the work we have dedicated to continue doing in our community. the purpose of our organization is to provide culturally competent community outreach to provide community members access to resources for the covid-19 recovery for the district 11 latinas community. it has been a pleasure for me to join the task force. when i started working on this, one of the main goals was to provide excellent customer service to the people coming for their appointments because that is the respect and dignity the
7:39 pm
community deserves. despite the different waves of rental relief that our staff needed to train to give the best services to our community, we are excited to announce that our team has served over 400 families to apply for the rental relief program and receive that financial aid. we have distributed a total of $2.4 million in rent relief for those coming through our organization. i want to express my gratitude to the mission economic development agency and excelsior works who served clients during appointments and make sure that they submit a complete application. i also want to thank those in charge of internal processes where the applications were processed. specifically i want to thank
7:40 pm
those on the team as well as the project managers and last but not least, i also want to extend my infinite gratitude to the team members who were vital for the hub operations to make sure our community had a safe space where they had the opportunity to receive help and to submit this application. i want to extend my gratitude to the hub coordinate, the manager, and the intake lead for the excelsior site. without their help, this could not have been possible. we are still providing these resources for our communities
7:41 pm
because we understand that this will be a long path to recovery from the pandemic we're facing today. thank you so much for opening your space. we really and truly appreciate your time. >> chair: thank you so much, sharon. [ applause ]. >> thank you, mr. president. >> chair: thank you, supervisor safai and to the excelsior hub. supervisor stefani. >> thank you, president walton. colleagues, today i would like to recognize and commend john naggucci for his 34 years of service to the city and county of san francisco. john and i overlapped serving under the administrator. i've seen his dedication and commitment. he began his tenure at the convention facilities for the city and county of san francisco in 1988. by 1990 he was promoted to
7:42 pm
deputy director and served as director for the department since 2004 overseeing the daily operations there. throughout his career, john led three conventional center expansion projects, including handling the $500 million expansion. john played such a critical role ensuring the center remains ready to support the covid command center which was critical infrastructure at a very unprecedented time. john later facilitated the transition of the center back to a full-service accredited convention facility. aside from working to serve residents and visitors there, john also gives back to the community serving on several boards, including san francisco travel, the tourism district, the san francisco chamber of commerce. john has also been committed to highlighting and celebrating the
7:43 pm
rich japanese american history in the city, helping to strengthen the core values of inclusiveness. john is embarking on another exciting chapter in his life and he is looking forward to spending time with his family. i want to thank you for your dedication to san francisco and to public service these past 34 years. you've just been amazing. i know there's other people including our deputy city administrator who would also like to add a few words. thank you so much, john, and congratulations. >> chair: thank you, supervisor stefani. ken. >> i am ken and i am here on behalf of city administrator carmen shoe to express thanks to john on behalf of the san francisco residents and businesses and visitors. as supervisor stefani said, john
7:44 pm
has been integral in guiding the center. he has made this the premier meeting site in the united states. he is one of the most welcome ambassadors and one of the biggest promoters. san francisco is the place to visit and to hold a convention. it's hard to think of john without thinking of his friendly smile and handshake. as was noted -- aside from his convention work, john has played a vital role in highlighting and celebrating japanese history in san francisco and promoting japan town, one of the few remaining in the united states. john represents the very best in public service. city administrator chu and myself are thankful he is being recognized today for his contributions to san francisco and we thank you for the opportunity to share in this
7:45 pm
recognition. >> chair: thank you so much, ken. congratulations, john, and you have the floor. >> thank you, everybody. good afternoon, president walton, and members of the board. i know you have a number of amazing individuals to recognize today along with a full agenda so i'll keep my comments brief. first of all, thank you, supervisor stefani, for presenting me with this wonderful commendation. it is truly an 340ure7b. i've told others i worked with overhonor. i've told others i worked with over not only did i manage the center, but i worked hand in hand with the dedicated hospitality industry. thanks to the unwavering support of the mayor, our business here thrives, breaking attendance records every year right up until 2020. then everything changed. as you all know from march 2020 to july 2021, the center was
7:46 pm
repurposed to become the city's massive covid center. not only did we store supplies and equipments in the exhibition halls, we converted the inventory to accommodate hundreds of city employees reassigned from their everyday jobs. through amazing operation and all of us at the building, we were proud to respond to and to manage the pandemic. rebuilding our industry is crucial to the city's economic well-being. the faster we can get back to what we do best and hosting 1 million conventioners every year, the better off the city will be. i want to thank you all. particularly carmen shoe for her tireless support and guidance as well as her leadership for the city's economic recovery. i had a great run and enjoyed every single minute. thank you so much. [ applause ].
7:47 pm
>> chair: thank you so much, john, congratulations again. thank you, supervisor stefani. now we have supervisor mandleman. >> thank you, president walton. today i am offering a commendation for margaret thee as she retires from a 40-year career with the city and county of san francisco. margaret immigrated to san francisco from hong kong when she was just 6 years old and her career and public service was with the office administrator, department of public works, and public utilities commission. her hard work, expertise, and her outstanding performance earned her various promotions. meanwhile, her calmness left a lasting impression on countless colleagues. they describe margaret as warm, patient, and knowledgeable, a
7:48 pm
go-to person on all things payroll. she made sure those who paviour streets, clean our buildings, inspect buildings and more get paid accurately and on time. margaret is an outstanding public servant, sharing homemade food, making space for children and always 19ing time to support colleagues. margaret will be missed by friends and co-workers throughout the government and her legacy will endure as an example of public service at its finest. i want to offer my personal and our collective gratitude for sharing so much of yourself with the city for so long with the positive marks you've made. thank you, margaret, and we wish you all the best in your well-earned retirement. >> chair: thank you so much, supervisor. i do want to say congratulations, margaret, and i appreciate you, supervisor, for taking the time to acknowledge
7:49 pm
her. now we have supervisor melgar. >> thank you so much, president walton and colleagues. i am very excited for this opportunity to present this special commendation to michael yu and glen louis. i learned of the work of this inspiration mother-son duo from district 7 last year from katie ting who was at the department of public health and now at the office of small business. michael yu is a high school student at lincoln high school. his mother gwen is a behavioral health nurse at the omice family center on ocean avenue. both of them have creatively and enthusiastically organized supply drives to serve families and young people during the pandemic.
7:50 pm
gwen says, my goal has been drawn to community service at a young age because his younger brother, christopher, is impacted by awesome. michael has a strong sense of duty in the pandemic. he helped families isolated because of remote learning and he helped put together school supplies to donate to various organizations serving children with special needs. but moreover, he helped to involve his brother and other students with special needs in the process. michael and his family started a community service group called share s.f. they donated supplies like masks and planted a sidewalk garden on ocean avenue to help patients with their mental health. last year children became
7:51 pm
eligible for vaccines and michael took it on himself to purchase and assemble vaccine card holders to distribute to classmates and young people at the clinics. michael and his mom gwen also purchased goodies like colored pencils, lip bottom, hand sanitizers, and other things to make gift baskets to distribute to children at the vaccination sites last year. they distributed over 200. it was a scary experience for many kids, so it is really heart-warming to see a young person turn that around and exercise this kind of leadership. i am so proud of young leaders like michael who have made this experience so comforting for others with his positive presence and little gifts. on halloween, michael and his family visited vaccination clinics with michael dressed up as a covid-19 vaccine vial,
7:52 pm
calling himself mr. vaccine and his brother dressed up as antibodies. it brought laughter and joy to workers stopping by the clinic. sometimes it is easier to succumb to helplessness and it is people like michael and gwen among many other generous volunteers who remind us of our humanity and it takes one person's act of kindness to make an impact. michael has been recognized on the radio and he was featured on abc news. michael and gwen, i want to take this time to recognize you and to thank you for being so generous with your time and energy and to get you involved in any way you can. your service is so valuable. michael was planning on being here to accept this commendation
7:53 pm
virtually, but he is a very good student and he didn't want to miss class. so they will be submitting a video along with his mom gwen. mr. president, if we could now play that video. that would be great. >> chair: thank you, supervisor melgar. madam clerk. >> clerk: can you please play the video. thank you. >> happy new year. >> hi, i am michael yu, a senior from abraham lincoln high school. >> i'm gwen, michael's mom. >> thank you so much for the commendation. i am truly humbled and honored to receive this. community service projects give me a chance to meet different people and to learn interesting and new things. i think it is important to help each other and to make our world a better place. i would highly encourage everyone to find time to get
7:54 pm
involved in something they believe in. to me community service is fun and rewarding. >> good job, michael. it is important for young people to find opportunities to learn new skills not taught in the classroom. when you're involved in something bigger than yourself or helping someone in need, you will need to be passionate, empathetic, and tolerant. >> i was excited when the department of health was partnering up with our school district to set up vaccination clinics across san francisco to help vaccinate residents especially younger children. this is important because we want to make sure everyone is safe and healthy. >> we're accepting this commendation on behalf of everyone who is dedicated and working diligently every day in this vaccination effort. together san francisco rocks.
7:55 pm
thank you! [ applause ]. >> chair: thank you so much, michael and his family. it is always great to see our young people at work here in the city and thank you, supervisor melgar, for acknowledging michael and his work. madam clerk, this concludes our 2:30 p.m. special order and this. we are on to item 20. >> clerk: item 20, in item was considered by the land use and transportation committee at a regular meeting on monday, january 10, 2022. this is an ordinance to permit bars in the castro street neighborhood and to affirm the ceqa appropriation and make
7:56 pm
findings. >> chair: thank you, madam clerk. i don't see anyone on the roster. would you please call the roll. [ roll call ]. >> clerk: there are 11 ayes. >> chair: thank you. without objection this ordinance is passed unanimously on first reading. madam clerk, would you please call item 21. >> clerk: item 21 and 22 were considered by the rules committee at a regular meeting on monday, january 10, 2022, and were recommended as committee reports. item 21 is an ordinance to amend the administrative code to provide members of the public
7:57 pm
works commission, sanitation and streets commission, and sheriff's department oversight board with health insurance coverage through the san francisco health service system. >> chair: thank you, madam clerk. would you please call the roll on 21 and 22. >> clerk: should i read item 22, mr. president? >> chair: yes. >> clerk: item 22 is an ordinance to amend the municipal elections code to require the director of elections to submit information documenting the city's intended open source voting pilot program to the california secretary of state on behalf of the board of supervisors and upon approval of the secretary of state to implement such a system for use at the november 8, 2022, election. >> chair: thank you, madam clerk. on both items. [ roll call ].
7:58 pm
>> clerk: there are 11 ayes. >> chair: thank you. without objection, these ordinances are passed unanimously on first reading. madam clerk, please call our 3:00 p.m. special order. [ please stand by ]
7:59 pm
8:00 pm
8:01 pm
>> i respectfully ask for your support. >> president walton: thank you, do we have a second? motion to continue made by supervisor mandelman. seconded by supervisor peskin and before we vote on the motion, we need to have public comment on the motion. >> clerk: thank you, mr. president. to operations, at this time, the board of supervisors requests public testimony specific to the continuance of items 11 through 14, the appeal of conditional use authorization approval for the 18th street project. the board is taking up to two minutes of testimony. telephone number is streaming on your screen. it is (415) 655-0001. and when you hear the prompt, enter the meeting id,
8:02 pm
24894987430. you'll press pound twice, you will have joined the meeting as a listener, you will hear the discussion, but your line will be muted and once you're ready to get into the queue to provide public comment, that is when you should press star three and when it is your turn, listen carefully for the prompt you have been unmuted and just begin speaking your comments. i appreciate the interpreters who are on stand by to introduce themselves for interpretation. we'll start with chinese and for spanish.
8:03 pm
[interpretation] . >> translator: [speaking foreign language]
8:04 pm
thank you. >> translator: [speaking spanish]. >> clerk: thank you to all of you jumping in. so we have 18 who are listening and there are three in the queue. the board is now taking testimony on the let's hear
8:05 pm
from our first caller, please. welcome, caller. all right. that's an unattended line. let's go to our next caller. welcome, caller. okay. let's go to our next caller then. welcome, caller. >> caller: hi. i'm here to comment on the jfk. >> clerk: that should get you back into the queue and once general public is called, we'd love to hear from you. let's hear from our next
8:06 pm
caller, please. >> caller: hello. i've lived in san francisco for the next 40 years. okay. >> clerk: i'm going to interrupt you and recommend you press star three. that will put you back into the queue this is specific. we're taking comment on the conditional use authorization for the 18th street project which is considered to be continued to february 8th.
8:07 pm
>> caller: hello. thank you for having me. i call upon you to stop making continuances and making a decision. i hope like supervisor stefani and chan. let's get people houseded. thank you for having these remote meetings. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. to the remainder of the callers in the queue, this is the items pertaining to the conditional use authorizization for the 18th street project. we're going to go to our next caller and operations, let's hear from our next caller,
8:08 pm
please. >> clerk: all right. unattended line. let's hear from our next caller, please. >> caller: hello. i am attempting to comment on the jfk drive issue. >> clerk: all right. thank you for waiting. we appreciate your patience. operations, do we have another caller in the queue for the 18th street project and the potential continuation to february 8th. welcome caller. all right. that's another caller perhaps who's waiting for general public comment. operations, do we have another caller in the queue. >> caller: thank you. i'm waiting for the other commenting.
8:09 pm
>> clerk: thank you. and we do appreciate your patience. all right. operations, any callers in the queue for the 18th street project. >> madam clerk, there are no further callers in the queue. >> clerk: thank you, mr. atkins. mr. president. >> president walton: thank you. seeing no other speakers, public comment is now closed. madam clerk, i need to continue these items to the february 8th meeting made by supervisor mandelman and seconded by supervisor peskin. >> clerk: on the motion to continue items 11 through 14 to february 8th, supervisor safai. [roll call]
8:10 pm
>> president walton: without objection, continues the hearing to february 8th, 2022, is approved unanimously. madam clerk, we'll call the next item to order, items 15 through 19. comprise the next special order item 15 is the board of supervisors to convene in the setting as a committee of the whole. this item is scheduled pursuant to a resolution with the board of supervisors on october 19th
8:11 pm
and item 16 calls for a special election for city and county of city and county of san francisco infrastructure and financial district or the i.r. fvmentd
8:12 pm
8:13 pm
8:14 pm
>> revitalization financing district in order to amend infrastructure financing
8:15 pm
specifically as the board acting as the legislative body for the i.r.s.d. and it is the culmination of the public hearing and then the results in the resolution calling in the special election and that is going to be a landowner election and we have been working with the landowner who is are the developers for treasure island and they've been supportive and involved in the amendment process and at such, they've submitted waivers to typical election law
8:16 pm
requirements for timing and ballots and i believe that we've already sent ballots and received them back for most all of the landowners. the second two items are to be continued for consideration by the future meeting date and february 1st which follows the special election which will be at which time ballots will be canvas which will only be considered by the board acting in his capacity. as a result of the election and at least two thirds of the landowners having approval of the territory. just for context.
8:17 pm
on trrp island. to finance specific infrastructure and affordable housing costs within the project area. this spring as well as so here is the map of the as proposed amended that's currently our five project areas a through e with a comprising all of yerba buena island as the first part being b through e. regarding treasure island throughout the years. with along the sort of leeway
8:18 pm
to where we are today. we've had multiple csd bond issuances approved by the board and we've issued and been able to reimburse developer for public infrastructure completed. this item is the next step in order for us to be able to issue bonds for the irsd and we plan on coming back to the board for issuance this spring. so the irsd has pledged a portion of the city's property taxes with 82.5% of those taxes reimbursing the developer for eligible public infrastructure cost towards funding affordable housing as well as paying administration costs. and just a reminder for the proposed i.f.p. amendments that we've gone through and approved and are going to be seeking approval from landowners via election is the changes in
8:19 pm
project boundary areas which are identified by the controller's office as the administrator for the irfd. these amendments are largely administrative in nature. as well as work with in order to assign areas which better allow for the 40 plus years of administration that will be going on for this district and for this project. and so at the time of the original formation in 2017, development parcels in certain project areas look as they do in the above map as they do and certain parcels grew inside while others shrank in the original parcel boundary. unfortunately, in order to administer the collection of tax increment and tax lead areas, the project area boundaries have to match actual apns in order for the board to
8:20 pm
assign. because of this, we're amending the boundaries for actual parcels and we're also adding certain parcels to project area e which is in the purple color due to knowledge there are changes for development parcels due to pending maps to be recorded that will change shapes of parcels that will cut a street through previously not there and so all of the property that's being added is tida owned property, that's not planned for any development and is open space and we're simply adding it not to increase or to capture any value so to make sure that as the parcel boundaries change, we are not including any portion. the second amendment is a result of the changing boundaries. due to laws for any reason not
8:21 pm
explicit laid out. this amendment would add stability for the this is not allowed in the city to correct people in the financing plan which laid out the distribution of the 1 it did not break the county from the 1% from the city's portion. i said it's not included in the
8:22 pm
amount pledged in the i.r.f.d. which prohibits educational fortunes of the 1% property tax from being pledged. shows the new amount from the county office education portion broken out and excluded. which we are currently undergoing with understanding that the developers in this situation are landowners and
8:23 pm
they are all supportive of this process as it is the way that they are funding the public infrastructure. and, with that, are there any questions? >> president walton: thank you so much. supervisor peskin. >> supervisor peskin: thank you, president walton. mr. brewer, historically or at least early on in the wake of the dissolution of redevelopment and the reliance on what i call poor man's tax increment ifds or ifrds, there was concern particularly by the office that you represent that
8:24 pm
there could be in the general case of default. >> so i say with any debt issue that has our name on it, there are concerns, but i will not say that the general fund is liable in any way apart from the portion of the tax increment which is pledged to the irfd chsz a source of the funding to repay debt. but with our name being on bond. we, of course, are looking as we are going to issue debt to issue in a way that is take into consideration all of the different factors at the time of issuance.
8:25 pm
>> supervisor peskin: what you are saying is that if there was a default, the general fund would have to come to the rescue in order to not be downgraded and affect our bond rating and the value of the rest of our debt. is that what you're saying? >> is that would be a worse case scenario. there's a number of provisions when we're going to issue debt that allow us to do fast fore closure that would allow us to have multiple steps including debt service reserve fund. that would give us ample time to find solutions other than the general fund in order to make the property tax payment
8:26 pm
efficient to meet that sort of requirement. so that would be the absolute worse case scenario which we do not expect to see. there will also be that service coverage requirements that issuance that will allow there to be, you know, small nonpayments in order to continue to make sure the debt service requirements are met even in those. >> supervisor peskin: is mr. rosenfield on this call? i know he was worried about the cumulative impact over time and i could have asked this about the last i.f.d. or ifrd but i don't want you to put -- i'd love to hear from the controller if he's on. >> president walton: we do have control every rosenfield here. did you catch that? >> i did, president walton. good afternoon, supervisors. i concur with mr. brewer.
8:27 pm
and i think supervisor peskin's questions are good ones. any time we establish a special taxing entity like andishing bonds through it. while we are not legally liable for the cost of that service should there be a default by that, there is created for the city of that eventuality and so every time one of these proposals comes forward to initially create an ifd otherwise it's part of the care
8:28 pm
our office is taking in to kind of vet that out and then to work into the financing deal, the provisions that minimize that risk too. what we believe is an acceptable level and i know we are often reporting to the board our feelings on that. the initial findings come forward. so these are the same questions we ask ourselves. we remain comfortable with the districts we're talking about here and the amendments today don't materially change any of those risks to file for the city, but i do appreciate the good questions. >> supervisor peskin: thank you. >> president walton: thank you, supervisor peskin. i don't see anyone else on the
8:29 pm
roster provide two minutes of. >> clerk: when you hear the prompt, enter the meeting id 24894987430. press pound twice and you'll have joined the meeting as a listener. you will hear the discussion but your line will be muted and once you're ready to get into the queue to provide your testimony, that's when you should press star three. when it is your turn, you will hear the prompt you have been unmuted and just begin speaking your comments. as stated earlier, we do have interpreters on stand by ready to jump in and assist anyone with interpretation needs. we do appreciate the patience of those other individuals who are online waiting until general public comment is called. we're coming up to that item in several minutes. so operations, let's hear from
8:30 pm
our first caller in the queue. >> there are no callers in the queue. >> clerk: thank you, mr. atkins. mr. president. >> president walton: thank you, seeing no speakers, public comment is now closed and this hearing has been held and is now filed. supervisor haney. >> supervisor haney: thank you, president walton and colleagues. i want to make a motion to continue items 18 and 19 to the february 1st board meeting. >> president walton: thank you so much, supervisor haney. there is a motion to continue items 18 and 19 to the february 1st board meeting. do we have a second?
8:31 pm
seconded by supervisor peskin. >> clerk: on the motion to continue items 18 and 19 to february 1st, 2022, [roll call] >> president walton: thank you and the motion carries. madam clerk i believe this
8:32 pm
concludes. >> clerk: mr. president, my apologies. we still have 16 and 17. >> president walton: supervisor haney, items 16 and 17. >> supervisor haney: just call it. >> president walton: i just want to make sure. do we need a motion? >> clerk: no. >> president walton: no motion. my apologies, supervisor haney. madam clerk, 16 and 17. >> clerk: on items 16 and 17, [roll call]
8:33 pm
there are 11 ayes. >> president walton: thank you, without objection. these resolutions are adopted unanimously. and now madam clerk, i believe this concludes our 3:00 p.m. special order. would you please call roll call for introductions. >> clerk: yes. first up is supervisor safai. >> supervisor safai: thank you, madam clerk. colleagues, i know these last few weeks, i'm sure many of you like our office have been bombarded. supervisor preston, sorry i didn't get your permission, i just wanted to see for myself what i had been hearing and the
8:34 pm
lines were literally down the block. in my district, the lines were around the corner for four blocks and as you know, this and a dramatic need. i'm putting forward the department of emergency management to establish a covid command center to address the omicron surge. our schools are being bombarded. our students. if they are vaccinated. and are exposed, they have to monitor and come back and test. there's a lack of supplies z. i know our city has done everything we can to support,
8:35 pm
but we need to do everything better and we need to react as quickly as we can. grocery stores are being bombarded. lines out the door. our muni bus drivers, our first responders and these are people that are vaccinated. our community based organization as i referred to all over the city, they don't even have ppe to hand out for families that want to isolate and try to ensure that the rest of the family is not being exposed. for the past two years, since mayor breed issued the clearing, we have done a tremendous job in this city. a tremendous job, but the amount of calls that we're getting, supervisor ronen, i know that this is something
8:36 pm
that you fought for in the beginning, are being the program itself is running out of findings currently right now to support that. with their rental assistance, any support that they need. as dr. colfax said to me last night, our testing sites that were contracted for about 3,000 tests a day are exceeding 10,000 tests. we are overwhelmed in this system and i believe from what we have done over the last number of months, we have the ability to redirect. we have the ability to put the resources in place. now, yesterday on the phone with dr. earlich at san francisco general, they are
8:37 pm
down 400 staff right now and so much of what we're trying to do with i also think we can do better and so i also look forward to working with the mayor and look forward to working with mary ellen carol, director carol and her team and dr. colfax and his team. we also need to be emphasizing people to do more boosters at this point. we have a good percentage compared to the rest of the country but how are we going to do that if lines are around the block if we don't have the staffing there. i know we can adjust it at this moment and i as supervisor melgar said earlier, this is something that needs to happen, it needs to happen yesterday and so working with the department of emergency management and department of public health. they cannot handle this surge
8:38 pm
right now. but it's just not enough right now. so we're seeking to establish something not at mosconi center because we can't, conventions are back, but we believe a smaller site on a smaller department head level basis to have the coordination that we've had previously to handle this surge and, with that, colleagues, the rest i submit. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor safai. supervisor stefani. >> supervisor stefani: submit. >> clerk: thank you. president walton. >> president walton: i have nothing to submit. >> clerk: thank you. supervisor chan. >> supervisor chan: thank you. if i could have one quick minute. so today i am submitting a
8:39 pm
motion along with supervisor haney. the motion is for the board of supervisors to sit as a committee as a whole to hear actually what supervisor safai has just talked about too. you know, it's really about the department of public health's response to omicron surge. in december, during our hearing about the declaration of emergency in the tenderloin, i asked that the department of emergency management how they were going to balance that responsibility with the ongoing needs of covid response. what we heard or what i heard during that meeting is that the department of emergency management was passing that responsibility onto the department of public health. colleagues, i have been also asking this question just about in general on testing thinking about our downtown and our economy recovery and just
8:40 pm
understanding that when people travel nonetheless whether they're vaccinated or not, they still need to get testing. so we always know that testing has been a critical piece of this, but now with omicron surge, it's even more critical than ever and i know that, you know, supervisor ronen and melgar during the committee will be hearing also the testing specifically for our school students. but now we're hearing, you know, what supervisor safai just mentioned. hours long lines for testing. primary partner caller just had to close a facility due to technical glitches and license testing facilities are popping up in every neighborhood. you know, we don't know and still we are investigating who these people are so colleagues, i know you share our concerns and each of us have been working really hard in our own
8:41 pm
capacity to get answers and so with that, i hope, you know, that you'll join me for all of us to get an update about the city's plan and response and its critical for our residents to have the opportunity to get the latest is the reason why i'm calling for the committee as a whole at our next board of supervisors meeting on tuesday, january 25th. thank you and the rest i'll submit. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor chan. supervisor haney. >> supervisor haney: thank you, madam clerk. i want to thank supervisors chan and supervisor safai for their leadership on this issue of how we're responding to testing and i'll be joining supervisor chan and calling for a committee as a whole. i know it isn't just two or three supervisors, it's every supervisor that has been scrambling in to support every one of our residents who've been experiencing concerns about how they can get tested when they've been exposed to
8:42 pm
covid, when they need to return to work or school and we as a city need to have an all-hands-on-deck approach to how we respond to this surge. we are currently experiencing over 1,300 cases a day. a year ago which was the previous highest surge during the pandemic, we were experiencing less than 400 cases a day. so we are at over four times the number of cases a day in san francisco. thankfully, we aren't seeing the same levels of spikes in hospitalizations, but hospital izations are creeping up. this is a huge demand for tests that the department of public health or as supervisor safai said stepping up to deliver at a higher level than we've ever seen, but it's still not enough. we are still not meeting the demand. i think that one of the things that i hope we can talk about in this hearing is not only how we're responding, how we're
8:43 pm
providing testing, but also how we're communicating. i think that's something that's come up again and again as people are being told when certain things happen like they need to go back to school or work or they believe they have symptoms that they're supposed to get a test and then they go to try to make an appointment and then they can't and understandably, that's leading to a lot of anxiety, panic, it's creating log jams within our systems of emergency response as we know. people are calling 911. they're showing up in emergency rooms because they don't know where they're supposed to go for information because the information we're being told is that they should be concerneded for their health if they were exposed and so they should urgently be tested and they can't and that's creating a lot of, you know, challenges for people to be able to go along with their lives and creating
8:44 pm
huge backlogs and log jams in our system. and so i look forward to this hearing. i definitely concur with supervisor safai's request and resolution and the rest i commit. >> clerk: thank you supervisor haney. supervisor mandelman. >> supervisor mandelman: thank you, madam clerk. today, i am introducing a resolution adding the commemorative street name to the 0 block of alert alley.
8:45 pm
and her dedication. on easter which has grown from its home base in san francisco into a worldwide spiritual community service and activist and artist organization offering sanctuary with its communities and housing 60 u.s. cities and 14 countries. the sisters have been perpetual activists. lgbtq+ youth. prison reform, immigration, and the environment. in 1982, sister vishnew and the
8:46 pm
sisters introduced a dog show that was one of the first for people with hiv and aids. also introducing the first halloween in the castro and the celebration went on to attract as many as hundreds of thousands of attendees and under funded lgbtq+organizations. in 1993 at the creating change conference, the first ever demand of speakers in stonewall 25th anniversary. the history of activism began long before she introduceded the first gay pride, became the second person in the united states to apply for a same-sex marriage license in 1976 and attended the white knight riots in 1979. between 15th and 16 has been
8:47 pm
selected for the commemorative street name for several reasons. it's very close to sister vishnew. finally, on the corner of alert alley and delores street. delores street community services has operated a residential program for people with hiv and aids which began as a hospice in 1995 to attend unit residential care facility for formally homeless men and women with disabling hiv and aids. the name of a tireless activist and fundraiser for people living with people on this corner even more appropriate. i want to thank staff at the sfmta at the department of public works for their help with this resolution. i also want to thank sister roma who brought the idea of naming a street in the mission delores neighborhood after sister vishnew to us for whom
8:48 pm
this has been a passion project and who has worked hard to bring us to this point. the rest i submit. >> clerk: thank you supervisor mandelman. supervisor mar. >> supervisor mar: submit. >> clerk: thank you. supervisor melgar. >> supervisor melgar: submit, thank you. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor. supervisor peskin. >> supervisor peskin: thank you, madam clerk. i have a couple of items for introduction today. first in the midst of the unfolding corruption scandal here in san francisco implicating city officials and the revelation that the beneficiary of san francisco's monopoly's waste management contract for 90 years, ricology to the tune of almost $100 million together with all of you colleagues and the mayor, i'm introducing an initiative ordinance to reform the broken system that has been
8:49 pm
the law of the land for almost one century. i want to thank mayor breed and her staff particularly andres power, our controller ben rosenfield and his team, deputy city attorney and his colleagues at the city attorney's office as well as the members of the refuge working group for all of their work to get to this point. as was widely reported this morning unfortunately, ricology has submitted their own version of a watered down reform which as i said in one of those publications is among the most spectacular displays of cynicism and hubris that i've seen in my two decades of public service. i'm also recently informed and believed that the extent of recology's abuse goes well beyond the $100 million in excess charges that were
8:50 pm
previously reported and settled after dennis herrera brought suit and, in fact, may include upwards of another $100 million in overcharges and ill be gotten profits. that recology would rebuff ongoing, good faith discussions around reform and file title and summary on their own watered down proposal just to get the signatures spending a quarter of a million dollars of rate payers money for that effort is frankly appalling and beyond the pale. i look forward to moving these through the legislative process and towards the ballot and i believe that the voters will be with us. they are smart and not the reckless expenditures of an entity that is already abused the public trust is under a deferred prosecution agreement
8:51 pm
with the united states department of justice and has already admitted to bribery. >> that would require the automatic sprinkler systems in all existing high-rise residential buildings in san francisco that do not currently have them. this is legislation that i've been working on for over a year now ever since the horrifying at least some of the fault lies with regulators and industry
8:52 pm
representatives to install auto mated sprinklers in that building. i've been working with the san francisco apartment association and high-rise building owners and furtherance of this legislation and look forward to continuing that work in the weeks and months ahead with those parties as well as with all of you, colleagues. today, i'd also like to adjourn the board meeting in the memory of two individuals. timmy 'tiki' jim. he was very proud of his indigenous oneida roots in northeastern wisconsin. can often be found long black
8:53 pm
hair and ready smile. the pandemic hit many people hard, but particularly those in the service industry struggle during the worst lows of the pandemic shutdown including jimmy. he had a deep love for the city and made it a personal mission to be a grass roots community builder and supported the arts to come together. i want to extend our deepest condolences to the 16th street community and family for this profound loss. i'd like to offer an in memoriam today for tony ryan. a north beach fixture who can be nound his triangle specks, the cafe in vasuvio's as well as other north beach haunts and
8:54 pm
the list goes on hess an online book seller you'd actually never have known that he'd live in the east bay give him in the east bay and after a fire devastated his east bay home, he moved into an sro unit adjacent to specks and passport full of stamps. it is no surprise that his death bed literally amounted to piles upon piles of books almost on the ceiling. he died of heart disease at the age of 73. memorial service is planned for his birthday. and board of supervisors, i won't offer my sincere condolences to his surviving families.
8:55 pm
your brother's quintessential life for a constant inspiration. we are all miss your sense of humor and all kinds of leftist literature. the rest i submit. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor peskin. supervisor preston. >> supervisor preston: submit. >> clerk: thank you. and supervisor ronen. >> supervisor ronen: thank you, colleagues. first, i wanted to let you know that i have been vigilantly watching the right to recover fund. it was originally prior to the omicron incredible contagious spread, it was working wonderfully and we were set to have funds all the way through this budget season, of course, that all got blown up quite recently i was planning on keeping the right to recover
8:56 pm
program going today to see if she could find alternative funding. we're happy to do that, but not going to wait much longer because this fund has been critical to especially low income individuals and families who have to quarantine at home and not work during covid. so i just wanted to let you know, we are on top of it. again, a huge thank you to oewd and in particular josh arse and chad keyston i believe is his last name who have just been running this program with such confidence and such care and i just really appreciate them. we get weekly updates and have since we passed our budget allocation to them giving us projections on how long it would last. so we've been monitoring it
8:57 pm
closely all along thanks to their great work. so thank you so much, colleagues and we might be looking for your support for a budget supplemental if needed. secondly, today i'm introducing a resolution in support of sb 830 authored by state senator anthony portontino. it would fund california public schools on their annual enrollment instead of their average daily attendance. it would result in $3 billion more a year in public schools. the current formula is not stable. school districts plan for budgets based on the number of students enrolled. for example, school district enrolls 100 students, but their attendance rate is 90%. the school district must still prepare as if 100 students will attend class every day, but
8:58 pm
only receives funding for 90 students. it of course, hits lower income schools or schools serving low income children even harder as life is just more unpredictable and getting sick and not being able to get to school is harder. so i hope you will join me in supporting this resolution and the rest i submit. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor ronen. seeing no other names on the roster. mr. president, that concludes the introductions. >> president walton: thank you, madam clerk. >> clerk: the board of supervisors welcomes general public comment. the best common practice if you're using your touch phone to provide your public comment. throughout the meeting, the telephone number has been stream on your screen. it is (415) 655-0001. and when you hear the prompt, enter the meeting id
8:59 pm
24894987430 and you'll press pound twice. you will know that you have joined the meeting as a listener once you hear the discussion but your line will be muted and once you are ready to get into the queue to provide public comment, that is when you should press star 3. and when it is your turn, listen carefully for the prompt 'you have been unmuted' and begin speaking your comments. during general public comment, you may speak to the december 7th, 2021, board meeting minutes. the mayoral appearance at the beginning of this meeting. the latter section items 25 through 31 and matters that are not on the agenda today, but that are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the board. all other agenda content has had its public comment requirement fulfilled. as stated earlier, we do have interpreters on stand by ready
9:00 pm
to jump in to assist you with your interpretation. so, to that, we have how many callers in the queue. i believe we have about 25 who are listening and there are nine who are actually ready in the queue to make their comment. so, mr. atkins, let's hear from our first caller, please. welcome, caller. >> caller: hello, supervisors. my name is parker day and i'm a resident of district 3. my partner and i are huge supporters of both streets. these spaces are so important they provide a space for recreation and safe roots for us to travel across the city, not in a car. these changes during the early days of the pandemic the potential for freedom ofee