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tv   BOS Budget and Finance Committee  SFGTV  January 12, 2022 10:30am-2:31pm PST

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>> chair haney: i am joined by supervisors safai and gordon mar. i want to thank sfgovtv for broadcasting this meeting. mr. clerk do you have any announcements? >> yes, the minutes will reflect committee members participated through video conference to the same extent as though physically present. public access is essential and invites participation in the following ways. public comment on each item on the agenda channel 26, 78, 99
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and sfgovtv. streaming the call-in number on the screen. comments to speak are available by calling 415-655-0001. meeting id24808654274. press symbol pound twice you will be muted in listening mode. when your item comes up dial star 3 to be added to the speaker line. call from a quiet location, speak clearly and slowly. turn down your streaming device. you may submit public comment by e-mailing myself. at sfgovtv. if you submit public comment by
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e-mail it will be forwarded to supervisors and included as part of the official file. written comments sent by postal service to city hall, 1 dr. carlton b. goodlett place room 244 san francisco, california 94102. items acted upon today will appear on the agenda of january 25th. mr. chair. >> chair haney: thank you, mr. clerk. we have a full budget committee agenda. thank you for your brevity with presentations and your patience. can you please call item 1. accept and ex send $6,538,000 from the program entitled california home visiting state general fund expansion for period of july 1, 2021 through
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june 30, 2023. amending ordinance 109-21. annual salary ordinance for 2021-22 and 22-23 to provide for addition of one grant funded full-time position class 2830. public health nurse. call 415-655-0001. id24808654274. pound twice. please dial star three to peak. wait until the system indicates you are muted to begin your comments. mr. chair. >> chair haney: we have diane from dph here to present on this item. >> good morning, supervisors. thank you for this opportunity.
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these funds are provided by the california home visiting program with the department of public health at the state level. we are requesting or proposing to expand the nurse family partnership program by the addition of one new public health nurse position. we have significant wait lists for clients who are in need of our services. the retro activity of this is due to a delay in possessing of the grant due to changes at the state level with multiple personnel changes as well as activations, covid activations of the local public health nursing staff including myself. habe.
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>> chair haney: thank you. >> we do not have a report on this item. >> chair haney: public comment? >> clerk: operations is checking to see if there are callers in the queue. members of the public press star 3 to be added to the line to speak. please continue to wait until the system indicates you are unmuted to begin comments. do we have callers in the queue? >> there are no callers in the queue. >> chair: publicment is closed. not seeing any colleagues to comment. i will move to the full board with positive recommendation. roll call vote, please. >> on the motion to the full board. vice chair safai.
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member mar. >> aye. >> chair haney. >> aye. >> vice chair safai. absent. we have two eyes are vice chair safai absent. >> sorry my mute button was stuck. >> we have three ayes, mr. chair. >> chair haney: thank you so much. please call item two. >> clerk: resolution authorizing the office of contract administration to enter into people soft contract id1000023748 between the city and county of san francisco and inter vision systems llc for the purchase of networking equipment software and hardware and software support manufactured by juniper networks with a contract
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got to exceed amount of $40 million and for a total contract of five years commencing on february 1, 2022 through january 31, 2027. if you wish to comment call 415-655-0001. id24808654274. pound twice. if you haven't done so dial star three to speak. the system prompt will indicate you have raised your hand. mr. chair. >> chair haney: we have two from the contract administration. welcome. >> thanks, supervisors. good morning. i am here with my assistant. we will present and then take questions.
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>> good morning. pc and airport are the primary users of the contract we are talking about. i invited dana who is on the call and she can address any questions you may have about what we are trying to do here. today we are talking about term contract 9115. this contract actually covers three different individual contracts. networking, hardware, software and support for three different manufacturers. only one of the contracts is greater than $10 million. that is the one before the board today. we are asking you to authorize oca to enter into an agreement winter vision systems llc for five years with $40 million not to exceed amount. the contract id23748. this contract is for five years and there are no options to
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extend. that is how it was solicited when we did the bid. background how we got here. oca did solicitation on september 20, 2021. a low bid and it was to all authorized resellers for juniper and aarau pa, three separate aggregates. we received bids for the manufacturers, evaluated based on the greatest discounts they could guarantee to us during the contract term. awarded to each reseller that provided the highest weighted discount by each manufacturer. the three companies were inner vision systems for juniper, softness solutions for hpe and inner vision. ids and contract amounts provided. hpe was going to have not to
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exceed $10 million. after revisiting sfpc and sfo projections we determined it would be better to tap at $8.5 million for now. the structure of these contracts. primary users are city-wide term contracts. department of technology could use if they choose. primary users are san francisco public utilities commission, san francisco airport, they are as needed contracts which means that each of these two departments can use them at will or not use them at all. they can also pursue other contracting methods if they so choose. this is one efficient model they have if they want to use it. pricing we are guaranteed minimum discount off the manufacturer's list. minimum at each transaction level we can negotiate deeper
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discounts depending what we are buying and how much we are buying. the purpose of these contracts is to provide efficient process for procuring high volume goods from june person hpe and a ruibawe purchase through the tech market place. it is not the most efficient way. by having the contracts we reduce procurement time from one to four weeks to a few hours. we will secure guaranteed discounts for each product line and rolling up the transactions for each manufacturer under their own individuals we have a better way to track and report that information, something we can't do right now because the transactions are so discounted and occurring using different methods and contracts. additionally, these contracts will allow for greater competition. board has approved almost two
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years ago a contract with converge one for cisco networking equipment. the same type of equipment for $65 million. i believe the department of technology is the primary user of tracontract. by having three additional contracts for cisco competitors the city there insure greater competition between different manufacturers in the same space. final slide. we are asking you to authorize oca to move forward with the contract. that is it. any questions? >> bla, please. >> thank you, chair haney. this approves new agreement between city and inter vision systems. seller of the networking
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equipment. it has not to exceed amount $40 million for five-year term. the city has an existing agreement because it is through technology marketplace. those transactions are capped at $2.5 million and the discounts are not specified in the agreements and as the director mentioned the procurement process can take up to four weeks. the technology marketplace. purchasing of this contract would reduce the procurement to couple hours staff time, eliminate transaction caps and this agreement provides discount goes off the list price for these products from 10 to 80% depending on the product purchased. the spending is consistent with spending so we recommend approval of the resolution. i am happy to answer any questions. >> chair haney: thank you. colleagues any questions or
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comments? public comment, please. >> clerk: operations is checking to see if there are callers in the queue. members who wish to comment wait until the system indicates you are unmuted. that is your key to comment. mr. add atkins. >> no callers in the queue. >> chair haney: public comment is closed. no questions or comments i will move item two to the full board with positive recommends. roll call vote, please. >> clerk: on the motion for this item with positive recommendation. vice --
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(roll call). >> we have three ayes. >> chair haney: thank you. please calling item 3. >> clerk: resolution authorizing the office of contract administration to enter into a contract agreement between city and county for the purchase of networking equipment and software and hardware support manufactured by hewlett-packard with contract not to exceed amount of $10 million for a total contract duration of five years commencing february 1, 2022 through january 31, 2027. members of the public call 415-655-0001 to comment on this item. id24808654274-pound twice. the system prompt will indicate you raised your hand. wait until you are unmuted to comment. mr. chair.
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>> chair haney: the office of city administrator sent e-mail notifying that after review it appears the contract will not read the $10 million and therefore should not be before the board pursuant to section 91.18. someone from the bla please confirm this. >> that's correct, chair haney. we looked at the historical expenditures and it was $7 million contract which doesn't require board approval. >> chair haney: any public comment on this item? >> clerk: operations is checking. members of the public to comment press star 3 to be added to the line to speak. wait until the system indicates you are unmuted to begin your
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comments. any callers? >> there are no callers in the queue. hair hair public comment is closed. >> chair haney: i want to move to file this item. can we take a roll call vote, please. >> clerk: on the motion to file this item. (roll call) clerk we have three ayes. >> chair haney: this will be filed. please call item 4. item 4. ordinance approving a lease between the city and county and dolphin swimming and boating club at 502 and 504 jefferson with annual rent of 10% of all gross receipts that are derive
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from the annual dolphin day. for a term of 25 years with an option to extend for 24 years and general public access requirements waiving the administrative code rent determination that would apply and apfirming the planning department determination under the california environmental quality act. members of the public who wish to comment call 415-655-0001. if you haven't done so star three to speak. wait for the system to indicate you are unmuted. that is your queue to comment. mr. chair. >> chair haney: thank you. we have jackie from district two office to present on this item.
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>> recreation and park department. >> chair haney: jackie, are you presenting? >> yes, i am. >> good morning, chair haney and committee members. i am legislative aid for district two supervisor stefani the sponsor of the matter before you today. this would approve the lease agreement between the city and the club for 25 years. jackie will present on the terms and agreement in just a moment. it is one of the san francisco oldest institutions and it has been in operation since 1877. it a haven for swimmers and boaters. there are over 1500 club members
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today. the club provides ample access to their facilities for nonmembers as well. supervisor stefani is thrilled to support this and hopes to have your support. thank you. i will leave it to you. >> thank you. good morning, supervisors. i am the property manager with the rec and park department. i am here to request support for approval of the new dolphin club lease. we have supported public recreation for 145 years. the terms of the lease were modeled on the properties passed by july 30, 2019 by the board. the club is located at aquatic park established in 1877. they moved to this current location from 1938.
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club activities include not just swimming but also cycling and the active club membership of 1800 members managed by volunteers in leadership and civic positions. i want to highlight the importance of a reliable membership base. they have implemented covid safety protocol to follow the san francisco health. they organized swimming and boating events and competitive events and make plans for the dock maintenance and renovation and repairs. these are photos of pre-covid on the instagram page. average water the in january be is 51°. public access to the club is acquired by the rec and park commission. it is open to the public on
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monday, wednesday and friday for a $10 fee. they alternate with the club next door. their days are tuesday, wednesday, saturday. they can change and shower after swimming in the bay. staff are present to greet visitors, check vaccination and tour the facilities. this is a view of the bay. with the lease term we have a new term of 25 years with 24 year option to extend if both sides agree. rent will be 10% of gross receipts with exception of the proposed new fundraiser 4% of gross receipts. this is a similar structure to the lease for the annual inbevitational fundraiser. we are updating the boundaries
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to includ entire boat dock. maintain be nance responsibilities are the same. clubs are responsible for maintenance with no requirements to the city. the new lease will be updated with the new city required lease language. thank you for your time today. i am happy to take questions. >> thank you so much. i see supervisor safai has a question. >> thank you, mr. chair. thank you, jackie and dominica. a couple questions. i appreciate this club seems amazing. it seems like it is a great program for the city.
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i am wondering why it is only open to public nonmembers three days a week? why would we limit. we are giving below market rate and expanded term where is limited access to nonmembers, where that came about. >> it is a volunteer-run club. they have paid staff. they run off membership fees. the payment, the cost of having full-time staff doesn't make financial sense be for the club. the shared public access with the rowing club. they are open to the public. it will be access to the public for these clubs. similar services the showers and
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access to the beach and the bay. >> i am curious. there are two similar clubs with two similar programs side-by-side? >> yes. >> do they have the same types of amenities? one has a weight room, did you say racquetball or handball? >> yes. >> showers. are they all the same? >> yes. does this club offer any discounted memberships to low income residents? >> there is not. the membership fee is $542 per year. it is a rate that is approved by
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the rec and park commission. they have a senior rate. i don't have that with me right now. >> i saw it comes out to about $45 per month. for just like they have and i understand that you have the day pass for $10, limited to certain days. just curious because, you know, for a lot of families, particularly low income, $542 is out of their reach. if they wanted to -- it sounds like an they have a senior rate. is that something rec and park or the dolphin club thought about? i imagine looking at the numbers of people on day passes they
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probably -- i don't know how many return customers that they had. some of them would take advantage of discounted membership rate if provided. that is something that given the fact that they are getting below market rate and long-term lease. i support it. it is a wonderful thing with a wonderful tradition. i am asking the question about low income membership opportunities. >> dominica from supervisor sevfannie's office. -- stefani's office. they are contemplating a low income rate in these times. i know at least from both clubs i believe the dolphin club, too,
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but i can't say for certain has offered covid hardship waivers. this is off the lease that had been previously approved in both clubs. they are sister clubs and offer parallel, almost exactly the same services. they do operate on two distinct leases. it is something that they are both more seriously contemplating. i am not sure why it was never included in the lease terms themselves. >> we are happy to bring your concerns back to the club. >> chair haney: i guess what i
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would like is a commitment for the club to come back or rec and park to come back with a proposal. we are approving the lease, and i want to approve this lease. i certainly would like to see some movement on that. i just reached out to supervisor stefani directly. i am glad her staff is here. maybe that is something i can talk about with her office and work with her and see if that is something that we can effectuate. i don't think it is anything that was offered. for those attendees if there are any and given the number of people that come there for day passes that would take advantage of a membership at discounted rate. >> supervisor, i wanted to
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reiterate it is the rec and park commission that approves the fees. if there were changes we would take to the commission. >> of course. maybe you could do that. anyway i will follow up with supervisor stefani and her office to see if we can make this happen. on supervisor haney's route on treasure island they have a program about boating and take kids from all over the city to a school district to teach about getting on the bay. it seems like this is a phenomenal program opportunity and we want to make sure that as we look at everything through equity lens that we would push them and provide this opportunity for everybody. when you think about club
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membership, $45 per month to a lot of people that is a great rate. for a lot of families they can't afford it. something to think about. i thought i would bring that up today once i saw that. it seems like a phenomenal program. i am too chicken to get in the bay at 51°. supervisor stefani will say come down here and swim in the bay with me before you make these kinds of suggestions. thank you. >> the bla report on this? >> yes, this proposed ordinance would approve a new lease of the dolphin club in the city. with the market rate
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determination that would typically be required for such a lease of city-owned property. the dolphin club is non-profit membership organization operating a clubhouse. the original lease expired in june. this replaces that lease. that is terminated ormes early -- it is terminated early to be amortized over the duration of the new lease. on page nine we show the dolphin club is responsible for maintenance. this provides 10% revenue share as part of the rent to the city. it allows the club to designate an annual fundraiser which is city revenue share would decrease to 4%. this waives market rate that is
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required. this is reasonable because this is partially open to the public on those three days a week for day pass for nonmembers. that is generally open to the public and not invite only as it is for some other similar club in the city. this lease is consistent. terms are consistent with the lease approved for southeast rowing club in 2019 by the board of supervisors. for that reason we recommend approval. happy to answer any questions. >> thank you. public comment, please. >> clerk: operations is checking to see if there are callers in the queue. if you wish to comment press star 3 to be added to the line to speak. if you are on hold continue to wait until the system indicates you are unmuted. that will be yourque to comment. first speaker, please.
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>> this is dianeual ton speaking. our president is also on the line. i will go first because my line got unmuted. i want to say thank you. gratitude to rec and park and jackie for the work she has done with us and for us both on the lease pan also with covid. it was an extraordinary time and she did extraordinary work as did her partners at rec and park. i want to thank supervisor stefani as well as supervisor peskin, very actively involved in the waterfront and all of you supporting the work to rebuild the pier. thank you so much.
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supervisor safai, all of you are more than welcome to come to the club. i would row you around so you could see what we do. let us know if you would like to come down. thanks. >> any more speakers in the queue? >> this is clint callen. i am jumping the gun here. the club president is also waiting to speak. i would reiterate what diane walton said. we are grateful for the
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opportunity to continue to be really good stewards of the aquatic park ecosystem. we are book ended on the narrow portion of the beach with the south end club and the clubs collaborate remarkably well over a century and a half. club members can be seen picking up trash and cleaning up the beach itself. they are concerned about sea level rise. club members are putting in -- i think the budget is $2.75 million. that is going to get up to 3 or $3.5 million. that is about over 30 years about $100,000 each year to improve the facility and to meet the challenges of sea level rise and they continue to be a
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gateway to this great community and continue the tradition my grandfather was part of. he started at ocean beach and wishes he discovered the sauna sooner than he did. we appreciate the opportunity to be heard today. >> thank you for your comments. mr. adkins, next speaker, please. >> i am the president. nice to talk to you. thank you so much for entertaining this. i would add a few things to what you have already heard. that is that the water is now 50°. i will take any of you who want to go swimming with me, but can people hear me? >> yes. >> thank you.
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the water is very cold right now. it is a marvelous club. quick facts. 145 years this year. we have two wooden boats in the boathouse before the last pandemic in 1918 if that gives you an idea. i think you may know that dolphins were swimming in golden gate before the bridge was built. today we have 1800 members and we have had unbelievable growth spurt during the pandemic. members looking for a unique way of exercising and being part of the club and community. i think most everything is mentioned. i would add we do have financial aid set up. it began last year during the pandemic to help people who cannot afford to make monthly or annual fees. we have helped a number of our
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members get through tough times. we will continue that as part of trying to make our club very accessible to people. we do have a youth swim plan program where we try to get young people in san francisco who might not have the means into the water to learn to swim. i would add that with a big thank you for hearing us out today. we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have. thank be you. >> are there any more callers in the queue? >> there are no further callers in the queue. >> chair haney: public comment is closed. thank you for the folks that called in. that is cold water. i will take you up on it at some
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point. i appreciate and respect what you do to provide this recreational activity for so many people. it is a great institution. supervisor mar. >> supervsor mar: i want to thank the club leaders and members for continuing to be such a uniquely san francisco historic recreational program here in our city out at the aquatic park. thanks to rec and park and staff and supervisor stefani. i support this. very positive for our city. i did have questions just more around the terms of the lease since this is a 25 year lease we
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are renewing here looks like we are waiving market rate rent determination for this lease agreement. replacing it with -- not replacing but the rent is based on a percentage of the revenue. is this similar to the terms of the lease with the dolphin swimming club in the current lease. >> yes, the current lease is 10% of gross revenues. >> what had that actual lease payment been on an annual basis under the current terms?
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pre-covid represent was $75,869 in 2019. for fy20. represent was $82,076. we anticipate rent of around $80,000 in revenue. >> why are we waiving the market rate represent determination to have a better understanding of the city on how that rent payments under the lease structure compare to market rate? >> so the club is unique. the membership is open to anyone. there is no recreation and park commission required there is a nondiscrimination clause in membership application and
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by-laws. anyone with access to the club as member or for public use. because of this unique situation the market rate has been waived. >> club does maintenance and club has nos responsibility for maintenance or repairs of the historic building essentially. >> it sounds like that aspect of the agreement is really important as far as the most important community benefit is the dolphin club retains responsibility for maintaining and repairing and improving the facilities. that is years before this current lease was going to end so they can move forward quickly on that?
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>> absolutely correct. we are planning for the future. >> chair haney: i am trying to understand why there is no market rate determination so we can have a better understanding. in effect this is a subsidy of a private non-profit organization to use our public facilities. there is significant community benefits. to understand how much that subsidy is. that would be helpful. we have never done market rate rent determination for this? >> no, we haven't. >> is that possible to do? this is a unique facility.
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>> director of property management rec and park. the history on this and the south end rowing club is that they provide a very low cast low rate volunteer-run access to the waterfront. we have waived it. it contrasts with like the st. francis yacht club which is more restricted. it is run differently where we do get a market analysis of the rent. even then it is not -- that is a much bigger building. not significant lehigher. it is around $300,000 per year. >> correct. >> similar terms but not public access. that is based on and we just
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recently are in the process of getting another appraisal. those are costly. the question is would it change our analysis because if we raise our rent then all we are going to do is force higher fees to be charged to people using this and past users. the goal and commission's goal with the properties is to provide access to the waterfront. you still have access at aquatic park but this is a unique feature with a shower and place to change clothes. the bla agreed with us on this and the south end rowing club leases. >> chair haney: thanks for that. i appreciate the work on this. my question wasn't so much why we are not charging market rent
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for this but why we haven't determined what that fair market rent would be so we have a better understanding of the amount of subsidy until we get to understand whether that community benefits. >> i think the recent st. francis they don't have any requirements. it gives you a good base of the maximum it would be. that building is much bigger. that is many more amenities, full-service restaurant, all of those things. this building is nothing close to that in terms what it office. there is cost and time involved in respect that. we could incur those coasts and do it.
11:20 am
i am not sure we will come out with a different determination on this one. >> chair haney: i appreciate that. >> i understand. >> chair haney: i am very supportive of this partnership with the dolphin and swimming and boating club. i wanted to understand the terms better. it is a unique situation. thanks, chair haney. thank you for the questions, comments. i want to make a motion. >> real quick. i wanted to say i appreciated the leadership of the club being there. my questions were intended to
11:21 am
put on the record the work they are doing and just to find out more to hear them say they have financial aid packages working through covid is the great partner with the city will do. i will take them up on that offer. i will reach out or set up a time. i may not get in the water. it is great they encourage youth to participate as well. this is a phenomenal thing. i appreciate all of the hard work and supervisor stefani's office has done and the great and tremendous benefit the dolphin club is providing to san francisco. thank you. >> chair haney: i want to make a motion to move item i-44 full
11:22 am
board with positive recommendation. i think i heard supervisor safai say we will have a race in the water at some point soon. >> if you are ready, bring it on. you can join us. >> chair haney: can we have a vote on the motion to send this to the full board with positive recommendation. clerk on the motion to forward to the full board with positive recommendation. (roll call). >> clerk: we have three ayes. >> chair haney: please call item 5. resolution retroactively authorizing the department of children, youth and their
11:23 am
families to accept and ex spend grant in amount of $10 million from crank start to provide before and after-care programs for san francisco unified school district for years 2021-22 and 2022 to 2023. members who wish to comment on this call 415-655-0001. id24808654274. press pound twice. please dial star 3 to line up to speak. wait until you are unmuted to begin your comments. mr. chair. >> thank you. we have director sue here with us today. good morning.
11:24 am
nice to see you all. do you have my slides? >> i want to thank chair haney and members of the board in hearing this item for us. this is for us to move forward with accepting a crank start donation for before and after-school programs. this is a very quick background why this is happening. when schools re-opened in august of this year what we experienced was a lot of non-profit agencies had unlimited capacity to hundreds of children and youth that needed access to before,
11:25 am
during, after-school programs. in further conversations and review with cbos we realized they had limited funds to expand hours to the nonprofit community and as well as increase pay to support the needs of youth workers. these dollars will be used to help meet those challenges and barriers we were hearing from the cbos. >> this is a family foundation in san francisco to work with government and nonprofits to address mead yacht problems the community faced and underlying causes. interest in education and
11:26 am
climate change. they were the primary funders for the summer together 2021 effort last year. the proposed plan is to allocate all of the dollars that crank start is donating to give to cbos so they can do a couple things. one, hire more cbo staff so vacancies can cover the demand that our community is asking for. they can could be convert part-time to full-time so they can make it more appealing for both. or to offer competitive wages
11:27 am
for staff. we will support hiring to address the social emotional and overall well-being of the programs. as you have heard from community members and from parents young people are having a hard time transitioning back into the in person environment at school. more behavioral health specialists for support is crucial. finally we are asking we will be using these dollars to assist with transportation for young people to get to and from program the with limited capacity on public transportation and a lot of our young people not wanting to walk from school to program sites. they said that was a huge issue for them. of course, addressing
11:28 am
the fact of space limitations. cbos are able to tap into new dollars to increase their rental assistance or go and find additional space to run programs in. >> chair haney: appreciate your work on this and the plan. is there a bla report on this item? >> no, chair haney. >> chair haney: colleagues, i do not see hands raised. public comment, please.
11:29 am
>> clerk: operations is checking. press star 3 now for public comment. wait until the system indicates you are unmuted to begin comments. mr. atkins any callers? >> no callers in the queue. >> chair haney: i want to thank you, director and the mayor and the foundation. this is a much needed and appreciated contribution. the night out to provide additional full-time staff and cbos extending the hours and focusing on behavioral and mental health is critical. i appreciate the support and ability to really be there for
11:30 am
our young people at a very challenging time. [please stand by]
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>> this money flows to the department of youth and family and is distributed from there, is that right? >> through the charity. yes. that is absolutely correct. >> so i have a question. and i'm not trying to be controversial. i'm truly am just trying to provide clarity. we just passed a behested payment piece of legislation and i know that there was one -- there is aspects of it that impact receiving grants or ongoing grants of support from nonprofits to the city. but in your opinion, how would -- how is that impacted going forward? could a donation like this, would something in this size and magnitude or even just the support from a nonprofit,
11:32 am
is it impacted by the legislation that we have? i'm working with supervisor peskin's office and we're looking at, we want to ensure that we're not cutting off our nose to spite our face. that we wanted to ensure that we were tightening loopholes but we also don't want to hurt ongoing giving that we all agree is extremely important to the city. so i just want your response as it relates to that. >> thank you so much for asking that question. i feel that -- so, number one, i think it is important to make sure that there's transparency and accountability across the bore. so i think that -- >> of course. >> [inaudible] having that leadership and doing that. because i think that is important to ensure trust in our public. there is a balance between,
11:33 am
you know, setting up rules and accountability structures with also make sure that city departments are able to do their day-to-day work. so, for me, my day-to-day work is to make sure that i sing the great -- sing the praise of the great work of our nonprofit agencies and to make sure, as many people in our community know about what they are doing and why we all need to support them. and i feel like that is the primary job that i have. and as i'm walking around, going around telling foundations such as crankstart and other foundations about the create work of our c.b.o.s, the great work of the city, it does, you know, i have to be now even more cautious about how i talk about our c.b.o.s and how i engage foundations
11:34 am
and other potential givers in their -- in donations. so there's that. and so that requires me to be more mindful and, at times, perhaps a little bit more limited in my requests. now i do believe that, similar to how we're doing this here that if a donation does come through, then having the donation come in front of the board to an accepted process works for dcyf because, at the end of the day, the donations at dcyf secured would go back out to your nonprofit agencies. i can't speak for other city departments so whether or not that works for them, because i know other city departments receive those donations to then support departmental work. you know, the hearing -- the item we just heard, it does
11:35 am
sound like it was a combination of a public-private partnership or public-public partnership where you have rankin park managing the space as well as a nonprofit agency coming in to run the space. so i don't know how the behested legislation impacts departments but for dycyf because we don't manage programs ourselves and we broker everything out, having things run through the accepted process works for us. >> i just wanted to put that out there because i want to make sure, as we review and
11:36 am
we continue those these great relationships going forward. anyway, thank you, mr. chair. thank you, director. thank you to the crankstart foundation. we're 100% in support of receiving this grant and the ongoing work with that nonprofit. >> thank you. supervisor mar? >> thank you. yeah. obviously i echo the thanks to you, director, mayor breed and supervisor roanen and crankstart foundation for this and for the partnership that has been so incredibly important for our city and our children and families. i had a question about what the impact of this $10 million for after school people and after school programs will have. so this is five million a year for this year and next year.
11:37 am
and just going to increase the number of slots for before and after care and can you talk about roughly how many additional slots this would fund and at what, you know, what level does this primarily elementary school and how the schools are selected? >> to the chair, thank you, supervisor mar for the question. so, let's see. yes, crankstart donation is amazing and yes, it is $10 million total and it is served across two years. so $5 million per year and we do that because we want to make sure that because we're talking about staffing we want to make sure that there is, at a minimum, some guarantee that people will have their jobs or their salaries are covered for more than one year. in terms of specifics of how
11:38 am
many lots we are able to provide, i don't have that information at this time. but i can definitely come back and share with you and the board members, that there is complications ins that. so, for example, if we are talking about increasing and part-time person to a full-time person, the nonprofit agency will have to move some of their people around to meet the needs of different groups of kids and so it's really a nonprofit trying to figure out what the best way to either increase their staff time or increase the number of groups that they're going to be serving. so we're still in the middle of planing that with our c.b.o.s. and then also, we're giving our c.b.o.s the opportunity to give them some of these dollars to rent more space so there is lots of that.
11:39 am
so hopefully with the opportunity to rent more space, we will be able to serve more. and then in terms of target population, this is really focused on the elementary schools, after-school providers. there are some middle and high school providers that have asked for additional resources and we will be working with them. but the dollars will go towards the elementary school students. >> thank you. and i'm sure like my colleagues, we heard a lot from parents this year about the lack of trouble accessing before and after school care so this is extremely needed and will be helpful and this funding is going to be additive to our existing funding for before and after school care.
11:40 am
i remember the board in our add-back process, i think we added another $2 million for before and after school care and this would be added reresources into what we've already been committing? >> absolutely. absolutely. this is to add so that c.b.o.s have the resources to expand. >> well thank you, again, director, for all of your work on this and so much more. thanks. >> thank you. thank you for those questions. and appreciations. did i already take public comments on this? it's been awhile. >> yes, mr. chair. we did hold public comment in closed -- >> ok. great. with that, i want to make a motion to move this item to the full board with a positive recommendation and could we have a roll call vote, please. >> the motion to forward to the full board with positive recommendation -- [roll call]
11:41 am
ok. we have three ayes. >> thank you. thank you, director. >> thank you so much. >> take care. mr. clerk, please call item 6. >> yes. item number 16 a resolution approving for purposes of internal revenue code section 147-subsection f, the reissuance for federal income tax purposes of revenue obligations by the california enterprise development authority and the aggregate principal amount not to exceed approximately $11.4 million to finance or refinance certain educational and related facilities owned by national center for international schools. members of public who wish to provide public comment on this item should call
11:42 am
415-655-0001, meeting i.d. 24808654274 and then press pound twice. if you haven't already done so, press star 3 and a system prompt will indicate that you have raised your hand. please wait until the system indicates you have been unmuted and you may begin. mr. chair? >> thank you. and we have the office of public finance on this item. >> good morning, chair haney and members of the committee. thank you for considering the resolution today. also we have representatives on behalf of the applicant who are available if there are questions about their organization or the projects. just to remind the public, tax equity and fiscal responsibility act is called tefra for short. the resolution is here before you today because federal tax law requires the governing body of the jurisdiction in which the project is located, approved the financing of the project after providing the opportunity for a dully
11:43 am
noticed public hearing so debt could be issued on a tax-exempt basis. and the jurisdiction, of course, which is the city and county of san francisco is not obligated for payment on the bonds so the resolution before you is for international schools, a california nonprofit benefit corporation and federal 503-c organization and approves the reissuances of tax purposes for certain revenue obligations issued through california enterprise development authority to which the city is a member. it's authorized to issue bonds and other forms of debt and so per the federal tefra regulations, we published a notice so far public hearing on the city's public notices website on november 16, 2021. the hearing was held by office of public finance through a toll-free teleconference on november 23, 2021 and no comments from any members of the public were heard or received through the public hearing process. the proceeds of these obligations has reissued and deemed to be loaned by california enterprise authority to ncis and a total
11:44 am
amount not to exceed $11.4 million and would be deemed to finance or refinance certain cost of certain educational and related facilities at 150 and 151 oak street and 289 south treat in san francisco. just to give you a little background on what that means, ncis was organized by chinese american international school and is a california nonprofit public benefit corporation. the ncif has organize add whole dose of real properties at 150 and 151 oak street and 289 south street. approval of the legislation will have no fiscal impact to the city and county because the obligations will be paid entirely from payments by the bar where there is no pledge being made to the city. if you have any questions, i'm here and i believe mr. levine is here as well from the school. thank you. >> ok.
11:45 am
is there anything you want to add, mr. levine? >> no, just the school -- our school f you don't know about it, had a long history in san francisco. 60 years. we're formerly located at the u.c. extension and elsewhere and we moved into this property in 1997. we started the project in 1992. we're a prek through 12 institution and about 1,000 students and we're about -- this is to refinance our existing debt which we started in 1997. so, that is what this is about. >> ok. thank you. can we go to public comments, please? >> yes, chair haney. operations checking to see if there are any callers in the queue.
11:46 am
members of public who wish to provide public comment on this item should call 415-655-0001, meeting i.d. 24808654274 and then press pound twice. if you haven't already done so, press star 3 and a system prompt will indicate that you have raised your hand. first speaker, please. >> caller: good morning. thank you, many chair, supervisors safai and supervisor mar for holding this hearing and reviewing our tax reissuance for cranberrisinger da revenue obligations. my name is daniel clinickenbeal and executive director of ncif. you had an intro earlier on who we are and the schools that are here with us. we are refinancing our existing tax system debt obligation to reset maturity from 13 years out to about 30 years out in order to reduce operating costs. thank you for your time and support. >> thank you so much for your comments. do we have any further speakers? >> operator: mr. clerk, there are no further callers in the queue. >> thank you very much. mr. dhair? >> thank you.
11:47 am
public comment is now closed. not seeing -- oh. is there a [inaudible] on this item? >> no, there is not. >> thank you. i'm going to make a notion move item 6 to the full board with a positive recommendation. could we have a roll call vote, please? >> on the motion to forward to the full board with a positive recommendation -- [roll call] we have three ayes. >> thank you. thank you very much. appreciate it. please call item 7. >> yes. item number 17 a resolution retroactively authorizing the office of economic and workforce development to accept an expend a grant in the amount of $500,000 from the north valley workforce development board, a recipient of the grant award from the united states department of labor for
11:48 am
career national dislocated worker grant expand san francisco's public workforce development system to respond to an additional 100 dislocated workers impacted by covid-19 for the grant period of october 1, 2021 through august 19, 2023. members of public who wish to provide public comment on this item should call 415-655-0001, meeting i.d. 24808654274 and then press pound twice. if you haven't already done so, press star 3 and a system prompt will indicate that you have raised your hand. please wait until the system indicates you have been unmuted and you may begin. mr. chair? >> all right. thank you. and we have andrew from oewd to present on this item. >> thank you. i appreciate the time to present on this $500,000.
11:49 am
my name is andrew and i manage the hospitality initiative with the office of economic and workforce development and we are very excited to receive these funds to support displaced workers in san francisco to answer the hospitality industry which, as we all know, has been hit very hard through the pandemic and we are hoping, you know, these dollars will be able to bring folks back into that industry. a couple of items that we'll be focusing on is equitable outreach through various neighborhoods in san francisco that historically have been disenfran chides and looking at china town and
11:50 am
tenderloin as well as bayview hunter's point, western edition. we are working with two providers who are currently our hospitality displaced worker coordinators, both mission hiring call and self-help for the elderly who are very respected organizations. pretty much these funds, you know, a great thing about it will be exthe ending their contract through august 29 through 2023 and as we mentioned here, we'll be looking to serve as well as provide $300 worth of supportive services to each participant that, you know, will need or who is in need of those funds. the r.f.p. was released a. the close of oewd's fiscal 2021-2022 budget season and
11:51 am
we saw this opportunity to partner and won the grant and very excited to roll it out. thank you for the opportunity for dislocated workers to re-enter the hospitality industry here in san francisco. >> thank you. is that our b.l.a. report on this item?
11:52 am
>> no chair, haney. there is no report from us on this item. >> that supervisor safai reaching for the mic there? sfoifs sort? -- supervisor? >> i just want to highlight for mr. abujoudai, don't forget about the excelsior outer mission lakeview. we have a tremendous amount of folks in the hospitality industry. in fact, when you look at the numbers of people who access right to recover or rental relief, there are so many service workers and so many folks in the hospitality industry and highest volume of people taking advantage of those programs. we're in 94112 in district 11. so, i know you know that. i know you were listening to everyone. but i just wanted to highlight just don't forget about us. >> of course, of course. >> and thank you for this work. and, yeah, please add me as a co-sponsor. >> great, thank you. and appreciate this as well. it's obviously always needed, but needed more now and a lot of workers who want to get back into these industries and
11:53 am
[inaudible] training programs is just critical and it is a huge industry in my district as well. i'm grateful for it. open to public comment, please. >> yes, chair haney. operations checking to see if there are any callers in the queue. members of the public who wish to provide public comment on this item should call 415-655-0001, meeting i.d. 24808654274 and then press pound twice. if you haven't already done so, press star 3 and a system prompt will indicate that you have raised your hand. are there any callers? >> operator: there are no callers in the queue. >> thank you very much. mr. chair? >> thank you. all right. public comment is closed. i want to make a motion to move item 7 to the full board with a positive recommendation, please. >> on the motion to forward this item to the full board with a positive recommendation -- [roll call] >> and please add me as a co-sponsor as well.
11:54 am
>> noted. >> please add me as well then. aye. >> noted. and haney aye. we have three ayes. >> thank you. this will go to the full board with a positive recommendation. thank you so much. >> thank you so much. have a wonderful day, guys. thank you. >> mr. clerk, could you please call item 8? >> yes, item number 8 is the ordinance authorizing the city administrator to amend certain leases and forgive rent due between january 2021 and june 2021 with nonresidential tenants and waving add mifn tiff code and environmental code requirements enacted after the most recent modification of each lease. in order to allow for expeditious rent forgiveness necessitated by the financial hardship caused by the public emergency related to the covid-19 pandemic.
11:55 am
members of the public who wish to provide public comment on this item should call 415-655-0001, meeting i.d. 24808654274 and then press pound twice. if you haven't already done so, press star 3 and a system prompt will indicate that you have raised your hand. please wait until the system indicates you have been unmuted and you may begin. mr. chair? >> thank you. and i know we are -- we had a request to continue this item. but we do have claudia gorham from the real estate division who has some clerical amendments to make before we continue it. >> good morning. thank you. yes. we have a slight amendment to section 4, page 8, line 12 so that the text in the body matches the text in the title. i should state january 2021 through june 2021 and not april 2020 through december 2020.
11:56 am
that amendment was sent to the clerk on monday. >> great. thank you. do we have a b.l.a. report on this item? can this be the call of the chair? >> sure. >> and we can wait to [inaudible], whatever you want to do. >> we'll do it when we come back so we don't forget. [laughter] can we open this to public comment, please? >> yes, mr. chair. operations checking to see if we have any callers. members of the bhoubl twoish provide comment on this item, please press star 3 now to be added to the line to speak and continue to wait until the system indicates you have been unmuted and will be your cue to add your comments. are there any callers? >> operator: no callers in the queue. >> thank you very much.
11:57 am
i want to make a motion to amend the resolution to national convention clerical edit and amendment that was just stated. could we have a motion on those amendments, please? >> i'll -- on the motion to accept the amendments as stated -- [roll call] we have three ayes. >> great. thank you. let's make a motion to continue this item to the call and the chair as amended. >> yes. on the motion to call of the chair as amended -- [roll call] >> great. thank you so much. we'll see you some time soon.
11:58 am
mr. clerk, can you call item 9? >> yes, mr. chair. item number 9 is an ordinance amending the administrative code to authorize a cash revolving fund with a maximum amount of $7,000 for the office of the city administration real estate division. members of the public who wish to provide public comment on this item should call 415-655-0001, meeting i.d. 24808654274 and then press pound twice. if you haven't already done so, press star 3 and a system prompt will indicate that you have raised your hand. please wait until the system indicates you have been unmuted and you may begin. mr. chair? >> thank you. we have rebecca viareal, mayor from the permit center to present on this item. >> hi, good morning. [garbling]
11:59 am
good morning, everyone. again, my name is rebecca [garbling] [audio is garbled] just some quick background [inaudible] a one-stop permit [inaudible]. a quick overview [inaudible] and how much they [inaudible].
12:00 pm
so payment kiosks will be used [inaudible] and designed to [inaudible] so we can accept cash, credit cards and checks [inaudible]. one of our requirements for cash collection is to enable the change-making device in the machine [inaudible] have the ability to provide change back to the customer who cannot pay an exact amount. and by doing so, this helps
12:01 pm
[inaudible] and higher level of customer service. today we're requesting approval [inaudible]. thank you. >> thank you. is there a b.l.a. report on this the item? >> chair haney, we do not report on this item. >> great. colleagues, any questions or comments? actually let's go to public comment, please. >> yes, chair haney. operations checking to see if we have any callers in the queue. members of the public who wish to provide public comment on this item should call 415-655-0001, meeting i.d. 24808654274 and then press pound twice. if you haven't already done so, press star 3 and a system prompt will indicate that you
12:02 pm
have raised your hand. do we have any callers? >> operator: mr. clerk, there are no callers in the queue. >> thank you very much, mr. chair. >> thank you. public comment is closed. i don't see any questions or comments from colleagues. i'm going to thank you so much for your work and i want to move item 9 to the full board with a positive recommendation. >> on the motion to forward to the full board with a positive recommendation -- [roll call] we have three ayes. >> thank you. this will go to the full board with a positive recommendation. thank you so much. all right. can you please call, mr. clerk, can you please call items 10 and 11 together? >> yes, mr. chair. items number 10 and 11,
12:03 pm
resolutions of intention -- well, item 10 is a resolution of intention to incur bonded indebtedness and city and county of san francisco special tax district number 2022-1 or power station and determining other matters in connection therewith, item number 11 is the resolution of intention to establish said special tax district. members of the public who wish to provide public comment on this item should call 415-655-0001, meeting i.d. 24808654274 and then press pound twice. if you haven't already done so, press star 3 and a system prompt will indicate that you have raised your hand. please wait until the system indicates you have been unmuted and you may begin. mr. chair? >> thank you so much. we have john lau and joseph
12:04 pm
perrera from the office of public finance. welcome. >> thank you, mr. chair, and good afternoon supervisors. john lau with the office of economic and workforce development here with my colleague marissa from o.p.f. here to discuss the two items, both resolutions before you today, associated with the special tax district formation associated with the power station development project. we'll go to the next slide. so i'm going go very briefly. we both will. we're available for questions, obviously. my slides are simply to set the context of the items before you in this relationship with the power station project. and then marissa will talk about the specific contours and features of the tax district. next slide. quickly location of the underlying project. which was approved by the
12:05 pm
city in may of 2020. we're in the central waterfront just south of the pier 70 project. east of illinois street between 22nd, 23rd and the bay. next slide, please. so, the project, as studied in our environmental analysis and the entitlements covered about 29 acres in total and now that included some property which the sponsor will occupy through the terms of a lease agreement and also approved by the city in may of 2020. through the terms of the d.a. and the [inaudible] will improve those spaces and an area currently owned by pg&e we expected to become available in the near future as part of a redesign and
12:06 pm
rebuild of those pg&e facilities along illinois street, which have reached the end of their useful life, as they say. next slide, please. here is an all in one image for you. a significant program, over 2600 units and notingly the retention of both station a, complex the remnants of the old brick station a complex and the stack along the waterfront and notably this project will open up, improve and make accessible parts of the city's bayfront which have never been publicly accessible. next slide, please. i won't go through each of these, but we're very proud of the comprehensive and robust set of public benefits that we crafted in partnership with the project sponsor here.
12:07 pm
30% affordable housing with no public subsidy is, of course, at the top of that list. and so the formation of this special tax district as it's referred to locally was a contractial agreement between the city and the [inaudible] so that is an implementation of that element that lives in the financing plan of the development agreement. next slide. and this c.f.d. that's before you, again the project in total has the flexibility to accommodate and include this currently owned area by pg&e should it become available to the project so the c.f.d. along with the project entitlement itself includes that flexibility. and as i mentioned because the project is improving and
12:08 pm
maintaining port lands along the waterfront, the c.f.b. itself also includes what's called a contingent services tax that should the future h.o.a. or master association ever default on that obligation, we the city have a means to recover the funds necessary to improve those lands at no cost to the port. i'll hand it over to marissa. thank you. >> thank you, john. marissa with office of public finance. per the development agreement, the board approved back in 2020, the city is now introducing this legislation to allow for the formation of a special tax district and ability to bond against revenue in the future. in the legislative packet is a document called the rate and method apportionment or r.m.a. which lays out the levels at which two taxes could be levied within this district. the primary one is the facilities tax and the secondary one would be the
12:09 pm
contingent services tax, which john just spoke about. so revenues from the facilities tax are expected to be leveraged for future bond issuances during the anytime which the district is in existence. not to exceed endebtedness limit is $800 million with an additional 63 annexation which john referenced occurred. in the development agreement, it's laid out for the developers able to utilize kind of a first traunch of the bands in other words to support the financing of the development itself. so that time period is either going to be 42 years or at the time which those first bonds are repaid whichever is sooner. after that period, there will be a conversion year in which from that period forward, the city is able to utilize this revenue and bond against it should we choose to support a variety of different uses, notably future sea level rise and shoreline improvements.
12:10 pm
on the site, you can see the level of the tax rates during the time of the developer phase. and it's expected to generate about $5 million and fiscal '22 dollars or 5.3 if that annexation occurs. after the conversion year t rates would drop down to acknowledge the end of the development activities and are expected to be about $3.3
12:11 pm
million in fiscal 2022 dollars. the services tax needs to be implemented. these are the rates at which it would be to generate around $740,000 a year. again, in fiscal '22 dollars. i won't read through all of this, but this is calling out the eligible uses for proceeds for each of the taxes, notably you will see on the contingent services tax that it would pay for maintenance, operations of the improvements that are predominantly on port property and part of that lease agreement. we're also able to use the revenues to support bond-related administrative expentses. so, forming ago special tax school district a two-step process for us. what's before you stood our first legislative packet, including the resolution of intention to form the special tax district and the resolution to incur bond endebtedness in the future. we're also kindly asking that the chair could make an amendment to the resolution of intention to form the special tax district to put in a specific time for the public hearing. that time is currently a blank on the resolution as it is before you and we'd like to insert 3:00 p.m., please, on march 8. and then later this month, we expect to introduce our second legislative packet which will include the rethrewsing form the special tax district, to hold a special election and an ordinances to levy the tax system itself. so with that, we'd like the thank committee for their time and kindly ask for your
12:12 pm
approval of these two resolutions and the packet before you and are happy to answer any questions you might have. >> thank you. appreciate the work on this. this is a very exciting project that is going to contribute significantly to our city and thousands of units of housing and really, you know, vice president a mixed use, beautiful neighborhood on the waterfront which i think all of us will benefit from. it's exciting to see even just the sketches of it again what it's going to look like in the future. this is a critical part of being able to national convention happen. do we have the b.l.a. report on this item? >> no, chair haney. we don't report on special tax districts. >> thank you.
12:13 pm
why don't we go to public comment? >> yes. operations checking to see if there are any callers in the queue. members of the public who wish to provide public comment on this item should call 415-655-0001, meeting i.d. 24808654274 and then press pound twice. if you haven't already done so, press star 3 and a system prompt will indicate that you have raised your hand. do we have any callers? >> operator: there are no callers in the queue. >> thank you very much, mr. chair. >> public sxhenlts closed. i want to first make an amendment that was mentioned that established the date and
12:14 pm
time of the public hearing -- can we please take a vote on that amendment. i think it was mentioned the exact date and time already. >> on the motion to amends item 11, to establish the time of the public hearing on march 8, at 3:00 p.m. [roll call] we have three ayes. >> great. now i want to make a motion to move this item, items 10 and 1 to the full board with a positive recommendation. item 11 as amended. roll call votes, please. >> on that motion, vice chair safai. >> aye. [roll call] we have three ayes. >> great. these will go to the full board with a positive recommendation as amended. thank you so much, everyone, for your great work on this. much appreciated. mr. clerk, do we have any other items before us today? >> mr. chair, that concludes your business. >> great. thank you so much, everyone.
12:15 pm
12:16 pm
>> shop and dine in the 49 promotes local businesses and challenges residents to do their
12:17 pm
business in the 49 square files of san francisco. we help san francisco remain unique, successful and right vi. so where will you shop and dine in the 49? >> i'm one of three owners here in san francisco and we provide mostly live music entertainment and we have food, the type of food that we have a mexican food and it's not a big menu, but we did it with love. like ribeye tacos and quesadillas and fries. for latinos, it brings families together and if we can bring that family to your business, you're gold. tonight we have russelling for e community. >> we have a ten-person limb
12:18 pm
elimination match. we have a full-size ring with barside food and drink. we ended up getting wrestling here with puoillo del mar. we're hope og get families to join us. we've done a drag queen bingo and we're trying to be a diverse kind of club, trying different things. this is a great part of town and there's a bunch of shops, a variety of stores and ethnic restaurants. there's a popular little shop that all of the kids like to hang out at. we have a great breakfast spot call brick fast at tiffanies. some of the older businesses are refurbished and newer businesses are coming in and it's exciting. >> we even have our own brewery for fdr, ferment, drink repeat.
12:19 pm
it's in the san francisco garden district and four beautiful murals. >> it's important to shop local because it's kind of like a circle of life, if you will. we hire local people. local people spend their money at our businesses and those local people will spend their money as well. i hope people shop locally. [ ♪♪♪ ] . ♪♪ ] >> my name is dave, and i play defense. >> my name is mustafa, and i am a midfielder, but right now, i
12:20 pm
am trying to play as a goalkeeper, because they need a goalkeeper. >> soccer u.s.a. is a nonprofessional organization. we use sports, soccer in particular to engage communities that can benefit from quality programs in order to lift people up, helping to regain a sense of control in one's life. >> the san francisco recreation and park department and street soccer u.s.a. have been partners now for nearly a decade. street soccer shares our mission in using sport as a vehicle for youth development and for reaching people of all ages. rec and park has a team. >> i'm been playing soccer all my life. soccer is my life. >> i played in the streets when i was a kid. and i loved soccer back home.
12:21 pm
i joined street soccer here. it was the best club to join. it helps me out. >> the tenderloin soccer club started in the summer of 2016. we put one of our mini soccer pitches in one of our facilities there. the kids who kpriez the club team came out to utilize that space, and it was beautiful because they used it as an opportunity to express themselves in a place where they were free to do so, and it was a safe space, in a neighborhood that really isn't the most hospitalable to youth -- hospitable to youth playing in the streets. >> one day, i saw the coach and my friends because they went there to join the team before me. so i went up to the coach and asked, and they said oh, i've got a soccer team, and i
12:22 pm
joined, and they said yeah, it was he for everybody, and i joined, and it was the best experience ever. >> a lot of our programs, the kids are in the process of achieving citizenship. it's a pretty lengthy process. >> here, i am the only one with my dad. we were in the housing program, and we are trying to find housing. my sister, she's in my country, so i realize that i have a lot of opportunities here for getting good education to help her, you know? yeah. that's the -- one of the most important things that challenge me. >> my dad was over here, making some money because there was not a lot of jobs back home. i came here, finish elementary in san francisco. after that, i used to go back
12:23 pm
to my country, go to yemen, my country, and then back here. last time i went back was a couple years ago. >> i came here six months, i know nobody. now i have the team has a family, the coaches. amazing. >> i'm hoping for lifelong friendships, and i'm super inspired by what they've been able to achieve and want to continue to grow alongside them. >> i love my family, i love my team. they're just like a family. it's really nice. >> street soccer just received a five year grant from the department of children, youth and family, and this is an important inreflection point for street soccer u.s.a. because their work in our most important communities is now known beyond just san francisco recreation and park department, and together, we're going to continue to work with our city's most vulnerable kids and
12:24 pm
teach them to love the beautiful game. >> i want to tell everybody back home, i hope you all make it over here and join teams like this like street soccer u.s.a., and live your life. get a better life. >> right away, just be patient, and then, everything will be okay.
12:25 pm
>> one more statement. we are the one. that is our first single that we made. that is our opinion. >> i can't argue with you. >> you are responsible please do not know his exact.
12:26 pm
[♪♪♪] [♪♪♪] [♪♪♪] >> i had a break when i was on a major label for my musical career. i took a seven year break. and then i came back. i worked in the library for a long time. when i started working the san francisco history centre, i noticed they had the hippie collection. i thought, if they have a hippie collection, they really need to have a punk collection as well. so i talked to the city archivist who is my boss. she was very interested.
12:27 pm
one of the things that i wanted to get to the library was the avengers collection. this is definitely a valuable poster. because it is petty bone. it has that weird look because it was framed. it had something acid on it and something not acid framing it. we had to bring all of this stuff that had been piling up in my life here and make sure that the important parts of it got archived. it wasn't a big stretch for them to start collecting in the area of punk. we have a lot of great photos and flyers from that area and that. that i could donate myself. from they're, i decided, you know, why not pursue other people and other bands and get them to donate as well? the historic moments in san francisco, punk history, is the sex pistols concert which was at winterland. [♪♪♪] it brought all of the punks on
12:28 pm
the web -- west coast to san francisco to see this show. the sex pistols played the east coast and then they play texas and a few places in the south and then they came directly to san francisco. they skipped l.a. and they skipped most of the media centres. san francisco was really the biggest show for them pick it was their biggest show ever. their tour manager was interested in managing the adventures, my band. we were asked to open to support the pistols way to that show. and the nuns were also asked to open the show. it was certainly the biggest crowd that we had ever played to. it was kind of terrifying but it did bring people all the way from vancouver, tee seattle, portland, san diego, all up and down the coast, and l.a., obviously. to san francisco to see this show. there are a lot of people who say that after they saw this show they thought they would start their own band. it was a great jumping off point for a lot of west coast punk. it was also, the pistols' last
12:29 pm
show. in a way, it was the end of one era of punk and the beginning of a new one. the city of san francisco didn't necessarily support punk rock. [♪♪♪] >> last, but certainly not least is a jell-o be opera. they are the punk rock candidate of the lead singer called the dead kennedys. >> if we are blaming anybody in san francisco, we will just blame the dead kennedys. >> there you go. >> we had situations where concerts were cancelled due to flyers, obscene flyers that the city was thought -- that he thought was obscene that had been put up. the city of san francisco has come around to embrace it's musicians. when they have the centennial for city hall, they brought in all kinds of local musicians and
12:30 pm
i got to perform at that. that was, at -- in a way, and appreciation from the city of san francisco for the musical legends. i feel like a lot of people in san francisco don't realize what resources there are at the library. we had a film series, the s.f. punk film series that i put together. it was nearly sold out every single night. people were so appreciative that someone was bringing this for them. it is free. everything in the library is free. >> it it is also a film producer who has a film coming out. maybe in 2018 about crime. what is the title of it? >> it is called san francisco first and only rock 'n' roll movie. crime, 1978. [laughter] >> when i first went to the art institute before the adventures were formed in 77, i was going to be a painter. i did not know i would turn into a punk singer. i got back into painting and i mostly do portraiture and figurative painting.
12:31 pm
one of the things about this job here is i discovered some great resources for images for my painting. i was looking through these mug shot books that we have here that are from the 1920s. i did a whole series of a mug shot paintings from those books. they are in the san francisco history centre's s.f. police department records. there are so many different things that the library provides for san franciscans that i feel like a lot of people are like, oh, i don't have a library card. i've never been there. they need to come down and check it out and find out what we have. the people who are hiding stuff in their sellers and wondering what to do with these old photos or old junk, whether it is hippie stuff or punk stuff, or stuff from their grandparents, if they bring it here to us, we can preserve it and archive it and make it available to the public in the future.
12:32 pm
12:33 pm
12:34 pm
12:35 pm
>> ♪♪ in the future. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ it looks at good and tastes good and it is good in my mouth pretty amazing.
12:36 pm
>> ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ i am the executive chef i've been here as a chef at la concina since 2005 reason we do the festival and the reason we started to celebrate the spirit and talent and trivia and the hard work of the women in the la concina program if you walk up to my one on the block an owner operated routine i recipient it's a they're going to be doing the cooking from scratch where in the world can you find that >> i'm one of the owners we do rolls that are like suburbia that is crisp on the outside and
12:37 pm
this is rolled you up we don't this it has chinese sister-in-law and a little bit of entertain sprouts and we love it here. >> there are 6 grilled cheese grilled to the crisp on the outside outstanding salsa and a lot of things to dip it knocks you out and it's spicecy and delicious i was the first person that came here and we were not prepared for this every year we're prepared everybody thinks what they're doing and we can cookout of our home and so the festivals
12:38 pm
were part of the group we shove what we do and we w we tried to capture the spirit of xrifs. >> and there from there to sales and the hard part of the sales is 250 assess our market and creating a market opportunity giving limited risks and sales experience to our guys and shop and dine on the 49 promotes local businesses and challenges residents to do shopping and dining within the 49 square miles of san francisco by supporting local services within neighborhood. we help san francisco remain unique, successful and vibrant.
12:39 pm
where will you shop and dine in the 49? san francisco owes the charm to the unique character of the neighborhood comer hall district. each corridor has its own personality. our neighborhoods are the engine of the city. >> you are putting money and support back to the community you live in and you are helping small businesses grow. >> it is more environmentally friendly. >> shopping local is very important. i have had relationships with my local growers for 30 years. by shopping here and supporting us locally, you are also supporting the growers of the flowers, they are fresh and they have a price point that is not imported. it is really good for everybody.
12:40 pm
>> shopping locally is crucial. without that support, small business can't survive, and if we lose small business, that diversity goes away, and, you know, it would be a shame to see that become a thing of the past. >> it is important to dine and shop locally. it allows us to maintain traditions. it makes the neighborhood. >> i think san francisco should shop local as much as they can. the retail marketplace is changes. we are trying to have people on the floor who can talk to you and help you with products you are interested in buying, and help you with exploration to try things you have never had
12:41 pm
before. >> the fish business, you think it is a piece of fish and fisherman. there are a lot of people working in the fish business, between wholesalers and fishermen and bait and tackle. at the retail end, we about a lot of people and it is good for everybody. >> shopping and dining locally is so important to the community because it brings a tighter fabric to the community and allows the business owners to thrive in the community. we see more small businesses going away. we need to shop locally to keep the small business alive in san francisco. >> shop and dine in the 49 is a cool initiative. you can see the banners in the
12:42 pm
streets around town. it is great. anything that can showcase and legitimize small businesses is a legitimize small businesses is a >> the city has undertaken a pilot program to hook up private
12:43 pm
privately -- owned hotels. >> the community members say this is helpful for them especially for the seniors and families with kids from seniors being able to connect with the family during the pandemic and too watch the news has been really helpful during this time where they are stuck inside and are not able to go outside. for families it is important to stay connected to go to school, to get connected so they can submit resumes to find jobs during the pandemic. [speaking foreign language]
12:44 pm
>> challenges that might seem for the fiber in chinatown is pretty congested. the fiber team found ways around that. they would have to do things such as overnight work in the manholes to get across through busy intersections, and i think the last challenge is a lot of buildings we worked on were built in the early 1900s and they are not fitted with the typical infrastructure you would put in a new building. we overcame that with creative ideas, and we continue to connect more sites like this. >> high-speed internet has become a lifesaver in the modern era. i am delighted that we completed three buildings or in the process of completing two more. i want to thank our department of technology that has done this by themselves. it is not contracted out. it is done by city employees.
12:45 pm
i am proud and i want to take a moment to celebrate what we are doing. >> look at that beautiful jellyfish. the way to speak to students and motivate them to take action, to save the planet, they do, they care and my job is to speak to them in a way that they can understand that touches their heart and makes them feel powerful with simple actions to take every day. ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪
12:46 pm
>> i was born and raised in the desert of palm springs, california. my dad was the rabbi in the community there. what i got from watching my father on stage talking to the community was learning how to be in the public. and learning how to do public speaking and i remember the first time i got up to give my first school assembly, i felt my dad over my shoulder saying pause for drama, deliver your words. when i was a kid, i wanted to be a teacher. and then when i got into high school, i decided i wanted to get into advertising and do graphic art and taglines and stuff like that. by the time i was in college, i decided i wanted to be a decorator. but as i did more work, i realized working my way up meant
12:47 pm
a lot of physical labor. i only had so much energy to work with for the rest of my life and i could use that energy towards making a lot of money, helping someone else make a lot of money or doing something meaningful. i found the nonprofit working to save the rainforest was looking for volunteers. i went, volunteered and my life changed. suddenly everything i was doing had meaning. stuffing envelopes had meaning, faxing out requests had meaning. i eventually moved up to san francisco to work out of the office here, given a lot of assembly through los angeles county and then came up here and doing assemblies to kids about rainforest. one of my jobs was to teach about recycle, teaching students to reduce, reuse, recycle and compost, i'm teaching them they have the power, and that
12:48 pm
motivates them. it was satisfying for me to work with for the department of environment to create a message that gets to the heart of the issue. the san francisco department of environment is the only agency that has a full time educational team, we go into the schools to help teach children how to protect nature and the environment. we realized we needed animal mascot to spark excitement with the students. the city during the gold rush days, the phoenix became part of the city feel and i love the symbolism of the phoenix, about transformation and the message that the theme of the phoenix provides, we all have the power to transform our world for the better. we have to provide teachers with curriculum online, our curriculum is in two different languages and whether it's
12:49 pm
lesson plans or student fact sheets, teachers can use them and we've had great feedback. we have helped public and private schools in san francisco increase their waste use and students are working hard to sort waste at the end of the lunch and understand the power of reusing, reducing, recycling and composting. >> great job. >> i've been with the department for 15 years and an environmental educator for more than 23 years and i'm grateful for the work that i get to do, especially on behalf of the city and county of san francisco. i try to use my voice as intentionally as possible to support, i think of my grandmother who had a positive attitude and looked at things
12:50 pm
positively. try to do that as well in my work and with my words to be an uplifting force for myself and others. think of entering the job force as a treasure hunt. you can only go to your next clue and more will be revealed. follow your instincts, listen to your gut, follow your heart, do what makes you happy and pragmatic and see where it takes you and get to the next place. trust if you want to do good in this world, thattttttttttttttttt
12:51 pm
>> we worked very hard with the san francisco venue coalition, the independent venue alliance to advocate for venues. put this issue on the radar of the supervisors and obviously mayor breed. the entertainment commission and the office of small business and we went to meetings and showed up and did public comment and it was a concerted effort between 50 venues in the city and they are kind of traditional like live performance venues and we all made a concerted effort to get out there and sound the alarm and to her credit, maybe breed really stepped up, worked
12:52 pm
with matt haney, who is a supervisor haney was a huge champion for us and they got this done and they got $3 million into the sf venue recovery fund. >> we have represented about 40 independent venues in san francisco. basically, all the venues closed on march 13th, 2020. we were the first to close and we will be the last to reopen and we've had all the of the overhead costs are rent, mortgage, payroll, utilities and insurance with zero revenue. so many of these venues have been burning $1,000 a day just to stay closed. >> we have a huge music history here in san francisco and the part of our cultural fab lick
12:53 pm
but it's also an economic driver. we produce $7 billion annual' here in san francisco and it's formidable. >> we've been very fortunate here. we've had the department of emergency management and ems division and using part of our building since last april and aside from being proud to i can't tell you how important to have some cost recovery coming in and income to keep the doors open. >> typically we'll have, three to 400 people working behind the teens to support the show and that is everything from the
12:54 pm
teamsters and security staff and usualers, ticket takers, the folks that do our medical and the bar tenders and the people in the kitchen preparing food for backstage and concession and the people that sell key shirts and it's a pretty staggering amount of people that are out of work as a result of this one verne you going tarkanian. it doesn't work to open at reduced capacity. when we get past june 15th, out of the into the blue print for our economy we can open it it 100% and look at the festival in full capacity in october and we're just so grateful for the leadership of the mavor and dr. coal fax to make us the safest ♪ america and this is been hard for everybody in san francisco and the world but our
12:55 pm
leadership has kept us safe and i trust them that they will let us know when it's safe to do that. >> a lot of people know about america is military stuff, bullying stuff, corporate stuff. when people like me and my friends go to these foreign country and play music, we're giving them an american cultural experience. it's important. the same way they can bring that here. it sounds comfy buyia, you know, we're a punk band and we're nasty and we were never much for peace and love and everything but that's the fertilizer that grows the big stuff that some day goes to bill graham's place and takes everybody's money but you have to start with us and so my hope is that allel groups and people make music and get together because without out,
12:56 pm
hanging together we'll hang separately, you know. >> other venues like this, all over the place, not just in the san francisco bay area need to exist in order for communities to thrive and i'm not just talking about the arts communities, even if you are here to see a chuckle bucket comedy show and you are still experiencing humanity and in specific ways being able to gather with people and experience something together. and especially coming out of the pandemic, the loss of that in-person human connection recovering that in good ways is going to be vital for our entire society. >> it's a family club. most our staff has been working with us for 10 years so we feel
12:57 pm
like a family. >> what people think of when they think of bottom of the hill and i get a lot of this is first of all, the first place i met my husband or where we had our first date and i love that and we love doing weddings and i expect there to be a wedding season post 2021 of all the make up we haddings and i hope that many people do that because we have had so many rock ep role weddings. >> i told my girlfriend, make sure you stand at the front of the stage and i can give you a kiss at midnight. at this got down on one knee at the stroke of midnight. it wasn't a public thing, i got down on one knee and said will you marry me and is he she had are you [beep] kidding me and i said no, i'm dead serious and she said yes. we were any time homicideel of the show.
12:58 pm
we just paused for new year's eve and that was where i proposed to my wife. this is more than just a professional relationship it's more than just a relationship from a love of arts, it's where my family started. we'll always have a special place in my heart. >> venues, you know, represent so much. they are cultural beckons of a city. neighbors can learn and celebrate and mourn and dance together. venues and arts and culture are characterized as second responders to crisis and they provide a mental health outlet and a community center for people to come together at and it's the shared history of our city and these spaces is where we all come together and can celebrate. >> art often music opens up people to understanding the
12:59 pm
fellow man and i mean, taz always necessary and if anything, it's going to be even more necessary as we come out of this to reach out and connect with people. >> we can sustain with food, water and shelter is accurate and does anybody have a good time over the last year? no. >> san francisco is a great down. i've been here many years and i love it here and it's a beautiful, beautiful, place to be music and art is key to that. drama, acting, movies, everything, everything that makes life worth living and that's what we've got to mow proteasome no san francisco and that's what is important now. [♪♪♪]
1:00 pm
[♪♪♪] [♪♪♪] >> so i grew up in cambridge, massachusetts and i was very fortunate to meet my future wife, now my wife while we were both attending graduate school at m.i.t., studying urban planning. so this is her hometown. so, we fell in love and moved to her city. [♪♪♪] [♪♪♪] >> i was introduced to this part of town while working on a campaign for gavin, who is running for mayor. i was one of the organizers out here and i met the people and i fell in love with them in the neighborhood. so it also was a place in the city that at the time that i could afford to buy a home and i wanted to own my own home. this is where we laid down our
1:01 pm
roots like many people in this neighborhood and we started our family and this is where we are going to be. i mean we are the part of san francisco. it's the two neighborhoods with the most children under the age of 18. everybody likes to talk about how san francisco is not family-friendly, there are not a lot of children and families. we have predominately single family homes. as i said, people move here to buy their first home, maybe with multiple family members or multiple families in the same home and they laid down their roots. [♪♪♪] >> it's different because again, we have little small storefronts. we don't have light industrial space or space where you can build high-rises or large office
1:02 pm
buildings. so the tech boom will never hit our neighborhood in that way when it comes to jobs. >> turkey, cheddar, avocado, lettuce and mayo, and little bit of mustard. that's my usual. >> mike is the owner, born and bred in the neighborhood. he worked in the drugstore forever. he saved his money and opened up his own spot. we're always going to support home grown businesses and he spent generations living in this part of town, focusing on the family, and the vibe is great and people feel at home. it's like a little community gathering spot. >> this is the part of the city with a small town feel.
1:03 pm
a lot of mom and pop businesses, a lot of family run businesses. there is a conversation on whether starbucks would come in. i think there are some people that would embrace that. i think there are others that would prefer that not to be. i think we moved beyond that conversation. i think where we are now, we really want to enhance and embrace and encourage the businesses and small businesses that we have here. in fact, it's more of a mom and pop style business. i think at the end of the day, what we're really trying to do is encourage and embrace the diversity and enhance that diversity of businesses we already have. we're the only supervisor in the city that has a permanent district office. a lot of folks use cafes or use offices or different places, but i want out and was able to raise
1:04 pm
money and open up a spot that we could pay for. i'm very fortunate to have that. >> hi, good to see you. just wanted to say hi, hi to the owner, see how he's doing. everything okay? >> yeah. >> good. >> we spend the entire day in the district so we can talk to constituents and talk to small businesses. we put money in the budget so you guys could be out here. this is like a commercial corridor, so they focus on cleaning the streets and it made a significant impact as you can see. what an improvement it has made to have you guys out here. >> for sure. >> we have a significantly diverse neighborhood and population. so i think that's the richness
1:05 pm
of the mission and it always has been. it's what made me fall in love with this neighborhood and why i love it so much. . >> president: thank you, mr. carroll. i will at this time call to order the january 7th, 2022, meeting of the san francisco redistricting task force to
1:06 pm
order. by way of introduction, i am the chair of the task force, reverend arnold townsend. mr. carroll, do you have any announcements? >> clerk: yes, mr. chair. the task force recognizes that public access to city services is essential and invites public participation in the following ways. each speaker will be allowed up to three minutes to speak. your opportunity to speak during today's public comment periods will be available to you by phone by dialling (415) 655-0001. then you would enter the meeting id for today's meeting. today's meeting id is 24806267041. after you've entered the meeting id, press the pound symbol twice to be connected to
1:07 pm
the meeting discussions. you will be connecting, but your line will be in muted in listening mode only when your item of interest comes up speak clearly and slowly and turn down your television or streaming device and for those members participating in today's webex software, please raise your hand. doing so will add you to the speakers. alternatively, you may submit your public comment in writing. e-mail or you can commit your public comment in writing by u.s. post
1:08 pm
to our office in the clerk's office. this is the redistricting task force care of the clerk's office, room 244, san francisco city hall 1 dr. carlton b. good let place. of course, all of this contact information can be consulted on the front page of any of our task force agenda. and, mr. chair, that concludes my announcements. >> chair townsend: thank you, mr. carroll. i want to say just because of some of the correspondence we've received and conversations that have come to me as i'm out in the public and many people are concerned and wondering how we could have removed certain neighborhoods out of certain districts and i just want the public to know you may have seen maps during all of that. none of them are from us.
1:09 pm
we have not approved any maps. ultimately, yes, the maps will come from the redistricting task force even though some people are under the illusion that the board of supervisors can fix whatever we do that they don't like, that is not the case either. and so i just want people to be aware. i also know that some of our members as well as the public are anxious for us to start drawing and submitting maps. yes, we all want to do that, that's what we're here for. i am reluctant to do that without hearing from the public. we serve and our desire is to link the needs of the public of the citizens of san francisco and i think it would be improper to do a lot of drawing until we have heard from them. so we will start hearing from them and then we will start our
1:10 pm
map making schedule very soon and at that time, we can all get very busy and hopefully we can come out at the end of the process friends at least. but that's where we are now. thank you, mr. clerk. item number one. >> clerk: agenda item number one is a roll call. members, when you hear your name please indicate you are present that you are here. [roll call] mr. chair, we have a quorum.
1:11 pm
>> chair townsend: wonderful. thank you. next item, please. >> clerk: agenda item two is an update to regular and special meetings schedule. members who wish to make public comment should call the public call-in number. that call-in number is (415) 655-0001. enter the meeting id of 24866267041. press pound twice followed by three to enter the system to speak. please wait until the system indicates you have been unmuted and you may begin your comments. for those interested in the teleconferencing system webex, please indicate so by raising your hand within the webex meeting. doing so will add you to the speakers awaiting recognition.
1:12 pm
mr. chair. >> chair townsend: thank you. i believe number two is a carry over discussion i believe we had on monday night in putting together our schedule. there were some shifts and some changes and i am hopeful that mr. wilson ing is here. before i go to him, vice chair reiner, did you have any comments you wanted to make concerning the schedule? >> vice chair: no, chair townsend. >> chair townsend: okay. thank you. >> thank you, chair. good afternoon members of the task force. my colleague joe atkins here will be doing a screen share shortly with the latest version of the redistricting task force proposed in district meetings
1:13 pm
schedule last updated from our conversation on monday. and here it is. thank you, joe. control screen, perfect. and to just quickly recap that last meeting, the proposed updates are highlighted in the calendar provided in your packets displayed before you as well that we're adding two additional meetings per request of the chair for the purpose of facility reservations if we are going to be conducting meetings in person and then adding proposed district focused order per the chair and vice chair's recommendations and providing anticipated locations in the notes column that you see before you to plan ahead. based on some of the comments we heard on monday, the packets are reflective of the few changes. and also for members of the public to follow along as well.
1:14 pm
the updates since monday are we updated the monday, february 14th meeting to wednesday, february 16th, in observance of valentine's day. the april 6th meeting is to start at 5:30 p.m. the task force had previously adopted a 10:00 a.m. start time for this meeting at the november 17th, 2021, meeting. so this would be a proposed amendment to that previously approved start time. and we also received feedback at the last meeting specifically regarding districts 1, 2, and 7 occurring in march. i have made a side note of that, but we don't believe that ordering of these districts would have a material impact on how the lines would be drawn for the less impacted districts. but i will defer to the task force amongst you all for further deliberation and discussion on the specific
1:15 pm
ordering of these districts and i'll be glad to reflect any changes that the body would like. before we do that, i want to just ask the task force to confirm or rather reconfirm whether in-person meetings will occur starting on january 14th, 2022. at this time, our office believes there may be some conflicting opinions based on feedback we've received from members as well as public feedback that we received on our end. at the january 3rd meeting, this task force confirmed they would like to host in-person meetings. with the chair and vice chair, we've been advised that in-person meetings may not occur and we need the task force to take some actions to affirmatively let us know whether in-person meetings would occur between the 14th
1:16 pm
through the end of april and the select dates were chosen at the last meeting, but we wanted this for operational planning and staffing planning, we do want to confirm those things. a few deadlines for your consideration on our end, our clerk john carol will need to confirm the agenda in advance of the meeting on the 14th to meet the five-day noticing requirements in consultation with our personnel and i.t. units, we also need to plan on our end any recruiting and logistics if we're going to take meetings in person because we are as clerk calvillo previously mentioned, we are recruiting for two as needed temporary eeuchltd t. positions and this will be the determining factor. and we want to be able to be clear about what the schedule and expectations are for potential candidates that are interested in this position
1:17 pm
just to be made upfront and just to make a note, absent of additional i.t. staff, our resource and availability is to support in-person meetings is stretched incredibly thin. basically, everybody that you see administering this meeting inclusive of our i.t. staff, that's essentially the team that we have, and we are trying to expand our envelope with additional staffing and we will need to determine what their work schedule looks like based on what the meeting demands are for the next several months. operationally, we will need to provide the affirmative to the locations. many of these places are generously providing accommodations without cost to the task force with consideration that we are also in the middle of a pandemic. so as a business courtesy, i want to be able to let these facilities know that if there's any chance that a venue may not be used that we provide them
1:18 pm
sufficient noticing and setting just expectations upfront and hopefully not something that would be changed as we embark on the next three months. and then let's see. we're also working on how we can be considerate of any household concerns and then also as a reminder, sfgov tv will not be able to provide any
1:19 pm
in-person meetings will be streamed. today, on behalf of my team, the board divisions and also on behalf of chair townsend and vice chair reiner we have two questions before you today. will the task force be having in-person meetings beginning january 14th through april? this would from the operational perspective, this is an all or nothing question in consideration with what we can accommodate as well as consideration of sufficient time for public noticing, outreach, and then also hiring and personal staffing, planning. the second question we have is will the task force approve the additional dates and times of the calendar we have presented before you today specifically adding the february 16th and march 14th meeting dates which are currently not on the
1:20 pm
schedule. changing the april 6th meeting start time from 10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. per chair townsend's request and then confirming the district focused meeting order and if meetings are in person to affirm a definitive end time so that we can reserve facilities for that specific time frame and we look forward to the task force members' deliberation and action on this and i'm available for any questions. >> chair townsend: thank you, mr. ing for such a thorough report. members. >> clerk: mr. chair, i see member pierce awaiting recognition. >> chair townsend: member pierce, let us know what we're doing. >> member: yeah. i have two questions to redirect back to mr. ing. number one, if we are meeting in person, what are the
1:21 pm
capacity of each of the facilities that we're going to be meeting in and i also would like to know are those capacities reduced capacities to allow for distancing? and in the event that we have overflow, do all of those facilities have the capacity to handle overflow so that we can sufficiently distance? i mean, this sounds like a death sentence to me for some of the general public, so i'm really concerned about that and i will take my questions at the end of every other members' comments, but i do need those questions answered before we vote. >> member pierce, wilson ing. with regard to the capacity needs facility, one of the minimum criteria we had when
1:22 pm
vetting some of these locations was they had to have a minimum of 100+ head count and with regard to distancing, currently in accordance with the current health order, there's no distancing requirement for public meetings i don't believe and the city attorney's office can correct me if i'm wrong. but each individual facility may or may not have their own house rules they may wish to implement. and then with regards to overflow, we are anticipating all facilities will have overflow, but we're also not anticipating the capacity limit to be reached at this point based on our assessment of the volume of public callers at this point, website traffic, at least on our end unless
1:23 pm
arranged otherwise. >> member: thank you for the response. >> clerk: mr. chair, i see member hernandez gil awaiting recognition. >> chair townsend: please. >> member: thank you. my understanding is that the mayor's supplemented proclamation requires all persons attending in-person meetings, regardless and the public may have ended in person, but they also have to have the option of attending virtually. to me, the main thing is addressing whether all of us on the task force are comfortable attending these in-person meetings because we understand the public must in any way be able to participate in the meetings with us. we all hopefully have seen the numbers with this covid spike. i feel comfortable attending
1:24 pm
these meetings, but i have to admit that i'm hesitant and particularly if it gets worse, i think it would be prudent to do so. so i would like to get a sense. i guess from everybody on the task force to see if they want to meet in person because it's either we all go or nobody goes. >> chair townsend: mr. carroll, is there anyone else? >> clerk: there is additional members of the task force and i also recognize carin mcdonald who was the next person in the roster if you'd like to recognize her. >> chair townsend: i'd like to get the members first. >> clerk: okay. the next member is member cooper. >> member: thank you, mr. ing. i think that was a really wonderful good presentation.
1:25 pm
i guess my questions are about just looking right ahead of this next meeting at city hall just to of clarify that we'll be able to have people, you know, the public in person as well as remotely, but what that would look like in terms of the rules around vaccination and masks that would go on next week? >> let's see. with regards to masking and distancing, masking will be required within city hall. distancing may not. and i would also defer to the city attorney's office as well because the up coming -- if we are going to have in-person meetings, city hall is not going to be the only location that in-person meetings would occur and if there's certain locations with their own
1:26 pm
individual house rules such as vaccination or temperature checks or distancing that's required that city hall may not have whether that poses like logistical hurdle for us, i would defer to the city attorney's office. >> chair townsend: i would like to hear from the city attorney as well. >> good afternoon. let me just make sure i understand the question. so, wilson, your question is whether we can use other locations that may have rules different than the rules applied to city hall? is that right? >> member: yeah. one, under current city policy in city hall, just only the masking requirement is applicable to city hall. >> that's correct. >> member: and then since we also have additional locations that the redistricting task force would move around to, if they have their own individual house rules whether uniform application of those screening
1:27 pm
protocols or rules would need to apply. >> i'm sorry uniform between what? if they have their own house rules, i think we have to respect them. >> member: okay. >> right. i assume you would have to respect those rules. maybe they'd be flexible about them. i assume you have to be respectable to use their facility. >> member: okay. so for all the locations, the minimum requirement is masking and if each individual facility layers additional rules, then that is at the location's discretion, correct? >> yeah. and if you don't mind a suggestion, it may be useful as we're building out this charter spread sheet that you're developing, you may want to note if there are locations that have particular house rules that we should pay attention to. they may put on persons of the public to attend. in that case, they know sort of
1:28 pm
in advance or maybe this could be something on the agenda then they should definitely go to that meeting remotely. >> member: two more. quick followup. are we allowed to make our own rules in regards to vaccinations? >> i suppose if the task force could make rules as guidance for wilson and his colleagues in terms of what is acceptable as conditions for remote locations if that's the question, member cooper. if you want to provide some guidance to wilson and others i'm sure they would take it into consideration. i would say that could become very challenging because as i mentioned, it's difficult to find locations in the city. so keep that in mind.
1:29 pm
and certainly, well, i probably don't have anything else to say on that front. certainly, i'm trying to stay abreast of all the different rules changing around covid and omicron, but i will confess i'm not a public health expert, but i trust the task force will be reasonable with whatever rules it wants to adopt. >> one for followup. you mentioned a sort of all or nothing when we talked about in-person meetings or not. can you elaborate a little bit more on that. let's say that we choose to take these next few meetings off the table because of the current omicron wave, does that mean that we're sort of shutting off the opportunity to go back to the public february, march, april? >> yeah. so when i say all or nothing, i'm speaking purely from the operational standpoint because if we are going to be going off site, we are also recruiting
1:30 pm
additional staff and if, you know, if you guys meet in-person for certain dates, but not other dates, that may change the scope of the candidates that we are trying to recruit for. so, for example, one of the basic requirements when we need to know when we hire a potential candidate or whether a candidate would accept the position or not is knowing what the hours of operation or locations that they wouldn't potentially need to go to are. so we do need to know whether we're hiring somebody for the next three months or multiple candidates for the next three months or are we just having some stand by assistance for certain dates where we're going to be in person and some not. and that was what i was getting
1:31 pm
at. >> okay thanks. >> chair townsend: i thought that all or nothing meant if we have public meetings, in-person meetings that all of us have to attend or we do a remote meeting. >> that is true as well. >> chair townsend: i don't see how we can dictate the rules in their facility.
1:32 pm
i don't see us telling them we're going to do this and we can't demand it is what i'm saying. mr. carroll, are there others? >> clerk: there. mr. jeremy lee is in the roster. >> chair townsend: mr. jeremy lee. >> member: okay. thank you. so i can speak for myself in terms of what i'm comfortable with. i think redistricting is just as impairtive to the public and providing access to them is essential so to me that outweighs any risks at least at present. so i'm fully comfortable going out into the public. with that, every member of the public can also participate online and so i would ask that member ho and member hernandez gil, when doing that outreach,
1:33 pm
make that abundantly clear that members of the public still can participate electrically or in person. i still want to reiterate my desire to have a meeting dedicated for map making somewhere in between the long line of indistrict meetings as well as a weekend meeting preferably in april. the last weekend meeting on this schedule is early march and i think it is a disservice to the public if we do not provide a weekend opportunity for them to participate closer to the deadline. thank you. >> clerk: mr. chair, i see
1:34 pm
member pierce next in the roster. >> chair townsend: member pierce. >> member: i can wait until our consultant goes or i can go right now. >> chair townsend: go right now. you've got the mic. >> member: let me be clear, we are delivering meals to people and i happen to live with my 75-year-old mother and help with my 99-year-old grandfather. if we change to meet in public, that will require me to spend the rest of the process in quarantine so that i do not indanger their lives. i really feel strongly about this because i am holding hands and attending funerals right now. that is since member lee put his position out there, if we
1:35 pm
vote to do in person, i will show up, but this creates a real hardship and a life-threatening situation for me. i also have concerns with the age of both our chair and vice chair although they appear to be healthier than i am, i know what those age differences mean in terms of outcomes because i'm seeing it directly. turning it back over to you, mr. chair. >> chair townsend: mr. carroll, who's next. >> clerk: there are further names in the roster. i do want to jump in for a moment to mention that by action of the task force during the monday meeting, the task force did adopt three in-district meetings. i want to make sure everyone knows the three meetings are presently scheduled. you could make the change to remove them, but i just want to make sure everyone as a baseline knew that's where we stand right now. and, mr. chair, i see that vice
1:36 pm
chair reiner is next in the queue. >> chair townsend: yes. thank you so much. >> vice chair: i've spent the last couple of years isolating because of either family situations or because of myself just to protect myself. i worry that if we do decide based on what i see all over the country and what i'm seeing here, if we do decide to have an in-person meeting, we are going to take the timeline of people being ill or potentially getting ill and expanded over a longer period of time than if we decide during this real surge in january to continue to have the meetings with our districts, but to do them remotely because the surge is definitely happening. it's just starting. and i'm very concerned that i want to be in the district.
1:37 pm
i can't wait to meet -- there are some members of the task force i've never seen in person. i feel the task force would operate in a much more collaborative and wonderful manner if we could at least meet together. so i'm really anxious to meet with my colleagues and the members, but i think that we would be inviting a long term turmoil for the task force and difficulty if we didn't do the first three meetings for now for january and see how this variant really spreads in san francisco. we're starting to -- we're a very dense city. we're starting to see some very serious problems and i am very hesitant to meet in person regardless of the fact that we said that we'd love to do that. we're looking at numbers here that are very discerning.
1:38 pm
>> clerk: mr. chair, i see member hernandez gil next in the roster. >> member: thank you. so based on these past few comments from task members and also a couple of comments that i've received from members of the public in district 6, i do not believe that it's prudent for us to meet in person over the next two weeks. right. at least until the 22nd. potentially things could change by the 29th. i don't know if that's going to happen. it's something we can review as we get closer to that date, but i am going to make the motion for these next two meetings, the one on the 14th and the 22nd for them to be district specific, for them to be done online. i believe that while there are members of the public that prefer to attend in-person meetings and i acknowledge and recognize that and i appreciate that.
1:39 pm
i also want to be prudent to them to be attending while there's a surge going. >> member: member pierce, i second. >> chair townsend: there's a motion on the floor. are there others who want to comment before we vote? >> clerk: mr. chair, there are still further members of the task force in the queue. >> chair townsend: i understand. i was just checking on the members. so we will go to the role, but i want the other members get their comments in now. >> clerk: member cooper is next in the roster. >> member: thank you. yeah. i'm supportive of this motion. i agree with member jeremy lee that we do need that. having in-person meetings are very important in a but just
1:40 pm
seeing how this is going but i think that carries a lot. i really would like to hear from every member if possible on peoples' own personal levels. i think that will help us as we go through decision not just now but carrying on and maybe we'll have to check in with folks and i think it would be nice to hear from everybody. personally, the bayview -- i am also 100% willing to defer to even a minority of the task force if they really feel like that. i think that will also kind of reflect in the public as well i think a lot of the communities, they're looking to hit from the in-person side of our outreach and also community that is are going to be impacted and that are impacted by the virus. so i don't, you know, if the
1:41 pm
virus continues to get worse, i don't think going out on personal the people that want to get to that process. i hope if we do end up having to do our meetings remote, we find some other way to reach these communities without having the internet or these meetings. but that will be for another time. >> clerk: mr. chair, i see member chasel lee next in the roster. >> member: thank you, mr. chair. i am supportive of member hernandez gil's motion. i'll say that from the outset. i also agree with him. i can corroborate his statement about members of the public in district 6 who are you think comfortable with meeting in-person in the middle of a surge. and this goes beyond just the strict six. we're drawing districts for
1:42 pm
living people. we need those people to be alive first and foremost. alive and well. i think we need to keep that in mind as we're going forward. yes, we do value in-person input. as vice chair reiner says. meeting people in person makes for a more collaborative atmosphere, but we can only collaborate with each other anding with the public if all of us are alive and well. so i think it is prudent to go with member hernandez gil's motion. my main concern then is mr. ing's references to his staffing issues if we need to somehow annul that in some shape or form should we take this course of action.
1:43 pm
thank you. >> chair townsend: thank you. >> clerk: mr. chair, i see member castillon. >> chair townsend: mr. castillon. >> member: thank you, mr. chair. >> clerk: i think that your microphone has cut out. >> member: can you hear me? >> clerk: we can hear you now but we just missed all of what you just said. >> member: okay. i will try to speak very closely to my computer. i'll keep my comments short, but i know member cooper was hoping to hear from everyone regarding their personal feelings towards the current situation. i'm generally supportive of member hernandez gil's motion in this particular capacity. i also think that sometimes actually when we have in-person meetings, it can be a burden for the public at times having
1:44 pm
to sit through long meetings while in order to wait for their opportunity for public comment. so i do want to keep in mind there are ways in which virtual can increase access to the public. >> clerk: mr. chair, we've reached the end of the queue to the side q2 representative carin mcdonald has been taken out of the roster and is no longer awaiting recognition. >> chair townsend: okay. then at this point, i think we should go to the public. >> clerk: okay. mr. chair, we're working now with matthew ignao from the department of technology. if you wish to comment on the regular and in-person meeting schedule. call the number (415) 655-0001.
1:45 pm
the meeting id number is 24806267041. after you've entered the meeting id, press the pound symbol twice to connect to the meeting then press star followed by the number three to enter the queue to speak. for those members of the public who are connected through the meeting through the webex teleconference meeting, please raise your hand to indicate you would like to be added to the queue of speakers that we're generating waiting recognition. and for those on hold, please continue to wait until you hear the prompt informing you your line has been unmuted and you may then begin your comments. speakers will have three minutes to speak. can you please connect us to our first caller. >> caller: hello. >> clerk: please begin. >> caller: okay. hi. this is jenn with the legal women voters of san francisco.
1:46 pm
i just want to say that i really appreciate the discussion that you're having today. these are some tough decisions and i also want to mention, you know, that for most of the local jurisdictions in the state of california, you have had to work on this process in 2021, more or less most of them have done this process virtually for the los angeles city, they have done all their meetings virtually. i know for los angeles county redistricting commission, they did at least one meeting that was hybrid where they did it in person and a virtual at the same time and i know from one organizer who was present there said that only 20 people more or less showed up for the
1:47 pm
in-person whereas more folks ended up calling in to give public comment. i just wanted to bring this up because, you know, there are a lot of redistricting commissions across the state of california that have already done this and have already had to do this virtually or in some version hybrid and that it would be in the interest of the redistricting task force to seek out those commissions and ask for advice on how they're doing this process especially with the surge and i appreciate the option regardless of in-person or virtual and that i know in previous discussions, it was mentioned about doing video public comments about having recordings ahead of time and so that may be something to explore as well. but overall, thank you for this discussion. >> clerk: thank you for sharing your comments. could we have the next caller,
1:48 pm
please. >> caller: can you hear me now? >> clerk: please begin. >> caller: all right. david pillpell. i agree that the task force members, staff, and the public are great at this time. so i would continue to meet remotely and monitor the situation as circumstances may change in the next three months. i also did some research in the last few days on the question of regular and special meetings and want to point out to you and to the city attorney present, the brown act again 54945a and the sunshine ordinance and 67.6a requires setting the time and place for regular meetings. the current adopted task force by laws in article 6 section 1 have the time, but not the
1:49 pm
location. i think that seemed fine at the time, but now with the possibility of having actual meetings, there are some issue that is come up about 15-day notice and there may be other issues on the difference between regular and special meetings so i would encourage you to consider a by law amendment in the future to add the regular meeting location to article 6, section 1 and note in the brown act and in the sunshine ordinance in particular, 67.13 barriers to attendance prohibited and there may be other requirements that apply that talk about not discriminating or adding conditions to attendance and that could be interpreted to layering, adding or layering conditions that an outside
1:50 pm
location may impose as a condition or barrier to attendance for various folks. so the bottom line is i think we are well served by continuing to meet remotely at this point and let's just see how things go. i like you all. i want you all to be safe. i want to be safe. i -- we can't afford anybody to get sick and anybody to be down for the count here. thanks for listening. >> clerk: thank you for sharing your comments. can we have the next caller, please? >> that was the last caller. >> clerk: mr. chair, that was the last caller. >> chair townsend: thank you so much. before we go any further member comments -- >> clerk: just real quick, mr. chair, if you can close public comment. >> chair townsend: i'm sorry. public comment is closed. the. >> clerk: thank you. >> chair townsend: i think it's no secret to any of you that i have been anxiously
1:51 pm
awaiting with tiptoe anticipation of our public meetings because i just kind of like what goes on with in-person meetings. but quite frankly, in may, i'll be 79, you know, and while my doctor is amazed at my health as am i because it's certainly not because i took care of myself, i just don't take chances and i haven't taken them for almost two years now. i don't want to start because of this task force. it is a -- i mean, we're looking at tv -- we're looking at the views, we know what's happening. so i don't think anyone would hold it against us if we would hold off on the public meetings that are scheduled now, the next couple, make them virtual
1:52 pm
and we still hopefully in the second district meeting for some of these districts, the ones that we're talking about now have more than one meeting and hopefully, we can get out to the public by then, but nothing is going to be -- nothing is urgent or serious enough to risk peoples' health when there is another way to do it. you know, i just don't think we need to make redrawing the district lines of russian roulette for the public or any of us for that matter, you know, we'll take our risk and see what happens. it's just not necessary. there are things that we'd take that risk for every one of them. we can go to any further member comments if you all have them. >> clerk: mr. chair, i don't see any further members of the task force, but i do see d.c.h.
1:53 pm
awaiting recognition. >> thank you, chair townsend. sorry to jump in just before you're going to vote on the motion. but i did have one idea or suggestion to share with the task force. if we are in the short term going to move to some remote meetings for understandable public health meetings and we are still going to have some district focused discussions and hopefully some district based feedback from the public, i wonder whether it makes sense to have such discussions on multiple districts where some of these remote meetings come up. so if we're not tethered to in-person meeting locations, you know, going to district 6 to have district 6 feedback and we're doing remote instead, i have to hear about district 6 and district 3, for example. i think that time is running short unfortunately for this task force. we are essentially three months away from when we need to be done with this project. and remote meetings may be a
1:54 pm
way where we can accelerate our ability to receive that public comment and feedback. just a suggestion for you all to consider. >> chair townsend: thank you. that is intriguing and perhaps we are to at our next regular meeting, perhaps that is something that we would want to explore and especially since you never know until you get in a meeting, but since we suspect some meetings won't be as contentious as others, certainly, we may want to look at that and i would ask those of you who are looking at scheduling and putting these meetings together, it's not only outreach, but talking about how this might or -- and let's look at how this might work. but at this point, if you can go to the vote on the motion
1:55 pm
restate and we'll take a vote. >> clerk: mr. chair, i do see further members have entered their names into the roster. >> chair townsend: if you're going to talk about his proposal, could we hold that until after the vote because that has nothing to do with the vote. >> i'll hold it until after the vote. >> chair townsend: anybody else. >> clerk: mr. chair, i don't see any other names in the roster. we heard a motion offered by member hernandez gil and seconded by member pierce to make changes to a portion of what was adopted on monday. this will be to make it so that the january 14th, friday, special meeting to begin at 3:00 p.m. instead of occurring in city hall room 400, it will be a remote meeting like we're having presently and also for the special meeting on
1:56 pm
january 22nd, a saturday meeting that will begin at 10:00 which presently is scheduled to occur at third baptist church that would also be held as a remote meeting like we're having right now. from that motion, it would preserve the special meeting location at first congregational church 1300 following. i can take the vote on it now. on that motion, [roll call]
1:57 pm
mr. chair, there are nine ayes on that motion. >> chair townsend: thank you, mr. carroll. mr. chasel lee, did you want to make your comment at this time? >> member: yeah. sure. thank you, mr. chair. i am intrigued by the suggestion as you are, mr. chair, however, i am somewhat weary of it because it warps the discussion a bit. we chose to do district centric meetings. if we are to have multiple district discussions in the same meeting, i would urge -- i would suggest having those districts be diametrically --
1:58 pm
>> chair townsend: hold on. my suggestion would be and i know i'm cutting you off and i apologize that we make this a discussion at our next meeting where everyone can participate because you're going to do this now and someone may respond and then someone else and now we're discussing on issues that are not agendized as well as taking time away from the already agendized item. but i'd like to make more comments is during the agenda period agenda item, we may want to set this for discussion. would you be agreeable to that, mr. chasel lee? >> member: thank you, mr. chair. that suggestion makes complete sense to me.
1:59 pm
>> chair townsend: very good. >> clerk: mr. chair, just so everyone knows, we have drafted and translated and posted an agenda for the january 12th meeting that is next wednesday's meeting. it is posted online and there is updates to the regular and special meetings. we have also and translated an agenda for the friday, 2022 special meeting in conform answer of the action will now need to be changed. i can take care of the clerkal
2:00 pm
clerical bits. we need to post that agenda before the five days out from that meeting. so sunday it requires translation staff. it was written to have a district focus of district six which we can update and change, but if on the january 12th meeting, you attended to make changes to the meeting that was going to happen later, the train will have already left the station. i will make sure everyone understands that. mr. chair, i see while i've
2:01 pm
been yamering that member hernandez gil has added his name to the roster. >> chair townsend: member hernandez gil. >> member: yeah. i wanted to make a comment on the personnel issue that was brought up earlier. given the fact this task force just this past monday agreed to have the meetings in district and that we have now changed. i think it makes sense to continue with the hiring as if those meetings were still happening in person. i recognize that anybody who is brought on board might just end up sitting around for a couple of meetings. that's unfortunate, but it's still better to guarantee that we have somebody who is able to participate in all the meetings if they do happen in person. it's respectful to the workers and it's respectful to the staff who have been doing the hiring and that would help address this all or nothing issue that we have. i would rather make sure if we
2:02 pm
do go out into the public in the next few weeks that we have enough staff already. >> chair townsend: thank you. i was thinking about that as well and, of course, i don't know how city policy and city hiring worked, but i would think since these sound like temporary hires that you may want to structure the hiring of notice that would say no more or no less than x amount of meetings or time. [please stand by]
2:03 pm
>> but we will -- that recruitment will remain active and we'll continue interviewing candidates and vetting candidates as well. and based on the current schedule or the anticipated schedule that we have before us. i want to nag a reminder there's the february 16th, 2022
2:04 pm
proposed meeting date as well as the march 14th, 2022 meeting date and the april 6th, meeting start time amendment to 5:30 p.m. that will also need to be addressed. >> thank you. can we move to the next item. >> clerk: member cooper is awaiting your recognition. >> i was just going to move to the things that were mentioned that we adopt so my motion is to add the february 16th, meeting shall the march 14th meeting asper the agenda packet as well as modifying the time for the april 6th meeting and as well
2:05 pm
as adding the times to the meetings as outlined in the agenda packet and i don't know if it can get more specific than that. >> do i have a second. >> i second. >> it's been properly moved and seconds. mr. carole. >> clerk: on the motion offered by member cooper and seconds by member caseel lee to special a meeting on february 16th, 2022. to begin at 5:30 a wednesday and schedule a special meeting on march 14th, 2022 to begin at 5:30, as a monday and amend our meeting schedule on april 6th, 2022, at 5:30 instead of at 10:00 and then to accept the proposed end times. those end times documented in the paperwork in our task force packet, that's the summary on
2:06 pm
that motion. [roll call vote] >> clerk: mr. chair, there are nine ayes once again. >> thank you. now we can move to item 3. i believe our mapping update. >> clerk: that's right. hang on just a moment, mr. chair. just catching up. a mapping update and this is a discussion and possible action item. we'll take public comment on this. we are joined this afternoon by karin macdonald and seth neil, i believe is here as well from q2
2:07 pm
consulting. members of the public, who wish to provide public comment call (415)655-0001 and enter the meeting id. press the pound symbol twice and press star followed by the number 3 if you wish to be entered to the queue to speak and please wait then until the system indicates that you have been unmuted and you may then begin your comments. for those interested members of the public who are connected to the meeting through the webex software, if you wish to speak, indicate so by raising your hand and within the web ex meeting and we'll add your name to the queue of speakers who are awaiting recognition. this item is called. >> thank you. ms. macdonald and mr. neil, you have the floor. >> thank you so much, chair, and vice-chair and members of the task force. it's great to be with you. it's nice to see everybody.
2:08 pm
just in general, i would like to a a couple things about the mapping capabilities we have to support you and this is kind of in reference to the last item also and of course support you with any remote you probably know we just finalized the state of california which was completely completely remote to there's of knowledge there these days amongst mapping consultants so we will be able to support you no matter what you decide to do. from a mapping perspective, there are usually some logistical charges that we would definitely need to work with and his team on if you decide to go to hybrid meetings and those have quite a bit to do with the
2:09 pm
fact that if sometimes difficult for the public to see a screen and the detail of a map when the mapping consult apartment in the members are in one rom and then everything is projected on to a screen. we can of course, figure out how the best work with you on that and make sure that everybody can see the maps and participate that way. i know there's a concern should that happen but it's definitely going to require a little bit of thinking out of the box to make sure that happens and people can participate fully remotely when you are not fully remote. just like one of the members of the public said, we have a little bit of experience also with hybrid meetings and we have
2:10 pm
the same experience that there were very few takers with hybrid meetings that came to the in-person portion and most people were on-line and just making sure that we can support people that are on-line so that they can participate in the same way as people in the room will definitely require some logistical working around things. so, having said that, seth has been working on a number of things for you and thank you for all of your requests and i'm going to move things over to seth so he can give you an you update with respect to the tools and so fourth so thank you. >> thank you, good afternoon. chair townshend and members of the task force. i have some updates, especially to materials that are available on the task force website. and if i may share my screen, i
2:11 pm
can perhaps just show where some of the things are now located and let people know where to find where maps are submitted. thank you. they are related to mapping and one update is the map submitted from the public has been updated to show the air table results for both the redistricting plans and the coy public input through
2:12 pm
the air table form so as you can see there's not been any submissions yet on that form but these are the submissions that we have received so far for the re districting tool so these were posted to the website with the zip files but this breaks it out a bit more so you can see the different contents of it and i'll just briefly show how to use this. so you can see, each row is a plan that's been submitted. the date of submission, the general comment, which is expandable here, also you can see the pdf maps that include an overview. this is one you can zoom in more to see the map. as well as district-specific maps that include the percent deviation, names and commons, as it applies. you can still get the full
2:13 pm
attachments here and the attachment section and this includes all the files as well as the geographic files, the shape files that you can load into a g.i.s. if you want to see them at full detail or work with them in any other way. you can see the text files that collect the comments that are for the over all plan and district-specific comments and overview of the pdf here. and as we get submissions here, they will be available here on this tab. i'll make sure people know where the coy input form is. also noting that we are working on some improvements to make it more central to find the coy form and so this page gives the instructions on what a coy is and how to submit and it has a
2:14 pm
link to the on-line form. you could fill in the information about your community and when you press it it shows up in the air table that i just showed you. and as i mentioned, we are making some improvements to this page and so i'd like also to thank member cooper for his suggestions and working with us on that. so, let's see, stop sharing and i think those are the updates that i want to make sure that people saw and i know there's at of interest in seeing all the different types of submissions that people make. >> so a couple comments, thank you for this. this looks great. very easy to use. looking forward to going through the different maps.
2:15 pm
the sessions that first popped into my head and is it possible to get higher resolution images on the actual pdf so they're a little more eligible. i can't even read this street names on them. it's charging to look at. if there's not maybe my second comment is that you mentioned that the shape files are there and do we as task force members have access to a gas program so that we can load the different submissions from the public over lay them and so we can better visualize and compare them? and this is for the district plans as well as the communities of interest? >> this is for the actual -- well, i guess, yeah.
2:16 pm
at least for the actual maps that we're getting from the public. >> if i could perhaps answer the piece about the g.i.s. so since the district mapping process was starting to work will be live, we will have a professional mapping software available we can use to pull up any map that you would like to see on this screen so you would just let us know and we will import the map and then you can look at it in greater detail, if that helps. >> it's a good point to have and later it might. as for receiving the maps, right, it would be very useful to be able to compare them and visualize them at our own leisure individually as individuals. so that is a question and if we don't have access to that, at least having higher resolution
2:17 pm
images because as it stands, there are unusable at least for me. >> thank you. >> we'll look into having higher resolution pdfs and the overview map is provided at a high resolution than the district-specific maps. and that one in part because we can provide a larger file for that one and for providing maps at that resolution for all the district. we had problem with e-mails not being able to be sent to e-mails but we can look into how we can have a high resolution on those.
2:18 pm
>> >> mr. chair,. >> jeremy lee is waiting recognition. >> my question is from macdonald. >> i asked about adding chinese or filipino to the mapping tool and i just wanted to get an update on that. >> thank you so much for that question. i think we're working with john's shop on that and i will make sure that we can get an update on where that stands. >> ok. so, it is still currently in the works to make that happen? >> i am honestly not sure what the status is of this so let me check into it for you and get back to you. >> ok, great. thank you. and then another question for
2:19 pm
you, i have concerns around the timeline around drawing draft maps, using your institutional knowledge of the last cycle, can you just give a high-level overview of just the amount of time it took the previous task forced to come up with a draft map and when they did that? >> yeah, thank you for those questions also. so, we've spent some time looking at your proposed schedule and the fact that you want to do the in district listening sessions, presumely before you start drawing lines so you can get some input from people. what i don't see on this schedule right now is an opportunity to actually focus on the entire city and county of san francisco and stop and just say ok, what is the innaught wee
2:20 pm
have received and start to put that together, pull it together and start to map. i think the suggestion to look into combine something of these listening sessions for some of the districts might be good to open up some of the meetings to create that space so can you do that. i think that you should figure out collectively when you want to have a draft done and then work backwards and what the last task force did was, it had a listening session and it heard from all of the districts and started drawing.
2:21 pm
if you wanted to follow-up and obviously we would have to go into the fall pretty much because right now you are not in every district. if you want to model your process on the last process, again, the suggestion to look into taking the five hours that you have for each directing listening session and perhaps say ok, the first hour that have or for this particular looking at the schedule opening up some of the meeting days that you have already agreed on when you know you are all available, and then saying ok, those are the days where one day we're going to just sit down and see what we
2:22 pm
have received and look at maps and the communities of interest and then just start work on a draft over perhaps a period of three or four days and i would say a good time to shoot for would be maybe mid to end february depending on what you decide to do with respect to the listening sessions. whether you have a map, you will illicit more feedback obviously. people that perhaps did not feel like they needed to provide you with their community of interest, may come in and say, this draft actually splits my community of interest so now i rally do need you to know about it and so, you get that feedback and you get feedback like, you know, this just doesn't work for us and so fourth so you want to leave enough time afterwards to be able to review what you've done and get enough input so i would say, looking at the schedule, if you can open up some days, that really are just
2:23 pm
dedicated to the city and county coming up with the draft and having enough time to continue to work on iterations of that draft, while you are also going out and listening again to feedback might be a good plan and i hope that made sense. >> y. of course. yes, of course. in your view, when we finish that listening and then what do you think is a sufficient amount of time. after the listening and develop that draft map. >> if you've heard, you have given everybody an opportunity to give you the first thoughts on the district and then you can start immediately to work on your draft. now again, this is an open and live mapping process so it will
2:24 pm
be iterations and as you heard from the public you may be changing some things if you thought may work and you may make adjustments so perhaps just take three or four days and just try to get something out on o o
2:25 pm
2:26 pm
2:27 pm
2:28 pm
2:29 pm
>> we broke ground in december of last year. we broke ground the day after sandy hook connecticut and had a moment of silence here. it's really great to see the silence that we experienced then and we've experienced over the years in this playground is now filled with these voices. >> 321, okay. [ applause ] >> the park was kind of bleak. it was scary and over grown. we started to help maclaren park when we found there
2:30 pm
wasn't any money in the bond for this park maclaren. we spent time for funding. it was expensive to raise money for this and there were a lot of delays. a lot of it was just the mural, the sprinklers and we didn't have any grass. it was that bad. we worked on sprinkler heads and grass and we fixed everything. we worked hard collecting everything. we had about 400 group members. every a little bit helped and now the park is busy all week. there is people with kids using the park and using strollers and now it's safer by utilizing it. >> maclaren park being the largest second park one of the best kept secrets. what's exciting abou