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tv   BOS Rules Committee  SFGTV  April 3, 2022 8:30am-9:01am PDT

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>> good morning. welcome to the rules committee of the san francisco board of supervisors for today monday march 21, 2022. i am the chair of this committee, aaron peskin. joined to my right supervisor raphael mandelman. and joined by supervisor connie chan. >> clerk: we allow in-person attendance and public comment which provide remote access and public comment by telephone. equitable public access is essential. first, public comment will be taken on each item on this agenda. those attending in person will
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be allowed to speak first, then we'll take those who are waiting on the telephone line. for those watching and, public comment call in number is streaming across the screen. the number is (415)655-0001 enter the meeting i.d. 2488 501 6919. when convened you'll hear the meetings discussion. when your item comes up and public comment is called, those joining us in person should speak. those on the line should dial star three. if you're on the telephone please remember to turn down the tv. we will take public comment for those attending in person first and then go to our public comment telephone line.
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you may also send public comment to our office 1 dr. carlson b. goodlett place. finally iteming ad upon is expected to be on the board of board ofsupervisors march 29, bn 22. >> supervisor peskin: you're no doubt aware of what in home support services does and its mission to provide a model of consumer directed inhome support services that allows older adults and people with disabilities to live and age in place independently and allows
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often times members of their family to be there caretakers with appropriate compensation. in san francisco, back in the 1990s, the board of supervisors created a governing board, the first public authority to have an independent governing board in the country to oversee this. today we have a number of applicants for a number of seats on this governing board. i wanted to start by thanking all of the workers for the work they do but particularly for the work they have done during the pandemic. which includes taking lot of public health risks during a period with a lot of staff shortages. thank you to all of the ihss
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workers. you will recall that kelly durham used to be the director of the public authority but is now moved on to the department of aging and adult services, which has connections to the public authority. the new director, eileen norman, could not be here today. but her deputy director erin gutierrez is participating virtually. ms. gutierrez do you have any opening comments? if not we'll go to the applicants in the order they appear on our agenda. >> this would be for item number one. which is a hearing to -- >> chair peskin: my bad. >> clerk: two members terms ending march 1, 2024 and five members terms ending march 1,
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2025. >> chair peskin: with that, any opening comments? why don't we go to the applicants in the order that they appear on our agenda. my understanding is that one of the two applicants for seat 4, which is a healthcare provider, glenda cartenga has withdraw. which leaves us -- are you with us this morning? let's go to jesse nichols for seat 5.
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[ indiscernible ] >> i'm a resident of the bayview. i've done ihss for 14 years now. [ indiscernible ] >> chair peskin: is ms. hernandez with us? if not, why don't with go to the wasn't an only rita semel seeking appointment to seat 6. are you with us this morning? seat 9, alexander madrid for seeking reappointment.
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how about sascha bittner for seat 11. >> this is alex madrid. >> good morning. >> thank you for taking my application. hopefully, will be reappointed thank you. >> chair peskin: are you still on the mayor's disability council? that is one of the requirements of this seat?
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>> yes. >> chair peskin: thank you for that confirmation. if we don't have -- let's go on to sascha bittner for seat 11. if not robin wilson-beetle for seat 13. >> clerk: i do not see them logged in. they did indicate they will be participating via teams. >> chair peskin: let's open item 1 up to general public comment. >> clerk: give me one moment. we are now checking to see if remote attendees. if there are no members of the public in the room at this time. if you are on the the phone and have not done so, please press
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star 3. wait until the system indicates you have been unmuted and you may begin your comment. we have two listeners on the line but nobody in the queue to speak. >> chair peskin: public comment is closed. colleagues, given that all of the paperwork and the applications in the file are in order and given our independent confirmation that ms. semel who is required to be a member of the human services commission and we have confirmed a member of the human services commission as of beginning of this year as reflected in their minutes, everybody else is qualified for their seats, would like to move haiti hernandez for seat 4 with a residency waiver. jesse nichols for seat 5.
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rita semel reappointed to seat 6, alexandra madrid to seat 9, sasha bitter to seat 11 and robin wilson-beattie to seat 13. >> clerk: i have vaccination confirmation for all members except for ms. hernandez. >> chair peskin: pending, we'll have until april 5th to receive that. there's no board meeting next week. this is not being sent as a committee report. subject to that verification as it relates to ms. hernandez for seat 4, a roll call on the motion please. >> clerk: on that motion. [roll call vote].
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motion passes without objection. >> chair peskin: next item please. >> clerk: consider pointing one member term ending july 21, 2023. one seat one applicant. >> chair peskin: this committee made recommendations to the full board for a number of other seats specifically seats 7, 8 and 11 to the children youth and families oversight and advisory committee. we're hearing today seat 10 for an individual who withdrew her appointment application in january. this was authorized under a measure passed in 2014 and for the children's fund and with
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that, why don't we hear from the one an only applicant to seat number 10, mr. aaron yen. >> good morning. thank you so much for the opportunity for this seat. very excited about the potential. my name is aaron yen. i'm currently chief equity officer for the covid-19 task force. i was interested in pursuing this seat because, prior to my city work, i was majority of my professional career has been working with youth and families. i went to san francisco state to study child adolescent development specifically for yute and families. this has been a passion of mine since i was young professional, even as a kid as a san francisco native.
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i look forward to supporting efforts that involve our youth and families. i'm happy to answer questions that you may have. >> chair peskin: thank you. any questions for mr. yen from committee members? seeing none. why don't we go to public comment. >> clerk: before we do that, we had some of the members for that last item just log in. we have finished with item number one. appointments were recommended for the majority of the members. >> chair peskin: thank you. >> clerk: they just logged in. i wanted to let them know what's going on. members of the public who wish to provide public comment on item 2 and joining us in person.
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there's nobody in the room at this time. for those listening remotely call (415)655-0001. meeting i.d. 2488 501 6919 then press pound and pound again. once connected you need to press star 3 to enter the speaker line. we have two listeners but nobody in the queue to speak. >> chair peskin: public comment is closed. i want to thank mr. yen for applying to seat number 10 and indeed, as reflected on his application and his resume, he does indeed have a wealth of experience at the o.m.i. excelsior beacon center, ymca, as well as other associated activities, s.f. associates youth baseball and imprint city.
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he seems qualified for the seat. we look forward to his service. seeing no comments from committee members, i will make a motion to send mr. yen to the full board with recommendation on that motion mr. young a roll call please. >> clerk: on that motion. [roll call vote] the motion passes without objection. >> chair peskin: we are adjourned.
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>> we are right now in outer richmond in the last business area of this city. this area of merchants is in the most western part of san francisco, continue blocks down the street they're going to fall into the pacific ocean. two blocks over you're going to have golden gate park. there is japanese, chinese, hamburgers, italian, you don't have to cook. you can just walk up and down the street and you can get your cheese. i love it. but the a very multicultural place with people from
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everywhere. it's just a wonderful environment. i love the richmond district. >> and my wife and i own a café we have specialty coffee drinks, your typical lattes and mochas and cappuccinos, and for lunches, sandwiches and soup and salad. made fresh to order. we have something for everybody >> my shop is in a very cool part of the city but that's one of the reasons why we provide such warm and generous treats, both physically and emotionally (♪♪) >> it's an old-fashioned general store. they have coffee. other than that what we sell is fishing equipment. go out and have a good time. >> one of my customers that has been coming here for years has always said this is my favorite
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store. when i get married i'm coming in your store. and then he in his wedding outfit and she in a beautiful dress came in here in between getting married at lands end and to the reception, unbelievable. (♪♪) >> the new public health order that we're announcing will require san franciscans to remain at home with exceptions only for essential outings. >> when the pandemic first hit we kind of saw the writing on the walls that potentially the city is going to shut all businesses down. >> it was scary because it was
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such an unknown of how things were going to pan out. i honestly thought that this might be the end of our business. we're just a small business and we still need daily customers. >> i think that everybody was on edge. nobody was untouched. it was very silent. >> as a business owner, you know, things don't just stop, right? you've still got your rent, and all of the overhead, it's still there. >> there's this underlying constant sense of dread and anxiety. it doesn't prevent you from going to work and doing your job, it doesn't stop you from doing your normal routine. what it does is just make you feel extra exhausted. >> so we began to reopen one year later, and we will emerge
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stronger, we will emerge better as a city, because we are still here and we stand in solidarity with one another. >> this place has definitely been an anchor for us, it's home for us, and, again, we are part of this community and the community is part of us. >> one of the things that we strived for is making everyone in the community feel welcome and we have a sign that says "you're welcome." no matter who you are, no matter what your political views are, you're welcome here. and it's sort of the classic san francisco thing is that you work with folks. >> it is your duty to help everybody in san francisco.
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>> my name is alan schumer. i am a fourth generation san franciscan. in december, this building will be 103 years of age. it is an incredibly rich, rich history. [♪♪♪]
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>> my core responsibility as city hall historian is to keep the history of this building alive. i am also the tour program manager, and i chair the city advisory commission. i have two ways of looking at my life. i want it to be -- i wanted to be a fashion designer for the movies, and the other one, a political figure because i had some force from family members, so it was a constant battle between both. i ended up, for many years, doing the fashion, not for the
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movies, but for for san franciscan his and then in turn, big changes, and now i am here. the work that i do at city hall makes my life a broader, a richer, more fulfilling than if i was doing something in the garment industry. i had the opportunity to develop relationships with my docents. it is almost like an extended family. i have formed incredible relationships with them, and also some of the people that come to take a tour. she was a dressmaker of the first order. i would go visit her, and it was a special treat. i was a tiny little girl.
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i would go with my wool coat on and my special little dress because at that period in time, girls did not wear pants. the garment industry had the -- at the time that i was in it and i was a retailer, as well as the designer, was not particularly favourable to women. you will see the predominant designers, owners of huge complexes are huge stores were all male. women were sort of relegated to a lesser position, so that, you reached a point where it was a difficult to survive and survive financially. there was a woman by the name of diana. she was editor of the bazaar, and evoke, and went on and she was a miraculous individual, but she had something that was a
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very unique. she classified it as a third i. will lewis brown junior, who was mayor of san francisco, and was the champion of reopening this building on january 5th of 1999. i believe he has not a third eye , but some kind of antenna attached to his head because he had the ability to go through this building almost on a daily basis during the restoration and corrects everything so that it would appear as it was when it opened in december of 1915. >> the board of supervisors approved that, i signed it into law. jeffrey heller, the city and county of san francisco oh, and and your band of architects a great thing, just a great thing.
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>> to impart to the history of this building is remarkable. to see a person who comes in with a gloomy look on their face , and all of a sudden you start talking about this building, the gloomy look disappears and a smile registers across their face. with children, and i do mainly all of the children's tours, that is a totally different feeling because you are imparting knowledge that they have no idea where it came from, how it was developed, and you can start talking about how things were before we had computer screens, cell phones, lake in 1915, the mayor of san francisco used to answer the telephone and he would say, good morning, this is the mayor.
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>> at times, my clothes make me feel powerful. powerful in a different sense. i am not the biggest person in the world, so therefore, i have to have something that would draw your eye to me. usually i do that through color, or just the simplicity of the look, or sometimes the complication of the look. i have had people say, do those shoes really match that outfit? retirement to me is a very strange words. i don't really ever want to retire because i would like to be able to impart the knowledge
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that i have, the knowledge that i have learned and the ongoing honor of working in the people's palace. you want a long-term career, and you truly want to give something to do whatever you do, so long as you know that you are giving to someone or something you're then yourself. follow your passion and learn how to enrich the feelings along the way.
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when i shoot chinatown, i shoot the architecture that people not just events, i shoot what's going on in daily life and everything changes. murals, graffiti, store opening. store closing.