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tv   Full Board of Supervisors  SFGTV  May 3, 2022 6:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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haney and i wanted to make sure that this item was read into the roster. seeing no one else on the roster, we will take this item same house, same call. without objection, this resolution is adopted unanimously. madam clerk, do we have any imperative agenda items? >> i have no imperative items to report, mr. president. >> thank you. please present any in memoriam. >> today's meeting will be adjourned in the memory of a following -- of the following beloved individuals. on behalf of supervisor peskin, preston and ronen, for the late kathy putin. >> thank you so much, madam clerk. this brings us to the end of our agenda. i am a human being and mother or not, as a person, it is my basic human right to control, plan,
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and to choose the sides of my family. i wish this right for all people. this meeting is adjourned.
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shop and dine in the 49 promotes local businesses and challenges residents to do their shopping and dining within the 49 square miles of san francisco. by supporting local services within our neighborhoods, we help san francisco remain unique, successful, and vibrant. so where will you shop and dine in the 49? >> my name is ray behr. i am the owner of chief plus. it's a destination specialty foods store, and it's also a corner grocery store, as well.
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we call it cheese plus because there's a lot of additions in addition to cheese here. from fresh flowers, to wine, past a, chocolate, our dining area and espresso bar. you can have a casual meeting if you want to. it's a real community gathering place. what makes little polk unique, i think, first of all, it's a great pedestrian street. there's people out and about all day, meeting this neighbor and coming out and supporting the businesses. the businesses here are almost all exclusively independent owned small businesses. it harkens back to supporting local. polk street doesn't look like anywhere u.s.a. it has its own businesses and personality. we have clothing stores to gallerys, to personal service stores, where you can get your
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hsus repaired, luggage repaired. there's a music studio across the street. it's raily a diverse and unique offering on this really great street. i think san franciscans should shop local as much as they can because they can discover things that they may not be familiar with. again, the marketplace is changing, and, you know, you look at a screen, and you click a mouse, and you order something, and it shows up, but to have a tangible experience, to be able to come in to taste things, to see things, to smell things, all those things, it's very important that you do so. >> good afternoon and welcome
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to the may 3, 2022 meeting of the san francisco board of supervisors. madam clerk would you please call the role. >> thank you mister president. [rollcall]
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>>. [rollcall] there are 9 aye's. >> motion to exclude supervisor melgar until herarrival today is approved unanimously . the san francisco board of supervisors acknowledges we are on the unseeded ancestral homeland of the ramaytush ohlone are the original inhabitants of the san franciscopeninsula . as the indigenous stewards of this land and in accordance
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with their tradition, the ramaytush ohlone have never ceded, lost or forgotten their responsibilities to this place . as well as for all people who reside in their traditional territory. as guests we recognize we benefit from living and working on their traditional homeland. we wish to pay our respects by acknowledging the ancestors , elders and relatives of the ramaytush ohlone community and by ... affirming their sovereign rights as first peoples colleagues, please stand with me for the pledge of allegiance . >> i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republicfor which it stands , one nation, under god, indivisible with
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liberty and justice for all . >> on behalf of the board of supervisors i'dlike to acknowledge the staff at sfgov tv . today we have carlita mendoza who records each of our meetings and makes the transcriptsavailable for the public online . madam clerk are there any communications ? >> i have a communication to welcome the general public interested in viewing, attending andparticipating in this board meeting . you may view this meeting on sfgov tv, he will cast channel 26 or viewing the computer live stream at you are encouragedto join us in person here in the board's legislative chamber. in city hall room 250 to listen to the proceedings and advise
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the morning person . the board will revise any testimony from those who attended in person and thereafter the board will hear from those who call into the remote system . the becks practices on the remote system are that you call in early from a quiet location . makesure your television or computer is turned down and then youwill be listened able to listen and live sink and put yourself into the speakers queue . through the meeting the telephone number is streaming on your screen . it is 415-655-0001 . when you hear the system prompt enter the meetingid 2483 417 4007. press the pound symbol twice you'll know you have joined the meeting when you hear the discussion . however your line will be mute . and once you are ready to provideyour comment that is when you should pressáthree to put yourself into the speakers queue. the system will prompt you when it is your turn . listen carefully for the prompt and begin speaking your
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comments. today's agenda content includes the following. special order at 3 pm. items 20 through 23. this is the public hearing appeal for zero palo alto avenue. there isthe possibility that these matters may be continued to may 17, 2020 . at the continuation of these matters are considered there will be testimony taken on the continuance and on the date of the public hearing may 17 there will be testimony taken on the merits of the appeal itself. finally the board will hear general public comment once item 27 is called. you may items 28 through 37. items for consideration on the adoption of that committee reference calendar and other general matters not on today's agenda that are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the board of supervisors. the board will accept your written correspondence if you use the email address. that's or use san
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francisco board of supervisors number one doctor alton in the goodlatte place, 94102. in apartnership with the office of civic engagement , interpreters will be present to assist the board beginning with the 3 pm special order. at that time i'll invite the interpreters to usethemselves and provide the access information . and finally as we have had for the last two years we do have a live person standing by to assist you if you experience any trouble connecting to this remote meeting. call the clerk's office at 415-655-0001 5184. members mister president that concludes my communication . >> thank you madam clerk. before we get started a friendly reminder to up your microphones when you are not speaking. let's go to theconsent agenda items one through six .
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>> one through six are on consent these items are considered to be routine . if amember and item may be removed . >> thank you so much. i don't see anyone. madam clerk rollcall please. >> on items one through six supervisor walton. supervisor chan. supervisor mandolin. [rollcall] there are nine aye's. >> without objection these ordinances are passed on first reading and finally passed unanimously . madam clerk please call regular agendaunfinished business item number seven .>> an ordinance
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to amend the clerk told you about the golden gate park access and safety plan which includes restricting private vehicles on certain slow straight segments at a big park including on john f. kennedy drive making certain streets one-way establishing bicycle lanes and urging additional changesto improve public access to golden gate park and affirm the secret determination and make theappropriate findings . >> supervisor. >> thank you president walton . mister president i want to request that we put this item till later in the agenda when supervisor melgar is able to vote on it. >> out of respect for my colleague let's go to item number eight. >> item 7 will be postponed untillater . item number eight this is an ordinance to appropriate approximately 2.1 million of general fund reserves to the
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fire department. the department of public health sheriff's department and department of emergency management are increased workers compensation. and the authority to receive and extend these funds in the department of human resources fiscal year 2021 to 2022 and i'll just state pursuant to the charter this matter requires the vote of two thirds or eight votes of all members of the board of supervisors to approve this appropriation passage today. >>thank you so much. madam clerk let's call the role . >> on item 8 supervisor walton. [ rollcall]
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>> based on item 9. >> item night is a resolution to retroactivelyapprove the first and second amendment for a contract between the institute they familiar de la ross incorporated and the city for the roadmap to peace program . to retroactively approve the first amendment to extend the term to june 30, 2023. to increase the amount by 8.5 million for a new 10.7 million of them out and approve the second amendment to extend the term by oneyear for a total term of july 1, 2019 through june 30 2024 and increase the amount by 874,000 for a new total amount of 11.6 million . >> thank you madam clerk. seeing no one on the roster we
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will take this item same house, same call andwithout objection this resolution is adopted unanimously . madam clerk please call items number 10 and 11 together. >> item 10 is a resolution to retroactively authorize the police department to accept and extend $125,000 grant from the united states department of justice office of community oriented policing services for the fiscal year 2021 humanity policing development micrograph program to support our community trust and legitimacy progress term september 1, 2021 through august 21, 2022 and to waive the indirect cost . item 11 is a resolution to retroactively authorize the police department to accept and expend and approximately $124,000 grant from the united states department of justice zero justice assistance under the patrick leahy bulletproof vest department to fund the purchase ofbest for law
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enforcement officers in the police department sheriff's department and adult probation department and juvenile probation department . purchase april 21 through august 31, 2023. >> thank you so much madam clerk seeing no one on the lock roster we can take these items same house same call. without objection these resolutions are adopted unanimously . please call item number 12 . >> item 12 is a resolution to approve an authorized director of property to enter into a lease for 1090 can, street with christchurch lutheran behavioral science unit programming for a three-year term through april 30, 2025 at the base rent of 45,000, three percent annual adjustment and 20 percent of utilities to approve and authorize potential 2, 3 option and exercise document modifications in furtherance of the lease as defined herein to adopt the appropriate findings . >> thank you.
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seeing no one on the roster we will take this item. without objection this resolution is adopted unanimously. madam clerk please call item 13. >> item 13 is a resolution to retroactively authorize the police department to accept and expend an in-kind gift of 900 units of valued at 66,000 through thenaloxone distribution program . >> thank you madam clerk. seeing no one on the roster we will take this item same house same call. without objection this resolution is adopted unanimously . please call item 14. >> item 14 is a resolution to retroactively authorize the department of public health to accept and expend multiple grants approximately 96,000 april 1, 2020 through march 31, 2021 are in approximately 167,000 april 1, 2021 through
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march 31, 2022 for a new total amount of approximately 335,000 april 8,2019 through march 31, 2022 . >> thank you madam clerk. seeing noone on the roster we will take this item same house same call. without objection this resolution is adopted unanimously . please call item number 15 . >> -15a resolution to approve the graph between the city and san francisco in-home supportive services public authority or the provision of administration health and dental benefits to in-home supportive services independent providers july 1, 2022 through 2026and the approximate amount of 434.7 million . >> thank you. seeing no one on the roster we will take this item, same
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house, same call. without objection this item is adopted unanimously. please call item 16. >> item 16 is a resolution to approve and authorize the director of property to acquire property located at 61 through 67 ellis street with closing cost to for a total anticipated amount of approximately 19.94 million to apply to the california department of housing and community development for its own key grant program to purchase the property, affirm the determinations and make the appropriate motions. >> idon't see anyone on the roster so wewill take this item, same house , same call and without objection this resolution is adopted unanimously . please call item 17. >> an ordinance to authorized settlement of a lawsuit filed by the city against fong and chan architect. this allegation involves the
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hospital regal project in breach of contract under material terms ofthe settlement the city shall receive payment of 7.3 million . >> seeing no one on the roster we will take this item same house, same call without objection ordinance is passed on first reading unanimously . please call item 18. >> item 18 and ordinance to authorized settlement of a lawsuit filed by the city against pacific gas and electric company for approximately 6.75 million this lawsuit involves pge's failure to identify the city for homeowner damages claims arising from a landslide on casitas avenue. other material terms are that pg and e will provide repairs to prevent action with prejudice.
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>> seeing no one on the roster we will take item 18 same house same call. without objection this ordinance is passedon first reading . madam clerk call item 19. >> item 19 is a resolution of intention to modify the management district from dogpatch and northwest portrero benefit district to combine capital and maintenance budget categories so that the district will have greater flexibility to allocate funds. it orders the time and place for public hearing the board of supervisors sitting as a committee as a whole on june 7 2022 and 3 pm to hear this matter. >> thank you so much madam clerk. seeing no one on the roster we will take this item same house, same calland objection this resolution is adopted unanimously . madam clerk if you could go to our 3 pm special order item
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number 2323. >> mister president is 2:24 in the afternoon. may i suggest committee reports. >> thatworks for me . >> item 24 and 25 were considered by the rules committee at a regular meeting monday, may 2, 2022 . those items recommended as committee reports. those items were amended the rules committee to strike the/the word reject so we have new titles, item 24 is a motion to approve the mayor's nomination for the re-apartment of larry yee for the police commission. mister president did you want me also to read item 25 west and mark. >> thank you so much we will we will run these together. >> it's a motion to approve the mayor's nomination for the
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reappointment of max carter-oberstone to the police commission for a term ending april 30 2026 . >> that you madam clerk. seeing no one on the roster we will take these items the same house,same call and without objectionthese motions are approved unanimously . madam clerk . wewill take a 4 minute recess .♪ ♪ >> welcome back to our mate 23rd 2022 meeting of the board of supervisors. would you call our 2:30 p.m. special order.>> the special order at 2:30 p.m. is a recognition of commendation todayfor meritorious service to the city and county of san francisco by members of the asian pacific american heritage month . >> thank you so much.
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colleagues today we are kicking off asian pacific island or heritage month without asian pacific american special community. [applause] in honor we are going to kick off with our asian pacific american special commendation but before we begin i would like to invite supervisor mar and supervisor chan to make a few remarks. supervisor mar . >> thank you president walton and i am really honored and excited to open this bethel board of supervisors elevation of asian pacific heritage month along with my fellow asian american colleague supervisor chan. like black history month in february and pride month coming up in june these times during the year when we left up the culture and heritage of our city's diverse community are extremely important for those
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communities themselves and their just as important for our entire city to boost our connection to the vital cultural communities that make san francisco such a vibrant and incredibly unique place in may through asian-pacific american heritage month we're celebrating the resiliency and diversity of our community who have been such an important part of the identity and fabric of san francisco since the beginnings of our city . and following the end of racially exclusionary immigration laws in 1960 the cities a api population began a period of steady growth over four decades and we represent one third of our city's population in all districts and neighborhoods. our api communities are diverse including filipino, japanese, indian, korean, thai, native hawaiian and pacific islander.
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for me a cambodian and many others as well and we all working families, immigrants, seniors, youth and students in diverse identities. given this diversity there is a tremendously wide-ranging array of wonderful aapi heritage month event scheduled in the coming weeks presented by agencies like the library but mostly organized by community groupsand artists . for example last friday i had the honor of attending the kickoff event of the united states of asian america festival which has been organized by the aapi cultural center in may for the past 25 years. i want mayor bree and chang of the heritage foundation for convening the city's official aapi heritage month celebration tomorrow evening. i look forward to seeing you all there. if we celebrate the heritage and role of the aapi community this month we mustreflect on
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and recommit to addressing our most urgent community needs as well . in my district the sunset which is majority asian american it means implementing the recommendations from sunset forward community led planning process that addresses priority needs around affordable housing, small businesses and commercialcorridors , services for families and seniors and transportation and of course we're still grappling with the pandemic fueled surge in age, racial harassment and violence directed against asian american pacific islanders. we must prioritize public safety and long-term solutions that address the root causes of hate and violence impacting not just the aapi communities but all communities of full robo populations. we have a lot of work to do as a board and a city to support and lift up our asian american and pacific islander communities including through the budget process but we must
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also take the time to celebrate the heritage and role of our aapi communities and our city and to strengthen understanding and unity so i lookforward to celebrating you colleagues and the public at many of the upcomingheritage month and that's . thank you . >> thank you so is her . [applause] supervisor chan class thank you president walton, colleagues and it's great to be in thischamber . the board chamber to celebrate asian pacific american heritage month and in solidarity with all the public here. i just want to say that when i think of heritage month i think of this saying in chinese that you think about as the river pass. you think about the watersource . you think about the past , where you came from and you think about those who came before you. and then as the river passes
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you look towards the future. the future generation that we want to support and push forward and i thinkthat is what this month is about and it's great to be here and great to be your representative . [applause] >> thank you supervisor. now we have claudia chang, president of the heritage foundation to make a few remarks. welcome mister chang. >> thank yousupervisors. happy aapi heritage month . so i think wemissed this for two years already . we're so happy tobe back . i was in a very jubilant mood this last couple of weeks and especially on the way here celebrating withall our arteries today . on the way here i heard the very sad news. many of you know he was always
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such a humble person and we all used to call him non-. our secretary has a long history of public service starting as mayor of san jose. then many years in congress subsequently as asecretary of transportation . what's so relevant about aapi month was that without the time the congressman in congress in 1977 arguing for the passage of this resolution of legislation to designate may as a celebration of asian pacific heritage month. impressing upon congress about
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the importance of commemorating and celebrating the history and contributions of asian americans i don't think this last celebration was going to be passed unanimously by the house . and it was tremendous when supervisor chan was talking about remembering where we came from. this celebration is course also about the present and future but it is so appropriate to thank those and especially a giant in our community such as the nominations. his legacy is just tremendous and many of us would not be enjoying our opportunities without his work for so many years in the capital of this country. so if i may want to ask for a moment of silence in respect of norman.
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... thank you so much. moving forward the theme of our celebration this year is forging community bonds. we felt it was appropriate just given the challenges that we face in the last two years with the pandemic with anti-asian hate there's so much to do to bring communities together so that's what forging community bonds is about. we thank you for your support and look forward to seeing many of you at celebrationevents throughout the month thank you so much miss chang . [applause] and thank you so much for organizing events each year and bringing communities together and now we're going to start with supervisor mar and supervisor chan with our honorees. >> thanks again president walton for asian american
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pacific islander month i'm pleased to present my combination to the chinese cultural district. this is an exciting new coalition of community groups and leaders that have come together over the past year plus to organize and create the city's ninth official cultural heritage district and is the first one on the west side of the first onefocused on the chinese-american community . please line up all you amazing community leaders who created the district. the sunset chinese cultural district celebrates and strengthens the unique cultural identity and historic role of chinese residents and in the sunset park district to promote community assets, foster leadership and resiliency and ensure this important community
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will continue to thrive and be such a big part of thesunset in thefuture . the chinese-american community has had a significant presence in the sunset for decades . but yet this isthe first time the community has come together across organizations , businesses and churches and arts and other sectors to create a shared vision in a formal organization and coalition that can help empower thechinese community in the sunset district . this important initiative comes at a critical moment because the sunset and parkside chinese american community face and an uncertain future in the face of displacement and housing and affordability and the economic impacts of the pandemic really affecting so many residents and small businesses and workers. today there'svery few remaining chinese owned businesses west of sunset boulevard . and we've also seen for the first time the chinese
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population of sunset based on the recent census datastart to decline after decades of growth . the creation of the sunset chinese cultural district will help to empower residents directly with the establishment of this new organization rooted in the voices of stakeholders who understand their unique needs and challenges so thanks again to all of you incredible community leadersfor coming together to form the chinese sunset cultural district . i want to thank all my colleagues on the board for unanimouslyadopting the legislation last year . i want to introduce lily wong . she's a communityengagement director that's been one of the lead organizers of this effort . >> hello all. i'm the director of engagement of the one a school, it's been around for almost 60 years now and we're recognized asa legacy
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business .thank you all for that and i wanted to kind of shout out or recognize how much effort came together to actually create this cultural district . next to me is a lot of our steering committee or working group members that have kept the work to create the cultural district. we have names, we have the sunset mercantile, sunset heritage . asian ink and yes of course the quality school right now. we really appreciate just this opportunity to uplift the chinese community in the sunset . i think we're looking forward to continuing to work together and really making biggerimpacts on our community . [applause] >>congratulations and thank you
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supervisor . >>. [applause] >> now we havesupervisor chan . >> thank you president walton. i first want to recognize all of the aapi women first responders. it's really my goal to honor them during this heritage month . for their bravery, for the uniqueness and hard-working but
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specifically i want to highlight the work of our san francisco fire department captainjulie mao for her leadership and her commitment to our city . [applause] if i may i want to tell you a little bit about captain mao. he was born and raised on the island of oahu in hawaii. she moved to san francisco in 1988 to attend sanfrancisco university . she's worked with the fire department since 2002 and is currently a captain at station 12 in haight-ashbury district . [applause] she has worked hard. she's moved up the ranks from firefighter to lieutenant to captain and is currently on th list for promotion to the rank of battalion chief . [applause] she has trained over
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250 firefighters as a training lieutenant in recruit academy and continues to organize and provide ongoing training and professional development for firefighters . she's an incredible advocate for positive change in the fire department having worked on the department's racial equity action plan and a coleader for outreach and recruitment for this departmentsdiversity equity inclusion office . she's the president of the united fire service , a nonprofit organization and an affinity group of the san francisco fire departmentthat supports and advocates for the welfare of women in the fire department . she's also involved with camp blaze in north california fire service, to agencies that host girls attempts to help inspire young women into the fire service while teaching them confidence building, teamwork and leadership skills.
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she values community outreach and participation and volunteers her time with the san franciscofirefighters program and neighborhood emergency response team . she's also an instructor at the fire academy city college of san francisco. among her many many accomplishments she remains rounded andconnected to her hawaiian lineage and community . and teaches hula dance classes for poor children so it is my honor to honor you and recognize you today. [applause] >> thank you so much supervisor. thankyou board of supervisors, all the members from the asian americanpacific islander community . thank you for all thework you do for our people , our community . it's so important for us especially in the fire service
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is not one person that put the fire out. it's a whole team of people so thank you. we are truly stronger together and thank you supervisor and all the board of supervisors for thework you do. weappreciate you . it's such a privilege to serve this wonderful city of san francisco . >> thank you andcongratulations . >>. [applause] >> thank you so much superviso chan . [applause] colleagues, now i
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have the opportunity to honor salt. [cheering] salt is a group of pacific islander organizations that came together and opened the first and only pacific islander community hub also known as the hot located at executive park in district 10. the unique needs of the pacific islander community were exacerbated during the covid-19 pandemic and salt is committed to investing in programming and funding for covid-19 recovery initiatives for the pacific islander community.salt stands for san francisco south pacific islanders which
6:45 pm
provides reentry services to pacific islandermales and the juvenile justice system are incarcerated . violence prevention and intervention around public safety and crisis response. sf sdi is led by sweeney williams. a insult for all islanders gathering as one. which provides advocacy, leadership development and enrichment in workforce relevant for the pi community led by gaynor. the first l is living in peace which provides quality of life services on housing , wellness and health as well as financial literacy led by sweeney. the other l is for pacifica which provides language access and classes as well as translation in samoa and led by herbert lewis.
6:46 pm
t is for tongans rise up is part of the matui advisory committee led by anna. all these organizations are founders of salt. salt is also made up of the following executive society. the struggle, samoan solutions and social documentation. pacific islander cultural district and the samoan community development center. together all of these organizations provide wraparound services for the pacific islander community here in san francisco and across the
6:47 pm
greater bay area. i want to thank you personally for all your work and we are looking forward to continuing to work with you to support the pacific islander community and you have my continued commitment to work hard to get the pacific islander community resources needed to be able to provide the services all your great organizations. happyasian-pacific islander heritage month . [applause] >> first and foremost we like to thank god for this opportunity. thank you president walton, board of supervisors . the community of the great city andcounty of san francisco . thank you for honoring us, our soul family here on this day for matui month.
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shame on walton, supervisor, let's give it up in and the president. of the board of supervisors and all of you supervisors here as well. we're just looking forward to a great teamwork and let's continue to work hard to uplift each and every one of our community. i want to introduce real quickly our soul family, our association. elder joe, sister verna, pastor william. marita and julie hobbs. thank you so much city and county of san francisco. [applause]
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>>. >> congratulations. [applause] >>. >> congratulations again and now we have supervisor mandelman. >> thank youpresident walton . >>.
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>> colleagues today i am offering a commendation to marion larry. he was bornand raised in san francisco attending st. john . marion's mother gloria emigrated from the philippines in 1956. she opened larry's beauty salon now a legacy business in 1975 where a young marion eventually started work as an employee in 1985. marion has since taken over the beauty salon which is that a go to spot for some of san francisco's hardest working womenincluding firefighters, police officers, parks and control and more . marion has always sought outweighs to contribute to the city and growing the multigenerational is one of the manyways she's given back. she's a member of the glen park merchants association .
6:51 pm
current gp president janice karloff attending meetings with her mom from a young age . after years of sitting in the meeting marion was elected as an at-large member and went on to be elected as vice president which is her current position. and as vice president marion stepped up for the community during the pandemic . she loved on making sure that neighborhood merchants have the most updated information on posters, knew about grants and received ppe often hand-delivered by marion herself. marion is alwaysthere to help those in need when she sees other struggling she means in . to know marion is to know her warmth, work ethic and great loyalty . during the celebration of api heritage month i want to thank marion for being greatest cheerleader glen park could happen for everything she's done for glen park and for san francisco. [applause] >> now you get to say hello.
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>> thank you very much supervisor. thank you for this honor and good afternoon president walton and board ofsupervisors . >> can you pull that microphone closer >> thank you for having me . being born and raised here in san francisco i have a special pride. born and raised here my parents are from the philippines. you talked about mymom but i want to talk about my dad. he was , he came here, i'm sorry. i'm really emotional . background is very important to me. my dad came from the philippines when he was 17. he went to hawaii and worked in thepineapple fields and sugarcane fields . and he made his way to california to work as a farmworker in the central valley and watsonville.
6:53 pm
unfortunately he got sick and he came and made his way to san francisco where he had friends here but he found a job as a janitor and houseman. so his hard work and his dedication and his sacrifice really paid off and i feel that my parents did instill that in my brothers and me. hard work, sacrifice, dedication and helping each other out. so i just want to say this is a great honor. my mom also is a hard-working woman. she's disabled now so i'm her caregiver. and it is a lot of hard work and sacrifice because she did that for me. and coming up in october we are celebrating 54 years in business. [applause]
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>> thank you. you mentioned supervisor about me working along with my mom and that was a lot of hard work and sacrifice so that in itself ineed a certificate for that . but i'm very thankful for the work ethic that my parents gave me and it was important that we helped each other out. back in the day it wasn't community service. it wasn't volunteerism. was just helping each other. you need help, we will help yo . that was important to me especially during the pandemic and was a defining moment for me. my fellowmerchants needed help . and business owners, some of them don't have families. they are owner operated. so they needed help and i was there for them. my business was closedfor 10 months .
6:55 pm
so i reached out andthey are just so helpful and they are like family to me . this honor i share with those merchants, my family and my friends because they were there for me and supported me in my venture growing up in the neighborhood. and working alongside with my fellow merchants so thank you supervisor for your support and adjust your recognition and just being in the glen park district in the community even though we are a small place thank you for your intelligence andyour recognition . and thank you very much for letting me share a little bit of my parentslegacy with you all . thank you verymuch . [applause] >> congratulations again marion and thank you so much supervisor.
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supervisor stefani. [please stand by]
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across all of san francisco communities for over a decade often supporting other causes and other organizations on everything from affordable housing to standing up against aapi hate crimes and a few years ago when supervisor katie tang and i put proposition e, arts for everyone on the ballot to restore the hotel arts contribution, jenny was a lead
6:58 pm
proponent doing all of the heavy lifting to ensure that the chinese and aapi community understood the importance of equitable arts investments. and when covid initiated a conversation around a universal basic income program for struggling artists and initially left the aapi community out of that program startlingly, jenny rallied the community to start the program with real metrics and accountability in investment. and, as you all recall a few weeks ago in these chambers when the chinatown community escalated a decade long battle to bring down the kerne street sky bridge to bring a more successful port square. jenny joined her neighbors and stood with them despite pressure from her landlord, the chinatown hilton. when the cmac coalition wanted
6:59 pm
to secure the site at 800 grand avenue. by in through our assembly member phil tang and she's always advocated for others everywhere. and i really think jenny is the definition of an intersectional leader who has now become in her own right a respected mentor. and i'm proud to honor her today. thank you, jenny leon. [ applause ] >> thank you, supervisor peskin. what an incredible honor and thank you to the entire board of supervisors. this is such a surprise and delight and i really look forward to continuing to work with the entire city and the community to uplift equity, culture, and the arts. and i just want to give a
7:00 pm
shout-out to my incredible team and the women that i stand on the shoulders of. elenore, janet, j.t. and others are back at the office working hard and continuing to uplift and i have to give a shout-out to my wonderful mentors for their leadership. thank you for this incredible honor and i really look forward to continuing our work to recognize that chinatown is such an amazing place not just for the city, but for the entire country. thank you, supervisor peskin. >> president walton: congratulations again, jenny. and thank you, supervisor peskin. of it's great to attend the unveiling of the chinese heroes mural. last week, we had a good time and that was actually a great site. so if you get an opportunity to
7:01 pm
go visit the mural, please do. and now we have supervisor preston. >> supervisor preston: thank you, president walton. and, let me start by just congratulating all of the individuals and organizations being honored today. it's an amazing group of folks and i also want to thank the a.p.a. heritage celebration committee. we heard from claudine chang and other members of that committee working hard to make this a wonderful month to celebrate. i am honored today to recognize diane matsuda, staff attorney for the asian pacific islander legal outreach commissioner. on this historic preservation commission. for many years of service and dedication to the japantown
7:02 pm
committee in my district. to the city and county of san francisco at large and to the state of california. diane is a native of san francisco and fourth generation japanese american. born in the outer richmond. she is san francisco through and through. she went to san francisco public school, pursued her under study and received her law degree from u.c. hastings. diane. a group of young asian men were being harassed by police officers who incorrectly assumed that these young men were gang members. it in sense diane who knew what she was witnessing was wrong, but she didn't know her rights or their rights under the law. it's an initial experience that got her interested in what eventually was going to law school and pursuing a legal
7:03 pm
career in order to be a voice for those who may not have as much access or knowledge about their rights as others. she has carried the sense of purpose and service to others throughout her remarkable career. for ten year, she worked for the state of california running two grant programs. the first with the california civil liberties public education program focused on supporting projects that educate and inform individuals about the japanese american incarceration experience during world war ii. and its linkages and parallels to other communities and experiences. this ground breaking program offered grants to individuals as young as 15 and as seasoned as 90 in all fields of art, history, and education. the second program at the state was with the california cultural and historic endowment. focusing on preserving and
7:04 pm
honoring the state's cultural and historic sites with special emphasis and consideration highlighting stories and histories of underrepresented communities and underrecognized venues. diane then went on to serve as executive director with the john burton foundation for eight years and has been a stellar historic preservation commissioner since the commission's founding in 2009. i admit, i feel for anyone who finds themselves on the opposite side of an issue with diane matsuda. she is a fierce unwaivering advocate for the communities that she fights for. i saw this first-hand throughout the pandemic when dianne went to the mat fighting to preserve the business ins in japan center in district five. she worked with our office and community allies to make sure the small businesses that were impacted, many of which were
7:05 pm
devastated after the indoor mall was closed for many months. to ensure they could see a path to stability, diane wrote letters, convened meetings, and crafted legislation with our office to find a path to rent forgiveness and survival for so many businesses in japantown. while the neighborhood lost some businesses during the pandemic, many more owe diane a tremendous debt of gratitude for her unending work to help them survive the pandemic. diane's tenacity to help vulnerable communities during the pandemic was not limited to small business owners. when the vaccine first became available in the early days, diane personally drove seniors who otherwise would of had difficulty accessing the life-saving vaccine to go get their shot and after the first day she did that, the next day, diane sent a photo of
7:06 pm
93-year-old rosemary to our office with the following comments, quote, the joy we saw in the faces of these seniors is something we have not seen in a long time. now they can enjoy their final years knowing they can be reunite wednesday their friends, family, and community. the partnership request diane in particular i do want to recognize her work with our office on a resolution to recognize the 80th anniversary of the executive order that started world war ii era internment of japanese americans and her work to landmark the japanese ywca initiative among the other initiatives we partnered on. fie yan, i cannot thank you enough for your partnership, your advocacy and for the many
7:07 pm
hours you have dedicated to the most vulnerable in our community. you are a model of public service and i'm proud today to honor you in recognition and celebration of a.p.a. heritage month. thank you. [ applause ]. >> thank you, supervisor preston. i'm honored to be a member of your district. i humbly accept this honor on behalf of the many people that created this path in the founs for me to stand before you today. my grandfather who lived in the first san francisco japantown helped japanese immigrants move to lafayette park after the 1906 earth wake. there was over 116 years ago. it's not uncommon that i am
7:08 pm
asked today where i am really from. he was never able to own land although he carried that dream when he passed away and was not allowed to become a u.s. citizen until his late 60s, my mother's family was incarcerateded at the camp in utah. and my father at the concentration camp in arizona. he used to tell me that even though he was living there uninviteded, the original inhabitants of yuma county treated him with dignity and respect whereas his own country, the only country he knew only knew him by a number and kept him behind barbed-wire. i share this information even though many of you are aware of the japanese american experience. of it is reflective of what
7:09 pm
many japanese american families were forced to endure because of racism, prejudice, and hatred because of their ethnic origin. the community who endured this type of treatment and helps to overcome them allow me to be here today. i also share this with you because we can never forget what has happened because without knowledge of the past, terrible things can be repeated. we have been through some very hard years, some very hard decades and centuries not -- and they have been not only for japanese americans, but for many communities of color and for those who do not fit into the perfect mold of a good and pure american. things we cannot forget, things we should not forget. it has been the main impetus for me to enter a life of public and community service. in closing, i want to thank the entire board who in february of
7:10 pm
this year as supervisor preston mentioned joined with our community to unanimously pass a resolution to publicly acknowledge the wrongs that were committed by the city officials in 1942 when executive order 9066 was signed. although this took place 80 years ago, it is the first time that it was recognized. also, thank you to help us pass the ordinance in the height of the pandemic to make sure that small businesses would have a chance to survive after the shelter-in-place orders were lifted to repay back rent with terms they could reasonably afford. and thank you for understanding that racial and social equity are not just theoretical concepts, but something that needs to be practiced. that cultural competence means more than translating documents and thinking that all things are equal. for understanding that preservation of historic and cultural resources does not
7:11 pm
only apply to people with nice pretty buildings, but to all communities that exist in the city. and, again, my special thanks to supervisor preston. our community supervisor who has really taken the time to understand our history and our struggles then and now. he listened when we told him that because of redevelopment, japantown today must rely on tourist dollars to keep our businesses and communities afloat. and he personally took a hard hit to keep a vital tourist hotel in place to make sure we could have a future where small businesses who totally depend on those dollars can stay alive and support the cultural and historical activities we continue to preserve and promote. it is especially meaningful for me to receive this recognition from you. thank you. [ applause ].
7:12 pm
>> president walton: congratulations again, diane. and thank you so much for your service. and thank you, supervisor preston. [ applause ]. >> president walton: supervisor ronen. >> supervisor ronen: thank you, president walton. i have been wanting to honor this person ever since i became a supervisor. can you please come up here to the mic. [ applause ]. >> supervisor ronen: many of you know as she was born and raised in san francisco and spent most of her life
7:13 pm
organizing and advocating for the pacific islander community in the mission and bayview. i'm so happy to see that her work was also commended today by board president shaman walton. a mixed islander descendant and well known by her community. she sat on the victim services board and crime services board. at 18 years old, gainer passed the civil service test and became a crisis responder. she has founded and cofounded 12 successful nonprofit programs to provide resources to the most at need in our city. gainer embodies community activism and all that she has taken on in her life. using her lived experiences and lifting up others to always advocate for what is needed at
7:14 pm
the grass roots level. when the pandemic began, gainer was part of the community wellness team that delivered meals and resources to community members in need. this was a very scary time when people were reasonably afraid to go outside into the community. gainer herself has immuno compromised family, but she always masks up, protects herself as best she can and does whatever is needed to protect her community, her beloved community. gainer personally delivered hundreds of resources through the mission and bayview neighborhood since that time. most recently, she opened the first pacific islander resource club called 'the hut' continuing this incredible work. she's a proud sfusd alum.
7:15 pm
her son recently won the state championship in football. gainer speaks up when speaking of her son and i'm in awe of her work as a parent and community organizer. you are a personal friend who i love and admire very much and i am so excited to honor you today and put a little spotlight on your tireless work for everyone usually except for yourself. thank you so much, gainer, for all you do. you are a hero. >> thank you. [ applause ]. >> so i didn't want to stand up here and say anything in case i lost my hood stripeses by getting emotional on live tv, but this work is my own recovery from my own traumases
7:16 pm
and so it's one of those self-gratifying priceless moves. no amount of money or no amount of anything else, you know, can give me that peace. and, of course, i come from a long line of a lot of amazing leaders that have paved the way. and so, you know, i have my parents, i have, you know, my siblings, and i have our community and that's all communities of culture and so i'm very honored. i'm very grateful. you just busted us out supervisor ronen being friends. because i try to keep it professional with every one of you. even in this work it would not be where we're at right now if you guys didn't support us. if you guys didn't care. if you guys didn't listen to us. and it's the first time that i
7:17 pm
can say as a pacific islander mixed individual born and raised, i've seen so much and that cycle has changed for our community because of you guys. so thank you. thanks for everything. >> president walton: congratulations again, gainer. and thank you so much. thank you, supervisor ronen.
7:18 pm
>> president walton: supervisor safai. >> supervisor safai: thank you, president walton. thank you for all the wonderful organizers here today. this is a very important day here in san francisco. today, it is my honor to honor yensing yahapana. currently the executive director of family connection center. many of you know it as the portollo family connections excelsior family connections and it's my honor to honor her today for asian american pacific islander heritage month. she's been a san franciscan for over 30 years. her family came to san francisco as refugees from laos
7:19 pm
in asia and are fortunate to call san francisco to this day. many families in that part of the world were experiencing war as we're seeing on the television today in ukraine and refugees were pushed all over the world and her family came to settle here in san francisco. she has extensive experience and passion for early childhood education, family support, and social justice, and community organizing. as i said, she's currently the director of the family connection center, early education and family resource center in san francisco serving thousands of children and families. and a few years ago, i'm proud to say they not only purchased their building, but renovated it and it's one of the most beautiful family resource centers in the entire city in the excelsior. so i'm proud of that. yansing is active on boards and
7:20 pm
committees including the san francisco family resource center alliance, the sfmta citizens advisory committee and c-pack. previously, she directed a residential shelter for homeless families providing educational services to incarcerated youth and was the deputy director of promoting the rights and well being of lgbtq families. all of this experience has prepared her for the important work she does for family resource centers and she is a true leader in san francisco doing this work. thank you, yensing for all the work you do on behalf of children and families in our community and please accept this accomodation for asian american pacific islander month. thank you. [ applause ]. >> thank you supervisor safai
7:21 pm
for your unwaivering alliship. none of this work can be done without alliship. my family did not know how lucky they were when they came as refugees and land in san francisco, it makes it really hard to leave now. family connections. i say i'm the luckiest girl to have my job. every day, i get to work with thousands of children, families who are recent immigrants. these are my tribe and many of them are from asia. it's amazing to see the hard work, the joy, the contribution they bring every day to the community and even more beautiful every day seeing how they interact with the latino community, the black community. again, i'm the luckiest girl in the world to have my job. i am so honored for this. but i will take it back and give it to my staff, teachers, social workers, secretaries who
7:22 pm
are on the ground every day. they are there right now taking care of babies, handing out food, doing case management, so really this is all for the a.p.a. women, men out there taking care of children and families in san francisco. again, thank you all honorees. i'm all cried out from all your speeches. and i'm so lucky to be in san francisco. [ applause ]. >> president walton: thank you so much for all of your work. and thank you, supervisor safai. you might want to fix your tie, supervisor. [ laughter ].
7:23 pm
>> president walton: and now we have supervisor stefani. >> supervisor stefani: thank you, president walton. this asian american and pacific islander heritage month, it is my honor to recognize several community members who recognize pacific islander community here in san francisco by pushing back on the rise in hate crimeses against our aapi communities. come on up. i want to recognize montenoos rapana, justin lou, charles jung, and natasha quan. thank you for all you do to
7:24 pm
push back on crime. over the last several years, we have seen a rise in hate crimes against our aapi community and i was stunned when i saw that san francisco police data shows a 567% increase in reports of hate crimes against asian americans. one such tragic incident occurred in my district and we've talked about it a lot, but i think it's important to remember and never forget what happened to an 84-year-old walking through a neighborhood in my district on a morning walk and he was pushed to his death. that united so many of us and you and you have like i said forged community bonds around that hateful incident and i was just thinking yesterday in detroit, people were gathered to remember vincent chen who was killed 40 years ago in a horrible crime, a horrible hate crime believing that rising
7:25 pm
japanese auto industry, that rising japanese out industry was destroying american jobs. vincent was targeted because they thought he was japanese. he was chinese and he was beaten to death by two men with a bat. we know that his death was fuelled by anti-asian hate and, unfortunately, that hate is still rampant today. for the past year, his daughter turned to action and has worked tirelessly to amplify the voices of not only the tai community but api communities to raise awareness and ensure what happened to her father will not happen to anyone else. again, this is something that we all saw on the video and then getting to know you and your relationship with your father touched my heart having such a close relationship with mine as well knowing what you've gone through and how
7:26 pm
you've channelled that back into advocacy is something i so greatly admire. to commemorate his death and the many victims of asian hate, community activist charles jung, natasha kwaun, and justin lou organized the asian rally this year. this is a national event that also took place in new york city, los angeles, philadelphia, chicago, atlanta, and it was live streamed worldwide. in san francisco, hundreds of us gathered in district two's neighborhood where he started out on his morning walk where he was pushed to his death. they gave a voice to so many that day who are outraged about hate crimes. after the rally, we joineded together to follow the same steps as attendees from all
7:27 pm
over the country engaged in a powerful synchronized moment of silence. and i want to thank my staff for naming a stairway in that neighborhood. so i want to thank the board for doing that and honoring him. since this rally, you continue to call for more support of survivors of hate crimes and you continue to shine a light on the ongoing violence against the aapi community and especially against women. nationally between march 2020, and december 2021, nearly 11,000 anti-asian hate incidents were reported. more than 60% of those incidents were reported by women. in march of this year, you also held an event at the asian art museum to honor victims of the atlanta spa shooting and provide a space where asian women can come together to heal and feel empowered. i want to thank you again for all the work you've done to support our aapi neighbors
7:28 pm
especially throughout your grief. i truly admire your strength that you've shown over the past year. i'm lucky that i've gotten to know you and so many of you. unfortunately, i hate the reason why we've come together, but fighting along with you is an honor. i want to thank you charles, justin, natasha and forest for everything you're doing by continuing to listen to our aapi community leaders, confronting racism when we see it, and working together. i truly believe we can reverse this terrible trend. so thank you for your leadership and your advocacy and i know we're all going to continue to force those community and stop the hate crimes that continue in the san francisco community and throughout the united states. thank you so much. [ applause ]
7:29 pm
. >> thank you supervisor stefani. my father died shortly after last year, january 13th, 2021. i would like to thank the asian committee and their organization who came out in their support to stop violence against asians. my father brought on asians to use our voice to fight for justice and stop asian hate and to show that asians are strong. and i would like to thank you and appreciate to all the supervisors and supervisor stefani to honor for my father and was january 30th, 2021, and thank you to all the leaders, and those not here today. all the volunteers to support
7:30 pm
our aapi community. also, the renamed street located in the neighborhood to recognize. we hope that the renaming of this street will serve as a meaningful way to symbolize our city with the asian americans and pacific islander community. the street name, the future generation that violence have no faith in our society. this month of may, i remember when my father was still alive, this is we always plan to do something with the family. this is the first year for
7:31 pm
everyone. we are all back together to celebrate this month of may, aapi heritage month. we all have to hold hands together and make our aapi community say a prayer before. our next generation to come to live being happy here. i hope everyone is safe in the future. thank you. [ applause ] . >> president walton: congratulations again to asian justice rally and thank you so much, supervisor stefani.
7:32 pm
thank you again. congratulations. [ applause ]. >> president walton: and now we have supervisor melgar. >> supervisor melgar: thank you, president walton. sorry, colleagues, for my lateness. today, i'm so proud to honor jordan mar as the district seven honoree for asian pacific american heritage month. aside from being so fond of you, jordan, jordan is the
7:33 pm
epitome of this year's theme for community bonds. because of his work in building multi-ethnic, multi-cultural ties with community organizations, small businesses, residents, and local artists, jordan is a son of san francisco through and through. his grandmother was born here 100 years ago and is a trail blazer artist, business owner, author, and mother. art can be seen at the san francisco public libraries and san francisco's asian art museum. jordan grew up in her small business on polk street. she imprinted upon him and appreciation for local artists and merchants. in 2020, jordan graduated from san francisco state university's lamb college of business. during college, he started working at the target at stonestown in the morning volunteering at the ingleside church and community center on
7:34 pm
ocean avenue during their after school program and it was through this early experience that jordan found a passion for community work. jordan went on to join c.y.c., the community youth center of san francisco as a program coordinator for the community hub initiative. and also helped start a beacon program. during the pandemic, jordan served english learning middle-aged youth and their families at the community hub at the angleside library providing a safe place where students could access essential in-service activities consisting of academic wellness and technical support. jordan continues to serve the communities as a small business marketer and manager. when a.p.i. businesses were targeted with vandalism, he went door-to-door to support owners and employees connecting
7:35 pm
them with technical and financial assistance. he also supported hosting many cultural community events including the return of the lunar new year celebration on ocean avenue for the first time after the pandemic. jordan has been successful in increasing the ocean avenue association's online presence in his innovative collaborative partnerships with neighborhood merchants, performers and artists. more over, jordan is intentional in his work in building strong ties and multi-cultural collaborations between the black and a.p.i. residents of angleside. jordan continues to live in the outer sunset where he was raised, but is often found frequenting the shops on ocean avenue as a patron. jordan's charm, charisma and also bold nature brings positive energy to anyone who he has ever crossed paths with. it warms my heart to know that the next generation of leaders is looming right here before
7:36 pm
us. thank you, jordan, for sharing your many talents to serve district seven and the greater san francisco community and i know you will continue to go on and do incredible things to uplift all of us and to serve the most marginalized communities in our city. thank you, jordan. [ applause ]. >> thank you, supervisor melgar for those kind words. and hello to the board of supervisorses. in the past two years, i graduateded with a business degree from san francisco state university. started a newbie con center, created a covid-19 pandemic learning hub at san francisco public library for english learning students and been able to support my a.p.i. community members who are business owners on ocean avenue. all of these accomplishments have been done in district seven and i'm so grateful to be recognized for district seven's
7:37 pm
asian pacific american month as their honoree. like supervisor melgar said, my grandma was born on a rare snowy san francisco day 100 years ago here in san francisco. she was a mother of four, a small business owner, and a dedicated artist. growing up, i can definitely say that she definitely left an impact on me as i spent my career serving san francisco youth, small business owners, and, yes, local artists. being a community leader in san francisco has always been one of the most gratifying experiences to me. as a born and raised san franciscan. i had the opportunity to work, learn, and live within a diverse community like no other. i witnessed the most glamorous and challenging parts of the city. many attacks on asian small businesses occurred where 30% of the community members identified as a.p.i., a dim sum
7:38 pm
shop was targeted four times. these attacks left business owners with thousands of dollars in damages. many business owners lacked resources to fix their facades. store fronts in my neighborhood were often covered in plywood. in a response, the city of san francisco connected these business owners with translators, multiple city agencies and city grants. the resilience and persistence of san francisco's a.p.i. community has continued to inspire me to do the work that i do. i find myself fighting discrimination inequitable systems to support marginalized groups in my community. when the need for advocacy grows greater during these challenges times, so has my determination for the work that i do. and for any of the young citizens who may be listening to me right now know that your voice can always have an impact. real change starts within.
7:39 pm
but may forever last and leave a significant impact in your community. as i close, i would like to leave this quote for my grandmother. each chinese american like me has the opportunity to assess their talents, define their individual stature and choose their personal balance of old and new chinese and western ways. hopefully including the best of both. thank you, supervisor melgar. [ applause ] . >> president walton: congratulations again, jordan. and thank you. and thank you, supervisor
7:40 pm
melgar. >> president walton: colleagues, i just want to take this time to say congratulations to all of our awardeeings today. i just want to express our sincerest gratitude as we honor you today. thank you all so much. [ applause ] and before we conclude our 232 special accommodations, i want to take time on behalf of the board of supervisors to honor director adrian pawn from the office of civic engagement and immigrant affairs who will be retiring this week. please come up to the microphone, please. [ applause ] director, please come up to the mic. so i do have a proclamation.
7:41 pm
i am going to read some parts of it and i do want to say to director pawn it has been extremely a great experience for the district 10 office working with you and your entire team on the work we've waited to do around community ambassadors and just want you to know that i appreciate you for all of your decades of service quite frankly here in the city. whereas the city and county of san francisco traditionally recognizes individuals who have made significant and remarkable contributions to the vitality of our city, the dedicated and remarkable work of adrian pawn truly represents san francisco values at their best. and, whereas, adrian pawn, a native of san francisco was first appointed in 2008 by former mayor gavin newsome as the executive director of the mayor's office of community
7:42 pm
development. in 2009, she was selected to serve as the founding consecutive director of the office of civic engagement and immigrant affairs also known as ocea and secretary to the san francisco immigrant rights commission. and, whereas under adrian's leadership, ocea grew from a small start-up in 2009 into a powerful office providing direct services, community grants, policy analysis, technical assistance, and compliance with a budget of nearly $13 million. and, whereas adrian has dedicated herself to civic and community service including serving for 10 years as president and commissioner on the sf civil service commissioner, as board president of the women's foundation, asian american pacific islanders in philanthropy and the a.p.i.
7:43 pm
women's leadership institute. co-chair of the san francisco 49ers community advisory panel, and as board member of numerous organizations such as the national broad band resource center formally alliance for public technology. leadership california and global education for women executive leaders advisory board. and, whereas adrienne is retiring for the third time after a long and exceptional career, she will be dearly missed by her city and county san francisco friends and colleagues who wish her nothing but the very best. now be it resolved, the san francisco board of supervisors hereby proclaim may 6th, 2022, as adrian pawn day as we wish her a wonderful retirement. [ applause ]
7:44 pm
and, director pawn and vivian, before you speak, we do have some colleagues that want to say a few words. supervisor mar. >> supervisor mar: thank you so much, president walton, for those really wonderful words of appreciation to director pawn and i just waned to just echo all of your comments and express my deep appreciation for your service to our city in really shepherding this important new office starting with mayor ed lee. it's played an important role in our city under your leadership with the team in the office and supporting our immigrant communities here through education and outreach and also ensuring language access in our city government
7:45 pm
in the so thank you so much, you know, you've really left your mark here in our city government with ocea and in all of your prior endeavors in philanthropy and the community and in the business sector. i look forward to seeing you around in district 4 in the neighborhood. thank you so much, director pawn. >> president walton: supervisor stefani. >> supervisor stefani: thank you, president walton. adrian, you're one of those people you're retiring and how is this city going to function. so i'm going to miss you and when i was the county clerk, you were so incredibly helpful to me. we worked on so many language access issues. we translated so many forms and i could not have done that without you. also, working on the city i.d. program. you and your staff were just so incredibly valuable and that office is better for it.
7:46 pm
so i thank you so much. we know that you've just done so much for immigrant communities here in the city and i can't thank you enough. i'm really going to miss you and i love the days that we got to work together when i was county clerk and they were very memorable and i think you so much. happy retirement. >> president walton: thank you supervisor stefani. supervisor preston. >> supervisor preston: thank you, president walton. i'll echo a lot of the sentiments from the proclamation and colleagues. i'm not going to lie when that e-mail came saying you were retiring, i think everyone in my office collectively yelled 'no! and also specifically on the
7:47 pm
community ambassador program and i feel like we didn't know if some of our requests were possible and i just want to thank you for your really can do attitude in helping us bring community ambassadors to neighborhoods that had not had them ever including the hate in haze valley and the philmore and folks really have appreciated having those community ambassadors. it's having folks who are so well-trained and thoughtful about their work and who really display often the best in city government as you do. so thank you so much for all your service. >> president walton: thank you, supervisor preston. supervisor ronen. >> supervisor ronen: i want to wish you a beautiful happy real retirement this time around. congratulations. >> president walton: thank you, supervisor ronen. and, now, we are going to have vivian poe who's going to speak
7:48 pm
on behalf of city administrator car men chiu. >> thank you, supervisor for this opportunity to recognize director pawn. i'm here on behalf of the city administrator to express our deepest thanks to director pawn. so on behalf of the office of city administrator, we want to thank adrienne for her 13 years of public service. since 2009, when ocea was first conceived, adrian was at the helm. a great advocate as all of you know who understood the importance of serving out diverse communities. especially our immigrant communities who often face barriers to service and participation. through her leadership, we have seen the launch of successful programs like the pathways to citizenship program where close to 10,000 immigrants has been naturalized. dream sf that provides
7:49 pm
opportunities for young immigrants to engage and also the community ambassadors program that provides a supportive and safe presence of communities across our city. and, of course, a language access programs including direct translation for many of our city services. while this is adrian's third retirement, she has multiple careers before joining the city. we wish her all the best. she will not be going far, she will serve as the interim director of the asian pacific fund and we wish her the very best and thank her for her dedication and public service. thank you, adrian. [ applause ]. >> thank you, president walton and supervisors. i'm so embarrassed. of it's so much easier to do this and honor other people. i appreciate the recognition and i'm really grateful for the privilege of serving the people
7:50 pm
and communities of san francisco, the city where i was born and raised in and where five generations of my family called home since 1908. i saw city hall for the first time when i was about 12. i'm not going to tell you what year though. and when my cousin and i were part of the girl's choir and we sang on the steps of the rotunda. it was so thrilling. i want to take this time to thank a whole bunch of people starting with the exlent staff of the office of civic engagement and immigrant affairs. ocea has always been the little [ indiscernible ] that can. and we've been inclusion and diverse and inclusive city regardless of what language they speak to feel welcome, safe, and are able to thrive. our community ambassadors have worked for the past twelve
7:51 pm
years to keep neighborhoods and districts safe, informed, and engaged and over 100 of our young immigrants have graduated from the dream sf fellowship program and they are entrepreneurs, professionals, leaders, and first responders. and i want to take a moment, i could not leave the city without thanking someone who i have admired for so long and i love to embarrass her because it's the one and only angela calvillo and the amazing staff of the clerk of the boards for their partnership with ocea's language access unit that has made it possible for thousands of city residents and community members for whom english is not a primary language to access timely information and participate in the democratic
7:52 pm
process including all 45 of those unending long san francisco redistricting task force meetings. we listened to every word that was said. and she's just my motto for grace and courage. and, finally, thank you to the city administrator, city attorney chiu because when he was president of the board, likewise like president walton, he really took leadership and supported our program. and the san francisco immigrant rights commission for the vision leadership and willingness to focus on fighting hate of all kinds, not just anti-aapi hate, but hate of any kind. so thank you. we've all done our very best for all the people of the city and it's been an incredible journey and i just wanted to say rest in peace, norm manetta. such a great man. and thank you supervisors.
7:53 pm
you're just fabulous. >> president walton: thank you, director pawn. and we're going to take a quick picture in the well with director pawn.
7:54 pm
thank you so much again to all of our honorees. congratulations again on your retirement. director pawn. we are now going to go to our 3:00 p.m. special order. madam clerk. [please stand by]
7:55 pm
7:56 pm
>> clerk: call the number enter the meeting i.d., you'll hear the discussion. we are joined by our great partners at the office of civic engagement and immigrant affairs. if i can ask the translators to introduce themselves and give instructions. first spanish and chinese and
7:57 pm
then filipino.
7:58 pm
>> clerk: thank you all three of you for being with us and
7:59 pm
assisting. if you would like to speak line up against the window to your right, my left and seeing no one coming forward we'll go to our remote system. we currently have 10 individuals listening and one in the queue. mr. atkins, please put the caller forward. >> caller: this is evelyn graves. i wanted to talk about the jfk drive is this appropriate? >> clerk: we're on tentative map appeal and that is not available for public comment at this time. >> caller: thank you. >> clerk: do we have any other callers in the queue? >> there's no further callers in the queue. >> clerk: thank you. mr. atkins, mr. president. >> commissioner: seeing no other speakers the public comment is now closed. madame clerk call the roll on the motion to continue these
8:00 pm
items to may 17. >> clerk: on that motion, supervisor walton. >> aye. >> clerk: supervisor chan. >> aye. >> clerk: supervisor mar. aye. supervisor peskin. aye. supervisor preston, aye. supervisor ronen, aye. supervisor safai, aye. supervisor stefani, aye. there are 10 ayes. >> commissioner: the motion to continue is approved. madame clerk this concludes our 3:00 p.m. special order. could you please take us back to item number 7. >> clerk: this item has been already called but for this members of the public this is the item that is the ordinance
8:01 pm
to adopt the golden gate park access and safety plan. >> supervisor: thank you, please call the roll. >> clerk: supervisor walton. no. supervisor mandelman. aye. supervisor mar. aye. supervisor preston, aye. supervisor ronen, aye. supervisor safai, no. supervisor stefani, aye. there are six ayes and four nos with supervisors walton, peskin and safai in the negative. >> supervisor: it passes with six yeses and four nos. madame clerk actually we're at roll call for introductions.
8:02 pm
>> clerk: mr. president you're first up on roll call today. >> supervisor: thank you, so much, madame clerk. colleagues, i do have pretty extensive comment but i'll try to get through this as quickly as possible but this is most definitely necessary. today i would like to honor all of the staff that had worked tirelessly to run the redistricting task force meetings. we're aware of the front-facing staff but there's so many staff members behind the scenes to make sure the meetings were able to happen. on behalf of the board of supervisors i want to acknowledge the team that produced this significant effort. regardless of what one's thoughts are pertaining to the mission or the outcome of the redistricting task force, we're to place the supervisor district lines i want to draw your
8:03 pm
attention to the team of city employees who together achieved extraordinary results for their redistricting the task force. i ask you to hold your applause as a read the names of individuals who made the task force function and afterwards you can join me in saying a few brief comments. this honorable mention are for those who worked on the nuts and bolt on the task force starting with the office of civic engagement and immigrant affairs and all deserve an honorable language for their language interpretation beginning with director adrian pawn and the following: [reading names] >> supervisor: next, for those who worked the remote system and operate the hearing rooms from
8:04 pm
the department of technologies, sf gov tv and media services all deserve this and made sure the technology side was up and running and the meeting is being broadcasted. if anything failed, they were there to jump in and help often times ensuring the meetings could continue. beginning with director linda and her technicians. [reading names] next for administrative services and building management, who all deserve honorable mentions for scrambling when the building was taken over by residents. they're staff was often times there to set up the rooms and assist in regulating
8:05 pm
temperatures in the room beginning with carmen chu, rob wider, eric nelson. for the city's repro mail and having printed at moment's notice window signs and large-scale maps. julie crayer, mike ortiz, crystal lu, rene alvarado. from the department of elections, hallway interpreters and document translators who all deserve honorable mentions for assisting people moving in language and did an amazing job making sure the members of the public knew they were there. beginning with director john arns, gabriella gonzalez-baxter, jason fang, max chang, milosh
8:06 pm
bill and santos alvarez and tiff lee. to rotating sheriff deputies who each time came with a single purpose to listen to the public as they expressed themselves even with elevated voices and when the temperature in the room was getting even hotter. thank you for your long hours and support of the redistricting process at city hall. west coast consulting. they up when the clerk's office took over the outreach aspect through this salesforce software. with the rapidly changing task force schedules, tanasha had
8:07 pm
many late nights to spread the word. she did multiple things for each meeting in language which include the maps, if they were available. and last but not least, a huge thank you to the employees in the office of the clerk of the board. as each staff had duties that ensured the success of the entire task force. it's important to begin an honorable mention to those who kept the clerk's office operational. while others tended to the specific duties of the task force. a lot of them had late nights making sure questions were answered. we couldn't have managed it you will if these individuals hadn't stepped up to the plate. from legislative services, lisa lu, joslin wong and brittany herrera. from operations, richard logote,
8:08 pm
arthur ke, victoria chow and jackie hicke and the remote workers often left their families and duties at home to jump on at the last minute. victor young, erica major and the project managers from the board of supervisors side working on the remote system. they were there at a moment's notice to help solve any tech issues often times running from room 244 to the fourth floor so they really got in their steps. beginning with the chief information officer le ron antoz
8:09 pm
ari and to the great john c. who deserves an honorable mention. the remote system nor the hybrid system without not be here without him. without his many many many hours and countless sleepless nights we couldn't be where we are today. he was here for the late-night meetings and arrived at city hall at 8:00 a.m. and was here for board business. we're grateful for his dead catecation -- dedication which allows the city's business to continue. and finally for the leadership in the clerk's office. [reading names] the floor manager and executive secretary to the clerk who deserves an honorable mention in
8:10 pm
connecting every dot for the task force. operations deputy who deserves an honorable mention because of his work obtaining meeting space and language services. the legislative deputy deserves an honorable mention for keeping the routine legislative program running at the board of supervisors in addition to her work at the task force and of course the clerk of the board deserves an honorable mention for leading her staff through this process and finding resources in the department to provide additional coverage for interpretation services. joe atkins handles public comment and deserved honorable mention for always having an uplifting attitude very much needed at 3:00 a.m. and john
8:11 pm
carol the under study clerk for the task force. you deserve an honorable mention for your patience and gifted ability to break down the matters on the floor. thank you for steering the task force into the final stages and we'll never forget your professionalism. we want to express our appreciation to all these employees for their sense of loyalty to the city and obligation they took freely to produce and create this space where the public can come together and tell the redistricting task force where to draw the lines and protect the public's right to participate in the 45 meetings of the task force. 45. some of them running well past midnight. and so now i invite any of my colleagues who would like to share any words or any remarks starting with supervisor chan.
8:12 pm
stwr >> thank you, president walton. i prepared some remarks last week but it was late when we met and didn't want anyone to suffer any more for the work you do. it's an honor to serve with all of you in this building in people's building and i know you do the work because you love public service and the city and here late nights and willing to turn away from your families time and time again to make sure you protect the integrate of public service for this city. for that, i'm grateful and on behalf of many many i know the constituents of mine and in san francisco city wide we're
8:13 pm
grateful to you and your service. >> supervisor: thank you, so much, supervisor chan. again, we just want to make sure that we say thank you to all the time of hours put in by everyone who participated in supporting the redistricting task force your work does not go unacknowledged and wanted to make sure we did that at the board of supervisors meeting and the rest, madame clerk, i submit. >> clerk: thank you, mr. president. may i have a comment from my staff. thank you to the members and president for recognizing the members of the staff. the staff did their best to answer all the questions in the numerous requests, burdensome at times and we worked together like a well-oiled machine and
8:14 pm
they got the job done. the amount of camaraderie has been humbling. very late nights as you mentioned but the staff truly had each other's backs and that's the message i'd like to thank them for. you all made it happen though it was pretty impossible to do but we're lucky to have a group like you manning our office and womaning all these projects that you are all taking on. i thank you for calling them out by name, mr. president and to the members we appreciate all of their work and as a mentioned to mr. john carroll at the task force, your work will be legendary so thank you, john, for your amazing work model we appreciate you and look forward to your rest and resuming your position in the office. take good care.
8:15 pm
>> supervisor: madame clerk i want to say we have certificates for everyone signed by board members. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor chan you're up next to introduce new business. >> supervisor: thank you, madame clerk. i just want to first thank you supervisors melgar and ronen that they will separately introduce their resolution later but i just want to thank their leadership in honoring and protecting women's reproductive rights and your leadership in leading us to that. today i want to make a brief comment that in the united states there's no law governing males body there's none and yet here we are. that's all i want to make that
8:16 pm
comment and with that i'm introducing a resolution advocating for racial and social economic justice in the california public utilities commission energy metering policy. last december the cpuc issued a proposal to drastically alter net energy metering to address the disproportionate impact and the financial credit provides to solar panel system adapters who are more likely to be wealthy home owners. so my resolution really urge the cpuc to update the net energy metering proposal to prioritize clean energy investment and environmental justice
8:17 pm
8:18 pm
[technical difficulties] >> accounted for 41% of all emissions and the overwhelming majority, 87% are from the burning of natural gas in our furnaces, wall heaters and stoves. the updated climate action calls for all building to be zero emission by 2035 and all by 2040. however, there are efforts at the state level to thwart the progress being made in san francisco and other jurisdictions to combat the climate crisis. senate bill 1393 would impose
8:19 pm
new requirements on local jurisdictions seeking to adopt legislation to require the replacement of fossil-fuel burning appliances with electric appliances. colleagues, this is the kind of legislative action this board of supervisors will need to undertake in the coming years if we're going to live up to the goals of our climate action plan and that's why i'm introducing a resolution opposing sb 93. the state should be encouraging bold efforts at the local level and this was endorsed by the sierra club, earth justice and the california state association of counties and the city of los angeles. i think we need to add san francisco to that list and help stand up for building electrification in california. i want to thank supervisors preston and safai for your sponsor-and show we can all
8:20 pm
support this when it comes back and the rest i submit. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor, mandelman. supervisor mar. >> supervisor: thank you, clerk. i asked the city attorney's office to draft an ordinance related to the great highway. we reached a contentious and historic debate or resolved the debate about the car-free street and the process that led to that adoption offered many lessons. while jfk was the centerpiece, mta and rec and park took the larger question access to golden gate park and had policies and programs to solve problems comprehensively. this is a model i'd like to follow. i don't think it was a perfect process byproduct can and should be improved on. in the next few years the
8:21 pm
portion of the great highway will be permanently closed to vehicles and converted into a multi-use path as part of the climate beach adaptation project. it's been planned over a decade in response to a changing climate and rising sea levels that threaten the integrate of the current roadway. when this happens it will change traffic patterns across the west side and the utility between lincoln and slow. the ordinance i've requested would authorize the current compromise configuration to maintain a car-free prominent between lincoln and flowed and car traffic on weekdays until the highway extension is closed and use that time to conduct a thorough outreach and planning process to inform where the great highway goes from here and improvements to the west side transportation we need and hope
8:22 pm
to see. i look forward to further discussions about this ordinance with you as we prepare it for introduction. the rest i submit. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor mar. supervisor melgar. >> thank you. colleagues, we all saw last last night the draft opinion to overturn roe v. wade made my blood boil and i think all of us. i read the draft opinion as many of us did. i do think that this is an escalation of an agenda that we saw in full display last january at our capitol but that has include the rolling back of rights of minorities of voting rights, of the rights of women and the rights of immigrant of being able to be citizen when
8:23 pm
you're born in the united states. there's an agenda here and must do everything we can to make sure we preserve the hard-fought rights. are we not all entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? are we not all entitled to the equal protections under the law? are women's bodies not our own to choose and decide? we cannot wait. we need our federal legislature to act to codify reproductive rights for women and birthing people which is why today i'm submit resolution along with my colleagues to codify reproductive rights and asking the biden administration to codify roe v. wade. biden and the administration can no longer wait for this to be officially overturned and justify the failure to act boldly in our federal
8:24 pm
legislature. this is a call federal action and urgently we need to be prepared in san francisco to serve as a refuge and axis point for women and other seeking reproductive health services from states that refuse to protect them. i am committed to filling in gaps in san francisco and will work with the mayor's office, other board members. i know supervisor ronen is as fired up as i am as well as supervisor stefani. i'm committed to working with folks and planned parenthood to make sure we're going all we can here in our city to support those seeking refuge from conservative leadership. i want to highlight san francisco and california time and time again will be take it pon ourselves to be a beacon of hope when the supreme court
8:25 pm
fails to uphold the fundamental right to choose. governor gavin newsome and others announced yesterday they will propose an amendment ensure right to an abortion so we salute the leadership. i want to highlight the work that director ellis has been doing through the reproductive rights network. and i would really like to thank my co-experiences, supervisor ronen, chan and preston. thank you, colleagues and the rest i submit.
8:26 pm
>> clerk: supervisor peskin. >> i'm introducing a hearing request to delve down into what we've all heard about and need a full meeting and need a public discussion and ask the department of public health to report and ensure we're doing all we can to rectify the situation and do so expeditiously. lastly, i'd like to adjourn today's board meeting in the memory of cathy boudin. a remarkable person who continued a life in pursuit of
8:27 pm
justice on behalf of many marginalized communities. she was born in 1943 and spent her childhood in new york's greenwich village and her father and mother. and she was soon radicalized by the growing anti-war and justice movements of the 1960s begin her life as an activist, organizer, teacher and champion of social justice. i'm told she loved talking to and learning from people of all walks of life and chose to work on behalf of marginalized war and i am -- imperialism.
8:28 pm
in trying to obtain money support revolutionary activities, cathy and her partner, david gilbert participated in the robbery of a brinks truck in new york and though they were not armed and did not kill anyone, three men were killed and cathy and david were arrested and sentenced to decades in prison. she entered bedford hills correctional facility and her then 14-month-old son was adopted by friends and fellow activist who's raised him in partnership with his parents including as we've all heard taking him for regular visits over the next 22 years of his mother's incarceration.
8:29 pm
in prison, cathy under went a profound transformation, i think we read about in the new york times and san francisco chronicle and became a leading advocate for women in prison and bringing college courses to bedford hills after the termination of are pel grants and responding to the hiv epidemic. she was the first woman to earn a master's degree while incarcerated in new york state prison and her outward seeking initiative eventually led to her parole and release. once paroled, cathy found the coming home program at the spencer cox center for health at mount sinai in morning hill heights. she went on to earn a doctorate
8:30 pm
from columbia to teach at the school of social work and co-found and co-direct the center for justice at colombia university. she was also instrumental in developing release aging people from prison and uplifting the voices of women through the national council for incarcerated and formally incarcerated women and girls. her work had a major impact on the struggle for the decent and humane treatment of incarcerated people. to fight against mass incarceration and criminal justice reform. on behalf of the of supervisors i'd like to extend our condolences to cathy's surviving family and her brother and her partner and her son and daughter-in-law. her family has asked the community support her legacy and honor her memory with donation to the columbia center for justice. rest i submit. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor
8:31 pm
preston. >> thank you, madame clerk please add me to the in memoriam to cathy boudin. mr. president i want to thank you for your comments and proclamation in the folks of the redistricting process and i so appreciate all the folks that you went through and mentioned and their role which is often invisible to the public. and i wanted to thank you for that. i did want to add before i announce my introductions just a little more about one particular person who was as you say the
8:32 pm
face of the redistricting task force for the clerk's office and that was john carroll and a did want to extend my appreciation to john and i've had the honor of working closely with him as gao chair and the committee he has clerked and frankly gotten me and my team up to speed when we started and thank you for appointing us to that committee but none of what we do would have been possible without john getting us up to speed, staying on top of everything i mean everything in that committee to make sure it runs smoothly and one thin that's not visible while he was doing 12 to 17-hour meeting on the redistricting task force though he wasn't physically present he was
8:33 pm
contacting my staff, making sure the other clerks were subbing in and knew every item. i don't know how he did this after a 17-hour hearing at 4:00 in the morning. he's a super hero clerk and we appreciate all this work and i know he's taken some time after this pair thon of a process. lord knows he certainly deserves it and want to thank him for all his partnership and work and also for his candor and humor and has my impeccable taste in music. they told me that but i'll have to find out more about what music recommendations he's been withhold from the gao chair. on that note i have two items to announce. first i'm introducing a
8:34 pm
resolution to make san francisco the first city in california to recognized national stuttering awareness week from may 9 to may 14. earlier today i joined with the bay area stuttering community on the steps of city hall to announce the effort and what i heard were moving stories from people who stutter and who often phase stigmatiation and i want to thank those who joined me and disability rights champion former assemblyman amiano in announcing the resolution and that includes the host of the proud stutter podcast and west coast stuttering center and just
8:35 pm
yesterday the san josé news ran an opinion column questioning whether someone who stutters should be in leadership position, the quote, i don't think someone with this speech problem should be running our meeting. this is the discrimination that continues even today. stuttering affected about 3 million americans and many more worldwide. when it continues to adulthood a person may have difficulty communicating with other people and stuttering may affect relationships, job opportunities and professional growth and there was a drive to win recognition for people who stutter and in 1988 then president reagan established the second week in may in 1988 as
8:36 pm
national stuttering awareness week. our resolution today builds on those efforts and it's my hope other cities in the bay area and across california pass resolution to shed light on stuttering. i want to thank the proud stutter podcast for their work to change the narrative around stuttering and focus on acceptance of stuttering as a different way of speaking and thank my early supervisors for their support and thank you, supervisor mandelman for joining us on the steps of city hall earlier today. and in my new role as supervisor i'm taking over as lead sponsor for the intersection of turk and
8:37 pm
tailor streets situated within the transgender cultural district. in august 1966 following a confrontation between a police officer and a drag queen the city saw the first documented uprising of trans and queer people at the compton cafeteria and the corner continues to hold meaning and carry history for queer and transgender communities. it's currently the site of the black trans lives matter mural calling for awareness of violence against trans woman. it's a sacred site for a historically marginalized community in my district and i'm proud to take over the file and move it through the board process. my office has requested the item be heard in land use. hopefully that works at the end of the month and come before the first meeting in june which we know is pride month. i'd like to thank supervisor
8:38 pm
haney for introducing the item last week and and thank you for working with our office to carry this forward. looking forward to your support to landmark this historic site in our city and the rest i submit. thank you. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor preston. >> colleagues, i'd like to be added to the in memoriam for cathy boudin and our deepest condolences to our jacob boudin and i want to extend my thanks to the staff of the board-john carroll's work would go nothing short of extraordinary and the
8:39 pm
entire clerk of the board staff and the way you have each other's backs and cover for one another when you work absurdly long hours is amazing and not only that you've done this for a really long time. we're finally recognizing you because of how extreme the redistricting commission process was but during the entire covid pandemic you all have been working well over the of your normal hours. you have to staff remote and hearing and you handle it with so much grace and dignity without complaining ever. it could go unnoticed. i wanted to thank our president shaman walton for doing the special recognition and thank his chief of staff and she
8:40 pm
rallied us all to be here to honor you all and a can't help myself because my office is such a huge band of clerks and those we work with in the budget committee and if i didn't call him out and give him a special thanks i would be reprimanded by my own staff. a huge thank you to you grant jalipa and angela and alicia and team. you're special human beings. i'm so grateful to you all and colleagues, i want to express my horror outrage, heartbreak and
8:41 pm
lividness of the leaked draft decision of the supreme court to overturn roe v. wade. there's no words to describe the fact that we're going so far backwards in time to a point where women were not considered to make decisions about their own body. we're in 2020, 2022 actually. i'm a couple years behind myself. it's so shocking. we are going to have to do a number of things because while supreme court might be backwards in their thinking, there are enough women and male allies and gender non-binary allies in this country that we're going fight back with everything we've got and we're going to do it in every single way, shape and form
8:42 pm
we can think of. here in san francisco so far we have a few strategies. i promise you that all of us feel this way buz -- but it's the women that will start strategizing with our woman mayor and department of public health to fight back and have the backs and hold up the lives of all of the poor. i must say mostly women of color who are poor because women with money while find a way to have an abortion if they want to do. it's poor women who don't know how to get rent or put food on the table who can't fly to a state that allows abortion and gain access. maybe it's because of that poverty she is choosing not to
8:43 pm
have a child she feels she can't have a child she can't take care of and what i'm introducing with supervisors melgar, chan and stefani is asking president biden to use all federal lands in states that have outlawed abortion to provide a clinic on that federal land and give abortion because federal land is not bound by state law. that's number one. two is a little bit more direct and it's a small part san francisco can play in providing a district response and submitting a request to work with supervisors melgar, chan, stefani and myself and the department of women and public
8:44 pm
health to cost out what a program would look like forewomen to come to san francisco to pay for their accommodation and access to a safe abortion in san francisco. we i'm asking budget analysts to woman up with the parameters of how a program like this might work. we want to work with the mayor's staff as well. and then what would it cost for a thousand women to sponsor and how can we stretch our limits and prioritize this to make sure that we have the backs of our sisters and other states that don't care if they die in a back alley procedure which is what happens when you outlaw
8:45 pm
abortion. as the budget chair this will be a top priority. not one i was expecting to have to prioritize because i know we have endless needs in san francisco but this is a time where we have to see ourselves as part of one nation one country and when there's an attack against one woman and her life and her right to decide her own reproductive health future and destiny, we all have to stand up and have her back no matter what city line we live in. with they look forward to your support in the upcoming budget year and we'll be hard at work
8:46 pm
8:47 pm
[technical difficulties] they worked with us as they were helping the victims and families more of the violence that bestowed their families in our community and we're still working through that and thinking about that and as supervisor ronen referenced some of the work we're doing in the budget committee mental health
8:48 pm
is one thing that we're looking to prioritize it's something that we're looking to prioritize not only for violence but as a result as it relates to the repercussions and reverberating effects of covid and all that pertains. second, i wanted to talk about charter amendment to establish a homeless oversight commission. this is something the body has considered in the past. we had the opportunity to vote on it. i was one of those who decide to give more time for the conversation. the department of homelessness and supportive housing is one of the largest departments in our city without a commission and oversight. it delivers extremely essential services and ones that i think
8:49 pm
accountable and oversight and performance measures are important for. programs that had previously had commit oversight under the department of public health and the human services agency westbound were taken out and taken from the department of homelessness and supportive housing. before they had commission oversight and today they don't. as the city attorney finalizes language we were hoping it'd be ready tonight but it's not. i want to go over the ideas we've been looking at four would
8:50 pm
be subject to board confirmation and the remaining three would be appoint the board. i was one of the supporters of the charter amendment and taking that a part and in that we divided that and have a divided appointment i don't believe street cleanliness and the way in which our city runs its nuts and bolts say controversial issue. we need to do but but it is not controversial. the issue around our unhoused in the city is extremely controversial and can be extremely divisive and ultimately the citizenry of san
8:51 pm
francisco while they're sending messages and criticism to our offices, is ultimately the executive branch and some are familiar with mental health and substance abuse treatment and they'd approve budgets formulating goals, hiring the director and conducting performance audits for the department. and i believe many of us saw the investigative report that was done and just truly believe there's no longer any defense for their not having a commission and oversight. the final thing is and align the advisory bodies under the commission to give greater influence because the commission would consider adopting their proposals.
8:52 pm
and i look forward to working with you as we finalize the charter amendment and look forward to oversight. i look forward to working with the mayor's office on this. we have not had any in depth conversations yet but i look forward to working with their office on as we move forward. . with that, colleagues, the rest i submit. >> clerk: supervisor stefani. >> supervisor: thank you. i also want to extend my deepest thanks to everyone in the clerk's office for their work and for staffing us each and every day. i've had the opportunity to serve boards in other cities and counties during the pandemic and no one has a better clerk's office than we do. you have seamlessly expanded our meetings to include remote and hybrid offerings. you worked through december and august recesses, you supported us all night and well into
8:53 pm
christmas eve as we debated the tenderloin emergency declaration. i'm proud but not surprised you all brought the same exceptional service to the redistricting task force. i know meeting were incredibly contentious and long and couldn't not have occurred without their support. thank you to the clerk and i did not watch ann of these but i heard enough and know john carroll was amazing and a want to call him out and everyone in the clerk's office for your exceptional work and professionalism. the city would not function without you. finally, i want to -- i will be co-sponsoring supervisor ronen's resolution to urge the united states congress and president biden to codify roe v. wade and her bla request to cost out a safe abortion access program.
8:54 pm
as supervisor melgar said, this is beyond disturbing. i've been sick to my stomach since news regarding this draft opinion broke last night. i saw senator warren unravel this morning and watching the frustration and years that women have fought for our reproductive right and watching senator warren break down broke my heart.
8:55 pm
8:56 pm
>> this decision will have far-reaching implications, endangering countless lives. and as a wait another important decision from the supreme court, another gun case will put more lives in danger by weakening gun laws across entire country.
8:57 pm
we have to continue to fight back in every way we can. the supreme court is not pro-life. in my opinion, it is absolutely pro- death given the recent rulings and where we know they are going. let us not forget the majority of justices who will likely support this draft opinion are the same ones who made empty promises to not overturn what they saw as a settled law to the senate judiciary during their confirmation hearing not too long ago. these are not people who we can rely on their word. these conservative extremists have been working towards this for decades. they are merciless and they will stop at nothing until they succeed in taking away women's reproductive rights by any means necessary. this is a catastrophic warning shot. we have to fight like hell to do all that we can to protect access to essential healthcare
8:58 pm
services. if we don't, we all know too will who will suffer. as supervisor ronen said, low income, black, brown, and indigenous women. i applaud governor newsom's commitment to protect abortion rights in the california institution, however, we cannot rely on states alone to resolve this. with the democrats at the helm in washington, d.c., they must act now to ensure women may continue to have equitable access to healthcare and we must do everything we can as the midterm elections are just 188 days away. i will continue to work with my incredible colleagues on the department of status in women, planned parenthood, and if they think we are going away, we will take this lying down. they have seen nothing yet. thank you. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you, supervisor stefani. mr. president, seen no names on the roster, that concludes the introduction of new business.
8:59 pm
>> thank you. let's go to public comment. >> at this time, the board of supervisors welcomes general public comment. we will first hear comments from those present in the chamber and then we will hear from those joined remotely. to provide your comment remotely, you must be connected to the remote call in system by data -- tiling the telephone number on your computer or television screen. when you hear the prompt, enter the meeting id. press the pound symbol twice. you will have joined the meeting. you will hear the discussion, you will be muted and in the listening queue. once connected, press star three and the system will indicate you have raised your hand. please continue to wait, listen carefully, and when the system indicates you have been on muted, that is your cue to begin speaking your comments. during today's general public comment, you may speak to the items on the later section of
9:00 pm
the agenda. these are items item she's items 28 through 37 on the adoption without reference to committee. and the matters within the subject matter jurisdiction of the board of supervisors that are not on the agenda. all other content will have had its public comment requirement fulfilled. the board will accept your correspondence if you use the u.s. mail. or you may send us an e-mail. you might have heard earlier that we were joined by our partners from the office of civic engagement and immigrant affairs. i will ask each interpreter once again to introduce themselves and the instruction and language on how to connect to the roads -- remote system and provide public comment. we will start with spanish, chinese, and filipino. welcome.
9:01 pm
[speaking foreign language ] [speaking foreign language ]
9:02 pm
[speaking foreign language ] >> thank you again to all three of you for being with us this afternoon. i want to apologize, vivian, it
9:03 pm
is vivian lou who is presenting the chinese interpretation. thank you. all right. as i mentioned earlier, we are prioritizing those who are physically here in the chamber. we know you guys have argued and up on your right-hand side of the chamber. a couple of best practices. it is best not to delay the proceedings with applause. instead, use something quietly supportive, maybe your hands. that would be best. we are setting the timer for two minutes. welcome to the podium. we are ready. >> first of all, i have to commend you because i could never sit through this meeting on the regular. i commend all of y'all. basically i am here because i have a african-american son who -- i am a native of san francisco, bayview district. my family has long ties in the bayview. i have contacted a lot of city officials since this incident happened. the victim of violent crimes
9:04 pm
need a refresher course. you'll police department needs a refresher course. y'all s.r.o. need to be rehired to managers because it makes no sense how i had a gun put to my head in my s.r.o. and no city officials did nothing about it. the same people are still working at that s.r.o. and they had the gun put to my head and nobody helped us. me and my son fought our battles. he was ripped into c.b.s. for no reason just because people who worked for cps. all i am asking is for one of you to contact me so i can sit down. i did not believe my story if i wouldn't have went through it. i don't want another parent to ever go through what i went through these past four years in this city. i am discussed -- discussed it
9:05 pm
as a native of san francisco about my city right now because of what i endured, me and my son, for no reason. just because people didn't like me. that is it. thank you. >> thank you for your comments. >> good afternoon, board of supervisors. it has only been a couple of instances that i have been here. i am here speaking as a the case, but i am here for the fillmore corridor ambassador to speak on the june -- juneteenth 2022. we have six weeks left before the juneteenth committee, and the san francisco official juneteenth committee has not met. i haven't been notified, though
9:06 pm
there have been meetings going on with city officials, department heads, i'm not going to name no names today, but i am here requesting, respectfully requesting that the board of supervisors hold a meeting about the juneteenth because that is historical to our black culture. these black communities around here, i don't know if they are asleep or in a coma, or whatever, but my name is ace, dammit, and i am on this case because i am here at city hall. it gets silly, y'all. lots to say at city hall. it gets so silly, y'all. you call it city hall, but i call it city hall. i am going to tell y'all, you know what, i have been on. >> i would keep going, but i don't want to waste anymore
9:07 pm
time. the arts commission has been notified. the permit committee has been notified, and not the entertainment committee, but the city attorney has submitted his review on the situation. i would like to have all these department heads it all these leaders come together and find out what the hell is going on with the juneteenth committee. my name is ace and i am on the case. i will be here every week until we find out what the hell is going on here at silly hall. >> thank you, ace washington, for your comments to the board. all right. jordan davis, you are next. >> thank you. give his phone back. hello, everyone. i am jordan davis. my pronouns are she and her. last week i became a district five resident without even having to move and i would like to thank my new supervisor, dean preston, for introducing this
9:08 pm
resolution. i stutter myself, as i can tell -- as you can tell. i need to use notes to even speak here, but thank you so much for that. i am also disgusted by what happened with this case. i hope to say they do everything they can to protect women against these republicans. anyways, the main reason i am here is because of this h.s.h. commission being proposed. i live in supportive housing. i work with people on that expose. there is going to be more to come. and basically, like, this is not new to me. i have dealt with the rats in my room, i have dealt with roaches, i have dealt with broken elevators, i have dealt with people screaming violently without any help, but what i am offended by right now is by the supervisor who doesn't represent us, it doesn't have the relationships with us is introducing a paper tiger
9:09 pm
commission. i want h.s.h. oversight. i support it when haney did it, but we can't have it be majority mayor. prop d., as you remember in 2020 is majority board appointees. that was the sheriff's commission. we can't have the mayor's thumb on the scale anymore. it really upsets me that supervisors are not listening and we will be back soon. i just want to say it is good to be back in board chambers after so many years. i'm glad i can tell you all to go screw yourself to your faces. >> thank you, jordan davis for your comments. let's hear from our next person in line, please. >> good evening, everyone.
9:10 pm
i look around, i don't see any representation on the board of supervisors of american and indian people. i don't see any american indian people. it is done with intention and it has been done for decades. you at supervisors today have the opportunity to change that narrative and give american indian people their voice back. i ask you all to support the american indian truth and healing reparation advisory committee resolution to establish an ordinance -- to
9:11 pm
establish this advisory reparations committees of the people can have their voice back and create a comprehensive plan to address these equities. this is not the first time that work has started. this san francisco human rights commission started this work in 2008 and started it with a hundred 50 people from the community. alcatraz, the occupation that everyone knows about is a call for our people to get their voice back. i ask you to continue that work in the work that has been done before. we walk on native land, we are on native land. i ask you to support this resolution. we also put forward a fundraising request for $100,000 to fund this committee. i ask you to support that request. thank you for your time. >> thank you for your comments to the board. great. next speaker, please. >> hello. that evening. my name is mary travis allen. i am the advisory board president for the american indian cultural district.
9:12 pm
we are here to -- as an intertribal community. when we lift one voice, we lifted all. and everything that has been said here today affects our community. our women were subjected to forced sterilization in the seventies. you know, we have been deprived of adequate education, housing. we have -- san francisco is the tenth highest rate of missing and murdered indigenous women. all of this has been done with intention. as supervisor stefani said earlier about the grab of power, that is what we have experienced ever since the first lost person landed on this land. it has been a grab of power. it has been enslavement.
9:13 pm
it has been disinheritance, it has been disenfranchisement, it has been stealing our identity. it has been misappropriation by our identity. we are asking that we stand -- we need you to stand in solidarity behind this resolution for truth and healing because you cannot heal without hearing the truth, and the truth is for us to say, and for you to listen. thank you. >> thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> hello. [speaking foreign language ] my name is pamela florez. i am here on behalf of every nation and the band of northern california. i'm here as a san francisco bay
9:14 pm
area community member. i'm here as the granddaughter of my grandmother, judy torres, who cannot speak her truth without persecution, and as her mother was a survivor of u.s. boarding schools. and lastly, i'm here on behalf of the american indian cultural district. the first and largest of its kind in the state of california. i want to say thank you. thank you to all of you. thank you to supervisor melgar, thank you, president walton. thank you for supporting the creation of this truth and healing reparation resolution. it is about time. thank you for supporting the creation of a comprehensive plan to move it forward. and a special thank you and acknowledgement to dr. director davis for her ongoing support. the moment of truth telling in this time is now in the push for racial equity in this beautiful
9:15 pm
city is needed more than ever. in telling the truth, we have an opportunity to collectively heal. the resolution helps to connect to the data points lifted to the lived experience of the american indian people in this city as it relates to historical context that their lives had been shaped by. the history of yesterday. it is not taught in our public schools, but we are human beings. for far too long, the american indian people have been silenced and erased in their land by the lack of representation. [speaking foreign language ] thank you for listening. >> thank you for your comments. speaker, please. lang which map -- language map -- [speaking foreign language ] >> my name is mary jean robertson. i do a radio show called voices
9:16 pm
of the nation. i have been doing that since 1973. i wanted to remind you that whenever we have native people in the clerk's office or on the boards or at the human rights commission, we get things accomplished, and i want to remind you all of people like espinoza jackson who came to practically every board of supervisors meeting while she was alive and retired. i want to remind you of march mates who was the daughter of a chief and was a clerk of the board of supervisors. she was a nation member, and when we have people like others on the human rights commission, we get things accomplished.
9:17 pm
the report came out because we were -- i want to thank all the people who are part of the representation because they were able to talk to you, and to all the commissioners and say that we need a land acknowledgement in san francisco so people are aware of our presence. our still living presence as families, as people in the city. so don't disappear us and support this resolution. i want to thank you all for putting it forward. >> thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. [speaking foreign language ] >> greetings from my people from nevada, california. >> may interrupt you, just a
9:18 pm
quick cold. just political little bit closer to you. there you go. >> i am born and raised here. i'm a fifth generation of my grandmother, kennedy more, who was in the schools and relocated here in the early twenties. with this historical trauma, we learn from our histories to bring it here and forward. we need the reputation of who we are as native people today and now. i am also a business owner in the mission district going on 42 years as of last month. i would like to see this past so i can see that the next generation, which is beyond the seven generations move forward. i encourage you to pass this resolution, to have the board support this for our people and have this encouragement of us standing here along with you all, making these decisions. that is the voice of our
9:19 pm
people. thank you for your time and for listening to me. >> thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> hello, everyone. my name is carrie young and i am from san francisco heritage. i would like to echo the words of the women before me, and for everyone at the american indian cultural district. we have been proud to partner with the cultural district on their efforts to increase american indian visibility here in san francisco. we are so inspired by their continued successes and tireless efforts to obtain equitable resources, funding, and opportunities for american indian people. s.f. heritage fully supports this in the creation of a truth and healing reparations committee. an important step in helping to address the ongoing systemic
9:20 pm
erasure of the american indian community, and importantly, to assert the community's rights of belonging and their incredible resilience. thank you. >> thank you for your comments and to the board. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. i am the executive director of library users association. it is nice to be back in the chambers. when you fund agencies in the city, including the library, i think you have an expectation that things are going along as before. that your funding -- you are funding the same things, unless there is mention of new initiatives. unfortunately, at the library, that is not so. you are getting more and more of a hollowed out institution. you are getting less and less service of all kinds, and the inequities are damning because
9:21 pm
they affect most powerfully the most vulnerable people. we are talking about finally getting close to full open seven days a week, but they don't tell you that they have cut all the evening hours. they don't tell you that more and more of the materials are either mostly electronic or, in many cases, more and more titles are only electronic. those who don't have easy access to computers and so on are left out. this week on sunday starts tech week. fifty-one different programs of all sizes, and all types attempting to help people with tech, but there isn't, for example, a single book, in any kind of a book list in all of this wonderful publicity, which is very unusually big. there is nothing whatsoever
9:22 pm
about francis hagen's testimony about the dangers of the internet. she said that facebook prefers profits over safety. and who are the least safe on facebook? teenagers and especially teenaged girls. there are many other unsafe things on the internet. they are not talking about it, they are not talking about regulation. this is tech week. thank you. >> thank you for your comments to the board. are there other speakers would like to address the board? those who are physically present in the chamber? welcome. >> good evening. my name is alberto snyder. i came with the rest of my group here to acknowledge the fact that we are asking you to please continue helping the american indian community. we are -- i was born and raised here in san francisco.
9:23 pm
i'm 81 years old. ics still fighting for our rights and recognition. i live in potrero hill. i was born and raised in the soma area. i removed my father -- i am american indian, and also filipino. my father worked as a dishwasher when he came from the island. he also raised himself up through education and became one of the presidents of union local -- the dishwasher's union local 101. he was the president for the dishwashers. through his help, he raised us that education was the main goal. that we could give our children to further our education in our
9:24 pm
world, within, also, the social differences here in san francisco and here in california. i am here to say, please consider our pleas for the american indian community here in san francisco. thank you very much. >> thank you for your comments to the board. other individuals in the room who would like to make comment to the board? seeing none, mr. atkins, before we head to the remote system, i will just note that if you have called an earlier and you have not already done so, you should press start three, wait until the system indicates you have been on muted and begin speaking your comments. i want to thank mr. joe atkins for assisting me and giving me the names to all the speakers. i don't do this on my own. thank you for that. let's hear from our first caller.
9:25 pm
welcome. >> welcome and thank you, clerks and supervisors here. first, i second supervisor ronen and supervisor stefani's comments to the board of supervisors. much appreciated. this is an architect of washington state. we have a crisis at hand. what supervisor stefani said here, -- [ indiscernible ] my darkest moment. i did what any other son would do. i thought the guy with my own hands until help arrived. yes, supervisor stefani speaks for me. and supervisor stefani can assure you we are mortals. i ask you, supervisor melgar speaks and the rights of minorities are on the firing line.
9:26 pm
we need leadership on this issue. i am forfeiting my dinner so i can stand with my san francisco pals to defend women's rights. women's rights are human rights. they are fighting right now while directors who will not have kids gave into the insurrectionist mob and not realizing that it will be our gay neighbors targeted short of a miracle. i also support wholeheartedly the resolution. i second supervisor ronen. this is time we have to see ourselves as one nation and one country. i want to remind you all, you are all at great risk. you will be spun as a lie.
9:27 pm
spec -- [ indiscernible ] >> thank you for your comments to the board. let's hear from our next caller. i believe we have about seven callers in the queue. welcome. >> supervisors, i am francisco decosta. i would like to commend elders, indigenous people for speaking the truth. i would like you, supervisors to listen to them very carefully. in the year 29 -- 2009, barack hussein obama offered an apology to all indigenous people. but when it came to retribution,
9:28 pm
when it came to reparations, it was a long silence. you supervisors have just to reach out to the human rights commission and read the documents. the empirical data, native americans who live in san francisco have to be respected, not make promises again and again to give commendations. commendations don't help a lot. resolutions do not help a lot. you need to listen to the elders. much like they require -- [ indiscernible ]
9:29 pm
much like what was incorporated into our constitution. no promises, action. >> thank you for your comments to the board. mr. atkins, let's hear from our next caller, please. >> hi, my name is maja. i am calling to extend my appreciation and gratitude to supervisor preston for recognizing national stuttering awareness week and for helping us come together earlier this morning.
9:30 pm
it was such a powerful moment to be in community with my stuttering family here in the bay area and to share a podium with all of them. i am so thankful for you for spreading more awareness and shedding light on this. i also wanted to thank supervisor mandelman for showing up to give a press conference as well. i really appreciate your support. i'm really thankful for all the supervisors and friends who have signed on. i am looking forward to more of the city's doing some more things. thank you. >> thank you for your comments.
9:31 pm
>> i would like to thank the supervisors for introducing the charter amendment to establish homelessness through supportive housing oversight commission. i really do appreciate it. i have worked for the past few years to establish some sort of mechanism for overseeing the varying levels of quality of our city's supportive housing nonprofit partners. as we know, they are not at all equal. i strongly believe that the board of supervisors must have the ability to point to three members surviving homelessness to this attentional h.s.h. oversight committee. after all, this is oversight of the mayor's department. why would she be able to appoint
9:32 pm
a majority of the oversight committee members? that is like the fox guarding the hen house. san francisco chronicle is reporting and highlighting how absolutely ineffective the mayor is in the homelessness space after several years in office. and many other years of public service in san francisco. >> thank you for your comments to the board. let's hear from our next caller, please. >> yes, good afternoon, supervisors. this is david elliot lewis. long-time san francisco resident, nearly four decades. i am here to offer criticisms of the redistricting task force and proposed solutions. as you know, this task force, some of the nine members at a majority voted to ignore the
9:33 pm
will of the public and ignored public comments and ignored it community unity map that was put together by 85 organizations and thousands of people. ignored it all and produced a very gerrymandered map to redraw district lines and create a much more conservative outcome for future elections. it didn't have to be this way. it doesn't have to be this late in the future. there are solutions. there's legislative solutions, there's ballot amendment solutions. i want to advocate that your board of supervisors take some kind of remedy to solve and fix this in the future. maybe one proposal is that every supervisor nominates a member of the task force and that the election commission runs it based on 11 members appointed. beach by one supervisor, and maybe if there isn't enough changed beyond five% deviation of a population in a district, you don't even have a redistricting and you keep the
9:34 pm
current map. there has got to be a better way. the current system is flawed and produces a gerrymandered result. ignored the will of the people. please look at a legislative or ballot amendment solution to solve this problem in the future. david elliot lewis, a long-time san francisco resident, president of the tenderloin. >> thank you david elliot lewis for your comments to the board. let's hear from our next speaker, please. >> good evening. i am a mexican, apache and puerto rican with indigenous blood in our dna. my husband and son are california indigenous people. i would like to recognize the ancestors and spirits that walk
9:35 pm
the planet in which we live and work in an san francisco. i want to acknowledge and thank supervisor melgar and president walton, and also very high praises for director davis of the human rights commission. i want to acknowledge that the hrc who helped support and implement the london acknowledgement. i'm here to share with you my support for the american indian truth and healing reparations advisory committee resolution. this committee will help revealing and addressing and responding to historical trauma such as the gold rush and the boarding school horrors, the forced relocation program to san francisco, all those things that create generational trauma and destruction that eventually lead to forced poverty, drug and alcohol addiction and indigenous -- in indigenous -- in indigenous communities. this is a step in the right direction to healing. thank you for your time today.
9:36 pm
>> thank you for your comments to the board. let's hear from our next caller, please. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i am with the latino cultural district. please support this resolution to create a healing reparations committee. this is an important step in seeing and acknowledging and working with our brothers and sisters from the american indian community. they have been invisible for too long. thank you. >> thank you for your comments to the board. let's hear from our next caller, please. >> good evening. i am a resident of district 10. i urge the board to support the creation of the american indian truth and healing reparations advisory committee. everyone's voice needs to be heard.
9:37 pm
i also want to call in to thank all the clerks that worked with the redistricting task force, especially clerk carol. that task force was a lot of work and it was a lot of, you know, he never skipped a beat. he was always there, giving it all he could and then some. i really want to thank all the clerks who were part of that task force. we were there many late nights. they were there early mornings. i also would like to thank, next time around, in addition to supplying water for the task force members, to give them healthy food because we were in city hall, for sometimes up to 18 hours. thank you, john carroll. i don't know how you did the job you did, but you are more than
9:38 pm
100. again, i'm in support of the reparations committee for the resolution for the american -- native american people. thank you. >> thank you for your comments and specifically for calling out mr. carroll. all right. let's hear from our next caller, please. >> hi there. i'm just calling into say how much i appreciate the clerk's office and the entire team that has made these meetings, but the redistricting meetings. i have watched a lot of these meetings towards the end and astonished that the patients and professionalism that is exhibited, at one point i used to think i wanted to be a clerk, but i actually don't because -- not because it isn't a good job, but i don't think i have the patience. it is incredible to watch clerk carol, joe atkins, interpreters, the department of technology. it's funny. at the meetings you would hear
9:39 pm
the task force members say that we have an impossible job, and i actually think you guys all have impossible jobs. kudos to you. i will say, i hope it doesn't take too much out of you so it isn't sustainable. meaning like, you know, if it means a clerk's office means -- needs more resources, i will fully be supportive of that. the redistricting meeting is really good to have live realtime interpretation. it was good to have remote public comment. i know it is a tough transition going over to public comment, and i think there are ways we can work it out. i get it that we are having hours on hours of remote public comment and it consistently may not be productive, but shout out to everyone again. you all make the glue to this democracy work. i have 50 people behind me to make comment, i'm just kidding. have a good day. >> thank you for your comments. we appreciate your thoughts. all right. i understand we have about 10
9:40 pm
callers who are listening. if you are one of the callers who would like to provide public comment this afternoon, please press start three if you haven't already. the system will indicate you have been on muted and begin speaking your comments. do we have any callers in the queue? >> hi, i am from district 10. i am here to say a special thank you to john carroll and for the board clerk staff for all their behind-the-scenes work on the map redistricting hearings. many people were disappointed to find out the mayor and the executive branch was temperate -- tampering with the redistricting process. no surprises there. it was still disturbing nonetheless. that shouldn't take away from the gratitude that we have towards the staff who work so hard. thank you to john carroll and staff. second, i'm relieved that d10 is still together and will hopefully be led by president walton for years to come.
9:41 pm
it is nice to have a supervisor who is not a sellout and can't be bought. when people say they miss obama, i jokingly say we have our own version of obama in my neighborhood. a final comment in support of the native americans who are here today. thank you for all that president walton and supervisor melgar have done to push protections forward. we can never possibly do enough for this community so i hope you will honor their, please. thank you. >> thank you for your comments to the board. we are going to switch really quickly. we have someone who has joined us in person here in the chamber. please come forward and share your comment. >> members -- hello mr. president, members of the board, this is john carroll. one of the clerks in the clerk's office. everyone has been so nice and so congratulatory to the efforts of the clerk of the board of supervisors. to me, i want to jump in real quick because it is incumbent on me to say thank you to all of the people who have made these
9:42 pm
things happen. elise, wilson, john, joe, those are the folks whose broad competency -- i have just been a passenger along on what they have been accomplishing. and really being able to call out into the darkness during those meetings and say, hey,, remote team, is there somebody over there is able to help get us out of this pickle? are you listening to this? is this an unattended line? and knowing someone would be on the other side who can grab that bowl and toss it right back at us while we are trying to fly this ridiculous machine. i just want to say thank you to everybody who really made it. if you ever saw one of these meetings and it looks like we were on top of it, it was because of their efforts. thank you. [applause]
9:43 pm
>> thank you, john carroll for your comments to the board. are there any other members of the public who like to make comment who are in the room? seeing none, mr. atkins, do we have any callers in the remote q.? >> there are no further callers in the queue. >> thank you, joe. thank you for your help. mr. president? >> thank you so much, madam clerk. thank you to everyone who called in. seeing no other speakers, public comment is closed. can you please call the adoption without committee reference agenda? >> items 28 through 37 or introduce for adoption without committee reference. the unanimous vote is -- is required for adoptions of resolutions on first reading today. alternatively, a member may require a resolution on first reading to go to committee. >> thank you so much. supervisor stefani? >> thank you. i would like to add my name to the cosponsor to supervisor
9:44 pm
melgar's resolution on item 29 and also please sever item 30. >> item 30. thank you so much. supervisor mandelman? >> thank you, mr. president. i'm not going to ask to sever off item 37 today, but i don't plan on voting for it again, so just putting that out there. i think the time for teleconference is passing and if the world continues to be were -- how it is, i'm planning to vote against it next time. >> i will vote for today. >> thank you. supervisor mar? >> thank you, president walton. i don't select to be added to a cosponsor. i want to thank the leaders of the american indian cultural district for showing up today. thank you to supervisor melgar for bringing this forward. >> thank you. >> i wanted to say, clearly for the record, i am cosponsor for
9:45 pm
item 28, and to the native american community, thank you for coming out and speaking in a unified and loud voice. thank you, supervisor melgar for putting that resolution forward. please add me to number 29, as well as 30. i concur with supervisor melded -- mandelman. i am not in favor of item 37 moving forward. >> thank you. supervisor ronen? >> mr. president, apologies, just to confirm, it is difficult to hear. twenty-eight, 29 and 30, you would like to be added as cosponsors? thank you. >> thank you, madam clerk. >> i like to be added as cosponsor to item 29 and 30. thank you to everyone for your amazing work on this. i would like to concur with supervisor mandelman's comments. >> thank you.
9:46 pm
[ laughter ] >> she can't bring herself to say it. >> i just wanted to speak to item 29. thank you. >> what item, i'm sorry. >> twenty-nine. >> thank you. supervisor preston? >> thank you. i believe my office may have spoken about some of these, but just for the record, cosponsor and 29, 30, and 31. >> thank you, supervisor preston. madam clerk, please call the roll for items 28, 31 -- i'm sorry. we will sever item 32. twenty-eight, 31, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37. >> thank you, mr. president. on item 28 and 31, 33 through 37, w --
9:47 pm
[ roll call ] there are 10 ayes. >> thank you. without objection, the resolutions are adopted and the motions are approved unanimously. please call item number 29. >> item 29 is a resolution to support the creation of an american indian truth and healing reparations advisory committee to develop a comprehensive plan to address the inequities that exist in the san francisco american indian community as a consequence of historical racist and unjust
9:48 pm
federal state and local policies that contributed to american indian genocide, land theft, forest removal from -- forced removals from their land and ongoing systemic erasure. >> thank you, supervisor melgar? >> thank you. thank you, colleagues. before every meeting, we now acknowledge that we are on the run seated territory. i want to thank the fierce advocates who are here with us today and who have worked so tirelessly to advance this work. i want to think, especially one individual for your very hard work and dedication and thought partnership, and the care that you bring to this board and the love for the community.
9:49 pm
and to all the leaders who came today and have worked so hard to advance the interest of the community, and to the american indian cultural district. i want to think the cosponsors, especially president walton and others for their support of this long-overdue resolution to support the creation of an american indian truth and healing reparations advisory committee. to develop a comprehensive plan with recommendations for our city to give the community of voice, to acknowledge and repair the harm that the american indian community continues to endure to this day. this resolution is a first step for us as a city to proactively dedicate resources and put our money where our mark -- our mouths are and to take the actions necessary to achieve racial act equity by addressing the decades of damage inflicted on the americans in this city through land removal, misrepresentation and the media and erasure to curriculum denial
9:50 pm
of the real voices in data initiatives. i am so grateful for the collaboration between the district seven office, the american indian cultural district and the human rights commission, particularly director cheryl davis and the chief of staff to make this effort a reality. it is my hope that we will fulfil the commitments to strengthen the stability of the american indian community, not just for this moment in time, but for all future generations. thank you, colleagues. thank you for listening. >> thank you, supervisor melgar. see no one else on the roster, we will take this item same house, same call. without objection, this resolution is adopted unanimously. [applause] madam clerk, please call item
9:51 pm
30. >> item 31, mr. president. >> is it 31? >> excuse me, pardon me, my asthma is activated with the dust. item 30 is a resolution to recognize the month of may and jewish-american heritage month in the city and county of san francisco. >> thank you so much. supervisor stefani? >> thank you. colleagues, this resolution is to declare the month of may jewish-american heritage month and i want to thank my cosponsors. in 2006, the federal government proclaimed may as jewish-american heritage month stating, as a nation of immigrants, the united states is better and stronger because jewish people from all over the world have chosen to become american citizens. since then, proclamations in
9:52 pm
support of jewish-american heritage month have been made by presidents of the united states annually. generations of jews have's blood to the united states and century better life. in recent years, jewish-american have experienced anti-semitism, including, but not limited to physical attacks, vandalism, verbal and physical harassment and hateful comments posted on social media. san francisco shares an obligation to condemn and combat anti-semitism wherever it exists and to stand with the jewish-american community against hatred or bigotry in our city and country. with this resolution we declare our appreciation of the achievements and contributions made by the members of the jewish community and to celebrate the rich and diverse heritage of the jewish-american community, including those who live, work and recreate in san francisco. we also recognize how san
9:53 pm
francisco has been enriched by institutions and synagogues such as congregations. jewish community relations council, the jewish community center of san francisco, here i am initiative, jewish family and children's services and others. i hope you support me in the clearing the month of may jewish-american heritage month and continue efforts to confront anti-semitism and other forms of hate impacting the jewish community. to support education about the diversity of our jewish-american community and integrate jewish-american culture into future programs, activities and ceremonies throughout the year. >> thank you so much. i don't see anyone else on the roster. we will take this item same house -- supervisor melgar, my apologies. >> it's okay. i just wanted to thank supervisor stefani for that introduction. i appreciate you.
9:54 pm
thank you. >> thank you. now seeing no one else on the roster, same house, same call. without objection, this resolution is adopted unanimously. madam clerk, please call item 32. >> item 32 is a resolution to command and honor supervisor matt haney for his distinguished service as a member of the san francisco board of supervisors representing district six. >> thank you. i just want to once again congratulate a simile member haney and i wanted to make sure that this item was read into the roster. seeing no one else on the roster, we will take this item same house, same call. without objection, this resolution is adopted unanimously. madam clerk, do we have any imperative agenda items? >> i have no imperative items to report, mr. president. >> thank you.
9:55 pm
please present any in memoriam. >> today's meeting will be adjourned in the memory of a following -- of the following beloved individuals. on behalf of supervisor peskin, preston and ronen, for the late kathy putin. >> thank you so much, madam clerk. this brings us to the end of our agenda. i am a human being and mother or not, as a person, it is my basic human right to control, plan, and to choose the sides of my family. i wish this right for all people. this meeting is adjourned.
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