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tv   BOS Rules Committee  SFGTV  May 7, 2022 1:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> good morning. welcome to the rules committee of the san francisco board of supervisors for today, monday may 2nd, 2022. i am the chair of the committee, erin peskin and joined by vice chair supervisor raphael mandelman and committee member connie chan to my left. our clerk is victor young. do you have any announcements? >> reporter: the board of supervisors and communities are convening hybrid meetings that allow in person attendance and
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public comment while still providing remote access and public comment by telephone. the board recognizes equitable public access is essential and will take public comment as follows. the public comment will be taken on each item on the agenda. those attending in person will be able to speak first and then we will take those who are waiting on the telephone line. for those watching channel 26, 78 or 99, the public comment call in number is streaming across the screen. the numbers (415)655-0001. enter the meeting id of 24848429155 and press pound and pound again. you will hear the meeting discussion and you will be muted and in listening mode only. when your item of interest comes up and public comment is called, at those people showing up in person should line up and they should dial star three to be added to the speaker line. if you are on the telephone,
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turned down the t.v. and all listening devices that you maybe using. as already indicated, we will take public comment for those attending in person and then we will go to public comment telephone lines. e-mail them to myself if you submit public comment by e-mail, it will be forwarded to the supervisors. you may also send written comment by u.s. mail to the office. that concludes my initial comments. >> thank you, mr. young. could you please call the first item? >> item one is a hearing to exercise the board of supervisors unlimited power of inquiry in pursuit of information on the potential failure to disclose conflict of interest and actions in board of appeal members for darrell honda
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and requesting him to report. >> supervisor safai: thank you. colleagues, good morning. as you will recall, our board president supervisor walton, introduced this hearing request back in early december of 2021. we heard this initially on december 13th and then again in early january on january 10th, and certainly identify a number of inaccuracies on commissioner honda's form 700 which we are aware of and we have discussed. you will roll call in the last hearing in january, there was discussion about proprietary information that mr. honda had
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and the deputy city attorney worked out with mr. honda's attorney away for those documents to be reviewed and indeed a couple of fridays ago, councillors went to mr. sutton's office and reviewed several binders worth of material, and then have scheduled this hearing to discuss both the form 700 as well as other information and thank you to commissioner honda for coming this morning. i guess i just want to start out, i did not realize, because i do not often search these things on the internet, but they are publicly available. there were a number of different years and i have reviewed those
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and they are publicly available for anybody who wants to see them. i think if i understand it correctly, they really stem from the questions that we asked on january 10th around whether mr. honda had probably listed income from real estate transactions in the form of real estate commissions. and those amendments have subsequently been made. so good morning, mr. honda, i guess i wanted to start out by ascertaining if what i just said appropriately reflects what you think those amendments are dated late march and what they do. the floor is yours. >> good morning. that is correct. >> so presumably at this point, your form 700, or at least those
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that are still in the statutory time frame, because there are some that go back a number of years. i think we noted at the december hearing that there was even one year where there was a filing and there was no reportable interest on the schedule. those are beyond the period for which you would correct. to your knowledge, your form 700 now is all up-to-date and appropriately amended to reflect all of your financial interests required to be reported under the rules for form 700. >> i believe so. my attorney at that point has taken over and completed all the forms. >> great. so this has been done with advice of council and, to your knowledge, they are all up-to-date. >> correct. >> and there were little things that i think we previously noted in other hearings. like in a previous year, we noted there was actually the sale of a property that wasn't shown as sold.
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has that been corrected? >> that is correct. >> okay. now knowing that, to your knowledge, and with the participation and oversight of competent legal council that they are up-to-date, i have the following question, which has been provided to all of the members of this panel by a member of the public, which is that it would appear with a relatively easy search, that in the calendar year 2021, for -- which had to be reported on or before april 1st 2022, that there may be an additional property that you have a significant interest in in san francisco that has to be reported that was not reported. do you have any knowledge of that. >> not that i am aware of.
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>> unless this documentation is inaccurate, there appears to be a purchase of real property on may 5th of 2021 by a limited liability company, which limited liability company, you appear to be a member of at 1161 post street. does that ring a bell? >> that is correct. >> is that not on the form 700? >> i don't believe so. >> although i am a member of the llc, i am not the owner of the property. i am a managing partner, but not of --
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>> my attorney just said that it is there. we believe it is there but it might be under a different name. if not, it will be amended.
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>> it is not there. >> good morning, supervisors. we are sure you are familiar with that property. i believe it is by then this. we know that -- it was not amended. we do not have it with us today, but my understanding is it might
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be there under a different name. it might be there under a different address. it is more than one parcel in the property. we will check that immediately. >> councillor, i don't want to be argumentative, but on the forms for the calendar year 2021, there is no schedule a of any kind. there is a schedule b. that does not -- schedule b. as you are well aware is interest in real property. it is not listed under interests in real property and there is a schedule c, which as you are aware, is income, loans, and business positions and it is not listed there. it was acquired on may 5th of 2021. they would be no reason to amend
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this filing insofar as it was filed a month ago today. >> exactly. that's the reason why we don't have all of the details for the financial interests because of the hearing this morning. we really were focusing on the amendments that were done in response to the prior hearing and in response to the ethics commission. again, i feel confident that the disclosure on the 2021 report is correct and i'm not exactly sure what document you are looking at, but mr. honda is evidently a member of the llc. all i can say at this point is we will certainly confirm -- again, it might be under a different name or it might be that it was not reportable on the form 700 on the rules for one reason or another. >> let's ask mr. honda some questions. mr. honda, what is your
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relationship with the 1161 post llc? >> i believe i am on the llc as a manager. as far as ownership, i don't believe i have any ownership. >> okay. eric one is listed as the manager. you are listed, i believe i have the documents that were provided to me earlier as a member, but you are saying that you have no ownership interest? >> i believe that is correct. it is under -- eric entered the contract with the property with four other partners. i was not one of the partners
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that financially participated in that. >> so what is your role? >> just as guidance for the llc and for the potential opening of the restaurant. >> do you receive compensation for that? >> at this point no. it has not opened since this purchase. >> do you receive promise of compensation for that? >> no, not at this point. i believe, initially we were trying to open a restaurant there. and during the pandemic, it became evidently very challenging. it has been vacant. i believe mr. wong has contacted me a couple of days ago, and they are interested in reselling the property at this point. >> okay. other information that has recently become available to this committee has to do with
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potential incompatible activities. as part of your ethics training, you are aware of the statement of incompatible activities for the board of appeals? >> i am. >> and to that end, you understand that you cannot serve as a permit agent for or without compensation for building department inspection matters? are you aware of that? >> i am. >> and are you aware, or do you remember, having been listed as a permit agent in a number of different matters in publicly available records before the department of building inspection?
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>> i am aware now that i am not supposed to participate in any of that activity. prior i was not aware. so i have not participated in that in several years. >> can you tell us what role you played as the permit agent in the matter and 262236 avenue? >> i was hired as the listing agent for that property by a client, and then when we -- as a realtor, my duties are pretty expensive. i will help cleanup, i will help paint, i will help organize the workers. on that particular property when we got there, the neighbour was pretty hostile. he said your client is a horrible person. shortly after that.
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i got a call from the planning department and from enforcement. she asked to speak to me. when she asked to speak to me i said you should contact the owner. i am the realtor. she said that she has not been able to get a hold of the owner. i said i would pass that on. that was the extent of what i did for that property. >> but you did go to the department of building inspection and you did file for a building permit and you did list yourself as the permit agent? >> initially i was told to fill, if i wanted any information from the department, i would have to fill out a form at the counter. which i did. from that point forward i didn't facilitate or do anything. i basically told the client, and the client in turn hired a different firm to handle it. >> what is your recollection of
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471? >> my client purchased a property on a very low budget. he obtained an owner permits. i accompanied him to the building department because this was the first time he has ever done that, at which point we filled the form out. they also asked for me to fill that form out as an agent. we waited in three lines. we were there for four hours, and the client was able to acquire the permit. >> and you are saying that your client was not knowledgeable and did not know how to fix his own name to his permit? >> that is correct. this is the first time the client was a long-term renter here in san francisco. this is the first time that he had purchased a home.
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>> give us one moment. i think we need to mute a line. we have somebody calling in. >> thank you. we have taken care of that. >> please proceed. >> are you aware that the building inspector on that permit was none other than bernard curran? >> i'm not aware of that. i have just been made aware of that as of two weeks ago. >> and the individual in this case, do you know where he works today? >> he does work at the department of building inspections as of the last year or two years. prior to that he worked at city hall. >> and in what capacity, do you know? >> i'm not exactly sure. i think it was public relations. >> and what office? do you remember?
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>> it was on the second floor before i get to your office on the left side as you pass the mayor's office. >> so he worked for the mayor at that time? >> i believe so. >> okay. >> that permit was simply for a kitchen and bath remodel. >> right. and in your experience as a member of the board of appeals, kitchen and bathroom models can be issued over-the-counter, right? >> that is correct. no plans are required. >> would you say most of those are usually acquired by the contractor that does the work or the party that is the owner of the building? is it correct in this particular case? >> it is correct in this particular case because he had not hired a contractor at this time. the client held a learner's
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permit and we get a lot of work done ourselves between the and the client in terms of taking the kitchen apart, picking cabinetry out. i am not -- i don't have the skills to do certain trades. >> and just another question, team honda s.f., you are listed as the president of that. is that an llc, what is that? >> that is just a # on instagram. it is just # team honda s.f. as a realtor i have five other home kids, but they are 30-42 -- home kids. >> are there any questions or comments from committee members.
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>> thank you. i think my question is that this is for the layperson or laypeople, and also for the general public, board member honda, could you help us understand the responsibility of the members of the board of appeals and what exactly their goals are in terms of when they sit on the board of appeals? >> the board was previously called the permitted appeals. it was five members appointed by the mayor and they were all at will. i believe in 1996 it turned into the board of appeals, at which point there are three members that are appointed by the mayor and there are two members appointed by the supervisors. as i came on, i was appointed by
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the mayor in 2012, and then reappointed by the mayor in 2016 and reappointed by the board of supervisors in 2020. generally, the responsibility of the board of appeals is to hear appeals on a wide variety of permits. they vary from food truck, food cart, building, taxi medallions, tobacco, massage, pretty much anything that has a permit if there is an appeal, then it will come forward for the body. >> meaning business or entity typically has been denied permit and they appeal before you? >> that is one of the reasons. the other reason is if a neighbour is building a property and the neighbour is not happy, they feel that they have passed the scope or that it is out of the scope of the neighborhood.
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so it is a pretty wide variety of stuff. >> in this case, even for an elected official or anyone sitting on the city regulatory body to understand, these are typically the moments where any entity or any business now, they have been denied. and to carry out certain actions, they typically have financial impact to them. they may or may not attempt to lobby the decision-makers. >> correct. >> so, in your opinion, when there is an investigation to really urge you or to try to examine whether you have failed to disclose a conflict of interest, how do you, how do you see this investigation going, and what does that mean in the events that, especially if it is not yourself, but even someone else on the board of appeals
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going through with this investigation? how would the public question the integrity of the board of appeals? >> at this point, as i have mentioned, i have served on the board for nine and a half years. approximately 280 hearings, and out of the 280 hearings, i have been absent for only 10 of those hearings. i consider my city service to be an honor and i enjoyed it thoroughly. i spend a lot of time on my briefs. i spent a lot of time, you know, trying to be fair going forward. to be honest, this process has been really horrible. i have given up a lot to participate and to do public service, and this year i have been accused several times. and at this point, you know, the ethics commission has reviewed
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all my records and confirmed that i always recuse myself properly. i have contacted the city attorney and my director numerous times in regards to how, if i can participate, and that is all on record with e-mails, texas, and phone calls. as in my professional business, i have been blessed to be a realtor here in the city for 24 years. i have been lucky to have 600 transactions. i approach things the same way. there is a reason why i have that many transactions. i have zero litigation, zero mediation, and zero arbitration. i don't participate in ellis act, i don't participate in owner moving evictions. if there is a question, i will ask it. if i've any questions, i will ask it. in this case, regarding form 700, this was my first commission and it was a fairly large commission. i went to the city attorney, i went to my director on how i should complete this. they gave me specific guidelines
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of how i should do it. i ask many questions. from that point forward, to be honest, that is why the error from my first form 700 went through all the way. we have voluntarily amended that foreman gave that information to the powers that be. after they reviewed it, it did not affect any of my clients prior. it did not affect any of the decisions that were made at the board according to the department. had i known that i was supposed to disclose my real estate transactions, i mean, there is no reason to hide. there is no surprise that i have been a realtor, that i am a realtor, that i am very vocal about it. over the last couple of years, as you mentioned, people tried to lobby you. because my phone is -- you can google me, my phone is very accessible, i just tell people i can answer questions pertaining
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to procedure and protocol, but anything other than that i can't answer. i would have to disclose and recuse. >> first, i want to thank you for your service. i think that not just you, but anyone who volunteered their time and their expertise to the city in any capacity, we are always grateful because that is volunteering your time. as you have said, you have served for close to a decade now. in my opinion, i think often times, if there is a conflict of interest, and that we do look to our legal council to inform our regulatory bodies and members who make decisions, to let them know that they should recuse themselves, but we also look to the members themselves to really think hard about their role. i think the question remains, will you, as continuing on as a
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board member on this body, will you continue to have the public's trust and to be able to function and operate productively? thank you for your service. thank you, chair peskin. >> thank you, supervisor chan. mr. honda, you know, i was hopeful that our last hearing that we were done with this, but then this other information popped up. and in addition to the constant corrections of the form 700, which is a document that allows the board of appeals staff, the public, yourself to know when a conflict may arise, and the fact that much of that information was missing for a number of years, which i understand and
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acknowledge that you have, since it was first identified, you have worked to address, but then when, you know, you're 2021 form 700, which have had the benefit of review by council still seemed to be lacking as of last month, that that is troubling. what i am particularly troubled by is your work as a permanent agent for items that very clearly, under section c. of the statement of incompatibility, are not allowed. and the fact that you did not know that for half of your tenure on the board of appeals is, frankly, troubling. the fact that in one of these cases it was serving as the agent for employee of the
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mayor's office is troubling. and let me say why. which is, whether what you are saying is true that you didn't have a high level of intervention serving as a permanent agent or you did, the fact that your name is on it as a member port of appeals can lead -- board of appeals can lead to preferential treatment. and that is precisely why it is an incompatible activity whether you are being compensated financially or not. that is particularly troubling. and then based on the information that we have received, it would appear that the level of involvement is actually more substantial than just obtaining information. in the case of 26 avenue, this
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is a case where there were numerous code violations and correction notices for rooms and bathrooms that were constructed without a building permit. there is extensive stuff that i will put into the file that we have received on this, but these are things that are appealable to the board of appeals. and the fact that you have a member of the board of appeals who is serving as the permit agents, rightfully, you know, brings up all sorts of questions whether or not you were in touch with members of the building inspection department as it was winding through the system, whether preferential treatment was actually granted, and, you know, you, yourself, said in the case of 471 saxon avenue that your work there, that you did
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active work on the project for the individual, which is far beyond your scope as a realtor. feel free to respond to this, but it is individually and collectively when you added up, really quite disturbing. >> chair peskin, i believe the facts, and i understand it was five or six years ago and i believe at least the same for the 34th avenue. thirty-fourth avenue i have no involvement. i believe when the planning enforcement agent contacted me, i went down to see what the enforcement process was. after that i had zero involvement and i recommended the client contact a licensed professional to help them. in regards to the 471, simply put, my client, they are amazing
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people, and they were first-time homeowners. they were really deer in the headlight when it came to this. so besides helping them -- and it is not just that client. i will pick out tile, i will do design for the kitchens, i help them design the backyard, but as far as the permits we went down on that particular occasion, i was with him. so they had me fill out that form. other than that, my participation was just manual labor and disassembling the kitchen and putting together some shelving. >> thank you, mr. honda. if there are no further questions from members of this committee, why don't we open item number 1 up to public comment. >> yes. members of the public who wish to speak on this item under joining us in person should line up to speak along the side of
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the room by the windows. for those visiting us remotely, please call (415)655-0001. enter the meeting id and then press pound and pound again. once connected, you will need to press star three to enter the speaker line. for those in the queue, continue to wait until the system indicates you have been on muted and that will be your cue to begin your comments. we do have a person in line for public comment in the room at this time. >> mr. young, i have schedules for the members of the board of supervisors. >> i will collect those from you after your comment. just leave it on the banister and i will come pick them up. >> i also have schedules from mr. honda and his attorney. >> i will come pick them up if you leave them there. thank you. >> do i get two minutes or three? >> two minutes.
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>> are the other speakers for this side? why don't we do three. >> okay. >> before i start, i will hand out the documents. thank you. >> good morning, my name is jerry and i earlier filed two documents that clearly show mr. honda has violated the good governance guidelines issued by the city attorney. he is unfit to serve on the board of appeals. is a member of the be away, mr. honda is a sitting member. i sent you a document that shows mr. honda has been a building permit expediter while serving on the be away. advocating for his real estate clients at the department of building inspections is a clear conflict with his commission role of impartially adjudicating citizen complaints of the board of appeals. mr. honda has also filed false form 700 with the ethics commission for the last eight
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years. mr. honda has amended some of his form 700 filings twice in the filings remained inaccurate. the schedule i just handed you shows the following. the schedule lists seven properties were mr. honda filed a form 700 schedule b. listing a reportable interest in real property. mr. honda failed to report his ownership of 1161 post street at the eighth listed property. he filed two file the five properties where his ownership interest was in indirect for liability corporation. he failed to report the sale of two properties from schedule c. on the three schedule b. that mr. honda filed, is a recorded owner of the properties. they did own 1 street, however,
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it is unclear if mr. honda was a member of this. on the two schedule b. where mr. honda filed, he incorrectly listed his spouse as the member of eddy street and ellis street. mr. honda does have an ownership interest, but the ownership interest is in direct through limited liability corporations other than jay osd it illustrates the complicated ownership of ellis street. mr. honda is a member or investor. i gave you a copy of the california secretary of state document listing mr. honda as a member of eddy street and ellis street. the diagram shows is to honda had the unreported ownership in 1161 post street.
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over the last eight years, he has misrepresented his ownership interest in three properties. he has failed to report the sale of the properties and he has failed to set up his ownership interest. mr. honda should be removed from the board of appeals. for lack of transparency and public trust. >> thank you. are there any other members of the public who would wish to speak on this item? >> there does not appear to be anyone in the room but we have two callers on the line for public comment. >> next speaker, please. >> yes, i am waiting to speak on the reappointment. i would like to be brought back to do that. >> if you press start three you will go back in the queue. next speaker, please.
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>> hello. i want to point out how a member of the mayor's office is reaching out to commissioner honda about a personal issue and having him help solve it is just so inappropriate. and the member of the mayor's office should have known better. and a member of the mayor's office now works with the department of building inspection now really creates some concern in the public's i and the whole situation is really inappropriate. thank you for doing this hearing. >> are there any additional speakers on item number 1? >> that completes the list of speakers for item number 1. >> public comment is closed. if mr. -- mr. honda, if i could ask you to more questions.
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one is, in the 471 saxon case whether or not you require reaching out to any members of the planning commission for any help with any aspect of that project. >> in regards to, because i am not a licensed electrician or licensed plumber, prior to that person being on the planning commission, he was an electrician. so he is now on the planning commission now. but prior to being on the planning commission at the time, he helped with some of the electrical work. >> that would be commissioner koppel. >> do you recall ever reaching out to joe duffy at the department to building inspection with regards to the h avenue case or the saxon case? >> not at all. >> thank you, commissioner honda. colleagues, we will continue
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this item to the call of the chair. can we do that without objection? that will be the order. mr. clerk, please read item number 2. >> i just want to confirm that item number 1 was continue to the call of the chair without objections. >> next on the agenda is item number 2, hearing to consider appointing one member term ending january 1st 2232 members ending 2024 and one member term ending january 1st 2025 to the behavioural health commission. >> all right. colleagues, the behavioural health commission is known to us because we had some legislation to do a little cleaning up of things that supervisor stefani sponsored and that we voted for unanimously, and before us, we have, i believe three
2:13 pm
applicants, although i have heard that one of the applicants is reconsidering, although the director of behavioural health has asked her to reconsider and not withdraw. but with that, why don't we start and see if jeffrey greer has any opening statements on behalf of the behavioural health commission. is he present? i believe he is. >> are you on the line? would you like to provide any statements? >> we are not getting a response
2:14 pm
at this time. >> i will add that one of the realities is that there has been trouble getting a quorum of behavioural health commission in recent times, so one thing that is going to be very important is that those individuals who we are considering have the wherewithal to attend and do so religiously. with that, let's go to the applicant that we have before us in the order that they appear on our agenda, starting with, and i'm sorry if i don't pronounce this correctly, liza. i apologize. >> good morning, commissioners. i am a consumer, family member and active community mental health advocate. i also am a former resident of
2:15 pm
13 years. i have also attended for the last seven years each of the behavioural health and mental health board commission and mental health board meetings. i came here after being homeless for five years. this city and the services saved my life. i feel it is my service to give back to our city and our community. as an active behavioural health commissioner, i can contribute not only as an individual with lived experience, i have first-hand experience in the very present conditions of three of our city's major crisis. we are facing housing, mental health and substance use epidemics. i believe that utilizing my expertise of 18 years and of working directly and intimately with these populations can help. together we can find a client centred and culturally
2:16 pm
responsible approach to end the homeless epidemic and to assist the mental health challenges and substance use disorders. i am committed to improving to help substance abuse and trauma. my goal is to help build a robust infrastructure to remain sustainability within our mental health system. to assure that we as service providers are successfully providing services to help navigate individuals to access resources and tools to maintain a healthy, active level for supported recovery. i look forward to working collectively with san francisco's care system to ensure the objectives to achieves -- objectives are achieved and implemented and helping to encourage, educate and provide resources to individuals to help them successfully transition, as well as a second chance in life. i appreciate your consideration and your support. >> thank you for your application and thank you for
2:17 pm
this very impressive resume that accompanied it. there has been an outpouring of support for your application. thank you in advance for your willingness to serve. it seems like you bring a lot of lived experience and more to this position. thank you again. next we will go to jane lou who may or may not be on and is an individual who wanted to reconsider and may reapply. are you on this morning? apparently not. why don't we go on to lisa when.
2:18 pm
>> good morning. i know that that microphone is active. good morning. >> okay. i'm a little nervous. >> it's okay. the floor is yours. we read your application and you appear to meet the public interest provisions that are one of the criteria for seats 13 through 16. feel free to tell us whatever you would like. >> my name is lisa. i am a san francisco native and also a consumer to. i previously suffered from an act of violence being done down in oakland. i believe experiencing --
2:19 pm
[ indiscernible ]. >> just wait, we are hearing from one of the applicants. [ laughter ] i believe you don't know this work until you experience it firsthand and i believe, in my community, this ptsd and trauma is frowned upon and i believe that working up close and personal, we can provide something, we can provide a service that can get over a lot of stigma in our community being frowned upon, also making it more relatable. ptsd, we find it sometimes that we don't relate to these issues because we are not in the military. but we suffer from that because we are still at war. it goes on in our communities every day.
2:20 pm
i believe that with this knowledge that i know, i can provide a lot of expertise. i want to make changes. i do believe that in today's america, you know, we will not find that help and justice that we need. i do believe that me being on the other end of that, behind the policies and making the changes, i believe that is a good and great way to start. >> supervisor safai: thank you. are there any questions for either of the applicants that are before us? thank you for your application and qualifications. why don't we open up item number 2 up to public comment? >> we would like to hear from mr. greer first. to the executive director of the behavioural health commission, mr. greer, we earlier just wanted to see if you had any opening comments, and then also
2:21 pm
to ask you about the follow-up relative to supervisor stefani's legislation the past couple of years, particularly as it related to concerns over a friends of nonprofit that was concerning to the board of supervisors and other parties. i believe it no longer exists, but maybe you can speak to that as well. mr. greer? >> can you hear me? >> we can hear you. >> okay. thank you. this has been a task. i think that i speak to this end to all the consumers and people who are out there. i don't think a lot of people understand, but they are a unique commission in that we are the front line for all of the
2:22 pm
people in san francisco who are battling mental health issues and trying to get service and help sometimes we are the only voice and vehicle that they will have to express what is really happening and the needs that are being meant. the commission is very critical. it should be critical to the board of supervisors. we get candid, unedited conversation and communication. i think that is one of our strongest assets. it has been very helpful this past year. we got some lightning bolt commissioners now. we got people who are active and want to be, as demonstrated by two of our candidates. i would like to have a conversation with jane lou. she wasn't quite sure of what her position would be, although
2:23 pm
she is a verifiable candidate and has experience in this as well. many of us don't even know that we have a lot to contribute. speaking to the legislation, i think the legislation was brought about and it needs to be changed. i believe it was rather hasty. you have to understand, the health commission needs representation for the board of supervisors, i.e. an active board member. you commissioners, you candidates and people have made that pay. they are not paid to come and do this. there is no money involved. there's no money exchanged. they are coming because they have either been victimized, they have family members that have had traumas, or they are just sick and tired of the same
2:24 pm
routine that has been going on and on. quite frankly, my belief is this legislation was rushed through in an attempt to just save somebody's face. i don't say that it didn't to happen, but i think it needs to be more thoroughly vetted. that is just my personal opinion. as far as the health of the commission right now, it is stupendous. i would urge many -- any of you to come to a meeting. i will send out the invitation if you can attend it in public but because of the passion that these commissioners have shown and their resilience through covid, through technological transitions, going from virtual to live, back to virtual, then you have to meet the brown act, it is amazing that it continued on through all of this in any case. i am very proud to have served
2:25 pm
as executive director for the behavioural health commission and it will be here -- i will be here to stand and support and provide any kind of information that any supervisor may ask. i guess the best thing for me to do is give you an opportunity to ask me some pertinent and direct questions. >> thank you. i have no questions, but i do have a comment. and the comment is that there was concern from consumers. there were ethical concerns about the relationship between the behavioural health commission and its staff, and his nonprofit, which is precisely what supervisor stefani and the board were working to fix. i am sorry that you think it was hasty. my question was, but you have said enough, whether or not you have been to that nonprofit.
2:26 pm
it was a rhetorical question because you have. with that, is there any public comment on item number 2? >> yes. members of the public who wish to speak on this item and are joining us in person should be lining up to speak alongside the windows. for those listening remotely, call 415, 615, 0001 and enter the meeting id. then press pound and pound again. once connected you will need to press star three to enter the line. please continue to wait until the system indicates you have been on muted. that will be your cue to begin your comments. can we have your first in person speaker?
2:27 pm
>> i think she is an awesome candidate. we are doing oh, this work in the neighborhood and the community. i have known liza for many years now. we have worked together on many campaigns. i have gone to her -- i have known her worth ethic to be undeniable, and her understanding of the issues to be off the charts. what i want to know is, she is the person i call. she knows more about this than anyone i have ever met. and you heard she has been to all the commission hearings, all the meetings. and regularly works with folks to try and access services. we take all that knowledge and experience any combine it with her personal and lived experience, it creates a really unique combination that i think
2:28 pm
will bring tremendous value to the commission. i would encourage you to please put her through. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good morning, everybody. this is my first time back since the pandemic. my name is jordan davis. i support liza for behavioural health commission. i met her in 2019. one month after i made the front page of the examiner, they will be ultimately successful in the campaign right now. even as a member of the public, she has been consistent in pushing for oversight and accountability for the behavioural health commission. whether it is concerning supportive housing sites under behavioural health services division of dbh or conditions in
2:29 pm
the eight -- h.s.h. housing, there is intersectionality between the condition of the sites in the mental health of tenants including people like myself and liza. that is why she needs to be on there. but her appointment serves a much bigger purpose. as you may know, last week while you were held hostage with jfk drive, the chronicle published a big exposé on the horrible conditions and supportive housing. more will come out. we definitely need some oversight. that intersects with each other. i know we have been ignored for so long by the powers that be. and we have been carved out of our rights. it is really, really important that she be appointed to this body. we need a seat at the table, even when the inconvenient truth makes you feel uncomfortable. thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please.
2:30 pm
>> good morning. i live and work as a community organizer in the tenderloin. i'm here today to speak in support of liza appointment to the behavioural health commission. i don't have a lot of knowledge of the commission, but i can be a character witness. in the years that i worked with her, she is a passionate advocate. for example,, way before the recent chronicle article on how bad supportive housing is our ozark, she was working on it before i knew her. i remember her bringing it up whenever appropriate. she would always ask or demand, what can we do to help people?
2:31 pm
i even remembered when she would help homeless individuals to get them out of that situation. she talked about it not to brad, but pointed out the city field in helping the most marginalized. it is for people like her to take it upon themselves to do something. she is empathy, care, her knowledge and great assets that we have in the tenderloin. this commission will greatly benefit from these. i believe if we take care of the most marginalized folks, we can take care of everyone else easily. she is one of those people who can do that. to me, that is the minimum requirement. i highly recommend that this committee approve her appointment to the commission. thank you so much for your time and consideration. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good morning. i am a resident of the tenderloin. i also am calling, speaking on behalf of -- let's just go here for a second.
2:32 pm
to speak on behalf of the appointment for liza. i have known her -- i met her when i was in school with her. it focuses on psychology. that was the first time i had met her. she has also maintained and built a personal, professional, any type of context throughout those years. she has also been in the tenderloin and i have interacted with her. and the amount of life experience that she has encountered, even just living in the tenderloin is a tremendous amount of asset alone, let alone how she chooses to interact with and how she chooses to try and empower and help other people that aren't in those situations is amazing. she is incredibly empathetic, incredibly charismatic but she is also aware of, because of the
2:33 pm
experience that she has gone through, the challenges that have brought to her and is aware that she can share and be able to teach and share with that other people as well. >> thank you. >> mr. clerk, are there any members of the public who want to testify on this route item remotely. >> we have four callers on online for public comment. >> for speaker, please. >> i want to speak on behalf of the commissioner. >> thank you. next speaker. >> hi. my name is amanda nelson. i am a san francisco resident in the mission district. i am calling in favour of lisa whidden for the behavioural
2:34 pm
health commission. i have worked closely with lisa for the past two years, working through the mission's crew hub. and knowing her personally, i have seen her dedication to the bayview and two marginalized communities of color. since covid has taken hold of the city, she has worked tirelessly opening up pop up vaccination clinics, bringing doctors to speak to people to help bring down some of the stigma that is involved in some of the communities, and then to see her work personally with the community and victims of gun violence, her personal experience with it and her drive to reach people of color and let the stigma of mental health go it's something that i think is important for the city. i believe she would be a great
2:35 pm
fit for the commission. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. i am the program manager for the corner store coalition. we are primarily based in the tenderloin. i am here today to support and urge the rules committee to appoint liza to the behavioural health commission. during the shelter in place portion of the pandemic, there was really dramatic and important issues around food security that touched home in the tenderloin. liza was right at the forefront of advocacy for bringing people into the building and in the tenderloin and keeping them healthy. ever since i have known her, she has been a tireless advocate for the people who live in her
2:36 pm
building and to live in buildings in the tenderloin that are under resourced and don't have the adequate resources for healthy living. i believe it is really important that we have people on commissions like these that have lived experience and that understand the needs of the people that they are advocating for. she is that. she is all of that. she is just that. she is more too. she will bring great energy to the commission. i really hope that you consider appointing her to the behavioural health commission. thank you so much. >> thank you. are there any remaining speakers from this item number 2? >> we have one more speaker. >> hello, good morning. my son has a mental disability.
2:37 pm
i saw how bad it got. i wanted to contribute to help other people. and the person i talked to was liza because liza is very well connected, and also she has lived experience and she has definitely helped me with a few crises. i really think she is the perfect person. >> are there any remaining speakers remotely a for this item? >> that completes our list of public commenters. >> public comment is closed. colleagues, if there is no objection, i would like to make a motion to send liza and lisa
2:38 pm
to the full board for seats, hold on one second, liza for seat number 14 and lisa for seat number 15 and hope that jane lou will consider attending a future meeting for one of the two vacant seats. seats 13 or 16. so on that motion to send liza with recommendation for seat 14 and lease that with recommendation to seat 15, a roll call, please.
2:39 pm
>> the qualifications for the seats are floating. the qualification list for the previous seat holders, but those qualifications can applied to any seat. >> supervisor chen? >> if i may, i would like to suggest actually if we could appoint -- let me start off with this. i do think the behavioural health commission is in a time of transition. and when i first came on board, i really agree with what supervisor stefani has been working on. i think there is a lot of reform that is required on the commission and really on the
2:40 pm
behavioural health issues in general. i also think there is a state level of legislation that we are going through. it really requires folks to have a deep understanding not just on the ground, but really legislatively and budgetary and how things are being impacted. i would love to allow an opportunity for liza to seats 14 and lisa to seat 14, only given the fact that i would really love for them to return to the board. i think the term expiring for seat 14 is 2023. i want to be able to have a conversation again to help with the understanding about the work
2:41 pm
that they are working on and be able to have a conversation again and allow them to come before the board and to the rules committee. >> can you reiterate those two seats, please? >> yes, for lisa, seat 13, and for liza, seat 14. >> got it. i withdraw my motion. and on supervisor chen's motion, a roll call, please. >> on that motion... the motion passes without objection. >> next item, please. >> would you like me to read the next three items? >> no, i think that sunshine ordinance task force should be read by itself. >> i'm jumping ahead too
2:42 pm
quickly. next on the agenda is item number 3. >> colleagues, you will recall that when we have heard the bulk of the sunshine ordinance task force, there was one seat that needed a nomination by the league of women voters. and indeed, that nominee is before us. she has been active with the league of women voters since 2015, as well as with san franciscans for sunshine. and with that, miss wong? >> hello, rules committee. i have had the pleasure of meeting a few of you, as well as viewing you, observing this meeting across the government, but as an opening statement, i will start out by introducing myself.
2:43 pm
i hope to be reappointed to the sunshine ordinance task force to continue my work and furthering government transparency. i am an 11 year resident of san francisco, having lived in the haight, the richmond and the sun sight district. i have delivered conference talks on subjects across the world. is a current board member of the league of women voters of san francisco, i have volunteered as a helper for the last three years. we educate the public to observe government meetings such as this one and ensure -- and share findings with other citizens. our goal is to nurture a
2:44 pm
well-informed community. this includes the trajectory towards government involvement as well. prior to this, i have volunteered with san franciscans for sunshine and organizations focused on improving the sunshine ordinance. and i was under the tutelage of past and present sunshine ordinance task forces. i helped work on a new draft, considering what is now technologically possible for citizens to act. i also spent time educating friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, and even strangers about the sunshine ordinance and task force. should i be reappointed to the task force, nichols would include continue to work with the board of supervisors to strengthen and modernize the sunshine ordinance itself and implementing new and innovative ways for san franciscans to access government information. as a former software engineer, i'm interested in marrying technology with the work of the task force and i also hope that with your help we will be able
2:45 pm
to develop a surgical database to more efficiently retain and utilize historical work that the task force has done. thank you for your consideration. i am open to any questions that you have. >> any questions from committee members? if not, let's go to public comment on item number 3. >> members of the public who wish to speak on this item and are joining us in person should line up to speak alongside by the window. for those listening remotely, you can call (415)655-0001 and enter the meeting id and then press pound and pound again. once connected you will need to press start three to enter the speaker line. for those already in the queue, please wait until the system indicates you have been on muted and that will be your cue to begin. there is no one in the room in line to speak and there is nobody on the telephone line to
2:46 pm
speak on this matter. >> public comment is closed. miss wong, thank you for your willingness to serve and with that, i will make a motion to recommend you to the full board. on that motion, a roll call, please. >> on that motion... the motion passes without objection. >> mr. clerk, now you can read items four through six together. >> next on the agenda is item number 4. motion approving the director of the mayor's nomination to the treasure island authority board for term ending favourite 26, 2026.
2:47 pm
>> some of these people are present. why don't we hear from them in the order that they appear? first we will start was supervisor chen. >> thank you, chair peskin. i just have one set of questions that i would love for the appointees to answer and that applies to everyone. i would love for everyone to be able to talk and discuss before us and include in your comments about your working relationship with the residents on the island and particularly just getting their feedback, especially
2:48 pm
around the bridge toll conversation, and also any feedback that you have heard besides the residents on the island, as well as small business about the future of the island. thank you. >> thank you. with that admonition, let's start. the floor is yours? >> thank you. i hope you can see me. >> now we can see you. >> hello. >> i know you look like anyway. >> thank you. good morning, chair peskin. i am the current president of the treasure island development authority, and it has been such a privilege to serve the city. the mission for treasure island was a forward thinking one. it is on providing more housing
2:49 pm
for the city it will be a new neighborhood. but the most the biggest element is a master plan. it is a creation of over 300 acres of open space parks, bicycle lanes and pedestrian pathways. it is the greatest addition to the city's network of open spaces due to the creation of golden gate park. i had relished the opportunity to bring my experience and expertise here as we implement the master plan. i have more than four decades of experience in housing development and in community development. and with working with nonprofit organizations in the public sector as a social impact. and in particular, i have much
2:50 pm
experience in the complex development needs of waterfront lands. i bring to this division a background to continue the financing and construction of the government and as a director for the port of san francisco and a strategy for the redevelopment of the ferry building. my expertise in affordable housing and my passionate interest with sustainability and the public realm serves me in this position. i hope you will appoint me to the board. i look forward to the opportunity of seeing you. with regards to supervisor chen's question about the policy, and also the
2:51 pm
communications with the neighborhood residents, i would say that the forefront to my lifetime work has been everything and has been helping people that don't have a voice in government. i feel often times i am certainly an advocate for the concerned people on the island. the future of trevor -- of treasure island is arduous than just the residential neighborhood. we seek to create a new neighborhood in san francisco. the issue of the polling is one that cannot be -- it is a requirement, and the reason is
2:52 pm
that eventually over time, with 8,000 units of housing being built, we do not want to have 8,000, 16,000 cars coming on the bay bridge. we have to consider transportation alternatives. we need to be giving people ultimate modes of transit. so this is a difficult issue. it is still a discussion about it, but there needs to be incentive for using this and providing alternative means of transit. and the source of income for
2:53 pm
providing the ferry, for providing the on island income and providing ac transit connections and providing crowns -- transit options to the city, that revenue comes from the tolling as well. there has to be a balance. on the equity standpoints, the residents of the island are indeed -- they are given transit pass to be able to use these other forms of transportation will. if there is any other questions that you have, i would be glad to answer will will will. >> all right. will will will thank you.
2:54 pm
she is before us for reappointment to a seat that would run a full term to the end of april, 2026. >> thank you, supervisor peskin. i am glad to be here today. i'm sorry. i am humbled to be here today. i would like to speak to my collaboration on the island. >> if you turn your camera off, we will see her in the full-screen here. thank you. >> thank you. is that better? >> perfect. >> okay. it has been an exciting year thus far. i was not expecting to be up for
2:55 pm
reappointment this soon, but i am humbled at the position i have been put in and the position i have been able to play. i look forward to continuing the work. i look forward to working with the members of the board. they are wonderful. they have been teaching me so much. as a resident, this position was not -- i wasn't as prepared as i thought i was for the business side and for the bigger picture of it. i appreciate what we are doing here on the island. i appreciate the strides that treasure island is making. i look forward to the end of the development, as i am sure all of the residents do. i look forward to the newness that it will bring to treasure island. i look forward to continuing my work here. i hope that you reappoint me. in answer to supervisor chen's question, would you were
2:56 pm
repeated, please. >> thank you. the question is, what is your approach and what is your work in terms of working with the island residents, as well as small business, involving many issues, but definitely including the toll issue? >> my work is to inform the people of treasure island. we have a lot of lines between us and different property measured -- managers, different walks of life. but where -- we are a tate community. we are a couple of communities that make up a community. i collaborated with everybody. i think it is important that we all know what is going on. it takes time to declare because of where everyone is. i think we have a good rapport
2:57 pm
with most of the people on the island which allows me to speak with many residents on the island. the small businesses on the island are central to the island. i mean, the restaurants, the markets, treasure island, the ymca, you know, they all play a part in how we live and how we interact and how we get along on a day-to-day basis. everyone may not access all things all the time, but at some point everyone is accessing something. and because we are where we are in the middle of the ocean and outside the city, it is important to have these good connections. when it comes to the toll, no one was expecting it. a lot of people are like, how are you going to implement a toll when we are part of the city? how are we going to implement a toll when it is already this hard and we don't have this and
2:58 pm
that? and now the redevelopment is slowing. how can you implement a toll with all of this traffic going on. that is a lot of questions. a lot of people moved here under certain circumstances, previously homeless and transitioning from, you know, different parts of the city and substance abuse. we have veterans out here, we have women's programs we have news programs, we have market rates, we have families, we have winters, roommates, we have it all going on around here in this tiny space. i am in a position where i can help translate all of this, and in translating all of this, i find out how much people really don't know. and in finding out how much people don't know is my job to empower them with information that they need.
2:59 pm
between the toll, the redistricting and the lottery, it is a lot from one community. in the hopes of reappointment, i would hope to continue collaborating with my community and educating my community and informing my community as we transition within this new community. and as we incorporate this new community and keep the core community that started it all. thank you. >> thank you. why don't we move on -- if there are no further questions, move on to linda richardson who is here in person. director richardson, good morning. >> yes. good morning, supervisor peskin and others. my name is linda richardson. it is an honor for me to be standing before you today. i want to take this opportunity as well to formally convey my
3:00 pm
gratitude to the mayor for we appointing me to treasure island. mayor breed, i am very grateful for that. most of you know about me, but i am going to take this opportunity to emphasize my background. currently i am the president of treasure island. i have had the privilege years ago to be the president. i'm also the chair of the infrastructure transportation committee. i created a committee in 2015. in order to help our developments to really concentrate on transportation and to really help to understand how the infrastructure is proceeding in san francisco. i am bringing to the table over
3:01 pm
three and a half decades of land-use plans, transportation, sustainable developments, and in san francisco i have successfully led environmental justice movements. i lead in negotiation in the bayview district to shut down the pg and the powerplant rally bayview residents and throughout this city. it is well documented. i have served on the san francisco planning commission, on the bay covers -- conservation commission and i think supervisor peskin. maybe he is still a member and the commission of the environments. i lead the revitalization and master plan for the bayview hunter's point india basin. i was honoured to be selected as parts of the working group that put together the master economic
3:02 pm
plan for the port of san francisco that will guide the agency for the next 50 years. why am i saying all this? it is to let you know that over this decade, all that expertise and experiences are relevant to treasure island. those islands are our signature projects. not only in san francisco, but in north america. we have won the lead platinum, which is the highest of the development in the world. why is that relevant? with the development of treasure island, we have a great opportunity to look at resilience, to look at climate change in our design and the way we designed the streets took
3:03 pm
into consideration a factor and also designed in such a way of accessibility. we are looking at housing. i know the housing needs of san francisco have been successful. if you have proposed funding as you have, we will be able to alleviate the headaches. san francisco will be able to meet the location. when you add that to all the other projects in the city like in the southeastern part of san francisco, you add that to the 8,000 plus on treasure island, absolutely you will not be in a position where we are right now. we appreciate the board of supervisors that you are because
3:04 pm
in terms of financing the infrastructure district financing that is before you, you are helping us to make sure that that is coming. i have always said that myself and my colleagues, you have obviously heard from commissioners who are well renowned myself and commissioners who is the new commissioner on treasure island. we are working with her and keeping her up to speed. she is passionate about the commission. we are all working together. one of the greatest accomplishments is something i want to leave up to you. i have the skills we have one of
3:05 pm
the best workforce training groups. we are partnering with one treasure island, and no profit developer to bring disadvantaged youth and adults and train them into demolition and construction. san francisco is an iconic city. there are mistakes in the development. you see that on the streets every day. you see the disabled.
3:06 pm
it is difficult to navigate around san francisco. the treasure island focuses on the disabled and not on seniors. we are going to make sure that everyone has access to the island. we are taking account of suspicions just last week. we conducted a study and you should know that we should have 196 wildlife on treasure island. i want to ask you a question with regards to the toll. the treasure island development authority, we contacted a series of hearings just here. i live in the bayview's hunter's point -- [ indiscernible ]
3:07 pm
>> may i interrupt you? whoever has called in on the line, can you mooch -- moocher microphone, please? my apologies. please, continue. >> the issue is that you all will have to help us to resolve the toll issue. we must have a mode of transportation. and in order for us to have very transportation and buses to the island, there must be a way for that to be refunded. what we have done on treasure island is to look at the demographics and look at the economic starter. we are making sure that our seniors and the low income people will have a free pass. however,, some of our residents
3:08 pm
will have to pay. what am i going to suggest to you, supervisors, is that all public transportations are subsidized and maybe the next time there is a bond measure transportation, you can help us to put something forth for treasure island. >> commissioner richardson, i am going to cut you off. i am happy to respond in part, but let me say that as expressed by hope williams and others, and yes, the san francisco county transportation authority commission and the board of supervisors pursuant to state law by supermajority vote, we have to okay the toll, but we have heard from direct constituents, including miss williams and those that they represent, that there is still
3:09 pm
work to be done, particularly as it relates to nonisland residents that provide care, whether it is healthcare, in-home supportive services, tutorial services, that will be at $10 a pop, and tilley cheng the executive director of the county transportation authority is aware of those concerns. i'm sure you and your fellow board members are aware of those concerns. as it relates to the requests for bond funding, this is not the time or the place for that conversation, but i will say that the promises of the redevelopment of treasure island and the infrastructure financing districts that is predicated on, did not foresee asking the voters of san francisco to
3:10 pm
increase their property taxes for a general obligation bond. this is not the time and place for it, i don't know if there is a time and place for it. other members of the general public would like to testify on items four, five, or six? >> excuse me. >> think you. >> nevers of the public wish to speak on this item and are joining us in person should line up now. >> thank you, supervisors. for those listening remotely, please call (415)655-0001. enter the meeting id number. then press pound and pound again. once it is connected, press star three to enter the speaker line. for those in the queue, continue to wait until the system indicates you have been on muted. that would be your cue to begin your comments. we have people online in the room for public comment at this time.
3:11 pm
>> for speaker, please -- first speaker, please. >> good morning. i am president of the public housing tenant association city wide. i am here today to support linda richardson to being reappointed to the treasure island commission. linda has worked tirelessly in the city for many years. i have known her for many years. it is her work ethic and how she does it, i don't know. she is working all the time. we really appreciate all that she has done on behalf of housing, not just on treasure island, but here in this city. she works closely with the public housing tenant association members and it was very valuable assistance for her that we received. so with that, we really appreciate you, linda and we
3:12 pm
thank the mayor for we are pointing you and hope that you all will do the same. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good morning, supervisors. i am here to congratulate commissioner richardson on her reappointment to the treasure island development authority. i am pleased that commissioner richardson will continue to bring her expertise towards all future projects of the treasure island development authority and i approve her appointment. thank you. >> thank you. long time no see. good morning. >> good morning, chair peskin and supervisors. i am a native san franciscan, born and raised in the mission district. i have lived in san francisco my
3:13 pm
entire life. i have had the privilege of knowing commissioner linda richardson for well over 25 years. when i say i have had the privilege of knowing her, meaning that i have had the opportunity to see her up close and personal. as a union official for more than three decades, it was my job to make sure we have brothers and sisters from the area coming into these well-paid union jobs and commissioner richardson always example phis two things for me. a fervour for making a difference and contributing. and when you consider someone as a volunteer citizen to any commission, i think the one thing you want his dedication and commitment. she defines that. the other thing that i respect and admire most about commissioner richardson is her inclusivity. it is something that drove me to
3:14 pm
run for commissioner here in san francisco. i am here to urge you to send back the recommendation to reappoint commissioner linda richardson to the treasure island development authority. it is good to see you chair peskin and supervisors. thank you so much. >> why don't we go to remote public comment for items four through six. >> we have one caller on the line for remote public comment. >> first speaker, please. >> good morning, supervisor peskin and supervisor chan and supervisor mandelman. thank you for your outstanding work for our city. i was the former dean of the
3:15 pm
southeast campus of the college of san francisco. i am an author, i am a longtime community leader. i want you to know, i have known the commissioner for decades. i have observed her tireless work in the community city wide. she was on my community advisory committee on -- at the college. she spearheaded the planning of the bayview master plan working across the various city agencies. linda has also be an advocate for transportation improvements throughout the sector and has worked with various communities and government agencies citywide. all in advocating for transportation citywide. the role on the treasure island is essential.
3:16 pm
she has all the experience you need to move all of that forward. she is one of the few citizens with in-depth knowledge of community development and economic revitalization. we are very proud of her passion, her knowledge, her integrity, and her commitment. commissioner richardson is working very hard to connect treasure island to the san francisco mainland and ensuring that the board would give housing and workforce development and she has outlined this in her presentation to you. please approve her reappointment. thank you for allowing me to make these statements to you. >> thank you. are there any additional speakers? >> that completes our online public comment. >> public comment is closed.
3:17 pm
any comments from committee members? >> thank you. i just wanted to say how much i appreciate commissioner preston's honesty around communications with the residence and recognizing the fact that there's a lot of issues that residents on the island face and in the lack of communication. that is the reason why i do urge all the commissioners, while i support your reappointment today, i really urge you to think about, and i totally understand that, you are in a commission meeting and you often times are volunteering your time and your efforts and it is hard to spend even more time outside of that to try to reach out to the residents. i urge you to do so because it does impact a lot of people for
3:18 pm
generations to come. and during my recent visit to the island on the tour, which i am grateful of and had a chance to meet one of the treasure island folks, i do appreciate the effort. i also think that it is worth all of our time to go there in person, especially in the last two years during the pandemic, so many things have been happening remotely and conversations taking place remotely. it is critical to visit the island and really have conversation with the residents who are going to be impacted by the decisions that are being made by you. i urge you to do so. thank you. >> thank you, supervisor chan. see no further comment from members, i would like to make a motion to amend all three files to remove the word rejecting in the long title and remove the word reject at line eight.
3:19 pm
a roll call, please. >> yes. on that motion on the amendment... [ roll call ] the motion passes without objection. >> then i would like to make a motion to send all three items as amended to the full board with a positive recommendation. on that motion, a roll call, please. >> yes... [ roll call ] the motion passes without objection. >> please read item seven and eight together. >> item seven is a motion approving or rejecting the mere's nomination for the reappointment of larry 5050 to the police commission for a term ending april 30th, 2026. item eight is rejecting or approving the reappointment of
3:20 pm
max carter to the police commission for a term ending april 30th, 2026. there is a request to send these matters out as a committee report. >> thank you, mr. young. mr. max carter is here in person and i believe commissioner yee is attending remotely. why don't we start with item number 8. it is still morning. good morning, commissioner. why don't you come on up and tell us how your first term on the police commission has been and tell us why you would like to be reappointed or confirmed, i should say. the floor is yours. >> vice chair peskin, chair peskin, esteemed committee staff and members of the public, it has only been a few short months before i had the pleasure of testifying before this committee. when i last appeared as a
3:21 pm
nominee to the police commission, i made a number of representations to this committee about how i would carry out my few digital -- might duties. i wanted to get reform with vigour and discernment. i promised to invalid policy changes that reflect recognized best practices and are grounded in evidence and give clear guidance that can be followed by officers in the field. i also promise to sit in partially as an adjudicator of disciplinary proceedings and i pledged to educate the public about the commission's work and to listen to the concerns and ideas expressed by interested parties. in these first few months on the commission i have done my best to fulfil these pledges. to give one example, i have dedicated a substantial amount of time to addressing the problem of racial disparities in our stop and search data. these disparities, which have persisted despite hundreds of her committed reforms that we have implemented in the wake of the d.o.j. report are
3:22 pm
significant and have proven to be intractable. soon after joining the commission, i performed a comprehensive analysis of staff data to attempt to determine the source of the disparities and thereafter proposed an evidence-based policy aimed at reducing them. this policy proposal would have the added benefit of freeing up the scarce law-enforcement realist art resources that could be redirected at any number of strategies to stop crime. i have been working collaboratively with the department and interested members of the public to refine the policy and i hope to introduce language for the public to review very soon. before joining the commission, i was warned by many, in fact,, i was warned by nearly everyone i spoke with that the job would be demanding and thankless. i can now confirm that these warnings were accurate. i have nevertheless relished every moment of my time on this
3:23 pm
commission. the charter and the commission had extraordinary powers to improve the lives of ordinary san franciscans. i have done my best to marshal those powers in the furtherance of the public interest by proposing innovative policy reforms, providing oversight and accountability and adjudicating disciplinary matters fairly and dispassionately. if renominated, i will continue to do just that. with that, i look forward to answering the committee's questions. >> thank you, commissioner, for those succinctly and candid words and for your service. i appreciate your willingness to continue to serve in the mere's nomination for reappointment. are there any comments or questions from my colleagues on this panel? seeing none, that is a good sign, commissioner. why don't we go to commissioner yee. >> thank you very much, chair peskin.
3:24 pm
let me turn on my camera. hopefully you get in there. first of all, i would like to thank the mayor for reacquainting me back to the police commission. i believe i can contribute to a city that i love and i know. i also want to give special thanks to the mere's staff for all their help in guiding me along. i also want to thank william scott and his staff. i also want to tell you that we have come a long way with working with the chief and making the community safer, and also in the tenderloin and also working with the chief on moving forward on the m.o.u. that was
3:25 pm
very contentious with the d.a.'s office. [please standby]
3:26 pm
and also the chinatown merchants association. chinese american democratic club and most importantly, as we move forward in our city reflects a vote that needs a change in police department reform. i think we have come a long way, but we still have a lot of work to be done as max carter oberstone has stated, we are having challenges and we're in to the 21st century of policing and we have new challenges where all of us here. my goal is to continue to
3:27 pm
hopefully end the pretext stops and racial disparities and also continue accountability in the building where we have transparency in the d.t.a., making sure they do their job and alter with the i.d.a. internal affairs division. my real goal is also making sure that my fellow residents feel safer in the city. we have challenges, yes, we do. hopefully you can i guess navigate those challenges as we move forward this year. at this time, i'm ready for what we have to go forward
3:28 pm
with. >> supervisor peskin: thank you, commissioner yee. are there any members of the public who would like to comment? supervisor chan. >> supervisor chan: sorry, chair peskin. i just want to comment for both re-appointment that i thank you both for your service. i want to say for commissioner carter oberstone so that you know that commissioner vice president elias has really sang your praises about your commitment as serving on the commission and for commissioner yee, i am supportive of your reappointment today, but i definitely look forward to just seeing an action on the commission to really hold the police department accountable when it comes to a.a.p.i. attacks and into the deployments of our foot and
3:29 pm
bike patrol in really city wide but just as a representative of the richmond and i would like to see those conversations taking place and just having a bit more of a focus and knowing that you do represent the community and knowing so many people from our community, i look forward to those conversations and being able to be part of those conversations with the police commission and the a.p.i. community with the hate attack and really what is the strategy. i know that it has increased, but really what is the strategy tackling that on our streets and like to see more of that conversation in and around the strategy in a public setting. thank you.
3:30 pm
>> chairman: commission. >> yes. i'll respond to that. >> one of my goals throughout all the other districts in district four and district eight. one of the continued theme is foot patrols and the team we have out there for our residents, merchants, and visitors here this is not only and just putting more eyes and ears out there to make us all safe. as i said before earlier. the more this city opens up, the safer we will get to, but realso have to do our job in the police department making sure that all residents are safe and making sure they're
3:31 pm
accountable as well. i'm looking forward to holding other events and also be inviting the supervisor in the district to aid in the district and stations where we can talk about the issue that impact their community specifically. so i'm looking forward to that conversation. thank you very much, supervisor connie chan. >> supervisor chan: thank you. and congratulations on the birth of your grandchild. commissioner. >> commissioner: thank you. >> chairman: is there any public comment on item number eight? >> clerk: yes, members of the public should join us to line up to speak along the side of the window. remotely call (415) 655-0001.
3:32 pm
enter the meeting id of 24848429155 pound and pound again. for those in the queue, please continue to wait until the system indicates you have been unmuted and that will be your cue to begin comments. there's nobody in the room for public comment at this time. we currently have three callers on the line for public comment. >> chairman: first speaker, please. >> caller: supervisors, my name is francisco de costa. and i think i'm one of the few who does public comment at the police commissioners meeting. what i see from these two candidates is that i prefer to recognize that ya'll are support have a police force of
3:33 pm
about 2,000 police officers men and women, we are down to 2,200. and if we do not do something about this situation, we will be down to 200. so if you have 800 police officers where there should be 2,000 for the population, nighttime population of 340,000 daytime population of over a million and sometimes maybe a million 200,000, you are in dyer straights. i am not satisfied with these two candidates even though i vouched for one candidate because they had to demonstrate to get up on the police chief.
3:34 pm
i was not satisfied with malia cohen as the chair, nor as this new person, the new chair elias. i've known her for a long time and she used to work with susan loftus. supervisors, i don't know what we're going to do with these two candidates, but my personal opinion is that i do not favor them. thank you very much. >> chairman: next speaker. >> clerk: can we have the next speaker, please. thank you. >> caller: yes. good morning supervisors. my name is wilson chiu. i am the class president of the chinese american democratic club. i'd like to thank you for the opportunity to speak in support of commissioner larry yee's reappointment. i have known commissioner yee for the past 17 years and he
3:35 pm
has been a community leader for the past 20. his last involvement in the community has been a long in which he's felt many relationships in the a.p.i. community as well as outside of the a.p.i. community. as we transform our police department while at the same time providing safety and to the providing safety to the public. the a.p.i. hate issue is something that's on top of my mind and it's something that i speak to regularly with commissioner yee and i can guarantee that i can also say that the anti-asian hate issue is one issue that he thinks about quite a bit. with that said, his union
3:36 pm
leadership, his experience in union leadership will serve the commission well as he stands for equality and equity and that is also reflected on his time with the commission. i would like to yield my time and thank you again for your time consideration. >> clerk: thank you. can we have our next caller. >> caller: hello. hi. [speaking foreign language] [speaking foreign language].
3:37 pm
>> clerk: i believe this commenter has completed their comment. can we have our next caller? >> caller: hello? >> clerk: hi. please proceed. >> caller: hello. yeah. i'm commissioner [ indiscernible ] i want to first congratulate for reappointing the individuals and i've known her for a long time --
3:38 pm
>> clerk: speaker, we've completed that item regarding ms. richardson or lisa richardson. that was our previous item. if you have any comments regarding the commission appointments, you can proceed with those. >> caller: i wasn't able to get in. i tried to get in. i can't state that i support her and this and i know she's been working with the community concerning housing and we have great trust and her ability to represent the community. >> clerk: that item has been completed and public comment has been closed on that item. but we have heard your comments. thank you very much. >> chairman: are there any remaining speakers for item seven or eight? >> clerk: we are double checking. >> caller: yes. hello? >> chairman: go ahead, hazel.
3:39 pm
>> caller: hello? >> chairman: hazel, go ahead. >> caller: yes. because i know mr. larry yee cares for the people. i never see one commissioner that works with the policemen and to meet with the merchants and keep the alarms even with me and the police go to the affordable housing. keep the door alarms to the residents. i really appreciate. so i really support mr. larry yee for commissioner. thank you. >> chairman: thank you. are there any remaining speakers for item seven or 8. >> clerk: that completes our list of public commentors. >> chairman: public comment is closed, and, colleagues, if there's no further deliberation by this panel, i would like to make a motion to amend items seven and eight in the long
3:40 pm
title by removing the word "rejecting" and in the body to remove the word "rejects". on that motion, mr. clerk a roll call please. >> clerk: yes. on that motion [roll call] the motion passes without objection. >> chairman: and then i'd like to make a motion to send both items as amended with recommendation as committee reports. on that motion, a roll call please. >> clerk: yes, on that motion, [roll call] the motion passes without objection. >> chairman: and we are adjourned.
3:41 pm
3:42 pm
shop and dine on the 49 promotes local businesses and challenges residents to do shopping and
3:43 pm
dining within the 49 square miles of san francisco by supporting local services within neighborhood. we help san francisco remain unique, successful and vibrant. where will you shop and dine in the 49? san francisco owes the charm to the unique character of the neighborhood comer hall district. each corridor has its own personality. our neighborhoods are the engine of the city. >> you are putting money and support back to the community you live in and you are helping small businesses grow. >> it is more environmentally friendly. >> shopping local is very important. i have had relationships with my local growers for 30 years. by shopping here and supporting us locally, you are also
3:44 pm
supporting the growers of the flowers, they are fresh and they have a price point that is not imported. it is really good for everybody. >> shopping locally is crucial. without that support, small business can't survive, and if we lose small business, that diversity goes away, and, you know, it would be a shame to see that become a thing of the past. >> it is important to dine and shop locally. it allows us to maintain traditions. it makes the neighborhood. >> i think san francisco should shop local as much as they can. the retail marketplace is changes. we are trying to have people on the floor who can talk to you
3:45 pm
and help you with products you are interested in buying, and help you with exploration to try things you have never had before. >> the fish business, you think it is a piece of fish and fisherman. there are a lot of people working in the fish business, between wholesalers and fishermen and bait and tackle. at the retail end, we about a lot of people and it is good for everybody. >> shopping and dining locally is so important to the community because it brings a tighter fabric to the community and allows the business owners to thrive in the community. we see more small businesses going away. we need to shop locally to keep the small business alive in san francisco.
3:46 pm
>> shop and dine in the 49 is a cool initiative. you can see the banners in the streets around town. it is great. anything that can showcase and legitimize small businesses is a wonderful thing.
3:47 pm
3:48 pm
the tenderloin is home to families, immigrants, seniors, merchants, workers and the housed and unhoused who all deserve a thriving neighborhood to call home. the tenderloin initiative was launched to improve safety, reduce crime, connect people to services and increase investments in the neighborhood. as city and community-based partners, we work daily to make these changes a reality. we invite you to the tenderloin history, inclusivity make this neighborhood special. >> we're all citizens of san francisco and we deserve food, water, shelter, all of those things that any system would. >> what i find the most fulfilling about being in the tenderloin is that it's really basically a big family here and i love working and living here.
3:49 pm
>> [speaking foreign language] >> my hopes and dreams for the tenderloin are what any other community organizer would want for their community, safe, clean streets for everyone and good operating conditions for small businesses. >> everything in the tenderloin is very good. the food is very good. if you go to any restaurant in san francisco, you will feel like oh, wow, the food is great. the people are nice. >> it is a place where it embraces all walks of life and different cultures. so this is the soul of the tenderloin. it's really welcoming. the. >> the tenderloin is so full of
3:50 pm
color and so full of people. so with all of us being together and making it feel very safe is challenging, but we are working on it and we are getting there. there's so much involved with becoming a firefighter. and as a component of being a woman in the field, it takes a lot of perception. it takes belief in yourself. it takes asking the right questions of people who already have the job so that you have the confidence to build it and it takes someone telling you that this job is a possibility for you. my job has given me 25 years of satisfaction. the primary thing is that i grew up here in san francisco and i'm serving in the city where i grew up. i transitioned to community training and i was able to build disaster resilient padre of volunteers and bringing us all the latest information so
3:51 pm
that we can be ready for a disaster. pride and loyalty are the heart of a firefighter. it's in the way we do our job from the very smallest thing from our everyday checks we do of our equipment. from the way that we treat each other and the community we come in contact with every day. and loyalty is to our own families is to the pride we have in this department. it's to the other members when we're out in a dangerous situation keeping each other safe. it goes throughout every aspect of being a firefighter. i'm really proud of the way our department approaches diversity, equity, and inclusion. i was hired in a class that had 45 people and 17 women. it was an accomplishment at the time, but there were many women that came before me that laid the ground work and i had to see it to be it. someone had to recruit me into this job. i didn't know it was a possibility for myself. and so the importance of young women seeing what it takes to be a firefighter, seeing themselves when they look at me. it really brings myself a lot of pride and joy in this work.
3:52 pm
>> my name is alan schumer. i am a fourth generation san franciscan. in december, this building will be 103 years of age. it is an incredibly rich, rich history. [♪♪♪] >> my core responsibility as city hall historian is to keep the history of this building alive.
3:53 pm
i am also the tour program manager, and i chair the city advisory commission. i have two ways of looking at my life. i want it to be -- i wanted to be a fashion designer for the movies, and the other one, a political figure because i had some force from family members, so it was a constant battle between both. i ended up, for many years, doing the fashion, not for the movies, but for for san franciscan his and then in turn, big changes, and now i am here. the work that i do at city hall makes my life a broader, a
3:54 pm
richer, more fulfilling than if i was doing something in the garment industry. i had the opportunity to develop relationships with my docents. it is almost like an extended family. i have formed incredible relationships with them, and also some of the people that come to take a tour. she was a dressmaker of the first order. i would go visit her, and it was a special treat. i was a tiny little girl. i would go with my wool coat on and my special little dress because at that period in time, girls did not wear pants. the garment industry had the -- at the time that i was in it and i was a retailer, as well as the designer, was not particularly favourable to women.
3:55 pm
you will see the predominant designers, owners of huge complexes are huge stores were all male. women were sort of relegated to a lesser position, so that, you reached a point where it was a difficult to survive and survive financially. there was a woman by the name of diana. she was editor of the bazaar, and evoke, and went on and she was a miraculous individual, but she had something that was a very unique. she classified it as a third i. will lewis brown junior, who was mayor of san francisco, and was the champion of reopening this building on january 5th of 1999. i believe he has not a third eye
3:56 pm
, but some kind of antenna attached to his head because he had the ability to go through this building almost on a daily basis during the restoration and corrects everything so that it would appear as it was when it opened in december of 1915. >> the board of supervisors approved that, i signed it into law. jeffrey heller, the city and county of san francisco oh, and and your band of architects a great thing, just a great thing. >> to impart to the history of this building is remarkable. to see a person who comes in with a gloomy look on their face , and all of a sudden you start talking about this building, the gloomy look disappears and a smile registers across their face.
3:57 pm
with children, and i do mainly all of the children's tours, that is a totally different feeling because you are imparting knowledge that they have no idea where it came from, how it was developed, and you can start talking about how things were before we had computer screens, cell phones, lake in 1915, the mayor of san francisco used to answer the telephone and he would say, good morning, this is the mayor. >> at times, my clothes make me feel powerful. powerful in a different sense. i am not the biggest person in the world, so therefore, i have
3:58 pm
to have something that would draw your eye to me. usually i do that through color, or just the simplicity of the look, or sometimes the complication of the look. i have had people say, do those shoes really match that outfit? retirement to me is a very strange words. i don't really ever want to retire because i would like to be able to impart the knowledge that i have, the knowledge that i have learned and the ongoing honor of working in the people's palace. you want a long-term career, and you truly want to give something to do whatever you do, so long as you know that you are giving
3:59 pm
to someone or something you're then yourself. follow your passion and learn how to enrich the feelings along the way.
4:00 pm
>> those presents and attending and health protocols and building rules must be adhered to and requires may result from removal from this room and we appreciate why cooperation with this health rules and everyone's safety. sanitized station is available throughout the building and elevator and masks are available upon request from the first desk. madam secretary, please call the roll. >> commissioner