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tv   BOS Full Board of Supervisors  SFGTV  May 10, 2022 2:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> that afternoon and welcome
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to may 10 2022 regular meeting of the san francisco board of supervisors. madam clerkwould you please call the role . [rollcall] >> all members are present. >> i'd like to now welcome
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supervisordorsey to the chamber . we will have rollcall tosay a few words ifyou wishes . everyone can we stand for the pledge of allegiance . >>. [inaudible] >> thank you. the san francisco board of supervisors acknowledges we are on unseeded ancestral homeland of the ramaytush ohlone who are the original inhabitants of th san francisco peninsula . as theindigenous stewards of this land and in accordance with their traditions , the ramaytush ohlone have never exceeded, lost, nor forgotten their responsibilities as caretakers of this place. as well as for all people who
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reside in their traditional territory . as guests we recognize we benefit from living and working on their traditional homeland. we wish to pay our respects by acknowledging the ancestors, elders and relatives of the ramaytush ohlone community and by affirming their rights as first people. and on behalf of the board i'd like to acknowledge the staff at sfgov tv. today we have michael balthazar recordseach of our meetings and it makes the transcripts available to the public online . madam clerk let's go to our 2 pm special order. >> the special order at 2 pm is the appearance at today's meeting by the honorable mayor london breed to engage in a formal policy discussion with eligible members of the board and priorto the discussion the mayor may address the board for
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up to fiveminutes . >> thank you madam clerk and i do believe the mayor is on . >> yes. >> thank you so much and welcome mayor breed and you have thefloor for opening remarks . >> iq president walton and good afternoonsupervisors . today i want to welcome supervisor matt dorsey to the board of supervisors. yesterday i had the opportunity to swear in supervisor dorsey and i know some ofyou were there and i want to thank you for coming . the ceremony at delancey street meant a lot to me because i know a number of people who have struggled with addiction to get their lives on a better path. they are people who are struggling and needed help to start their own recovery and delancey street was the start for them so when mac suggested supervisor dorsey suggested we have the swearing in there i know he understood how important an institution it is
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and that it will be very helpful for the things we need to do. supervisor dorsey spoke clearly about his own path of recovery, as long history of public service and work advocating for the lgbtq community. during the process to elect a new representative for district 6 i made a lot of phone calls and met with a lotof the residence there . the top issue raised by almost every single person was public safety, public safety, public safety and the conditions on our street. they are tired of it and these are people who aren't always at city hall knocking on doors lining up forpublic comment . these are the average everyday people of the district who want to make sure that their voices are heard and i know superviso dorsey is listening to them . as a former member of this body i know this is a hard job and i
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know all of you will join me in welcoming me to city hall and work to support him and the residents of district 6. >> madam clerk could you please call the first topic. >> the topics submitted by the board member representing district 5 improviser preston is affordable housing. >> thank youmadam clerk. supervisor preston please add your opening question . >> thank you president walton and thank you for being here for question time. my question concerns affordable housing and a site in district 5 that iknow you are familiar with . will you commit to breaking ground in the next three years on a 100 percent affordable housing project in hayes valley? >> i'm sorry supervisor presto . i'm not completely familiarwith
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what you're referring to . >> you want to elucidate the question? >> you and i have discussed this before. as you know parcel k is one of several plots of land in east valley over which the central freeway once stood when the freeway was taken down the state agreed to transfer the landto the city for the express purpose of creating affordable housing . a ballot measure passed in 1999 saw the san francisco voters direct these sites to fulfill theirpurpose of becoming permanently affordable housing . it's public ownership significantly cut down on development cost but what's been lacking is political will to prioritize delivering on the promise that's nownearly a quarter century old .
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i've been asking for the past six months for your office of housing and community development as a nice office of workforcedevelopment to get a clear timeline on when we can make these long promised affordable housing happen. to date we've got no firm commitment . so i want to just ask again whether you'll commit to breaking ground within the next three years on a100 percent affordable housing project at parcel k a site dedicated to affordable housing . >> supervisor preston unfortunately i don't have enoughinformation to give you a direct answer . as i said to you and many members of the board my door is always open to having discussions. i will submit the following up with the office of housing to understand what the challenges are in delivering this project . as you know we just broke ground on a project along our boulevard which i'm super excited are going to be building housing specifically targeted at young people and we've done this in some of the
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other locations in the district including booker t. washington community center a project that started when i was supervisor so i very much am committed to affordable housing in general. happy to work with your office to make sure we see these projects through because we know they are veryimportant . my record on housing is clear. it's not just about the financial investments we need to make and the housing we need to build which we've been doing as aggressively as we can but it's also getting this board on board with helping us break down the bureaucracy that makes it difficult for us to move these projects forward faster in the first place. i will look into thisproject , happy tofollow up with you on where we are and hopefully we can get it done . >> thank you mayor breed. you may now ask a follow-up question directly related to the question. >> iq president walton. i think that this is one that's
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been a very important site. it's one that you and i have talked about previously and we've been trying to work with the supervisor on. i think that while in times our bureaucracy is the barrier here is a little well and i think we cannot continue to claim we are for affordable housing without allowing opportunity for parcel k publiclands remain undeveloped for quarter of a century . i think there have been steps towards issuing our request for proposal and getting this moving and so far it has not been the bureaucracy, it's been the lack of will from the mayor's office of housing development to move forward so i wanted to ask again this is a site you were supervisor for many years in thedistrict . you fought with community leaders about this for years. can we get a commitment to at least issue the request for proposals for affordable
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housing on parcel k within the next six months? >> supervisor preston as i said ireally need to understand the specifics before i make any commitment . and supervisor, i'm proud of my track record of what we've been able to not only do in terms of a number of those parcels along that particular corridor or including 100 percent affordable family housing that we've been able tocomplete and it's completely occupied . not to mention banyan street where we were able to buy that property in the process of potentially developing an underutilized fight for affordable housing. we have a number of projects in the district that have led to real housing production so you have your opinion and experience as to why you believe this does not occur i want to make sure i get the facts before i make any commitment and i'm happy to
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follow up with you as soon as i'm able to understand why there was a delay, what's happening but again, i was just a groundbreaking or100 percent affordable housing on the parcel . you were unfortunately unable to attend but it's not to say that these projects are moving forward,they are moving forward and i'm not certain about exactly what is happening . i'm able to find out andrespond to you clearly as to whatwe will be able to do to move this project forward . >> thank you . >> thank you madam they are and you may now ask a question to supervisor preston or to any other supervisor in attendance pertaining to the same topic but not necessarily related to the previous question. >> thank you president walton. i will pass onasking a question and thank you all for your time . >> thank you madammayor we appreciate your time as well and that concludes our mail discussion . madam clerk, would you please, do you have any indications?
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>> i have a follow-up to the communications. >> my apologies madam clerk. i do want to make one announcement for the public. for public comments we will takeeveryone in the room first as we have been doing and then we will take .the phone and close remotecomment once there's no one else in the queue. thank you madam clerk . >> quick follow-up to the communication from the mayor and from you mister president, we do have a communication from the mayor's office appointing supervisor dorsey sworn into theoffice around 12:15 . as the mayor stated, finally we have included him and he is now covered under the boards bondingcredentials . and then to the communication to welcome the general public to the chamber, you are able to follow this meeting if you're watching channel 26 trenches
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cable cast or by viewing the computer live stream at as the president indicated you are encouraged to join us here in the boards legislative chamber to either listen to the proceeding or advise the board during public comment but if you are using the remote system the best practice is that you call in early from a location. make sure your television or computer is turned down or you're able to listen to the live sink and further put yourself into thelistening queue . throughout the meeting the telephone number is streaming on your screen and its 415-655-0001 and when you are the system prompts that's when you enter the meeting id, 2481 268 9612. press the pound symbol twice and you'll know you have joined
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the meeting when you'reable to hear the discussions . once you are ready to provide your comment that is when you should press áthree to put yourself into this queue. the system will prompt you when it is yourturn. listen for the prompt that you have been under muted and begin speaking your comments . agenda content eligible includes the following items. one item 22 is called you'll be able to the approval of the april 5, 2022 board meeting minutes and the topic that was discussed with supervisor preston on affordable housing. item 23 will be closed session to discuss the labor negotiations with the office of the mayor and human resources and item 24 through 31. those are the items for consideration under the adoption without committee reference calendar and there may be other general matters that are not on today's agenda but that are within the subject
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matter jurisdiction of the board youwould be able to . all other agenda content will have been reported by an appropriate committee with when the public requirementshas been fulfilled . the board will accept your writtencorrespondence . use the address san francisco board ofsupervisors . it's number one doctor carlson place, city hall room 244 san francisco california 94102 or you could send an email using the address interpreters will be able to assist with public comments. once public comment is all i will have the interpreters introduce themselves and provide access information through this remote meeting. we do have a live person
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standing by in case someone needs assistance connecting remotely. if you just call the clerk's office at 415554 5184. that concludes the communications. >> thank you madam clerk. and before we get started colleagues just a friendly reminder to please your microphonewhen you are not speaking . we will now go to approval of our minutes from the meeting on april 5 2022. our regular board ofsupervisors meeting . and i don't see anyone on the roster so can we have a motion to approve the minutes as presented? motion made by supervisor preston. seconded by supervisor melgar. >> on the motion to approvethe minutes as presented after public comment, supervisor chan . [roll call vote]
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>> there are 11 aye's. >> without objects in the minutes will be approved after public comment is presented . madam clerk let's go toour regular agenda . items two through six. >> items twothrough six for comprised five ordinances that authorize settlements for five lawsuits . item 2, this lawsuit involves allegations of professional negligence against the san francisco general hospital revealed project , contains other material terms and the
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cross-complaint filed against fong and chan architects incorporated for 6.5 million. item 3 involves an employment dispute against the city and individualdefendant dorian car for 150,000 . item 4 is a loss of that involves alleged civil rights violations at the juvenile justice center filed by i.h. against the city for 100,000. item 5 is a lawsuit which involves pacific gas and electric's failure to indemnify fordamages claimed . the rising of a landslide on the avenue caused by a pg&e construction project. there are other material terms that pg&e will perform trench repairs to prevent further damages. with prejudice filed by the cityagainst pg&e for 6.75 million . and for item 6, this lawsuit involves personal injury. >> president: can we please
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commute our telephones document and share . >> item 6 involves personal injuries rising from a trip and fall accident on both wall street filed by penny lam against the city for 375,000. >> president: thank you madam clerk. i don't see anyone on the roster so we will check these items same house, same call. without objection these ordinances are passed unanimously. madam clerk please call new business item number seven. >> item 7 is an ordinance to amend the administrative code to authorize short-term extensions for construction contracts with service contracts and grants to mitigate staffing shortages and to authorize amendments to modify scope and compensation forgoods and servicescontracts to mitigate supply shortages . >> thank you so much, supervisor chan . >> colleagues, i have questions
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about this legislation and i have posted questions to administrator chiu and just learning about how these contracts are impacted citywide and since i have learned that we right now about 600+ term contracts will expire in june 30, 2023 and sorry, approximately 28 percent will expire in june 30 2023 and that learning more about this, the city administrator has estimated they will exercise authority roughly about five percent of the total number of the contract which is the reason why i will be supportive of this today. but i think that just to kind of get us through i understand we're sort of in this process about recovering from the pandemic and trying to figure
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out how we process cities contract in timely manner but i think it's a larger conversation about how the city issues rfp, how do we manage these contracts and i look forward to those conversations so today i'll be supportive but i think we see a similar metric coming forward that i urge you to help really asked the questions about the contracts that are being impacted between constructions and professional services . i thinkit warrants a larger conversation . >> thank you so much supervisor chan and i appreciate you bringing up those concerns because that is something i think a few of us had discussions with city administrator'soffice is about as well as the controller so thank you so much . i don't see anyone else on the
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roster. so we can take this item same house, same call and without objection thisordinances passed on first reading . madam clerk would you please call item 8 . >> item 8 is a resolution to authorize the office of contract administration to execute amendment three to a contract between the city and ww grainger incorporated for the purchase of supplies for city apartments and operates a contract increased by 2.2 million for a total amount not to exceed 12.1 million with the same term of july 15, 2020 through december 31, 2022. >> president: i don't see anyone on the roster so wewill take this item, same house, same call and without objectio this resolution is adopted . madam clerk please call item number nine . >> item 9 is a resolution to retroactively approve amendment
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to the management and operation agreement between the municipal transportation agency and friends of the cable car museum to exercise the first option to extend the term forfive years july 12019 through june 30 2024 . >> president: thank you madam clerk . i see no one on theroster. we can take this item, same house, same call and without objection this resolution is adopted . can you please call items 10 through 12 together? >> yes, items 10 through 12 comprise three resolutions to retroactively authorized department of public health to accept and extend grants for item 10 and approximate $249,000 grant from the stupski foundation through the san francisco general hospital foundation for participation in a serious illness care program
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september 1, 2021 through august 31, 2022. item 11 is a $125,000 rent approval from the centers for disease control and prevention for participation in a program entitled dt 21 2111, closing the gap with social determinants of health accelerator plans for the term september 30, 2021 through september 29, 2022 and for item 12 this is a $135,000 grant from the alliance for safety and justice through the san francisco general hospital foundation to participate in a trauma recovery center , national learning collaborative program october 1, 2021 through september 30, 2022. >> president: thank you, supervisor peskin. >> thank you president walton. as you know from time to time and today in part for the benefit of the newest member of the board supervisor dorsey i
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raised the issue of retroactivity and i thought today would be a good day to do that because these three instruments and i want to thank the clerk and miss some era in particular who asked departments to justify the reason forretroactivity . and sometimes we see good reasons or at least plausible reasons. in the case of these three retroactive accept and expands, the reason frankly it's not even as good as the dog ate my homework. we're eight months late and in one ofyour seven months late and another, this is not the way to do business . in the first instance they've been sitting on this since september 2021 and it takes eight months to bring and accept an expenditure. it makes a joke and their
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reason all three is we respectfully request retroactiveapproval . that's the reason? that's not a reason, that's just a statement and it's unconscionable. you've got to get your act together. anybody from dbh? this is no way to run a major citydepartment . >> president: supervisor peskin we have greg wong on teams. you want to respond to that statement? >> i apologize. some of these are unavoidable. we seek an award and also perhaps at the newest award at that point they would be scheduled to be heard so the board would reach into retroactivity.
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[inaudible] there are delays for the holiday season in november so actually going through and revealing the details behind the documents took some time. >>. >> president: supervisor peski . >> i was going to insert the word respectfully but maybe that's not the right word. in the first item item 10 dbh received an award on october 1 of 2021 and the second item item 11 dbh received the award on september 13, 2021 and item 12 dbh received the award on
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item 12 ondecember 14 of 2021. okay. we were out until want, january 3 ? that's months ago. okay, we were dark for 2 weeks and the latter half of september. that's not an excuse. i mean, say whatever you want to say. all i wantto say is dbh, you've got to get this together the your the only department that consistently does this or fails to do it properly without any reasonablejustification . i'm done . >> we will continue to improve our policies and ensure its completed beforeretroactivity is done . >> thank you supervisor and supervisor ronen. >> i've asked questions in the
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committee and my understanding is that often times because this is what you've explained that you don't receive the actual funding until after the grants start and that's why it's automatically is retroactive. can you clarify because that's i took that as the reasoning which is why i haven't been making a big deal about but that's not what you explained just nowso if you could explain what you explained to us this budget committee . >> it's only a month. if you look at all the dates october 1it wouldn't be retroactive . >>supervisor , if you want to get on the roster. >> could you walk us through the process because it's as the budget chair is very concerning to me as well understanding is it was always going to be a retroactive approval because of
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when you receive the funds versus when the programstarted . i agree with supervisor peskin we don't need such long delays but if you could walk us through in almost every context you bring or accept and extend their always retroactive and that's the explanation you bring. if you could furtherexplain it that would be helpful . >> we received a total agreement and that is actually before the data we received. and in that case we might be receiving approval first and we specified a project docket of september. so at that point we have to ask september 1. >> in terms of supervisor
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peskin'squestion why does it take nine months to come to the board ? we understand it's automatically going to be all retroactive approval but why does this take oneor two months, why does it take seven or eight ? >> there are several layers for approval that it goes through and controlled the office. we go back and forth with several materials and then it goes from the mayor's office. after the mayor's office because to the board of supervisors at which point the board ofsupervisors giggles a date which might be a few weeks or months ahead . it would be the end of the year and sometimes in january or february. >> you have my commitment
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supervisor that we will be hammering all these questions at you and expect things to move faster. i do also find it strange that i accepted your answer but i stilldon't fully understand it . we apply for grant funding to get acceptance and restart the program before we get money and that's why they're always retroactive ? isthat how it works ?>> to get the agreement in october, the grand total is about a month before. >> i guess what you're hearing from the board is this doesn't matter to us even though it's by definition going to be our
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retroactive acceptance that you don't delay long period sometime and it comes to us in time so that we meaningfully accept it. otherwise it just starts to be black, i agree with supervisor peskin on that. we expect you to comefaster to the committee . >> thank yousupervisor ronen, thank you greg . supervisor peskin, are you supportingthis ? we will take these items same house same call and without objection these resolutions are adopted unanimously . please call item number 13. >> item 13 is a resolution to authorize the san francisco public utilities commission to accept and extend a one million-dollar metro transportation commission. a federal highway
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administration grant for design and construction of the boulevard ridge trail extension project and improve educationa recreation access , parking and restroom facilities in san mateo county term of january 2023 through august 2025 . >> president:supervisor chan . >> i would like to be added as a cosponsor. >> seen no one else on the roster we will take questions. without objection this resolution is adopted unanimously . madam clerk please call item 14. >> item 14 is a resolution to authorize the public utilities commission to enter into three agreements for purpose of long-duration energy storage to serve customers with clean power sf for the line battery energy storage system number
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one llc. the first agreement is a pass-through for liability. the second is a shared agreement of the line storage of participation. the third is a chlorinated operation for the california community power sf and five community choice aggregators with a amount of 60 million and a 15 year term to commence upon commercial operation of the project and make the appropriate findings . >> i don't see anyone on the roster so we will take this items same house samecall and without objection this resolution is adopted unanimously. please call item 15 . >> item 15 is a resolution to approve and authorize the director of property and mayor's office of housing and community development and enter into a ground lease for property owned by the city located at 180 jones street with 180 jones associates lp for a lease term of 75 years
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and 120 four year option to extend with an annual base rate of 15,000 to construct a 100 percent affordable 70 unit multi family housing development affordable to low income households and supportive housing units experiencing homelessness and approve and authorize a 57 yea loan agreement and adopt appropriate findings . >> president:supervisor preston . >> thank you president walton and another long time , long awaited affordable housing project. i just wanted to give briefly somecomments and thanks to all the folks who made this happen . this is one situated in the newest part of my district in the tenderloin. the 180 jones project will include 34 affordable housing units ranging from 40 percent to 80 percent ami and 30 percent permanentsupportive housing that 25 percent ami .
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i am thrilled to support projects like this that provide permanent illusions or struggling san franciscans and people experiencing homelessness. i understand this was made possible by an expanded committee benefit negotiation related to another project in the neighborhood for a year and a half at 950 market street coalition led by nonprofit leaders neighborhood advocates who fought for and one benefits including funds to purchase and develop the vacant lot at 180 jones as well as the seed money that would go on to facilitate the creation of transgender cultural districts.i want to thank and recognize the leaders who made this possible including definitely not limited to alexandra goldman from the tenderloin neighborhood development center and rio shar from the open collaborative. tenderloin resident david and elliott lewis, felicia smith,
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curtis bradford aswell as honey mahogany and genetic jump johnson from the cultural district .i want to recognize former district 6 supervisors both jane kim and matt haney for their leadership andsupport of this project which i am proud to cosponsor and urge your support . >> president: i don't see anyone on the roster so wewill take item 15 .same house same call and without objection this resolution is adopted unanimously. madam clerk can we please go to our 2:30 p.m. special order. >> the special order at 2:30 is the recognition of commendation for meritorious services to th city and county of san francisco . i have here supervisor stefani. >> president: supervisor stefani.
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>> colleagues today we like to recognize laura josh on the occasion of her retirement from the golden gate national recreationarea where she has served as superintendent since 2017 . the golden gate national recreation area which extends north and west to the islands and south of the monterey bay national sanctuary is the most visited park in the national park service hosting over 15.5 million visitors per year laura has dedicated her entire career to the outdoors recreation and public service in her junior year at indiana university she interned at mesa verde nationa park in colorado . recalling the time laura said i spent an entire semester living in the park in a little cabin in a very remotelocation with no car, no tv, no phone and i just loved it . that is no surprise laura was destined for a long and storied career with the national park service in 32 years of government service with national park service laura
2:42 pm
managed and cared or natural andcultural resources from yellowstone national park in wyoming . she supported the henry national monument and historic shrine in maryland and george's national park in utah. as gg and rac superintendent laura had the apartment services most visited site with a collection of federally managed properties around the bay area including the headlamps, alcatraz, ocean beach and presidio. encompassing more than 80,000 acres of open space set in an urban environment with gg and ra presents unusual challenges to the park service where the needs of a wide variety of groups including environmentalists,tourists, neighbors and dog walkers have to be balanced . laura's years of experience and dedication with the national park service preparedher to meet whatever challenge she faced . laura has been a tireless advocate for our san francisco communities underserved
2:43 pm
audiences and young people. she worked to ensure driving healthy places thatare safe and welcoming to all . for example upon learning there were local youth who had never seen the ocean laura took it upon herself to getinto our beaches and show them all the wonder these open spaces can bring . laura worked to instill a sense of excitement and splendor among the youth who are distinct natural resources deepening her connection to the communities incredible places. i recently got to sit next to laura one last time at the battery blessed in the presidio and i was happy i got to tell her how much we appreciated her and everything she's done throughout her career of publi service . i'd like to extend my thanks to you laura . there you are. i see you for your unparalleled commitment and passion for our recreation areas. your drive toimprove the lives of our cities young people present the best of public
2:44 pm
service and we are going to miss you >> thank you supervisor and you have the floor . >> thank you supervisor. i can't say how much i appreciate this recognition and it's been wonderful working with you and your fellow supervisors. so many different projects throughout golden gate are helping to safely welcome as you said over 15 million visitors a year including over 1 million visitors a year to all thefries alone . we really appreciate all your support of our many projects and thank you again for all the events that you'veparticipated in with us together. it's wonderful bringing visitors to this beautiful city together . thank you. [applause] >> thank yousupervisor and congratulations again and thank youfor your service .
2:45 pm
madam clerk , let's go back to itemnumber six . >> item 16 is a motion to appoint jennifer wong tothe sunshine ordinance task force . the term expiring april 27, 2024. >> see no one on the roster we will take these items same house same call. withoutobjection this motion is approved unanimously . madam clerk itemnumber 17 . >> item 17 is a motion to appoint lisa nguyen term ending january 1, 2023 lisa borowski term ending january 1 2024 to the behavioralhealth commission .>> thank you. seeing no one on the roster we willtake this item same house same call . wait a minute. actually, can we get a rollcall vote please ? >> item 17 supervisor chan.
2:46 pm
[roll call vote] >> there are 10 aye. without objection the motion is approved.madam clerk can you please call items 18 through 20 together. >> items 18 through 20comprise three mayoral reappointments to the treasure island moment authority board of directors . item 18 approves the term ending february 26, 2026 item 19 approves was on truck price preston term ending april 28,
2:47 pm
2026 and item 20 approves lind richardson term ending april 28 2026 . again all to the treasureisland development authority board of directors . >> would you please call the role on items 18 through 20. >> items 18through 20 supervisor chan . [roll call vote] >> 11 aye's. >> motions are approved unanimously. madam clerk, i believe we are
2:48 pm
now at roll call for introduction. >> first member of the introduce new business, supervisor chan. supervisor dorsey. floor is yours. >> i just want to say i want to greet everybody and justlet everybody know how grateful i am to be here . you know, it was probably over 20 years ago i was in this room with my former boss dennis herrera was inaugurated. i think it was sitting just over there and i remember it was then mayor willie brown who said enjoy this day because you'll never be this popular again. as soon as you start doing your
2:49 pm
job you're going to start making enemies and yesterday i know many of you came to the swearing in. i really appreciateit . i know there's other conflicts but there was a really real outpouring of affection and i appreciate it but i also realize that today is the day westart casting votes and it's a little more complicated and contentious . it is interesting i think that somebody who has worked around local government for many years knowing what i don't know and i think i've always been somebody appreciates that i'm behind-the-scenes, i don't have the stresses of people attackingme in tv commercials or direct mail, that kind of thing . so it was in my first day of being somebody who was actually at the role of government i realized wow, i'm getting that. i was also cognizant this
2:50 pm
morning of just how there's no elected official appreciation day. i mean, there should be. i really appreciate that all all we all makesacrifices to be here. you don't spend as much time with your family as we'd like . it canbe a lot of what we do can be contentious . but i just want to start by saying how honored i am to be here and also by saying we whatever disagreements we have i appreciate the sacrifices that you make and the people you are for being public servants that you are. i'm also reminded that there are some things that there's histories we've had in some great fights. president walton and i stood shoulder to shoulder against big tobacco newcomer called jewel labs incorporated which we thought nobody was going to
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support us and we were spending it to the ground. we talked about addiction and this was fighting to maintain the ability to sell the vending devices in san francisco. i was so proud ofthat . supervisor peskin, somebody i go back many years with, i did a story with rafaelcatherine . we allhave a history . but i'm really excited about what the future holds and iam honored to be here , honored to serve my city and my neighborhoods. that said i do want to submit 2 requests. first is a resolution urging the governor and state
2:52 pm
legislature to authorize additional tax increment funding for affordable housing in the mission bay neighborhood i represent and essentially i'm calling for the state to commit to deeper investmentsin affordable housing across the mission bay neighborhood. san francisco has an obligation to build a 2000 new homes by 2031 . that's a threefold increase all. we need to take every step we can to meet our housing goals . and i'm also going to put a hearing request in and i like to call for a hearing to identify barriers to services and programs we offer to san franciscans who are struggling with substance use disorder or alcoholism on their road to recovery. as many of you may know when someone struggles with alcoholism or addiction often thehardest step can be just asking for help . and i want to make sure you cause i have some personal experience in this including recently with someone who was
2:53 pm
struggling with to figure out to navigate acronyms and bureaucracy at the moment when he didn't really wasn't in the best shape to be struggling withsome of the bureaucracy . if we're making access to treatment as simple as possible, if we're simplifying it and meeting people where they are and making it as easy as possible to get to where they need to be . so i will be asking for agencies, relevant agencies, communityleaders to discuss any gaps , funding solutions to accomplish that. and what we can do to make our city departments moresuccessful . and the rest i submit. >> thank you supervisor dorsey. >> thank you madam clerk. i have several resolutions and an ordinance first
2:54 pm
off i am introducing a resolution supporting the san francisco principles 2023 affirming the cities support of getting to zero initiative and urging the department to sustain funding for organizations providing life-saving hiv-aids safety services. this resolution also calls on the mayor to fully fund the budget request by the provider network including three percent business increasefor all grant funding contracts, 300 new housing subsidies to expand mental health services and overdose prevention services . i want to be clear that san francisco has made great progress towards our getting to zero goals in recent years and i don't want todiminish from that . prior to the pandemic in 2019 the number of new diagnoses was 158 and that was good progress
2:55 pm
but underneath that number we know that convergence process at an acceptably high-level with african-american and latinx folks and those disparitiesextend beyond new infections . hiv annual report found blacks and latinos gave by men were less likely to know their status with only 62 percent of black men and 67 percent of latino men achieving viral suppression . these disparities highlight the importance of the coalition of long-term survivors and advocates who are working hard to build the city and public healthaccountable . in september 2020, that group of folks published the san
2:56 pm
francisco principles 2020 plan to address unmet needs of long-term hiv survivors in san francisco. principles highlight the challenges facing long-term survivors resulting from lack of sufficient access to specialized care and wraparound services to call for a renewed focus on long-term survivors guided by the principles that decisions should not be made on how to support survivors without giving them a seat at the table and i will note with the addition of my cosponsor supervisor dorsey long-term survivors have a seat at this table and i want to thank him for his sponsorship as well as supervisor ronen. this group of long-term survivors providers and advocates is raising the alarm about impending cuts to baseline hiv safety with the department of public health confirming at a hearing last week thank you chair ronen that
2:57 pm
an rfp process initiated in 2019 will result in significant cuts to legacy organizations that have like the aids foundation enabled us. while the 2019 rfp improved equity and access to aids prevention treatment services that are not planned for the destabilization that will result from cutting millions of dollars to legacy organizations that are known by many long-term survivors and are responsible for the success we've had in getting to zero in the aidsfoundation's cases and targeting the most risk group . additionally impending cuts to the only service provider with english spanish capacity in the city raised questions about whether the rfp is accomplishing its goals mainly creating an equity focused whole person care approach. again, thank you for calling me here on this issue. i thank you and i know i have
2:58 pm
an inability to explain how they will prevent these cuts from these stabilizing our safety nets is concerning to say the least . i've expressed those concerns and will continue to do so until they commit to sustaining the city's existing hivsafety net even as they build capacity . i want to be clear i'm not proposing that capacity building .i think it's a important and will be an integral part of getting to zero for everyone but i'm against building that capacity at the expense of the legacy organizations that provide life-saving services every day and are responsible for san franciscans successes so thanks to the provider network and our fight to get to zero for all your advocacy and holding the city accountable . secondly i am today introducing a resolution authorizing the department of homelessness and supportive housing to rename the building and 21 mission
2:59 pm
street by margo in honor of margot antoinette. margo's guidance in 2020 had spent decades working in the non-world and civil servants played an integral role in thousands of units of supportive housing. she influenced the policy critical public health issues involving harm reduction and public policy. margo was a champion for housing with few barriers to entry and as many supports as possible and is deeply committed to making sure people are provided supportive housing . that was more than her job, she was known for asking people how she could help doing everything she could to connect them to appropriate services. margo's letter legacytouches many aspects of our services . she helps create the delivering innovation and supportive housing nonprofit and then spent four years managing the newly created office of supportive housing portfolio in san francisco's success in helping tens of thousands of
3:00 pm
people exit homelessness with 10,000 units for formerly homeless people for the few fruitsof margot's efforts . >>. [please stand by]
3:01 pm
-- especially in the we're community. while the castro was designated a local history landmark in 1977 the current landmark designation focuses on the building's exterior without specifically covering the interior features and cultural significance and discussions made it clear the significance of the space
3:02 pm
extends beyond the spanish facade and marquee and the moment presents an opportunity to revisit if landmark designation. i'm introducing to direct the planning department and historic restoration commission to report back to the board any designations that may capture the significance of the theatre. while the alteration and restoration plans a.p.e. have submitted will trigger review by the h.e.c., it's my intention the update will inform the commission's review of the plans while also ensuring the iconic place which will celebrate a centennial this year will be maintained to continue welcoming and serving the community for another hundred years. finally, i am introducing an ordnance to place an initiative on the november 22 ballot for
3:03 pm
the sales tax. the sales tax has been in place since 1989 and it brings in about $100 million as our ongoing source of local funding for long-range transit infrastructure and repairs and paratransit service and we unanimously approved a plan to guide the next transportation investments in san francisco. as with the prior expenditure plan managed by the transportation authority in 2003, the 2022 expenditure plan would not raise the tax rate but rather allow for the extension of the current sales tax level upon approval by two-thirds of san francisco's voters. the investments called for in the expenditure plan will support san francisco public transportation agencies from the pandemic and delivery of reliable service and advance key
3:04 pm
goals around street safety and vision zero and climate action and the transportation sector is the leading hours of greenhouse emissions in san francisco and it increases the share of sales tax dollar for extension and muni and capacity projects and street safety improvements and increases funding for paratransit service which has been essential for seniors and people with disabilities during the pandemic through the essential trip card program. in the coming years we'll also have an historic opportunity to leverage billions in new federal and state infrastructure funds and this spending plan sets us up to maximize the opportunities. i have done this before but i want to recognize and sincerely thank the more than two dozen community members as part of the advisory committee that included representatives from every district neighborhood and advocates and civic interests. and various operators and departments for desired uses of
3:05 pm
funds, deliberated among themselves and have arrived at what i believe is a fair and realistic balance of our priorities. special thanks to epac chair for their hard work and to maria and the executive director at the t.a. the expenditure plan was also approved last month by the m.t.c. and thank you supervisor ronen and time to take the next step by putting it on the ordnance and a want to thank the supervisors for their co-sponsorship and the rest i submit. >> thank you, supervisor mandelman. supervisor mar. >> thank you, madame clerk. colleagues, i have two resolutions and two hearing requests to announce today. first i'm introducing a resolution calling for strengthening of language access and support for victims of hate,
3:06 pm
incidents and crime. a year ago we denounced the hate crime targeting hate crimes against asian communities and called for analysis of existing and analysis related to prevention and victim support. i thank the human rights commission and director davis for their work on this important analysis and their city wide public safety landscape analysis report. and we held a hearing on this important report recently in the public safety and neighborhood services committee which highlights the urgent need to strengthen language access and support for victim as one key finding. despite the ordinance, the city is still not providing full language access to its services. lack of reliable language access has been consistently raised by community organizations and residents as an obstacle to receiving support during or after a hate incident or hate
3:07 pm
crime. in interviews and workshops, department staff acknowledged language access is uneven especially in languages other than spanish or cantonese and many rely on a small number of employees for interpretation. in recent years sfpd and others adopted telephone interpretation due to convenience but insensitive situations, violence or trauma, telephone interpretation is often inadequate compared to in person interpretation especially for a specific population such as seniors and people with medical needs. the resolution called for strengthening of language access and support for victims of crime and implementation of the language access recommendations in the h.r.c. report. the resolution and complimentary budget proposal also calls for the creation of a victim services language bank pilot program to support crime and
3:08 pm
hate incident victims who do not go through the criminal justice system and require coordinated assistance from community and city agencies. this is one additional step to address the rise in hate incidents and crime pacting our aapi communities and all other vulnerable populations. secondly, i'm submitting a resolution declaring may 2022 national hepatitis awareness month in the city and county of san francisco with the goal of raising awareness for hepatitis b and c. currently chronic hepatitis b and c afflict 5.2 million americans and 1.78% of people from san francisco test positive for hepatitis b and it affects the asian and pacific islander of community and 58% of americans living with hep b are from the a.p.i. community.
3:09 pm
an organization was create as one of the first municipal hep b awareness campaigns in the country and has grown to one of the largest health care campaigns for the asian and pacific islander communities in the u.s. the hep c epidemic continues to grow at an alarming rate and affects the most marginalized including american indian, lvk natives, black california californians and those involved in the incarceration system. there's ambitious efforts towards of geared towards equalling disparity and inequities and the first city to declare a hep c elimination model so this resolution
3:10 pm
importantly commends all the volunteers, activists and those with lived experience and those who strive for health justice serving san francisco with their advocacy and prevention efforts. finally i have two hearing requests. the first is a hearing on city college of san francisco and improvement class reductions over the last five years and how this has impacted student course offerings, support services and workforce training. after a year upon year of recent cuts, city college leaders recently approved another round of painful layoffs of faculty and staff and reductions in essential programs and classes. the additional cuts further reduce access to higher education and life long learning for our diverse communities. the hearing request i'm asking city college administration department leads and the
3:11 pm
associated students and others to present and requesting a hearing on near term funding needs to implement the climate action plan. it's critical we think through our $13 billion budget with the climate action lens and i look forward to this hearing as an opportunity to deepen our understanding on how to best put our money where our mouth is in addressing the climate crisis locally and making the initial investments now that are necessary to lay the ground work for bigger and bolder action in the years to come. the rest i submit. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor mar. supervisor melgar. >> thank you, madame clerk. colleagues, today i'm introducing the abatement pilot program which seeks to have the department of public works carry
3:12 pm
out supporting our small businesses, revitalize our streetscape and generally help us recover. i'd like to thank supervisor stefani for the early support in the ordinance. we're dealing with it all over the city, graffiti can spiral out of control quickly especially when there's a lot of vacant store fronts which we have seen postpandemic. if the owner is absentee or cannot keep up with the graffiti the entire corridor suffers. in my district on west portal one of our most successful commercial corridors in the city, we have seen the pandemic negatively affect businesses and graffiti out of control. unfortunately, a month ago we had a fire that destroyed
3:13 pm
several successful businesses on west portal and now the entirety of the block is covered in graffiti. if we want our economy to recover, the city needs to put a little more elbow grease to spruce up our areas. this will allow owners to opt-in to allow d.w.p. crews to proactively paint over graffiti is they see it and if the owner doesn't know about the program and receives a notice of violation they can opt-in and avoid fines. we get a lot of calls good graffiti and owners and neighbors are anxious about the problem and we're working fast and furiously to get this
3:14 pm
program launched. many have been calling for a program like this and programs like this have proven successful in other meteorologist areas like new york city. i want to thank d.w.p. and the local union 261 and many others for their collaboration and thought partnership on this ordinance. thank you so much and the rest i submit. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor melgar. supervisor peskin. submit, thank you. supervisor preston. submit, thank you. supervisor ronen. submit, thank you. supervisor safai. >> thank you, colleagues. i have a few items i'm going to be submitting but the one i want to talk about is one that i have worked on for the last couple years has to do with vehicle triage spots or safe parking.
3:15 pm
when we did the safe park in my district we had to use enabling legislation that was very dedicated to the specific spot in the upper yard. today we're introducing legislation that will allow to amend the planning code to allow for safe parking and vehicle triage lots city wide and other supervisors looking at what myself and supervisor walton did in bay view we can help facilitate that. there's supervisors and neighborhoods interested and we want to facilitate that. this legislation and the way we did it and the site we did it there were 30 plus spots and we facilitated their movement off the treatment with security, lighting and services, we moved over 39 people and 12 households
3:16 pm
into permanent affordable houses. this is one of the largest increases of our unhoused population growing by over 45% and there's over 1700 vehiclesest plated. -- estimated. i want to thank supervisor walton in working in partnership with us. we know it's not easy but at the end of the day allowing a safe place to be we have seen the success of that and in the budget we have we funded over
3:17 pm
and this legislation will allow and each time we go through a long legislative process but this will help the development of that i appreciate those working with us and thank the department of homeless supportive housing and emily cohen and her team and we look forward to working with you colleagues and hopefully this will be a big help in moving this process forward and the rest i submit. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor safai. supervisor stefani. >> i want to thank supervisors dorsi to our chamber. i know you've been in public
3:18 pm
service for a long time and when you're behind the scenes as mentioned yesterday your work is just as incredible and i was asked what's the difference between being a legislative aid and supervisor i said you're liked as an aide and sometimes answering to all the bosses creates people that don't like us but as long as you can do right by your constituents you'll be fine and you give so
3:19 pm
many home that substance use disorder and addiction is not a death sentence. there's many who live with it and do well and can do great things by understanding what people are going through. i'm excited you're on the board and i'm excited to work with you. the rest i submit. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor stefani. supervisor walton. >> thank you, madame clerk. i submit. >> clerk: thank you for submitting. mr. president, seeing no names on the roster that concludes the introduction of new business. >> thank you, madame clerk. we're now at public comment. >> clerk: at this time the board of supervisors welcomes general public comment. we'll first hear comment from those present in the chamber and then hear from those who joined remotely. as a follow-up to the president's earlier statement, once the remote system is completed the first time we will not return to the remote queue
3:20 pm
hour we'll hear from any members who enter the chamber as a new person to speak at today's meeting. to provide your comment remotely you must be connected to the remote call in system. the number is on the screen, 1-415-655-0001. and when you hear the prompt, enter the meeting i.d. 2481-268-9612. press pound twice and you'll have joined the meeting you'll hear the decision and the line will be muted but you'll be in the listening queue and once connected suppress star 3 and the system will indicate you have raised your hand and when the system indicates you have been unmuted that is your queue to begin speaking your comments. agenda content that is eligible for public comment today are certainly the april 5, 2022
3:21 pm
meeting minutes and the mayor's appearance and the topic of affordable housing and item 23 whether the board should enter into a closed session to discuss the labor negotiations with the department of human resources and the items on the latter section items 21-41 are up for adoption without reference to committee and items within the jurisdiction not on the agenda you'll be speak to however, all other agenda comment public comment requirement fulfilled at committee and we'll accept the written comment.
3:22 pm
you play have heard earlier we're joined by the office of civic engagement and immigrant affairs. i'll ask each interpreter to introduce themselves and instructions how to connect to the remote system and to provide public comment. we have chinese, filipino and spanish. [speaking chinese]
3:23 pm
[interpreter introductions]
3:24 pm
>> clerk: thank you for providing services. mr. washington i invite you to come to the podium. i'll set the timer for two minutes. >> my name is george wooding. i represent san francisco land
3:25 pm
use coalition and coalition for san francisco neighborhoods. i'm here to talk about the redistricting task force. task force members have little understanding of the jobs they were appointed to. they call themselves quick learners. they're needs to be a means test for appointees. it's so bad the department of elections had to call a recall meeting for the appointees. chair townsend did not understand the voters' rights act and got into an argument with the task force city attorney when he was illegally trying to gerrymander a district and they started with little process time. the task force agreed not to
3:26 pm
look at submitted map. some had been done by people doing maps for 41 years. the community union maps were much better than the completed d.f. and both represented 128 community groups. finally chairman townsend said he was being pressured by the mayor and this is not legal for a non-political committee. s.f. entire redistricting process is flawed and possibly corrupt. thank you. >> thank you, mr. george woodson. my apologies for not seeing you.
3:27 pm
all right, mr. washington. >> thank you and hello to the board of supervisors. i'd like to give a special thanks to supervisor dorsey. we've been knowing each other over 20 years that shows you how far i go back in city hall, city hall. first i'd like to talk about the district 5 and district 6 now but it goes to my supervisor. i said 730 eddy street van ness and turk and i walk outside and it looks like mexico and see all these mexicans and drug dealers outside my street and i can't walk out my door. it's ridiculous. i'm asking you to help me get rid of those people. i'd go out and tell them but i stay there and i still tell them that but we need police work there. we need some cleaning area. it's ridiculous.
3:28 pm
it's ridiculous. i hope supervisor district 5 extends the district and you'll help out. i'm also here to talk about the request i made last week with the board of supervisors to have a meeting about the juneteenth festival. some has been resolved but i'm leaning on this board to do that. like 20 years ago i came when angela aniota was the president and requested a meeting with the fillmore and in the next couple weeks there'll be a big hearing about the fillmore center and that's never been done but i came and respectfully requesting it so i'm respectfully requesting it again that there be a meeting about that though there is something that's going to be taking place thursday at the human rights commission but nevertheless my name is ace and i'm still on the case.
3:29 pm
welcome to city hall. i call it silly hall. all right. >> clerk: thank you, ace washington. welcome. >> good afternoon -- >> clerk: i'll pause you one moment. can you take the microphone closer. >> no problem. mika pinkston a community leader. for nearly 80 years bay view hunters point has been home to the members of black community and they've been gentrified and management has performed illegal eviction or moving residents and not processing income recertification applications in timely manners. not properly maintaining properties making them uninhabitable and in addition
3:30 pm
there has been misappropriation of tenants' rental payments as a result tenants are currently received back-dated rent letters indicating the tenant owes excessive amounts of back rent with some cases the amounts are five years of back rent and beyond. the community ask city controller ben rosenfeld performs an independent audit of related management. their finances and operational procedures to ensure their practices do not contain the further displaced low income born and raised san franciscans and calls irrepairable damages such as evictions, emotional distress, physical distress, related management and other property management companies in san francisco encourage tenants to provide their personal
3:31 pm
information to rent relief programs such as bay view hub administrated by the mission hill be in the add 1311 quesada neighborhood and people who went there were denied rent relief and some applicants stated their applications were not processed at all. there be causing irrepairable harm such as eviction and confidential information. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. welcome. >> arty komen will allow me to take her space. >> clerk: ma'am, i apologize. speak directly into that microphone. >> i'm a resident of the amco
3:32 pm
properties and my experience over the past 15 years has been horrible. it started off bad and it's all down hill. supervisor walton you know my situation and we voted you in to help us and you're not helping us. from the gun violence and i heard talk about graffiti. i heard so many gunshots the other day i thought i was in baghdad. as far as related management i've had a tree fell on me on a windy day in my back yard getting my recyclables together and i've been complaining about the tree for years and i heard the tree and my whole tree fell and the stuff that came off the tree hit me. it was totally bad. i called my property manager. nothing happened. i went to the hospital and i've
3:33 pm
had carbon monoxide poisoning from my stove. i've had bullets flying over my head. it's horrible. it's been fires. you can't get anybody to answer the phone and you guys call right now they won't answer the phone. i'm going need you guys to do something about related management. as far as the center you brought in those people came in and used those for numbers to get money por their agency not to take care of that. they promised they'd pay my back rent and help with utilities, come to find out that was not true. they haven't paid anything and don't plan on paying anything and would like to use the people already in our neighborhood and not bring people into our neighborhood. thank you. >> clerk: thank you for your comments this afternoon. welcome. >> my name is janet smith i'm a resident also of related management company but i'm going to get to the part and read this
3:34 pm
real quick. today our community is at risk. district 10, bay view hunters point is the area with the most displacement in the last 10 years. if you agree with the statement above, we ask you do the following. one, perform an independent audit on both organizations win the controller's office. second, attend a bay view community town hall talking points more than 10 residents have stated receiving back-dated letters. i'm a witness to that. i have at least four residents stating they owe at least $40,000. how do you get away with one month not paying rent without a 10-day notice? they're not giving us ledgers. the people are stealing the
3:35 pm
money and getting monetary gifts, put it that way and the mission neighborhood center came to our bay view community? it's another stab in our hearts. i'm one of the victims. i was promised and i have a job but i was promised they'd pay my fast track, my credit card, my cell phone bill, told me to bring everything in. they have all my information but where is it? been denied again. to get their numbers to get their money to keep their grants going. we need help. on bay view. so everybody because i'm sure every one of you last guys also and i'm not just talking to shammann. we need help.
3:36 pm
thank you. >> thank you for your comments. we welcome the next speaker. >> good afternoon, my name is ferer -- loretta willsire. i'm a san francisco native and resident of bay view hunters point managed by related. i'm going to try to piggy back on what these three young ladies have just said. i'm a disabled senior. i'm representing the seniors of bayview-hunters point. and i'm familiar with the matters and a retired legal professional and represented other tenants as an advocate in
3:37 pm
wrongful evictions and domestic concerns. i'm honored to be in front of you and this is my first time ever being in front of the board of supervisors and i want to thank you for the work you're doing to try to better the city for everyone. without repeating what they have already said i'd like to read you a letter i wrote in november concerning my experiences and i'll read real quick. my experience as a tenant in this property has been disappointing and less than desirable and the personnel is disrespectful, non-responsive and non-caring and lacking professional. there existed conditions in the unit unhumane.
3:38 pm
for example, the carpeting was so worn from wear and tear it appeared to have been on the floor since my father began his tenancy which he lived for 40 years before i moved in. he was 95 years old and then he was determined he needed assisted living. so i got sick and stayed there. >> clerk: i'll have one of our staff come around to collect information from all of you. i have had the controller reach out to me and he very much wants to assist you and has asked i collect your information. >> thank you. >> clerk: if you wouldn't mind going out in the hallway. thank you, very much. >> a change gonna coming. >> clerk: thank you for your comment. next speaker, please. >> afternoon. i'm jessy with the equity
3:39 pm
center. i have worked in the soma three years. i worked closely with the filipino seniors that reside in d5 and d6. the task force decision to adopt the final map that splits the tenderloin is extremely disappointing. the task force pushed through and ignored the low immigrant and filipino community. they have no reasoning for the changes made to the map and it became apparent that outside influences directed the behavior of several task force members resulting in complete loss of public trust and sends the message that the voices of the community clearly don't matter. adopting the final map which split the tenderloin from soma and moved into district 5 was done without public support and contradicted most of the testimony from residents and community members residing in d5 and d6. we demand the board of supervisors take action to
3:40 pm
repair the harms done at the redistricting task force. the board must address the complete disregard of public input and gerrymandering and we ask the board to recall the redistricting process and support the community unity map and ask for every supervisor and put the unity map and reforms on the ball at for voters to decide. >> clerk: thank you for your comment. next speaker, please. >> i've worked in soma five years and i have thought the last time i stood in front of task force members was the last time i'll be talking about redistricting process. it was days after the map
3:41 pm
supposed to be approved and it addressed most of our concerns we're in full support and i thank the task force members and it was revealed a few days later it was for show and the decision was revoked and they made a complete 180 and it went to the direction with the pre-map. and pre tending to listen to the people's opinion was a part of this when task force members have obviously been influenced to go to a different map. but here i am today and hoping this would be the last time i'd in speaking about redistricting
3:42 pm
in hopes whoever has the power will start listening to the people. and we ask for the board of supervisors to take action to repair the harm done at the redistricting task force and the board must address the gerrymandering complete disregard of public input and failure to uphold the city charter that occurred at the last task force. and that every supervisor who cares about our democracy and representation and constituents to stand up and put the unity map on the november ballot for voters. that should be for us to decide. and we call for the board to report the task force process. >> clerk: thank you for your comments.
3:43 pm
>> we spent time listening to the discussion of the task force or ourselves in person waiting to give comment and the community is very disappointed with the final map. for those watching on the sidelines i know many can't participate directly but you saw and witnessed and many staff at city hall saw and witnessed what a complete debacle it was how it undermines faith in our public institutions. we had residents from district 6 themselves who said what's the point of me going out to another task force hearing it doesn't seem like they even listen to us. what's the point of me giving public comment yet again on another map that has ignored our comment and literally in the space of hundreds of hours of comment from the tenderloin and transgender cultural district,
3:44 pm
it was in my 15 years work in san francisco politics i have never seen something that blatant and that much disregard of vulnerable communities those who need the city resources the most and need to be heard the most and for them is hard to come out and find time from their double jobs and families to make time to comment. i think this is just a reflection of people growing distrust of the public institution and why was there no oversight and why was there no basic criteria for how to the task force made decisions and chose this neighborhood gets to stay whole, this neighborhood gets to be split? we saw some of the most vulnerable communities in our city were sacrificed for what we're not sure but it looked
3:45 pm
very sketchy from the outside. we know the pandemic was a big part of this process. it was not easy with the delays of the census data however, no previous task force has spent so many hours with so little to show. is that the 30-second? >> clerk: yes. >> anyway we thank those who really listened to public input and as board of supervisors you're the constituent's voice and it's a tragedy and it's a map we're living with for the next 10 years. we also want to support the request by the related management tenants and we stand in support for them to get their voice heard and concerns addressed. thank you.
3:46 pm
>> and we have issues in the direct. ive been a long-time artist in the soma. the redistricting task force has silence the voice of filipinos in the tenderloin. their map was crated in the personal interest of the chair of the task force. the move put the tenderloin into district 5 and overwhelmingly rejected by public comment in all forms of public feedback the task force requested. after initially making the unprecedented move to move the tenderloin to district 5, the task force then faced immense public comment and reversed this saturday april 2 keeping the tenderloin in d6 with soma. then two days later at 3:00 a.m. the task force reversed the vote again splitting the tenderloin
3:47 pm
and undermining their own 8-1 vote. this kind of behavior continues for the whole redistricting process without rhyme or reason. now, residents from d6 including black, filipino, arab and lgbtq folks demanded to remain with the south of market. residents in district 5. we ask the board to stand up for those who continue to be silenced, marginalized and
3:48 pm
divided in san francisco. please put the unity map and the process on the november ballot. >> clerk: i apologize if i interrupt anyone's comments. we're setting the timer for two minutes. >> the redistricting task force directly attacked lgbtq residents in the tenderloin and soma they ignored races in d6 and the queer and trans community has a long history of being silenced, ignored and marginalized and need to be represented yet this body consistently went out of its way to dilute, divide and silence marginalized communities and communities of color, tenants, low-income residents and queer and trans residents.
3:49 pm
the final map is a gerrymandered map and has been overwhelmingly rejected by the public. the very people the task force are supposed to be listening to. the behavior of the task force was erratic and defied reason. the t.l. was split from soma then 3:00 a.m. april 5 the t.l. was split again and on april 15 the task force rejected a map that split the t.l. and soma going back to keeping them together but split again april 21. this is what manipulation looks like. the task force purposely gave false hopes and promises to the public pretending they were listening when in fact they knew what they wanted to do. the board of supervisors must uplift our communities, residents and the lgbtq
3:50 pm
community and put forward the reforms to the task force process. let me people decide and not the task force members who by their own admission failed and lost the trust of the public in their process. >> thank you. welcome. >> my name is maria and i'm coming here from district 10 where i'm a resident and district 6. thank you for the and san francisco residents were unable
3:51 pm
to participate if part of the working class and the task force has no credibility with the public. we called in but our pleas fell on deaf ears so i'm calling on every supervisor to stand up and put the unity map for us voters to decide on not political insiders to decide. we ask the board of supervisors support the community map and put it on the ballot for the voters to decide. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. welcome. >> i have been working at the equity center out side of market
3:52 pm
for more than six years now. i am not comfortable speaking in front of a lot of people but doing it here now and on the redistricting process meeting. on behalf of the seniors and adult with disabilities we've been serving as well as showing my support to the community and i hope we will not be ignored and urge you to listen to our ask and support the community
3:53 pm
and the so-called unity map because it was produced unitedly from the hard work collaboration and consensus of different communities across the city. a map that ensures equitable changes in the current district lines. we ask you to reform the task force process to ensure the gerrymandering of input and our licensing practice that's happen during the districting process won't happen again. if you care about the democracy, ask the low-income working class communities and immigrant communities, people of color. we ask all of you as our supervisors to put the unity map and the reform in the redistricting process on the nof ballot for us to decide on -- november ballot for us to decide on. >> thank you for your comments to the board. you did just fine. >> i represent the market
3:54 pm
community action network. i lived in the hillside about six years and the task force have no clear reasoning for the changes made to the map with some votes swinging back and forth, multiple times for no apparent reason. it became obvious there were outside influences directing the behavior of several task force members. breaking down the public trust and the creation of a map that attacks vulnerable communities across the city. we ask the board support the community unity map and perform the redistricting process and put it both in the unity map and reforms on the ballot for the voters to decide. please give them a chance to vote out in. that's all. thank you. >> thank you for your comments to the board.
3:55 pm
>> clerk: welcome. >> i'm with the bi and equity center and i immigrate in 2004 and been an excelsior residents since then and loud and proud. as an immigrant i'm experienced first-hand how the city can provide a beacon of hope for newcomers and as a long time resident i've experienced how this city can provide spaces to be heard by people in positions of power. however, when it came to the recent redistricting process it was demoralizing to speak to the task force with the city's concrete vision of san francisco and get repeatedly ignored. it's neglect to disregard the hours of public input and saturday regard the established history and disregard the needs of our communities of interest
3:56 pm
who are working class, low-income, immigrant lgbtq people of color. the task force was as inconsistent as the weather among different parts of this city. there was no clear criteria or reasoning for the changes made to the map and makes one question the intention and influences. the blatant disregard for input and not protecting the needs of bipoc communities they have given rise to the public distrust and i've not lost hope in the promise of san francisco's tomorrow. i urge you to be agents of hope by reforming the redistricting process and supporting the community map and putting the unity map and reforms on the november ballot for voters to decide thank you so much for your time. >> clerk: thank you for your comments to the board.
3:57 pm
>> good afternoon. i'm alice mosely and i've lived in the district 5 for years but don't know where i am and i don't have official designation to what district i'm in and our district grew slightly so there was no need to make such drastic changes. i feel i'm represented now by someone i had no chance to vote for or against. and that's like the other people in my district who suddenly are not in the district anymore. some adjustments are required by law it should not be a complete shake out of district bound rid. i ask the board of supervisors to call a halt to this chaotic and fundamentally undemocratic
3:58 pm
process as many others have already pointed out. the mayor of san francisco already has had unprecedented powers but never such influence over redistricting and in an interview she said she'd like to remove the board of supervisors. the last check of power. >> clerk: thank you, alice mosely for your comments to the board. welcome. >> hi, i'm from san francisco rising. >> clerk: before i set your time i'm going to ask you to try to speak directly in the microphone, please. >> i watched the redistricting process from the start while i did expect some disagreement i
3:59 pm
nothing prepared me for the undemocratic process that unfolded and with the league of women voters advocated for a transparent process and the advocacy for the redistricting task force to release draft maps before the final deadline like other jurisdictions have done to give people ample time for public input and make necessary changes to the map. despite our suggestions and even proposals to move up the time line, the majority of the task force chose to wait not releasing their first visualization until five weeks before the final deadline. this is one example of the lack of structure in the process. there was no system to track core testimony or organization of input or a clear criteria for
4:00 pm
what comments the task force prioritized and which they didn't. then we saw meetings going until 2:00, 3:00, past 5:00 in the morning lasting between 10:00 and 19 hours. and of course this left out so many people who work or have kids or cannot be at meetings at all hours of the night. worse of all the task force repeatedly acted as if they'd listen to public input only to do a 180 and go against what the overwhelming majority of the public had been calling for and we've seen this with the carving out of the tenderloin from district 6 and splitting of the transgender cultural district and leaving the japan cultural district also divided. this process has harmed marginalized communities while prioritizing the voices of people from white affluent communities. i urge you to please understand the harm that is done to vulnerable communities and ensure it never happens again by putting the community --
4:01 pm
>> clerk: thank you for your comments to the board. welcome our next speaker. ma'am, please pull the microphone close. thank you. >> my name is erica a long-term d4 resident. anyone who witnessed any of the redistricting task force process would know as i do it was a fixed process and it is a gerrymandered map and embarrassment in san francisco but indicative of the trends in san francisco we now see. five task force members were closely affiliated with the real estate industry and a group targeting two of the west side supervisors. most residential voices were ignored it for the fix and areas were changed particularly on the
4:02 pm
west side that literally had no actual residents speaking for such changes. we call on all of you to allow the voters through a ballot measure to vote on a map that is just. also make needed changes to the easily manipulated and controlled process of san francisco redistricting. be brave. you know the approved map is for the haves who have controlled the lines on maps. thank you. >> clerk: thank you for your comments to the board. next speaker, please. >> hello and good afternoon. my name is wendy click from hospitality house. you see it's here to stand in solidarity and with those who shared our histories and struggles with us. we're an community-based organization and listen to our community members. as you know, the task force had hundreds and hundreds of hours
4:03 pm
of public comments of not-splitting the tenderloin and the soma neighborhoods against each other. but the wealthier neighborhoods were able to stay together but the tenderloin and soma are now split a part. we're asking you to please reform the task force and having them put it on the november ballot because the way it is now is unacceptable to us at hospitality house and the community we serve. >> clerk: thank you, wendy click for your comments to the board. thank you to the whole group. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. i'm jordan davis my pronouns are she/her. i support the stuttering awareness resolution and i stutter and have read paper off
4:04 pm
my phone to read it and if you don't like you're an enablist and i support redistricting reforms definitely even though i like supervisor preston and tvm t.l. and sow soma have to stay together and [bleep] the catholic church and prop gan -- propaganda and the reason i'm here and why he doesn't formally introduce it i 1,000% opposed the paper tiger commission over the department of homelessness and supportive housing. the mayor cannot continue to have their thumb on the scale because it's been causing all these problems over 20 years and needs to be majority board appointee like the sheriff
4:05 pm
commission which passed in november 2020. thank you very much president walton that. it's apparent safaiii didn't speak to stake holders and pushing his own [bleep] agenda and the it hurts and offends me as a supportive housing tenant who is constantly getting [bleep]ed over. and the people just voted and more will come. i want it say when you do a good job, i like to give you credit and say nice things but when you do a bad job i will not be afraid to tell you to go [bleep] yourselves. >> clerk: thank you jordan davis for your comments to the board. let's hear from our next speaker, please. welcome. >> good afternoon, everyone. >> clerk: before i start your time please pull that microphone
4:06 pm
close to you. thank you. >> good afternoon, everyone. my name is elaine samuels. i'm a senior and 70 years and worked for the department of public health for 25 years and a former and concerned with the redistricting and mostly concerned about the issue of housing for seniors. i don't know how that works. i pay taxes for many years and confused about the housing in district 5. will there be housing for seniors and how what would that look like? i would also like to know how the money's being distributed to help seniors in our community, mr. president ton -- preston and i'd like an appointment to you because i want to know what's going on for retiring seniors and people who have paid taxes in this community and
4:07 pm
lived in district 5 for 50 years and i just retired and i need help. can you please help me. thank you. >> clerk: thank you, elaine samuels for your comments to the board. >> good afternoon, task force i'm a resident in district 10 and work in district 6. we are asking the board of supervisors take action to repair the harms done to the redistricting task force. the board must address the gerrymandering with complete disregard for public input and failure to uphold the city charter that occurred at the task force. by their own admission, the task force process had no credibility. we are calling on every supervisor who cares about
4:08 pm
democracy and fair representation and constituents to stand up and put the unity map on the november ballot for voters. as a resident of district 10 i spent countless hours at the task force day and night calling in there all night. i'm telling you we were harmed by the process. i also want to ask that it's unfair that district 6 has two ballparks and amazon site and district 10 their neighboring district has no ballparks. this is really unfair. we need community resources in district 10 so badly. i moved back to san francisco just to do civic engagement and i'm telling you we need resources in district 10. thank you. >> clerk: thank you for your comments to the board.
4:09 pm
welcome, speaker. >> my name is don finley and i'm a second generation san franciscan and resident of the richmond district and also a member of richmond district rising the community unity map coalition. this year for the first time my participator as a member of the public in the redistricting process and a was appalled. what was supposed to be an impartial process that took public input into account was anything but that. instead i saw a redistricting process that was opaque and only pretended to listening to our communities while pursuing a political agenda that had nothing to do with protecting vulnerable communities or the voting rights act. as a member of the community unity map coalition i support
4:10 pm
the call to recall the redistricting process and codify public accountability and put it on the november ballot. i also support the call to put the community unity map on the ballot. this map was the result of a remarkable process where our communities talked to each other. to produce maps that serve us all and harmed none. unlike the task force map that for d 1 has meant adding wealthy white home owners to a district that is predominantly low to middle income workers and over 40% asians. this was clearly a politically motivated process. i demand that this board fix the redistricting process. make the unity map law by putting it before the voters in november. i also support the repress by
4:11 pm
the related tenants here requesting and an audit of their landlord. thank you very much. >> clerk: thank you, don masumi for your comments to the board. welcome. >> i'm curtis radford and i'm a proud gay man and somehow or another and now live in district 6 and district 5 i don't know what happened. hello, supervisor, i'll be giving you a call. first i'll tell you like it is, we all know the process with the redistricting task force was a disaster. and utter disaster and unfortunately a pre-meditated attack on communities of color,
4:12 pm
lgbtq folks and the most vulnerable in our city and it was premeditated and planned and knew what map they started before the public process and all the hours of the meetings and i was there from start to end were told the tenderloin and soma needed to stay together and they're intricately needed each other and yet maliciously separated us. every vote they had demonstrated that clearly. anybody who was watching can see that clearly. all i'm asking from you is i'm not asking you to figure it out or make a judgment yourself. i'm not asking you to change the map i just want you to put it before the voters and let the voters decide. let the voters decide what this should look like happen next
4:13 pm
time and can't let this disaster happen. public trust needs to be restored. but the measure on the ballot and let the community make their own decision. thank you. >> clerk: thank you, curtis bradford for your comments to the board. good afternoon. >> i'm ty buckner and i was involved in the redistricting task force over the last two rounds 10 years and 20 years ago. i've never seen the shenanigans of this past time. the role of the task force in addition to making population adjustments is also to honor and keep together communities of interest as well as to listen to the public comment and take their input. the majority of that task force failed miserably and we got butchering of districts created specifically to keep communities together. this is just to say it's gerrymandering we see in red
4:14 pm
states across the country. communities of color working class people, tenants all are disenfranchised and we have overwhelming numbers of people asking to keep the tenderloin and soma together. we had overwhelming numbers of people asking sea cliff and presidio are not added to the richmond and people pleaded to keep potrero and bay view together and only the latter was spared because the chair got flack from so in constituents. i know you don't override the work of other bodies usually but this is a really serious matter. over 20 years ago the voters approved the basic districts because there were existing communities for years. honor the community unity map
4:15 pm
which brought together over 85 community organizations, put that on the ballot and let the voters decide this time around again. thank you. >> clerk: thank you, tim buckner for your comments to the board. welcome. >> hello. i'm peter warfield speaking as an individual. i attended many of the meetings in person and remotely and have serious problems with respect to being able to participate. first of all i was participating by phone and so i found myself basically unable to make public comment a number of times when i simply wasn't called on. and once when i wasn't called on and said on the next agenda item i wanted to make public comment and the queue the chair basically said it was late and
4:16 pm
didn't let me speak. none of the other members spoke up and said they'd like to question that. i was interrupted at one key point when i was asking whether the almost exclusive information and publicity meetings they had for giving out information that was almost exclusively online. i was asking them to consider whether it's the right thing to do to disenfranchise disproportionately the vulnerable populations with the least access to online information they would at least know what's going on and what the information is and what the meets are and rules are.
4:17 pm
there were maps online that didn't have a single street street name and provision of documentation and a whole range of ways in which it was an exhaustion to make public comment and on that basis go for with putting it on the ballot. thank you very much. >> clerk: thank you, peter warfield for your comments. next speaker, please. >> my name is nicole johnson and worked in district 6 for 10 years now. the redistricting process was a fiasco and embarrassment and one of the reasons i wanted to talk today was express from my perspective it was a case study in the worse of san francisco
4:18 pm
politics and the process that undermines our trust in you. the main thing i wanted to say is the ball is in your court. you're our last line of defense from this kind of corrupt and everything from twitter storms to people storming out is a joke. you can give actual representation and hopefully heal some of our lost faith in the system. >> clerk: thank you, nicole johnson for your comments fot to the board. welcome. >> my name is oliver saria. i have been working in district 6 on an and off for years and lived up d9 years and asking for your support to put the unity map known ballot and reform the redistricting process. i'll keep my comments short. i'm still traumatized from the
4:19 pm
whole experience and it was very clear the body basically didn't listening to anything we said. hours and hours, hundreds of hours of testimony just went right over their heads. one ear and out the other. i'm praying that doesn't happen with this body. i yield the rest of my time. >> clerk: thank you for your comment oliver saria to the board. >> good afternoon. i'm from district 5 for 5 plus years. we can't live with this map for next 10 years and asking all the supervisors, it hurts all of san francisco. we'd like to see all of you support the ballot measure to start with the unity map and change the process which in many ways there are ways we mentioned some of already. i'm also going to give some specific examples, point some
4:20 pm
fingers. the chair of the task force told me in a meeting that he had five votes. it didn't matter what happened after that point because he had five votes. there's something wrong with that. the chair made of number of speeches about the plight of african americans in san francisco, he said we did gay marriages when it was against the law so why don't we have me plight of african americans and we're going to do it and i don't think this is the place. another advocated that portion be moved to district 10. he said he would be hated by all the people that raised him for the next 10 years if he didn't
4:21 pm
get that accomplished. that's again not an appropriate agenda. nobody asked for potrero hill to be moved to district 9. very few people asked for the tenderloin to be moved to district 5 and in fact i couldn't find a single verbal presentation. i did find a few letters that alluded vaguely. there were a disproportionately number of hours over the issue whether russian hill could possibly be in d2 or d3. thank you. >> clerk: thank you, tes wellborn for your comments to the board. welcome. >> hi name is jim warshaw for supervisor dorsey. welcome. to get some levity into this, reminder be careful what you ask for, you may get it. the task force. i learned more about the city.
4:22 pm
i've lived here a long time and been very active but i learned more because of public comments. people turned out and put their hearts and souls into this and worked hard. i wish the task force had performed admirably for the people of san francisco in this process. what we wound up with was an embarrassment and frustration. i think if you just look at concrete things you have reason to flow out their results or do the ballot measure to provide an option. they went beyond the deadline is illegal. the intent was to have everybody plus or minus 2% with the outside of 5%. you look at this map and almost everybody is plus or minus in the 4s. it's ridiculous. what happened to the tenderloin and central soma is an
4:23 pm
embarrassment. none of us got all we wanted but we expected a fair process. we're coming to you and asking you to help us rekindle some confidence there was integrity in what we'll live with for next 10 years and have a process 10 years from now that is really fair. i was up in seattle and they had more explosive group than us in their central district. i asked friends up there was your process a horror. no, it was independent and fair. everybody is adhering to it. it can be done. please help us get it. thank you very much. >> clerk: thank you for your comments to the board jim warshaw. >> my name is kelvin welch i live in district 5 and am a recovering member of the participating in the task force. each one of you were elected from a district that was approved by the voters of the
4:24 pm
city and county of san francisco. we're asking you to create a situation in which your predecessors are also elected from districts created and approved by the voters of the city and county of san francisco. our charter says it is the voters of the city and county of san francisco that is the primary decision maker for the city and county. that you the board of supervisors are the principle policy body of the city and county of san francisco. the district task force at 3:00 in the morning after a break to move their cars came back and basically created the districts that you are now going to run from. five folks at 3:00 in the morning.
4:25 pm
that is not the process laid out in the charter. that is not the process that had you elected. every district boundary for supervisors since 1976 was approved by the voters. i'm asking to put the community unity nap on the ballot and have it approved or denied by the voters. i'm asking to change the process by which mistakenly an appointed body has assumed that it and it alone gets to determine the outcome of districts. >> clerk: thank you, kelvin welch for your comments to the board. >> hello, supervisor. my name is doug comstock.
4:26 pm
i've lived in district 5 for about five years now though i've lived all over the city. but i've lived here since 1963 i've been a san franciscan so i've been through five of these redistricting processes. i've never seen one like this. this was totally disorganized. there was no attention paid to the public. no one in the public asked that district 5 assume the tenderloin. no one from the inner sunset asked they be included in the district 7 only the people from mountains above wanted them to be in district 7. no one from the public asked that merced manner and lake shore acres be included in district 4. no one.
4:27 pm
there was no public testimony like that. it came from the mind of one person and that was the chair. this is unacceptable. we simply have to put a map before the voters and let the voters decide. it's not fair to ask a judge to do a map and that may be what it comes to but i would rather the citizens of san francisco vote on a map like the unity map it seems to be well thought out. it's the job of the task force to listen to public comment and they failed. i think it's the job of the public now to vote for a map that vote for. >> clerk: thank you, sorry about that at the interference at the end. welcome. >> good evening supervisors and thanks for your attention on this matter.
4:28 pm
i'm here to oppose supervisor safai's recommendation with the majority of mayoral appointees. you've been aware of what's happened in the chronicle and listened to witness testimony from related. we need oversight and accountability of the people by the people and for the people and appointed by the board of supervisors. the behavioral huge commission sent forth a resolution on this matter and i hope you take it seriously and it's put on the agenda for consideration and opposing it be mayor appointed. we need to get her thumb off of our business. thank you for your consideration. i yield my time. >> clerk: thank you for your comments and for future reference it's pronounced safai. >> thank you for the correction. >> clerk: thank you. welcome. >> hello.
4:29 pm
my name is fred sherman the director of housing rights committee. i want to talk to you briefly about two things today. first i want to technical the controller and you all for taking the time to look into the related situation since related bought the four apartment complexes in bay view hunters point we've been flooded by called on lost checks, three-day notices, repairs, horrid record keeping and gross mismanagement. now there's been three fires this month in the same complex. and they're not even doing the basics they need to do on relocation or to keep tenants safe. i wanted to thank the controller and thank you all for listening. this say horrible situation and tenants are going to be displaced if there isn't something done and a lot of tenants. i also wanted to say that
4:30 pm
housing rights committee is horrified by the redistricting. what it does to a tenant voice in san francisco, what it means for especially low-income tenants to be able to have a real vote and how the district is divided. it changes -- it's gerrymandering. and something i didn't think that happened here when my friends in texas and other states talk about their horrible set up that happens every 10 years i didn't think would happen in san francisco and we also encourage you to put something on the ballot. >> clerk: thank you for your comments to the board. >> good afternoon, supervisors and welcome supervisor dorsey. i've been part of district 6 the past 25 years as a community and
4:31 pm
labor organizer and mother of three kids and legislative aide and now chair of a latina cultural district. i've seen many changes to district 6 and it's not a coincidence we've grown and we see community members evicted and priced out despite this it's home to many working groups and we knew our community would stand to be one of the most impacted in the redistricting process. 30% of the filipino community in district 6 live in the tenderloin. in january this year the executive districts of 14 filipino organizations submitted our interest map to the task force which reflects our community of interest with deep roots in the south market and tenderloin and we've worked with other communities that span both neighborhoods such as latinx and
4:32 pm
the chinese and trans-gender district and we're united and asking the tenderloin and soma together in d6 as we have a historic core and heart of the district 6. many attended task force meetings some 20 hours long to keep our neighborhoods intact and prevent the division and dilution of minority voices. it's the same night the chairs moved their cars and they were feeling pressured and also the same nights members of the task force walked out in protest because of the lack of integrate in the leadership. we ask you do right by your constituents and it's not just about lines on a map. this is about vital connection to community, services, opportunities for housing.
4:33 pm
>> clerk: thank you. >> please let the voters decide. >> clerk: apologies if i interrupt anyone. we're setting the timer for two minutes. welcome. >> david wu formerly in district 5. i would like to ask the supervisors pleased put the unity map and reforms to this process on the ballot. i'd like to read a letter submitted by 22 organizations to the task force being handed out to you now. the 22 under signed organizations reject and denounce the final map produced by the redistricting task force. it's racist and anti-working class and a blueprint for degentrification and impacts people of color and low-income communities and dismiss the overwhelming public input and prioritize the input of wealthy
4:34 pm
and disproportionately white and newly created neighborhoods and disempowers, black, filipino, latinx and lgbtq plus communities and established renters across the city and attacks communities in d6, 3, 5, 9, 1, 4 and and nearly every district and the task force members deceived the public and advanced behind the scenes changes that have never been publicly advocated for. the number of breaches in public profession and questionable votes and erratic behaviors of the task force are too many to list and denounce the process and denounce the undemocratic attempt to silence the voices and this is supported by many
4:35 pm
such as the filipino women's network, kearny street workshop and new community coalition and south east asian development start and tenderloin people's congress and the gender district. thank you. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. welcome. >> good afternoon, supervisors, president walton and welcome supervisor dorsey. first i want to talk about the redistricting process. i think it's really important to talk about the work of the clerk's office and john carol and angela calvillo made sure we had the foundation for input and a process that could be what it should have been.
4:36 pm
the over arching goal should about have been protecting the voice of most at risk from displacement and isolation from open space and equity. community groups representing tenant and bipoc residents from across the city worked together in efforts on redistricting. our process facilitated by san francisco rising and led by many worked to unite around clear community of interests to inform district line. we have a data-driven process looking not at the political spectrum but the spectrum of experience that describe our communities. this data-driven process led to a map that demonstrated it was possible to protect the voice of people when redrawing the district lines. because this the unity map and expected our work would be meaningful received. it was not.
4:37 pm
instead we ran to a buzzsaw of indifference and board members that were not transparent and not driven by any other principle other than what we can discern a final map that divide the tenderloin from district 6 and added to a contrived new district line for district 5 dividing district 5 like the spoils of urban renewal. we ask the board of supervisors right the wrong and put guide line and principles for a future task force to operate. and want the future task force to show their work and come to census rather than the slate of majority and the new map creates more than 10 years of damage and help the affluent have a greater say in the future.
4:38 pm
>> clerk: thank you for your comments. welcome. >> good evening, task force members. i'm david ortiz district 9 born and raised and asked the board of supervisors take action to correct the map the task force created. as many who spent many sleepless nights where the meetings averaged 12 hours and into the morning hours as they say nothing good happens after 2:00 a.m. and it's clear the process was flawed and needs major reform towards a map that doesn't split up the communities the t.l. and trans communities and lowers their electoral votes in d1 and d4 and made the district 50% white. further erasing the already
4:39 pm
struggling latinex voice fighting displacement in our community. voting rights have civil rights and in soma and texas and they matter in the progressive beacon of our country, san francisco. i'm asking the board of supervisors to rereform the redistricting task force map. it's not about ideological lines it's democracy versus republican-like tactics. we should all be concerned and angered by the process that was overtly political when it should have been non-partisan. i'm calling on every supervisor to put the unity map to put it on the ballot. also ask supervisors to wear masks in the chambers. there is a surge going on. thank you for your time. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. welcome. >> good afternoon, i'm the
4:40 pm
executive district of pse21 and an officer of the san francisco labor council and we're here in support of the community and of upholding our democracy. you cannot call yourself a mold city if people's voices are ignored by agendas not understandable or transparent. i am here with a simple message. we'd like the voters to decide i trust the voters and believe they'll do the right thing. we support the unity map and asking you all to show your leadership and do the same. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. are there any other members with
4:41 pm
comments? we'll go to the remote system. we have arthur assisting me. let's hear from the first caller. believe we have 14 callers who are in the queue and 33 listening. fur one of the 33, you should press star 3 to get in the queue to speak this afternoon. welcome. >> caller: thank you. can you hear me? >> clerk: welcome. >> caller: thank you, clerk. joe here. here we go. today i rides in opposition to last thursday's hearing full of baseless accusations against the brave san francisco police department from an associate of a district attorney facing recall. i ask the board of supervisors to look at hate crimes that have
4:42 pm
gone over 567% with no prosecution the current d.a. this must change and they do not respect police officers and i get immature mean-tweeting hate cops and i felon got a gun and you need great humans like san francisco police and hopefully me to deal with this supervisor and supervisor stefani and we need a mask mandate on muni to protect the immunocompromised and i congratulate supervisor
4:43 pm
dorsey on his appointment. we should have supervisor stefani appreciation day and supervisor stefani's exploits are legendary and do right by your constituents. enjoy your time on the board of supervisors and the rest i submit. god bless and the rest i submit. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. >> i want to remind people to keep comments to the entire board of supervisors and not to specific supervisors. >> clerk: thank you, mr. president. do you have another caller in the queue, please. welcome, caller. >> supervisors, i tried my best -- hello? >> welcome, mr. decosta.
4:44 pm
>> i tended virtually all the virtual meetings for the redistricting. calling on the chair to read the constitution of the united states of america, the city charter and to understand civil rights act of 1965. >> clerk: mr. decosta i'm going to pause your time. if you can turn down your television or computer i can hear your listening to it and creating quite a delay for you. >> caller: i don't have the tv on. i don't know what you're talking about.
4:45 pm
>> clerk: okay. you have a minute and 25 seconds left. here we go. >> caller: okay, one of the things that the redistricting task force did not attend to review was cultural competency. so i'm asking you the board to legislative body to do the right thing. and i do not appreciate the executive branch trying to bully us. i think i met supervisor dorsey. i'm surprised to see him in the chambers. i think he's an asset. to the legislative branch is now
4:46 pm
to represent the people of san francisco do not let us down. i think another supervisor from district 5 is on the right track. thank you very much. >> clerk: thank you for your comments to the board. do we have another caller in the queue, please? >> caller: good afternoon. i'm calling on all supervisors who care about democracy and their constituents to stand up and put an end to further discussion of the unity map that isn't the legal final map the redistricting task force approved april 28. the unity map was produced during back room deals and the
4:47 pm
supporters have been uncompromising in their approach and don't represent all of san francisco as they claim. this say wishful thinking and there's in fact hundreds of people who called the unity map and it separates the portola and the unity map separates western edition from the tenderloin. it separates neighborhoods in the richmond all for political reasons. and now because they didn't get everything they wanted, they have tent people to this meeting to malign the hard working task force members and further undermine a legal and balanced map. i have every confidence all the supervisors on this board are more than capable and willing to listen to and represent all their new constituents. to do anything else would be
4:48 pm
injecting politics into what is supposed to be a non-political process. thank you, i cede the rest of my time. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. we have 24 callers in the queue. next speaker, please. >> caller: hello. this is matthew roy. i'm a delegate from the democratic party and representative from the lgbtq community. hearing people saying they did not want me in my own neighborhood was horrific. i don't want to go through that again. i want to thank the task force for their work and many of the callers mentioning gerrymandering and harms that have taken place. these are what people are trying to move back to. most of us who sat through this
4:49 pm
process would agree it was painful mostly because of the politicalization of the profession. hearing so many fomenting division was beyond process. i support the current map and ask the board of supervisors not move forward to open these wounds and put bigotry to the ballot. >> clerk: thank you for your comments to the board. next speaker, please. welcome. >> caller: good afternoon, president walton and fellow supervisors. i'm with land use coalition. i'd like to echo the comments from george wooding and other comrades and the botched job in
4:50 pm
drawing the shameful map of redistricting. secondly, i'd like to draw your attention to the frivolous lawsuit in response to the decision last year uphold the law and reject a permit application of an unscrupulous landlord for demolition of the rent controlled dupe plex on san francisco street. san franciscans think of them received as exceptional but there's nothing exceptional about rich and powerful people getting their way or frivolous lawsuit initiated only because of developer couples with connections to the city hall family denied their permit to replace a rent-control, modest duplex with an mcmansion single-family home what would be exceptional is the city attorney settles the lawsuit and ask the
4:51 pm
tough questions. the case of 249 texas street was the first time the state law 330 was brought in the planning commission and later appealed to the board. you upheld the law and disapproved the project and the reason the entitled and well connected owners are suing the city. we have only one ask, uphold the law, protect the city from frivolous lawsuits and don't let backdoor channels to cut a deal and advance more corruption in the city. thank you. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> caller: can you hear me? >> clerk: yes, welcome. >> caller: my name is dr. teresa palmer a long time resident of d5 and worked many years with
4:52 pm
under served communities in the tenderloin and we need a ballot measure to vote on the community unity map and also to make sure that the process that went on this time of redistricting never ever happens again. even if it takes a charter amendment. this was shocking. i could not believe believe the under handed sort of things that went on -- i ended up spending i think 30 hours listening to this process because it was so shocking i was afraid not to listen. it was a horrible process that should never be repeated. >> clerk: thank you for your comments to the board. next speaker, please.
4:53 pm
>> thank you, i'm calling from district 5 what used to be district 6. i'm not here with any organization that told me to come out. i'm just here to back up what other people have been saying about redistricting task force and the community unity map. i think the map that came out of the redistricting task force is appalling. nobody asked for the tenderloin and soma to be split but it is and a clear example of gerrymandering at the hands of the democrats. usually we hear that's a republican thing but this proved it's alive well here in the city of san francisco.
4:54 pm
so i also support the community unity map and i think it's disappointing that the mayor chose the director of sfpd propaganda and that's another example of the strong mayor system in this city going wrong that i would like to see addressed and we see that playing into the redistricting process as well. i yield the rest of my time. >> clerk: thank you for your comments to the board. let's hear from the next caller, please. >> caller: my name is charlie and i'm a proud and long time residents of district 11 and here to call on the board of supervisors to take actions to repair the harms by the
4:55 pm
redistricting task force. in the last five months we saw a beautiful process unfold across san francisco. neighborhood and neighborhood leaders joined together to develop an analysis of community conditions and not only showing up again to uplift communities at the redistricting task force meetings but reached out to neighboring communities to unite among common interests and shared value. the redistricting task force undermine the community voices and they lost credibility to the public. i want to echo the voices of others who have spoken and take action to address the gerrymandering and disregard of public input. while the final task force map clearly splits, divides and dilutes low-income, working class and bipoc community the unity map upholds communities of interest with equitable changes
4:56 pm
to existing district line. we're calling on every supervisor to take action to reform the redistricting process and put both the unity map and reform on the ballot for the voters to decide. thank you. >> clerk: thank you for your comments to the board. next speaker, please. >> caller: this is brenda bell and calling to ask the map be placed on the ballot if there is no fear what the people want and why are people afraid to have it on the ballot. if it is a just map then the voters will approve it. if it's not then they won't. i think they need to be given that opportunity. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. next speaker, please.
4:57 pm
>> good evening, board of supervisors and madame clerk. sproezedly in district 8 i have no idea -- supposedly in district 8 i don't know where i live now because of the horrendous map drawn now. i join the chorus of those hundreds of thousands of san franciscans that have spoken out about the final map the task force did. to the task force was corrupt from the beginning to the end. and it's time for the board of supervisors to act and take action. i wait to hear from the voices of supervisors to speak out against the map and vogt for the unity map to be put on the
4:58 pm
ballot so people can decide the next supervisor for the next 10 years. this process has been corrupt by the mayor and the mayor's people and the corruption lies in muni and different agencies in san francisco. the people have spoken. they're crying out for the supervisors to do something. we wait to hear what the supervisors have to say on this and if you need to, call press conference, get on tv, get in front of every microphone and speak out against this. i yield my time. >> clerk: thank you, gilbert criswell for your comments. next speaker, please. >> caller: my name is art
4:59 pm
prisico and on the board of the san francisco panthers and i'm waving the live speed and notice supervisors having covering and not paying attention and wondering what's the point of hanging on the phone several hours. i'll still go ahead and make remarks and asking you to take corrective action to repair the injustices, the damage done to democracy in the san francisco by the redistricting task force when they respect established neighborhoods and created a map that attacks vulnerable communities across the city. the corrective action you can take now is to one, put the community unity map on the november ballot for voters to decide and two, reform the task force process. reform should ensure representation on it by members from s.f communities of interest
5:00 pm
and operate with transparency that allow sufficient time and opportunity for creating a fair and representative map to avoid the rush map tainted with flawed and unjust results. we can and should be better than that. let san francisco voters decide which map they prefer. [please stand by].
5:01 pm
when the city release the booed they left off any mention of sb330. the decision the attorney wrote did not reflect what the supervisors voted on that day. it was very suspicious since that was the most clear-cut part of the case and that's how we want. when we asked to see the attorney about why sb330 aways
5:02 pm
left off we were refused further contact and anne pearson tried to pass the buck off to you and would do not believe for one minute this whole case was fraught with corruption and of an owner and developer and attorney having planning department and now the same thing is happening at the city of attorney level this was their whole strategy all along. let the opposition win in front of the board and we will settle it quietly later there's a major conflict of interest going on here and it's almost laugh shall. ability he was being advised by the city attorney and now they are suing the city and the city attorney has to oppose him. the city attorney is supposed to switch sides to litigating to uphold the board of supervisors decision that they do not even agree with. we all know this won't happen
5:03 pm
unless you all. >> thank you for your comments. let's hear from our next caller. before we do, we have 21 callers in who are in the queue ready to make their comment. let's hear from our next caller, please. >> caller: hello, my name is p.j. and i am with tomcan we at the board of supervisors take action to repair the harms done the the re districting task force the board must address the gerry man dering complete disregard for public input and failure to up homicide the city charter that appeared at task force and we're calling on every supervisor who cares about our democracy and the representation and the constance to stand up and put the unity map on the november ballot for voters and
5:04 pm
the tenderloin from soma and moving it to district 5 was done without three awe representative and workers and individuals across the city and works to keep communities of interest and established neighborhoods hope while making major changes to the existing district boundaries and communities members that the hard work to find consensus for new district lines among neighborhood groups and residents and workers across the city but the task force this will own agenda and created lines that divided communities without reason or explanation and and reform the really directing process and put both the unity map and reforms on the
5:05 pm
ballot and it was produced through the coalition of workers organization and so please keep that in mind and thank you so much for your time. >> thank you for your comments to the board. let's hear from our next caller, please. >> hello. my name is emily block and i am from d10 and i helped with the 49eua appeal at the height of the cedrika pandemic, the landlords at 429 texas street denies their tenants' rights granted under the steed and state ordinances and state law regarding state eviction moratorium which forced the tenants to leave. this game to light because the landlords wanted demolish this rent-controlled duplex and build a luxury single family home which was opposed by neighborhoods rights activists and working class tenants.
5:06 pm
are sided with us the opposition and supervisor preston gave an excellent analysis in part of the violations of tenant laws. but the case deserves a criminal investigation by the d.a. particularly because these rich and powerful land lons. you can lion your permit application and your testimony and all you have to do is hire a lawyer with connections to city attorney and pay for a powerful lobbyist to get what you want. i wonder how many landlords in the area where people were speaking about multiple fires and unlivable conditions are also taking these routes. we ask that you insert yourself in the lawsuit and don't let the city attorney settle this case behind closes doors. the buck should stop here. not the city attorney's office.
5:07 pm
since they already compromised because of their obvious connections to scott emblidge and your comments. >> clerk: next caller, please. >> caller: hello, caller. are you with us? that may be an unattended line. welcome, caller. >> caller: i had to unmute my phone. >> clerk: proceed. >> caller: what we have is a drawn for the most part by the real state spectator associations in the city or actually not in this city but who own property in this city but i'm calling on the board of
5:08 pm
supervisors to restore the credibility and legitimacy it had by taking action to throw that map in the trash bin where it belongs. you know, i remember jim crow and san francisco's looking more and more like that. you have a situation where it's an undisguised rule of the capital and specifically the real estate speculators. a map designed to takeaway tenant's rights, workers rights, accountable of the cops who are terrorizing the oppressed communities in the city. now, i know that in this country, and san francisco's not an exception, voting is not really one right for us. for the most part, we won our
5:09 pm
rights in the struggle but sometimes the struggle takes electoral form so i did not abstain from that. i have to say we did win our rights in the struggle and not in the ballot box and for all of those here who fight for justice and it's really a struggle for power and we will win our victories in various battled feeds and especially in the cities soil see you in the streets fighting for pay better world. next caller. >> caller: my name is eric and
5:10 pm
i'm a native san franciscan and i a fro spokesperson for soma neighborhood residential schooll and co-chair of mid market coalition and i've lived in directing 6 the last nine years and i've been in and out of it for over 20 4:00 years and directing 6 is undemocratic and clearly a political move to dilute the districts for the next 10 years. i'm asking the board to put the unity measure, unity map on the ballot in november and residents should be the ones that made this decision. thank you supervisors and i
5:11 pm
yield the rest of my time. >> thank you for your comments. next caller, please. >> caller: hi, good afternoon. president walton and madam clerk, members of the board of supervisors. supervisor dorsey, welcome. my name is michael lupe and i'm a district 9 resident and the principles 2020 drafter and thank you so much for your comments about that earlier. today i'm calling in regarding the power of our community's voices being diluted through redistricting. and by our communities, i mean the hiv, lgbtq, cultural districts, trans folks, our working class, poor, and our most marginalized voices and i will hold the door open and ask for a bigger discussion table.
5:12 pm
number one, please reform the redistricting community and honor the unity maps and put this before the voters this fall and come up with some guidelines for future task force and how to act and i have never realized that we can actually be involved in chambers and meetings until after mid night until after this process but i think that san franciscans deserve a better process that. let's hear from our next caller, please. >> caller: hi, good afternoon.
5:13 pm
i'm a san francisco native and i worked in the tenderloin neighborhood for combined feed years and the task force this year has produced a map and working class low income immigrant, lgbtq plus and people of color and showed the established neighborhoods and this central component of the final map splitting of the tenderloin from soma and moving it into directing 5 was done without public support and contradicted almost all of the testimony from residents of those neighborhoods. today we asked the board to support the community that it unity maps reform the redistricting process and put both the unity map and re form on the ballot for the voters to decide. while the final task force map
5:14 pm
working class and poc communities and the unity map up holds neighborhoods and communities of interest with equitable changes to existing center lines. thank you. i want to talk about the process and i was there and some of it was good but majority of it was not so good and i want to also thank the board of supervisor
5:15 pm
and use those to their benefit when enjoying the process which it's not supposed to be a political process and it actually dis heartens so many people that i tried to get to speak because they saw that if they weren't going to be listened to so they it's not to not take the time to speak at public comment because they can see it on television that's the process was being flawed and they just don't understand or don't want, they can't see they're going to get a win in a process that is supposed to be fair. they end up being demoralized and that's how this process ended. we lost people from being, thinking that something was
5:16 pm
going to happen positive to something that was a loss and i am the native san franciscan and i don't -- i think that something should be done about the process. thank you. >> clerk: thank you for your comments to the board. let's hear from our next caller, please. >> good afternoon, my name is clara and i was born and raised in the tenderloin and my family moved from the philippines after world war ii and lived here since. i spent in my life in soma raised from the filipino community and filipina americans like myself that resembles anything to the lives our families had back home and it's heart break to hear my community begging to be kept whole here while our people are fighting for our country and directing 6 is my home with the then der
5:17 pm
loin in it and after hearing loud and clear from the public they needed to kept the tenderloin and soma together and even members of d5 said wait, no keep the tenderloin in directing 6 so it's baffling how many people called in and gave prime minister public and members of the task force didn't even acknowledge those remarks and have any good reasoning for why that decision was made. community members literally did all of the work to create the unity map and the task force has their own agenda and adapted a map without public support. that is incredibly suspicious and a slap in the face to all of our communities and that took the time out of their days and off of work and stayed long hours at city hall and on the phones of participating in this excuse for a public planning process. it is possible to redraw
5:18 pm
directing lines and keep communities together. the unity map does exactly that and i am here today to ask the board supervisors like many other folks on the line to redistricting task force by creating the unity map for voters to decide on and if this is how it's going to be every decade, the entire task force process needs to be reformed and placed on the ballot too. thank you so much for your time. >> thank you for your comments. next caller, please. >> this is david elliott louis long time tenderloin resident. first of all, supervisors, supervisor, supervisors, the pleasure of your attention is requested. seriously. the pleasure of your attention is requested. i know it's hard. this is a long general public comment. the public would really appreciate you at least appearing to listen to us.
5:19 pm
my comment is also about the really broken process of redistricting. clearly, it failed. they were two months late and even introducing a map to the public. they held long 12-hour hearings with hundreds of hours of public comment which they ignored and do what they want anyway and they had a preexisting plan and they split it in the slap of the face of the trance gender community and plus they ignored public comment and the will of the public including the community unity map. the process is broken and there are solutions and we need to legislative solution or a ballot
5:20 pm
solution and is for the 2030 process one that actually reduces the role of the executive office and notion h please try and fix it. thank you for your comments to the board. let's hear from our next caller, please. >> caller: hello supervisors. my name is (inaudible) i'm with healthy h aye ght. i support the unity map and i would like to see it put on the november ballot.
5:21 pm
i have been in the haight for over 30 years, during that time, i've considered it to be the same community. as a result, i feel they should have the same representation and the same supervisor. having one small, two lane neighborhood street be the dividing line between a cohesive community and makes no sense and it's tearing this community in two. please, allow commonsense in this re districting process to be restored by implementing the unity map. thank you. >> thank you for your comments. let's hear from our next caller,
5:22 pm
please. >> caller: good afternoon, supervisors, my name is eric of the manage for glide under the center for social justice and glide for decades has worked to lift the voices of those that are marginalized, the invisible poor and unheard and we current all witnesses our -- during the process. this is something we have witnessed in these communities. we have an opportunity to right the wrongs that have been during currently. reform the redistricting process and place the union map on the ballot and allow the people of san francisco to decide. it's a moral obligation. thank you. >> thank you eric for your comments to the board. let's hear from our next caller, please. >> welcome, caller. >> caller: good afternoon or good evening i should say.
5:23 pm
marie here, good evening. congratulations and welcome to supervisor dorsey. i'm appalled by the on going divisiveness and political manipulation around re districting. perhaps the task force members should be people with no connection whatsoever to anyone in san francisco politics or we should move to city wide elections. the task force had a tremendous challenge and it rose to the occasion. i'm furne people are aware of this but the district lines are not walls. people in san francisco will be able to cross the lines, services will be available to them regardless of where they live so one must ask, what are the unity map activist concerned about in the concerns are political. something that is prohibited in re districting. 9 talking points are full of miss at the same times. public input was divided. it was not monolithic, i was there for over 170 hours of public comment so i can assure
5:24 pm
you i know. the 2022 task force is conducted a public input process more democratic than any other in the history of san francisco despite covid. it is well documented that they have prioritized public input at every opportunity a difference of opinion on boundaries is not illegal just a reality when there are so many voices to be heard and impossible decisions to be made. i am calling on all supervisors who care about our democracy, fair representation and their constituents to put an end to further drama around restricting and the board of supervisors have no standing here to take any action. the task force worked hard and did their job and approved a map that keeps more communities of interest together than any other map. if the task force had an agenda as people keep accusing they would never have a advanced 4d and make it work. it's easy to explain but the claims made are false.
5:25 pm
the unity map is a political map. they claim to have involved the community but 6,571 community organizations in san francisco. >> thank you, marie for your comments to the board. let's hear from our next caller, please. >> caller: and capacity and i would like to pile on and grow e what the callers that the redistricting process was a hot mess. at times disrespectful. i find it hard for anyone to say that there was a division on the people, mostly all the people that came with hours and hours
5:26 pm
of testimony and i want to be forced the unity maps is so significant is we tried it was very difficult to do the map and it was not user friendly at all and a lot of us saw the map it aligns with what we felt were not huge adjustments or changes to neighborhoods and i'm concerned that a supervisor that lost the election in d5 was pushing on the outside, her and her campaign manager for this tenderloin to move to d5 action and there's not one person that testified, always times i was there, that they wanted to be moved to d5. so, there's actually black women
5:27 pm
crying they wanted to still be connected to soma and d6 so please, put it on the ballot. thank you. >> thank you gloria berry for your comments to the board. let's hear from our next caller, please. >> caller: good evening. hello board of supervisors and i'm curt ka bee owe and i just please don't listen to trump appoint''s misrepresenttation but it's carl grove tactics calling on the board to put an end to communities expressing their pain about this map. calling to remove district dire. the truth that that section of the city charter is hurting our democracy and musting changed and it's too corrupt. maybe the best san francisco ex do is get oust of the way and let the good government groups take over. the state fair maps act did not apply to san francisco as a
5:28 pm
charter city so sf unranked, re districting try acria trumped the fair maps act ranked for districting reterria and we're cutting ourselves off with this quirky-san francisco style corruption that allows the mayor to appoint task force members. nowhere else allows hedge to cor suspect. get rid of the elections commissioner appointee and i call on the board of supervisors to remove the criteria part of the city charter to let the state fair maps act take over our redistricting. the they are not independent it's a psychiatric to say a a joke.they are ignoring publs to hold their appointed task morse members and why were two from district 2, they cannot conduct a row district process. we call to you prior the mayor's thumb to restore restricting to
5:29 pm
give us random deelected task morse candidates so give us a charter fair maps act to apply to san francisco and remove the april 15th deadline so we can solve the problem state wide with the news media isn't controlled by news media. re districting failed and we call on you to fix it. thank you so much. >> thank you for your comments to the board. let's see here we have 10 callers who are in the queue and there are 28 who are listening. if you are one of the 28, you have not made your comment yet, press star 3 to get into the queue otherwise we make take this last group to the question end. let's hear from our next caller, please. >> watching supervisors, lisa ab recity (inaudible) of the -- >> i have not set your time yet. may i pause you. can you speak directly into the
5:30 pm
phone. we are having trouble hearing. >> caller: can you hear me now. >> much better, great. i'll set your timer. >> thank you. good afternoon, supervisors, lisa aubry, 33 year resident. i attended seven of the redistricting meetings. listened to hours and hours and hours of public testimony. you don't have to take my word for it, all of those meetings were recorded and the e-mails are public. e-mails from regular san franciscans who weighed in public comment. the disconnect between what the task force did, their votes, their mapping and public comment is quite shocking actually. and the central component of the final map splitting the tenderloin from soma and moving
5:31 pm
it to d5 was done without public support and contradicted nearly all of the testimony from residents in those neighborhoods. the task force had no clear criteria or reasoning for changes made to the map with a number of votes swinging back and fourth, multiple times, for no clear reason. it was obvious that outside sources were directing the behavior of several of the task force members. resulting in a complete breakdown of public trust in that body and the creation of a map that harms vulnerable communities throughout the city. it's documented that the votes contradicted public testimony and it's not a hoax. we ask that you supervisors support the community unity vetted map by community members, residents, reform the
5:32 pm
redistricting process and put both unity map and the reforms on the ballot for voters to decide. thank you, very much. help us. >> clerk: thank you for your comments to the bored. board. next caller please. >> caller: i just heard supervisor stefani endorses the recall -- >> joe, i think you've already spoken this afternoon. let's go to our next caller. >> caller: thank you, sir. our next caller, please. >> caller: welcome, caller. >> caller: good evening, supervisors, my name is lorenzo. and neighborhood association of filipino founded in 2010 and i believe in work in district 6
5:33 pm
forever 17 years now and i'm here to express my disappointment with the vote of the row districting task forced to keep the vulnerable community in the tenderloin together with soma in district 6 and the fill westand behind the central somao stay together in d6 in the filipino municipal in public comments about our preference in district 6 but the task force we've used to listen to the community voice and i think it was deplorable and so i ask the board of supervisors to please take action to fix the harm done at the re stricting task force and they ignored working class, lgbtq plus and people of color and should complete disregards of this neighborhood is special and the filipino community so i heard the last support the
5:34 pm
community map introduced and the permit engagement and change the revisiting process. i ask you please put both the unity map and the forms on november ballot for the voters to decide. i hope you support the community. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. next caller, please. >> caller: hello, my name is trisha and i have lived in district 5 for over 35 years. i am asking the board of supervisors take action to repair the harm done by the redistricting task force by the own omission that the task force process has no credibility with the public. we're calling on every
5:35 pm
supervisor who cared about our democracy and fair representation, and the constituents to stand up and put the unity map on the november ballot for voters to decide. we demand the board to reform the task force process and i yield the rest of my time. thank you. >> thank you, trisha for your comments to the board. let's hear from our next caller, please. >> caller: hi, my name is marie and i lived in the mission for 25 years and in san francisco for 35 or 40, i don't know. i have been lis lening and attending these hearse from the get-go and the task force or as i call them the task farce by their own admission, has no credibility with the public so why are we considering the
5:36 pm
current maps that ignores working class low income immigrants lgbtq and people of color, communities of interest? we ask the board to support the community voted unity map reforms the districting process and put both unity and reforms on the ballot for the voters to decide and not the special interests. thank you. let's hear from our next caller. please. >> caller: yes, i am here. i put myself on mute. thank you supervisors for allowing me the opportunity to not only give public comment on my birthday but also to speak on redistricting one more time. it's trily the gift that keeps on giving. my name is chelsea weight.
5:37 pm
what is 'em bassing to san francisco is this 11th hour for individuals who did not get their way when it comes to redistricting. remember this unity map is reflective of small collection of groups and not the city as a whole. the task force meets in controversial decisions and i don't necessarily agree but it's unfair and supervisor mismanagement of district. what would be undemocratic is for you to get involved in what is supposed to be an ex police italy independent process and it's also important to remind everyone that some of your aids were caught contribute to go sf talking points on city hall's dime. the hours of public comments that the task force. it's hear say if you lock at the public comments which shout out
5:38 pm
to the clerk's office you did a fantastic job of managing. allow this process to come to completion so we can move forward as a cohesive community. i yield my time. >> clerk: thank you for your comments to the board. let's hear from our next caller, please. >> caller: hi, my name is brad solomon. i just wanted to take a moment to make clear for the public what is going on here in case there are any out there that don't know what is going on today. i was at several of the redistricting traffic force meetings and the task force which had an inve able job did its best to come up with a map that's lawful and that's what they did. it was a a 5-4 vote and there were political interests involved. now a certain portion of the board is dissatisfied with the results because it's threatens
5:39 pm
the make up of the board. so they orchestrated today's comments period and they're threatening to come up with a ballot initiative which would bring a so-called unity map which has only to do with politics and not unity and put that on the ballot and have that voted on. that is all about politics. the progress i was want to maintain control of the board and the moderates are look to go gain back power and balance out the board and the progressive don't want this to happen so this is orchestrated and they'll stop at nothing to get their way so we can either allow the lawful map to stand or we can allow an unlawful sham like this to go forward and have a ballot initiative come on the ballot. so, i asked the board to have enough integrity not to allow that to happen and no one
5:40 pm
complained about this 10 years ago when the progress i was got their way and this is not a political process so either do a shameful act or do the right thing and allow the lawful map to stand. thank you, very much. >> thank you for your comments to the board. we have about a handful of call ner the queue. let's hear from our next caller, please. >> caller: good afternoon, supervisors. my name is jennifer yen i'm a resident in san francisco and i'm calling to support the legal and fine am version of the maps as it stands. like the earlier caller, i called in several times and i understand that the independent task force is volunteered base and works very hard for seven months in a very democratic and transparent process. the role is to create district
5:41 pm
maps that comply with the federal voting right act, the u.s. constitution and the california constitution. public input is considered and public input does not outweigh the independent task force duty. at the same time, as a chinese american, i also heard many chinese immigrants spend late-night at city hall given very strong opinions about the fact that portola should be united visitation valley which in the end, was not accomplished. the process has compromise but it is a democratic process and it's very transparent and the task force these were call taken into consider indication so i zoo no we should stick to the final version of the map and move forward and let the city
5:42 pm
continue to go on to solve the various problems we are facing and they are compact and contribute and they're the value and population growth and to remain to the 14th and the equal voting protection. thank you very much. >> clerk: jennifer yen, thank you for your comments to the board. next caller, please. >> good afternoon, supervisor, madam clerk, curtis wo calling in district a not speaking on redistricting but calling into thank the clerk and the staff and the supervisor from district 3 for wearing your mask and we are currently in a surge and it really feels like the city doesn't care anymore and it means a lot to see our electives leading by example. look at your district. most of the people in the neighborhood are wearing masks and it's so funny how sf was one
5:43 pm
of the first cities to require masking and now it all seems to no one cares anymore and we are dealing with stress to covid to eat vegetables instead of wearing your mask and i'm shocked so you know, i have a feeling some on the board that want to eliminate public comment and whatever you think on that you can require masking so it's safer for immuno compromised folks to enter city hall and masking does affect chronically ill the most but masking helps everyone. i haven't gotten the flu in the last throw years probably because i'm masking and everyone probably knows someone who has covid right now so i just want to emphasize we're living in a post covid world and climate change is going to make more viruses these things happen and please, just keep the masking indoors, lead by example and war a mask. thank you. >> thank you, curtis woo for your comments. let's hear from our next caller,
5:44 pm
please. i'm calling in support of the unity map and the tenderloin and summer communities together and we're expecting the widespread public outcry that is persistent throughout this process. the redistricting process that lead to the plot map was fraught with late-night meetings and ignored the redistricting best practices for creating a new map. please do the right thing by the people of san francisco and take action to repair the harm that has been done and so the communities of the tenderloin and soma. thank you for your time. >> thank you for your comments. we have about five callers in the queue, let's hear from our next caller, please.
5:45 pm
it's a hail mary to show two rent control units and they didn't comply with the major requirements of sb330 in that last october board of supervisors meeting, supervisor preston and melgar's questioning of the sponsors attorney former city attorney scott had unethical practices of the planning and and testimony stang against the destruction of affordable housing and the city but low and bow hold the sponsors are now suing the city attorney to overturn the board of supervisors ruling and we ask you to stand by your decision andenture he doesn't settle in the shadows and the sunshine act covers the fact that the sponsors attorney has worked
5:46 pm
with the city attorney to secure a favorable ruling prior to the board of supervisors meeting in october and continues to do so and if you recall him he thanked them and the city attorney wrote the decision of the board of supervisors without any mention of sb330 which was a core component of the case and it was shady and it forced positive changes and developers are being forced to follow sb330 to the law and the community affordable housing activist, the tenants union we all worked on this case to see the unanimous victory at the board of supervisors and now they have a chance to workout a deal with the city attorney with no one watching and the supervisors have the power to ensure the city attorney does its job here and misses the suit or lid gates it fully otherwise there's no point to this case. >> clerk: thank you for your
5:47 pm
comments to the board. i want to make a quick follow-up to a statement made by the president earlier in today's meetings that when the remote system is completed for the first time, we will then go to the members of the public who are in the room but we will not circle back to the remote system. so, in the meantime, do we have another caller in the queue, please? >> caller: this comment is for we the people who have been woefully eclipsed by we the money in my hometown. speaking of home towns, over the last seven months of careful scrutiny, of these general meetings, i have come to learn that my status as native, or female, or disabled, or anything expressing the value of my constituent role, has lost all relevance in the political process in san francisco. as recent segregation of jfk so
5:48 pm
white is a prime example. instead of saying, i've lived in sf for so many years, the more compelling pedestrian a grow in sf might be instead, hi, my name is jane doe, and i purchased so many properties, or have x amount of millions of dollars in the banks. meeting after meeting, we the people have become an animal undergoing extinction and i question the people's time energy devoted to any one singular issue as week after week we the people have zero power and influence with the governing body and we the people must unite across the board on all issues not divided into a multitude of silence, scattered voices, and we the people must direct our limited time and resource toward a goal of replacing the body with those who allow us a vote or has this redistricting already pre-emptively, we the people's capacity to even chose our elected leaders at this junctionture and sf is not a
5:49 pm
brand. nor corporation. why do city leaders govern for profit? >> clerk: thank you citizen 22 for your comments to the board. i am a member of re districting task force and the final map approved by was some of our marginalized ask vulnerable communities of interest like those of the tenderloin and these communities should be the in same district if they have a chance of fair and the city charter required us to make adjustments to district lines on public hearings and the char interest also required that district lines reflect the communities of interest in our city and the charter also requires to limit and some of
5:50 pm
our city most vulnerable and districts and denying them a chance that effective and fair representation. the final map diluted the political power of many vulnerable communities of interest and the 1% limit of all and splits recognized neighborhoods. i did not and do not believe this final map is combined and encourage you to help the redistricting process. thank you. >> thank you, member of the 202 redistricting task force and all right. do we have another caller in the
5:51 pm
queue, please? >> caller: my name is jan and i too am a member of we the people of san francisco. for over 40 years. and i think the task force did a thoughtful and difficult job and we should stick with the recommendations on the row on redistricting. the board of supervisors has no standing to make changes to t people keep claiming that the unity map is supported by the quote-unquote community when it's only from 29 organizations out of 6,500 and 71 organizations in san francisco and not i am a mother of the lgbtq and i urge a hard no on the unity map many of please, do not put it on the ballot. >> thank you for your comments to the board, jan.
5:52 pm
next caller, please. >> caller: my name is jessica. i urge you to approve this district maps because this is only legal thing to do. don't play politics on it. >> clerk: thank you for your comments to the board. do we have another caller in the queue, please? >> caller: madam clerk, that completes the queue. >> thank you for your assistance. thank you, jessica, thank you joe atkins and eric major for all of your help making sure we knew who all the callers were. >> president walton: i don't believe we have anyone else in the chamber so public comment is
5:53 pm
now closed officially. and madam clerk, we will come back to closed session item number 23 after for adoption. can you please call items 24-31. >> clerk: items 24-31 were introduced for adoption without committee reference so unanimous vote is required for adoption of resolutions on first reading today and a alternatively a member may request a resolution on first read to go go to committee. >> president walton: thank you so much. does anyone want to sever any items? i don't see anyone on the roster. can you call the roll for the entire for adoption without committee reference. >> clerk: items 24-31 -- [roll call vote]
5:54 pm
>> clerk: there are 11 ayes. >> president walton: thank you. without objection these resolutions adopted and the motions approved unanimous less. madam clerk, let's go back to item number 23. >> clerk: item 23 is a closed session conference with the labor negotiators this is the may tenth, 2022 closed session for the board of supervisors to confer with the mayor's office and the department of human resources. regarding negotiations with labor unions representing city employees. the public comment for this item was taken earlier today as well
5:55 pm
as may third during general public comment. >> president walton: thank you so much madam clerk. for members of the public still here with us, the board will be leaving this regular meeting and convening in closed session. and we will return after our deliberations. [ closed session ]
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class all right, we are back fromclosed session . we are back from closed session may 10, 2022. board of supervisors meeting and i will entertain in motion the board finds it in the best interest of the public the board elect not to disclose this closed session. made bysupervisor ronen, seconded by supervisor training five . >> the motion notto disclose, supervisor chan . [roll call vote] ... [roll call vote] there are 11 aye's.
6:35 pm
>> president: went on objection we will notdisclose our closed session deliberations . madam clerk, any imperative agenda items? >> none to report. >> any in memoriam's? >> know in memorandums. >> that brings us to the end o our agenda. takeaction, work hard, enjoy every day . this meeting is adjourned . >>
6:36 pm
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>> everything is done in-house. i think it is done. i have always been passionate about gelato. every single slaver has its own recipe. we have our own -- we move on from there. so you have every time a unique experience because that slaver is the flavored we want to make. union street is unique because of the neighbors and the
6:39 pm
location itself. the people that live around here i love to see when the street is full of people. it is a little bit of italy that is happening around you can walk around and enjoy shopping with gelato in your hand. this is the move we are happy to provide to the people. i always love union street because it's not like another commercial street where you have big chains. here you have the neighbors. there is a lot of stories and the neighborhoods are essential. people have -- they enjoy having their daily or weekly gelato. i love this street itself. >> we created a move of an area where we will be visiting. we want to make sure that the area has the gelato that you like.
6:40 pm
what we give back as a shop owner is creating an ambient lifestyle. if you do it in your area and if you like it, then you can do it on the streets you like.
6:41 pm
6:42 pm
>> we are providing breakfast, lunch, and supper for the kids. >> say hi. hi. what's your favorite? the carrots. >> the pizza? >> i'm not going to eat the pizza. >> you like the pizza? >> they will eat anything. >> yeah, well, okay. >> sfusd's meal program right now is passing out five days worth of meals for monday through friday. the program came about when the shelter in place order came about for san francisco. we have a lot of students that
6:43 pm
depend on school lunches to meet their daily nutritional requirement. we have families that can't take a hit like that because they have to make three meals instead of one meal. >> for the lunch, we have turkey sandwiches. right now, we have spaghetti and meat balls, we have chicken enchiladas, and then, we have cereals and fruits and crackers, and then we have the milk.
6:44 pm
>> we heard about the school districts, that they didn't know if they were going to be able to provide it, so we've been successful in going to the stores and providing some things. they've been helpful, pointing out making sure everybody is wearing masks, making sure they're staying distant, and everybody is doing their jobs, so that's a great thing when you're working with many kid does. >> the feedback has been really good. everybody seems really appreciative. they do request a little bit more variety, which has been hard, trying to find different types of food, but for the most part, everyone seems appreciative. growing up, i depended on them, as well, so it reminds me of myself growing up.
6:45 pm
>> i have kids at home. i have six kids. i'm a mother first, so i'm just so glad to be here. it's so great to be able to help them in such a way because some families have lost their job, some families don't have access to this food, and we're just really glad to be
6:46 pm
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6:49 pm
[♪♪♪] >> i really believe that art should be available to people for free, and it should be part of our world, you shouldn't just be something in museums, and i love that the people can just go there and it is there for everyone. [♪♪♪]
6:50 pm
>> i would say i am a multidimensional artist. i came out of painting, but have also really enjoyed tactile properties of artwork and tile work. i always have an interest in public art. i really believe that art should be available to people for free, and it should be part of our world. you shouldn't just be something in museums. i love that people can just go there, and it is there for everyone. public art is art with a job to do. it is a place where the architecture meets the public. where the artist takes the meaning of the site, and gives a voice to its.
6:51 pm
we commission culture, murals, mosaics, black pieces, cut to mental, different types of material. it is not just downtown, or the big sculptures you see, we are in the neighborhood. those are some of the most beloved kinds of projects that really give our libraries and recreation centers a sense of uniqueness, and being specific to that neighborhood. colette test on a number of those projects for its. one of my favorites is the oceanview library, as well as several parks, and the steps. >> mosaics are created with tile that is either broken or cut in some way, and rearranged to make
6:52 pm
a pattern. you need to use a tool, nippers, as they are called, to actually shape the tiles of it so you can get them to fit incorrectly. i glued them to mash, and then they are taken, now usually installed by someone who is not to me, and they put cement on the wall, and they pick up the mash with the tiles attached to it, and they stick it to the wall, and then they groped it afterwards. [♪♪♪] >> we had never really seen artwork done on a stairway of the kinds that we were thinking of because our idea was very just barely pictorial, and to have a picture broken up like that, we were not sure if it would visually work. so we just took paper that size and drew what our idea was, and cut it into strips, and took it
6:53 pm
down there and taped it to the steps, and stepped back and looked around, and walked up and down and figured out how it would really work visually. [♪♪♪] >> my theme was chinese heights because i find them very beautiful. and also because mosaic is such a heavy, dens, static medium, and i always like to try and incorporate movement into its, and i work with the theme of water a lot, with wind, with clouds, just because i like movements and lightness, so i liked the contrast of making kites out of very heavy, hard material. so one side is a dragon kite, and then there are several different kites in the sky with
6:54 pm
the clouds, and a little girl below flying it. [♪♪♪] >> there are pieces that are particularly meaningful to me. during the time that we were working on it, my son was a disaffected, unhappy high school student. there was a day where i was on the way to take them to school, and he was looking glum, as usual, and so halfway to school, i turned around and said, how about if i tell the school you are sick and you come make tiles with us, so there is a tile that he made to. it is a little bird. the relationship with a work of art is something that develops over time, and if you have memories connected with a place from when you are a child, and you come back and you see it
6:55 pm
again with the eyes of an adult, it is a different thing, and is just part of what makes the city an exciting place. [♪♪♪] the tenderloin is home to families, immigrants, seniors, merchants, workers and the housed and unhoused who all deserve a thriving neighborhood to call home. the tenderloin initiative was launched to improve safety, reduce crime, connect people to services and increase investments in the neighborhood. as city and community-based partners, we work daily to make these changes a reality. we invite you to the tenderloin history, inclusivity make this
6:56 pm
neighborhood special. >> we're all citizens of san francisco and we deserve food, water, shelter, all of those things that any system would. >> what i find the most fulfilling about being in the tenderloin is that it's really basically a big family here and i love working and living here. >> [speaking foreign language] >> my hopes and dreams for the tenderloin are what any other community organizer would want for their community, safe, clean streets for everyone and good operating conditions for small businesses. >> everything in the tenderloin is very good. the food is very good. if you go to any restaurant in
6:57 pm
san francisco, you will feel like oh, wow, the food is great. the people are nice. >> it is a place where it embraces all walks of life and different cultures. so this is the soul of the tenderloin. it's really welcoming. the. >> the tenderloin is so full of color and so full of people. so with all of us being together and making it feel very safe is challenging, but we are working on it and we are getting there.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
>> that afternoon and welcome to may 10 2022 regular meeting of the san francisco board of supervisors. madam clerkwould you please call the role . [rollcall]