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tv   Port Commission  SFGTV  May 14, 2022 2:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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experience out of it. >> it is going to give the locals a part of san francisco that was taken away from them. >> now i have a reason to come back. >> i had a guy the other day come and say he hasn't been down to fisherman's wharf in 10 years. he said i'm going to come down here every weekend. i forgot can i have a motion.
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>> we have a motion and seconded. in favor say, aye. >> aye. >> opposed. >> item 6 is the pledge. [pledge of allegiance]
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>> item 7 is announcements. advised the ringing and use cell phone and electronic devices are prohibited. please be advised a member of the public has 3 minutes to make comments on each item unless the port commission adopts a shorter period. public comment in respect to the item and the commission will take in person comment first and then remote public comment. for remote comment dial 429-655-0001 and code 24809304715 pound. and during heap period dial star 3 to be added to the queue for that item and an a prompt to
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tell you when to comment. please dial in when the item you want to comment on is announced and mute your device and listen through your phone which has no delay and for remote payments mute your microphones when you are not presenting. >> that brings us to 8 public comment on items not on the agenda. we'll take public comment at this time. on items not listed on the agenda. is there any comment in the room in >> is there public comment in, seeing 91. >> well is public comment y. step up to the microphone. >> sorry about that i did in the see you. >> hi, hello commissioners. can you hear me? >> yes. >> all right. hello, commissioners and mr. president vice president. i'm alex and i'm here
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representing a grass routey grouch grand embark defero envisioning a grand embark defero which is occur free. people of all ages can walk, bike and roll safely. a road diet for the embark defero. we think the ecbark defero is a transit tore corridor and crave for the work the port is dooring to plan the future through the program.
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if you look you see residentses and people who use the roadway talk about their scary interactions with cars and trucks. >> or bikes. why let's talk about a green future. a sustainable future. a car free embarcadero would create a carbon free corridor connecting eastern neighborhoods to the entire region on the car free embarcadero people could go safely to bart, municipal and he ferries. transport is 47% of sf's green
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house gases all buildings put together. this is an important way to make the waterfront more sustainable. >> the port's terrific water front resilience program looking at accommodate and retreat. we think that 4 lanes of busy car traffic on the water's edge is not the way to g. cars and water don't mix limp a waterfront promenade like walking water front and reclaimed park land by the water will be resilient we hope the port will embrace it and make it a reality. we are working on our plan, putting together our website and canning through our proposal. . i urge the port to consider this idea >> thank you. >> 3 minutes are up.
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>> thank you. anyone else? seeing none. at this time. will provide remote participates. >> thank you president adams. at this time, we will open the queue for anyone on the phone withhold like to make public comment on items not on the agenda. >> dial star 3 if you wish to make comment. and the system will let you know when your line is open. others will wait on mute until their line is open. comments limited to 3 minutes the queue is open. please dial star 3 if you wish to make comment. at this time there are no members of the public on the phone wishing to make public comment. >> next item.
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>> item 9 arc the executive director's report. good afternoon president adams and vice president ho. members of the commission and public and staff i'm the executive director. my report is about equity. as we kickoff asian american heritage month i'm happy to report on significant mile stones we have made. last week we submitted the 2022 racial equity action plan report to the office of racial equity. since pub laboring our plan in december of 2020 we have made progress on goal and actions. work to embed equity tow all aspects of our business. created space and programming to rescue myself and celebrate the
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diversity of our staff and begun normalizing rachls we are work to make the port an antiracist organization. taking actionable steps to support andup lift the voices of underrepresents communities of today we stand ready to elevate this work. we will take steps to breathe life in culture that is welcome, transparent and open to people of all backgrounds. we will examine and improve our internal practices and external actions to create opportunity for and with partners and communities of actions and goals for 2022 support employee identified areas. that we need to put place attention to. to achieve racial equity. >> to our strategic plan we have updated our 2021, 2025 strategic
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plan it ensure alignment with racial ecwrity actions. >> today i will present the update to the plan and tony autry or opportunity manager will present our actions or actions in 2021 and those planned for this year. you will learn about strategies. because we are being innovative and cocreating our plan with the staff and commission. as a reminder, we have 7 goal in our strategic plan. our strategic plan has 3 pill arts. economic recovery. equity and he resilience the economic recovery incorporate equity so the renaissance includes and celebrates resident and welcomes neighbor who is have been left out and left behind. our business opportunity aim to be shared with owners and
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workforce. our economic recovery offers us the promise to do things different low and see our values on the ground in the experience of the waterfront. >> equity is a pillar. we are work to weave it in port work. we will create a more diverse and inclusive and equal organization on waterfront and create an antiracist organization that provides all employees the vipir where they can bring their selves to work and make breast contributions. the language of our specific equity goal is to create a diverse and inclusive organization in water front and empower black, indigenous, people of color through equal policies and practices. our goal remains the same. we have updated our strategies. i will start with our internal actions we have 3 key objectives
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here. the first is an environment of inclusion and belonging. this is a major focus of our work and has proven important. i did not clearly see that our work culture was unwelcoming for many and had been designed by and for those who are dominant in a power position and white culture engrained. we are working to change our culture. we will continue this important work. we will cultivate a work environment that is celebrating diversity of staff and contributions to the organization. create and review policies and practice to promote incollusion of women, people with disabilities and lggtq and other historically disvajed groups. racial equity competence gendered biassed training for all port staff. we can be stronger as an organization if we are a diverse
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organization. this is our second objective. to do this, we need to establish racial diverse leadership at the port. and here is how we'll achieve this. we will implement and refine our mentorship to support those urnt represented. port leaders will participate in this program. we will evaluate staff demographics through hiring and retention the data is important here. we want the demographics of the organization over all, to be reflected at all level in our organization. leadership, management, technical. crafts, throughout the organization. leadership arc counselability is key. we need to evaluate the data and set goals for ourselves. i am focused on sussession plan
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nothing leadership deputy director and assistant deputy director ranks. our third objective is equal recruitment, hiring and retention. all of these have been blind to race and diversity. we are improving our processes to achieve a diverse workforce of here we are going to advance diversity strategies for hiring focusing on underrepresented groups including latin x people. city programs to hire 10 interns a year from historically under resourced neighborhoodses. we are under way with hiring of port's opbuds man will support our staff on training, promotional opportunity and career advancement. we will ensure all managers receive city train to improve
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the ability to mentor staff. this summarizes our strategy i want to take an in a moment to thank port staff. who have engaged in this work. expressed concerns,up lifted voices and worked with leadership to set our course to an antiracist organization. this journey will not be conclude today or next year this is a long journal and he our staff set the course on us taking it. >> we are not focused on internal actions we'll remain focussed on an equal waterfront for all. we have 3 objectives. first is connect communities to waterfront open space by increasing activation in park and open space for historically under represented communities. to do this work we will create more partner shps with community serving organizations. we have seen success here throughout our partner with the
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sailing program for low income youth. improving open spaces and parks and seek city, state and federal funding to do so. second, to our external action system leasing. we have over 500 tenants and impact can be great through leasing relationships. we are anything to ensure equal access top opportunity for owned and local business earnprizes and tony can provide more on the actions. and third. ensure economic opportunity are shared with all communities through our contracting. strategy here is to engage and through more and more creative means and partnerships to assist and the provide assistance and to out reach with education with the goal of 10 new firms in the ecstasy program of i'm happy to want that port actions resulted in many new businesses joining
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the program. we will continue to exceed the mayor's goal of 40% contracts arc word to lbe firms. this requires claperation, thought and intentional efforts by all of us. ready to ensure this work is the forefront of organizational strategy to meet our mission. our equity strategy arc lines with the action plan actions. and the dei program. i'm inspired by the work staff is doing to advance our goals and i hope you will be, too. as for mixture stepsil be back soon with a strategic plan update to the resilience goal. in july we'll pub labor the 3 plans we worked on.
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tony? >> thank you elaine. good upon afternoon president adams and vice president ho. commissioners and the public, it is nice to be here in person today. i'm tony autry the diversity opportunity manager. and i will be presentlying an update on our diversity equity and he inclusion program. so. our agenda for today will cover where the focus offer hard work has been. since the creation of our departmental racial equity action plan in december of 2020 which is now in the process of implemented. i will provide you with an over view of 21 and 22 goals and how
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we selected the actions that we will implement for this year. >> to start, i'd like to provide a high level over view of the 21 goals. last year we examined our goals and categorized actions as short, mid and long-term goals. our game plan -- focused on inclusion and belonging. we selected the most actions to implement from the section. these actions were innovative and long lasting positive impacts for the port by addressing inequities experienced by employees of color. other short term actions focus on leadership development. opportunity for disadvantaged communities. loan and grant opportunity and contract opportunity. total 1
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thing actions we selected 30 actions as goals to be completed by december 31st, 2021. in our first year of implementation we made accomplishments. our hr developed a mentorship program wore piloting this year. we have continued our investment in funding a youth employment program. that we hope will increase the racial diversity of plaintiff's exhibit pool. seeks career and professional services and construction trade for practicals. developed a diversity calendar the start of 2021. which included programming starting with black history month. and continued with cultural month throughout the year. we initial low were sending our
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communications to all staff via e mail now we moved to a communications to a platform that can track e mail analytics and seen an increase in the engagement and participation. port staff in events like just keeping it real and port chat. >> additionally, we have successfully applied a racial equity lens to policies such as the vaccine mandate and return to office. >> completed 10, 4 hour sessions of equity training and completed 3, 4 hour sessions. >> financial assistance for lbe's through covid-19 pandemic relief. lbe loans, and as you know our port commission is engaged with supporting and guiding our equity efforts. commissioners kim brandon and gillman formed a working group
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to provide guidance and receive updates on our progress of impelementation. our commission adopted the ramaytush ohlone lands acknowledge being now read at beginning of each meeting. the recognition is a small ask significant step toward combaiting native invisibility. we citied a reason with the ore. and that has lead to the creation of an enter price and infrastructure cohort made of other city departments who meet monthly to share best practice, brain storm ideas and provide a safe space for leaders to share the highlight and challenges of the equity work. i would be remiss federal i did not mention a component to our dei program infrastructure. which has been the creation of
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the racial equity change team and revised role for racial advisory council. together, these 2 grouches serve as the port's champions. >> of the 30 actions we completed 20 are completed of that -- 30 actions we completed 20 and 10 are in progress. and so this pie chart reflects that. i will now provide an over view of our 2022 goals. >> the prop we took deliver friday last year. this time we have. had an improved process that involves the directors and champions of each division early on and throughout every phase of our process. our method for selecting and prioritizing actions to
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implement for 22 was collaborative and transparent. robust discussions and different perspectives to consider before building consensus and deciding whether to recommend certain reap actions over others. >> our approach provided a way for staff from every level of the organization to have equal and direct access to decisionmaking. the enengagement aimed supporting a strong culture within our organization that spans across divisions, changes top down decision make and break silos. our approach feedback from the ore reap evidence which recommend that we need to commit to shifting and internal decisionmaking structures to repair trust and empower employees. the success of reaching each mile stone relied on team work. communication and a shared
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vision. as a result of this approach and process, there is a greater degree of familiarity and engage am with our racial equity plan and a sense of connectivity to the work among staff. our 2022 reap selection process entailed 3 phases. our first phase -- was with our deputy directors and champions by division. there they produced a list of goals 5 to 8 racial plan goals they felt were feasible. that were resources and implemented by the end of this year. >> the next face involved volunteers from phase one. a working group deputy directors they took the list of goals from
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each division and republican them through a criteria i will out line on the next slide. they went lieu and selected 15 to 25 goals to recommend. and that was presented to our port sdreshth and assistant port director to finalize our recommended actions. so here is the criteria that we applied. another recommendation from the ore was to gather robust and meaningful data from employees. we used themes from our upon listening tour that was done in 2020 as a measure of whether after action was supporting an identified area of improvement. other factors that influenced this year's goals feasibility and available resources, whether
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it addressed racial desparity and arc lined with the equity section of the port strategic plan. our collaborative reprocess selection process resulted in finalizing 23 actions to implex as our 22 reap goals. in addition to the 23 actions, there are the 10 carry over actions for 2021 that are in progress and one action we found not assigned last yooer but progress made we rolld that in the batch. there are a toll of 34 actions to be implemented by december 31st, 2022. we have increased our external focus you see 14 actions are from contracts, leasing, parks and open space. we recognize the experience of the communities we serve and have prioritized our efforts to connect communities to
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waterfront open space and ensure access to opportunity. the remaining 9 actions are internal and position to address employee identified areas of improvement. issues were identified. focus is to have fair standardses relateded discipline. diversity and retain talent removing barriers to promotion and training opportunities. informed by employee feedback we'll also focus on actions aimed to increase the accountability of our commission. this smoes the focus actions. you see three are from the december and separation section. this year we will pay attention to uncovering and tracking bias
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against. and he was ensure that develop is equal for violations of similar policies across the board. >> here are additional actions that we have selected. these are external phasing and these actions were inherited from the e ip work. economic impact policy work and improve and increase opportunity for the resilient communities. and the remarnldz of the actions. a focus is for the port is not only to uphold equitys a pillar of its own organization about advance it through partner shps like criteria for development community benefit agreements encouraging tenants, sun tenants or flyers.
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over all with the first year completed we're pleased with our progress and collaboration among staff. we bodiesing on the mobile home and you remember our intention on take learnd and feedback from our stake holders to improve our dei program and stride toward our departmental transformation it a more equal organization this concludes my informational presentation and i can take questions you may have.more equ concludes my informational presentation and i can take questions you may a mor this concludes my informational presentation and i can take questions you may have. thank you. if are no questions the next section of my report. >> commissioner? >> i wish i could read my own writing.
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i will have to come back. a place used over by the director. and for the life me i can't -- looks like disi -- discipline. it will come to me. its used over and over. and i know what it means but i don't know what it means as we address it. i want to complement you and the director for having a very aggressive way of writing past wrongs. myself over years in the state legislator i was in charge of hiring and the thing i was proudest of young people, women
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of color that started as messengers and worked their way in like staff directors and chiefs of staff and policy makers. i just think that it is so important to. reach people at the bottom and help bring them up. that helps other people -- if she can do it i can get up there, too. commends you and again -- wish i could read my writing. [laughter]. >> thank you. commissioner, barton. >> should have took penmanship. >> i want to thank e lane and tony for the reports. i think it is important that -- we update the strategic plan to include equity. thank you for that. and the racial equity action plan update was great.
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and want to thank the team for being so committed to implementing of so many of the goals every year. and look forward to -- seeing the results. of the implementation and what come out. thank you, tony. >> thank you, commissioner brandon >> tony, i wanted to thank you for a wonderful report. of and -- so much progress has been made. we should be proud and i'm celebrating the equity champions. only comment i have 2 comments in the committee when we meet as a working group. i was thinking about last session at the end of may. i hope we do departmental mou's or agreements with other city departments we could as part of
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our preamble or stock language we put in the agreements something about our values for equity and he an expectation those organizations will embrace our equity have yous i know every department is unique and different. around >> accept tee that could be helpful. something to been as a possibility. and -- and then again. reallimented to say i appreciate always the contracting opportunity and bringing -- resiliencey become to our parks and open spaces to unsure well is access to amenities of the water front and how we look at lease to reflect the diversity of san francisco. thank you very much >> thank you, commissioner. >> thank you, tone and he e lane
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for this great report. i think it is great to see how we infused this. i will make an observation i think the commissioners who mensed that is my observation is that as you take each step is getting more integrated that is number one a great step forward in terms of within the port and second low all of the actions do build a strong culture that is in the built in one day. it takes time and it takes consistency, constantsy persistence and i want to say i think the port is really lead this and i don't know about the other departments but it strikes me i think we are a leader in cthis effort.
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you want to have it organic. it does take conscious effort to get there. that is had you are doing. i commends you for making those steps and taking actions will be part of how you function and you not have to talk about it but it is the way you act. that will be the success it get there. and i commends you for the journey you are on. >> thank you, vice president. woo ho. >> something like this never appears not guilty box score its is a grind. day in and day out. i appreciate the effort. this is hard. right? but you are making a difference and i think the commission we see temperature i can see it and -- i think it speaks to the principles and consciousness of the port. i believe that this is the best commission in the city the best agency here and i think others
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will have to take notice. i think we will be that beacon of light. they say, being the best is not easy have you to work harder than everybody. i appreciate the hard work and to me, i see the efforts. gratitude. >> thank you. would it be proper thap we share our program or what we are doing with other city agencies. so that the mayor or somebody if they are doo this there why can't we at the airport or the other agency is and i think that -- tuesday be good because i think other commissions i never thought of that we could do that, too. and so this could be a chairman said like a beacon of -- for the
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entire city infrastructure to right the wrongs. >> we very much appreciate that comment and tony is working with the other agencies well is a new office that the city has established the office of racial equity and he bringing diameters together to share best practices and we are in an infrastructure cohort. that is working for us. we will share our best practices. we think we are a leader in this. we learned from the office of racial equity we know we have a ways to go. we appreciate their feedback but will share and for commissioner burton, the acronym we use is bipack that might be the one you wrote down. >> no. i show my stupidity i wondered what it was forit was like ing despencible.
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tell come to me in sleep like -- [laughter]. very good. thank you, tony, excellent job. >> that leads mow to the final part of my executive director report a commendation to woo ho. last week today is vice president woo ho's last meeting aye as a port commissioner. she has asked not to be reash pointed after serving for 11 years. in that time commissioner woo ho helped guide the port through many project and initiatives and always served with wisdom and integrity encouraging staff to do our best. we owe a deal of our success to her. especially during this period of economic recovery. commissioner woo ho's vision and expertise served the port and city so well. commissioner woo ho is a strategic think and challenged
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the port to think more strategically, too. it was her suggestion this we create a 5 year strategic plan. which is now guiding our organization. she challenged us to think ynldzor transactions. and to look at the big are picture as an organization. and present context. i will miss commissioner woo ho very much and thankful for her considerations and her upon kindness to be. no , i will read a proclamation from the mayor i will present it to you after commissioner and public comments. >> where as, the city and county of san francisco traditional low recognized individuals who have made significant and remarkable contributions to the vitality of our city and dedicated work of doorion woo ho represents san francisco values.
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and where as, doorion was appointed by mayor lee to the san francisco port commission and approved in 2011 during her 11 years of service on the port commission served as president for 2 terms and vice president for 1. where as during her tenure. lead with undaunting integrity tow make smart investments to improve and manage our beaut water front. helped guide the port efforts to navigate the economic storm of the covid-19 pandemic. and where as together with her fellow commissioners provided direction and built communities like 88 broadway with affordable units for families and seniors. soon mission rock will be home for 1, 200 individuals and families. and pier 70 will be home for
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over a thousand residents. and where as, in 2018, she was instrumental in passing prop arc with spchlt san francisco voters to make a vielth down payment to address seismic and flood risks along our waterfront. beyond her work on the port commission she is a retired executive with over 35 years of commercial and customer making experienceful formir roles president, chief executive officer and director of united commercial bank. former executive vice president of marketing, student loans and corporate trust and president of the consumer credit group atwells fargo and senior vice president at citibank. and where as with passion and dedicationing she gave back to the community by serving on the board of the san francisco opera. and a member of the diversity
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and inclusion and director and officer's committee and as the communities upon council cochair for the successful world premiere of the dream of the red chamber opera in 2016. and where as, she is widely considered by ler colleagues as a cheaperished friends and the port commission's staff as a respected mentor. her guidance will impact the health of the water front for generations to come. and where as woo ho is looking forward to spending time with her family in retirement especially her husband, james. now, therefore, resolved that i, mayor -- mayor of the city of san francisco dpo proclaim may 10, 2022 woo ho day in san
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francisco. [applause]. thank you. thank you. >> thank you. now we'll take public comment including from staff. is there public comment in the room? anyone else. go up after jack. good afternoon president adams, vice president woo ho i'm jack bear i'm representing the san francisco giant's and all of us who work on the mission rock project. we wanted fresz express our gratitude to commissioner woo ho for her service and all the dedication and time that she spent. on our projects and all the others in front of the port.
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searching on a powerhouse commission like the port or planning commission rec/park is quite aion it takes a lot of dedication. time and energy. the commission meetings are just the tip of the iceberg. a lot of work is done outside of the middle easting itself. behind the scenes, reading, preparing meeting with staff. fielding calls from tenants and the public. as one of the continuants of the port, i have on occasion poke to off the commissioners. and sergeant spoke to commissioner woo ho and appreciate your diligence and willingness to spend time with me. we are in a tricky moment before the mission rock election where there was a potential challenging ballot measure placed. we had plans for 30% of affordable house and there was a
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late night meeting that went until 3:30 in the morning. mike casey, john burton and many other stake holders. we worked out a deal where we increased the affordability rate to 40%. and we increased the levels to balance that. the next day i had to pick update phone and call the port. because they were not represent in the that meeting. and i called commissioner woo ho and explained the situation to her. i appreciate the inneractions we had and the wisdom that you have shown on a very complicated, details deal like the mission rock project. i appreciate all that effort and i'm sure all the effort on all the other projects and other
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work before the port. as a token of appreciation and with an all the ethic's rules. i have a plaque that personalized for you. showing mission rock. >> mruz mrauz. can member take a picture of jack. thank you. this evening diane.
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good afternoon president adams and vice president woo ho for the left day. i retired a year ago it fwrit to see you. i was hiding in the wings i had to come today to express my thanks to commissioner woo ho. for your deep devegz to the public water front. it serves so many diverse uses and public benefits and the dedication in the banking expertise and bringing that to a public water front to create things that get most impact for the investments made. i have always been so impressed by your work ethic. it is is inspiring. it is you know you dedicate so much personal time to take the
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deep dives in the details and come become to the surface and educate us all about the strategic policy choices, issues and options and -- educate the staff and the public in the process. . it is really helped all of us to understand nou how to steward the waterfront better together. and understand the come complexities interests are collected in a small space. for your promotion of being -- steward of the water front you are a promoter of the solutions and partnerships to make it -- continue to evolve and create new opportunities for everyone. i'm grateful for the support you made on the plan update process.
2:52 pm
you pushed the staff to mack myself the number of public members that were anticipate nothing that plan, working group and the teams and i will never forget the way that you described that public process. creating one thousand flowers of public values and ideas that are not in the updated policies of the waterfront plan. but your legacy extends yndz those public values because -- you strengthened the focus and the effectiveness through the port strategic plan. it is perfect there was a strategic plan update to highlight how you have brought all the threads together. >> you really have been an studental and bring the port commission and the staff closer together. and harmony on what we should be focusd and carrying out in our
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work on the water front. and that strategic plan you helped us create is the blueprint that aligned the publicing value from thes plan and the priority and financial realities of the capital plan and budget and then with the report today highlighting how it is that we will make this a more inclusive and antiracist organization. we provide benefits for all. so, that is about another thousand flowers -- and i can't thank you enough for your dedication to the port and wish you the very best in your retirement and family. thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. is there anyone else in the room for public comment. come on, mike. good afternoon. commissioners i was not sure i
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would say something i had to. i have so respectful of the time and effort and energy you all put in in spchlt san front and making a better city. and we come here to work and come to the meetings and work hard to figure out where we meet you in the middle. dp i have been appreciative commissioner woo ho's ability to challenge us and offer wisdom you heard from the experience in the proclamation. as we enter the pan dem and i can wonders what are we doing with 10ents with businesses shut down and understand the ref leaf programs they'll take advantage of and how that will affect the port. i had a number of conversations with the commissioner where she laid out her understanding of the banking industry and how it would rise and the port could meet it and serve our tennesseentsss i worked at
2:55 pm
economic workforce development on the america's cup of the next day commissioner woo ho said let's get together. we sat down and i did not know what to expect. she did a great job of explaining to me how the challenge of bring tourism. the economic challenge or promise of america's cup was going to work with asian tourism. it was not something with the hearing. not manage that was sort of meant to chink the event it was her offering her expert ease to machine who need temperature i will appreciate that. it is a sad day for to yous lose you i'm excited to celebrate all you have done for us. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> thanks, mike. >> anyone else that will -- katie >> good afternoon.
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commissioners i'm katie i'm the port's cfo. i am here to express the deep thanks and appreciation from the port's finance staff for commissioner woo ho. we have been so appreciative of your focus on the port enterprise you evaluate, probe, ask questions and you have given us direction on such a wide variety of issues. our personaling on revenue bond issuance. on the port's balance sheet. we have seen you were experience as a bank and laser focus on the need for the port not just to function as a city agency but as a business. and that has been a tremendous asset to the port during your tenure. so i wanted to thank you for your time and the attention that you have given to the work that is necessary to maintain the
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port's bottom line. and i am going to miss your questions, analytical approach. strategic and thoughtful guidance. any i wanted to say best wishes and i don't know that we'll ever have another commissioner who is so intent on making sure that this earnprize flourishes. thank you very much for that. thanks, katie. anyone else? mented to say anything? okay. >> one more time. that -- will provide instructions for remote participates. >> thank you, president adams. at this time we'll open the queue for anyone on the phone withhold like to make comment on the executive director's report. dial star 3 if you wish to make public comment. system will let you when your line is open. others will wait on mute until
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their line is open. comments will be limited to 3 minutes per person. the queue is open. please dial star 3 if you wish to make public comment. of at this time there are no members of the public on the phone wish to make public comment. >> okay. thank you. public comment is closed. commissioner gilman? >> thank you elaine for that report. i have no questions. commissioner woo ho i want to thank you for the 4 years i had the honor to serve with you you are welcoming when i joind and i remember our lunch across the street at embarcadero center and helped me understand the financial business of the port and your acronym rubbed off on meism want to machine who came
2:59 pm
not for profit sector we measure the bottom line by social impact and by not having a deficit. the opportunity to upon earn profit or what is good for the port you helped me understand that and walked me through it and i appreciated that we shared a love for water trans port and i promise you i will continue that passion on this commission for water transportation. i want to thank you for your leadership and service and wish and your family the best in your retirement. i appreciate you as a colleague, thank you. >> thank you. >> commissioner brandon. elaine, thank you for your report, again. and thank you for the brief update. commissioner woo ho. i am really going to miss you. i think i have served the longest with her and she has
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really become a friend and i really respect her. and appreciate her in so many ways. i will miss her finance and real estate expertise. and all this she has given to this port and the waterfront. and he is just leaving such a legacy. and she -- she does it with passion, dedication and so much wisdom. and -- she is my friends. so -- i know we will see each other after you leave and your retirement but i will miss serving with you. you have done a phenomenonal job i appreciate and respect you. >> thank you. commissioner burton? >> well i'm going to miss her she is my seat mate for a short time.
3:01 pm
it is a special relationship. with that, seat mate but -- she has done great things for the city before she was appointed to the port commission. i told her that is bs about her retiring she would not know how to do it and keep contributing thank you for letting me move up a notch on the commission. [laughter]. >> tone and he -- director forbes, thank you for your report. man this is going to be tough for me. but hopefully somewhere along the line you can find laughter. it was -- 2012 had i came on the commission and she was the president and -- monick was here
3:02 pm
and she was tough, right. and and even me in the beginning when i came on the commission we were like oil and water. we clashed. right. that was a good thing because she was a process person. smart and i know president brandon will remember this. the america's cup. and she said they have parking. do they have vallet parking for the rich. i am on the ends saying i will not say anything. that was how she was and -- she is always been an ethical person. put her heart forth and one thing you did not mention a lot don't know i have done a lot of research the correspond in cambodia.
3:03 pm
she is a renaissance woman. smart, versatile and a good person we have become good friends the reason i'm better is because of her. i can really say and -- you know i know we both had i dark day when mayor lee passed away. she was close to mayor lee. and we both cryd that day it was a loss for the city and type of guy he was and her relationship with the pack. she has relationships for a lifetime. thank you for all that you have done. you are caring. you are strong, and you always put the port first and ask the
3:04 pm
hard questions and you said to me, willie, have the painful discussions and get to the b. stuff and she was never afraid to take political pressure. that never bothered her i don't care about politics. we have to do when is right we are stewards for the city. i always respectd that about her. he is very strong and when she getos and has an all right of gold. we are friends and consider her a sister and i do anything for her. >> thank you. >> and yea i got one other thing to say. >> i get on say something. >> i had something to present to
3:05 pm
you. go ahead. you go first. >> i willen spend a few empties. after 11 year its is time to say a few words. thank you to all of you for the wonderful and gracious comments and carl can you remember to sends me a copy of the minutes to keep a proper recommendance of everything said. parting is we sorrow that is how i feel today as my last day as a san francisco port commissioner after 11 years. i would like to say a few word what is they meant to me and my family. neither my father or husband are here today but i want to thank them and say how privileged i feel to follow their footsteps. my father was a diplomat can civic service for the republic of china taiwan and my husband james ho was deputy mayor. the port was in his portfolio he was responsible for business and
3:06 pm
arts. it was familiar territory. we truly have book ended our public service careers with the port as he befwan exit ended today. my father and has inspired me to take on public service as did mayor lee who appointed me to this commission. port was a high priority for ed lee and a lot of his vision has been accomplished but there is more to be done. i need to thank mayor willie brown for supporting me and mayor reid for her support for me and the port and i thank you her today for that and the research that went in. thank you. serving on this commission after a long career in the corporate world and the nonproffer sector makes me feel they have completed a full circle in business, arts, education, community and society.
3:07 pm
a path i will encourage others to follow especially young are people to give back and pay forward. being on the port commission has been a true sometimes wild add ventsure of the best kind. agendas are always full but never boring. i feel i lived the up's and downs of the city san francisco through the port in the last decade. there had been triumphs and moments of pride. the america's cup. the giant 'wing the word series. opening of the. cruise ship terminal and breaking ground are if you mean 2 new neighborhoods at pier 70 and mission rock. linked to the community, toochlt to solve and protect vulnerable with the navigation center and to promote youth for intern hips and a contributor to executing all of the city's response to
3:08 pm
the pandemic. starting bypass lending our ede label to the city and staff time. our will real estate portfolio rise and fall of restaurants, merry time and tech. enjoyed success and felt their pain. some of the site visits stand out the goats the live lawn mowersch touring the cruise in port vment visiting uberir and jewel. name won't don't talk about anymore. the ship yard and crane cove park and sailoth. bay during america's cup. we dealt with infrastructure. making embarcadero safe for transportation and people. taking overnight south beach marina the longest public comment i heard about the rates.
3:09 pm
mur enjoyable open space with parks crane cove and herrin head park and my favorite increased water transportation with new ferry landings and water taxis. we other anchor for san francisco's best traditions like fleet week and opening of the crab and fishing season. van garbed of the city in regard to climate change, seismic risk and our eco center reflects our commitment ask values to increase the personals of esg daily. we have been a lead in city for equity before engrain in the everybody's mind. our lbe out reach, commit and results hanks to comblarndon high water mashes compared to other diameters during my time we recast the port's strategic plan. updated blueprints with the help of diana and the waterfront land
3:10 pm
use plan with community input and the murder in the third degreest of developing our resilience plan. what i have talked about is in the a complete list of the last 11 but mind boggling just the same. don't you agree. activity reflects our mission to be diverse creating a vibrant, resill uponien and equal waterfront. when you add the scope the contants and impact and contribution well is no doubt this is the best commission in the city and it is fun, too. we touch the lives of all citizens and visitor this is is what has been most meaningful to me and my fellow commissioners. until the pandemic we're were on a path of financial self suffery and strength with a healthy revenues. which reflected in the public bond rating and ability to issue bonds.
3:11 pm
however, we were challenged by the pandemic. now have survived and endured it. helped tenants and now on the clear path to recovery. how did this happen? the answer in my mind is simple. people. people with vision, passion and leadership and commitment. when i first joined from the private sect oufrp i was not sure what to expect about the staff and capability it is. i was surprised and quickly impressed by professionalism, knowledge, leadership and skills. most of all by their dedication and commitment to the port's mission and goalless. port staff from the ed down work hard and passionate low not for their paycheck for the good of the public and their belief in a vibrant and equal water front t. is an unbeatable equation yield strong result and significant accomplish amless. shout out to the port's citizen
3:12 pm
advisory committees i learned appreciate and respect over time. they are eyes and ears in the community and enable us to have an interactive channel to community, discuss and provide input on initiatives. i cannot name and do justice to the staff. excuse they cannot commend everyone individually. i love and respect all of and you want to give a shout out to those who work behind the scenes some mention to our sf goff team supported us and made meetings enjoyable and functional. thank you for your service all of you. and as president adams says you other ones that make the port commission the best commission in the city. e lane forbes, i have seen you step and up blosz am as executive director. your steady leadership allows to yous sleep well at night
3:13 pm
knowingure guiding us and your team on a positive and strategic path. you articulate and infused the port strategy in all of the port's projects and initiatives. and as you know. the port's framework is near and doctor to my heart to determine priority and funding you and your senior time, mike other rebeck arc cat cat, andre, randy, road, brad, michelle. carl, diane you are retired. carol and the other are teach members too numerous to name demonstrated leadership and executed time and time again. you make us commissioners look good. and fellow commissioners you have been an absolute pleasure to work with. we are diverse. we are not the same but we come together and make 1 plus 1 equal 3 your compassion, president adams and values come through.
3:14 pm
your passion and wisdom guides us well and you don't ever hesitate to peek your conscious or push us to new heights. commissioner brandson you taught me so much. my perform is traveling with you for america's cup to new port, rhode island. we are not exactly in the majority in new port, rhode island i got to know and you expect you xhepd you for our years of dedication and e vil eye for detail, good sense and what is fair champ pon for lbe and apply equity before the fabric of every day practice in the city. >> commissioner gilman you bring energy and heart and a fresh perspective. commissioner burton you truly are our upon grand daddy. your clout still speaks in san francisco, sacramento and dc, we are truly luck sxhe blessed have
3:15 pm
you help us navigate to get the best funding. in closing, the port is a giant jigsaw puzzle of a vast sea and landscape with many parts. many of the piece have been filled many need to be placed the port will always change with the times. there are the existing challenges and new once. there are also many continuing opportunity. i retire with confidence that what will make the future bright is the people who care, work hard and lead with vision and values. that is our commission and the port teach. best luck to all of you. thank you. [applause]. commissioner woo ho your fellow commissioners and i wanted present this photo in honor ever your time we'll miss and you will go down with director. take a photo.
3:16 pm
come on. >> come on, john.
3:17 pm
>> carl? next item. >> item 9b election of port commission vice president. call nominations of port commission vice president. president adams i nominate kim
3:18 pm
burton for vice president. burton. >> my god. >> [laughter]. >> kimberly brandon. is it kimberly or john. i know what you meant. gota have a light heart. >> nominations are open for port commission vice president. nominations open for commissioner vice president. nominations are closed. now we will take public comment. is there public comment in the room? any public comment in the room? now we'll check in for public comment for those that are remote. will provide instructions now for remote participates. >> at this time we will opening
3:19 pm
statement queue for anyone on the phone withhold like to comment. on the nomination for commission violent. please dial star 3 if you would like to comment the system will let you when your line is open. otherless will wait on mute until their line is open. comments will be limited to 3 minutes per person. the queue is open. dial star 3 if you wish to make public comment. there are no members on the phone wish to make public comment. >> thank you. >> public comment is closed. >> we have a nomination of kimberly brandon for vice president. all in favor say, aye. >> opposed? >> i now announce our new vice
3:20 pm
president kimberly brandon. have you words? >> i want to thank everyone e approximately my fellow commissioners for wanting mow to have this position again. >> i look forward to working with you and continuing all of everything this we are going on at the port and supporting our chair. and our executive director. i think as everyone has said today this is the best agency in this city. and i am happy to be a part of it. >> thank you. >> thank you. vice president. brandon looking forward to working with you. >> carl? item 10 is the consent. 10 arc requests approval of a resolution to arc line the executive director authority to the administrative code that is resolution 2224. 10 b requests prove to issue a
3:21 pm
request for qualifications for as needed engine ooerg service for contracts in an amount not to exceed 4 million dollars with 5 years and creation of a prequalified pool for a term of 2 years resolution 2225. and 10c requested a resolution adopting findings under state urgency legislation to attends remotely. and allowing to attends remote for 30-days and directoring a similar resolution 2226. >> commission is well a motion to approve consent. >> i move. >> second. >> okay. we will take public comment. is there public comment in the room? is there public comment? seeing none. will provide instructions for
3:22 pm
remote participations. >> thank you. at this time we will open the queue for anyone on the phone withhold like to make public comment on the consent calendar. >> please dial star 3 if you wish to comment. system will let you know when your line is open. others the wait on mute until their line is open. comments limited to 3 minutes per person the queue is open. dial star 3 if you wish to make public comment. >> there are no members wishing to comment. public comment closed a motion and second. all in favor? aye. opposed. >> 2224, 2225 and 2226 are passed unanimously. carl next item.
3:23 pm
>> 11 arc requests authorization to kep except a 70 thousand grant from the coastal conservance and a gift from the green fund for culture and history for program that proposes a series of exhibits on open spaces. and seek authorization to award a contract to support project. this was determined to being exempt by the san francisco planning. this is resolution 2227. >> thank you. carl. commissioners. president adams, vice president brandon i'm david with planning and environment. i'm joined by maushg the port preservation planner. the project manager for that. and jeremy from mackiato the design consultant. a brief out line of the
3:24 pm
presentation. starting with the background and context. talk about funding source the existing and new funding source. and advisory committee or steering committee we guide the development of the project. the concepts developd and open for questions and answers and next steps. >> this project guess back a ways. it was initiated by an organization the copare crane labor landmark association and in fact when i started with the port diane gave me this project when she was trying to figure out what to do with me in my first couple of weeks at the port. i worked over at a number of years with the various organizations to advance the project. it is an outcome and benefit of the blue green way planning and the waterfront plan. the funds we received includes a
3:25 pm
grant from the california coastal conservancy. bond funds. port revenues. and today we are seeking approval to get an additional grant and gift. a partnership with the coastal ton servance and he public utility's commission. and organization called the kopra crane lands mark association. when we started we retained through a competitive lberfp process. and port staff formed stake holders to design the content of the program. . here is an over view of the funding we started with a grant if the conservancy included 366 thousand dollars to funds the program.
3:26 pm
both develop and want implementation. we got in planning of it, they were so thrilled with the program that they come become to yous and offered an additional 70 thousand dollars to complete out the program. the green fudz for labor, culture and history has offered a gift 35 thousand dollars. labor bonding for 154 thousand dollars the budget is 625, 291. i mentioned we formed air committee representing the neighborhood and stake holder some of whom are here today and will likely speak under public comment. they include oscar james.
3:27 pm
el williams. bay view. derrick green the son of archie green. wheno started we met with all of the members, did a site visit and reviewed the scope. we shared and developed the content weapon them. than i reviewed concepts and provided feedback. the revised concepts and provided feedback and they will review the final content we'll be installing. so. when we initiated this process.
3:28 pm
fwoeft come up with a mission statement temperature is manage we reflect back and think about as we develop the program. >> the over view or out line was to interpret labor history, culture and resilience for the communities around the latest. there are 3 cites that we picked the northern shore line and indiana street. the northern shore line is the second. third is the bay view gateway. the themes will be discussed in
3:29 pm
the morgue it is labor and culture history of the creek. and channel wragz and industrialization. kaurt treatment facilities and the role it plays. interception about the former kopra grain. and on the southern portion resilient strategies with sea level rise and theed natural history and ecology of the creek and the bay view we have voices of bay view i will cover each briefly. tell the story of people who have a cultural connection.
3:30 pm
including the ramaytush ohlone. chinese fisher butcher town. the african-american long shore worker. a crane worker. produce worker. skate board ands bus driver the bus driver is the modern day that is down relating to the muni facility and skate boarders a big culture sparked on the of the puc promenade along the creek. the next few will show how the stories can be told in the existing open space. long the puc program nad showing the bold, white railings. this shows how we take them and convert them in pieces for
3:31 pm
intptive elements and hidden messages that will appear through times of the day and year. those other bottom screen. and as the sun evolves the message for this one would be bay view they are different throughout each the panels. labor and the different panels applied to this panel. here is a mock up of the time imagery and the language and text used associated with the story telling. it nodes to be worked out we are working with the stake hold ors that. here is how it is applied. then this it is how we are look at the last element. the cyclone administratoror and working with mta to tell the
3:32 pm
story about the labor related. how the upon signage would look in the existing railings. all on the north side and moving to the landing and boat launch this is where we are telling the story of conversation. and the important role the creek played over time and the history. puc out falled to allow us to w to apply messaging about sea level rise and real life elevations we are talking about the croak and how tell impact the creek and what elevations. the opposite side of the out fall this , is lookingum closer about the -- sea level rise
3:33 pm
conditions and the scale. and then our consultant in consultation with the ramaytush ohlone representatives how to build a store and he tell the ramaytush ohlone store and he connection to the creek. an ramaytush ohlone word for chariot fruit they harvested around the creek and the message, we are still here, represents a message we heard from the recommend ram don't tell stories about the pedestrian they are a part of us and here today with us. this shows a gateway how it would work to tell the stories as an example. if we get your approval the next is to complete the design in august of 20 twoop and construction this fall and have completion a year from now.
3:34 pm
with final completion in september of 2023. that myself, noel and jeremy are available for questions. thank you. why thank you, david and mark for your presentation. i got a list of speakers and after that anyone. the first is oscar james from the bay view community. come on up. ef i'm oscar james born and raised. one of the things i would want to express is appreciation for dave work for the community. making sure we had our input in the whole development and not only him butt staff. >> the staff he came out with --
3:35 pm
thank you. >> you i like the concept especially with the ramaytush ohlone native americans -- having their story told and the art w that present them to the communities because a lot of the peoples in our community don't know about about them. being the first person in this area. and who showed us we stands on as a community. i like to thank, also the -- representing the labor unions the most important thing in our community to make surety labor and unions are important part of our history also. and -- all of the things that represent this community. i urge you and beg and you plead to pass this to make this a real success for our community. with that, thank you very much.
3:36 pm
can i get a mogz >> moved. >> second. >> derrick green. i'm dirk green approximate retired in the private and public sectors in the san francisco electric industry and with archie green fudz for labor, culture and history. allow neap read my statement. we'll be happier. >> go ahead. >> commissioners i'm honord that mark and david of the port staff invited mow to participate can provide for input for consideration in the program
3:37 pm
with port staff members, design consultant and community work and committee members. i feel the program is well described within executive directors fork's may fifth memo and well stated in the port commission resolution 22-27. i'm pleased with the design for various displays of multiple croak area occupations tell be enjoyed by citizens and guests for years to come. i personal low am looking forward to visiting and enjoying the san francisco creek water front display along with archie green's grand children and great grandchildren. thank you, commissioners for your consideration of this
3:38 pm
waterfront project. welcome. harvey. >> thank you. can you hear me okay? >> yep. president adams and commissioners. interested parties. thank you for the opportunity to speak today. noted already i'm harvey swartsz an interest in merry time and construction trade unions. historyians go on and on. i can't do that. for the past twikz years i have been involved in project to celebrate the diverse life, labor and culture at the creek.
3:39 pm
i submit that on this project the port representatives including mark, dave, david and others have run an extremely impressive and inclusive program to out reach and access. not excess. access. i have been a member of the creek plan working group and i'm happy with the programs beautiful design and with the design team itself which is in seriously considered working group suggestions. this design really is beautiful. i'll tell you. i will 3 this in, anyway. it is an impressive for member like me not oriented in the printed word. i am looking forward to seeing the program's construction in the near future. as the same guess when metal go
3:40 pm
in the ground. i appreciate the commitment to the project. one will. example has been well to help, and encourage the community interested in the creek project. in closing i wish to support resolution 2227. thank you very much for consideration. >> thank you. harvey. >> is there anyone else? is there anyone else? public comment. okay. at this time will provide instruction for remote participates. >> thank you. at this time we'll open the queue for anyone on the phone. withhold like to make public comment on item 11 arc. dial star 3 if you wish to make comment. this is the let you know when your line is open. others will wait on mute until
3:41 pm
their line is open. comments will be limited to 3 minuteses per person. the queue is open dial star 3 if you wish to make comment. there are no members of the public on the phone wish to make public comment. why thanks. public comment is closed. commissioner burton. i don't know if it is irrelevant voluntary is there anything i don't know if it went down to the creek hi was a kid a big deal was the state belt line across the water front. or that's not related this creek? was the other part. it is a thing harepublican wherever the hell on the water front. the old state belt railroad.
3:42 pm
>> so commissioner burton, the belt line ran on the northern water front. not that connection here >> wanted to show my sense of history. thank you mr. chairman. >> you passed the test. >> all right. commissioner woop ho. why i'm upon supportive. i like the idea and the messages you send with the display its is nice to see that reflect the heritage of when we are trying to represent in that area. i'm supportive. thank you. >> thank you. commissioner gilman. why david thank you for your report and the work of your team. i'm so excited about this and want to plug in for more story telling and interpretness of the history of the water front for the whole stretch of over 7 miles. machine who in my own home town
3:43 pm
in san francisco other accomplices i travel gravitate to the history things i think they are important for locals and tourists to understand the history and i'm so excite body this. just one thing i hope you will take into account, when we dot construction of this is use the most resilient materials public. we do have other way finding and historical story telling markers along the northeast water front that are peeling or corroding. i hope how we construct this that we make it impossible -- for environmental or human destruction. it is important in a draw for our community. i'm supportive of the item. >> vice president brandon.
3:44 pm
david, thank you for this support and i'm in favor of this project. thank you everyone who was involved in bring thanksgiving to the port. >> thank you. >> i want to say that dave you'd and to everybody involved. you know. david like diane work said here 2 things you both have you got street credited with the communities. people in the community trust you. your integrity. sense of fair play and your big heart. i passport it also i want to say, thank you for being a person that really, really cares you know what the community can tell how much you care and even to people that came to speak you are the real thing. i stand in support. we have a motion and a second. all in favor. >> aye. >> opposed?
3:45 pm
>> resolution 22 know 27 passes. next item. 12 is new business. >> i have reported a request from commissioner gilman mou's with other agencies include equity bowls and actions is there other new business. >> not new business i want to thank the crew in the back. thank you. again y'all make us look good and delivering the goods and we appreciate it. thank you. couldn't do it without you. thank you. >> any other new business? being none. if there is no new business is there -- motion it adjourn. >> second. >> that was the quickest thing i had ever seen. all in favor, >> aye. >> opposed?
3:46 pm
san francisco is surrounded on three sides by water, the fire boat station is intergal to maritime rescue and preparedness, not only for san francisco, but for all of the bay area. [sirens] >> fire station 35 was built in 1915. so it is over 100 years old. and helped it, we're going to build fire boat station 35. >> so the finished capital planning committee, i think about three years ago, issued a guidance that all city facilities must exist on sea level rise.
3:47 pm
>> the station 35, construction cost is approximately $30 million. and the schedule was complicated because of what you call a float. it is being fabricated in china, and will be brought to treasure island, where the building site efficient will be constructed on top of it, and then brought to pier 22 and a half for installation. >> we're looking at late 2020 for final completion of the fire boat float. the historic firehouse will remain on the embarcadero, and we will still respond out of the historic firehouse with our fire engine, and respond to medical calls and other incidences in the district. >> this totally has to incorporate between three to six feet of sea level rise over the next 100 years. that's what the city's
3:48 pm
guidance is requiring. it is built on the float, that can move up and down as the water level rises, and sits on four fixed guide piles. so if the seas go up, it can move up and down with that. >> it does have a full range of travel, from low tide to high tide of about 16 feet. so that allows for current tidal movements and sea lisle rises in the coming decades. >> the fire boat station float will also incorporate a ramp for ambulance deployment and access. >> the access ramp is rigidly connected to the land side, with more of a pivot or hinge connection, and then it is sliding over the top of the float. in that way the ramp can flex up and down like a hinge, and also allow for a slight few inches of
3:49 pm
lateral motion of the float. both the access ramps, which there is two, and the utility's only flexible connection connecting from the float to the back of the building. so electrical power, water, sewage, it all has flexible connection to the boat. >> high boat station number 35 will provide mooring for three fire boats and one rescue boat. >> currently we're staffed with seven members per day, but the fire department would like to establish a new dedicated marine unit that would be able to respond to multiple incidences. looking into the future, we have not only at&t park, where we have a lot of kayakers, but we have a lot of developments in the southeast side, including the stadium, and we want to have the ability to respond to any marine or maritime incident along these new developments.
3:50 pm
>> there are very few designs for people sleeping on the water. we're looking at cruiseships, which are larger structures, several times the size of harbor station 35, but they're the only good reference point. we look to the cruiseship industry who has kind of an index for how much acceleration they were accommodate. >> it is very unique. i don't know that any other fire station built on the water is in the united states. >> the fire boat is a regional asset that can be used for water rescue, but we also do environmental cleanup. we have special rigging that we carry that will contain oil spills until an environmental unit can come out. this is a job for us, but it is also a way of life and a lifestyle. we're proud to serve our community. and we're willing to help
3:51 pm
people in any way we can.
3:52 pm
>> my name is alan schumer. i am a fourth generation san franciscan. in december, this building will be 103 years of age. it is an incredibly rich, rich history. [♪♪♪] >> my core responsibility as
3:53 pm
city hall historian is to keep the history of this building alive. i am also the tour program manager, and i chair the city advisory commission. i have two ways of looking at my life. i want it to be -- i wanted to be a fashion designer for the movies, and the other one, a political figure because i had some force from family members, so it was a constant battle between both. i ended up, for many years, doing the fashion, not for the movies, but for for san franciscan his and then in turn, big changes, and now i am here. the work that i do at city hall
3:54 pm
makes my life a broader, a richer, more fulfilling than if i was doing something in the garment industry. i had the opportunity to develop relationships with my docents. it is almost like an extended family. i have formed incredible relationships with them, and also some of the people that come to take a tour. she was a dressmaker of the first order. i would go visit her, and it was a special treat. i was a tiny little girl. i would go with my wool coat on and my special little dress because at that period in time, girls did not wear pants. the garment industry had the -- at the time that i was in it and
3:55 pm
i was a retailer, as well as the designer, was not particularly favourable to women. you will see the predominant designers, owners of huge complexes are huge stores were all male. women were sort of relegated to a lesser position, so that, you reached a point where it was a difficult to survive and survive financially. there was a woman by the name of diana. she was editor of the bazaar, and evoke, and went on and she was a miraculous individual, but she had something that was a very unique. she classified it as a third i. will lewis brown junior, who was mayor of san francisco, and was the champion of reopening this
3:56 pm
building on january 5th of 1999. i believe he has not a third eye , but some kind of antenna attached to his head because he had the ability to go through this building almost on a daily basis during the restoration and corrects everything so that it would appear as it was when it opened in december of 1915. >> the board of supervisors approved that, i signed it into law. jeffrey heller, the city and county of san francisco oh, and and your band of architects a great thing, just a great thing. >> to impart to the history of this building is remarkable. to see a person who comes in with a gloomy look on their face , and all of a sudden you start talking about this building, the gloomy look
3:57 pm
disappears and a smile registers across their face. with children, and i do mainly all of the children's tours, that is a totally different feeling because you are imparting knowledge that they have no idea where it came from, how it was developed, and you can start talking about how things were before we had computer screens, cell phones, lake in 1915, the mayor of san francisco used to answer the telephone and he would say, good morning, this is the mayor. >> at times, my clothes make me feel powerful. powerful in a different sense.
3:58 pm
i am not the biggest person in the world, so therefore, i have to have something that would draw your eye to me. usually i do that through color, or just the simplicity of the look, or sometimes the complication of the look. i have had people say, do those shoes really match that outfit? retirement to me is a very strange words. i don't really ever want to retire because i would like to be able to impart the knowledge that i have, the knowledge that i have learned and the ongoing honor of working in the people's palace. you want a long-term career, and
3:59 pm
you truly want to give something to do whatever you do, so long as you know that you are giving to someone or something you're then yourself. follow your passion and learn how to enrich the feelings along the way.
4:00 pm