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tv   To Be Announced  SFGTV  June 20, 2022 6:15am-9:01am PDT

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>> all right. hieverybody . i've i'm sanfrancisco mayor london bree . [applause] welcome to the tried raising flagceremony . and i have a very, very big announcement today . holes want to crybecause i'm so happy . but i along with our lgbt queue public safetyofficials will be marching in pride this year . [applause] and so let me just
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startby saying something . i want to first apologize to so many members of the lgbtq community who were hurt by the decision that i made to stand by our various public safety officials of the lgbtq community. and i apologize for not also recognizing the hurt and pain that i know some feel as a result of their own interactions and engagements with law enforcement. because i know pride is a really important time for the lgbtq community and at the time where i have always felt that i
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was always welcomed and i can be whoever it is thati want to be , and i am so happy that the theme of this year is love will keep us together. because seeing the people from our various law enforcement and public safety agencies who are also an important part of the lgbtq community, seeing how they came together with the pride board to come up with a compromise so they too can be proud of who they are and what they represent and the understanding and respect from both sides is a symbol of love
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bringing ustogether . [applause] pride is so amazing in san francisco and in fact i remember my first pride parade and i remember thinking all these cars going by. then, if i go use the bathroom i'm goingto lose my spot . which is why i always had a float is why i always wanted to have something with a smile on people's faces. and so many people come from all over the world to celebrate pride in san francisco and i'm so happy that love truly did bring us together .and i want to thank the pride board and i'll say a few words . carolyn weisinger andsuzanne or . [applause] i want to thank the
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person who is in charge of the pride alliance for as fpd, catherine winters is joining us today. [applause] i want to thank so many of our electedofficials including the persons that helped facilitate a lot of this . who is the cofounder of the transgender cultural districtin san francisco , arya sayiid. yes, the family had a family fight butnow we are back together again . and with thatbefore we get started with our program , that is truly really more meaningful this year than ever before especiallyafter not having pride or any major activities in the city for the past year ,
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i want to introduce a person who really in some ways needs no introduction. tim philip has been leading the gay men's chorus in san francisco the last five years and this year she's going to be conducting a number of farewell concert concerts but although you may be leaving your role my hope is that you're still going to be all around and today he wanted to bless us with a special performance which is very rare indeed. ladies and gentlemen, tim seelig. >> i was invited to do this yesterday and i asked people will there be an orchestra and they're like number a piano? number a harmonica? no, just you.
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but i'm thrilled to be here. i came out in 1986 out of the will of the southern baptist church. i had two children,seven and nine years old . it was a rough time. in 1989 or game and the flirtations withcassette . followed eighttracks . they didn't have a track but cassette with a song on it that when i heard it i got my kids inthe car, the cassette in and pleaded for them on loop over and over . i just imagine and i wanted them to know all of us in this room had we had someone sing this song to us how our lives would have been different. >> you can be anybody that you want to be. you can love whomever you will. you can travel any country
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where your heart leads.♪ ♪ and you know i willlove you ♪ ♪ still .♪ ♪ you can live by yourself.♪ ♪ you can gather friendsaround ♪ ♪ .♪ ♪ you can choose one special ♪ ♪ one.♪ ♪ but the only measure of your ♪ ♪ words and your deeds will be ♪ ♪ the love you leave behind ♪ ♪ when you're gone.♪ ♪ some girls grow upstrong and ♪ ♪ bold .♪ ♪ some boys are quiet and ♪ ♪ kind.♪ ♪ some race on a head,some ♪ ♪ follow behind .♪ ♪ some grow in their own space ♪ ♪ and time.♪
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♪ listen to this kids.♪ ♪ some men love women and some ♪ ♪ men love man.♪ ♪ some raise children and some ♪ ♪ never do.♪ ♪ you can dream all the day, ♪ ♪ never reaching theend .♪ ♪ of everything possible for ♪ ♪ you.♪ ♪ don't be rattled by names, ♪ ♪ by thoughts or games.♪ ♪ but seek out spirits ♪ ♪ through.♪ ♪ you can be anybody that you ♪ ♪ want to be.♪ ♪ you can love whomever you ♪ ♪ will.♪
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♪ but the only measure of your ♪ ♪ words and your deeds will be ♪ ♪ the love you leave behind.♪ ♪ when you're gone.♪ ♪ oh, the love you leave ♪ ♪ behind when you're gone.♪ ♪ [applause] ♪ ♪ >> thank you tim.♪ ♪ we're so gratefulto have you ♪ ♪ here today .♪ ♪ my month in san francisco, ♪ ♪ we have so many events and ♪ ♪ activities, so muchto do and ♪
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♪ i'm so glad i'm not going to ♪ ♪ miss any of it .last night ♪ ♪ we were feeling the effects ♪ ♪ of a summer in san francisco ♪ ♪ in twin peaks.♪ ♪ when we lit up the pink ♪ ♪ triangle and you'll be old ♪ ♪ to see it from outer space ♪ ♪ even ifyou fly somewhere ♪ ♪ with what's that guys name ♪ ♪ that flew out in this ♪ ♪ patient ?♪ ♪ elon musk.♪ ♪ he can see it from space.♪ ♪ but the pink triangle is lit ♪ ♪ up for all of us to see.♪ ♪ it will illuminate san ♪ ♪ francisco over the next ♪ ♪ month and we have raised the♪ ♪ flag .♪ ♪ we have the various ♪ ♪ activities.♪ ♪ we even have a juneteenth ♪ ♪ pride celebration at the ♪ ♪ african-american complex.♪ ♪ [applause] and i want to ♪ ♪ take this moment to really ♪ ♪ recognize so many of our ♪ ♪ leaders for joining us today♪ ♪ .♪ ♪ not everyone will have the ♪ ♪ opportunity to a say a few ♪ ♪ words but they are here to ♪ ♪ support and starting with ♪ ♪ supervisor matt dorsey was ♪
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♪ going to be speaking as well ♪ ♪ as supervisor mandelman and ♪ ♪ supervisor melgar.♪ ♪ thank you for being here ♪ ♪ from the board of ♪ ♪ supervisors.♪ ♪ we had another one west and ♪ ♪ mark i like that shirt.♪ ♪ supervisor catherine ♪ ♪ driscoll, thank you for ♪ ♪ being here today.♪ ♪ we also have walking torres, ♪ ♪ our city administrator, paul ♪ ♪ mia moto.♪ ♪ our attorney david chu.♪ ♪ i'm trying to get these ♪ ♪ titles right and our ♪ ♪ senators scott weiner and i ♪ ♪ want to acknowledge and ♪ ♪ thank many of our lgbtq ♪ ♪ department heads who serve ♪ ♪ and protect and work hard ♪ ♪ for the city every day ♪ ♪ including our fire chief jim ♪ ♪ mickelson♪ ♪ director of the sf mta jeff ♪ ♪ tomlin .♪ ♪ a person who got us through ♪
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♪ covid even though we had a ♪ ♪ fight every day.♪ ♪ and i think how is here from♪ ♪ the transgender district .♪ ♪ thank you for your work♪ ♪ paul henderson, office of ♪ ♪ police accountability .♪ ♪ carol huizinga was trying to ♪ ♪ hide from everybody but the ♪ ♪ contracts are doneno need to ♪ ♪ hide .♪ ♪ and some of our other i ♪ ♪ think directors are here and ♪ ♪ i see donna say hurry up and ♪ ♪ get this over with but you ♪ ♪ look good in your red.♪ ♪ so many amazing people who ♪ ♪ helped to run the city and i ♪ ♪ want to send a special shout ♪ ♪ out to the director of the ♪ ♪ department ofthe human ♪ ♪ rightscommission , cheryl ♪ ♪ davis .♪ ♪ for all the amazing work she ♪ ♪ does.♪ ♪ as well as our commissioners ♪ ♪ who are in the house.♪ ♪ raise your hand, thank you ♪ ♪ so much for the committee ♪
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♪ many commissioners whoare ♪ ♪ joining us today .♪ ♪ and with that we have our ♪ ♪ wonderful president of the ♪ ♪ pride board who is going to ♪ ♪ say a few words.♪ ♪ we are family again.♪ ♪ well, let me just say ♪ ♪ carolyn has been really ♪ ♪ weathering the storm for the ♪ ♪ past coupleof years.♪ ♪ it has been very challenging ♪ ♪ .♪ ♪ we remember last year in ♪ ♪ 2019 when we were able to ♪ ♪ celebrate pride.♪ ♪ it was a wonderful drive for ♪ ♪ the city and county of san ♪ ♪ francisco and of course all ♪ ♪ changed with covid but the ♪ ♪ pride board found a way for ♪ ♪ us to come together in ♪ ♪ various capacities that have ♪ ♪ a lot to do with the ♪ ♪ leadership of the president ♪ ♪ of the board of pride.♪ ♪ carolyn weisinger.♪ ♪ [applause] ♪
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♪ >> thank you.♪ ♪ my sister called from texas ♪ ♪ telling me don't cry and she ♪ ♪ told me don't fall out so ♪ ♪ i'm not going to do that.♪ ♪ but i will say and you will ♪ ♪ hearme say this a couple of ♪ ♪ times .♪ ♪ i have a lot of speeches i ♪ ♪ didn't know if we would make ♪ ♪ it.♪ ♪ i remember after we found ♪ ♪ out about this thing called ♪ ♪ covid and we said we can ♪ ♪ just hang itup, close down ♪ ♪ the organization, there will ♪ ♪ be no problem .♪ ♪ we were able to figure out ♪ ♪ how we would still celebrate ♪ ♪ when we were all stuck in ♪ ♪ the house.♪ ♪ i want to give a shout out ♪ ♪ to grant lopez, our former ♪ ♪ executive director is not ♪ ♪ here with us but a lot of ♪ ♪ figuring out to talk to ♪ ♪ community members.♪ ♪ how can we still get you to ♪ ♪ buy in to sitting in the ♪ ♪ house and celebrating pride♪ ♪ but we have a lot of our ♪ ♪ former board members .♪ ♪ a lot ofour former ♪
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♪ executives .♪ ♪ longtime board members that ♪ ♪ ithink i'm going to bring ♪ ♪ this up and iwant to do this ♪ ♪ correctly .♪ ♪ if you've never been to one ♪ ♪ of our board meetings , you ♪ ♪ know the mission of the san ♪ ♪ francisco lesbian gay ♪ ♪ bisexual transgender pride ♪ ♪ celebration committee is to♪ ♪ educate the world , ♪ ♪ commemorate our heritage, ♪ ♪ celebrate our culture and ♪ ♪ liberate our people.♪ ♪ said very loudly every ♪ ♪ meeting just like that.♪ ♪ we believe very much in the ♪ ♪ liberation of ourpeople and ♪ ♪ one thing we learned in this ♪ ♪ pandemic is we are fallible ♪ ♪ .♪ ♪ we had two years to figure ♪ ♪ out how we could liberate ♪ ♪ our people and as much as we ♪ ♪ like marching down the ♪ ♪ street it was so much more ♪ ♪ than that.♪ ♪ i want to thank mayor bree ♪ ♪ and i'm going to thank her a ♪ ♪ little personally because i ♪ ♪ will say the first time i ♪ ♪ stood here in 2019 with ♪ ♪ instant jeansand a ♪ ♪ button-down and she said ♪
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♪ girl, we don't do that here ♪ ♪ in city hall .so i want to ♪ ♪ thank the mayor.♪ ♪ i want to thank all of the ♪ ♪ black sanfranciscans who ♪ ♪ took me in .♪ ♪ [applause] if i never get to ♪ ♪ say it again, you all gave ♪ ♪ me all these great hair gray ♪ ♪ hairs in front of my head ♪ ♪ taught me how important it ♪ ♪ was to have a black ♪ ♪ president in this ♪ ♪ organization and what it ♪ ♪ meant to liberate the ♪ ♪ organization and change ♪ ♪ policy so when we came back ♪ ♪ in 2022 we knew we were ♪ ♪ centering all our folks.♪ ♪ youhave the river collective ♪ ♪ , one of the what did they ♪ ♪ say?♪ ♪ they said we will know ♪ ♪ everyone isfree when black ♪ ♪ women are free .♪ ♪ i always said we will know ♪ ♪ everyone is free when black ♪ ♪ queer and trans women are ♪ ♪ free though i want to thank ♪
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♪ arya sayid andthose who made ♪ ♪ this happen.♪ ♪ happy pride for the first ♪ ♪ time in three years you all ♪ ♪ .♪ ♪ [applause] ♪ ♪ >> thank you carolyn and ♪ ♪ who's been working and ♪ ♪ following carolyn's ♪ ♪ direction every step of the ♪ ♪ way is the executivedirector ♪ ♪ of the pride board for san ♪ ♪ francisco, suzanne ford .♪ ♪ [applause] ♪ ♪ >> thank you mayor bree.♪ ♪ no truer words has been said ♪ ♪ that i am following the ♪ ♪ direction of carolyn ♪ ♪ wiseman.♪ ♪ thank you to the department ♪ ♪ heads.♪ ♪ that's not true.♪ ♪ i woke up one morning and i ♪ ♪ was executive director of ♪ ♪ the most iconic queer ♪ ♪ organization in the world ♪ ♪ and i appreciatethat.♪ ♪ i have felt the ♪ ♪ responsibility of that ♪ ♪ lately to .2 and a half ♪ ♪ years ago i dreamed of being ♪ ♪ president of the board and i ♪ ♪ got a phone call from kevin ♪
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♪ weisinger and i hope i don't ♪ ♪ cry.♪ ♪ she asked me for my support ♪ ♪ to her presidency.♪ ♪ and i had been taught by ♪ ♪ very smart black trans women ♪ ♪ in my upbringing to make ♪ ♪ space for black women and ♪ ♪ that's one of the best ♪ ♪ decisions i ever made.♪ ♪ carolyn has been the moral ♪ ♪ compass for san francisco ♪ ♪ pride the last two and half ♪ ♪ years and she will continue ♪ ♪ to and every decision is ♪ ♪ made insan francisco pride ♪ ♪ carolyn's voice is a strong ♪ ♪ decision-maker in that ♪ ♪ process .♪ ♪ thank you carolyn.♪ ♪ [applause] i want to pack ♪ ♪ some of the pride family.♪ ♪ you might not know this but ♪ ♪ there's a ton of people that ♪ ♪ do work all year long so ♪ ♪ those two days in the last ♪ ♪ weekend ofjune we can have a ♪ ♪ parade andcelebration and ♪ ♪ allcome together and a lot ♪
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♪ of people in that family you ♪ ♪ don't know , younever know ♪ ♪ about them .♪ ♪ lisa williams is standing up ♪ ♪ here .♪ ♪ donna sachet.♪ ♪ george really .♪ ♪ gary virginia, marshall ♪ ♪ levine, you probably don't ♪ ♪ know all those names of ♪ ♪ those are a few of the ♪ ♪ people in our family.♪ ♪ it's a hard job.♪ ♪ the board ofdirectors, ♪ ♪ there's two board members ♪ ♪ appear right now .♪ ♪ our vice president and my ♪ ♪ daughter.♪ ♪ [applause] the board of ♪ ♪ pride is a non-paid position ♪ ♪ and i did it for 3 and a ♪ ♪ half years.♪ ♪ it's not a glamorous job to ♪ ♪ get to stand up here once a ♪ ♪ year.♪ ♪ they're not paid and they ♪ ♪ work really hard andthey ♪ ♪ take the weight of the ♪ ♪ community so seriously .♪ ♪ they actually represent all ♪ ♪ the people you see here ♪ ♪ today and pride represents a♪ ♪ different picture than we ♪ ♪ might have represented back ♪ ♪ in the 1970s, 1980s .♪
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♪ it's a queer familythat ♪ ♪ looks different and that's ♪ ♪ what we're supposed to do ♪ ♪ andi'm so proud of that .♪ ♪ mayor, thank you for having ♪ ♪ me today .♪ ♪ i had a speech buti wasn't ♪ ♪ sure i was going to give it ♪ ♪ .♪ ♪ i want to thank arya and ♪ ♪ supervisormandelman and ♪ ♪ dorsey for their help .♪ ♪ all right, thank you all.♪ ♪ [applause] ♪ ♪ >> thank you for your words ♪ ♪ and thank you for working ♪ ♪ slope so closely with our ♪ ♪ office.♪ ♪ i'm going to take a point of ♪ ♪ privilege as mayor.♪ ♪ and take advantage of this ♪ ♪ opportunity because as i ♪ ♪ said this past week has been ♪ ♪ i know very hard and in ♪ ♪ particular there was a woman ♪ ♪ who had to sit me down and ♪ ♪ have a hard conversation ♪ ♪ about some of the challenges ♪ ♪ that we were facing here in ♪ ♪ the city and we were able to ♪ ♪ come together and a lot of ♪
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♪ the reason why we were able ♪ ♪ to come together had a lot ♪ ♪ to do with arya sayid who is ♪ ♪ cofounder of the ♪ ♪ transculturaldistrict in san ♪ ♪ francisco and i wanted her ♪ ♪ to say a few words if she's ♪ ♪ open to it .♪ ♪ >> happy pride.♪ ♪ that was a little late.♪ ♪ can you do that one more ♪ ♪ time?happy pride.♪ ♪ i don't want to hold you all ♪ ♪ because i'm sure they have ♪ ♪ something.♪ ♪ anyone that knows me, i ♪ ♪ don't love public speaking ♪ ♪ is much but i want to say ♪ ♪ i'm so grateful for this ♪ ♪ moment.♪ ♪ i'm so grateful to mayor ♪ ♪ bree that you are in the ♪ ♪ parade and that are lgbtq ♪ ♪ officers will also be ♪ ♪ represented in the parade ♪ ♪ and we're all coming ♪ ♪ together to celebrate the ♪ ♪ little bit of victories that ♪
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♪ we do have a time where our ♪ ♪ rights are consistently ♪ ♪ being taken away by the ♪ ♪ supreme court, where there's ♪ ♪ over 200 anti-trans ♪ ♪ legislation pieces across ♪ ♪ this country taking away the♪ ♪ rights of trans-kids and ♪ ♪ trans people .♪ ♪ the don't say gave bill in ♪ ♪ florida.♪ ♪ all these things are ♪ ♪ happening and we have a ♪ ♪ little bit of rights and a ♪ ♪ little bit of freedom so ♪ ♪ this month we celebrate that ♪ ♪ and keep fighting for our ♪ ♪ rights.♪ ♪ everyone say i. thank you.♪ ♪ [applause] ♪ ♪ >> thank you aria and so you ♪ ♪ know i think covid might ♪ ♪ have said had something to ♪ ♪ do with the snack situation ♪ ♪ afterwards so iapologize but ♪ ♪ i'mlooking at tom who's ♪ ♪ always the snack man .♪ ♪ i'll keep my fingers crossed ♪
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♪ that we will have a few ♪ ♪ snacks next year .♪ ♪ in the meantime go out and ♪ ♪ spend moneyat all the ♪ ♪ restaurants thatsurround the ♪ ♪ city and make sure you tip ♪ ♪ your waiters and waitresses ♪ ♪ .♪ ♪ and with that , aria said we ♪ ♪ have to continue the fight ♪ ♪ and i have to say there is ♪ ♪ no more fears of an advocate ♪ ♪ and fighter thansenator ♪ ♪ scott weiner .♪ ♪ and i also have to say i ♪ ♪ appreciate his hard work.♪ ♪ i appreciate his ♪ ♪ consistency.♪ ♪ i appreciate how hard he ♪ ♪ fights for sanfrancisco but ♪ ♪ how much he cares about the ♪ ♪ people of this city .♪ ♪ so i'm so grateful for him ♪ ♪ and honor tointroduce our ♪ ♪ incredible us senator scott ♪ ♪ weiner .♪ ♪ you guys know what i meant.♪ ♪ u.s. congress, i mean, state ♪ ♪ senator.♪ ♪ >> i got called supervisor ♪
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♪ on the street a lot and once ♪ ♪ the supervisor, alwaysa ♪ ♪ supervisor .♪ ♪ i'm just so happy to be here ♪ ♪ because i think a lot of us ♪ ♪ doing pride year after year, ♪ ♪ decade after decade we start ♪ ♪ to take itfor granted .♪ ♪ it's just something that ♪ ♪ happens every year and we ♪ ♪ know that it takes unending ♪ ♪ work every year but for a ♪ ♪ lot of people in the ♪ ♪ community i think it gets ♪ ♪ taken for granted and not ♪ ♪ having pride for the most ♪ ♪ part for two years and not ♪ ♪ having the parade for two ♪ ♪ years and these gatherings, ♪ ♪ it really reminded people ♪ ♪ not to take it for granted.♪ ♪ and how critically important ♪ ♪ pride isfor all of us to ♪ ♪ recharge our batteries, to ♪ ♪ reconnect and see people you ♪ ♪ may not see throughout the ♪ ♪ year and to recommit to the ♪ ♪ fight .♪ ♪ this is really exciting and ♪ ♪ i want to thank thepride ♪
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♪ board and stan and carolyn ♪ ♪ and everyone else for not ♪ ♪ giving up during the ♪ ♪ pandemic and keeping it ♪ ♪ going .♪ ♪ [applause] and so i looked ♪ ♪ at my first pride in 1994 in♪ ♪ philadelphia and san ♪ ♪ francisco pride my first ♪ ♪ time was 95 .♪ ♪ and it really just doesn't ♪ ♪ matter so much.♪ ♪ you know, with some of the ♪ ♪ turbulence this year, the ♪ ♪ disagreements around pride ♪ ♪ and our police and mayor and ♪ ♪ then there's a separate ♪ ♪ prideprotest that's going to ♪ ♪ happen on polk street some ♪ ♪ people were coming up and ♪ ♪ stressing ,what's happening♪ ♪ and i'm like don't worry ♪ ♪ about it .♪ ♪ it's all going to be good, ♪ ♪ we're all going to come back ♪ ♪ together .♪ ♪ it's okay to have family ♪ ♪ disagreements and arguments ♪ ♪ becausein the end we are all ♪ ♪ family so i'm so thrilled we ♪ ♪ are going to be coming ♪ ♪ together .♪ ♪ and just really excited ♪ ♪ about that.♪
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♪ we have tounderstand what ♪ ♪ ever our disagreements in ♪ ♪ san francisco and we have ♪ ♪ many disagreements, we love ♪ ♪ arguing with ourselves as a ♪ ♪ city .♪ ♪ we have to keep our eye on ♪ ♪ the ball and i think aria ♪ ♪ mentioned it and it is so ♪ ♪ true.♪ ♪ we have laws getting past ♪ ♪ that are similar to vladimir ♪ ♪ putin's gay propaganda laws ♪ ♪ that he passed.♪ ♪ not just in the us, laws ♪ ♪ that are compared to fascist ♪ ♪ laws passed by vladimir ♪ ♪ putin.♪ ♪ we have literally laws such ♪ ♪ as what's happening in texas ♪ ♪ and alabama and elsewhere to ♪ ♪ really think about what it ♪ ♪ means that you have a trans ♪ ♪ kid whose parents are ♪ ♪ supporting that kid.♪ ♪ so many queer kids in ♪ ♪ general are rejected by ♪ ♪ theirfamilies .♪ ♪ kickedout and they become ♪ ♪ homeless .♪ ♪ and you have families that ♪ ♪ are supporting their kids ♪ ♪ and what's going to happen ♪ ♪ potentially?the kid is ♪
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♪ going to be taken out and ♪ ♪ put in foster careand the ♪ ♪ parents are going to be put ♪ ♪ in prison and the doctor put ♪ ♪ in prison to up to 10 years ♪ ♪ .♪ ♪ imaginewhat universe where ♪ ♪ in in the united states of ♪ ♪ america in 2022 that is♪ ♪ happening .♪ ♪ just imagine these kids are ♪ ♪ not living in a cave .♪ ♪ these kids have bones, ♪ ♪ internet, they see the news♪ ♪ they know what's happening .♪ ♪ can you imagine your some 10 ♪ ♪ or 13-year-old queer kid in ♪ ♪ florida or texas oralabama , ♪ ♪ really anywhere and you hear ♪ ♪ powerful politicians running ♪ ♪ around saying we're taking ♪ ♪ you away from your parents, ♪ ♪ putting yourparents in jail ♪ ♪ and we're going to blow up ♪ ♪ your life .♪ ♪ and is it any wonder the ♪ ♪ rates of suicide are so high ♪ ♪ among lgbtq youth.♪ ♪ that's not random.♪ ♪ that's because of things ♪ ♪ happening in this country in ♪
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♪ 2022.♪ ♪ people are still dying from ♪ ♪ hiv particularly in black ♪ ♪ and brown communities and 50 ♪ ♪ percent of homeless youth ♪ ♪ are lgbtq so we have worked ♪ ♪ out for us.♪ ♪ we're going to recharge our ♪ ♪ batteries and get out there ♪ ♪ and fight and win so happy ♪ ♪ pride everyone.♪ ♪ [applause] ♪ ♪ >> thank you senator weiner ♪ ♪ for that very insightful♪ ♪ perspective .♪ ♪ and it's why i'm really so ♪ ♪ proud and happy about all ♪ ♪ the amazing work that we do ♪ ♪ here in san francisco and in ♪ ♪ fact this upcoming budget ♪ ♪ which i'm hoping the members ♪ ♪ of the board will support ♪ ♪ because they're the next ♪ ♪ speakers up so maybe we'll ♪ ♪ getthere commitment on the ♪ ♪ mic .♪ ♪ but we've started a program ♪ ♪ called trans home sf because ♪ ♪ of the trans community and ♪ ♪ in fact looking over that ♪ ♪ program and looking at what ♪
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♪ was possible in terms of the♪ ♪ numbers and the disparities ♪ ♪ and all that information , ♪ ♪ it was really great to have ♪ ♪ a member of the board like ♪ ♪ supervisor rafael mandelman ♪ ♪ who understood what we ♪ ♪ needed to do to make those ♪ ♪ investments and our ♪ ♪ commitment to and trans ♪ ♪ homelessness in san ♪ ♪ francisco.♪ ♪ our commitment to provide ♪ ♪ universal income and a ♪ ♪ number of other initiatives ♪ ♪ and again, this is not just ♪ ♪ coming from me and ♪ ♪ supervisor mandelman.♪ ♪ this is coming from whatthe ♪ ♪ community is asking for .♪ ♪ and aren't we lucky to have ♪ ♪ a city that believes in ♪ ♪ supporting the people that ♪ ♪ have the direct not only ♪ ♪ experience but also the ♪ ♪ direct engagement with the♪ ♪ community to understand ♪ ♪ where the needs are .♪ ♪ and i am really grateful ♪ ♪ that supervisor mandelman ♪
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♪ has been a real partner in ♪ ♪ fighting for this community ♪ ♪ in general and fighting for ♪ ♪ this city and i can't wait ♪ ♪ until we're able to cut the ♪ ♪ ribbon on our new lgbtq ♪ ♪ museum in the castro.♪ ♪ i'm looking forward to so ♪ ♪ many wonderful things to ♪ ♪ celebrate and uplift the ♪ ♪ lgbtq community, not just ♪ ♪ during pride but year-round ♪ ♪ and the person that's been ♪ ♪ an incredible partneron the ♪ ♪ board of supervisors in ♪ ♪ helping to do that is ♪ ♪ supervisor rafael mandelman ♪ ♪ .♪ ♪ [applause] ♪ ♪ >> i'm so relieved.♪ ♪ i just want to say how ♪ ♪ grateful i am and i think ♪ ♪ our san francisco queer ♪ ♪ community is and i think the ♪ ♪ whole city is that people of ♪ ♪ goodwill have sent spent a ♪ ♪ lot of time and a lot of ♪ ♪ meetings over the last ♪ ♪ several months to get us to ♪ ♪ the point where we are all ♪ ♪ feeling comfortable about ♪ ♪ being in the pride parade ♪
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♪ and i, one of the things ♪ ♪ i've been saying to folks is ♪ ♪ as we approached this month ♪ ♪ was i'mnot sure anybody's ♪ ♪ wrong here .♪ ♪ iagree with everyone in this ♪ ♪ .♪ ♪ so suzanne and carolyn and ♪ ♪ the pride board, thank you ♪ ♪ so much and to cast and ♪ ♪ michael who's somewhere and ♪ ♪ all of the members of the ♪ ♪ pride alliance for being♪ ♪ thoughtful about this .♪ ♪ to supervisor dorsey i think ♪ ♪ kind of helped out and gave♪ ♪ us a final push in the end .♪ ♪ to aria.♪ ♪ people heard each other and ♪ ♪ listened and thisis how you ♪ ♪ want things to happen and ♪ ♪ thank you mayor agreed .♪ ♪ i'm getting emotional too.♪ ♪ i mean, i'm so happy we're ♪ ♪ here for a number of ♪ ♪ reasons.♪ ♪ one is i want us to be able♪ ♪ to celebrate pride this year ♪ ♪ because it is our first ♪ ♪ pride back in three years .♪ ♪ and because our pride board ♪ ♪ has kept the flame alive ♪
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♪ this pastseveral years ♪ ♪ thinking about ways to have ♪ ♪ pride without having pride.♪ ♪ it's been hard but they've ♪ ♪ done it .♪ ♪ and then the other thing.♪ ♪ the reason i am relieved ♪ ♪ about being here right now ♪ ♪ and thought i have that i've ♪ ♪ been carrying with me is i ♪ ♪ don't agree with london ♪ ♪ breed abouteverything london ♪ ♪ breed is annoyed by me ♪ ♪ frequently .♪ ♪ i know.♪ ♪ i've always screw up these ♪ ♪ things.♪ ♪ but one thing i have never ♪ ♪ doubted and have no doubt ♪ ♪ about is london breed's ♪ ♪ commitment to the queer ♪ ♪ community.♪ ♪ if you look ... [applause] ♪ ♪ >> our terms in office ♪ ♪ overlap but if i look back ♪ ♪ is that these last three ♪ ♪ years every single year this ♪ ♪ woman comes forward with ♪ ♪ groundbreaking and ♪ ♪ unprecedentedinvestments in ♪ ♪ queer people .♪ ♪ and the most vulnerable ♪ ♪ queer people.♪ ♪ she focuses on the ♪
6:48 am
♪ transgendercommunity and ♪ ♪ she's talked about some of ♪ ♪ it .♪ ♪ universalbasic income in san ♪ ♪ francisco .♪ ♪ unprecedented investment in ♪ ♪ directed at unhoused trans ♪ ♪ folks, if we don'tfocus on ♪ ♪ unhoused transports we will ♪ ♪ not trans folks .♪ ♪ not a commitment to and ♪ ♪ transgender homelessness ♪ ♪ within five years in san ♪ ♪ francisco.♪ ♪ we can do it it's still ♪ ♪ amazing and this mayor is ♪ ♪ going to make it if you look ♪ ♪ at investments in queer ♪ ♪ communityinstitutions , ♪ ♪ housing for seniors, we're ♪ ♪ going to get a building ♪ ♪ that'sgoing to house more ♪ ♪ than 100 , more than 100 ♪ ♪ lgbtq seniors where they ♪ ♪ will be have a home and if ♪ ♪ they get convicted is not ♪ ♪ going to mean leaving the ♪ ♪ state or the bay area.♪ ♪ and weather is going to be ♪ ♪ the museum, investments in ♪
6:49 am
♪ tim seelig's billing and ♪ ♪ these investments inpeople ♪ ♪ and the recognition of the ♪ ♪ talent in the queer ♪ ♪ community .♪ ♪ the number of queer ♪ ♪ department heads as i look ♪ ♪ around, they're all ♪ ♪ brilliant.♪ ♪ but that's amazing that our♪ ♪ city is led by so many queer ♪ ♪ people.♪ ♪ our commissioner deborah ♪ ♪ walker was about to step on ♪ ♪ to the police commission, ♪ ♪ good luck .♪ ♪ so i didnot, one of my fears ♪ ♪ , i get anxious about a lot ♪ ♪ of stuff but one of my ♪ ♪ anxieties was that reality ♪ ♪ of one degrees record like ♪ ♪ it obscured and won't also ♪ ♪ they're going to have a ♪ ♪ fantastic party♪ ♪ i'm looking forward to it .♪ ♪ i'm excited.♪ ♪ i think i'm supposed to ♪ ♪ announce the newest queer ♪ ♪ supervisor in san francisco ♪ ♪ and in the bay area and up ♪ ♪ until now i've been able to ♪ ♪ say i'm the only one i can't ♪ ♪ say itanymore but i'm super ♪ ♪ happy about that and that is ♪ ♪ areflection i think of the ♪
6:50 am
♪ mayor's commitment to the ♪ ♪ queer community .♪ ♪ matt dorsey , you helped us ♪ ♪ get to this point with this ♪ ♪ year's pride and i am so ♪ ♪ excited to see all the ♪ ♪ things you're goingto do on ♪ ♪ the board.♪ ♪ it's a joy to serve with you ♪ ♪ and thank you for appointing ♪ ♪ matt dorsey to represent ♪ ♪ district 6 .♪ ♪ [applause] ♪ ♪ >> thank you so much.♪ ♪ i want to express my ♪ ♪ gratitude to carolyn and ♪ ♪ suzanne.♪ ♪ yesterday in a conversation ♪ ♪ carolyn said i'm going to be ♪ ♪ blunt and i say good because ♪ ♪ we don't have time for ♪ ♪ nuance.♪ ♪ getting this done was ♪ ♪ important and i want to ♪ ♪ express my gratitude to joe ♪ ♪ weitzman in myoffice, lisa ♪ ♪ williams .♪ ♪ the human rightscommission, ♪ ♪ cheryldavis .♪ ♪ the lgbtq advisory ♪ ♪ commission .♪ ♪ people are having a ♪ ♪ difficult conversations and ♪ ♪ i especially want to express ♪ ♪ my gratitude because you ♪ ♪ know how personal it is tome ♪ ♪ .♪ ♪ the officer catherine ♪ ♪ winters, all the men, women ♪
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♪ and non-binary members of ♪ ♪ the san francisco police ♪ ♪ department, san francisco ♪ ♪ firedepartment, san ♪ ♪ francisco sheriff's ♪ ♪ department for going to the ♪ ♪ table with a spirit of ♪ ♪ collaboration and consensus ♪ ♪ and getting this done .i ♪ ♪ am so excited like the mayor ♪ ♪ tobe marching in pride and i ♪ ♪ want to acknowledge too when ♪ ♪ i said i was going to sit ♪ ♪ out , it was partly because ♪ ♪ i spent two years in the ♪ ♪ police department and these ♪ ♪ are my colleagues and ♪ ♪ friends but i want to ♪ ♪ remember when i moved to san ♪ ♪ francisco as a young gay man♪ ♪ , there was aformer police ♪ ♪ commissioner named wayne ♪ ♪ striker who was a mentor to ♪ ♪ me .♪ ♪ dennis collins was a ♪ ♪ groundbreaking da ♪ ♪ investigator who was a ♪ ♪ mentor to me.♪ ♪ joey daly was the first ♪ ♪ lesbian police commissioner ♪ ♪ appointed in 1980.♪ ♪ i got to work for two years ♪ ♪ and a police department ♪ ♪ that's been the beneficiary ♪ ♪ of lgbtq leadership from no ♪ ♪ fewer than 10 police ♪
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♪ commissioners and we're ♪ ♪ going to have an 11th and ♪ ♪ i'm excited to be supporting ♪ ♪ deborah walker.♪ ♪ it means the world to me to ♪ ♪ our foreign public safety ♪ ♪ officers and firefighters ♪ ♪ and emts and sheriffs that ♪ ♪ we got thisdone.♪ ♪ happy pride everybody.♪ ♪ let's get out and celebrate ♪ ♪ .♪ ♪ [applause] ♪ ♪ >> this brings us to the end ♪ ♪ of our program.♪ ♪ i just want to thank ♪ ♪ everyone who is joining us ♪ ♪ here today and i also want ♪ ♪ to simply call out and thank ♪ ♪ tom horne.♪ ♪ many of you know that tom ♪ ♪ does extraordinary work ♪ ♪ mostly behind-the-scenes in ♪ ♪ this community and a big ♪ ♪ supporter of all things ♪ ♪ pride but also a big, major ♪ ♪ ambassador to the city and ♪
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♪ county of san francisco so ♪ ♪ we arehonored by your ♪ ♪ presence ♪ ♪ grateful to have you and ♪ ♪ grateful to have each and ♪ ♪ every one of you .♪ ♪ lovewill bring us together .♪ ♪ lovehas brought us together ♪ ♪ and in the spirit of love , ♪ ♪ let's celebrate pride like ♪ ♪ san francisco celebrates ♪ ♪ prideand let's turn it up .♪ ♪ you also much.♪ ♪ thank you.♪ ♪ >>.♪ ♪ >> .♪ ♪ >>
6:54 am
>> how i really started my advocacy was through my own personal experiences with discrimination as a trans person. and when i came out as trans, you know, i experienced discrimination in the workplace. they refused to let me use the women's bathroom and fired me. there were so many barriers that other trans folks had in the workplace. and so when i finished college, i moved out to san francisco in the hopes of finding a safer community. >> and also, i want to recognize our amazing trans advisory committee who advises our office as well as the mayor, so our transadvisory community members, if they
6:55 am
could raise their hands and you could give a little love to them. [applause] >> thank you so much for your help. my leadership here at the office is engaging the mayor and leadership with our lgbt community. we also get to support, like, local policy and make sure that that is implemented, from all-gender bathrooms to making sure that there's lgbt data collection across the city. get to do a lot of great events in trans awareness month. >> transgender people really need representation in politics of all kinds, and i'm so grateful for clair farley because she represents us so
6:56 am
intelligently. >> i would like to take a moment of silence to honor all those folks that nicky mentioned that we've lost this year. >> i came out when i was 18 as trans and grew up as gay in missoula, montana. so as you can imagine, it wasn't the safest environment for lgbt folks. i had a pretty supportive family. i have an identical twin, and so we really were able to support each other. once i moved away from home and started college, i was really able to recognize my own value and what i had to offer, and i think that for me was one of the biggest challenges is kind of facing so many barriers, even with all the privilege and access that i had. it was how can i make sure that i transform those challenges into really helping other
6:57 am
people. we're celebrating transgender awareness month, and within that, we recognize transgender day of remembrance, which is a memorial of those that we have lost due to transgender violence, which within the last year, 2019, we've lost 22 transgender folks. think all but one are transgender women of color who have been murdered across the country. i think it's important because we get to lift up their stories, and bring attention to the attacks and violence that are still taking place. we push back against washington. that kind of impact is starting to impact trans black folks, so
6:58 am
it's important for our office to advocate and recognize, and come together and really remember our strength and resilience. as the only acting director of a city department in the country, i feel like there's a lot of pressure, but working through my own challenges and barriers and even my own self-doubt, i think i've been try to remember that the action is about helping our community, whether that's making sure the community is housed, making sure they have access to health care, and using kind of my access and privilege to make change. >> i would like to say something about clair farley. she has really inspired me. i was a nurse and became disabled. before i transitioned and after i transitioned, i didn't know what i wanted to do. i'm back at college, and clair farley has really impressed on
6:59 am
me to have a voice and to have agency, you have to have an education. >> mayor breed has led this effort. she made a $2.3 million investment into trans homes, and she spear headed this effort in partnership with my office and tony, and we're so proud to have a mayor who continues to commit and really make sure that everyone in this city can thrive. >> our community has the most resources, and i'm very happy to be here and to have a place finally to call home. thank you. [applause] >> one, two, three. [applause] >> even in those moments when i do feel kind of alone or unseen or doubt myself, i take a look at the community and the power of the supportive allies that are at the table that really help me to push past that.
7:00 am
being yourself, it's the word of wisdom i would give anyone. surely be patient with yourself and your dream. knowing that love, you may not always feel that from your family around you, but you can >> hello and welcome. this is the mayor's disability council meeting. the time is 1:02 p.m.
7:01 am
we'll go ahead and do roll call. this is the mayor's disability council. this is friday, june 17, 2022. we are meeting virtually through zoom. there is no in-person meeting happening for this session yet. we are also broadcast on public television, this meeting has live captions and live captioning interpreting. we also have two interpreters signing here and speaking for people who don't sign. the mayor's disability council has nine public meetings a year. typically, on the third friday
7:02 am
of each month. if you would like more information, if you would like to request additional accommodations, please be in touch with the mayor's office on disability. the phone number is 415-554-6789, and that's the vice phone number. if you'd rather e-mail, you can do so by sending a message to our next regularly scheduled meeting will be july 15 from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. i am the cochair, and i would like to remind everyone today
7:03 am
that we all have different opinions, and we are all here to solve the same problems. we are here to listen, and we will listen to all perspectives on the issues that are covered here on a wide range of disability identities and issues. verbal harassment will not be tolerated. m.d.c. members promise to be respectful to each other and to the public, and we ask the same in return. we'd like to remind everyone
7:04 am
who attends the meeting to speak at a pace that is conducive to both interpreting and captioning, meaning not too fast, and also, please be aware that, during the meeting, m.d.c. members and o.d. staff members also may turn their videos off if they're not actively speaking at that time. and if you're wondering why that is, it's for access reasons, but my video will stay on. >> i believe we will start with roll call, and so i will go ahead and do that. >> great. please go ahead.
7:05 am
[roll call] >> okay. and that concludes our roll call. >> okay. so does anyone on the council, any council member, have
7:06 am
comments or questions on the agenda? if you do -- no, i'm sorry. i skipped a line. i will need to read the agenda first, i believe. >> yeah, so i can read the agenda. after the agenda -- >> sorry. before you do, before you read the agenda, i forgot to add that we should introduce our newly joined members, sherry albers, from the house for the blind, we would like to welcome you to the council. welcome to your first meeting. glad to have you. >> thank you. >> this is orkid, through the interpreter, saying congratulations and welcome. >> thank you, orkid. thank you, tiffany. >> we also want to say many thanks to tiffany yu.
7:07 am
this is actually her last session today, so we want to thank her for her commitment to the m.d.c., for her attendance at today's meeting, and we will be sad to see you go, but we wish you luck for the next adventure. >> thank you, orkid, and thanks to everyone on the council. >> okay. iman, would you go ahead and read the agenda? >> all right. so for the agenda, we have item number 1, which is welcome and roll call, item 2, which is reading and approval of the agenda. item 3 is general public
7:08 am
comment. item 4 is the co-chair report. item 5 is report from the mayor's office on disability. item 6 is report on the implementation of j.f.k. promenade and golden gate park accessibility improvements, presented by lucas tobin, from the san francisco recreation and parks department, and chava kronenberg, san francisco metropolitan transit authority. item 7 is the aging and disability housing needs assessment community research opportunities. item 8 is correspondence. item 9 is general public comment. item 10 is an information item,
7:09 am
council member comments and announcements, and item 11 is adjournment. >> okay. so council member comments or questions about the agenda, or please do what? or do we approve of the agenda? please say aye if you approve of the agenda. >> okay. and if we could please take general public comment. do we have anyone lined up to speak? >> okay. we welcome your public comment. there will be an opportunity
7:10 am
for public comment at the beginning and end of the meeting, as well as each item on the m.d.c. agenda. each comment is limited to three minutes. comments may be limited to two minutes when there's a lot queue of people waiting to maim comments. at the end of the comment period, we will move onto the next commenter. if you want the council to respond to the comments at the end of the meeting, please send your contact information to with the subject m.d.c. comment response request. you may also send e-mail comments to this address or by calling 415-554-6789.
7:11 am
members of the public will be able to join the zoom meeting as a participant. you can join the meeting using the zoom link. you can also join by calling 669-900-6833 with the meeting i.d. 854-1955-0368. if you joined the webinar using your computer or tablet or smart phone app, click on the three lines and then on the raise hand or on the raise hand
7:12 am
icon. if you've joined by phone, dial star, nine to be recognized. we strive to make the m.d.c. meetings more accessible. please send any e-mails to at this time, members of the public may address the council on items of interest to the public that are within the subject matter jurisdiction of
7:13 am
the council that are not on this meeting agenda. for agenda items, you will have an opportunity to address the council when the item is reached during this meeting. the brown act prevents the council from taking any action or discussing any item not on the agenda, including those items raised in public comment. so at this time, i do see a couple members of the public who have indicated that they're wanting to make public comment. >> orkid, this is debbie kaplan. the first commenter is jake, and so he is deaf. john, can you please elevate him to panelist so that he can make his comments through the interpreter?
7:14 am
>> so please sign slowly today, jake. we want to get your message. orkid, should i read it for you? does that work? am i the only person here? i want to talk about the san francisco -- what's going on right now, and orkid's saying, i can read it and sign it for you if you want. you have three minutes, remember, jake? [indiscernible] no, cesar chavez elementary school. and orkid and jake here, and there's special ed, and there's kindergarten, kindergarten to
7:15 am
second grade, and the teachers moved me out of the special ed, and i just -- i kept going, and it was a very large system, and there were a lot of mistakes made in the san francisco education system. i couldn't access school. i did have a disability but i was very intelligent, and they told me that they want me to go to college, they want me to get a job, and i've "the book of -- i've been in san francisco all this time. i'm just so frustrated with what's going on, and i just want to make sure that we are all paying attention to that in california because there are a lot of issues, and i would like us to focus on deaf education, deaf teachers, and interpreters in the classroom. >> and this is true of students in sfusd right now. they don't -- they're not
7:16 am
hiring sign language instructors or fluent teachers to work with deaf students, and it shouldn't be in special education. it shouldn't be that deaf students are in special ed. they should be in their own group. there are several deaf schools in the county, but they're still being lumped in special education. and also, we don't pay teachers enough who work with special populations, like deaf students. what about them? and then, my next question, over my many years, as i've seen people graduate with communication studies degrees or whatever, and they want to get jobs, it's really hard for
7:17 am
deaf people to get jobs. hearing people don't have an understanding of what it is to be a deaf person. all of these places like red cross, habitat for humanity, they should be welcoming, but they're really not. a lot of places won't provide interpreters, so how do we solve that for deaf residents in san francisco? >> orkid is saying, we've read your comment, jake. thank you very much. are there any other comments? thank you, says jake. >> yes, we have another member of the public who's indicated they want to make public comment. a reminder, you only have three
7:18 am
minutes, william. >> thank you. first, a quick thank you. the agenda for this meeting was posted in the right place more than one week in advance. i really appreciate that. that is more in advance than required by law, and the extra notice really helps people to become aware of the meeting and to plan for it in advance. i realize there is a ton of work that goes into putting the final agenda together, and so again, i thank you for that. second, i want to join the thanks that were expressed already to council member yu. i have noticed in observing these meetings that ms. yu has often asked very perceptive questions and made very astute comments, and i am sure that her contributions will be missed. finally, i'd like briefly to
7:19 am
say that i appreciate that the city has been attempting to enforce accessibility of all the new outdoor dining and drinking spaces that have been created under the shared spaces program. i also appreciate the efforts that are being made to educate business owners on their obligations to provide accessibility, and i also appreciate the fact that some funding has -- has been provided for businesses to hire accessibility consultants and also even fore some construction expenses to fix their accessibility. that said, it is just not right that so many businesses are using public property to serve customers but still are not providing required accessibility. open to all means open to all. i know we all agree with this. i have noticed some problems
7:20 am
being fixed and appreciate that, but at the current pace, it could be a decade before these newly created dining and drinking areas in the public right-of-way are made accessible, and that's just not acceptable. thank you. >> thank you, william. you hit it on the nose. next comment? >> at this time, i am not seeing any other member of the public who is wanting to make public comment. >> are there any in the chat room? they might be in a different topic. do you see any in the chat? >> this is orkid speaking. i think we're covered for
7:21 am
general public comment at this time. >> okay. great. okay. so item 4, moving down the agenda, the cochair report. in may, we had a public meeting, and we sent correspondence to san francisco department. we recently had an m.d.c. meeting, and we received that information. debra, would you like to add anything to that? >> no, i think that sounded
7:22 am
great. >> okay. hold on a second. i would also like to briefly mention that sherry would like to introduce herself before we start item number 5. sherry, would you like to do that? sherry can just say a brief hello. >> hi, everybody. i am very happy to be here. it's an honor and a privilege to serve in this capacity on the mayor's disability council. i am currently the outreach coordinator for the house for the blind in san francisco. i grew up in new jersey, moved to ohio, and now i've made my way west to san francisco, and i'm very happy to be here. i have spent many, many years
7:23 am
in blindness related leadership roles, in consumer advocacy roles. i love doing legislative world, and through now, my job at lighthouse, i get to advocate for people who need services and to make their lives better and fulfilling and know there are solutions to their changes in their vision. what i love to bring to this council is a person living with blindness and knowing that there is a way out. but i believe that if we can start with putting accessibility into projects
7:24 am
before they get off the ground, we are so much better off, inestate of -- instead of trying to undo and fixing later. i just know that, for me, i will speak my truth as someone that lives with blindness and that's what i will bring to the table here in this council and to make life better for those of us who live this walk, so thank you so much for having me, and i look forward so much to working with you. >> thank you, sherry. we all look forward to working with you. we all have a common goal, so thank you. >> thanks so much. >> next, we will move onto item 5, the record from the m.o.d.,
7:25 am
mayor's disability office, and after this, we will have questions and comments, as well. so nicole, would you like to go? >> yes. i'm just pulling up my report, which i sent in advance to you. good afternoon, everybody who's following along and watching on sfgovtv. what i'm going to do, the full report will be posted following this meeting, and so today, i'm going to highlight some legislative and other items that are of critical importance. members of the public who would like to engage with any act of this report can contact us at or by calling us
7:26 am
at 415-554-6789. the report will also be posted, as i mentioned, at following this meeting. so here are the legislative updates that i wanted you to be aware of, at least some of them. i haven't mentioned all of the legislation that impacts people with disabilities today. in the june report, it's the legislation that is the most timely, so i have a couple of announcements around that. so the j.f.k. promenade legislation, you'll be hearing a little bit more about that where that is, so you'll be hearing a little bit more of the legislative referrals around that item. you can find them in the report. around the shared spaces,
7:27 am
enforcement continues, and we're working now on a public service announcement about accessibility and shared spaces that's in progress. if you're a member of the disability community and you'd like to be in a public service announcement, please contact us at, or call 415-554-6789. the next piece of legislation that i'd like to highlight as part of my verbal report is pertaining to state legislation around virtual meetings, open meetings, state and local meetings. you'll recall in last month's
7:28 am
meeting, arcada is asking to continue the public meetings beyond the state legislative order. i'd like to highlight this week that the state attorney general released guidance that reminds jurisdictions to uphold their accessibility obligations, including but not limited to accessible public comment, and the committee is committed to posting this soon so you can learn what's happening in that regard, especially if you have concerns. the next item that i would like
7:29 am
to highlight is work that's happening around the california public utilities commission and the [indiscernible] vehicle. a thanks to all who participated in this public comment and for the m.o.d. for endorsing participation in these efforts, and this is to remind everyone that while e.v.s are a potential transportation to some people with disabilities, especially those who are blind or low vision, there are remaining accessibility features and measures of concern that we want to consider and need to consider. m.o.d. anticipates that we'll
7:30 am
be working with the sfmta to to -- and with the disability community so we can keep track of items of concern. as a reminder, part of the reason that this is critical is permission for operate electric vehicles in san francisco is regulated by the cpuc and the department of motor vehicles but not the city. there are very specific ways that we can participate and workshops and feedback is one of the ways where we can be most impactful. the next piece of state legislation that i want to talk about is senate bill 1480,
7:31 am
which is remote accessible buildings. i mentioned this in the last report, but s.b. 1480 allows voters with disability to submit their voted potentially by e-mail or fax to the elections department potentially improving access to people with disabilities, particularly impacting people who are blind or have other physical disabilities. the bill is currently in the assembly. if the legislation passes, san francisco would have the opportunity to provide leadership implementation, especially if the department of elections is endorsed to do so by the mayor's disability council, so please keep that in mind. that's also legislation that i
7:32 am
wanted to highlight today. i wanted to just remind folks related to covid response in the disability community that covid-19 vaccines are still available. recommended second dose boosters are available still for people who are age 65 and older, people 50 years and older with underlying health conditions, and people who have severely immunocompromised systems, and those are many people with disabilities, as we know. you can call 628-652-2700. as a reminder, for those who are not able to get to a
7:33 am
vaccine center or place of vaccine where it's still available, you can call 658-652-2700. next, i'd like to announce a couple upcoming events and announcements. first, i have an announcement for everyone that that is currently a vacancy in the transbay joint powers authority citizen advisory committee. they're searching for a disability community member to fill the seat that was once held by a community advocate. those interested may contact the tjpa at, and the announcement by be found at
7:34 am, so those interested may take advantage and apply to that position for consideration. finally, i will be talking a little bit more about this as -- on behalf of my colleagues on behalf of the human services agency, but the affordable housing needs assessment, continuing stakeholders needs and surveys are on going now. we need people to participate -- i'll need this -- repeat this again later, but first
7:35 am for more information. finally, i have prioritized three items that are up for time sensitivity. the first is remote meeting and accessible public comment that i highlighted earlier. and then, the next is senate bill 1480, remote accessible voting, also referenced earlier. and thirdly, there is the work of the great highway, great highway park, and continuing slow streets. as i mentioned earlier, when the state and local emergency orders are lifted, other projects may be underway that
7:36 am
affect folks with disability or disability citywide, so please consider prioritying them. and then finally, i just want to address highlights as part of your august convening. in may, [indiscernible] the san francisco police department and 311 to discuss safe passage. any critical obligations you may see concerning accessibility on our city sidewalks.
7:37 am
the council is encouraged to place this item on an upcoming public agenda. i wanted to highlight this as something new that started this month, and that's where i'll pause for today. thank you very much. >> great. thank you so much, nicole, director bohn. do any council members have comments or questions at this time? please use the raise hand icon if so. okay. seeing none, great, thank you so much. we will consider and review your report, director bohn. it looks like we have no questions or comments, but it looks like we have quite a few
7:38 am
issues to consider and keep in mind. thank you. shall we move onto the next item, item 6? board discussion, a report on implementation of j.f.k. promenade and golden gate park accessibility improvements. and my presenter is -- hi, my blurry background is giving the interpreter a challenge. our presenter is lucas tobin from san francisco rec and park department and additional presenter is chava kronenberg, or excuse me, if the interpreter mispronounced it, from san francisco m.t.a. i will turn it over to the two of you.
7:39 am
>> thank you chair and others. i'm chava kronenberg from m.t.a. can i share my screen or who will be presenting the slides? oh, i see -- can i just -- i'm going to have a minute to make sure i'm getting the right screen share. can someone verbally confirm that you can see my screen? >> i can see it, chava. >> thank you very much. so again, i'm chava kronenberg from the m.t.a. i'm joined today with my colleague, lucas tobin, from rec and park, and i'll let him introduce himself. lucas, do you want to introduce yourself? >> hi. i'm lucas tobin from recreation
7:40 am
and parks. i supervise our a.d.a. inclusion in programs and parks, and i'm happy to be here today. >> we will be presenting this presentation on our progress on our vast program that has many components specifically around accessibility. i also have some colleagues here from rec and park and m.t.a. who are some of our subject matter experts. great. i'll just jump in, and i want to thank m.d.c. for having us again to give this update. okay. next slide. facing us is a series of
7:41 am
solutions to improve safety, accessibility, and mobility in golden gate park. pictured on this slide is tiffany yu in an adaptive bike share. wheelchair users using the park in the promenade in another picture. in april, an ordinance was approved at the board of supervisors to retail three miles of car-free streets in golden gate park. this ordinance retained 83% of the parking spaces, 80% of roadways are still available for driving and parking. the promenade, which has restricted access, continues to have access for emergency vehicles, muni, paratransit,
7:42 am
the young deliveries, maintenance vehicles, and other vehicles. in addition, this ordinance came with many commitments to advance individual projects and policies that improve many aspects of the promenade. i'm going to take the next few slides to review the commitments made by the department to m.d.c. i just want to -- while i go over those commitments, i want to say the list is not exhaustive, nor is it complete to the resolution passed by this group. so the accessibilities that are currently made and in progress, and we'll be giving you an update on some of these today, was firstly for accessibility
7:43 am
coordinators to be added to the current coordinators, additional accessibility services to be made in golden gate park next to the band shell, and we'll be hearing more about that. more running of the shuttles that have access to restricted streets, including vehicles that are easier to board, new seating, and better signage, improving information. within the concourse garage, we committed to advance a number of items, which is to share more broadly that there is a
7:44 am
15-minute drop-off option for all members in the garage, to improve these garage waiting areas, and to improve additional subsidized waiting areas and discovering bill passes. [please stand by]
7:45 am
. >> -- which is a notoriously difficult area for access for all users and areas along the promenade like conservatory meadows. so now, lucas, i'm going to turn it over to you to discuss safety and accessibility. >> thank you, chava. this outlines the goals for the safety program, keeping bay to beach streets car free in
7:46 am
golden gate park, equity, which to us, includes the disability community. accessibility, improve access for people with disabilities and older adults, and mobility. ensure great choices for everyone because of course people have different ways of getting around. and the image on this slide is of some people boarding the golden gate park shutting at the rose garden, and thank you. so the next few slides are going to talk about progress that we've already made, which chava mentioned. the all new parking lot in the music concourse is already opened. it's got a completely repaved surface. 20 accessible parking spaces,
7:47 am
four of which are van accessible, and it's also got curb ramps and accessible paths of travel to all of the destinations in the music concourse as well as the botanical gardens, the tea gardens, and all of the features that are close to the band shell. i believe chava took these images. there are two images of the parking lot. there is also some other things. this slide talks about more progress that we've made, including shuttle operations and routing. the shuttle has a new route with stops at all of the key destinations in the eastern end
7:48 am
of the park, including still lake, the parking lot that i was just talking about, at the band shell, and the haight street. and the haight street stop connects with three more muni bus lines or m.t.a. bus lines. the shuttle runs now seven days a week, and it runs every 15 minutes on weekends and every 20 on weekdays. we've also improved the shuttle information and signage and put benches at all of the shuttle stops. the signs are still temporary, but we're -- will eventually get signage that's permanent and show access to crosswalks. i'm not sure. this may be at the end of nancy
7:49 am
pelosi drive, where the shuttle intersects with j.f.k. i've been creating access plans in golden gate park and other areas for several years, but now, we have the whole rec and park team on board to make sure that those things are created and followed. we're also looking for an intern or staff person that can help collaborate on projects that we started a year ago to make sure that events on park property have good access plans, not only in golden gate
7:50 am
park but in all areas of the city. access plans include driving directions, where to park, including blue zones, information for people taking paratransit and ride share, shuttle information and extending shuttle hours.
7:51 am
7:52 am
>> -- and that the public understands why they're there. in addition, unneeded and confusing signage that has been removed along the car free routes, including parking and speed and other signs that were really directed at cars, and some confusing signage on j.f.k. have been removed, and improved stencils being placed on the pavement. our partnerships division is
7:53 am
continuing efforts to provide free shuttles to the park from communities that don't have easy access, with the goal being helping people feel comfortable making return trips to the park. this year, they're including specialized american sign language and everybody travels camps will be visiting through the program. they've already provided visits for the rafiki coalition, the network for elders, feline finesse, and this slide shows some of the participants of the plan. they all get it, that this
7:54 am
includes people with disabilities, and would love to invite other groups. if anyone has any suggestions for any groups who mite want to visit the park and take advantage of the shuttle, you can contact me and i will put you in touch with them. i'll put my e-mail in the chat. so this slide shows more to come. there's a slide that shows what looks like older adults walking on the promenade. as far as the shuttle goes, we're working with some awesome people from adobe to provide shuttle information in three key areas, including website
7:55 am
improvements, which will include more accessible, visible, and better information on the website, which is better to use when you're using a mobile device. the second is improving the temporary signage that we have at the shuttle stops now but also on the permanent signage that we're going to create going forward, and then creating on going signage and information when you're on the shuttle, because we were hearing feedback once you're on the shuttle you need information on where to get off and everything. real-time information for the shuttle is still a work in progress. integrating the shuttle with apple and google is not as easy as it sounds, as chava educated me on, but that is something that we're working on. and then, one of the most
7:56 am
important things is the new contract for the shuttles should be starting in 2023, and one of the requirements of the provider is that the vehicles have low floors so they're easier for people to get on and off. and also, the new contract will include better training for the drivers and more. let's see...the next slide shows an image of the beginning of the closed section of j.f.k. and talks about curved ramps and funding improvements. funding has been included in this year's fiscal 22-23 budget
7:57 am
for some physical improvements that we know we need to make. including curb ramps on j.f.k. and the conservatory because we know that that has been a difficult place to access. the stanyan street frontage, and level pads and some things that need to be created at these shuttle stops. like i said, they are included in the budget for this upcoming fiscal year, so they are on track to be implemented by summer of 2023. and finally, something i'm really excited about is the adaptive bike program is getting some great upgrades and
7:58 am
will be relaunching in the coming weeks. we had a little bit of a delay getting it started just because of some limited issues, but it'll be starting soon. it'll be running every saturday at two locations, and so it'll be the first and third saturday. it'll be right next to the new accessible parking lot in the music concourse, alongside the segway and rental bike stations, and then, they'll be on judah street.
7:59 am
they're close to public transportation, and most importantly, they're great places to go for a ride. through the new program, individuals or groups can reserve their bikes and their spaces directly through borp, and borp, if you don't know, is bay area outreach and recreation program. now, i will pass it back over to chava. >> thank you, lucas. the restoration traffic and continuing traffic to sunset boulevard via m.l.k. drive in the east direction, we believe
8:00 am
that will be implemented in the next two weeks. we have made a commitment, and we want to make sure that as we restore vehicle traffic that there is safe places for people to walk and bike and access the polo field. exciting for those folks that are big fans of public transit. the haight 23 will be in a modified route to golden gate park starting on july 9. so for those of you that are on the 19 sunset route, there is an outreach project currently underway, and i encourage you to go to the m.t.a. website to
8:01 am
learn more and contact the project manager to ensure that the 29 sunset is a continuing way to get around. there is continued progress on many of the garage related amendments. the music garage are being worked on by several nonprofits. including free or subsidized parking for up to three areas.
8:02 am
that continues to be a work in progress, and i hope to have more information soon and i think most critically and importantly, this is our first progress update, so we hope to have more progress in the coming months. we are tentatively to go to the board of supervisors public safety and neighborhood services committee. we will be hosting our presentation in a quarterly report memo on the m.t.a. rec and park website, and we've been asked how can the disability community and the
8:03 am
kmupt at large continue to give input and share? and -- community at large continue to give input and share? first, i want to say that staff are continuing to act on all the feedback that you've given previously. we had a design workshop last november, where we had a tremendous amount of feedback, and we are taking all of that and ensuring that as we move forward on the shuttle, we are doing that on the good advice and information that has been provided. as we start new efforts that are responsive to these commitments, and the one that i'll flag specifically is the fast and slow lanes transportation improvements on the promenade itself.
8:04 am
that is launching a current team, and hopes to launch itself in the coming months, and great outreach and communication with them, especially from the disability communities, so it will independently have its own public outreach process, and so we will make sure that we connect with this group. and there are other opportunities or commitments that m.d.c. and people who are attending this meeting are interested in participating in, we would like feedback from you all about the best forum. we've considered some committees [indiscernible] is that what prosac stands for? >> yes, yes. >> or if there is a specific
8:05 am
group that is interested in hosting us. i know that the senior disability action group hosted us, or if there's any other ideas or forums, you know, we would like to just hear from this group about the right place to communicate and share. so that is just an ask of this group. and so i think that concludes my report, and lucas' report. lucas, is there anything we want to add before we turn it over? >> i don't think so. >> so we'll conclude here, and we look forward to hearing your feedback, and thank you, m.d.c., for having us here. and if i could stop screen sharing, that would be great.
8:06 am
>> orkid says already, great. [indiscernible] says i'm sorry for wearing a mask. i am at work with the public, so i have to wear a mask. so next up is public comment regarding what was just shared and staff comment, as well. so do i think we should do public comment first? >> let me just interject here. this is debbie. there are four questions that have come in from the public in the question-and-answer area,
8:07 am
and so with your permission, i'll ask those first. they all seem to be related. yeah, let me read those. first one, when will the ramps for crossing kezar drive be widens, and when did [indiscernible] for crossing four lanes of high speed car traffic? >> sure. i think this is a question for m.t.a., and it's not related to any proposed ordinance, but it's to the east of the geographic area that was covered through the ordinance. this is, i believe, asking
8:08 am
kezar drive east to west. so from j.f.k., it's -- so i think it's a capital request for improvement to the curb ramps on kezar drive east of j.f.k. park. it's something that i can certainly take back to my colleagues at m.t.a. this is outside of the scope of our area, but i understand this is a specific concern and question. >> okay. thank you, and so i think m.d.c. will also -- the m.o.d. staff will also be happy to help you keep track of it. the next question is when will signage and wayfinding be added
8:09 am
to the western edge of j.f.k. promenade to make people aware of the west end car free route and direct them to that route? >> yes. so broadly, the first step was removing signage and inaccurate information along the entire route, so as lucas alluded to, for example, removing parking signs on the promenade or any other areas that no longer had parking spaces available. the next step will include how are we going to make it clear for people walking, biking, strolling, or rolling along the route to understand the route they should be taking? there is currently
8:10 am
bike wayfinding signage, so we are working on currently improving that, so our hope is in the next six months, we'll be upgrading the signage on the entire route and near transverse drive on the western end of j.f.k. >> thank you. another one. when will signage and way finding be added to upper great highway, lincoln boulevard, and m.l.k. drive to make people aware of the car free light route to j.f.k. promenade when traveling westbound? >> i think that's the same answer. this is a request for broad way finding for, and we are currently working to implement that. >> okay.
8:11 am
when will the [indiscernible] to reduce conflict points between people and the 44 bus? >> i don't believe there's plans to remove the barriers. one is it is to give visual cues to any driver that they should be entering j.f.k. drive, so someone could enter from music concourse accidentally. we are considering, as department weigh, to upgrade these intersections for ledgibility and to remove an awful lot of older markings on the street and temporary markings on the street, and so we will also review where the
8:12 am
barriers are replaced and confirm that there is safe places for people to cross and understandable places for people to cross while retaining access to the 44. >> and i'm just add to that -- and i'll just add to that, i wasn't aware of conflicts in the area, but if the commenter has any comments or ideas, like chava was saying, it's necessary to have the barriers to make sure that people don't drive their cars through. >> okay. just one more question, and
8:13 am
that is, when will more space be created for people on foot and wheels to go to j.f.k. promenade from the kezar crosswalk where there is congestion, being too little space for people and too much space for cars on kezar drive? >> i think this is related to the first question, where we had the comment, what improvements can be made to the safety, and i think that would be the next steps. how can we improve upgrades and access points to the promenade, particularly when we have a new traffic configuration. >> okay. these came in from an anonymous member of the public, but just to that member, if you wish to
8:14 am
get assistance in tracking responses, please let us know. okay. >> so let's move onto general public comment. we'll do that first this time. this is nicole speaking. we'll move to general public comment, and if you have additional public comments, if you could address them via public comment, we'll come back to the council to be able to ask any additional questions, and then, our presenters can choose to respond if they have the information or take it back to their groups. so let's move to general public comment now, and then, we'll come back to the council. >> okay. so this is iman. for public comment, i would like to remind the public that if you are interested in making public comment, you can dial star, nine if you're on the
8:15 am
phone in order to be recognized, and you'll be prompted when it's your turn. or if you're using the zoom platform, you can use the raise hand icon to indicate you would like to make public comment. you can also type it into the chat, and it will be read by the clerk. i see two people indicating they would like to make public comment at this time. caller 7629, you are now permitted to unmute. >> hello. my name is richard rothman, and two comments. the conservancy of flowers is very inaccessible to people with disabilities. the parking by the tennis court, you know, it's not -- you know, people from the
8:16 am
tennis court use it, and one of the things, it's too close to the barriers. i've told rec and park staff. they could put some a.d.a. parking behind the flowers there. you know, if you have to cross there, the skaters, they don't stop for people. the conservancy of flowers is inaccessible. you know, i rode the van. i wanted to ride the shuttle, but i wasn't really experiencing the park.
8:17 am
it's just not being able to be in your own car makes one feel like they're not a part of the park and part of the experience. maybe they need to have all the bikers and skaters in the area with the beach, and they can have the whole road on m.l.k. from transverse to the ocean and connect to the great highway. i imagine i'll never go to the park again in that area. the garage, it's dark in there. who do i talk to with m.t.a. about the garage. you can't see the m.t.a.
8:18 am
signage in there. it needs to be better lit, and that program of who gets the discount, it's totally inadequate. i don't know who sponsored that legislation or who worked on it. i'm on prosac, but i don't know who to ask about these questions. there's been some work done, but there's still a long way to go. thank you. >> thank you for your public comment. thank you. next public comment. >> helen wall, she's permitted to unmute. >> hi. thanks for your presentation. i just have two quick questions
8:19 am
now. people with electric or motor motor -- motorized wheelchairs, their batteries are going to get used up in the park. are we going to provide charging stations? and then, the bicycle program, that may not work for some people. that borp, that's a great plan, but are we considering for the plan for people who do walk but have mobility issues, like our elders, that there might be a rental situation for a mobile scooter or something of the like so they have equity in terms of having a bit of freedom like the speaker before spoke, to enjoy the park and get in up and close for
8:20 am
themselves on some of the nice pathways to enjoy the flowers. there's gorgeous flowers in the park. so those are my two questions, and i hope to hear some answers or thoughts. >> thank you very much, are there any more public comments? >> yes, we have another person. dean has been permitted to unmute. you have something up. >> okay. can you hear me now? >> yeah. >> okay.
8:21 am
i heard a word in the report about segway. are segways, why are they being used in san francisco? now, i heard the mention of a segway stand in san francisco, in front of that new taxi stand. if segways are being so widely used, are people with disabilities being widely protected against their use? that's all. >> thank you so much. are there any other public comments at this time? >> i do not see anyone.
8:22 am
i'll close public comment at this time. >> okay. let's now move onto council comments. anything to add here? we can raise our hands to indicate we have a comment from council. any council members at this time? >> yes, this is sherry. >> okay. sherry, go ahead. >> hi. i have a question concerning the shuttle. what kinds of considerations are being made for a blind person to have access to the schedule for the shuttle? any real-time, as you're at a stop, when is it going to get
8:23 am
there? and i heard something about information while you're on the shuttle. does that mean, like signage? is it spoken, verbal, real-time, like, the next stop is, as if you were on a muni bus or a.c. transit, so what kinds of accommodations are being made for people with low vision? >> hi. this is lucas. so i -- when i was speaking about the new contract with the new shuttle provide coming fairly soon, and we are -- and i'm not 100% sure that it's written into the contract, but what we want to provide on the shuttle is, you know, like, what the buses provide, so there's auditory information
8:24 am
and visual information about the stops, and like i mentioned, it is -- it's a work in progress providing gps on the shuttles and getting them onto a system where we can -- you know, people can get the real-time information on when the shuttle is going to arrive. so right now, it's coming every 15 minutes on the weekends and 20 minutes on the weekday. we know that people don't want that. they want the real-time information that they can access from their phones or from the stop that they're at. it's going to take some time for us to do that, but we know that that's part of what's making it a good useable system and making it accessible so
8:25 am
it's available to people with low vision or people who are deaf or hard of hearing, so we definitely have that. we've heard that loud and clear that those are things that we need to do. >> okay. >> i don't have the exact answer at this point. >> but -- >> but it is in the plan. >> -- it's one of our priorities. >> okay. thank you. >> thank you so much, sherry. thank you for your comment. helen is next. would you like to ask your question, helen? >> yes, thank you. hi, everyone, and i want to thank the presenters for the presentation today and all of your good work. i appreciate all of the -- i think everyone is very well intentioned and there's a lot of goodwill here. i also want to make the point,
8:26 am
and lucas, i appreciate you stating it in your presentation, how disability really is part of the discussion we should be -- we have when we talk about equity and diversity. and i find oftentimes the disability community is left out of that conversation, and i think inappropriately, so thank you all. >> wonderful. tiffany, would you like to go next? >> sure. this is tiffany. i also wanted to just echo helen's comments just around not only how comprehensive the presentation was but i think
8:27 am
the collaboration between not only the m.d.c. and what happened but also the timeline, i'm really appreciating, so i just wanted to name that working forward we're continuing to partner with m.t.a. and rec and park over the next little bit. i think the senior and disability action group that you named is a really great resource for you and their transit justice group, i know that was one of your asks in the region around outreach. i personally turn to them and a lot of their advocacy work and leadership to help guide what's going to be on the advocacy agenda. and i'd also add, if it wasn't for being on the mayor's disability council or tuning into these meetings, i wouldn't have known about the adaptive biking program or all of the
8:28 am
great work that -- i know there's still a lot of progress that we have to make, but that there's still progress being made, and i appreciate everyone from m.t.a. and rec and park coming here and sharing the information because i think we're figuring out how to make outreach seamless to different parts of our community. >> great. thank you. thank you for your comments, tiffany. and we have an additional member signing. this is orkid. i know that golden gate park has changed a lot. it's kind of shocking to me as a resident. i frequently go to the cal academy of sciences and the deyoung museum. i use both of those facilities, and i've seen a lot of changes.
8:29 am
i go from district 9 to district 1 frequently, and that's quite a lot of navigating -- it's quite challenging, and i know there's a lot of changes on that route. so i'm grateful for what's happened, and i know it's going to take time to adjust, especially for people trying to get to schools from one side of one to the other. there's a lot of traffic, transit is very crowded. there's difficulties with bike lanes and cars and drivers. all that aside, i'm also thankful to see the partnership
8:30 am
with the community and look forward to that continuing so that we're all able to make the most of our city. so i know it's challenging to really be in deep partnership, but i'm grateful for that. and i hope that these improvements will really make it more accessible for everyone because it's really frustrating for those who wish to use the park and are unable to. so again, i want to say thank you to our presenters, lucas tobin and chava kronenberg. oh, chava, did you want to say something? >> no, i just wanted to say thank you. >> okay. m.l.d. staff, did you want to say something? >> think nico d -- this is
8:31 am
nicole, but i wanted to make sure there were no other council members that wanted to say something because i'll cede part of my time to you. all right. if something does come up, raise your hand or let us know. so first of all, thank you, lucas and chava, for being here. also, i really want to -- i thank you, but i also really want to thank this council because the resolution and the work that you've done to help continue these conversations, we know that not everybody is in agreement, but we also know that the work that the council did around the resolution has truly, truly shaped how we have prioritized accessibility improvements, so i just wanted to acknowledge that again, and that the city has truly taken your recommendations and is
8:32 am
working towards more improvements. as we learned today, we have a lot farther to go, but thank you to the council. i just wanted to acknowledge that the and the time and the efforts -- that and the time and the efforts that you've taken to be engaged at the supervisors level will continue to be an experience for everyone. my questions, i was hoping we could address briefly. i know there's some things on the list -- so there's a lot of things on the list, and we have a timeline for when certain things can be addressed. i'm wondering if one of you is able to speak to -- and maybe,
8:33 am
chava, this is for you -- you mentioned briefly some mandatory reporting you'll be doing to the board of supervisors. i'm just wondering if you could share a little bit more the kinds of things that you'll be sharing at that meeting, just so the public is aware so that when it comes up, may have context for what it is, and then, i had some other thoughts. but if you could do that, that would be great. >> thank you so much. so as needed, we will be meeting with the board of supervisors, and proactively just making sure we're putting information on our website. so the presentation will take much of the same -- it will be very similar to what we just saw. so where there's information lacking or people thought information could be expanded or there's not interest, it would be great to have that
8:34 am
feedback. that said, the presentation will take a very similar vein, and i know that many members of the board of supervisors had a comment list, so we want to be responsive to every comment that was made. we will have a quarterly report, for those who don't want to listen to any presentations and would just like to read all of this information in writing, so i hope that's a satisfactory -- yeah. okay. >> thank you. that really helps. i'm really thinking toward the question how to continue to collect feedback from members of the public. i think we've had some good ideas raised. i also want to encourage members of the public, we will collect the feedback that we've received as part of this meeting and make sure that it gets back to folks working on
8:35 am
the project so that we have that, but i just want to encourage the public to contact the m.d.c. or m.o.d., either entity, if there are still areas of concern that you would really like focus on so that we can use that for now as a way to make sure that we're engaging in public feedback. one of the questions that i have -- or one of the concerns, i should say, that is coming to, at least into me most frequently still remains around wayfinding, especially for folks that do not have access to the internet, and so i just wanted to name that as something that, in helping people learn kind of how to nav
8:36 am
nav -- navigate the park. it's still a challenge for some folks, so i wanted to elevate that. and then, if -- the other thing that i was going to ask, so i had a -- i was able to go into -- into -- take muni into golden gate park to see the quilt, and it was beautiful. it was great to see some of the things starting to happen, and i'm glad there were escorts down to the quilt for some of the folks that needed that. so anything that we can do to have -- when we have specific exhibits like that, where we can improve the micromobility access, let's continue to do that. one of the questions that i was
8:37 am
wondering, though, so in relation to way finding and what exists now with google maps and apple maps and every map on one's smart phone, so we've had some ability to influence, you know, driving directions and wayfinding a little bit that way, it sounds like. i'm just curious, and i know that being assessable mapping is something that is kind of on the list and we're going to continue working on that. i was just curious, to the degree that we would have influence with google and apple around helping with kind of best paths walking routing? one of the things that i was noticing as i was scooting around -- i'm a wheelchair user, also, for people that may
8:38 am
not know that -- the electronic maps don't really take into account if it's actually a rubrick that comes to a dead end. does that make sense? so i was just wondering, do we have influence over that? and the last thing i will say is i think the ideas, again, around micromobility are great, and also, the idea about having places for folks to charge their batteries and mobile devices, i think that is a really great idea. as a person that uses an electric mobility device, i would have appreciated that when i was there last weekend myself. so that's all i'll say, but i'm wondering what thoughts you have, either of you, on that.
8:39 am
>> i can speak a little on that. well, first of all, i just want today say thank you for your leadership and your advocacy and elevation of these key accessibility issues so that we can make progress on them, and making sure that as new ideas come in, that we can listen to them. i think as far as google and apple, while they may be local companies, they're more international.
8:40 am
i'm sure there's an opportunity for us to connect with them and learn more about what kind of ideas we can do. thank you for that idea, and i don't have any concern raising that and seeing what we can make progress on together. >> and i'll chime in. i agree with what chava said about that, and i can think that those are the things that are definitely possible and should be possible. i like what you said about the micromobility access, and that really is -- should be part of, you know, the quilt is, like, an event, right, or it's an exhibit, and just like when we
8:41 am
had the entwined exhibit, i worked on an access plan for that, and so those are the kinds of things that -- and now, i feel like because the focus is on this, there's a team working on these things, and we can do better with finding creative solutions and eating things as part of those he plans, like what you call micromobility or microaccess. and so -- so those things are definitely doable, and if you have suggestions on, you know, for specific installations or events or things like that, i'm sure talk, and as far as -- you mentioned way finding for people who don't use smart
8:42 am
phones. we would include things like accessible paths. we've turned off a lot of the outlets because people vandalizing them or using them for things that they shouldn't be using in our parks. they're not just sort of out there for people to find on their own, but charging stations are a thing that i've been hearing for a few years. all of that, because our facilities are public spaces, people are allowed to go in
8:43 am
there, and they definitely can plug in and charge, and so some of that is, my challenge is just educating the staff, that people should be allowed to plug in their devices. but every time the issue comes up, it's just a matter of how do we set it up and which locations and everything, so i still feel it's a great idea and something that's needed. >> thank you. let me just speak a little bit more. one of our public comments mentioned the different kinds of devices in the park, and i know we're going to be working on getting devices linked, and
8:44 am
maybe it's too early to talk about that, but if you can say a few words, that would be great. >> maddie is going to put herself on the spot, that would be fine, but it's okay to decline. she might be the subject matter expert. we understand that there's a natural conflict. anyplace that we have these chaired straits, embarcadero, it's a timeless conflict, but our hope is that given the width, we can engage in a community process for you all and for others to sort of say how can we best assign space for people who would choose to
8:45 am
use the promenade and not use the sidewalk to feel safe and not stay out of the area. we're hoping to engage in a more robust dialogue, and i'm hoping that the project team will start coalescing in the coming months, and i hope that satisfies the question. >> i think so. would you like to add anything, maddie? i notice you're waving. >> no, i just wanted to say hi, everyone. she pretty much covered it, but i just wanted to reiterate the process around road safety. we've heard from folks using
8:46 am
j.f.k. and the space safely. again, appreciate everybody for coming today and say that you will be hearing more from us soon. >> great, and i just want to say one more time for the public that we'll take all of this feedback, and based on the feedback that came through your public comments and through the q&a today, i think we'll have a presentation for the board to address some of the public concerns. even better, i'm so pleased with the -- how far we've come since the very beginning of this process, so thank you once again. debbie, is there anything else you would like to -- >> it's orkid. can i jump in here? i just wanted to ask if there's anymore public comments from
8:47 am
the staff because time is very limited, and we are running out of time on this section of the agenda. >> that's what i was just asking. >> no, i've got no other comment other than what people were already asking. >> all right. so john, would you like to come on the screen? no john? nothing from the staff? >> i think we're fine, orkid. we can close the item. >> okay. so now, it's 2:50, and we will come back at 3:05. so 15-minute break. thank you so much for your presentations today. thank you so much for coming to see us, and we look forward to what is to come. all right. everyone, have a good break.
8:48 am
see you back at 3:05. >> and a confirmation from sfgovtv that we're ready to go back on-line again. >> this is denise. i'm ready to go back on call. >> okay. so are we ready? is everyone ready? okay. so nicole, i guess we should start. >> yeah. >> okay. great. >> hello, again. we are all back from our break. welcome to m.d.c., mayor's disability office discussion. we will now be speaking about item number 7, which is aging
8:49 am
and disability house needs and assessment. so we have isabel today from h.s.a., and nicole, you will be replacing somebody. >> hi, everybody. izzy was on a wedding planning committee today, so she was not able to be here. i'm going to be presenting the housing assessment needs, and
8:50 am
i'm hoping that john or kadi are able to put up the slides. are you able to put it on a slide presentation, so it's a little bit easier to see? for folks who want to follow along, and i'm going to look at my own copy in just a moment here, but if whomever is screen sharing, if you go to slide show view, i think that would be helpful. did we lose it?
8:51 am
the slides? debbie or john? >> okay. if you have anything else you want to fill in, i will get it up in just a sec. >> okay. well, i'll just -- i'll just start, and we'll catch up with the slides. the slide information is posted with the other mayor's disability council content by the agendas, correct? >> yes. >> okay. so that's for folks who would like to reference it later. so i'll just go ahead. so this is a reminder. the affordable housing needs
8:52 am
assessment report was part of an ordinance, the ordinance was passed in december 2020, and it was part of two reports that focused on older people and people with disabilities. this legislation is led by disability and aging services within the human services agency. like i said, normally, they would be the ones that would be presenting on this. mayor's office on disability, the mayor's office on housing and community development, and the department of homelessness and supportive housing are also named partners in this legislation. so as such, we're on the steering committee, so that is why you get to hear from me on about specifically today. but i just want to be clear that we're steering committee members, and i'll be providing
8:53 am
just a brief overview. so first of all, you heard in -- earlier in the fall or the housing needs assessment, which provides a snapshot of housing needs for older people and people with disabilities as well as those housing units in the production pipeline as they are tracked by the mayor's office on housing and community development. the first one was due on october 2021, so just last fall, and every year, we need to do an overview, except when we're in the needs assessment, which is where we are now. now, we're in the housing
8:54 am
assessment and needs pipeline report, which is an announcement of senior and disability housing needs, city housing programs and services, and recommendations to meet the unmet needs in the housing system, so that's the process that we're in right now. that report will be due october 2022, and then, that report will be due every three years. so i'm still working on getting the slides up, it seems like. so i'll keep going. in talking a little bit about the needs assessment timeline. so phase one was the project launch. that was -- that happened in october 2021 through january 2022. in that first phase, we developed the project plan, we coordinated the key departments, and we got the
8:55 am
services -- design consulting services together and thought about the analytic approach. right now, in the timeline, we're in phase two, data collection and analysis, that run from february to july. thank you for putting up the slides. i just need to change my view so i that can see a little bit. one second. okay. and then -- so that's where we are right now. we're in the community engagement process. we're doing research, we're collecting feedback from folks and really working at the gaps analysis in how we are doing in affordable housing. and so the third phase is going to be developing
8:56 am
recommendations that's coming out of the community engagement phase, and then refresh any new data that had -- that mite have needed to be added since the last overview report, and then, the public will see the published report by october 1. so as part of what's happening now, the city needs to be aware of the affordable housing needs. just for folks' awareness, when we're talking about city founded affordable housing, we're talking about affordable
8:57 am
housing that is part of the general affordable housing portfolio that the city has but also the permanent supported housing unit that also has city services and some things attached to these buildings and facilities. and your input will help us develop recommendations to address those unmet needs, like i mentioned, and hopefully will improve coordination. and so what i wanted to highlight for today because the community engagement and the community forums have started, and also one-on-one stakeholder engagement has started, next month, there are some more community forums, so we wanted
8:58 am
to encourage people with disabilities especially to join the community forum next week if you can. attended the second one, so two have happened, and there are three more to go. i attended the virtual one that was on thursday, and i will say that we got a lot of very rich information, especially from community based organizations, especially from older adults and adults with disabilities who are wanting to be in or are in supportive housing or affordable housing or they've tried to access affordable housing and they can't or they don't meet the lower income threshold to qualify or they're in housing but they need more affordable -- accessible affordable housing, so from all
8:59 am
sorts of folks. what i would say is that we are still really looking and needing feedback from people with disabilities who have either navigated the housing system and were not successful or navigated the system and are currently in affordable housing so we can make improvements. so there are community forums happening. there's a very previous survey that folks can take. and i would say we really want
9:00 am
to hear from folks over the age of 30, but we really want to hear from everyone. please be aware that we're looking for feedback from everyone, but especially from these groups. later on in july, we will have a deaf focus group specifically to collect feedback from the deaf community around these same issues, and communication reasons, and because the level of detail that the interviewer's getting to, we thgh