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tv   BOS Budget and Appropriations Committee  SFGTV  June 26, 2022 2:30pm-6:31pm PDT

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the meeting will come to order. this is the june 24, 2022 budget and appropriations committee meeting. i'm supervisor hilary ronen, i'm joined by gordon mar,
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connie chan, and vice chair will be here shortly. our clerk is brent. >> madam chair, one second. >> is there a way to change it. she's the community member. >> i apologize madam chair we must start over again. >> good morning, the meeting comes to order. thank you. this is the june 24, 2022 budget and appropriations committee meeting. i'm supervisor hilary ronen, i'm joined by members: hillary ronen, ahsha safai, gordon mar, connie chan, shamann walton . before you do that if you are in the chamber we can't hear,
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please stay quiet. thank you. >> thank you, madam chair. please silence all cell phones. please refrain from flash photography. hybrid meetings allow in person attendance and also public access by telephone. we will take public comment as follows. first public comment on today's agenda. people waiting on the telephone line. i ask that you exit the chamber and have room 263 across the hall and also the court available on the first floor as over flow rooms. for those watching either
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channels 26, 78, or 99. the number to call is 1 (415) 655-0001 / meeting id: 2498 479 5551 # # when connected you will hear that the meeting is connected. when public comment has called they should dial star 3 to be added to the speaker line. turndown your tv and all listening devices you are using. you may submit public comment in writing to the clerk. if you submit public comment by e-mail it will be forwarded
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to the supervisors. you may also send written comments by u.s. postal service to our office city hall 1 dr. carlton b. goodlett place san francisco, ca 94102-4689 . we do have interpretive services through 7:00 p.m. today. can our inter interrupters provide the instructions in language. please. sure. [ speaking non-english ]
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[ speaking non-english ]
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>> madam chair that concludes my announcement. >> thank you for being here today. i'd like to say good morning to you all. we are excited for public comment back in the chamber where we get to see you as you tell us what your priorities are for the budget. for the past two two tws we have been hering from departments.
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today is the most important day of the budget process where we get from the people of san francisco. we are very much looking forward to hearing from you all today is reserved for only public comment we will have a break at 1:00 p.m. for lunch. it will probably be around a 45 minute break, around 1:00 p.m. just to warn everybody about that. we look forward to hearing from you. each speaker will have one minute to speak today. think about how to get all of your thoughts in as best you
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can. thank you so much for being here and we look forward to hearing from you. items one and two for june 30, 2022, and june 30, 2024. appropriating all expenditures from the department of the city and county of june 1, 2022. continuing for aiding and estab all positions created by charte or state law for which compensations are paid from cit and county funds and appropriated in the annual appropriation ordinance; author appointments or continuation of appointments thereto; specifyin
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and fixing the compensations and work schedules thereof; and authorizing appointments to temporary positions and fixi compensations therefore. with that mad exam chair we did open public comment, didn't we. yes, first speaker, please. >> please note we have sign language for the first speaker. >> good morning, and thank you for allowing me to come and speak with the board of supervisors. i'm a deaf individual and i'm with mayors disability council. i've just have a few points to bring up today regarding the budget and we would like to try to improve accessibility in san francisco for people with disabilities. we would like funding for a
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map that shows accessibility for golden gate park, the conservatory of flowers. we would like repair to the sro elevators. enhanced i.t. and infrastructure. san francisco government to en able virtual and accessible public participation in government meetings and activities. the other important thing is the department of public works we need to administrator funding to improve sidewalks and make them safe for everyone. thank you so much for your time. >> thank you for your comments. next speaker please. >> i'm speaking for kara. we strongly endorse cart. we called for adequate funding
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before when it was threatened. i'd like to ask wouldn't it be more expensive for police response for thousands of calls that didn't have anything to do with public safety. when i worked for the war on poverty they hired neighborhood aids equivalent to the community people for they say cart teams. it made a world of difference to interact with disadvantage people verses the welfare workers that i was with helping them in the welfare rights organize. i also called to your attention during the karen ordnance the false police reports made by my hoa officers that endangered the lives of innocent people. >> thank you for your comments.
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>> hello, i am a representative of human rights and women's rights. i have been a survivor of many innate family crimes as well as human rights violations in the homeless community. the first time i felt safe was when i was put into marginal housing with women only. what we are requesting today with this vast amount of money. we need some sort of subsidized housing for women only. i have been to several of the homeless shelters. for legally blind women we need safe housing and now. >> thank you so much for your comments. next speaker please. >> good morning, my name is rubin. i work at the san francisco public library. i'm here this morning to
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request additional, oh, sorry. i'm here this morning requesting additional 8207 building and grounds patrol officers for our branch locations. to ensure it safety of patrons and staff. what does it mean to have an 8207? it means the worker trained in de-escalation who enforces the code of conduct which is essentially the librairies rules. it means having a person that can help in an emergency. as well as dealing with banned patrons and incident reports. writing incident reports that's the bane of front line staff. these are trained professionals that help assist at our branch locations work that otherwise falls on front line staff like myself and others. throughout today you will hear other accounts from other library workers describing the
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situation without having an 8207. thank you so much. >> thank you so much for your comments. >> being a lot of peopleless common the street i have vast knowledge of what we need money for. i challenge any woman 24 hours with a backpack on her back and take her essentials in a town she doesn't know. the violence and the things against women on the street are not statistics they are real and getting worst. i'm getting older as well as many of my community members. we cannot live out here any longer. we need housing now. my thought is this. look at us as somebody in your
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community that needs a hand up. allocate the money to make the housing happen. just make it happen. let's just make it happen. we need it. [ applause ] >> thank you so much for your comments. we do have a board rule we do not allow applause in the chambers. if it's something you like i do suggest you wave your hands in support or thumbs down in disapprove al. thank you very much. next speaker please. >> i'm nina harris. we are located around the corner in the tenderloin. we provide services to low income residence across the area. we are part of the legal
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defense collaborative. we provide technical assistance to attorneys and advocates so they can provide just and accessible advocacy for community members. they have supported 1500 cases for san francisco immigration court. san francisco must continue to be be a leader for our immigrant communities by ensuring venerable communities have access to competent legal services. we must continue to provide funding for the san francisco legal defense collaborative. thank you. >> thank you so much for your comments. >> good morning, i'm nick g. i'm an advocacy manager. this is part of the immigrant building collaborative or i pvc. it consists of eight community
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organizes representing the diverse communities across the city that supports the implementation through community education, outreach, and training. we reached a total of 131,000 people of materials distributed to usd families and 282 educational outreach events since the cravive was founded. we hope that the city will honor the commitment by supporting the $25,000 additional funding so we can empower and support all communities to participate in civil engagement and education. thank you. >> thank you for your comments. next speaker please. >> good morning, supervisors. i'm olivier and the immigrant rights coordinator. i'm asking you to support the voting collaborative and
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additional budget ask of $200,000. to expand our work on noncitizen voting in san francisco which is at the office of human affairs. i work with chinese immigrant parents in san francisco and i have seen they are invested in their children's education and engage deeply with the school district. one in three children have immigrant parents and should have their representation regardless of parents immigration status. they have unique needs and voting is an important message for parents to express interest in the way it impacts school policy. you voted to expand noncitizen voting last year and we should fund the implementation as well. >> thank you for your comments. >> hi, my name is dema.
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today i'm here about a few things that were mentioned which was from the sfildc and also from the immigrant parent voter collaborative which arock is apart of. based on the ask we are here to support that ask and support the funding be given to our organize. they supported us and we would like to make sure they have funding and able to support community. with i vct eit's important to have the funding. we do great work. we are asking for another 250,000 and the importance of the funding and all of the work we can do with the small amount of funding we currently have and adding the funding as we mentioned to many supervisors. my last ask today is for the
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tenderloin community fund that's super important. they are an under severed community. we work closely with folks in the tl and they need more resources. cutting that funding would be a disservice. one thing that would be cut -- apologies speaker time has expired. >> next speaker. >> good morning, supervisor. i'm jose with chinese action. we work with chinese limited english speaking families and we are a member of the immigrant legal and education network. together we provide immigrant legal services to thousands of community members across the city. however, the need for these services is much greater than our organizes. we rely on our coalition like
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slild collaborative to ensure the process of community members. last year we are grateful the board approved two year for our network. we only received additional funding for 1.5 years. this is critical for us to have the additional funding to extend to fiscal year 2022 to 2023. san francisco has been and should continue to be a leader by ensuring our community being severed. thank you. >> thank you for your comments. next speaker please. >> good morning, supervisors. i'm crystal and i'm representing the immigrant parent voting collaborative. we have two limited english speaking community members sharing their testimony next around noncitizen engagement. they will need interpretation
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to speak in chinese. thank you. [ speaking non-english ]
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>> thank you. >> hi, i have two children at the school here and from 2016 i, you know, have been apart of the noncitizen. i have the right to vote for the school district regarding the budget. right now, i'd like to request like $250,000
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>> speaker: many populations specific vouchers are missing from the proposed budget and five, solidarity with the human servicesnetwork allocate nonprofits. this will align with them a third controller's support. my colleague eliana will share the rest . >> thank you for your comments . next speaker. >> good morning everybody. my name is lee marquez from voices in san francisco. i have a six-year-old boy with special needs and a five-year-old girl. as a working professional cost of childcare was so expensive i had tostop working and had to become a stay-at-home mother because of the lack of affordable accessibility of childcare . i've been on the childcare waitlist and i can't stop thinking if my women would have been in childcare i wouldn't have had to make so many sacrifices. i'm here to ask their support for quality care and education to all children and under the age of six with incomes below 75 percent and listed as
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eligible to receive support fo education . i'm also hoping san francisco is able to undertake a measure to improve access to quality early education that supports the physical emotional and cognitive development of children under theage of six in the early care and educational setting. thank you for your time today . >> thank you for your comments . next speaker. >> good morning,ileana bender. thank you for yourdedication to the process and thoughtful deliberation over the recommendations being discussed today . i'm going to pick up where my colleagues left off . expand the family resource center model to support families of school-age childr and improve infrastructure for cross sector partnership . seven, on the community request for a woman's rights center which will serve 3000 women
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each year . eight, install in solidarity with the justice coalition fund cameo house, a proven investment in the safety of vulnerable just involve women. nine fund parks. park was unanimously approved by the board and partially funded. the proposal is aligned with mayor reads initiative to shift from noncriminal activity. 10 additional police funding should beredirected towards reparations for communities most targeted by policing. there's so much we can accomplish these life-affirming investments identified by the community . please address these admissions . >> thank you for your comments. next speaker. >> good morning, my name is kevin carol, president and ceo of the hotel council and a lifelong resident of san francisco. i'm requesting you approve the full sf pd budget before you that's been presented. that will allow the resources
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needed across the department and ultimately will result in more officers on our streets to protect our employees, residents and our visitors. protecting our employees is critical and you've all received a joint letter of support that includes ourselves and our largest employer union. the building and council construction trades council and local 16. we've all come together with a common goal to protect all the employees that we represent that do not feel safe coming to work in san francisco. also live in san francisco as well. the council joined with 10 other organizations to conduct researchwith voters in the city, 79 percent of san franciscovoters say thepresence of police makes them feel safer and eight percent for increasing the number of officers . thank you for your time and we hope you approve this budget . >> thank you for your comments, next speaker please .
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>> i am with the chinese cultural center. i've submitted an image at halftime and may i request that be displayed while i speak. thank you. good morning. i'm the curator of the chinese cultural center. in support of the $175,000 add back which is a long-standing yet deeply under resourced out of school program engaging the chinatown art history. this is necessary storytelling for our city. i'm here on behalf of a cantonese teacher from jean park elementary. she says after the tour i noticed my student continued to deny history by incorporating variations of the chant we will move into the way they played together or how students learning about the community's history and power them with a strong sense of belonging. she says it's imperative for a city to support this program as committee members claim
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representation which can inspire them to tell theirown story. please support the chatsworth. thank you for your time .>> next speaker. >> my name is eleanor fernandez and i'm director of the chinese cultural center of san francisco. i am reading a letter from a teacher named tiffany long. fifth-grade teacher for the chinese american international school. dearborn i support the chinese art tour program with the chinese culture center to provide free out of school educational programs for sf usc students because it is critical that all students have access to highly relevant unity based art education. it would deeply impact our students to see their own teacherwas celebrated at the recent api canadian euro . our city should have sustained chinatown history and our programs because to fight
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anti-asian bias and in the visibility of the api community and our education now and we hope you can invest in our youth and on the chat program. thank you so much thank you for your comments. next speaker please. >> good morning president walton and board of supervisor . i am manager of the chinese cultural center. i'll be reading aletter from virginia allow . i have some images to support this as well. i work as a docent for seven years now and on friday, may 27, 2022 sixth-graders from the chinese american school got an opportunity to see their teacher on the communities heroes mural in chinatown. this artwork depicts a api community leaders pictured in the mural as an educator at the sentence school. students were empowered with stories about the struggles of our ancestors who paved the way towards some of the wages
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today. low income youth may not have access to art education therefore it is most important tocontinue the artsprogram at no charge for our marginalized students . thank you . >> thank you for your comments. next speaker. >> i am a teacher at city college in san francisco and a volunteer with the chinese cultural center. mayor reed explains since the beginning of a pandemic asian american residents experienced a 600 percent increase in anti-asian hate crimes. api discrimination chinatown's history and art tour promotes dialogue and understanding about the asian american experience. he will share tostudent testimonials. a night trader from the college prep school stated i learned about the complex history of
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chinatown and how often people have had to fight the outside world . the asian american studies class stated i reallylike the eyes waterfall . the soldiers of tears watering the garden resonated with me. i felt the exhibitstouching a lot to the sacrifice of maternal figures and asian americans. thank you for taking the time to hear from the students . >> take you for your comments, next speaker. >> my name is jane through and i'm president of the ppc. i will be reading some letters from the chat program and i also have images to show. a fifth-grader at the chinese american international school stated something i found interesting wasthat you can resist through arts and especially that her own teacher with the mural . another fifth-grader at the elementary said a significant story was when the people had to move into that in the 1800s. my cousin and i like to visit when i have time. there's some history behind the
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room. and lastly a 10th-grader at the college parkway school saidit's important in this moment to learn about chinese history and chinatown . due to chinatown's culture having been neglected recently . so thank you so much for your >> thank you jane for your comments. next speaker. >> good morning president walton and board of supervisors. my name is even sheer and i'm a special projects coordinator at the cjb. i'll bereading testimonials on our program . a teacher from the san francisco school stated one of the activists featured in the asian american mural is a personal hero of mine . it was exciting to seethe queer artists and activists represented . a third grader at gordon j lau elementary said i learned a mosaic is an art piece that
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looks like it's pixelated. finally my last testimonial is from a 10th grade student at college park high school. as a person of color i related to the stories and art. fighting against a api eight and coming together as a community. help us at the ccc to build community and telling the stories of our communities. through public arts programs thank you . >>thank you stephen for your comments. next speaker . >> speaker: i am not an office manager of the chinese cultural center and i also have images to go along with what i'm saying. i'm reading a letter from a teacher at our college preparatory school and one of the docents of our program. here is an excerpt. i first encountered ccc when i took my high school students to the program. it was an exciting experience
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and it is important for today's young learners to appreciate the diverse arts and culture and to better support each other in this multicultural world. as an immigrant and teacher myself i can quite relate to this mural of the fight to dismantle oppression. thank you for listening to our letters and support for student testimonials. we urge that you all consider that at back of the chat program to build solidarity whilechanging the narrative about chinatown and asian americans . you will be supporting the ethnic study curriculum and enhance critical engagement aboutasian americans. help us keep cultural arts free and accessible to all . >> thank you for your comments. next speaker please. >> speaker: good morning president walton and board of supervisors. my name is janet chan, coordinator for the chinese cultural center and dance. my late husband and i are cofounders of the yellow river drummers and i have been deeply
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involved with committee performing arts for three decades. i've been in req for 40 years. thank you to the board for including funds for these two communities. they have been highly successful to not only chinatown but also draws visitors outside of our community to bring much-needed dance to businesses. many of our low income residents of chinatown can neither afford to get tickets to the cultural and arts events such as opera, ballet, symphony or they are able to attend ccc events and these two free kennedy-based festivals. our residents of chinatown are at an economic disadvantage ringing these festivals has lifted their spirits and more out of our immigrant families thank you for this and i encourage your continuing support to fund these important and amazing dance festivals for the chinatown community .
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>> next speaker please. >> my name is sugar and i'm a member of the uc berkeley tiger group and i'm speaking on behalf of the chinese cultural center in support of the chinatown music festival and waverley festival. while empty storefronts continue to challenge the chinatown community festivals bring much-needed beta vitality and visitors. festivals support local artists such as mike campos take a group. 40 percent of aapi live in poverty china being especially disadvantaged with our families living in single occupancy. the chinese cultural center is the art and cultural connection for our community . but we find most of our participants and visitors earned $40,000 or less annually as far as financial support is needed to make our arts programmingaccessible to everyone . thank you for your time and i strongly encourage you to support these important annual music and dance festivals for the chinese community .>>
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next speaker please. >> good morning supervisors. i am from paraguay adventure school and i have two children and a five-year-old and i hope proxy goes towards its intended purposes to focus on. >> to focus on quality early childcare. that's much-needed in our city, thank you for your time. >> thank you for your comments, next speaker. >> my name is eva langston bartow representing awomen's housing coalition. i'm here to ask for your support for the budget for too long the on house women's population has not received the support services they need . 35 percent of homeless population are women, one percent is non-binary.
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shelters are 90 percent men. womenare 106 times more likely to experience assault and rape being in a shelter than being on the streets. currently cbo is providing housing to not have the capacity to meet the demand . that's what i'm here to ask you to get three-year funding to women's programs making contracts for along-term solution to end homelessness $450,000 for continuation for women experiencing exploitation . fund cameo house for women with children and transitional housing . with 40 percent of san francisco's homeless population being sexually assaulted we still have a homeless problem. we homeless crisis ifwe ignore half ofthe homeless population . today is not a day to ignore women. not today, not tomorrow, not ever . >> thank you for your comments. next speaker please. >> good morning. my name is jay robertson and i am with committee forward pass f and thank you eve.
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to ask kate for women's relocation of a woman's place shelter and also to the current shelter is not adequate for housing our residents because the women sleep on plastic chairs. we're working to get them pots and expand the capacity housing our residents and as of july 1 the shelter that we have, our lease will no longer be active. we need to relocate to a new facility, thank you. >> thank you jay robertson. next speaker. >> speaker: my name is alicia torres and i'm with the community board sf. we are here to ask for your support for relocation funding for our drop-in center . each year we served 3000 women and the buildings are drop-in
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is being sold. our drop-in center is the only 24-hour supportive service program for unhoused women in the city. we needa new building where they are not sleeping on least 2700 women lack shelter in our city. this is not acceptable. we cannot afford to lose these resources for transgendered women. this vulnerable population needs more not less resources and we need them now . >>thank you for your comments. next speaker. >> good morning supervisors. i am also with community sf and women's coalition . i just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge and thank you for your time.
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i absolutely came in here with a script today and specifically around the drop-in center that we have being the only loadbearing 24 hour service but on the way here all i could think about was the current political situation and rule versus weight and all that are going to be coming to our city to seek care. we've been such a reactive city in the past i think not having a center for what might potentially happen is just beyond what anyone would expect san francisco to be able to do and i just encourage you to think about the current political climate today, where it is and what might happen to our city. that's all i can think about, thanks. >> next speaker please. >> good morning board of supervisors . i am a member of san francisco voices and i've been on the waiting list for so long, it
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cost me three years of college. my kids were placed in family childcare and i was able to work and go to school . however in many occasions the childcare provider has discussed that the reimbursement rate for their children did not cover the full cost of doing care. i was speechless because i do not know what to say or how to make the situation better. today i'm sittingin front of you to ask you to spend props and build the childcare infrastructure . we do not have enough capacity to tell all the children we should increase the rate of reimbursement and compensation to providers to match the market rate and cover the actual cost. we want accountability for money that will was borrowed from baby proxy. it is not a flash fund. simply put it is taking care of our families. we are programming fromthe childcare, thank you so much
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for your time . >> next speaker. >>. [speaking spanish] >> thank you jacqueline reyes for your comments. next speaker. >> good morning supervisors.
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my name is laura, i am here as the childcare provider and a housing organizer in the community. i'm very happy to see the presence of so many supervisors in this hearing and i'm here to supportproposition c as a child care provider . i think it's, the children can't wait. we need to put the funding into the waiting list because they are just growing as we are speaking right now. i'm also supporting the coalition for a just budget. thank you very much. >> thank you for your comments next speaker please . >> good morning everyone. i am a parent voices leader and former family advocate of san francisco head start. during 2008 i had to work three people's jobs so back then i had to leave the work i love to do and at that time i also many
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highly talented teachersleft because of the low wages and workload . so this in 2012 we want to make sure, we want to honor these teachers and providers. we want to honor the baby proxy fund to go to them and to the providers so our children can get quality education and other assistance they'll need. >> thank you for your testimony. next speaker please. >> my name is june bug and i'm a parent in san francisco born and raised here and in 2018 i worked really hard to pass baby proxy. we worked really hard because we believe in equitable childcare systems and we put in the work to the point where it got past .then it got held up in court and now we're here talking about creating this as a/fund where to me that is a slash to the voting process and that is a slap to the commitment that
3:22 pm
baby proxy is intended for. weneed to use these funds to build infrastructure. we have 3000 children on the waitlist . the funds need to be used to buildthe the infrastructure children learn parents earned. thank you . >> my name is nicole glaser and i'm from parent voices and i'm also a family engagement coordinator in san francisco working at multiple schools and from my own bills i had a hard time with financial healthcare teaching and going to school , by the time you get to childcare your kidis already not eligible and this is the problem . i'm of course supporting the budget justice coalition and all supporting housing supportive housing. they need to get some kind of
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services like me. i've had disability with health issues, some other parentsdo. you need to place to bring your kids and like me i needed respite care. that's just one thing . >> again, as a reminder to our guest here in the chamber. we can't have a board rule without our support so if you are at support just wave your hands visually and in disagreements go ahead. thank you so much. next speaker please. >> i am representing the childcare supervisory of san francisco. like the bank this committee fortaking the time to consider how the proposed budget will impact children and families. i thank you to the mayor for supporting family resource center which are essential and underfunded . i'd like to urge is for the
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mayor however to grant an alternative to prop seat upon these services. currently only 15 percent of sanfrancisco's infants and toddlers in need of care are able to get it . additionally more than 33 percent of programs do not have enough teachers and staff to enroll as many children as desired . collaborative and holistic to generational program is essential to allow families to thrivefor this reason we urge you to continue to fund and support our seas but to find a new more sustainable source to do so. thank you so much . >> you for your comments. next speaker please. >> the morning board. budget committee, my name is the organizer of parent voices in san francisco. i'm here to support all of the budget that this coalition asks. and the san francisco coalition asks. baby proxy was created to respond to a big need for universal childcare. childcare is a basic need is food clothing and shelter and after 25 years as a parent
3:25 pm
voice organizer we finally created this revenue. we worked so hard for it so we hope we donot create , we do not look at it as a slush fund because the need for childcare, universal childcare according to the director of oce would take about $2 billion and there's not enough baby seats. please our babies cannot speak for themselves but we are here to remind our decision-makers at the revenue created by bbc is not enough to meet the needs of all universal childcare. it is not a slush fund there are a lot of good programs and we should continue funding them the way we funding funded them before . >> thank you for your comments, next speaker. >> speaker: good morning supervisors, my name is alex michalski with the early care and education coalition . i work in partnership with the frc committee and we are in alignment.
3:26 pm
i want to thank the mayor for allocating funding and it's an essential program in san francisco. i urge the mayor and the board to find an alternative dedicated source outside of proxy funding these essential services.additionally 25 percent of childrenin san francisco are struggling with hunger . there isno reason any child should have to go to bed hungry . this budget can allocate $1 million to increase participation in the child and adult food care program it will ensure that these children have access to healthymeals and snacks . thank you for your time and your couple commitment to considering how this budget will affect san francisco children and families. you can make a difference in the city and i look forward to seeing the positive steps that you take. >> thank you so much alex for your comments, next speaker.
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>> coral kramer, san francisco living wage coalition and we are a member of the budget justice coalition. we're calling for the intent of the mayor's budget to provide five percent wage increases to the city funded nonprofit organizations. i think that inflation is running at five percent but we don't cease and sufficient funding there that 20 million isn't going to bring wages of to provide a five percent increase. the supportive housing network also says they don't see the 15 million this upcoming year sufficient. also protect the integrity of bbc. it shouldn't be a slush fund. also see funding for compassionate alternative resource team. community preserve the community center atthe redstone labor temple and north mission. the veterans communitycenter . the programs of the south
3:28 pm
american committee action network . >> next speaker please. >> morning supervisors, my name is rebeccajackson and the program director atcameo house . and a member of the women's housing coalition . i'm here today to urge the board to fully fund cameo house program. cameo is the only program in the city that specifically serves does involve homeless women with children. we are full serving 11 head of household women, nine of whom are women of color 24 children ranging from birth to 14 years in varying states of custody andreunification who would otherwise be incarcerated , unhoused and in the child welfare system. at cameothey are safe , dignified, supported and in a space where they can address their trauma, mental health,
3:29 pm
their justice involvement, returned education , gain employment and transition into permanent and stable housing. this program is vital. please fund cameo. >> next speaker please. >> board. my name is maria bollinger, the director of programs at community board sf and i'm here for two boxes and i'm here with the women's housing coalition to askyou to please fund women's housing , women only spaces at the rest are notsafe, coed shelters are not safe . they're not safe for so many women and secondly i'm asking you to please fund our drop-in center.
3:30 pm
we have lost our lease which was an in inadequate building anyway. there's 3000 women a year. these women are all survivors of sexual violence and i have never in my time met a woman who is not a survivor of sexual violence and in my time of being a homeless womani've not met a woman who is not a survivor of sexual violence . we need a place at 2:00 in the morning where there safe, where they're not going to be assaulted. where they can find rest and healing. this is ajustice issue and this is also an issue for san francisco. it will make the streets look better, it's the right thing to do . thank you . >> hello supervisors. my name is living sin. i am here today to voice my support forcommunity board , a woman's drop-in center relocation funding. for decades unhoused woman have been forced tosuffer inhumane conditions as a trade-off for
3:31 pm
safety . elderly women fragile women of color, unaccompanied women or lgbt q + identifying women have few options for shelter. thesewomen face the difficult choice of sleeping in coed shelters and housing where the are victims of abuse, assault or have to turn to the streets . without the only drop-incenter service in the city these women will be forced to go back to the streets and some will die . >> thank you for your comments, next speaker please . >> my name is stacy smith. i'm with community support sf. i'm here today to support the women's drop in relocation for decades community board has operated a women's place drop-in and 24-hour supportive services program for unhoused women. our city must do better or vulnerable womenwill continue to be of use . the community moving forward
3:32 pm
has a solution for a future where we all women are granted access to safe dignified supportive housing.we encourage you to advocate for us. and she funding to ensure san francisco does not lose a women's ace resource center. >> let's take the next speaker please. >> speaker: good morning supervisors, my name is molly at chavez and i'm executive director the women's building in san francisco but i'm here as cochair of the san francisco latin parity and equity coalition and we stand shoulder to shoulder with the locking force which you will hear from in just a minute and the sfl textbooks will be providing information later. advocating for this budget to restore funding for essential services from everything from arts and culture to education programs as well as home. thank you. >> speaker: i'm executive director and member of the san francisco latino equity
3:33 pm
coalition and a supporter of the task force. i'm here to remind folks of the arts and culture. we believe in our community and culture through this pandemic it has been a culturally relevant response has brought us out and we believe it as we think of recovery. artistsplay a significant role in how our community is going to be shapes . it has been a year as we have been asking for arts and culture:. it's been allocated yet has not hit the streets so right when we get this money out from last year were going to be in a deficit artists need investmentthey are critically part of the recovery of our entire city . especially during fighting this national war. today our bodies are under attack and we need to cultivate artistic leadership that are going to be the front runners shifting the cultural narrative of thiscountry and it has to reflect brown and black solidarity . see the arts.
3:34 pm
>> hello, my name is krista and i'm part of the women's building as well as the as self coalition. i am here todeliver 150 comments and public testimony from our community of women attend our food pantry . as an organization that serves the majority of women of color immigrants, essential workers in both domestic industries we know that the importance that these safety networks have in their lives. the challenges they are facing to not exist in isolation. the food insecurity, housing, health disparities and so much more interactive and the failure to investin this program will only contribute to the inequality that exists in our city . today we ask you invest in the budget act of our community and showits investment in resources and services for our communities , our communities
3:35 pm
of color, our community of women of san francisco continue to hold our economy together. thankyou . >> next speaker please. >> morning supervisors, i am the manager for the latino task force and it's a pleasure to be here with you. i sat here in this chamber all this week and last week. the apartments tell you to develop the latino task force as a model. the latino task force is a best practice so today we bring you our best practitioners because we continue to be essential. please meet the latino task force which is acting for your support and continue funding. [applause] >> my name is mia velez. i came here for two things. two years ago the country opened to the pandemic of police brutality and the mayor
3:36 pm
publicly announced she was pullingfunding from the police . a couple weeks ago she invested 15 million quietly back into the police force. i bring this up because that's what we expect from politicians and what i hope thatyou can remember what brought you here into this seat this morning is that you're here to serve us , the people and rememberthat when money is at the table to think about your job . to serve us, to serve the people. all of us who are living and experiencing the issues we are bringing up to you today . two years ago also for any of you who have children may have realized and look into the childcare that you needed childcare. how difficult it is to do any of your jobswhen your kids need you . >> next speaker please. >> i am the executive director
3:37 pm
for the latino cultural district. i am a member of the latino task force. today i'm here to request that the support for small businesses in our communities. the small businesses in our vulnerable communities is what kept the city going when it was closed and shut down. our small businesses not only supports our vulnerable communities but economic recovery of the city as a whole . i'd like to remind all of you that the latino community sacrificed their lives and health to provide model that serves the whole community and brought health to the whole community but also for those who were most all mobile. when you're looking at the budget remember it is criminal to cut services that serve those communities that sacrifice their health and also that it is not okay to sacrifice the lives of those who served us in order to
3:38 pm
benefit the most wealthy inner-city . [applause] >>. [speaking spanish] >> thank you so much. one second please. arturo, if you can translate for me. >> good morning, my name is mrs. rojasand i'm also a member of lts, part of the health group . i'm here to ask that you support our team that helps with vaccination outreach. we need a bigger team to
3:39 pm
continue supporting the community. thank you. >> good morning, my name is joshua jacob oh, health grant correlator for the latino task force. i came to remind you of san francisco's promise to fight inequity in san francisco and how pertinent this funding is tokeep that request. we're suffering a 35 percent positivity rate at one of our community sites . half of those being latino . as part of our job i support those who suffer covid with groceries, at-home testing and economic recovery services. there are over 60 community wellnessmembers we speak and look just like our community . and most importantly aretrusted by our community . once again i came hereto remind you all of san francisco's promise to fightinequity . please refund these community
3:40 pm
acts . >> thank you foryour comments . >> . [speaking spanish] >>. [speaking spanish]
3:41 pm
>> thank you somuch. arturo, if you can interpret for me . >>. >> speaker: i am also a member of lts. i and a coordinator of people who are 50+ years old. i'm here to ask you to not forget the other members of our communities.we take the vaccines to their homes. these are people who can't walk and get to vaccination sensors. we need your help and we need your economic health. i want you to think about these adults that we support because they are people who have been indispensable to our community and the best years of their lives and now it's our turn to take care of them. i see their faces and they seem to be forgotten people at their homes but we want to provide
3:42 pm
these services for them so please helpus. thank you . >> my name is elijah. i'm 18 years old, igrew up in san francisco . right now i work for the latino task force. i do on deliveries so i bring food to people who have covid. if we were here and we didn't have the funding we would be able to give them the opportunity to quarantine safely and they would go out and get it themselves and that wouldn't be doing anything except spreading covid inthe community . we need this funding. we need to be able to give back to the community because the community is already going through it right now. keep funding for latino task force so we can keep getting back and doing what we do to support the community that we all are living in and that we see that it's more aroundpeople
3:43 pm
like that that we have each other's back and that we are solidarity together . >> next speaker please. >> speaker: [speaking spanish] >>. >> speaker: [speaking spanish]
3:44 pm
>> one second please. my name is doris. i'm a member of the ... i'm sorry. i'm here to tell you i am a member of the workplace that works at theexcelsior or or vaccination . this is a community center that helps stop the spread ofthe virus . we have vaccinated over 50,000 people and we also bring them food supplies to their homes when they have tested positive.
3:45 pm
we perform outreach and we think that we have the rightto health . we need your support in keeping fighting the pandemicbecause we are essential. thank you . >> pleaseproceed . >>. >> speaker: [speaking spanish] >> we have assistance from arturo today. for interpretation. >> my name is luciana, i am
3:46 pm
also representing the latino task force, the health group that works inexcelsior . we helped over 800 persons. our community needs resources, not just money but moral resources and also food resources. our community is in need so we can keep giving and providing these services. we are essential. thank you. >> i see a lot of sidebar chatting. >> please ma'am if you can step awayfrom the podium, thank you so much .>> speaker: [speaking spanish] [speaking
3:47 pm
spanish] >> thank you so much. arturo, if you can help. >> good morning. i am also representing the
3:48 pm
latino task force team. we have been giving, not have been working in the information team or the outreach team to inform the community about vaccinations and testing because our community needs this information. we one second please. we understand that there is about 40,000 empty homes in the city and we our people need the support forhousing, for food and for tests . they have nothing, they have no funds left for food after they pay their rent. the virus has been has left but the real pandemic that we have to fight here is indifference. thank you.
3:49 pm
>> speaker: my name is omar. i'm the general manager of mission and i'm in charge of training programs at citi field academy and the city drive. when the pandemic started i immediately went latino task force becoming a cochair of the employment and economic committee along with my colleagues and ernesto martinez. through our efforts we've employed thousands of persons giving families the financial supportto survive. our job is not done . defunding the task force is a terrible idea. board of supervisors lets us finish our job. let us provide essential services and not put any more san francisco residents at risk of losing theirhousing and source of income . >> let's take the next speaker please. >>. >> speaker: my name is jennifer and i'm the workforce manager
3:50 pm
for the latino task force. i was disappointed to hear about the budget cuts to our department because my branch has aided in providing employment services to low income families since the beginning of the pandemic . with the team we have had over 600 appointments this year alone. our jobseekers are multi generational committee members with similar barriers from 16 years old to 60 years old. people need the service . to cut our budgetis a failure to the people who have provided to the city with so much work care and effort and itshould not go unnoticed . support is a response and recovery and should not be chosen one over the other and we should be supporting these organizations . refund our organizations. thank you. [applause] >> next speaker please. >> hello everyone. i am acareer coach and i am here representing the latino task force .we are essential. i'm grateful to have the
3:51 pm
opportunity to coach so many families in difficult times. a number of families are in debt and out of work. they are desperate to go back to the workforce. we have the resources and tools in place we need to fund and continue to support our community. without a funding from the city we will continue to struggle including my own family. i can empathize with these families. i have been out of work. now i have employment as the latino task force and i am grateful for this opportunity. i want to advocatefor my community. we know the pain we see it every day at work . i wantmy communities to see we have to support everyone in need now . >> next speaker please . >> good morning everyone. i'm the housing manager of the lts and also the chair of the housing committee.
3:52 pm
this fiscal year all the f house provided 15,000 housing and rent relief appointments serving more than 2000 recurring households and families. these are recovering health services for the most vulnerable families in the bayview admission districts. the housing team was able to secure $10.2 million in rent relief for 60 percent of tenants. we learned to navigate a broken system to serve them with the dignity they deserve . collecting us keepsour communities building forward. these services must continue the funding of our network is essential to continue supporting our work and our families . [applause] >> next speaker please. >> speaker: [speaking spanish]
3:53 pm
[speaking spanish] [applause] >> thank you so much,let's take the next speaker please . >> i need to interpret. >> onemoment . >> my name is natalia. i am also representing the
3:54 pm
latino task force housing team and we also help with the sorry. the concession for a lot of our members and families. we take into account how much money they have, what the budget is and how much deposit they need to put down for housing and also their languag needs . they been severely affected by the pandemic and we need to continue supportingtheir transitional programs . we are essential. thankyou . >>. >> speaker: [speaking spanish]
3:55 pm
>>. [speaking spanish] >> arturo, if you can help with translation. >> that was really fast so i'l try to summarize with what i heard .my name is soledad.
3:56 pm
i am also a member of thelatino task force .the pandemic has been an exemplary challenge for our communities. we'vebeen helping people with housing primarily in helping them submit their applications or payments . and support from the state. this family center are supposed to share their homes making them tenants but they also have to cope with the high cost of the bill. our community isstill in need and lts continues to support . >> next speaker please. >> speaker: [speaking spanish]
3:57 pm
>>. [please stand by]
3:58 pm
[speaking in spanish] >> thank you so much. >> ok. and we have interpretation services for spanish today?
3:59 pm
>> yes. good morning. hello. any name is is orlando garcia. i'm also a member of the latino task force and i work in the section that is in charge of vaccination and awareness. in our programs, as i helped the community that we had been going out to help fight this information and we'll inform the community to make them aware that the virus is real and in this way to provide a link to provide better information in the community to ensure that our community members can have a better quality of life. thank you. >> thank you so much for your help. and let's take the next speaker, please. >> gracias. [speaking in spanish]
4:00 pm
[speaking in spanish] [applause] >> thank you so much. >> hello, good morning.
4:01 pm
i am also member of latinos task force and we have -- i work in a food distribution program. we have distributed about 116 pounds of food a week or 250 bags of emergency food in our community. and we provide meals to people who are affected with covid. they are in dire need of assistance. thank you. >> thank you so much. next speaker. >> thank you for the translation. can i make a correction. she said that they are delivering 13,000 pounds per week. that woman, that woman and her friends who are also that size are unloading that amount every week. [applause] >> may i askle thats people
4:02 pm
speak a little bit slower, [speaking in spanish]. >> yes. thank you! thank you, arturo, for being here. >> [speaking in spanish] >> also, you can pull the mic towards your mouth so we can hear you better, especially with masks. thank you so much. >> hi. i was teaching art in the excelsior until the sheltser in place sent us home. my classroom used to be a sanctuary full of snacks. the kids started messaging us the first week after the shutdown asking for help getting food after their parents were sent home from work and their fridges began to get empty. it has been 116 wednesdays since we began doing food distribution in the excelsior district. it started off in a garage with a bunch of soccer moms and our vans delivering. at this point, we partnered with the latino task force and s.f. food bank and that has enabled us to continue this project, feeding people for the past 116 wednesdays. the mayor's budget gives money to the police, millions more than they need and
4:03 pm
leaves the people and the environment out. all supervisors who stand with her and support her budget are not essential. but those of you who do stand up and defend the people and the planet in this budget are also essential, as are we. fema was m.i.a. throughout the past few years but this -- >> thank you so much. >> and taken on -- >> thank you so much. ma'am, thank you. ma'am, we're at one minute for public comment. thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi. good morning. buenos dias. my name is augustine. or i go with august gi. -- augie. i've had the honor and privilege to serve as a community worker, activist and friend to the community of district 10. but that is for the past six years and many of the titles
4:04 pm
to say the least. i'm here today because the district has been left behind again. with all the budget cuts, it has created division between communities and having to fight for grants and opportunities to serve their people. the especiallypandemic has showed everyone's true colors and today we see them by the way you're handling in budget cuts. as a community, we had to learn to adapt and share hollistic approaches and help one another combat covid. due to budget cuts, here at baby's hunter point and district 10, we had to close one of our essential hubs which has served more than 3,000 families these past years during the pandemic. today we had to let them know we can't serve them anymore. please don't forget where you come from and the people that elected you and your seats. we all stand here in solidarity for one another. >> thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> my name is alma. i'm an exception your essential resource hub coordinator in d-11. i'm born and raised in san francisco and i come to you today to let you know that
4:05 pm
the [inaudible] is an insult. an insulting sult to myself, colleagues and everyone who put in long and countless hours during the beginning of the pandemic and everyone was told safe and needed to stay home. but we didn't. we went to work every day to support our most impacted community as i stepped up as a volunteer helping the thousands of clients that were left unemployed facing evictions and food shortages. 8902 to be exact in just this past fiscal year. we became e.d.d. experts when the offices shut down for employees safety. we stepped up and it is time for the mayor to value our worth and fund our hubs. your continued support is needed to support our communitieses, [speaking french]. [speaking in spanish] >> thank you so much. again, we want to remind you that audible applause is not allowed in the chamber. if you agree, you can use your spirit fingers. if you disagree, you can use thumbs down, ok? thank you so much. next speaker.
4:06 pm
>> greta garcia, mission district. i have witnessed hundreds of people come into our site week after week looking for resources that they struggle to get access through other organizations. they received food, help with housing, employment and more. i empathize with these families i see daily because i've also been on the other side. as a single mother who has shared the same struggles and took a part of the -- ahem -- took a part in using the resources that l.t.f. offered to get on my feet, i want to emphasize the importance of keeping the funding we've heard thus far and share the name of some individuals that have touched my heart. alyssa, wendy, brenda, fido, isabel, alejandro, erica and please continue in this fight. [speaking in spanish] >> thank you so much. let's take the next speaker.
4:07 pm
>> good morning. i'm research manager for the l.t.f. mission hub. i'm an example of. what the l.t.f. can do. i started volunteering early in the pandemic. for those willing to wait four to five hours for a basic pantry necessities. and now a full-time employee. at the hub of a listener and are responder. our community could not afford to stay home and deal with the constant state of inequity. many come to the hub to create a sense of familiarity, community and letting them know that we are here. [speaking in spanish] i myself was in the same situation when i was growing up and i want to be here for my community. we need to recognize that there's always been a need in the community and [inaudible] then what? where are families supposed to continue getting assistances? [speaking in spanish] >> thank you so much.
4:08 pm
next speaker. >> good morning, supervisors. i am the site manager for the salt association pacificker island resource hut in collaboration with a latino task force. since our opening on january 3, we have served 500-plus pacific islander families with services that they've never had access to. we have employed 36 people with permanent jobs, eight people with permanent housing, free immigration support and benefits and many more. we would not have done this if there twhunlt support at this time. by not supporting us, you will contribute to the long suffrage of our communities of color and have been going through. please change the budget to support our ongoing services. and right now i want to sit here during this pandemic. our pacific islanders have
4:09 pm
stood up and created a movement. we're tired of being tired. right now -- >> thank you so much. >> and speak. >> next speaker, please. >> good morning. thank you for this opportunity. my name is eleanor and i'm the founder of sheblis transitions who, along with s.f. supply are the re-entry and violence components with an assault organization. i am passionate about re-entry because i was incarcerated 27 years by a life term. by the grace of god, i'm home. i see the disparity that the people of the pacific islanders are in. i'm one of the 13 organizations that is under assault pacific islander resources. without fault, we wouldn't be here now pacific islanders. we're being recognized and they're helping us with everything that they can.
4:10 pm
i am asking you elected officials, please, please give us this budget that we're asking for because it's helping so many people bring us solutions forward, not worrying about financial hindrance. our community needs it. we need it as a people. pacific islanders are already collateralize to being extinct within the san francisco community. we've been here for 100 years. >> thank you so much. >> please recognize -- >> next speaker. >> hi. my name is woody. housing in san francisco, 73% live in lower income housing, pacific islander. that is seven out of 10. the other three are probably with the other seven. homelessness has risen to almost 3% per 10,000 count. unemployment has soared three times more. health in san francisco, preventable emergency room rates are higher for pacific islanders residents compared to other etnicities.
4:11 pm
y district 6, district 5 and district 10 where most of our polynesian pacific islander lives have the highest preventable emergency rates. we represent 90% of hepatitis-b reported cases. a rising tide lifts all boats. we have not received the adequate funding that our pacific islander folks need to address some of the issues i just mentioned. help us help you and our community. we are requesting that you include us in the budget. help us -- >> thank you so much. >> for the much needed resources -- [microphone cut] >> thank you so much. just a quick announcement, i'm being asked that if you already made public comment, we can exit so we can lead the next group of people in to the chamber. again f you've already spoken, if you can please exit the chamber room so we can lead in the next group. and that is for folks that are seated and in line.
4:12 pm
or rather seated. thank you so much. next speaker, please. >> good morning. my name is fallon. i'm here today to ask you to support funding programs by our collective agencies. as a p.i. community, we have and continue to be high lie impacted by covid facing health and economic disparities and still in relief and need of access to solutions. we focus on scholarship and cultural education, the arts, youth and leadership development and health and wellness outreach and referrals for human services,etc. they're essential to not only addressing the the needs of our people but honoring the unique identities of pacific island people as well as the valuable contributions by pacific islanders to this great city. our village approach has made it possible for our people to operate in this city for generation answer we're here
4:13 pm
to hold this community accountable. thank you very much. >> thank you so much for your comments. let's take the next speaker, ma'am. >> hi. my name is tamisha. and we are a pacific islander collaboration. on behalf of my son who is deaf, this -- this -- this organization has supported my son and family with -- with resources. please support the association so we can continue to do the work and support our kids and families. thank you. >> thank you so much. next speaker, please. again, folks, can you please take a seat if you are not line?
4:14 pm
thank you so much. >> good morning. good afternoon. my name is kazani. i'm here with the soul association, a pacific islander collaboration. i am here to remind you that some people are natural organizer and have always stood in solidarity with black and brown folks in this beautiful city. today i stand here to not ask, but to say fund salt and the rest of these organizations so we can get back to our communities and take care of our people. we are tired of being the folks who are the fifth or the third or the fourth statistics in san francisco. we've been here more than over 100 years. we have the cousins who came from the islands to the states to support the natives here and more. so please, stop this cycle and i ask the board to vision new practices in your government, whatever peace y'all have here and stop having us come here and beg for money. we have the right to this money. it is ours and let us take
4:15 pm
care of our people. >> thank you so much for your comment, sir. next speaker. >> you've heard our people, our ask and i would like to end my one minute with do not define our islands by the smallest of our islands but the greatestness of our oceans and that is from a great poet. so, with that in mind, please do us a favor and request our ask. thank you. [applause] >> thank you so much, ma'am. next speaker. >> good morning, supervisors.
4:16 pm
i'm here from the latino collaborative, a collected of five trusted agencies, community organizations created to address a disproportionate impact that covid has created in the latino community in san francisco. at the beginning of our pan democrat,, our collaborative reached over 15,000 individuals and families who are, as we know, low-income undocumented and mon lowlingual spanish speakers. we have contacted them through a broad range of existing core services from mental healths support and cash assistance. services are a vital part of our recovery and healing in our community. thank you so much. >> thank you so much for your comments. next speaker, please. >> hi. i am maria and i work at the institute of familia as a case counselor. i was attending like a
4:17 pm
thousand clients per day -- per year, i'm sorry. and mostly of them are mono lingual. ok. also i work once a week with the latino -- with the latino force in helping, you know, with people that are suffering mostly emotionally for the covid and also helping them with gift cards, paying the bills, you know, rent and go to the court with them and give them emotional support by the crisis line. saying that -- >> thank you so much for your comments. unfortunately we're at one minute for today's meeting. thank you so much. ma'am, if we can take the next speaker, please. thank you so much. thank you for coming. next speaker. >> buenos.
4:18 pm
[speaking in spanish] >> thank you. and we have arturo supporting us, if you can help us with translation. >> yes. good morning. my name is juan garcia. they helped me with the pandemic because i also have covid and they supported me with that. so i'm just here to ask you to support them so they can continue helping us. thank you.
4:19 pm
>> thank you so much. next speaker. >> [speaking in spanish] >> thank you so much. and we have our wonderful arturo supporting us today for spanish. >> thank you. good morning, i am here to support. i lost my work and had covid
4:20 pm
twice and they were there to help me both times with that. they help me with rent. with gift cards and also emotional support. and i also want to say how e.t.f. helped me and i'd like the see that you support them so they can continue to support my community. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hey, everybody. i'm from excelsior and i work with latino task force representing the the education committee as the district was trying to figure out what to do, l.t.f. came out and we served our students and we served our families and needed to go back to work as essential workers and we used those services in order to find out what the needs were for families so we went out and did all of that and continue to do that. we still have a broken system. even having this meeting, right? and we're still essential.
4:21 pm
our families are still coming to us because their schools don't have spanish-speaking parent lee yeah sons and schools still have a really hard enrollment system. they're still looking for child care. we have been there. we're running a summer program right now which is why we can't have our whole team here. but even without the funding, we have been able to push through but we deserve this funding. we deserve this funding to keep it going, to continue and then to help the cities create -- >> thank you so much for your comments. again, we're at one minute for public comment. ma'am f you can -- thank you so much. next speaker, please. >> hi, supervisor. good afternoon. my name is rachel louis. i'm a caregiver. i work as a home health aid and i work with compassionate community health care. and i work there for four
4:22 pm
years and unfortunately we don't have enough benefits because when we go to the clients' home, we spend too much time on commute and the commute can cost is very expensive. i live in [inaudible] and that is why i have to take bart, one day costs me $16 expenses. it's pretty much. so i urge the government, can take care of the benefit and give us more affordable housing so it can improve our life. thank you so much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. folks, we're at one minute. ok? >> hello, supervisor. my name is ari and i'm with the china town development center. i'm here to support families living in [inaudible] and to urge the supervisors to support the s.r.o. family's
4:23 pm
united collaborative camping to create [inaudible] to exit over the next 10 to 15 years. for this to happen, we need your support and urge you to fund $8.5 million for families to be able to access safe and adequate affordable housing as well as $1.5 million for a program to support training and stipends for s.r.o. families and we have a lot of families that have come out to speak and [inaudible], thank you so much. >> thank you for coming today. next speaker. >> hello, supervisors. our group of family would be sticking in chinese so we have interpreters, myself and another person would be translating for them. >> hello. i need translator. [speaking mandarine]
4:24 pm
[speaking mandarin ] >> hello, supervisors. i'm here to urge you all to support the s.r.o. family's campaign from the city budget. we need the funding there.
4:25 pm
my family of four people, we live in a tiny room at s.r.o. it's less than 90 square feet. my daughter has asthma. her health is not that good. the art circulation is poor. the air circulation has to do with her asthma. wi want to give a good living conditions for our kids, but when we tried to look for housing, there is no way we can move out. we have been applying for affordable housing but we have no luck in there. s.r.o. are not good for families. we need more affordable
4:26 pm
housing and rental subsidy. i hope that you will hear our "100 days, -- hear our voice and get us the funding so we can move out. thank you. >> thank you. let's take the next speaker, please. >> there a chinese interpretation available at this time? >> there is cantonese as well as mandarin on the line so if you don't haves an interpreter, we can assist. >> ok. [speaking mandarin] >> i'm going to pause your time, ma'am. if you can speak into the mic. >> can i also request to speak a bit slow? [speaking mandarin] [please stand by [please stand by]
4:27 pm
-- able to do that and the brand is taking a big chunk of our income and we hope that we can receive assistance as well as, you know, easier to get
4:28 pm
affordable housing so we can move into a better environment for our family. >> chair ronen: thank you so much. >> she mentioned that she's a single resident occupant tenant so that's the main point that we wanted to lift up to our sor family. >> clerk: thank you so much. let's take the next speaker, please. >>(speaking alternate language).
4:29 pm
>> interpreter: i will interpret. hi, supervisors. my name is hu nila. and i live in an sro building and i hope that the supervisors will support our sro program and paid job trainings. i have a family of four. we have been living in sros for seven years. i have two children. the room is very small. my children have to study and play on the bed. i want to give my children a pleasant living environment. my husband has a serious back illness, is in a lot of pain and constantly has to take medication. he cannot work normally and so he can only work part time. i hope that i can find a stable
4:30 pm
job, so i want to have a paid job training program for vulnerable people like us so that i can improve my skills and hopefully be able to get a better job with better income to support my family and to be able to move out of an sro and to have a higher income. thank you very much. >> clerk: thank you so much for coming. next speaker, please. >>(speaking alternate language)
4:31 pm
thank you. >> clerk: thank you so much. >> interpreter: i will interpret for her. my name is gao gaudon. i and i encourage you all to consider, like, putting for our sro family. for sro family, three people, my son and my husband is living in less than 10 measured feet long and we cook together, live together and as the same we have, like more than 20 family. and every day at 9:00 p.m. we
4:32 pm
would come together but they would have insecurity because they would have some economic problem. like, consider have some fire or something like that. and we only have, like, the paper, under the window. it's like smells horrible. and my son he coughs and has some problems. so please listen to our -- >> clerk: thank you so much. >> thank you. >> clerk: next speaker, please. >>(speaking alternate language).
4:33 pm
>> interpreter: hi, supervisors. my name is yern n yu ling. i live in the sro with my 7-year-old daughter and i am here to urge everyone to support housing for sro families and have funding from the city budget for us, because i'm a
4:34 pm
single mom, and i have to take care of my daughter. and also my language skills there's not much job opportunities. my income is really low. we can only stay in the sro. we have to wait every time to use the toilet in the bathroom. our kids do not have a place to do their homework. because the building is old. so there's a lot of problems in the building too. when people wash their clothing upstairs, it will flood our floor. >> clerk: thank you so much. >> interpreter: so i'm here to urge everyone to look at the situation and get us the funding so we can have a better living conditions. thank you. >> clerk: thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. my name is mervin and i have
4:35 pm
been working with the latino task force lately. with mission hub. and i would just like to say that it's been great working with them, and that they've been serving 12,000 people and 3,000 people weekly. and i'm sorry, i'm very nervous -- it's very nerve-racking. it's very weird that they're cutting out funds for them because those family does need that food. a lot of the families have -- or are in trouble right now financially. and ha at one point i was there too and i'd like to be truthful with that. and i did need that at one point and it was very helpful when i had that, so i'd like to be grateful for that. and to those families, i do understand. it's not the best that they're cutting back all of that. it's very sad.
4:36 pm
>> clerk: thank you so much for your comments. >> oh, thank you, thank you. >> clerk: we're at one minute per speaker. thank you so much. thank you. >> that's all? >> clerk: next speaker, please. >>(speaking alternate language).
4:37 pm
>> interpreter: hi, my name is wu hung chan and i'm here to issue support also for the job paid training program. i live in an sro with my two kids, i'm a single mom and my mom also lives with me. there's not even this much space in this, it's very tight. the bed is -- aside from the bed for my mom, we have to take down the dinner table to have space to go to sleep as our family. and taking care of two kids, i need to be able to earn more money, but my english is limited. i'm currently doing three days of ihss work but it's certainly not enough so that's why we need to increase funding for these
4:38 pm
programs. >> clerk: thank you so much. let's take the next speaker, please. >>(speaking alternate language). >> interpreter: hi, my name is iu, with the chinese progressive association and i'm asking for more funders for workers' outreach and enforcement. my husband previously at his job, he had to undertake surgery and his doctor asked him to take two weeks off.
4:39 pm
he asked his boss but his boss actually fired him as a result. that's why i am asking for more resources for outreach and education so that workers can know about their rights and actually be able to fight for their rights. thank you. >> clerk: thank you so much. next speaker. >>(speaking alternate language)
4:40 pm
thank you. >> interpreter: hello, supervisors, my name is young e fung. and four of us in the same room for the whole family, in the same room. so today i'm here to hear our voice and to support our sro family housing and also the paid job training opportunity. and because, you know, living in this environment is like a limit, and we have to share the kitchen and shower room together with other people. and my english is not that well and so our -- my 9:00 to 5:00 job i have difficulty and the pay is very low. so if we have the opportunity to, like, have job opportunity and also pay, that will help a
4:41 pm
lot and also, like, i can increase my job view and also my english. and then that's the job and then i have the opportunity to move out and get -- >> clerk: thank you so much. >> thank you. >> clerk: let's take the next speaker, please. >>(speaking alternate language).
4:42 pm
>> clerk: thank you. >> interpreter: hi, supervisors. my name is pao fang wu. we have three generation in our family living in this small sro unit. i'm here to implore you to get funding for the sro families
4:43 pm
campaign. we have been applying for affordable housing, but the waiting list is too long. we haven't had any chance in that because there are still affordable housing units. we are here to urge all of you to help us with the funding for our campaign. so that we can get -- so we can move our sros. that would help us a lot with the difficulties we are facing now. thank you. >> clerk: thank you so much. let's take the next speaker, please. >> hi. (speaking alternate language).
4:44 pm
thank you. >> interpreter: hello, esteemed board of supervisors. my name is hoa chang sang and i urge you to support the sro family program. i have lived in sro for 10 years. there's only enough room in the space for one bed and enough room to walk by, and because of that me and my family have had a lot of conflict amongst each other because it's just a little living space. so, again, i urge you all to support funding with the sro family fundings and the opportunity to have paid job training. >> clerk: thank you so much.
4:45 pm
let's take the next speaker, please. >> i'm willing to testify on behalf of mu yu yee. so she was very nervous and tearing up earlier when we were talking in the hallway. so i am an sro family in chinatown. my family of six lives in a very small room with four children. during the pandemic i got sick with covid because there was no room to quarantine and i had to sleep in the stairwell of the building every night. when the people came in and out of the building, i had to go outside so as to not infect my neighbors. i could not take paid sick leave when i was sick so i had no income to support my family and i was the sole breadwinner and that's why i would like the supervisors to support sro residents to move to other places, and invest in workers' rights, outreach and enforcement, so that we can have things like paid sick leave and
4:46 pm
also get better jobs for our sro residents. thank you so much. >> clerk: thank you so much for your comments. next speaker. >>(speaking alternate language).
4:47 pm
>> interpreter: hi, my name is ze way and i'm a chinese progressive worker rights community member. this past spring i had the opportunity to do outreach with over 2,000 workers in san francisco. and we found that many different stories of low-wage workers with low wages, including one person works over 10 hours a day and still only making about $1,000 a month. so we desperately need to hire more investigators and strengthening enforcement because we know that collections is a major issue. so thank you so much for your continued support and outreach. >> clerk: thank you so much. let's take the next speaker, please. >>(speaking alternate language)
4:48 pm
thank you. >> interpreter: hello,
4:49 pm
supervisors, my name is tra tong. i am here to support more resources for the sro, and to provide more low-income affordable housing opportunity. our family -- three people in the chinatown sro and we have to share a bathroom with another family who is in the building. but the most terrible thing is when my and my family have to lay out for the bathroom. and my husband who is on the building material company is, like, very hard work because he has to, like, move things around and then it's very hard. and when she gets off of work to have to sit in the very little chair and we are living environment is very limited and
4:50 pm
very terrible. >> clerk: thank you so much. thank you. next speaker, please. >>(speaking alternate language).
4:51 pm
>> clerk: thank you so much. >> interpreter: hi, supervisors. i'm here to urge you to support the sro funding and for the sro families. a family of four living in a really tiny chinatown. because of the small space, we all do not have any private area. in the pandemic, my son has to go online for the past. they have to go online, but then
4:52 pm
in the tiny room my son could not speak loud because the father has come home from work and sleeping and we have a newborn baby in the house sleeping also. so we are all impacting each other inside this small unit. >> clerk: thank you so much, ma'am. >> our son could not focus on his studies. >> clerk: thank you, ma'am. >> we feel sad -- >> clerk: thank you so much. >> so i hope that you will support us. >> clerk: okay, thank you so much. next speaker, please. >> it's our whole family now. thank you. >> clerk: i apologize if we have to cut folks off but we're at one minute and one minute translation. thank you. >>(speaking alternate language).
4:53 pm
>> interpreter: hello supervisors. my name is shel wa hu and i'm a resident in cheantown. and i ask you to support the sro families united collaborative program.
4:54 pm
i live in a family of four in less than 9 0-square-feet. my children don't have room to -- for activities. they are doing their homework and plays on the bed. because we share facilities with other families, my children always have to wait in line for the bathroom. sometimes they wait until they are crying. because we -- between husband and wife we do not have a private spaces, this is putting a lot of pressure in our relationship and it is making me feel very bad. that's why i'm asking you to support a rental subsidies for sro families. thank you. >> clerk: thank you so much. next speaker, please. >>(speaking alternate language)
4:55 pm
thank you. >> hi, high name is sh fa nay
4:56 pm
and we have a family of three living in an sro for over 10 years. i have a 7-year-old kid and she actually -- because there's lines at the bathroom all the time, if she has to use the restroom and i have to ask to use the potty and carry her waste over to the bathroom later when the bathroom is free. even when i have the heppa filter on she has rashes and bloody noses because of it. and not only am i a parent but also a worker. so i hope that we have access to paid job training and that all workers can have access to knowing their rights because that's something that we all need as new immigrants. >> clerk: thank you for coming. next speaker. >>(speaking alternate language).
4:57 pm
>> clerk: thank you very much, ma'am. >>(speaking alternate language). >> clerk: thank you. thank you.
4:58 pm
>> interpreter: hi, supervisors. i live in an sro in chinatown. i hope that all of you can support the sro, and also the paid job training opportunity and chinatown sro, the environment is very, very terrible. we really want to move out but we don't have that much job skills. and even though i work very hard but the salary is very, very low. and these programs, the job training program, paid job training program is very helpful for immigrant families and also especially the sro family. we don't have to, like, worry if i'm going to training and i maybe will live in the street next month. and if we have that training i can, like, have some income and also, like learning some job
4:59 pm
opportunity -- >> clerk: thank you so much, ma'am, i appreciate it. let's take the next speaker, please. >> hi, everyone. my name is charlene and i come from -- [indiscernible] and funding for the city budget for the sro family. i'm a student in my family and only my mom can work, and only she just barely living expenses. and i have a little sister and we live in a small room. sometimes i can't study because we just have some classes schedule or just some, like, do some work it's really not good for us because it's very noisy
5:00 pm
in my neighborhood. [indiscernible] so it's very difficult for us and not good for us. we can't hear the teachers, what they say. so i hope can support us -- >> clerk: speaker time has elapsed. thank you. >>(speaking alternate language).
5:01 pm
>> interpreter: hi, i am ei lin, and my family of three lives in a very tiny sro unit in chinatown. there's only space for a bunk
5:02 pm
bed. no actual space for the kids to move around or to do homework. he has to do it on the bed. we have been trying to apply for affordable housing. but we did not get it. so i'm here to urge the supervisors to support more affordable housing for sro families and to support the campaign that they're doing for better housing and jobs. thank you so much. >> clerk: thank you. >>(speaking alternate language)
5:03 pm
thank you. >> interpreter: hello, supervisors. my name is yulan nour and i'm a grassroots organizer with the chinese progressive association and i work with a lot of sro residents and time and again i hear that more than half of them don't have paid sick leave. and all of them are -- many of them are afraid to report violations done by their
5:04 pm
workplace. i urge you to provide more resources for outreach and education on workers' rights because many workers don't know what their rights are. your vote will determine our lives, so, please vote to support for more resources for outreach and education. thank you. >>(speaking alternate language).
5:05 pm
>> interpreter: hi, esteemed board of supervisors. i am yung tou. and i meet many workers and tenants in my everyday work. i know that a lot of our immigrant workers actually don't know about their rights and they come up and ask me about them. and for that reason we need strengthened outreach efforts for osc, and for the worker rights clab tigz so i urge you to support more funding for our worker outreach. >>(speaking alternate language).
5:06 pm
>> interpreter: hi, my name is randy and i'm with the chinese progressive association. last year and this year i have been doing outreach work on workers' rights and a lot of workers don't know their rights. like, they don't know their minimum wage and they don't about paid sick leave and they don't know that they have the right for paid breaks. as a new immigrant myself i worked in restaurants previously and often got conned and lied to by my bosses. so that's why i'm asking to you put more resources in workers'
5:07 pm
rights and outreach and education. thank you very much. >> clerk: can we have the next speaker. >> hello my name is chao and i'm the executive director of compassionate community care. i'm here to -- i want to urge your consideration for increasing the affordable housing and the home care and care management services for seniors and people with disabilities. we know that there are many people, they need home care and care management service to remain safely in their homes and they're unable to afford it. some people occasionally may call and they may go to the e.r. because they don't have the care support at home. and there's a shortage for home
5:08 pm
care workers. so i urge you to consider the increase of wage and benefits for the home care workers that help to attract more people to become home care workers. and to reduce medical costs. thank you. >>(speaking alternate language).
5:09 pm
>> interpreter: hello, everyone, my name is mae and i'm a massage workers and i have worked in this industry for many years. many of my co-workers and people in this industry do not get minimum wage. and if i didn't know about cpa and they didn't do outreach to me, i would not have known about my rights. so i urge you all to consider
5:10 pm
putting more resources towards our outreach efforts so that more workers like me can learn about my rights and stand up for myself. >> clerk: if you want to hold one moment while we let some leave the room. thank you for your patience. it will be quieter, if we can wait just one more moment.
5:11 pm
please proceed. >> thank you, good morning, supervisors. i'm really happy to be addressing you today. my name is [indiscernible] and i'm a [indiscernible] a mayan indigenous man who was unhoused and murdered unjustly and illegally by sfpd on april 7, 2016. i'm a resident of the mission and i'm here in support of cart, the compassionate alternative response team, a program created collectively to replace police response to 911 calls. to priority 91 calls. and i ask the board of supervisors to please roll over $3 million from last year's budget to support cart, and also to add on a $3.7 million budget so we can actually appropriately fund a humane, dignified and
5:12 pm
compassionate response to unhoused individuals on the streets. instead of calling a police response. thank you. >> good afternoon, supervisors. [indiscernible] we provide housing to formally homeless folks and those folks who live in our units, deserve the dignity of having quality support and decent housing conditions. we can get there with a city funding supports. so we do support the mayor's $67 million for permanent supportive housing and we want to be very clear that we need absolutely much more than that. also, we support the cost of living allowance increase for non-profit workers. it's extremely important in
5:13 pm
bringing those better housing conditions and better services to have less turnover of staff and to be able to recruit and retain quality staff. finally, the cart program -- we need the $3 million, it was allocated for it, to actually fund that program and not be diverted anywhere else. thank you. >> clerk: your time has elapsed. thank you. >> hi, good afternoon, good afternoon, everybody. my name is tina. and i work for call gender line and i'm in support of cart and i would like that money to be put back. to give it to the fire department is a disgrace to what they did to the people in covid. when they had us to go out there and tell those people that they were moving them and then treated them like dogs when they were moving them. so why would you take the money and give it to them instead of giving it to an organization
5:14 pm
that -- a non-profit organization that can do the work and do it compassionately? because most of those people that are from those organizations are people that lived on those streets and people get expired by them. and another thing, i don't know if we was in front of y'all when we came about the leak and we got that extra six months. so -- and then you said that you would revisit it. i don't understand that we have programs that was dedicated during the covid -- spoirk speaker time has elapsed. thank you. >> hi, good afternoon. my name is jennifer freed mock, and we're in a moment -- a moment where the choices that you make in this little city on the edge of a continent matter, because this little city is being watched. you have a choice to feed into false narratives and invest $50 million into a police department that realistically can't fill
5:15 pm
one police academy class, let alone eight. or to fund cart that will respond to 70,000 to 90,000 calls that police are doing now effectively and compassionately. you have a choice to fund innovative programs like guaranteed income and local subsidies for black and brown families that have been harmed by structural racism. you have a choice to fund training for black and brown frontline staff at shelters and so they can achieve upward mobility caring for the most destitute among us. stand up, be proud, and shout this is san francisco, this is how we address inequity. this is how we can all share in prosperity. thank you. >> good morning, my name is tyler and i'm here today in support of cart, the compassionate alternative response team. a community-based program created to -- i'm sorry -- excuse me -- replace 911 calls.
5:16 pm
homelessness in san francisco shows a stark racial disparity. our city is less than 3% black but our unhoused population is 38% black. the implementation of cart reducing tragic outcomes when cops are sent to brutalize and terrorize them. the expansion of sfpd is dangerous and unacceptable after the death of george floyd. and policymakers promised to defund police and reinvest in the community. and castillo, sterling and freddy gray and tamara rice, and michael brown, eric garner, george floyd -- to name a few who lost their lives to police violence. implement and fully fund cart now. >>(speaking alternate language).
5:17 pm
5:18 pm
>> clerk: your time has elapsed. >> interpreter: my name is maria salia. >> clerk: okay, thank you, sorry. >> chair ronen: we have translators on the line but you can feel free to translate. >> interpreter: maria suspect kaleh and i live in san francisco and i'm here in support of the recommendations. she supports the coupon for hotels and different support for families and especially women without housing. especially bipoc women who need housing. she herself is a victim of police violence -- i'm sorry -- that's me -- a victim of domestic violence. and she is -- and she has been benefited from organizations
5:19 pm
that support women victims of domestic violence but it's the housing that is the missing piece for her and she's still looking for just housing for her family. so she asks for the support. thank you. >> hi, supervisors, my name is miguel. and i work in the position of homelessness and i come to testify today to ask to fully fund hesba group. so we're asking for voucher for women and families and we are asking too to fund for families too who suffer domestic violence, etc., etc. so the only one i want to say is that i really want you to fully
5:20 pm
fund the cart because it's an opportunity for homeless people. and you know what, they may have already found $50 million for police, we don't need more police. we don't need. i was homeless, and i am being triggered for police. and we don't need more money for police. we need that money for housing. housing is a solution. thank you so much. >> hello my name is hamine. and i'm here in support of the $4 million for the tenderloin community action plan. this plan has been led by the people's congress and have been working on it for years, even before the mayor's emergency declaration. this one-time funding is needed to create a community plan for ourselves. if you want more oversight, do so, but please fund it. on a national scale we all express that we should take care
5:21 pm
and protect marginalized people. we heard a reaction in it to this morning's news. when it comes here locally we seem to forget that we're all on the same side. take care of the tenderloin and take care of the most marginalized we need you to create the conditions for us to keep showing up. we were ignored in the restricting process. do not perpetuate, and it's san francisco issues magnified if you help the tenderloin you help san francisco. please fund the plan and, in addition, please implement and fund cart. thank you so much. >> good afternoon, chair ronen and members of the budget and appropriations committee. my name is paul frontsau and i'm here on behalf of the san francisco travel association. i live in district 9. i am asking for your support for funding for the welcome ambassador program as well as investments in public safety and the economic core. san francisco has been
5:22 pm
disproportionately impacted by the effects of covid-19 pandemic. one of the most impactful and positive investments that has helped us to welcome back visitors and leisure is the welcome ambassador program. which launched last fall. thank you. >> i'm sorry. in addition to the welcome ambassador support for the public safety through fully funding the sfpd as well as bringing back people downtown through events and activations in the public realm and in vacant retail are essential to the success of our economic recovery. thank you. >> hello, good afternoon board of supervisors. i am ben mock and i'm here on behalf of the community youth center. so cyc serves over 8,000 youth and 2,000 families every year
5:23 pm
and right now we see a really deep need in the excelsior communities where the residents need access to things like translation services, technology classes, youth development programs, housing information, and much more. so cyc specializes in serving the api communities and we have built a really successful model in bayview where it's a service hub and this service hub can easily be replicated in both excelsior and richmond districts as a service hub today. today we're asking for funding to open up service hubs in both excelsior and also richmond where it is non-existent but definitely needed. finally, we would like to ask the board of supervisors to continue our funding for our pressure wash program in chinatown to keep the city streets clean there. and also to support them. thank you. >> good afternoon, supervisors.
5:24 pm
my name is louise antonio and i'm with the equity center. it's a center in the south of market and we're also part of the api council. it's been part of the grand piece for $12 million for food security last year as a response to covid-19. and for this year there's zero allocation for food security. unfortunately, we are not yet out of the pandemic. a lot of people are still underemployed, unemployed. and api seniors are still afraid to go out because of the fear of getting assaulted, you know, out in the streets. we are a city of champions and we would like to -- you know, we would like you to be the champions to end hunger in the city and to make sure that there's restoration for food security program. thank you.
5:25 pm
>> greetings, supervisors. and in taking care of san francisco, your role is never more important. san francisco is one of the most beautiful cities on this planet and because of its diversity. i'm the founder of a new genre of music, asian-american jazz. and since 1976, brenda wongoki and i have created work that gives voice to asian america. first voice is the only artist-driven organization on the api council. we represent mature cultural specific artists and not just asians. according to the chicago art institute's first voices, the only arts organization in the nation dedicated to multicultural and multiracial experience. every year we present performances to 4,000 tourists and residents with a cohort of 40 bipoc artists and designers and we are essential to the soul
5:26 pm
of san francisco. we have an expiring ask and we please continue to fund us. it's a small price to pay for bringing back a little joy. thank you. >> good afternoon, supervisor, john abalos with the county housing organization and here also with the anti-eviction defense collaborative. and jobs for justice. more than anything, i think that it is really important to recognize the position that we're in right now as a city. we are looking moving towards economic recovery but not necessarily diverting resources to all parts of san francisco that are in the midst of fighting for economic recovery. we need a balanced approach that looks at our neighborhoods and our housing needs all over the city. i want to thank this committee for looking at the great innovation of cop to add more
5:27 pm
money to the budget and to look at housing and housing preservation. housing preservation has received a lot of funding but that's not necessarily the implementation of plans. this model you can use the sources that you have cobbled together to not just allocate money but to ensure that things are implemented and you can negotiate that while so much is before you -- charter amendments and the budget and everything before you as a committee and i hope that you can do that. thank you. >> good afternoon, supervisor, i'm cassandra currion, and a resident of district 8. and in so doing i'm representing one of some of our 6,000 plus members who are renters in san know from, many of whom cannot afford to rent in san francisco. and then in addition to that the impacts of not being able to own and/or reside in san francisco where we teach. the unique opportunities in front of you regarding educators and our kind of place-based jobs
5:28 pm
for anyone working in the school district is impacted by our living conditions. i ask that you support the implementation and allocation of funds from prop i towards funding educator housing, particularly for those that we're currently working on. we have been working with mezon and a sneak opportunity that the city -- a unique opportunity, this is a eight lane highway that only has a couple openings. all lanes need to be open so that educators can afford to live in san francisco and create the largest impact on a healthy school system. thank you. >> good afternoon, board of supervisors, i am ori ovoni here on behalf of jobs for justice san francisco and also a resident of district nine. here -- thank you for this opportunity. i've had a great pleasure to meet japanese san franciscans,
5:29 pm
and black san franciscans and chinese san franciscans and latino san franciscans today and we all just want the same thing -- to be able to work and live here with dignity. to that end, i ask that you fund the recommendations from the housing stability fund oversight committee, including educator housing. when you think about educator housing, don't just think of the teachers, think of the classified staff as well. it takes a village. thank you. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i appreciate your dedication and you guys staying here during your lunchtime. speaking of lunch, i'm here for the organization la cachina which prepares wonderful, delicious food for low-income housing. they serve to the building that i live in. the food is wonderfully prepared. think if you had a great chef in your family and they were
5:30 pm
preparing the food. that's how good it is. and it really helps us out because i am on ga and often my money doesn't last to the end of the month so this food really helps me to make it through the month, thank you, la cachina. >> i'm the owner of [indiscernible] in san francisco. as a restaurant owner, all restaurants are going through difficult and -- difficult times. my restaurant does employ three people, two part-time and one full-time. and they have been helping us and keep us floating and vouchers to pay for part-time employee and pay for one full-time employee.
5:31 pm
this is how it affects my business, especially the tenderloin community and the residents. if you cut this -- thank you so much. >> [speaking spanish]
5:32 pm
>> interpreter: hi, i am -- >>(speaking alternate language). >> interpreter: i am an interpreter over at la cachina and i'm asking for your support for this, which is the program that we use to deliver food for residents in the tenderloin. this program also supports my business and my employees, especially during this difficult time during the pandemic. dish has helped me and my family and i will be very grateful if you support that. thank you. >> hi, i am also a business owner, in the same place at la cachina and we also run dish as
5:33 pm
well as sf new deal and we would love for those programs to stay, because it's helping us to stay afloat, especially during the pandemic. we are still in a pandemic. we are not out of the pandemic yet and i would not like people to say that we're out of the pandemic because we still have people coming over and asking for food in a way that is extremely disturbing. we're making them hot food, delicious meals, that come from our cultures and also from our cuisine. so i would love for those programs to keep going so we can support our business and keep hiring people and lower the number of unemployment here in san francisco. thank you so much. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i am david young and i'm a college city living in the city and working at la cachina, and we urge you to support to feed over 550 sro residents here in
5:34 pm
the tenderloin. the impact of the dish program has been extraordinary with over 70,000 hot and healthy meals provided and more than 625,000 dollars in income generated for our hard-working entrepreneurs. beautiful and most importantly effective grassroots programs like the dish and la cachina department between the local government and non-profits and entrepreneurs and low-income residents are what exactly what effective community partnerships look like and what keep young people like myself passionate about local policy and optimistic for the future in these difficult times. quality of housing is as important as quantity of housing so please continue to fund this extraordinary food security program. thank you. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is judy chow. >> if you could pull the microphone down. thanks. >> i'm judy chow from the
5:35 pm
richmond neighborhood center and i'm here to request funds to support our resources that were added during the pandemic. and to support our monolingual asian neighbors and low-income seniors and family. we run our food pantry, not just as a place to pick up food but it's an opportunity to provide resources to people. we service over a thousand people a week. that's a thousand people who have access to a variety of resources from case management to cow fresh to emergency room to our diverse and bilingual staff provide. we work with the richmond senior center to provide case management to our seniors and giving them extra support and connection. our food and wellness team connect to people to services in the neighborhood and getting food to working family who don't have access to food during the daytime. and the pandemic that we started -- during the pandemic we started these services because the need increased so much and it continues due to our economic situations. and to provide these resources,
5:36 pm
we need people to -- >> clerk: your time has elapsed. >> thank you very much. we need these fundings. >> hi, everyone, my name is michele casaon, the executive director of the richmond neighborhood center. we run after-school programs at nine public schools in the richmond district in san francisco and i'm sure that you have heard this but there are wait lists at all of our school sites. and i am here to talk to you about the impact that is having on our families. they have been coming into our office -- my office every day this week. now that they've been notified they're on a wait list and they are just experiencing a lot of concern and trauma about this. so please support the $12 million service provider working group wage inequity ask if full to help us to maintain and build a consistent workforce for our families post-pandemic. thank you so much.
5:37 pm
>> hello, my name is dan hitwall and i'm the director of programs at san francisco's suicide prevention. and we have been serving the san francisco community for 60 years now. and it is our 60th anniversary. our state budget cut us this year, and so we're asking for replenishment of that budget. we are the ones who will be answering the 988 calls that will be coming in very soon in july and so -- so the funding that we've lost will have to go to other things, obviously, and we need to maintain our services to be the -- to be san francisco's support like we have been for the last 60 years. so, please support us. thank you so much.
5:38 pm
>> i heard last year that you guys had to end at 1:00 the next day in the morning so i'll try to keep it short. i am rebecca king and i'm the hotline supervisor at the suicide prevention. sfpd has been my home and we unfortunately have lost our state funding for this year and next year, given the 988 calls and we were projected to triple the call volume and so we really want to make sure that we have enough caller counts cellors to support our -- counselors to answer our calls. we help hundreds of different counselors to be therapists or those who want to do good in the world. and so that's why we have a 24/7 text line and our youth coordinator has reached out to over 6,000 kids in different schools in san francisco this year. please consider not if you're just serious about suicide but
5:39 pm
serious about free mental healthcare for all, please consider san francisco suicide prevention for your budget. thank you so much for your time and have a great weekend. >> [speaking spanish]
5:40 pm
>> clerk: thank you, can we hold for the translator. would the translator like to -- translation services -- i don't know if he's on the line at this time. i will check on that, if we could move on to the next speaker. please do. thank you. >> interpreter: i'm a nicaraguan immigrant and i'm a victim of my
5:41 pm
country and i'm in this country with just my two daughters. today i ask for support for the budget and i ask for the organizations of $582,000 for the first fiscal year and i'm participating in these programs and this is ask number 181 for the community association for food security and that's more localized and accessible. and these funds can donate food and produce boxes for our community, help us to continue. thank you so much. >> clerk: thank you. >> hi, everyone. my name is della tarantino and i'm part of farming hope and compass. i want to say thank you for helping my family with groceries and i ask for your support for our city-wide request number 181
5:42 pm
for localized food security. we are a family of nine with a cost of inflation, everything is challenging for our family to buy from the store. without groceries from farming hope we would not be able to get by. my grandkids, angel and elana love this program because they feel special at farming hope. they're learning to make good choices about healthier food, which makes this program stand out more than others. please keep this program strong going and the amount of funding is well worth it and we will need to -- i'm sorry -- we will need it more than many families like mine. thank you for your time. thank you.
5:43 pm
>> hi, i am jamie stark. good afternoon, from farming hope as well. and i'm here to humbly ask for the return of full support for food security. firstly, we need full funding for the 30 non-profits and the 70,000 households affected by the zeroing out of the food coordination group. and, secondly, i want to ask for your support for the add back request 181 for meals, groceries and job training and for our food hub with our partners, compass and home rise, booker t. i think this is [indiscernible] an existing model of that food empowerment market that y'all can be proud of. so we submitted this add back before we even knew about the hsa cuts and this is an extra dire request at this time. it's serving over 100,000 meals and 6,000 grocery boxes in order to our job training and that represents less than half of our waiting list. so, please support our families
5:44 pm
like those who spoke and support this add back initiative [indiscernible] and our mission. thank you so much for your support. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is michele row hando and i report compass family services, hespa, the homeless workforce collaborative and farming hope. today i ask for your support to approve the budget request from hespa, particularly housing, hotel vouchers and therapy services for families experiencing homelessness. and also wage equity for frontline workers who serve them. i also ask your support to approve m181 to expand the existing food empowerment model, which currently nourishes food insecure families across the city. approval of m181 in the amount of $582,000 in the first fiscal year and $392,000 in the second
5:45 pm
fiscal year, will keep our san francisco neighbors nourished and further this existing city-wide community hub. thank you so much. >> good afternoon, supervisors, i am lilliana sorres and i work for current house, and also a member of the supportive housing network and the human services network. we fully encourage you to invest in wage equity and supportive housing because it is critical to our ability to address homelessness, the foundation of our system is crumbling due to flat budgets and poverty wages. and the proposed investment is great but it does not go far enough. we need additional -- [indiscernible] to the lower wage earners and the cost of doing business to address wage equity, compassion -- serve with
5:46 pm
livability. and the human services network proposes a 7% cost of doing business increase. frontline workers and permanent supportive housing are ma majorityity bipoc and wages are inequitable and do not rethere work. it needs holistic services that address the real needs of people, including flexibility and food security -- >> clerk: your time has elapsed. thank you. >> housing stability. >> good afternoon now. my name is jordan davis and my pronoun are, he and they. i have 14 mill for the first year and 31 mill. and fuck the mayor's year and i fully support cart, and four million for disabled subsidy and
5:47 pm
$200 how to for wheelchair, all prop i, and the climate action plan. free wifi and cooling for sros. and i think that we need to get wrong of the mayor system so we don't have to do this song and dance. if you like the cops you can go fuck yourself. thank you. i yield myself. fuck you. >> hey, good afternoon, supervisors. i am jocelyne sudha and i'm a coordinator at the justice and diversity fund for the san francisco bar association. our legal department works with immigrants, low-income immigrants across san francisco and we're also the lead for the san francisco legal defense collaborative, known as sfldc. and we have worked with over
5:48 pm
1,500 unrepresented respondents in san francisco immigration at this point. and last year we hired trainees and represented over 130 new respondents. we are very grateful that you helped us expand our collaborative capacity and now we're here today to ask you to help us to sustain that and also to give us our add back of $627,000. we understand that immigrants are entitled to the economic recovery of the city, and their immigration status plays a huge role -- >> clerk: your time has elapsed. >> thank you. [applause] >> hello, my name is kelsey and i'm the program manager of youth leadership at larkin street youth services. this year i'm urging the board of supervisors to prioritize transitional aged youth
5:49 pm
experiencing homelessness and non-profit worker wages in this year's budget. i genuinely love my job, however, living in san francisco is extremely challenging. financially i'm in survival mode and that is absolutely unacceptable as a social service provider working in the homeless response system. i am advocating for an increase in non-profit worker wages because it directly impacts my ability to adequately serve the youth experiencing homelessness in san francisco. non-profit workers are advocates and healers, non-profit workers promote the health and wellness of the community, especially for our youth. but we are not compensated enough for the value that we contribute. thank you. >> hello, supervisors, i am king morrison, and i'm here for the youth because we are homeless and a lot of kids don't have families because they're getting
5:50 pm
kicked out. we need more housing around everywhere. and we're one of the most expensive cities. we need the money and the food is all around the world, but we don't have none because the food is getting a little more expensive now. thank you. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is callie cargo and i'm a non-profit worker at larkin street youth services. and i love my job. i am here today advocating for staff wages so that workers like me have the stability to support homeless youth at larkin. larkin becomes a family for young people that usually don't have one because they age out of foster care or fled domestic abuse. we offer emotional support, life skills, training, food, shelter, long-term mentorship. this is sacred work and it's crucial for society and it should be compensated as such.
5:51 pm
instead, full-time social workers cannot afford to live in this city where we work to end youth homelessness. my co-workers and i commute from far away so that we can live somewhere cheaper. we often work a night shift after our 40-hours at larkin street. and many of my co-workers resigned because they can't afford to support themselves in this field. and every time that happens it's the youth that lose another support for them. please consider staff wages -- >> clerk: your time has elapsed. >> thank you. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i'm danielle martinez and i have worked at larkin youth services since 2019, first as a case manager before moving into management last year. our homeless youth need safe, affordable housing and food and accessible healthcare to exit homelessness. homeless youth are youth of color and lgbt plus and often
5:52 pm
from marginalized communities. and it reflects the demographics of the communities that we serve and wage inequity affects us. after starting medical school on a merit scholarship i experienced homelessness as a young adult. despite all of my privilege i lost my home and i lived in my car around the same time that i was supposed to graduate as a physician. like many non-profit workers, i work in youth homelessness because i want to be what i didn't have. one emergency away from losing our home, despite saving everything that we can and taking on additional work. our situation is not unique nor the worst among my colleagues. if you care about homeless youth i urge you to prove it -- >> clerk: speaker time has elapsed. >> thank you.
5:53 pm
>> good afternoon, supervisors, i am cody hort on and with larkin street youth services, a case manager there. to be able to serve people experiencing homelessness, workers need to have a knowledge of the resources available. however, with the current rate of pay, this is making it difficult. a large portion of workers cannot afford to live in this city, commuting hours a day, those that can are either like myself living on the brink of homelessness, holding my breath every month rent is due. others are actually -- some are homeless themselves. having an intimate knowledge of the resources offered shouldn't mean that the city's budget forces workers to access the same resources that they are helping others to access much.
5:54 pm
>> good afternoon, supervisors. thank you for your time. cheryl adams, the co-chair of the human services network. i get to work with these amazing staff and young people every day and i want to lift up their voices in needing to be paid equitably and we need the cost of doing business that has been put in and we need support for the supportive housing and all case managers. we also need equitable wages for young people trying to be employed. it's unconscionable to expect people to work and not pay them. for those experiencing homelessness and we need to be able to feed them. so we need additional support for food for young people. thank you for your time. >> hi, supervisors, i am edith custer with the senior and disability action. we ask you to support the budget
5:55 pm
justice coalition asks. there's a worsening flood of displacement and due to low fixed incomes the majority of seniors and people with disabilities are at intense risk if we don't consistently fund and grow social housing protections like portable rental subsidies and operating subsidies, the city is turning its back on two communities that have been constantly pushed to the sidelines of society. right now, and it's not truly affordable for the majority of seniors and people with disabilities. you have the power to help to change that. we need disability operating subsidies, portable rental subsidies and to fund and scale to meet the future needs of our city. for sro residents, please fund the elevator program and installation program and they have waited for too long for affordable rooms. and keep us connected campaign and restore funding to covid testing sites. thank you very much.
5:56 pm
>> good afternoon, my name is yesse and i'm a housing organizer for senior and people with disabilities. sro hotels are one of the primary housing types used for supportive housing for seniors and people with disability, but many sro do not have elevates. and residents are stranded without access to medical care and groceries and most of all preventing them from living anywhere else. and also many sros in chinatown and the mission, where many chinese and latinx seniors and people with disability live and they do not have an elevator at all. senior and low-income people deserve to live with working elevators. many of those who are impacted are seniors and people -- and disabled people who are poor and people of color, poc communities. senior and low-income people deserve to have working elevators.
5:57 pm
(please stand by)
5:58 pm
>> with mobility impairments experienced isolation and starvation . some elevators have no doors so if they lose their power ... [inaudible] >> your speaker time has elapsed. >> good afternoon honorable supervisors, my name is amanda and i live in this mission district. i'm here to ask you to please on the store and keep at the same level of funding for our san franciscoimmigrant legal defense collaborative at a $1.2
5:59 pm
million level . with those funds which will run out in december of this year we hired defense attorneys guaranteeing due process rights for our most vulnerable immigrants from all continents. so we urge you to maintain funding. i'm hereto support the latino parity and equity coalition and . we are a member of the important life-giving group and finally, i just really urge you to consider the wages for illegal workers and nonprofit workers across the city. i stay awake at night as a director of a legal aid fearing myqualified legal workers are going to go to the public defenders office, da or privat sector . please fund this so we can maintain those valuable legal workers . >> speaker: martin steinman speaking for president specifically . i've been thinking about a
6:00 pm
woman recently from mitchell iconthat i know . people broke into her home, killed two of her family members in front of her. these were badly. she was beaten to within an inch of her life by her partner and went to tijuana where she was threatened andextorted till one day when she was in a pharmacy like i came in to her place looking for her . every day we speak to people like that, many of them and i'm so tired of telling them we can't help them and every day we give them a list of other nonprofits knowing full well they will be able to help them either as they stretched their capacity so please fully fund sf iud. help the funding continue and at the same time please improve the supplemental budget request to allow our transition to a newbuilding and the market street area so they can provide service to the housing market
6:01 pm
in the tenderloin . thanks very much. [applause] >> speaker: [speaking spanish] >>. [speaking spanish]
6:02 pm
>>. [speaking spanish] >> thank you. >> cross es. >> our translator ishere . >>. >> speaker: my name is maria. i am here with the council collective. i'm here with the woman's collective and i'm here to thank the supervisors for extending funding for coupons for hotels. the extensions for families and subsidies for women without homes. and there's still more to be done especially for black and undocumented families who are fleeing violence.
6:03 pm
we need more housing and training for staff at the shelter and also for people in industrial help. thank you. >> my name is ramos, and a community organizer with public policycommunity organizing . i'm an sro residents formerly homeless. i'm a mentalhealthcare consumer and public safety by anti-incarceration advocate . fciu member. often times when i give resources for our resident communities those same resources and offered in supporting our colleagues. just like women's healthcare decisions should be dependent on republican men's moods neither should people with mental health be selected to policeman's moods.
6:04 pm
we ask you fully fund and implement the card program because this is about anti-incarceration solutions and it's also about how the community consorts and implementssolutions for the community . these solutions should be moderated by implementation strategies . implement cart the way the community wins now . >>. >> speaker: i'm with the market community action network. where part of the essential workers agenda coalition and together we represent thousands of immigrant workers and workers of color in the bay area. we are direct a direct service that helps to offer resources in the market area that's why we are calling on the board of supervisors to increase resources to the workers rights community collaborative through
6:05 pm
ost so our community organizations can reach low-wageworkers who need it the most many of whom don't speak much don't know about their rights . san francisco has a legacy of leading the nation's labor policies and haspassed many for lost the recent years. provide coming so low-wage workers know about these new protections . thank you . >> hello supervisors .i am a member of the filipino community and a caseworker for the southmarket community action network . i am here in support of the full budget package of the justice coalition and housing stability fund oversight and also be budget recommendations. as a caseworker throw our program i am ableto work with the most vulnerable members of the community every day . bipoc, aapi, people with disabilities, survivors of domestic violence, those
6:06 pm
experiencing homelessness . we conducted a focus group discussion with the league of women's group is made up of immigrant women inour community and found one of the most important issues to them is housing or lack of affordable housing . so there are also seniors that we have come acrossthat sleep in the bus every night and families and the sros that don't have elevators and also families with newborns that find themselves with funding for them . >>. >> speaker: [speaking spanish]
6:07 pm
>>. [speaking spanish] >>. [inaudible] >> speaker: my name is inez sanchez. i'm here to speak in supportof
6:08 pm
funding for hotel vouchers for families . subsidy extensions for families and to keep on funding new programs such as subsidies for black andundocumented families fleeing violence . also basic income pilot for homeless black and non-documented families . and to support development and training for people in shelteredstaff . and also support for to get medical support. thank you. >> excuse me. pull the mic down.
6:09 pm
>> speaker: [speaking spanish] >> my name is lakisha and i'm here in support of the hespa budget. thank you. >> speaker: [speaking spanish]
6:10 pm
>>. [speaking spanish] >>. [speaking spanish] >> my name is iglesia and i live in san francisco and i'm speaking in support of the hespa budget recommendations. i want to thank the city for
6:11 pm
funding hotel vouchers and extensions for families and somesubstance abuse for homeless women but we need more funding . such as resources for black and spanish families fleeing domestic violence and behavioral health services for single adults and it's really important for me because i want to give thanks for supporting thisproject because weneed , families need housing, i need housing . >> speaker: [speaking spanish] >>. [speaking spanish]
6:12 pm
>> my name is maria. i live in san francisco. i'm speaking in support of the hespa budget recommendations. i'm a mother of two young children and i do not live in good housing conditionswe are very sad . we cannot find better shelter and we need better housing. i'm here insupport of hespa . thank you. >> speaker: [speaking spanish]
6:13 pm
>>. [speaking spanish] >>. >> translator: my name is teresa. i want to thank thesupervisors for their time . i am a worker. i am a single mom. i live and work here in san francisco. i also am in support of housing justice and i'm here to support the hespa budget recommendations so i want to thank you for supporting hespa and to support funding, housing
6:14 pm
for thehomeless . thank you. >> speaker: [speaking spanish] >>. [speaking spanish] >> translator: my name is stephanie from the collective and i'm here speaking in support of the hespa budget recommendations. i want to thank the city for funding hotel vouchers for families and somesubsidies for homeless women. thank you . >> speaker: [speaking spanish]
6:15 pm
>>. [speaking spanish]
6:16 pm
>> translator: my name is bishop jorge garcia. i'm also with the housing justice and anglo-catholic movement for justice. i am here to pay homage to the supervisors and give you blessings.we understand how hard the work that you do is. specifically thank you to supervisor ronen and all the women who provide such support. i'm here to thank you for supporting the budget recommendations . >> hello supervisors. >> i wanted to give an extra special thanks for them volunteering to translate while ourtranslator is having lunch and getting a little break. it's incredibly kind .
6:17 pm
[applause] we reallyappreciate you, thank you, sorry . >> i agree seconded . so my name is ian james. i am the organizing director at the coalition on homelessness and iam here to voice my support for 2 proposals , compassionate alternate response team and the budget proposals. i think these are both things that came from the community and it's the community that brought them to city hall and is asking for your support as opposed to being things that people are told they need it people things are asked things people are asking for. cart was funded 12 months ago for $3 million and ever since then we've been waiting and fighting for the implementation of this program . i think it's incredibly
6:18 pm
disrespectful to the community who has been crying out for this resource. disrespectful to all the people who worked on card for so long and also disrespectful to be elected officials who supported cards who are still waiting fo implementation 12 months away. i want to highlight the subsidies for families fleeing domestic violence as something that's not been funded yet and it needs to be funded . [applause] >> good afternoon supervisors. my name is kevin lou, i am a nutritionist at project open hand in the tenderloin, a nonprofit where i provide counseling and programming for our low income neighbors . i'm here in support of carts, the alternative response team that i have learnedabout this year and no that remains unimplemented unfortunately that project open hand i work with communities that are struggling . on stable and secure housing and access to quality food. sure we can applaud the resilience in the face of these
6:19 pm
challenges but it's high time that we commit to a compassionate alternate response to the police that truly support these difficult circumstances and allow these folks to find themselves.this response cultivates a collector culture of collective care that i trulybelieve carts is crucial to begin the healing of our systems and no longer service as a human family . i know we can all fall into rigid ways of knowing and thinking but iinvite you as the board of supervisors to really into your heart and ensure we implement the compassionate funds our city desperately needs .iq. >> my name is askar hernandez andi'm speaking in support of the budget recommendation . i want to thank you for funding the hotel families and subsidies forhomeless women. this is a great start but there's more needed . we need funding for black and undocumented families and other resources that could help families and people in need. many people experiencing
6:20 pm
domestic violence can't leave their abusers. they have to stay and suffer in silence. regular cases that end up it's always the same. i have lived experience of domestic violence. if we don't take action now many kids like me will have to grow up with trauma that not even therapy can heal because for me that those memories wil remain a star in my heart . >> i'm here on behalf of a couple hundred people who are busy doing other things.they are taking summer vacation and going into city hall telling adults how to do their job. they did sign a petition which
6:21 pm
i will deliver. the mayor's budget allocates $4 million to the planning department to fund development projects from the tenderloin. my counting that money is a down payment on the emerges did emergency initiatives commitment promised to pay for infrastructure modifications and improvements. thebudget is recommended against this initial expenditure you guys are okay with walking it back . late last year you made a lot of noise debating the emergency declaration but idon't recall any of you taking issue with the community members themselves are the ones that demand the mayor take action . if you think others are dangerous or as neglected, dangerous and unsupported by the city are welcome to bring your families to the jail what you want so do theright thing ignore the recommendations and your own disinterest . >> the speakers time has expired . >> good afternoon supervisors, i've been a resident of the tenderloin for over 30 years. i'm here to askyou to continue our budget of $4.5 million . four. services and the tenderloin. most important to me are the
6:22 pm
irvine company ambassadors which i feel have made a tremendous difference in the livability of our neighborhood. i mean, it's safer. our streets now that you can walk on that you couldn't walk on before and it's all do to their great work . so please continue to support us with the urbanalchemy ambassadors . >> good afternoon supervisors. i am a volunteer with central city sro collaborative i'm here to ask you to keep the 4.5 million. i have been living here nine years and have spent a lot of hours trying to make this neighborhood livable. and for the firsttime in 42 years , i have hope but if you take that 4.5 million away, my hope is gone. i'm a senior and i'm disabled.
6:23 pm
i can't afford to live anywhere else in san francisco. we need thismoney desperately . >> honorable supervisors my name is rihanna tailored and i'm ceo and hastings law vice president for the committee benefits district board. i'm here today to implore you to retain the old vw defunding for the tenderloin community based safety program. it's absolutely critical that we retain this fundingand we continue to express to this neighborhood that it matters . that's its safety and well-being is important and that we want to ensurethat we can continue to live in half the quality of life within the tenderloin . i'm grateful as well for supervisor preston and his team
6:24 pm
are advocating to continue thi critical program and i am floor all of you to do the same . >> speaker: my name is cynthia. our community has seen this for way too long. we are finally starting to get the resources needed to have a safe and affordable community for working families and communities of color. supervisor lamb was clear that the san francisco communities needs are not being met. pulling out now and implanting the budget sends a clearmessage to our community that the city doesn't care about us . this budget hurts everyone in
6:25 pm
our community including 10 one park and the feeling of being safe in our own streets. the building needs more community safe safety programs have made a tremendous difference in the lives of visitors. we shouldn't have to beg for funding or bank to be safe in our neighborhood and as i noticed these take this letter as it includes the individuals who do not have the means to voice support or weight around inthese long lines . >> the speakers time has expired. >>. >> good afternoon supervisors. i'm pretty sure low director o community organizing . alsoformerly a tenderloin resident until about six months ago . ihave 1 million things i want to say today and no one is in the right enough . i wouldlove your attention please visors . the proposed $4 million community investment in the tenderloin is theresult of years of community advocacy . licensee are still not paying attention . not funding this $4 million shows that thetenderloin is exactly where what you wanted to be, a containment zone . this money will useto maintain open space, provide translation
6:26 pm
services . it could provide a clear roadmap of how community investment shouldwork. the proposed four and half million dollar cupto see the ambassadors is detrimental to the neighborhood . we finally found an alternative to policing which has proven successful and now you want to cut . please note that for funding i also have been signed by some kids, can i getback to you western mark thank you. >> good afternoonsupervisors. thank you for your time .i'm here , i'm theprogram manager for the housing clinic . i'm here to speak on behalf of many tenants from the tenderloinneighborhood . having this budget for the tenderloin neighborhood would be very essential for seniors, for children. that live in the area and i think having this funding will be a step backward of all the work the nonprofit does trying to have access to services for
6:27 pm
all our families and individuals in this area and in the heart of san francisco so i think this is avery important funding for our neighborhoods toprevent violence and to eradicate poverty . iq . >>. >> speaker: [speaking spanish] >>. [speaking spanish] >> thank you for your comments.
6:28 pm
>> speaker: ... >> translator: i'm sorry, i am the interpreter. >> we have interpreter back on from the lunch break. >> translator: i was a volunteer. >> translator: my name is norma cabrera, i've been a resident of thetenderloin for 25years . i'm here representing all the families of the tenderloin . please budget committee do not cut the $4 million for the community action plan for the tenderloin. the children, families, the seniors, we need this money. thank youvery much . >> thank you for translating. >> thank you so much. my name is ellery, i'm a san francisco resident and director
6:29 pm
of the community investment and resource center. i'm here to talkabout restitution .often young people and their families can't afford to pay restitution. in san francisco it's estimated 20 percent of person hans received restitution but the after program which stands for him to foster transform and ensure restitution seeks to set both a young person and the person harmed on a path of restitution being paid. holding these accountable and ensure that restitution is pai to the person harmed . we are requesting $100,000 to continue this program that you can make amends for their actions and in person arms can be restored through restitution . thank you. >> thank you for your comments. >> hello honorable supervisors. thank you for hearing ustoday . my name is anita shea and i grew up in san francisco where i was lucky enough to be able to be openly non-binary and clear since i was 16.
6:30 pm
and the operations director of st. james infirmary and represent our trans somewhere every day we see lgbtq members of our community fleeing violence, isolation, discrimination and fear to come to a place where they can just be themselves . with the national political attacks on our community sf will no doubt be even more of an influx of residents seeking safety and dignity. st. james hires trans people andsex workers who want to support their community and provide physicaland mental health services , housing, food and clothing .please support our ask for living wages for nonprofit workers and more housingopportunities for the most marginalized members of our community , the trans women ofcolor. i stand with hespa and ask that you fund all of our assets including 750,000 >> once again we are at one minute .