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tv   Opportunities for All  SFGTV  August 12, 2022 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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i want to say the board of education is centered around creating a safe and diverse atmosphere for every student. this means acknowledging there are different cultures and religions celebrated. recognizing ede as a holiday muslim students will be able to celebrate their holiday the muslim community deserves to be seen and represented of inclusiveness and diversityup lifting the diversity hold pace for schools have the freedom to celebrate holidays without the added pressure of school. muslim students and families should not have to decide to celebrate a holiday and attending sdool other holidayers
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given days off there is no reason ede does not get the same treatment. students can get absences excuses the fear can be destructive and teacher leniency with absence from school. with the componentses we should recognize prioritize our students and their culture. and with that said i want to highlight a student names sarah and work of the ede resolution and organizing a petition to recognize ede as a holiday. this resolution will serve students and student centered and student lead. thank you. i want to echo everything and i want to start off by saying the ede resolution is an example how community activism should not go unnoticed. i know some organizers have been doing this work for a year in
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order for to to get noticed. i admire them and think they should serve as inspiration to people with causes that persistence is key. the resolution presents administrative challenges however i think given a year to work this in the schedule i faith the staff will be able to do this successfully. long-term we need better systems to support students who miss school for a cultural holiday students will not be required make up work in an amount of time. i know jewish and muslim students for ede have missed tests and had to do it before the other classmates or far after or not begin time to make up their work. we need a framework to make
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students supported even if their holiday is not a full day off school. i echo what hansen said and believe this resolution should be passed. >> thank you. upon you are excused now. we will now take public comment. do we need to move item approximate read it in the record prior to public comment. i believe that this item has been moved at first read thanksgiving is not necessary. >> thank you. we have 23 speaker cards. how much time would you like. how many? 23 speaker card in person and 7 hands online. we will do a total 30 minutes a
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minute each. i will call 5 names at a time lineup when you hear your name and forgive me if i mispronounce. i worked as a school volunteer for 10 years.
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above all i have been on the roof top in local school for past 20 years. part of the public school system. ede a quiet holiday the kids are enjoying the food and unwrapping gifts my kids you can imagine what ede mornings electric like run to say prayers, coming home dpeting off attire and running back to school. why can't we have ede off? with 250,000 muslims in san francisco, i request we respect the diversity like your 170 days and [inaudible] thank you.
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>> i'm a pal tainian raised in san francisco. i like do share a quick store in the fall of 2007 i was a freshman in high school i was waiting for the teacher and i was plan to take the next 2 days off for ede and he told the class we had a home work assignment and we had to turn in or we would lose pointses i informed him i had a religion hell day and i need 2ed days off he said i would have to make it work. he did not give home work during christmas break. he walked away and nothing after. so you have the power in your hands to make the change. we promise you this effort will go unnoticed here today and
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appreciate your support and look forward to the resolution that will final low shed light on the muslim community who have been kept in the dark. thank you. >> i'm julie a parent at schools with arab language path ways today is exciting for everyone to be a part of history and make ede a holiday. being per of a multicultural community is obvious how the calendar is organized around the christian calendar. christians don't have to choose. however muslim students have had to make the choices. when my kids were young i read to the class. highlights times and ways different cult urs celebrate new years.
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how we show who we mean when we say, we or us tone is the historic opportunity to follow the lead and a chance to allow arab and muslim community to educate and participate in education and educate students and families about ede. thank you. i'm lan an and i have been a residence the past 10 years i support make ede a school holiday to show respect and encollusion. i echo my community member and someone who went through the public education system in post 911 north america and experienced bullying i believe not doing so can marginalize vulnerable students the lack of education around islam i celebrated ede and my class
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asked fiwas celebrating 911 instead. for much of my childhood public education was not safe space and they should be for all. recognizing ede builds confidence and shows students that they have valued member of the school and the communities. thank you.
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>> good evening members of the board. i'm born and raised in san francisco. also alumni i have been working with youth the left 9 years there is excitement around being able to discuss this and pass this. this would be felt boy all the communities and i want to name ultimate low an access issue. we want people to our communities to feel seen and belong and for folks who don't know we have been working on this for a year. to see that this is going up for a vote is huge for our community and many are watching we hope you make the right decision. thank you very much. i speaking to my mom.
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when i take the break prosecute school the holiday means a lot for the sxoo will come in an extra date and know because he [inaudible] thank you. >> i'm a caseworker and member of the resource and organizing center. we are asking you to support the resolution recognizing ede at schools for implementation next year. families rely on you to recognize our holidays. ede is about surverify for our community. arabs and muslims hit hard about trump era and immigration and right wing attacks on our streets. represents peace, hope and power for the community.
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we are here to stand and urge the sdoo will recognize it next year. our daoist to improust well being of students and families skl asking for sxooed gone through the proper channels. next group.e proper channels. next group. good evening, i was born and raised [inaudible] and immigrateed the united states in 2012. now the youth coordinator for
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the arab resource centers. i part of my j.w. is to create a space for families and students to talk about struggles and issues. everyone in the community feels that there is a lack of arab representation and arab and muslims feel their cultural identity is misrepresented or invisible. and everyone in the community expecting to the resolution given the board is racial equity. in its mission. [inaudible] you are standing on the side of the families and students. and the communities waiting for hours to celebrate this moment with you and when they have done. thank you.
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[inaudible] i'm from palestine. we respect all religion and their holidays i wonder why i'm here. ask you here all the students moms and people asking about ede holidays. america is the country of justice. and call near equality. i'm looking forward to hear the right decision and for the ede holiday when my kids at school i let them miss school because this holiday is big. they [inaudible] from sunrise to sunset without food or drop of water. so they need a big -- thank you.
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>> thank you. hello i'm leah. i'm here to support adding this to the calendar as an athiest and scientist i had a nice comment and this includes muslim community. but i got to wonder if you care built kids and families they have been here all night and they could have gone sooner or before that boring mediocre presentation. like is this a case of tiger where no one has the power to change the agenda item order. this is torture my blood sugar is low these are kids staying up 10 o'clock at night and this
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poor mom trying to keep her kid calm to discuss your boring shit. i care about the agenda item and the community. >> thank you. >> were okay. why hello. i'm a residence den of san francisco. i have been out of school for awhile but have 4 siblings fwhon
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7th and one in circumstance and my mom is a teacher. i got excite when i had heard about this . when i was in high school junior year was 2016 during trump america and at the time i would stand in the lunch line and peopled be like its okay. i hear the 2 behind me and said it is okay he will get rid of her. i would hear that often. 911. terrible day i wanted skip this day i was afraid kid would think i'm celebrating something. pass thanksgiving would help a lot in getting rid of this these crazy ideas people have. i think it is long over due and think these students and myself and everyone else deserves to feel a sense of belonging in the community. >> i'm sarah i'm an educator
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at francisco middle school. i wanted thank the youth for being here this is your left days of sum and you are here in the room. thank you for that. and i guess i heard, let in the boring presentation for the last hour about student centered learning i say my comradery said it would be to not have folks waiting until 10 p.m. i think this is a very student centered resolution it is coming from the youth and coming from sarah. i saw an article today that was from the council on american islamic religions age 11 to 18 from 2018 to 2021, 55% felt unsafe at school. this is i way we can combat that and 2015 in this room this
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happened sfusd committed to providing learning environments all students can celebrate their heritage we want arabic and vietnamese students access that was in thank you. calling the next group. >> working the last 10 years presenting 1,000 muslim members half of them live and w in san
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francisco. also a member of yemen association. i can't say how much this moneys to all muslim family and how many triumphs they ask to secret holiday. and san francisco has a chance to make history. muslim families and kids deserve to celebrate in peace without stress or scare from losing a day or [inaudible] absent. commissioners make history and approve it. thank you for your hard work. thank you. >> hi i'm a teacher at washington high school i speak for myself and my school commune and union community who could not be here there was no childcare tonight they had to
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take students home. we the people i spoken to overwhelmingly support including had on the calendar as a holiday. support our muslim student in their celebration of their filth in the way that education supported students of other faiths and backgrounds with their own historical and cultural and religion celebrations. thank you. i'm rebecca pierce a black jewish writer, film maker i teach video production one in san francisco and i do diversity inclusion work in the jewish community it is important for people to support this resolution as a jew i had to miss opportunity scheduled on holidays my muslim students relatives should not be in
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thankful position. it is a basic matter i know there is controversy what is a basic thing on recognize this holiday and the jewish community [inaudible] you are not doing favors pitting us against them in this case. our issueers similar. and i want to say that the idea this it is controversial or a big are issue because addressing the jewish community is driving us to isalmost phobia it should address and not using us as tools to support. thank you. >> hi. upon i'm here tonight on behalf of the mission high school ptsa and we sent you a letter on april 26 want specialing the resolution for ede. so i will paraphrase now. did is long over due.
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to implement this resolution those committed to inclusion we feel is necessary o recognize and respect our muslim community members in a time of increased antiasian, and attacks on poor and working class families this is concern to our family's participating in the arabic path way and alis throughout the school. the muslim communities request is over due and concerns tupps it is in the prioritized. the human right's commission calls on the district to support it in upon 2021. this was in response to student advocacy. we encourage to you support this. thank you. laura.
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>> good evening. executive director of the arab center and council for planning department i say that because we have been spending hours talking about rishl justice in the city. appreciated doctor wayne's emphasis in his presentation and i thank you is a way for to you put that in action and not a controversial topic i want to keep it short look forward to celebrating this resolution and getting families to recognize and respected and live in dignity net city thank you for supporting it and thank you for
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all the folks the commissioner and alexander who introduce today long the way. thank you. >> that concludes in person comment. >> and to clarify in the timing we are 9 minutes left. >> at this time we will hear raise your hand if you like to give public comment you have a minute to speak and there is a total of 9 minutes. can we have that translated in spanish and chinese. >> thank you. first and foremost i'm sure know who i am it is in the my first time speak as a christian person i want to say final low this is long over due. i think this is a dream that is
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realized from the 50s the civil right's act to not discriminate and i think that with this this is symbolic and a great first step and be so folks can be respectful than i need a level of knowing the schools can do that. i think the board should promote the education behind this holiday as we do with other holidays, thank you. greg. >> hi. this was no brain are yes and can we move along to the more important things of the getting students all up to snuff this is no brain are i don't know why keep we are talking about it anymore. >> thank you.
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sfhrc y. hello. commissioners. thank you very much is kathy. commission secretary for san francisco human right's commission. and i support the sfusd equity task force and public safety initiatives. i want to congratulate sailor a worked with her when she contacted mow in may of 21. and we worked with a former intern or summer fellow [inaudible] with the american public leaders for inclusion fellowship hoe did the research >> listening sessions with students. community. union members. and we conducted a series of hearings during the human right's meeting regarding this legislation. and supporting the legislation.
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some of the people who spoke were alicia with the county of san francisco. we support this and thank you commune for move thanksgiving to the human right's commission and sfusd. i continue stipulate late i want to say i'm glad you all will pass thanksgiving. and that when we -- you know one of the callers said this is discussion is too throng is not long enough. we need patience to learn about different people. different places and that means listening as long as it takes. i look forward to learning about ede and the muslim community.
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and i think everybody and the children for coming forward to speak. we are proud of you. >> thank you. dahlia. >> good evening, commissioners i'm dahlia trustee of city xheej san francisco board and. background i was born and raise in the san francisco a graduate of sfusd and the first muslim women elected to any position in san francisco this resolution is important to the muslim community. i was upset when i had to be at school and misede and that battle i had to experience stountss and makes us feel heard and seen and it noters inclusivity and sense of
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belonging. i want to appreciate all of the muslim youth the community members, peace and blessings upon all of you. and to commissioner alexander for your leadership on this and bring the fight to city college of san francisco next. >> thank you. >> thank you. call are ends in 045. >> yes. hi. i'm not lay lalieu a staff member the chinese progress association. i'm here in support of this. i want to appreciate everybody
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for doing everything you can it take care of overhaul family in a time of covid we know that especially in this mobile home of covid and in this rise of antiasian violence islam phobia many communities are feeling. this week we saw violence directed against muslim men in albuquerque, new mexico leading to forein a place many immigrants felt at home. upon member who sees my own cultural holidays intgritted i know how valuable it is as a child to affirm a part of my home and cull ral heritage. of i urge to you support this resolution. thank you >> thank you.
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>> yes. i can't tell you how important it were is and excited that it is happening after a long wait. i really don't want to see our next generation to dp through when we went. and going to school with friends and celebrating their events. it is a racial equity issue.
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i'm sit with my nieces and nephews they want to say something. please give us ede breaks. thank you. >> thank you. good evening. i am a [inaudible] school district alumni born and raised here. and i'm the head of the san francisco [inaudible] school the only full time [inaudible] in the city of san francisco and before that i think the only metro city in the nation that does not have a full time islamic school in the city. recognize all the youth who came out tone and give it up to you and rescue noise you. it takes a lot to be out here
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and speak the truth. sarah my son go says to the school rounding the troops excellent work. i know speaking to yoth sometimes is not easy muslim youth in a public school. called scud missile during of the panama river gulf war and them telling we i should not number the military because i'm muslim f. studies show that this is an issue that 50% of muslim youth experience bullying or made fun of because of their character and identity. pass thanksgiving resolution well is mental health issue associated. passing it will tell them we care about you and recognize you and we are here to support you. it is no brainer. i had the luxury. thank you.
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finish your final upon thought. thank you. that concludes public comment. >> thank you. at this time like to open up to board members for comments or questions. vice president boggess. >> thank you. i think i.ed to first say thank you to everyone who stuck around to give comment and everyone who gave comment on the issue earlier today. just a lot of appreciation understands the difficulties of coming and participating in the board processes. and the long boring nature of them. i think i wanted lift it up is important for us as a district and stele to celebrate culture. but i will say it is also person
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for us not a second time celebrate religion and be aware of the hypocrisy that exists with winter break and how this relates to christmas break and the fact we don't talk about that and restel with a historical legacy of that. i want top say i this afternooning the resolution has ripple affect and important for to yous lift and you are talk about how tell impact the school district calendar. as well as will impact other groups looking for rep centation. and like what does this money for us as a district and how we hold that true and ensure that we are creating inclusion for folks. but understanding that not every group will have a holiday or time off. what does it mean it see folks inclusive if we are novelty able
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to give everyone the same process wes have been as far as holiday and time off. i also say i think another one of the challenges for us as a board is our new process versus our old process. the new process of the board in the way we look at things we try to stay away from commissioner directed resolutions. we think that they are harmful for the district they don't allow staff the 80 to make decisions based on what is best for students. and can lead to political decisions impacting schools and students. i think that it is something for to yous keep in minds how do we stay true to community and help fulfill the goals without having commissioners introduce resolutions. really utilizing the leadership of the superintendent's office to do it. i think in that regard i wanted to ends with a question for the
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superintendent if you could talk a bit about like what tell take for the district to implement a resolution like this and what other internal structures that would need to happen? if the board torch make the decision to support the resolution? >> sure. so -- i will share and i'm look to legal council if there is more to add-on. i believe every year the district prepares the calendar for the academic school year the leadership develops a draft. and we kong sulwith our labor partners and parent committee to finalize the calendar. and so, we have not had a process to add holiday to the calendar. i think when you ask what tuesday take we need to i think we need to expand that engagement for people to
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understand the implications behalf we are doing and practical terms it means is this we would have to for having one ownership 2 holidays during our current year we have to extend the school year ends later or start earlier. the other implication is there is not afternoon up front cost to adding a holiday we need to consider the prescriptional cost and impacts. because for employees who work on the school calendar and their number of workdays does not change just the schedule. the others impacts workdays and these are this is time with work not completed during the days we need to investigate more of the operation impact on operation. in sum, think this would mean
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really talking with the groups we talk with and xandzing that to understanding the impact on families in a community and need to address the operational issues. if there is anything to ad? >> you gotta all. commissioner hsu. alexander and ward. >> thank you. with due respect to everyone who poke in support of this resolution especially the students we need to establish some criteria by which we evaluate holiday requests. criteria can be or include whether it is a federal or state holiday. or number of students or percentage of student population affected bite holiday or something else. we should be thoughtful about
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when criteria we should include. if we don't establish a criteria to approve this request, every community can ask for their own holiday and we valid to say yes to everyone. as vice president indicated. and i don't believe that is a practical way to manage a school calendar or run a school district. there should be a process for such request. is it to convince one or more board members to experience a resolution. a department that should receive a request? how long should it take to get an answer in that is what i money by a process. without criteria and a process, i believe it is irresponsible for the board to approve a request at this time. and as the commissioner boj ~ess, i would like to know the
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fiscal impact. i don't believe this has been done or presented to us. were commissioner alexander >> >> thank you i want top echo thanks to community here especially our young are member of the community. so, i want -- i foreshadowed the guard rails i have the growing pains we are working on as and process every decision we need to analyze make the analysis. to be clear i'm not saying this does not make that analysis temperature sa we have not dhan analysis.
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i also i understand commissioner hsu's discussion of needing a process i greenwich i had conversations with some of y'all who also agreed to the process but many have tried to enfwj in the work and discussions for many times and feels like process is weaponized. ir want to be mindful of that. and i want to do it right. i wonder photocopy there is any way and may be this is a question -- to doctor wayne. this it is ask before us i have been on the commission since march i seen your face and heard the ask multiple times and then and there is happening before i joind and would feel disingenuous and unfair. it would feel like a problem to push, push, push so we don't have a decision for the next
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calendar year. i'm wondering since we don't have to publish the calendar until january is there a commitment or can we get a commitment from superintendent from staff to -- to -- make sure there is a process and make sure the process can be completed i feel like it is 3 quarters of the way don in terms of the work done by commune can we do that in time for january i have an issue with another school year we don't have a decision. i wanted ends on a personal level i appreciate where this is coming from i'm an immigration attorney and activist deportation defense for 16 years and litigated cases detention and refuse ats for admission for
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united states of america preliminary noncitizens. i know the harm that many muslim community members and families faced. and this is a way to create inclusion. and to uplift and recognize and celebrate culture. and so -- that's where i am. i would my question now doctor wayne is there a way to dom this and this? does it have to be exclusive. i want to say in my short time listen and learning i hear when you and others say and what the community members that spoken tonight are saying about this has been a long conversation and one in which not fell, seen or
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heard. and as someone coming in i'm talking aboutmenting to upon listen and learn with a goal of community feeling seen and heard. with this said, clarity on what you are asking for. because i think as i shared with the commissioner boggess that we will need to rethink talking about and working with the calendar moving forward based on the action if you took action to approve it we need additional conversation what is this means for the district. if you are asking and that could include establishing criteria for future decisions if you have ask if in press can be put in place between you in and january we possibly could do that a different question. i'm unsure of the outcome we have a process and bring it back
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to the board and say we look exclude following hsu a commencements locked at the factors that go in this decision here other 5 we think including our values and looking and this lens and make decisions about the calendar. if you are asking for this press to be in place before finalized the outcome of that press is not i could not say what that would be except rigorous and would involve thinking through all of the factors that hearing tonight are important for our community to consider. i answered your question with a question, which direction are you seeking and other comments will help provide clarity. >> commissioner alexander. >> thanks. i'm struggling our credibility
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as a board pertaining to race and racism when a board member has made racist comments toward black and latin x community itself not completed the process in making amends i believe she wants to do so and making comments on this resolution which could reflect similar patterns. i want to name that and heim not trying to take a position. i want to name it it is making me uncomfortable and i think it is a continuing issue around the credibility of the board issues related race and marginalized communities. i want to say i'm honored sponsor this resolution requested boy a high school student and supported by the
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member of the muslim communities. arab and muslim in the u.s. face discrimination including within the district and so the hell day is not the only way to deal with that. but it it is a way. it is a way to say we see you and hear you. you belong here. but this is where we are. because the community asking for this for a long time. and frankly the question around process. you all followed the process. left 20 years i watched for 20 years the process for getting new holiday system a board member sponsor it and bring it to the board.
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is tht best process. i don't think so we want to change that press that has been the process. lunar new year was done that year and juneteenth was done that way and we all support it. i want to name from the community perspective in terms of the press that exists they followed it. and so -- i fully support changing the process i don't think it is a good process. i will say that. i also think there are questions about student learning. educational and psychological research students sense of belonging affects impacts student out come that is documented. to the extent that arab and muslim students don't belong, it is a way. it reflects our values diversity
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and the things we put and the value it is of the city. you hear people talk about what does san francisco mean? this is the your why san francisco leads. we have a better way of out and which holidays? absolutely. i don't want to lose that in the comments around process and governs i'm committed to better upon we need to do a lot better i will take my responsibility and not lose site in the process. thank you. thank you to the community and the students for coming out tonight and all the work on leading up to to the evening. many of my colleagues raised we
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sit here around -- how are we leading the district and how are we really addressing our studentses and community needs. i hear absolutely the importance of being visible and heard and seen, how to be celebrated. i appreciate commissioner alexander you raising about as we are approaching a new way of governing this may not have been the best prop and how the district with ede and over all, how does this district governed itself the last many decades. and that's one thing i absoluteliment to support. the recognition of ede and muslim community. and i struggle with the governs piece as well as the fiscal
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impact. i was curious to why initial low staff noted there would be no fiscal impact and we know there are prescriptional impacts as well as on financial aspect this is also a mismatch to me how we look at we do our work. and setting up those expectations. with our communities and it is clear to me that absolutely moving forward, we need to have stronger approaches. we need to be clear about the guard rails and commissioner ward, i also struggle with the guard rail and know we will be test to the guard rails. so -- that is also where i'm at today. and wanting to appreciate and be
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ail to have this dialogue. in session we have not head it as a full board. i want to share a certain level of disappointment with the district. and the level of preparedness of staff to answer all of our questions approximate prepare the documentation commissioners need to have a fuller idea of the impact of the action. and how tell impact the district. and because of that i wanted make a motion. to table the resolution to permit the district to take the time to do that work and come become and present it to us for the rest of the board. and so -- i wanted make that motion and present that to the
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superintendent and president lam. for us to consider before we move forward. you would have a time limit we come here the last several mont its is disrespectful to the family showing up for month that is unacceptable to the community. i think i'm making a motion for us to table it and until the next board meeting.
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a question to the be done between now and then. i asking the board president and the superintendent to address all the outoutcome concerns from commissioners and share the additional details. this is disrespectful. [inaudible]. this is unacceptable. [applause] council we need a
3:57 pm
second on that motion? you do need a second. is there a second? go ahead. my question is, is there i do think we need to like -- what i do think the question of what can we direct something to happen i think if it is a pushing of things along to no end i don't know it is when we want to do. if we can in fact do what do -- both things which is i know we can't promise if there is a process but if we can credit a process allow that press to be finished so we can dlaesz and make sure something is available or not available for the january calendar. i don't want to push to push but push to construct a process done in a meaningful way.
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a similar version behalf i asked before. you need a second to open discussion and debate. >> second. >> i think i would want clarity again on what is expected to be brought back. if you are talking now and next meeting, you know i don't think there will be much new information. further look at the operational impact. to this as well as flush out more of the conversations i said would need to happen but to that's different than if we are saying there needs to be a process with clear criteria that will take time to develop and
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bring badge or if you say bring back the criteria for us to use i don't know, but it could be something different of the i'm seeking clarity is it more information around this or really do you want a process and criteria to go through. commissioner alexander said this is what we follow. again i looked i don't know a board resolution the last holiday before juneteenth was the lunar new year. and you know it was looked at why were we not doing this if you are asking for that to whole process to come become tell take time to establish that criteria if you are asking for further information on the impact we can provide that i don't know how that impacts what you are
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working on. >> i'm confused, vice president bogys we had these discussions for months you knew and delay third degree from june 28 from that june 23rd. second mote nothing june come frommar i vote. board leadership pull today and wait until now. again like -- president lam exit spoke and i respect this decision but if that was going to happen why did it not happen between then and now. this feels like absurd we knew all the questions now to say we want more time feels again like we it does not make sense i don't understand when we did not know then we know now that has changed.