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tv   Swearing-in of District Attorney Brooke Jenkins  SFGTV  January 30, 2023 4:30pm-6:01pm PST

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gentlemen how about ryan dance? love them. they already body. they their elementary school
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children as well as all the way through high school. they're all volunteers. they live here in san francisco. thank you. see what i mean? five years old. giveaway giveaway. thank you, lion dance me. thank you for coming today. i'm jianyang a hero and i'm delighted and honored. to serve as your emc this afternoon. as i mentioned this is going to be a dynamite program. i mean, you're just going to be so uplifted as i am , so we will definitely hear from. of course, our brand new district attorney, brooke jenkins. yeah, we can have it loud and clear, loud and clear. and speaking of the jenkins family. i understand there about 100 of you in the audience, right? let's hear from you. and
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thank you for braving the weather. um, i'm from hawaii and in hawaii. we say that rain is a blessing from the gods. so we are very well blessed. alright just start our program off. i'd like you all to welcome a dynamite singer. her name is flora hui. she just graduated from the university of san francisco. her degree was in biology and chemistry, really smart person and i'm going to ask you to all stand, please. okay. here she is. come on, everybody. jones. yeah. come on. thank you. yes. so as i
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mentioned, you will hear from her personally. so thank you. thank you for coming. and then i'm going to ask you to please stay standing. please please, please stay standing because we're going to hear from flora. as i mentioned. she's a graduate of the university of san francisco and biology and chemistry really smart, but she's going to sing our national anthem. please give a warm welcome to flora. we. sounds kid. can you use. by the . songs the okay. who wants so
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pretty? only we held at the tour. time lights last clean. whose broad stripes and bryce. dollars through the pen. less fun. or the rest. heart swing one. touched worse, okay? mentally stream. bucket. the boss, but rusty. no. like then i flip. jack was still there. oh,
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best of why spangle? baby. oh, the. and the whole. fabulous. thank you. thank you. and now and yes, please be seated. please. thank you so much. i would all love for you to welcome a very gifted musical artist. his name is dani williams. and yes, he did compete in american idol. but
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he's on louisiana. but he's making his home right here in san francisco here to sing the black national anthem, please welcome to the stage. donny williams. thank you. i brought my music with me. do it. yes. thank you. yeah. mm. lived every
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voice and sing. tell her button here. rain bring with the whole mama. lovely burti. let her read yours saying run! as high as the . snake sky. let it resound loud. as a ruling c. oh seeing sing so full of the faith that the dark past that yeah, see angle. cause song full of the hope that ah ha! jason the right
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. housing so done. my new day, baby. oh let us march on to victory. yeah, there's. one gotta vote with me is god of us son. who has broken. warned me for the oh! oh, a. who has my. my us too. the. light keep us for it ever. in the past. i'm single song. everybody's eight c uh, song. whole of the whole
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that yeah, bro. i won't sing of song. full of the hope that grow. trust me. facing the right . using. new day. be here. oh god. let us march on to victory. here's one i lift every voice and sing. we're gonna do a lift. every voice lift lived every voice till yeah. yeah, with. come on, man needs. lovely ever . t let are ready. listening.
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atlanta's march on victory. yeah i know. the hope that the past us. so. i hope that the presence act. last minute. yes, in the room. has it. new baby. bigger. don't let us much on to victory is warm. yeah. thank you. donnie
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williams. you have lifted all of us. thank you. thank you. okay we're feeling really excited now. and so thank you. dani lifted our spirits today and now i'd like you all to please welcome to the stage. reverend ishmael birch. he is with the saint andrew missionary baptist church right here in san francisco. and he will lead us in prayer. so please welcome reverend birch. oh, what a day. what a day to pray. let the lord have his way. we thank god because he has answered our prayer. we prayed and we ask god
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to give us a d. a as brook jenkins. amen. and let let me get you to understand for your consideration. i pray to jesus christ. but any other faith. that's in the in the building. today we recognize that and we do respect. whoever you worship and whoever you praise. amen. let us pray. our father in heaven. all wise and almighty god, it's again that we come. and we come thanking you, lord for hearing us when we pray. we lift you up and we give you glory, lord, and we want to thank you for the swaying in of our d a. d. a jenkins. oh, god. give her that script that she needs and when she's criticized or god be with him, hold the hand. we pray because we know you are god beside the heels in the world and reminded of solomon. oh god. when he was sworn in, and he became the
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great king that he was, and you asked him, you say, solomon, whatever you want, ask, and i would give it and then he didn't ask for riches and silver and gold, but he asked you to give him understanding how the lead your people. give the a that give it an understanding. because she gonna stand for justice and she gonna stand for what's right. be with our we prayed walk with her when the violence are low, when, when despairs all around, walk with old guard and talk to him. we pray and we have forever will lift you up, lord and then bless the family blessed her husband and the children of god. keep them, strong lord because we love them, and we know that you love them, too. and then we thank you for giving us the san francisco. oh, lord, we need her in time. times like these, so we glorify your name. we lift you up. and we say thank you, lord. and when the rest of the world say what happened? we're going to say god did it. god did it.
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god did it. amen amen. god bless god bless we're in. thank you so much for your blessing. and now to sing if i can help somebody favorite song by the way of the late martin luther king. today it will be sung by wanda holland green, who just happens to be the head of the hammond school right here in san francisco. please welcome. wander holland green. come on out. if i okay? and head help so.
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somebody. as i pass. along. you have five. i can she so. mumbai e e. with a word. or a song. and if i can show you so mumbai. daddy mm. who is traveling wrong ? wrong than my living. the
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shall not. b. they mm. then my living. well not be in vain. no. oh my living. it shall not. being and they need if i can have help, so. come buddy as i pass. yes a long long than my living. it shall not hurt. b.
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they mm. if i care, and you do my. five duty as a good woman. but and if i yeah, i can and breathe back. beauty to a world . world uproar. and if i why can shape love. loves a message as the master mm. tall. heart than
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my living the mm share shall nah , not be in. they and then my living. it shall not be in there. you know? oh my living. it shall not. being in the a if i by can have welp so come by. hadi who is traveling, leaving wrong. than my. mm share shall
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not. b. in your. oh living will not that be in there? no. oh, you're living will not. being vain. livy hmm. we will not. ah, be, yeah. they.
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wanda holland green. thank you. she is not just a brilliant educator, but she is a woman of song. and now. a very special treat for all of you. vice president kamala harris sent a letter to our district. attorney brooke jenkins, and you can see it in the back of your programs . it's right in the back of your programs. and to read at we'd like to welcome on stage brooklyn. brooklyn, jenkins. she is six years, young. she is brooks daughter. so if you'd like to read along with her. again. she's in the first grade, and she's a brilliant reader. take a look at the back of your
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programs. here's the letter and please welcome. brooklyn jane cannons are she is does. hmm. dear this attorney drink it. i. hmm. dear district attorney jenkins. i send you my warmest congratulations on your recent election to serve. invest san francisco dish your attorney i am proud to watching. continue break the barriers serving as an example to other young women across the nation that their dreams can be realized. well you
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may be one of the first, but you lose certainly not be the last. throughout your career. as a public servant, you have tackled tough issues such as enhancing public safety, where remaining committed to criminal justice reform. i took forward here. i look forward to hearing about your continued work on these issues. i hope you take tremendous pride in your accomplishments. i join your family, friends and community and celebrating you. as you take this oath of public service sincerely, vice vice president carmela here, it.
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she maybe six years young, but she's getting ready to be president of the united states for sure. and now to administer the oath of office to brooke, please welcome, of course, the honorable united states senator alex padilla, plus i want to welcome on stage. no we're not gonna bring the husband. no. okay. this is live tv. everybody you know, we go with the flow. this is live tv. alright once again, i'm going to say please welcome the honorable united states senator alex padilla. thank you so much, but i feel like i've been set up. to follow brooklyn jenkins. one more random applause, please. great
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job. great job. well good afternoon, everybody. it is truly a privilege for me to be back here in san francisco and in the beautiful herbs theater and to share with all of you, and especially you. this historic day. um a place with back with mayor breed. uh stay controller malia cohen and so many state and local leaders here for this very special occasion. and it is my honor. to administer the oath of office. for the 31st district attorney of san francisco, brooke jenkins. random applause. everybody. now the first time
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amendment brooke was. not too long ago, and it was just across the street as we gather on another historic day in san francisco. historic for the nation. we gather with mayor braid and other group of officials at the time on the front steps of city hall to celebrate the passage in the senate. of the respect for marriage act. which finally cut ified. absolutely. which finally caught ified into federal law. protections for same sex and enter racial marriages in the united states. it was a fitting introduction. meeting brooke at an event marking a historic victory. to overcome injustice in america. and so when brooke
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first extended the invitation for me to join her today, of course that was honored and humbled to play a role. in this chapter of san francisco's history. i'm also excited because brooke and i share a common bond. this past november. thanks a lot of you. i was proud to become the first latino elected to represent california in the united states senate. and we all know that, among other first we celebrate today. brooke jenkins will be the first latina and the second black woman elected as district attorney in san francisco. so in a city.
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that it's not just diverse but a city where diversity is embraced and celebrated. and then a state that is not just diverse but a state where diversity is embraced and celebrated. we know that it can be frustrating times to see. lack of representation in government. at all levels, frankly. and as brooke can tell you and i can tell you it's especially concerning when such a large percentage of victims of crime are people of color. that's part of the reason why her advocacy her candidacy. and her swearing in today are both historic and important. because representation matters having a seat at the table matters, and brooks surely knows the weight
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of that responsibility. she is a proud daughter of a black mother and a latino father. her father , an immigrant from el salvador , who is here with us today. but she not, hmm. but she knows what it's like to grow up. and a working family. raised by a single mom. she's had family members with the experiences on both sides of the courtroom. and importantly, sh knows what it's feels like for communities of color to not see themselves represented. and in turn. the promise of what a diverse multicultural democracy and justice system can and should be. that was a kid growing up in pacoima, california and the northeast san fernando valley. i
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remember what it was like for me. and from my sister and my brother to walk past. drug deals. and gang violence. on our way to school. and what it took for our parents to organize with other parents in the community. to take our neighborhood back. what i learned from them. and their example is that if you want to make change, if you want to see change in your community, you can't wait for others to come around and do it. you got to stand up. you got organized and you gotta make the change. and i know that's why brooke got involved because she cares about those parents hoping for her kids to feel safe going to school and to thrive in education. or for the communities of color here and temperance tisco and beyond, who shouldn't have to worry about being targeted. because of who they are. throughout her career
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she had demonstrated commitment not only to demanding justice in all its forms, but to protecting the city and the people of san francisco. and i'm so filled with joy that she brings that experience and that energy and positive outlook to the city. and the county that deserves it so much. so brooke today with some big challenges ahead. for you and for us. i know that sam francisco is counting on you. california. is watching you. and i'm so excited. to see what's next. so congratulations. once again, ladies and gentlemen with that it is my honor to administer the oath of office. to your district attorney. approach jenkins. her husband,
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daniel. now come on up. daniel joining brooke for these swearing in, please welcome husband, daniel. you know what you're doing? yeah. please repeat after me. i state your name. i broke jenkins do solemnly swear, do solemnly swear that i will support and defend that i will support and defend the constitution of the united states. the constitution of the united states and the constitution of the state of california and the constitution of the state of california against enemies against all enemies, foreign and domestic, foreign and domestic. i will bear true faith and allegiance that i will bear true faith and allegiance to the same. to the same. take this obligation freely. i take this obligation freely without any mental reservation without any mental
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reservation or purpose of evasion or purpose of evasion well and faithfully discharge and that i will well and faithfully discharge the duties upon which i'm about to enter the duties upon which i am about to enter during such time as during such time as as the district attorney for the city and county of san francisco. as i serve as the district attorney of the city and county of san francisco. congratulations. ladies ladies and gentlemen. give it up, bro. she earned this . ladies and gentlemen, flowers,
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flowers. please welcome our. san francisco. cisco district attorney brooke jenkin. good evening. thank each and everyone of you for being here. i did not get to this day alone. it was a result of a hard working team. and most importantly, you, the voters. san franciscans who made their voices loud and clear that they want a district attorney committed to balancing accountability with much needed reform and to serving you and this great city. thank you for entrusting me to do this job. it's an honor of a lifetime. i
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want to thank senator alex padilla. for taking time out of his very busy, bicoastal schedule. to give me the honor of swearing me in tonight. it is hard to believe. that at this point in history, he is only the first latina. to represent our great state in the u. s senate. but i thank you, senator for being a trailblazer and for your service to this state and to this country. thank you. jan for being an amazing emcee tonight. i also want to thank mayor breed. and the elected and non elected members of city and state government who are here tonight. thank you for your support and your dedication. to representing san francisco and the state of california. thank
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you to the neighboring county d a s who i see that are here and any judges that are in attendance as well. i also want to take this opportunity to thank my campaign manager j two who was here tonight. fearlessly ran her first political campaign and pushed me across the finish line. she really was the boss. and the many volunteers who made phone calls. text bank knocked on doors, held signs and walked with me through many, many neighborhoods in san francisco, and to those who donated and hosted house parties. thank you from the bottom of my heart. to my staff. both the executive team who i know is seated over here. to the many attorneys, paralegals, investigators, victim advocates staff who let
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me tell you make sure that we can present our evidence in court every day. and everyone else in the d a s office. thank you for your dedication to this office into this city. you are the true champions of justice. last but but most importantly, i want to thank my family and friends who have stood by me and supported me through what has been quite the whirlwind of the past year. to my mother. who raised me. and showed me grit. perseverance and what true work ethic is. thank you. she retired from being a high school guidance counselor to be a full time grandmother to my children. she has offered my children love, guidance and stability through the many changes in mommy's career. to my husband.
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who is the most private person i know. thank you for supporting me in this very public role. and to my children, brooklyn and judah. thank you for sharing mommy with san francisco. and for giving me the biggest hugs at the end of long and sometimes difficult days. a year ago. i could not have have imagined standing before you as the san francisco district attorney. it was a confluence of events that led not just me, but us to this point. unfortunately it was the downward spiral in public safety here in san francisco and where it collided with ideology that led our city to call for change. what everyone in this room and even those beyond it knew was
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that we did not have to compromise our liberal and progressive identities for the right to feel safe. that accountability. could coexist with criminal justice reform. on july 8th. when i began this role , we all stood together hopeful. for building a safer and better san francisco. as a black and latino woman. i will be honest. i never pictured myself. holding this office or any other i was raised by a single mother, who was a 21 year old college student when i was born she was raised by a 21 year old single mother, who grew up in the segregated south as one of 11 children. my father born and raised in war torn el salvador was here on student visa. when my mother got pregnant. he
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ultimately returned to el salvador after finishing his education. for much of my youth. i was keenly aware of working hard not to become a statistic. as so many children of color raised in single family households are often expected and perceived to be while my parents had little income little in common other than going to the same university, both of their families shared one core value. education. my grandparents and all salvador gave their children everything they had to allow them to receive a great education. for my mother's family despite being black. and in a small town in texas educated in segregated schools. education was key. my grandmother had brothers who are a doctor. a lawyer. a physicist. in a city councilman. she had. more than one sister that was a registered nurse. receiving
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their education from some of the best hbcu historically black colleges. in this country like howard and tuskegee. i watched my mother who left college when i was born. return and finish her degree when i was 10 years old, spending many nights in a college classroom with her much was expected of us, despite whatever circumstances life threw at us. well i knew that i wanted to become a lawyer. i never intended to become a prosecutor. it never crossed my mind. being black in america. you don't under any circumstances trust law enforcement. or the criminal justice system. you see, it's brokenness up close and personal. it was a loss of justice for me that led me to this critical role eight years ago. and i don't mean a loss of justice as a victim of crime. or
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as a family member of someone accused of a crime. but rather the loss of my son justice that took me down this path. i had no idea. when we chose his name. that justice would become something that i would fight for daily as a prosecutor, and now as your district attorney. i truly believe that through justice's death, i was called to do this work. but at this point in time. to fight for those who need and deserve justice in this criminal justice system. to provide just results. in cases for both victims. defendants. in our overall community. as prosecutors. we serve a core function in this city and county. the function is to promote public safety and to ensure that outcomes in our criminal justice system are fair and appropriate. this is a duty and obligation that we must not forsake. when i was sworn in
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after my appointment, i outlined priorities very openly. which included doing everything in our power. to stop the open air drug markets. that are plaguing our city working to address violence that was targeting our api community particular, particularly the elders. as well as institute and maintain important reforms in this system to decrease disparate treatment of people of color, especially in this system. over the past six months, we began to make considerable progress in restoring accountability for drug dealing in san francisco. i immediately revoke 30 excessively lenient plea offers in cases extended by the previous administration restored guidelines for access. thank you. restored guidelines for
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access into our rehabilitative courts that were being filled up by drug dealers and not people who needed treatment for their substance abuse issues. we have filed motions to detain in custody. egregious drug dealers in 16 cases, something that has never been done before in san francisco. but we also didn't have so many overdose deaths before now. since i took office, we were presented with 428 drug dealing cases by the san francisco police department up from 257 in the same time period the previous year. we filed 379 of those cases. almost double that of the same time period the previous year. these are critical numbers that we did not achieve on our own. and so i must thank the san francisco police department. for their hard work on this issue. and i
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want to take a moment to truly command chief scott, who had to rush off to the police commission meeting. and his department for their partnership. for the first time in a very long time, our agencies are working together collaboratively in the pursuit of public safety. as an office. we've made tremendous strides. we lost 60 prosecutors in a matter of two years before i took over, not only has experienced been restored to our management team i have. i am most proud of the level of diversity that our management team reflects both in race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age and life experience. of our eight criminal division chiefs for our mothers, which is the first. we? we created a
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vulnerable victims unit, which now handles violent crimes against elders, which mainly have impacted as we all know the elderly asian community. our victim services division is broadening its reach by engaging in more outreach to communities in san francisco and developing culturally responsive trauma, informed services for our victims and communities. but in addition to prosecution, we have also been focused on continuing to pursue much needed criminal justice reform. one of my earliest policy announcements was that we would maintain a policy of not seeking cash bail. while we will always uphold our responsibility to advocate for public safety. we must acknowledge the desperate and discriminatory impacts of
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previous constructs within this system. for the past six months. we have argued to keep dangerous offenders off the street without having to use this discriminatory tool. we have also continued. to continue the work of the innocence commission. i was thrilled to appoint a new member from our office who was working diligently with the commission to enhance the help and access that those who need who are seeking relief from wrongful convictions. moving forward. there is much more work that we need and plan to do when i visit the tenderloin, the mission and every single neighborhood and you all know i'm everywhere in this city. we must continue to hold those who commit crime in san francisco accountable and improve conditions all around
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our city. we must continue to make it clear that this culture of lawlessness is no longer tolerated here. property crime car break ins, catalytic converter thefts, retail theft will continue to be a focus of our office as we work closely with the police department and community stakeholders to combat these issues. but our focus for the future does not end with prosecution. we must invest at the da's office and uplifting the community. reducing gun violence and the associated trauma that comes with it. must not only be a focus for the d a s office but for all of our city
5:26 pm
partners. we must work collaboratively with community based organizations. on the ground to restore hope to the lives of our youth who are struggling to see their piece of this american dream. public safety is not simply accountability after a crime is committed, it starts with preventing crime before it ever happens. the truth is. reform does not mean doing away with laws or even their consequences . reform is not lowering or eliminating expectations for those who come from underserved communities or disadvantaged backgrounds. to do so. would perpetuate the very oppressive outcomes that people purport to want to prevent. if i expect you
5:27 pm
to be a criminal and consistently convey that expectation. there is a higher chance that that person will live up to that expectation and become a criminal. we must not reduce our black and brown communities. to these stereotypes instead. we must level the playing field so that all members of our community can maintain that hope of achieving the american dream. hope is what pushes people forward without hope. people have nothing to lose. in this office. i strive to restore hope hope for those who would become disillusioned with the system that has failed to be a true advocate for victims of crime and to fight for justice hope for a system that no longer disadvantages people of color as victims or defendants. hope. for those who
5:28 pm
have struggled not simply to give up on san francisco to close up shop as a business owner. or to pack up their house and leave as a resident. hope for those in the tenderloin and soma, who every day have to walk through and past what most would consider unlivable conditions. i have hope for san francisco and our future. my hope is that when you walk away tonight that you carry with you a renewed faith in the leadership of san francisco that we will build a future great city. to be what it can and should be. the place that i want my children to grow up and be proud to have been born and raised in a safer and better san francisco for everyone. thank you.
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brooke jenkins. one of the great leaders of our great city. thank you for your service one more time. let's thank her. one more time. and now. to conclude our program and you're gonna love this performance by the way by dwayne wiggins. he is the founding member of the group. tony. tony tony, if you remember very popular group, soul and
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rhythm and blues band from oakland, california, and there's still touring after 35 years, everybody now, once they are done with their fabulous performance, we're going to invite everybody to a reception in the green room upstairs. there you can personally thank brooke. personally, she'll be there. as well. her family so please remember that directly following this performance, we're going to see everybody upstairs in the green room, but first to conclude our program. help me. welcome to the stage. dwayne wiggins of tony! tony tony, let's hear it.
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what's up frisco from across the water open in california. one of us he's loving happening. jenkins. we're gonna change it up for you. i know for sure. but you in position is going to be a lovely day. come on, people. come on, y'all. this is the bay area where i just came from atlanta. come on, don't act like that. come on. sit clap your hands. evening. hey. because it's so right. your hands this key. said it's alright clap your head eating. all right. come on, y'all. let's
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do it. been mourning. in the sunlight, her smile. and something. it's heavy on my. all right. you. you all know it right? lovely day.
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possible. someone else. click seems to know the way. all right . mhm. come on time. come on. if it the
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last of me. seems impossible. to someone instead of me. no. uh, a . look at you. girls alright? just like yo. know it's going to be let's go sitting alone.
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control breaking out. i want to break this up this side. lovely lovely day. lovely day over here now long, lovely day. need you in a minute time. come on, man. love it, menzah. y'all might want to take it an octave lower but ladies, this side this whole side, you'll keep it moving. y'all gonna do this lovely, lovely day to day. i love it. let's go.
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come on, somebody get down with us. let's go. let's go. down down.
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no, sir. i really don't believe that. put your hands open your hands up. put your hands up like that. i don't believe it. your hands. you like that, like it like that? like this like that sugar. my and my and i function. get up. what time is it? and available. we all that we don't have to look. let's get down.
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get down down! flasher. on down and down. i went out safe, you say. the konig. tony tony, tony ! tony! tony tony! tony tony, tony! tony that i feel. see you, man. i'm going back to the same spot. now to the left and to the right, folks. everybody knows
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holloway at the top right here in the front shop. list. in my tax. $11. listen up, y'all said when i said tony tony tony when i said tony. tony. i'm gonna get my crew. i'm trying to get keep it cool. i see you. breaking good. tony tony tony. thank you
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for letting us celebrate this. this glorious moment. i wish but jenkins. happiness to wish you. okay don't do no stress. california baby best. come on. come on, y'all breaking. thank you for letting us be us. patrice wiggins mp all my partners. all my folks love
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tony! tony! tony, let's go. happening. exception in the green rub. thank you all for coming. e what? the reception safe, everybody. >>
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>> shared spaces have transformed san francisco's streets and sidewalks. local business communities are more resilient and our neighborhood centers are more vibrant and lively. fire blocks and parking lanes can be for seating and merchandising and other community activities. we're counting on operators of shared spaces to ensure their sites are safe and accessible for all. when pair mets, firefighters and other first responders arrive at a scene, they need clear visual
5:44 pm
access to see the building entrances, exits and storefront windows from the street. that means parklets should be transfer in the areas above inches above the sidewalk level. it's best if these areas are totally unobstructed by transparent materials may be okay. you can check with fire department staff to make sure your site meets visibility requirements. emergency response crews and their equipment need to be move easily between streets, sidewalks and buildings, especially when they are using medical gurneys, ladders and other fire fighting tools. that means that parklet structures need a three foot wide emergency feet every 20 feet and 3 feet from marked parking spaces and emergency access gaps need to be open to the sky, without obstructions, like canopies, roofs, or cables and should always be clear of tables, chairs, planters and
5:45 pm
other furnishings. emergency responders need to use ladders to reach windows and roofs to buildings and the ladders need unobstructed overhead clearance and room to be placed at a 72-degree angle against the building. clearances needed around the ladders to move equipment and people safely up and down. so not all parklets can have roofs ask canopies depending on the width of the sidewalk in your area. please make sure that your electric cables are hung so they are out of the way and (indiscernible) to the structure, they can be pulled down by firefighters. cable connections need to be powered from an outdoor reciprocal in the building facade because hard wire connections are much more difficult to disconnect quickly. these updates to the shared spaces program will ensure safety and accessibility for everyone, so we can all enjoy these public spaces. more
5:46 pm
information is available at sf dot gov slash shared spaces. tel >> in 1948 swensen's ice cream used to make ice cream in the navy and decided to open up an ice cream shop it it takes time for the parent to put money down and diane one of the managers at zen citizen in arena hills open and serve old-fashioned ice cream. >> over 20 years. >> yeah. >> had my own business i was a
5:47 pm
firefighter and came in- in 1969 her dad had ice cream and left here still the owner but shortly after um, in here became the inc. maker the manager and lead and branded the store from day to day and in the late 90s- was obvious choice he sold it to him and he called us up one night and said i'm going to sell the ice cream store what you you talking about diane came and looked at the store and something we want to do and had a history of her dad here and growing up here at the ice cream
5:48 pm
store we decided to take that business on. >> and have it in the family i didn't want to sell it. >> to keep it here in san francisco. >> and (unintelligible). >> share worked there and worked with all the people and a lot of customers come in. >> a round hill in the adjoining areas loved neither ice cream shop in this area and support russia hills and have clean up day and give them free ice cream because that is those are the people that keep us the opportunity to stick around here four so many years next generations have been coming her 20 er thirty or 40 years and we have the ingredients something
5:49 pm
it sold and, you know, her dad said to treat the customers right and people will keep on coming back and 75 or 74 years, you know, that is quite an accomplishment i think of it as our first 75 years and like to see that, you know, going into the future um, that ice cream shop will be around used to be 4 hundred in the united states and all gone equipment for that one that is the first and last we're proud of that we're still standing and people people are you tell people it's been around in 50 years and don't plan on
5:50 pm
5:51 pm
5:52 pm
[music] san francisco emergency home program is a safety net for sustableable commuters if you bike, walk, take public transit or shares mobility you are eligible for a free and safe roadway home the city will reimburse you up to $150 dlrs in an event of an emergency. to learn more how to submit a reimbursement visit sferh. >> when i look at an old neon sign that's working or not working, i feel the family business that was in there.
5:53 pm
>> since 2009, citywide, sf shines, has supported businesses and sites like the ones that receive new neon signs. >> you know, sf shines is doing an amazing job to bring back the lighting and the neon glow of san francisco. >> sf shines is such an amazing program, and i can't think of another program in another city that gives matching gunned funds to store owners, mom and pop owners, and if they've got a neon sign, they've really got a great way to advertise their business. >> this is a continuation of the sf shines program. >> focusing other neon signs is relatively new to us.
5:54 pm
of the seven neon signs, we've invested about $145,000. >> a good quality sign costs more, but it lasts infinitily longer. as opposed to lasting five years, a good neon sign will last 15 to 20 years. >> in san francisco, the majority of neon signs are for mom-and-pop businesses. in order to be able to restore these signs, i think it gives back to your community. >> part of the project has to do with prioritizing certain signs in the neighborhood based on their aesthetics, based on their current signs, and base on the history. in the time that we've been here, we've seen a number of signs restored just on eddy street. >> there are a number of signs in the tenderloin and many more
5:55 pm
that are waiting or wanting to be restored. i have worked with randall and al, and we've mapped out every single one of them and rated them as to how much work they would need to get restored. that information is passed onto sf shines, and they are going to rank it. so if they have x budget for a year, they can say all right, we're going to pick these five, and they're putting together clusters, so they build on top of what's already there. >> a cluster of neon signs is sort of, i guess, like a cluster of grapes. when you see them on a corner or on a block, it lights up the neighborhood and creates an ambient glow. if you havy got two of three of them, you've created an atmosphere that's almost like a movie set. >> some of the hotel, we've already invested in to get those neon signs for people to
5:56 pm
enjoy at night include the elk hotel, jefferson hotel, the verona, not to mention some we've done in chinatown, as well as the city's portal neighborhood. >> we got the fund to restore it. it took five months, and the biggest challenge was it was completely infested with pigeons. once we got it clean, it came out beautiful. >> neon signs are often equated with film noir, and the noir genre as seen through the hollywood lens basically depicted despair and concentration. >> you would go downtown and see the most recent humphrey bogart film filled with neon in the background. and you'd see that on market street, and as market street
5:57 pm
got seedier and seedier and fewer people continued to go down, that was what happened to all the neon strips of light. >> the film nori might start with the light filled with neon signs, and end with a scene with a single neon sign blinking and missing a few letters. >> one of my favorite scenes, orson welles is chasing rita hayworth with neon signs in the background. >> i think what the office of
5:58 pm
economic and workforce development is very excited with is that we'll be able to see more neon signs in a concentrated way lit up at night for visitors and most especially residents. the first coin laundry, the elm hotel, the western hotel are ones that we want to focus on in the year ahead. >> neon signs are so iconic to certain neighborhoods like the hara, like the nightcap. we want to save as many historic and legacy neon signs in san francisco, and so do they. we bring the expertise, and they bring the means to actually get the job done. >> people in tenderloin get really excited as they see the signs relit. as you're driving through the tenderloin or the city, it pretty much tells you something exciting is happening here. >> knee an was created to make the night more friendly and advertise businesses. it's a great way of supporting
5:59 pm
and helping local businesses. >> there's so many ways to improve public safety. the standard way is having more eyes on the street, but there's other culturally significant ways to do that, and one those ways is lighting up the streets. but what better way and special way to do that is by having old, historic neon signs lighting up our streets at night and casting away our shadows. >> when i see things coming back to life, it's like remembering how things were. it's remembering the hotel or the market that went to work seven days a week to raise their money or to provide a service, and it just -- it just -- it just
6:00 pm
>> good morning welcome to rules of the board of supervisors for today-month-old, january 30, 2023. i am for this last meeting the chair of the committee aaron peskin joined to my right by vice chair supervisor mandelman. and to my left by committee member supervisor cni