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tv   Good News  TCM  June 15, 2012 1:15pm-3:00pm PDT

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good. i'm finally back to where i can touch you. touch and go. well, no love lost but here we go. you can go to bed now. you've earned your sleep.
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thank you. now all i have to teach you is... one word. everything.
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[doll cries "mama"] hush, little baby, don't say a word. mama's gonna buy you a mockingbird. ♪ if that mockingbird don't sing ♪ ♪ mama's gonna buy you a diamond ring ♪ ♪ if that diamond ring turns brass ♪
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♪ mama's gonna buy you a looking glass ♪ ♪ if that looking glass gets broke ♪ ♪ mama's gonna buy you a billy goat ♪ ♪ if that billy... ♪
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[knocking] on my way to the office. thought i'd look in on your progress. she's tolerating me, and i'm tolerating her. where's... what's wrong? difference of opinion. i think she should dress herself. she thinks she shouldn't. this her breakfast? yes. she wouldn't eat? she'd love to eat it. it's almost 10:00. why haven't you given it to her?
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she understands i will when she dresses herself. she's thinking it over. you intend to starve her into obeying? she won't starve. she'll learn. all's fair in love and war, captain. you never cut supplies? this is hardly a war. well, it's not love. a siege is a siege. miss sullivan, do you like the child? do you? i'm beginning to. beads. has a name. tree. it has a name.
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tree. bird. it has a name. yes. no! w-a-t-e-r. water. oh. oh! here. no! w-a-t-e-r. water.
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"discipline." "discipline." "disinter"... "disinterested"... "disinterested"... where's "discipline"? what a dictionary. you have to know how to spell it before you can look up how to spell it. "disinter"... "disciple"...
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"discipline." "dis-ka-pline." do not overwork your eyes, miss annie. well, whatever i spell to helen i better spell right. you've taught her so much this week. not enough. obedience isn't enough. well, she learned two nouns this morning "key" and "water." but not... no. not that they mean things. it's still a finger game to her-- no meaning. but she will.
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might i... might i take her for one walk this evening? shall we play our finger game, mrs. keller? next week seems so-- spell it. so far off. spell it. if she ever learns you'll have a lot to tell each other. start now. in... under...under. yes, crochet. c-r-o-s-h... c-r-o-s... h... sewing. only it has a name and sewing isn't it. e...
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g... g. egg. it has a name. the name stands for the thing. oh, it's so simple. simple as birth to explain. helen... helen, the chick has to come out of its shell sometime. you come out, too.
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thim-ble. no, not key... thimble. t-r-e-e. w-a-t... m-i-l... good girl. d-o-l-l. m-i... oh... "i feel every day more and more inadequate. my letters must show that... i need a teacher as much as helen."
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i need help, too. who? in all the world there isn't a soul who can tell me how to reach you. how do i reach you? doesn't she need affection, too? she never showed me she needs it. she won't have any caressing. and what would another week accomplish? we are more than satisfied. you taught her things to do to behave. so manageable, cleaner. cleaner? well, we say cleanliness is next to godliness. cleanliness is next to nothing. give me more time alone with her. look. what is she spelling? water? teaching her dog to spell? dog doesn't know what she means
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any more than she knows what you mean. i think you ask too much of her and yourself. god may not have meant helen to have the eyes you speak of. i mean her to. what is it to you? half a week. an agreement is an agreement. mrs. keller? i want her back. i'll send viney over to help you pack. not until 6:00. i have her until 6:00! 6:00. come, katie. yes, what is it to me? they're satisfied. give them back their child and their dog, both housebroken.
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everyone's satisfied but me...and you. reach. reach. i wanted to teach you. oh... everything the earth is full of, helen, everything on it it's ours for a wink and it's gone. and what we are on it, the light we bring to it and leave behind in words well, you can see 5,000 years back in the light of words. everything we feel... think... know, and share in words... so not a soul is in darkness or done with even in the grave. but i know. i know one word,
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and i can put the world in your hand. and whatever it is to me, i won't take less! but how? how do i tell you that... this... means a word... and the word means this thing? wool. or this. s-t-o-o-l... means this thing. oh! dress! f-a-c-e, face! [clock striking 6:00] m-o-t-h-e-r. mother. m-o-t-h-e-r.
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mother. [katie] let her come!
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[whispering] she's doing it. shh... [laughter] [knock on door] come in. miss annie your first month's salary...
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with many more to come, i trust. doesn't pay our debt for what you've done. i taught her one thing..."no." don't do this, don't do that. that's more than all of us could do in all the years-- i wanted to teach her what language is. i know without it, to do nothing but obey is no gift. obedience without understanding is a blindness, too. is that all i wished on her? no. maybe. i don't know what else to do. simply go on keep doing what i've done, and have faith that inside she's-- that inside is waiting like water underground. you can help captain keller. how? the world is not an easy place for anyone. i don't want her just to obey but to let her have her way in everything is a lie to her. and i don't even love her.
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she's not my child. well. you've got to stand between that lie and her. agreed. won't you come now to supper? yes. i used to wonder how i could earn a living. oh, you do. i really do. now the question is, can i survive it? heh heh heh.
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ohh. hmm? oh. keys. yes, i'll keep the keys. i think we've had enough of locked doors, too. will you say the grace, jimmy? and jacob was left alone and wrestled with an angel till the breaking of the day. and the hollow of jacob's thigh was out of joint as he wrestled with him. and the angel said "let me go, for the day breaketh." and jacob said "i will not let thee go except thou bless me." amen. oh, you angel. that's a very strange grace, james.
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it's from the good book, isn't it? of course. didn't you know? yes, i knew. well, then why ask? i meant it is from the good book and therefore a fitting grace. i don't know about that. there's an awful lot of things in the good book that i wouldn't care to hear just before eating. fitting in the sense that jacob's thigh was out of joint and so is this piggy's. i declare. pickles, aunt ev? i should say so. you know my opinion of your pickles. this is the end of them, i'm afraid. i didn't put up nearly enough last summer. this year, i intend to-- reverend looked into the office today. claims his hens have stopped laying. poor fellow. he was out of joint. i've always suspected those hens. of what? i think they're papists. james, now you're pulling my lower extremity. the first thing you know we'll be having another... one of our...
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miss annie it's a very special day. it will be when i give in to that. please. i've hardly had a chance to welcome her home. katie, we had a little talk. miss annie feels if we indulge helen-- it's only a napkin. it's not as if it were breakable. and everything she's learned is? mrs. keller, i don't think we ought to play tug of war for her. either give her to me, or you keep her from kicking. what do you wish to do? let me take her from the table. let her stay. my goodness, she's only a child. and ask outsiders not to interfere. outsiders? why i'm the child's aunt. will this once hurt so much miss annie? i've made all of helen's favorite foods tonight. it's her homecoming party, miss annie. she's testing you, you realize. she's testing you. jimmy, be quiet. and now that she's home-- she wants to see what will happen at your hands. i've said it was my main worry.
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she's not kicking now. and not learning not to! she'll live up to just what you demand of her and no more. she's testing you. jimmy. i have an opinion! no one's interested in hearing-- i'm interested. of course she's testing me. let me keep her to what she's learned, and she'll go on learning from me. take her out of my hands and it all comes apart. be bountiful. it's at her expense. please pass me more of her favorite foods. take her, miss annie. thank you. i'm afraid you're the difficulty, miss annie. i'll keep her to what she's learned. you're quite right. here...i don't think we need send her from the table.
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after all, she's the guest of honor. bring her plate back. if she were a seeing child none of you would tolerate any-- but she's not! i think some compromise is called for. bring her plate. please! occasionally another hand can smooth things out. there. now, shall we start all over? oh, god! i think we've started all over. don't get up. don't smooth anything else out for me! don't interfere in any way! i treat her like a seeing child because i ask her to see! i expect her to see. don't undo what i do! where are you taking her? to make her fill this pitcher again. you let her speak to you like that a creature who works for you? no, i don't! let her go!
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what? i said let her go. she's right! she's right. kate's right, i'm right, and you're wrong. has it never occurred to you that on one occasion you might be consummately wrong? all right, pump. no, she's not here. pump. w-a-t-e-r, water. it has a name. w-a-t--
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waaaa... waaaer. waaaa... waaaer. yes. yes. yes.
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oh, my dear! ground. yes! pump. yes! tree! step. mrs. keller! mrs. keller! [bell rings] bell. mrs. keller! mrs. keller! mrs. keller. mother. papa! she knows!
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teacher. teacher.
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i... love... helen.
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♪ make 'em laugh, u[w?ç[t.ímsw?o ♪ girl ♪ g=
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we're just good friends. that you could h ♪ the judgex;çóíqñyb9f;w+ozñw]yñfós
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[running footsteps]
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[organ playing] man: as always, we will start with the school song. choir: ♪ in the morning of my life i shall look to the sunrise ♪ ♪ at the moment in my life when the world is new ♪ ♪ and the blessing i shall ask is that god will grant me ♪ ♪ to be brave and strong and true ♪
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♪ and to fill the world with love ♪ ♪ my whole life through ♪ man: for what we are about to receive may the lord make us truly thankful. boys: amen. [organ music] choir: ♪ in the evening of my life ♪ ♪ i shall look to the sunset ♪ ♪ at the moment in my life when the night is due ♪ ♪ and the question i shall ask only i can answer ♪ ♪ was i brave and strong and true? ♪
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♪ did i fill the world with love my whole life through... ♪ armitage major. sir. armitage minor. sir. ♪ did i fill the world with love ♪ ♪ did i fill the world with love ♪ ♪ did i fill the world with love ♪ ♪ my whole life through? ♪ broderick, brown major, brown minor... brown minimus? sir. bruce, burgess... butler, caldwell campbell, canning... sir... carrington carstairs... sir... cartwright cherry, chilton... sir... clath, clay... sir.
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coates, cole coleridge... sir... collyminer, cooke, crawford, croute... sir. cunningham curry... sir. dalton, dean... sir. dickinson-brown, douglas, duncan... sir. edgewood, edwards, ellysmythe, ellison... sir. every, fairhurst, fernly sir. finch, fisher, forte fortescue... [bell chiming] [boys shouting] isn't this a rather unusual action for you to take, chipping? i suppose it is, headmaster but my class's examination results this term were also rather unusual. well, i've looked at them. they were only a little below average. yes. that, for a class of mine,
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is rather unusual. it's a punishment? oh, no. i trust nobody thinks that. baxter does. well, he's wrong. i merely want to take my boys over their exam papers in some detail and show them their mistakes. it should be a very helpful session. quite so. unhappily, there's this tennis match. sutterwick's results are among the worst. even if they weren't, i should still think it wrong to make an exception. i don't know what sutterwick's father's going to say. i do. something very smooth, very offensive and quite beside the point. you know him? i taught him. you know that he is the generous donor of our new playing fields? most generous. i know he has a great deal of money to be generous with. you won't let me persuade you to-- no, but you can order me to. [chimes] ah, well. i'll be seeing you tonight for dinner, hmm? yes, headmaster. i'm very much looking forward to it.
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do people think i really want to be disliked? who thinks that? baxter, for one. he certainly thinks i'm a bloody sadist. my dear fellow that's the first time i ever heard you swear. there has to be a first time for everything. i don't think the boys do dislike you. yes, they do. i can't blame them. if i were one of them, i'd dislike myself, i think. you must not exaggerate my dear fellow. i don't. the boys are quite right to dislike failure. now, now, now, you do exaggerate. the man whose-- what is a worse failure than a teacher who can't make his pupils grasp the importance of what he has to teach? can you answer me that? yes. a teacher who doesn't try to-- like baxter. rather true, max. thank you. [boys chattering indistinctly] look out. it's old blood-and-iron. that's just their humor. yes.
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what do they call you? ditchy. ditchy. that's not too bad. it's short for ditchwater and that is a simile for dull. good morning. sit down. sutterwick? you seem to have chosen rather an eccentric costume for class. i'm playing in the final of the junior tennis competition. at what time? 12:30, sir. at 12:30, you will still be in class, sutterwick. i thought i told you.
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mr. baxter said i could play. did i tell you? the periods are supposed to end at 12:00. it ends when i say it ends, sutterwick, and that is 1:00. when the bell rings at 12:00, i'm going, sir. you've no right to keep the others in, either. i have two kinds of rights, sutterwick: the right which would be translated into latin by the word fas-- meaning a sacred duty-- and the right which is given me by power. the first, i don't expect you to understand. the second, i do. sit down, please. your homer page 56, line 17. simpson, will you begin? "yea, i will tell thee clearly, and say but the truth. "mentes...i boast me to be anchialus's son "and among the taphians, men of the yawl, i am king. i came hither..." [thinking] they think i do not understand.
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they think i do not hear or see. ♪ i only wish they knew...i do ♪ ♪ understand them ♪ ♪ i only wish they understood me ♪ "in the haven of rheithron..." that is remarkably fluent, simpson. but i think i would prefer the words to be your own rather than those of professor jacobs' easy guide to the classics. would you be good enough to detach the page from that work that you have glued to your book hand it to me, take 25 punishment lines and proceed. [chimes] [boys yelling] my dear baxter what an absurd fuss over a game of tennis. a game of tennis? it is the final of the junior cup. it's still a game of pat-ball over a net with a piece of framed catgut and an unworthy subject for a quarrel between housemasters. when you make jokes to baxter against tennis, you'd better duck. he didn't only get a tennis blue at oxford,
2:15 pm
he got a boxing blue as well. also a first-class honors degree in physics. biology, and we don't say honors in this country, old man-- just degree. i'm sorry. furthermore, fenwick, i disagree with you profoundly upon the importance of this issue. to deprive sutterwick of the chance just because that persnickety old idiot has taken into his head to give his form an hour's extra tuition-- on the last day of term? ha ha! chipping's a brave man. "wine-dark sea" is a perfectly acceptable description of the aegean sea, barker, i agree. homer does use it rather a lot but then there are some epithets we all use rather a lot, don't we? i believe your favorite is "stinky," isn't it? [bell chiming] forgive me if i prefer homer's more colorful imagery. 12:00, i see. sutterwick? sir? come here, would you? [clock striking] [clattering]
2:16 pm
just distribute these around the class would you? to each boy. [clock striking] i think you'll find them all clearly marked. i've won! i've won! i'm the champion! i'm the junior tennis champion! the lex canuleia is not, as colin minor seems to think a law regulating canals, but a law that permitted roman patricians to marry plebeians. an easy way to remember it is to imagine a miss plebeian wishing to marry a mr. patrician, and mr. patrician saying he can't. she could then reply
2:17 pm
"oh, yes you can, you liar." well, boys i've finished. you've all hated me for this, i know but i am paid to teach you and your parents pay brookfield for you to learn. we have a mutual duty, in fact, and it's not a duty that i, for one, am prepared to betray. [clock chiming] this is good-bye for 10 weeks. may i wish you all a happy holiday. [clock chiming] you may go. [clock strikes 1:00] ♪ yesterday i was their age ♪
2:18 pm
♪ tomorrow they'll be my age ♪ ♪ sooner, much sooner than they know ♪ ♪ and suddenly they will ask ♪ ♪ what every child must ask ♪ ♪ where did my childhood go? ♪ ♪ where did my childhood go? ♪ ♪ when did my youth ♪ ♪ sweet and free ♪ ♪ suddenly slip away from me? ♪ ♪ was it so long ago? ♪ ♪ where did my childhood go? ♪ ♪ when did the magic end? ♪ ♪ when did the future meet the past? ♪
2:19 pm
♪ ending a dream too good to last ♪ ♪ taking away our friend ♪ ♪ when did my childhood end? ♪ ♪ was it that day in early spring ♪ ♪ that lingers on ♪ ♪ when somehow i knew ♪ ♪ this precious time ♪ ♪ would soon be gone? ♪ ♪ what does the future show? ♪ ♪ spring will return again next year ♪ ♪ and when she does she'll find me here ♪ ♪ wondering still i know ♪ ♪ where did my childhood go? ♪
2:20 pm
♪ yesterday i was their age ♪ ♪ tomorrow they'll be my age ♪ ♪ sooner, much sooner than they know ♪ ♪ and suddenly they will ask ♪ ♪ what every child must ask ♪ ♪ where did my childhood go? ♪ especially as this year, i've been invited to shoot at dornoch spey. dornoch spey... where are you going for your holiday mr. chipping? to the new excavations at pompeii. pompeii? but won't that be dreadfully hot at this time of year? yes. he must be in the late 30s by now,
2:21 pm
but i always think of him as a boy. oh, no, headmaster i'm sure you're a very good shot. you're staying the night in london, aren't you? yes, max, with johnny longbridge. lord longbridge? but i know him. you're very lucky to have so rich and hospitable an ex-pupil. i don't know, max. johnny was a very nice boy. quite a good scholar too, you know. we always got on. is he taking you-- didn't the present lord longbridge marry a... to the old vic as usual? no. no, that was the father i believe. the present lord longbridge is unmarried. and it's the medea tomorrow night... he's quite young, of course. which i very much wanted to see. he's got tickets for something he wants to see, for some reason, called, apparently flossie from fulham. but you're very lucky mr. chipping. my dear fellow that is most shocking. am i indeed, mrs. summersthwaite? it's a divine show, quite divine and a very big hit. hit? that means a success. does it? flossie from fulham is a divine show and you'll adore it. oh... splendid.
2:22 pm
but, my dear max isn't it a shame? i wonder if i could get johnny to change his mind? i'm looking forward like mad to seeing this extravaganza. ha ha! i'm sorry, chips. i know very well what you'd rather be seeing but i had to bring you to meet the girl i intend to marry. you're not serious surely? you did say marry? oh, yes, if she'll have me. i'm standing at the moment rather low on her list. i'm sure she's utterly delightful. think of your name your position... shakespeare first folios in the library at charworth. longbridge: dear chips, i'm awfully fond of you. why? a treasure hunt in fulham, what a capital idea. why what?
2:23 pm
blimey, bert-- why are you awfully fond of me? where is the owner of this fish stall? yeah. where's flossie? [applause] i say, what an absolute corker you are, dear miss fish stall owner plainly, the femme fatale of fulham. ooh, wherever did you come from, all dressed up so la-di-da? oh, the west end of london. oh! well, as long as it's london it's all right with me. ♪ 'ere i stands in piccadilly circus ♪ ♪ nelson stands in trafalgar square ♪ ♪ big ben stands by the river thames ♪ ♪ and will as long as the thames is there ♪ ♪ london is a strange unchanging town ♪ ♪ and take my word, whatever you've
2:24 pm
'eard ♪ ♪ london bridge 'as no intention ♪ ♪ of falling down ♪ ♪ london is london, is anyone in doubt of that? ♪ ♪ london is london, it's easy to find out about ♪ ♪ london is springtime, opening champagne ♪ ♪ london is summer ♪ ♪ not so bright but who's complaining ♪ ♪ london is lovely ♪ ♪ let no one change his mind about it ♪ ♪ some day you'll love it ♪ ♪ yes, that's the thing i find about it ♪ ♪ you can have paris and vegas and rome ♪ ♪ but london is london is london is england ♪ ♪ is home ♪ chorus: ♪ london is london... ♪ ♪ nowhere like london... ♪
2:25 pm
london is history rooftop and park ♪ ♪ london is history ♪ ♪ flabbergasting, everlasting ♪ ♪ london is a charmer ♪ ♪ i could go on for days about it ♪ ♪ dripping with drama ♪ ♪ there just ain't no two ways about it ♪ ♪ you can have cairo and cannes and capri ♪ ♪ but london ♪ ♪ london is ♪ ♪ is london ♪ ♪ london is ♪ ♪ london is england is here ♪ ♪ london ♪ ♪ the country must be mad about it ♪
2:26 pm
london... ♪ ♪ london ♪ ♪ country people rave about it ♪ ♪ london... ♪ chorus: ♪ london is england ♪ ♪ flabbergasting, everlasting ♪ ♪ london... ♪ ♪ london, london ♪ ♪ london people rave about it ♪ ♪ london is london ♪ ♪ country people pray about it ♪ ♪ london is my town and it's not the rhine ♪ ♪ oh, follow the country that shines ♪ ♪ the costers are talking of what they are hawking ♪ [band playing rule britannia] [applause] ♪ and london is london ♪ ♪ is england ♪ ♪ is mine ♪
2:27 pm
[applause] why the hell do we come here? because we always come here? exactly. what's the matter with you tonight? good evening. why, she's got young calbury with her. calbury? he's some idiot in the horse guards. damn it, chips we've been stood up. stood up? she's forgotten. oh, dear. i am sorry. oh. johnny longbridge. oh, my god i've stood him up. i must get him over. not to stay. come on, chips. what will you think of me? nothing, except that you're a terrible muddler of dates, that's all. and i've known that for ages. bill calbury you know, of course. he was suddenly in town again, and--
2:28 pm
oh, no, no, don't apologize, darling. oh, but you came to see the show especially tonight didn't you? my fifth time. this is chips. i told you about him, remember? of course. hasn't he any other name? well, if he has, i can't remember it. then i'd best call you "mr. chips." that's rather a nice name. how d'you do, mr. chips? how do you do, miss bridges? this is bill calbury. do join us. [dance band playing] oh, chips absolutely adored the show. i'm so glad. oh, yes, i loved it. it's a great hit, isn't it? we've been running for over a year. over a year? yes. every night? well, we get sundays off. don't you get most awfully bored? i mean, isn't it an awful strain
2:29 pm
for you? all that leaping? oh, yes, i loved it. the plot i found a shade tortuous but the exposition of it remarkably adroit. good. did you... like anything else? ah....well... the denouement i found quite remarkable when you turned out to be the real lady letty all along. no, that's edna loveless. i turn out to be william c. belfridge's ward. ah, yes-- the multimillionaire shop owner. of course, how stupid of me. but then you and the other lady do look alike. yes, i suppose we do. she's 53 next birthday. you're a star and sing so well.
2:30 pm
i think we should go back to our table. good-bye katie. marvelous seeing you. good-bye. good-bye miss bridges. good-bye, mr. chips. what an idiotic bore. bill, you were asking me something important. you were asking me whether i seriously believed something. they tell me they make a delicious oyster stew here. by the way how do you know she's not here? she? the girl tonight's evening news said you're going to marry. oh, yes, i saw that-- me and penelope fitzdouglas. huh. utterly ridiculous. sidesplitting. i'll have the same as last tuesday. so will i. [sigh] and the same wine? the same wine.
2:31 pm
man: hey! hey! hey, mister! hey! mister! please! please! i will... i'll be your guide. do for free, ok? ok. all right. here is the greek forum, which was partially destroyed in the earthquake of a.d. 61. behind you is the statue of cleo one of the muses. she had, uh-- no. that is terpsichore, the muse of choral dance and song and the earthquake was in a.d. 62. ok, mister. you know best. actually, dear fellow, i think i do. [indistinct] woman: hello. can you hear me up there?
2:32 pm
yes, of course i can. the acoustics here are famous. can you hear me? yes. but you're shouting. i am not shouting! sound travels upward better than downward. could you hear that? yes. what are you eating? an egg sandwich. when was the earthquake that destroyed all this? it wasn't an earthquake. it was an eruption of vesuvius behind me, and it happened in the year 79 a.d., toward the end of the ides of june. ha! i thought only march had ides. all roman months had ides. calends, too. are you a guide? do i look like a guide? i don't know. i haven't got my field glasses with me. what are you?
2:33 pm
a schoolmaster. ah, that's cheating. what are you? a tourist-- an ignorant one, as you imply who doesn't know her ide from her calend. there's no singular to either word. oh, you can't win, can you? you eating another sandwich? yes. wouldn't have anything left, would you? one egg sandwich and some cheese. i'm coming up. i'm starving. how do you do? my name is chipping. mine is bridges. oh. golly! well, one thing's fairly certain. we'd never be cast opposite each other. forgive me, i didn't quite follow that. it doesn't matter. oh, thank you, you're an angel of
2:34 pm
mercy. mmm! hmm, haven't we met before? i don't think so. have some of this. mmm, thank you. of course. you're mr. chips! i beg your pardon? we met at the savoy one night with johnny longbridge remember? i was with somebody called bill calbury, and you said all the wrong things. good gracious, you're not the girl in that awful-- awfully jolly musical comedy? ha ha ha! oh! ha ha ha. oh, thank you for making me laugh. it's the first time i have for over a month. cheers! cheers. i didn't mean it as funny. well, no. if you had i wouldn't have laughed. this is nice. i ought to tell you, it's rather strong. good. but, of course you're the girl who turned out to be the real lady letty all along. no. ha ha!
2:35 pm
you've done it again. oh, dear. i'm so sorry. ha ha ha! you are... william c. belfridge's ward. miss katherine bridges. ah, now, that's wrong, too. my real name is not bridges. my real name is-- now you won't laugh, will you? it's brisket. charmingly anglo-saxon. what are you doing in pompeii? i wasn't feeling very well, and they gave me a month off so i booked myself on this mediterranean cruise. my boat stopped at naples, and, well they organized a conducted tour of this place. only i hate being conducted, so when i heard there was a theater, i slipped off. i'm glad i did. it's beautiful. the other is even better. greek theater? you mean they did plays here like the one that's on at the old vic now? the medea? mm-hmm. yes, they did. i'd like to see that production. i hear it's marvelous. i do, too. we'll do it together sometime, huh? yes. is there lots more to see in pompeii?
2:36 pm
oh, there's a full 10 days of exhaustive sightseeing and very many more if you include the herculaneum. well, i've got the rest of the day. would you be my guide, mr. chips? look, doesn't this bore you terribly? please--please say if it does, because-- well, i know there's nothing more awful than being bothered by somebody when all you really want to do is be on your own. nobody knows that better than me. sorry. than i. doesn't bore me at all. in fact, very much the reverse. truth to say i was feeling a little lonely myself, this afternoon. this is the temple of jupiter. are you quite alone on this ship? i mean, you're not with any particular friend? no, no particular friend. at the moment, i'm rather between particular friends. of course, you met him that night didn't you? mr. calbury?
2:37 pm
yes, i did. i'm sorry. that's all right. no doubt the sea air? yes, the sea air's done marvels. sorry. am i going too fast for you? my dear young lady i could easily go just as fast as you if i cared to risk a broken ankle and be carried back on a stretcher. it's extremely foolish to leap around in a ruined circle like a mountain goat especially in those shoes. these stones are very treacherous. yes, but i'm sure you're very active for your age. since you cannot conceivably know what my age is your flattering complexion theorem miss bridges must be based on a somewhat conjectural premise. ha ha ha! ha, you've done it again. now that's 3 times you've made me laugh. and only this morning, i really did think i'd never laugh again. i suppose it's your being a schoolmaster. i fail to see what is so laughable about that. well, no it's not laughable.
2:38 pm
one doesn't laugh at people only because they're funny. not some people, anyway. come on, there's so much left to see before the sun goes down on us. katherine: ♪ a million planets were swimming in the sky ♪ ♪ i only saw the sun ♪ ♪ a million faces drifted by ♪ ♪ suddenly, there was one ♪ ♪ filling my mind like the day was filled with sun ♪ ♪ telling my heart my life had just begun ♪ ♪ although it was so many years away ♪ ♪ i remember that moment ♪
2:39 pm
♪ as though it were yesterday ♪ ♪ he smiled, i smiled ♪ ♪ we smiled ♪ ♪ and the sky smiled, too ♪ ♪ we walked, he talked ♪ ♪ i talked ♪ ♪ and the sky was blue ♪ ♪ and before the walk was over ♪
2:40 pm
♪ i just knew ♪ ♪ he smiled, i smiled ♪ ♪ we smiled ♪ ♪ and the sky smiled, too ♪ ♪ it was love ♪
2:41 pm
what does that mean? "gnothi seauton." "know yourself," the watchword of apollo. the god of prophecy. amongst other things. oh, i'm so sorry have i tired you out? no, you have not tired me out. i have a large piece of ancient greece in my shoe, that's all. well, it's been really thrilling to be shown around paestum by the world's greatest authority on ancient greece. i am not the world's greatest authority on ancient greece. just one of them. ha ha ha! i'm going to ask apollo a question. you mustn't ask a personal question. well, not a specific one.
2:42 pm
like, uh... like "will bill calbury come back to me?" ha. no, i wouldn't bore apollo with that, i promise you. no, just something general, like... "what's going to happen to my life?" ah! even that is too specific. besides, i could answer that. a series of, what is it, uh, "hits," a dazzling career-- no. what do you mean "no?" i mean "no." look, mr. chips, seems to me you've learned just about everything but you haven't learned the first thing about me. ever heard of a captain who hates the sea? that's me. i. only with i, me it's the theater. you tell me the show must go on, and what do i answer? "why?" now, come on, apollo. just speak to me. i'm gonna break all the rules and ask you something specific.
2:43 pm
well? did he speak? very clearly. what did he say? if i tell, it won't happen. that is the new moon not apollo. you won't get me to tell. "know yourself." that's quite a watchword. gnothi seauton. you're most retentive! give me a good line, and i can remember it! katherine: ♪ you smiled ♪ ♪ i smiled ♪
2:44 pm
♪ we smiled ♪ ♪ and the sky smiled, too ♪ ♪ it was love ♪ they call me "ditchy," short for ditchwater dull. they think i'm a bore and they're probably right. no, no. oh, yes. but i wouldn't mind them thinking me a bore, if i could only get them to see how much i really do like them and care for them. i-- what's the matter? i was blowing my nose. [sniff] there isn't any law against that, is there? but i thought you were crying. well, i was. and there isn't any law against that, either. but in heaven's name, why? doesn't matter.
2:45 pm
give me some more of that. look, this... really is most awfully strong but if it's going to make you start squirting tears all over the table just because my pupils find me a dull teacher... oh, heavens, i really am most awfully sorry. what for? i've been talking so much about myself i'd completely forgotten what... your problems were. and what good reasons you have to cry. you must forgive me. ha ha ha! well done, mr. chips. quite up to form. i think you're the nicest man i've ever met in my life. now, faced with that challenge, what do you think of me? or do i really want to know? yes i do. go ahead.
2:46 pm
well, i think mr. calbury's a very foolish man. thank you. go on. there are plenty of other men besides mr. calbury. you're very young, you're very attractive and you're bound to find someone else-- someone who will realize how lucky he is and won't ever let you go. go on. someone who will give you that escape from the stage that you imply you want someone from quite a different background than your present one. someone who happens to love you very much at this moment and when he gets to know you better can, i'm sure, only love you more and more and more. someone, in fact like johnny longbridge.
2:47 pm
ha ha ha! oh, i've been wanting to do this all evening, and now i'm going to do it. nobody and nothing's going to stop me. what? this. ahh. really miss bridges! i hate to say it but i think just a touch too much of the wine! not a touch too much a lot too much, and i feel wonderful! oh, mr. chips. you really are... well... mr. chips. [children shouting indistinctly] oh, what a wonderful day it's been! yes. yes, indeed. quite wonderful. care to make it a wonderful night, too? ah...well, as it happens, miss bridges, for tomorrow i have a rather tight
2:48 pm
curriculum. well, loosen it. you and i are going to make whoopee. the term is new to me. what does it mean? almost anything, really. [child yells indistinctly] i really must go! i--it's been a very, very great pleasure. it really has. and may i wish you a very safe and a very happy journey home. oh, my! uh scusa. ha ha ha! [children laughing] ha ha ha. katherine: ♪ apollo ♪ ♪ apollo ♪ ♪ you're the god of sun ♪
2:49 pm
♪ that's what mr. chips has told me ♪ ♪ he is never wrong ♪ ♪ he also says you're the god of prophecy ♪ ♪ cassandra's gift was a gift from you ♪ ♪ so any dream you may care to offer me ♪ ♪ will i know come true ♪ ♪ apollo ♪ ♪ is it love? ♪ man: loading! brookfield station!
2:50 pm
♪ 7 weeks of home sweet home are over ♪ ♪ they're over ♪ ♪ 7 weeks of mother's cooking ♪ ♪ mother's love ♪ ♪ and mother's looking after ♪ ♪ and laughter ♪ ♪ and living in clover ♪ ♪ are over ♪ ♪ moreover, 14 weeks ♪ ♪ of michaelmas term stretch endlessly ahead ♪ ♪ 14 weeks of nameless horror we're to be apart ♪ ♪ 14 weeks of latin verbs i wish that i were dead ♪ ♪ 14 weeks of school cap tipping ♪ ♪ filthy food and mr. chipping ♪
2:51 pm
♪ 14 weeks in the dungeon ♪ ♪ are the schoolboy's plight ♪ ♪ but one day, one day ♪ ♪ when i am older ♪ ♪ i'll be the president of peru ♪ ♪ i'll own an emerald mine or two ♪ ♪ i'll swim for england in the next olympic games ♪ ♪ well, i'll be more than happy to play my sonnet ♪ ♪ i'm to be a lady-charmer ♪ ♪ i'm gonna be a knight in armor ♪ ♪ find a damsel and disarm her ♪ ♪ when i am older ♪ ♪ i'll be the multiest-millionaire ♪ ♪ i'll be the fellow beyond compare ♪ ♪ i'll be the hero in the popular circles ♪ ♪ i'm going to carve the world in pieces ♪ ♪ i'm going to be as rich as croesus ♪ ♪ think of the mighty empire i shall rule ♪ ♪ when i am older ♪ ♪ when i am older wiser, and bolder ♪
2:52 pm
♪ on the day that i get out of school ♪ [whistling] ♪ i'm gonna be a fine musician ♪ ♪ i'm gonna be a rich physician ♪ ♪ i'm going to be a politician ♪ ♪ i shall be an obstetrician ♪ ♪ i'll achieve my great ambition ♪ ♪ when i get older ♪ ♪ i'll be the man who makes the rules ♪ ♪ i will demolish public school ♪ ♪ i'll be the chairman of at least a hundred boards ♪ ♪ i'll run a fleet of warship tankers ♪ ♪ i'll buy streets of merchant bankers ♪ ♪ i'll be the greatest man you've ever seen ♪ ♪ when i am older ♪ ♪ wiser and bolder ♪ ♪ just as soon as i am 17 ♪ [whimpering]
2:53 pm
[footsteps] are you for brookfield? if i knew where it was. the other boys didn't tell you? no. well, that happens. i'm afraid pets aren't allowed. oh, no! if they take delilah from me, i won't want to live! yes, you will. she's very beautiful, delilah. who's your housemaster? mr. fenwick. ah, good. he's not an animal hater. in fact, he's already looking after quite a large menagerie for his boys already: white mice, canaries a couple of rabbits, and a snake. he could certainly cope with delilah.
2:54 pm
are you a master? yes. s-s-sir, i shouldn't have said-- yes, you should. i was a new boy here myself once a long time ago. i had a myna bird, i remember which i taught to say, "brookfield forever." they took that away from me, and they were quite right. its sense of timing was peccable. peccable, sir? faulty. i should have said "faulty." it's a better word. [bell chiming] well, i'll show you the way. it's not very far. would you take delilah? i can see why you love her. she's quite delightful. and better let me take these. absolutely blind drunk my dear fellow. it was most embarrassing. i mean i'm known in naples. and can you imagine, i was almost raped. oh, man, you exaggerate. no, i don't. and i don't flatter myself about the incident either.
2:55 pm
it was all rather a pity. till that moment i'd found her really rather surprisingly civilized. tiny little thing. very pretty hair. w-w-why pick on me? an old stick-in-the-mud. that's a very accurate description of you. don't rub it in, max. musical comedy actresses can't be quite normal with all that... [telephone ringing] dressing up, skipping around. but even so... hello. oh, why, hello. medea at the old vic? uh, no! i hadn't forgotten. it's just that it would be impossible to get tickets for this friday.
2:56 pm
you've got them? 223 river walk chiswick. y-yes, yes i've got that down. oh, yes. oh--oh, i'm sure i would enjoy meeting them very much. looking forward to it enormously. uh, how nice to hear from you out of the blue. good-bye. i suppose a telegram at the last minute saying i'm ill... but, um... you didn't write the address down. what for?
2:57 pm
to send a telegram to, uh... oh, i can't. i've forgotten it. 223 river walk chiswick. 2-2-2? 3...river walk... chiswick. ha ha ha! ooh! oh, but what i ask you, what, then happened to chloe? i mean, it's all too devastating for words to be left by eloise or of all people freddy franklin finch. freddy franklin finch, who doesn't even come up to her navel. are you going in? yes. oh, don't. it's hell. [laughter] but what is poor chloe going to do? you're in that wonderful play at
2:58 pm
the criterion, where you take to drink in the last act. well, actually madam-- you do it beautifully, darling and made me believe every other word. will you wear that orchid, darling? well-- dear heart. man: not at all. you know-- but eloise, and freddy! i mean you know me, darling i don't care what people do provided they do it in bed, darling, but really it's too much. i mean, he's so small it's impractical. i don't think i do know you. you must be mad. what's your name? arthur chipping. that's right. you take to drink. i do not take to drink! madam, excuse me. madam i like. madam i adore! chipping! i know, you're the guest of honor at some party i've been asked to at augustus john's, or tallulah's or somewhere. katherine: mr. chips! i was so scared you wouldn't turn up. my guest of honor. arthur chipping. woman: oh! it was here! i knew it was somewhere. oh, what a beautiful man, katie. what's your next play, darling? i'm not an actor, madam. i'm a schoolmaster.
2:59 pm
he could call me madam all night. ah, well come along, children time to go. the night is young. say bye-bye. all: bye! i'm glad you came, darling. absolutely wonderful. katherine: thank you. wear that orchid behind your ear, you know. oh, what a beautiful man! i don't know where katie finds them. i don't know-- a change from that last one, that abysmal bill calbury, the one before-- man: come on, ursula! i told penelope we'd be there ages ago! i'm so glad you came. so am i. very glad indeed. come in! [car horns honking] you won't know anybody but they're all mad to meet you. they are? mm-hmm. um... who was that lady i just had the pleasure of meeting? ursula? she's just ursula. indeed. very famous actress, ursula mossbank, but... well, she's just ursula. she seemed "just ursula." oh--oh, uh.


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