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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  August 5, 2015 6:00am-6:35am EDT

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as utility crews race to repair damage from yesterday's severe storms. >> right now a burglar accused of breaking into apartments in the same manhattan neighborhood. he struck six times in as many months. >> governor christie narrowly made the cut for the first republican presidential debate. he has some stiff competition joining him on stage. good morning, i'm shirleen allicot in for lori stokes. >> i'm ken rosato. thank you for joining us. you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic and meteorologist bill evans with the accuweather forecast. >> all right. thank you to whomever bought the coffee this morning. who was that? >> you are welcome. >> here is what is going on this morning. take a look outside, a great day to have a cup of coffee and watch the beautiful sunrise in progress. we have high, thin clouds across the area. temperatures around 73 degrees. really comfortable here. clear skies. we are going to a high of 87. a very low humidity today. long branch 66.
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61 down the jersey shore. 64 wrightstown. sunshine, 84 by noontime. 87 this afternoon. a great day, especially for august. we should be in the midst of the dog days where it's sticky, steamy and sultry. it's not. we will talk about the weekend next in your accuweather seven- day forecast and it looks better than when we were talking about it this time yesterday, heather. >> that is a good thing. let's go to the maps. not a good thing is on the leigh. looks like we still have an accident, l.i.e. eastbound near exit 19. this accident blocks three lanes. then as you head through brooklyn, don't forget about the sinkhole. it's 5th avenue at 64th street. then we are looking at minor delays lincoln. off the george washington bridge on to 95 southbound local lanes near exit 71, we have an accident in the process of being cleared away. mass transit is running on or close to schedule. shirleen, ken, over to you. >> okay, thank you. house sands of homes on long island are still without
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electricity this morning. it could be several days until the lights come back on. >> as we told you yesterday morning, a powerful storm blasted eastern suffolk county bringing down countless trees and power lines. among the towns hardest hit, smithtown, southold and brookhaven. this morning power crews are teaming up to get the situation resolved. >> eyewitness news reporter kala rama is on the scene. she is live in east setauket. kala? >> reporter: shirleen, as the sun comes up, crews will get a better idea of what they are dealing with here. we have seen them working around the clock, even in the dark trying to add to this pile, cleaning up what they can from the roadways to get round 2 of clean up. let me show you what the problem is. we have seen a lot of downed trees here. we have seen a lot of trees tangled in power lines. some split in half. now, the people in this area are complaining that there is not enough utility crews working on getting the power back.
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the storm hit around 5:00 yesterday morning with straight line winds up to 80 miles per hour. since then, pse&g long island said they had about 500 to 600 crews on the roads but now they are getting help from con ed crews. about 50 of them rolled in and started work. these customers at last check were just under 14,000 people -- customers without power here. they want to see some action now. >> hopefully pse&g can justify the rate increases by the lack of response that we have seen. we haven't seen other than that maybe an hour ago a couple of trucks. >> brookhaven was here but we didn't see pse&g. >> reporter: so, this is a bird's-eye view of the area from dronecam 7. you can see the impact, a tree split down the middle and other trees acting as barricades across the road tangled in power lines. the hardest hit areas are
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brookhaven, smithtown and where i can, setauket. customer service offices will be open starting at 8:00 in riverhead and quorum. you can charge your phone and ipad and get water and ice for your family, whoever is in need. we will check on the number and check in with you in another half hour. live in east see take you ket -- setauket, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. there is clearview out from police of a man wanted for attempted rape in the south bronx. detectives say the man appeared to be browsing in a clothing store but he then attacked a 41- year-old clerk working alone. she managed to fight him off and he fled the store. here helps on video -- her he is on video, clear video. police hope someone can identify him. police are looking for the suspect in a violent a woman in chinatown. take a look at these pictures. the attack happened a little more than 24 hours ago. investigators say this man
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walked up to a 55-year-old woman and hit her in the back while she was standing at motte and grand streets. the woman was treated for a cut at the hospital. a bold thief on the run in manhattan. police say he snuck into six apartments virtually on the same block. the latest crime a couple of weeks ago. now surveillance video may put a stop to the burglary spree. eyewitness news reporter rob nelson is in hell's kitchen with the story. rob? >> reporter: good morning, ken. fire he is scrapes are designed to give people away out of the building in case something awful happens. for one criminal still on the loose, those escapes are his way in to the building. take a look at this video. this is the suspect in action just a few days ago on july 25th. he is on the fire escape of this building at 10th and 57th street looking for away in the building about 7:00 a.m. the would be victim, a 24-year- old woman inside heard noise outside of her window. she spotted the man and that's
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when he got scared and took off. but not before looking right in to the security camera which caught a crystal clear image of his face. police believe the same man struck five other locations in midtown since february, sometimes escaping with credit cards, jewelry, electronics and clothing. back live, this is a look at the fire escape near the building where the last incident took place on july 25th. these are facing 10th avenue in the front. in the latest, the man got in using fire escapes around the corner in the back of the building. he struck six times in all, three times on 10th avenue and three other times on 49th street. that video is so clear police are asking for help. if you recognize the image, if you do recognize the man, call crimestoppers, 800-577-tips. reporting live in hell's kitchen, rob nelson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, rob. happening today, the mayor of mount vernon provides an update as investigators look
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into the death of ray turner. he was found dead in a holding cell last monday two days after being arrested for shoplifting. he was hospitalized shortly after the arrest and then returned to jail. authorities say the 43-year-old had surgery and a history of hypertension. mayor de blasio will attend this morning's funeral for frank musala. he was 37 years old when he died on the job last week on staten island. he was the first line of duty death in the 34 year history of the enforcement division. medical examiner says that sergeant suffered from heart disease. in the race for president, one day to go before the first republican debate of the primary election. this morning we know which 10 candidates will participate. donald trump, jeb bush, scott walker, dr. ben carson, mike huckabee, ted cruz, rand paul, marco rubio, john kay such and chris christie. they were selected by fox news
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based on their positions in national polls. not making the cut, carly fiorina, rick perry, lindsey graham, george pataki and jim gilmore. they will take part in a separate forum hours before the actual debate. the fbi is looking into the security of the private e-mail server for hillary clinton used by her when she was secretary of state. "the washington post" reporting the fbi asked that clinton lawyer david kendall tell them about the security of a fun drive that he possesses that reportedly contains copies of clinton's e-mails. government investigators have been trying to determine if she sent or received private information through her server in her home. the white house hopes to counter a well financed campaign by critics who are
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pressuring congress to oppose the deal. both sides are using a month long congressional recess to pit the battle for support or rejection of the deal. you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic and meteorologist bill evans with the accuweather forecast. >> we got live cameras that just show it all in high definition. we have sunshine this morning as we look from our camera at four time's square looking south. 75 degrees on our thermometer on top of our building. 73 from central park. here is a view from our roof camera across the park. 73 at the meters at central park and across flushing bay to long island sound, a pretty morning. high clouds across the area. plenty of shine. a few clouds tomorrow. this storm system in st. louis will stay south coming from the show me state, it will be going over to washington, d.c. we will have sunshine this morning, low humidity. 77 at 9:00.
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noontime temperature about 84. 87 this afternoon. the weekend coming up and it looks better than we thought yesterday because the storm is going south. heather is looking at the commute. weather then heather. how are the trains. >> the trains are okay. a little issue but we are going to head up to newscopter 7. john del giorno has arrived over this accident on the leigh. things have been moved off to the shoulder, john. >> that is exactly hit, heather, good morning. we have first live pictures of this accident on the eastbound long island expressway in queens. we can show you with skywriter 7 what happened. you can see the vehicle on the flatbed tow truck. that is a minivan that apparently crashed into the back of this construction vehicle here. that is one much those construction arrows in the left lane and the minivan crashed into the back of it. it does not appear to be serious injuries. nypd actually just rolled up on this accident after the construction crews and the toe crews moved it to the right shoulder.
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this accident now mostly out of the way. you do see slowdowns both directions just west of exit 19 at woodhaven boulevard. heather? >> thank you, john. we will head to the maps and talk about the subway status. 2 and 3 trains downtown local only 72nd to chambers because of mechanical problems at 96th street. you have long island railroad, new jersey okay. metro north waterbury branch, bridge work in bridgeport. street cleaning rules are in effect. ken and shirleen, over to you. >> thank you. coming up, hear the dramatic 911 calls when a new jersey state trooper opened fire on a group of teenagers. >> allegiant now the focus of a federal investigation after several recent high profile
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and talk with your doctor.
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welcome back. we are hearing the 911 calls after a new jersey trooper opened fire on three teens outside his home. >> do you know the street -- he shot my car three times. >> the shooting happened in sparta last month. the teens mistakenly knocked on the trooper's door then ran when the trooper came out with a gun. the trooper fired three shots
6:15 am
as the teens drove away. in a 911 call, the trooper's wife claimed the driver -- to run her husband down. >> banging on our front and backdoor. my husband is a state trooper. he got his gun. he went outside and fired three shots. the car almost hit him. now helps in his car pursuing them. >> the teenage driver claims he swerved to avoid the trooper standing in the street. nobody was injured. no charges have been filed. new this morning the faa is investigating problems of allege general air. air traffic control audio surfaced on an allegiant pilot telling a controller he was low on fuel and needed to execute an emergency landing. the pilot landed with 42 minutes of fuel. over the weekend an allegiant flight made an emergency
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landing in las vegas and another in north carolina yesterday. faa is reassigning investigators for a detailed examination of the allegiant incidents. time to check the accuweather forecast. >> meteorologist bill evans is outside our studios on the upper west side on what he says will be the best day of the week. >> that's right. that's what i say. i say our weekend is looking better, too as a matter of fact. better than we were looking yesterday when our computer guidance was showing the storm system out of the midwest coming our way. a beautiful sunrise as we look from our camera in brooklyn to the lower east side. high thin clouds across and a pretty morning. temperature is comfortable, too. 73 in the park. dry humidity, a calm wind. pressure holding steady at 30. yesterday's high 89. so, we are starting out around 71 sunset park. oakwood staten island looking good. 66 degrees, 66 around sandy hook to monmouth county. temperatures are comfortable. the wind is calm. high, thin clouds across the
6:17 am
area means a fair-weather day coming your way for the day today. and we will have a lot of sunshine, too, even though we have high clouds across the area. up to the south and west, there are more clouds. more build in as we go into tomorrow. but today is a comfy day because of the low humidity. the storm system you see over missouri and northern arkansas, that should stay around the base of this high-pressure ridge over us and keep it to our south. so, you see our futurecast is showing maybe a pop-up shower way up north. we are pretty dry, especially as we get to the important weekend where friday afternoon and even into saturday, you see saturday morning we have clear skies. boating forecast today, we are looking at a northwest wind late in the day 5 to 10 knots, 12 to 13 miles per hour wind. yesterday waves were 4 to 6. rip current risk on the new york beaches, south shore of long island, moderate. low risk around the jersey shore. great weather, 87. tomorrow a few more clouds out
6:18 am
of the south and west. 85. a beautiful day. north of i-84 there might be a scattered shower or thunderstorm around albany and up that way to dutchess county. low humidity, 87 today. clouds and comfy tonight. 60 in the suburbs. 69 the five boroughs. sunshine, clouds mixed together. high around 856789 here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. friday sunshine and 80 degrees. then saturday and sunday a mixture of sun and clouds. 82 should be the high. 68 for the low. the weekend is looking really good at this point since that storm decided it will go to the south of us. yet another nice weekend. this weekend will feel better than last weekend. i thought last weekend was exceptional with temperatures in the upper 80s to 9 o. 82- degree temperatures, cooler for the weekend. >> sounds delich. >> looks like things are up on the l.i.e.
6:19 am
newscopter 7 is up above. john del giorno is showing us that the accident that involved this minivan and this construction truck here, they were involved in a fender bender when the minivan hit the back of the truck. they pushed evening to the side of the roadway. this is the eastbound side of the leigh into exit 19, woodhaven boulevard. a little delay in both directions. head to the maps and we will talk about the subways, 2 and 3 trains downtown local service only 72nd to chambers, mechanical problems at 96th street. on or close to schedule with everything else. bridge work in bridgeport. 95 local lanes south of exit 71 an accident. the accident has been cleared. minor delays george washington bridge, 10 minutes apiece lincoln and holland. street cleaning rules are in effect. shirleen and ken, over to you. >> thank you. another city for citi bikes. positive bike sharing service next and how you can get in on the action today. >> when a family heard mysterious noise coming from the ceiling, they knew who to
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the dow starts at 17,550. the nasdaq composite opens 9 points down and s&p 500 begins 4 points lower. futures are also down. >> nikkei and hong kong hang seng index gained half a percent. citibank -- citi bike rather is heading across the hudson. membership go on sale for the bike sharing services upcoming expansion to jersey city. 350 bikes and 35 stations in jersey city. the past two years, the city added 22 miles of bike lanes. the service begins next month. the good news, you can use the bikes in jersey city and new york. >> netflix is making it easier for new moms and dads to spend quality times at home. new parents are eligible for up to a year off when they have a baby. the coverage affects all of the company's 2,000 workers. that is incredible. that is like what happens in europe when you have a baby, you get so much time off.
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now netflix is doing it. very cool. >> you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic and meteorologist bill evans with the accuweather forecast. >> hey, we from our camera at midtown south. one world trade and over to ellis island, the statue of liberty. hey, the statue and over to staten island. a pretty morning out here. temperature a nice comfortable 73 degrees. low humidity going to a high of 87 today. 57 at morristown. 55 monticello. 57 out to riverhead, out to lotti's diner. good morning. it will be a day where we have low humidity to start the day. that will remain low all day. the 84 at noon. 87 at 4:00. diner food sounds good, doesn't it heather? >> it totally does, yeah, some disco fries. >> how is the commute news and john del giorno is somehowing
6:25 am
that everything is off on the shoulder but there are rubbernecking delays. this is the new jersey turnpike. i had somebody tweet me asking if the turnpike is reopened after yesterday's accident. car, truck lanes both directions the entire road has been reopened. our street cleaning rules are in effect. shirleen, over to you. >> heather, thank you. a meowing mystery is solved for family in florida. >> a homeowner in fort lauderdale heard strange noises from the bathroom walls. it was a kitten but he could see where the lost cat was located so he phoned in a little bit of help from a firefighter who came to the rescue. he climbed in the attic, found the fellow stuck in the ventilation system. he rescued the kitten. he is doing well and on his way to the animal care adoption center. >> adorable. we are closing in on 6:30, still ahead, piles of tree
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a holland tunnel clean up on long island. road crews from new jersey are lending a hand to help with the trees ripped from their roots. the bigger task awaits. they have to get the power back on for thousands of folks. , nypd is asking for help to find a dangerous suspect who
6:30 am
attacked a woman with a knife. >> why comedian lewis c.k. is palling around with mayor de blasio. >> i'm ken rosato. >> i'm shirleen allicot in for lori stokes. thank you for joining us. you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic and we begin with meteorologist bill evans. >> good morning, it's a morning where it's absolutely gorgeous outside. if you get a chance to get outside and enjoy this day, for august, it's a real treat. warm but no humidity. 69 around teterboro. 71 newark and staten island. 72 brooklyn and queens. 73 in the park. 68 to 63 long island. 56 sussex and morristown 59. 55 up to monticello. by 8:00 it's 77. noontime low humidity 84 and warm sunshine this afternoon, 87 degrees. our weekend is looking up. we will look to that next in the seven-day forecast. it looks like things are starting to look up a bit, traveling on the l.i.e. eastbound side. we had a two-car accident.
6:31 am
it was a minivan what has been today away. this construction vehicle is whated minivan hit. this is the eastbound side of the l.i.e. near exit 19, woodhaven boulevard. everything is off to the shoulder. you know what happens in new york, everybody starts slowing down to take a look at that. we have a delay. thankfully this was the eastbound side. we can take a look at our maps. the sinkhole in brooklyn is still there. avoid 6th avenue at 54th street. subway status, service is on or close to schedule. no major problems. our street cleaning rules are in effect today. shirleen, over to you. >> heather, thank you. the situation is slowly getting better but just not fast enough tore people on long island. thousands of homes without power for more than 24 hours after yesterday morning's storms. con ed crews arrived to lend a helping hand. the latest numbers you can see more than 15,000 customers
6:32 am
still in the dark. kala rama is live in east setauket. kala? >> reporter: i will say that they are trying to make their way to get the power back. they are trying to clean up the roadways. all morning long we have seen trucks like this one dumping piles and piles of debris. i mean, these are limbs and tree trunks chopped up that they picked up from the roadways that need to be cleared before crews can get to work here. let me show you what the problem is that we are dealing with across here. there are trees toppled over homes, trunks acting as barricades in the roadways. thousands of trees tangled up in president power lines to get people out of the dark. people in the area are complaining that there is not enough crews but they are getting some help. pse&g long island said they had about 500 to 600 crews on the roads. now they are getting help from con ed crews. they sent about 50 people who got to work here. as of right now, we are just under 14,000 people without
6:33 am
power since this storm hit yesterday. it has come down quite a bit. they say about 80% has their power back. let's hear from customers what they want. >> pse&g obviously has to get that stuff off the lines. we don't want to cause more damage to the electrical infrastructure and i don't want to put my employees in jeopardy. so, at this point, we are waiting for additional crews from pse&g to remove the trees that are involved with the lines and then we will continue cutting our way back into these neighborhoods. >> so from dronecam 7 you can see an impact from a different angle, trees down the middle. limes down in every direction. back out live you can see the limbs again being dumped all morning they have been working overnight. the hardest hit areas are in brookhaven, smithtown and where i am, east setauket.
6:34 am
for anyone that needs help, we should mention that customer service offices are open in riverhead and quorum around 8:00 in the morning. you can charge anything from your cell phone to i pad and get water and ice to take -- ipad and get water and ice to take care of your family. we have a sketch police want you to see of a suspect of a woman in elmhurst queens. police say late last month the suspect put a sharp object to a woman's throat as she was trying to get in her own home. he then ran off when the victim screamed. she was treated for a cut to her neck. in brooklyn, police released a picture of one of the suspects in a multiple shooting that we told you about yesterday morning. take a look at this 19-year-old man. he is frederick marquise. investigators say he is one of two people that jumped out of an s.u.v. and started firing at a group of people in red hook. five people got hit including a pregnant teen whose unborn baby was killed. hundreds took part in a
6:35 am
national night out event in brooklyn in response to the shootings. more than 20 people were wounded or killed in gun incidents in brooklyn since friday. mayor de blasio says the legionnaires outbreak plaguing the city has peaked. last light health officials passed out fliers in the south bronx with tips on how to avoid the disease. it's too late to save carmelo who died sunday. his daily walk took him past one of the five water cooling towers found to be contaminated. that may have been enough because his family says he had several preexisting health problems. his family blames the city. >> they were in a way negligent because the first time they found out about it, they could have done something about it before letting it spread throughout the bronx. >> the city says all infected towers have been found and decontaminated and again health officials say the number of cases should decline in the coming days.
6:36 am
we will continue to keep you updated on the legionnaires outbreak in the bronx. be sure to download our abc7ny app to receive breaking news alerts on your smartphone. happening today, mayor de blasio will hold a round table to discuss the mental health and public safety plan. the de blasio administration says it will spend about $6 billion on the home over the next four years. mayor de blasio has an addition to his entourage. lewis c.k. followed the mayor around. he is working on a project about what mayors do all day. >> it will be interesting to get it from his perspective, that's for sure. new details this morning on another robbery in central park. >> just weeks to go before the pope's historic visit to new
6:37 am
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a 14-year-old boy burning rubber with about 200 police
6:40 am
officers behind him. police say the teens stole three vehicles at gunpoint, ready to pull the trigger, too, but his smoking run from wisconsin to minnesota came to an end after he crashed. white was all over, this is what the car looked like. the teen boy was hauled off in handcuffs. >> hopefully that is his last jaunt with police. you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic and bill evans. >> let's take a look from our camera on the roof looking up the hudson river this morning. pretty, grass like. high, thin, cirrus clouds, calm on the hudson looking past the george washington bridge on the left side. that is the palisades. pretty morning out here. this is our camera at 4 time's square looking south. pretty morning past 1 world trade to sandy hook, new jersey. 22-mile visibility this morning and a temperature of 73 degrees. we are looking at clear skies, high thin clouds. this area of rain back to our
6:41 am
west in st. louis stays to the south around the base of this high-pressure ridge which will keep us dry into the weekend. noontime temperature 84. 87 this afternoon. low humidity and for august, this is a real treat. we talk about your weekend next which is looking good in the accuweather seven-day forecast. >> heather is looking at the commute, weather then heather. >> i want to remind everybody that horrific accident on the new jersey turnpike has been cleared away, the one that occurred yesterday. but we have another accident on the new jersey turnpike not nearly as bad as the other one. here is northbound side of the turnpike in the truck lanes. this is near exit 13. you do have an accident. it looks like it's off on the side of the roadway. you will find some delays. that's in the truck lanes. let's go to the maps and talk about what is happening with mass transit. long island railroad, new jersey transit doing okay, metro north waterbury branch, work in bridgeport. street cleaning rules are in effect today.
6:42 am
shirleen and ken, over to you. >> thank you very much. another health scare for governor's girlfriend sandra lee rushed to the hospital overnight. >> long island's own playing one of his last hometown shows. feel like a kid again with dunkin's new cookie-flavored iced coffees. for a limited time, dd perks members can enjoy any sized iced coffee for $1.99. america runs on dunkin'.
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america runs on dunkin'. new video from police of three suspects wanted for a home invasion robbery in the riverdale section of the bronx. police say the men stormed the apartment of a 68-year-old woman and stuffed her home health aide in a closet then they beat the older woman and forced her to open a safe containing $50,000. if you can identify the men, give police a call. a police sketch out this morning shows a suspect wanted for an attempted robbery in central park. the thief reportedly pulled a knife and demanded cash from a man at east drive and east 109th street last saturday. the victim said he showed at
6:45 am
the man and then made a run for it. we can learn the identity of a dump truck driver killed in a fiery crash on the new jersey turnpike. all lanes reopened late last night nearly 12 hours after the truck crashed beneath an overpass in linden and caught fire. cars were backed up for miles in both directions literally all night. >> hours remain in a lottery for people hoping to attend and interfaith service by pope francis. it will take place at the september 11th memorial and museum on september 25th. only a thousand tickets are available. the lottery is limited to the family members of 9/11 victims, survivors, first responders, recovery workers and lower manhattan residents and business owners. it closes at 9:00 this morning. for information on though apply, go to our web site, abc7ny. "good morning america" is up next. george stephanopoulos is live in sometimes square. good morning.
6:46 am
>> a lot coming up this morning including the latest on the minnesota dentist that killed the world famous lions. one of the guides appeared in court defiant as people wonder where palmer is. donald trump will be joining us ahead of the first show down republican debate. trump is the clear front- runner. we will get his debate strategy ahead. urgent manhunt in california. he is wanted for a string of crimes that includes the killing of two sheriff's deputies, a murder and a kidnapping and we are on the scene in california this morning. >> wow. big story. thank you very much. >> thank you, george. time to get a check on the accuweather forecast. >> meteorologist bill evans is live outside the studios on the upper west side. >> a beautiful morning. let's take you to our live
6:47 am
pictures because they tell the story. here is john del giorno. red orange sky will be absolutely a great day. out of the northwest. a beauty of a day today. the camera looking back the other way toward john, brooklyn, looking to the west. we have just these high clouds around the area this morning. temperature 73. humidity 59%. winds are calm and pressure is at 30. of that is generally the mark of fair weather. 29.96 say the meteorology books. i call it 39.00. 84 is our normal high. yesterday morning we had rain. now a beautiful sunset at 8:08. so, this is august at its best when you have low humidity, sunny and warm, dry. the storm we were talking about for friday into saturday morning looks to be going further to the south. it will be a d.c. storm. sun and clouds this weekend. temperatures will be cooler than normal. 68 long island. 67 bridgeport. a calm wind.
6:48 am
so, we got a great morning with high clouds, light wind, low humidity. air quality is good. u.v. index an 8, close to a 9. some high clouds coming up from the southwest. a few more tomorrow. that area of rain we are talking about that will get here friday stays to the south. it's there in st. louis and will run around the base of this high-pressure ridge. on the futurecast, guidance shows a pop-up shower above i- 84 here with a little instability wave that goes by. you see that dries out to need. then tomorrow a few clouds. there is the storm. it stays to the south on the guidance. we get clouds off that on friday afternoon, friday morning. then saturday, that low leaves and high pressure comes in and sets up a great looking weekend. by noontime we are at 81. good morning, guys. about 84, 85, 86 by the time we get to the afternoon with low humidity. great boating day today, northwest winding west later on, 5 to 10 knots. moderate risk of rip currents
6:49 am
at the beaches. so, we are at 87 today and less humidity. tomorrow a mixture of sun and clouds, 85. great weather across the area. low humidity which makes this august dog day feel nice. a little gift. tonight we will be looking at clear to partly cloudy skies. tomorrow sunshine and clouds. a great day, high 856789 here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. saturday and sunday, we got sunshine and nice weather. partly sunny to sunny. highs around 82. lows 68. >> your work is done. >> my work speaks for itself. >> i think he will find some place to rest. >> it's a tough act to follow, poor heather. >> yes, it is. we have news up above. i will leave this up to john del giorno and check in and see -- looks like the accident is causing delays, john. >> it is. before we talk about the new jersey turnpike with yesterday's nightmare out here,
6:50 am
for you folks at home, take a deep breath, it's not nearly as bad as yesterday. all the lanes from yesterday are reopened. this is a new one, northbound truck lanes right at exit 13. you see that truck off on the right shoulder? behind the overpass, we have a bad angle here. there is another truck there. it was on the shoulder. [ indiscernible ] >> all lanes are open as you travel up through that area of the new jersey turnpike north near exit 13. a rubbernecking delays nonetheless but nothing like yesterday's accident. fdr near 71st street a disabled vehicle. new england thruway near the hutchison river parkway, another accident being cleared.
6:51 am
on or close long island railroad, new jersey transit. alternate side of the street parking rules in effect today. ken and shirleen, over to you. >> thank you, heather. it was an all night party for billy joel fans as the piano man played his final show at the nassau coliseum before it closes for major renovation. >> ladies and gentlemen, billy joel. >> did you recognize it was the governor that brought him out on stage? >> joel opened with the hit i'm moving out. that was governor cuomo introducing his 32nd performance at the coliseum. it is set to undergo a renovation.
6:52 am
it will reopen december of next year. >> keep it going. keep it going. billy joel. he has still got it. >> sounds great. >> amazing. another check on weather and your commute when we come back. >> sadly, thousands of homes are without power in suffolk
6:53 am
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6:55 am
welcome back. long islanders battered by a storm then left without electricity could be getting help. >> kala rama is live in east setauket. kala? >> as the sun came up, we are getting a lot of action. people are trying to clear the roadways. this is the dumping sight. this is where the crews come and dump what they cleaned up. we are seeing a lot of trees down as we drove in blocking the roadway. trees on top of homes entangled into power lines. this is where they come to clean up basically. con ed says that they have come out here now to help pse&g long island with their 600 crews. they are hopefully going to speed up the process to get 14,000 customers out of the dark. now, i can tell you that this is a slow process but we have seen some process this morning -- progress this morning. they restored about 80% of their customers since the storm
6:56 am
hit yesterday morning around 5:00. we saw the straight line winds come in and reported about 80 miles per hour. that's what caused all the damage here. so, again, still 14,000 people out. but it has been progress. still progress can be made later today. we can say it's beautiful out, maybe that's a good sign to do yard work? i am trying to get to bright side of things. >> we know you are trying, thank you,ing kala. six apartments burglarized police say by the same man. >> rob nelson is live in hell's kitchen with that story. rob? >> reporter: this deserves a few points for creativity but left behind major clue for police. a crystal clear image on video. this man has struck six times in the midtown area since february, most recently july 25th in front of the building we are at now. that's where he was caught on camera trying to stick it to
6:57 am
this building at 10th and 52nd street. he was trying to break in but was scared way when the woman inside spotted him. he hit five other locations including two others on tenth avenue and three on 49th street, each time using fire escapes to break in and most times getting away with jewelry, electronics and you can see the crystal clear image caught on security camera. if you recognize the guy, call crimestoppers, 800-577-tips. reporting live from hell's kitchen, rob nelson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you for that. it's sentencing day for the undercover nypd detective involved in the biker gang attack on the west side highway. the detective faces up to seven years in prison for second- degree assault, riot, coercion and criminal mischief. disturbing news about sandra lee. she is back in the hospital for
6:58 am
problems seeming from her recent double mastectomy. a spokesperson told eyewitness news this is a set back due to what may be an infection. she is expected to remain in the hospital for a couple of days. >> let's get a check on the commute with heather o'rourke. >> we have the big accident on the new jersey turnpike yesterday. it has been reopened. this is where the accident was. you can see leftover foam, sand on the roadway because of that accident that occurred with the dump truck that went into -- burst into flames. that accident has been cleared but if you look on to the left side of your screen, this is the new jersey turnpike northbound truck lanes to exit 13 where we have an accident involving two trucks and it's off on the shoulder. but, of course, this is what a rubbernecking delay is. we have ex pentive delays into exit 13 as a result. best bet to get to the car lanes if you can. let's go to the maps and talk to you about what is going on as you travel on to the fdr drive near 71st street a disabled vehicle. new england thruway north at
6:59 am
the hutchison river parkway an accident being cleared away. mass transit, no major problems. street cleaning rules are in effect p. >> thank you. >> a final check of the forecast. >> looks nice. look at the live pictures. here we go. up the hudson, high thin cirrus clouds, 73 degrees. pretty morning. 76 by 9. this afternoon 87 degrees as the high. humidities are low and for august, this is splendid. sun and clouds on friday. 80. notice friday we took the rain out. we are talking about a storm sliding by. it will go farther to the south now, 82 saturday and sunday. low is in the upper 60s. >> i love how you do that, take the rain out. such power.


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