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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  August 5, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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you don't need a magician to fix these things. you need fios internet. get fios 50 meg internet, tv and phone now for $79.99 a month, price guaranteed for 2 years. or, double your speeds for just 10 dollars more a month. and only fios gives you uploads speeds as fast as your download speeds. the 100% fiber optics network is here. get out of the past, get fios. breaking news. a desperate search right now off the coast of new jersey. a man vanishes while swimming in the atlantic. nobody has seen him for hours. >> good evening. i'm bill ritter. >> it is obviously a difficult search in the dark. we are there with breaking details at sandy hook. >> reporter: this is a
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desperate an urgent search. even the rescuers admit the time is running out. a very large staging area here at the parking lot at beach b at the sandy hook national seashore. but the urgent action continues out there on the beach. in fact, as we speak, divers are going back into the water. into the atlantic ocean in the dark to search for this missing swimmer. we will show you video as the search hit its most intense moments. aviation support and the nypd, divers and boats came over from new york city. search rescue apparatus rush here as well. this happened around 7:30 p.m. this evening. officials say a 25-year-old man was swimming off of beach b here at sandy hook with this family when he went under. new numbers came back to the beach and called 911. and at the search that underway in earnest.
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it has now been several hours. officials say it is unlikely someone would be able to survive for this along with the currents the way they are. this is a beach without a lifeguard. even during the day. other beaches around here that dew have lifeguards, those lifeguards go home at 6:00. so at 7:30 p.m., there was nobody here -- no trained lifeguard here to help in the search. here is what one official had to say. >> if there is any message we can give to people, please swim where there are lifeguards. it is very important that people understand that going into the water at an unguarded beach is a recipe for disaster if they don't know what they are doing. >> back with a live look there on the beach. the search does continue. they are going to make a decision at some point in the next hour, we are told, whether or not to continue tonight or wait until daylight. we have not heard really any information about the swimmer
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that they are looking for. he is a 25-year-old man we're told from this area in new jersey. human members were taken to another location. we will continue to follow this as it develops overnight. and the latest on eyewitness news this morning starting at 4:30 a.m. and on social media between now and then. live at sandy hook, channel 7, eyewitness news. dramatic new information tonight about the shooter in what appears to be the latest case of gun violence in this country. a movie theater is the venue. it sparked a deadly barrage of police bullets. now the blockbuster news about that man. 29-year-old vincente david montano. it turns out he wasn't using a real gun but an air gun. you can see in this picture that police -- police have. what was he thinking? >> a wild shootout in the middle of the movie theater in nashville, tennessee, vincente david montano buying a ticket and going into the latest "mad max" movie and then, madness.
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>> it was a loud shot. coming from the side of the theater. >> vincente david montano, wearing two backpacks and a surgical mask and carrying a real looking gun, the pepper spray and an ax. >> somebody called 911 and the first cop that showed up and confronted the shooter. >> the suspect raised his weapon toward the officer and pulled the trigger. the officer then fired on a suspect and then backed away from the theater. >> a swat team then storms the theater through a cloud of pepper spray, forcing him out the back door where cops were waiting. vincente david montano was killed. >> the victims, two women, treated for pepper spray. and a man hit in the shoulder with a hatchet. what was in the mind of vincente david montano, with a fake explosive in his backpack, taking on a heavily armed swat team with an air gun? tonight, perhaps an answer. vincente david montano had been committed for psychiatric
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problems four times before. >> thank you. the legionnaires' outbreak deaths. a number of confirmed cases growing up to 97. meanwhile, work to disinfect cooling towers that led to the outbreak is now complete. cooling towers at the opera house hotel was one of five buildings that tested positive for legionnaires', the bacteria that causes the disease. chlorine, just one of the ingredients used to clean them. >> in addition, we put in outgoing detergent in to clean for the debris and the presence of biofilm, which is what allows the proliferation of the organism. >> work is completed at all five locations where legionnaires' was detected. the legionnaires' outbreak has killed seven people. again, the number grew to eight. there have been more than 80 confirmed cases. and nypd sergeant nine cost -- charged with rape. the victim, a teenage girl. 43-year-old jolt the south station that brooklyn south
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accused of having an ongoing sexual relationship with a girl he met when she was 15. tonight, he is out on bail. another cop in trouble tonight. this one in new jersey arrested for improper relationship with two teenage girls. sergeant eric renie, with the glen rock police department allegedly had illicit online conversations with two girls he was investigating or supervising. apparently send nude photos of himself to one of them. he is charged with five counts of child endangerment. no power. no water for hours. frustrating night for residents in new jersey after a crane crashes in underground water main. well service has been restored, there are still lingering effects. officials tonight say residents could be in the dark again tonight. we are on the scene. >> reporter: the reason for all of that is because when this crane is removed from the area, crews will have to start working on the electrical and the water problems here, which means that those services may have to be shut down while the work is done.
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as you can see, 15 hours later, this massive crane is still here. as crews worked into the night to lighten the load and haul away this 600,000-pound crane on anderson avenue, stores quickly closed their doors. unable to function without water or dealing with the time-consuming task of boiling it for customers. jessica rivera lives just up the block. she showed us tonight that the water pressure in her building this week. >> we will have to find a hotel or go to my mom's house in union city. it is tough. >> the crane was being used to construct a new cliffside park town center. when crews began to raise the boom around 7:30 a.m. wednesday morning, the weight of the crane shifted and crashed in underground water main. flooding the street and nearby business basement.
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>> i see the water here like a tsunami. i pushed out the water. i'm very scared. water came up through here like this. too much water. >> so we asked why such a massive crane was used to do this work. a county executive told us that it is part of the investigation. but for now, the focus is on the cleanup. >> we have to ensure that, as we move the crane back, there is enough stability for that crane not to either sink in or cause additional damage to the utilities under the roadway. >> and so far, no exact timeline on when all of this work will be done and when all of this will be cleared. but the county executive says that he will have an update at 7:00 in the morning. that. if we get something earlier, we will bring that to you on eyewitness news this morning starting at 4:30 a.m. reporting live at cliffside news.
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>> keep us posted on that. thank you. confirmation tonight that a piece of debris found last week is indeed a wing fragment from the missing malaysia flight 370. experts from the malaysia examining the debris in france made that determination. the debris found on reunion island at the indian ocean. a judge ordering bill cosby to undergo a sworn deposition. this about sexual allegations made against him by one of dozens of women. the court ordered cosby to testify october 15. the accuser, one of dozens of women who claimed cosby drugged and sexually assaulted them. the top 10 republican contenders tonight preparing to face off for the first debate with one exception. republican front-runner donald trump claims he is not preparing in any way for tomorrow night's debate in cleveland airing on fox. the network invited the candidates who are in the top 10 of recent polls. chris christie rounded out the list. a disturbing discovery.
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a child's gravestone found outside a new jersey transit bus barrage back. the grave marker engraved with the name max ferrera. the dates and the dash, june 16, 1990, until september 20, 1998. as eight years old. was found monday in the parking lot of a bus garage during an annual cleanup. investigators working to figure out where this came from. >> the child would have been eight years old. i would imagine it was devastating for the family to lose a child at that age but to find out that their grave had been touched or desecrated, would probably bring back a lot of those bad memories. >> that is for sure. police are asking anyone who recognizes that name to give them a call. new details tonight on the wayward dolphin spotted far from the ocean. the dolphin swimming in the south river is not considered to be stranded or in distress but officials with the marines and there are scene monitoring the dolphin. it made for quite the scene on the bridge over the river where many people gathered to take photos.
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>> who needs the world? i just saved a lot of money. it is kind of fun and magical. the kids are loving it. >> the dolphin has been seen in the area for the past three days. officials are hoping it will slam -- swim back up to the ocean on its own. a man made famous by his construction site is missing. [ singing ] so what happened to the so-called sinatra at the subway? we talked tonight to his concerned family and friends. an elderly man attacking a delivery driver. what sparked this road rage? a beautiful august night in progress. mainly clear skies. the humidity is nice and low. we're tracking a storm to the south and west.
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[ singing ] . >> you might remember this g guy. gary russo, this frank sinatra sound alike. this single video going viral a couple years ago. tonight, a mystery. nobody knows where gary russo is. especially panicked is his worried family. we have the search for gary russo. [ singing ] . >> gary russo gained a bit of fame for his lunchtime street concerts a few years back. he was an iron worker.
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during his breaks, with a sign music, he put on a show. >> [ singing ] is up to you, new york. new york . >> now suddenly, gary russo is missing. >> it is not like kerry. of friends. it doesn't make any sense. he has performances coming up. >> the family says on july 20, at about 1:15 a.m., gary russo mysteriously left the howard beach home he shares with his sister-in-law. she heard him leaving. >> i looked out the window. he was gone. i texted him and said, where are you going at 1:15 a.m. in the morning? he never answered me. >> no contact since then. five days later, they found his car parked several blocks away near this brush off of jamaica bay. but search dogs and search teams did not find him. and then there is that plain ticket. his family found this on his credit card statement.
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>> a delta charge for a flight that was $210. but it only has a reference number -- or a ticket number. >> gary russo told a friend recently that things were not going well and you would like to jump on an airplane, go to an island and never come back. but who has not said that once or twice? and if that is what happened, if that is what he did with that mysterious delta ticket, why not tell his own daughters? and why all the drama? police and his family sure would like to know the answers to those questions. in howard beach, channel 7, eyewitness news. new details tonight in the case of road rage on the brooklyn bridge. the man who captured it all on video speaking out. cell phone video from yesterday shows the moments after a cab driver took an elderly woman to the grounds. someone who appeared to be a good samaritan, instead, punch the cab driver. the woman's husband punched the cab driver repeatedly.
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>> i think there was blame to go around on all sides. everyone getting out of the vehicle and try to show how tough they are, escalated the situation beyond comprehension. growing up in new york, you would think you had seen everything. this totally blew me away. >> he says the police did not show up. and they don't appear to be investigating the incident. happening now, a massive typhoon going toward taiwan and gathering strength. take a look at this. this is already set a record as the strongest tropical cyclone on earth. earlier this week -- this could jump up to 140 miles per hour by the time he gets to the coastline of taiwan. this could be a category four hurricane. >> we will be watching this one. >> when it goes above 150 miles an hour, that is called a super typhoon. the wingspan, from cloud to
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cloud, is 900 miles wide right now. it is headed directly toward taiwan. a massive storm there. >> by the way, the hurricane center will be updating the hurricane season forecast tomorrow. so we will give you that update and see how that is going. >> the season has been nice and quiet. we will hope it stays that way. we have a really nice night. a few patchy clouds coming in tomorrow. mainly clear. we are at 77. the air is nice and dry. it is a coolish feel in the suburbs. eighty-seven was the high today. 3 degrees above average. a very nice thursday. some high clouds around with low humidity. another beauty. there is a storm to the south on friday. even a shower south of new york city. not a big deal. then the storm lurks offshore on saturday. some coastal clouds and rough surf. but no indications from the 6:00 broadcast that it is any worse -- or any closer that we have to worry about a washout along the coast.
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nine straight 90-degree days in newark. sixty-four in kingston. and 57 in monticello. upper 50s north and west of i-84. you can see 73 in the -- many areas. mostly sunny to start tomorrow. high clouds in the afternoon. a light wind all day. low to middle 80s. satellite now showing mainly clear. a brief little shower. sprinkles got into new york city. the high-pressure is building in tomorrow. it will send off this storm for tomorrow. although you will definitely notice some high clouds in the sky. even some thicker high clouds south and west later in the day. there is the swirling storm to the west. initially is forced to the south. then it starts to turn up the coast later friday and into saturday. we are on the western french. i think the storm track is far enough off sure that we just get some effects by cloudiness off the coast at times. also a couple showers especially
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south and east of new york city. so high clouds and sunshine tomorrow. 85 degrees. there is the storm off to the south. nicer to the north on friday. more clouds to the south. here is a closer look. a few showers tomorrow night over ocean county. friday is not total overcast. sunshine and high clouds. saturday, showing a lot of the clouds offshore. southwest wind tomorrow will be like. a good boating day. sixty-nine to start the day tomorrow. mostly sunny and dry and pleasant. more high clouds as the day goes on. late at night, south of the city, we may see a little bit of rain. friday is a mixture of sunshine and clouds. more sunshine to the north. cloudy on the coast of saturday. not total overcast. sunday looking like the better half of the weekend. partly sunny and 84. rain looking no closer to the beaches on saturday. still some hope for a couple good beach stays. members of the wabc news team taking part in a very
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special event in manhattan tonight. kimberly richardson with the boys and girls club of america's northeast group of the year benefit. dave davis played the role of the judge. disney, the wabc parent company, is a national sponsor of the boys and girls club. >> good for them. coming up next, could spicy foods save your life? that is good news for some
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because some like teg]ztwvgkpteg]ztsenkpteg]ztlvkpteg]ztfokpteg]ztwfkp caught on camera. a car crashes into a goodwill store. check this out. the disaster happening just before closing monday night at the store near houston, texas. as you can see, clothing and glass went flying into the air. an elderly driver apparently hit the gas instead of the brakes. fortunately, nobody was hurt. in tonight's health alert, doctors say if you can't stand the heat, stay in the kitchen any more spicy food. a study from a british medical journal find the people that a super spicy food like chili peppers more than once a week, were at a lower risk of cancer and heart disease. the risk, even lower for those who ate spicy foods five or six times a week.
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how did he do? >> 199 days shy of his 22nd birthday. the youngest pitcher to start a big league game this year. and one of the oldest rivalries. the yankee prospect faced the prospect of making his major-league debut against the red sox. no trading deadline deal for the yankees. this is their new arm down the stretch. if tonight is any indication, this is going to work out just fine. five innings. two hits. seven strikeouts. no walks. first american league pitcher no walks. in his debut. to bed one of the hits was a david ortiz home run. putting the red sox in front. deep. that would be about it. the yankees lose 2-1. one more
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game with the red sox cc pitches. >> the mets and their lead miami. tonight. a six-game winning streak -- winning streak on the line. on this harvey night, he was more than up to the test. when he came to offense, again, more than enough to go around. bringing home two. a double to center field. the mets scored three more in the fifth inning. this team is living right. harvey, seven innings, no runs on two hits. six strikeouts. the mets win. 8-6. they sweep a road series for the first time and the nats lose as well. leading by two games. >> at giants training camp, pads for the first time. live drills for the first time. the coaches start seeing what they have. everybody looks good in shorts. as the saying goes.
11:30 pm
this is one of those milestones. preseason games right around the corner. regular-season games after that. these practices are necessary. had to go, coach? >> it was kind of sluggish to be honest with you, as it usually is, the first time in full pads. legs covered, et cetera. they have to learn how to handle that. and they will. >> the giants defensive end, went to college with jason paul. not a lot to say to the giants he says, when paul is ready to come back, he will be there. today as well. focused a lot on the players. the day they hit is not a bad day to talk about the lineman's trenches. >> i thought defense will need some technical work. -- technique work.
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>> finally, from soccer, rebels on the road at montrial. won five of the last six overall. looking for a third straight win. making it 1-1 here. almost a winning goal. watch this. just seconds to play. it is a 1-1, draw in montrial. >> prep trauma unit 5. what've we got? bp 64/40 sterilize sites. multiple foreign objects in the body. tweezers. (buzz!) (buzz!) if you're the guy from the operation game, you get operated on. it's what you do. (buzz!) if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do.
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