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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  August 7, 2015 2:05am-2:35am EDT

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i think the big problem this country has is being politically correct. i've been challenged -- >> candid quips from the top ten candidates in the race for the presidential republican nomination. personal barbs, some nastiness, and big promise. i'm 11:00 i'm bill ritter. >> i'm sade baderinwa. this race sometimes ugly even this early on. political reporter dave evans here with a recap. >> reporter: donald trump was front and center because he is the leading republican candidate. tonight did he not back down
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from some of is his more controversial statements. the other candidates did take some jabs but mostly they tried to shift the focus to anything but trump. donald trump tonight surprisingly refused to back the republican nominee if it is not him, and that infuriated rand paul. >> this is what's wrong. he buys and sells politicians of all stripes. >> reporter: then trump was accused of being part of what hillary clinton has called the war on women. >> you've called women you don't like fat pigs, dogs, slobs, and disgusting animals. your twitter account -- >> >> reporter: but trump may have earned some points with a withering attack on the media. >> i think the big problem this country has is being politically correct. i've been -- >> reporter: governor christie was questioned about new jersey's sorry economy. >> if you think it's bad now, you should have seen when it i got there. >> reporter: and then christie and senator paul got in a
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nasty back and forth over the collection of phone records. >> i don't trust president obama with our records. i know you gave him a big hug. if you want to give him a big hug a gain, go right ahead. >> when you're sitting in a subcommittee blowing hot air, you can say things like thanchts jeb bush tonight admitted invading iraq was wrong. >> knowing what we know now with faulty intelligence and not having security be the first priority it was a mistake. i wouldn't have gone in. >> reporter: but most of the questions tonight revolved around trump, especially on immigration. >> if the weren't for me, you wouldn't even be talking about illegal immigration, chris. you wouldn't even be talking about it. >> reporter: well, there was a second debate earlier today for seven other republicans whose polling numbers were not good enough to put them in the main event. that included new york governor george pa tack key.
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most are saying carly fiorina won that. tonight jeb is bush and donald trump getting the most buzz. meanwhile breaking news about charles schumer. during the gop debate saying he will vote against president obama's nuclear agreement with iran. schumer, hours after fellow new yorker kirsten gillibrand said she supported the deal. the vote is, by the way, set for next month. refused a cab ride they say all because they are black. now a new york city taxi driver fined $25,000 for failing to pick them up and giving two white passengers a ride. a judgment the family hopes will send a message to all taxi drivers who disscrim nation. carolina leid in midtown. carolina. >> reporter: sade, this woman,
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cynthia jordan, said this was not about the money, that $25,000 that was awarded to her family. she says, no this is about sending a very clear message to cab drivers that you can't pick people based on their race. >> unless you are in my shoes, you don't know how i felt, and it didn't feel great. >> reporter: cynthia jordan said this was not just a victory for her family. she did it for every african- american who can't get a cab to pull over because of the color of your skin. the queens woman was hailing a cab two years ago outside the macy's with her daughters. >> my daughter was the first to get ready to go in. as she began to go in, he turned around, he looked at her, and said, i'm going on break. but your light is on, you're not supposed to go on break. but oh, we're going to report you, fine. we walked away. she tack his number to report him. >> reporter: just as the accounting executive was looking for another cab, her daughter pointed out the cabbie picked up two white
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women up the block. >> so i ran up to the car and, are you kidding me? you're picking up these two -- and i did say some bad words -- but you're pick up these people and you wouldn't take my family? i'm like, i'm going to report you. he's like, go ahead, report me. >> reporter: he had a different story. he told us the two women jumped in the cab and that he she went off the deep end. >> she started cussing ago t at me saying you (bleep) low life cab driver, so then she started saying to my passengers, you white [ bleep ]. >> reporter: a judge ordered the company to pay $25,,000 to jordan. the tlc also feigned him $200 after he pleaded guilty. >> that's the point, you know. somebody hopefully will pursue this.
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>> reporter: so he told us over the phone that he gave up driving a cab about six months ago, and that he is now unemployed, and that he plans to counter sue ms. jordan. reporting live in midtown, i'm carolina leid, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> carolina, thank you. a family in westchester county in mourning, holding a wake for their mother, this amid disturbing questions about her death in a jail cell. there's a wake for ranetta turner. she was found dead inside a holding cell. she was the fifth black woman to die in police custody in the u.s. last month. >> to know that your mother is not coming home, you know, to know that you don't get that hug, you don't get that kiss, and i think that, you know, we really to have come to the bottom, and we're going to stick together and get to the bottom of it. important new details in
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an eyewitness news exclusive. a man taking a bullet to save a teenager in the bronx. tonight the alleged gunman sin custody. police say the 23 years opened fire in the east concourse section apparently after a spat between two teenage girls. george smith was shot twice when he stepped in front of one of the girls. new video in the search for a man wanted in an attempted rape in williamsburg. it happened last saturday night. police say this man grabbed a 24-year-old woman around the neck, followed her, then told her he was going to have sex with her. she pleaded with him and offered him money to not harm her. the two then wept to an atm where she withdrew $20 and gave it to the suspect who fled. it might be the toughest war on legionnaires' disease in new york city history. the mayor ordering every business in the city with a cooling to you 24 inspect those towers, and if needed,
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to disinfect them. jim dolan with the latest. jim. >> reporter: bill, the number of new cases of legionnaire's in the city appears to be declining, but even that picture has yet to come into sharp focus, and it may be days before it does. for now, federal government stepping in to help out. >> i'm an easy target, you know. >> reporter: wendy has pulmonary disease, the exact kind of condition that leaves the body too weak to fend off legionnaire's which has now killed 10 people in the south bronx. >> this is an incredibly populated area. a lot of people, a cooling tower, and trying to figure out how something like this starts. >> reporter: the state health department came in today, and they're calling in backup from the national centers for disease control to see if any additional steps need to be taken. the city is now requiring all landlords with cooling towers like these to have them tested
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for legionella in the next two weeks. cooling towers on five buildings in the south bronx have already tested positive. here's abc's dr. richard bears. >> it shot out of these giant fans into the air, and it can travel for as far as seven miles. >> reporter: with that kind of range, people in the bronx feel like they're in the crosshairs of this outbreak. >> i know it's maybe a little silly, but to met's like saving my life. >> reporter: the city's immediate plan, of course, is to have every landlord in the city that owns one of these cooling towers to have it inspected, and if necessary, to have it cleaned out and make sure that it is not spreading legionella. they believe that will end the outbreak. reporting live from the bronx, jim dolan, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> so many people hope that does. new at 11:00, some new yorkers gathering to honor a teen who
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was killed in a stabbing at a gay pride parade in jerusalem. two groups holding a memorial in greenwich village. >> everyone was here together as one to celebrate the life of the victim and really give a message that this won't be tolerated, and that we will keep expressing ourselves and advocating for freedom and equality for everyone. >> a judge in jerusalem is now ordering a psychiatric evaluation for the accused attacker. a madman on the loose in a dark theater. hear from the hero cop that stopped the man on a violent mission. plus, spider-man in a scuffle in times square. what sparked the super hero spring into action? let's all calm down and look at the beautiful sunset. this one from city island. really pretty day.
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we are cloudy right now and 76. rain on the radar over ocean county and sneaking into
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sussex, but if you need the suspected killer of a cop in louisiana tonight captured after an intense manhunt. officers acting on a tip arresting 27-year-old grover canon in a garage not far from the crime scene. the officer was gunned down last night after answering a call about a suspicious person at a home. canon is already wanted in an attempted murder case. we are hearing tonight from a hero cop who stopped last night's attack by a mentally disturbed man at a movie theater outside nashville, tennessee. authorities say the suspect pepper sprayed two movie goes, wounded a man who tried to help them. an officer confronted him, not
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realizing the weapon was really an air gun. >> i've got a job to do. if i have to, i have to engage the target. that's what they train us here at metro to do. >> they trained him well. a s.w.a.t. team forced him outside where he was killed by police. authorities believe he intended to set off an explosive device. new details in a cyber attack that brought down some e-mail servers at the pentagon. investigators believe russia is behind the attacks. an e-mail server for the joint chiefs of staff which include senior military leaders was taken off line as a precaution detected. the official says the e-mails were unclassified. a wave of enthusiasm in the yachting industry. for the first time in decades u.s. yachts are docking on the shores of cuba tonight. newly issued licenses from the u.s. government are allowing private chartered yachts to
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sell to the communist island. the first yachts arrived earlier today. a crackdown on the sale of synthetic marijuana known at k2. governor cuomo imposing regulations targeting the sale of the dangerous drug. the tougher regulations expand the existing list of banned substances. the governor says there's been a ten-fold increase in medical emergencies in the state this summer alone from synthetic marijuana. new video showing spider- man in action taking down a man who was apparently harassing some of heim square's costumed customers. it's not clear what the man did to set him off. it appears the two eventually went their separate ways, no arrests were made. >> it opened tonight to critical raves, the curtain going up on the new musical "hamilton."
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[ music ] >> the new york theater community abuzz now over this musical. tonight's star carpet. the musical is told with the language of hip-hop and r and b. >> my wife said she thought it was the best thing she's ever seen. it better be good, because i've never heard more positive buzz about something, that i remember. >> the star is a tony winning creator of "in the heights." last month president obama and the first daughter attended a preview of that show. apparently they liked it. >> it looks good. >> high energy. good stuff. >> there's a lot of energy outside. a lot of people out there enjoying the weather. >> i guess so. vacation time, summertime. we don't have to just wave to them.
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we can see them on a nice august night. hope you're enjoying some great summer weather. it's so comfortable outside. just cloudy scions new york city but feeling really good. it is going to be really nice. the wind is nice and light. hey, everybody. our temperature at 11:00 is at 76. the humidity 42%. the pressure is steady, and the high 383. your normals, 84, pretty close to. that there are your sunrise and sunset is times. just some clouds to deal with. but basically this storm is a near miss the next few days, as the storm slides to our south and east. just looking at patchy clouds, choppy seas this weekend. significant rain returns tuesday. we do have some rain tonight over southern new jersey. highs today upper 70s, low to mid-80s. the first time in awhile newark hasn't seen 90. that record was snapped today. the numbers on long island low
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70s. it's cooler in the hudson valley in the mid and upper 60s at this hour. so there will be some clouds, especially south of new york city in the morning. then sun and high clouds during the day. more sunshine in the northern suburbs and more clouds over central and southern new jersey tomorrow. and in the middle, northern new jersey, new york city, and long island is parltd sunny. so at this hour you're already seeing some rain showers get into ocean county. a little bit more bark than bite on this radar, because it is dry. at the same time you can see some dry air starting to push in from the northwest. some of this down to the south sen hansing the rainfall. thunderstorms offshore. it's all sliding to our south. this is probably our best shot at rain over the next couple of days from this storm. good news there because this northern branch of the low is going to try to catch up and merge with the two storms. it is going to happen too late. it is all going to happen offshore, out in the atlantic
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so we're in good shape, away from the cloudiness. if you look at future cast overnight, look at the split. to the south a lot of clouds. to the north, bright sunshine. that theme continues throughout the day. sunshine and patchy clouds for most of us, but the east end of long island, a little bit more cloudiness. good news for saturday. the storm is shifting offshore. that trend should continue sunday. if we can get away, pretty nice in the cat skills. mostly sunny at the beaches sunday. a few extra clouds in the catskills. the rip current risk will be moderate. it is 70 at 7:00 in the morning. sun north, clouds south, maybe a little light rain over ocean county. 82 tomorrow, clouds and sun. sunnier north, basically seasonably warm. 67 tomorrow night. your seven-day, pretty nice weekend. pair of 85s. warm sunshine on sunday, choppy seas. nice on monday, rain returns tuesday. bill evans will have an update tomorrow morning. >> thanks lee.
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up next, a new reason to back off the bacon that has nothing to do with your heart. and a naked man rung down the highway.
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the trail of destru caught on camera, here is something you don't see every day, a naked man running down the highway. cops say the man crashed his truck into six cars before making a break. officers finally stopped him with a taser. two people were injured in the crash. no word if drugs or alcohol were a factor. well, cvs won't cover viagra any more. the drug is more than one of two dozen prescription drugs coming off the list of covered medicines next year. cvs said the medicines dropped awful cheaper equivalents, but they're still covered by its insurance plan. not far afield in the health report.
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if you want to have a baby, you might want to back off from the bacon. the study found men who ate a lot of processed meat were less likely to succeed in the treatment. men who ate chicken and poultry add better outcome. it is worth thinking about. what a perfect segue to rob powers. >> just say whatever you want. >> let's talk baseball. the mets were off, but the team chasing them was playing. we'll see how the yankees did, too. straight ahead, another grudge match against the red sox. the chance for the yankees to increase their lead. plus, the day at nfl training camp.
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the gian yankees-red sox, game three. >> the yankees had to deal with the red sox one more time. the yanks hoping c.c. sabathia could get it together.
2:32 am
playing with the lead thanks to alex rodriguez. gardner on base. he has the wheels to score on a one hopper to the wall. it is an rbi double. the yanks are up 1-save. as for sabathia, he had his dander up. sabathia sweating out a bases loaded situation. look at the emotion here from c.c. more later. the slumping jacoby ellsbury played for the red sox. he beats them with that swing. the yankees win it 2-1. they took two out of three from the red sox. let's check in with the second place blue jays up against the yanks tomorrow. played the twins tonight. edwin "entertainment -- edwin encarnacion. jays still four and a half games behind the yankees. the mets off today.
2:33 am
news that jerry blevins is out for the season because you are not allowed to be too happy. struck by a line drive. this past monday he stepped off a curb, slipped, and refractured the same bone. the nationals opened the week against arizona. desmond with a home run ending a 2 for 35 slump. the rookie pitched well. washington wins 8-3, closing to within a game and a half now of the mets' first place lead. eli manning threw his first interception of giant training camp today. well, some people said he did. it sure looks like to me this ball hits the ground. but whatever. manning has been more than accurate this camp. the coaching staff is impressed, and the quarterback says he feels great. >> we're excited about the way my body feels, my health, and the way everything is kind of set up.
2:34 am
i feel good about it. >> jets back at work today. some guys dealing with injury. antonio allen went down with an apparent achilles injury. as of today the jets have been on the field in camp for a full week. where do they stand now? >> we're not ahead or behind. we're just working. you don't give it a week and see if we're far ahead. you just make sure we're working. and we're working. >> rex ryan making friends in his new gig with the bills. challenged to eat a dog biscuit. ryan ate one, then went back for seconds. said they were lap belt friendly. he said, come on, with a name like rex, it's not my first dog biscuit. he looks good still. >> he's the gift that keeps on giving.


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