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tv   Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  August 7, 2015 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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an infant thrown from a window. the mother now hospitalized. the father being questioned by police. eyewitness news reporter kala rama tweeted out this photo of investigators at the scene in richmond hill. kala is there live now with more. >> reporter: police aren't saying how this baby died, but they are saying something criminal and horrific happened here. a witness who tells me she found the baby and called 9-1-1 says those images will haunt her forever. >> the baby was just 20 days old. police say they found the newborn riswan amad dead in the courtyard in the center of the this have apartment building. >> i go downstairs to the courtyard, and i see a baby in a onesie and blood everywhere. >> the baby's parents live on the 4th floor. she says she didn't even know they had a newborn, but what she saw she says she'll never forget. >> every time i close my eyes i
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see the newborn in the onesie, so it's kind of hard. >> police tell me the baby's mother 21-year-old rasheeda center. the dad and four other family members were in the apartment building around 4 this morning. the 102nd precinct. >> officers manned the door outside this apartment building, another remainder of what happened. the sentiment in this neighborhood, people are in disbelief. they're even disgusted. neighbors wonder how with six people inside this home no one could have stopped what happened. we're live in queens, kala rama channel 7 eyewitness news. . we have new information on a wrong-way crash on the sawmill parkway. one of the drivers have been charged with dwi. police say the 22-year-old woman was drunk when she drove her car head on into traffic hitting another vehicle in chappaqua. the driver of that other
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vehicle is in critical condition. at this hour. the unidentified woman who was charged was not seriously hurt. the accident closed the lanes near grant avenue for several hours. new information this noon on a big fire that happened in newark. the fire so intense you can see behind me it actually spread across an empty lot to a house about 30 or 40 feet away. that left dozens of people homeless and a family fighting for their lives. toni yates live in newark with the latest for us. >> reporter: good afternoon ken and diana. as you can see behind me, people are being allowed into that second structure. they're getting their belongings. no one's being allowed in the first building that caught fire. it's the blue one right behind me. you can see all the damage back there. no one's being allowed in there. the fire started on the third floor of that building this afternoon. three of the family members who
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live there are fighting for their lives. >> from the other apartment to our own apartment. that's when we run out. >> that burning smell coming from the top floor apartment next door, flames shooting out of the windows quickly spreading to the second and first floors of that building and then to the building next door. >> the fire was so intense, that it left across an empty lot and actually singed the vinyl siding on another building. >> councilman james had a chance to speak to the father of the family who lives in the apartment where the fire started. firefighters had to break in to get them out. the mother and two children ages nine and four are in the hospital in critical condition. >> he said they woke up, and there was severe smoke in the room and, you know, panic set in, and luckily the firefighters got here so quickly coming from springfield avenue. they were able to actually get up and effect a rescue and get them all out. >> the fire spread to three structures that are now severely damaged. 39 people total are out of their homes.
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the red cross is helping them find temporary places to call home for now so they can begin to rebuild what was lost. >> i'm glad your family's safe. >> that's the most thing. everything else you can replace. but the life you can't replace. >> reporter: yes, indeed. the councilman says that the mother and the two children suffered severe smoke inhalation. they were taken to university hospital and st. barnabas hospital. he also said the two firefighters were hurt. one was hurt, he cut his wrist trying to break that window to get the family out and another hurt his knee. they should be okay. right now the cause of this fire under investigation. for now we're live in newark, toni yates channel 7 eyewitness news. new developments in the deadly legionnaire's outbreak, a bronx man expect today file the first lawsuit against new york city. howard zucker is meeting with local officials and experts from the centers centers for disease control. they're discussing how to handle that outbreak.
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ten people have died. 100 people have been diagnosed with the illness since july 10th. the city health department believes it was spread by cooling towers on bronx building so it has ordered building owners to test cooling towers for bacteria within the next 14 days. an estimated 10 million people watched last night's first debate of the republican candidates. ten candidates filled the stage. earlier they filled an elevator. this photo was tweeted out showing the candidates all together as they headed into that arena in cleveland. abc's stephanie ramos with more on the debate and reaction to what the candidates had to say. >> reporter: this was the first faceoff for the top gop candidates, many of them trying to keep donald trump from getting any extra air time. >> in front of a packed house, republican presidential candidates clashed soared, and some faltered. right from the start, there were fire works.
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donald trump, the main attraction flanked by nine other republican candidates raised his hand when asked whether he would consider running independently. >> i will not make the pledge at this time. >> okay. >> trump then called out by moderator megan kelly for his offensive remarks and tweets about women. >> i think the big problem this country has is being politically correct. what i say is what i say. >> after the debate trump complaining he was picked on. >> the questions asked of me were much, much more difficult and poignant and really unfair. >> while trump may have been the center of attention, the other candidates tried to grab the spotlight. senator marco rubio shifting the focus. >> this election is a resume competition, then hillary clinton's going to be the next president. >> ohio governor john kasich got a big reaction when he embraced gay marriage, responding to a question about what he would do if his child were gay. >> i'm going to love them no matter what they do.
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clashing on spying by the nsa. >> i want to collect more records from terrorists but less records from innocent americans. >> that's a completely ridiculous answer. >> as for those seven gop candidates who debate played to a virtually empty hall, they continue to fight for their political futures. with carly fiorina perhaps getting the biggest boost for her performance. in washington, stephanie ramos channel 7 eyewitness news. senator chuck schumer rejecting the nuclear deal with iran putting him at odds with the white house voting he would -- announced he would vote against the agreement. schumer is a of israel and his decision is in line with that nation's leaders. secretary of state john kerry says he disagrees with shoe. >> if all you do is say no, you
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just say no, there is no other alternative to the fact that iran will begin to enrich. will pursue its program. we will lose international support. we will lose the sanctions. >> congress is set to start voting on that deal next month. an encouraging sign that the country's job market is steadily gaining ground. today the government reported that employers added 215,000 jobs in july. the unemployment rate held at 5.3% for a second month in a row, and taking a look right now, a live look at the dow, which opened slightly down this morning. the dow still down about 99 points at 17318, down 100 points now. wow. a vicious attack. a man in a wheelchair pushed to the ground. another man beaten with a gun. the clue the police want you to see. >> plus a star hockey player under investigation here in new york. what he's accused of doing. >> and i'm meteorologist bill evans here in the weather center. we've got a great afternoon.
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look at these temperatures, 79 in the park, 80 at paramus, 72 in monticello. 81 cross long island, a really nice day with very low humidities out there and a nice east to a northerly wind. we're going to talk about your weekend next
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in we are back with more breaking news on this busy friday. this is happening in the bronx. police responding to an emotionally disturbed person at university avenue. one officer has apparently suffered an injury, possibly a broken leg. you're looking at a live picture from news copter 7. it is not clear how that officer was injured. we do understand that a suspect has just been taken into custody.
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of course we'll continue to follow this and keep you posted. funeral services were held this morning in westchester county for the mother of eight who was found dead in a jail cell. grief stricken relatives of 42- year-old raynette turner gathered at holy tabernacle church to say a final farewell. turner died in police custody two days after she was arrested for shoplifting. turner's sister says the family her. >> we will not rest, and these children will not rest until, you know, we find out what happened, you know, and we'll take it as far as we have to go. but we're not going to let raynette die in vain. >> turner's son says he and the rest of her children are grieving the loss of a kind, caring mother who was always there for them. police in the bronx are searching for two suspects in a violent home invasion that happened in williams bridge. the suspects knocked a wheelchair bound man to the ground and pistol whipped another victim. police also want to question
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the woman who is seen in the video. the suspects made off with about $230 and an iphone. russia now suspected in a massive cyber attack that brought down e-mail servers. that happening in the pentagon. u.s. officials say russia or china could be behind the attacks. u.s. servers for the joint chiefs of staff was taken offline as a precaution after suspicious activity was detected. officials saying the e-mails that were accessed were not classified. severe weather hitting the nation about 130 storms were reported coast to coast yesterday including a possible tornado in alabama. six people were hurt when it hit a wal-mart and sporting good store. the roof caved in. you can see the damage there. merchandise came flying off the shelves. a semi was also flipped over by the winds. fortunately nobody was seriously hurt. then down in charleston south carolina, check out lapsed video of this storm that was rolling in to town. it packed a severe punch.
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trees split from the whipping winds. and far away in taiwan, tie phone sotolor is to strike within hours. massive waves are drenching the shores there. the island nation is preparing for winds up to 160 miles an hour. rainfall of up to 2 feet could hit the mountains which would be catastrophic for a lot of small towns there. the hope is that the storm is going to lose strength before hitting the major city of taipei. >> wow. >> yeah. a superhero scuffle, spiderman caught on camera brawling in time square. the question now what set him off. >> spiderman. >> and meryl streep rocks on to the big screen starting with her real life daughter in ricky and the flash. will she hit a high note. sandy kenyon has his review.
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ers thank you for helping protect our children. billy i haven't sat next to you in a long time. >> i'll just stay over here. >> i haven't sat next to you in a while too. i love being with you too. >> she was my office mate 25 years ago. >> wow. >> oh, gosh. >> remember that? >> that was a long time ago. >> the parties we used to have in there. >> it was a wild little office, wasn't it? [ laughter ] >> very boring. >> yeah.
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>> let me take a look outside. >> not you, me. i was very -- it wasn't about you. it was all me. we take a look outside. it's a very nice friday, just some fair weather cumulus clouds outside looking really good here at noontime. let me tell you how your weekend's going to shape up: right now 79 degrees. that's really nice, and it's really comfy because the humidity is very low. the winds are east at 7, and the pressure has been rising. all that points to a great day whenever you have nice comfy temperatures, nice low humidities, nice east wind. the sun is going to set at 8:05. there's a storm going to go by to our south. you won't even notice. just some patchy clouds. there will be some choppy seas this weekend with the storm in the atlantic. if you're not going to the beach, you won't notice it at all. you'll see the waves and surf kicking up. 81 at canarsie and right around sunset park, 83 around cambria heights. we're looking at beautiful weather, newark towards trenton, essex county, union county in here. up to the north 72 around
12:19 pm
monticello. really pretty weather, a northerly wind to an east wind across makes it feel very nice. if we were into spring and we were kind of into the fall, that easterly wind will bring this moisture to make it cloudy, gloomy and damp and chilly. that's not the case on a summer's day like we have in august. our uv index is an 8. kate may got a shower. that's too bad if you're vacationing there that's a mess. this bubble of high is sliding eastward. this low pressure system's going to rotate around that. for the afternoon we've got a northeast to an east wind at about 10 to 20 knots. that 20 knot wind is going to pick up in a couple of hours for now, so the rip current risk is going to be moderate today through the weekend on the south shore of long island and through the new york city beaches as well as the jersey shore. this low keeps sliding into the atlantic. the low pressure systems move counterclockwise. it's going to push the waves in
12:20 pm
this weekend. there's going to be another second little low that goes by along the front too. we are sunny. we are warm, we are nice today, saturday and into sunday. your accuweather forecast is going to be great for the weekend if you're going to the catskills, the hamptons or the jersey shore. lots of sunshine, very low humidities. temperatures in the upper 70s to the low 80s at thier shore. sunshine, 84, partly cloudy and comfy, tonight 68. tomorrow we're at 85. sunday we're at 87. it's a little warmer but there's no humidity out there. well, i mean there's humidity out there, but i mean it's like 35%. >> which is like nothing. >> which is nothing here. >> it's going to be great. even monday's nice. next time we do see humidity will be on tuesday. there are going to be showers and thunderstorms. that's tuesday. >> yeah. >> this is the weekend. >> we got the weekend. >> it's gorgeous. >> i know, it's going to be a thanks bill. >> a major clothing retailer makes a change for workers in new york. have to do.
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now for a look at video getting a lot of buzz this afternoon.
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game, hungry bears on the prowl and a crime fighting superhero duking it out in manhattan. spiderman wasn't battling the joker or another fictional villain in time square but he costume characters. a man who was allegedly harassing them, that's who he was fighting. cell phone video shows spiderman striking them several times before putting him in a head lock. the scuffle ended quickly, the two went their separate ways. no arrests were made. a family of bears making itself right at home in a west virginia neighborhood. people say that a mother black bear and her cub are regular fixtures in the community. the duo has been caught on camera rummaging through garbage cans. wildlife officials are hoping area. an unexpected visitor on a field during a baseball game. a rare black squirrel hit the field in kansas city during the royals tigers game.
12:25 pm
fans cheered as the critter dashed around the diamond. the squirrel eventually squirmed its way out of the stadium. the game continued not knowing which team he supported. >> he's looking for a tree. couldn't find one. >> couldn't find his nuts. where are the squirrel's nuts. there you go. thanks ken. clothing retailer abercrombie and fitch is changing its policy for on-call shifts in new york. the company is going to drop the requirement that workers be available in case they're called into work on short notice. this comes after the attorney general's office sent letters to abercrombie and a dozen other retailers questioning possible violations of the state's pay requirements for hourly workers. a senate committee is calling for a crackdown on hidden airline fees. a report says many of those extra charges such as fees for extra bags have no real cost justification. a representative for an airline trade group disputes the report saying it would be difficult to find an industry more transparent with its pricing.
12:26 pm
a month after it launched apple says it's new streaming music service has attracted 11 million members, but many if not most of them are checking out the service with the three- month free trial. apple is hoping to lure subscribers from spotify which has 20 million paying customers. coming up on eyewitness news, major subway troubles. they're having some repairs over the weekend. you better find some alternate routes. which subway line's going to be affected. what this means for your commute too. >> plus armed bounty hunters invaded a police chief's home, why they were there and was it all just an elaborate prank. >> and how jon stewart said good-bye to the daily show after 16 years.
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channel 7 eyewitness news with david novarro, shirleen allicot and meteorologist bill evans. now eyewitness news continues. our top stories this afternoon, the body of a baby found in a sewer grate. an infant dead after being found outside an apartment building in queens. the boy less than a month old, a preliminary investigation shows the infant may have been thrown from a 4th floor window. the child's mother, father and, four other family members are being questioned by police.
12:30 pm
>> and good afternoon again, i'm diana williams. >> and i'm ken rosato. we begin this half hour with big weekend changes for hundreds of thousands of subway riders. >> over the weekend the mta is going to be shutting down the subway tunnel that carries the a and c line under the east river. now this is going to be the first of 40 weekend closures. so crews can repair damage still left from superstorm sandy. >> renee stoll live in lower manhattan with that story. renee. >> reporter: good afternoon. this is a major change that is going to affect nearly 200,000 subway riders on the a and c train nearly every weekend until summer 2016. now starting tomorrow, the mta is doing extensive repairs to the cranberry ac tube. that means to j street metro tech in brooklyn. both the a and c trains will actually be running on the tracks where the f train runs.
12:31 pm
this will go on for 40 non- consecutive weekends until next summer. this $96 million repair is all from superstorm sandy. for the last thrivers the mta has basically put a band-aid on the problem because they had to work in order of fixing the lines most damaged first in what has now become the most extensive reconstruction job this subway system has ever done. >> we saw millions of gallons of water flow into the tube. as you know, salt water really don't mix pretty well. we've got extensive work to do inside the tube. >> now, besides the a and c lines now running on the f tracks for 40 weeks, there is also stops here at fulton street where normally the a and c train would stop at, but they're not going to be able to stop here. we have a full list of all the stations the a and c trains will be skipping over on our home page at 7 i'm also going to be going through information i got as far as what's next after this big project.
12:32 pm
i'm going to have the full report coming up for you later today. reporting live in lower manhattan, i'm renee stoll channel 7 eyewitness news. renee, thank you, and new at noon, the body of a swimmer who disappeared in the waters off sandy hook has been discovered. a fisherman found the remains of the 25-year-old around 6:30 this morning. that body near the area where the man went missing while swimming with his girlfriend wednesday nights. there were no lifeguards on duty at the time. new at noon, a boil water advisory has been lifted in fort lee and englewood cliffs following a water main break in cliff side park. united water is advising customers to run their faucets for 3 to 5 minutes before using their water and empty and clean automatic asian cleaners and water coolers and drain and -- a terrifying story out of brooklyn where police are searching for a man wanted of attempted rape. it happened saturday night. police say this man grabbed a 24-year-old woman around the neck, fondled her and told her
12:33 pm
he was going to have sex with her. she pleaded with him and offered him money not to harm her. the two went to an atm where she withdrew $20 and gave it to the suspect who fled. the family of a man who spent three years locked up in rye kerrs island and then killed himself plans to see the city. kalik braddock spent hundreds of days in solitary after being jailed for stealing a backpack. he took his own life two months ago. his family is filing a $20 million a hockey player reportedly at the center of a sex assault investigation in upstate new york, chicago blackhawks star patrick kane was celebrating after his team won the stanley cup back in june. he may not be celebrating now. the nhl says it is closely following the developments in this case. marci gonzalez is here with more on the accusations. >> police aren't specifying why they're investigating kane only saying they're looking into an alleged incident. a local newspaper claims to have uncovered more details.
12:34 pm
>> today reports that one of hockey's biggest stars, who helped the chicago blackhawks win three stanley cups including this year's, is at the center of a rape investigation. the buffalo news reports patrick kane is accused of sexually assaulting a woman after an incident that allegedly began at a bar near his hometown of hamburg new york over the weekend. >> at some point over the weekend it's alleged that he met a young woman, and they got into some type of a conflict. >> the 26-year-old has not been charged with a crime. >> at this time we are gathering information. >> both the blackhawks and the nhl tell abc news they are aware of the investigation. the nhl adding it is monitoring the developments. kane who makes $10 million a year is no stranger to controversy. >> he went berserk over his $0.20 and started choking me. >> in 2009 the 20-year-old clashed with a buffalo cab driver later pleading guilty to a disorderly conduct charge.
12:35 pm
>> i've caused a lot of pain for my family, my hometown of buffalo, the city of chicago. >> and in 2012, these pictures of kane partying at a university surfaced. since then he's been praised for cleaning up his image and today many blackhawks fans are reserving judgment. >> i don't think anything should be said until he's charged. >> and hamburg police say they are awaiting forensic testing results. kane still hasn't commented. ken. >> thank you. and the suspected killer of a police officer in louisiana spent the night in jail. police arrested 27-year-old grover canon yesterday not far from the crime scene. shreveport officer thomas lavalle was gunned down after responding to a call about a suspicious person at ha home. canon now also charged with first degree murder. today searchers are looking for more wreckage from malaysian airlines flight 370. france launched a week long
12:36 pm
mission around reunion island. this follows confirmation a piece of wing was from the flight. return now to meteorologist bill evans. >> he has afternoon accuweather forecast. >> the afternoon is absolutely gorgeous as we look up the hudson river past the george washington bridge, past the palisades of new jersey. 79 degrees right now, our normal high is about 84. we're going to creep toward that. it's 80 around paramus. and it's around 81 at newark and over towards staten island, elizabeth, essex, hudson union county here with a north to northeast wind. these humidities are very low. 39%, 44% in the park. still got a little northeast wind here. if you're taking the ferries back and forth, going to be a great ride home, water temperature 74 and going back and forth here. a lot of folks take that ferry. it's going to be great this afternoon and this weekend. will be around 84 this
12:37 pm
afternoon, a beautiful night. what a great summer weekend. diana back to you. a university football team under fire for a tweet that some call offensive. >> bounty hunter talks about the case of, well, big case of mistaken identity that landed him behind bars. >> and a fire ball suddenly
12:38 pm
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someone was killed in a gas explosion. this happened on thursday. the explosion sent huge plumes of smoke and flames into the air that could be seen for miles. the fire is still burning so authorities have not been able to get close enough to look for a possible victim. campers at yosemite national park are being warned stay away from rodents after a child there caught the plague. california health officials say the child was visiting the park in mid-july. signs warning visitors are posted at the park's camp campgrounds. the plague is carried by squirrels, chipmunks and wild rodents. the bounty hunter arrested after a dangerous case of mistaken identity is speaking out. last month an anonymous tip on facebook about a fugitive led brett farley to the house of the phoenix police chief. farley was arrested and charged with trespassing and disorderly conduct.
12:41 pm
police say he was armed and refused to leave. he strongly denies the charges. >> the chief opened the door, he was aggressive. i backed off. at no time did i point a weapon at anybody. >> farley also says he's sorry about the confusion and is working with police to find the source of the false tip. the vanderbilt football team is saying sorry for a tweet it sent out yesterday. the tweet said we are relentless, tough, and intelligent and we don't need permission. it was immediately deleted. the team says the tweet was not about sexual assault and added sex without permission is always wrong and not accepted. four of the school's former football players are accused of raping an unconscious student in 2013. the final signoff, jon stewart says good-bye to the daily show. see the all star sendoff. >> and meryl streep rocks out teaming up with her real-life
12:42 pm
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dealers thank you for helping protect our children. and we've got new information just in to the newsroom, and this was with regards to the deadly legionnaire's outbreak. we have just learned that there has been another case diagnosed. that brings it now to a total of 101 people who have been diagnosed with legionnaire's. no new deaths have been reported. stay with eyewitness news for updates and don't forget to go to our web page. we've got lots of information there as well. shifting gears, the landscape of popular culture has forever changed as jon stewart steps down as host of the daily show. >> i'm just going to say i'm going to go get a drink, and i'm sure i'll see you guys before i leave. >> stewart's last show after 16 years as host inspired some emotional moments, there was a lot of comedy we've come to expect, that included cameos from former correspondents and politicians. trevor noah will take over when the show returns next month. this instagram picture shows
12:46 pm
fans surrounding stewart. hashtag jonvoyage became one of the top tweets on twitter. meryl streep stars along side her real life daughter, and now wants to make things right with her family. >> entertainment reporter sandy kenyon is here with his review. >> what i love about meryl streep is she never plays it too safe. had her new movie is a case in point. the star learned how to play guitar for her role and she once again made a believer out of me. >> i'm ricki and i'd like to introduce my band. >> meryl streep is so cool as an aging rocker and her real daughter so true to life playing her daughter in the movie it's easy to overlook the fact ricki and the flash isn't a very good film.
12:47 pm
long ago ricki left her family in middle america to pursue stardom in l. a., but she really didn't get very far though she did manage to record an album. now a family crisis draws her back to her former home in indiana. >> i've been trying to call you. it's julie, our daughter. max left her. >> her ex-husband played by kevin klein has forged a new life with his second wife played by audra mcdonald. >> there was a hole in this family and it. >> ricki's estrangement is obvious at a dinner with her kid. two generations of formidable talent are what make this picture sing [ music ] >> mother and daughter give us tran sen didn't moments that serve to disguise the holes in the script that's missing a few chapters.
12:48 pm
i was so transfixed by streep's singing voice that i didn't realize until later. >> it doesn't matter if your kids love you or not. it's not your job to love you. it's your job to love them. >> listening to that i got the giggles, but it's been a long time since i've been this happy leaving a mediocre movie. ricki and the flash has very enjoyable moments and for those willing to forgive the script t it's an experience you may not forget. that's a good thing. coming up on eyewitness news first at 4, i will review fantastic 4. i'm going to be buying the sound track album to ricki and the flash. the music is that great. >> really. >> and she sings. >> she sings. she learned how to play guitar and she sells it. >> i love meryl streep period. >> she got her first guitar
12:49 pm
lesson from david crosby. >> really? >> when you're meryl streep and you need a guitar teacher. >> obviously worked for her right? >> there you go. >> thank you. we look at the afternoon, as a matter of fact it's a great afternoon for you to take your guitar, go sit under a tree. just play a few love songs. there you go. and it's an afternoon where we do have a lot of sun. this is our camera here in astoria to the south of the rfk triborough bridge. there on the left right there before you see those buildings, that's the soccer team's sculpture. roosevelt island here, always something going on there. the east side of manhattans, koch bridge all looking good here. 79 degrees outside. we don't even bother with anything like a heat index or anything. we're at north port at 75, and
12:50 pm
massapequa 75, hauppauge is 77. this is good stuff. this is late may, early june type stuff, and we'll see, you know, the temperature getting into the mid-80s. it certainly won't feel like it because we have a northeast wind coming in to an east wind. in this situation with the water temperatures 75, 74, 77 degrees out here in the atlantic, that really feels nice outside. so high pressure in this bubble is all the way back here to the great lakes. this slides eastward around the base of that there's going to be a low pressure system. it does go into the atlantic. it could create some swells, rough surf at the beaches. the surfers love that out there toward montauk and heather hills where they like to surf. if you kept swim don't go in the water above your knee. we're going to have this northeast to east wind that builds up to 20 knot wind gusts in the atlantic from those lows going by and the rip current risk is going to be moderate. new york city beaches and down the jersey shore.
12:51 pm
there's the low we're talking about. the air mass and a low moves counterclockwise as we're talking about. that kind of pushes the waves inland into this right angle here so the water has no place to go, so it builds. we're going to be looking at great weather this weekend, catskills tomorrow, the hamptons looking good, jersey shore great, no matter where you are great weather. tonight very comfortable, 68, clouds and sun and seasonally warm. we're at 85 and then on sunday it looks great. 87 degrees. next shot at some rain, and we really do need some, is on tuesday, and actually, it looks like there could be some toad strangling rain on tuesday. we keep our fingers crossed that we get that. put on the sunscreen, sunblock, get the sunglasses, get outside and have a great weekend. >> all right. thank you, sir. >> it's not a demand. it's just a request. >> suggestion. opening to critical raves and a soldout box office, the
12:52 pm
curtain went up on the new broadway musical hamilton. >> and when i e meet thomas jefferson, i'm going to compel him to include women in the sequel >> the theater community is abuzz. stars lined up on the red carpet to welcome the new show. it's a biography about america's first treasury secretary, alexander hamilton but told with the language and beat of hip-hop and r&b. >> my wife thought it was the best thing she'd ever seen and i hear that over and over again. it better be good. i think it is. i know it is. i've never heard more positive buzz about something that i remember. >> hamilton's author and star is the tony winning creator of in the heights, my faves. i think it was three or four times i saw that. last month president obama and the first daughters attended a preview of the show. got to check it out. >> we're going to be right back. >> first though here's a look at what's coming up next on the chew. >> happy friday, guys. we're doubling your pleasure this weekend with delicious duos.
12:53 pm
first we're going to settle one brother and sister's cooking beef over corn bread.
12:54 pm
>> plus an italian pairing that [african-style music] take my hand to the land
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. the news continues later today beginning on eyewitness news first at 4. if you're tired of just drinking water to stay hydrated. consumer reports is putting flavored waters and sports drinks to the test to see if they're better for you. >> apartment hunting is a lot of work, especially this time of year. 7 on your side has seven tips to finding a great place at a great price. >> honoring one of new york city's oldest piano players, the 100-year-old musicians who performs six nights a week. >> wow. that's a lot of nights a week. there you go. the north carolina highway turned into a bit of a zoo yesterday afternoon when a rogue goat, yes, a rogue get to evaded capture. >> he got everyone's goat and
12:57 pm
jumped the median into oncoming traffic. it wasn't hurt. eventually animal control was able to get the goat to safety. there goes the goat. as for the man who captured the video he may have just been looking for a scapegoat to explain why he was running late. >> thank you. >> they're making a movie about it. >> really, what's it called? >> das goat. >> thank goodness that's the e end of this edition of eyewitness news. i'm ken rosato.
12:58 pm
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