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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  August 9, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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a giant loss. frank gifford, one of the all- time great new york giants, and died. also, a somber milestone. marches and moments of silence marking one year since michael brown's death in ferguson, good evening. i'm sandra bookman. joe has the night off. we begin with the loss of a legend. frank gifford, the pro football hall of famer what went from the gridiron to the broadcast booth died this morning just shy of his 85th birthday.
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gifford passed away of natural causes at his family home in greenwich, connecticut. today his wife kathie lee tweeted, deeply grateful for your outis pouring of grace. sports anchor laura here now with more. >> sandra, frank gifford is being remembered by his former team as the ultimate giants. after playing 12 years in new york and what turned into is a hall of fame career and then earning similar success in the broadcast booth, including for monday night football. gifford was born in santa monica, california in 1930. he attended usc and was the giants' first round draft pick in 195 2. he was an eight-time pro bowler with big blue. he was the mvp in 195 as the giants swept through the nfl title. he was tank core of the giants offense that went to five
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and '60s. his family released a statement today saying, "we rejoice in the extraordinary life he was privileged to links and we feel grateful and blessed to have been loved by such an amazing human being." he will always be remembered as a giants' giant. not only is is he a member of the hall of fame but one of the first inductees into the ring of honor. >> thank you very much laura. from 1971 frank gifford became a regular on abc tv with monday night football and wide world of sports. he was also a sports carpet here at eyewitness news. us. tonight fans are remembering the sports icon. eyewitness news reporter lucy side. >> reporter: well, sandra, how fans will remember frank gifford is pretty much generational. those who watched him decades
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ago on the field, earning his place in the hall of fame speak of him as an amazing football player. those what watched him as an announcer on monday night football remember him as a charismatic tv host who made football games every week a night worth watching. >> i thought he was a great player. he was multidimensional. he could catch the ball, he could run with the ball, he could pass the ball, and, you know, he was a good influence, i think, on the team. >> he was a great player and i really enjoyed the monday night football. him and howard cosell were a great team. >> is his love of the sport translated through the television to the viewers, and he was genuine, and he genuinely loved the game. >> reporter: frank gifford enjoyed two huge career, both in the limelight, both with great success. one on the field, one in front of the camera.
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i remember meeting him at an abc event years ago, and he was ever charismatic and dashing. tonight. live on the upper west side, news. >> lucy, thank you very much. we invite you to stay with eyewitness news and espn for the latest on the passing of hall of famer frank gifford. at abc7ny you can see a slide show of his life. one year after the shooting of an unarmed black teen that cast greater scrutiny on how police react with people of color, there's a march and a moment of silence. candace gibson reports from ferguson. >> reporter: hundreds of demonstrators surrounding flowers and stuffed animals in ferguson, missouri, marking the spot where one year ago a white police officer shot and killed an unarmed black teenager,
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setting off months of protests and shining a national spotlight on race relationz in america. by sunday morning, new demands for justice. not just for michael brown, but for all unarmed black men what die at the hands of police. >> give all my love to my family, my friends, my people, my new friends. >> reporter: brown's father led a march. >> do you know why you're here? >> yes. >> why? >> is because a police officer shoot at our people. >> reporter: this boy came with his family. eight years old. >> i feel a little nervous. >> reporter: why? >> because i think i'm going to get shot. >> reporter: many protesters still upset saying the lessons of ferguson have not gone far enough, pointing to recent is police shootings of unarmed black men, and now the fbi
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taking over the investigation into 19-year-old christian taylor's death. police shot and killed the college football after he drove dealership. >> it will take a long, long that. >> reporter: back in ferguson, police bumping up their presence. >> a lot of work to be done. that's what i'm trying to do, get involved with the work. peace. >> reporter: a message that many here hope goes beyond the city limits. >> is brown's death among the catalysts of a national movement demanding change in the relationship between police and some communities. today rallies in solidarity in brooklyn and manhattan. eyewitness news reporter kimberly richardson is live in union square. kimberly. >> reporter: sandra, slow and steady. those what took to the streets, both here and manhattan and in brooklyn, tell me they have absolutely no plans of going away that even now, one year after michael brown was shot
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and killed, they're just getting started. from downtown brooklyn, to harlem and union square, hundreds mobilized with the strong message and a promise. >> the movement is is having an effect. the movement is powerful. and we're going to continue are not stopping. >> reporter: it's a movement cry. >> black lives matter! >> reporter: following the fatal shooting by police of michael brown in ferguson one year ago. his death ignited a spark which spread like wildfire, heated up the debate, and forced officials to change the way they investigate similar shootings. >> we're starting to get more indictments. it's slow, it's gradual. it is not something that is going to take place overnight. >> reporter: outside the barclays center, silent protesters laid down on the ground for four and a half minutes, symbolizing the
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roughly four and a half hours brown's lifeless hour was on the street in ferguson. others who took to the street say over the past year they have not seen a difference in policing, particularly when it comes to people of color. but what they have witnessed, they believe something just as important, those in these communities saying enough is enough. >> this country has been shaken to its ciern way that hasn't happened since the urban rebel unions of the 1960's. this is wonderful. it is tremendous that people have stood up to say, no more, this must stop. >> and today a strong reaction from many of you on social media. al sharpton today tweeting, as of today, no justice has been served with regards to this case. for now, live in union square, kemberly richardson, channel 7 eyewitness news. the search for a missing kayaker continued today on the hudson river. 32-year-old ian generals and his girlfriend were kayaking near mills mansion when their two-person kayak capsized.
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in queens a quick moving fire gutted two houses. responded early this morning after flames broke out at a home on 52nd avenue, then soon spread to the house next-door. everyone inside both homes got out safely. attention. two firefighters sustained minor injuries. no word yet on a cause. in suffolk county four people were hurt after fire burned through their home in st. james 679 the fire went on to destroy the house. firefighters rescued three family members that were later treated for smoke inhalation. one of them sustained serious burns. one firefighter suffered minor injuries. investigation. police in houston made a disturbing discovery after a
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standoff this morning. police say officers were responding to a call for a welfare check when david conley opened fire from inside that house. conley was taken into custody early this morning. officers found the bodies of eight people, including five children inside. police say conley used to live in the home and broke into it, this time through a window. it's still unclear how he is related to the victims. in the race for president donald trump is not saying he's sorry for comments he made moderator. trump didn't like the way he was treated by fox news host megyn kelly during the debate on thursday. on friday he talked about kelly on cnn, and then again today in "this week. " trump says he was not suggesting that kelly was, quote, hormonal. >> i made the statement blood was pouring from her eyes, and then i said blood was pouring from wherever.
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it's very common, coming from eyes, nose, and what it means is that a person is angry, very angry. she was very angry. >> i'm a big girl. i can take it. >> meanwhile trump's campaign says political advisor roger stone was fired. stone says he resigned because he didn't like the direction the campaign was taking. dominican pride on parade. coming up on eyewitness news, dancing in the streets. colorful costumes, rousing music, as the dominican day parade marches through manhattan. and another perfect day, especially for a parade, or anything else, weather-wise. jeff says trouble is on the way. he has the exclusive
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call 1-800-341-9716. a colorful celebration of pride and culture in midtown. the 34th annual dominican day parade. mayor bill did he blas why he and governor andrew cuomo marched up the streets. pedro martinez was this year's grand marshal. i'm sure joe is applauding somewhere. >> yes, he is. >> the weather, another perfect day. this humidity, can we just have it through the end of the summer?
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>> lee goldberg likes to call this chamber of commerce weather. and that's exactly what we have this weekend. unfortunately we're not going to be continuing that trend into the work week. tomorrow is going to be a decent day for 99% of the area. the big ticket weather item is late tomorrow night tuesday. there could be some drenching thunderstorms around here. a live look right now. you wouldn't know any bad weather is coming looking at this shot. looking to the south past the empire state building, 79, the humidity very reasonable. 47%, the high getting up to 84 after a morning low of 6. that's about right on target for this time of year. got up to 103 in 2001. the the sun is going down at 8:03 path. it will be muggier tomorrow. you will see sun to start the day, clouds increasing as the day goes on. there could be a couple of afternoon showers, mainly north and west of new york city late in the day. what we're looking for late tomorrow night and into tuesday, drenching rain and thunderstorms. and that could make a mess of the tuesday morning commute.
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there could be some flooding around or at least some ponding of water. these storms will be slow moving, capable of flooding, also some gusty winds, a slight risk of severe weather during the day on tuesday. right now 81 at morris town, 82 sussex. mid-70s down the shore where you have a pretty strong sea breezy at belmar and thomas requirement same deal on the island, 75 and 74 for islip and montauk respectively. the radar and satellite not showing much. to the south and west toward philadelphia there have been a couple of renegade showers but that's about for the time being. we're watching this piece of energy here near minneapolis. this is going to be diving off to the south is east for the great lakes and approaching us late tomorrow night into the day on tuesday. that's going to be moving into an increasingly humid air mass. that means there could be some big thunderstorms. during the day tomorrow, not much. here in the city, clouds generally increasing during the afternoon. there could be a late day shower north and west of the
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city, but watch what happens after midnight tomorrow night this wall of water approaching from the west here. by 3:00 a.m., very heavy downpours in the delaware waterway. by tuesday morning it could be a mess. showers and thunderstorms that could contain one-inch-per-hour rainfall rates. in the many time, lows tonight down to 69 in the park, lower 60s north and west. highs tomorrow back up to 82. it will be muggier. accuweather forecast, partly cloudy tonight, down to 69. tomorrow more humid, 82. there could be a late day shower west of the city. tomorrow night muggy heavy showers and thunderstorms very late. it mate even wait until the wee hours of tuesday morning to really develop. all bets are off for tuesday. heavy showers for both the morning and potentially the evening commute.
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for wednesday sun and clouds, nice weather thursday and friday. next weekend not looking too bad. temperatures getting warm, up near 90 for next weekend. but really tomorrow night into tuesday, it is going to be wet. that's going to be the big bump in the road we have to get through this week. >> thank you jeff. is laura now with sports. >> a very sad day for the giants family and the entire national football league. one day after a new class was enshrined in canton, they lost a hall of famer in frank gifford. we'll take a look back at his playing career. plus, nothing has gone right for the yankees today who were
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in danger of being the nfl lost a great one today. >> it's definitely a difficult day as the team is fond of saying, once a giant, always a giant. today they lost one of their best. frank gifford passed away this morning at the age of 84. gifford was an eight-time pro bowler in his 12 years in new york winning mvp honors. gifford played both offense and defense, excelling as a back, wide receiver, and half back, tran sixing to the broadcast booth and monday night football
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after his playing career ended. john mares said frank gifford was a treasured member of our family. we loved him and will miss him terribly. just is last week the yankees were an offensive jug iser naught scoring 90 runs in 10 games. but then this weekend happened. the blue jays looked to shut out the blue jays this afternoon. the yanks trying to avoid a sweep. trouble right away. top of the 1st, josh donaldson taking him deep. solo home run. to the 4th, jose bautista, another home run. even worse, a fan threw the ball back and hit brett gardner in left field. marco estrada shutting them out into the 7th. the yankees had just three hits in the entire game. 2-0. the yanks shut out in back- to-back games for the first time since 1999.
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the feel-good mets took a hit in their recent is magical streak but they still had a chance to win the series. today new york and the rays wrapping daniel murphy, single to right. pair of runs score. the mets take the 3-0 lead. they could not hold it, though. a two-rbi double would tie the game. in the 7th, still tied. not any more. richard shaffer off colon. rays on top 4-3. that's where they would stay. mets drop their second in a row, but the nationals also lost, so the division lead is still at a game and a half. and we do have good news today for the mets. david wright will begin playing in rehab games starting on monday. the captain will be the dig is nature hitter tomorrow night and then play third base on tuesday.
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the nfl preseason gets underway official the hall of fame game meaning we will not be without a football sunday from now until february. gino smith started slowly. he had a few incompletions, which prompted boos from the crowd. his coach, though, isn't worried. >> he did some good things at the end. guys wasn't open early. overall he showed progress throughout the day. >> the giants are also off today in advance of a busy week ahead where they will hold joint is practices with the bengals before opening in cincinnati. those joint practices could be a dangerous thing after what happened yesterday between washington and houston with three ugly fights breaking out at their workout. these are the type of extracurriculars big blue just does not want. >> it's already been addressed. and with marvin and i, we talked about that last spring.
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we want good, solid work, but we don't want any of that. >> tom coughlin, in the amused. shouldn't be. >> thank you laura. that's going to do it for us. thanks for joining us. abc world news is next. i'm sandra bookman. we're coming back at 11:00. hope you will, too. attention america. get yourself a free half gallon of dole classic lemonade with any 10 piece meal or larger purchase. because when you buy this chicken,
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