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tv   America This Morning  ABC  August 10, 2015 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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two decades. making news in america this morning -- breaking overnight. unrest in ferguson. gunfire during protests. officers taking cover. marking the one-year anniversary of michael brown's death. we're live on the scene. wre maining defiant. donald trump not backing down. after comments aimed at one of the debate moderators. what she's saying this morning. caught on camera. a parasail breaking free. two people strapped to it. flying through the air. the dramatic video just in. and going viral. no room for error. a quarterback who really trusts the team's kicker.
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good morning, i'm phillip mena. >> and i'm reena ninan. we begin with breaking news. bullets flying overnight as protesters mark one year since the fitele police shooting of michael brown. [ gunfire ] >> let's go. >> take cover. >> cover! >> police say officers came under heavy gunfire overnight. they returned fire. one man was shot. here's a look at the bullet holes in the unmarked cars. bottles and bricks were thrown at officers. stores were looted. this violence coming hours after a peaceful march. for from kenneth moton. >> reporter: shots fired overnight in ferguson, missouri. the poemt captured during an interview with interim ferguson police chief andre anderson. >> chief? where you at? >> reporter: the violence broke
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out around is 11:00 p.m. >> what we have done to date is we allow people to protest. we allow people to disseminate. we have dwichb them plet plenty of egress so they can leave. >> reporter: the unrest comes on the one-year an verse i have of the death of michael brown. a young black man killed by officer darren wilson. outrage across the country. and protests from coast to coast were sparked. movement. >> give all my love to my family, my friends, my people, my new friends the. >> reporter: yesterday, brown's father led a march. they surrounded a memorial. a washington post analysis 140es 4 plaque men shot and killed by police this year. so many here still demanding justice. >> they are not going to give it to us! yet. >> reporter: and the protests will continue today in ferguson.
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it's a planned day of civil disobedience. police are ready to protect businesses and law-abiding residents. still a very active scene right now in ferguson. >> we want to take a look here at these pictures coming in. police in riot gear standing face to face with protesters. another image showing a man with a shotgun standing in front of a store. reports say he's the store owner, fending off possible looters. >> jim ryan with abc radio is live in ferguson where a press conference just wrapped up. jim, ferguson police chief john belmar calling is scene chaotic. do police have any idea where six armed men are? >> none at all. the st. louis county police chief say those -- at least six other people who night have had guns ran off into the darkness that surrounds florson avenue.
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very close to the site where the year. it involved at least two groups of people who had guns. one man ran toward police cars, opened fire on one police suv, according to the chief. that's when he was shot by the police officers inside the vehicle. >> you have been covering this situation for the past year, jim. can you tell us, what is the feeling rite now on the ground? how does it compare to a year ago? >> reporter: it's really similar. like what we were feeling a week after the shooting last year. you remember, it took a few days before protests really ramped up. then at some point, people in those crowds had guns. that's what we have seen here today and throughout the weekend. so now police are on guard. they'll be watching again tomorrow, monday, tuesday, as the demonstrations are expected to continue. they hope, of course, that they don't turn violent again. >> already reports of civil disobedience today.
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jim ryan on the ground. thank you so much. turning to presidential toll picks. donald trump is refusing to back down from the comments he made about megny kelly. donald trump made the rounds of the sunday faulk shows. >> reporter: under fire, donald trump standing by insults he hurdle at megyn kelly. >> no asolpologyiesapologies? >> no, she asked me a nasty question. i have nothing against her. but she asked me a nasty question. >> reporter: trump defending his comments. >> blood coming out of her wherever. >>. >> reporter: insisting he didn't mean to imply anything. >> they're common statements. only a deviant would think of what people said. >> reporter: a recent history of controversial comments about immigrants and p.o.w.s, now
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arguing he has no problem with women. >> women are tremendous. >> reporter: the woman at the center of it all. >> you have called women you don't like fat pigs, dogs, slobs. >> for the first time, her defending her treatment of trump. >> it wasn't an attack. it was a fair question. but i get it. >> reporter: megyn kelingly ingly moving on. >> all the air in the balloon is going to donald trump right now. >> i don't really pay any attention to these other things. >> reporter: can trump sustain his surge? for the second time in a week, his campaign face ak shakeup. he says he fired top politicaled a virz roger stone. stone claiming he fired trump. more evacuations in the west as new wildfires break out over the weekend. the flames swept through 6,000 acres since saturday. nearly a dozen structures were
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destroyed near the california border. more homes evacuated in northern california after a new fire broke out. it's burning north of the rocky fire. this fire has not destroyed any homes so far. it's just zero percent contained. drones continue the be a problem at one of the nation's busiest airports. one came close to four flights. two united flights, an express jet and this northwest airline flight. >> 5837, we just saw the drone at 3,000. >> copy. >> 3,000 feet. about 400 off the left wing. >> use caution. drone activity reported. >> the four flights lapded safely. there were no injuries. there has been a significant increase in drone encounters. an excon with a long history of violence has been charged with the murders of eight family
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members in houston. police say david conley handcuffed the victims and shot each one in the head. killed were a husband and wife and six children, ranging in age from 6 to 13. he had previously been arrested for attacking the woman, which whom he shared a child. that child among the victims. a football legend has died. frank gifford passed away yesterday. from natural causes. he was a standout player in college. played offense and defense for the new york giants. he achieved real celebrity as the cornerstone of abc's "monday night football" frank gifford could have celebrated his 85th birthday next sunday. summer slide. the impressive streak for gas prices. plus, highway drama. a motorcycle and a police other. the controversial collision caught on camera. and massive explosion.
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a house suddenly engulfed in flames. new details this morning on why
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it happened. explosion. this after a crash in michigan. a car was rear ended and struck the gas meter of that home. firefighters saw the damaged meter and rushed to gelt a young couple and their baby out of the house. it exploded moments later. destroying practically everything the family owned. four other homes were damaged. no one was injured. the toxic sludge spill in southern colorado is three times bigger than first reported. now estimated at 3 million gallons.
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colorado's governor declared a state of emergency. new mexico's governor is criticizing the epa for waiting 24 hours to notify her state hat downstream. the navajo nation is planning to sue. towns along the river are trucking in clean water. they are trying to kerm the extent of the spill and risks. the summer slide continues at the pump with gasoline prices tumbling every day for three consecutive weeks. according to aaa, the national average for regular gasoline is now $2.59 a gallon, down 16 cents from a month ago. 88 cents lower than the price this time last year. the fantastic four have flopped at the box office with an anything but fantastic opening this weekend. "mission impossible:rogue nation he would on to the top spot make the $29348. fantastic four opened with just over $26 million.
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major headaches for drivers in arizona. crews are working to clear about 25 miles of route 89 after a mud slide blocked the road. workers are trying to remove debris and boulders. unclear when that road will reopen. at problem to will be flooding in new mexico and colorado. roads will be wet in the northwest and florida and most of the east from the ohio valley to the atlantic coast. if you're flying, delays likeliest in detroit and washington. new details about a deadly grizzly bear attack in yellow stone national park. >> the victim had defensive wounds on his fore arms. they found tracks of a bear and one cub. if the bear is found and linked to the attack, it will be euthanized.
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the families of two florida teeps mizing at sea have now ended their private sench. the boys, both 14 years old wednesday missing on a fishing trip july 24th. family members acknowledged that without new information, continuing the search wasn't practical. the coast guard ended its search after one week. the search costing $40,000 per day. two people and a dog mad to be rescued after their boat caught fire about three miles off the coast of ocean city, new jersey. a good samaritan radioed for help while the three on board jumped on a dinghy stocked with life vests. the couple lived on that boat sank. the pilot of small plane was forced to come in for a belly landing after a problem with his landing gear. as he landed, he jumped from the plane but wasn't hurt. fire cruise and police officers were standing by to make sure he was safe. a dramatic confrontation on the road between bikers and the
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police in milwaukee. the bikers were riding in a group when they say the officer ran one of them off the road. the squad car was seen weaving in and out of traffic. police say the bikers were driving dangerously and the down. a frightening accident for two british tourists left dangling after their par sail the young brother and sister were up in the air when a freak storm blew through, snapping the rope holding them to the boat. luckily, they had only minor scrapes and bruises. time for sports. >> here are our guys at espn. >> alongside john buccigross, i'm john anderson. i'll do the baseball. >> i'll do the football. preseason football began sunday night in canton, ohio. the hall of fame game. players inducked like jerome bettis, plenltty of steeler fans staid for the game.
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ben roethlisberger didn't play. neither did adrian peterson. teddy bridgewater, second year in the league. he was 5 for 6 for 44 yards. mike kafka. michael pruitt. the vikings would win the first preseason game of the year. hay beat the steelers 14-3. baseball. more pittsburgh. pirates looking to sweep the dodgers. they entered the sefbt down 5-3. it's 5-4. marte. a slow roller. on the play a score. that made it 6-5. don mattingly was not happy. andrew mccutchen comes up. in all, they get nine runs in the sefbt. blow 'em out the 13-6. now they go to st. louis an take on the cardinals who lead the division. the jase finish a sweep of the yankees. >> the pirates have won 15 of 18 at home? they're off on monday. >> we're off. sports is over. >> we are.
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new "ghost busters" movie? bill murray, apparently. he had told david letterman that just crazy talk. >> i guess not. the ghost busters reboot is been there. the movie is set for release next july. >> have we confirmed that the marshmallow man is appearing? >> not yet. that's my favorite part. right? a change is coming to a target store near year. as the retailer trying to ditch gender stereo types. >> target is switching to gender neutral signs. the bedding no longer says boys or girls. only kids. they're doing away with pink and blue waltz and shelves to reference certain products. the changes will be phased in over the next few months. >> i think people should buy anything they wanted to buy. when i was a kid, all the stuff was in the boys' section.
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>> would you have sported a ballet outfit? >> i don't know. nothing wrong with pink. we're not laughing so much anymore. facebook is the staple online with short hands. used to be. ha ha. i thought that was funny. that means hands down? at least on facebook. popular. >> it's hard to convey laughter. >> hehe was a distant third. way, way down on the list was lol. how you indicate laughter varies by age, gender, and location. florida and texas, a lot of lolers. two football players working on this. >> the nose hold worked.
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checking our top stories. gunfire has erupted at a protest in ferguson, missouri. marking one year since the police shooting of michael brown. overnight, police exchanging gunfire with one suspect who is now in critical but stable condition. moments earlier, protesters ran for their lives after dozens of shots were fired during a gun battle between two groups. donald trump refusing to back down after comments he made about megyn kelly. he denies that he inferred she was hormonal. looking at today's weather, expect showers late in the northwest. heavy rain and winds in parts of the southwest. a scorcher in the deep south. and finally this morning, an emotional reunion for a big happy family in north carolina. >> after five months overseas, a soldier got to hug his wife and
4:28 am
seven kids meeting one of them for the first time. more now from liz foster from our charlotte affiliate. >> daddy. >> daddy. >> go, go, go get him. >> hi! >> reporter: after five months overseas, army sergeant jonathan duncan is finally reunited with his family. >> there's your mini me. >> reporter: and holding his seventh child, 4-month-old riker for the first time. his wife was pregnant when he left. he wasn't able to come home for the birth. >> it will take adjusting for him to foig your out who i am. a different face feeding him. it's pretty awesome. >> reporter: just moments before the reunion that brought tears for onlookers, amanda duncan had her seven kids lined up. ready to greet who they thought was one of dad's friends returning home. >> how are you? >> good. >> been the man of the house? >> yes, sir.
4:29 am
>> reporter: the emotions were overwhelming. >> it's been tough. really tough. never thought i would make it home. >> reporter: now the family has plans to spend some quality time together. >> going to the beach. >> what a beautiful family. those reunions never get old for me. >> i know. i cry every single time. almost every single time. they're so great. look at that. seven kids. one of them for the first time? just incredible. >> his daughter's reaction was so sweet. we want to welcome you. you're going to be joining us this week on the show. and welcome to abc. >> thank you so much. yeah, i've been here for three months. haven't had a chance to do this cool show. now i know, now i know what it's all about. >> and you're from houston, texas. >> sure am. born and raised. love it here. >> that's what's making news in america this morning. stay with us for "good morning america."


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