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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  August 10, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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track is apologizing for all the delays, all the cancelation that is started on new jersey transit on amtrack back on july 20th and continued for a few days. they are unable to promise that it won't happen again. >> here at penn station newark it's easy to find commuters still ticked off because of the cancelations, delays and equipment problems that started july 20th. >> i already have a 2- hour commute. i don't need an extra hour in there. >> as amtrack struggles to make repairs there's no guarantees that we can avoid seeing the same commuter chaos we saw last month sometime again in the future. >> we will continue to work with all our resources to keep the railroad operating. at the same time the conditions are real. this is a 105 year old asset. >> today an amtrack official told lawmakers in trenton that every day we delay making repairs to the ageing system and building a tunnel between new york penn station and new jersey
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we come close tore a real -- closer to a real commuting disaster. >> it will continue to be an increasing challenge. >> the corrosion from super storm sandy is still wreaking havoc on the electrical system. they hope governor christie and cuomo can commit to getting the job done. >> there's more increases all the time. we need to do something immediately i think. >> the proposed gateway tunnel for amtrack and new jersey transit could cost $19 billion. that's about $10 billion more than the new jersey transit park tunnel project that governor christie pulled the plug on siting cost over rise. >> it's like everything else, it's going to fall down and then they will figure out how to find the money. >> reporter: of course it's all left up to congress to find that money. it won't happen any time soon because the u.s. congress is on summer recess. that's the
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latest live from outside of newark penn station, anthony news. >> thank you. now breaking news on the east side of manhattan. a car jumping the curve at 48th and 2nd avenue, two pedestrians hit, one of them seriously. jim dolan is at the scene with the latest. jim. >> reporter: bill , the sidewalks on 2nd avenue are always packed at 4:30 in the afternoon on a beautiful summer afternoon. they were even more this car jumped the curve two pedestrians on the sidewalk. a woman was seriously hurt, another woman was struck with only minor injuries. the driver of this vehicle claims that he had to swerve to avoid a blue four door nissan that had swerved in front of him. it cut him off. that's why he had to swerve. that's why he went up on the curve. the driver of this vehicle said the police are on the scene investigating right now.
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again, one woman seriously injured when this silver car here jumps the curve on 2nd avenue. it was a wild scene. a lot of people on the street. doctors from a near by clinic ran out here to see if they could help that women while waiting for the ambulance. she was taken to bellevue hospital and seriously injured. jim dolan, channel 7, eyewitness news. >> thank you. new york senator charles schumer speaking publicly about his decision after much lobbying to oppose a nuclear deal with iran. >> this regime, this ugly regime has held on for 35 years. the odds are great they would
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hold on for 10 or 20 and use this to create trouble, nuclear and nonnuclear in the middle east and around the world. >> he said he reached the decision after meeting with people on both sides of the debate. the agreement is supposed to curve iran's nuclear program. this in exchange for relief from economic sanctions. now to the weather and a beautiful day. a beautiful weather. storms and heavy rain for your commute to work tomorrow morning. meteorologist jeff smith is in for jeff goldberg and tracking the storms for tomorrow. >> coming off of a dry stretch, sound bad. that is going to oh occur in a 4-hour period that's why the national weather service has issued a flash flood watch for the five boroughs city, the urban north eastern corridor of new jersey, nassau county in long island and south western parts of connecticut. radar not showing much. just a couple of scattered showers west and north of new york city. ton.
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the real show is on the ohio valley right now. a lot of heavy downpours and thunderstorms over ohio. it is going to be moving rapidly off to the east over night and midnight. it's a stormy set up. this front approach ing ing as a big surge of humidity comes up the atlantic sea board. that mean with the dynamics and moisture present we could be talking about heavy downpours tomorrow morning. you can see just a couple of scattered showers right through midnight. not much going on at midnight. watch what happens over night into the wee hours of the morning. by 3:00 a.m. drenching downpours over western new jersey. look at this, by 6:00 in the morning right at the beginning of parts of the commute we're talking about heavy downpours moving into new york city. there could be flash flooding. we'll extend this future cast and your full accuweather forecast coming up and show you how this evolves during the day tomorrow. >> we can use rain but not like that. if are not by a television you can track the
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storms on the go using our free accuweather weather alert app. eyewitness news this morning will be on the news at 4:30 with up to the minute information on the storm and any traffic problems. caught in a rip current with no lifeguards around. one swimmer in critical condition after he was pulled from the water along the jersey shore. news copper 7 over the scene in sea bright. two people were caught in a rip in a part of the lifeguards. one of them was okay but it took rescuers nearly he was rushed to the hospital. more danger down the shore. sand collapses on a 12 year-old boy digging a cave in surf city. he was air lifted to the hospital. the boy we're told is expected to make a full recovery. the verdicts against two athletes charged in the servile high school hazing scandal. two of the seven have been acquitted. this is according to one of the attorneys. the attorney said the 3 and a half week trial ended friday.
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the hazing case caused the school to year. a state of emergency tonight in a town that has had its share of troubles, ferguson, missouri. they are facing violence again after the anniversary of the brown. police critically you heard the gunfire. he opened fire on officers last night. peaceful weekend of demonstrations in the town. police are now on alert for more by the way, world news tonight will is more from ferguson on the civil disoh bedience and the new state of emergency. the biggest out break of legionnaires now bigger. two more deaths now blamed on the disease and two more buildings now a two-pronged attack from the city and the state. is it a coordinated effort or rift.
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bill evans is at city headquarters. >> reporter: city officials are optimistic they have contained this out break. they pointed to this graphic released today, which is basically a bell curve of the out break. it shows just a few cases that climbed and climbed and climbed until late july. then if you look it starts to go down. in the last 6 days not one single case at all in the last 6 days. the last known date of infection was august 3rd. >> as we go through every sicknesses it's a promising sign. >> the battle talked about turning the corner with legionnaires although inspectors found two more buildings with the bacteria including the homeless intake center and the daughters of jacob nursing home >> what is very important to note is we have no evidence over the last few days of any new cases of legionnaires.
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>> in all 113 cases all in the south bronx. instead of 10 deaths there's now 12. >> 12 building were found to have legionnaire bacteria. these new figures reflect a lag in what's being reported. what's most important is the late of last infection, 6 days ago. >> our data which must be our guiding light in all of this bringing this out break under control. >> now the city council is rushing a new law to pro vent future out breaks. it calls for registering all cooling towers, they must be inspected quarterly and owners are responsible for cleaning them. if they refuse they will be fined. >> we need stringent new regulations to ensure this can never happen again. >> while the mayor was briefing reporters the governor was doing the same on state efforts in the bronx. reporters point to this as another example of cuomo and de blasio not getting along.
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they dismissed that and said state and city officials are working together just fine. >> they have been working together since the very beginning of this out break. the politicians are not the issue here. >> reporter: the mayor and health commissioner also add that they believe that when all is said and done one or perhaps two of the original five cooling tower that ing -- tower s that were tested will be the cupable reason for the out break. david evans, channel 7, eyewitness news. >> thank you. we'll have the latest tonight at 11:00. as we continue at 6:00, a car going out of control, slamming into a starbucks. we have an amazing story of how one pedestrian survived this crash. >> plus, a good neighbor turned into a hero.
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he helped rescue a a close call inn manhattan when an out of control car smashes into a starbucks. it happened just about 9:00. when the driver got to 69th street he veered left. it crossed the bike lain, sideswiped or thor night. >> i was mad and angry and saw it was a serious cash crash. i felt a smash against my leg.
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>> he was lucky, it only bruised. the driver may have suffered some kind of medical emergency and he was taken to the hospital. new at 6:00, tonight the story of a hero. a man on long island not thinking more than a nano second and rushing into his neighbor's house to rescue a woman on the floor inside the burning home. she is now in critical condition. she is alive partly because of the bravery of her neighbor. from smith town, here's eyewitness news reporting lucy yang. >> in the face of this residential inferno neighbor keith williams ran into the blistering flames. he didn't have time to think or plan or worry. he just went in after he heard a woman might still be trapped. >> she was on the ground when i found her. i couldn't even see her. i just kind of felt her on the ground right at the doorway. >> early sunday morning this home in saint james long island went up in flames. you can see how the house lit up the neighborhood. >> i was in shock.
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i couldn't stop look ing. >> today as friends and neighbors recall the frightening hard it's hard to imagine how this pile of charred rubble was once home to a family, a gathering place for friends. >> i'm thinking they need a new it's unfortunate. >> we're told 43-year-old tina shombar suffered serious burns. others in her family were treated for smoke inhalation. there is some indication that tina may have gone back in her house to save her pet and that's when the flames closed in on her. the cause of the blaze is now under investigation. lucy yang, channel 7, eyewitness news. still to come on eyewitness news, something that's coming out of a popular diet drink. >> meteorologist jeff smith in for lee goldberg. you can see
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diet pepsi now without the artificial sweetener hitting store shelves this week. the company said it changed the norm formula in response to customer worries. there's no proof it's harmful but customers have been avoiding it. they hope it will stop the decline of sales in diet pepsi. sales down 5%. that's a lot of money. i didn't mean to encroach on your territory giving a judgement about the clouds. >> you didn't. there's a reason for them. they will low lower and thicken over night and that will turn to rainfall. over towards lower manhattan right across the lower part of the east river there, temperatures 77. that's off of our high of 84 earlier today. hence we have that south wind coming in around 9 miles per hour helping to cool things off. at the same time humidity has been increasing. look at that
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humid air mass in place later tonight into tomorrow morning that will be fuel for the fire so to speak as this energy moves in. 83 the normal high this time of the year. we beat that by a degree today. 98 was the record back in 1949. sun officially going down 1 minute past 8:00. you won't see the sunset because the clouds have increased. slow moving showers and thunderstorms developing over night into tomorrow morning. i think they develop over western new jersey just after midnight and then in the city probably after 4:00 or 5:00 in the morning. that's when the heaviest rain will occur into the morning commute. flash flooding of streets, highways and poor drainage areas. that's the biggest worry. our rivers can handle this amount of rainfall. urban areas cannot. 77 morris town right now, 75 on the island. just a couple of
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scattered light showers over central new jersey. let's check out again that high resolution future cast right through tonight. by 3:00 a.m. very heavy bands of rain moving into western parts of new jersey. we start raining steadily in the city by that point. look at 6:00 a.m. this is when the commute is beginning for parts of the area. that's when the heaviest rain starts to move into new york city. we extend this right through 8:00 or 9:00 in the morning, especially from the city out onto western long island and into the lower hudson valley. you get 3 hours of 1 to 2 inch per hour rainfall and that can really add up quickly. by noontime much of the heaviest rain is off to the east of new york city. by the early afternoon a scattered shower and storm. less humid on wednesday, up to 83. still could be a shower north and west. accuweather forecast for tonight, numerous showers and heavier showers and a thunderstorm developing after midnight, down to 71.
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could be flash flooding for tuesday partly cloudy, we're down to 70. decent day wednesday. still maybe a pop up afternoon shower. great days coming up for thursday and into friday. heats up over the weekend near 90. >> it is summer. >> yes. >> thank you. laura is up next with sports. >> to baseball. the mets may be riding a two-game losing streak but could have two players back from the dl including david wright. >> baseball players know it can be rough on the road but the yankees found it they have to
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so if this weekend was the worse that's going to happen to the mets we will be fine. >> we hope it's the worst. they are hope ing
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their post-trade deadline and snap a two game losing streak as they start a four game series against the rockies. michael cadire has been reactivated off the dl list. david wright will begin rehabs games tonight. the yankees are off today following a weekend sweep by the blue jays that saw their division lead trimmed to 1.5 games. they will be back in action tomorrow night in cleveland. yesterday's game wasn't just a loss, it seemed to put the yankees and their fans against each other. mark deshara had a run in with one fan while rick gardener was hit in the back. >> just really wanted that baseball. for you to tell the fans you can insult but you
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cannot assault, we know you're upset we lost three in a row. we're sorry but keep it to insults not assaults. two time stanley cup champion jared stall is now a ranger. they assigned -- they signed the center to a 1-year deal. they will be a penalty killer for the blue shirts. the 33 year old was arrested back in april in las vegas for felony cocaine possession. he plead guilty to a reduced misdemeanor charge and sentenced to probation and community service. he will not face further punishments from the nhl.
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the entire team had to run because the head coach didn't like what he saw. activities continue at training camps. today it was the panthers. quarterback cam newton got into a scuffle with josh norman after he intercepted his pass. the coaches addressed the situation. the two did jaw back and forth for the rest of practice. after what will be 15 years in the nfl today steve smith said he now just feels like it's the time to retire. the ravens veteran river receiver will call it quits after the season. he's 18th in receptions and 33rd in touchdown catches.
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golf's final of the season tee's off on thursday with the pga championship. ror ri mcelroy will make his return after suffering an ankle injury playing soccer back on july the world's number one golfer declared himself ready to go after a day of practice. he's not the favorite to win though, that would be jordan spieth. >> golfers should not play soccer when they're on the pga tour. >> it's not a good idea. >> thank you , laura. let's check in with sade to see what's happening tonight. >> a road rage turned violent. cops looking for three men who beat up man in front of his family. what sparked this street fight. >> why a dress katy perry wore on the red carpet in new york city is now the subject of a lawsuit. those stories and much more tonight on eyewitness news at 11:00. >> thank you. that's it for us for now. thank you for watch ing. i'm bill ritter. eyewitness news returns again tonight at 11:00.
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hope you join us then. we'll


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