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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  August 13, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> reporter: simon ripped off the burning jeans and putting the flames out. i held hands with him. he said i didn't have anywhere to go. >> watch as simon has the charred pants, he tells the driver to move away from the firry mess. >> i ran back. we have to go. he had to pick up his coins that fell out of his jeans. he didn't know what was going on. >> the driver checks out the burns down his legs and gets himself to safety. >> in australia, if someone is in trouble, we jump in and help. >> reporter: isn't that just amazing to hear their first instinct was to jump in and help, no fear for their own safety. today they were wondering how the tractor trailer driver is doing. we can tell you that he is recovering but in serious condition at st. bar bay news medical center. kala rama. channel 7 eyewitness news. >> kala,ing thank you. investigators are looking into whether faulty brakes
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caused a school bus to crash in new jersey. the dramatic moment in irvington captured on surveillance video. nearly a dozen children were injured when the bus collided with an s.u.v. and slammed into a building. since "first @4:00," we uncovered troubling information about the bus quo. a.j. ross is at beth israel hospital in newark. >> reporter: some new information we received from the new jersey motor vehicle commission shows that horizon link, the bus company, has failed the initial service inspections at an astounding rate of 96%. considering the bus driver in this crash said the brakes failed before the collision, it's amazing no one was seriously injured. a thunderous early morning collision involving a school bus full of kids near sanford and springfield avenues brought several people running from homes and nearby stores. >> i ran out, came across the street, called 911. >> reporter: watch as a nearby
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surveillance camera captures the bus striking a silver s.u.v. and into a liquor store. the driver of the bus was upset and kept repeating her brakes failed. >> the driver of the bus came out and she was scared. she was just like saying that her brakes went off, her brakes went off. i said it's okay. it will be okay. >> the sheer impact of the crash mangled the frame and primary door of the bus peg challenges for first responders trying to reach the injured children inside. >> doors were wedged shut due to the impact of the crash. the front door was inoperable. they had to use the emergency door. >> reporter: the children were taken to area hospitals with a variety of injuries including cuts, whiplash and some broken bones. they were on their way to mount carmel in west orange when the crash occurred. officials confirmed the children have special needs. an investigation is penning to determine the official cause
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and they are looking into the driver's claims of brake failure. irrelevant -- irvington schools said they are playing for their families, the driver of the bus, bus aid and the second driver involved in the accident. a.j. ross, channel 7 eyewitness news. no charges against an mta bus driver who struck and critically injured man in queens. this was near roosevelt and prince street. the bus was making a left-hand turn when it hit the 40-year- old man. the victim was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries. he is expected to survive. the bus driver was questioned at the scene. new information about the man behind the wheel of a church van that crashed into a restaurant in jersey city. police tell us he was driving without a license. newscopter 7 was over the scene about 1:30 this afternoon. one person inside suffered a minor injury. there were no passengers inside the van. the van driver was issued a summons. a major decision handed down from connecticut supreme court. the justices overturning the
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death penalty in the state ruling it unconstitutional. this case affects 11 men on death row including josh kay komisarjevsky joshua com com and jeff hayes. new information on a limousine crash that killed four women stephen barack said officials new about the risk for oversized vehicles making u- turns where the limo was broadsided by a pickup truck. lauren and three of her friends died in the clicks. he said officials should have banned u-turns at the location. new york city council taking action to prevent another outbreak of legionnaires' disease. two new victims were identified. but they are not new cases.
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it has been ten days since a new diagnosis. dave evans is in the south bronx for us. >> reporter: in the last couple of days, the mayor and city health department faced criticism about how they handled the legionnaires outbreak, that is coming from the city controller, governor and state. here at lincoln hospital, the opposite message from federal officials, cdc and u.s. congressman. he said the city health department did a great job in getting the outbreak pretty much behind us. the mayor wouldn't say it was all over yet but today was the feeling of a grand finale as he thanked doctors, nurses and everyone else that battled the legionnaires the last few weeks. >> everyone at lynn don con, they were in the core of this outbreak. this was the go to medical facility. the folks that work here served with tremendous distinction. >> reporter: the numbers show 121 cases of the disease in the south bronx.
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12 people died and 20 cooling towers in and around the south bronx had the bacteria. they were cleaned, disinfected and officials say they are safe now. >> we are contained the outbreak of legionnaires in the south bronx. this took the work of many. many, many, many. >> reporter: at city hall the council enacted a new law ordering all cooling towers across the city must registered, inspected quarterly and if owners violate the rule, they face a fine, $2,000 for a first violation and 25,000 for a year in prison if owners willfully ignore a health department order. >> we are in the midst of al crisis in new york city. >> reporter: new york city has 100 to 200 cases of legionnaires every year but never in a cluster like this. there will be more cases but city officials believe this
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outbreak is pretty much behind us. >> we remain confident that this outbreak is contained. >> reporter: and, again, we haven't seen a new infection of legionnaires in ten days, since august 3rd. we don't know exactly where or how it began in early july but health department detectives are working on that. they should have more answers in the next couple of days. reporting live, dave evans, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, dave. more or president jimmy carter's fight with cancer. what is next for the 90-year- old depends how widely it has battle it. his family has a long history of pancreatic history. bill clinton tweeted my thoughts and prayers are with president carter and rosalyn today. wishing him a speedy recovery. john kerry is preparing to be the first u.s. secretary of state in 70 years to visit cuba. tomorrow he will officially open this building in havana.
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it will be the u.s. embassy there. the move follows the reestablishment of diplomatic relations of the two countries. the jets playing without the number one quarterback. geno smith is sidelined after a locker room fight. we are finally hearing from i.k. who threw the punch. >> reporter: the jets in detroit for first preseason game. geno smith at home getting ready for surgery to fix his jaw. the guy that punched smith is ready to get on with his nfl career. i.k.enemkpali passed his physical today and looks ready to roll most likely facing nfl sanctions if he makes the team. he spoke publicly about tuesday's incident in the jet locker room for the first time. >> it should have never happened. i should have walked way from the situation. it was never my intentions to hurt anybody. i am grateful and thankful and happy to be a bill.
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i look forward to being a good teammate, accountable player and accountable teammate to this organization and happy to be here and thankful. >> well, no apology to smith, right? he hasn't practiced with the bills yet might be activated in time for the bills preseason game tomorrow. as for the jets, ryan fitzpatrick gets the keys to the offense. we will see what it looks like without smith and we see later tonight. >> okay. >> thanks, rob. stocks posted slight gains today after the asia markets finally stabilized. investors weren't troubled by a dip in chinese currency a third day in the row. in the end the dow finished up. nasdaq down and s&p 500 closed down. a man shot and killed outside playing cards with his friends. coming up, why police believe the gunman chose him as the target. >> new details though get around when the pope comes to town and why the pontiff's
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friendly nature could cause a
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challenge. from new york city to philadelphia, pope francis' visit will present traffic and security challenges. and transportation officials are already getting ready, trying to figure out how to move millions of people around on the roads an mass transit. >> i will not fight that crowd. >> reporter: while this deacon won't make it to the papal mass in philly. >> i will sit and watch it on television and get a nice close up view of what is going on. >> reporter: 500 people from the diocese are heading down to the free outdoor mass in september. in fact, ten bus loads of parishioners are going.
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>> we are going by bus and excited. it means so much to us as a church. >> our phone is ringing off the hook. we have a waiting list in case people drop out. >> reporter: thursday morning,ing new jersey transit and mjdot laid out the traffic plans to handle the estimated 2 million people visiting that weekend. >> department of transportation has no intention of closing any roadways leading east to new york city. >> reporter: jjts will have -- -new jersey transit will have expanded ser vice. >> he travels around the world and wants to interact in the public in a way that we are not used to having public figures deal with the public. that will be a challenge. >> reporter: planners walked the five-mile route from camden over the ben franklin bridge to the philadelphia museum of art. >> we have a lot of older people willing to take the trip and make the sacrifices necessary.
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>> deacon frank isn't going. are you going to be disappointed. >> yes. it's disappointing. for our parish community, deacon frank is large part of that and our name list. we noelle be with us in spirit. if there is anybody prayering for us, it will be frank. >> reporter: darla miles, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> to address security concerns, schools in philly will be closed for three days leading up to the pope's visit. the mayor nutter announced that fenced security zones will go into effect more than a day before the pontiff's visit. anyone going in will need to develop through metal detectors. schools in new york will be open while the pop is here. you can find the pope's schedule on our web site abc7ny. eyewitness news will be with the pope every step of the way during his visits to washington, new york and philadelphia, all next month.
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now to an update on the tom brady suspension negotiations. lawyers for the nfl and players union meeting today with the manhattan judge for a second day. the attorneys met separately as they try to resolve brady's four-game punishment and fine. the separate discussions lasted about four hours. neither brady nor roger good deal t dell -- goodell attended the hearing. cell phone video captured the frightening moments inside a minnesota club when a ceiling collapsed at first avenue for a concert when a section of the ceiling caved in. three people were hurt. first avenue is the venue where prince film maryland his 1984 movie purple rain. >> amazing look at the meteor shower that lit up the sky.
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this is suffolk county. the streaks of light raining down for hours. the perseid meteor shower happens midyear, most of it is visible in august. thanks to a new moon it appeared brighter than ever. >> amy said you can look up no matter why you are -- >> relatively dark but spots in the city and boroughs where you can get away from the lights and catch a glimpse. the different colors mean something with what elements make up -- >> the stars? >> the debris out of the comet. awesome. the big star, though is the sunshine. what another great day we have had. letter temperatures in the low to mid-80s across the area. low humidity. the comfort level is up. through this evening, goes gorgeous. going to intrepid with the outdoor movies around the city
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summer rolls on. it will feel a lot more like typical july -- august weather coming up over the weekend. today highs were in the 70s and 80s and that's about average if you look at the long-term extremes where we get the hot weather this time of year and unseasonally cool weather. getting ready to crank up the thermometer. morristown, temperature under clear skies will fall fast into the 50s. gorgeous sunset is what we are expecting then clear skies and the numbers will tumble. beautiful sunset. tomorrow temperatures go up. humidity still stays manageable. not really until saturday and sunday where it becomes very hot. then the weekend, the first heat wave becomes voluntary. saturday, sunday, monday and tuesday all near 90. we are storm free the next two days. late on saturday sunday chances for showers and
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thunderstorms but mainly late in the afternoon, early evening hours because of the instability in the atmosphere that will be created by so much heat and humidity. expect it to be storms few and far between. 87 tomorrow. temperatures climb. then by friday, or saturday, we are looking at the humidity increasing with the 90s back in the forecast. it will be days where you are kind of like after a few you are done with it but a pattern that holds on for a couple of days. 71 is the warmest buoy we could find as far as water temperatures go. waves up to 4 feet. rip current risk low. after you check in the beaches, goes ask the lifeguards what they see going on. 68 in the city. temperatures tomorrow upper 80s, warmer. humidity comes in over the weekend. this is the kind of weather you want to find place to stay cool, check on your neighbors, make sure the bets are taken care of, those kind of things.
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92 sunday and monday. tuesday 90. wednesday and thursday, upper 80s. that will do it for now. we will talk more about the beaches and weekend get away. >> thanks amy. a bold move to prove a point. >> coming up, the governor of colorado is drinking water from the toxic river. what he did before taking a sip. >> lighten the load this school year. "consumer reports" reviews the lightweight laptops comparing
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in new jersey, a man had to come clean about fake poker chips. prosecutors say christian lucardi admitted to bringing millions of dollars in counterfeit chips to use at an atlantic city casino. he tried flushing them down the toilet. today he pled guilty. he owes thousands in restitution for lost revenue and plumbing work. a man in upstate new york took on bear to save his dog. eric spinner told rescuers he was on a walk with his dog when
5:24 pm
a bear suddenly attacked the small dog. he struggled to get the bear off. he picked up a stick and actually hit the bear until it set his dog free. they were hurt but they are expected to be okay. wildlife officials are looking for the bear. it's almost back to school time. for students heading to college, laptops are a must. lucky for them, they are getting lighter and lighter. nina pineda has results. >> reporter: an ultra lightweight laptop may be the lightest in your backpack, lighter than a textbook and lighter than this water bottle. around 2 pounds, the mac book ways less than the mac air. >> these light weights did well in the performance test and portability test. if you take the laptop with you free quintly in a backpack or carrying case you will notice the difference, even a few ounces.
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>> reporter: you pay a premium. samsung $1,100. apple 1300. len novo is 1500. aside from weight, battery life is important. to test, "consumer reports" cycles through a series of web pages until the battery dies. the mac book has a life of 16 hours. the samsung 10 hours and lenova 7. >> laptops are great if you carry them around. if it's sitting on a desk it won't matter. >> reporter: if price is more important than portability, the 14-inch lenova at $650 the 15- inch as ser aspire at 5 -- aces aspire at $500. >> the lenova flex 3 has an eight-hour battery life. it is fast at office tasks and photo editing.
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a fixture in the community dealt a deadly hand. coming up, a game of cards. the scene of a violent robbery. now neighbors are mourning the loss of a dapper gentleman
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killed in cold blood. fawn fire shatters a friendly game of cards turning into a cold blooded killing gunned down a fixture in the community leaving neighbors stunned. i'm sade baderinwa. >> i'm diana williams.
5:29 pm
police in newburgh say it were targeted. the man that lost his life, samuel stubs rarely heft his home without wearing a suit. >> marcus solis is in newburgh with the story. marcus? >> reporter: sade and diana, the victim has a sense of style. he was known for his card playing. most of all friends say he was a good man who did not deserve to be gunned down. >> he would give you anything. he was such a good man. >> reporter: they come throughout the day lighting candles for the manthey knew as sammy. samuel stubs a flashy character with lime green beard and flashy suits. >> it hurts me to know that he left like that. it really does. >> very nice person. very nice. everybody will miss him. >> reporter: the gunfire
5:30 pm
erupted after 1:30 in the morning. stubs was in the middle of what he was known for, playing poker. included in the makeshift memorial a deck of cards and dollar bills. police say robbery was the motive. >> there is nothing going on in the city of newburgh. they will take it by any means necessary. if they see somebody grambling that has more than them, they will try to take it. >> reporter: two other participants, two unidentified men were shot and are expected to survive. stubs' death the fourth homicide of the year, sobering numbers for residents tired the gun violence. >> it needs to stop. the children are out here. not a good example for the children. sad that people are losing loved ones like this. >> reporter: an increased police presence in the
5:31 pm
neighborhood as the investigation continues. no arrests. police are asking anyone with information to contact them. marcus solis, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> marcus, thank you. new at 5:00, police are searching for an armed robber targeting dunkin donuts in manhattan. surveillance cameras recorded a man that they say threatened two clerks. the first was in washington heights last tuesday. police say the suspect then robbed a dunkin donuts on 103rd on the upper west side. each time he left the store with several hundred dollars. former new york city schools chancellor dennis walcott is stepping in to help a rockland clash. he was appointed as a monitor. the board is dominated by orthodox jews. other parents are saying as a result public schools are shortchanged. the board says the problem for public schools resolved around
5:32 pm
a lake of state funding -- lack of state funding. you may have seen the chemical spill in colorado turning the river and orangey yellow. now the governor says it's safe again. he drank from the river. brandi hitt has the story. >> i drank a full slug -- >> reporter: that is the colorado governor drinking water from the river along with a protective iodine tablet to demonstrate durango is open for business one day after the devastating mind spill. >> it didn't taste bad at all. >> reporter: the epa is confirming new data. >> water has actually returned back to preincident conditions. >> reporter: it's what frustrated families and business owners have been waiting for. >> i rely on this river 100% on my livelihood. >> reporter: after more than 3 million gallons of the toxic sludge stored in a mine
5:33 pm
containing high levels of arsenic and lead spilled in the river during an epa accident. >> devastating. it has been a huge hit to the organization. >> reporter: as the orange color fades, federal officials are moving down hundreds of miles of river testing segments through utah where they are waiting for updates. >> without water, we can't irrigate. >> reporter: the epa is taking full responsibility for the disaster as attorneys general from three states consider whether to file lawsuits. health experts recommend when drinking back country water from any source you do more than add an iodine tablet. they suggest sagged a water filter to prevent other serious illnesses. a county clerk in kentucky is defying a judges order to issue marriage licenses to same- sex couples. the office turned way two gay couples today. davis has not issued licenses
5:34 pm
to any couples since the supreme court ruled gay marriage bans were unconstitutional in june. yesterday a federal judge ordered her to resume issuing licenses. davis' attorney says forcing her to comply with the law violates her religious freedom. the south port received federal money from superstorm sandy. it will fix the damaged electrical and cooling systems and help the museum improve and expand the programming. still ahead on eyewitness news, a manhole mishap. three adventurers exploring a sewer in brooklyn land in trouble. >> also, it looks like a tornado went through that car. how a cigarette triggered an
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no word from chinese officials as to what caused the massive explosion at a warehouse storing toxic chemicals. the blast ignited buildings, torched cars and blew out hundreds of windows. >> getting a shock wave. it rattled the doors and seemed like big wind and stuff. the big one that hit was the one that really felt like an earthquake. >> boy. rescuers continue searching through debris for possible survivors. the government ordered everyone within several miles of the
5:39 pm
scene to evacuate because of concerns about toxic fumes. a part time employee with the department of environmental protection is under arrest accused much taking two friends on an unauthorized adventure in new york city sewers. marquise evans opened a manhole around 9:30 last night. residents spotted the men opening the cover and contacted authorities. police and firefighters immediately began searching for the men. >> it took us four hours to find the individuals. god knows what they are looking for. >> these three were up to something down there. >> evans has been suspended from his job and facing multiple charges. his friends are charged with criminal trespassing. 62-year-old woman in pittsburgh is recovering from
5:40 pm
first and second-degree burns after her cigarette triggered an explosion. she lit a cigarette in a parking lot when she had a propane tank in the car. the woman was seriously burned and ten cars were damaged. police in the area are glad the damage was not worse. >> other people could have got hurt with her and end up in the hospital. >> stupid to be smoking a cigarette with a propane dank tank around it. common sense. >> the woman is expected to survive. the propane tank was in the car because she was tailgating at a baseball game. a behind-the-scenes look at beyonce's cover shoot for vogue magazine. she will grace the cover september issue. this video shot during the photo shoot shows queen b with wet hair and a slinky gown with minimal makeup. stella mccarthy said beyonce is the whole package, prime mall, rare, beautiful and powerful.
5:41 pm
>> prime mall. >> primam. can you tell me how to get to sesame street. how the program is going in a new direction. >> a new twist in the bogey down. why acrobats are making incredible moves in the park and what is santa claus doing
5:42 pm
5:43 pm
5:44 pm
5:45 pm
in midtown. a park transformed into an acrobatic stage. performers performing for kids. this is part of summer stage kids 2015 featuring 93 events at parks in all five boroughs. very flexible. it's sponsored by disney, the parent company of wabc-tv. >> that's cool. a taste of winter in the heat of summer. yes, santa made a stop from the north pole for a christmas in august celebration at radio city music hall. the rockets kicked off ticket sales.
5:46 pm
performances begin three from today. three months away. >> that's why i will enjoy the hot weather while i can. >> fantastic weather around here. the last couple of days comfortable. you are right. the heat is getting ready to be turned up which we should expect this time of year, right. 90s plus humidity heading your way for the weekend. first shot here looking over the park and you can see the west side looking up the hudson. you look real good you can see the gwb in the distance. so, absolutely gorgeous to look at. tonight will be a fantastic night as the sun goes down. another beauty shot from brooklyn into lower manhattan. clear skies and gorgeous sunset expected. pressure on the rise. we are at 82 degrees. that was the high temperature this afternoon. a few spots climbed into the mid-80s for inland new jersey, the official spot 85. on the island low 80s and down the shore.
5:47 pm
temperatures are falling off a few degrees. as soon as things get dark under clear skies we expect the numbers to crash. morristown expected to go to the mid-50s because of the clear skies. open the windows and enjoy the dry cool atmosphere. in the coming days you have to crank up the ac to be cool. warmer tomorrow. we remained low with the humidity. it will barely clean up then turns hot and humid over the weekend. maybe the first heat wave. we have a chance of 90 for about five or six days in a row. on accutrack, no storms. not were rid about showers for the next few days. we have a high pressure system in control. it will increase the humidity. expect the temperature climb to happen tomorrow. 87 in the afternoon. then more intense see identification of the southerly wind. that will bring humid air in and 90 is the expected temperature on saturday.
5:48 pm
heading to the beach, doing boating, west wind 5 to 10 miles per hour. water temperatures up to 77. rip current risk is low for the rest of this evening and tomorrow. so, if you are out on the water, beware of that. 68 degrees tonight. 60s in the suburbs. 50s in some pockets. tomorrow plenty of sunshine. humidity manageable 87 the forecast high. accuweather seven-day forecast, look at this. we could actually get several 90s here in the next week. tomorrow we are pushing the upper 80s. 90s saturday and sunday. both of those afternoons and evenings there could be an isolated spot shower. sunday a better chance of that in the evening. it will be steamy hot and that will destabilize the atmosphere. monday 92. tuesday 90. hot with thunderstorms. we are not far off from the 90s.
5:49 pm
if we get three in a row, that is the official definition of a heat wave. we had a few 90s but not the consecutive three t the magic string. >> i need something to cool us off. >> you ready. >> sprinkler system. >> think back to a job you had as a youngster in the summer. >> i waited tables. eyewitness news reporter lauren glassberg has the scoop. >> reporter: i had a few scoops with this story. >> we are about to join you. a young man with a talent for drama and a passion for gel late toes. he stumbled on a vacant storefront he knew it was time to act. >> i think there is a business here. i really do. >> reporter: harrison geller is in the business of gel late toe. when i went toe italy, i thought i have to learn how to make this. >> reporter: he did. now a year later he has opened
5:50 pm
it on the lower east side. >> we make it by hand. >> reporter: no industrial mixer. he is on a budget. he is still in high school. >> i never thought i would be using math to make gel to. >> i made a point to come here. i want to support young entrepreneurs but have good gelato. >> reporter: there are eight flavors. >> my favorites are rick cat take -- >> reporter: he rick cot take. >> i love this. >> i love drama, too but this is what really burns for me. i have like the gelato bug. >> reporter: but it is only a pop up, set to close august
5:51 pm
30th. >> it's sad that we opened five it's sad. >> reporter: but then again he hasten i don't remember year ahead of him and a summer he won't soon forget. >> not the money. the fact that people are really liking it. it gets me really excited. >> reporter: and he employs seven of his friends from laguardia hig school. >> this will look good on his resume. >> i think he has an easy essay for his application. >> whatever business school you want to go to. >> this is really good. such drive, such initiative. >> real charisma. >> i will pressure my son. he is the same age and goes to laguardia. get a job or start an ice cream shop. >> congratulations to you.
5:52 pm
can this be, big bird, ernie joining forces with jack black. >> why future sesame shows will be brought to you by the letters hbo. >> two men running a nonprofit are accused of profiting big time scamming teenagers. the teens say they did the work but never got paid. also at 6:00 an exclusive look at the smartphones given to every new york cop on the force. the nypd finally entering the 21st century and it's paying off. >> not your imagination. more delays on the new york subway.
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can you tell me how to get to sesame street. >> we may need a lesson. >> new episodes of the children's television show are heading to hbo. >> the format is changing, too.
5:56 pm
sandy kenyon has the abc's of the all new changes. >> reporter: the way to sesame street includes a detour when new episodes will be available first on hbo. kids who want to play may be pegging their parents to pay. that did not sit well with fathers and mothers in central park today. >> a big problem rivelt sesame street is you don't have to have money or pay for cable to enjoy what sesame street has to offer. >> reporter: the paid tv deal looks better when you consider the new agreement means almost twice as many episodes can be produced each year and ever nine months everyone will be available on pbs for free just as big bird and -- >> elmo. >> reporter: have always been. >> we have to wait. a few episodes behind. >> reporter: several generations have grown up on sesame street watching it for
5:57 pm
free on pbs. public broadcasting pays a small fraction of the cost of producing the show,ing reportedly 10%. for years the nonprofit organization that distributes it made up the difference by sales of merchandise and especially dvds. disk sales dropped as more kids watched on the computers and the result was a cash crunch that the future -- future of the show was in question which is how it ended up on cable. >> we would probably pay for the experience. it's unfortunate that not everyone can pay for those shows. >> those that can't pay will still see it for free this fall. pbs will air past episodes edited. sandy kenyon, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> times are changing. still ahead, new video from that fiery turnpike crash and hear from the good samaritans
5:58 pm
that jumped into action. >> "eyewitness news at 6:00" starts right now. no, it's not your imagination. more new york subways are running behind schedule. the mta insisting they are wrong. what is really going on. >> the nypd hurtling into the 21st century and giving smartphones to every cop on the force and it is putting them to work and busting people. >> two men working for a nonprofit accused of ripping off hundreds that did their jobs. they say they never got paid. good evening at 6:00, liz is off tonight. 150 school students hired
5:59 pm
for concession stand jobs. two officials that set up the jobs pocketed at least $100,000. stacey sager is in mineola with the lead story. >> reporter: bill, these were pitched as great summer jobs, $9 an hour advertised on craigslist. the problem is the students were never paid for the now two men have been indicted on grand larceny, conspiracy and fraud. they said nothing as they headed to their arraignments today. both men in the alleged scam pleading not guilty and leaving the talking to their attorneys. >> he is a good, decent honest man. >> reporter: prosecutors say 43- year-old welton heron of bright waters is the central figure in a major scam affecting hundreds of teens that worked at places like citi field, jones beach theater and mcu stadium in brooklyn. the teens working at concession stands run by the aramark


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