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tv   Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  August 17, 2015 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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not that oppressive in that 40% range with 91 degrees, the real feel is like 92. here are the other temperatures at noon, murray hill, ridgewood queens 91. j.f.k. and laguardia back in july had their heat waves. now it's official in central park, three days with the temperature at 90 or above. newark 93. tack on the humidity and it's 95 for the real feel in the bronx. 92 in the bronx to queens and 89 j.f.k. that's because of the southwest west wind. some of the heat indices are high. in the urban areas of new jersey, it will get to 100, 105 this afternoon and the park will drive up into the mid-90s as well. it will be close breaking the record. a southwest wind to a calm wind across the area. that drives the hot wind up around the bermuda high. an air quality warning until 11:00 for sussex and warren and up to the catskills.
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the air quality else not that good when it's so hot and humid with the dome of unhealthy air to breath later in the day. it will be hot all the way back to the great lakes. we will watch that sophie if we can get another 90-degree in there tomorrow. this afternoon in the mid-90s. 3:00, 4:00 we will know if we hit the record high for the afternoon. we will talk about that, a cool down, thunderstorms and a lot to talk about in the forecast coming up, back to you. >> the cool down sounds good about now. thank you, bill. parts of new jersey could see the highest temperatures which is why a lot of people are heading down the shore. >> new jersey toni yates is live in belmar with that part of the coverage. >> don't hate me. lists seven, i wasn't going to show up for live at noon without taking the advice that i heard already. check out the hat. i am on the boardwalk in belmar. this hat is keeping me cool. i am also slathered in 70 spf sunblock. you know what, if i wasn't working today, then i would be
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out there along the shore under one of those umbrellas if i wasn't in the ocean. now, bill march is quit busy on this hot and humid afternoon. we have already spoken to the life guards. they call it a perfect beach day as far as water conditions are concerned. we will let the lifeguard talk about that in a second. but hats, lots of water. good ideas for down the shore. there is barely a pool wind blowing. believe me, you can feel the heat and humidity but you got the best of clear skies and comfortable water. just heed the safety tips and you should be good coming down the shore. flat water is good? >> flat water is great for lifeguards and people that are not experienced swimmers. surfers and body boarders want waves but for me it's easier. >> a lot of people are coming out. what do you need them to do as far as hydration and sunscreens. >> it's all-important. be hydrated when you come to the beach and sit in the sun all day.
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never too much fluids. you want to sit by the liver guards. >> swim near the life -- sit by the lifeguards. >> swim near the lifeguards. a couple of weeks ago the water was rough and they had a lot of good saves. this time if you are near the lifeguard station they can watch you. we have seen people out with not little bottles of water but big bottles of water. we will talk to them about how they will stay cool in the heat and humidity. live in belmar, toni yates, channel 7 eyewitness news. back to you guys. >> we will track the hot temperatures all day long. look for more updates all afternoon. you will get the hour-by-hour forecast any time you like at abc7ny. shirleen? >> ken, we are following breaking news. spectacular new video captures an explosion in central bangkok that killed 16 people. the blast happened at a major
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intersection during the monday evening rush hour. dozens were injured. one bomb was found inside a shrine compound. a second in a nearby complex. officials say one of the explosives was detonated. as soon as we learn any new information, we will bring it to you. new jersey transit service is back on track this afternoon after more troubles this morning. a train broke down heading into penn station. that caused big delays on the tracks. on top of that, buses were rerouted to the secaucus station because of problems in the lincoln tunnel. anthony johnson is live with more. >> reporter: a lot of people are huffing and puffing by the time they got to work this morning. they had a letting get mat reason because of the delays. we had a double whammy of transportation woes here. the problem in the lincoln tunnel with the car fire then the tunnel underneath the hudson river connecting new york and new jersey for the new jersey transit train.
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too familiar. this is a picture of the packed platform at secaucus junction monday morning commute. the new jersey transit train tunnel. the people pact was felt by thousands desperate to get to work on time. >> i was stuck on the train for 25 minutes, on the bus for one hour or so and prolonged my trip considerably. >> reporter: rows of buses were lined up at sea -- secaucus junction because there was a vehicle fire. the cause of the morning rail trouble is unknown. this has been a summer of high anxiety for commuters. last month a series of equipment problems caused days of delays. amtrak operates the rails, tunnels, wires and equipment used by new jersey transit. last week an amtrak official met with lawmakers in trenton
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telling them that due to age and wear, the system could experience more break downs. the solution, build a new hudson river tunnel and fix the older ones sooner than later. the problem is congress seems unable to come up with the funding to get the job done. and all of the delays ended around 11:00 this morning for new jersey transit and they say you should have no impact on the afternoon commute. that is the latest live from secaucus, new jersey. anthony johnson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> anthony, thank you. new at noon, republican presidential candidate donald trump taking a break from campaigning to appear for jury duty in front of cameras and microphones, mr. trump walked into the courthouse in manhattan. eyewitness news reporter kala rama was there. >> reporter: in trump fashion, presidential candidate donald trump arrives to court in a stretch limo, a few minutes late. >> a little traffic on the fdr.
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got here in no time. >> reporter: this is a break from the campaign trail to report for jury duty. as trump made his way through the crush of cameras with one security guard by his side, he did not take questions about his newly unveiled immigration plan that includes building a wall along the border by increasing fees on mexican work visas, ending birth right citizenship for children born in the united states. a new poll shows the billionaire far ahead of the pack. he had diabetes a, his limo driver of 27 years is enjoyinged ride. >> great boss, great to work for, very fair. no complaints whatsoever. >> thank you, he had di. >> if he goes to the white house, you are going with him? >> i would love to go. >> reporter: mr. trump made it inside for the end of jury instructions. if he is not picked today, he
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won't have to serve on a jury the next six years. kala rama, channel 7 eyewitness news. police are searching for a man accused of raping a child in her own home on staten island. investigators say daniel nieto entered the house through an unlocked door and sexually assaulted the 7-year-old girl in her bedroom. he was later arrested and charged with trespassing. he was released before investigators were aware of the rape accusations. a 30-year-old man is under arrest charged with fatally stabbing the granddaughter of morgan freeman. idina hines was found lying on -- edena hines was found lying on the street. police say her boyfriend stabbed her multiple times in the chest. she studied acting at nyu. a man wanted for murder in the '90s captured. >> a sex scandal brewing at one of the nation's most prestigious prep schools.
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new at noon, the pentagon looking to increase drone flights overseas. "the wall street journal" is reporting that the defense department wants to expand 50%. if the plan goes through it would improve intelligence collection and surveillance in areas such as iraq, ukraine and south china sea. it would expand the united states ability to conduct lethal strikes. an faa software update being blamed for the air traffic control gridlock dopped flight apocalypse. computer glitches caused it to go down.
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this forced a lot of planes out new york. nearly 1,000 flights were delayed or canceled saturday. delays continued on sunday. federal investigators say there is no indication the system was hacked. two sky divers collide sending one on a deadly collision course in front of horrified spectators. this happened at the chicago air and water show over the weekend. one of the men decorated army parachutist cory hood went out of control slamming into a building and the ground. he later died at the hospital. >> i was like thinking he would either come right by, in between the believes, land on the building. i thought it was part of the show. >> it was scary. everyone stopped talking. it was a moment of silence. >> the other sky diver crashed on a beach and was in fair condition at last report. how the accident happened is under investigation. a sex scandal is rocking a prestigious prep school in new hampshire once attended by
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secretary of state john kerry. jury selection has been gun in the trial of 19-year-old owen lavery accused of rape last may. he claims he was taking part in a tradition known as senior salute. boys ready to graduate try to have sex with younger students. an early morning earthquake rocks the west coast. >> a summertime sightseeing excursion aboard a hot air balloon ending with all three people rushed to a hospital. >> and taking a live look outside, get ready for the extreme heat this afternoon. meteorologist bill evans is up
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next with the forecast. we are following breaking news we would like to share with you involving the long island railroad. service on the port washington branch is suspended in both directions. this is after a woman was struck by a train at the great neck train station. we will keep you posted on this breaking story. in other news, dry brush and strong winds fueling more than 100 wildfires across several western states. at least 75 homes were destroyed by a fast-moving fire in washington state over the weekend. a fire in central oregon has
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grown to 50 square miles. officials say cooler temperatures are helping crews make progressing in the fire burn in the national forest outside of los angeles. >> back here at home, it sounds like we are dealing with a heat wave. >> we have an official heat wave in the park, central park. that is the official reading for new york city. laguardia had three days of 90- degree weather, j.f.k. people don't live at airports. they live near the park. it's 91 and the heat index is 92. so, let's take a look outside. you will see haze and humidity doing the work out there. and we see boats up and down the east river. you see that as we look outside, it's pretty. but in parts, you take different angles and you can see the haze with the humidity out there. it's not bad at 41%. that is enough in the afternoon to make it uncomfortable along with the temperature which is 91 degrees. the winds are calm. it doesn't keep the air moving. you need to keep the air moving. fans going, air-conditioning, that sort of thing.
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the pressure is at 30.11, moderate high pressure. it's very strong bermuda high pumping up the moisture. 83 is the normal high. we will be at 95, 96. we will be close to breaking the record this afternoon. sunsets before 8:00 this evening. near record heat today and tomorrow. today's record high 95. tomorrow 94. storms spot see. one or two today but more likely thursday we will get storms that cool us back down into the mid-80s and it looks like we will see the humidity hanging around all week and into the weekend. air quality is showing up moderate but there is an air quality alert in place for the area and we see the u.v. index an eight. that is high. long island through suffolk county and out, 85 in north port. happen paul 88. down the jersey shore. 86 andover. here is the humidity and the
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temperature put together and the bronx is 97. the sweltering steamy sticky 97. laguardia 92. you can see the evidence of that southwest wind that comes across brooklyn and coney island and out to fire island and out. the inland areas are heating up. 92 is the real feel in poughkeepsie, kingston, putnam in carmel, 91 sussex and 96 for the real feel around newark. that inland area with the wind sometimes out of the south, sometimes the southwest, it's light. it is heating things it is not helping with the air quality. elderly, respiratory illness, don't get outside now. wait until closer to sunset and afterwards. check on your neighbors and friends and family and relatives, check and see if they need you to make a grocery store run or prescription. then, of course, we want to protect the pets. we have hot air back to the great lakes. another day of this coming at us tomorrow. futurecast, our computer
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guidance shows a pop-up shower or thunderstorm right around 3:00, 4:00. you can see those are widely scattered. hot and humid. interest at the thunderstorm. record high 95 set in 44, 1944. real hot summer in new york city. tomorrow we got a sunny day, quite hot and humid. 93. the record 94 tomorrow in central park. then we will get a little cool down. look at how much colder it will get on wednesday. 89 the high. that will feel great. makes thunderstorms possible for thursday. got to be careful out there. >> serious. >> dangerous heat. >> for sure. thank you, bill. >> sure. >> appreciate it. just as beachgoers on long island were looking to beat the very heat this weekend, yeah, they were greeted with visitors in the water. yes, those are sharks. fisherman on long island said he intended to catch a sea bass or fluke but caught four or
12:21 pm
five sharks. each time it took him about ten minutes to reel in the catch. each shark was released back into the ocean. >> four or five sharks, just a fluke. cars stolen from a classic car show. the brazen thief going after a car known for promoting a big pizza chain. >> also ahead, the little pink pill, more about a female version of viagra and if it
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could new at noon, a powerful 4.0 magnitude earthquake shook residents from their sleep in the san francisco bay area. the quake centered near berkeley hit before 7:00. it was followed by a series of gentle rolls. so far there have been no reports of injuries or any damage. but bay area is holding trains to the tracks can be inspected. in california, two small planes collided killing everyone and causing a plush fire. it was near san diego sunday. firefighters quickly put out the brush fire caused by the crash. the victims identities have not been reeled. a thief targeting a classic car show that made off with pizza history. surveillance video shows a
12:25 pm
truck pulling a trailer out of a parking lot in michigan. inside the trailer is this 1971 came merrow used for promoting -- camaro used for promoting papa jones. he tracked down the car and bought it back six years ago. two other cars were stolen. maroon 5 rocked the jersey shore over the weekend. up to 50,000 people packed the beach in atlantic city for the concert yesterday. city officials say the event created business for local stores and hotels. it's part of atlantic city's plan to expand entertainment options beyond the gaming industry. the band rascal flatts is performing on the beach on thursday. and we are finally getting a first look at the cast of the new star wars spin off. it's called star wars road 1. the highly anticipated film comes out at the end of next year.
12:26 pm
disney announced it's adding star wars attractions in disneyland, walt disney world in florida. each park will be huge, 14 acres in size. visitors will find aliens, droids and millennium falcon ride and a creature cantina. disney is the parent company of channel 7. a deadly shooting that has taken more than a decade and a half to solve. fugitive. time. >> a violent encounter with police caught on tape. stopped. sayreville.
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switch to switch to time warner cable today. and now, for a limited time, you could get a $300 reward card. call today. our top stories, it is official. new york city experiencing the first heat wave in two years. cooling centers are open. some pools and beaches are open. new jersey transit service is open after two big problems with the morning commute. a train broke down heading into penn station and buses were rerouted to the secaucus rail station because of a problem in the lincoln tunnel. >> good news for long island commuters.
12:30 pm
service on the port washington branch is back running but 40 minute delays. our top story, a case that took a decade and a half to solve, police on long island arrested a man who they say opened fire at a wedding reception and killed a man. >> that suspect was in court just a little while ago. so were the family members of the victim. long island reporter kristin thorne is live in the courthouse with the details new at noon. kristin? >> reporter: the family of the victim says they knew in their heart for 16 years that one day this day would come. as he was being lead into the courthouse, he apologized to the family. >> sorry for the pain i caused everyone's family, the destruction to the family, i'm sorry. >> reporter: the accused of shooting 19-year-old
12:31 pm
cahn in 1999 following a wedding in hicksville. cahn's father, mother and brother were in court for the arraignment on second-degree murder charges. prosecutor say cahn and sing got in an argument and sing waited for cahn to leave the wedding and shot him. heed in to guyana living under different names and different countries. he was arrested in march in trinidad where he was homeless. the family never lost hope that their family member's killer would be caught. >> for 16 years we cannot rest. our heart always think about this killer, that he will get caught one day. >> one of the detectives who arrested sing was in court today. the one that arrested him in trinidad. we asked what was his reaction when he was arrested.
12:32 pm
sing described himself as relieved, that he was happy to be heading back to the united states. live in mineola, kristin thorne, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. a call for change. the mother of eric garner is joining with parents of other people that have died with encounters with police even courters -- died in the hands of police in encounters. we are hearing from a man on the receiving end of one of last summer's violent arrests. cell phone video of that arrest was posted online. investigative reporter jim hoffer is in the newsroom with details all new at noon. >> reporter: once again, cell phone video captured by an eyewitness to an arrest is raising questions about the nypd's use of force. police officers are trained to deescalate, arrest tensions but this video shows an arrest that flies out of control even though the suspect appears to be trying to cooperate.
12:33 pm
it appears to be a standard parade. believe had the suspect following orders to put his hands up. when he reaches for his id at turns violent. in the face. >> all i remember is them screaming give me your hand. how can i give you my hand when i can barely move. >> reporter: were you resistin arrest? >> not at all. >> reporter: he was never charged and the sergeant has been disciplined through loss of vacation time. perhaps most telling is that the initial reason for the arrest, drugs, that charge was dismissed. >> there were no drugs. the prosecutors dismissed all the charges. i can assure you that the district attorney is not in the business of dismissing criminal cases when crimes have been
12:34 pm
committed. the 5:00 newscast, you will hear from an expert in police practices that explains why she doesn't think excessive force was used during the arrest and more on how the sergeant was disciplined. that is coming up tonight at 5:00. >> thank you. service was back up to normal on the ronkonkoma branch of the long island railroad this morning after a deadly plane crash that damaged the tracks in nassau county. just before 8:00 yesterday morning the pilot of a single- engine plane headed from westhampton to morristown, new jersey, tried to make an emergency landing on south oyster bay road. the fiery crash left the tracks damaged. crash. investigators say the way he landed allowed for his passengers to survive. the faa is investigating. police have arrested one of the drivers involved in a pile up that injured seven people on
12:35 pm
the brooklyn bridge this morning. police said the train reaction crash happened about 5:00 when a lexus slammed into a stalled car. the impact caused the lexus to flip over and hit a taxi. officials say seven people were taken to the hospital, one in critical condition. the brooklyn bound lanes were closed for hours. police took one of the drivers into custody but have not released any charges. turning to the heat, today is expected to be a scorcher. expected to be, we are there now. it's new york city's first official heat wave in two years. tracking it with the accuweather forecast. >> you can see some of that haze that is over manhattan, kind of comes like a dome and it traps ozone and traps unhealthy air. be aware of that for those who have respiratory illnesses, the young, babies, you don't want to breathe this stuff. it's hot, humid. temperature is 91. 83 at west port. that is a southwest wind across long island sound.
12:36 pm
beach is a good place to be. it's a land breeze out of the southwest. where it's not out of the southwest it's calm from new york city around from manhattan to queens. to moderate. it's enough that this is what it feels like outside. 96 at newark to elizabeth to staten island. 93 in the park. they are taking the ferries back and forth. nice breeze. in the harbor, it will be great. we have another 90-degree day tomorrow to talk about. rain in the forecast, too. so, goes stick around in the nice air conditioned studio like we have here. back to you guys. >> all right, thank you, bill. the health department will be out in queens battling against mosquitoes after the city's first human case of west nile virus this season. spraying starts tonight at 8:30 in several neighborhoods in queens.
12:37 pm
a brooklyn man in his 60s was treated for west nile virus and released. police are looking for a group of suspects wanted for using stolen atm cards. linden police say four men were withdrawing money allegedly with those stolen cards and they allegedly used stolen checks. the cards went missing from the mail before they turned up in fraudulent transactions. >> to get a better look at the pictures, go to our facebook page. a recent uptick in crime in central park has prompted the guardian angels to resume patrols there. there has been a 26% rise in crime in central park. curtis liwa says it is safer than in the '80s but they want to keep it that way. mayor de blasio claims the park is absolutely safe. he added the police department doesn't need help from the guardian angels. caught on camera,ing a
12:38 pm
wildlife visitor at the harbor in sayreville. the seal is named stash. hello, stash. you will see him in a moment. he popped his head out of the water. it's exciting to see a creature like this up close but keep your distance. don't go up to the little suckers. also important, not to feed stash or any other seals for that matter human food. >> seals, sharks, dolphins recently. >> in water, imagine that. a picturesque ride on a hot air balloon takes a terrifying turn when it hits a power line. >> oscar pistorius served a fraction
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12:41 pm
next, why he is about 100 people whose homes were devastated in the china explosions are demanding the government buy their residences and pay for the disaster. the blasts claimed the lives of at least 114 people. there are 70 people still missing including 64 firefighters and six police officers. about 1,000 firefighters responded to the disaster. authorities confirm there were several hundred tons of the toxic chemical sodium cyanide in the warehouse. it was allowed to store no more than ten tons at a time. nightfall and rough weather forced crews to stop attempts
12:42 pm
to reach a plane that crashed in a remote area of indonesia. two planes spotted the wreckage earlier but crews on the ground have not been able to reach the crash site in rough terrain. there were 54 people on board the flight including postal workers carrying half a million dollars for poor families to help offset a spike in fuel prices. oscar pistorius will be a free man this friday. pistorius served ten months of a five year sentence for killing his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp. he shot her inside their home in 2013. actor neil hirsch will be in court on assault charges. he was charged with aggravated assault and intoxication back in january in park city, utah. police say 4eur she put a fee
12:43 pm
-- hirsch put a woman in a chokehold. a terrifying turn of events high in the air. a pilot and two passengers badly burned after the hot air balloon they were riding in collided with power lines. abc's lindsey janice has the details. >> hot air balloon crashed down over the wires. >> reporter: it was supposed to be a picturesque hot air balloon ride over rural pennsylvania saturday evening. the passenger posted these photos to facebook before the flight took a terrifying turn. >> very surreal event that that happened like that. >> i watch them all the time flying across. it looked like they were very fast. >> reporter: the pilot landing the balloon in a highway field. the ride didn't end there. as the balloon starts deflating, it collapses on to nearby power lines electrocuting all three on board. >> we are getting reports one is in cardiac arrest. they will tri-c pr.
12:44 pm
>> reporter: the pilot and two passengers badly burned. davis' heart. >> when the balloon crew realized she was in cardiac arrest, one of the members started cpr on the female in an attempt to revive her. >> davis and her fiance were airlifted to a burn center for treatment. >> that was lindsey janice reporting. as for the people on board the condition. spencer is listed as stable and their pilot, robert fisher, was treated and released over the weekend. if you don't win first place you get a trophy for participating, right? not if you are the son of this pro football player. why he is taking away his son's participation trophies. >> imagine making this your wake-up call.
12:45 pm
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potential big news for the so-called female viagra pill. fda will announce if they will approve, deny or postpone the drug. it treats hsdd that affects approximately one in ten women. the white house is stepping up efforts to combat the use and trafficking of the powerful drug heroin. the obama administration is launching a $5 million initiative focusing on states on the east coast. it will provide money to link public health and law enforcement agencies. the other half of the funds will go to seeking treatment punishments. the announcement comes as the number of heroin deaths in the u.s. has sky rocketed. nfl player james harrison is declaring a war on the trophies that kids get for showing up and playing a sport. he wrote on instagram that he would return quote on quote participation trophies that his 8 and 6-year-old sons recently
12:49 pm
brought home. the pittsburgh steelers linebacker said he is supportive of his kids but everything in life has to be earned. reaction is mixed. >> for some children participation was a struggle so it can be great for them. for other children, they need to learn sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. >> harrison said it's all about teaching his sons that it's about hard work not just fun and games. >> winning and losing, it's hard for a kid to grasp that. he might have a point. mixed opinions for sure. bill? >> i never lost so -- [ laughter ] >> always been a winner, right here. let's take a look outside, shall we? it's really pretty. a lot of sunshine, a little haze and some of those cumulus clouds that are over gotham here at noontime.
12:50 pm
and as we go on into the afternoon, the temperature will still go up a few more degrees, probably getting to 95, 96. that is the record high on this date. 91 right now. humidity is in the dry zone, winds are calm. it allows haze to hang through the afternoon and the pressure at 30.11 and steady which is strong bermuda high over the area. a hot high pressure. 93 andover. 93 bridgewater. 93 to hackettstown and eastward to the urban areas of new jersey. these inland areas heat talking about southeastern new york state through orange and sullivan county to the north. the real feel is 92 to 95. these urban areas of new jersey, essex, hudson, union county, quite likely get to that 100 real feel, 3:00, 4:00. the air quality warning is in effect until 11:00 tonight, rockland county, new jersey, five boroughs of new york city. high pressure from the great
12:51 pm
lakes will slide eastward. letter it's like the hot bermuda high. it pulls up all the heat from down south and the humidity with it. that's why the temperatures will fire this afternoon to some forecast heat indices of 97 in morristown. it's easy for this section of new jersey. see the red in here, passaic, bergen, hudson, union county and down to middlesex it can get to 100 for the real feel this afternoon. then tomorrow morning we start out with a real feel around 80. then by afternoon tomorrow, 90, 92. but the temperature will be about 93. record high tomorrow 94. we might could break a record tomorrow. we have to see how it works out. rip current risk at the beaches for south shore of long island and new york city, that is a moderate risk and jersey shore a low risk. it's flat. the sea breeze will kick up a little bit this afternoon. that will pick up to 5 to 10
12:52 pm
knots, 15 knots. tomorrow there will be that glow out of the southwest ahead of the front. the front gets here thursday. that's when we get showers and thunderstorms. there could be a spotty storm around this afternoon. that is a low chance. we mention it in case you run into one. it's really tonight that it's warm and humid, stuffy, 78. one. it's around 93, sun, quite hot. real feel 95,ing 98 tomorrow. then 89 wednesday and there are the thunderstorms on thursday. friday. we will keep an eye on that. that is much needed rain. >> you bet. thank you. >> my beige lawn would appreciate it. >> it is supposed to be green. >> you think. >> all right. we will be right back. first a look at what is coming
12:53 pm
up next on "the chew." 130 yards now... bill's got a very tough lie here... looks like we have some sort of sea monster in the water hazard here. i believe that's a "kraken", bruce. it looks like he's going to go with a nine iron. that may not be enough club... well he's definitely going to lose a stroke if you're a golf commentator, you whisper. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. this golf course is electric...
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good afternoon. i'm liz cho in the newsroom. "consumer reports" rates the best and worst companies when it comes to customer service. plus, a 70-year-old man found upstate after he was missing for a week. hear what he did to survive and why one relative didn't give up hope and helped find him. those stories and more on "eyewitness news first at 4:00." hope you join us. >> welcome back, liz. >> thank you, honey. appreciate that. good to be back. >> see you later. thank you. a mother in atlanta frustrated by how hard it is to get her daughter out of bed for school found a very effective
12:57 pm
and unique alarm clock. [ music ] >> oh, no. an atlanta radio station hired the five piece ragtime band to play in the 10-year old girl's bedroom for the first day of school. it worked. she was jolted awake. the girl's mom said she had to practically drag her girl out
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