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tv   World News Now  ABC  August 18, 2015 2:35am-4:00am EDT

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seventh year they've been helping others persevere. honoring chris singleton. his mother killed in the charleston church shootings in june.
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special that's the news for now. i'm david novarro. >> and i'm sade baderinwa. jimmy kimmel is next. eyewitness news returns tomorrow morning at 4:30 with ken and lori. have a great night and we'll see you tomorrow.
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from the explosion. officials say that death toll likely to rise. so far, no one has claimed responsibility for the attack. authorities are baffled and bangkok is a city on edge. terry moran, abc news, london. a sad passing to note. the country's oldest veteran has died. emma didlake was 110 years old and last month travelled from michigan to the white house to meet president obama. didlake was a mother of five when she signed up for the women's axlery army corps in 19437 one of her secrets to longevity, every day she had nine golden raisins soaked in a pint of ginn. bring your ginn bottle to work tomorrow, my friend. i'll bring the raisins. >> the secret. two soldiers set to make history this friday becoming the first women to complete the army's famously difficult ranger training. 19 women originally started the grueling combat course back in april.
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candidates are pushed to their physical and mental limits. even though they will graduate the women are not allowed to be as rangers since women are still banned from combat. the labor day holiday weekend is about three weeks away. airports expected to be busier than usual. airline analyst group issued its prediction, a 3% increases in weekend holiday flights. more than 14 million people are expected to fly over the long labor day weekend. airplanes have handled more planes to handle the business. profits have helped the bottom line. now some video the likes of which we don't see every day. animals in the wild survival of the fittest style. >> it took place in the waters off cape cod. watch as a great white shark tries to grab a seal. that was an attempt at lunchtime. but the shark wasn't successful. >> swing and a miss. >> oh. >> those researchers who shot that video say the seal was able to get away after that close encounter. we will bet though the shark
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will be hungry again today. so beware seals of cape cod. beware. >> oh. >> summer of sharks continuing. they've been getting a bad rap this summer. >> for some time now. >> they have. >> i think since 197 when "jaws" -- when did jaws can" welcome out? >> late '70s, something like that. >> '75. >> mr. scott said '75. >> there you go. they've been getting a bad rap for a long time. now we're showing bloopers on air, too. we're only upsetting them. >> coming up. >> you're going to do the whole thing. feeling stressed out? find out how your anxiety can help. >> you also ahead, an award-winning pro football player cracking down at home. why his kids must earn their trophies. but first, the motorcyclist who blacked out on highway. he survived a lightning strike. see why he's so thankful. you're watching "world news
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well, a guy in colorado is so thankful he's able to wake up for another day. eugene was struck by lightning last friday while riding his motorcycle home. he suffered bleeding in his brain in addition to broken ribs, a partially punctured lung and several scrapes and bruises. both he and his wife have nothing but appreciation for all the drivers who stopped to help. >> i heard there was maybe five or six people that stopped. >> just thanks for everything, you know? it's -- i have a family and i appreciate it. >> you know what else helped him? his helmet saved him from more serious injuries. as for getting back on his bike, he says that's a conversation he needs to have with his wife after he's healed. she's indicating it's not going
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to happen. >> what are the odds ho? maybe it's a sign or something. what are the odds getting hit by lightning on a motorcycle while on the highway and surviving? opening statements expected today in a high profile rape case involving one of the nation's top prep schools. >> prosecutors say the alleged rape was part of a competition to see who could get the most schools. here's as linsey davis. >> 19-year-old owen la breel in court charged with raping a 15-year-old girl at one of the most elite prep schools in the country on the roof of a school building last may just two days before he graduated from the st. paul's school in new hampshire. according to an affidavit obtained by abc affiliate wmur, la bre told detectives it was part of a contest known as senior salute, what he described as a long-standing tradition of graduating boys competing to take the virginity of younger girls. he says a tally of their
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conquests was kept in permanent marker and later moved online after he claims the school kept painting over the list telling authorities he was trying to be number one. >> it's likely going to come down to her account that this happened and she resisted versus his account that they didn't even have sex. >> reporter: la breel is pleading not guilty telling shorts he never had sex with the girl. st. paul's school telling abc news in a statement current allegations about our culture are not emblematic of our school or our values. la bre the aspiring din vinity student accepted to harvard now stands accused of rape. la bre's lawyer tells us his client hasn't decided if he will take the stand in front of that jury that's made up of 11 men and three women. opening arguments are slated to begin later today. linsey davis, abc news, new york. well, whatever the outcome is, that kid has growing up to do either way.
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i mean, keeping a tally of how many girls they got? i mean, this is -- i mean, it's disgusting despite anything else. but again, the legal process will play out. >> certainly will. coming up, the great trophy debate. should kids receive awards just for participating? >> one nfl player says nope. now his bold decision is causing quite a stir among parents. you're watching "world news
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now." we, you know the saying it's not whether you win or lose, it's how you play the game. it's a good lesson for young athletes but does it ring true when it comes to trophies. >> an nfl player james harrison
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doesn't think so which is why he's returning his son's participation trophies. abc's ryan smith has the story. >> reporter: >> run back, james harrison. >> reporter: he's one of the toughest linebackers in football. pittsburg steeler james harrison is known for his explosive play. but when it comes to tackling parenting, he's proving he's just as fierce. when his two sons came home with so-called participation trophies, he blew the whistle writing on instagram while i'm very proud of them for everything they do and will encourage them till the day i die, these will be given back till they earn a real trophy. i'm not about to raise two boys to be men by making them believe they're entitled to something just because they tried their best ending the post with #harrison family values. responses lighting up social media. most in agreement, posting comments such as great message. kids today don't know what the reward for hard work is.
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while few are calling foul writing. you're their dad. it's your decision but i couldn't disagree more. >> for some children, participation was a struggle so a participation trophy can be great for them. for other children, they simply need to learn sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose. >> reporter: and while he clearly likes to have fun with his boys, he wants to teach them that life is not all fun and games. >> it's the work we put in. >> reporter: ryan smith, abc news, no. >> you have kids. what do you think? >> sometimes there are sports your kids are not into. i remember michelle obama has her kids do one thing they're good at and enjoy and one thing they're not so they can push themselves and work harder. i think kids need to know at some point there are winners and losers and that's how the world operates. >> each kid should be taught differently. everybody's different. coming up, why stress isn't always bad.
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weather it's worrying about work anxiety about relationships or being scared that you're not getting enough sleep, stress impacts all of us. >> but a psychologist is suggesting that stress can actually be a positive thing. you just need to reset your mind around it. abc's mara schiavocampo has more. >> reporter: stress, a common response to life's troubles. one survey finding one in two americans reported feeling stress in the past year. but what if there was a way to turn life's stresses into strengths? >> how you think about stress matters. >> stanford researcher and author of "the upside of stress" kelly mcgonigle says you can make it work in your favor,
2:56 am
making you stronger, smarter and happier if you learn to think about it the right way. >> it's about a mind-set shift. >> you don't necessarily have to embrace the situation that's stressful but embrace your capacity to rise to the challenging >> pointing to a harvard study finding subjects who were told stressful feelings were beneficial before being put through a stressful public speaking exercise experienced fewer negative iraqis. now she's teaching others how to put that into practice. >> tell me about the stress in your life. >> reporter: like laura murray, an he wife and mom of two young children. she's no stranger to life's stresses. >> we start really early in the morning and are constantly running and stress is always there. >> reporter: mcgonigle says first look at the symptoms of stress like a pounding heart as empowering. next channel cab energy by asking yourself what specific actions you can take to respond and third, use stress as an opportunity to bond with others either by sharing your troubles
2:57 am
or helping them through theirs. >> stress is basically a signal that something that you care about is at stake. whatever you're feeling even if it doesn't feel great, it's your brain and body trying to help you. >> finding an upside to life's downers. mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. i think it's a philosophy that holds true with everything. it's all about the mind-set. just how au approach anything, stress or otherwise. >> that's very true. i agree with you. that's why we meditate every commercial break we can. >> yeah, put a tie on for it. it helps. >> i put my david copperfield out fit on. >> we take it very, very seriously. >> oh. >> that will do it for the news
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3:00 am this morning on "world news now," send in the military. >> that's the plea from firefighters in the northwest battling wildfires raging out of control. get the latest on their struggle and a coast to coast heat wave. demanding specifics from donald trump about his idea to deport 11 million undocumented immigrants. the swarm of attention the republican front-runner gets just about anywhere. amazon anxiety. the scathing report on the company's culture and how workers are treated. response from the top. and later, a health alert on hidden dangers in the swimming pool. the tests on public pools and what they reveal as america tries to stay cool. it's tuesday, august 18th. from abc news, this is "world news now." hey, good tuesday morning to you. i'm reena ninan. >> and i'm phillip mena. it is hot here in new york, across the northeast.
3:01 am
>> it was pretty hot here. i was down in florida. i felt like i was taking a shower every three hours. it was so sticky. >> it's officially a heat wave in the northeast into it really is. boy do you feel it. we'll kick it off with the wildfires out west. >> it's complicateing things. it is going across the south, the western united states rather. air power being brought in to fight major blazes in several states. >> fire crews are stretched so thin at this moment, they've decided to bring in the military. we're talking 200 active duty military troops. they're being trained in firefighting right now. and they'll head to the fire lines next sunday. abc's brandi hitt has the latest on this desperate battle. >> reporter: an intensifier fight across the west. where massive wildfires are raging out of control in four states. leaving behind a path of destruction. >> i've never seen anything like this. >> reporter: more than 30 homes have been turned to ash in chelan, washington. families are now helping one another search the smoldering
3:02 am
rubble for anything they can salvage. >> it gives me so much faith in mankind and in people. >> reporter: meantime, fire crews are relying heavily on air support in the hot rugged terrain. this camera man drenched in fire retardant. and watch this super scooper aircraft fill with water just feet from families in california. where several cabins have also gone up in flames. more than 6.9 mill on acres have burned across the country so far this year. that's more than the previous two years combined over the same time period. all that smoke seen here now spreading east and into canada. and in droult drought stricken california where 13,000 firefighters are taking on 19 wildfires alone, it feels like a never ending battle. >> we were already drawn down on some of our resources with other fires. >> reporter: a bit of good news for fire crews. this weekend as heat is gone and calmer weather is helping them.
3:03 am
the biggest fear though is the peak of this now year long fire season is far from over. reena and phillip. >> so true, brandi. thank you so much. as she mentioned there, the los angeles area is coming off its hottest stretch of days this year ending just ahead of today's first day of school for the l.a. unified school district. workers have been making sure school air conditioning units are up and operating. district has more than 30,000 classrooms here in the northeast, another scorching day on the new jersey shore. readings there in the 90s yesterday. everyone at the beach being told to stay hydrated. they can expect more of the same today. dangerous heat indexes and poor air quality. our coverage continues with meetologist justin pavek. good morning to you. >> thanks and good morning to you. the heat is on on then tuesday and right into midweek on wednesday, the reason why high pressure off the coast is funneling those hot winds. not going to be especially windy. we're talking about temperatures in the 90s. it's going to feel like it's
3:04 am
close to 100 degrees new york city, philadelphia, d.c. and baltimore. could be a stray thunderstorm around, as well. speaking of severe weather, that's highlighted over the central plains and mind you, more fires burning out west. phillip and reena, back to you. >> all right, thank you. now to the startling wake-up call for millions of people in the san francisco bay area rattled by a 4.0 earthquake. the quake hit just before 7:00 a.m. yesterday centered in piedmont month california near berkeley. people and pets captured on camera as they were shaken out of sleep. b.a.r.t. trains were stopped for ten minutes. seismologists say the next one may not be as mild. >> we never know if an earthquake is a precursor. when we have an earthquake, there's always statistically a somewhat greater chance of a larger quake within a week or so. so there's a probability now of maybe 5% or of a somewhat bigger one in the next week. >> customers at this 7-eleven
3:05 am
were caught off guard. some residents say frames flew off the shelves and walls. no reports of major damage or injuries. hundreds of thousands of americans will soon be getting letters from the irs telling them their account may have been hacked. the irs admitting the breach was much worse than thought. the first estimate in may was 114,000 ax pairs. now they say it's 334,000 people who may have been targeted. information from tax returns could be used to steal someone's identity. the state department review of hillary clinton's e-mails so far has found as many as 305 messages that could contain classified information and require further scrutiny. investigators say the e-mails with potentially classified data were among the more than 1500 documents analyzed so far. clinton says while secretary of state she never sent or received classified e-mail on her private server. if you haven't heard, it was quite a scene at the federal courthouse in manhattan when donald trump showed up for jury duty.
3:06 am
ultimately trump was told you're fired. no, he wasn't really told you're fired. they can't fire you at jury duty. he wasn't selected to be as a juror but it did give tom llamas an opportunity to question him about those controversial ideas on immigration. >> reporter: donald trump pulling up to new york supreme court in his shiny stretch limo. >> mr. trump. what would happen if you get picked? >> swarmed by cameras and microphones. >> hello, mr. president. >> reporter: signing dollar bills waving to the crowd admitting he hopes his time as a juror will be short. >> are you hoping to get picked for the jury? >> not particularly. we'll see what happens. >> reporter: adds a fellow juror sending video, the caption just your average day at injury duty. the campaign detour coming as trump released the long awaited plan for dealing with illegal immigration. >> we're building a wall. it's going to be strong. it's going to be solid. it's going to be policed. >> reporter: and he still is insisting mexico will pay for it as president trump would also cut welfare to new legal
3:07 am
immigrants deny citizenship to the american-born children of undocumented immigrants and deport all 11 million people now living in this country illegally. he says the, quote unquote, good ones would be able to come back how would you deport the 11 million undocumented immigrants? it's going to be very ease. just watch. >> give us a specific. >> reporter: as the trump show rolls on, his poll numbers staying strong. he was not selected for duty. he won't be called back again for another six years. he's back on the campaign trail on wednesday to the all important state of new hampshire. tom llamas, abc news, new york. thailand's defense minister says investigators are getting closer to determine who set off the bomb that killed at least 20 people in central bangkok. video captured the moment of the blast. the official would not reveal information about the suspects except to say they intended to discredit the government and harm economy. oil drilling is set to begin in the arctic ocean for the first time in two decades.
3:08 am
the federal government gave rile dutch shell the final permit for deep drilling off alaska's northwest coast. the approval was granted after shell brought in special equipment to respond to any emergencies or environmental groups say the offshore drilling will harm polar bears and other wildlife. the nation's gas prices are taking a sudden surge because of refinery problems in indiana. the average price for a gallon of gas now $2.72. that's up nine cents from a week ago around the midwest, gas prices jumped as much as 60 cents a gallon since last week. that's because of the bp refinery problem. blue bell creameries announced plans to start selling ice cream again following a deadly listeria outbreak. blue bell will resume distribution by re-entering select markets in texas and alabama at the end of the month, then gradually phase in more than a dozen other states. the company issued a voluntary recall after its products were linked to ten listeria cases
3:09 am
including three deaths. now to buffalo, new york where a young lady isn't waiting for an opportunity of a lifetime to fall in her lap. she's going out there seemingly determined to find it. >> her name is carrie kem ling and there she was yesterday in business attire standing by a highway exit next to her sign that read not homeless but hungry for success. take a resume. >> i like that. hungry for success. that's a good slogan. she's looking for a job in sales management. since she was out there going for it, we say you go girl. she's going to get something. >> she has to. exactly. that is creative way. i'm sure employers want to see that sort of go get 'em. >> yeah. >> she quit her job and she's now -- didn't take any time off and she's right back at it. >> she has a high school diploma, experience as a sales rep, teller, consultant and general store manager. >> all right. how is that for a plug on national television? >> there you go, carrie.
3:10 am
>> coming up "the mix," the ring bearer with attitude stealing the show at a wedding >> a health alert on the hidden danger that could be lurking in swimming pools. what our test results on the water revealed. >> and amazon's anxiety after a report on how employees are treated. how the top executive is responding. >> be sure to check out our behind the scenes picks on instagram abcwnn. you're watching "world news now." >> i'm alex trebek. if you're age 50 to 85, this is an important message. so please, write down the number on your screen. the lock i want to talk to you about isn't the one on your door. it's a rate lock for your life insurance that guarantees your rate can never go up at any time, for any reason. but be careful. many policies you see do not have one, but you can get a lifetime rate lock through the colonial penn program. call this number to learn more. this plan was designed with a rate lock
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a maryland man who drewed up as batman to help cheer up count less sick children died in a traffic accident. leonard robinson often visited hospitals pediatric wardses dressed at the super hero and drove a custom lamborghini. he was driving that car sunday night when it broke down. he was hit by a passing car waiting for help. the camaro z 28 that belongs to the founder of papa john's pizza was found in the driveway of an abandoned home in detroit yesterday. it was stolen over the weekend. camaro is a replica of the one john schnatter sod in order to save his father's bar where he ultimately launched papa john's pizza. police say media attention likely led to the car being dumped. >> glad they found it. amazon is on the defensive after a scathing "new york times" story about working conditions.
3:15 am
in a memo to employees jeff bezos said the article did not describe the amazon he knows. he said amazon would not tolerate the shockingly callus practices described. rebecca jarvis describes. >> reporter: the company that dreams of delivery by drone and uses robots to nab gate that gigantic warehouse now defending itself after a "new york times" expose describes a nightmare workplace where employees often see co-workers cry at their desks. amazon's ceo jeff bezos frequently touts his customer focused approach. >> the whole culture here really starts with customer and works backwards. >> reporter: but the times reports amazon workers describing 85 hour work weeks, a feedback program encouraging employees to secretly review their co-workers those reviews often negative. and a callus disregard for employees dealing with personal crises like breast cancer. one worker who lost a baby was
3:16 am
reportedly told her performance would be monitored to make sure her focus stayed on her job. in a memo to employees bezos writes, the article doesn't describe the amazon i know or the caring amazonians i work with every day. in amazon's corporate videos employees describe a challenging but rewarding workplace. >> i've learned that i'm way smarter and way stronger than i ever thought i was. >> they very much respect having families, having kids. >> you either fit here or you don't. you love it or you don't. there is no middle ground really. >> telling employees even if it's rare, isolated our tolerance for any such lack of empathy needs to be zero. rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. >> you know, author john green who wrote the fault in our stars has come out saying he's canceling his amazon prime subscription. i'm wondering if it will affect sales for amazon. >> i don't know if people care
3:17 am
honestly if you're outside of the work environment. they just want their products cheap and quick. that's about it. >> you don't think there will be much of a big bottom line. >> we'll see. coming up, swimming with bacteria. why some pools around the country have been shut down over health concerns and what you need to know to keep you and your family from getting sick this summer. >> ahead in our next half hour it, female viagra. today's announcement from the fda about this widely anticipated libido remedy. how soon before the little pink pill hits the market. you're watching "world news now."
3:18 am
>> well, millions of americans are trying to beat the heat right now. one of our favorite ways to do it is taking a dip.
3:19 am
>> did you ever ask yourself how clean is that pool i'm swimming in. the answer might surprise you. >> he has exposed other kids. that's very concerning to me. >> reporter: two las vegas pools closed and cleaned last spring after staph was detected. >> our quarterly sample showed positive for bacteria. >> bacteria closed down this florida pool for cleaning. a cdc report found that one in eight public pools nationwide were closed immediately upon routine inspection. in metropolitan atlanta, those numbers are even higher. one in six according to an atlanta journal constitution investigation. we wanted to know what's really lurking in your local pool. so we went undercover to collect samples as the three metro atlanta public pools. our expert dr. amy kirby of remry university wasn't told which we were testing >> we tested for six different bacteria types.
3:20 am
>> they tested for fecal bacteria, pseudomonas. her findings all three pools contained fecal bacteria bob the recommended limits set by the world health organization foo if you swam there would be a risk of contracting any number of die realal illnesses. you might be at risk for ear infections, skin infections particularly if you have open wounds. >> her recommendation, each pool should be closed and shocked. >> they should raise the chlorine levels, allow it to work. it's going to take about 12 hours and they can reopen the pool and it will be safe. >> after our producer called pool number one with our findings, it was closed, cleaned and then reopened. pool number two was already closed for the season. we called multiple times to notify our last pool which was in dekalb county but got no response. so we went in person to get answers. >> hi, we're from abc news. we've been trying to get hold of. >> this woman refuseses to answer our questions. then another tells us who call a
3:21 am
man from the poog management company. >> out of caution, would you close and shock the pool? >> he tells us since our test results from from four days prior, he's not closing the pool and it is safe to swim. our expert says that's a valid response if the pool is properly maintained over those four days. according to records provided by the company, the pool was kel chlorinated. to protect your family, the cdc says you ask to see the pool's inspection and maintenance records to see what's in that water. >> pretty gross, right? >> was this what you expected when you went in to do the research? did you think they would be that bad? >> there are some traces in most pools. we're shocked to learn those limits set by the world health organization are just guidelines. they're just guidelines, suggestions. there's no law to enforce any of this stuff. >> you know because you are our pool man. >> there it is. >> you keep track of the "world news now" swimming pool. >> don't drink the water. we'll be right back. what do you got to offer us today? balance transfer that's my game
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time now for "the mix." this is an interesting video. series of videos of people's faces being distorted kinds of like through the wind. take a look. this is shot at a 1500 frames per second. it is the work of filmmaker scott davidwin. he's got almost half a million subscribers on youtube. and look at how incredible people's faces look. it's extreme slow mo video and it has people looking up to the skies and wonder before they finally get hit by this intense wind that blows everything away. >> finding funny faces pretty easy to do on television too if you have the capability. pause offset any moment during the show and chances are wealthy be making a funny face, as well. >> don't put ideas in their head. >> as soon as you pause it it's something weird. >> all right. being a ring bearer is a big responsibility. right? can't lose that ring.
3:26 am
so we have video here of a kid who wasn't content with just that job. he wanted that job plus the flower girl's job. let's take a look. there he is. grabbing from -- grabbing the petals out of the basket just totally stealing the petals and her thunder. >> oh. >> and gloating. he wins. high fiving strangers. heck of a day. >> i feel like someone put this in this little kid's head beforehand. >> he las no idea where he is. >> i like how the flower girl held it together and didn't melt down. i would have melted down if he took my flowers. >> that's a sign. it's just the beginning of where the boys are immature and the girls have the patience. it keeps going throughout life. >> i couldn't have said it any better, phillip. take a look at this next video. it's a marriage theme. there are two dancers you see here. it's a ballerina wedding and the groomsmen surprises her with this dance.
3:27 am
this is kirk. he's also a professional dancer and the bride is valerie. they both are incredible dancers. valerie is actually a ballerina with the richmond ballet. their reception took place on the same is taken where the two of them shared as dancers and performances for the richmond ballet. >> they're showing off. they're professional dancer. >> they are professional but the ballet is so different from back street boys. >> it is. they're getting down though. >> let's take a look at another video of somebody getting down. we are going to arena league football. there's the spotlight. you see the dancers for the arizona rattlers. it's going to get crashed by this dude. a mine man here getting down with them. look at him. boy, he's dressed as a line man dude. find out later he's not. he also a professional dancer. >> okay. >> just dressed like >> i'm alex trebek.
3:28 am
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this morning on "world news now," record breaking heat. and the dangerous conditions today for millions of americans, including the firefighters in the northwest. the extreme conditions and today's outlook from accuweather. california jolt. the bay area's magnitude 4 earthquake. the reactions caught on camera. why this earthquake has millions worried about the next one. and new this half hour, a modern day sword fight. >> cameras capture an unusual attempted robbery scene and who joined that battle with a bigger weapon. and later, tracy morgan's return after a major accident and legal battle. he's returning to the stage that made him famous. that's in "the skinny" on this tuesday, august 18th. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> that's a good indication. good morning, everyone. i'm reena ninan. >> i'm phillip mena. >> we were joking around.
3:31 am
it's so cold here in the studio that our floor director has his jacket on. >> you do say it was cold in here. >> it is cold. but it's so hot outside. >> completely different story out there. >> record-breaking heat. students head back to school today in the los angeles school district and workers have been making sure air-conditioners at schools are in working order. >> they are in here, that's for sure. that area is coming off its hottest stretch of days this year, not just on the west coast. our coverage begins with abc's elizabeth hur. >> reporter: a scorcher from coast to coast meant millions of americans spent the day baking in the summer heat and looking for any means to stay cool. >> just trying to cool off on this nice day. it's a little hot. he's enjoying the water. >> reporter: the city fountain did the trick for this 8-month-old in philadelphia and the beaches along the jersey shore were a hit for many others. >> that water is great for lifeguards and people not experienced swimmers. the surfers and body boarders want waves. for me it's easier on my job.
3:32 am
>> reporter: out west, soaring temperatures from arizona to nevada and california are keeping officials on their toes with the blistering heat turning playgrounds into danger zones. >> we're running about 130 right here. if a child climbs up the ladder, they could get burned hands. >> reporter: back in the east air quality warnings from virginia to connecticut. officials urging children and anyone with breathing problems to avoid the outdoors and once inside, remember to conserve power and unplug any unnecessary devices. but again, damage already done with dozens of heat records broken in california. and new york city tying the record set back in 1944. elizabeth hur, abc news, new >> now to the wildfires burning across the west. resources are stretched so thin, that the 200 active duty military troops are being trained to fight fires and will be heading to fire lines this coming weekend. the situation is extremely
3:33 am
dangerous in central washington. near the resort town of chelan where more than 15 square miles have already burned as local officials taking extra another measures. >> we'll be looking at other nations we work with like australia, new zealand. >> nearly 90 major wildfires are burning across the west. the scorching temperatures are not helping. accuweather meteorologist justin pavek has more. good morning. >> reena and phillip, thanks and good morning to you. heat a huge concern out west once again. in fact, record high temperatures will be challenging but dry conditions. this is only going to lead to an increased fire danger threat going all the way through midweek. the northeast on the other hand will be blazing hot. we're not talking about a fire situation but the combination of heat and humidity might make it feel like it's 100 around boston, new york city or philadelphia, even down south toward richmond. there could be a couple thunderstorms here the next couple days. nothing that will likely compare
3:34 am
with what's going on over the central portion of the country later this afternoon. damaging winds, flooding rains, hail and isolated tornadoes all going to be possible. phillip and reena, back over to you. thank you so much. we'll head out west. a frightening jolt for the san francisco bay area shaken by an earthquake and string of after shocks. the magnitude 4.0 quake was relatively small but they're bracing for something much bigger. abc's aditi roy explains. >> reporter: this earthquake in the bay area jolted the air waves. >> that the a pretty good earthquake there. >> reporter: the quake was centered in piedmont, california, 13 miles east of berkeley at 6:49 a.m. it wasn't the big one. but enough to stop b.a.r.t. trains for ten minutes and give a rude awakening to this baby and these pups. and a wake-up call for some out of town freshmen at uc berkeley. >> i never felt that kind of shock before.
3:35 am
>> reporter: quakes sprung from the hayward fault. it runs directly below where i'm standing and cuts right through memorial stadium here at uc berkeley from goal post to goal post and some seismologists predict a major earthquake along this fault aditi roy, abc news, berkeley, california. prosecutors in south africa are calling for oscar pistorius to be convicted of murder in the death of his girlfriend. pistorious is due to be released from prison friday. the athlete served ten months of his five-year sentence for manslaughter. but prosecutors want his conviction upgraded to murder with a minimum sentence of 15 years. pistorious testified that he thought he was shooting at an intruder, not his girlfriend. closing arguments set for today in the mon slaughter trial of a charlotte, north carolina police officer who shot an unarmed black man. defense attorneys say randall kerrick opened fire because jonathan ferrell was running toward him and he feared for his life. ferrell had gotten into a car accident when he knocked on a
3:36 am
woman's door apparently seeking help. she called police. if convicted, kerrick could face up to 11 years in prison. donald trump arrived for jury duty yesterday in manhattan surrounded by a sea of reporters and photographers. trump was not needed as a juror. there were not enough cases. outside the courtroom, tom llamas tried to ask trump about his plan to deport 11 million undocumented immigrants. >> how would you find them and deport them? >> it's going to be easy. just watch. >> how would you do it? can you give us a specific? >> that he did not. trump resumes campaigning tomorrow. he's hosting' town haul meeting in new hampshire. a setback for the nfl's concussion settlement with former players. a deadline to file appeals against that settlement has passed. about a dozen of those appeals were filed. arguments against the deal which could cost the league $1 billion are expected to be heard this fall. they are all but likely to delay any payments to former players
3:37 am
until next year. >> from her health headlines, more benefits from drinking coffee. boston researchers found colon cancer patients who drank a few cups a day had a lower risk of the disease -- lower risk of death from the disease. coffee has also been linked with a lower risk of parkinsons, diabetes and other types of cancer. the findings only hold true for caffeinated coffee, not decaf. caffeinated. >> healthy. >> starting tomorrow, people -- you like that? all right. a little moral support here. tomorrow, people looking for something stronger, thank you, jack, than espresso. if you're looking for something stronger it may be at more starbucks across the country. starbucks will start selling wine and craft beer at an additional two dozen locations and stores in several cities where alcohol is already on the menu. customers can order by the glass or the bottle. starbucks is reaching out to
3:38 am
expand its evening business and the guys did behind me, bk and jack, this is like made for you two. >> they're selling alcohol? they're going to take over the world. they already have but more so. there is another change coming to starbucks, something in its top selling seasonal drink of all time. recognize those? >> the chain's very popular pumpkin spice latte this fall. there will be a new ingredient. they're going to include real pumpkin. and they're taking out something else. no more caramel coloring and artificial flavors. a lot of products are doing this these days. >> the nutritional fact they will stay largely the same. that means it will still have 300 calories. >> you know what? i do love it. we don't know when it's coming out this fall. i wish they would offer it year round. i'd like to have a pumpkin spice latte in august. >> it is my favorite. as soon as they said, we heard the story, we were like what did they have in it before? >> did he just have a pumpkin spice latte? >> you got it early. >> now with pumpkin.
3:39 am
>> who knew what it had before. coming up in "the skinny" two comebacks, one for tracy morgan and another for a cartoon favorite. >> las -- also ahead, banding together to rebuild new orleans. how harry connick and others made sure the music wouldn't stop after hurricane katrina. >> first all the anticipation for the little pink pill, the so-called female viagra. today is decision day at the fda for a medication that could be a game-changer. you're watching "world news now." >> "world news now" weather, brought to you by belsomra.d news now." >> "world news now" weather,
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[ male announcer ] these types of plans let you visit any doctor or hospital that accepts medicare patients. and there are no networks. you do your push-ups today? prepare to be amazed. [ male announcer ] don't wait. call today to request your free decision guide and find the aarp medicare supplement plan to go the distance with you. go long. got to see this. video from pittsburgh showing a market employee wielding a huge sword fighting off a would be robber who was dressed as a
3:43 am
ninja. he was carrying a much smaller sword. there are actually two guys dressed as ninjas in the store. the clerk fought off the first guy and said he was not afraid to bust out that weapon. >> he came here to attack me. i attack him like that. and until i throw his sword from his hand. >> what is he doing with the sword behind the register? >> you think you're a ninja? you're no ninja. the second guy was also dressed like a ninja was confronted by a 65-year-old guy, just a customer in the store. that second weak ninja got scared off, too. the store owner eventually though ran out. they ran out because the store owner pulled out a gun at that point. that's when these ninjas bailed. >> so the moral of the story is if attacked by a ninja, pull out the gun, not the sword? >> uh-huh. bring the gun to the knife fight.
3:44 am
and you don't have one of those, pull out a huge machete. >> worst ninjas ever. >> back to the drawing board, boys. it's decision day at the fda as the agency announced the so-called female viagra will be approved whether this will be approved for markets. after clinical studies, there's a delay. will determine whether there be a delay. >> women have been waiting a long time for libido remedy after medicines for men have been prescribed for years. here's abc's rebecca yar vis. >> in the big industry of pharmaceuticals this little pink pill could start making waves across the country this week. the fda expected to announce whether they will approve, deny or postpone flibanserin, a drug dubbed the female viagra. >> this is the age of taking action. >> but where viagra treats problems with blood flow in men, this drug which works with key chemicals in the brain is
3:45 am
specifically aimed at treating hypoactive sexual desire disorder, hsdd which affects approximately one in ten women. this june an fda advisory panel voted 18-6 in favor of the drug. the panel hearing testimony from this mother and daughter. >> i had a wonderful loving husband and no sexual feelings whatsoever. >> my marriage has suffered greatly. so much so that the conversation of divorce is on the table, stemming from my low sexual desire. >> if approved the one a day pill would be the first of its kind available to consumers but it has already faced backlash. some questioning its effectiveness and safety, but for some women, this impending fda announcement could make all the difference. >> no negative side effects. only positive ones. >> really good ones. >> reporter: rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. >> apparently this company marketing this started by a husband and wife team and they
3:46 am
created sprout pharmaceuticals. >> no word yet on what happens if you experience side effects more than four hours. we'll see. coming up though, meryl streep gets a less on in how to keep on rocking in the free world. >> and two former colleagues battle it out over their new kentucky fried chicken jobs. "skinny" up next. "world news now" continues
3:47 am
3:48 am
after this skinny, so skinny we begin with hopeful and inspiring news for one of america's funniest. tracy morgan set to take the stage again. >> morgan's triumphant return will be at a familiar place, "saturday night live." he'll host the show in october. morgan was a cast member from 1996 to 2003. he hosted the show once before in 2009 but this will be the first time we'll see him perform live since tragedy struck. >> so many people looking forward to this night. in june, morgan marked one year since that horrific accident that left him in a coma for weeks and killed his friend and comic jimmy mack. it's been a long road to recovery but yesterday a simple message of hope and excitement tweeted out. stoked to be going home. snl. that says it all, doesn't it? >> we're all stoked. after a long hot summer weekend, it can be tough to have a productive monday but don't tell that to mr. stevie wonder. yesterday he surprised not one, not two, but three cities with free pop-up concerts.
3:49 am
>> amazing. wonder started off the day in washington, d.c., he performed at the armory mall outside of rfk stadium. he also spoke on issues of national importance including gun violence and community policing. from d.c., he went to philadelphia for another small show before continuing to new york city. >> he finished off the trifecta in central park to a crowd that somehow managed to get free tickets on line even though they sold out in 30 seconds. wonder is promoting the fall leg of his songs in the key of life tour and those tickets go on sale friday morning. >> those lucky concert goers got a taste of his music last night. meryl streep known for being one of the best actresses alive serious about every role she takes on. so in preparing for her latest role in "ricki and the flash," streep had to make sure that she was authentically rock 'n' roll. >> who better to study with than legendary rocker neil young?
3:50 am
here he is giving streep a lesson how to channel the rock gods through a fender stratocaster. then it was her turn. >> oh, man, that's flat. >> that is cool. pretty cool. >> it is. she goes on to show streep whatever she uses the secret is you got to turn it all the way up. >> okay, we'll take that lesson. for inspiring rockers of all ages, attitude just as important as musicianship. by knowing how to play some guitar chords does help or so i'm told, right? >> you got to have that swag. now from collaboration to a dual as in two men both claiming to be colonel sanders but who is the real colonel sanders? >> will the real colonel please stand up? the answer is neither. the real colonel died 35 years ago. a few months ago, kfc commissioned darrell hammond to play sanders in commercials. now there's some confusion with kfc's newly released ads.
3:51 am
how did i, folks. it's me colonel sanders. >> hey, that's not the real colonel sanders. i'm the real colonel sanders. this is how you sell chicken. how did i folks, it's me. the real colonel sanders. i'm back to tell you about. >> that's hammon's former co-star norm macdonald as the real colonel sanders. he's even weighing in online. kfc is totally winning the commercial game. first darrell, now norm mcdonald tweeted one chicken enthusiast. >> the kfc responded with first it was me, the real colonel sanders and now it's still me the real slightly more handsome colonel sanders. >> finally scooby-doo returning to the big screen. warner brothers announcing a new movie will hit theaters in three years. >> previous movies mixed live action with cgi scooby. this will be an animated version. the cartoon first aired in 1969. the new movie should feature scooby and all the pals. >> ruh-roh. more news coming up. that's my scooby voice.row. more news coming up. that's my scooby voice. with kids and schedules
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i can't believe it's been ten years after hurricane katrina shattered and flooded the gulf coast. abc news is looking back at all that's changed in the last decade >> as the anniversary approaches, robin roberts talked with singer harry connick junior about how music helped revitalize the gulf coast. >> reporter: right after the crescendo of katrina, there was a very real concern that music itself would become a katrina fatality. >> the people who formed the basis of that culture and music weren't able to come back home. and there was no place for us to come home to. everything was gone, everything was washed away. >> lord jesus. >> reporter: singer ellen smith whose house was destroyed in the flooding didn't have the means to rebuild. >> mold is growing up the walls. >> i was so devastated.
3:56 am
it was so hard. it was hard for me to sing after the storm. it's hard to talk about it. my heart was broken. i needed to get back here and i had to do it any way i could. >> reporter: and it took a village literally to help her do that. musicians village. the idea came from hometown music heroes, branford marsalis and harry connick junior. >> so we got together with habitat for humanity and decided we wanted to build or be a part of building a musicians village which was going to try to get displaced musicians from out of town back home. the music has always been a representation of who we are as new orleanians and has been sort of the backdrop for good times and bad times. so the thought of it not being around anymore was something that made me lose sleep at night. >> reporter: 72 houses have been built. helping these new orleans
3:57 am
musicians get their groove back. >> it was great to have a house that was our own. i kissed every wall in here. >> we love our culture and we will always fight to keep what makes new orleans great alive. >> and you can watch robin's special katrina ten years after the storm this coming sunday night, august 23rd at 10:00 eastern right here on abc. a lot of times we cover these stories and you forget about the devastation and heart ache and the people still trying to rebuild their lives ten years later. it's so great robin is going back to take a look at the lives and the people and especially harry connick junior. his music is so incredible. >> a lot of great musicians from new orleans there, jazz got started there. little wane's from there. it's a great place. >> don't miss updates on facebook. we'll be back. >> this is abc's "world news
3:58 am
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