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tv   America This Morning  ABC  August 18, 2015 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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two decades. making news in america this morning, extreme weather. heat and dry conditions fueling wildfires in several states. triple-digit temperatures settling in and a severe storm system spawning tornadoes. we're tracking it all. investigators reaching the scene of a plane crash in indonesia days after it went down. new details just in about what they found. >> caught on camera. a machete wielding robber meeting his match when the store clerk pulled out a much bigger weapon. epic surprise. a wedding party and the groom surprising the bride with a must-see routine. hey, good morning to you, everyone. i'm reena ninan. >> and i'm phillip mena. let's start with the wildfire crisis across the western united states and all of heat that so many of us are being forced to
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deal with. >> definitely feeling it here in new york. major fires burning in washington state, oregon, idaho, california, colorado and montana. for so many in these states it's time to survey the extensive damage and determine what, if anything, can be salvaged. >> take a look at this. the so-called canyon creek complex fire in oregon. this picture taken on friday, small plumes of smoke, fast forward a couple of days and it looks like this with. with more on the fires here's abc's kenneth moton. >> reporter: across the west they have fueled wildfires burning out of control in several states. on the front lines 30,000 firefighters who are stretched so thin active military troops are being called in as reinforcements for the first time in a decade. in chelan, washington, dozens threatened and officials are putting out a call for help overseas. >> we'ring looking at other nations. >> reporter: there are air
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quality alerts as the smoke from those 90 wildfires moves across the country. so many just looking for some relief during these dog days of summer. from the east. >> triple digits. miserable. >> reporter: to the west. >> humidity was out of control and it made it even hotter. >> reporter: it was a muggy monday in new york city. the first heat wave in two years as temperatures soared. millions of americans baked in that dangerous summer sun, so many headed for watering looking for ways to survive the heat. >> just trying to cool off when it's a little hot. he's enjoying the water. >> reporter: kenneth moton, abc news, washington. more extreme weather to tell you about. tornadoes roaring across a number of states. >> this video from colorado shot almost directly underneath a tornado that had yet to touch down. several structures were damaged in the storm near denver. some power lines were also taken down. but we're happy to report there were no injuries.
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[ sirens ] >> that sounding in southern mississippi as another approached and wound up causing structural damage. once again no reports of any injuries. >> taking a look at the radar now, that severe weather from colorado now making its way through kansas and oklahoma. damaging winds, hail and a few tornadoes are possible. accuweather's justin povick has today's forecast. good morning, just shgs, justin. we're concerned about tornado, damaging wind and large hail over the nation's heartland. an intense storm system. numerous travel delays expected from des moines to chicago and all the way south toward kansas city and wichita but it's not just the center portion of the country we're concerned about. out west it's the heat, the drought and also a continuation of high fire danger right through midweek and then into the east it's just the heat and humidity. again, it's coming in a little
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late. still mid-august so we can definitely feel the heat this time of year, not talking about record highs but it's going to feel like it's around 100 degrees through wednesday along the interstate 95 corridor. phillip and reena, back to you. >> thank you so much. breaking overnight crews in indonesia have finally reached a passenger jet that slammed into a mountain on sunday. the bodies of all 54 people on board the trigana air service flight were recovered and crews found both black boxes. the plane lost contact with the airport minutes before it was scheduled to land. it was also carrying nearly half a million dollars in cash to aid poor families. the death toll from that explosion in bangkok has now risen to 20. authorities say they were hunting a suspect who had been caught on security cameras near the scene of the blast considered the worst attack in that country's history. the bomb was set off at the site of a hindu shrine which is popular with thailand's boardists and tour isists. the state department review
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of hillary clinton's e-mails so far have found 305 messages that could contain classified information and require further scrutiny. clinton insists she never sent or received classified messages on her private server. while campaigning she tried to make light of it. >> you may have seen that i recently launched a snapchat account. [ cheers and applause ] >> i love it, i love it. those messages disappear all by themselves. >> well, clinton has turned over tens of thousands of e-mails to the state department for review. the donald trump show rolled into lower manhattan yesterday as trump arrived for jury duty. the republican front-runner shook hands and signed autographs on the way in. ultimately trump was not poik i picked as a juror due to a lack of cases but abc's tom llamas had a chance to ask trump about his controversial immigration policy. >> reporter: how would you find
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them and deport them. >> very easily. you just watch. >> reporter: how would you do it? give us a specific. >> rare silence from him. tomorrow he returns with a town hall meeting in new hampshire. prosecutors in south africa are calling for oscar pistorius to be convicted of murder in the death of his girlfriend. pistorius is due to be released from prison friday after serving ten months of his five-year sentence for manslaughter. they want it upgraded to murder with a minimum sentence of 15 years. pistorius testified that he thought he was shooting at an intruder, not at his girlfriend. a sad passing to note. the country's oldest veteran has died. emma did lakelake was 110 years old and traveled from michigan to the white house to meet president obama last month. she was a 38-year-old wife and mother of five when she signed up to are the women's army auxiliary corps in 1933. every day she had nine golden
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raisins soaked in a pint of gin. two soldiers set to make history becoming the first women to graduate from the army's famously difficult ranger training. about 40% of those who started the training that was back in april, they dropped out. even though they will graduate the soldiers are not allowed to serve as rangers since women are still banned from combat. what an achievement for those women. >> absolutely. still ahead, worse than first thought. a cyberattack at the irs expose exposing taxpayers' personal information. a man on a motorcycle struck by lugightning. the one thing he says that saved his life. plus, a dangerous job. two men forced to use garden tools to corral a tiger on the
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loose in a major american city. welcome back. hundreds of thousands of americans will soon be getting letters from the irs telling them that their account may have been hacked. the irs says the data breach much worse than originally thought. in may an estimated 114,000 taxpayers were involved. now the irs says three times as many could be potential victims of identity theft. this upcoming labor day holiday could be the busiest ever for summer air travel. airlines expecting 14.2 million to take to the skies between september 2nd and the 8th. if that figure pans out that will be up 3% from the same period last year. well, the nation's gas prices are taking a sudden surge because of refinery problems in indiana. the average price, now $2.72.
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that's up 9 cents from a week ago. around the midwest, gas prices have jumped as much as 60 cents a gallon since last week because of the bp refinery problem. starting tomorrow people are looking for something stronger than espresso can find it at many more starbucks across the country. in an effort to boost its evening profits, the coffee giant will start selling wine and craft beer at an additional two dozen locations adding to stores in several cities where alcohol is already on the menu. customers can order by the glass or bottle. there's another change at starbucks. something new in its top selling seasonal drink of all time. the pumpkin spice latte will now contain real pumpkin. starbucks is also taking something out, no more caramel coloring and artificial flavors. no board on when it will be available this year. and when we come back, caught on camera. a man tries to rob a store with a sword. when the clerk pulls out a bigger weapon. and donald trump's new
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close to the shoreline. the whale swam back and forth feasting on fish before finally heading back to the deep sea. well now a look at today's morning road conditions. could be wet for more than half the country. rain possible from the northern rockies all the way to south florida. there's even the potential for flooding across the middle of the nation. if you're flying, airport delays are possible in minneapolis, chicago, kansas city and memphis. and now to colorado where a motorcyclist is so thankful to be waking up to another day. >> he was struck by lightning last friday while riding home and suffered bleeding on his brain in addition to broken ribs, a partially punctured lung and several scrapes and bruises. he says he remember seeing a road exit but not much after that. >> like somebody was to get tasered or something, not a whole lot of memory of the whole thing. >> as for getting back on his motorcycle. he says that's a conversation he's going to have to have with his wife after he's healed but she's already indicating she does not want him riding that again.
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well, this was a bizarre situation inside a store in pittsburgh. take a look at this store employee wielding a huge sword fighting off a would-be robber dressed as a ninja carrying a smaller sword. two were dressed as ninjas. who would think? the clerk fought off the first guy and says he wasn't afraid to use his weapon. >> he came here to attack me. i attack him like that and i -- until i throw his sword from his hand. >> the second guy dressed as a ninja was confronted by a 65-year-old customer. the entire -- the store owner eventually came out with a gun. the robbers ran away when they saw the gun. >> i bet. you attack me, i attack you. the camaro z28 owned by the founder of papa john's pizza was found in the driveway of an abandoned home in detroit yesterday stolen at a classic cars event over the weekend.
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it is a replica of the won john schneider sold to save his father's bar and ultimately launched papa john's. it was probably dumped after the media attention. a while scene at an old auto plant, 660-pound siberian tiger named texaco holed up in a stairwell. pictures went viral yesterday. texaco was being used for a photo shoot when the photographer was unable to secure him. people were forced to use a weed whacker and hedge trimmer to get him to move along. they had approved a photo shoot but the photographer neglected to mention he was going to bring a tiger along. >> big problem. well, now we move to sports. baseball highlights. a real pain for a new york yankees pitcher. >> those painful details from our guys at espn. >> good morning. he's stan, i'm neil. this is your sports segment. >> let's start with the twins
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and yankees. yankees up a half game on the blue jays in the a.l. east. taking on the twins. kicking off a ten-game home stand. brian mccann sleeping in his own bed works for him. three-run shot off gibson much his 21st. yankees take a three-run lead. brian mitchell got hit with that liner from nunez. left the game, walked off on his own power. taken to the hospital. he was back in the clubhouse by the end of the game. this is how it ended. tenth inning, chase headley, ground ball and nunez can't handle it. yankees walk off-7. >> he had a walkoff? >> yeah. >> i had a walkoff. this is good producing. cole hamels, kyle seager, shin-soo choo makes the catch. that's good but this is better unless you're logan morrison because you're so out. adrian beltre up, good man,
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let's walk. fernando rodney and the rangers get the walkoff. he gets wet. texas has won five straight. >> that's it from here. the yankees lead the way in the a.l. east now up on a full game on toronto who didn't play on monday. >> thank you, gentlemen. up next in "the pulse," a triumphant return, tracy morgan's first gig since being injured in a car crash. plus, raising the bar. a wedding dance being called the best of all time. my opioid pain medication is slowing my insides to a crawl. millions of people are estimated to suffer from opioid-induced constipation, oic, caused by the opioids they use to manage chronic pain. oic is a different type of constipation. opioids block pain signals, but they can also block activity in the bowel. i'm really struggling to find relief...
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it erases 99% of your most stubborn makeup with one towelette. need any more proof than that? neutrogena. you got a masterpiece...yeah we start with fresh milk from us dairy farms so you can make something amazing kraft natural cheese time now to check "the pulse" and a major milestone for tracy morgan.
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morgan set to take the stage for the first time since his near fatal accident. >> his return will be on "saturday night live" hosting the show on october 17th. morgan was a cast member from 1996 until 2003 and hosted the show once before in 2009 but this will be the first time that we will see him perform live since that accident. >> morgan tweeting stoked to be going home. #snl. so many of us so excited to see him back on stage. it is home for him so we look forward to that. all right, heidi klum has found a creative way to fire back at donald trump without saying a word. >> after trump told "the new york times" that the former supermodel is no longer a 10, she posted this funny video on twitter. getting downgraded to a 9.99 among the #heiditrumpstrump. >> the last laugh goes to the 42-year-old mother of four proving to trump and everyone
4:23 am
else that she has still got it. >> she did one-up him. >> no way to connect with the american people the average guy by saying heidi klum is not hot anymore. >> totally true. now to something more technologically advanced than that. the folks at a company called boston dynamics. the four-legged robots, we showed them to you here, have been testing a humanoid robot instead. >> there it goes making its way down a forest trail and call a walk like this a totally different challenge than what they had to do in a lab. >> looks like mickey mouse meets the humanoid, right. >> looks like a tail. >> creepy looking. >> it's a little odd. the engineers are working on way to free the robot from the power lines. the point just about is anything seems possible these days including a human-looking with a tail. >> stuff of nightmares there.
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my gosh. let's move along to an epic wedding day treat for a bride in richmond, virginia. >> kirk and valerie are professional dancers so he surprised her with a choreographed dance routine with the talented help of his grooms much men. she enjoyed every single moment. this is that ice cold michele pfeiffer that white gold this is one for those hood girls straight masterpieces saturday living up in the city >> they are good. >> yeah, they are. >> a good song to tart with. it started with "uptown funk" and ended with "shut up and dance with me." the wedding reception took place on the same stage that the couple shared when they were dancers. >> great songs. for some of you your local news is a stick, we both like saving money on car insurance, and we both feel integrity,
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indonesian rescuers recovered all 54 bodies from a plane that crashed into a mountain sunday. they also found the black boxes that could reveal the cause of the crash. the state department says there are 300 potentially classified messages in hillary clinton's private e-mail server and insists she did not send or receive classified mails while secretary of state. with nearly 90 major wildfires burning across the west military troops are being trained and expected to be on the fire lines this weekend. quick look at today's weather, hot and dry in the northwest. not good for fighting fires. some severe storms across the nation's middle and steamy from the carolinas on up. and finally, a special surprise for a music legend and thousands of his fans in three big city. >> stevie wonder put on three pop-up concerts starting the day in washington, then to philly and wrapping it all up in new york. all free of charge. wabc's a.j. ross caught up with
4:28 am
him at central park. >> reporter: #greatassignment. it didn't feel like work as i along with thousands of stevie's fans got to enjoy greatest hits and new songs on what couldn't be a more beautiful night here in central park. with his one-of-a-kind voice and flair on the piano, the legendary stevie wonder took center stage for a pop-up concert promoting his songs in the key of life tour. >> reporter: from classics to new releases he kept the crowd singing and dancing on their feet for nearly 90 minutes at times cracking jokes. >> would you all trust me riding you in a tesla -- driving you? you lie, you lie. >> reporter: but also using his musical platform to advocate change. >> we need to encourage each other to love each other. i think there needs to be more songs written about relationships. opportunity to speak with
4:29 am
mr. wonder one-on-one after the concert where he recalled some of his favorite new york memories. >> i was performing at the regal theater and i was like all excited because the girls were screaming. i threw out my tie and they they're like, man, are you crazy? that's the last tie we have. >> reporter: elated fans from all over the world who enjoy his music say this is something they'll never forget. >> really, really awesome to see the legend. >> i just think people have a stage and a voice and got something to say it's going to be positive for people, why not. that's -- as he said, one person at a time. >> what's the best stevie wonder? >> my opinion? "superstition" not close. >> what about "isn't she lovely." >> both good.


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